1. cole boop

    Where are the yellowtail we used to see

    Just got back into ocean fishing last year after a fun dorado trip. I’m pretty into it now constantly scouring bd forums even got Fishdope from when I was interested in trying to get out on a couple slayday trips figured it’d pay off. This has always been a thought to me but where are the...
  2. 2007 Yamaha f150 txr 430hrs (repowering)

    Southern California 2007 Yamaha f150 txr 430hrs (repowering)

    Motor runs like a dream. Currently on my 2120sc Parker and repowering to a 225Hp merc. The 150 is such a clean motor, but not meant to push around 6000lb parker. I bought boat with 125 hours on this motor and have maintained and changed all seals. Even replaced Harmonic Balancer. This motor is...