1. B

    13ft whaler restoration

    I’m working on restoring a 13ft whaler and found some old repairs while sanding off some really cracked gel coat. Little investigating showed that water got inside and started rotting/eating at the foam inside the hull. Not sure where to go from here, do I cut out a square section around where I...
  2. Adrian H

    13ft Boston Whaler

    Looking for a 13ft Boston Whaler with preferably a newer 4 stroke. Will buy without the motor, if the price is right. Please PM me. Thanks!
  3. Scott Big Bay Yachts

    Mini Boat of the Day!! 13ft AB Inflatable

    Today we wanted to give a little shoutout to our inflatable dinghy. She has around 25 hrs on her and is a 2015 model. Do you need a new dinghy for your sport fisher? Or just need one to have around?! Contact Capt. Jim McIntyre @ 760-898-2141