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  1. Flyrbr

    Bringing Gear in (and out!) of Mexico

    I'm flying down to PV this December and want to know what the current Mexican customs regulations are for bringing in a couple outfits. Flying Alaska so baggage not a problem. I've heard reels have to have no line, you can bring in only 2 reels, etc. What's the real info?
  2. Flyrbr

    Bluefin off Morro Bay

    I heard that commercial fishing boats are netting 100# bluefin off Morro Bay? Fish are deep and lots of bait balls in the area. Any private boats been on them?
  3. Flyrbr

    43, ridge, 289, mackerel, Clemente saved

    yore goin to have too learn two spell PADDIES.
  4. Flyrbr

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    A lot of the fishing lodges in Alaska require a test with negative result within 48 hrs of arrival. I don't think this is asking too much of people who will be in such close quarters for a 5 + day period. I for one would feel a lot safer if this was a requirement for the long range fleet.
  5. Flyrbr

    Royal Polaris 5-Day November.

    If there are fish around they will find them. Regardless, it's FishingI No matter what you will gain a lot of knowledge and have a lot of fun.
  6. Flyrbr

    And a Couple of Cows

    Nice haul there! Good job!
  7. Flyrbr

    Any news on Guadalupe re-opening?

    Any update on whether Mexico will allow fishing again this year at Guadalupe? Wondering if there has been any communication with authorities in Ensenada
  8. Flyrbr

    Anybody know if anybody who's gone on a LR trip got infected by Covid while on a trip?

    Hey NoCal Lou, I resemble those limitations and I went and I'm going a couple more times
  9. Flyrbr

    Custom Small Tackle/Jig Box for Rick Russell

    Great looking box, Mark! Haven't been up your way for work the last couple years but I will look you up when I do.
  10. Flyrbr

    "Hidden Pickle"

    It's up swell from the hidden salami
  11. Flyrbr

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    Perhaps with better, more available testing we can certify passengers before coming aboard a boat.
  12. Flyrbr

    Roll Call Indy Shootout 10/6-10/16

    Is the Indy permitted for Guadalupe this season?
  13. Flyrbr

    Open spot in Nov.. Constitution

    Guys, this is a great trip, well run and a great group. I fished it twice and had a blast. I would be all over it again if it didn't overlap with my 13 day. With the Tres Marias prison shut down there will be even more opportunities for a fish of a lifetime.
  14. Flyrbr

    taking a poll

    If it was a skunk or not situation and no one bit and no fish were landed then maybe there is some justification for the deckie to hook and finish the fish. Since this was not the case then I call bullshit that the deckhand didn't hand off. just sayin
  15. Flyrbr

    Royal Star Trip Report

    Never ridden that boat and now probably won't :waglleybooty:
  16. Flyrbr

    Shop Closing

    Sorry that they are closing. We lose another option to source gear last minute.
  17. Flyrbr

    Isla Guadalupe '19

    I would like to know which boats are currently licensed to fish Guadalupe? I know there are some applications pending with the Mexican government but does anyone have a current list?
  18. Flyrbr

    Most Useful Freebies?

    Glad you two cuddled in your free shirts...Back on point, everyone can use the hooks some other common items are packs of weights, florocarbon, sun screen, neck gaiters, jigs (who ever had enough free jigs is a liar), tools are cool, eg., duck bill pliers, swager/crimpers, good quality belts...
  19. Flyrbr

    Royal Star June 7

    Heavy as you want in the dark and on the troll.
  20. Flyrbr

    Testing it out

    Well I don't know if the albies are really back but there are bluefin being caught in Monterey bay.
  21. Flyrbr

    AA on the BFT

    Did I miss it or did anyone say what the cows were caught on? Flatfalls?
  22. Flyrbr

    Fluorocarbon shelf life

    It’s the start of a new season and I have a couple skeins and some partial spoolsof fluorocarbon leader material left in my box. Wondering what is the shelf life? Does it get oxidized and break down?
  23. Flyrbr

    Good BFT on the Condor

    Mike, did you get a chance to find out what these were feeding on? Were there red crab in them? Were there any attempts to catch on surface poppers?
  24. Flyrbr

    RP trip short.

    Jeff, Sounds like a great trip overall. Love the pics of near misses! Thanks for the report. Gonna give the bluefin a try in a couple days. I'll let you know what happens.
  25. Flyrbr

    2019 Salmon

    Thanks for the update. Looks like it’s gonna blow for the next few days.
  26. Flyrbr

    2019 Salmon

    Any updates on the Salmon season opener around Monterey Bay this past weekend?
  27. Flyrbr

    April 6-7 Salmon

    Any reports around Monterey Bay on the Salmon season opener?
  28. Flyrbr

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    Constitution out of Puerto Vallarta runs a great operation. Downside is that you can bring home only what you can check in as additional baggage on the airline.
  29. Flyrbr

    Trip Report: Red Rooster, 3/1 - 3/16

    Thanks for the report, these keep me going until I get a chance to get on the boat for mine!
  30. Flyrbr

    Best hunting rifle/caliber

    7mm Remington Magnum!
  31. Flyrbr

    RP current trip

    Loran was in use in the '70s and was limited to the available stations. I'm not sure Mexico had any antenna arrays for it so HB may not have showed up on It.
  32. Flyrbr

    Leupold VX3i LRP vs Nikon X1000

    I bought a Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmore. I have narrowed the scope options down to a Leupold VX 3i in 6.5X20x50mm with a MOA Reticle or a Nikon 1000x in 6.5X23x 50mm with the illuminated MOA Reticle. Wondering if anyone has an opinion on the relative merits of each scope? Thanks
  33. Flyrbr

    PV Resturaunts

    In Puerto Nuevo if you get a craving for a good steak go to Sonora a la Sur. Pick your cut butchered the way you tell them and cooked the way you order it. Get a side salad and a vino tinto....fantastic.
  34. Flyrbr

    Should have booked on Alaska Air

    Sorry...Destination in Mexico is PVR, Puerto Vallarta
  35. Flyrbr

    Should have booked on Alaska Air

    Posting this to let others know about a snafu booking on United. I am on a 3.5 day fly down, fly back in PV. Expedia had a good selection to go out from my local airport and booked round trip through them. Flight down was American Airlines and started in SPB connected in Phoenix, then on to...
  36. Flyrbr

    Endeavor 10-18 Morro

    Great post. You made liife time memories and probably another future BD member.
  37. Flyrbr

    Mexican License Fees

    Thanks, guys. I mailed it off today. Fees are as published ca: 2008 and I confirmed with the San Diego office of Conapesca
  38. Flyrbr

    Mexican License Fees

    Does anyone have the current fees for Mexican fishing licenses? Had a BD member post different numbers than my application print out. Weekly on my print out shows $23.20 but is dated effective 2008.
  39. Flyrbr

    Independence 08/04-11/18 report

    Great write up! Thanks for the report.
  40. Flyrbr

    Cabo San Lucas Fishing

    wow! I always wondered who pioneered kite I wonder about other shit
  41. Flyrbr

    ISLAND IN THE SUN -Independence 7 Day 2018

    Great pics and report! Congratulations!
  42. Flyrbr

    SS 2X4 Vs. OSP 2X4

    You made a good choice those are not going to disappoint
  43. Flyrbr

    Monterey Salmon - April 14th

    Nice! Great report.
  44. Flyrbr

    Royal Polaris Clipperton 2020 is already sold out

    I was wondering if Clipperton would start showing up on LR schedules since Mexico has changed their buffer zones. 21 days might be a stretch but looks like a beautiful spot.
  45. Flyrbr


    I'm leaving on a 14 day this January 3. Sad that we will not be fishing our normal spots. Could be exciting to find new spots holding fish or looking for more variety. Either way it will be a great trip with a fine group of friends.
  46. Flyrbr

    Constituion getting it done...

    Thanks for posting Jeff! Stellar trip looking forward to fishing with you guys again!
  47. Flyrbr

    Line & Lures In Hand Carry Luggage Returning to the US

    Don't know where your departure point is but in Puerto Vallarta they will plastic wrap your cooler of fish Our fish fillets were chilled almost frozen solid and vacuum sealed so no ice. US customs had no issues and airlines checked it as a normal checked bag under 50#. I thought it was worth...
  48. Flyrbr

    Looks like the RR3 found a few at the bank

    Damn! I usually go on the Indy 14 day in this time slot but have to wait until January 3. Good luck out there!
  49. Flyrbr

    Oceanside cow yellowfin

    record or not...NICE FISH!
  50. Flyrbr

    New solid wood jig box - holds 45 yoyo or surface jigs vertically

    Mark, Beautiful work. I especially like that quilted Mahogany. I enjoyed talking to you and may have some red oak pieces straight and fully for you to look at next year. Good luck with the sale.
  51. Flyrbr

    Great Opportunity for someone new to Long Range

    Can't have too many toys! Have fun!
  52. Flyrbr

    9/5 Ass kicking and a half and a PB

    Slayed 'em! What a great day to have your Dad to share with you! Congratulations on your PB and thank you for the post
  53. Flyrbr

    BFT WFO 8/31 local water

    THAT looks fun! Thanks for the report.
  54. Flyrbr

    Outer Limits Huge Bluefin Epic Drone Footage

    NICE!! Great video also, Thanks for the inspiration!
  55. Flyrbr

    More African Safari pictures

    That's just spectacular! What a great time and thanks for the pics!
  56. Flyrbr

    The one that got away, a fish tale.....

    ...and that's when I shot him, your Honor! Great story, Thanks and better luck next time
  57. Flyrbr

    Late report - New Lo-An 8/15

    Awesome video work! Fun trip with a record to remember it by!
  58. Flyrbr

    Yummy Bites 7/22

    Great job! Stayed in the fight and won!
  59. Flyrbr

    Anyone running out of Monterey Bay area for albacore?

    I heard a couple of tips that there are some long fin being caught 45 miles out of Monterey? Wondering if anyone has been out there catching them?
  60. Flyrbr

    Responded on the BD site. I am in Tehachapi area for some farming on a regular basis. Would...

    Responded on the BD site. I am in Tehachapi area for some farming on a regular basis. Would like to talk Bob Riddle 831-682-8759
  61. Flyrbr

    New solid wood jig box - holds 45 yoyo or surface jigs vertically

    Very nice work. I'll trade California Live Oak slabs. PM me
  62. Flyrbr

    Better Than Foreast Weather + Magic Paddy = Good Times

    sounds like a great day to get to spend with your son!!
  63. Flyrbr

    rp report today

    Thanks for the great pics! You guys slayed 'em!
  64. Flyrbr

    April 01, 2017 Morro Bay Groundfish Report

    Well done! Great report and pics.
  65. Flyrbr

    Santa cruz salmon

    Thanks! Now if the weather would come down...
  66. Flyrbr

    "That Guy" roll call

    Freshly made Oatmeal?
  67. Flyrbr

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    I say tip 15-20% of the trip cost automatically. If the jackpot fish was landed with major help from the crew then split it with them. I have given the crew all my JP more than once when I felt they deserved it because of above and beyond service and help.
  68. Flyrbr

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    Just watched the Going Long 6. Hope you have as much fun as that trip!! Good luck!
  69. Flyrbr


    Mikey is right about the ONCE. As for eating they have to be peeled and tenderized and are not that tasty anyway. Never used them for bait except as chum in Baja.
  70. Flyrbr

    Indy Wrapping Up A Good Trip!

    Impressive!! Job well done.
  71. Flyrbr

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Great job fishing as well as sharing your trip! Thanks!
  72. Flyrbr

    Best reel for SCT-RR701-XXXH

    I recently won a SCT-RR701-XXXH rod and was planning to use it for an 80# setup. I have a Makiera 16 sea which may work but wondering if a 20 would be a better choice if I want to go 80-100? Input would be appreciated.
  73. Flyrbr

    It's November and it ain't over yet

    Congrats to the Van Wormer team and keep the battles with children's cancer going!
  74. Flyrbr

    Super cow on the Indy

    Stellar! Way to get it done!!
  75. Flyrbr

    Indie is under why

    Great news and great trip to all!
  76. Flyrbr

    Seeker OSP 1x3 Or 2x4?

    2x4 is a step up in line class and lifting power than the lineup you have listed. Seems like you have overlapped them with the 1x4. I'd go 2x4. Just sayin'
  77. Flyrbr

    Did the Indy go on their 10 day on Monday?

    Indy is a superb fishing platform with an all star crew. Last year at the crew swim stepping triple gaffed cows, in heavy swell and wind, watched another SD boat ( no names but no shit bust an anchor rope and slide downwind like a kite.
  78. Flyrbr

    Catching flying fish on the Excel

    That's a lotta Kite bait right there for sure!
  79. Flyrbr

    Intrepid trip Sept 9-17

    Thanks for the great report and the intel. Sounds like a fun trip, Congratulations!
  80. Flyrbr

    Indy 9/3 - 9/10 short report

    Looks like Jeff made the right calls all the way and you had a great trip! Thanks for the post and congrats on some nice BFT.
  81. Flyrbr

    Top Gun 3.5 day report

    Great trip! Now you are as hooked as that BF! Welcome to the club. Glad Scotty and Bob got you on fish. They always worked hard to find them when I was on the Top Gun.
  82. Flyrbr

    40 lb. set up

    Gotta go with the Avet JX Raptor and Calstar GF 700H. With 40# topshot my biggest fish on that rig was a 98# BFT.
  83. Flyrbr

    Hoping they come back...

    Right boat, right skipper and crew, right anglers, right place, right boil of BIG bluefin. Stealthy, no power slide in front of the foamers. Cast in front of them, take up the slack...BOOM! There were no knots improperly tied, no slack line, fish always straight out from the boat while...
  84. Flyrbr

    Hoping they come back...

    All three caught on poppers and light gear...not recommended for the faint of heart. Here's the last one over the rail, check out what's already on the deck. Here's hoping everyone gets a day like this!
  85. Flyrbr

    rr3 trip report

    264# with a 1x4 with Mak SEA 30 using 130 spectra and 100 fluoro topshot tied to a 6/0 ringed Super Mutu circle...
  86. Flyrbr

    booked a trip ?? fish cleaning?? my own where??

    Professionally processed, vacuum sealed and flash frozen is the only way to go. Make an appointment for your return date before you board. Gets you in and out faster. Expect a couple hundred pounds whole fish, figure 30-40% of that in filleted product. Bring largest ice chests you can...
  87. Flyrbr

    Gear checklist for 8 day trip?

    if you bring a chair be sure you fold it and stow it when the bite takes off...just saying'.
  88. Flyrbr

    Two Brand New Seeker OSP 2x4's, custom built by Seeker

    Great price for an awesome big tuna stick.
  89. Flyrbr

    4.5 day PV on the Success Sportfishing

    Text me 831-682-8759. What are deposits and deadlines? I have another 2 if possible. Thanks Bob
  90. Flyrbr

    testing my new OKUMA reels!!!!!!!

    Danny, I will be in Sayulita April 16--23 have you got any days open during that time?
  91. Flyrbr

    Waaa Hooooo!!!!!

    NICE!! Great story, thanks.
  92. Flyrbr

    Biggest Fish on Avet SX or MX Series

    90# Bluefin on Mx, 45 minutes. After that I can't imagine what a 200# tuna would be like!
  93. Flyrbr

    WTT Mak20Sea NIB for Mak16Sea NIB (or excellent condition w/ spectra) TRADE DONE.

    Have a 16 Sea, used one time, no dings, rigged 80# 16 strand and 60# topshot. Is your sea20 rigged?
  94. Flyrbr

    3.5 Days on the "Success", AMAZING!

    Great report on an epic trip! Curious what rods you were using for the 30's and 50's respectively? I'm assuming it was stand-up rail fishing or were you rigged with belts?
  95. Flyrbr

    Apollo 4 1/2 day 1 spot open

    Go get em, good luck! Let us poor working stiffs know how you did, please.
  96. Flyrbr

    Trip of a lifetime on the Success - Jan 2016

    Heck of a trip!! Great report on an epic adventure. Have some buds going down and fishing the Success at the end of the month. I'll pass along this thread. Thanks for the post.
  97. Flyrbr

    Reels with braid on the plane

    Great idea to secure the reels from pilferage
  98. Flyrbr

    FS: Avet 30w - SOLD

    Damn! you guys must camp out here...been looking for a 30w. Congrats on a great price.
  99. Flyrbr

    Fishing out of Sayulita

    I am going to Sayulita this April and want to know if anyone knows a local pangero or if there is a charters there. I know of a couple in Punta Mita but was wondering if Sayulita has any?
  100. Flyrbr

    Long range fishing out of San Diego for a relative newbie

    I gotta say, put in a couple 3 day trips out here out of San Diego, use boat gear on the first one. If you see what works or what people are successful using on the boat, then purchase similar stuff. Go on a couple 3 day or get a 5 day under your belt. Check out what is necessary for a...
  101. Flyrbr

    Mak 20 SEA

    Got a hint that someone has a couple Mak 20 Sea to sell. Please text me price, line specs and photos of reels to 831-682-8759. Thanks
  102. Flyrbr

    Talica 20ii or Makaira 20ii which casts a sardine best?

    I put a MK 16 with 100' 80# topshot and 100 hollow core backing on a SS 1x3. Pretty nice combo for 60-120# YFT. 20 may get you better winching power but a 16 will get the bait away from the boat on a cast and is more versatile overall. .
  103. Flyrbr

    Royal Star

    Recently returned on a 13 day, great time, awesome fishing. Only gripe was: I had my trolling rod and brand new Avet 50w properly stowed in the rack. Some fat, inconsiderate, POS slammed his outfit into the rocket launcher next to mine and dinged the crap out of my $600 reel. I saw it happen...
  104. Flyrbr

    Deep Hole Drone

    Any decent 12 gauge in modified to full choke, 5 shot or larger, high base. If using CDFG non lead then go 3 shot heavy. Problem solved.
  105. Flyrbr

    Big Sur 2 Day out of Morro Bay

    Great trip thanks for the head's up. BTW You could have been that hot stick if you had boots like hers...I'm looking for a pair if you find them in 10 1/2. LOL
  106. Flyrbr

    SOLD. Avet EXW30 2-speed Mint Condition

    Pictures? What class and brand of line? Sounds like a great deal...
  107. Flyrbr

    Deep Hole Drone

    Remington has a 12 gauge 870 Marine shotgun which should bring that annoying (and illegal) aircraft in for closer examination.
  108. Flyrbr

    medical records

    Now that's funny right there!!
  109. Flyrbr

    Good ol' Slick Willie

    Campbells Soup has a new flavor: Clinton Soup. Basically its a wienie in hot water. Bill Clinton will go down in history as the first president to have sex in the White House between the Bushes. Kinda miss the old philanderer in chief.
  110. Flyrbr


    what is the brand, type and line test on the braid?
  111. Flyrbr

    8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    those memories create the legacy your children will carry to the next generation. What an awesome thing! Can't begin to count the blessings...congratulations!
  112. Flyrbr


    SICK Stick! Great price too. Question, gimbal or no?
  113. Flyrbr

    Tackle Recommendations?

    Sounds like you have it pretty well covered, IMHO, as long as you can cast the 50# and you have fluorocarbon leader material in the same weights. If larger tuna start biting you can use the troll set up for that. Otherwise tell Scotty or Bob to break out some heavy stuff from the boat gear...
  114. Flyrbr

    What a Weekend

    Great memories made there! Hope you get on them again with heavy gear. Keep em tight!
  115. Flyrbr

    Top gun 80: Opah

    Sounds like a tough trip overall, nice fish for your efforts and great pics! Thanks
  116. Flyrbr

    Moss 5/15

    Looks like it's still scratchy at best, thanks for the report.
  117. Flyrbr

    FS : AVET $360

    if the 30W is still available text me at 831-682-8759
  118. Flyrbr

    Ft. Bragg Area Salmon

    Thanks, will post a report next monday.
  119. Flyrbr

    Ft. Bragg Area Salmon

    Am headed to Ft. Bragg the weekend of May 9th and wondered how the salmon fishing is lately. Any information greatly appreciated. Thanks
  120. Flyrbr

    Avet 3 speed reels

    Thanks for the input. A 3 speed hx wide would be a sweet thing indeed
  121. Flyrbr

    Avet 3 speed reels

    Thought I'd get less bias here.
  122. Flyrbr

    Long Range cancellation question

    I suggest you phone the Independence office and tell Judy what is going on. I think they will require some validation, a letter signed by you that you have sold your spot and name the person who is authorized to use your deposit. Then have the person contact them and pay any money owed I think...
  123. Flyrbr

    Avet 3 speed reels

    Wondering how well the Avet 3 speed reels have been holding up? Anyone have any reviews, pros and cons?
  124. Flyrbr

    Rods and the NTSB

    I wonder if anyone has a good solution for transporting rods in a rod case as checked baggage. The NTSB has a real talent for breaking guides, tips and generally screwing up expensive gear. Any suggestions?
  125. Flyrbr

    Conflict At Clarion

    Thought we saw you guys at Clarion on that trip. I was on the Indy, parked next to RR III for quite a while. Good times amigo!
  126. Flyrbr

    Dorado fish processing question

    I always figure a 1:3 for whole fish on the average. Larger fish overall especially tuna, yield more. The key is that these processors remove bloodline, bloodshot meat and with fish like dorado and yellow tail they don't peel around the skull (or do belly or cheeks) unless you have made a some...
  127. Flyrbr

    "That Guy"

    Gotta say 'That guy' is a guy who needs to be tagged. It has been a long season for deckhands, cooks and skippers pulling their weight every day. Should be a wall of shame posted at every landing for this kind of asshole. Just sayin'
  128. Flyrbr

    9/22 inside the 209

    sounds to me like you got the best of a slim opportunity. aren't you glad you didn't waste your time and bait on a paDDy that was almost empty? Keep 'em tight...get it right
  129. Flyrbr


    There was a story about a Bhuddist monk who refused novocain during a root canal because he wanted to transcend dental medication.
  130. Flyrbr


    A Vulture gets on a plane with two dead raccoons. The stewardess says "sorry sir only one carrion per passenger."
  131. Flyrbr

    8/24 Below the Corner - YFT

    line rating and leader you used please
  132. Flyrbr

    Dont do as I did, do as I say- Old Glory 1 day report Sat 8/23

    now that right there is frickin' funny! I don't care who you are!!
  133. Flyrbr


    Love it!! Been a couple years since I had some long fins in the box (or in the jar)! Glad a So Cal guy got em, thanks for sharing.
  134. Flyrbr


    Hey if you ever want to swap Wahoo for Yellowtail call me please! Have a great trip. Sounds like it's sure to be fun. Tight lines!
  135. Flyrbr


    So this lady walks into a bar up in the Canadian Northwest Territory. She orders a drink and turns around to see a Mountie with his feet up on a chair at a nearby table. He had the biggest boots she had ever seen. The gal walked over and asked him "Is it true what they say about men with big...
  136. Flyrbr

    Rail traffic, googins, and open party trips

    I don't know about that crazy glue thing. Kinda hard to decide if they are just stupid or being dickheads. If it got to hands on the captain or #1 deckhand should have stepped in.
  137. Flyrbr

    Tuna water

    Keeep the thread going, any input would be great. I fish Avila to Monterey and in envy of what is happening off San Diego. Some long fin would be a treat!!
  138. Flyrbr

    Can't wait to see the pics of the 100 lb + Tuna landed at the N9 today

    fair hooked, foul hooked, group effort or not. WTF! 100 lb. Bluefin, US waters, freaking July. That is the point. Way to go!!
  139. Flyrbr

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Is there any update on whether the Mexico CONAPESCA bluefin fishing suspension applies to sport fisheries?
  140. Flyrbr

    I'm sitting at a bar, minding my own business...

    So I'm standing at a bar in minding my own business and a gal comes walking in. She's maybe 5'4", dressed in black knit stockings a short skirt and a tight blouse unbuttoned to show off some really ample cleavage. This woman is at least a 300 pounder and had been whupped with the ugly stick...
  141. Flyrbr

    CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

    Great report! Thanks for the info. Heading out next weekend. Hope it holds
  142. Flyrbr

    Longfins? Anybody seen any Longfins

    Wondering if anyone has any reports of albacore from Ventura north to Monterey Bay? Was some talk a couple days ago and no follow up since.
  143. Flyrbr

    Shogun on Bluefin

    Great news!
  144. Flyrbr

    Guadalupe Is.

    q lastima!
  145. Flyrbr

    Guadalupe Is.

    Anybody know if the Mexican fish and game has relaxed the regulations this year for long range charter boats out of San Diego to fish Guadalupe?
  146. Flyrbr

    jx Raptor

    I know but ya gotta ask...
  147. Flyrbr

    jx Raptor

    I'm looking for a used Avet jx raptor right hand retrieve.