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  1. djd35de

    For Sale Shimano Crucial 7'6" H 12-25 Lifetime Warranty

    Sale is pending to Solomon on sat.
  2. djd35de

    For Sale Shimano Crucial 7'6" H 12-25 Lifetime Warranty

    I have a Nice Shimano Crucial 7'6" H 12-25lb Fast action, rod is in good condition. I think these rods are much better quality then the Bullshit Curado rods with a one year warranty. Alconite guides Lifetime Warranty unlike the BS one year they...
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    Beware of Hoop net Poacher off La Jolla

    Weakness only promotes more crime!
  4. djd35de

    Great BFT fishing on the Pacifica this weekend

    It sure is nice to read a fish report like that. It brings hope and just positivity .
  5. djd35de

    Waxwing combo, My cell is 619-213-2191 call or text. Thanks David

    Waxwing combo, My cell is 619-213-2191 call or text. Thanks David
  6. djd35de

    Who does this ???

    Bro I think its safe to say your not a President Trump fan. But what I've never witnessed in my lifetime. Is a man trying to right our country ( For Free no less) and hated for it. Every wonder why both sides hate him? Because he knows their game. Its...
  7. djd35de

    Who does this ???

    Mike is obviously a trusting and giving type of person. That was an uplifting story in times where( IDIOTS ARE TRYING TO BURN DOWN OUR COUNTRY! ) I wish the world was full of more people like MIKE!!! Mike has an overload of good Karma. And he's willing...
  8. djd35de

    For you Calico guys

    Nice fish, I had a friend catch one that weighted 11.0 lbs even the next day with a digital scale. I caught a 26 inch in Point Loma years ago. But did'n' t have a scale. There're lots of nice size fish in Coronado islands. They fight harder too.
  9. djd35de

    For Sale Shimano Curado 7:2:1 Good condition

    I've got a Curado 200i works perfect. Loaded with 30lb Daiwa Samurai braid Great little reel for inshore or green Bass. 85.00
  10. djd35de

    For Sale Shimano Curado 200i 7:2:1 SOLD

    SOLD I've got a Curado 200i works perfect
  11. djd35de

    Tranx 200 vs Curado 200? Which is better?

    Most of my reels, I remove the handle and pack some grease around the shaft to prevent water from entering there. Thanks for the replys.
  12. djd35de

    Tranx 200 vs Curado 200? Which is better?

    I found a video that compared the two with a total break down. Tranx has less bearings, but thicker shaft and more seals for water resistance . Spool is not ported on tranx etc....
  13. djd35de

    Wide open 9-4-20

    Looks like a great time.
  14. djd35de

    Tranx 200 vs Curado 200? Which is better?

    Or which is your favorite in 200 size? And why? Iam wondering in this size reel which is a better choice as far as bass fishing, or overall what's your thoughts. If gear ratio is pretty close. I've got Curado 200E5, Curado K etc Thanks in advance
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    For Sale Shimano Calcutta 400TE (USED)

    Pic of left side plate please? Bump
  16. djd35de

    SOLD Daiwa Pluton SH Xint Like A Saltiga Levelwind 225.00 OBO

    Its pretty much unfair to bass. Yellowtail and tuna is more of a fair fight. A few years back I got and 26" Calico on a MC Slug. I did'nt weight it but was'nt a fair fight but still fun.
  17. djd35de

    SOLD Daiwa Pluton SH Xint Like A Saltiga Levelwind 225.00 OBO

    I only got spooled once on a paddy at the 390.
  18. djd35de

    SOLD Daiwa Pluton SH Xint Like A Saltiga Levelwind 225.00 OBO

    I was able to squeeze just a bit over two hundred yards of 40lb spectra. I used it on an eight day trip and was Slaying Yellowtail and a few yellowfin. I brought them in Way faster then other guys using much bigger rods and reels...
  19. djd35de

    SOLD Daiwa Pluton SH Xint Like A Saltiga Levelwind 225.00 OBO

    GLX ? Bass rod, or Pro Blue 15-30lb Just offer what ya have and we'll see. Thanks
  20. djd35de

    SOLD Daiwa Pluton SH Xint Like A Saltiga Levelwind 225.00 OBO

    Or Trade for G Loomis Rod What do you have?
  21. djd35de

    SOLD Daiwa Pluton SH Xint Like A Saltiga Levelwind 225.00 OBO

    Daiwa Pluton SH loaded with 40lb Braid to the top. Forged one piece frame, Everything has a Click micro adjustment Drag, spool end play and outside magnetic cast adjust. Machined side plates just a Power house of a reel in a small package. Will handle anything...
  22. djd35de

    For Sale Shimano Tranx 500PG MINT In the Box Price drop

    Bump I rather sell local guys and not ship. So if you want a MINT Like New Tranx 500 PG jump on it today.
  23. djd35de

    For Sale Shimano Tranx 500PG MINT In the Box Price drop

    I have a Tranx 500pg that I've just cast a few times. Its as new and loaded to the top with 65lb braid . As Stated Like new Mint In the box. PM me if you need to see pics. but we know what they look like. 400.00 SOLD!!! David
  24. djd35de

    Hey Rojo if you send me your cell # I'll text you some pics of the Beast (...

    Hey Rojo if you send me your cell # I'll text you some pics of the Beast ( Tranx 500)
  25. djd35de

    Its pretty much new in the box. ok.

    Its pretty much new in the box. ok.
  26. djd35de

    Iam in San diego / Chula vista

    Iam in San diego / Chula vista
  27. djd35de

    Tranx 500 PG Minty Fresh filled to the top with 65lb braid. 425.00

    Tranx 500 PG Minty Fresh filled to the top with 65lb braid. 425.00
  28. djd35de

    SOLD Chum Creater 3000 (aka meat grinder)

    Do you still have it?
  29. djd35de

    Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    Great Video and report.
  30. djd35de

    Fish of a Lifetime - Deep Drop Success!

    Now that is one Hell of a report. Congratulations !!!
  31. djd35de

    Bluefin Video

    Great report and nice video.
  32. djd35de

    Best day ever triple limits

    That sounds more like catching then fishing LOL Great times!
  33. djd35de

    New Lo An 1.5

    I hardly ever go out. but one of the best trips I've ever had was on the New loanne. Marcus and the crew are TOP Notch re guard less of the fishing.
  34. djd35de

    Which one of you kooks is this?

    The furthest I've taken my 18.5 ft Whaler is outside the Mushroom bank about 13 years ago. It was a bit nuts but I guess we feel safe in a Whaler. Plus i've got a Honda engine thats pretty reliable so far lol.
  35. djd35de

    Passport Required for 226/302 area?

    Why ask questions if your just gonna get Butt hurt when Gonzo was only trying to help? I like his style and think he's funny!!!
  36. djd35de

    SOLD Shimano Tranx 500HG with 80lb izorline braid.

    How about 375.00 ppld and shipped to San diego?
  37. djd35de

    For Sale (2) Daiwa Pluton SH Reels

    Good to meet and chat with ya Mike. Thanks for the deal etc....
  38. djd35de

    425 Short Report - 9/17

    Not a bad day other then the broken line.
  39. djd35de

    2 miles off Torrey pines (late report)

    Dodos are one of the fastest growing fish. And why Mexico has a two rod limit nobody knows. When they make it here to US waters it should be 10. They are being caught one at a time.
  40. djd35de

    For Sale Tac 12 II

    I texted and called you , do you still have it?
  41. djd35de

    What rod for Tady 45s?

    I have the Okuma 8.5 extra heavy 20-40lb SCT-i inshore mated with a lexa 400 7:1 works great for a lite iron setup. You could just go 8ft version Iam pretty confident you'de really like it.
  42. djd35de

    WTB 8' 15-40lb heavy/fast casting rod with trigger and long foregrip

    Oh so your the one who bought those rods. That was a good deal and the rods are Fantastic. I just got a second PCH 30-60 and have MH-8ft H-8ft and XH-8.5 SCT-i inshore. Love them all, nice and light yet strong bottom nice soft tips etc...
  43. djd35de

    7/14-7/15 Tuna Watching

    I hear ya but Whalers go pretty much anywhere almost in any condition.
  44. djd35de

    For Sale Bunch of Lexa 300s new in box

    Solid dude i bought a Lexa 400HS about to use it today. He met up close to my place so was easy transaction etc..... Bump David
  45. djd35de

    Okuma STCi-c8o H 15-30 8FT Inshore

    Thats what i want to get Joe. The 8.6 XH and mount the Lexa 400hd for a lite Iron stick. I got to finally use the 80H and its a really nice rod. No fish yet but I can fling a 2 oz jig a half mile .
  46. djd35de

    WTB Boston Whaler Reversible seat

    thanks for the replys and offers. But I did find one already.
  47. djd35de

    WTB Boston Whaler Reversible seat

    Thanks for the offer but I don't think that will work for me.
  48. djd35de

    Best Calcutta for Inshore/Half-Day duty?

    Yes more cranking power. HEG gearing which is oversize gears. the only reel that I believe beats a Shimano TE is the Daiwa Pluton buts its also smaller 200 size. i Wish Daiwa would make a 350 size Pluton or even 400 size like a pluton but...
  49. djd35de

    Good 30/40 pound star drag reel for baitfishing/iron?

    Saltiga 30T is perfect! Not too wide,plenty of drag, good speed yet has tons of cranking power!!! Solid frame/side plates so no flex and this is the older model. Made in Japan. Kicked the old trinidad out of #1
  50. djd35de

    Best Calcutta for Inshore/Half-Day duty?

    The Calcutta TE series has more cranking power then the lunas. Both good reels but the TE has been the industry standard for many years. I would'nt bother wasting money on a 400b or the other calcutta reels. I've caught everything from...
  51. djd35de

    WTB Boston Whaler Reversible seat

    I'd like to buy a Whaler reversible seat. Price depends on cond. within reason etc... Thanks David
  52. djd35de

    Liberty 3/4 offshore report. Bluefin!!!!!!

    That was a Great read, but now ya really got us all chomping at the bit to get out there. Well done and congrats!!!!
  53. djd35de

    Okuma STCi-c8o H 15-30 8FT Inshore

    Nice, anymore have one or used one of these rods?
  54. djd35de

    Okuma STCi-c8o H 15-30 8FT Inshore

    I've been really looking to pick one of these rods up. But not alot of feedback on them. Anybody have one and how do you like it? I plan on using for lite jigs, tady 45 or smaler and bait. Thanks in advance David
  55. djd35de

    Limits of bluefin on the New Lo-An 3/31

    I hope its 5 in Mexican waters.
  56. djd35de

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    New with tags means just that! Not used and bent but has tags? Thats some bullshit there! Send him the hundred and be done with it!!!
  57. djd35de

    wtb gloomis bucara 17-30 or Gusa 15-30lb

    I've had the pro blue pbr 844c 15-30lb. Thats a stout rod that really unless you get a yellowtail at least 20lb nothing will challange that rod. If I was going for the pro blue again I'd get the 843 MH 10-25lb
  58. djd35de

    wtb gloomis bucara 17-30 or Gusa 15-30lb

    I have a GUSA Green blank 85 Mag 15-30 Iam in San Diego
  59. djd35de

    Good morning Fishing off Point Loma for yellowtail!!!

    I was out there but was late about 100 pm. Maybe it was a morning bite. I managed one toad Sandbass about 5-6lbs and a short sandbass. That was it for me.
  60. djd35de

    12-20. New lo-an overnight

    Man oh man this is Christmas and Bluefin,Yellows still hitting the deck. I love that boat and wish I could go get some phesh!!!
  61. djd35de

    Original daiwa saltiga 15

    they are not really 20 lb reels. More like 30-40lb top shot
  62. djd35de

    Shimano Curado 300 EJ upgraded and MINT!

    Shimano 300 EJ Mint / not a scratch on her. SOLD!!!!! Only went for a couple of boat rides. I upgraded bearings to abec7 and greased Carbontex drag washers even though it did'nt need it. I like to tinker i guess. Comes loaded with 40 lb...
  63. djd35de

    Bluefin around the 43

    Iam still having trouble believing this is local fishing!!!!!! Holy Shit
  64. djd35de

    6/24 Finally on the meat 302 area

    Reading this story its just hard to believe this is local fishing. Unreal!!!
  65. djd35de

    Whaler wackattack 3x3

    those little Whalers will go anywhere. You'll get beat to shit,wet but they are tuff. Hell I've taken my 18.5 ft Outrage outside of the Mushroom bank! Was a long day but also epic.
  66. djd35de

    BFT on the Lexa 400 and Phenix ultra swimbait classic throwing poppers

    That takes some real skills to land such a fish on light tackle!!! Sweet
  67. djd35de

    YFT 20 miles west of MB July 9

    Sounds like the 182 or close to it.
  68. djd35de

    Bluefin Go stupid WFO in OC

    Wow I have'nt been out in four years. ITS TIIIIIIIIME!!!!!
  69. djd35de

    Daiwa Pluton Feedback

    I have'nt been fish much last 3 years or so. But 3 years ago i went on 8 day trip Royal Polaris and at the Ridge i Smoked Yellowtail with my Pluton!~!! Straight 40lb Jerry Brown braid 4 ft flouro leader, fished with drag set at 10lbs and put...
  70. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 8 2spd

    Sold to Jesus. Thanks and enjoy it.
  71. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 8 2spd

    yes still have it, When its sold I'll let you guys know. If you want it, give me a call to make arrangements thanks David
  72. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 8 2spd

    Bump, Buyer did'nt come through.
  73. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 8 2spd

    sale pending waiting for payment. bump
  74. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 8 2spd

    yes it is, give me a call, i can mail it sat. David
  75. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 8 2spd

    Shimano Talica 2 spd MINT! Its loaded with 65lb spectra short 40lb topshot ( 40ft approx) Perfect cond - 375.00 in the box. D
  76. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 Mint in box!

    PMs replied to. Still have it.
  77. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 Mint in box!

    Bump price drop. 300.00 local pick up. Or 300.00 plus shipping, pal pal fee etc....
  78. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 Mint in box!

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 mint in box. Loaded with 55lb Daiwa Boat braid. 325.00 David 619-213-2191
  79. djd35de

    Calstar Factory 800XLc / Avet Combo

    I have Calstar Factory wrap 800XLc ( Real Cork with Reel seat) With a Blue Avet SX. Both in Mint Condition! 325.00 (Rod cost me more then asking price) David 619-213-2191
  80. djd35de

    Shimano Curado 300,Calcutta Combo

    Shimano Curado 300 AS NEW, Loaded with 50lb spectra mounted on a Shimano Calcutta rod. 8FT 10-20lb line , As New also. Have Box etc for reel..... 325.00 for both. David 619-213-2191
  81. djd35de

    Daiwa customer service

    They took care of me also with a reel that was out of warranty NO ChARGE! Great Service
  82. djd35de

    new diawa reel

    Daiwa is like a SORE PETER! Ya Just Can't Beat IT LOL!!! Love my Pluton, Ryoga, Saltigas!!!
  83. djd35de

    Shimano Calcutta TE 400 Handle

    The Trini handle is just a tad longer from center to knob. The trini handle works fine you just can't back off drag completely when your done fishing. No biggie really.
  84. djd35de

    Penn Torque200 vs Calcutta TE400

    I'd have to vote Calcutta 400TE. You'll be able to cast further then most with that reel. Put a Trinidad 14 power handle, upgrade drag once it wears out(which will take a while). You can fish from inshore to offshore with it. Penn torques...
  85. djd35de

    Best reel for a teramar?

    Well, for the price of a Teremar you could probley get a Calcutta rod. 20% lighter and has SIC guides. Way nice. But if your going Termemar M - Curado 300 MH - Calcutta 300TE, or Pluton 200H...
  86. djd35de

    fish boiling

    ummm 1/4 mile is 1320 feet.
  87. djd35de

    Getting new arsenal...what would you get?

    Shimano 300 or 400TE on a 8 ft 12-25lb rod. From plastics to live bait etc...
  88. djd35de

    Butterfly Style jigging setup for SoCal waters?

    I have a really lite jigging combo iam gonna use, paddies, islands etc... Daiwa Ryoga Bay jigging, loaded with 40lb spectra mounted on a Okuma Cedros speed jig rod. 6' 30-65lb spectra 30-160 gram jigs. The reel cost a grip load, but the...
  89. djd35de


    Frank, I spoke to Dawn at smooth drag. No drag washers yet.
  90. djd35de


    Wayne, Your gonna need to send it to Daiwa. These reels are kind of new and parts are'nt around much. I have'nt even seen drag washers yet. Good Luck David
  91. djd35de

    Calstar 800XL vs. 800XLH??

    I meant more pulling power before rod bottoms out.
  92. djd35de

    Calstar 800XL vs. 800XLH??

    XLH has a littl;e more bottom end. Both great rods for 20lb XL or 25lb for XLH.
  93. djd35de

    Give me some advice rod guru's...

    Hell, try a Calcutta 8 ft MH 12-25lb line. Or the same in Teramar.
  94. djd35de

    Cheap deals on craigslist? Ever deal with the guy?

    Yea i was going to buy that 400TE also. But he wanted me to just send him pay pal as just requested money. I asked him to put a decription and he hung up on me. Fuck that, iam not gonna just send some random jackoff money that i don't know...
  95. djd35de

    factory shimano teramar fishing rod

    Lower the price? Sound like someone you know?
  96. djd35de

    Curado 300 for YT and YF?

    Kevin, do a search called ( SX abuse) That should anwser most if not all your questions. But a Calstar 800xl or xlh is a perfect 20lb combo for islands, paddys, local tuna no problem.
  97. djd35de

    Shimano Torium reel ?

    Use it as is for now, Then when you upgrade drag also upgrade to a spring loaded dog and pawl out of Trinidad DC. So as the other have said 30lb topshot is good. Thats the upgrades I've done to mine and its a Surface Iron Beast of a reel...
  98. djd35de

    My problem

    Pluton 200H, load it with 30 or 40lb spectra. Kills anything from Calicos - Yellowtail etc.....
  99. djd35de

    Okuma-Andros vs Avet SX Raptor ???

    I think the Issue does'nt so much if the Avet Sx raptor have enought drag for 40lb. It does, But does it have enough Cranking Power with a fish on. When i saw it in action it did'nt. Don't know about the Andros. But i do know a...
  100. djd35de

    Dam, how many cheating whores are there on craiglist!

    Dam brutal but funny at the same time. Don't think I'll share this story with my wife. I'd hate to give her any good ideas LOL But, sure would be nice to come across deals like that! Lol
  101. djd35de

    Help rod for calico bass and barracuda

    Calcutta 8 Ft MH 12-25lb line Or Calcutta 8FT or 7'6" M 10-20 I'd go with a Curado 300E or 200e5 30 lb spectra. Thats if your gonna change reels. The MH would be for large swim baits, Weed less slugs etc... The M would be for...
  102. djd35de

    teramar 76MH

    Just get a SIC Tip. I've never had one of those pop out yet.
  103. djd35de

    Calcutta 300 TE $175

    Pm sent Matt
  104. djd35de

    Kencore Zibra USA MINT

    Yep, they are Fantastic Baitsticks. Not a lot of people know about them, seems everybody has Calstars and seekers. But once you use one WOW. Puts all the pressure on the fish! not your back. And Sold to Bob Thanks
  105. djd35de

    Kencore Zibra USA MINT

    Yea Reel King. Go to or pm me your phone # Price is firm.
  106. djd35de

    Kencore Zibra USA MINT

    Bump price drop 140.00 Rod is like NEW!
  107. djd35de

    Garmin 340 Color fishfinder.

    Pm sent Brian, if you have any question give me a call. David
  108. djd35de

    Kencore Zibra USA MINT

    I've got a Kencore Zibra made in USA. Titanium Guides, Top of the line Bait stick. Perfect Rod for a Accurate 270 , Saltiga 15 or 20 , Avet MXJ or MXL etc..... Nice soft tip for fishing Straight Spectra, Insane bottom end, smooth bringing fish in. 7FT 12-40lb line. 150.00 Goes for...
  109. djd35de

    Garmin 340 Color fishfinder.

    Garmin 340c Color fishfinder. Like New. Mount, Cable, Cover, Box etc.... Screen is like NEW, No scratches ! No Transducer. you can pickem up for 50-100.00 bucks. Unit looks like new. Like New! 200.00 David 619-213-2191
  110. djd35de

    Reel for fishing the waxwing

    I have'nt tried a Waxwing. i'd like to but just have'nt plucked down my 17.00 or 20.00 bucks that they cost. Iam not a Shimano Hater, They do know how to do [email protected] and market there products. I like their top of the line reels and some rods...
  111. djd35de

    Trinidad 20 Nice Condition

    Shimano Trinidad 20 good condition. SOLD SOLD! Pictures on craigslist 225.00 OBO David 619-213-2191
  112. djd35de

    FS: Daiwa Pluton x 3

    Bump, Great reels.
  113. djd35de

    Calstar Graphiter 800XLc Avet SX Both MINT!

    Calstar 800XLc 10-25lb line Trigger with REAL CORK Handle. With a Blue Avet SX both are MINT! 340.00 (Rod a lone cost more) David 619-213-2191
  114. djd35de

    SHIMANO Talica 12II 2-speed

    12 and 16 are the same price. Great deal!
  115. djd35de

    Power Pro Vs Spiderwire Stealth

    Power Pro does have a wax on it. But it takes a while to break in so to speak. Once it does, i think its good stuff, kind of like old levi jeans. Extra Tuff Guides Choice is also good stuff. I've also tried Jerry Brown and its primo stuff...
  116. djd35de

    Shimano Curado 200E5 2008, 2009, 2011 models?

    Well, you could try Shimanos website or call them. I don't think they've changed them since they came out. I also don't see them stamping a year on them. I mean hell, they don't spoil in a box right? Go for the cheaper one.
  117. djd35de

    which reels to choose

    I've had the Saltists, Strong reels but the weight is what turned me off. Sold em. I think I'd go Toruim 16 and upgrade it with a DC Spring loaded dog and Greased Carbontex drags. 50lb spectra and fish 30lb, 40lb for iron and bait. A Beast of a...
  118. djd35de

    400te handle upgrade LJV vs. trini 12/14 handle

    I've got the 12/14 Trinidad handle on my 400TE and it works great. The reel never engages during the cast, it has a counter balance so that does'nt happen. One thing is ya can't back off the star drag all the way when your done fishing. No...
  119. djd35de

    Best reel for a phoenix 20-60 black diamond

    Talica 8 2 speed, or Saltiga 15 or 20 Star drag model , If rod does'nt have a reel seat you'll need one of those $ 60.00 Clamps Daiwa sells as the 15 and 20 Saltiga don't come with a clamp. Don't let that deter you as they are Fantastic...
  120. djd35de

    Power Pro Vs Spiderwire Stealth

    Well, depends what your going to use it for? Power pro has a texture to it. Cuts kelp good. Spiderwire is a smooth line and won't cut the kelp as well but casts nice. They're not all the same. David
  121. djd35de

    Heavier line than rated for?

    I'd run 50lb braid for backing and 25lb topshot is a nice happy medium. 20lb is perfect for that reel. They have real smooth drags, and are great casting , but not a lot of cranking power so to speak. Nice lite reel. Try a reverse albrite...
  122. djd35de

    Upgraded calcutta 400te strong enough

    No problem, I've Slayed Yellowfin up to 35lbs with both the 300TE, 400TE. Even nicer with a Trinidad 14 Power handle.
  123. djd35de

    Best surface iron reel?

    Well i use a Modified Toruim 16. Carbontex drags and a spring loaded dog and its a Beast of a reel. 40lb topshot Also a Saltiga 30T kicks ass too. 40lb topshot. Though mostly for heavy Iron.
  124. djd35de

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50 or 60 for yellows?

    I'd love to try this with my Pluton. Capacity is a problem, but thats why i fish heavy drag and Killem quick!!! I think it may only hold 225 yards of 40lb spectra. But i Smoked some Yellows at the ridge with it. With a Power Handle its got the Grunt to...
  125. djd35de

    Calcutta 400TE NEW

    I offer 100.00 daller fo new rel LOL
  126. djd35de

    Cracked Saltiga Frame

    The main problem is you can't compress Liquid! Grease, oil, fuel etc... Its like an engine can't compress fuel or water. If a cylinder fills with fuel or water and you crank it, Very possible to Hydro lock it and bend a connecting rod etc... The...
  127. djd35de

    Saltiga 15???

    Well, That reel puts out 22lb of drag stock. I'd load it with 50lb spectra and fish piece of Flouro from 20- 40lb. Great score, That little reel is a Beast! David
  128. djd35de


    Goes perfect with a Pluton!
  129. djd35de

    Saltist 20 Pontential?

    No problem
  130. djd35de

    2 Speed reel for 40#

    I think if you want to keep it simple. Just use the Saltiga you already have. Adjust the handle to have a longer throw and youe set. It cast great, has good torque and simple. But if your looking for 2 sp I'd go with Talica 8 2 speed loaded...
  131. djd35de

    shimano vs.accurate

    Dam, I'd like to say Accurate but i can't. I just sold my last one. Was a nice reel but they do require too much up keep. I used it 3 times, I always rinse of gear etc... Freaking bearings had to be replaced after using 3 times. 56.00 bucks...
  132. djd35de

    Recommend reels for me

    Possibly Saltiga 35t Leverdrag model. Not sure but your asking alot.
  133. djd35de

    Recommend reels for me

    I'd say Talica 8 or maybe a Accurate 870 2 sp. Not sure on the bigger reel.
  134. djd35de

    Pheonix rods

    Are these rods made in USA or Offshore?
  135. djd35de

    Which Shimano Talica for 40-50lb!?

    The Talica 12 would be great, But if your worried about capacity load it with 50lb spectra. Or put a 200 yards of 65lb spectra, tap in some 50lb spectra to a short Leader or topshot of 40, 50, Flouro. I understand what you mean about...
  136. djd35de

    Seeking best reel for casting

    I like my Pluton or a 300TE loaded with 30 lb spectra 3-4 ft piece of Flouro. Both have stopped good size Yellowfin Tuna up to 44lb no problem. Mounted on a 8 Ft Calcutta 12-25lb line MH. Lots of fun. Sic Guides really help the lite...
  137. djd35de

    Calstar 800XLc with Avet SX Combo, Kencore Zibras USA!

    I've got a Calstar Factory 800 XLc, Real cork not cork tape with real seat. (This is the Rod Calstar is VERY PROUD OF) Mucho $$$$$ Comes with a Avet SX loaded with 50lb Jerry Brown Spectra and short 25lb topshot. Both rod and Reel are like new. MINT! Perfectly Balanced, Match made in...
  138. djd35de

    need to pair my 300te with a rod

    Calcutta 7'6" or 8 Ft M 10-20 lb line. 15lb is on the lite side for 300 TE. But if thats what your going to fish I'd go with that rod. Try going used , you might find a good deal on a better quality rod. Good luck David
  139. djd35de

    What is the best yellowtail rod and reel setup?

    Custom Calstar 850H with a Beefed up Toruim 16 30-40lb topshot.
  140. djd35de

    Guitar case

    Mike sent you a PM
  141. djd35de

    Daiwa Inshore MINT!

    Bump Pictures on Craigslist
  142. djd35de


    Price Drop 140.00 Thnig is MINT But I have two of same Model Hence sale.
  143. djd35de

    Daiwa Inshore MINT!

    Daiwa Costal inshore Baitcaster. Loaded with 30lb Spectra Extra Tuff line. Mint not a scratch and i installed Greased Carbontex drags washers. Drag is like butter. Great little Bass Reel. 80.00 David 619-213-2191
  144. djd35de


    I've got a ( MINT) ( Like new) Kencor Zibra Rod. Made in USA!!! 7FT 12-40lb line. Fantastic Bait stick. They sell at Mahi tackle for 259.00 First with 150.00 David 619-213-2191
  145. djd35de

    highest pound line on sx 2speed ????

    Tuff little reel. I fish mine with 50lb spectra and 25lb topshot. You could go up to 40lb if its just a small amount. But i don't like to fish it with too heavy of drag. Handle starts to get stiff with higher drag setting. Normally...
  146. djd35de


    I just load my plutons with 40lb or 30lb spectra and a 4 or 5 ft piece of flouro to match conditions. Normally 25- 40lb flouro. Good luck David
  147. djd35de


    Matt its the Bucura 933c 7'9" 10-20lb line but its very under rated as long as your using bait. You can put lots of pressure on a fish with this rod. Another great rod is a G loomis Pro Blue 7 Ft 15-30 844c or the 10-25 843c. You'll...
  148. djd35de

    SEA FOAM?????

    Sea foam is good, but you should use it offten to keep injectors clean. Not sure if it ll work once you have a problem. At work we use BG injector cleaner, good stuff. Its a 3 part system. Once you run a full tank of fuel the injectors...
  149. djd35de


    Well i own a Pluton 200H 5 . 1 ratio. This reel puts out around 13lb of drag. the SH puts out around 11 lbs. I've never had a Problem and i fish mine Offshore on paddies. Slayed my personal best Albacore coming home from the 390. Loaded with 40lb spectra and 4 ft piece of flouro. Albie...
  150. djd35de

    Accurate Boss 197 cast control.

    Sold to Christopher, Good to meet you and enjoy the reel.
  151. djd35de

    Accurate Boss 197 cast control.

    All pms replied to. Still have it guys. Its loaded with 50lb Jerry Brown spectra , 25 feet of 30lb Flouro. David 619-213-2191
  152. djd35de

    Accurate Boss 197 cast control.

    I've got a Accurate BOSS 197 4.6-1 ratio with cast control. Its Custom gold with blue spool. Mint like new, loaded with 50lb Jerry Brown spectra. You can fish topshots from 20-40lb no problem. This reel is perfect for any inshore fish or take it offshore and kill Tuna. Killed a 60lb...
  153. djd35de

    Kencor Zibra MINT,Titianum Guides!

    Bump price reduction 150.00. Rod is Mint
  154. djd35de

    Daiwa Pluton

    Could very well be the strongest Baitcaster in the world!!! Love mine!
  155. djd35de

    TLD 5 rare Great condition

    Sold!!! Thanks
  156. djd35de

    TLD 5 rare Great condition

    Wow Miguel, i know it has a very smooth drag yet stout and lite little reel. Whats the biggest Marlin you caught?
  157. djd35de

    TLD 5 rare Great condition

    Picturs from my cell to yours only. And your right Miguel it is a great reel just does'nt get used. David 619-213-2191
  158. djd35de

    TLD 5 rare Great condition

    Shimano TLD - 5 Great condition. Very rare and looks good and works perfect! 110.00 David 619-213-2191
  159. djd35de

    Kencor Zibra MINT,Titianum Guides!

    I've got a Kencore Zibra 12-40lb test line. This is Made in USA not the cheapy ones. Top of the line Kencore! ( Pictures from my phone to yours) 160.00 619-213-2191 David
  160. djd35de

    Saltiga 15

    Well i must disagree with some of the posts. Saltiga is built to Handle braid and fish offshore etc... Its a Forged tank that puts out 22 LBS of drag. Just a bit Overkill for Calicos i'd think. If you load it with 50lb braid and just switch...
  161. djd35de

    Personal Best Checkerboard

    WOW nice Fish! What did ya get her on?
  162. djd35de

    thoughts with curado 300ej?

    I've got my Curado 300 mounted on a Calcutta 8FT 12-25 lb line. Very lite yet stout set up. Has Sic guides really cast smooth. Load it with 40lb or 50 lb spectra, piece of flouro and your ready to slay. Anything from Calicaos- Yellowtail etc... I've Killed some nice yellowtail...
  163. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 2spd Lever drag reels

    Jeff, i believe that it the spool does'nt spin forever because its got a light spool. Plus there's no line on it. Just because a spool spins forever and a day at the counter does'nt means it'll cast good. In fact more then likey it'll...
  164. djd35de

    Saltiga 2 speed or Talica II?

    Dang Matt , you roll in Style Bro. Hope your Shoulder heals up soon. David
  165. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 2spd Lever drag reels

    Well, I have'nt bought one or used one. But i highly doubt Daiwa would come out with this reel and call it a Saltiga if it was'nt up to par. 27lb of drag at strike and 40lb max. Thats more drag then most could ever use. Felt very lite...
  166. djd35de

    Best Star Drag Reels

    Saltiga, Saltiga. Have'nt tried one but those new Trinadads look and feel pretty good also. My friend has a smaller pro gear, he only used it once. He said it needs repair. I've never had to repair saltiga except once a freak cracked spool...
  167. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 30 2-Speed - New

    REELKING is a REAL DUMBASS!!! Why not just pm him ur lowball offer?
  168. djd35de

    WSB rod and reel

    800 XL or XLH
  169. djd35de

    Factory 800XLc MINT!

    Pictures on Craigslist San Diego.
  170. djd35de

    Factory 800XLc MINT!

    Matt PM me your cell # and i'll send you some pictures. Rod is in MINT condition
  171. djd35de

    Factory 800XLc MINT!

    Calstar 800XLc factory wrap with (Real Cork) handle and trigger reel seat. Fantastic rod for fishing White Seabass Squid and jig etc.. In Mint condition, (Pictures from my phone to yours). Also have an Avet SX, blue , thats been mounted on rod, loaded with 50lb spectra 25lb topshot as NEW...
  172. djd35de

    Ultimate combo

    Accurate Boss 197 4.6-1 with cast control. Gold with Blue spool MINT!!! Reel is Loaded with 50lb spectra. Room for a short topshot 25-40 feet approx. Mounted on a Kencor Zibra Titanium Guides made in USA!!! Not the cheapy one, Rod is 7FT- 12-40lb line. Perfect for live bait fishing...
  173. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE MINT!!!

    joser85 Flaked, But Reel is sold.
  174. djd35de

    Best Star Drag Reels

    Saltiga X 5
  175. djd35de

    Talica 10 II

    Good nite Bump for a great reel at a very good price. Good luck with the sale George. David
  176. djd35de

    Talica 10 II

    HEY REELKING Take a Fucking Shimano Charter, Spend Two Grand for an 8 day use them all day LONG!!!! Why don't you just PM him instead of airing this SHIT!!! 365.00 wish i paid that. Good deal !!!
  177. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 12 MINT!!!

    400.00 without spectra. SOLD!
  178. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 12 MINT!!!

    Bump , 425.00 shipped to your door + 4% for pay pal.
  179. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 12 MINT!!!

    As of right now i still have Jack.
  180. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 12 MINT!!!

    Ahhh Sell the house Nick get the Talica lol
  181. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE MINT!!!

    Sold to Joser85 pending payment.
  182. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 12 MINT!!!

    Nice Avatar BigDaddy And someones going to get a good deal!!!
  183. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 12 MINT!!!

    Shimano Talica 12 loaded with a ton of 65lb spectra with box and clamp etc.... Used on 1 trip, Its Pretty much new!!! Pictures on craigslist 425.00 David 619-213-2191
  184. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE MINT!!!

    Bump price drop 250.00 Great reel like new, perfect for inshore or Yellowtail, White Seabass etc... Loaded with spectra guys . 619-213-2191
  185. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE MINT!!!

    Pictures on craigs list. Seems i always get errors trying to post them here.
  186. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE MINT!!!

    300TE loaded with spectra , 1 tiny scratch otherwise MINT!! 275.00 619-213-2191 David
  187. djd35de

    Overnight/1.5 Day Tuna Setups

    What you have will work just fine. Good luck
  188. djd35de

    One for the Ages

    WOW!!!!! Thats all i can say. Great photos.
  189. djd35de

    Trinidad 16NA perfection in a box

    Talicas are great reels but i think they're better for bait fishing. Trinidad better for chucking Iron etc... but still fine for bait also. David
  190. djd35de

    i want to buy a baitcaster

    For Calicos i like the 200E5 mounted on a G loomis Green water 7'6 10-20 lb line. Loaded with 30lb spectra piece of flouro. Loads of fun David
  191. djd35de

    Trinidad 16NA perfection in a box

    From what i understand, the spool size is the same as the older trinidads. Its the side plates that are way thinner and lighter yet stronger also. Spool is 20% lighter then before. Should be a Great reel. But Dam they're proud of them. 500.00 bucks...
  192. djd35de

    Trini A size comparison

    The spool size of the new Trinidads are the same as the old size spools. No change in capacity. Its the side plates that are much narrower which makes the reel seem smaller and is much lighter. Spools are susposed to be 20% lighter. so they must be...
  193. djd35de

    70 Lb. Opah

    Nice FISH, We heard ya on the radio when we were headed back from the 371 about the alternator. That was too cool that someone had the part you needed, and came through for ya. Good Karma for them David David
  194. djd35de

    Talica 10 2SPD MINT

    Sold to Wayne pending payment.
  195. djd35de

    Which Rod for Curado 200E7?

    Alconites are better suited for spectra. Iam pretty sure the insert is a harder material. Good luck
  196. djd35de

    Which Rod for Curado 200E7?

    Well I'd say the Crucial 10-17 would be perfect. Reason i'd pick it over a Teremar is its way more sensitive. Not even close. I fish my Curado 200e5 with 30lb spectra on a G Loomis Green water 7'6" 10-20 and its sweet. also have the...
  197. djd35de

    Talica 10 2SPD MINT

    Sorry guys, it was loaded with 65lb solid Power Pro. David 619-213-2191 oh and pictures from my cell to yours only. thanks
  198. djd35de

    Talica 10 2SPD MINT

    I've got a Talica 10 2SP mint condition. Loaded with spectra with room for a short topshot of flouro etc... Box, clamp 375.00 David 619-213-2191
  199. djd35de

    Rods,Reels Shimano TLDs

    Right on Allen good to meet you also. Enjoy the Pelagic iam sure you will. Pelagic sold guys.
  200. djd35de

    Rods,Reels Shimano TLDs

    Unable to post pictures. Seems i always get errors. Help?
  201. djd35de

    Rods,Reels Shimano TLDs

    G Loomis Pelagic PSR 84- 20C SU 7' 15-25lb Line PERFECT COND- 165.00 SOLD!! G Loomis Pro Blue PBR 844C 7' 15-30 lb Line PERFECT COND- 175.00 Shimano TLD 20 Great condition 85.00 Shimano TLD 5 - Very Rare and in great condition 125.00 Kencor ZEBRA Made in USA 10-25lb 6'6" Sweet Bait...
  202. djd35de

    Jigging Rod For Daiwa Ryonga Bay Jiggging Model.

    Thanks Nepps, I think thats what iam looking for. Or there abouts. Plan on only butterfly jigs with this set up. thats a Beauty for sure. David
  203. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series PSR-84-20C MINT CONDITION

    G Loomis Pelagic 7 FT 15-25 lb line. AS NEW and half price! 150.00 David 619-213-2191
  204. djd35de

    jig reel

    Sorry about that Bill, I also have a Talica 12 and that would make a Great 50-60lb Jigging Reel. But if your talking Straight up and down jigging i'd go with a Shorter stick as opposed to the 850 H. Unless you just use the rail and put it...
  205. djd35de

    BNIB Daiwa saltiga 20

    Wow thats a Smokin Deal. Where were you when i wanted one. LOL
  206. djd35de

    Calstar 800 M Lite weight Rollers MINT

    800 M MINT CONDITION factory wrap, Pictures on craigslist SD. 165.00 David 619-213-2191
  207. djd35de

    jig reel

    Don't believe it has springs in the dogs as its very quite when cranking. But double dogs none the less. The thing that impressed me the most was the weight. Very light in weight, and very smooth. Free spools great and the rep said the spool is...
  208. djd35de

    WTF kind of shark was that?

    Maybe a Bronze Whaler. they're pretty Buff like a bullshark.
  209. djd35de

    Early day...limits of Sand Bass at IB Flats

    Sorry i don't have a map. Are they on the US side or Mexico ? Thanks David
  210. djd35de

    jig reel

    Well, i don't have one but i did check out the new Trinidads and they are sweet. Very lite, double dogs, dardanium 2 woven drag. 25lbs of drag pressure. Spool is 20% lighter then prior models. But they do cost a big chunk of change. If i had the bucks i'd get a Trinidad 20 for that rod. I have...
  211. djd35de

    Blue Hulled Pilot House Beware total idiot !

    There are some real STUPID MOTHER _UCKERS out there that endanger others and really have no business being on the water. Glad nothing happened to you guys. Close call for sure.
  212. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga, Calstar 800 XLH Both MINT

    Saltiga SOLD GUYS. Rods still up for sale.
  213. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series PSR-84-20C Calstar

    G LOOMIS PELAGIC 7FT 15-25 lb LINE MINT - 165.00 Calstar Graphiter Factory wrap 800 M AFTCO LWR XINT -165.00 ( can send pictures my cell to your ) David 619-213-2191
  214. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga, Calstar 800 XLH Both MINT

    Daiwa Saltiga 15 in MINT Condition. Has 50 lb spectra with new 30 lb topshot of P Line - 275.00 Calstar Graphiter Factory Wrap 800 XLH Mint Condition - 225.00 Pictures can be viewed on Craigs list San Diego or ( I Can send pictures my cell to yours) David 619-213-2191
  215. djd35de

    Curado 300e7 drag upgrade

    You mean 300E or 200E7 ? Carbontex makes drags for those reels.
  216. djd35de

    Avet SX raptor or Shimano Talica 10 II?

    For 20-25lb test. DAIWA PLUTON IS UR REEL. Straight 30 or 40lb braid piece of flouro 20-40lb test. Casts great, built like a tank and smooooth strong drag kills em quick!!!
  217. djd35de

    Jigging Rod For Daiwa Ryonga Bay Jiggging Model.

    Thanks John. Should be nice i had to take out a second on the house to pay for it. LOL. 22lbs of drag on the little beast. Plan on killin some big fish with it. David
  218. djd35de

    Jigging Rod For Daiwa Ryonga Bay Jiggging Model.

    Yes John more of Butterfly type jigging. Iam going to check out the Shimano trevela rods first. Thanks If there are anyother suggestions please feel free. David
  219. djd35de

    Jigging Rod For Daiwa Ryonga Bay Jiggging Model.

    Oops its a Ryoga. Just picked up a Daiwa Bay Jigging Model reel. Almost the same as a Daiwa Pluton with power handle. But puts out 22lbs of drag. A small Beast of a reel! I plan on loading it with 40lb Spectra to the rim. Looking for something lite yet stout for Yellowtail, Tuna...
  220. djd35de


    G Loomis Pelagic PSR84-20c 7FT 15-25lb MINT 160.00 Calstar 800 M 20-40 Factory wrap Aftco Lite weight rollers MINT - 160.00 Calstar 800XLH Factory Wrap MINT 220.00 619-213-2191 David
  221. djd35de

    Which reel for 40# (maybe 50 on occasion)

    Talica 10 or 12 . Both have plenty of cranking power and drag.
  222. djd35de

    Which Accurate Reel for 30#?

    Go for the lower gear ratio mine is 4.6-1 . Perfect for bait. Have a friend that had the high speed version and did'nt really like it. He said it had weak cranking and power thats why he sold it. David
  223. djd35de

    Which Accurate Reel for 30#?

    I use a Boss 197. 50lb spectra 30-40lb short topshot mounted on a GUSA 85MAG. Killed a nice 50lb class Yellowfin no problem.
  224. djd35de

    G Loomis, Calstar, GUSA

    G Loomis Pelagic PSR 84 20C 7FT 15-25lb - MINT - 165.00 Calstar Graphiter 800 M 20-40 Factory Wrap Aftco LWR MINT -175.00 GUSA 79XF Sweet Rod 12-25 MINT Condition- 140.00 619-213-2191 David
  225. djd35de

    Avet SX raptor or Shimano Talica 10 II?

    I was on an 8 day a few weeks ago. A guy was using a Raptor SX. He had a Yellowfin Tuna straight up and down. Could'nd move it, even in low gear. Did'nt seem to have the cranking power needed. The fish was 40-45lb class. Stalemate for...
  226. djd35de

    Calstar 800 M Lite weight Rollers MINT

    Calstar Factory 800 M 20-40 Lite Weight rollers, reel seat Hypalon etc... Mint condition 185.00 I Also have a G Loomis Pelagic PSR84-20C SU 15-25lb Line 7FT Mint as New 185.00 619-213-2191 David
  227. djd35de

    Small compact reel for SoCal yoyo fishing

    Saltiga 30T
  228. djd35de

    Talica 10 input

    I've got the Talica 10 and 12 both 2 sps. These reels are great, If i could go back i'd opt for the Talica 8 2sp. The 10 hold way more line then i think i'll ever need. Strong drags and cast very well. smooth as smooth gets. If anyone...
  229. djd35de

    Royal Polaris Trip Report 7/3

    I was on the trip and it was a great group of guys. Food was good Capt Frank and crew were outstanding. The fishing was tough. But we did pretty good on the Yellowfin at the rocks. The Kite saved my ass thats for sure as i had a tuff go...
  230. djd35de

    Factory Calstar 800XLH 15-25 Sweet Rod.

    Calstar 800XLH with trigger. Mint condition. $ 225.00 619-213-2191 David
  231. djd35de

    Calcutta 400 bsv or TE

    Get the TE and be done with it. You won't have to look back with regret. David
  232. djd35de

    Who's going Long Ranging starting on Fourth of July Weekend?

    Wow i hope it happens for us too. Love albies
  233. djd35de


    Geez, i feel your pain. I lost a Curado 200E5 mounted on a Cumura rod this year. Followed it up by digging my best offshore prop. About a 500.00 day. Sucked big time. Find another Buddy, maybe save money in the long run! Hope someone finds your...
  234. djd35de

    Please help me match a rod to my reel

    Mount it on a Clacutta M 10-20 7'6" or go with the 8 FT model. Or maybe a G loomis Greenwater 7'6" 10-20lb stick. Load it with 30lb spectra piece of Fluro your golden.
  235. djd35de

    Point Loma Kelp

    Right on, Yea anything over 5lb we let go to breed and fight another day. Just wish it would pick up soon. David
  236. djd35de

    Point Loma Kelp

    Got a late start today, around 11:00AM. Cleared the point and was a bit mixed swell with some chop to start. Started working outside as the Terns were going nuts. So we ran outside the kelp and tossed Iron but it was a no go. No boils...
  237. djd35de

    Whistler action Good!

    Wow, nice Yellows so close.
  238. djd35de

    Line Recommendation for Tuna Trip

    50lb braid and 20-25lb topshot should be good. Though, 25lb line may be a bit much for that rod, as its rated for 10-20lb line. Should be ok though. Good luck David
  239. djd35de

    BAD THINGS wished upon all tweakers!!!

    I'd report it to my home owners insurance first thing. Then, If i had proof of who did it. I'd invite them Fishing for the last time. LOL
  240. djd35de

    LJ, PLK AND SD BAY 6/8 - 6/11

    Nice report and your wife is a trooper. Cool. David
  241. djd35de

    Rod recommendations for Calcutta 400TE

    Calcutta 8FT MH 12=25lb line or the H 15-30lb line. You'll slay emmm with that set up. With that line I'd go with the Heavy model. David
  242. djd35de


    I've got a Toruim 16 that i installed greased carbontex drag, also installed a Trinidad DC dog and spring. It now clicks when reeling in but no back play at all. I wish i knew how to go futher with it. Your reel sounds like a Monster...
  243. djd35de

    All around setup? HELP

    Get a Shimano Calcutta 300 or 400TE for that Calcutta rod. Perfect for inshore fishing. An MXL is waaaay overkill for Calicos etc.... By the way, the Calcutta rods have SIC guides and are 20% lighter the the same rated Teremar rod. Much nicer in my book and worth the...
  244. djd35de

    bay fishing with kids ig surprise

    Nice job Tony, Hey it was cool hanging out friday. Later David
  245. djd35de

    5/29 Coronados, the good, the bad.

    I heard the same crap yesterday. Sad really, I would guess these clowns don't have a women or much less know how to treat one. Weak really, Do they talk like this in person? Doubt it. They were probley drunk, but thats just an excuse. JACKASSES!!! Oh, and fishing was tuff yesterday. I managed...
  246. djd35de

    Stop losing the big ones to the kelp?

    Hummm, Funny stuff, Speaking on the fishing I'd say 3-4 Ft leader of 40 or 50lb Floro to straight 65lb spectra. You don't have to clamp down on the drag. Just once ya stop them just saw back and forth you'll cut them right out. Good luck Debi...
  247. djd35de

    40-60lb reel

    I've got a Talica 10 and the 12. I have'nt used the 12 yet, and i have'nt really tested the 10 yet, But they are very smooth, casts as good as my Saltigas if that says something. Iam pretty sure you'de love the Talica 12 or 16 for 40-60lb. Hell...
  248. djd35de

    first time tips

    Wow, Thats a great offer Jim, I hope he takes you up on it. David
  249. djd35de

    United Composites 85 Mega

    WOW,That is Beautiful Work!!! I've got an older GUSA 85MAG Green rod that i was thinking of getting rewrapped. Which blanks were better, The older Green blanks or the blue? Thanks David
  250. djd35de

    boating ediquette

    There are some REAL DUMB FUCKS that own boats!!! I've seen many STUPID ASSES, Run over my line, Run over the dolphins during run and gun Yellowfin fishing, I Call a guy into a Paddy, Iam on one side, I ask him to work that side not too close to the paddy. What does he do, Fucken humps the...
  251. djd35de

    Saltiga lever drag

    I would hope you'de be able to crank up the drag without having the side load. Iam also wondering what the numbers will be. There's no mention on the daiwa website of this reel. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  252. djd35de

    Saltiga lever drag

    Wish there was more information about it, specs etc.....
  253. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series PSR-84-20C MINT

    G Loomis Pelagic 7FT 12-25 in MINT Condition. Great rod for an SX with 20lb and Slaying those yellows off Lajolla. 160.00 or Trade? Looking for a Kencor Zibra 6'6" 30-80lb or ? 619-420-3727 David
  254. djd35de

    Shimano Talica Review

    I got a Talica 12 and mounted it on a Kencor Zibra 7ft 20-50 rod. Feels well balanced and strong as heck. Loaded it with 65lb spectra and plan on fishing 40-50lb short Floro topshot. Maybe 5ft-40ft depending on condition. Going on an 8 day in early...
  255. djd35de

    Black Sea Bass Rescue...

    Iam sure you'll get paid back in a good way. Great job and even better read. At least they did'nt yank the fish on board for pictures.
  256. djd35de

    TLD 5 Great Condition

    Bump price drop 135.00 for Sweet Combo.
  257. djd35de

    GUSA 79XF

    GUSA 79XF Custom and in perfect condition. Cork handle with trigger, reel seat. MINT 150.00 David 619-213-2191
  258. djd35de

    TLD 5 Great Condition

    I've got a TLD 5 thats in great condition. Its mounted on a Shimano TLD 12-25lb Medium bait stick with boat guides. Very sweet combo for bait with silky smooth drag. 619-213-2191 150.00 both David
  259. djd35de

    shimano trinidad 20

    I've got a pelagic, sent you a PM. David
  260. djd35de

    if you had to pick JUST ONE

    He said he 'd perfer a star drag reel. Hands down a Used Saltiga 30T or 30 will fit the bill perfectly. Much better then a new Saltist. Solid reel with great drags ( 22lbs stock) lite spool to cast a country mile, dean or chovie. If ya like one...
  261. djd35de

    Avet SX 6/4 MC RAPTOR vs TALICA II

    I've got 55lb Daiwa boat braid with 30lb short topshot on my Saltiga 20. It'll handle 40lb no problem. Overkill for 20lb test!
  262. djd35de

    Best 3 set-ups 4 fishing SoCal

    1. I'd go with a Calcutta 300TE 15-20lb line or loaded with spectra short piece of floro. Mounted on a 8FT Calcutta MH 12-25 rod. For bait and plastics. 2. Daiwa Saltiga 30T mounted on a Calstar 800M for bigger baits and tossing surface Irons 30lb...
  263. djd35de

    Long Range room-mate from hell

    Dam , eight days is wayyyyy to long to grin and bear it. No way, no how. In times like that you've got to speak up quick and stand your ground. Your talking 2 grand to have a shitty time. Or have to put up with someone that can't wash his ass. Smells like SHIT !!!! HELL NOOOO!!!! NOT ME. I...
  264. djd35de

    Rod for Talica 12 ?

    Thanks guys for the replys. Guess i'll try a 700ml and just use 40lb topshot for now. I was talking too one of the Shimano reps about that rod thats coming out during I cast this july. He says it supposed to be the new Cats Meeeow, but that may...
  265. djd35de

    Rod for Talica 12 ?

    Ron, does that rod have enough of a soft tip to run short leader and mostly spectra? thanks
  266. djd35de

    Rod for Talica 12 ?

    What rod would you guys match with a Talica 12? Iam thinking of running 65lb spectra with 50lb maybe 60lb Floro short topshot. Some where from six - fifty ft long. Thanks in advance David
  267. djd35de

    Got kicked out

    Ding ding ding Gary, I think what you said makes the most sense. I was right next to the southern Bait dock. And Carl, Just a few Calicos and Turdrollers. Which was more then i got in the kelp beds. I was just trying to get out of the dam wind...
  268. djd35de

    Got kicked out

    I thought the whole bay was umm Polluted big time. Jim, no biggie. kind of funny and made my day. thanks David
  269. djd35de

    Got kicked out

    Oh well, i don't normally fish the bay anyways. So the hell with it. Over this already.. thanks for the responses. David
  270. djd35de

    Got kicked out

    Yea ok, thanks. guess i'll just STFU LOL. There's one thing i can count on here. Brutal honesty. Thats a good thing. Fuck fishing there i guess.
  271. djd35de

    Got kicked out

    I did ask them, they were kind of like they were just told there's no fishing here. I was right next to the southern bait receiver and no where near those bouys where they keep the Subs. I know they are just doing there job. But i'd like to...
  272. djd35de

    Got kicked out

    Was fishing the the Bait receiver in PT Loma Sunday. And the Navy patrol boat kicked me out stating it was a no fishing zone. So i drove over to where they dish out the bait , and asked the about this new rule. He said it was Bullshit. I feel...
  273. djd35de

    LADY LUCK found some yellows today local!!

    Nice, Looks like a fine day for ya. Congrads.
  274. djd35de

    Center Console: Parker, Boston Whaler Outrage, Triumphs

    I've taken my Whaler pretty much anywhere from Clemente to south of the Mushroom bank. Matched with a Honda 150 , I've never been able to run out of fuel!!! Its a great all around boat. Just not real comfy as others but its safe. I wish i had a...
  275. djd35de

    2 less thieves out there!!!

    A one way boat ride would be fitting!!! Very big ocean, someone could get lost. That would be a shame.
  276. djd35de

    Shimano TLD 5

    I have a TLD 5 also. Very sweet bait reel. Given the condition, i think its very well priced. Don't think i'd sell mine for that even though i have'nt used it in years. Good luck with the sale ! BUMP
  277. djd35de

    RPM for a Honda 225

    6000 RPMs with a lite load trimmed out should be perfect.
  278. djd35de

    Calcutta 400B VS. 400TE

    TE has way more cranking power. Much smoother , Way better over all and well worth the extra cost. Get the TE and It'll last forever if taken care of. Plus if you ever need to sell it. You'll get most of your money back! Good luck
  279. djd35de

    Ronny Kovach's Advertising adventures

    I like the shows, They have to show the ads, thats how they get to do what they do. I don't hate on them. I wish it was me getting all that time on the water doing what i love, And getting PAID. Beats my job easy. If you record it, just fast...
  280. djd35de

    First Long range trip 8 day Royal Polaris

    Thanks again, I may add a Talica 12 if i can get the funds prior to trip. That should cover 40-60 lb line. And guess i'll just listen to the crew,listen to the crew,and listen to the crew LOL. Dam i wish july would hurry up and get here! Keep um...
  281. djd35de


    Calcuttas and Teremars when using the Calcutta 300 or 400TE. Not sure about the other rods with bigger gear. He Slays em thats for sure.
  282. djd35de


    One thing i've noticed about Shimano Curados. They stay smooth for a long time, when other reels get crunchy, ruff etc... Smooth drags, nice cranking power. And if you ever need to sell em. They Hold their value and sell quick compared to other reels or...
  283. djd35de

    what do i pick....

    I've got the Talica 10. Its loaded with 65 lb spectra and i plan on using it with a short 30 or 40 lb topshot. If your thinking of maybe using 40 or 50lb topshot i'd go with the Talica 12. Check Shimanos web site. They have a good write up on the Talicas. I like the cranking power. And casts...
  284. djd35de


    What kind of spectra does it have? and lb test ?
  285. djd35de

    First Long range trip 8 day Royal Polaris

    Thanks a million for all the responses guys. I do have plenty of experience fishing. I've fished my boat down as far as the Mushroom bank etc... And everywhere in between . Just never a long range trip. Here are the set ups i've got as of now. Accurate 197 4.6 -1 loaded with 40 lb spectra...
  286. djd35de

    Go to rod

    Shimano Calcutta 400TE with a 8FT MH 12-25 lb Calcutta rod. Yellowtail, Yellowfin to 35 lbs and Dodos no problem.
  287. djd35de


    What kind of guides are those?
  288. djd35de

    best conventional under $250?

    A spool that spins longer on a counter, does'nt translate to a longer cast. Case in point, Avets, coast a long time. Spool is heavy thats why. Cast a chovie with one and see for yourself. I have'nt tried a Saltist leverdrag yet, but the Talica...
  289. djd35de

    Shimano Cumara

    Colin, Do you still have this rod for sale? Let me know David
  290. djd35de

    What's the perfect reel for a Calstar 850H

    I've got a Saltiga 30T on mine. Great for casting Surface Iron . I don't think a SX raptor will balance out very well. Its a bit too small i would say. The trinidad 16 or 20 also would be nicely balanced.
  291. djd35de

    Avet SX raptor or Shimano Talica 10 II?

    I think if Daiwa does come out with a Saltiga lever drag, it will be KICK ASS! Look forward to that.
  292. djd35de

    Avet SX raptor or Shimano Talica 10 II?

    Iam sure the Talica has better cranking power and is a much better caster. But i have'nt tried the Avet Raptor yet. Both are OVERKILL FOR 20 ort 25lb test. Love my Daiwa Pluton with straight 40lb braid piece of Flouro from 20-40lb test. Casts for days...
  293. djd35de

    First Long range trip 8 day Royal Polaris

    Wow, you guys are quick. Please keep suggestions coming. Is there a secret something that ya bring or can't do without? And, How many days do ya normally fish on an 8 day ? On average i guess. Thanks again. David
  294. djd35de

    First Long range trip 8 day Royal Polaris

    Iam going on my first long range trip. I've got a few questions guys or gals. We'll be on the Royal Polaris July 3rd - 11th. What kind of fishing to expect at this time of year ? Hows the boat and crew ? Boat comfy ? I think full load is 35 passangers, Too many ? Crowded or ok ? How...
  295. djd35de

    Bait Stick Suggestions

    Seeker 270 or 270H for 20lb -25 870 for 30lb, but if ya want to toss jigs maybe Calstar 800L for bait or maybe a 800M if ya want to toss Iron and bait. If ya don't like 8ft stick drop down to same just 700 series.
  296. djd35de

    Luna 300 vs Avet MXL

    I'd go with the Avet for offshore, but that Daiwa Luna is a nice reel. And the drag and handle can be upgraded and its solid. Friend of mine uses his offshore for paddies and island fishing. From Yellowfin - yellowtail -Dodos no problem. Though if ya...
  297. djd35de

    What Talica would buy?

    If your going to fish short topshot of 40 lb test ,get the 8 or 10. Twenty lbs of drag is plenty for 40 lb line. Long topshot of 40 maybe step up to the 12. The 12 may balance better on those rods that you mentioned though. I've got the Talica 10 loaded with 65 lb spectra and will just use...
  298. djd35de

    Curado 200e5....rod? braid lbs?

    Shimano Cumara 10-17 MH Shimano Calcutta 7'6 or 8 ft M 10-20 lb line G loomis 843 GLX 10-17 7 FT G loomis Green water 7'6" 10-20 All with 30 lb spectra work Great.
  299. djd35de

    best calico bass reel?

    I really like the Curado 200E5 on a G Loomis Green water 10-20 lb. Loaded with 30 lb spectra with a 3 ft piece of Floro. Cumara 7'2" 10-17 was nice too. ( Went bye bye last week) For heavier plastics 3/4 -1 1/2 oz curado 300E 50 lb spectra on a 8...
  300. djd35de

    baitcaster for big swimbaits

    With more line out, Torque, power is increased, drag is also increased but amount of line retrieved is less.
  301. djd35de

    baitcaster for big swimbaits

    Ya don't need much capacity for bass fishing. Plutons reels are really made for braided line. I use mine for offshore fishing. Have caught Tuna up to 45 lbs. Not really fair for bass really but they do have lots of cranking power for oversize crankbaits etc.... David
  302. djd35de

    Prop Shop ?

    Thats a hell of a recommendation if you drove from LA for service. Thanks Jessie, Stan etc.... David
  303. djd35de

    baitcaster for big swimbaits

    Umm I think the TE series can move over now, They ruled for many years but. The best reel for big baits would be a Daiwa Pluton. Either 5:1 or 6:2:1. There is another choice. Check see for yourself.
  304. djd35de


    I'd have to agree with Angelo. Plutons are a Forged Tank of a reel !!! But ya can't really go wrong with a 300TE. David
  305. djd35de

    Prop Shop ?

    Thanks guys I'll be giving them a call. David
  306. djd35de

    Curado 200e5....rod? braid lbs?

    Shimano Cumara 7'2 MH 10-17 line and 30 lb spectra. 3 ft piece of floro of your choice 20-40 lb works good.
  307. djd35de

    Prop Shop ?

    I've got a Prop that i dinged last week. Need it fixed and balanced. Its a Stainless Power tech 4 blade. Who would you guys recommend ? Someone local in SD please Thanks David
  308. djd35de

    Lost Set Up (SUCKS)Cumara @ Curado 200E5

    Yea, I guess the sand must of moved some because i was between the markers near G St in Chula Vista when i saw the depth go to two feet. May have hit one foot. i don't know. But its like someone hit the brakes hard. Thats when i hit the bottom. Must of had a few rocks mixed in. Sand...
  309. djd35de

    Lost Set Up (SUCKS)Cumara @ Curado 200E5

    I was fishing the SD bay today with a co worker. Just needed to get out for a while and wet a line. First time out this year. Was fishing the bait tank in PT Loma. We were picking at the sand bass. Fishing was not bad and at times we had double hook ups. Then it happens, I had just washed my...
  310. djd35de

    Rod for a Trinidad 14

    800XL or 800XLH
  311. djd35de

    luna 300

    Dam, mine were good and drag was smooth.
  312. djd35de

    baitcaster for tuna

    Luna 300 is a great choice.
  313. djd35de

    luna 300

    Great reel, Solid forged tank with great drags. You could upgrade to a power handle for about 35.00 bucks. And it becomes a real beast able to handle big fish. Yellowtail, Tuna, White Seabass etc... Has a clicker thats pretty weak, thats the only thing i can think of.
  314. djd35de


    Get the 300TE, With 30 lb or 40 lb spectra you should'nt have a problem with getting spooled. I really like the fact that they had a clicker in a reel that size. Its a nice feature. The drags are great, even stock I've slayed Yellowfin to 35 lb...
  315. djd35de

    Suggestions on good all around Baitcaster

    People will bitch about you cutting them off with your spectra. And Its more diffcult to untangle, and guys that use it don't want a deckhand to just cut off their line because of the high cost.
  316. djd35de

    baitcaster for tuna

    Calcutta 400TE Or Luna 300 , Pluton
  317. djd35de

    Daiwa Pluton Feedback

    Jeff, Thats not a dilemma for me. Its a dilemma only when i go fishing and can't take m all with me. LOL
  318. djd35de

    Daiwa Pluton Feedback

    I have both models, 200H and the 200SH. I think what sets it apart from all other bait casters. Is the construction. Its all solid forged frame and side plates. ( A la Saltiga)!!! As Kris pointed out, everything clicks, spool tension , Star drag and Magforce -Z anti backlash. Great for very...
  319. djd35de

    reel for a 800xl

    Does it have a reel seat? If so, a Saltiga 15 or 20 would be Sweet.
  320. djd35de

    Suggestions on good all around Baitcaster

    I'd say, save your money and get something a little better. You'll be glad you did. But if that money is burning a hole in your pocket. That Citica is a nice reel. Though a bit small for 20-25 lb mono. Ya could put straight 30 lb spectra, but...
  321. djd35de

    Looking for reel suggestions

    If your going to get a Calcutta. Spend a bit more and get a TE series. You'll love it, and if ya take care of it they last forever. Plus if you do have to sell it later, you'll get most of your money back. Oh, and get a 6$ reel cover. Well...
  322. djd35de

    Looking for reel suggestions

    Pluton 200H Or a 300 or 400TE Loaded with 30lb or 40 lb spectra
  323. djd35de

    What's your favorite mono

    Big Game Hi TEST is good stuff. Regular Big Game is pretty strong also.
  324. djd35de


    Sorry, all is sold and i kept the Bucara. I do have a Pelagic PSR90-25C i can let go 150.00 Firm
  325. djd35de

    new stainless hoop nets

    Tony, Your a CEO waiting to happen. LOL Talk to ya later bro.
  326. djd35de

    Round Baitcaster's

    Big difference betweena Calcutta and a Pluton. Both are great, but the Pluton is a complete FORGED TANK!!!
  327. djd35de

    new stainless hoop nets

    Nice job Tony, I guess all that beer comes in handy. LOL
  328. djd35de

    Need expert opinion

    Oops, Sorry teacher Capasity, capacity
  329. djd35de

    Rod for SX Raptor

    G loomis Pelagic, Strong yet lite !
  330. djd35de

    Round Baitcaster's

    You can get a used Luna in that price range no problem. The 300TEs cost a bit more. I had a couple of TE 300s that i sold. I moved over to the Daiwa Plutons. Freaking small tank of a reel !!
  331. djd35de

    Saltist or Sealine

    Donut has it right. For lite line say 12-20 get the SL 20. 25lb line and up get the Saltist. A couple of things i don't like about the saltist is the weight. And they scratch easy too, but it does'nt effect the performance of the reel. Just...
  332. djd35de

    Round Baitcaster's

    I second the Calcutta 300TE Or go with a Daiwa Luna 203 or 253 should also be fine.
  333. djd35de

    Need expert opinion

    Capacity is the only difference.
  334. djd35de

    Blue anodizing rubbing off of Saltiga spool too easily

    I had a spool on a 30T crack on me. The reel was out of warranty, But Daiwa Replaced it free of charge. I believe the reel repair managers name is Sergio Florez. You could do a search on this forum and it should come up. Call and ask to speak to him, or leave him a voice mail. Iam sure they'll...
  335. djd35de

    Inshore Reels Reviews

    Shimano 200, 300TE Or Luna 103, 203, 253 Curado 200E5, or E7 are nice. Daiwa inshore Coastal 153H are good too. I don't really like the Cardiff, no cranking power. But if your using 12lb should be ok.
  336. djd35de

    I got a new Saltiga 40 today for $148.73

    Wow great deal, Your going to love that reel.
  337. djd35de

    Need suggestions about a new reel...

    Well with no reel seat that cuts down on options. I think I'd go with the Trinidad 12 or 14 , should be perfect. Good Luck David
  338. djd35de

    Need suggestions about a new reel...

    Does it have a reel seat? Or cork tape? A Saltiga 15 Shimano Calcutta 300 or 400TE Shimano TLD 5 Trinidad 12 or 14 Avet SX kind of over kill for Inshore. But nice for Patty fishing . Thats a great 20lb stick, but running line much heavier then that will bottom it out.
  339. djd35de

    Inshore Reel

    I've got a Daiwa inshore in perfect condition. 75.00 and its yours
  340. djd35de

    What brands of Center Consoles are out there?

    Get an older whaler. Outrage 18 Ft or even those funky looking 70s style 21 ft work great. They can last a long time and with a bit of work could be great cheap boat. Some go cheap and just need some cleaning up. Look on Craigs list. You'll have...
  341. djd35de

    Accurate 600N or Shimano Talica 12

    As far as small screws on side plates. Even worse is those tiny allen heads that strip out easy. Also what I've noticed is the Avets and Accurates get saltwater intrusion very easy. And i rinse my reels out very well and also take them apart after most trips. And if i did'nt do this iam sure...
  342. djd35de

    Accurate 600N or Shimano Talica 12

    I've got the 10 but its not been tested yet. I think they're way over kill for inshore fishing. I just saw a segment on Inside Sportfishing on the Royal Polaris. Shimano provided Talicas and a lot of the guys were Killing good size Yellowfin looked to be around 75-100 lb class. And Fat...
  343. djd35de

    Accurate 600N or Shimano Talica 12

    I think it may take a while. But sooner then later i believe the Talica series reels will be a big hit. Time will tell i guess.
  344. djd35de

    What should I get??

    Thats a Bullshit rating! They rated those reels with half a spool of line. I'd stick with the Luna 253 or go with the Luna 300. With a Carbontex drag upgrade you'll get a legit 16-17lbs of drag with a Full spool of line.
  345. djd35de

    Christmas BSB

    Wow, nice job on the release. Too bad the Dam MLPA does'nt take into account this type of trouble a fisherman will go to for a safe release of a endangered fish!!!!! Great work Good Karma on the way!!! David
  346. djd35de

    What should I get??

    If your going going with straight spectra 30 or 40 lb. Luna 253 is sweet. And if you want you could get the power handle to increrase torque for the Yellowtail, Tuna etc....
  347. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series PSR90-25C SU

    Great rod in good condition. Perfect for Yellowtail etc.... Lite yet stout! 150.00 619-420-3727 David
  348. djd35de

    reel for seeker inshore rod rated 10 to 17

    Daiwa Luna 203 or 253 nice reels. Shimano Calcutta 200TE . Best in class that you'll love forever! Or a Curado 200e5. Nice and lite yet stout for such a small reel. Curado 300 maybe a bit over kill for 15.But would work also. I fish straight spectra so...
  349. djd35de

    Saltiga LD

    What a TEASE LOL
  350. djd35de


  351. djd35de

    Saltiga Drag #'s for 30T/40/50 Class Reels

    Stock the specs say 22 lbs for all the Saltigas. So iam guessing a few more pounds. David
  352. djd35de

    Newell 220/Calstar 900xl Combo

    Now thats a close shave. Nice marketing LOL
  353. djd35de


    Calm down Francis. LOL This is kind of fun to read. Better then the fish reports lately. Anyways, I"ve bought and sold a few things on this board. Have met some cool people. BUT- This Jackass does'nt sound like one of those!
  354. djd35de

    Casting with Spectra

    Once you get used to spectra, It casts great, just make sure to wind on tight like said prior. If your casting say Iron or jigs. I find that a lob cast works great for distance. If you try to whip it out there like mono thats when you'll get the birdsnest from hell. just a smooth toss will give...
  355. djd35de

    What are the limits of a standard Calcutta 400?

    I think if your going to run mostly spectra you'de be way better off with a Calcutta TE. They are made for it and much more robustly built. Reels that are made for spectra generally have a forged frame, stronger gears etc... Plus the TE versions...
  356. djd35de

    talica for throw'n iron?

    You can pretty much do what you'de like with that reel. I generally like a taller reel for surface or YO YO Iron but it may work just fine. I don't think he bought a 400 dollor reel for surface Iron only. But iam sure it'll work no problem.
  357. djd35de

    Boat hatred?

    Love my boat and have had some great times with good friends. Repowered it DEC of 2006 and still paying for it! Hate that part.
  358. djd35de

    talica for throw'n iron?

    It will work just fine. Thats all I've been able to do is cast mine, It can cast a 7X a long ways. I was very impressed to say the least. Go for it.
  359. djd35de

    Saltiga 30 Calcutte TE300

    Just wanted to say on behalf of my friend. Thanks Will for a smooth transaction the reel is like new!!! Sweet, He loves it.
  360. djd35de

    Used Once Calstar Grafighter 800XL 8 Foot 10-25LB

    I have a factory wrap 800XLc, but it has real cork not cork tape. And indeed its around 347.00 + tax!!! Very dam expensive but a great rod. Good luck with the sale.
  361. djd35de

    Vote Now-Best 30# Reel

    Saltiga 20 or 30T, or maybe a Talica 10.
  362. djd35de

    Congrats Ianna Gilbert on the ATHT Victory

    Congulations Ianna and Proud PAPA TONY!!! Nice Job Team Lippripper. David
  363. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series PSR90-25C SU

    Thanks Bobby, It is a smoken deal but no pictures so maybe thats why i have'nt sold it. Think I'll just keep it.
  364. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series PSR90-25C SU

    G loomis Pelagic PSR 90-25C SU 7'6" 20-30 Fast action. Great Rod for all around 20-30lb test line. Or 30-50lb braid. Strong yet lite weight with good balance. Great match with a AVET MXJ,MXL size reel etc... 150.00 619-213-2191 david
  365. djd35de

    Daiwa customer service?

    I've delt with Daiwa only once. I give them an A++++++ They replaced the spool on my Saltiga 30T that cracked. It was over a year old but they took care of it ( For FREE) and in a timely manner. Sergio florez is the manager of reel repair i believe. Good luck David
  366. djd35de

    Are they ever going to make a Level Wind?

    UMMM , Daiwa Pluton come to mind.
  367. djd35de


    Yes I'll trade ya 350.00 cash for it. LOL Angelo knows what he's talking about. I dumped a couple of TEs after using my first Pluton.
  368. djd35de

    Luna and Curado Freespool Problems

    At least the luna you can just flip the push bar up to engage fully. The Daiwa does'nt need to have the handle turned to engage in gear. The shimano you do have to turn the handle to engage in gear. The luna is very simple to take apart and...
  369. djd35de

    Which size Talica?

    I just picked up a Talica 10 and i loaded it to the rim with 65 lb spectra. Will use floro leaders from 20-50lb should be fine. If your talking about 50 topshot then maybe the Talica 12 or 16. With 65 -80 lb spectra backing. But if your...
  370. djd35de


    I've got a Brand New!!! Daiwa Pluton in the box!!! BRAND NEW!!! I've got $ 430.00 invested with taxes and the Spectra. Its brand new with the Box etc... Loaded with 30lb TUFF XP Specrta Guides choice. ( Loads of fun Whipping Big Fish with lite gear!!!) Caught a huge Albie at...
  371. djd35de

    Shimano Talica Review

    Well i went to the bay to see how it cast. Talica 10 loaded with 65lb Power pro to the top. 3 ft piece of 40lb mono. Mounted on an 800m with lite weight rollers, I was tossing a 7x lite. I could'nt believe the distance i was getting. The Talica...
  372. djd35de

    Shimano Talica Review

    Well, i picked up a Talica 10 today but may be a while before i get to put it to the test. I loaded mine with 65lb spectra to the top. Going to just use a short leader of Floro to the hook.
  373. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series

    Thanks Tony, Thats a very good offer as i know how much ya value ur BEER. But i need cash not ur favorite Penn 500. LOL
  374. djd35de

    Pro Gear CS 625 vs Daiwa Saltist 40

    Saltiga with upgrade drags or get a Accurate. Accurates put out tons of drag. 25lbs of drag will be tuff to hold onto. Good luck Sounds like a blast.
  375. djd35de

    Tallica *II, Avet SX Raptor, or Daiwa Saltist LD30

    I think its a bit early to tell the better reel. Everybody has a favorite but iam going to get a Talica 10 sometime soon i hope. I'll report back when i do. The one thing i do like about the Shimano is the cranking power. I feel the Avets...
  376. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series

    Bruce, give me a call
  377. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series

    G Loomis Pelagic Series 7'6" PSR90-25C SU Fast action/ 20-30 lb line. ( Just had a guide replaced, had a hairline crack Good to go now) Sweet rod 150.00 619-213-2191 David
  378. djd35de

    Tallica *II, Avet SX Raptor, or Daiwa Saltist LD30

    Have'nt used one but have heard the new Talicas have great cranking power even in high gear. Plenty of drag too.
  379. djd35de

    YFT caught today 10-30-09 and SST's ok after the blow

    I think its a good thing when a skipper(Capt) is willing to share information. Thanks Tailwalker your a first class guy. David (Tally Ho)
  380. djd35de

    60 mile to the Mushroom

    Jerry i think I've talked to ya at MCRD a while back. That BF 135 is the same as the 150 other then the V-TEC. Great engines. David
  381. djd35de

    60 mile to the Mushroom

    Richard, I believe 42 Gallons, got approx 4.89 mpg fully loaded.
  382. djd35de

    60 mile to the Mushroom

    65 gallons i believe. I was wondering myself as when we started in from 82 miles with 1/2 a tank. It was smooth sailing coming back iam sure that helped. But i can't say enough about that Honda engine matched with a 4 blade Offshore Power...
  383. djd35de

    60 mile to the Mushroom

    Lanched the skiff ( TALLY HO) from MCRD around 4:45. Got a full scoop of deans and cleared the point around 5:15. Encounterd some fog plus it was still dark so slow going to start. Fog cleared up and the water was nice and flat so 22-25 mph was sweet...
  384. djd35de

    70 degree water 55km from PL!

    We are leaving at around 4:30 tomarrow to fish the 60 Mile bank maybe the Mushroom. David (Tally HO)
  385. djd35de

    Offshore Prediction report: Weather/Swell Tailwalker

    We'll be out at the 60 mile bank also. Channel 72 ( Tally HO) Yes iam a bit crazy!! Hope you guys Killem David
  386. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T

    Ok guys this is it guys. Sent the reel last week, Got a call from the Service Manager of the reel repair dept ( Sergio Florez). He said it would be handled free of charge. Great, Its nice to get that personal call from a someone in charge without...
  387. djd35de

    What reel for a Super Seeker, 5-6", 20-60lb, Live Bait

    Maybe a Talica 12 could be the ticket.
  388. djd35de

    Shimano Talica II - Feedback please!

    Well, If its second hand info don't post it as known truth. Thats the way u can help it. Bolts need to spank that DONKEY ASS !!!! OR thay may be done. We'll see!
  389. djd35de


    WOW They're Beautiful to say the least!!!
  390. djd35de

    Back when there were fish

    This is exactly the kind of BULLSHIT We DON"T NEED. FUCKEN MLPA
  391. djd35de

    Shimano Talica II - Feedback please!

    Well i guess we should expect some type of BULLSHIT from a DONKEY FAN!!! Hope the BOLT KICK THAT ASS!!!
  392. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T

    Thanks for the responses guys. Iam going to send it up to Daiwa and hope for the best. Appears that maybe they got a bad batch of spools as the cracks in mine look the same as the other I've seen. Clicker side. I just hope the heck...
  393. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T

    I've got a Daiwa 30T that I've had for over a year. I've used it very little as it just over powers local fish. Caught a few 30lb Albies, 15lb yellows and some smaller Bonies. Was reeling in a maybe 3lb Yellowtail saturday. Hear a noise, look...
  394. djd35de

    Shimano Talica II - Feedback please!

    Jason are you talking about the Trinidad anti reverse problem? Or a Talica ? I know the talicas have a double dog plus a anti reverse bearing.
  395. djd35de

    Shimano / Daiwa handle question

    Calcutta 700 Handle also fits. Its a straight handle and will wobble a bit. I myself like the Trinidad 14 Handle. Good luck.
  396. djd35de

    Daiwa Luna 203 Brand New

    I've got a brand new Daiwa Luna loaded with 15lb P Line. Not a scratch, MINT Never used. 175.00 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  397. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE MINT!!!

    SOLD TO ALEX!!! I've got a Shimano 300TE thats MINT, Like new condition ,Loaded with 40lb Extra Tuff Guides Choice Spectra. Also has a EXTRA Shimano Power Handle that cost me 50.00 bucks. Perfect for Inshore or paddy fishing ETC... 310.00 David
  398. djd35de

    Honda Mechanic

    Next time if ya get a map sensor code, always check the vacuum line first for splits , cracks or make sure its not plugged.
  399. djd35de

    Shimano Talica Review

    Great write up, Iam still saving for the Tallica 10. Though iam torn on what rod to match it with. I just picked up a G Loomis Pelagic 7'6" 20-30lb line. Also have a Calstar 800M LWR guides 20-40lb Calstar 700m LWR guides 20-40 lb Marcus...
  400. djd35de

    worst fishing experience of my life (rant)

    Well, Lesson learned and you got off cheap. Lucky nothing happened accident wise etc... He is a DICK, And will probley always be. At least you'll never fish with him again. and also you'll trust your judgement next time. Good Karma is on its...
  401. djd35de

    Coronado Islands MUST READ

    People really need to respect the few rules they impose on us in Mexico. We're losing enough fishing as it is(MLPA). They could start a new rule like, ( Can't fish in Mexico without a Mexican Skipper). That would cost big bucks and pretty much keep...
  402. djd35de


    The Rapala was really a small bass plug, shallow diver. I would just get the CD-11 thats pretty small and made for salt water. As far as the Sporties go, Well their bigger right. Plus they've got to produce for their Customers in a certin time...
  403. djd35de


    Every time i try to post pictures i get errors. So i give up at this time.
  404. djd35de


    OK, ( Ryan We'de like some Bait next time . ) And if you can Extend that to us I'll be the first to call you in on a Paddy. If i pulled up that close to any sport boat iam sure i would" nt get a warm welcome. Thats why i like to find my own...
  405. djd35de

    Spectra VRs Drag?

    I believe another mistake i made was stopping the fish too soon. Then it became a stalemate for a while. It never even took me half spool, So I've got plenty of line. Next time I'll try 6 lb of drag and let m run then give it more drag and haul...
  406. djd35de


    Got started around 5 am Launched from MCRD and headed to the bait tank. Surprised there was no line for once. Everyone else had come and gone. So we clear the point about 630 , with no real plan as we were up until midnite installing the new...
  407. djd35de

    Spectra VRs Drag?

    Thanks guys for the responses. The size hook makes sense. I'll use a bigger hook next time with thicker wire. And a longer leader say 6-7 ft. As far as the reel goes. It puts out plenty of drag, hence the hook pull. And i've stroked plenty of 25-35 lb Yellowfin on the 300 and 400 TE, a nice...
  408. djd35de

    Spectra VRs Drag?

    Last year was fishing the 43 and fought a Bluefin approx 65-75 lb class approx 1/2 hour. Pulled the hook 10 feet from the gaff. I was fishing a Shimano 400TE 25lb short mono topshot with upgraded Carbontex drag. J hook with no ring. Lesson...
  409. djd35de

    Super Seeker 270H -8FT 15-40

    Super Seeker Factory wrap, Has Titanium Boat guides with Turks . ( Ooops its a 20-30 lb line) Turks head and X-GRIP handle. LIKE NEW MINT!!! 225.00 619-420-3727 619-213-2191
  410. djd35de

    Shimano Calcutta 200 TE + G Loomis rod

    I've got a Calcutta 200TE matched with a G Loomis MBR 843c GL3 7FT 10-17 line 1/4-3/4 lure MINT LIKE NEW !!! The Reel was just serviced at Shimano. Loaded with 15 lb P Line 325.00 for the combo 619-420-3727 619-213-2191
  411. djd35de

    Gentleman's Fishing-DP 8/25

    You know one time in band camp. This post is pretty funny. Too bad the guy was such a DICK. Lesson learned.
  412. djd35de

    BG90 scores limits 8/24

    Is ONE HIT QUIT SHIT REALLY Violence? Iam sure sometimes people deserve it. But that being said, its just not the play ground at school anymore. You knock the shit out of someone who really deserves it and either ya get arrested, or maybe they come back...
  413. djd35de

    Avet sx reel

    I have 300 yards of 50 lb spectra and run 20-25lb topshot. If your thinking about 30 lb topshot I'd go either MXJ,MXL or JX in the Avet line.
  414. djd35de

    Daiwa Luna, GUSA 85XF Both Excellent

    I've got a Daiwa Luna 300 Upgraded drags with Greased carbontex washers when new. Has 50 lb spectra and 25 lb topshot. Ready to fish- 175.00 SOLD GUSA 85XF Custom Very Sweet Rod for bait or Lite Iron etc...- 165.00 SOLD!!! SOLD David
  415. djd35de

    43 gots um 8=15

    WTF How about English!!!
  416. djd35de

    which braid is most baitcaster friendly???

    I've tried a few different brands, Power pro, Tuff line, Jerry Brown,Spiderwire stealth and Ultracast. I likem all, but the best casting i believe is the spiderwire ultracast. Cast real good even when new. The others are good also but seems like they need...
  417. djd35de

    GUSA 85XF Custom, Daiwa lUNA 300

    i'VE GOT a Custom GUSA 85 XF 12-25 . Has hypalon and a reel seat. Great stick in Mint conditon.- 165.00 Daiwa Luna 300 Xint Condition, Greased Carbontex drags upgrade even though it was new. Has 50 lb spectra with topshot- 175.00 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  418. djd35de

    Torium 20, Saltist 30, Saltist 40

    With spectra backing should'nt be an issue.
  419. djd35de

    G Loomis pbr 843c Bass Killer Mint 125.00

    Oops MBR 843C Nice rod and very lite and sensitive. 125.00 and its yours. 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  420. djd35de

    MY 25 yr old GF for your AVET 2 speed

    You guys are too Funny. Dam i just sold my Avet 2 sp. Next time i guess LOL
  421. djd35de


    I've got a AVET MXJ 2SP Blue in color. SOLD SOLD Loaded with 50 lb spectra and a 25 lb topshot -260.00 SOLD SOLD Still got the rod though. Super Seeker 980 15-40 Factory wrap. Mint- Deck hand X-GRIP with Turk head - 225.00 SOLD SOLD 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  422. djd35de

    Stan, yes you can!!!! curado 300 offshore review

    Hell, I use mine with 50lb spectra and either 3 ft piece of Floro in the kelp or 30 ft piece of 20-25 lb Mono. They put out like 15 lb of drag. Thats plenty. Sometime i use my Curado 200e5 for log cudas. Not even a challange really. But loads of fun.
  423. djd35de


    Bump Added a Saltist 20 LEVELWIND in the box. As NEW WITH 400YDS of 50 lb spectra and a short topshot of 25 lb. Also have Carbontex Drag washers in the box still. 135.00
  424. djd35de

    While everyone else was targeting the cudas and sandbass.....

    Daniel, Is'nt that a girls name. If ya don't know the rules maybe you should shut your COCK HOLSTLER. What a FUCKEN DUMBASS!!!! Nice Catching guys.
  425. djd35de


    Snooze ya lose Kyle. Iam suprised the Super Seeker is still here.
  426. djd35de

    Trinidad 14 vs. Avet SX

    I had a Trinidad 14, Never used it. Seemed weak for such a expensive reel. Sold it and got a Saltiga 20. Never looked back!!!
  427. djd35de


    It is extra fast. It may be sold but i hate to hold as people flake. First with the cash.
  428. djd35de


    Super Seeker Factory Deck hand style X Tube with a Turks head. 8 FT 980 15-40 MINT,MINT,MINT!!!- 225.00 Seeker Inshore 858 12-25 with Aftco Lite Weight Rollers-MINT , MINT- 130.00 SOLD TO SDFisherman Thanks TONY. Shimano Teremar 8 FT H 15-30 lb line Cork with trigger- 75.00 SOLD!! Daiwa...
  429. djd35de

    Calstar GF700l with a trinidad 14 combo

    Hey Alex, You still have this to trade? I've got a Saltist 20 loaded with 420 yds 50lb spectra 20 ft leader for rockfish etc... Used once , no stratches etc... David 619-213-2191
  430. djd35de

    Shimano Talica

    Tehspork Look forward to your report. Hopefully you get to slay some Bigger model fish. Good luck David
  431. djd35de

    Full Report for SQ Trip with K&M 7.25 and 7.26

    DAM GREAT REPORT. I've never been down there but hope to sometime in the near future.
  432. djd35de

    Satiga 20 Clamp?

    Daiwa came out with a clamp at Icast 09. Accessory clamp # ARSC1 but i don't think its in stores yet. David
  433. djd35de

    REEL vs REEL

    The Saltiga 30T picks up 35 or 36" per crank. Thats with a 4.9- 1 ratio. Has a nice tall spool with loads of power. Check for complete specs.
  434. djd35de

    Luna 300 vs Revo Toro 60

    Never tried the Revo Toro but. I've got a few Lunas and they are built like a tank. Reel smooth with great drags. Good luck David
  435. djd35de

    Like New GFGR 800XLC with Avet SX MINT

    Oops, it was like 345.00 + TAX. Its not Cork tape, Real Cork guys.
  436. djd35de

    Shimano Teremar 8ft Heavy 15-30 Trades?

    Teremar 8ft H 15-30 cork with Trigger handle. 75.00 or Trade for MH with x grip or ? 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  437. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltist 20H question?

    If you've got spectra it may be slipping on the spool. Remove all the line and put some tape down then tie the spectra on and put it on real tight. If thats not it the reel will need to be serviced. But i'd check that first. David
  438. djd35de

    Broke 3 Abu's this year please suggest next spotty reel

    Daiwa Coastal, Curado 200e5 or 200e7. Could buy used or Ebay like sugested. David
  439. djd35de


    Daiwa Luna 300 Xint condition with GREASED CARBONTEX DRAG. Reel is a beast and puts out 17-18 LB of drag and Solid as a rock!!! Has spectra backing with a topshot- 185.00 PICTURES MY CELL TO YOURS 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  440. djd35de


    Gold Avet MXL 2ps with spectra and topshot MINT -285.00 SOLD G LOOMIS BUCARA BR/933C 7'9" MED-HEAVY 10-20 lb line KEPT MINT - 175.00 DAIWA LUNA 300 GREASED CARBONTEX Drags- 185.00 SOLD Allstar Calico special made in USA- 75.00 SOLD Shimano Teremar 8 ft H 15-30 line great -75.00...
  441. djd35de

    G Loomis pbr 843c Bass Killer Mint 150.00

    ( PICTURES MY CELL TO YOURS) 7ft MBRc 843c 10-17lb line 1/4-3/4 lure in Mint Condition. Perfect for Calicos, Sandbass or FWB. Very sensitive but with good power for a stick that weighs mere OZs. 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  442. djd35de

    Finished with a Bang!

    Started out the day having to go get my Mexican fishing License as it had expired. Glad i checked , anyways ( U never know). Got 1/2 scoop of deans and cleared the point about 6:45 AM. Conditions were smooth at first but then then wind kicked up...
  443. djd35de

    Posible trailer tampering in SI parking lot

    Fucken Roches should be taken on a one way fishing trip. They just never get caught. Assholes messing with peoples trailers, or trucks can really fuck up your day. Hope all turned out ok. David
  444. djd35de

    Saturday 7/18 Offshore 425-371-upper hidden

    Helps me thanks, Going to hit it up tomarrow.
  445. djd35de

    Advice for a narrow reel for Irons!!!

    Saltiga 30T, Toruim 16 or 20 .
  446. djd35de

    mission beach madness

    Probley Blue or Black Marlin, Or maybe MUD MARLIN!!!! Nice Post
  447. djd35de

    Daiwa Luna 300, CVZ 300 MINT,Teremar 8FT

    Daiwa Luna 300 with greased Carbontex drags and Power Handle-$185.00 Daiwa CVZ Millionare 300 same as Luna with Greased carbontex drags and Power handle Mint without a scratch- # 175.00 Both reels have 50lb spectra with 25lb topshot. These reels Have Forged 1 piece frame and forged side...
  448. djd35de

    Shimano Talica

    Question guys? I've heard a lot about Pro Gears. Lots of guys like m and recommend them but. If the company or product was so good. Why did they go BELLY UP? Not a flame just a question ok. Thanks David
  449. djd35de

    Shimano cumara, G Loomis Rod

    I've got a once used Shimano Cumara 7'2" CUC-X72MH 12-20lb line lure weight 1/4- 1 OZ MINT AS NEW - 195.00 G Loomis GL3- MBR 843c 10-17lb line lure weight 1/4-3/4 Also MINT cost 245.00 - 145.00 Daiwa Luna 300 with Greased Carbontex drags and Power handle - 185.00 619-213-2191...
  450. djd35de

    Fishing with Captain Dave

    Nice report!!! Pig Calicos
  451. djd35de

    Like New GFGR 800XLC with Avet SX MINT

    I've got a Calstar GFGR 800XL-C, Factory with 11 Fugi guides and ( real Cork) not Cork type. Rod alone goes for 380.00 including tax. Its got a like new Blue Avet SX. Perfectly MINT!!! Both for 485.00 ( Pictures my phone to yours) 619-213-2191 619-420-3727 [email protected]
  452. djd35de

    Trinidad-Still one of the best

    Saltiga, Saltiga, Saltiga!!!!!!! A Smooth , Forged tank!
  453. djd35de

    Avet sx

    I run 50lb spectra with 20 or 25lb topshot with my SX, on a Calstar 800xl. Sweet set up. I would'nt run 30lb topshot on the SX. If your looking for 30lb go MXJ or MXL if your getting a AVET. David
  454. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE vs Daiwa Pluton?

    Thanks Will, I'll just sit back until Icast and see what happens. One more question, did you get the High speed or 5. 1 ratio? Thanks
  455. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE vs Daiwa Pluton?

    Now thats what i thought, But i needed to hear it form someone with first hand knowledge. I guess i'll wait to see if a bigger size comes out. Be nice to have a 400TE size Pluton. They said its like a Saltiga with a levelwind, thats a great compliment!!! Love my saltigas. Thanks DEA, And...
  456. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE vs Daiwa Pluton?

    Kris, Please fill us in once you've tried it out. Thanks David
  457. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE vs Daiwa Pluton?

    Maybe, but sometimes I've got to take a wizzz and its nice to have a clicker and put the rod in the holder. Just a thought.
  458. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE vs Daiwa Pluton?

    Well on Tackletour they both get great marks but the 300te grades out higher. I know the Pluton is still pretty new so not alot of people have tried or even seen one yet. But i love the 300 and 400TE plus they both have a clicker. Pluton has no...
  459. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE vs Daiwa Pluton?

    Whats your opinion, which one is better. Have you tried a pluton? Etc.... Thanks David
  460. djd35de

    Daiwa with Luna 300 + 8ft Teremar 80H

    I've got a Daiwa Luna 300 with a 8ft Teremar trigger handle 15-30 8.0 H Reel has greased Carbontex drags, though they were brand new still. Spectra backing with 25lb topshot. Pretty much like new. 250.00 cash FIRM for both 619-420-3727...
  461. djd35de

    mxj or calcutta

    Coryellk Said it perfectly X3 Calcutta 12-20lb MXJ-25-30
  462. djd35de

    Bass set ups,Shimano TLD-5

    Abu Garcia 5500-C3 great condition with Daiwa Procaster rod-$55.00 OBO Abu Garcia 6000 on a Daiwa Procaster rod - 60.00 ( like new)OBO Abu Garcia 6500c Syncro Rare and in great condition (like new)65.00 OBO Shimano TLD - 5 with a Shimano TLD 7ft 12-25 bait stick. Reel and rod are in great...
  463. djd35de

    Shimano Curado

    Looks like you'll have a blast with that thing. Sweet
  464. djd35de

    Whats your take on Avet MXL 6.4

    If i had to pick between the MXL and MXJ. I think Id go with the MXJ. With spectra backing you've got plenty of capacity. I've got both in the 2sp.
  465. djd35de

    Shimano Curado 200E7 Mint

    As new as can be, have box etc... My wife likes her current set up better, go figure. Has 30lb Specrta Spiderwire Ultracast Invisabraid. Sweet reel and not a scratch or even a smuge. MINT No bottom feeders please. 619-213-2191 David 140.00
  466. djd35de

    Whats your take on Avet MXL 6.4

    I've got the MXL 2sp on a Kencor Zebra 20-50 7 ft. Its a killer, i even troll with it down the middle with a small rapala. Has slayed Big Albies 30lb + and Yellowfin no problem. I like to grease the drag with a bit of Cals grease and then just wipe it off. Smooth as butter. David
  467. djd35de

    I need advice

    I like the Inshore
  468. djd35de

    Shimano Curado 200e7 + Cumara rod

    I've got a Curado 200e7 matched with a Cumara CUC-X72MH 7'2" 12-20. Its a perfect match for Bass. As new and MINT. Reel has 30lb spectra spiderwire Invisabraid Ultracast. No trades guys. I've got way too many hence the sale of this fine Combo. $ 325.00 [email protected] or...
  469. djd35de

    Super Seeker, Saltist 30th Sweet set up

    Super Seeker 980 Factory wrap with turkshead and X-grip style handle. MINT!!! Matched with a Daiwa saltist 30th with fresh Pline. Couple small scuffs but hardly used. Perfect Jigs or bait. 325.00. Abu Garcia Record 60 with Daiwa Bass rod- 85.00...
  470. djd35de

    Calcutta Power handle 300TE 400TE

    I've got a power handle that fits the 300 and 400 TE. May fit others possibly Calcutta 700 etc... 35.00 Abu Garcia Record 60 with a Daiwa bass rod. Sweeet set up 85.00 David
  471. djd35de

    Saltist 20 LEVEL WIND? Why not?....

    I caught up to 35lb Yellowfin last year on my 300 and 400TE, No problem.
  472. djd35de

    Calcutta 80M vs. Calcutta 80MH

    With that line class, You'll also lose most of your fish to the DOGS!!! Like Alen said, in open water maybe you'll have a chance with a small yellow. But how offten are they in wide open space? MH for the 300TE is perfect. David
  473. djd35de

    Rpt 5-23-09 Huge SCI tails on the Fury!

    I've never fished San Clemente Island. Never met Cory, Yet I feel like i know him, Just from his reports. Cory, Your a first class guy and your writing really tells the whole story perfectly. Sorry you did'nt get any this time. But iam sure...
  474. djd35de

    Salt-X lost it's blue color???

    I like Salt away much better than salt X.
  475. djd35de

    Trinidad 12 and TE400 Question

    I have run 13.5 lbs of drag on my 400TE. Turned the heads on those Yellows before they got back to the patties. Still smooth at that setting and was all stock. Iam sure with Carbontex you might get a bit more, maybe smoother. Beast of a reel ...
  476. djd35de

    need 1 for tomorrow

    I'd go if i did'nt have to work. Good luck Tony. I'd jump on this quick guys!
  477. djd35de

    5/14 50+ LB Cat. Seabass FINALLY!!!

    Thats a SLUG, Real cool of you to share the info with others. Great report David
  478. djd35de

    What bass set up should I buy?

    Curado 200e5 with a G loomis Greenwater Daiwa Coastal 153H is nice too. Luna 253 or 203 are also sweet. For heavier stuff i use a Calcutta 300 or 400TE matched with a Shimano Calcutta rod 12-25 MH. Better to spend the money up front and you'll...
  479. djd35de

    TN16N vs SA15

    Thats what i mean about really made for spectra. If you run straight mono your not going to get much line on a Saltiga 15. Or even the SA20 for that matter. But fight a fish with one and they are like a tank. Great drag, smooth as silk yet real...
  480. djd35de

    Should I get a Shimano Curado E5 or E7?

    I've got both, And the E7 makes a 1lb fish feel like a 5lb fish. The E5 makes a 5lb fish feel like a 1lb fish. I like the E5 better. Both sweet reels though.
  481. djd35de

    TN16N vs SA15

    Bigger but not stronger. Under heavy drag you may encounter problems with the Trinidad. Have'nt heard of any with Saltigas yet.
  482. djd35de

    TN16N vs SA15

    If you need a clicker get the Trinidad. The Saltiga is really made for spectra, So if you plan on using spectra with a short topshot go Saltiga hands down. I've got the 30t and SA20 sweet reels. Built like a tank but very refined. You'll love it!
  483. djd35de

    Juvenile Giant Black Sea Bass???

    Black Seabass only smaller. Pretty fish and a good call on the release.
  484. djd35de

    Super Seeker 980- 8ft 15-40 Mint

    Mint Condition, just a couple of boat rides. Factory wrap with Xtube and a turks head. 619-213-2191 David 220.00
  485. djd35de

    Help with set up

    I second the Saltiga 20, That reel is a tank but easy to handle. i loaded mine with 80lb spectra and 3ft piece of Floro carbon That Accurate 197 you have also is a stout reel. Either would be sweet. I agree with Bakerstreet 30 is kind of big.
  486. djd35de

    Bait Outfit Upgrades

    For 15lb - Calcutta 300TE Sweet reel. Plastics and bait small jigs etc... Or a Luna 253 is nice too. 20lb Calcutta 400TE, Luna 300, Saltiga 15. For 30lb Saltiga 15 or 20 with spectra backing will be fine...
  487. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 Rod Choice

    I'll probley check out the Phenix rods at day at the docks Sunday. And the other suggestions Calstar Lite etc.... I just loaded this reel with 50lb Ultracast Spiderwire. I was able to put 300 yds easy plus a topshot. I think 65lb would've filled...
  488. djd35de

    300yd spectra with 100yd mono topshot... cut?

    Spectra takes a bit of time to get used to. i love to use it for rockfishing you can feel a fish breath on your bait. Iam going to use it also for tossing Iron with a 3ft shock leader. See how that goes. Another nice thing about spectra is no...
  489. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 Rod Choice

    I've got a Super Seeker 980 but it does'nt have a reel seat. Iam trying to sell it as of now. Or maybe someone will trade me a for a different stick. I also have a GUSA 85 MAG Green Blank. Would'nt look cool but may work good. I also have...
  490. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 Rod Choice

    Iam getting a Saltiga 20 , what rod would would you guys choose? I'd like an 8ft stick or there abouts but iam open to suggestions. Iam thinking 65lb spectra with 3ft leader or very short topshot. Plan on throwing lite Iron and bait...
  491. djd35de

    Ideas for best reel Albies -YT etc..

    If your going to get a saltiga for Iron get the 30T. Its 4.9-1 ratio but cranks in like 35 inches per crank plus its tall and narrow so stacking line is easy and POWER to spare. You'll love it. Lots of ways to skin a cat.
  492. djd35de

    Fishing the surface iron...

    Wow, thats a great read Eric! Funny, a couple of years ago i was casting a 7X with my Calcutta 400TE with straight braid. Hooked up to a nice size Yellowtail that was sitting on a kelp off of Blacks beach. He took a nice deep run but heck...
  493. djd35de

    Slugs in the kelp

    The braid does'nt fly back at you like a rocket when yanking it out of the kelp. It does'nt stretch therefore won't load up and fly back at you.. On the other hand, mono can be tuned like a guitar string when stuck in the kelp. Make sure...
  494. djd35de

    Shimano teramar

    I would'nt go that route if i were you. I'd go with a seeker or calstar rod. 7-8ft depending what you plan on using it for. You'll have better leverage with a shorter rod and a softer tip but good botton end. Those Teremars are too stiff and...
  495. djd35de

    Saltiga 30 vs Accurate B-870N

    I think for local fishing the 30T will handle pretty much anything around here easy. Plus it will cast Iron or bait just fine. Iam sure that the stock drags put out around 22lbs . Thats plenty plus you could upgrade with Carbontex later. David
  496. djd35de

    Here Fishy Fishy

    Thanks Cory, I always enjoy reading your reports and story telling. Makes us feel like we're there having breakfest and fishing with you. David
  497. djd35de

    Here Fishy Fishy

    Launched with a Buddy from MRCD around 6:30 am saturday. Weather was nice with just a small windchop on the way out that laid down for a few hours why we fished. Wind came up around 12:00 but by then we were on our way in. Plan was to fish the bottom critters at the islands, but never made the...
  498. djd35de

    just for fun

    Only guys that can't Cut the Musturd have to like the JAR LOL!!!
  499. djd35de

    Help me out! Swimbait set up

    Calcutta TE 300 is sweet. Also the Daiwa 203, or 253 Lunas are nice and not too much money. I like the Crucial rods better than the Teremars only because thier lighter and way more sensitive. You could go used maybe get a Loomis rod, or...
  500. djd35de

    What is the best mono?

    I use Big Game and Ande for the most part. I also don't really like P-line as it seems to dry out real quick. Plus if you get any type of backlash and kink the line. Its pretty much ruined.
  501. djd35de

    Trindad 14

    I decided to mount mine on a Gusa 8.5 XF. Its just a tad bit lighter than the 85 Mag that i had it on. Now if this dam weather would clear up i can put it to use!!
  502. djd35de

    Trindad 14

    Guys, What stick does your reel sit on?
  503. djd35de

    Trindad 14

    The reason i ask is from the Horror stories of blown clutch dog, anti reverse bearing etc... I just figured if i did'nt push too much it would be alright. Have any of you guys changed out the drags to Carbontex? Thanks David
  504. djd35de

    Trindad 14

    I just bought a Trinidad 14. I really wanted a Saltiga but they don't have a clicker. Anyways i loaded it with 300 yds of 50lb specrta and a short topshot of 20lb test. I mounted it on a GUSA 85 Mag Green Blank. Am i asking too much from...
  505. djd35de

    Saltist owners

    I've got mine filled the the top with 50lb. It holds about 420 yds of power pro.
  506. djd35de

    Which would U pick?

    SX with 20-25 topshot and 50lb spectra backing. Saltist 20 with same line as SX Saltiga 15 or 20 could cover 20-50lb topshot. Mxl is perfest for 25-30lb topshot Mxj the same just a bit less line. Accurate 197 is plenty strong enough 50lb spectra short topshot...
  507. djd35de

    so, what am I waiting for?

    Get it because Life is short . Everyday gone by is a day you could be making memories for life. Enjoy here why your here. We're not here for a long time but we're here for a good time!
  508. djd35de

    Rod for my new Avet MXL

    I've got a MXL 2sp with 50lb spectra with a 30lb topshot. Its mounted on a Kencore Zebra rod. 7ft 20-50, I just used it today for rockfish and during the summer i even used it for trolling the Yellowfin and Albies. Hauls emm inn easy. Great set up but a bit costly. You could get a Seeker...
  509. djd35de

    G Loomis Bucara 933c 12-20lb line

    Great, thats another good feature to float. Hopefully i won't test that out anytime soon. What reel do you guys use put on it? Thanks in advance.
  510. djd35de

    G Loomis Bucara 933c 12-20lb line

    Cool , thanks Kevin Please keepmmm coming
  511. djd35de

    G Loomis Bucara 933c 12-20lb line

    Can anybody give me any feed back on this rod? Have you used it? I just picked it up the other day and feels underrated. Feels lite but strong as hell. Thanks David
  512. djd35de

    Best reel for a GUSA 85 MAG? 15-30lb

    Yes Big girl it has a reel seat. The rod says 85 MAG only. Thanks keepm coming
  513. djd35de

    Best reel for a GUSA 85 MAG? 15-30lb

    Guys, What size line? Spectra? Mono? Thanks David
  514. djd35de

    Best reel for a GUSA 85 MAG? 15-30lb

    Just picked this stick up and iam wondering what would make the best match for this rod. Also what lb test would you run? Not the cheapest, but the best or your favorite. Thanks Advance David
  515. djd35de

    Calcutta TE 400

    Thats a great reel, i was going to sell one of mine but after using it yesterday. I just can't sell it. But i would trade for a 300TE if anybodys willing? Sorry for the highJack David
  516. djd35de

    12/27 Lots of bass and a workout

    A good workout i bet. Good job on the Bass Jim.
  517. djd35de

    Best stick for Curado 300e

    Chris, I looked it up and the 79MAG is a 15-30 lb stick. The 79XF is rated at 12-25 so just a bit softer.
  518. djd35de

    Best stick for Curado 300e

    Cool, Now i remember what down wrapped means. I saw some of those at day at the docks. Kind of too funky for me. Well thanks for the info Wreaken ball,Chris, and captian G. Now i just got fix my dam boat so i can get out there. David
  519. djd35de

    Best stick for Curado 300e

    Cool, Thanks for the Ideas and i guess iam going to try what I've got for now. ( GUSA 79XF ) but iam not in the know, What does DOWN wrapped mean? Thanks David
  520. djd35de

    Best stick for Curado 300e

    Cool, I've got a few Calcutta rods. But they've got 300 and 400tes on them at this time. Anybody have a GUSA 79XF? How would this match up? I got one a couple of weeks ago but have'nt tried it as of yet. Please keep the Ideas coming...
  521. djd35de

    Best stick for Curado 300e

    Iam thinking Kelp and Boilers at the Coronado Islands I guess i meant a factory type of rod. That way if it breaks i can get the same rod quick.
  522. djd35de

    Small reel opinion (acc,trini,newell,saltiga)

    I take it back. I just checked out the Daiwa website and all Saltigas put out 22lbs of drag. From the 15-50 all 22lbs. Thats a hell of alot. You could button down the drag and snap 15 or 20lb test. You could run 65lb spectra if you wanted. I think 50lb would be good though. If your going to use...
  523. djd35de

    Best stick for Curado 300e

    Iam looking to the Bass fishing Gods to come through with their favorite rod for this Reel. Iam not wanting cheap stuff. If money was no object, What would you get or have now that has you sporting wood everytime you use it. Thats what iam...
  524. djd35de

    Small reel opinion (acc,trini,newell,saltiga)

    That Saltiga can handle anything around here easy. Use spectra with a short topshot it'll handle 30lb no problem. I've got the 30t and got a 20lb yellow that i thought was a Bonie. It was'nt even fair. Its going to take a much bigger fish to put it to the test. I've got a friend that...
  525. djd35de

    Curado 300e

    What size spectra do you guys and gals use for this reel? I was thinking straight braid with a piece of Floro for fishing in the kelp. Yank the Calicos out from the thick stuff. Also, what brand of spectra? Thanks In Advance David
  526. djd35de

    Which Calstar with an Accurate 197

    800xl is perfect
  527. djd35de

    What Do You Think For A 20lb Reel?

    Well these were the reels he had on his short list.
  528. djd35de

    Matching reel for my new rod

    Saltist 20 Saltiga 15 or 20 Avet MXJ single or 2sp or MXL Toruim 16
  529. djd35de

    Lightest jig stick??

    Sometimes i use a Shimano Calcutta rod with a 400TE and 25lb test. Use 20lb test and you lose your jig in the kelp, But 25lb most of the time gets it back. Its real lite and you can chuck a lite iron plenty far, all day long no problem. Granted, it does'nt pull in as much line as a reel with a...
  530. djd35de

    What Do You Think For A 20lb Reel?

    I think out of the reels you mentioned. The mxj is more of a 25-30lb reel. The SX is fine for 20lb. But i think you'll be able to cast a bit further with the Toruim 14 and the Saltist 20. I also think the saltist is better made then the Torium.
  531. djd35de

    What Would You Buy?

    There's been a few 5.3 SXs for sale around 150.00 in like new condition. On Ebay there was a guy selling Shimano Calcutta rod 8ft h 15-30 for 150.00 shipped to your door. Thats about 100.00 less then retail. Teremars are ok but the Calcuttas are way better. A used Calstar 800xl...
  532. djd35de

    20lb reel

    300 or 400 TE
  533. djd35de

    Calcutta CL715xf Rod

    Cool, Thanks for the reply. I just got it today from Evil bay. Looks to be in good condition. Its rated for 12-15 pretty narrow range. Iam going to put my old Bantam 100 that I've had since 6th grade. I guess i'll start with 12lb and go from there. David
  534. djd35de

    Calcutta CL715xf Rod

    Any opinions on this rod? Do any of you guys own it? Any good, etc... thanks David
  535. djd35de

    Rod REC for a Accurate 197 4.6 to 1 ratio

    Wow great guys. For now I've got it on a 800xl with 20lb. I also have the 270h Super Seeker. I'd like to get the 800xlh maybe down the road. Thanks for all the input. Tight lines all David
  536. djd35de

    Curado 200E7

    Larry, It is the new Curado 200E7. Nice reel, smooth and casts like a dream. Matched with the Crucial that i mentioned is a sweet lite set up. Iam using 30lb spectra filled to the top. Maybe I'll use a piece of Florocarbon at times. Very balanced and ultra sensitive. IM9 Graphite is sweet...
  537. djd35de

    Curado 200E7

    Thanks for the responses Went with a Crucial CRC-7'6" MH 10-20 Mono or 20-50 Braid Power : MH action : Extra fast. Feels nice and lite yet strong enough,Nice bend under load, wippy but not sloppy. Sweet can't wait to use it. Even the color is a perfect match!
  538. djd35de

    Curado 200E7

    What stick do you guys recommend for a Curado200E7? Fishing Calicos . Maybe 30lb spectra 3ft of Floro. Thanks
  539. djd35de

    Curado 200E7

    Was wondering what stick you guys recommend and what # test. For fishing Calicos. I was thinking 30lb specrta, Short piece of Florocarbon 3ft. I'd like to get a good stick not a cheap shit one. Thanks in advance David
  540. djd35de

    Rod REC for a Accurate 197 4.6 to 1 ratio

    I kind of like 8ft sticks better. 7ft seems kind of short now a days.
  541. djd35de

    Rod REC for a Accurate 197 4.6 to 1 ratio

    I've got a Calstar 800XL Cork grip with a trigger. Also a Super Seeker 270-h- 8ft. I'd like to try the XLH 8ft. SDTONE : is yours Cork tape or does it have a reel seat?
  542. djd35de

    Rod REC for a Accurate 197 4.6 to 1 ratio

    Its got 50 spectra with a 25lb top shot. I guess i could use different size flouro leaders say form 15-30lb test.
  543. djd35de

    Rod REC for a Accurate 197 4.6 to 1 ratio

    I'd like to know what rod you guys would recommend for a Accurate 197? The best not the cheapest. Thanks David
  544. djd35de

    9/17 WFO Afternoon Session in SD Bay

    Cool Jim, Just a tad closer then last week!!! Looks like fun.
  545. djd35de

    What power handle fits a luna 300?

    Its got a counter balance and is silver and gold like color. From Anglers Choice in Point Loma. Take the reel with you. Iam sure its made by Daiwa.
  546. djd35de

    Bluefin are biting

    Hey Markus, I saw the same crap happen on Saturday. Fools running right through the mammals and spoking the hell out of them. Its too bad this good fishing brings out lots of Assholes that don't have a clue. By the way, Went out on your boat about...
  547. djd35de

    What power handle fits a luna 300?

    I stand corrected, The handle i have is slightly longer and will work for both CVZ 300 and Luna.
  548. djd35de

    Need advice on a saltiga 20 and Luna 300

    Run them stock until they wear out. Then run Carbontex greased.
  549. djd35de

    What power handle fits a luna 300?

    Second thought, i don't think you want that handle on ebay. No counter balance.
  550. djd35de

    What power handle fits a luna 300?

    I bought one with a counter balance. Works good. Thing is i think people may be a bit confused. Iam not sure, but i think its more of a power knob and not really a longer handle. But its much easier to grip and you can crank on it...
  551. djd35de

    What power handle fits a luna 300?

    Try Anglers Choice, I bought one for a 300 CVZ I'd think it would be the same.
  552. djd35de

    Avet MX gear change?

    Sell it and get the 2 speed. Less hassle. Iam not sure about the change. Maybe Alan will chime in. Good luck David
  553. djd35de

    Sunday Kicked ASS, late report.

    Thanks guys, to say it was great would be an understatement. God it was crazy good fishing. Hope ya had fun in Big Bear Jim. I can't go out this weekend but the following weekend for sure. And yes camra is on the short list so i can post with pictures...
  554. djd35de

    Sunday Kicked ASS, late report.

    Left MCRD about 5:00 Am and got some bait. Well the bait was much better and only had a few roll this time out. Started out at the 302 where there must've been 12 or 13 boats. Met up their with a Buddy of mine ( SD Fisherman). He started out west and did'nt...
  555. djd35de

    Shimano 300 TE, 400TE Slay Yellowfin!!!

    One note, both 300 and 400 TE use the same drag.
  556. djd35de

    Shimano 300 TE, 400TE Slay Yellowfin!!!

    Yes Ron, Other than the handle the reels are stock, drag, bearing etc... Looking forward to burning the drags and replacing with greased carbontex. As it is the stock drags pull about 16lbs which is plenty. Smooth too, no herky jerky drag.
  557. djd35de

    Shimano 300 TE, 400TE Slay Yellowfin!!!

    I went out Yesterday hoping to get some tuna etc.. Well, i got my wish and was able to put the 300TE, and 400TE to the test. We got into a hot Yellowfin bite non stop for 2+ hours. Thats the best fishing I've had in a long time. Every bait that hit the water...
  558. djd35de

    Ultimate rod for a 300te

    Cool Alan, Question? When are you going to teach us how to modify the TE 300and 400 TE? Thanks David
  559. djd35de

    8/24 Personal Best Halibut off La Jolla

    Good job Jim, they look like twins to me.
  560. djd35de

    Ultimate rod for a 300te

    Well just to let you guys know about that rod i picked up. G Loomis Pro blue. Its stout to say the least. Its going to take a big fish to really test it. And also, the toruim 14 Handle i put on the Calcutta 400 TE is perfect, highly Recommend it.
  561. djd35de

    14, 267, 209, 277, Avalon Bank, 9 mile rigs

    Cool, Nice read about the Rizzo's dolphin. Never heard of them. Thanks Mike
  562. djd35de

    Hotel Del Coronado

    Right in front at the jettys, 4-6lb line,sand crabs,small plastics,krockadiles . I know a guy that caught a 25lb white seabass 10lb line with a kastmaster.
  563. djd35de

    Why are people lame at the launch ramp?

    I like to launch at MCRD as there's no crowd . Plus the Marines are pretty cool so far. No real boneheads. Shelter island can be a real cluster fuck that i avoid if at all costs. Plus the Tweakers that live in their motorhomes just look like theft waiting to...
  564. djd35de

    Iron question

    7X and Tady 45, tady C .
  565. djd35de

    Ultimate rod for a 300te

    Hey Ben, i just picked up a handle for my 400te. Its from a Torium 14 i believe. You have to have a counter balance otherwise the reel will click in gear during the cast. I'm going fishing tomarrow so will see how it works. Hey Bryan, those Shimano Calcutta...
  566. djd35de

    Ultimate rod for a 300te

    Well thanks for the suggestions . I ended up with the 7Ft Loomis Pro blue PBR844c 15-30 . Ben your correct, Its everything that you said it was. Also those Bucura Rod are nice too. But thier not all graphite. Alittle bit on the heavy side compared...
  567. djd35de

    Ultimate rod for a 300te

    Thanks Ken, I guess iam not that wise and was looking for ideas. But i already have Calcutta rods, And Teremars, I really like the Loomis line of rods. Also i did check out the phenix sticks at day at the docks. Impressive just forgot about them. I just want best...
  568. djd35de

    Ultimate rod for a 300te

    Guys, Anybody fish the Loomis Pro Blue rods. I'd like to get a Loomis rod for my 300te just not sure of which one. I'd also like it to be all graphite with a Solid cork grip. Any suggestions? Thanks David
  569. djd35de

    Line and Reel Pairing

    Or maybe 25 for the Torium.
  570. djd35de

    Line and Reel Pairing

    I'd say 30lb for the Torium for Iron. Maybe go 20 for the Tekota David
  571. djd35de

    Ultimate rod for a 300te

    Allen , i've got one Calcutta 8ft 12-25 but its being used with the 400te.
  572. djd35de

    Ultimate rod for a 300te

    Ultimate rod, Not a cheap shit one. I plan on filling the reel to the top with straight 30lb spectra. What rod do you guys and gals think i should use. Iam going to use it in the kelp, outside kelp patties, yellowtail , heck maybe even some rockfish...
  573. djd35de

    YFT, YT and Dorado 8/18

    Wow you guys killed um! Sweet Bloody decks!! David
  574. djd35de

    8/16 Albies & YFT at the 371

    It was good fishing with guys Jim and Anthony. Maybe next time we'll remember to take pictures. But we were abit beat. It happened pretty quick . Black and purple jet heads outside and a CD-11 Rapala also black and purple down the center close in the prop wash. The...
  575. djd35de

    Favorite Calico Reel

    Luna 253 on a Loomis 7'6" 12-25 rod. Fish killer for sure.
  576. djd35de

    15# reel

    I've tried straight 20lb mono on my Luna 253 but the problem was i could spool it on the cast. Its my favorite 15lb set up. If i run into the Dodos this weekend iam gonna put a hurting on them with it. Its around 220.00 or so at squidco. Can't go wrong with...
  577. djd35de

    15# reel

    Revo sounds good , but how could you ever need or use 24lb of drag when all he's fishing is 15lb test? If your going Calcutta get the TE . Otherwise get the luna as the Calcutta's A or B are nowhere near as good as the luna. Spend the money once and save in the...
  578. djd35de

    15# reel

    Luna 253, I have one on a GL2 and it cast a mile. I up graded the the drags to Carboxtex though it did'nt need it. It'll pull a YELLOWTAIL NO PROBLEM. Or anything else inshore. Its fully forged, has great drag, light spool for easy start up on the cast etc... Cast plastics...
  579. djd35de

    8/9 bait rolled, how was yours?

    Ours lasted a good 20 minutes and mostly all of it rolled. Iam thinking about catching macs next time. David
  580. djd35de

    My day off...

    About 6.0-6.4mph Tony. Hows that 22ft Guardian? Hurry up and finish it as i need to test the fishabliity of it . Later Tony
  581. djd35de

    My day off...

    Started out about 4:00 am. Launched from Dana landing and got some crappy bait that pretty much rolled 20 minutes out. Oh well i guess its all about the jigs. Stared out about 7 miles southwest of the 182. Water temp was 70.4 degrees. We had some dolphins...
  582. djd35de

    Albies, above 302

    Yea solo Chickens taste good, just cost a bit more. All and all a good day. By the way lots of meter marks but did'nt find any schools. A lot of fish over a big area. Good luck guys, Iam Going tonight on the Voyager out of seaforth 1 day trip...
  583. djd35de

    Albies, above 302

    I got a late start, Last minute decision to go or not to go. Fuck it . Iam out of here. Ran solo as my fishing buds had to work. Got half a scoop of deans and headed out about 10:30am. Heard it was a afternoon bite the day before anyways. Water was a little bumpy heading...
  584. djd35de

    Need 1 to fish tomorrow 7/25

    Bro your killing me, If i did'nt have to work i'd go for sure. Good luck Tony if ya head out. How about Saturday, My boat or yours? Later David
  585. djd35de

    "Light" Tuna Reel?

    A couple years back i bought a Daiwa CVZ 300 on Evil Bay that had a cracked frame and felt like it had sand in the bearings. I sent it in to Daiwa, They replaced the frame, Bearings, and thumb bar, drag, cleaned and lubed. Charged my like 45.00 bucks. They...
  586. djd35de

    "Light" Tuna Reel?

    The 400TE or Luna 300 either reel will be great. Just get one already. I'll tell you this, The 400 TE cost more but seems to have a more cranking power. Both reels have good drags and the power to stroke Yellows,Albies, Dodo's and pretty much anything...
  587. djd35de

    "Light" Tuna Reel?

    Remember that rod is a inshore rod. You don't want it to be ass heavy with a oversize reel. You could use an SX but the spool is a bit heavy for casting light stuff. A Calcutta 300 or 400 TE would be perfect. I have this set up and its sweet...
  588. djd35de

    "Light" Tuna Reel?

    I've got a Calcutta heavy action rod. Nice stick. But would'nt put a 30t Saltiga on it as its too heavy for that rod. It would have poor balance. The SX, or Accurate 197 maybe a 400te would work great and all can be used with straight spectra if you wanted.
  589. djd35de

    Wich Line for my reels?

    I run 50lb spectra and 25lb top shot on my 400TE. I like Berkley Big game. If your going to throw Iron in the kelp then 20lb line won't get your jig back. Wheres 25 will. I also use 50lb spectra with 30lb top shot Berkley high test on my Toruim 16, your 20...
  590. djd35de

    What`s your favourite all time reel?

    Calcutta 400 TE
  591. djd35de

    Show & Tell: Luna 253 w/Abu Inshore Power handle

    Nice, thats one of my favorite reels. Direct fit assume. David
  592. djd35de

    30 lb class reel for jigs/live bait

    Saltiga 30t, Saltist 30th, Torium 16 or 20, Trinadad 16 or 20
  593. djd35de

    Need One Boat Ho for sat

    Kind of new to the board. I've been lurking just not many responses. I've fished with SD Fisherman aka( Tony Gilbert) a couple of times. Killed threshers. Talked with Keven at Noahs tackle. Thats about it. Looking to meet and fish with different...
  594. djd35de

    Hunter gets his first albie!

    Wow great post. You my friend are very BLESSED!!! David
  595. djd35de

    Which Luna for 15#??

    For 15lb i love the 253. I run 25lb on the luna 300 and CVZ 300. Also i've got 50 straight braid on another 300.
  596. djd35de

    Best bay reel?

    Well i got to use my Curado 300, and Daiwa inshore today. There're nice reels . But , I still like my Luna 253 way better then both. David
  597. djd35de

    Torium 16 too small?

    The 16 is one of a few that i use. Its just right , as i also perfer a narrow spool. I've also got the 30t Saltiga, and 30th Saltist all three work great. You can toss a jig a longs ways. And just cruize with the retrive because they all pull in lots of line per...
  598. djd35de

    Luna 300

    pm sent
  599. djd35de

    Daiwa Coastal inshore 153h

    Alright then, Time will tell i guess. The good thing is i'll have both. The Daiwa products I've used prior have been good to me. Funny LIL Ceez, but i don't think it weighs that much.
  600. djd35de

    Daiwa Coastal inshore 153h

    I did'nt know there was a Bass board on Bloodydecks. Thanks for the replys. Iam sure i won't regret getting the Coastal. Plus i ordered a Curado 300 also. So i should have it covered.
  601. djd35de

    Daiwa Coastal inshore 153h

    Do any of you guys have both the Daiwa inshore and the Curado? If so what do you like about each or don't like. Wow yellowtail in kelp patties. It must be pretty stout to handle those yellows.
  602. djd35de

    Daiwa Coastal inshore 153h

    8# , i was thinking 12 or 15 for mine. I ordered a Shimano Calcutta rod 8FT medium action 10-20 line.
  603. djd35de

    Daiwa Coastal inshore 153h

    I'd like to know what opinions you guys have on this reel. I've heard lots about the Curado etc.. Just not much on this reel. Is it a winner? Thanks David
  604. djd35de

    20lb reel

    I still think if your going to throw plastics in the kelp , a levelwind reel is better suited for that type of fishing. I think the SX is over kill as some guys are killing fish over 60-70 lbs. As far as the calcutta 400b, its a nice smooth reel but...
  605. djd35de

    Difference in Daiwa's

    Get the Saltiga, You won't regret it. I have both a Saltist and a 30t Saltiga. Saltiga is a complete reel, Smooth,great drag, lots of power with good speed for jigs if you want. The 30t is only 4.9 to 1 but with the tall spool almost pulls in a yard...
  606. djd35de

    reel for surface iorn

    Get the Saltiga 30t. Its real smooth,strong as hell , great drag,lots of power with a 4.9 ratio. But with the tall spool pulls almost a yard in per crank. I believe its the best star drag reel . I have one on a Calstar 8.50 h and love it. Plus if you want...
  607. djd35de

    Calcutta 400--compatable with 30# spectra?

    I've got 300 yards of 50lb spiderwire and put a piece of 25lb flouro. Just make sure your pole has some give and don't tighten up the drag too much.
  608. djd35de

    SS 980 15-40lb line 8ft

    I've got an MXL on Kencor zebra rod that seems like a good fit. I was also thinking MXJ. I just want to be sure before i buy one. Thanks
  609. djd35de

    SS 980 15-40lb line 8ft

    Yea , I had my SX on it but it just felt too stiff for that reel. I moved the Sx to a 270h SS.
  610. djd35de

    SS 980 15-40lb line 8ft

    I've got a Super Seeker 980 8ft 15-40 lb line. My question is what reel would you guys suggest? Thanks David
  611. djd35de

    rod for my sx

    Teramar works, Ask double Z Plus i have one for sale cheap 100.00
  612. djd35de

    Fresh/Salt Baitcasters??

    253 Luna
  613. djd35de

    Avet MXJ

  614. djd35de

    Pink avets?

    If your secure with yourself then do it. You'll get teased , but at least you won't have to worry about it getting ripped off. Hell i bought a Pink snap-on screw driver who Fucking care's. Think of it as a conversation piece.
  615. djd35de

    20lb reel

    Get the Luna 253 or 300. Its way better than the Shimano 400b. Those reels have cheap insides, stamped frame ETC... Now the TE version is a different animal altogether. But the thing about the TEs are they have lots of parts. The 300 Luna is perfect...
  616. djd35de

    Avet MXJ

    Does Avet still make the MXJ? I was thinking about getting a 2 speed but only see the MXL which i already have. Thanks David
  617. djd35de

    Tred Barta on Versus

    Iam not being a hater, I just did'nt like that show. That bear was 175-200lbs max. Looked like it just finished suckling. He does have a great job though. Much better then mine. Maybe he's just abit of an over talker. Thats the part i don't...
  618. djd35de

    Tred Barta on Versus

    Thats funny about him shooting a bear with a home made wooden arrow. I had to watch that, then it shows him stalking a bear. Long story short, it was a Fucken Cub. I just thought to myself, What an ASSHOLE!!! To shoot a full grown Grizzly...
  619. djd35de

    MPG on 18'-20' boats?

    I get around 4.4-5.3 mpg 18ft whaler, full load of gas ,gear ,bait and 3 guys on board. 2006 Honda 150
  620. djd35de

    Boston Whaler Owners

    Does anybody have a direct contact number. Iam interested inn letting them use my boat. Thanks David [email protected]
  621. djd35de

    Yellowtail Setup

    I use a toruim 16 with 30lb trilene on a 20-40 seeker rod. Casts reel good with plenty of grunt for those yellows. Calicos in the kelp with Iron. Oh you could adjust the anti backlash on the side plate. It may be loose causing over run or...
  622. djd35de

    Tide Change SCI 7-10 Overnight

    This is funny. Form what i see from all the posts. This paying customer has a bad experience on a boat. Poor fishing, shitty bait that someone fucked up, shitty crew but most of all a crappy captain. I get a kick out of reading the post. Some of you guys are pretty...
  623. djd35de

    Newell p series, or torium

    i meant Strong as hell LOL
  624. djd35de

    Newell p series, or torium

    I like the Saltiga 30t Smooth and storng as hell.
  625. djd35de

    New Diawa Luna 253

    I have the luna 300, love that reel. Its mounted on a shimano 7.6 ft calcutta inshore series rod. Perfect set up but i wish i'd gone with the 8 ft rod. I cast surface iron for calicos,yellows. Lite and stout setup. You can cast all day and not even feel it the nest day...
  626. djd35de

    Saltiga30T vs. TN40N vs. Torque

    Iam hearing that the 30t Salitiga is'nt fast enough only 4.5 to 1 ratio. Yet its tall , and pulls in almost 3 feet per crank. With lots of power and super smooth. I have one mounted on a custom made 8.5 Calstar Graffighter and can sling lite jigs a long ways. Great reel.
  627. djd35de

    can't get my boat to idle right

    As far as 2 Fuel filters, Iam sure its ok as long as there"re both clean and don't restrict the fuel flow. Higher load or rpms is where your going to notice a restriction. Too bad i did'nt know you needed help sooner as i had my boat repowered in Oxnard and could've stopped by...
  628. djd35de

    can't get my boat to idle right

    Do some easy checks first. Test manifold vacuum at idle. It should hold steady at between 18-21 inches. If thats ok then your engine is ok mechanically. Next step, check or change your points, set dwell to specs then adjust timing to specs after engine is warm. Again...
  629. djd35de

    DickHead Boater of the Month

    Right on, I learned a few things. I like the fact that the bigger fish are well away form the paddy. This fuck nut comes right up on top of the paddy we was on at the 182 total bullshit. Of coarse there boat was way huge but sinkable . He did'nt catch shit and was soon...
  630. djd35de

    DickHead Boater of the Month

    Hey Guys Reading all the shit talking is fun. But i have a stupid question to ask. Just so i don't become knob of the month etc... Whats the proper distance to set up on a paddy. Proper way of sliding in or asking too. Thanks
  631. djd35de

    can't get my boat to idle right

    Well not exactly dirt guy. When points wear they retard the timing thats why you get the stumble, backfiring etc.... Its also much better to set the dwell as apposed to just adjusting the gap with a feeler gauge.
  632. djd35de

    can't get my boat to idle right

    Points are always going to be the weak link with your type of ignition. But if you say the gas smells nasty then thats probley the cause. When trouble shooting its always best to try one thing at a time. Starting with the basics, Ignition first, check vacuum at idle and about 2500...
  633. djd35de

    4 stroke 70hp Suzuki - How many hours can they make??

    Well i had a 2001 DF 70 on a 17ft Whaler i sold. That engine was smooth as silk, At idle i think my bait pump was louder. I would have to agree Suzuki makes a great product. David
  634. djd35de

    Honda Repower

    Jason What size engine did you get from Eric. What type of boat. I have an 18ft whaler . Did you run a heavy stainless, where you able to solve the vibration? Thanks David
  635. djd35de

    Honda Repower

    Eric I know you went through hell, We both did. I just figured the least i could is pass on the word. Thanks David Hey Carmarc SUCK IT
  636. djd35de

    Honda Repower

    Thats why i wrote this thread Roy. Iam just letting people know thats he's up there ( Oxnard) and it would be worth the drive. Its the least i could do to hopefully help him out a bit. As i know my repower was a pain in the Ass for him and me. He's fair and thats...
  637. djd35de

    Honda Repower

    Hey guys and girls If your thinking about repowering with a Honda out board. I'd strongly suggest Eric Peterson at Speciality Marine in Oxnard. I just had this done back in the first week of Dec 06. Repowered with a Bf 150 on my 18ft outrage. First the...
  638. djd35de

    has anyone used Specialty Marine, Inc. in oxnard?

    So did you get the job?
  639. djd35de

    Squidco gets Robbed - Joey fights tweekers

    I 've got a great idea,We could all clean our batteries of of that green acid shit,make those worthless piles of shit tweakers a big FAT Rail of a line.There you go ,or maybe say they get stuck with old BUBA give BUBA a double dose of tweak or viagra and pound those motherfuckers up the ass...
  640. djd35de

    Rpt:182/43, 9/14

    What jigs are getting bit on the troll,color,type. I just got a boat and no bait tank as of yet.Thanks for replys in advance . David
  641. djd35de

    Rebirth of a Whaler/Whaler sex change, the final stretch

    :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy I've never posted before and don't know the guys that did the work.but that has to be the best reading i've done in a while.EPIC work,1ST class all the way.You guys went all the way.Was wondering how that 150 pushes...