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    are the fish still around?

    so i've been out of the game for awhile and missed the whole season. now i have an opportunity to jump on a pb next week but i think i missed birthday party... are there any tunas around that didn't get the memo or will we be limited to rock fishing?


    sold the boat but still got the finder. new condition, works perfectly. only used a handfull of times. great finder / gps combo. 400 bones and i'll throw in a 25$ performance tackle gift certificate


    Since purfields closed down, i dont know where to go... need a rod tip fix asap! anyone know any tackle shops in culver city or santa monica? scribs where you at?

    florida fishing

    shot this a long time ago, finally got around to the edit

    FOUND:25$ gift cerificate

    cleaning up some crap and found a 25$ gift certificate to performance tackle. i have no use for it these days. first one to bring me a can of whale meat gets it

    Diaz is out of GSP fight!

    What is it with this guy? He hasn't showed for 2 press conferences or "beauty pageants" as he calls them (which is pretty funny) but c'mon guy you gotta play the game a little. He then goes on a rant like the man is out to get him... dude is his own worst enemy. Condit is a great replacement but...


    always wanted to ride an airboat, finally got to do it.

    strikeforce grandprix

    looks to be a great card. starts tomorrow at 5 (pre-lims) here's my picks: werdum for the upset barnett cormier griggs noons if you haven't seen the video i made for werdum check it here
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    Fabricio Werdum - Strikeforce heavyweight granprix

    check this new vid, by far our best yet. We're just releasing it today, You saw it here first!
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    UFC 130

    I have a feeling this card is a sleeper, meaning it doesn't seem too good on paper but i think there will be some exciting fights. i got rampage, mir, struve, stann and alves. there's gonna be a few wars! especially browne vs struve check out our new interview with struve over the weekend in...
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    get out your F#*king checkbook
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    GSP is a BUM!

    He's not finishing fights, he's whining about getting punched, he's a bum! It was nice to see him roughed up for a change but that was still a really boring fight. Shields didn't really fight like he wanted the win either but i'm sick of watching GSP simply "defend" his title and trying not to...
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    just for her

    the new iRON...
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    My shoot with "THE JANITOR"

    Caught up with Vladimir Matyushenko for a last minute interview / b-roll fest for his upcoming UFC fight this weekend. wanted to see how quick we could turn out a video with decent results. shot and edited in 12 hours, here's what i got
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    finally cut this thing together from my last trip, can't wait to go back in may! <iframe src="" width="400" height="225" frameborder="0"></iframe><p><a href="">Nicaragua fishing</a> from <a...
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    finally cut this thing together from my last trip, can't wait to go back in may!
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    just for scribby
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    sat cage side and got some gnarly shots. check em
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    a few shots from bellator 35

    Got a spot against the cage this time and got a few good shots. gotta edit some down but here's a couple
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    HDSLR motion experiments

    did some experimenting with frame rates and sequence settings and got some pretty decent results. this was shot in 720p @ 60 frames and then conformed to a 23.98 sequence. some shots i sped up for different effects and some slowed down even more. the cleanest shots are the ones that i didn't...
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    its been too long... here ya go
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    UFC 126

    SICK CARD!! watch it on spike at six then go to a bar and watch the main card!!! i'm sick of silva, come on belfort!! check out our predictions at MMA Savvy
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    check out our interview with Bruce Buffer!

    its a bit long but hey its Bruce Buffer!
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    Joey Beltran aka "THE MEXICUTIONER"

    Went down to oceanside for the weekend and met up with the "mexicutioner" to talk about his upcoming fight next weekend with pat barry. my friend also found out that joey knows how to kick :rofl: Savvy Exclusive Interview with Joey &#8220;The Mexicutioner&#8221; Beltran | MMA Savvy
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    Just like the title says i need a small section about 6-8 long of fence (no posts necessary). im building a studio in my garage and want to use it as a background. anybody got anything in LA? will trade for your favorite beer:hali_olutta:
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    new camera T2i / some nicaragua shots

    got the camera for video but got bored with it and started snappin. here's a few shots from my last trip to nicaragua a month ago Flickr: garrettlamb81's Photostream
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    hey guys so i decided to take a last minute trip to Bend to see some friends over the holidays. im going to drive up there and i hear there's lots of rivers and streams. never been to oregon before so im kind of excited. any advice on places to fish close to Bend? cheers
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    this video has everything... except fish
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    Last WEC card before the UFC merger

    WEC 53 live on versus thursday Dec. 16th - tomorrow night check out for more details here's the lineup, looks like a great card Champ Ben Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis WEC Lightweight Championship Champ Dominick Cruz vs. Scott Jorgensen UFC Bantamweight Championship Donald...
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    santa's wasted wait for the part when the dood shoves him coming out of the elevator :rofl:
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    Hey guys just put up a new video on our site with our predictions and picks on the GSP V KOSCHEK fight this saturday starting at 7pm on PPV. leave some comments, talk shit, give us praises, whatever... but check it out, its slightly entertaining. Videos | MMA Savvy can anyone beat GSP? not...
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    Just returned from another quick jaunt down to my favorite place in the world. I was there on semi business (shooting a video for a humanitarian project) so fishing wasn't much of a priority. Maybe it was the karma gods blessing my efforts but i was lucky enough to meet a fisherman who ran a...
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    MMA fight fans check this out

    so i finally got my website up and running. we have new content daily and video commentary and predictions on upcoming fights. i'll be posting the videos for tomorrows fights in a few hours. check it out and tell me what you think MMA Savvy
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    who be touchin my monkey balls

    its been too long since i posted a stupid video. here ya go
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    my new MMA site

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    nice video i found on vimeo
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    greg jennings gets a TD with a broken leg - F#@K you Gumby!

    YouTube - Greg Jennings (Broken Leg) scores on the saints
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    the whistles got that wooooo

    YouTube - Whistle Tips with Bub Rub
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    buonafortunas new avatar

    im confused... i thought this was how they were conceived?
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    UFC 119

    some buddies and i are starting a mma website thats going to focus on pre fight commentating and predictions, fighter interviews and lots of videos. we started experimenting with different formats and we ended up liking this one. the production side needs a lot but i'm pretty happy with the...
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    WTB - 19-23' pilothouse, WA or cuddy

    well at least my friend does. he's got a limit of about 12'000$. he has a family that will be joining him on the boat occasionally so the boat must be very seaworthy and mechanically sound. he likes the pilot house with a little table and seating area but not necessary. he is a previous boat...
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    holy crap! think you can drive?

    YouTube - Gymkhana THREE, Part 2; Ultimate Playground; l'Autodrome, France
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    kayaking santa barbara harbor

    shot this all on the gopro HD in 720 30fps
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    no bass report

    went out friday early in hopes of trolling up some barra's for my buddy. weather was beautiful and it was full on discovery channel out there. whales breaching everywhere, porpoise and tons of little fins everywhere. pulled up for a closer look and said hi to these guys. never seen em in the bay...
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    do troll fish count as jackpot?

    i went out recently on a MDR sport boat, (paid for jackpot) and trolled my gear on the way out to the spot. about a half hour of trolling i finally get a hookup, stoked! caught the only barracuda that day. some nice sandbass came over the rail that day that i thought would nudge me out. come...
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    james bonds yacht

    .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;} .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;} ... A 122 footer doing 55 knots ?! Apparently...
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    italian spiderman is coming

    YouTube - Italian Spiderman Trailer
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    ghetto preacher wishing you a happy weekend!

    YouTube - Funny Ghetto Preacher
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    flat day fun

    Tarp Pits on Vimeo
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    what a wanker!

    :rofl: YouTube - &#x202a;"Baby, we're going to get hit"&#x202c;&lrm;
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    mel gibson, get out of that trash can

    my friend snapped this pic outside her apt this morning. thought it was pretty funny
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    your friday video

    capt G please tell Evil E not to kill me and that i like his jam or is that SBK half way through the vid? YouTube - &#8234;EE - CURIOSITY KILLS (Original Version) MV&#8236;&#8206;
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    ed bass master goes to drive thru

    YouTube - Drive-Thru
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    how to pull a fat chick

    YouTube - How to pick up a fat chick
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    waiter there's a bass in my soup

    FRIDAY made it out for a night time spottie sesh on friday. very slow bite. water was 64, no current and durrty. started off with a decent sandra on a spinner head with a capt G special "hot carlos" all buttered up. moved around for nought and decided to fish the breakwall. scratched one small...
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    cool underwater footage

    YouTube - Paddle Fish Web
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    once were warriors

    jake the mus gets some YouTube - Once Were Warriors - Jake The Mus
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    craigslist fail

    so many things wrong
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    need florida advice please

    so my girlfriend is from ft lauderdale and has been trying to get me to go out there forever. she has some friends in the keys with boats too. we are trying to figure out when to go there. she is letting me pick when go based on the best time for fishing. i can go in august anytime through...
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    need florida advice please

    so my girlfriend is from ft lauderdale and has been trying to get me to go out there forever. she has some friends in the keys with boats too. we are trying to figure out when to go there. she is letting me pick when go based on the best time for fishing. i can go in august anytime through...
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    this guy is nuts

    YouTube - Dan Deacon on NBC morning
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    for when its absolutely necessary to have tribal tatts on your legs Tattoo-like Mantyhose
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    this is the end

    YouTube - Intro Apocalypse Now
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    scrbby's got a new gig

    just wanted to wish you luck on your new business venture :hali_olutta: Welcome!
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    big tarpon release.awesome

    YouTube - Fishing Big Monster Tarpon (sabalo) in the Caribbean Sea, Cuba Destinations
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    rock me

    YouTube - Falco "Rock me Amadeus" Version Original
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    song of the day

    YouTube - Burnin' For You - Blue Oyster Cult :git:
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    i gotta lotta bitches to plow...

    YouTube - What's it Gonna Be? :rofl:
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    V8, king cab, 33,000 miles, tow package, AC, CD, 2008 alloys, alarm, clean interior, runs perfect, manual windows. bought a cheap truck to get out of monthly payments. comes with BD sticker:) last try here. selling to carmax on friday 8-20. 10,500$ gets it
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    YouTube - EAT DA POO POO
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    yo G what happened to these guys?

    YouTube - Gorilla Biscuits - New Direction it seems any one i talk to about old punk rock has no idea who these guys are
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    nicaragua video

    YouTube - austinstein's Channel intro to a series of more to come
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    nicaragua video

    here's the first in a series of short web videos for my buddies website. hope you like YouTube - austinstein's Channel
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    well just got back on monday and still acclimating to life in LA. Nica's a beautiful place with wonderful people. For being the 2nd poorest country in the western hemisphere you would never know it from their attitudes and pure love of life. i didn't take too many pictures, i was more focused on...
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    found this in a barber shop in nicaragua

    if they only knew how good it worked on these guys...
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    9 days

    hot damn!
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    Need advice for fishing Nicaragua

    well i finally pulled the trigger and bought my ticket to nicaragua. (leaving may 9th) been wanting to go there for years. i have two friends down there with boats that run surf camps so im covered on the surfing end, however they ain't fisherman. i will have full access to his boat. its not...
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    diamond necklace

    sent to me by my dad.... A woman is shopping at Tiffany's, for VERY expensive, Diamond Necklace. As she bends over the counter to get a better look.she accidentally.farts. Mortified.the woman looks around to see if anyone is close enough to hear.. To her horror..there is a polished Tiffany's...
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    Update on penelope (11mo old w/ cancer)

    if you haven't seen the thread already check it here There is a benefit show set up for next friday april 9th at the royal dive in oceanside. a couple of my buddy's bands are playing and...
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    dave grohl fans will appreciate this YouTube - Dave Grohl in FRESH POTS!
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    guess who's back, back again...

    after 6 months of boat, time and money frustrations, i finally got her running again yesterday. thought i had a stator issue but it turned out to be a short in the control box that was draining power and grounding out. a little electrical tape was all that was needed and she fired right up. i...
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    how not to get your wig pushed back

    my hard ass friends and i made this instructional video of how to keep you game on track (not your wig pushed back) on Vimeo
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    friends 11mo has stage 4 cancer - please help!

    My good friend Aaron Butress just found out two weeks ago that his 11 month old daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. The rarity of this disease is incredible. I saw him over the weekend and it was an emotional experience to say the least but his strength (and hers) is truly...
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    my glacier has an ax wound

    Antarctic Glacier Has Five-story Blood-red Waterfall of Primodial Ooze - GOOD Blog - GOOD
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    snake vs mouse

    was bored today and shot this snake vs mouse on Vimeo guess who wins
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    clothing donations

    did some house cleaning and have a large bag of clothes i no longer need along with some linens. everything is in good shape, i just have too much crap that i dont use. i would like to donate it to someone or family that could use them but not really sure where to take it. there's a goodwill...
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    wedding video hookup

    well since i haven't made my award winning fishing movie yet, i've decided to branch out into another area... weddings. im working on a professional website but thought i'd throw this out there in the meantime. here's a sample of my work. this was shot on two sony fx1 hdv cameras. the full video...
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    BIG BEAR 2/20

    Got out of LA for a nice weekend in the mountains. stayed at a nice little 2 bed condo with a hottub for about 550$ for the weekend. split by 9 people so worked out to be 56$ each. pretty damn cheap for two nights as long as you like the people you stay with. very close to the mountain too, so...
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    remember this song?

    great song YouTube - Collective Soul - Shine (Official Music Video)
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    die antwoord
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    80-100 gallon tank and other fish tank junk

    80-100 gallon glass tank, not sure exactly. can take measurements and pics if you like. no leaks. wood stand. had it set up as reef tank then a lobster tank, now its empty and i want it gone. also have dual biowheel, penguin and marineland filters, 3 heaters and lots of other junk. 100$ or...
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    for the win

  96. T BICKLE

    nearly pissed myself

    saw this on one of the comment threads on another website. cracked me up. There's a near-mint 1911 French army rifle on eBay that's never been fired and dropped only twice. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    how not to catch a big halibut

    YouTube - Halibut Wresstling, Ketchikan Alaska, Clover Pass
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    online tax quotes

    anyone know any good sites? im looking to see about how much my return will be. gracias
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    stopped at this spot during one of my travels. very dangerous wave. quicksilver team was out in force doin some damage. i pussed out and took pictures
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    got some bait (bonita and mackerel) enough for 6-8 nets. need it gone asap. hate to waste it. come get it
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    i saw turkey neck coaching then fell asleep did anybody watch? does anybody care? who won?
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    cheeseburger and a handjob

    A crusty old golfer comes in from a round of golf at a new course and heads into the grill room. As he passes through the swinging doors he sees a sign hanging over the bar: COLD BEER: $2.00 HAMBURGER: $2.25 CHEESEBURGER: $2.50 CHICKEN SANDWICH : $3.50...
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    On a transatlantic flight, a plane passes through a severe storm. The turbulence is awful, and things go from bad to worse when one wing is struck by lightning. One woman in particular loses it. Screaming, she stands up in the front of the plane. 'I'm too young to die,' she wails. Then she...
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    well i've been saving a bunch of bonito carcasses and mackarel in my freezer to do some hoopin but my boat still needs work and don't know when i'll get back out there.... so i need to get this crap out of here. theres probably enough for 7 or 8 hoops. im in culver city off the 405. come get it
  105. T BICKLE

    guido night at the leucadian

    was in oceanside over the weekend and my friends 80's band was playing at the leucadian. guess it was jersey shore night, i wish i had gotten the memo. i may have to throw a party in lieu of this. the chicks were skweeezy!
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    saluki, are you making slides now?

    YouTube - Weird Child's Slide
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    slapchop remix = awesome

    YouTube - DJ Steve Porter featuring Vince Offer - "Slap Chop Rap"
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    tiger woods and jay-z collaborate on a new song

    its called... i got 99 bitches and a wife ain't one :D
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    hot kotch

    has some moves! YouTube - Guidos in Cabo
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    street magic parody

    YouTube - David Blaine Parody Part 2
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    camping this weekend up there, looking to try some live crawdads. anyone know if they sell them there or where you could find some?
  112. T BICKLE


    goin camping, need some firewood. anyone know where i can get some for cheap?
  113. T BICKLE

    wiley coyote's crisis

  114. T BICKLE

    where to camp and fish?

    guys, looking for some good camping spots (within about 2 hours of LA) where i can take the girlfriend and a few friends camping for a weekend. roughin it is OK. been to refugio multiple times but thinking maybe somewhere in the mountains or by a lake/river/stream (somewhere i can get my fish...
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    Has anyone else noticed this?

    2007 - Chinese year of the Chicken ......... Bird Flu Pandemic devastated most parts of Asia . 2008 - Chinese year of the Horse ............ Equine Influenza decimated Australian racing. 2009 - Chinese year of the Pig ................ Swine Flu Pandemic terrifying people...
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    im having a productive day at work

    the last one is epic fail
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    <object width="400" height="300"><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="movie"...
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    willie nelson's son

    is a monster on guitar! check out this vid i made for my buddy on halloween mick kellerher and the gentlemen on Vimeo
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    this is awesome!

    Callhim type your name in the box and see what russian hotties match your name
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    anyone hooping the next few days in SMB?

    i got a bunch of bait (mixed bonito and mackeral) probably enough for 7-10 nets. i need to get it out of my freezer, my roomates are over it. i would love to go with someone aswell as performing normal ho duties (split expenses / cleaning)... no cuddy cabin time though thanks *edit* im down...
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    stone temple pilots tomorrow night

    i got two tickets for the stp show tomorrow but something came up and i wont be able to make it. really bummed i cant go. cost 170$ for both for awesome seats. would like to sell for the same but will take best offer. its at the san manuel casino in highland CA pm or reply here for mor info
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    Battle for Hearts and Minds Trailer on Vimeo
  123. T BICKLE

    norv turner must die

  124. T BICKLE

    I ain't drunk but i been drinkin!

    Worst Shopping Run EverVideo
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    Simms Fishing Products Simms Fishing Videos Gallery This looks pretty cool
  126. T BICKLE

    lil skweezy

  127. T BICKLE

    eh family boy!

    YouTube - Kiss shreds kiss shreds!
  128. T BICKLE

    any bonito in Santa Monica Bay?

    went trolling the bay yesterday looking for barracuda or bonito for helmet. no birds or much sign of life except for a few schools of mackerel. anyone catching any in LA?
  129. T BICKLE


    YouTube - Jordy Smith rodeo flips surfboard
  130. T BICKLE

    craigslist fail

    1 good used boat
  131. T BICKLE

    insane biker - so sick!

  132. T BICKLE


  133. T BICKLE


    Kayne West just interrupted Patrick Swayze's funeral to let everyone know that Michael Jacksons death was better...
  134. T BICKLE

    Hey G! you know this guy?

    photog sent me this pic and said you had a tv show. is he crazy?
  135. T BICKLE

    saluki's house

    YouTube - "The Dude's House"
  136. T BICKLE

    favre cops a verbal smackdown on HCwDB

    hehe... Hot Chicks with Douchebags
  137. T BICKLE

    are you fucking kidding me? you cant write this shit!

    okay so i just got a call from a girl that was absolutely hysterical on the phone. screaming, crying, yelling (devil like) and scared the shit out of me. after five minutes of trying to calm this girl down and find out what happened she screams "im pregnant! arghhhaaaaaaaa! its yours i haven't...
  138. T BICKLE

    tornado hits train

    pretty cool
  139. T BICKLE

    craigslist - evinrude 50

    saw this ad. not affiliated.. seems like a good little motor EVINRUDE 50 HP OUTBOARD MOTOR
  140. T BICKLE

    my trip on the pacific islander

    (late report sorry, but just got the pics) 8/2 left oxnard at 8a. this was an extended half day that was scheduled to go till 4. pretty good for 50$. first stop we loaded up on boccacio. limits for the boat. next stop was for reds. i couldn't keep the damn boccacio off my hook so i got no love...
  141. T BICKLE

    butt and bass 8/1

    fished out of MDR for slow scratch on small bass. too distracted by a nice "butt" that would not get off my boat. rough day for sure
  142. T BICKLE

    pacific islander - oxnard

    anyone been on this boat? goin on sunday with some friends and would love to hear some feedback / experiences from you guys. ie where it fishes, what they catch, jackpot info, anything and everything... thanks guys!
  143. T BICKLE

    he bite me vagina</EMBED>
  144. T BICKLE

    MDR 7-21 butterfest

    got out around 630 tide was pushin high (7.5) at 830, warm water and just enough current for a steady drift. things looked right. first cast-on second cast-on..... proceeded to go stupid for the next 2 hours. calico frenzy. every fish i pulled up had 3-4 followers behind it trying to pick the...
  145. T BICKLE

    salsa dog

    Dog Salsa - CollegeHumor video
  146. T BICKLE

    kinda funny... if you're bored

    Tattoo Fight - CollegeHumor video
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    longer version coming soon... <object width="560" height="340"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  148. T BICKLE

    sluggo the spottie

    fished MDR the other night and hook and handed the biggest spottie i've ever seen in person. the pics are shit and didnt think to measure it but it was a toad! not gonna throw out weight but i've weighed a few 3lb spotties and he was mucho bigger. hit the jerk shad on the drop in 20 ft of water...
  149. T BICKLE

    take the kooks fishing take them fishing

    finally got my skiff in order and kept my prop on and was able to get out in MDR last night and molest some fishies. cruised out the channel and WTF theres a baby humpback about 30ft off the jetty inside the breakwall!... pretty cool. lots of life out there, birds crashing and bait all over...
  150. T BICKLE

    shannon hoon - blind melon

    was grungin out last night to some melon and forgot how good this song is. i think they were very underrated and became over shadowed by no rain... anyway there's also a version where his daughter sings this song live. enjoy! hippy post out... YouTube - BLIND MELON - Change
  151. T BICKLE


    i know this is fresh water but pretty everything he says applies to salt bassin too. check it YouTube - Night Bass Fishing
  152. T BICKLE


    the lease is up on my 2005 nissan frontier se. its been a great truck. very fast, decent gas mileage and tows my lil 16' footer like its not even there. i'm looking to buy used and spend about 5-7k. you guys got anything or any recomendations? im down for a 4runner or like suv too
  153. T BICKLE


    With all these thresher threads on here right now i have gotten curious and have a few questions for you guys. i would like to become more knowledgable about this fishery as i hope to catch my first one this year. what is the school of thought on what is considered an acceptable size to keep...
  154. T BICKLE


    YouTube - Without You - Mark Gormley
  155. T BICKLE


    in the market for a moderately priced fishfinder GPS combo. im looking at the HUMMINBIRD 587ci, LOWRANCE lms522c, and GARMIN 520s. need to keep it as close to 500$ as possible. how do you guys like yours? are these all upgradeable? any feedback is appreciated thanks in advance
  156. T BICKLE

    genius test

    he failed Bulletproof Vest Test Goes Wrong | I Am Bored
  157. T BICKLE

    nicaragua advice needed

    so i'm going to nica next week and will be staying in the san juan del sur area. my friend has a boat for his surf camp but isn't much of a fisherman. any suggestions on jigs or lures? is trolling succesfull or should we try to make bait? any tips or info is appreciated as i will pretty much...
  158. T BICKLE

    john stewart flames jim cramer live

    john stewart really puts the wood to this guy. parts 1 and 2 are worth checking out aswell Jim Cramer Unedited Interview Pt. 3 | The Daily Show | Comedy Central
  159. T BICKLE

    it look like a leprachaun to me

    old but i thought id bring it back YouTube - Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama
  160. T BICKLE

    ALI please move your car

    Two Angry Camels in a Car - CollegeHumor Video
  161. T BICKLE

    prop spun off at MDR

    well for those who know i've been rebuilding a skiff for about 6 months now. got to the point where it was ready to put in the water to see how it sat and ran. so i took her down and launched out of MDR. i was delighted to see that it sat alot higher in the water than i expected. the motor ran...
  162. T BICKLE


    i'd like to hoop one more time before the season ends. i got two hoops and lots of bonita for bait. will pitch for gas too, duh
  163. T BICKLE


    just found a picture of my great uncle. everything about this picture is awesome. wish i met him
  164. T BICKLE

    luv to mwwet a classy this chick on BD?

    Please report suspected exploitation of minors to the appropriate authorities luv to mwwet classy guy <HR>Reply to: [email protected] <SUP>[Errors when replying to ads?]</SUP> Date: 2009-02-20, 2:21PM PST hey how is it going emil me here please...
  165. T BICKLE

    check my new ride

    think i can make the crossing in this bad boy? email this posting to a friend los angeles craigslist > long beach / 562 > boats please flag with care: miscategorized prohibited spam/overpost best of craigslist Avoid scams and fraud by dealing locally! Beware any deal involving...
  166. T BICKLE

    lubricating throttle cables

    hey guys havin a little problem with my throttle cables. bought some used ones from minnie marine but i noticed they were "sticky" or not easily moveable. i tried lubing the open ends but to no avail. they are approx 15' feet long. is there any way i can force lubricant through the cables or...
  167. T BICKLE

    wizards never die

    YouTube - "Wizards Never Die"
  168. T BICKLE

    ole & sven

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width="100%"><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width="100%"><TABLE cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width="100%"><TABLE cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD...
  169. T BICKLE

    piece of fucking shit

    Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
  170. T BICKLE

    carp and wine

    this still cracks me up
  171. T BICKLE

    you failed

    Lake Jump Catasrophe - CollegeHumor video
  172. T BICKLE

    scribby and photog busted!

    caught scribby and photog frolicking in the parking lot YouTube - MIKEY BATZ
  173. T BICKLE

    awesome ant colony video

    Giant Ant Colony is a World WonderVideo </pre>
  174. T BICKLE

    look at this beautiful watermelon

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  175. T BICKLE


    neener neener
  176. T BICKLE

    ryan seacrest high fives a blind guy

    American Idol: Ryan Seacrest Tries To High-Five A Blind Guy - Reality TV - Videogum
  177. T BICKLE

    Orange you glad...

  178. T BICKLE


    so to start this off i will preface it by saying... don't look for a date on the internet. and now my hobby for the last few days...oh and never mind the bold text, it doesn't mean anything except that i'm retarded at cut and pasting in word Besides the initial meet and greet when “it”...
  179. T BICKLE

    saluki this one's for you

    <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="480" height="360" ><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true"/><param name="wmode" value="transparent"/><param name="AllowScriptAccess" value="true"/><param...
  180. T BICKLE

    capt G this one's for you

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
  181. T BICKLE

    ano nuevo de cabo san lucas..pic heavy

    headed down to cabo san lucas for the new years. stayed at solmar beach on the pacific side right at lands end. this place was awesome. i highly recommend it. the hotels crew seemed to run on the mexican minute but then again the bar is always ten steps away for the impatient. i surf fished a...
  182. T BICKLE

    any one heard of minnie marine in newport costa mesa area?

    tried looking them up on google but couldn't find any contact info. i'm looking for some miscellaneous parts and cables. thanks
  183. T BICKLE

    udon makes my tummy smile

    i swear this stuff was designed for sour hangover stomach. i just went from zero to hero after eating this. now i just some sake to finish it off.... the cold unfiltered kind of course *note: this was a captn G inspired thread
  184. T BICKLE

    tom waits animation

    not sure if anyone cares but my dad made this animated music video for tom waits in 1979 and still has the original animation cels. i got em up on ebay but if anyone is interested pm me and i'll hook a BD'er up or trade for some gear. you can check em out here original animation cell from TOM...
  185. T BICKLE

    Need Cabo san Lucas advice

    i searched some of the other threads but couldn't find what i was looking for. basically i'm going for 5 days over new years and need to get at least one inshore day in and hopefully some beach fishing aswell. renegade mike sounds like the man down there but am pretty sure i couldn't afford it...
  186. T BICKLE


  187. T BICKLE

    how to deflate a blowfish

    kick him in the nuts. no really please
  188. T BICKLE

    i gotta try this

    Hair Dryer Prank - CollegeHumor video
  189. T BICKLE


    from the KC game
  190. T BICKLE


    fished LB last night with some of the usual suspects. fog rolled in fast and thick. tankers were rollin through the channel too so we stayed inside for awhile. the bite went stoopid for almost two hours, a fish on nearly every cast. nothin big except for chris's chunky sculpin. finally the fog...
  191. T BICKLE


  192. T BICKLE

    fish ID please

    went out a couple weeks ago and my buddy caught this thing on a double tail scampi. at first i thought it was a calico but once it got closer to the boat it obviously wasn't. some sort of rockfish i'm thinking but i've never seen one this size. it taped out at 20" and was very chunky. any...
  193. T BICKLE

    damnit saluki!

    you just removed your own thread didn't you? that was funny too! i guess no implied politics on BD either LOL
  194. T BICKLE

    new video, check it out

    YouTube - Surf Rider anyone know how to embed a video from you tube?
  195. T BICKLE

    so i was browsing craigslist...

    ****Lounge Chair**** (Torrance) <HR>Reply to: [email protected] <SUP>[?]</SUP> Date: 2008-11-03, 3:16PM PST This is a somewhat odd looking lounge chair, but it is actually quite comfortable. This was given to my husband and me, but we can't find a good spot for it. <TABLE...
  196. T BICKLE

    partying with photog and jscrib

    What is douche?
  197. T BICKLE

    random pics

  198. T BICKLE

    a good one to start the day with

    These Glutes Are Made For Walking - CollegeHumor video
  199. T BICKLE

    just give up

    Biker Stinks At Biking - CollegeHumor video
  200. T BICKLE


    Pathetic Skater - CollegeHumor video
  201. T BICKLE

    la pequena?

  202. T BICKLE

    monster poo

    Monster Sh*t Video
  203. T BICKLE

    choad of the day

    im pretty sure this is what would happen if one were to time travel and get trapped in a sonic the hedgehog video game then thrown in a blender with skittles and poo
  204. T BICKLE

    choads in the house

  205. T BICKLE


    YouTube - BoB 1 xD
  206. T BICKLE

    worth a thousand words?

    only one comes to mind.... deuchey!
  207. T BICKLE

    bass n bugs

    these pics are from a couple nights ago in santa monica. some quality bugs and a quality PB calico caught by my friend mike on the gulp shrimp. a very fun night
  208. T BICKLE

    buy this boat...NOT!

    19 ft boat...please do not look at my ad...
  209. T BICKLE


    so i brought home some bugs last night (2) and put them in my 100 gal saltwater tank. this morning one was dead, very dead. i took him out and broke the tail and legs and put it on ice in hopes of eating tonight. i know they will usually stay alive for quite awhile just on ice so i was sort of...
  210. T BICKLE

    underwater mural

    i posted some pics of this awhile back but its finally finished so i thought i'd make a lil video of it. my dad painted the whole inside of this dudes house, its pretty wild YouTube - Ian finn's macCool world
  211. T BICKLE


    went out for a local bass run last night out of MDR with mike (take me fishing). it was probably the best bass fishing i've had all year. first five casts = five fish. i couldn't keep track of how many fish we caught, easily 40-50 pishys. most were 2-3lbers with some chunkier models towards the...
  212. T BICKLE

    one more for frank

    YouTube - Tiki Dance/Flappy
  213. T BICKLE

    my uncle is insane

    no really... the 70's did a number on him YouTube - chicken chronicles part 1...Where's My Chicken, Mang?
  214. T BICKLE

    casitas this weekend

    im going camping in casitas this weekend. i haven't done the freshwater thing in awhile but i'm looking forward to it. i know its still closed to boats but anyone have and recomendations on shore fishing locations and what might be working there? i prefer using plastics but i'll do the...
  215. T BICKLE

    fishing report - video

    had the honor of fishing with jason, ali and vince last weekend. headed out early and found a nice size paddy stacked with rat yellows that were suicidal and chewing the paint off the boat. i could have stayed there all day whackin em but jason wouldn't even comed down off the tower for one so...
  216. T BICKLE

    smell my fish bait

    <TABLE class=EC_EC_MsoNormalTable id=EC_EC_EC_INCREDIMAINTABLE style="WIDTH: 100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD id=EC_EC_EC_INCREDITEXTREGION style="PADDING-RIGHT: 1.5pt; PADDING-LEFT: 1.5pt; PADDING-BOTTOM: 1.5pt; WIDTH: 100%; PADDING-TOP: 1.5pt"...
  217. T BICKLE

    its always sunny in...

    Day ManVideo
  218. T BICKLE

    pretty f'n cool

    my dad just sent me pics of a house he just finished painting (inside) its a cool underwater sci fi mural. check it out, tell us what you think Picasa Web Albums - john - ian finns wat...#
  219. T BICKLE

    bass fishing = rockfish

    went out of MDR on sunday for a freezer filler. haven't taken any fish in a long time and ive been craving some tacos. im not really a bass killer so i was looking for sculpin and rockfish. went up to santa monica and was throwing gulp shrimp and hammerin em! i was 3 to 1 to my buddy using...
  220. T BICKLE

    looking for steering linkage / throttle cables

    for a 1979 johnson 70hp seahorse. im reconfiguring my boat from a side console to a center but this requires another 2-3 feet of cables. anyone know of a marine junkyard or anywhere where i dont have to pay west marine prices? muchos gracias in advance
  221. T BICKLE

    almost got scammed

    was driving to work on sunset blvd and this dude in a volvo merges in front of me going very slow approx 15-20mph and the speed limit is 35. im kinda stuck behind this guy for a couple blocks so i pull up pretty close behind him (there's nothing slowing him down). at this point he looks at me in...
  222. T BICKLE


    went out of MDR on sunday into deeper water and saw some meter marks about 30 feet down. dropped a swim bait down and then grinded it up followed by a couple barrys. these were big barrys, the biggest iv'e seen around here, about three feet long and maybe 5-7 lbs. landed 2 of em but threw em...
  223. T BICKLE

    attention: charters, captains, 6 packs

    Would anyone be interested in a promotional video / commercial for their sportfishing business? i am a videographer and editor and could shoot and assemble a kick ass promo video for your website. let me know if you wanna see some of my work. will do for cheap or rides
  224. T BICKLE

    check out my music video

    i just finished up this video for a friends band. whaddya think? YouTube - "escape" the essentials
  225. T BICKLE

    where to buy mex liscense in oside?

    need to buy an annual mex liscense hopefully near oceanside for pelagic hunting tommorow!!! know where i can get one? gracias
  226. T BICKLE

    my latest masterpiece

    if you can sit through it... YouTube - dyno dave does patton
  227. T BICKLE

    need a steering wheel

    hey all, im looking for a destroyer type stainless steel steering wheel. anybody got one they want to sell? 75 bucks at west marine is a bit much considering all the other shit i gotta buy. anybody...anybody? thanks
  228. T BICKLE

    i hate thieves...

    i came home from work yesterday to 3 thefts around my apartment. 1. one of the girls in the apt next door has had a pink beach cruiser locked up to the front stair railing leading to the main door of our building for a few days. i notice yesterday that the weels have been stolen off. wtf?? who...
  229. T BICKLE

    show me your genitals

    YouTube - Show Me Your Genitals
  230. T BICKLE

    looking for a console

    need a console for my skiff. before i build one i thought i would ask if anybody's got one... anybody?
  231. T BICKLE

    dude is nuts...aussie's

    YouTube - galvin skua
  232. T BICKLE

    MDR - who's seen this boat?

    saw this crappy red 2 door explorer attached to a trailer that looks like its worth 10X that of the explorer. looks to me to be at least 30 feet and its already stink bugging the tow vehicle unloaded. just wondering if this thing can even launch / retrieve a boat that size. has anybody seen this...
  233. T BICKLE

    "that piece of halibut was good enough for jehovah"

    best (and worst) monty python quotes, lets hear em
  234. T BICKLE


  235. T BICKLE

    should i replace my rub rails?

    anybody got any hookups? 200$ at west marine is looking a bit steep. thanks
  236. T BICKLE

    the spottie that cured me

    i daydreamed of bass today. it was an insatiable appetite that only one thing could cure. since my baby needs shoes right now i copped garden martha's steez and went on foot patrol. a few casts for nada but i knew she was waiting for me. chucked the crank a few times and wham! there she was. my...
  237. T BICKLE

    museum rap

    YouTube - Liam Lynch- The Museum Rap
  238. T BICKLE

    need a boat...

    bought a boat yesterday and took it out for a spin. i've been super pumped about this thing all week. motor ran great, trailer is very clean, hull needs a little tlc...or alot. pulled it out of the water and was leisurely poking around the transom and come to find out it is completely rotten. i...
  239. T BICKLE


    not sure what forum to post this under, so my apologies if this needs to be moved... I have a friend who wants to go on a birthday cruise with 10-15 friends out of Long beach or Marina del rey. no fishing and no destination in particular, just a leisurely cruise along the coast for approx 6...
  240. T BICKLE


    shot this music video for my brothers band last year entirely at the salton sea. the place is amazing but dont think i'll ever go back because it smells so bad. enjoy :) YouTube - latin assassin
  241. T BICKLE


    Im thinking about jumping on a half day this weekend and wondering what you guys thought of your experiences with them. thanks!
  242. T BICKLE


    launched at 7am and sunburnt by 8. absolutely beautiful conditions and all my hopes were fulfilled before i even left the ramp. motored to a new spot and threw around some plastiques for nada. got startled by a few mega bat rays swimming right under my 12' tinny. kneejerk reaction, i reached...
  243. T BICKLE


    <object height="355" width="425"> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" height="355" width="425"></object> a friend i met in australia a few years ago just joined the site today. this is his first post. btw that is me...
  244. T BICKLE

    Who's fishing round 2 SWBA?

    i met a lot of guys from the last tourney, just wondering what BD'ers are in this one. maybe i can actually weigh my big fish this time... doh! :turkey
  245. T BICKLE

    what do you get when you mix meth with a jetski and an aluminum boat?

    12` alum with 550 jet take a look:urno1:
  246. T BICKLE

    awesome cephlapod footage

    never mind the sermon guy, this is some amazing footage
  247. T BICKLE

    who's got 100 bucks and a lot of time?

    Glasspar Boat oh to have a garage, know how, tools and time
  248. T BICKLE

    anyone use gulp squid?

    my buddy left a pack of 3"gulp squid on my boat last night. never used em before but im thinking they might work well on a drop shot setup. have you used these before and if so on what setup? and can someone please tell me how to tie a correct drop shot or equivalent? nearly half of mine slip...
  249. T BICKLE

    any hotels?

    i want to take my chica to a hotel friday night, something decent but not posh. im thinking under a hundred bucks. North county preferably but not limited to. any suggestions?
  250. T BICKLE

    whats the dope on SD?

    want to launch out of san diego on saturday but i've only fished the bay once. my range is pretty limited (maybe to la jolla) so im not too sure where to hit. any suggestions?
  251. T BICKLE

    MDR 2-11-08

    pretty slow night... all was made better by my PB out of MDR. he put the hurt on my 12lb test and i was lucky to get him out of the rocks. caught tight in the skinny. fun fish, i was stoked. total count: 3 calico's all released...duh
  252. T BICKLE

    LB thursday

    got the day off on thursday and thinking about hitting long beach in the AM. anyone else going out?
  253. T BICKLE

    angry sheriffs and sinking rods

    uumm yeah so how do you spell dissapointment? i think its m-d-r went out last night for a little spottie practice in leu of the SWBA opener in newport tomorrow. got a new little baitcaster combo over the weekend and i was dying to try so we went dock hunting. my buddy pulls a pig spottie on...
  254. T BICKLE


    With all the writers on strike, work is thin around my company. Im looking to work on some projects doing some camera work and possibly editing. I have worked on everything from documentary's, commercials, concerts, web video, music videos, short films and a fishing tv show in australia. I own a...
  255. T BICKLE


    went hoopin / bassin / rattlesnake huntin last night. turned out to be a great night on the water. i had originally went out with the intent of getting an octopus to put in my fish tank but was quickly discouraged by fellow BD'ers the many implications of keeping and maintaining an octopi tank...
  256. T BICKLE


    I GOT IN AN ACCIDENT WITH A KANGAROO IN AUSTRALIA YouTube - garrett vs. kangaroo
  257. T BICKLE


  258. T BICKLE


    holla! i just finished this video for jack from de-fishing soap and thought i would post it up for you to check out YouTube - defishing
  259. T BICKLE

    any advice on lake irvine?

    im thinking about fishing there on saturday and have never been there before. anybody got any suggestions on how to fish the place?
  260. T BICKLE

    best way to end the year

    launched at mdr for last little hoorah of 07. started off throwing 4 and 5" swimbaits in search of the elusive and adored spottie. switched to gulp. damn those suckers are elusive. decided i didnt want to get skunked on the last day of the year so we went on the hunt to some favorite spots where...
  261. T BICKLE

    fished MDR last night

    it was super slow. got bit a few times but they definitely weren't hungry. i probly only got bit when i bounced the jig on their head. fished a few different spots inside the marina with little or no action. i was heading back in and noticed the large coast guard ship was not in its dock. hmmm...
  262. T BICKLE


    took home an assortment of sculpin, bass and rockfish and wanted to batter those pups up. i concocted this little recipe and it was awesome! im hoping someone else can share any other recipe ideas whether battered or marinated. all these ingredients are added to taste, so here goes: cup of...
  263. T BICKLE

    went fishing

    so yesterday i was all pumped to go fish after work with photog but something came up and he had to bone out. apparently "family" takes precedence over fishing....pshhhht!! so i called my other fishing buddy (and roomate) to see if he wanted to go but his vag was hurting and had to stay home due...
  264. T BICKLE

    fish mdr tonight?

    looking to fish in about an hour or so last minute but my buddy bailed on me shoot me your phone #
  265. T BICKLE

    wanna fish tonight?

    last minute but anyone wanna fish mdr tonight? lookin to go in an hour or so shoot me your phone # garrett
  266. T BICKLE


    Fished MDR last night and whacked a few decent fish. it was my friends' first time ever fishing saltwater (he's used to the indiana lakes where apparently more than two fish in a summer is a good year) so i pumped him up and guaranteed to get him on a few bass. the smallest one was his first and...
  267. T BICKLE

    long beach crew will appreciate

  268. T BICKLE

    Hello...2 reports, not much bass.

    fished with some criminals in the long beach area for a few calico's on tuesday night. went out again on wednesday for a few more up north in the land of "life partners".