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  1. BiggetyBones

    For Sale *** SOLD *** JRI, Salas, Tady - Iron Jig Lot (23 Jigs)

    Last group of jigs guys... 23 Jigs = $100 Selling as a lot, will not separate. I don't believe any of these jigs have been fished. Serious buyers only. Will not hold. Pick up in South Orange County (Laguna Hills). Surface Irons: Salas 7X = 5 jigs JRI 4 = 2 jigs JRI 3 = 1 jig JRI 1 = 2...
  2. BiggetyBones

    For Sale *** SOLD *** Tady Iron Jig Lot (25 Jigs)

    Selling as a lot, will not split up. Many have not been used. 25 Tady Iron Jigs for $100 ($4 per jig) Pick up in South Orange County. Will not hold. Prefer not to ship.
  3. BiggetyBones

    For Sale *** SOLD *** JRI Jig Lot (18 Jigs)

    Selling as a lot, will not split up. Not 100% sure, but they may all be brand new. Some have chips from banging around in the tackle box. 18 JRI Jigs for $100 ($5.55 per jig). Pick up in South Orange County.
  4. BiggetyBones

    SOLD ***SOLD*** Iron Jig lot (54 Jigs)

    Selling as a lot, will not split up. Many have never been used. 54 Jigs for $100. Less than $2 each. Pick up in South Orange county. Can ship on your dime.
  5. BiggetyBones

    WTB * Accurate Valiant 500N - 2 speed *

    Looking for an Accurate Valiant 500N - 2 Speed reel. If you have one to sell, please let me know what you got. Thx!
  6. BiggetyBones

    For Sale *** SOLD *** SKB 7100 TACKLE BOX w/ 4 ROCKET LAUNCHERS

    Used good condition SKB 7100 tackle box with rocket launchers for sale = $225 Description from web… The 2SKB-7100 Medium Tackle Box is made of indestructible rotationally molded construction with stainless steel hardware and fasteners. The lid opens 90-degrees or 180-degres to access time...
  7. BiggetyBones

    Temple Reef Levitate Rods for sale locally

    SPJ for sale posts makes sense to post over here, but rules say to post over in the classifieds. Was hoping to sell them locally here to someone on BD before I posted outside and offer to ship.
  8. BiggetyBones

    For Sale *** SOLD *** Temple Reef - Levitate - Slow Pitch Jigging Rods (Set)

    Temple Reef (SPJ) Rod - 2017 Limited Edition - Bamboo Models: *** SF 68-2. SOLD ** Temple Reef Levitate (SF 68-2, 6’8”, Lure: 150g-400g) *** SOLD *** Temple Reef Levitate (SF 68-3, 6’8”, Lure: 200g-500g) = $325 Rod comes with original Temple Reef Rod sleeve. Rod has been very lightly fished...
  9. BiggetyBones

    WTB * Phenix Rod *

    Looking for PHD928MH-Deck Hand rod. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thx BD!
  10. BiggetyBones

    2020 Temple Reef Levitate 5th Anniversary

    Hey @benwah22, Do you have any idea of when the 2020 Temple Reef Levitate 5th Anniversary Jewel Collection Limited edition is going to be released? Thx!
  11. BiggetyBones

    WTB ** Phenix Rod **

    Looking to buy a Phenix M1 Spinning fishing rod. Model # SMX-77M If you got one to sell, let me know! Thanks!
  12. BiggetyBones

    WTB Promar

    Looking to buy: - Promar Ambush XL hoop nets - Promar pro hoop net kits
  13. BiggetyBones

    American Airlines & Alaska Airlines - Rod Tube check? Experience/ Advice?

    I'm going to the Big Island with the Fam in July and was hoping to take 3 rods in a Plano travel rod case. Wanted to do some shore fishing with my 12 year old son for Papio, Omilu, and maybe even an Ulua. With this, I wanted to bring 2 lighter spinning rods (Phenix Trifecta Pro - 8'6, 10-30 lb...
  14. BiggetyBones

    WTB * Phenix Trifecta *

    Looking for: Phenix Trifecta TRX-S907-2 (9', 10-30lb) Spinning Rod PM or reply here if you got one for sale. Thanks BD!
  15. BiggetyBones

    WTB * Stradic Ci4 *

    Looking to buy a Shimano Stradic Ci4 4000 XG FB Thanks BD!
  16. BiggetyBones

    WTB * Phenix Rods * Found them

    Found the rods I’m looking for. Thanks BD! Looking to buy these spinning rods. Phenix Black Diamond spinning rod - 8’6, 20-50lb, PSW-S869H Phenix Trifecta spinning rod - 9’, 10-30lb, TRX-S907-2 Phenix M1 Inshore spinning rod - 7’11, 10-25lb, SMX-S711ML Thanks BD!
  17. BiggetyBones

    WTB Phenix M1 SMX-S 711ML

    Looking to buy new or excellent condition Phenix M1 SMX-S 711ML (10-25lb) 7’11 Spinning Rod. Let me know the details if you got one you want to sell.
  18. BiggetyBones

    WTB Phenix Rod *

    Looking to buy new or excellent condition Phenix Axis 720x2h Model: HAX-720X2H Let me know if you got one for sale. Thanks!
  19. BiggetyBones

    WTB SKB 7100 *

    Looking to buy good condition SKB 7100 tackle box.
  20. BiggetyBones

    WTB Phenix Axis *

    Want to buy new or used Phenix Axis HAX-720X3H. Let me know what you got. Thanks!
  21. BiggetyBones

    Black Hole CB 801MH or 801H?

    Jamie / Kilsong / or anyone else with Black Hole Challenger 801 insight, I’m hoping you can help me decide which rod to purchase. Looking to purchase my first popping rod. Was initially looking at the Phenix Titan Line, but after hours of searches, I’m now leaning towards a Black Hole...
  22. BiggetyBones

    "Preferred" Braid?

    Lately I've been fishing Maxcuatro, before that, Super Slick 8 (not v2), and before that it was Suffix 832, and before that it was Izor. Newer braid such as Super Slick 8 v2, Daiwa J-Braid x8 Grand, etc... and others are now available. I realize Maxcuatro is thinner in diameter, but abrasion...
  23. BiggetyBones

    WTB Phenix Trifecta

    Model: TRX-S907-2 Length: 9' Line Rating: 10-30 PM or send reply here and I'll get back to you. Thanks!
  24. BiggetyBones

    WTB: Phenix Rod

    Want to buy a Phenix Black Diamond 909XH Deckhand rod in new or used condition. If you have one for sale or know of someone who has the hookup on one for sale, please reach out to me in this thread or PM. Thanks BD!
  25. BiggetyBones

    WTB-Shimano Tekota 600LC

    Looking to see if anybody has a Shimano Tekota 600LC for sale. If you got one you're looking to get rid of please let me know. Thanks BD!
  26. BiggetyBones

    WTB: Phenix Rod

    Looking to buy a good condition factory wrapped Phenix 909H deckhand model rod. Let me know what you got. Thanks BD!
  27. BiggetyBones

    TranX paddle/power handle swap

    Bantam, I've already picked up the TranX 400 and plan on picking up the 400 HG real soon. I like the idea of having the HG power handle on the lower gear ratio regular TranX and switching out the regular 400 paddle handle to the higher gear ratio TranX HG. Do you foresee any issues in doing...
  28. BiggetyBones

    Megabass Rods

    These are extremely sensitive and just beautiful rods! Hardcore bass guys, these are the two you want! Megabass Orochi XX F5-75XX 7'5'' Extreme Mission Type-F Casting Rod - Great condition = $220 Megabass Orochi XX F7-72XX 7'2'' Perfect Pitch - Great condition = $220 Prefer face to...
  29. BiggetyBones

    ICAST 2016

    It's getting close! Let's say that Shimano does come out with a few new reels. If they did come out with a few new reels, would they be shown at the "New Product Showcase" on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week? And if they did come out with new reels, how long after would they be available for...
  30. BiggetyBones

    Thumb Guard / Protector

    I've been fishing quite a bit lately for Spotted Baby Bass and have been jacking up my thumb lipping these spotted bay bass. Catching Calicos / Sandies all day is different than catching Spotties. The Spotties got more teeth and with that, my thumb got infected by some good cuts / punctures...
  31. BiggetyBones

    WTB: Phenix Rod

    Looking to buy a good condition Phenix Recon 2 Series rod. Model # PHX-C715H 7'1" / 10 - 25 If you got one you would like to sell, please let me know. Thanks!
  32. BiggetyBones

    WTT: Phenix Rod

    Looking to trade my excellent condition Phenix Inshore Series PSW866L - ISA (8'6 / 8-25lb). Rod ONLY. Looking for same quality, Phenix Classic Swimbait or Phenix Ultra Swimbait rod (7'11 / 10-25 lb). If you got one you're willing to trade, let's make a deal! Located in OC. Here are a few pics...
  33. BiggetyBones

    TranX 400

    I drop by the Shimano board every so often to check the haps on everything Shimano. You got the die hard loyalists that love Shimano and the haters that troll the loyalists. I happen to be one of the loyalists and can't wait for the TranX 400 to drop! It's killing me! I know nothing is...
  34. BiggetyBones

    2 Stroke - Gas/Oil mix what to do?

    A few friends and I own a 17' Boston Whaler Montauk that doesn't get used as much as she should. She's an old girl (80) with an old engine (1980 90HP Merc). Ever since we bought her, she's never been really good at starting up, so we'd spray her with quick start and more times than not, she'd...
  35. BiggetyBones

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 (*** SOLD SOLD SOLD!!)

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 Star Drag for sale = $275. 50lb braid backing with a short mono topshot. Reel located in Orange County. Prefer local pickup.
  36. BiggetyBones

    Terez Rods 411 (Flat falls)

    100% of the rods I fish with now are Phenix sticks. I bought a bunch of Flat falls and am now contemplating whether or not I need a Terez rod.?.?. Was thinking of using my TN16a and combining it with the appropriate Terez rod. In terms of jig weight, I plan on primarily fishing mostly the...
  37. BiggetyBones

    Rod ID/ Help

    Looking for guidance/advice… I don’t have custom rods, however, have seven factory wrapped Phenix rods (700H, 760XH, SXM90H, 900L, 900ML, 908MH, 909XHJ). I fish primarily on open party cattle boats and am always worried that someone is going to steal my gear. Tough to trust people nowadays...
  38. BiggetyBones

    ~~ Shimano Trinidad TN12 ~~ *** SOLD! ***

    **** REEL IS SOLD! **** Thanks for looking! For Sale: $220 50 pound, I think Shimano Super Slick Braid to the very top. Great little reel! Prefer local pick up in OC.
  39. BiggetyBones

    Talica 12 / Flat Fall fishing experience / Advice needed

    Recently, I tried fishing the 160 gram Shimano Flat Fall for the first time on a Phenix 700XH rod combined with a Shimano Talica 12 ii speed reel. The reel has 80lb Maxcuatro to the top with a 4’ section of 40lb Seaguar premier fluorocarbon leader. So, it was really frustrating because the...
  40. BiggetyBones

    Shimano Flat Fall Jig color and size favorites

    Whoever has used these Shimano Flat Fall jigs with success on either Yellowtail or Tuna, which two jigs would you buy and what size? Never posted a poll, but if it gives you the option to enter comments, what did you catch with the jigs and how did you fish them? Thanks! Tight Lines!
  41. BiggetyBones

    WTB: PSW-700XH

    Looking for a factory wrapped Phenix PSW-700XH rod. Got one to sell or know someone that has one to sell?? Let me know. Thanks!
  42. BiggetyBones

    WTB: Drop Shot Rod

    I think I want a Gloomis DSR 822 C (Casting Rod). Thx, but NOT interested in a Spinning rod. Got a wild hair and thinking I want to start drop shotting for halibut. Always been a fan of Loomis, so, I figure I can't go wrong with this rod. Hoping to score a deal on a used one. If you got one...
  43. BiggetyBones

    Mercury (2-Stroke) outboard mechanics?

    Hey fellas, I got a 17’ Boston Whaler Montauk powered by a 1980 – 2 Stroke - 90 HP Mercury outboard motor. Looking to find a good, honest, reasonably priced mechanic that knows Mercury outboards and could make our girl purr. I joke with friends and say, we should’ve named the boat “COME ON...
  44. BiggetyBones

    Phenix 4 Sale

    Phenix Inshore Assassin for sale: Info: PSW866L - ISA 8'6" 8-25 1 Fast Alps Fuji TCS/Custom Cork & EVA - Retails: $269 Price: $160 (Rod only) Located in OC
  45. BiggetyBones

    Offshore 411

    Sup fellas, I’m heading out on a limited load trip of 26 / extended ¾ day trip this weekend out of Daveys in search of the local exotics. Last outing was a couple weeks back. I fished a limited load of 68, which isn’t exactly a limited load, but the only time I could fish, so I booked it...
  46. BiggetyBones

    WTB: Trinidad 20A

    ** Got my reel. Thanks everyone! **
  47. BiggetyBones

    FS: BNIB Saltiga 40 (Limited Edition Blue) Star Drag w/ Power Jig handle (Plus Braid!)

    *** Reel has been SOLD! Thank you for your interest! *** BNIB Limited Edition Blue Saltiga 40 with Power jig Handle (Price reduced!) The Limited Edition Blues are very hard to find, especially brand new. On top of that, it comes paired with a brand new Power Jig T-Bar Handle, which retails...
  48. BiggetyBones

    FS: BNIB Saltiga 30T (Limited Edition Gold) Star Drag

    I have a brand new in box Limited Edition Gold Saltiga 30T star drag reel. This reel has never seen water / nor has it ever had line on it. Beautiful rare reel that would make a great Father's day gift for someone! Price Reduced: $475 Not interested in any trades. Reel location, OC. PM...
  49. BiggetyBones

    Phenix PSW-909XHJ - Deck Hand

    Sup guys, So after the Fred Ho show, you think back at all the things you didn't buy, but should've bought when you were there. I know, "WTF are you talking about?? The ho show was almost two months ago!??"... I know... Even though the PCS show is nowhere near the size of Fred Ho, they got...
  50. BiggetyBones

    Phenix Rods (PWS907ML or SMX-90M)

    Hey guys, I'm looking to see if I can find the following rods for sale: - Phenix Inshore Assasin PWS907ML Or - Phenix M1 SMX-90M If you got one you want to get rid of, please PM me. Thanks!
  51. BiggetyBones

    WTB: Shimano Symetre 750

    Looking for a new or used, good condition Shimano Symetre 750. Need it for a mammoth trip, leaving this weekend. Got one you want to sell? Please send me your contact info. Thanks for looking!
  52. BiggetyBones

    WTB: Shimano UL Reels

    Hi Guys,</SPAN></SPAN> I'm looking to buy 1 - Shimano Symentre 750 and 1 - Shimano Sahara 500 fishing reel.</SPAN></SPAN> If you got one your willing to part with, please let me know.</SPAN></SPAN> Thanks for looking!</SPAN></SPAN>
  53. BiggetyBones

    WTB: Shimano Reels

    Looking to buy 1 good condition Shimano Symetre 750 reel. Also looking to buy 2 good condition Shimano 500 sized reels. Let me know what you got! Thanks!
  54. BiggetyBones

    WTB: Shimano Symetre 750

    Looking to buy a good condition Shimano Symetre 750. Let me know what you got! Thanks!
  55. BiggetyBones

    WTB - Kencor Ultra Light Rod

    Want to buy a Kencor ultra light rod. Specifically, I'm looking for a Kencor SP5-2V. This is a 5' rod with a line rating of 2-6lb. Let me know what you got! Thanks!!!
  56. BiggetyBones

    DAIWA Accessory Reel Clamp ARSC-1

    Does anybody have one these Diawa clamps they want to sell?
  57. BiggetyBones

    2 - Shimano Calcutta 200TE GTs for Sale

    Updated to add pics. All IMs have been responded to..... ************************ I've got two Shimano Calcutta 200TE GTs for sale. Maintenance has always been done by Shimano (Irvine). Shimano Calcutta # 1, 200TE GT for sale $200 <FONT face=Cambria>Recently serviced by...
  58. BiggetyBones

    Much props to BIG TENTACLES @ Harbor Auto in Costa Mesa!

    <font size="3">If anybody out there needs a good stand-up reliable and honest mechanic, do yourself a favor and see big John at Harbor Auto in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:place w:st="on">Costa Mesa</st1:place></st1:city>.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  59. BiggetyBones

    NIB: Abu Garcia Revo Inshore

    Thanks for looking... *** This item has been SOLD!!! *** NIB: Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Includes: Box, Manual, Oil, Power Handle, Reel Price Firm: $150 Pick up in Costa Mesa area
  60. BiggetyBones

    Steering Wheel Locked Up (Help Needed!)

    High Level Issue : Steering is locked Boat : 17' Boston Whaler Montauk Motor : 1980 90 HP Mercury Boat Location : Lakewood Details: In preparation for taking the boat out, one of the things we like do to do before we leave the house is kick over the engine. This happened to be the Sunday of...
  61. BiggetyBones

    Bow Trolling Motor - Port side or starboard side?

    A couple friends and I purchased a 17' Boston Whaler Montauk mainly to wall bang and fish bass locally. Recently we picked up a bow mount 80lb thrust Minn Kota Riptide Saltwater trolling motor. We :Beat_Them can't come to an agreement on which side of the bow the trolling motor should be...
  62. BiggetyBones

    Phenix Rods

    Factory wrapped, PSW906L-ISA or PSW907ML-ISA.PM me with info... Thanks!
  63. BiggetyBones

    Boat Cover

    Looking to buy a boat cover for a 17' Boston Whaler with Bow Rails. Got one to sell? Please reply here with description and price or PM me. Thanks for looking!
  64. BiggetyBones

    Boat Cover

    Looking to buy a boat cover for a 17' Boston Whaler with Bow Rails. Got one to sell? Please reply here with description and price or PM me. Thanks for looking!
  65. BiggetyBones

    Color Fish Finder

    Looking to purchase a good color fishfinder with at minimum a 5" color screen. I have a 17' boston whaler montauk I'll be planting it to. The unit I'm looking at right now is the Lowrance - HDS-5 Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter Mount. Something in the color 5-7" models. If you got something...
  66. BiggetyBones

    Boat Inspection

    I'm looking to buy a used boat with a couple friends. Specifically looking for an older 17' Boston Whaler Montauk for local fishing and looking for the best deal we can find. Right around the $6.5k range. Our problem is that none of us are knowledgeable enough to check the health of the engine...
  67. BiggetyBones

    Phenix - PSW906L - ISA

    Looking to buy this rod... Let me know if you got one to sell. Thanks!
  68. BiggetyBones

    Curado 300e7

    Looking to buy a Shimano Curado 300e7. If you got one you want to sell, please PM me or email me @ [email protected] I'm looking for the newer (green) model Curado in like new to excellent condition. Thanks!
  69. BiggetyBones

    Tiburons & Phenix Ultra Swimbait Rod

    PHENIX ULTRASWIMBAIT 711ML ROD = $180 Condition: New (Still have plastic on cork handle and rod is in a plastic rod bag) Location: Orange County
  70. BiggetyBones

    Phenix Black Diamond Rods

    Swung by Fisherman’s Access in Brea and saw a rod that caught my eye. It was an 8’6 Phenix Black Diamond factory wrapped rod that was %$*&@# beautiful! Just checked the Phenix site to get these specs: Model: PSW866L Length: 8.6” Line Rating: 8-25LB MSRP: $269 Model: PSW867ML Length...
  71. BiggetyBones

    Tiburon Smart Shift Reels (SST-8 and SST-16)

    For Sale: Tiburon Smart Shift Reels (SST-8 and SST-16) If you've ever thought about buying a Tiburon SST fishing reel, do it now! These reels are like winches! I originally purchased the reels from Charkbait in HB for well over $1,300 for both reels. These reels have been used only one time...
  72. BiggetyBones

    WTB: Shimano Tekota 600

    Looking to buy a Tekota 600 in good condition. Reply here or PM me if you got one for sale. Thanks.
  73. BiggetyBones

    Calcutta 915FA

    Looking to buy a Shimano Calcutta 915FA. PM me if you got one for sale or reply here. Thanks! BiggetyBone
  74. BiggetyBones

    Knife Jigs

    I just picked up 2 of the 200g model's from Charkbait. I got the blue (sardine) and the green and yellow. I've already watched the video clip of Shimano's Butterfly jig with Jose W and they recomend the fast crank, pump, crank, pump. Was wondering if any else has had the chance to use them, and...
  75. BiggetyBones

    Royal Polaris 3 Day Tackle Suggestions

    I've got my first 3 day trip Sept. 13 - 16 on the Royal Polaris. Since I've never been on anything longer than a 1.5, I'm unsure of what to bring. Was hoping I could get some help. I've already read the RP's website, but was wondering if I really need all that, or maybe you can enlighten me to...
  76. BiggetyBones

    "Your about to get spooled" video clip????

    A friend told me that there used to be a video clip of Eric from the LongFin as he is about to get spooled with the title above. Then they some how switch the line to another rod / reel setup. Does anybody have this clip? If ya got it, could you repost? Thanks, BiggetyBones