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    dude they're going for 585.00 new with NO transducer

    are the fish still around?

    5643 and lighthouses rule. are you in cali captain meatwallet?

    are the fish still around?

    so i've been out of the game for awhile and missed the whole season. now i have an opportunity to jump on a pb next week but i think i missed birthday party... are there any tunas around that didn't get the memo or will we be limited to rock fishing?


    forgot to say it includes the transducer


    sold the boat but still got the finder. new condition, works perfectly. only used a handfull of times. great finder / gps combo. 400 bones and i'll throw in a 25$ performance tackle gift certificate


    agreed. i would always choose to support dick over big 5 or sports chalet, bummed he closed down. thanks for the tips guys


    sweet, sounds like i'll get both my rods worked on


    Since purfields closed down, i dont know where to go... need a rod tip fix asap! anyone know any tackle shops in culver city or santa monica? scribs where you at?
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    Questions about Cabazone fish

    solid troll
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    Anybody wanna take me fishing?

    back on gay is the way to play
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    florida fishing

    shot this a long time ago, finally got around to the edit
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    Who should the San Diego Chargers hire for their next head coach?

    nope. chuck testa
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    You people are the greatest

    well hot damn
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    Bogii & Barnes relesed from Prison

    one of the best posts and comments i've seen! :hali_olutta:
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    It is about time

    In small social circles i am know as mecka'lechahi'mechhiney'ho. its true look me up
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    FOUND:25$ gift cerificate

    dont worry about the lunch brotha, its yours. if you want you can send me a self addressed envelope and i'll send it back to you that way you don't have to waste money on gas... unless your in the area. i would just offer to send it to you but i'm too lazy to gather up a stamp and envelope and...
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    FOUND:25$ gift cerificate

    that sounds tittilating travis... i dont think its too far from LB but then again it might be in riverside, i forget.
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    FOUND:25$ gift cerificate

    thank you. now seriously who wants this? its a piece of paper the size of a check and its taking up valuable space in my office... its free, come get it or i will use it in the next few days when i run out of tp
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    FOUND:25$ gift cerificate

    photo G has one too. i threatened him with lobster heads and crab claws in his cereal box and he still would not give it up
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    FOUND:25$ gift cerificate

    cleaning up some crap and found a 25$ gift certificate to performance tackle. i have no use for it these days. first one to bring me a can of whale meat gets it
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    Giants Vs. Tigers

    is she slinging keg?
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    folks at home
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    A shout out to Ali and Jason

    folks at home folks at home
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    Intense Harbor Fishing - Team BAD BASS

    monkey poker :rofl: well done on the foot mission, thats one hell of a session!
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    LA Chargers traveling to New England!!!!!!!

    you're a nicer person when your team is not winning
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    Went back up there

    nice pics G!
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    Diaz is out of GSP fight!

    What is it with this guy? He hasn't showed for 2 press conferences or "beauty pageants" as he calls them (which is pretty funny) but c'mon guy you gotta play the game a little. He then goes on a rant like the man is out to get him... dude is his own worst enemy. Condit is a great replacement but...
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    :rofl:only when i'm on your boat
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    always wanted to ride an airboat, finally got to do it.
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    nice shots G
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    Evan Longoria interview.......

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    strikeforce grandprix

    looks to be a great card. starts tomorrow at 5 (pre-lims) here's my picks: werdum for the upset barnett cormier griggs noons if you haven't seen the video i made for werdum check it here
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    Evan Longoria interview.......

    i thought this was an eva longoria interview... and that was fake
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    Fabricio Werdum - Strikeforce heavyweight granprix

    thanks charles! i've talked with fabricio alot about this fight, he is extremely confident. cant wait to see it!
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    Fabricio Werdum - Strikeforce heavyweight granprix

    check this new vid, by far our best yet. We're just releasing it today, You saw it here first!
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    UFC 137 GSP vs Diaz

    i want diaz hard in this fight!!
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    UFC 130

    how'd that parlay work out for you benny?
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    UFC 130

    benny dont lie you rubbed one out watchin that interview! ohh those savvy boys done it again! :rofl: OK big playa let me know how much you win
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    UFC 130

    nice breakdown mike, sounds pretty realistic. i'm rooting for hamill and big country but i think smart betting takes rampage and mir. hope you get to watch the fights
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    UFC 130

    benny, mike, where's your picks?
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    UFC 130

    sounds like you're having a terrible time down there :rofl: hope you get to watch the fights
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    UFC 130

    I have a feeling this card is a sleeper, meaning it doesn't seem too good on paper but i think there will be some exciting fights. i got rampage, mir, struve, stann and alves. there's gonna be a few wars! especially browne vs struve check out our new interview with struve over the weekend in...
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    get out your F#*king checkbook
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    PACQUIAO / MOSLEY FIGHT - Question for those of you who watched it

    we streamed it online. would have been pissed if i paid for it... but thats only cuz it was a crappy fight
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    GSP is a BUM!

    i was making separate points there, not saying you agreed with me about diaz. but diaz was talkin smack after his boy got beat, sayin if the money was right... "you know" "you know" "i'll fight him... you know"
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    GSP is a BUM!

    so the great one agrees with me :rofl: i for one would love to see a diaz / gsp fight. there is no one i would rather see kick gsp's ass than nick diaz
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    GSP is a BUM!

    for the record, i throw the term "bum" around pretty loosely so if you're panties got twisted, please untwist them. i'm just saying i expect more from a champion... how bout that hominick?
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    GSP is a BUM!

    what part do you disagree with? do you think it was a good fight? obviously gsp is a very skilled fighter so maybe the problem lies with his matchups but he had plenty of opportunities to pounce on shield's after he knocked him down but chose to play the safe route. you could tell he really...
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    GSP is a BUM!

    He's not finishing fights, he's whining about getting punched, he's a bum! It was nice to see him roughed up for a change but that was still a really boring fight. Shields didn't really fight like he wanted the win either but i'm sick of watching GSP simply "defend" his title and trying not to...
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    Low Budget 55.6 pound bass!!!

    thats wicked!! way to go!!
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    just for her

    the new iRON...
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    My shoot with "THE JANITOR"

    thanks guys, i'm figuring out our format and aiming for a quick turnaround so i was pretty satisfied with this but they're only gonna get better. wait till you see the fabricio werdum video we're doing this weekend....
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    UFC-129 coming up soon - Good card!!

    that was pretty funny!
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    UFC-129 coming up soon - Good card!!

    thanks mike! ya we're really lookin forward to this card. don't know much about brilz either but of course we gotta root for the janitor now!
  57. T BICKLE

    UFC-129 coming up soon - Good card!!

    hey mike you forgot to mention the other main card fight with matyushenko and brilz. check out this vid i shot this weekend with vladimir "the janitor" matyushenko
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    My shoot with "THE JANITOR"

    Caught up with Vladimir Matyushenko for a last minute interview / b-roll fest for his upcoming UFC fight this weekend. wanted to see how quick we could turn out a video with decent results. shot and edited in 12 hours, here's what i got
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    i'll trade some dryer lint and some used gum
  60. T BICKLE

    VIDEO: 3 Days of HURT!

    wow that just took me back! haven't fished those spots in about 15 years, glad to see they're still putting out!!
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    The "Why I Hate Tues." thread...

    this thread is tues...
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    Ice, Ice Bass

    5643 is that a 2 stroke ninja'd out?
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    Heading out to Long Beach Break Wall

    pearl's only work at night. big hammers only work during the day. if you're going out at dusk youre fucked
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    First attempt at HDR

    i think you should have been out surfing! that point is fun
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    New shark painting 3/18/11

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    not sure mike.. i've tried it on a few computers and it works fine but everytime i post a video it shows up different so i'm not suprised
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    thanks bruddah. now how did i embed the player in the thread?
  68. T BICKLE


    big thanks to the franks! i appreciate the kind words monty's is a great all inclusive place. three meals a day of the best nicaraguan food anywhere, can't wait to go back!
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    sorry if i'm slow, what do you mean?
  70. T BICKLE


    just think of it as pictures in motion... and yes give me a videos forum
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    Pacific Queen 3-11-11 San Diego

    that is pure gold :rofl:
  72. T BICKLE


    yes that is the pacific side. as far as saltwater species in the lake, there was a huge resident population of bullsharks but were then fished out by the japanese in the 60's i believe. i have also heard of tarpon being caught in there
  73. T BICKLE


    finally cut this thing together from my last trip, can't wait to go back in may! <iframe src="" width="400" height="225" frameborder="0"></iframe><p><a href="">Nicaragua fishing</a> from <a...
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    finally cut this thing together from my last trip, can't wait to go back in may!
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    Enjoy the Ride...

    nice use of the tilt shift effect
  76. T BICKLE

    Catalina W/ Jessica

    good stuff. my chick has been begging for a weekend getaway. i've thought of everywhere BUT cat. thanks for posting i might steal your idea
  77. T BICKLE

    just for scribby
  78. T BICKLE


    yeah benny we'll be there. we might be coming down this weekend too. tryin to line up another interview and maybe get your cousin as well. we'll get in touch with you in the next day or two
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    ED BASSMASTER as "Mumbles" at the CLASSIC!

    bartle doo wit da cowpong burder
  80. T BICKLE


    sat cage side and got some gnarly shots. check em
  81. T BICKLE

    a few shots from bellator 35

    got blood all over my camera. gonna have to take it to the clinic to get tested. again
  82. T BICKLE

    a few shots from bellator 35

    Got a spot against the cage this time and got a few good shots. gotta edit some down but here's a couple
  83. T BICKLE

    HDSLR motion experiments

    . you can do it!!!
  84. T BICKLE

    HDSLR motion experiments

    its a cannon t2i with a 50mm 1.8 lens
  85. T BICKLE

    HDSLR motion experiments

    did some experimenting with frame rates and sequence settings and got some pretty decent results. this was shot in 720p @ 60 frames and then conformed to a 23.98 sequence. some shots i sped up for different effects and some slowed down even more. the cleanest shots are the ones that i didn't...
  86. T BICKLE

    Water drops.

    nice diaphragm i mean diagram. did you draw that yourself? real sexy pictures
  87. T BICKLE

    its been too long... here ya go
  88. T BICKLE

    UFC 126

    yep. great card all the way around
  89. T BICKLE

    UFC 126

  90. T BICKLE


    :rofl: seriously... what DO you do with all those sandras?
  91. T BICKLE

    UFC 126

    oh so you got your picks in there benny(e)...? good. i'll go check em. if you got the cajones, you're welcome on our show anytime
  92. T BICKLE

    UFC 126

    kind of a hard card to call but i'm with you and my boys on the video... butttttt i'm takin belfort. chael exposed him and was so close to winning that fight. hopefully vitor was takin notes and can finish the job
  93. T BICKLE

    UFC 126

    SICK CARD!! watch it on spike at six then go to a bar and watch the main card!!! i'm sick of silva, come on belfort!! check out our predictions at MMA Savvy
  94. T BICKLE

    One life ends........another begins.

    very moving, thanks for sharing
  95. T BICKLE

  96. T BICKLE

    Structure fishing in long beach 1-22-11

    i didn't know justin beiber fished...
  97. T BICKLE

    check out our interview with Bruce Buffer!

    its a bit long but hey its Bruce Buffer!
  98. T BICKLE

    wfo fishing bullshit. with the real timski.

    oh geez he's back and lamer than ever
  99. T BICKLE

    Joey Beltran aka "THE MEXICUTIONER"

    oh so you're benny! :rofl: send us your picks, lets see about that
  100. T BICKLE

    Joey Beltran aka "THE MEXICUTIONER"

    Went down to oceanside for the weekend and met up with the "mexicutioner" to talk about his upcoming fight next weekend with pat barry. my friend also found out that joey knows how to kick :rofl: Savvy Exclusive Interview with Joey &#8220;The Mexicutioner&#8221; Beltran | MMA Savvy
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    Sunday in SD Bay...

    i passed you guys on the freeway yesterday, the boat looks sic!
  102. T BICKLE

    Sun Up - Sun Down

    great pics justin
  103. T BICKLE

    1998 SS Striper 2600 WACC (Buonafortuna)

    i'll trade you a ford explorer
  104. T BICKLE

    Baja for New Years

    wow! killer pictures
  105. T BICKLE

    NEED HELP: gotta borrow some tools!

    i have a fleshlight you can borrow
  106. T BICKLE

    One week special here on Bloodydecks!

    now this post makes sense! :rofl::rofl: hope your back gets better bro
  107. T BICKLE

    Last gasp at new stadium now DOA

    :rofl:clearly a new stadium would solve our problems... just ask dallas
  108. T BICKLE


    Just like the title says i need a small section about 6-8 long of fence (no posts necessary). im building a studio in my garage and want to use it as a background. anybody got anything in LA? will trade for your favorite beer:hali_olutta:
  109. T BICKLE

    One week special here on Bloodydecks!

    things are slow in AZ huh?
  110. T BICKLE

    so rad.

  111. T BICKLE

    new camera T2i / some nicaragua shots

    roger that
  112. T BICKLE

    new camera T2i / some nicaragua shots

    flickr sucks. i put the pics on there as i thought they would be easy to post here individually...not
  113. T BICKLE

    new camera T2i / some nicaragua shots

    got the camera for video but got bored with it and started snappin. here's a few shots from my last trip to nicaragua a month ago Flickr: garrettlamb81's Photostream
  114. T BICKLE

    > CRANK the CRANKER <

    good shit ceezy. killer way to kick off the new year
  115. T BICKLE

    Woke up to this today.

    must be global warming...
  116. T BICKLE

    Guess The Location

    looks like the la river lol
  117. T BICKLE

    2011 License

    fishin licensensays ar ghey
  118. T BICKLE

    Chargers and 40 years of hell!

    i hope not
  119. T BICKLE

    Spro BBZ Shad on Sale Today

    those are sprouts G... 5643
  120. T BICKLE

    1st full day with art tablet

    my dad uses the wacom. he has been cranking out stuff faster than ever, he loves it
  121. T BICKLE

    crying in the forest because trees died...

    if you only had a boat to put em on
  122. T BICKLE


    i googled jscrib/bear and found this... weird
  123. T BICKLE


    thanks for the input. definitely gonna go boarding. shit i'm gonna freeze
  124. T BICKLE


    hey guys so i decided to take a last minute trip to Bend to see some friends over the holidays. im going to drive up there and i hear there's lots of rivers and streams. never been to oregon before so im kind of excited. any advice on places to fish close to Bend? cheers
  125. T BICKLE

    Chica BOOM!....literally

    is it weird i got a boner from that?
  126. T BICKLE

    CARL??? Can you please root for the Eagles tomorrow?

    weird that you post that. the damn rain screws up our cable and i couldn't watch the game. the only channel that i could watch was a doco on andre the giant :shithappens:
  127. T BICKLE


    think of it as a big surfboard
  128. T BICKLE


    elephant love
  129. T BICKLE

    This is hard to watch

    that shit gave me a panic attack
  130. T BICKLE

    Thanks for the hook up...Gargoyles Glasses

    i'll tell saluki you found his butt plug
  131. T BICKLE

    Last WEC card before the UFC merger

    wow is all i got to say! pettis looked like he was in the matrix when he caught him with that!
  132. T BICKLE


    haha yeah its all pretty old footy. been sittin around for awhile so i thought i'd do somethin with it. now if i could just catch some bigger fish...
  133. T BICKLE

    Fishworks Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends Dec. 23, 2010

    i've been having some weird farts lately...
  134. T BICKLE

    OFFICIAL CHARGERS Vs. 49ers thread...

    i approve of this message
  135. T BICKLE

    OFFICIAL CHARGERS Vs. 49ers thread...

    why you gotta hate salucock? one word for you patriots
  136. T BICKLE


    this video has everything... except fish
  137. T BICKLE

    Team Basstic - Cedros Island Calico Bass - New Video!

    nice video evan! the gopro really shows up nice when the sun is out. if you want it to match up with your other footage (aspect ratio wise) use the R5 setting which is 16x9 1080. keep up the good work and thanks for sharing
  138. T BICKLE

    Last WEC card before the UFC merger

    ok la flama blanca gets a pass indeed
  139. T BICKLE

    Last WEC card before the UFC merger

    i guess i've just watched the fights that faber lost (except his last) and haven't been too impressed with him. anyway your on mike. i'll call it right now, the winner of this fight takes faber no prob
  140. T BICKLE

    Last WEC card before the UFC merger

    ya but if i have to watch one more commercial of him jump roping or hopping out of a jeep im gonna take a hostage!
  141. T BICKLE

    Last WEC card before the UFC merger

    i agree with you mike. these guys are world class fighters and not only deserve the paycheck bump but also the recognition that comes with being in the ufc. for us fans i think that equates to more events (hopefully free events) and obviously more title fights
  142. T BICKLE

    Last WEC card before the UFC merger

    jorgensen is so aggresive and tough i think he may just be able to outlast cruz. also i wasn't too impressed with dominick's last victory over benevidez. im takin jorgensen! regardless of the winner i think faber is in some real trouble with either of these guys
  143. T BICKLE

    Last WEC card before the UFC merger

    WEC 53 live on versus thursday Dec. 16th - tomorrow night check out for more details here's the lineup, looks like a great card Champ Ben Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis WEC Lightweight Championship Champ Dominick Cruz vs. Scott Jorgensen UFC Bantamweight Championship Donald...
  144. T BICKLE


    correction... thats for thursday night football and we ain't leavin unless the chargers lose
  145. T BICKLE

    homemade ring flash on the cheap

    are you by chance related to someone named capt G? :rofl: good shit homo
  146. T BICKLE

    Santa Monica Bay Bugs

    love that 1st pic. nice job on the roaches
  147. T BICKLE


    jake shields will take his shot at GSP next. GSP is still more of a well rounded fighter but he will really have to worry about shield's explosive style of wrestling. i would love to see the silva/gsp match up but they'll have to agree on a weight. we could see it happen if shields can't take him
  148. T BICKLE


    i would like to see that BUUUT gsp is gonna stick his foot in koschecks mouth. that is all
  149. T BICKLE

    Test photos with my new lens / Sigma 10-20 mm

    what body are you shooting with? i just got the t2i and need a wide angle
  150. T BICKLE


    fight starts at 7
  151. T BICKLE

    santa's wasted wait for the part when the dood shoves him coming out of the elevator :rofl:
  152. T BICKLE


    sounds good mike, look forward to it. now go handle those termites :2gunsfiring_v1:
  153. T BICKLE


    really? no one watching this fight?
  154. T BICKLE

    20 Foot Bayrunner-What's Left!!

    i got a 70 hp johnson that needs a hull. wish i had the cash. sorry about that bro, that is fucked
  155. T BICKLE


    Hey guys just put up a new video on our site with our predictions and picks on the GSP V KOSCHEK fight this saturday starting at 7pm on PPV. leave some comments, talk shit, give us praises, whatever... but check it out, its slightly entertaining. Videos | MMA Savvy can anyone beat GSP? not...
  156. T BICKLE


    camp was in jiquillio near the northern border
  157. T BICKLE

    Memory cards...

    oops ... cont shooting at 1080i
  158. T BICKLE

    Memory cards...

    not sure of mbps but i know you want a class 6 or higher for video. i use class 10 in my T2i
  159. T BICKLE


    thanks ali. after a life time of losing big fish, that one was a hell of an accomplishment for me caught it on a bay bass rod :rofl:
  160. T BICKLE


    thanks for checkin in capt surly. btw that fish was taller than you
  161. T BICKLE


    if it were up to me i would have released them but nicaraguan's eat nearly everything they catch. the chartermaster runs a feeding program in the village and was excited that these fish would feed the kids for nearly a week.
  162. T BICKLE

    UFC Ultimate Fights Finale on now

    X 2 WOW!!!
  163. T BICKLE

    UFC Ultimate Fights Finale on now

    we tevo'd the ulltimate fighter so watchin that next. i thought kyle was gonna finish bigfoot but... what a beast!
  164. T BICKLE


    i'll be doing another video for that site in the next week or so but i think its Home Page: Monty's Beach Lodge, Jiquillio, Nicaragua
  165. T BICKLE

    UFC Ultimate Fights Finale on now

    fuck i need to stop looking at this thread, im watching it on showtime!
  166. T BICKLE


    amazing that he was able to land that fish. i keep re watching it and still getting stoked. dont know how much it weighed. my guess is around 80 but that is just going off of what it felt like, it was not easy to lift
  167. T BICKLE

    UFC Ultimate Fights Finale on now

    dick :rofl:
  168. T BICKLE

    UFC Ultimate Fights Finale on now

    strikeforce - henderson babalu is starting now if you have showtime
  169. T BICKLE


    Just returned from another quick jaunt down to my favorite place in the world. I was there on semi business (shooting a video for a humanitarian project) so fishing wasn't much of a priority. Maybe it was the karma gods blessing my efforts but i was lucky enough to meet a fisherman who ran a...
  170. T BICKLE

    MMA fight fans check this out

    new videos on tonights events are posted up at
  171. T BICKLE

    MMA fight fans check this out

    thanks gil! its still a work in progress so i appreciate the feedback. here's the info for the silva fight feb 5 2/5 UFC 126: Silva vs. Belfort | MMA Savvy
  172. T BICKLE

    MMA fight fans check this out

    so i finally got my website up and running. we have new content daily and video commentary and predictions on upcoming fights. i'll be posting the videos for tomorrows fights in a few hours. check it out and tell me what you think MMA Savvy
  173. T BICKLE

    Chargers vs Raiders Predictions...

    i think he means this kind of sore
  174. T BICKLE

    who be touchin my monkey balls

    its been too long since i posted a stupid video. here ya go
  175. T BICKLE

    Early Bird "Chargers Beat the Gaiders Thread"...

    did i really just read this whole thread? :rofl::rofl::rofl: everything will be made right on sunday..go chargers
  176. T BICKLE

    2000 cabo 31 for sale

    :rofl:funniest damn thing i've seen all day
  177. T BICKLE

    my new MMA site

  178. T BICKLE

    Yeah, I still fish.

    oh i forgot to tell you the trolling motor dismounted itself on the way home, epic
  179. T BICKLE

    Need a new Fish finder/plotter and bait tank for new boat

    i have a garmin 540s for sale, the transducer was installed but the unit was only used less than 10 times
  180. T BICKLE


    nice video i found on vimeo
  181. T BICKLE

    Gates has torn Plantar Fascia

    they should have grabbed moss
  182. T BICKLE

    Catalina Island (Nov.2nd-In shorts)

    what a beautiful day!
  183. T BICKLE

    Andy Irons R.I.P.

    such a bummer... used to play video games with em back in the day and thinking holy crap im playing video games with the irons bros!! they were my idols as a young surf rat. RIP AI
  184. T BICKLE

    Oiled Mahi mahi from Florida

    i'd have to say no on that. you should send that pic around
  185. T BICKLE

    Did Lil Ceez vote yes on prop 19

    i couldn't find 19 on the ballot. then i realized i was looking at a receipt from 7-11
  186. T BICKLE

    November Spottie Contest...

    LB on saturday. there may even be a photog on my boat
  187. T BICKLE

    How quick can you draw a 6-shooter?

    ya that looked like a fun right and damn thats a fast gun!
  188. T BICKLE

    Pargo in MB ??

    he's pretty beat up. wonder if he got sucked in to a cruise ship or tankers ballast and then redeposited
  189. T BICKLE

    Happy Birthday FKG!

    happy BDay FKG!
  190. T BICKLE


    one could only wonder what saluki's ads look like
  191. T BICKLE

    Remember Ballon Boy? Here's his Dad

    uhhhh lay off the crack dude
  192. T BICKLE

    greg jennings gets a TD with a broken leg - F#@K you Gumby!

    YouTube - Greg Jennings (Broken Leg) scores on the saints
  193. T BICKLE


    just booked my ticket for november 21st!!!
  194. T BICKLE

    Official Chargers vs Patriots thread

    i'm betting on a much better game than what we've seen lately. we can play the best or the worst team and its always a close game. how bout a little consistency? bolts squeak this one out by 3
  195. T BICKLE

    Keeping Lobsters Now?

    oh yeah thats gonna happen
  196. T BICKLE

    A set of Charger rods

    beat me to it!!:rofl:
  197. T BICKLE

    No Country Club For Old Men (Pic heavy)

    wow!! great looking trip. the head on that huge cali is [email protected]!
  198. T BICKLE

    Remember that HOT Russian spy that was kicked out of the us?

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: YouTube - Yakov Smirnoff Miller Lite Commercial (1985)
  199. T BICKLE

    Banjo Minnow for Spotties

    ya they got me too, thats why i can't smoke weed and watch infomercials. last week i tried to order the slap chop but couldn't remember where i put my phone. but ya i use em occasionally and like any other bait they can work or suck. i've dropshotted them for spotties, caught calicos in the kelp...
  200. T BICKLE

    What's your caption for this picture?

    fuckin mudbutt again!!
  201. T BICKLE


  202. T BICKLE

    I got a phone call from the "good" sister, asking for advice......

    your family needs its own reality show :rofl:
  203. T BICKLE

    Paging the Rapist...

    that thing is tits on a clam!! whatever that means
  204. T BICKLE


    panama and costa rica are major fishing destinations, why wouldn't nicaragua be? i was there in may, the fishing was considered pretty bad but we still caught dorado, sierra mackeral, skipjacks and groupers. my boat capt was really bummed on how bad he thought the fishing was for that time of...
  205. T BICKLE

    2005 Ford f150 radio

    saweet upgrade. my explorer still has the cassette deck. cassettes are gay. if jimmy dont want im sure i could find somethin to trade you for
  206. T BICKLE

    Good LMB Sesh

    he's a photographer... jk dude nice bass
  207. T BICKLE

    And you think you've got problems...

    nice squid socket
  208. T BICKLE

    the whistles got that wooooo

    :rofl:thinkin the same thing
  209. T BICKLE

    the whistles got that wooooo

    YouTube - Whistle Tips with Bub Rub
  210. T BICKLE

    buonafortunas new avatar

    :rofl: coming monday night... official jets bashing thread
  211. T BICKLE

    buonafortunas new avatar

    go doyers
  212. T BICKLE

    buonafortunas new avatar

    i still think he likes the raiders
  213. T BICKLE

    buonafortunas new avatar

    jesse, pick a fucking team. the NFC north is not a team
  214. T BICKLE

    Steve Mras gets another IGFA WR

    where is steve? haven't seen him arround in awhile
  215. T BICKLE

    buonafortunas new avatar

    im confused... i thought this was how they were conceived?
  216. T BICKLE

    DFG needs to modernize licenses

    i agree. its a pretty antiquated system
  217. T BICKLE


    miguel wanted to out do juan who claimed his truck was a work horse
  218. T BICKLE

    how real men shoot skeet!!!!

    that was pretty sweet
  219. T BICKLE

    A Little Arizona Storm...

  220. T BICKLE

    mooring bugs

    now thats the way you do it!! sounds like a great time
  221. T BICKLE

    58' Boat goes down on Tillamook Bar

    maybe this is a dumb question but why couldn't he have gone further out around the waves?
  222. T BICKLE

    Bass Contest winner for September is...

    thought it was a spottie month? whatever, i haven't caught a bass in way too god damn long. goin out sunday am... bueler?
  223. T BICKLE

    waterproof back pack at Costco $35

    went last night to MDR costco. they had 70 a couple days ago but were out of stock. they said theres some at the inglewood location
  224. T BICKLE

    Ranking NFL teams..... Need Help

    i think even saluki would go with the chargers on this one
  225. T BICKLE

    What happened to Kelly girls post

    pretty lame. hope that dude got banned
  226. T BICKLE

    Lobstering request for 2010-2011

    i said it just for you :rofl:
  227. T BICKLE

    One for the Ages

    you guys are my hero's! epica as always
  228. T BICKLE

    Limits of Fin Bait Seabass - Catalina Report 9/26

    fantastic report and time on the water! sounds llike a perfect day
  229. T BICKLE

    Custom 33 Foot Brewer Sportfisher

    7500? is that a typo?
  230. T BICKLE

    ???'s about where to Surf/Pier Fish in L.A. County

    fish any of the jetty's north of you around dockweiler beach. lots of surf perch, YFC and corbina. gulp sand worms on a carolina rig work great
  231. T BICKLE

    REST IN PEACE SDANGLER (Mark Fretwell)

    met mark once working the BD booth with him, he cracked me up the whole time. this is very very sad. deep condolences to family
  232. T BICKLE

    UFC 119

    some buddies and i are starting a mma website thats going to focus on pre fight commentating and predictions, fighter interviews and lots of videos. we started experimenting with different formats and we ended up liking this one. the production side needs a lot but i'm pretty happy with the...
  233. T BICKLE

    Marcus Mcneil

    good job on the smell carl stoked to get mcneill back
  234. T BICKLE

    Scorpion Bay/ San Jaunico

    scorpion bay rules. try first point off the rocks. tons of halibut, corbina, and perch. halibut on swimbaits and everything else on chunk bait
  235. T BICKLE

    Some demotivational pics

    you want a coke mf'er! thats epic
  236. T BICKLE

    motorguide trolling 40

    where you located?
  237. T BICKLE

    Fun Surf This Morning...

    wow... maybe i should surf tomorrow instead of fish
  238. T BICKLE

    SAND BASS @ LONG BEACH 09-21-10

    bob i've seen your picture... you don't need anymore cookies
  239. T BICKLE

    Trip of a life time...or, bad idea?

    sounds bad ass. if you bail, i'll take your place :D
  240. T BICKLE

    SAND BASS @ LONG BEACH 09-21-10

    let me just say, bob you are a sprocket. and yes i've resorted to name calling. why? because its funny YouTube - Sprockets Dance
  241. T BICKLE


  242. T BICKLE

    SAND BASS @ LONG BEACH 09-21-10

    thank you and i was actually sincere about that ok now back to the shit talking:rofl:
  243. T BICKLE

    SAND BASS @ LONG BEACH 09-21-10

    you wanna give me shit then please go ahead but name calling? c'mon now... aren't you a little old for that? i'm sorry you're just boring me. i've had more stimulating conversations with a fence post
  244. T BICKLE

    how many bloodydeckers...

  245. T BICKLE

    how many bloodydeckers...

    thats a juvenile WSB. note the absence of teeth
  246. T BICKLE

    do troll fish count as jackpot?

    it was a 3/4 day boat and i asked if i could troll my gear. i was the only one trolling
  247. T BICKLE

    2000 Shamrock Predator 22 WA

    congrats! sick ride
  248. T BICKLE

    SAND BASS @ LONG BEACH 09-21-10

    my IQ is going down by the second just looking at this thread. have fun guys
  249. T BICKLE

    SAND BASS @ LONG BEACH 09-21-10

    Says this guy....
  250. T BICKLE

    Bears vs Cowboys

    thank you beers! won me 20 bucks and fuck you giants lost me 20 bucks
  251. T BICKLE

    SAND BASS @ LONG BEACH 09-21-10

    good job whackin as always raul. you probably dont care and just like stirring up the controversy but since you've made your stance that you could give two shits about everyones opinion, why dont you at least give a proper report? how bout water temp, depth, technique, baits used, even some...
  252. T BICKLE

    1998 21' Seaswirl Striper walk around $12,500

    very clean ride. thanks for posting, i will definitely forward this to him
  253. T BICKLE

    White people are funny...

    whats the problem? those are legit ladder extensions
  254. T BICKLE

    15' Gregor "Baja Special" center console

    dude i would take that offer and run!!!
  255. T BICKLE

    2000 Shamrock Predator 22 WA

    sick ride! i gotta buddy with 12k to spend looking for a rig. wish he had more i would love to fish this one!
  256. T BICKLE

    { S P O T T I E S }

    father and son killing it
  257. T BICKLE

    The creeps come out at night.

    nice job on the fish but did you have to break that poor girls thumb
  258. T BICKLE

    WTB - 19-23' pilothouse, WA or cuddy

    thanks travis. ya i was thinking the same thing. he found a 24' skippy that he liked alot with a little kitchenette. i know you're a little biased in that area but it seemed like a nice boat
  259. T BICKLE

    WTB - 19-23' pilothouse, WA or cuddy

    well at least my friend does. he's got a limit of about 12'000$. he has a family that will be joining him on the boat occasionally so the boat must be very seaworthy and mechanically sound. he likes the pilot house with a little table and seating area but not necessary. he is a previous boat...
  260. T BICKLE


    he's got this month's spottie contest on lock
  261. T BICKLE

    St. Jude Children's Hospital Tournament(s)

    bummers...i even had photog onboard let me know if it does come back on at some point. thanks again for puttin these together ben
  262. T BICKLE

    Catalina bonito and giant sized makerel!

    mo thats a spanish jack. my mom told me
  263. T BICKLE

    looking for some free outriggers

    i need a free avet... anybody?
  264. T BICKLE

    New Calico Bass Band Logo.

    that calico is even blasting out night train. thats punk as fucc
  265. T BICKLE

    Sand Crab hassle at Scripps pier 9-16

    IMO there should be more DFG presence on piers, jetties and liscense free spots. nearly everytime i go for a walk on the pier, fish near jetties or happen to ride my bike past a dock i see people taking illegal catches. just last week there was a guy on the venice pier with a hoopnet. i...
  266. T BICKLE

    on-line broadcast of chargers game ?

    dont you have some dodgers thread to post on?
  267. T BICKLE

    Which BDer's are these?

    that might be the coolest thing ive ever seen
  268. T BICKLE

    J.O.B Desert Point

    thatsa nice!
  269. T BICKLE

    Week Two Football Picks

  270. T BICKLE

    Anybody missing a 13/16 box end wrench?

    pussy... should have went for 1 1/4
  271. T BICKLE

    MMA FANS.......

    can't believe he took off his birkenstocks to fight
  272. T BICKLE

    MMA FANS.......

    damn i stopped watching after the ultimate fighter hopefully it plays again
  273. T BICKLE

    I need help with my 14 foot valco... Someone has had to have this happend to them..

    X3 on the 5200 i had a 12' valco that it worked on (where transom met hull) it is a temporary fix but a little razor blade, sanding and re apply when it started leaking solved that(lasted a few months). unless you can get it welded for super cheap i don't see the value in it. i also had a bilge
  274. T BICKLE

    kayaking santa barbara harbor

  275. T BICKLE

    holy crap! think you can drive?

    YouTube - Gymkhana THREE, Part 2; Ultimate Playground; l'Autodrome, France
  276. T BICKLE

    Where the hell is Sneeky?

    apparently there's some good clam diggin at the rodeo. sneeks a new man. and did you go to grammar school while you were away? this post is way too coherent...
  277. T BICKLE

    another hybrid mutant

    triggerbass? wtf
  278. T BICKLE

    kayaking santa barbara harbor

    shot this all on the gopro HD in 720 30fps
  279. T BICKLE

    Canon 7D longboarding Video

    awesome video
  280. T BICKLE

    no bass report

    i've heard of offshore clams but not offshore lobster
  281. T BICKLE

    Whos to Blame?

    i blame you jesse
  282. T BICKLE

    Whos to Blame?

    YUP watching vick run was about the only exciting part of the weekend
  283. T BICKLE

    Whos to Blame?

    i thought kc played like shit which made it even harder to swallow. how many 3rd downs did they convert? 1? we fucked up and they capitalized on it. and yes rivers could have got a td on the last two plays if he had just held on to the ball and ran. he had the time and space. and i do blame the...
  284. T BICKLE

    Where the hell is Sneeky?

  285. T BICKLE

    no bass report

    i agree. so cool to have that one in the second part of the vid come so close and be just as curious as me
  286. T BICKLE

    no bass report

    i heard molas have like eight goddamn dicks
  287. T BICKLE

    no bass report

    went out friday early in hopes of trolling up some barra's for my buddy. weather was beautiful and it was full on discovery channel out there. whales breaching everywhere, porpoise and tons of little fins everywhere. pulled up for a closer look and said hi to these guys. never seen em in the bay...
  288. T BICKLE


    you are just a glutton for punishment. i see an avatar in your future
  289. T BICKLE

    Fishing Rocks

    i think that chic wants me
  290. T BICKLE

    What were you doing 9-11-2001?

    i was getting laid when the alarm clock radio went off.... talk about a buzzkill
  291. T BICKLE

    Week 1 Football Picks

    i kinda laughed..... alot!
  292. T BICKLE


    wait.... your post says you lost a tire on the way there but the pic of the trailer is in your drive way. so you drove the trailer like that to the ramp?
  293. T BICKLE

    R E M I N D E R !

    funny i was just thinking about this video the other day. so epic!
  294. T BICKLE

    OK surfdoc, satlydawg, same bet as last 4 years?

    as much as i hate to say, the raiders aren't looking too shabby this year at all
  295. T BICKLE

    do troll fish count as jackpot?

    :rofl: are you talking about the rubber hose incident?
  296. T BICKLE


    happy birthday SBK
  297. T BICKLE

    St. Jude Children's Hospital Tournament(s)

    is the south shore tourney still on?
  298. T BICKLE

    Looking for a microwave

    i may have one in the garage. or maybe its a toaster oven... i'll check
  299. T BICKLE

    do troll fish count as jackpot?

    i like that tuna in your avatar troy. looks pretty fresh
  300. T BICKLE

    do troll fish count as jackpot?

    didn't know of another thread... thanks for the responses guys
  301. T BICKLE

    Earl, one mackin storm

    im supposed to arrive in ft lauderdale tomorrow. i'm rescheduling
  302. T BICKLE

    2005 Mako Boat with Trailer

    i was drooling over this rig at bass pro shops. for 13k i think i just jizzed in my pants. good luck with the sale
  303. T BICKLE

    8/31 Afternoon kayaking on the bay with the Sherminator

    you guys always have nice sessions on the yak. gotta love that scenery
  304. T BICKLE

    do troll fish count as jackpot?

    i had a blast and wouldn't hesitate to jump on that boat again. highly recommend the SPITFIRE
  305. T BICKLE

    do troll fish count as jackpot?

    :rofl: no shit, im goin out friday for some local bassin
  306. T BICKLE

    do troll fish count as jackpot?

    :rofl:so jackpot up there is just hoping you got a good number on the rotation!
  307. T BICKLE

    do troll fish count as jackpot?

    i went out recently on a MDR sport boat, (paid for jackpot) and trolled my gear on the way out to the spot. about a half hour of trolling i finally get a hookup, stoked! caught the only barracuda that day. some nice sandbass came over the rail that day that i thought would nudge me out. come...
  308. T BICKLE

    San Diego Skipper Screwed Me Over Royally

    sucks that these are the top threads :pee:
  309. T BICKLE

    San Diego Skipper Screwed Me Over Royally

    should have grabbed your shit back. not cool of the capt but... GO GET YOUR SHIT BACK
  310. T BICKLE

    james bonds yacht

    i think its designed for catching the other kind of tuna
  311. T BICKLE

    james bonds yacht

    heres the pics
  312. T BICKLE

    james bonds yacht

    .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;} .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;} ... A 122 footer doing 55 knots ?! Apparently...
  313. T BICKLE

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    here's my last comment on this subject . denise milani makes all things better
  314. T BICKLE

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    IMO you may have discredited yourself a bit (hence my and others replies) by coming off as a bit on the whiny and inexperienced side. you questioned every single move that the crew made and did it with a negative conotation. i believe thats where the "whiny" part came in. i understand it did...
  315. T BICKLE

    surfdoc sighting!!!

    its too early for that mike
  316. T BICKLE

    italian spiderman is coming

    YouTube - Italian Spiderman Trailer
  317. T BICKLE


    fishworks - everytime
  318. T BICKLE


    fishworks - so fishy they'll never see you comin
  319. T BICKLE

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    okay odium now i'll tell you exactly what i was getting at. your recount of what happened seems slightly confused, your statement of facts is questionable (ie clicker not working, not sure what hooks you were using - big difference in a hook set with a j vs a circle) and you come off as a fairly...
  320. T BICKLE

    Lights Out

    cool story G. felt like i was there epic video roadhouse
  321. T BICKLE

    Couture vs Toney

    things i learned from that card: diaz is a dick but can fight maynard is no joke florian should stick with announcing maia is back bj penn is done, couture is not james toney doesn't speak english edgar v maynard will be a great matchup
  322. T BICKLE

    ghetto preacher wishing you a happy weekend!

    look at you with your fancy "satellite radio" biatch!:rofl:
  323. T BICKLE

    ghetto preacher wishing you a happy weekend!

    YouTube - Funny Ghetto Preacher
  324. T BICKLE

    Solmar Beach Club Resort. Cabo.

    i stayed at solmar last year. great place and thats a great deal for someone
  325. T BICKLE

    Couture vs Toney

    bad match up on paper but should be entertaining none the less. tony's only chance is to box. look for RC to rush him asap and clinch him against the fence and bring him to the ground. 1st rd submission RC
  326. T BICKLE

    Let Me Introduce . . .

  327. T BICKLE

    Casting 65lb Spectra (braid)?

    your knot is getting caught up in the guides creating a lack of tension. spool keeps spinning and you're in rat nest city. ditch the topshot for iron or tie a longer one on (longer than your casting distance) or a really short one. if you have never cast braid before there is a learning curve...
  328. T BICKLE

    flat day fun

    Tarp Pits on Vimeo
  329. T BICKLE

    Don't party with this guy...........

  330. T BICKLE

    Pimp my Sea Ray Laguna

    that thing looks sic travis!
  331. T BICKLE


    holy crap that was rad
  332. T BICKLE

    BAJA TRIPPIN - San Q / Sac Reef / Geronimo / San Martin - REPORT

    WOW!!! i NEED to go on one of those trips... and no one surfing that right????
  333. T BICKLE

    Time Warner BS!!

    time warner sucks balls
  334. T BICKLE

    2010 MBG Fishing Video Contest

    YouTube - bloodydecks does alaska
  335. T BICKLE

    2010 MBG Fishing Video Contest
  336. T BICKLE

    2010 MBG Fishing Video Contest

    here's a couple i edited for BD
  337. T BICKLE

    Cool big ship video

    that was awesome!
  338. T BICKLE

    non stop bay action 8-23-10

    you been whackin em! fun stuff
  339. T BICKLE

    WTF!? - Amazing BFT capture video

    why the eff is there a bft in two feet of water? what am i missing? i know the ones that washed up in IB or wherever were dead or 99% there but that one was far from dead
  340. T BICKLE

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : ! ! ! M I S F I T S ! ! !

    nice fish ceez and nice hand job on the jello. gaffs? we dont need no stinking gaffs!
  341. T BICKLE

    SWBA SB - Gray Pride

    bummer. you guys are good at that
  342. T BICKLE

    Lamars Limp Wrist

    you had me at tits out
  343. T BICKLE

    Unbelievable... brother saves sister from rapist

    saw this the other day.... wow. remix is classic!
  344. T BICKLE

    Bass contest for August

    wow mo! and tops it with a visor! is a visor a tiebreaker? dig the new logo SBK
  345. T BICKLE

    Benividez vs Cruz (Title Fight) - Live & Free tonite on versus

    :rofl:indeed and i think jorgensen will take cruz. he's got way more power
  346. T BICKLE

    Benividez vs Cruz (Title Fight) - Live & Free tonite on versus

    me thinks it starts at 6
  347. T BICKLE


    last try here. selling to carmax on friday 8-20. 10,500$ gets it
  348. T BICKLE

    Bass contest for August

    nice fish this month
  349. T BICKLE

    081010 - Local Twilight Trifecta + 1

    that is a very nice cock sir! and a nasty rasty to booot!
  350. T BICKLE

    Some funky pics of pristine J-Land

    beautiful pics G
  351. T BICKLE

    CL is nothing compared to this

    in two minutes i found a pregnant, amputeed, deaf asian to be my gal pal... things are looking up!
  352. T BICKLE

    Dennis Rodman Cross Wraps

    i can definitely see some wraps in there... inspiration hides in dennis rodmans lightshow? who'd have thunk it
  353. T BICKLE

    Great Deal at a STEAL!

    nice avatar bro! i made a jersey bet with my friend and made him put it on at the end of the game... sweet!
  354. T BICKLE

    Tailgate Party for Bears vs Chargers Saturday 8/14

    i just got tickets on field level 10th row at the 25 yd line!
  355. T BICKLE

    Circle Jerks rod

  356. T BICKLE

    Sitka, Alaska...And Bass There Are

    unreal trip j
  357. T BICKLE

    Don't dare asking for advice about Maui

    hahahahah wow, nailed it
  358. T BICKLE

    what a wanker!

    you can almost see her mouth "how could you do that to me"!
  359. T BICKLE

    Epic Win!

    frank i know you have beiber fever
  360. T BICKLE

    what a wanker!

    :rofl: YouTube - &#x202a;"Baby, we're going to get hit"&#x202c;&lrm;
  361. T BICKLE

    TEAM BASSTIC - Return to San Clemente Island - New Video!

    i think you caught more bass in that video than i've ever caught in my life
  362. T BICKLE

    Oceanside Freshwater ?

    there sure did. we used to fish there alot. funny how you pass right by it but can't see it, cool little spot
  363. T BICKLE

    40+ butts in 4 hours. pic heavy

    wow quite the variety! too bad you don't have a big ol fish tank... bonito in long beach, interesting
  364. T BICKLE

    fishing shows on discovery/nat geo

    i dont usually wear shoes while fishing but i love the shows! i think fishing is portrayed in a positive, sporting manner and for the most part the shows are constructed around a lot of research. maybe the mlpa pushers could learn a thing or two?
  365. T BICKLE

    Oceanside Freshwater ?

    the first rule of ninja fishing is....
  366. T BICKLE

    nph 8/8 pb spottie

  367. T BICKLE

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    when i joined bloody decks i was working on taxi driver nearly every day for a month hence the "travis bickle". in the movie he wears a jacket that has bickle t. on the back and i was wearing a similar jacket one day and i think it was photog that dubbed me t bickle
  368. T BICKLE

    SURF FISHING IN CR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kastmasters, krocodiles and stick baits. look for trevally boiling on bait fish fish and rip your bait right on through. 15lb line min. also bring some crank baits and fish the rocks if they are there
  369. T BICKLE

    MDR / El Segundo White Seabass 8.7.10

    fuck ya! i was fishing that same spot last weekend, thought we had a wsb but as always turned up a bat. my legal has still eluded me, nice score!
  370. T BICKLE

    Team Basstic... goes Pro - PV morning session

    amazon has good bundle deals on them nice fish evan. ya i've kooked it quite a few times with the battery running out at the worst possible moment. its a compromise whether to leave it on and capture everything but risk battery loss or keep it off but be ready or have your friend be quick...
  371. T BICKLE

    Ultimate calico rod... List your favorite two

    bwhahaha i just break the tip off and send em back to shimano :rofl: o wait just kidding... or am i
  372. T BICKLE

    mel gibson, get out of that trash can

    my friend snapped this pic outside her apt this morning. thought it was pretty funny
  373. T BICKLE

    Ultimate calico rod... List your favorite two

    still haven't fished a rod i like better than my terramar 8'0 mh
  374. T BICKLE

    your friday video

    not quite sure... it just happens
  375. T BICKLE


    hey thanks dan. i really hate to sell it but need to get out of payments
  376. T BICKLE


    ha i would love to man but next payment is due and insurance is about up. got 4 days left on egay see if this works Nissan : Titan: eBay Motors (item 300452846157 end time Aug-11-10 09:06:01 PDT)
  377. T BICKLE


    check egay link someone can get this for cheeeep!
  378. T BICKLE

    295 - Save your Fuel Money!

    ouch... guess were not making any videos this season
  379. T BICKLE

    samurai sickness

    i wish i could unsee that...
  380. T BICKLE

    samurai sickness

  381. T BICKLE

    your friday video

    capt G please tell Evil E not to kill me and that i like his jam or is that SBK half way through the vid? YouTube - &#8234;EE - CURIOSITY KILLS (Original Version) MV&#8236;&#8206;
  382. T BICKLE


  383. T BICKLE

    ed bass master goes to drive thru

    YouTube - Drive-Thru
  384. T BICKLE

    Safe snorkling spot in Mission Bay for Kids.

    are ya snorkeling for old boots, shopping carts or empty bottles of boones? you could go back by the bowling pin but like sherm said water quality sucks in MB most of the time
  385. T BICKLE


    i was just thinking the other day about the last post that you did like this and how great it turned out to be. looking forward to seeing what comes up
  386. T BICKLE

    Franks Song...

    love tom waits
  387. T BICKLE


    now wouldn't that be funny... if i didn't have to pay off debt i'd be all over that. let me know if you sell :)
  388. T BICKLE


    funny, im selling this cuz i got an explorer and i'd like to not have payments (you can see it in the pics)
  389. T BICKLE


    268/ mo and 3 years left on loan. 8400 total loan balance
  390. T BICKLE

    waiter there's a bass in my soup

    haha ya i figured that was you. we fished and boxed that whole area for squat. the new del mar only had 25 barra's that day. not quite the 170 they had the day before... next time
  391. T BICKLE


    thanks jesse, blue book is 15-16k on it. this market sucks jesse gimme 4500$ and take over payments:D
  392. T BICKLE

    how to pull a fat chick

    YouTube - How to pick up a fat chick
  393. T BICKLE

    Do scents actually work?

    scents build confidence. period. i use them often
  394. T BICKLE

    Searcher 5 day- Strictly Fish Open July 25-30th

    looks like aaron was captning... grew up with that kid. heard he is becoming a great capt. this looks like proof. i need to get on that boat
  395. T BICKLE

    waiter there's a bass in my soup

    oh yeah which boat were you?
  396. T BICKLE

    1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish

    love the golden spots
  397. T BICKLE

    Weird day

    looks like a swell time. i would like to be a fish in that stream (not one of the caught ones). i would also like to be the seat on that boat
  398. T BICKLE

    waiter there's a bass in my soup

    capt G......:rofl::rofl::rofl::finger:
  399. T BICKLE

    Brent officially retiring AGAIN...... Sorry Viqueen fans.

    we will miss you brent
  400. T BICKLE

    waiter there's a bass in my soup

    ya you called that mo... you should have seen the first try on the red eye reduction :rofl:looked like a raccoon. nixon tide watches do not suck
  401. T BICKLE

    waiter there's a bass in my soup

    i believe he was throwin up the W for westside. he was a thug
  402. T BICKLE

    waiter there's a bass in my soup

    FRIDAY made it out for a night time spottie sesh on friday. very slow bite. water was 64, no current and durrty. started off with a decent sandra on a spinner head with a capt G special "hot carlos" all buttered up. moved around for nought and decided to fish the breakwall. scratched one small...
  403. T BICKLE

    Bass contest for August

    looks like the other thread was going south... is this still a spottie tourney? well here's one anyway to get the ball rolling **not a submission as it was taken on july 30th**
  404. T BICKLE

    19' Chris Craft on Craigslist Thoughts?

    looks nice but i'd say its way overpriced oh i just realized you're in HI and everything is more expensive
  405. T BICKLE

    Bass contest winner for July is...

    congrats on a nice fish! now why are you flipping me off?
  406. T BICKLE

    Bass contest winner for July is...

    denek how do you feel about a spottie month? that would be great to see and i could actually "compete"
  407. T BICKLE

    fishing with style :) this is how the chicks do it.

    stylin. have you got bit on that iron yet?
  408. T BICKLE

    Proud new owner! Parker 1801cc

    i have a great mechanic that comes to me. he's very reliable and very affordable pm me if you would like his number
  409. T BICKLE

    The Chronicles of The Lab.

  410. T BICKLE

    cool underwater footage

    YouTube - Paddle Fish Web
  411. T BICKLE


    price drop...13,500
  412. T BICKLE

    StarFish Thread.......

    i hear starfish are big in japan... is this true? YouTube - Big In Japan - Alphaville Official Video HD
  413. T BICKLE

    Uluwatu not so use friendly

    going out was bad enough but coming in after scratching all day... efff that
  414. T BICKLE

    StarFish Thread.......

    carl has starfish envy
  415. T BICKLE

    StarFish Thread.......

    starfish club
  416. T BICKLE

    StarFish Thread.......

    weird and yes... stop reading my mind
  417. T BICKLE

    StarFish Thread.......

    sorry kids i couldn't help it
  418. T BICKLE

    StarFish Thread.......

    dude you nailed it!!
  419. T BICKLE

    Santa Monica Bay Sandbass

    chunky monky
  420. T BICKLE

    Get rid of...

    wery nice... i like this thread btw what is considered a panther?
  421. T BICKLE

    Get rid of...

    i've heard of a euro comfort grip... nice application
  422. T BICKLE

    Get rid of...

    throw it out a bus window (napoleon dynamite style) and count down seconds to detonation... YouTube - BUS #198
  423. T BICKLE

    It was not looking good.

    big belly on that girl
  424. T BICKLE

    love your reports mark. feels like im reading a new chapter in your book each time
  425. T BICKLE

    1995 key west center console

    great deal someone is gonna score
  426. T BICKLE

    Special Forces / Anti Terror Squad

    never pay for no floor ever again
  427. T BICKLE

    Looking for Landscapers to fish!

    i do some manscaping... does that count? seriously
  428. T BICKLE

    PLK 7/22/10 PM Trip

    excellent frank! those shots in the kelp were awesome!
  429. T BICKLE

    PLK 7/22/10 PM Trip

    great vid! what camera are you using? did someone jump in the water to get those shots or was the camera pole mounted?
  430. T BICKLE

    once were warriors

    yeah its pretty baddass. kiwi's are some pretty rough dudes
  431. T BICKLE

    Latest French Technology

    just like WWII
  432. T BICKLE

    SBK's professional skate debut...

    i like roadhouses better YouTube - Randy Spizer & Matty Mantz - Interview 1997
  433. T BICKLE

    what reel should i pair with a Teramar

    i use a curado and a calcutta with that same rod and love them both. back it with 65lb braid and you can fish just about anything with it
  434. T BICKLE

    epic fail

    what a choad
  435. T BICKLE

    Mike Hart caught cheating WON BASS tournament

    i said almost... only because (hopefully he doesn't have kids that he has to explain to that daddy is a lying cheater and has been banned for life and will be looked down upon by the entire fishing industry) but i agree he should be made an example of to the fullest extent. how stupid
  436. T BICKLE

    Mike Hart caught cheating WON BASS tournament

    bummer someone would resort to that... almost feel bad for the guy, he's gonna regret that for the rest of his life. how shameful
  437. T BICKLE

    once were warriors

    jake the mus gets some YouTube - Once Were Warriors - Jake The Mus
  438. T BICKLE


    i love bonito sashimi! bleed and ice asap! ripping out a gill works fine but i also cut the throat and tail to get as much blood out as possible. the fresher the better, after two days whatever i haven't eaten i make tuna salad out of, its awesome.
  439. T BICKLE

    little afternoon fishing

    what is wrong with you.... nice spotted ones
  440. T BICKLE

    Special Forces / Anti Terror Squad

    skank There are several definitions of Skank 1) To skank-verb-A dance to be preformed ONLY to ska, usually involving kicking your legs, andmoving your arms. 2)A term commmonly use to refer to a young woman (or sometimes male) describing un hygenic habits, very little clothing and usually...
  441. T BICKLE

    craigslist fail

  442. T BICKLE

    craigslist fail

    so many things wrong
  443. T BICKLE

    need florida advice please

    thanks for the replies! so i bought tickets for the first week of september. from what i hear its gonna be hot as shit. oh well... not sure exactly what boats i'll have access to, but im gonna jump on anything that floats. the only thing im sure of is that i would really like to catch a tarpon...
  444. T BICKLE


    need to sell make offer
  445. T BICKLE

    need florida advice please

    thanks harry, great info. i would be fine catching giant barra's so that good to hear they're always around
  446. T BICKLE

    rock me

    G is like the grandpa i never had
  447. T BICKLE

    need florida advice please

    i probably will not be booking a charter as she has friends with boats but that site had some good info regarding fishing seasons. thanks
  448. T BICKLE

    FOUND Rod and Reel Sitting in the Kelp

    i lost a brand new setup last year a few days right before a tournament. i wanted to cry. good for you for postin it up. hope it finds its owner but if not, hope you enjoy the new setup!
  449. T BICKLE

    need florida advice please

    so my girlfriend is from ft lauderdale and has been trying to get me to go out there forever. she has some friends in the keys with boats too. we are trying to figure out when to go there. she is letting me pick when go based on the best time for fishing. i can go in august anytime through...
  450. T BICKLE

    need florida advice please

    so my girlfriend is from ft lauderdale and has been trying to get me to go out there forever. she has some friends in the keys with boats too. we are trying to figure out when to go there. she is letting me pick when go based on the best time for fishing. i can go in august anytime through...
  451. T BICKLE

    nootka 2010

    cool pics! looks pretty rough out there
  452. T BICKLE

    this guy is nuts

    ironically i've never seen that video before, only heard it on the radio. thanks
  453. T BICKLE

    this guy is nuts

    nice references. i had to look up commander cody, didn't know who he was. but then the first song that came up was hot rod lincoln which i know very well. my pops gave me a dan hicks and the hot licks dvd... haven't watched it yet, thanks for reminding me. i've been listening to a lot of tom...
  454. T BICKLE

    this guy is nuts

    you noticed that too huh... lol :ele::puff:
  455. T BICKLE

    Kim Kardassssssssshian

    i'd put some junk in her trunk
  456. T BICKLE

    this guy is nuts

    YouTube - Dan Deacon on NBC morning
  457. T BICKLE

    rock me

    i've got another epic jam i will be posting up soon. thanks for your support, make sure and come back now
  458. T BICKLE

    GoPro, or Go Home, Part Deux.

    i can only imagine what you would do if you could edit your videos... cast nets are fun. i learned to throw one in australia. its amazing how many critters you come up with
  459. T BICKLE

    rock me

    DISCLAIMER.... do NOT go to above website
  460. T BICKLE

    rock me

    i think david byrne has him beat though YouTube - Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense - Life During Wartime
  461. T BICKLE

    rock me

    epic find G
  462. T BICKLE

    PLK Calibut - 7/19

    i like big butts and i can not lie
  463. T BICKLE

    7/17/10 MDR

    nice going! ya they were on the chew yesterday. i was fishing the breakwall and got a big cabezon too
  464. T BICKLE

    (/17) 3-0-too

    good gettin out there jack. i'll be down in a couple weeks if you wanna get her wet again
  465. T BICKLE


  466. T BICKLE


    for when its absolutely necessary to have tribal tatts on your legs Tattoo-like Mantyhose
  467. T BICKLE

    6 pack captains- make cha cha chicken

    yes i love this place
  468. T BICKLE

    6 pack captains- make cha cha chicken

    The bich was nasty. went to take a shit and she gave me blumpies. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  469. T BICKLE

    6 pack captains- make cha cha chicken

    im scared to ask what that is
  470. T BICKLE

    this is the end

    YouTube - Intro Apocalypse Now
  471. T BICKLE

    Leopards, Leopards, Leopards!!

    very cool man! i feel the same way, such a beautiful fish... i'd be lying if i said my taste buds aren't curious though
  472. T BICKLE

    6 pack captains- make cha cha chicken

    only if i can deck on your boat :rofl:
  473. T BICKLE

    17.6' Center Console - San Diego

    i've fished this boat before. nice ride
  474. T BICKLE

    Go Pro, at night,

    bass on stage... cool. G style indeed
  475. T BICKLE

    6 pack captains- make cha cha chicken

    you guys are geniuses... this guy is reposting this ad from craigslist. i wouldn't hire you to cut grass if you cant figure that out. the big red letters are your friend
  476. T BICKLE


    price lowered. 14,500$
  477. T BICKLE

    scrbby's got a new gig

    aww thats sweet :rofl:
  478. T BICKLE


  479. T BICKLE

    scrbby's got a new gig

    just wanted to wish you luck on your new business venture :hali_olutta: Welcome!
  480. T BICKLE

    rock me

  481. T BICKLE

    Painted Lead Heads - Worth it

    buy the powder and do it yourself. its fun and they look cool... im thinkin they work
  482. T BICKLE

    All tanked up and nowhere to go

    great report. appreciate those sounder pics with commentary
  483. T BICKLE


    bump... need to sell. make offer
  484. T BICKLE

    yo G what happened to these guys?

    lotsa of opinions in this genre. i like it. simon i found nothing compelling about the band you posted but im sure you have your reasons that you connect with them. i used to listen to GB with friends before we'd go surf or skate and get so amped up. this song brings back lotsa good memories...
  485. T BICKLE

    big tarpon release.awesome

    YouTube - Fishing Big Monster Tarpon (sabalo) in the Caribbean Sea, Cuba Destinations
  486. T BICKLE

    rock me

    thanks scribbles
  487. T BICKLE

    Damn my luck!

    i'll go get em lets go!
  488. T BICKLE

    rock me

    YouTube - Falco "Rock me Amadeus" Version Original
  489. T BICKLE

    song of the day

    i might have to reschedule my trip :rofl:
  490. T BICKLE

    song of the day

    thanks for the hot tip:shithappens:
  491. T BICKLE

    song of the day

  492. T BICKLE

    song of the day

    you have to close your eyes when the video is on haha
  493. T BICKLE

    song of the day

    YouTube - Burnin' For You - Blue Oyster Cult :git:
  494. T BICKLE

    What's This ?

    for improved performance squirt some lime juice on it
  495. T BICKLE


    someone make me an offer on this 15,500 obo
  496. T BICKLE

    i gotta lotta bitches to plow...

    YouTube - What's it Gonna Be? :rofl:
  497. T BICKLE


    pics added
  498. T BICKLE


  499. T BICKLE

    ST. Jude Charity Fishing Tournaments

    love this tourney benny! will be there this year again for sure
  500. T BICKLE


    V8, king cab, 33,000 miles, tow package, AC, CD, 2008 alloys, alarm, clean interior, runs perfect, manual windows. bought a cheap truck to get out of monthly payments. comes with BD sticker:) last try here. selling to carmax on friday 8-20. 10,500$ gets it
  501. T BICKLE

    Dekka Do Do, Eat Da Poo Poo

    thank you capt! hahaa
  502. T BICKLE

    Anyone Like Trade???

    doesn't get much uglier than that
  503. T BICKLE

    Told you so.... Jackson.....

    i can already see a great season shaping up for the chargers
  504. T BICKLE

    Summer time.......... kids getting into trouble.

    we used to throw water balloons at cars. my buddy threw one and it hit my dads truck full of expensive video equipment. my friend didn't come around again for about two years lol
  505. T BICKLE


    YouTube - EAT DA POO POO
  506. T BICKLE

    WTF is this??????

    nice one tommy!
  507. T BICKLE

    6/30 Laguna Shark (diving) Report

    i see you've changed your cage flotation devices from the life jackets. nice upgrade.... awesome shots
  508. T BICKLE

    Bass contest winner for June is...

    way to keep this thing alive denek. congrats mo, nice fish
  509. T BICKLE

    City council booze ban?

    they forgot to mention how much revenue the 6000 people brought TO the city
  510. T BICKLE

    This has gotta be a BDer

    he screamed like a bitch
  511. T BICKLE

    Group sues to snuff fireworks in La Jolla

    i would like to see a roman candle lit and stuffed up his sphincter. what a douche, get a real cause
  512. T BICKLE

    DEA raid investigates SD Chargers

    nothin to see here....
  513. T BICKLE

    Rockfish/Bass 6/25 Rpt w-pics

    another great report fellas!
  514. T BICKLE

    PBS Documentary: Fishing from the Rack

    cool thanks
  515. T BICKLE

    Local Adventure - Team Basstic attends the variety show!

    sorry i meant cupcake :rofl:
  516. T BICKLE

    yo G what happened to these guys?

    i knew you would call me on that. i almost edited my post after i wrote it but was too lazy. again. well i started with pennywise, bad religion, screeching weasel, lagwagon, guttermouth etc. and then started working my way back in time realizing it was getting better and better. introduce...
  517. T BICKLE

    Local Adventure - Team Basstic attends the variety show!

    too lazy is more like it. when you wanna go? i'll bring her down for you shnookums
  518. T BICKLE

    Screw fishing, boats,...

    congrats travis!! ps. i'll take that skippy off your hands since you wont be needing it anymore
  519. T BICKLE

    Parenting Technique

    wow talk about taking a word and running with it... nice job B! and congrats to you and your son! that should give you guys some nice time together
  520. T BICKLE

    Local Adventure - Team Basstic attends the variety show!

    nice report! maybe im retarded by i love to catch and eat cuda. hope they move into the bay soon
  521. T BICKLE

    yo G what happened to these guys?

    ok here's some jack johnson for ya LOL YouTube - Jack Johnson - banana pancakes
  522. T BICKLE

    yo G what happened to these guys?

    those vans are sick!
  523. T BICKLE

    yo G what happened to these guys?

    YouTube - Gorilla Biscuits - New Direction it seems any one i talk to about old punk rock has no idea who these guys are
  524. T BICKLE

    Bored last night, so I shot some still life stuff

    jesse, quit taking pictures of mannequins giving bj's and lets go do a spottie session in the harbor. we have to stay in the harbor because spotties do not live outside of harbors and my prop might spin off again. also there are no sand bass at the secret spot inside the harbor. you don't have...
  525. T BICKLE

    San Clemente Island 6.27.10 YELLOW*

    lookin forward to the video
  526. T BICKLE


    my neighbors dog shit on my lawn last week. i should get him evicted... you know i got the spare bedroom brudda, anytime
  527. T BICKLE

    are By-Catch @ SCI..visual

    wow! you and your by-catches of late... pretty awesome bro!
  528. T BICKLE

    Chewing on it, yesterdays hot spot

    nice report spike. i would have been scared to splice a line during a moment like that. how did you splice it?
  529. T BICKLE

    10LB Sandra

    thats a plastic bottle cap and cigarette butt diet at the wall. mmmmmm
  530. T BICKLE

    what kind of fish is this?

    nice one! they're tasty
  531. T BICKLE

    paridise cove

  532. T BICKLE

    "Can you hook me up with a Five-O?"

    great idea. again
  533. T BICKLE

    Biwa Lake News

    le rapist would poke fun by pointing out his lack of manscaping... le manscapist! cool catfish. sorry i am extra bored at work today
  534. T BICKLE

    Biwa Lake News

    why did you paint a dong between his legs?
  535. T BICKLE

    Full body baits...

    why did i expect to see a picture of le rapist on this thread?
  536. T BICKLE

    Holy Bats and some ODD shark.

    wondering about the gaff and release method?
  537. T BICKLE

    Homage to "Her Majesty"

    why does that meat wallet have teeth?
  538. T BICKLE

    and Bass Report...episode-65

    wow! awesome stuff guys
  539. T BICKLE

    nicaragua video

    thanks guys zack let me know where you're going and if you need any pointers
  540. T BICKLE

    STORY TELLERS: El Dorado Park Memories

    beak you had me rolling with the duck story!!! about 15 years ago a buddy was fishing a pond in carlsbad at night and he comes up with a huge catfish. if my memory serves correctly i would have pegged it at around 15+ lbs. he hauls it out of the water and literally throws it in the trunk of...
  541. T BICKLE

    NPH 6/17

    fun day!
  542. T BICKLE

    nicaragua video

    mangos denek.. or were you talkin bout the chica? haha
  543. T BICKLE

    9/18 DP Makos

  544. T BICKLE

    nicaragua video

    YouTube - austinstein's Channel intro to a series of more to come
  545. T BICKLE

    These guys rip

    love it thanks!
  546. T BICKLE

    nicaragua video

    here's the first in a series of short web videos for my buddies website. hope you like YouTube - austinstein's Channel
  547. T BICKLE

    SWBA LB - Salty Balls

    congrats! having fished with both you guys and seeing how hard you guys work to get where you're going, it is no suprise on your consistency and strong finishes. well done
  548. T BICKLE

    Hey Laker Fans.................

    X2 :rofl:
  549. T BICKLE

    FDBU - SWBA Rd. 1/3 - LBC

    you guys look cute in your matching outfits... way to go on your 6th place finish and continued consistency!
  550. T BICKLE

    MDR Bassin' with the Looper 6/8 w-pics

    nice vince! heading out there saturday, can't wait. gonna look around for some cuda
  551. T BICKLE

    1 Month Hiatus

    wow thats number two for the prefish boys. well done!
  552. T BICKLE

    LBC event prefish and by-catch / Monday on the Snook Hunter...

    that doesn't suck. nice flaps on those sandys
  553. T BICKLE

    SM 6/4 Local Freezer Trip W/ Looper & Robber

    good job spottin the cudas. in a few days im gonna go lookin for em
  554. T BICKLE

    What is it?

    frankensteins neckpiece?
  555. T BICKLE

    SMB 6/1 Big Bass & Quantity Too W/ Red Drum!

    thats pretty epic guys! bounce balling hard baits? never knew. very cool
  556. T BICKLE


    i sure did. just getting over it thanks dood. i'll make a special version for you that chick was smokin hot and the big dumb guy was her boyfriend hahah they were both really cool. and yes nica's are badass people. i don't think many people i know could survive there. everything is so much...
  557. T BICKLE

    A Case Of A Lure Catching A People

    that thing is killer. why take off the rear hook?
  558. T BICKLE

    Paul Pierce..........

    dude you fukn crack me up
  559. T BICKLE


    no i did not explore that meat wallet. i know what you mean though
  560. T BICKLE

    How about those Lakers!

    Hell yes i did!
  561. T BICKLE

    SMB Quickie Bass Rpt. 5/27 w-pics

    you're on it vince! nice going. any signs of slimers out there? i really wanna throw some iron at some logs
  562. T BICKLE


  563. T BICKLE


    i believe he charges around 35$ an hour or probably 160 for half day all the rates are pretty competitive in that area. check out for more info
  564. T BICKLE


    not sure but borderline too warm. i'd have to say at least 78-80
  565. T BICKLE


    yeah they're still strong apparently. ortega is back in power and the FSLN (sandinistas) are his biggest supporters. you see grafiti all over managua and rivas "fsln viva daniel"
  566. T BICKLE


    i have a buddy down there who is starting up a surf / fish charter biz... if you want a real nicaraguan experience (not touristy) playa gigante is the place to go
  567. T BICKLE


    thanks guys ya that sierra was the biggest one i've seen. my friend and i guessed it at about 8-9 pounds. he says they get em up to 15. bomb ass ceviche and sashimi. probably my favorite fish raw
  568. T BICKLE

    Oil reaches the LA coast

    that fuckin sucks
  569. T BICKLE


    well just got back on monday and still acclimating to life in LA. Nica's a beautiful place with wonderful people. For being the 2nd poorest country in the western hemisphere you would never know it from their attitudes and pure love of life. i didn't take too many pictures, i was more focused on...
  570. T BICKLE

    found this in a barber shop in nicaragua

    tasty little critters ay?!
  571. T BICKLE

    found this in a barber shop in nicaragua

    the crank was money josh. good call for sure. our boat captn had never used one before and was super stoked on it
  572. T BICKLE

    found this in a barber shop in nicaragua

    thanks denek glad i made it back too but already miss it. truly a special place
  573. T BICKLE

    found this in a barber shop in nicaragua

    i dont know what either of those things are.... im thinking thats a good thing
  574. T BICKLE

    found this in a barber shop in nicaragua

    much more to come. kinda like that game just the tip... they call that a tiger fish down there. they absolutely LOVED the crank
  575. T BICKLE

    found this in a barber shop in nicaragua

    if they only knew how good it worked on these guys...
  576. T BICKLE

    Breaking news...

    nice! love the onion
  577. T BICKLE

    Shitty Gaff Jobs

    now thats funny!
  578. T BICKLE


    i personally sprinkle monkey butt on every mc pearlhammer i throw but thats just me
  579. T BICKLE

    Need advice for fishing Nicaragua

    4 days...
  580. T BICKLE

    Nudist Colony

    that was pretty damn funny
  581. T BICKLE

    Man's body recovered from waters off Shelter Island

    wonder if its holding? innapropriate
  582. T BICKLE

    1987 Wellcraft V20

    post up a bunch of pics of the transom, wiring, trailer components, cracks in hull or anything that looks suspect for that matter. if you have access to under the deck check for rot on the stringers if there are any. or just ask surfdoc what not to do when looking at a new boat (sorry SD:)
  583. T BICKLE

    Taco Tuesdays

  584. T BICKLE

    Few More Favors

    frank your colors are on point!
  585. T BICKLE

    Taco Tuesdays

    that 2nd pic is CORE
  586. T BICKLE

    Free skiff

  587. T BICKLE

    NEC VT440K Projector

    how much dean? i have this same projector and it sucks projecting on a sheet
  588. T BICKLE

    Cabo - What fish to bring home?

    if you hire a local panga most likely the capt will want to keep just about everything you catch that you dont want. i figured i would keep about 5 fish so after we had ten or so on the boat i just started releasing everything else. so i took 5 and left him with about 5. seemed like the right...
  589. T BICKLE

    Cabo - What fish to bring home?

    sierra fish and amberjack are great too. sierra fish = best sashimi and ceviche i've ever had
  590. T BICKLE

    Didn't go to SCI either...

    usually you have the tendency to make fish look small. thats a biiig sixer. nice
  591. T BICKLE

    9 days

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: and for you jesse :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: :rofl:
  592. T BICKLE

    9 days

    hot damn!
  593. T BICKLE

    Sometimes life just throws one too many curve balls

    i think you can kick cancer's ass.... in all seriousness, sorry to hear man. the worst thing you can do when faced with something like that is to stop living your life. we all know you wont do that. hang in there buddy
  594. T BICKLE

    17' Boston Whaler For sale

    2 years ago sure. but the laws of economics state that an item is only worh what someone will pay for it. right now is a horrible time to sell a boat. good luck with the sale, it would be a fun project
  595. T BICKLE

    17' Boston Whaler For sale

    i'd take the 1500 and run with it. nice boat just needs alot of love
  596. T BICKLE

    Need advice for fishing Nicaragua

    ok so bring guns and lots of condoms??? has anyone fished down there? geez... 11 days and counting down. so stoked!
  597. T BICKLE

    11 days

    where that be? looks fun
  598. T BICKLE

    Which PhotoG is cooler?

    do either of them come in grown up sizes?
  599. T BICKLE

    Jumping halibut

    saw that once too in MDR. 1st jump i thought naw it cant be. saw it jump again much closer and sure enough it was a pretty big hali clearing at least 2 ft out of the water
  600. T BICKLE

    Which PhotoG is cooler?

    ok now i really know you're gay. must be a jesse thing
  601. T BICKLE

    A great weekend - GREATEST WEEKEND!

    wow. good for you. as you recall i had a close call one time.... but it turned out to be the wrong number!
  602. T BICKLE

    Need advice for fishing Nicaragua

    meat wallet tour.... haha
  603. T BICKLE

    Tea Bagging

    i love the term G but it does not make sense as T bickle does not catch fish like that. he catches other things during MWA (meat wallet analysis) but def not quality bass like that
  604. T BICKLE

    Update on the Starcraft

    been there done that. wont ever do it again. sea trial and fine tooth comb going over my next vessel for sure. good luck
  605. T BICKLE


    you weren't kiddn! stellar day!
  606. T BICKLE


    good thread here. lots of good info and opinions. keep an open mind and consider the future of our fishery. that is all.
  607. T BICKLE

    Epic Day On The RTA At Catalina

    wtf!!! i was on the fence about going, now kicking myself... wtg jeff!
  608. T BICKLE

    Need advice for fishing Nicaragua

    thank you tony! much appreciated
  609. T BICKLE

    Bass contest sponsor list

    yeah D good job bringin it back
  610. T BICKLE


    i heard wall bass taste like night train and old shoes. anyone else experience that?
  611. T BICKLE


    flossy. love the logo tracking at the end
  612. T BICKLE

    Need advice for fishing Nicaragua

    josh, that sounds epic! the photog works nights unfortunately. if i see him today i'll see if he can get his shift switched. pm me your number, i lost it like i lose everything
  613. T BICKLE

    COMING SOON... NPH Video.

    send me the link to yours mr roadhouse
  614. T BICKLE

    COMING SOON... NPH Video.

    nice! im picking one up this week. do you know if it has a standard def shooting mode aswell? or is 720 the lowest res? anyway good work, lookin forward to the finished video
  615. T BICKLE

    COMING SOON... NPH Video.

    are you using a go pro HD?
  616. T BICKLE


    how come evil E always catches bigger fish than you? glad you didn't fall in and sink
  617. T BICKLE

    Need advice for fishing Nicaragua

    duly noted
  618. T BICKLE

    Need advice for fishing Nicaragua

    i will be staying in san juan del sur and playa gigante thanks jesse i've never used poppers but that sounds like fun! i've heard the pargo will eat the surface iron.... hmmmm
  619. T BICKLE

    Need advice for fishing Nicaragua

    well i finally pulled the trigger and bought my ticket to nicaragua. (leaving may 9th) been wanting to go there for years. i have two friends down there with boats that run surf camps so im covered on the surfing end, however they ain't fisherman. i will have full access to his boat. its not...
  620. T BICKLE

    12' Gregor, Suzuki DT 25, Trailer

    :rofl: that thing must fly with a 25hp! good luck with the sale
  621. T BICKLE

    Tonite if you are interested for fishing Saturday Apr. 24th

    jeff i read that drama post, what a bunch of BS. always have a blast fishing with you and if you're going next weekend im probably in
  622. T BICKLE

    12' Gregor, Suzuki DT 25, Trailer

    will you seperate the carpet from the bunks? how much?
  623. T BICKLE


    only 30 for 3? you know that is the max limit right?
  624. T BICKLE

    Surf Question to all you Longboarders!!

    heading north from cardiff: cardiff reef, swamis, beacons, white fence, avocados, grandview, terramar, tamarack and finally long board mecca... san onofre
  625. T BICKLE

    diamond necklace

    sent to me by my dad.... A woman is shopping at Tiffany's, for VERY expensive, Diamond Necklace. As she bends over the counter to get a better look.she accidentally.farts. Mortified.the woman looks around to see if anyone is close enough to hear.. To her horror..there is a polished Tiffany's...
  626. T BICKLE

    Big Ben for sale, what's in your cart?

    he'd fit right in with the gayders
  627. T BICKLE

    Definately An Honor...

    i need a wall session. how'd you guys do on saturday?
  628. T BICKLE

    what the oceans are coming to

    i bet that smelled nice
  629. T BICKLE


    awesome read G and great pics
  630. T BICKLE

    Win the World's Largest bar of De-Fishing Soap

    thatsa very nice!
  631. T BICKLE

    Urban Tactical Fishing

    thats cool
  632. T BICKLE

    Anyone down?

    we may be out there sat morning
  633. T BICKLE

    And now for something completely different.

    that is an ex parrott!
  634. T BICKLE

    South Nicaragua: Help w/ panga fishing

    Im going down may 9 to san juan del sur and then playa gigante. i got friends with boats in both places. what are your dates?
  635. T BICKLE

    River Monsters

    looks like my new favorite show!
  636. T BICKLE

    Monster Catfish, I've hear about but never seen these monsters.

    ahhh i thought the hose on the ground was its whiskers... upon closer inspection, no. check your calendar dude april fools was yesterday
  637. T BICKLE

    Monster Catfish, I've hear about but never seen these monsters.

    holy crap that looks like a whale shark!
  638. T BICKLE

    Free Mastiff Puppy!

  639. T BICKLE

    foam under deck

    a cool thing i have heard of people doing is removing the old foam and filling it with plastic bottles (lids on). this will still give you positive floatation and there is no foam to get wet
  640. T BICKLE

    Update on penelope (11mo old w/ cancer)

    if you haven't seen the thread already check it here There is a benefit show set up for next friday april 9th at the royal dive in oceanside. a couple of my buddy's bands are playing and...
  641. T BICKLE

    What we do is secret

    o face?
  642. T BICKLE

    fishing buddy wanted

    too bad... if you were gay you could come on my boat
  643. T BICKLE

    help me out whats it worth

    200-300$ if running check nada guides. my above estimate is probably very generous unless you find someone trying to do a full restoration and your motor is in pristine condition
  644. T BICKLE

    End of Season Hoopnet Report 3-31

    ya might wanna lay off the 420 there.... bonehead
  645. T BICKLE


    that top pic bears a strange resemblence to your avatar!
  646. T BICKLE

    Big Breasted Asian (SWF)

    saluki's new avatar?
  647. T BICKLE

    Waverunner Run out of LB 3/29

    damn that looks like fun!
  648. T BICKLE

    Big Bear, Snow Summit, 3/28 & 29

    i lost a friend the same way in high school. good skateboarder, so it was a total shock to lose him that way. just goin down a hill. you can never be too careful. condolences
  649. T BICKLE

    FKG's new ride..........

    nice! thats a sweet lil ride
  650. T BICKLE


    ya just a guess based on my constant browsing (daydreaming) on craigslist. i've seen very similar hulls i just cant remember what they were called. let us know if you figure it out
  651. T BICKLE

    3/28/2010 - FDBU - Two Kooks, One Island (PIC HEAVY!)

    you guys are so gay... looks like fun
  652. T BICKLE


    looks late 60's to me but i dont know shit anyway nice rebuild on her!
  653. T BICKLE

    yesterday 3/29

    on the blade too! nice one
  654. T BICKLE

    NPH Beast

    pic doesnt do it justice but thats a bigun
  655. T BICKLE

    SUP Video-No Booties, Rock Dance = Good Times!

  656. T BICKLE

    Point Loma Mexico horrible experience

    you guys stop picking on borat
  657. T BICKLE

    1 WEEK in Cabo JULY 2010!

    solmar is awesome! was there last new years. how much you lookin to get?