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  1. john7429

    Working bait..

    Stumbled on this on youtube. Best baitworking vid I've seen yet... Sharks
  2. john7429

    Scramble Meet

    Whos participating in the Fathomiers Scramble Meet this year?
  3. john7429


    Looks like I'll be headed to the Flats this weekend. I'll be there Saturday 8/11. See you out there...
  4. john7429

    Shoe Sat

    Going to the Shoe for some local fishin on Saturday Launching 0600.
  5. john7429

    Catalina Saturday

    Heading to the island at zero dark thirty on Saturday. Who else is going to be there? I haven't had any yellows yet this year. :_diarrhea_: Time to break out the good stuff :fighting0061:
  6. john7429

    Sunday 7/22 Twilight

    Jumped aboard the Enterprise out of Long Beach after my class on Sunday. Went straight for the shoe with little chovies. Sandies were WFO and we limited in less than 2 hours. :2gunsfiring_v1: Headed home early and was back at the dock around 2130 A sculpin or two were mixed in but nothing...
  7. john7429

    Twilight Saturday

    I haven't fished since the 4th. I'm going through withdrawal. Going to jump on a twilight boat Sunday night out of Long Beach Marina. :fighting0061:
  8. john7429


    Planning to run the ol' boat this weekend. Is the Huntington Flats area still producing? Will be launching a bit too late to make a trip to Catalina...
  9. john7429

    PV 615

    Hit up PV again. Vis cleaned up real nice when I was getting out of the water. 8ft when I went in and about 15ft when I got out. No WSB but did manage another nice calico.
  10. john7429

    PV 6/12

    Went to PV this morning to meet up Miguel. Traffic made me later than I wanted. Got to the spot around 0930 Worked the area for about an hour... vis was about 12-15ft Couldn't get a shot on the one good sized WSB I saw... but did manage my new best Calico on my way out 21" 9lb3oz
  11. john7429

    Dockweiller Fri 5/25

    I got skunked on Wed at Dockweiller so I headed back there this morning with Calvin (wowitzgummy) to try again. I said a little prayer as I felt I needed some help... I've gone surf fishing 3 or 4 times without being able to land anything. Pathetic, yes, I know. Fished C-rigged Gulp sandworm...
  12. john7429

    Shoe Sat

    Planning to go out around the Shoe on Sat-1/27 :bablefish Will post when we get done...
  13. john7429

    Wed night

    Myself and a couple friends are heading to the surf/rocks wed (9/20) night... Probably around 9pm in the LA area... not sure which beach... Anyone else going to be out?
  14. john7429

    Sat afternoon

    Looking to go spearing Saturday (9/23) afternoon. Possibly Laguna area or PV area... Is anyone else going to be out around that time?
  15. john7429

    Going out tomorrow (8/8)

    Myself and a couple buddies will be headed towards Laguna tomorrow weilding spearguns and slings. gunz Looks like probably crystal cove or shaws... We've never dove in either area. If anyone wants to give us some tips or meet up, give me a call: 213 247 3365 We'll probably be there around...
  16. john7429

    Fishing near Honolulu

    Myself and another BDer will be in the Honolulu area on July 28th. We're looking to book a trip for that day... All the charters seem to be 4-6pack... Anyone know any good boats we could jump on...? We were hoping to find a shared trip type thing but haven't been able to do so yet... Any help...
  17. john7429

    BG90 2day 5/21-5/23

    I will be boarding the Big Game 90 out of Long Beach Sunday night for some yellow hunting at the islands with 976 Tuna... Anyone else going on this trip? Will post when I get back. :finger:
  18. john7429

    5/9 3/4 day aboard the Victory @ Long Beach Sportfishing

    Sorry for the late report... Went out on Tuesday for some bottom fishing around the local waters. Hit up the sculpin first and almost everyone got limits. Moved on to deeper waters for some grouper and other rockfish. Also picked up some nice barberpoles and a few chile around the boat...
  19. john7429

    Pursuit Full Day 22nd St 5/5

    Myself and a few buddies will be aboard the Pursuit tomorrow to try Catalina on a full day cattle boat. Will post when we get back...
  20. john7429

    Full day trip aboard Pursuit out of 22nd St 4/27

    Made the trip out on Thursday with a couple buddies from church. Short story: Headed straight for Catalina to try the bonito. Had a few bites then moved on to deeper water for grouper. Lots of fish on the boat with 20something anglers. Longer story: When I made the reservation, they didn't...
  21. john7429

    Apr27 22nd St Pursuit full day

    I just made reservations for myself and 3 friends to go out on the 27th. So far, they don't have enough reservations to go out... If anyone else can go, LETS GO. MY FIRST DAY OF LEAVE NEEDS TO BE SPENT FISHING.
  22. john7429

    New Ho

    Just thought I'd announce that I've added myself to the Ho list. I start my terminal leave from the Marines on the 26th of Apr. I'm planning on going on a full day trip the 27th but after that, I should be game if anyone is willing to take me out. I look forward to adding some reports on the...
  23. john7429

    4/17 Coronado Islands

    Finally made it out on a trip. Short version: Went out to the Coronados in an open party boat out of H&M. Very windy. More whitefish caught than anything. Swells were too big to anchor in the deeper water so we stayed pretty shallow... Caught tree fish, sculpin, whitefish, chuckle head...
  24. john7429

    APR 17 3/4day seaforth

    I'm going on an open 3/4 day trip out of Seaforth Landing. ONLY AN ACT OF GOD CAN STOP ME.
  25. john7429

    1/2 Day PM Monte Carlo 22nd St 4/8

    I'm going through withdrawal... Need to fish... I'm going on the pm halfday tomorrow (Saturday) aboard the Monte Carlo at 22nd St Landing in San Pedro. I'm going crazy... :bablefish :bablefish :bablefish
  26. john7429

    OK Malibu II vs Malibu II XL

    I know the "new" XL is based off the original Malibu II... just a bit larger. Any other differences? Thanks :finger:
  27. john7429

    Pursuit 22nd St Apr 1

    Just made reservations for the full day open party next Saturday. The 3/4 day and full day trips have been doing pretty well... I hope it stays or gets better next weekend. I'm takin my GF and her younger bro... Can't wait... A week away and I'm already jumpin up and down... :_shopping...
  28. john7429

    3/4 day/full day

    Haven't been on a full day open party boat in a while (4? 5? years...)... I think I might be going next sat out of 22nd st landing... What's good # line to take? Damn I feel like a newb...
  29. john7429


    I'm pretty new around here so here goes: I was introduced to this site through Ryan (Tail Chaser). We are currently at Taqaddum, Iraq doing our part. I missed fishing all of 2004 due to financial troubles and have been here since Jan of 2005. I'll be headed back to California (Downye/LA is...