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  1. Big G

    Guide options for 770H

    Building my first 770H. Anyone know the factory guide combo used on this rod? Also, any suggestions from anyone with a good recipe would be appreciated. It will be an 80# rod for the rail mostly.
  2. Big G

    Printing labeling

    What is the best way to print a label for a rod? I've been using a silver sharpie, but i would like to step up my game. Can i use a color laser on regular transperencies? A little help please!
  3. Big G

    Loreto fishing

    Just got back from Loreto. We drove down, the road is in good shape. We got there thurs night and stayed at La Mision in front of the malecon. Very nice hotel. We fished with our favorite local guy Pocho Susarrey. The dude fishes hard and speaks english! I recommend him. Tel# 01 (613) 135 0887...
  4. Big G

    El Tigre Rojo

    Here is my attempt at a tiger wrap. Its not my first, but with all the really cool lookin' rods on this board, its the only on I'm not ashamed to post here. The pics look pink, but its red. Its a Calstar 7470H. Fuji "New Concept" guides, Alps reel seat/gimbel. I'm putting an Avet HXw w/ 80# on...
  5. Big G

    7465H Guide spacing

    I want to put seven roller guides on a GR7465H for a Avet 30W. Can anyone give me the factory spacing for the guides, or point me in the right direction for the information? Also, this is my first attempt at roller guides. My recipe will be: 1. one underwrap size C 2. Two overwraps size C...
  6. Big G

    Anyone fish Loreto lately?

    I'm planning a trip at the end of March. I've never fished Loreto. Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated!
  7. Big G

    YFT in SQ still?

    Just curious, anyone fish SQ last weekend? Any reports?
  8. Big G

    Rod Building Supplies

    I will be wrapping my first rod this week. I've been reading this board and there is some really great information. I feel confident that with the info I've picked up from BD I can wrap a decent first rod. BD members rock!!! I will post pics when I'm done (if it doesn't suck!) My question is...
  9. Big G

    A little late, but...

    ...Sorry to post so late (Oct 24), but SQ is still good tuna fishing. I recommend getting there asap!!! We went out of Tiburons Pangas w/ Capt. "Chava". He put us on the fish right away. We had a total of 10 fish: 8 YFT, 1 YT (on the troll), 1 good size red. YFT: 6 on Rapalas...
  10. Big G

    Tackle for SQ?

    We're planning a trip to San Quintin. Whats working? Are we fishing Live Bait? Feathers? Jigs? What should we bring?
  11. Big G

    I have crossed...

    I feel the power of the dark side and welcome its warm embrace!!! I magged my JX 6/3 and screwed it to my GUSA 10 ftr, tied a 7x to it and let 'er rip... :ashamed: FUCKIN' BIG DELICIOUS!!! :ashamed: No thumb(only at splash)... No backlash... No sure how far I was casting, but I was...
  12. Big G

    Ocean Odessy

    Going on a 2 day monday on the Ocean Odyssey out of H & M. I've never been on this boat. Any tips, suggestions, warnings, etc.?
  13. Big G

    MXJ in Gunmetal

    Has anyone seen or does anyone know if AVET is making the MXJ 6/3 in the new gunmetal color? I'm interested!
  14. Big G

    Rod for Tiagra 30A

    Just got a Shimano Tiagra 30A as a gift. Not really sure what rod to put it on. Most likely, gonna put 100# spectra w/ 80# top. Any rod suggestions? Thanks. (Not opposed to going the custom rod direction, please suggest a rod builder as well)
  15. Big G

    Graphtech rods?

    Has anyone heard of these rods, and if so, are they any good? I'm looking for a rod for my SX (15#... for calicos)