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  1. Big G

    limits on premier 10-1....again

    I was there! Great day on the water! All the "mid-size" yellows you wanted, perfect weather, great Captain and crew, couldn't have asked for more.
  2. Big G

    A Good Week in Cabo

    Awesome! Wife n I will be down Cabo way first weeks of May. Can't wait!
  3. Big G

    3.5 day Sea Adventure 80

    Jeff's right! First day: weather sucked! Second day: paddy hopin' for rat yellows, few tuna, couple of skippies. Third day:Morning dodo's on a nice paddy to start the day! Bettter size yt's! Good boat, good Captain and crew, Good trip!
  4. Big G

    New Rod Finished

    Clean, neat, understated, shweeeet!!!!
  5. Big G

    Abalone with Tre-lek-ees on the side please!

    I bet that thing really pops in the sunlight! Nicely done.
  6. Big G

    Qwikie 760M

    It take me an hour just to get my head out of my ass, much less wrap a rod! Nicely done!
  7. Big G

    MXL Comments (single speed)

    Abso-fuckin'-lutely!!! I have 3 MXLs and 14 Avets total!
  8. Big G

    275lb tuna in the boat in less than 30sec

    That shit happens to me all the time (in my wettest dream!)
  9. Big G

    Ultimate calico rod... List your favorite two

    Calstar GX8 Rainshadow RCLB 80XL
  10. Big G

    Is it real or is it "Faux"?

    Its like a pair of big fake tits... You know they're fake, but "DAAAMMNN!!!"
  11. Big G

    Punta Chivato Dorado are here!!!

    There's fish in those pictures??? :ashamed:
  12. Big G

    Rainshadow livebait/jig blanks

    I wrapped an RCLB80xl, put an avet SX on it and have absolutely killed the albies/YFT on 20# with it! :2gunsfiring_v1: These blanks are the real deal!!!
  13. Big G

    Sleep Now In the Fire

    Great tune... Sweet rod!!!
  14. Big G

    Would it be gay?

    man + salon manicure = GAY :supergay:
  15. Big G

    GF760M w/ teal marble

    Very nice! I really dig that color combo!
  16. Big G

    Can Cows Really Fly ?????

    My cock is so hard, it hurts!
  17. Big G

    Mono to Spectra

    bimini to worm knot
  18. Big G

    Guide options for 770H

    I was planning on using Fugi LRSGs 25,20,16,16,12,12,10,10, but i looked for specs on a factory rod and I saw it had 9 guides. I wanted to know what size guides and spacing from butt to stripper they were using.
  19. Big G

    Guide options for 770H

    Building my first 770H. Anyone know the factory guide combo used on this rod? Also, any suggestions from anyone with a good recipe would be appreciated. It will be an 80# rod for the rail mostly.
  20. Big G

    closest blanks to shimano calcutta series..

    where can i get GUSA blanks here in San Diego?
  21. Big G

    Captain Phil Passes

    To his family, my heart felt condolences. Capt. Phil will be missed! For the rest of us, take it as it comes and enjoy this precious thing we call life! oh... and for god's sake QUIT SMOKING!!!
  22. Big G

    2.5 hr buttwrap

    I can't even find my own ass in 2.5 hrs! :imdumb: Good job!
  23. Big G

    red & black custom

    i got one, but i wanna see yours!
  24. Big G

    Avets Rock!

    ! have 11 of 'em. I plan to get more!!! I love avet reels!
  25. Big G

    Rod for SX Raptor

    im thinking of building a Calstar 770h for the sx raptor. use: tuna/yt on 5-7 day trips.
  26. Big G

    The Cow Count

    thats just... wow! great job guys!
  27. Big G

    L.O.S.T. post on forum

    I once saw a local in mexico haul in a bigass grouper with what looked like a bunch of shoelaces tied together wrapped around a rusty tin can. I guess my point is that it isn't the rod, its the angler that catches fish!!! But those LOST rods do look cool!
  28. Big G

    Long Range Line-up Complete

    I really dig that basketweave grip!! Looks good.
  29. Big G


    Get some fish blood on it and it will be perfect!
  30. Big G

    Family,Fishing & Fun!

    When I grow up I wanna be just like you!!!
  31. Big G


    Just shut up and drive...
  32. Big G

    I guess I just dont get it

    Its like asking Mozart to write a commercial jingle.
  33. Big G

    Going to have to quit wrapping for a while

    I'm so very sorry. You have my deepest sympathy.
  34. Big G


    In Australia they must spell differently: Snorth, Nsouth, Weast, and Ewest
  35. Big G

    Printing labeling

    Thanks for the tips. I really appreciate it.
  36. Big G

    Printing labeling

    What is the best way to print a label for a rod? I've been using a silver sharpie, but i would like to step up my game. Can i use a color laser on regular transperencies? A little help please!
  37. Big G

    First Blue

    Very nice!
  38. Big G

    Gold Marble, Rod & Reel Combo

    Go get some fish blood on it and it will be perfect!!!
  39. Big G

    GF900M - Camo tiger wrap

    Very nice.
  40. Big G

    That's cute...

    Now everyone's gonna be doing it....
  41. Big G

    Another Loreto report

    I love loreto!!! Great job on the dodos! Them be some quality fish! We'll be going back at the end of Sept!
  42. Big G

    Loreto fishing

    oh ya... and a sail fish!!! :imdumb:
  43. Big G

    Loreto fishing

    Just got back from Loreto. We drove down, the road is in good shape. We got there thurs night and stayed at La Mision in front of the malecon. Very nice hotel. We fished with our favorite local guy Pocho Susarrey. The dude fishes hard and speaks english! I recommend him. Tel# 01 (613) 135 0887...
  44. Big G

    Advice on trip to Loreto in late June...

    I just got back from Loreto and stayed at La Mission Hotel. A little on the pricy side but well worth it. Rooms are great, classy place. LA MISION Check it out.
  45. Big G

    Flying / Driving to Loreto

    Driving to loreto from SD tomorrow!!! Be down til Sunday. I've made the drive many times and had NO PROBLEMS! Bill is right.... BAJA DRIVING RULES: 1. Don't be an asshole! 2. Respect everyone the way you would like to be respected. 3. Don't do anything down there that you wouldn't do in...
  46. Big G

    El Tigre Rojo

    If you look closely, there is one HUGE flaw with this rod... I HAVENT KILLED ANY FISH WITH IT YET!!! :1041677399:
  47. Big G

    El Tigre Rojo

    Thanks Randy!
  48. Big G

    El Tigre Rojo

    Tiger colors are: Black, Scarlet (#326), White, size C on bottom wrap. 4 layers of finish between top wrap which is Scarlet w/ two sacraficial threads. All size C.
  49. Big G

    El Tigre Rojo

    Here is my attempt at a tiger wrap. Its not my first, but with all the really cool lookin' rods on this board, its the only on I'm not ashamed to post here. The pics look pink, but its red. Its a Calstar 7470H. Fuji "New Concept" guides, Alps reel seat/gimbel. I'm putting an Avet HXw w/ 80# on...
  50. Big G

    7465H Guide spacing

    Thanks Randy, can you give the 5 roller layout you use?
  51. Big G

    7465H Guide spacing

    I want to put seven roller guides on a GR7465H for a Avet 30W. Can anyone give me the factory spacing for the guides, or point me in the right direction for the information? Also, this is my first attempt at roller guides. My recipe will be: 1. one underwrap size C 2. Two overwraps size C...
  52. Big G

    First Cross Wrap

    First cross wrap... Whatever. Go kill fish with it!!!
  53. Big G

    Source for tuna cord?

    ...what I meant was
  54. Big G

    Source for tuna cord?

  55. Big G

    tiger wrap for avet

    Fuck ya dude... That thing ROCKS!!!
  56. Big G

    Anyone fish Loreto lately?

    Panga. Any recommendations?
  57. Big G

    Anyone fish Loreto lately?

    I'm planning a trip at the end of March. I've never fished Loreto. Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated!
  58. Big G

    Mama Said knock You Out

    Thats tight!
  59. Big G


    YES, GO GET ONE!!! 80# braid w/ 60# top. You can't go wrong!
  60. Big G

    spiral roller

    You're right... Its a piece of trash! Throw it away... Or better yet GIVE IT TO ME!!! oh ya... and leave the reel on. Nice Rod
  61. Big G

    MXL, MXJ, or SX??

    Get all three! 20# on the sx 30# on the mxj 40# on the mxl Done.
  62. Big G

    YFT in SQ still?

    Just curious, anyone fish SQ last weekend? Any reports?
  63. Big G

    Rod Building Supplies

    Thanks Ken, is where i ordered my rod building kit from. I was just wondering if you guys knew of some other place. With Squidco, Angler's, and I think I'm set.
  64. Big G

    Rod Building Supplies

    Thanks Lou. BTW I second Ted for Prez!
  65. Big G

    Rod Building Supplies

    I will be wrapping my first rod this week. I've been reading this board and there is some really great information. I feel confident that with the info I've picked up from BD I can wrap a decent first rod. BD members rock!!! I will post pics when I'm done (if it doesn't suck!) My question is...
  66. Big G

    K&M Offshore,San Quintin Oct 30

    Hope it lasts, I'll be down Nov. 14-15
  67. Big G

    20lb reel

    mag an SX and yer' set!
  68. Big G

    A little late, but...

    ...Sorry to post so late (Oct 24), but SQ is still good tuna fishing. I recommend getting there asap!!! We went out of Tiburons Pangas w/ Capt. "Chava". He put us on the fish right away. We had a total of 10 fish: 8 YFT, 1 YT (on the troll), 1 good size red. YFT: 6 on Rapalas...
  69. Big G

    NEW! AVET MC Cast Conversion Kits

    For around $20 bucks and an easy epoxy job, I magged all 7 of my avets. I tried the SX MC on a half day trip and the adjustability was nice, but I don't see $130 worth of improvement over a standard SX. IMHO save your money, buy the standard avets and some rare earth mags and do it...
  70. Big G

    Tackle for SQ?

    We're going out on Tiburon pangas (I think). My bro made the plans. I know we're staying at Old Mill. I'll hit Juan up on our next trip. Thanks all for your input. Stand by for report.
  71. Big G

    Tackle for SQ?

    Thanks for the info fellas. We'll be down in SQ thursday and friday.
  72. Big G


    "lead" not into temptation, 'cause your just gonna slow me down!!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!!
  73. Big G

    Tackle for SQ?

    We're targeting tuna, so the usual array of feathers will be in the tackle box. Rigs will be 20# thru 60#. Is this enough or too heavy? I have a habit of taking too much shit. I guess what my real question is "What should I not bring?"
  74. Big G

    Tackle for SQ?

    We're planning a trip to San Quintin. Whats working? Are we fishing Live Bait? Feathers? Jigs? What should we bring?
  75. Big G

    I have crossed...

    I feel the power of the dark side and welcome its warm embrace!!! I magged my JX 6/3 and screwed it to my GUSA 10 ftr, tied a 7x to it and let 'er rip... :ashamed: FUCKIN' BIG DELICIOUS!!! :ashamed: No thumb(only at splash)... No backlash... No sure how far I was casting, but I was...
  76. Big G

    Praise for the LX 6/3

    The LX 6/3 is a great reel. I don't fish Newell, I use a magged JX 6/3 to throw a jig. I like it because I have the same confidence in it that I feel w/ the LX (and its black so it looks cool!).
  77. Big G

    Daughters First Time Out with AVET MC

    Nicely done! Kids remember (just like the rest of us) fishing with dad for the rest of their lives. Way to go!
  78. Big G

    Hey seward boys..check out how your girls do it

    ...and on the eighth day, God made chicks that kill fish and this was good!
  79. Big G

    Depoe Bay Tuna (Pictures)

    Outstanding!!! A picture is worth a thousand words!!!
  80. Big G

    No, I mean BIG ROOSTERS, La Paz

    That is one BIG GALLO!!! Nicely done!
  81. Big G

    Ocean Odessy

    Thanks for the input. We leave sunday night. I'll let you know how the fishing is.
  82. Big G

    Ocean Odessy

    Going on a 2 day monday on the Ocean Odyssey out of H & M. I've never been on this boat. Any tips, suggestions, warnings, etc.?
  83. Big G

    Great Whites in Southern California

    To those who say that there are no GWs in SoCal: There are GWs in NoCal and there are GWs at 'Lupe island. Are you naive enough to think there are no GWs in between?
  84. Big G

    Fresh/Salt Baitcasters??

    I got a good deal on the Penn Sargus. Not a bad reel!
  85. Big G

    My first YFT

    You may catch a hundred more YFT in your life, but thats the one you'll remember most of all!!! Congrats!
  86. Big G

    MXJ in Gunmetal

    Black is beautiful... my JX is black
  87. Big G

    MXJ in Gunmetal

    Thanks for the responses. Yes, gunmetal is a bitchin' color. I have the LX 6/3 in gunmetal. I have yet to see the MXJ in anything but blue, silver, or gold. Does anyone know if they make them in any other colors?
  88. Big G

    MXJ in Gunmetal

    Has anyone seen or does anyone know if AVET is making the MXJ 6/3 in the new gunmetal color? I'm interested!
  89. Big G

    MDR Beastiality. W/pix

  90. Big G

    Is it just me?

    Its just you... I don't need it... BUT I GOTTA HAVE IT!!! (Not sure what I'm going to use it for) Tell me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what we are all about. After all, very few of us need to fish to sustain ourselves. Fishing is a hobby (or in my case an addiction!). If someone has a...
  91. Big G

    3/18/08 rock fishing LJ W/pics

    I guess the invite is in the mail... WHATEVER!!! (jk) Way to go guys! I think food always tastes better when you go out kill it, bleed it, clean it, and cook it yourself!
  92. Big G

    Which Avet up to 1 1/2 day trip?

    MXJ or JX are both excellent reels. The MXL is a good reel as well, but with spectra backing, you don't really need a "wide" reel for line capacity. If you ever plan to do any trips longer than 1.5 days, the JX would be your better investment. (IMHO)
  93. Big G

    Surface Irons

    I think its a matter of what feels best in your hands and how you throw the iron. I use a JX 6/3 w/ 40# mono on 65# spectra on a 900M Calstar and for me thats all I need. Hang a Tady 45 on the end and its YT for dinner!.
  94. Big G

    late shark report..........

    Keep those vids comin'...
  95. Big G

    Driving South

    The drive is beautiful if you like the desert. I've driven all the way to Cabo many times and I love it! I never drive at night and I top off my tanks whenever I can. Why take the chance of running out. There are some long and lonely stretches of road, so check you fluids, take some spare stuff...
  96. Big G

    Rod for Tiagra 30A

    Thanks for the input, brokenseal. I think I'm gonna put this reel on a Shimano stick. Thanks!
  97. Big G

    Rod for Tiagra 30A

    Just got a Shimano Tiagra 30A as a gift. Not really sure what rod to put it on. Most likely, gonna put 100# spectra w/ 80# top. Any rod suggestions? Thanks. (Not opposed to going the custom rod direction, please suggest a rod builder as well)
  98. Big G

    bad for local fishing (bait boat)

    PETA... People for the Eating of Tasty Animals!
  99. Big G

    Psycho Clown clowns em

    Nice fish... On a personal note: I was once a like you, but it took hitting rock bottom for me to realize that the fun was a lie. Don't let this happen to you!Please get help. Know when to say enough!
  100. Big G

    Barry does it!

    Baseball once had integrity, honor, and pride. The players of old had a nobility, even when they didn't always win, they were still our heroes. It gave this country a sense of American pride... The heroes are gone... Now we have Barry Bonds. Shameful.
  101. Big G

    Graphtech rods?

    casting live bait mostly. I guess the only way to know for sure is to buy and try it! I'll post results soon.
  102. Big G

    Graphtech rods?

    Has anyone heard of these rods, and if so, are they any good? I'm looking for a rod for my SX (15#... for calicos)