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  1. john7429

    For Sale Glastron V216 SeaFuryII for sale

    Would you consider a trade for a '77 corvette?
  2. john7429

    1976 Mako 20'

    Would you consider a trade for a '77 corvette?
  3. john7429

    23' Mako Cuddy WA

    Would you consider a trade for a '77 Corvette?
  4. john7429

    Stolen boat

    Any updates? How is your insurance handling this? Oh... and what size/price for the aquarium?
  5. john7429

    Anything decent around Laguna lately?

    Let us know how it looked...
  6. john7429

    Catalina this weekend our boat room for 2

    Would you happen to be going out this weekend?
  7. john7429

    Catalina this weekend our boat room for 2

    Sounds good. My buddies and I are always lookin to head over to the islands. Our boat isn't in as good a shape as we want her to be in to be going over there as often as we'd like.
  8. john7429

    Catalina this weekend our boat room for 2

    Dang... I wish I could make this one...
  9. john7429

    Boat Rammed Part II

    Talking to police before going to small claims is the best route. You need to show that you took actions to resolve this on your own. I'm surprised your insurance isn't cover it as an uninsured boater case in which they take care of you first and then go after the guy. Going this route...
  10. john7429

    Working bait..

    Stumbled on this on youtube. Best baitworking vid I've seen yet... Sharks
  11. john7429

    quick report 08/12/07

    Dude, I usually don't bag/comment on spelling on the boards but... from a home inspector, I'd expect better. Good report otherwise. Thanks.
  12. john7429

    Noah's Tackle Charter WFO Albies August 11-12, 2007

    Dang. Wishing I could have been there. Great work gang.
  13. john7429

    about to buy a wet suit have a question

    I have an OMER 5mm. Use it year round as well. Love it. If I were to get another suit, I would try out an Apnea. I've heard nothing but good things about them and they cost less.
  14. john7429

    Izors Anyone ?

    I'm heading out of San Pedro on Sat. Heading for the Flats.
  15. john7429

    1/2-Day Moo-moo Cuda !!! 08/07

    Great report again Ron. I'll be at the Flats this weekend.
  16. john7429

    Scramble Meet

    Anyone have a spot on their boat or need one?
  17. john7429

    Scramble Meet

    Was stuck in class tonight (had a final). No BDers doing this?
  18. john7429

    Scramble Meet

    Whos participating in the Fathomiers Scramble Meet this year?
  19. john7429


    Looks like I'll be headed to the Flats this weekend. I'll be there Saturday 8/11. See you out there...
  20. john7429

    Cured sardines and anchovies

    Great. We'll see you tomorrow!
  21. john7429

    Shoe Sat

    Going to the Shoe for some local fishin on Saturday Launching 0600.
  22. john7429

    7/24 Paddy Pounding!!!

    very nice.
  23. john7429

    39th Annual Scramble Meet Open

    I'm signing up
  24. john7429

    Charter Trip on the Tradition 08/01 w/pics

    I hate idiots that lack common sense. On the road or the ocean. Thanks for the report again Ron.
  25. john7429

    2 Yellows @ Cat. 3v's

    Screwed for $60? What were you planning on paying? Make your own bait if you want to compain about the price. It's $60 anywhere you go so what are you comparing it to?
  26. john7429

    Catalina Saturday

    Heading to the island at zero dark thirty on Saturday. Who else is going to be there? I haven't had any yellows yet this year. :_diarrhea_: Time to break out the good stuff :fighting0061:
  27. john7429

    Huntington Flats

    You're better off at the shoe. I fished the flats a couple weeks ago and it was steady pickings... whole squid worked best for sandies and flatties. At the shoe, its wide open for sandies with anything (strip squid, chovies, plastic...). the Cuda have been in the area as well All the cattle...
  28. john7429

    CATALiINA this weekend

    Ride sharing/trip planning would be a guess...
  29. john7429

    Sunday 7/22 Twilight

    Capt Ben was at the wheel. Found a spot right next to the R/W buoy not too far from the breakwall. We could hear music all night from the shore area. They had 4 deckhands on the boat to enjoy the fishing
  30. john7429

    Sunday 7/22 Twilight

    Jumped aboard the Enterprise out of Long Beach after my class on Sunday. Went straight for the shoe with little chovies. Sandies were WFO and we limited in less than 2 hours. :2gunsfiring_v1: Headed home early and was back at the dock around 2130 A sculpin or two were mixed in but nothing...
  31. john7429

    Twilight Saturday

    I haven't fished since the 4th. I'm going through withdrawal. Going to jump on a twilight boat Sunday night out of Long Beach Marina. :fighting0061:
  32. john7429

    Rpt Sat 07-07-07 Yellowtail & Albacore

    Great report and pictures to boot!
  33. john7429

    shorter is better than longer

    Yeah, I must say... Great looking boat. No wonder you got the fish... they wanted to be on your boat!
  34. john7429

    93.1 lb WSB

  35. john7429

    YELLOWS-30-3 lbs.

    Exactly what I was thinking... What boat is that???
  36. john7429

    local WSB here

    I'll be out there somewhere too
  37. john7429

    Cat. Isl.......6/21/07....YT time

    Haha Someone got their feelings hurt. Don't expect people to share everything with you. Do you really think anybody wants their "fishing spot" to become a parking lot for boats? If you want info, try a PM. If they didn't post location info from the beginning, they probably want to keep it to...
  38. john7429


    haha Hoping to avoid the parking lot action but... Might have to make this exception.
  39. john7429

    fishin oc coast 6/21

    I'll be out there as well on Saturday
  40. john7429


    I heard the cuda action was good last week...
  41. john7429


    Planning to run the ol' boat this weekend. Is the Huntington Flats area still producing? Will be launching a bit too late to make a trip to Catalina...
  42. john7429

    2007 WSB Derby - Thanks!!!

    With a 67lber on the board, not much hope for us... haha Good job John.
  43. john7429

    67# WSB

    Haha major cudos dude
  44. john7429

    PV 615

    Hit up PV again. Vis cleaned up real nice when I was getting out of the water. 8ft when I went in and about 15ft when I got out. No WSB but did manage another nice calico.
  45. john7429

    PV 6/12

    Dang Martin... do you live on forums? haha I ripped my wetsuit pretty good today while taking my fins off on the rocks...
  46. john7429

    PV 6/12

    Went to PV this morning to meet up Miguel. Traffic made me later than I wanted. Got to the spot around 0930 Worked the area for about an hour... vis was about 12-15ft Couldn't get a shot on the one good sized WSB I saw... but did manage my new best Calico on my way out 21" 9lb3oz
  47. john7429

    5/25 YT @ Middle Grounds

    I guess Army boys think its ok to wear their untilities anywhere. I still can't stand to see it. Nice lookin fish though. Congrats Semper.
  48. john7429

    Dockweiller Fri 5/25

    I was there all day on Memorial Day with friends. Fished the rising and setting sun. 6-7 am and pm. Waves were really high and constant. Vis was gross too Met another BDer but he didn't care to share his name... Managed one perch in about 2 hours of fishing...
  49. john7429

    Dockweiller Fri 5/25

    you can call whatever you want. I call it a great way to start the day. had a camera but didn't bother...
  50. john7429

    Dockweiller Fri 5/25

    I got skunked on Wed at Dockweiller so I headed back there this morning with Calvin (wowitzgummy) to try again. I said a little prayer as I felt I needed some help... I've gone surf fishing 3 or 4 times without being able to land anything. Pathetic, yes, I know. Fished C-rigged Gulp sandworm...
  51. john7429

    Warrior Fishing 2/10/07

    WTF Why do I always miss the warrior events???? The ONE time I was ready last year, it got cancelled. SOMEONE KEEP ME posted for the next one
  52. john7429

    3/23-3/25 Catalina

  53. john7429

    Shoe Sat

    Planning to go out around the Shoe on Sat-1/27 :bablefish Will post when we get done...
  54. john7429

    Intrepid Splashes!

  55. john7429

    Lobster season!

    got 1 GOOD one and 3 barely legals in 3 hours of yaking
  56. john7429

    9-30 bugs

    free dive or scuba?
  57. john7429

    Sat afternoon

    Its great... Never tipped over, even over waves... Its fun catching fish while seeing guys on the shore or on the rocks struggling. I've been out at Dana Point more than anywhere else... Been to Cabrillo but the fishing wasn't as consistent as DP. I haven't had it long so I haven't explored...
  58. john7429

    Wed night

    Myself and a couple friends are heading to the surf/rocks wed (9/20) night... Probably around 9pm in the LA area... not sure which beach... Anyone else going to be out?
  59. john7429

    Sat afternoon

    Looking to go spearing Saturday (9/23) afternoon. Possibly Laguna area or PV area... Is anyone else going to be out around that time?
  60. john7429

    First Hawaiian Marlin and Ono's

    Wow Looks great Jack Too bad our trip didn't turn out so well... I see that tiger lure worked this time... Its all good, we had an excellent time and I really appreciate that you took us out Thanks again Jack
  61. john7429

    Going out tomorrow (8/8)

    Myself and a couple buddies will be headed towards Laguna tomorrow weilding spearguns and slings. gunz Looks like probably crystal cove or shaws... We've never dove in either area. If anyone wants to give us some tips or meet up, give me a call: 213 247 3365 We'll probably be there around...
  62. john7429

    Fishing near Honolulu

    Myself and another BDer will be in the Honolulu area on July 28th. We're looking to book a trip for that day... All the charters seem to be 4-6pack... Anyone know any good boats we could jump on...? We were hoping to find a shared trip type thing but haven't been able to do so yet... Any help...
  63. john7429

    28June WFO YT bite on 3/4day San Diego

    I need to add something to the thread... I made myself look like a fool on this trip by throwing my rod (the grafighter you see there with the red Avet 2 speed) over the boat while casting... My heart sank as I saw my rod sit in the water... slowing going down... Before I could even say...
  64. john7429

    28June WFO YT bite on 3/4day San Diego

    Great pics dude. (of me) Was awesome fishing with you today. I'll try to add a few pics to this thread tomorrow... No shots of the monster sheaphead?
  65. john7429

    New Lo An 1.5day ...Limits and BONUS CATCH!

    Actually, Markus wasn't the skipper that trip. His younger companion/spotter Trevor captained the boat. It was the 23 year old's first trip out as captain. Did a damn fine job finding the fish. The boat and crew were definitely worthy of their reputation.
  66. john7429

    New Lo-An 1.5 day trips

    I will be boarding the New Lo-An on Tuesday 6/6 (my bday) for a 1.5day trip BDer "redragon" will be there as well... Anyone else going??
  67. john7429

    New Lo-An 1.5 day trips

    I will be boarding the New Lo-An on Tuesday 6/6 (my bday) for a 1.5day trip BDer "redragon" will be there as well... Anyone else going??
  68. john7429

    Two Day on Big Game 90

    Boat was freakin great. One of the best boats I've been on... Hey Brian, where's the pic of my sheephead????
  69. john7429

    Two Day on Big Game 90

    I went 0 for 2 (2 break offs) on the yellows but here's a pic of a decent red I had: Dude next to me is also a BDer... but I don't remember his SN...
  70. john7429

    BG90 2day 5/21-5/23

    Great trip. What you probably didn't know is that all the yellows were 30lb+...
  71. john7429

    BG90 2day 5/21-5/23

    I will be boarding the Big Game 90 out of Long Beach Sunday night for some yellow hunting at the islands with 976 Tuna... Anyone else going on this trip? Will post when I get back. :finger:
  72. john7429


    There are some black ones sitting at SavOn Tackle in Whittier, CA...
  73. john7429


    What time will you be heading out?
  74. john7429

    38in24# Halibut Loking.,..

    Wow, that is a monster 'but... It was good fishing with you on Saturday... I'll let you know when my yak gets ready...
  75. john7429

    5/9 3/4 day aboard the Victory @ Long Beach Sportfishing

    George was on the grill when I went... Surprised the heck out of me when I found out he owned the boat... A bunch of "older" guys were telling me how they've been regulars since the 70s...
  76. john7429

    5/9 3/4 day aboard the Victory @ Long Beach Sportfishing

    Sorry for the late report... Went out on Tuesday for some bottom fishing around the local waters. Hit up the sculpin first and almost everyone got limits. Moved on to deeper waters for some grouper and other rockfish. Also picked up some nice barberpoles and a few chile around the boat...
  77. john7429

    Pursuit Full Day 22nd St 5/5

    I know its late but will post in the inshore section today. My computer at home decided to die... and I haven't had access to another one till now...
  78. john7429

    Pursuit Full Day 22nd St 5/5

    Myself and a few buddies will be aboard the Pursuit tomorrow to try Catalina on a full day cattle boat. Will post when we get back...
  79. john7429

    Full day trip aboard Pursuit out of 22nd St 4/27

    Made the trip out on Thursday with a couple buddies from church. Short story: Headed straight for Catalina to try the bonito. Had a few bites then moved on to deeper water for grouper. Lots of fish on the boat with 20something anglers. Longer story: When I made the reservation, they didn't...
  80. john7429

    Catalina 4/30

    I can go!!! PM Sent
  81. john7429

    Apr27 22nd St Pursuit full day

    Made the trip out... Will post a report on the inshore reports section later today.
  82. john7429

    Big Game 90 Anyone?

    I wish I had known about this sooner...
  83. john7429

    SCI 4-25 Yellows

    YAY. I hope the fishing continues to improve!
  84. john7429

    SCI Yellowtail and Net fishing????

    But where's the report...? I just read the 2 pages of posts... and... no report... ::sigh:: PS: Very well put JC.
  85. john7429

    Has anyone tried this new bait

    Looks to be in the wrong part of the forum...
  86. john7429

    SenorTuna April 22 - 23, 2006

    awesome report. The fish are ok too...
  87. john7429

    4/21 La Jolla - WSB 46lbs.

    Wow. great picture selection. before and after shot rocks.
  88. john7429

    Need 1 or 2 crew Sunday

    good luck. Let us know how ya do
  89. john7429

    Apr27 22nd St Pursuit full day

    I just made reservations for myself and 3 friends to go out on the 27th. So far, they don't have enough reservations to go out... If anyone else can go, LETS GO. MY FIRST DAY OF LEAVE NEEDS TO BE SPENT FISHING.
  90. john7429

    South OC Report 4/21 BIG GOAT Report!!!!

    How much does a gun like that cost?
  91. john7429

    Old#7 Open spots in April

    Is there still room on the 27th?
  92. john7429

    Things are changing around here!

    A little newb bashing builds character.
  93. john7429

    New Ho

    I'm a 3043 myself. As well as a few AMOS... Did a year in Oki... then came to Barstow. 1 year after check-in, I was on a plane to Iraq. Did 8months there. Now I'm counting the days... which don't count anyways because I'm just checking out... hahaha I've been on BD for almost a year now...
  94. john7429

    Ca. Island 4/19

    reports like this make me happy.
  95. john7429

    New Ho

    Just thought I'd announce that I've added myself to the Ho list. I start my terminal leave from the Marines on the 26th of Apr. I'm planning on going on a full day trip the 27th but after that, I should be game if anyone is willing to take me out. I look forward to adding some reports on the...
  96. john7429

    BD Official HO list 2007

    Name: John Age: 22 Days available: Weekdays with a day's notice. (for now) References: Tail Chaser (Ryan) Contact info: PM or email [email protected]
  97. john7429

    BD Sparring Team

  98. john7429

    Catalina with the kids 4/19

    My dad took me on my first boat fishing trip when I was in like 5th grade. WFO barracuda. Fishing is the only good memory I have of him... and on an open party boat would be the only place where I wouldn't kick his ass if I saw him again...
  99. john7429

    Baja Report:Loreto,La Paz,and Cabo 4/7-4/16

    wow awesome post
  100. john7429

    4/17 Coronado Islands

    Youbetcha. She even paid for almost half the yak (ordered a tandem fully loaded with fishing goodies. early bday present for ME) :Romantic_
  101. john7429

    4/17 Coronado Islands

    Finally made it out on a trip. Short version: Went out to the Coronados in an open party boat out of H&M. Very windy. More whitefish caught than anything. Swells were too big to anchor in the deeper water so we stayed pretty shallow... Caught tree fish, sculpin, whitefish, chuckle head...
  102. john7429


    Holy crap. Those are some nice freakin pictures...
  103. john7429

    Berkley GULP!!! Sandcrabs...Sand Fleas...

    Used the new penny 3" shrimp on the bottom fish. Had a dropper loop with 2 hooks. Had the gulp shrimp on the bottom hook and a piece of squid or sardine on top hook. 1 fish caught on top hook. 6 caught on bottom hook. Fish caught were an assortment of chucklehead, whitefish, sculpin, and...
  104. john7429

    APR 17 3/4day seaforth

    Barely made it out but... got on the water. Even caught some fish... Made a switch to H&M... Will post a report this afternoon in offshore section...
  105. john7429

    El Nino?

    I don't give a fuck about the weather this year. I haven't been able to get out in about 4 years. This is my PAYBACK year. FISH ON.
  106. john7429

    Odd Request - Preggo Surf Perch

    That's cool man...
  107. john7429

    How Do You Treat Bad Boat Ho's?

    I'll be leaving the beloved Corps in two weeks. I will add myself to the ho list soon. I am also in LA. Tight lines fellas.
  108. john7429

    Odd Request - Preggo Surf Perch

    Cool... Got any pics with the new guys?
  109. john7429

    4-11 LJ Dusk report

  110. john7429


    I don't know about that last one...
  111. john7429

    The Blonde

    LOL Nice.
  112. john7429

    UFC 59

    I don't see why not...
  113. john7429

    Sabaki Stick

    Did a buy ever happen for those rods? Where the heck did you find rigs for .99? I think the cheapest i found was like 1.25 on ebay PLUS shipping...
  114. john7429

    APR 17 3/4day seaforth

    I'm going on an open 3/4 day trip out of Seaforth Landing. ONLY AN ACT OF GOD CAN STOP ME.
  115. john7429

    Pursuit 22nd St Apr 1

  116. john7429

    weekend fishing trip

  117. john7429

    4/8/06 O'side halibut tourney and big $$$$$......

    Holy crap. And I thought I had a bad day because I missed a 1/2day trip due to my gf's cold... Hang in there man...
  118. john7429

    PV Charter rates and costs

    Did someone say beer? :cheers:
  119. john7429

    Captain Hooked

    Great pics (in link)... :taurus:
  120. john7429

    Haditha Dam/Euphrates River Report

    Welcom home. However... Just a question... your profile says you're a Marine... but you're not active... so what are you...? Blackwater? Not trying to be an ass... just wondering. I'll be getting out in 3 weeks so just curious... Oorah.
  121. john7429

    1/2 Day PM Monte Carlo 22nd St 4/8

    I'm going through withdrawal... Need to fish... I'm going on the pm halfday tomorrow (Saturday) aboard the Monte Carlo at 22nd St Landing in San Pedro. I'm going crazy... :bablefish :bablefish :bablefish
  122. john7429

    new bass pro shop opening in CA

    WOOHOO! 10min from the GF's house!
  123. john7429

    OK Malibu II vs Malibu II XL

    I know the "new" XL is based off the original Malibu II... just a bit larger. Any other differences? Thanks :finger:
  124. john7429

    Camp Pen Jetty, Pics of my Butt(s) 04/02

    I requested Camp Pen coming out of Oki but NOOOOOOOOOO~~~ They want to send me to MCLB BARSTOW. WTF. Must be nice....
  125. john7429

    Pursuit 22nd St Apr 1

    Cool. Thanks guys. :finger:
  126. john7429

    Pursuit 22nd St Apr 1

    Looks like the next chance I'll get is most likely the 27th (thurs)
  127. john7429

    Pursuit 22nd St Apr 1

    Its hard for me to plan trips because I'm still an active duty Marine. Apr 27 will be my first day back as a civilian. After that... it's game on. ... but for now... I'm just going when I find a chance on weekends...
  128. john7429

    jokes, go figure

    my gf needs to read that last one...
  129. john7429

    Bloodydecker/chicken f'er

    lol good one
  130. john7429

    Pursuit 22nd St Apr 1

    I just want to fish... Is that too much to ask for...? :nopity: :nopity: :nopity:
  131. john7429

    Stoopid tupperware question

    I'll be doing the same thing... I'm looking for a tandem as well...
  132. john7429

    Pursuit 22nd St Apr 1

    Rub it in why don't ya...
  133. john7429

    Pursuit 22nd St Apr 1

    Damn trip got cancelled on our way out. Had a nice group show up in spite of the rain. Went out to pick up bait and the capt got a call from the owner. He didn't want to "risk the boat" despite the fact the weather was already clearing up. Major bummer. I'm so pissed... can't get back out for...
  134. john7429

    3/25 Just like fishing only

    As someone that doesn't have a boat... I envy you. Not to mention that I live in the desert (for now)...
  135. john7429

    gulp squid???????

    I've never fished a plastic squid... What type of hook and where/how on the plastic?
  136. john7429

    gulp squid???????

    How would you rig this?
  137. john7429

    Bait Sitch at E-Bros SD bay

    I've seen several reports with 'buts in 'em... When does it usually peak? Around Apr/May right?
  138. john7429

    3/4 day/full day

    I've got 15lb, 20lb (x2), 25lb, and 30lb rigs ready to rock. Also have an extra reel not spooled yet... might take it along with 25lb too... Gotta share this with at least 2 other people... Maybe I'll tell one of them to get a rental... Excited.
  139. john7429

    Problems with new Avets

    I did the same shit when I got my first Avet (SX)... Glad to know I'm not the only one...:nutkick: Didn't damage mine... :finger:
  140. john7429

    3/4 day/full day

    I made the reservations for Saturday. Will be taking the gf and her younger bro... A Marine buddy of mine and his gf might tag along as well. Thanks all for the input...
  141. john7429

    Freedom 3/25

    great report. thanks. I'm headed out on a full day 4/1 out of 22nd as well...
  142. john7429

    Pursuit 22nd St Apr 1

    Just made reservations for the full day open party next Saturday. The 3/4 day and full day trips have been doing pretty well... I hope it stays or gets better next weekend. I'm takin my GF and her younger bro... Can't wait... A week away and I'm already jumpin up and down... :_shopping...
  143. john7429

    Sunday, March 26!!

    How'd ya do?
  144. john7429

    3/4 day/full day

    Haven't been on a full day open party boat in a while (4? 5? years...)... I think I might be going next sat out of 22nd st landing... What's good # line to take? Damn I feel like a newb...
  145. john7429

    LJ Tomorrow Fri 3.24.6

    Thanks for the reports gents
  146. john7429

    I drove all the way to LB and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!!!

    At least you got a shirt. The only thing my gf let me get was one of those shammy things they were selling near the entrance...
  147. john7429

    first time at Noah's

    I had a hell of a time finding the place the first time I went... Not used to the way streets are layed out in SD. Great store and people. I need to get my ass back over there to pick up my reel... What's this LB sticker incident mentioned?
  148. john7429

    35 Days & A Wake Up!!

    Sounds like a blast...
  149. john7429

    Sooo how many of you stopped by the Avet booth in LB?

    I did, but I didn't know about the shirts!!! I SHOULD have looked at BD before heading down to LA for the weekend... bummer.
  150. john7429

    Longing for Halibut in Long Beach

    I'm waiting for Apr too... THIS will be my season to catch up on the lack of fishing over the past 4 years.
  151. john7429

    MXJ/SX: Hard to turn handle

    I'm going to throw this out there at the risk of embarassing myself. When I got my first avet, I adjusted the drag without putting it in freespool. :104167739 That screwed up the reel similar to what you're describing...
  152. john7429

    BD 6-pack HookUp

    I'm interested Jason... sent pm
  153. john7429

    3/4 Day Trip

    Got into a car accident last week. Won't be able to make it... sorry
  154. john7429

    What are the 1/2 day boats doing?

    what was on the menu?
  155. john7429

    Primm. Weekend of the 11th

    LOL I was at Primm on the 9th and 10th... I'm guess MC Ball?
  156. john7429

    3/4 day on The Chubasco Saturday

    Causing trouble huh Trevor... How are the 3/4 day trips looking? worth the money?
  157. john7429

    3/4 Day Trip

    I'm interested... will send you a pm
  158. john7429

    What are the 1/2 day boats doing?

    Let us know how that goes...
  159. john7429

    Today on Dreamer

    You guys going to have any runs on weekends any time soon?
  160. john7429

    NLA Team Bloodydecks 10/15

    I finally got my ass to a computer. Good thread Trevor. Was cool meeting more BDers... Small fish but a great time...
  161. john7429

    Chuck Byron Fish On Tourney 10/15 - BD only Boat

    Just got registered. I guess there's still MORE than HALF the spots available...
  162. john7429

    Chuck Byron Fish On Tourney 10/15 - BD only Boat

    are there still spots open?
  163. john7429

    Chuck Byron Fish On Tourney 10/15 - BD only Boat

    The DMV is booked up on the 15th... maybe i'll get to go after all!!
  164. john7429

    Chuck Byron Fish On Tourney 10/15 - BD only Boat

    Damn... can't make it... gotta take the g/f to the DMV...
  165. john7429

    Chuck Byron Fish On Tourney 10/15 - BD only Boat

  166. john7429

    They're biting...

    I'm finally home... I'd be interested in a 1.5 dayer if there's room
  167. john7429

    8/27 catching report!

    Two weeks from now I'll be back in Calif... Can't wait... :sigh:
  168. john7429

    OC shore fishing lots of bait....

    WOW Those are amazing pictures...
  169. john7429

    Catalina report from the Premier

    I am SO excited to go home... ONE FREAKIN WEEK LEFT!
  170. john7429

    8-25 YT, Dodo's, YFT

    That's freakin AWESOME. Sounds like the bite's picking up now...
  171. john7429


    I believe so... :doh:
  172. john7429

    8/24 Just Called in 34# Yellow tail at the Domes

    That's freakn awesome. Please tell me you have some pics to share...
  173. john7429

    O-side flattie report 8-20 Saturday

    Beautiful. All the more reason to be excited about heading back to Calif... Haven't had but in a while (pun intended)...
  174. john7429

    Light Line Mako's....08/20

    AWESOME PICS! Looks like a blast... maybe I need to try.... hmmmm
  175. john7429

    Qualifier 105 trip 8/15-19th Glenns tackle open

    OOOH Maybe I'll get to make that trip! Awesome report man...
  176. john7429

    8/20 Eye Problem - 254# Thresher / Dana Point

    I read stories like this and it makes me want to go home even more (if that's possible)
  177. john7429

    Fishing Sunday 8/21 & Tuesday 8/23

    Good luck guys, I'm hoping the YT and tuna bites stay up when I get back. OH MAN! I CAN'T WAIT!!
  178. john7429

    Yellow Fin is WFO

    Oh man... I can't wait to get home...
  179. john7429


    He refuses to eat pork and beef... hmmm
  180. john7429


    Rick: Ryan's sitting a few feet from me and laughing. He said something about going to breakfast?
  181. john7429


    I placed a post on the Take a Warrior fishing thread... I'm hoping I get to take part. Thanks guys. COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS!!!
  182. john7429


    I'm pretty new around here so here goes: I was introduced to this site through Ryan (Tail Chaser). We are currently at Taqaddum, Iraq doing our part. I missed fishing all of 2004 due to financial troubles and have been here since Jan of 2005. I'll be headed back to California (Downye/LA is...