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  1. Shrew

    Bonefish SD Bay ( video )

    Great report & videos. Thanks for sharing
  2. Shrew

    38lb Halibut Newport Kayak

    Oh yeah, Rest of keginator to finish it off......cold beer with that butt
  3. Shrew

    102 lobsters in 25 pulls!

    I think that theory works the way how many hats do you have now?
  4. Shrew

    Halibuts and Lobsters 2-10-09

    nice pics, would iike to catch something like that
  5. Shrew

    Late Squid Report

    Freeze them and them dump them back into the ocean
  6. Shrew

    Seeing Red in LB! 12 21

    G. not even an hour goes by
  7. Shrew

    cat 4/2

    it's AVON