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  1. djd35de

    For Sale Shimano Crucial 7'6" H 12-25 Lifetime Warranty

    I have a Nice Shimano Crucial 7'6" H 12-25lb Fast action, rod is in good condition. I think these rods are much better quality then the Bullshit Curado rods with a one year warranty. Alconite guides Lifetime Warranty unlike the BS one year they...
  2. djd35de

    For Sale Shimano Curado 7:2:1 Good condition

    I've got a Curado 200i works perfect. Loaded with 30lb Daiwa Samurai braid Great little reel for inshore or green Bass. 85.00
  3. djd35de

    For Sale Shimano Curado 200i 7:2:1 SOLD

    SOLD I've got a Curado 200i works perfect
  4. djd35de

    Tranx 200 vs Curado 200? Which is better?

    Or which is your favorite in 200 size? And why? Iam wondering in this size reel which is a better choice as far as bass fishing, or overall what's your thoughts. If gear ratio is pretty close. I've got Curado 200E5, Curado K etc Thanks in advance
  5. djd35de

    SOLD Daiwa Pluton SH Xint Like A Saltiga Levelwind 225.00 OBO

    Daiwa Pluton SH loaded with 40lb Braid to the top. Forged one piece frame, Everything has a Click micro adjustment Drag, spool end play and outside magnetic cast adjust. Machined side plates just a Power house of a reel in a small package. Will handle anything...
  6. djd35de

    For Sale Shimano Tranx 500PG MINT In the Box Price drop

    I have a Tranx 500pg that I've just cast a few times. Its as new and loaded to the top with 65lb braid . As Stated Like new Mint In the box. PM me if you need to see pics. but we know what they look like. 400.00 SOLD!!! David
  7. djd35de

    WTB Boston Whaler Reversible seat

    I'd like to buy a Whaler reversible seat. Price depends on cond. within reason etc... Thanks David
  8. djd35de

    Okuma STCi-c8o H 15-30 8FT Inshore

    I've been really looking to pick one of these rods up. But not alot of feedback on them. Anybody have one and how do you like it? I plan on using for lite jigs, tady 45 or smaler and bait. Thanks in advance David
  9. djd35de

    Shimano Curado 300 EJ upgraded and MINT!

    Shimano 300 EJ Mint / not a scratch on her. SOLD!!!!! Only went for a couple of boat rides. I upgraded bearings to abec7 and greased Carbontex drag washers even though it did'nt need it. I like to tinker i guess. Comes loaded with 40 lb...
  10. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 8 2spd

    Shimano Talica 2 spd MINT! Its loaded with 65lb spectra short 40lb topshot ( 40ft approx) Perfect cond - 375.00 in the box. D
  11. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 Mint in box!

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 mint in box. Loaded with 55lb Daiwa Boat braid. 325.00 David 619-213-2191
  12. djd35de

    Calstar Factory 800XLc / Avet Combo

    I have Calstar Factory wrap 800XLc ( Real Cork with Reel seat) With a Blue Avet SX. Both in Mint Condition! 325.00 (Rod cost me more then asking price) David 619-213-2191
  13. djd35de

    Shimano Curado 300,Calcutta Combo

    Shimano Curado 300 AS NEW, Loaded with 50lb spectra mounted on a Shimano Calcutta rod. 8FT 10-20lb line , As New also. Have Box etc for reel..... 325.00 for both. David 619-213-2191
  14. djd35de

    Kencore Zibra USA MINT

    I've got a Kencore Zibra made in USA. Titanium Guides, Top of the line Bait stick. Perfect Rod for a Accurate 270 , Saltiga 15 or 20 , Avet MXJ or MXL etc..... Nice soft tip for fishing Straight Spectra, Insane bottom end, smooth bringing fish in. 7FT 12-40lb line. 150.00 Goes for...
  15. djd35de

    Garmin 340 Color fishfinder.

    Garmin 340c Color fishfinder. Like New. Mount, Cable, Cover, Box etc.... Screen is like NEW, No scratches ! No Transducer. you can pickem up for 50-100.00 bucks. Unit looks like new. Like New! 200.00 David 619-213-2191
  16. djd35de

    Trinidad 20 Nice Condition

    Shimano Trinidad 20 good condition. SOLD SOLD! Pictures on craigslist 225.00 OBO David 619-213-2191
  17. djd35de

    Calstar Graphiter 800XLc Avet SX Both MINT!

    Calstar 800XLc 10-25lb line Trigger with REAL CORK Handle. With a Blue Avet SX both are MINT! 340.00 (Rod a lone cost more) David 619-213-2191
  18. djd35de

    Calstar 800XLc with Avet SX Combo, Kencore Zibras USA!

    I've got a Calstar Factory 800 XLc, Real cork not cork tape with real seat. (This is the Rod Calstar is VERY PROUD OF) Mucho $$$$$ Comes with a Avet SX loaded with 50lb Jerry Brown Spectra and short 25lb topshot. Both rod and Reel are like new. MINT! Perfectly Balanced, Match made in...
  19. djd35de

    Daiwa Inshore MINT!

    Daiwa Costal inshore Baitcaster. Loaded with 30lb Spectra Extra Tuff line. Mint not a scratch and i installed Greased Carbontex drags washers. Drag is like butter. Great little Bass Reel. 80.00 David 619-213-2191
  20. djd35de


    I've got a ( MINT) ( Like new) Kencor Zibra Rod. Made in USA!!! 7FT 12-40lb line. Fantastic Bait stick. They sell at Mahi tackle for 259.00 First with 150.00 David 619-213-2191
  21. djd35de

    Accurate Boss 197 cast control.

    I've got a Accurate BOSS 197 4.6-1 ratio with cast control. Its Custom gold with blue spool. Mint like new, loaded with 50lb Jerry Brown spectra. You can fish topshots from 20-40lb no problem. This reel is perfect for any inshore fish or take it offshore and kill Tuna. Killed a 60lb...
  22. djd35de

    TLD 5 rare Great condition

    Shimano TLD - 5 Great condition. Very rare and looks good and works perfect! 110.00 David 619-213-2191
  23. djd35de

    Kencor Zibra MINT,Titianum Guides!

    I've got a Kencore Zibra 12-40lb test line. This is Made in USA not the cheapy ones. Top of the line Kencore! ( Pictures from my phone to yours) 160.00 619-213-2191 David
  24. djd35de

    Factory 800XLc MINT!

    Calstar 800XLc factory wrap with (Real Cork) handle and trigger reel seat. Fantastic rod for fishing White Seabass Squid and jig etc.. In Mint condition, (Pictures from my phone to yours). Also have an Avet SX, blue , thats been mounted on rod, loaded with 50lb spectra 25lb topshot as NEW...
  25. djd35de

    Ultimate combo

    Accurate Boss 197 4.6-1 with cast control. Gold with Blue spool MINT!!! Reel is Loaded with 50lb spectra. Room for a short topshot 25-40 feet approx. Mounted on a Kencor Zibra Titanium Guides made in USA!!! Not the cheapy one, Rod is 7FT- 12-40lb line. Perfect for live bait fishing...
  26. djd35de

    Shimano Talica 12 MINT!!!

    Shimano Talica 12 loaded with a ton of 65lb spectra with box and clamp etc.... Used on 1 trip, Its Pretty much new!!! Pictures on craigslist 425.00 David 619-213-2191
  27. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE MINT!!!

    300TE loaded with spectra , 1 tiny scratch otherwise MINT!! 275.00 619-213-2191 David
  28. djd35de

    Talica 10 2SPD MINT

    I've got a Talica 10 2SP mint condition. Loaded with spectra with room for a short topshot of flouro etc... Box, clamp 375.00 David 619-213-2191
  29. djd35de

    Rods,Reels Shimano TLDs

    G Loomis Pelagic PSR 84- 20C SU 7' 15-25lb Line PERFECT COND- 165.00 SOLD!! G Loomis Pro Blue PBR 844C 7' 15-30 lb Line PERFECT COND- 175.00 Shimano TLD 20 Great condition 85.00 Shimano TLD 5 - Very Rare and in great condition 125.00 Kencor ZEBRA Made in USA 10-25lb 6'6" Sweet Bait...
  30. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series PSR-84-20C MINT CONDITION

    G Loomis Pelagic 7 FT 15-25 lb line. AS NEW and half price! 150.00 David 619-213-2191
  31. djd35de

    Calstar 800 M Lite weight Rollers MINT

    800 M MINT CONDITION factory wrap, Pictures on craigslist SD. 165.00 David 619-213-2191
  32. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series PSR-84-20C Calstar

    G LOOMIS PELAGIC 7FT 15-25 lb LINE MINT - 165.00 Calstar Graphiter Factory wrap 800 M AFTCO LWR XINT -165.00 ( can send pictures my cell to your ) David 619-213-2191
  33. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga, Calstar 800 XLH Both MINT

    Daiwa Saltiga 15 in MINT Condition. Has 50 lb spectra with new 30 lb topshot of P Line - 275.00 Calstar Graphiter Factory Wrap 800 XLH Mint Condition - 225.00 Pictures can be viewed on Craigs list San Diego or ( I Can send pictures my cell to yours) David 619-213-2191
  34. djd35de

    Jigging Rod For Daiwa Ryonga Bay Jiggging Model.

    Oops its a Ryoga. Just picked up a Daiwa Bay Jigging Model reel. Almost the same as a Daiwa Pluton with power handle. But puts out 22lbs of drag. A small Beast of a reel! I plan on loading it with 40lb Spectra to the rim. Looking for something lite yet stout for Yellowtail, Tuna...
  35. djd35de


    G Loomis Pelagic PSR84-20c 7FT 15-25lb MINT 160.00 Calstar 800 M 20-40 Factory wrap Aftco Lite weight rollers MINT - 160.00 Calstar 800XLH Factory Wrap MINT 220.00 619-213-2191 David
  36. djd35de

    G Loomis, Calstar, GUSA

    G Loomis Pelagic PSR 84 20C 7FT 15-25lb - MINT - 165.00 Calstar Graphiter 800 M 20-40 Factory Wrap Aftco LWR MINT -175.00 GUSA 79XF Sweet Rod 12-25 MINT Condition- 140.00 619-213-2191 David
  37. djd35de

    Calstar 800 M Lite weight Rollers MINT

    Calstar Factory 800 M 20-40 Lite Weight rollers, reel seat Hypalon etc... Mint condition 185.00 I Also have a G Loomis Pelagic PSR84-20C SU 15-25lb Line 7FT Mint as New 185.00 619-213-2191 David
  38. djd35de

    Factory Calstar 800XLH 15-25 Sweet Rod.

    Calstar 800XLH with trigger. Mint condition. $ 225.00 619-213-2191 David
  39. djd35de

    Point Loma Kelp

    Got a late start today, around 11:00AM. Cleared the point and was a bit mixed swell with some chop to start. Started working outside as the Terns were going nuts. So we ran outside the kelp and tossed Iron but it was a no go. No boils...
  40. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series PSR-84-20C MINT

    G Loomis Pelagic 7FT 12-25 in MINT Condition. Great rod for an SX with 20lb and Slaying those yellows off Lajolla. 160.00 or Trade? Looking for a Kencor Zibra 6'6" 30-80lb or ? 619-420-3727 David
  41. djd35de

    GUSA 79XF

    GUSA 79XF Custom and in perfect condition. Cork handle with trigger, reel seat. MINT 150.00 David 619-213-2191
  42. djd35de

    TLD 5 Great Condition

    I've got a TLD 5 thats in great condition. Its mounted on a Shimano TLD 12-25lb Medium bait stick with boat guides. Very sweet combo for bait with silky smooth drag. 619-213-2191 150.00 both David
  43. djd35de

    Rod for Talica 12 ?

    What rod would you guys match with a Talica 12? Iam thinking of running 65lb spectra with 50lb maybe 60lb Floro short topshot. Some where from six - fifty ft long. Thanks in advance David
  44. djd35de

    Got kicked out

    Was fishing the the Bait receiver in PT Loma Sunday. And the Navy patrol boat kicked me out stating it was a no fishing zone. So i drove over to where they dish out the bait , and asked the about this new rule. He said it was Bullshit. I feel...
  45. djd35de

    First Long range trip 8 day Royal Polaris

    Iam going on my first long range trip. I've got a few questions guys or gals. We'll be on the Royal Polaris July 3rd - 11th. What kind of fishing to expect at this time of year ? Hows the boat and crew ? Boat comfy ? I think full load is 35 passangers, Too many ? Crowded or ok ? How...
  46. djd35de

    Prop Shop ?

    I've got a Prop that i dinged last week. Need it fixed and balanced. Its a Stainless Power tech 4 blade. Who would you guys recommend ? Someone local in SD please Thanks David
  47. djd35de

    Lost Set Up (SUCKS)Cumara @ Curado 200E5

    I was fishing the SD bay today with a co worker. Just needed to get out for a while and wet a line. First time out this year. Was fishing the bait tank in PT Loma. We were picking at the sand bass. Fishing was not bad and at times we had double hook ups. Then it happens, I had just washed my...
  48. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series PSR90-25C SU

    Great rod in good condition. Perfect for Yellowtail etc.... Lite yet stout! 150.00 619-420-3727 David
  49. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series PSR90-25C SU

    G loomis Pelagic PSR 90-25C SU 7'6" 20-30 Fast action. Great Rod for all around 20-30lb test line. Or 30-50lb braid. Strong yet lite weight with good balance. Great match with a AVET MXJ,MXL size reel etc... 150.00 619-213-2191 david
  50. djd35de


    I've got a Brand New!!! Daiwa Pluton in the box!!! BRAND NEW!!! I've got $ 430.00 invested with taxes and the Spectra. Its brand new with the Box etc... Loaded with 30lb TUFF XP Specrta Guides choice. ( Loads of fun Whipping Big Fish with lite gear!!!) Caught a huge Albie at...
  51. djd35de

    G Loomis Pelagic Series

    G Loomis Pelagic Series 7'6" PSR90-25C SU Fast action/ 20-30 lb line. ( Just had a guide replaced, had a hairline crack Good to go now) Sweet rod 150.00 619-213-2191 David
  52. djd35de

    60 mile to the Mushroom

    Lanched the skiff ( TALLY HO) from MCRD around 4:45. Got a full scoop of deans and cleared the point around 5:15. Encounterd some fog plus it was still dark so slow going to start. Fog cleared up and the water was nice and flat so 22-25 mph was sweet...
  53. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T

    I've got a Daiwa 30T that I've had for over a year. I've used it very little as it just over powers local fish. Caught a few 30lb Albies, 15lb yellows and some smaller Bonies. Was reeling in a maybe 3lb Yellowtail saturday. Hear a noise, look...
  54. djd35de

    Daiwa Luna 203 Brand New

    I've got a brand new Daiwa Luna loaded with 15lb P Line. Not a scratch, MINT Never used. 175.00 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  55. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE MINT!!!

    SOLD TO ALEX!!! I've got a Shimano 300TE thats MINT, Like new condition ,Loaded with 40lb Extra Tuff Guides Choice Spectra. Also has a EXTRA Shimano Power Handle that cost me 50.00 bucks. Perfect for Inshore or paddy fishing ETC... 310.00 David
  56. djd35de


    Got started around 5 am Launched from MCRD and headed to the bait tank. Surprised there was no line for once. Everyone else had come and gone. So we clear the point about 630 , with no real plan as we were up until midnite installing the new...
  57. djd35de

    Spectra VRs Drag?

    Last year was fishing the 43 and fought a Bluefin approx 65-75 lb class approx 1/2 hour. Pulled the hook 10 feet from the gaff. I was fishing a Shimano 400TE 25lb short mono topshot with upgraded Carbontex drag. J hook with no ring. Lesson...
  58. djd35de

    Super Seeker 270H -8FT 15-40

    Super Seeker Factory wrap, Has Titanium Boat guides with Turks . ( Ooops its a 20-30 lb line) Turks head and X-GRIP handle. LIKE NEW MINT!!! 225.00 619-420-3727 619-213-2191
  59. djd35de

    Shimano Calcutta 200 TE + G Loomis rod

    I've got a Calcutta 200TE matched with a G Loomis MBR 843c GL3 7FT 10-17 line 1/4-3/4 lure MINT LIKE NEW !!! The Reel was just serviced at Shimano. Loaded with 15 lb P Line 325.00 for the combo 619-420-3727 619-213-2191
  60. djd35de

    Daiwa Luna, GUSA 85XF Both Excellent

    I've got a Daiwa Luna 300 Upgraded drags with Greased carbontex washers when new. Has 50 lb spectra and 25 lb topshot. Ready to fish- 175.00 SOLD GUSA 85XF Custom Very Sweet Rod for bait or Lite Iron etc...- 165.00 SOLD!!! SOLD David
  61. djd35de

    GUSA 85XF Custom, Daiwa lUNA 300

    i'VE GOT a Custom GUSA 85 XF 12-25 . Has hypalon and a reel seat. Great stick in Mint conditon.- 165.00 Daiwa Luna 300 Xint Condition, Greased Carbontex drags upgrade even though it was new. Has 50 lb spectra with topshot- 175.00 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  62. djd35de

    G Loomis pbr 843c Bass Killer Mint 125.00

    Oops MBR 843C Nice rod and very lite and sensitive. 125.00 and its yours. 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  63. djd35de


    I've got a AVET MXJ 2SP Blue in color. SOLD SOLD Loaded with 50 lb spectra and a 25 lb topshot -260.00 SOLD SOLD Still got the rod though. Super Seeker 980 15-40 Factory wrap. Mint- Deck hand X-GRIP with Turk head - 225.00 SOLD SOLD 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  64. djd35de


    Super Seeker Factory Deck hand style X Tube with a Turks head. 8 FT 980 15-40 MINT,MINT,MINT!!!- 225.00 Seeker Inshore 858 12-25 with Aftco Lite Weight Rollers-MINT , MINT- 130.00 SOLD TO SDFisherman Thanks TONY. Shimano Teremar 8 FT H 15-30 lb line Cork with trigger- 75.00 SOLD!! Daiwa...
  65. djd35de

    Shimano Teremar 8ft Heavy 15-30 Trades?

    Teremar 8ft H 15-30 cork with Trigger handle. 75.00 or Trade for MH with x grip or ? 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  66. djd35de


    Daiwa Luna 300 Xint condition with GREASED CARBONTEX DRAG. Reel is a beast and puts out 17-18 LB of drag and Solid as a rock!!! Has spectra backing with a topshot- 185.00 PICTURES MY CELL TO YOURS 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  67. djd35de


    Gold Avet MXL 2ps with spectra and topshot MINT -285.00 SOLD G LOOMIS BUCARA BR/933C 7'9" MED-HEAVY 10-20 lb line KEPT MINT - 175.00 DAIWA LUNA 300 GREASED CARBONTEX Drags- 185.00 SOLD Allstar Calico special made in USA- 75.00 SOLD Shimano Teremar 8 ft H 15-30 line great -75.00...
  68. djd35de

    G Loomis pbr 843c Bass Killer Mint 150.00

    ( PICTURES MY CELL TO YOURS) 7ft MBRc 843c 10-17lb line 1/4-3/4 lure in Mint Condition. Perfect for Calicos, Sandbass or FWB. Very sensitive but with good power for a stick that weighs mere OZs. 619-420-3727 619-213-2191 David
  69. djd35de

    Finished with a Bang!

    Started out the day having to go get my Mexican fishing License as it had expired. Glad i checked , anyways ( U never know). Got 1/2 scoop of deans and cleared the point about 6:45 AM. Conditions were smooth at first but then then wind kicked up...
  70. djd35de

    Daiwa Luna 300, CVZ 300 MINT,Teremar 8FT

    Daiwa Luna 300 with greased Carbontex drags and Power Handle-$185.00 Daiwa CVZ Millionare 300 same as Luna with Greased carbontex drags and Power handle Mint without a scratch- # 175.00 Both reels have 50lb spectra with 25lb topshot. These reels Have Forged 1 piece frame and forged side...
  71. djd35de

    Shimano cumara, G Loomis Rod

    I've got a once used Shimano Cumara 7'2" CUC-X72MH 12-20lb line lure weight 1/4- 1 OZ MINT AS NEW - 195.00 G Loomis GL3- MBR 843c 10-17lb line lure weight 1/4-3/4 Also MINT cost 245.00 - 145.00 Daiwa Luna 300 with Greased Carbontex drags and Power handle - 185.00 619-213-2191...
  72. djd35de

    Like New GFGR 800XLC with Avet SX MINT

    I've got a Calstar GFGR 800XL-C, Factory with 11 Fugi guides and ( real Cork) not Cork type. Rod alone goes for 380.00 including tax. Its got a like new Blue Avet SX. Perfectly MINT!!! Both for 485.00 ( Pictures my phone to yours) 619-213-2191 619-420-3727 [email protected]
  73. djd35de

    Shimano 300TE vs Daiwa Pluton?

    Whats your opinion, which one is better. Have you tried a pluton? Etc.... Thanks David
  74. djd35de

    Daiwa with Luna 300 + 8ft Teremar 80H

    I've got a Daiwa Luna 300 with a 8ft Teremar trigger handle 15-30 8.0 H Reel has greased Carbontex drags, though they were brand new still. Spectra backing with 25lb topshot. Pretty much like new. 250.00 cash FIRM for both 619-420-3727...
  75. djd35de

    Bass set ups,Shimano TLD-5

    Abu Garcia 5500-C3 great condition with Daiwa Procaster rod-$55.00 OBO Abu Garcia 6000 on a Daiwa Procaster rod - 60.00 ( like new)OBO Abu Garcia 6500c Syncro Rare and in great condition (like new)65.00 OBO Shimano TLD - 5 with a Shimano TLD 7ft 12-25 bait stick. Reel and rod are in great...
  76. djd35de

    Shimano Curado 200E7 Mint

    As new as can be, have box etc... My wife likes her current set up better, go figure. Has 30lb Specrta Spiderwire Ultracast Invisabraid. Sweet reel and not a scratch or even a smuge. MINT No bottom feeders please. 619-213-2191 David 140.00
  77. djd35de

    Shimano Curado 200e7 + Cumara rod

    I've got a Curado 200e7 matched with a Cumara CUC-X72MH 7'2" 12-20. Its a perfect match for Bass. As new and MINT. Reel has 30lb spectra spiderwire Invisabraid Ultracast. No trades guys. I've got way too many hence the sale of this fine Combo. $ 325.00 [email protected] or...
  78. djd35de

    Super Seeker, Saltist 30th Sweet set up

    Super Seeker 980 Factory wrap with turkshead and X-grip style handle. MINT!!! Matched with a Daiwa saltist 30th with fresh Pline. Couple small scuffs but hardly used. Perfect Jigs or bait. 325.00. Abu Garcia Record 60 with Daiwa Bass rod- 85.00...
  79. djd35de

    Calcutta Power handle 300TE 400TE

    I've got a power handle that fits the 300 and 400 TE. May fit others possibly Calcutta 700 etc... 35.00 Abu Garcia Record 60 with a Daiwa bass rod. Sweeet set up 85.00 David
  80. djd35de

    Super Seeker 980- 8ft 15-40 Mint

    Mint Condition, just a couple of boat rides. Factory wrap with Xtube and a turks head. 619-213-2191 David 220.00
  81. djd35de

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 Rod Choice

    Iam getting a Saltiga 20 , what rod would would you guys choose? I'd like an 8ft stick or there abouts but iam open to suggestions. Iam thinking 65lb spectra with 3ft leader or very short topshot. Plan on throwing lite Iron and bait...
  82. djd35de

    Here Fishy Fishy

    Launched with a Buddy from MRCD around 6:30 am saturday. Weather was nice with just a small windchop on the way out that laid down for a few hours why we fished. Wind came up around 12:00 but by then we were on our way in. Plan was to fish the bottom critters at the islands, but never made the...
  83. djd35de

    Trindad 14

    I just bought a Trinidad 14. I really wanted a Saltiga but they don't have a clicker. Anyways i loaded it with 300 yds of 50lb specrta and a short topshot of 20lb test. I mounted it on a GUSA 85 Mag Green Blank. Am i asking too much from...
  84. djd35de

    G Loomis Bucara 933c 12-20lb line

    Can anybody give me any feed back on this rod? Have you used it? I just picked it up the other day and feels underrated. Feels lite but strong as hell. Thanks David
  85. djd35de

    Best reel for a GUSA 85 MAG? 15-30lb

    Just picked this stick up and iam wondering what would make the best match for this rod. Also what lb test would you run? Not the cheapest, but the best or your favorite. Thanks Advance David
  86. djd35de

    Best stick for Curado 300e

    Iam looking to the Bass fishing Gods to come through with their favorite rod for this Reel. Iam not wanting cheap stuff. If money was no object, What would you get or have now that has you sporting wood everytime you use it. Thats what iam...
  87. djd35de

    Curado 300e

    What size spectra do you guys and gals use for this reel? I was thinking straight braid with a piece of Floro for fishing in the kelp. Yank the Calicos out from the thick stuff. Also, what brand of spectra? Thanks In Advance David
  88. djd35de

    Calcutta CL715xf Rod

    Any opinions on this rod? Do any of you guys own it? Any good, etc... thanks David
  89. djd35de

    Curado 200E7

    What stick do you guys recommend for a Curado200E7? Fishing Calicos . Maybe 30lb spectra 3ft of Floro. Thanks
  90. djd35de

    Curado 200E7

    Was wondering what stick you guys recommend and what # test. For fishing Calicos. I was thinking 30lb specrta, Short piece of Florocarbon 3ft. I'd like to get a good stick not a cheap shit one. Thanks in advance David
  91. djd35de

    Rod REC for a Accurate 197 4.6 to 1 ratio

    I'd like to know what rod you guys would recommend for a Accurate 197? The best not the cheapest. Thanks David
  92. djd35de

    Sunday Kicked ASS, late report.

    Left MCRD about 5:00 Am and got some bait. Well the bait was much better and only had a few roll this time out. Started out at the 302 where there must've been 12 or 13 boats. Met up their with a Buddy of mine ( SD Fisherman). He started out west and did'nt...
  93. djd35de

    Shimano 300 TE, 400TE Slay Yellowfin!!!

    I went out Yesterday hoping to get some tuna etc.. Well, i got my wish and was able to put the 300TE, and 400TE to the test. We got into a hot Yellowfin bite non stop for 2+ hours. Thats the best fishing I've had in a long time. Every bait that hit the water...
  94. djd35de

    Ultimate rod for a 300te

    Ultimate rod, Not a cheap shit one. I plan on filling the reel to the top with straight 30lb spectra. What rod do you guys and gals think i should use. Iam going to use it in the kelp, outside kelp patties, yellowtail , heck maybe even some rockfish...
  95. djd35de

    My day off...

    Started out about 4:00 am. Launched from Dana landing and got some crappy bait that pretty much rolled 20 minutes out. Oh well i guess its all about the jigs. Stared out about 7 miles southwest of the 182. Water temp was 70.4 degrees. We had some dolphins...
  96. djd35de

    Albies, above 302

    I got a late start, Last minute decision to go or not to go. Fuck it . Iam out of here. Ran solo as my fishing buds had to work. Got half a scoop of deans and headed out about 10:30am. Heard it was a afternoon bite the day before anyways. Water was a little bumpy heading...
  97. djd35de

    Need One Boat Ho for sat

    Kind of new to the board. I've been lurking just not many responses. I've fished with SD Fisherman aka( Tony Gilbert) a couple of times. Killed threshers. Talked with Keven at Noahs tackle. Thats about it. Looking to meet and fish with different...
  98. djd35de

    Daiwa Coastal inshore 153h

    I'd like to know what opinions you guys have on this reel. I've heard lots about the Curado etc.. Just not much on this reel. Is it a winner? Thanks David
  99. djd35de

    SS 980 15-40lb line 8ft

    I've got a Super Seeker 980 8ft 15-40 lb line. My question is what reel would you guys suggest? Thanks David
  100. djd35de

    Avet MXJ

    Does Avet still make the MXJ? I was thinking about getting a 2 speed but only see the MXL which i already have. Thanks David
  101. djd35de

    Honda Repower

    Hey guys and girls If your thinking about repowering with a Honda out board. I'd strongly suggest Eric Peterson at Speciality Marine in Oxnard. I just had this done back in the first week of Dec 06. Repowered with a Bf 150 on my 18ft outrage. First the...