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  1. Fishrdan

    Mak SEA reel seat corrosion (new in the box)

    I'd cut a slot in the screw stub with a dremel cut-off wheel, hit the screw stub with heat to soften the lock-tite, then the broken off screw should easily turn out. Heat is going to be the key part, so either torch a screw driver end red hot and stick it into the slot to heat it up, or tip...
  2. Fishrdan

    Flatfall - tie direct to 130 # fluoro or add 300# fluro bite leader

    Thanks for the replies. If tying 130# fluoro direct will avoid chew-offs, I'll run with that. Didn't want to dump $200 into a spool of heavy fluoro, crimps and crimp pliers, at this time. Figured I could get it rigged at a shop, if needed. I rigged them on top with a #9 split ring connecting...
  3. Fishrdan

    Flatfall - tie direct to 130 # fluoro or add 300# fluro bite leader

    Heading out Monday on a 2.5 day trip and looks like the big BFT are coming in. I have an Avet AXW Raptor and an Avet 30/2W, both rigged with 10' 130# fluoro topshots. Also have several flatfalls: 200, 250, 300 and 500G. Tie the flatfall direct to the 130# fluoro with a 3-4 turn San Diego knot...
  4. Fishrdan

    10 years since my last SD tuna trip, check my rigs

    Thanks for the replies guys. - I was considering LX-40# and 10KG-50# while rigging, might swap them so I'm not pushing the reels too hard and ruining bearings. - 20# rig I have, SL20SH and 7'9 Fenwick chovie rod, but that would be my 9th rig.... Might as well take 9 if I'm taking 8 - LOL! -...
  5. Fishrdan

    10 years since my last SD tuna trip, check my rigs

    Hey BDer's! It's been 10+- year since I've posted, or been fishing out of San Diego. Much has changed since then. I booked a 2.5 day trip next week and looking to see if I have my stuff rigged properly, or if I should step down in top shot size on some of the reels. Here's what I'm taking...
  6. Fishrdan

    Gettin' the stink off (new swimbait)

    Hey Jason, didn't see your post there. I don't think all stripers will be turned off by the stink as many of them are full bore into attack mode when they hammer the bait. But,,, I've had many big ones (the really big ones) take the lure lightly and slowly load up the rod when trolling, or they...
  7. Fishrdan

    Gettin' the stink off (new swimbait)

    Thanks G, Is Evil E the Unibutter guru, bait maker? After these out-gas for a few days I'm going to throw them into a bag of attractant and leave them there for a week or so to soak up the goodness. Here's something for the peeps wondering if the plastic lure will suck up the attractant, I...
  8. Fishrdan

    Gettin' the stink off (new swimbait)

    OK sounds good, greazzzy baits it is I tried the baits in a bag with scent, then floating in luke warm water,,, but I failed miserably as the friggin bag got a hole in it and they were swimmin in their own juices (I'll let you guys run with that one)... After pulling them out of the watered...
  9. Fishrdan

    Gettin' the stink off (new swimbait)

    Thanks guys, I like Capt G's idea. I'm heading down to BPS later today and will see what they have for attractants. First thing that popped into my head when G said hot sauce was Tapatio, hey, you never know.... These are AC Casitas swimbaits that I found on Ebay,,, couldn't pass up the price...
  10. Fishrdan

    Gettin' the stink off (new swimbait)

    I just got a couple big swimbaits that are pretty smelly (kind of a paint/petroleum smell) and need to clean them up. What's the best thing to cut the stinky/oily coating? I was thinking of washing them with dish washing soap to cut the oily coating, but don't want to get soap soaked into...
  11. Fishrdan


    Looks like you guys had fun up there, nothing better than getting the kiddies into fish. How were the temps during the day and night? I was thinking of dragging my son up there in a few weeks if it's nice, not hot. We usually go up there mid-May and freeze out butts off camping, days are...
  12. Fishrdan


    I didn't read through the whole thread, but Transdermscop (scop patches) are OTC in Canada. $20-30 and you can have the patches at your door step in a week. I haven't seen Scopace there though.
  13. Fishrdan


    Don't take the top center bunk(s) by the stairs or you'll freeze your ass off, unless you like it breezy and chilly...
  14. Fishrdan

    Doesn't anyone want to fish this year?

    To the question,,, Yes. I had the choice of fixing the truck or going on the Legend trip yesterday where they got into the albies pretty good,,, I chose wrong and fixed the truck. (Ever feel like kicking yourself in the ass?)
  15. Fishrdan

    Fuckin Dog......

    The tire shop guy ain't never going to believe that story,,, better bring the dog along to show him how it happened :D
  16. Fishrdan

    I smell a rat...

    I was responding to Billy, Capt G. Sounded like the lures he was having problems with were wood. Epoxying the fastener holes basically turns that area into plastic, but I do agree that wood lures are kind of a PITA,,, 1 crack in the finish and they start to suck water. Sooo, what's this...
  17. Fishrdan

    I smell a rat...

    How are the screw eyes attached into the plug, just screwed into the raw wood? If so I could see them working themselves out and shredding the wood. I epoxy or Super Glue the SS screw eyes in the wood lures I make and never had a problem with a lure coming apart,,, tested on stripers up to...
  18. Fishrdan

    I smell a rat...

    How do the zinc screw eyes hold up to rust and corrosion? I use SS screw eyes and notice the squeek too, what's the diff???
  19. Fishrdan

    ?? ReWraping on a bare (matte) blank

    If you have to go down that road Jason, let me know as I have a bunch of that type of sand paper, 220 through 2000...
  20. Fishrdan

    some BD'er ran a red light!

    Shit, you should live in NV... Wife got a speeding ticket for 10+ over the limit and was all upset, court, traffic school, yada, yada. Next morning she is all grins, court said pay $200 and nothing goes on your record,,, no traffic school. WTF,,, Guess it's a speeding tax and not an actual...
  21. Fishrdan

    Illinois in July - how do you catch a musky

    Here's another good site... Muskie Fishing at MuskieFIRST Good luck!
  22. Fishrdan

    Prom in NJ

    That chick has the fugliest hair I have ever seen...
  23. Fishrdan

    Bay area suggestions?

    I'm heading up to San Francisco and Napa/Sonoma Valley with the wife for 3-4 days the end of June and looking for suggestions; hotels, restaurants, things to do. We are going to be in SF for a day or 2 and then over to do the wine tour thing. Need ideas of things that will keep the wifey happy...
  24. Fishrdan

    What is it with the USPS employees?

    I had a shipment lost by USPS and while doing their investigation the carrier said it had been delivered. Sorry dude, someone must have stolen it from your box/house.... 3 months later I receive a beat to shit package that looked like it was run through a lumber mill. Thanks USPS!
  25. Fishrdan

    Have you caught fish on the bait?? Shad photos

    Yeah, perfect conditions for the big ones and I had to work Saturday, and the wife took off for a "girls weekend" so I'm stuck with the kids.... :hali_parkutuli: (I know whiney puss....) The Spit'n Image is killer, I haven't used them buy know guys who swear by them and have seen the aftermath...
  26. Fishrdan

    A challenge. I WILL outfish you

    Job: Marketing genius Step #1 - piss them off ... so what's step #2 ?
  27. Fishrdan

    any Yamaha dealers take trade-ins?

    How about going back to the place where you bought it and letting them know you're not happy with the new outboard,,, IE: old 40HP could run circles around this "new and improved" 40HP... Maybe see if they could work out a deal on a bigger outboard. With a 40HP outboard on a 60HP rated hull...
  28. Fishrdan

    Good, Bad and the Ugly-really cool guitar version

    Pretty cool! My ol' PC had a conniption fit and was playing the audio for the GBU guitar piece, the vandals and the Clint video clip all at the same time, didn't sound half bad... PC is still possessed and playing rodbldr's audio clip over and over,,, again, and again, and again,,, I'll be sad...
  29. Fishrdan

    BIG striper spinning reel for 8 YO kid

    Update, Got the Penn Sargus 5000 in and it's a sweet reel, maybe a bit big, but it's for trolling so I don't think it's going to be a problem. Rolled the dice and picked up a 6' 15-40# Fenwick FenJig rod off Ebay for $40. I didn't know how the action was going to be, but it's a perfect rod for...
  30. Fishrdan

    BIG striper spinning reel for 8 YO kid

    Well,,, after checking out reels at BPS again and finding something I liked, I did some shopping. I bought him 2 reels, a Cabela's Tournament ZX 4000 (hoping it's an Exceler in sheep's clothing) for casting and a Penn Sargus 5000 for trolling. Now he has a backup for when he gets the line...
  31. Fishrdan

    BIG striper spinning reel for 8 YO kid

    Ha, I missed you at BPS Saturday. I didn't see the Slammer combo's as we headed to the rock climbing wall and then into fishing the back way. We checked out a bunch of reels, Sargus, Captiva, Daiwa's, Shimano's which seemed capable. But,,, after seeing his lack of enthusiasm while buying a new...
  32. Fishrdan

    BIG striper spinning reel for 8 YO kid

    Been away for a few days... Sounds good Jason, I'll give you a ring if I can't find an inexpensive off-the-shelf rod that's going to work. $100 is a smoking deal on a custom rod and I really appreciate the offer. I went to BPS today but didn't get a good chance to look at rods/reels,,, kids...
  33. Fishrdan

    BIG striper spinning reel for 8 YO kid

    I'm going to BPS this weekend to check out some of the reels suggested, Slammer, Exceler, Medalist, Shimano(?). I don't have faith in BPS reels after looking at the internals of one I bought, pretty cheap inside. Hope to check out some rods too, 7-8', long butt section, 15-30#, 1-4oz lure,,, if...
  34. Fishrdan

    BIG striper spinning reel for 8 YO kid

    Ahhh, you guys are making it tough on me now,,, more research to do. I didn't even look at the Daiwa Exceler Jason. I haven't even looked at FW reels because of the lack of strength and the paddle handle I want on the reel. Reviews seem good and it's reasonably priced, paddle handle, gib drags...
  35. Fishrdan

    BIG striper spinning reel for 8 YO kid

    Has he cast with that reel, if so, how did he do with the big reel? Point well taken.. and I've been thinking that over as well. Spectra + small kids + big fish,,, = cut or missing fingers... Probably better to use mono too as he might have fits with the spectra as well, air knotting, spool...
  36. Fishrdan

    BIG striper spinning reel for 8 YO kid

    Thanks for the info tunanorth, I'm eying the Slammer 360 pretty hard. One thing I can't figure out, how big are these reels? All the pic's I've seen of them don't have anything in the background for scale so I'm kind of at a loss at to how big they actually are. I'm just guessing here and...
  37. Fishrdan

    BIG striper spinning reel for 8 YO kid

    I'm looking for a small saltwater spinning reel with enough drag for a 20# striper (30-40# possible), yet small enough so my 8YO son will be able to use it easily, it will be loaded with 40-50# spectra. He's been wanting to throw big lures "like dad does" but I haven't let him yet as his reel...
  38. Fishrdan

    Swimbait ROD for BIG STRIPERS ISWB946

    Nice looking rod there Jason. And,,, it looks like you guys did better than I have been doing lately,,, can't seem to get the skunk off for some reason...
  39. Fishrdan

    Propane camping heaters

    Does it look something like this one... I took my son out last December and picked one up since it was supposed to dip into the 20's. Had it in a 9x9 tent and after an hour I couldn't even feel a difference. Thank God we brought extra sleeping bags. About the only thing I found it good for was...
  40. Fishrdan

    Ever found anything wierd on Google Earth?

    I was checking out Lake Mead and Mohave on Google Earth and began wandering around. I zoomed in on Rachel, NV (of Area 51 fame) and found that the "Colonel" was in town Check it out, pretty odd that someone would do that (tip; type "Rachel, NV" into fly to and then pan left a bit)
  41. Fishrdan

    Berkely Gorilla Superline ?

    Yes,,, It's CRAP :shithappens: I tried is 10 years ago,,, never again, it was that bad. Have used PowerPro, Izor spectra, Jerry Brown, Fireline and Spider Wire without problems, liked them all, different uses for each of them.
  42. Fishrdan

    roxfisher? Jasco Termin-8 OK for treating plywood in aluminum boat

    Hey Roxanne, I have a question for the Jasco guru. Is Jasco's Termin-8 H20 safe to treat plywood decking on an aluminum boat, is it non-corrosive towards aluminum? Or should I look at another Jasco product, Copper Brown? Thanks, Dan
  43. Fishrdan

    Got Bored so I made some Rocket Launchers

    I've flared tubing with an old 1 7/8" hitch ball too...
  44. Fishrdan

    Willow Beach Striper Report with a twist 7.26.08

    That's some fishy looking weather you guys had there, sorry to hear it didn't pan out for you. I've been skunked down there as many times as I've come back with a nice striper, better luck next time.
  45. Fishrdan

    Lake Mohave?

    What marina are you going out of? I'm familiar with Cottonwood up to the Hoover Dam, but not south of Cottonwood. Striper fishing is good 24x7,,, and in the middle of August I prefer fishing at night. If fishing with cut chovies you can catch stripers and cats, day and night. Do a search on...
  46. Fishrdan

    Video STRIPER BOIL Lake Mead NuTs

    Hey now,,, looks like you got into them pretty good there. Nothing better then fishing boils :D
  47. Fishrdan

    Striper Fishin LAKE MEAD

    Good to hear you got out there, looks like it was a fun trip.
  48. Fishrdan


    Now that's some striper fishing right there!
  49. Fishrdan

    How big is too BIG?

    Nice looking lure. I've been making big lures too, they do get noticed by big fish. Been thinking of making a few the size of the carp in my avatar...
  50. Fishrdan

    Towing new boat home, unlicensed trailer?

    I just hooked it up and towed it back. No problems with the 15-20 police I passed.
  51. Fishrdan

    Towing new boat home, unlicensed trailer?

    Thanks for the replies. I'll run the gauntlet and see what happens. I thought of yanking one of my other trailer license plates and putting it on this trailer so the officers would see a plate on the trailer... But, if stopped, I would probably be in more trouble for this than not having a...
  52. Fishrdan

    Towing new boat home, unlicensed trailer?

    I'm looking to pickup a used boat in CA and the trailer does not have any plates. Will I be OK towing this home to Las Vegas, NV or will the CHP have a fit about the trailer without plates? In NV I could get away with towing an unlicensed trailer. I asked a HP officer and he said it was OK if...
  53. Fishrdan

    PENN 309M

    I'll second the leadcore and trout fishing.
  54. Fishrdan


    Looks like you guys got into a bunch of nice stripers, 46#'s is pretty respectable.
  55. Fishrdan

    Where do old boats go to die? need new hull

    I think I've found a hull for my project, it's a 77 Renken 19' bowrider that has a fairly good hull. The boat was slipped and has algae growth and quagga mussels on the hull and drive, I'm not sure if this is a deal breaker. Here's a few pic's There's a lot of algae and in the second pic...
  56. Fishrdan

    Sooo,,, how do I get my F'n picture in WON?

    Ummm,,, thanks for the photo critique, I think? All valid points for a professional photo,,, BUT I'm just a down to earth fisherman that wouldn't mind seeing a pic and print in WON about a nice catch. I'm not trying to get on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but wouldn't mind a 2x3" pic and a...
  57. Fishrdan

    Sooo,,, how do I get my F'n picture in WON?

    The pic was taken at home since I have a phobia about bringing a camera while big striper fishing. Ever heard about no bananas on board, well it's no camera's for me as I've had bad trips with the thing on board. 2 of the big fish did have pics taken by the marina staff, so I figured WON should...
  58. Fishrdan

    Quality low cost reels?

    I'll 3rd those cheap Shimano $10 buck reels. I have one that's 15 years old and it wasn't used if for yeeears, give it a tune-up last month and it worked perfect. Went down to BPS and picked up 2 more for the kids. Drop it in the sand, rocks, water, send it to the bottom of the lake, I don't...
  59. Fishrdan

    Sooo,,, how do I get my F'n picture in WON?

    It might not be front cover material, but I don't think it's too bad of a pic. Shrinkey dink that pic and it's all good. I guess all the blood might have turned off WON,,, and turned on the BLOODY DECKS guys. Yeah, probably not the best facial expession, but that pig was getting heavy after 10...
  60. Fishrdan

    Sooo,,, how do I get my F'n picture in WON?

    Yeah, not much outdoor stuff going on in February Yep, I appreciate all the responses from the BD guys,,, and the Mod's for throwing it up on the front page for a few days! If I get one bigger I'm sending pictures and a story everywhere,,, including Wildcat Good thought,,, but umm NO :D...
  61. Fishrdan

    Sooo,,, how do I get my F'n picture in WON?

    ***RANT ON*** I received my latest issue of WON today and noticed a guy holding a nice Willow Beach striper on the cover. Fat 37# fish and certainly something to be proud of, but it got me kind of irritated. Not at the guy who caught the fish (Oh BTW, nice striper), but at WON I'm kind of a...
  62. Fishrdan

    sportsmans warehouse

    I dunno,,, but they are building one 2 miles from my house in Vegas :urno1::notworthy:devil::ele::eyepoppin:_shopping:lux::rockin::appl::drool::eek2::beerbang::eek::D
  63. Fishrdan

    Where do old boats go to die? need new hull

    Thanks for the tips on Boat Angel and Aquarius marine! The search begins... Dan
  64. Fishrdan

    Help with Patenting an Idea

    Before you do anything buy a few patent books (the publisher Nolo comes to mind) and see what your up against. After that discuss the idea with a few patent attorneys and choose one that's experienced in your field. But, before putting down any money for the patent application, have an...
  65. Fishrdan

    Where do old boats go to die? need new hull

    Thanks Andy, but that hull is too big, need something in the 17-19' range, something the 140 will power nicely. Kurt, I'm just looking for a hull, are you in the same boat (pun intended) or are you looking for a rig missing the outboard? If just the hull let me know, I might know of something...
  66. Fishrdan

    Where do old boats go to die? need new hull

    Yep, been checking Craigslist and Ebay for the past week, but just locally. I'm looking for something like this: Fiberform Cruiser except not a cuddy,,, 2-3' shorter,,, a lot lighter and setup for a 140HP Mercruiser... Guess I need to start checking So-Cal craigslist's. I'd like to get a...
  67. Fishrdan

    Where do old boats go to die? need new hull

    So here's the situation, strange as it may be,,, I want to buy a 17-19' V-hull (just the hull) that's setup for a 70's - early 80's Mercruiser 140HP, (IE boat with missing engine and drive) I blew the engine in my 73 SeaSwirl last December and decided to drop the $1,000 into rebuilding the...
  68. Fishrdan

    Guys, any way to save gas???

    Thanks! I've always had a small boat, first a Coleman Crawdad, then a Pelican dinghy (hated it), this led into the 14' jon boat. I didn't buy the jon in thoughts of being frugal, I just like the way the small boats fish on the river. I have a 7.5 HP outboard on the jon it gets 7-8 MPG on the...
  69. Fishrdan

    Review New Indiana Jones

    :720icon: :rofl::rofl:
  70. Fishrdan

    51# Striper, Willow Beach

    Thanks! :D Cool, thanks for posting it up. Kind of looks like an east coast style striper plug.
  71. Fishrdan

    Watch your step! (Rattlesnake)

    Yowsers! Back in Boy Scouts we were on a hike and one of the last guy noticed a rattler 2 feet away,,,, that 15 other guys walked right past! Needless to say everyone's eyes were peeled for snakes after that experience.
  72. Fishrdan

    Information as what to bring on a Canadian Fly In Trip

    So what is the trip running you guys, 4K for the resort and 1-2K travel? Sounds like an adventure I'd like to do one of these years.
  73. Fishrdan

    PIKE! Nevada style...

    Thanks, Thanks, and Ha HA Ha! My camera phobia is only for BIG stripers, other fish don't count... It was the pike's fault I didn't catch a big one,,,, had nothing to do with my fishing skills or choice of lures :D
  74. Fishrdan

    Carp Bait Help

    Take a hand full of oatmeal (plain kind, not the flavored stuff in the packets) and dip your hand in the water to saturate. Work the oatmeal and squish out the excess water until it's a thick paste like powerbait. Gob it on a hook and cast out. The oatmeal will slowly flake off and send a chum...
  75. Fishrdan

    Need Cat5 & Cat3 cable

    I've ordered from this place before; - Cat5e, Cat6, Ethernet cables, outdoor cat5, Direct Burial cat5, network cable, cat5e patch cables, outdoor shielded, plenum, cat5e plenum Not sure if you need just cable and parts, but they have good prices and quality stuff. PS: you...
  76. Fishrdan

    PIKE! Nevada style...

    I asked my son where he wanted to go fishing last weekend and he said Comins for pike. OK, it's a long drive, but if that's what he wants... Left the house at 4am and was on the water and fishing by 8. For the first few hours the pike were not cooperating and the best I could muster were a few...
  77. Fishrdan

    Bass&Bluegil at DVL

    WOW, those are some fatty bluegills,,, tasty!
  78. Fishrdan

    51# Striper, Willow Beach

    Sorry man, I'm keeping the lure's design under wraps. Sturgeon in Mohave, that's an odd species to stock in there. I heard salmon were stocked in Mead many years ago that never took, then stripers were stocked in the thought they would be a manageable fish since they don't spawn in fresh...
  79. Fishrdan

    Stolen gear...

    I have a tackle box (Plano 4 drawer with top storage medium size) that I'll send to you, along with some other spare gear I have. I think I have an extra soft sided tackle bag with 4 trays if you prefer that. If your interested, shoot me a PM of what you need and your address.
  80. Fishrdan

    51# Striper, Willow Beach

    I've heard of the Day lure, but never saw one. Post up a pic if you find it, would be interesting to see what has worked int he past.
  81. Fishrdan

    51# Striper, Willow Beach

    Nope, still ticking! But,,, I'm not punishing them and when hooked up, the fish can (and does) drag the boat around. Definitely not top of the line, but have worked flawlessly for me that past few years. Yes, this year has been a good one, 40# striper in July, 30# striper in December and then...
  82. Fishrdan

    51# Striper, Willow Beach

    Hey Drew, I was thinking of having it mounted but already have a 40#er mounted, same length just not as fat. What taxidermist were you thinking of, I had Great Basin do my other mount, turned out nice.
  83. Fishrdan

    51# Striper, Willow Beach

    That thought ran across my mind,,, about a few thousand times :D The lure has 1 fragile section that I wouldn't want to sell to the public, so unless I figure something out I won't sell them. The stripers got in Lake Mohave when Hoover Dam went over the spill gates in the mid-80's. It ruined...
  84. Fishrdan

    51# Striper, Willow Beach

    Yep, I used to think 40# was overkill until I lost several fish & plugs wrapped up in a tree or sawed off on rocks. I still cast 25# hoping I don't loose a good one... Here's a low resolution pic (sorry,, gotta keep some things under wraps) 14" long lure... Big lure = big fish! 68# I...
  85. Fishrdan

    51# Striper, Willow Beach

    Yes it was a good morning! I got out to the river at 3am and pitched plugs for an hour with little sign. I decided to troll around to see if I could find any life. Right at gray light this monster took my plug and fought for a good 15 minutes. 51.26#, my best and the biggest caught out of...
  86. Fishrdan

    Deadliest Catch (Discovery)

    No The Wizard
  87. Fishrdan

    trying to buy a used boat

    Houston,,, I think we have a problem... Heck, even a nicely rigged 16' aluminum is going to be pushing the envelope...
  88. Fishrdan

    Where to recycle Lower Unit Oil Contaminated with Water?

    Let the contaminated oil sit a few weeks>month, it will eventually seperate. Punch a hole in the bottom corner of the container (milk jug) to drain the water and then take the oil down for disposal.
  89. Fishrdan

    Varsity level office prank...

    Yeah I checked out that one too :nutkick::idiot:
  90. Fishrdan

    Wolf fishing for Salmon

    Awesome pics. I love the last one, looks like he's posing for the camera and showing off his catch.
  91. Fishrdan

    Servicing own reels

    BassButcher, you might want to get some thicker oil like Abu Garcia Silicote or CorrosionX (ReelX) also. Hot Sauce is is good for spool bearings (if you can handle the faster spool speed), but since it's a very thin oil, not great for maximum protection and extended lubrication. I use Hot...
  92. Fishrdan

    Low memory fishing line for kids spinning reel?

    PORKCHOP, Stren Origional was one of my thoughts. Fishinfool, Good points. He's been taught to close the bail by hand and not to kick it over with the handle and he does not crank on the handle when the fish is pulling drag,,, I've been right there at his side when he's hooked-up. You hit on...
  93. Fishrdan

    Low memory fishing line for kids spinning reel?

    I'm looking for the best mono fishing line, 4-12# test, for my son's spinning reels; smooth, supple, low memory. Most of the time he (8 years old) gets frustrated with casting since the line does not lay on the reel properly at the beginning of the retrieve and then fouls on the next cast. I...
  94. Fishrdan

    Skunked @ Bowman Reservoir, NV HeLP ??

    Or maybe this one...
  95. Fishrdan

    Skunked @ Bowman Reservoir, NV HeLP ??

    Yeah, I never got too interested in Bowman, I'd rather go to Mead or Mohave. From what I understand, the lake gets busy with lake lice and power boats on the weekends and during the summer, one more reason for me not to go out there... Comin's lake is 4 hours north of Vegas, 10 miles south of...
  96. Fishrdan

    Skunked @ Bowman Reservoir, NV HeLP ??

    You have nothing to worry about out at Bowman.................. unless you start hearing the Dualing Banjo's tune from Deliverance LOL My neighbor goes out there all the time and kills the smaller bass. I've only been out there 2-3 times and tied into a bunch of small bass by the dam and the...
  97. Fishrdan

    Fresh/Salt Baitcasters??

    the lake in your avatar looks like a uterus with tubes and ovaries... - Brent J. ( Alter Ego ) That's kind'a funny, how's about this one,,, The uterus part of the lake in Jason's avatar is actually called the "VIRGIN" basin,,, edit: if you look real close you can see the hymen islands...
  98. Fishrdan

    Engine Overheating

    Well.... I had to call the Mercury dealer today about a few parts for my engine rebuild. For grins, I asked them about impeller replacement, in thoughts of this thread. Dealership said every few years, guess I just got some bad advice from the dealership. Let's see what another supplier has to...
  99. Fishrdan

    Engine Overheating

    Yup peace of mind, I can understand it, but the general concensus (I've seen, heard and had suggested to me by a few shops) is every 3-4 years,,, which is a bit too long for my tastes. I guess it's kind of like pulling the outdrive, inspecting the bellows, U-joints, gimble bearing and checking...
  100. Fishrdan

    Engine Overheating

    The impeller doesn't need to be changed every year, sure you can do it for safety sake, but it doesn't have to be changed every year.
  101. Fishrdan

    Wanted - Curado 200 and 300

    I trailer up to Overton or Echo, but there are no facilities left at Overton and it has a really shallow ramp due to the lake dropping. I know guys that will launch at Calville and shoot through the narrows over to Temple Bar. Supposed to be very good striper fishing by Temple (if you know where...
  102. Fishrdan

    getting rust/salt water damage off of reel

    Try the white vinegar as AKSalmon suggested. I soaked the chrome parts of my buddies corroded Penn 113 for a day and they came out clean as a whistle. Only going to set you back $1 and the wife might have some in the kitchen.
  103. Fishrdan

    Wanted - Curado 200 and 300

    It's a carp. I swear those stripers will eat anything if it fits down their throat. Don't feel bashful on commenting Jason, you probably know the Las Vegas arm of Mead better than me as I usually go to the Overton arm while on Mead. I have been putting in my efforts at Mohave instead of Mead...
  104. Fishrdan

    Wanted - Curado 200 and 300

    Oh Yeah,,, Sorry for the thread jack Jason :D
  105. Fishrdan

    Blythe/Colorado River Grab Bag full o'fish

    Thanks for the report, nice looking crappies and bass there!
  106. Fishrdan

    Wanted - Curado 200 and 300

    Mead is almost over for big stripers, but heating up for the smaller ones. I don't think Willow ever stops producing big stripers, there's just better times of the year. The best time of day I've experienced is gray light morning or evening, the 40 in the pic was caught at 7:00pm, right as it...
  107. Fishrdan

    Wanted - Curado 200 and 300

    Big,,, as in 20#+ stripers Mead, prime time is November > March right after they stock trout on the south end of the lake. I've seen big ones pulled at other times of the year by people targeting smaller stripers also. Willow Beach, pretty much all year long since the hatchery stocks trout...
  108. Fishrdan

    Wanted - Curado 200 and 300

    Oh yeah,, I know you were kidding. Hope you get to test out your new rod and Curado on a big one down there. The river has great scenery, an hour after that striper spit my lure we trolled by the same spot I lost the fish and saw 9-10 bighorns down at the river drinking, couldn't have been but...
  109. Fishrdan

    Wanted - Curado 200 and 300

    That's what ya get for baggin on the river :D I got another 40 this July (pic at the marina) and tied into a heartbreaker a few weeks ago that spit the plug at the boat. I'll never know how big that one was as neither my son or I got a good look at it,,, but it knew how to test out drags and...
  110. Fishrdan

    Wanted - Curado 200 and 300

    Oh yeah,,,,,,,, Forgot about that... :rolleyes: C'mon Jason, gotta put some time in down there! This is a good time of the year as they are going up river to spawn. Actually I'm pretty happy with the 10 and 11' surf rods for chucking big plugs, the extra leverage of the long butt makes...
  111. Fishrdan

    Wanted - Curado 200 and 300

    What you got planned for those Curado's, heading to the river?............................
  112. Fishrdan

    Running electrical wires through stainless

    Tape a 1' wire tie (with the lock cut off if needed) on the end of the fish tape, the wire tie should (hopefully) follow the bend in the tower and guide the fish tape through. I've also used a piece of packing popcorn tied to a few yards of spectra with a vac and/or air compressor, leave a...
  113. Fishrdan


    CA isn't the only place blocking off trails. I went to 2 different area's in BFE NV over the past month and all the places that looked interesting had the trails blocked off. I think the BLM wants you to drive through the wilderness,,, instead of experiencing it...
  114. Fishrdan

    Trailring my skip20 500 miles -questions

    Al, You mentioned the PVC looking tubes for the outdrive rams, good idea. I'm too cheap to pop $30 for them so I cut a peice of 2x4 that wedges up in between the drive and gimble housing, keeps the outdrive in the up position for trailering. Looks like this but a bit shorter...
  115. Fishrdan

    Braided Line On A Baitcaster

    Here's another tip for picking backlashes, push the line through the levelwind and out the back of the reel,,, so your picking the backlash out on the back of the reel. Much easier than picking a bit and then having the levelwind make a new one for you as you strip line trying to clear the...
  116. Fishrdan

    Engine Overheating

    Been there... Took my boat on vacation and it would overheat at idle, sucked since we were trolling... Raw water pump had a vane missing off the impellar, it was lodged in the pump blocking flow. $10 part that should be replaced every 2 years.
  117. Fishrdan

    Sunnyside, Comins, East Central Nevada?

    Yeah, I don't want to cruise all the way up to Ely and have the lake iced up. Did that a few years ago, stopped at night, lake looked "wierd" by car headlights and the rock I threw into the lake went Tink, Tink, Tink I might call of the F&G office up in Ely and ask, if they pick up,,, haven't...
  118. Fishrdan

    Sunnyside, Comins, East Central Nevada?

    Yup, Adams and McGill reservoirs or Wayne E Kirch Wildlife Area. There are actually 4-5 lakes in the chain, but some of them are closed to fishing for what ever reason. They have largemouth bass in there also,,,,, so I'm bringing some swimbaits :D
  119. Fishrdan

    Sunnyside, Comins, East Central Nevada?

    My son has next week off school and I decided to take the family up for some camping and fishing. Anyone familiar with this area and know what the current conditions are? Looks like Sunnyside is going to be in the mid 60's and probably our best bet camping wise, but I wouldn't mind heading up...
  120. Fishrdan

    Fag draggin' the Cal Delta for big money Pt. 1

    Good read! Ready and waiting for Pt2 and Pt3.................................................................
  121. Fishrdan

    Mattress - Pillowtop or memory foam??

    I had to get a firm mattress because of a back injury, ended up with a pillow top that I just couldn't get used to and dreaded sleeping on it, felt like I was sleeping on the floor. We added a 2" memory foam pad and it's very comfortable now. I've never had a 100% memory foam mattress, but...
  122. Fishrdan

    New Boat Needs a Name Suitable for 2 Women!

    Fish Knockers?
  123. Fishrdan

    Engine Problem "Stumper"

    Same here,,, on both accounts :D
  124. Fishrdan

    Rattle Snake Pictures 03-08

    Fifth pic = no mustache, no shirt and a lot shorter, snake turned into a fishing rod??? There's some weird shit going on here............LOL
  125. Fishrdan

    Engine Problem "Stumper"

    I'm the middle of a complete rebuild on my 140HP Mercruiser and was looking at GreenBay Parts World for the rebuilt kit, $470 + shipping. I went with Falcon Global off Ebay and am satisfied with their engine kit, $380 total, over $100 less than Greenbay. I offered $330, and finally got the kit...
  126. Fishrdan

    Easter Ham Help!

    Rox has it nailed! That's how my wife does it (but in the oven) and it's da' bomb.
  127. Fishrdan

    WARNING! Telescopic stern light failure

    Willow Beach, below Hoover Dam,,, I needed a night light because of all the scary monsters down there.... I haven't been to Mead this year, but it still looks WAY low, like 100'+-.
  128. Fishrdan

    Resolving Ebay Problem???

    Good call Neal, I'll do both at the same time.
  129. Fishrdan

    Resolving Ebay Problem???

    Thanks for the once-over guys. Either the guy knows he screwed up and is back pedaling or he's a scammer. I'm filing a dispute through Ebay and hope for the best. I was thinking of calling up my credit card company and disputing it that way (quick, easy and I know it works, had to do it in the...
  130. Fishrdan

    WARNING! Telescopic stern light failure

    If you have a telescopic stern light like this: be aware that the wires inside can pull free and stop the light from working. Mine is a bit over a year old and the light started to flicker, + wire at the lamp pulled part way out of the crimp connector so I reattached, soldered (thinking to...
  131. Fishrdan

    Resolving Ebay Problem???

    Hey guys, I got hosed on Ebay auction (yeah I know,,, I told you so) and looking for the easiest way to resolve the problem. eBay Motors: 99 03 Acura, 98 02 Honda Accord trailer hitch (item 290207850533 end time Feb-26-08 15:10:47 PST) The seller listed it as a "NEW" hitch, with an image...
  132. Fishrdan

    Replacing fuel tank.

    My Harbor Freight heat gun will melt a wet/dry vac hose, even on the low setting, don't ask how I know :D A hair dryer might do the trick, just make sure you put it back in the bathroom before asking the wife to do the tank's smell test... For some odd reason,,, women don't like; hair dryers...
  133. Fishrdan

    Credit card fraud........ my turn

    Happened to me 2 days before Christmas, $2000 worth of bogus camera stuff charged in Brazil. CC company caught it and called us, issued a new CC's, we signed some papers and it was a done deal in a few weeks. Luckily, I had not been to Brazil lately...
  134. Fishrdan

    These freakin knots!!!

    I am my own crew... and go by Dude, Bud or Asrehole. Hey Dude, launch the boat.... so I launch the boat Hey Bud, tie some mono to the spectra... so I whip out an impressive Albright knot Who's the Arsehole who forgot to put the plug int the boat!... guess that would have to be "I" since I'm...
  135. Fishrdan

    These freakin knots!!!

    Yup, worm knot (AKA reverse albright knot) for use with a bimini in the spectra I use an albright knot for 40# mono to 65# spectra, spectra wrapped around the mono 20-25 times. check out PowerPro's website for the knots... PowerPro - Catch The Power!
  136. Fishrdan

    Avet's on Ebay......not sure if legit......

    NOT really sad! I have seen numerous reel auction scams and got sick of reporting them to Ebay. The Ebay high end reel SCAM thing has come up many times before and this one smells of it. If the seller is serious about making money off those reels he's not too smart about selling them. If it's...
  137. Fishrdan

    Blinded at the ramp

    100% of the time if I remember,,, but actually about 50% of the time. I've blown bulbs by getting them wet while dunking the trailer.
  138. Fishrdan

    Hick Boat Storage.........

    Next time throw a garden hose in the pool, turn on the water to fill the hose, unhook hose from the spigot and throw it in the street, siphons all the water out. Been there before....
  139. Fishrdan

    Replacing fuel tank.

    Car exhaust will work like nitrogen, it's already gone BOOM in the engine so it can't go BOOM again in the gas tank, learned it from an old school welder while he braised a hole in my gas tank. He hung my gas tank off his truck's tail pipe, but I guess you could use a piece of expandable...
  140. Fishrdan

    Outdive U joint service.

    If the U-joints are making noise the bellows might need some attention also. A small crack or rub through in the Ujoint bellow will let water inside and rust up the Ujoints and lead to them going bad, possibly ruining the gimble bearing and letting water into the upper unit. I just yanked my...
  141. Fishrdan

    Bass Pro Ocean Master = TLD ???

    I know the reel you are talking about, it's no Shimano. I bought a BPS "OceanMaster" 4/0 reel a few years back for $50, it looked OK on the outside, but the internals were so cheaply made I Ebayed it immediately, never again.
  142. Fishrdan

    GMC 1, Ford 0...

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: Sorry man, That there is down right funny.....
  143. Fishrdan

    anybody have any fresh new recipes FISH

    Here's a twist on fish taco's. Ditch the corn or flour tortillas (yeah, I know it's not a taco anymore, stay with me) and wrap it up in a cabbage leaf. I was a bit skeptical when I tried it, but like it better than using tortillas. Peel off 2-3 cabbage leaves / person, then shred the leftover...
  144. Fishrdan

    GMC 1, Ford 0...

    Glad no one was seriously hurt. Looks like the Ford got a fat lip and a couple of black eyes.
  145. Fishrdan


    I lived in Casa Grande,,, 20+ years ago. There's an irrigation reservoir north of Eloy (or at least there used to be) about 8-10 miles north on 87, then east a mile or 2. It's kind of a little shit hole with poor shore access and no launch ramp, might be fun with a canoe or float tube. I fished...
  146. Fishrdan

    Racecar gets a 'hoo!

    Well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, let's see the rest of the car!
  147. Fishrdan

    Who has tire recommendations?

    If you going to keep the car a long time and drive a lot of high speed... Michelin. A few sets Michelin of truck tires went 60K, maintaining a smooth ride at 70-85 MPH over the life of the tire. An easy 50K for car tires, smooth as glass if they were balanced properly,,, sometimes requiring 2-3...
  148. Fishrdan

    sciatic nerve problem

    An ice pack on my lower back always makes the ache/pain feel better. The soft sided freezer packs from Walgreen's are good, or you can put a few folded paper towels in a zip-lock baggie, add water, then freeze it. You want to get the affected area cold but not freezing, don't want to get...
  149. Fishrdan

    I'm pregnant

    1- Always pack the hospital bag because you never know when it's time, I didn't 2- Keep cool when your at the OB's office and he says it's time to head to the hospital, your having a baby a few weeks early 3- When your wife is having the baby, things change quickly 4- While your at the...
  150. Fishrdan

    Folding boats?

    Might be a drive for you, but heres one to check out, just saw it on Craigslist; Porte-boat
  151. Fishrdan

    any suggestion which electric pontoon to buy?

    Shooooot... Go down to BPS and pick up a $1000 jon boat. It's completely painted drab green to satisfy their no exposed metal rule. Install 2 Minnkota 200# thrust dual electric trolling motors on there and you will be the only one out there planing a boat :D Sounds good in theory?!? I'd bet...
  152. Fishrdan

    best OWNED video i ever seen,..

    Daaaayum, Smokie got knocked the f*ck out!
  153. Fishrdan

    Hot water question

    Hmmm, A few years ago I couldn't take a shower without freezing my ass off by the end. Turns out one of my kids saw the temp dial on the water heater and turned it all the way down. Thought I needed a new water heater, but it was only my 4 year old f'n with me! Kids...
  154. Fishrdan

    Robbed last night

    HA HA, I know what you mean. If anyone gets in my back yard 1st thing they will notice is a bunch of huge gnawed on bones laying all over the place,,, then the huge black lab that gnawed on those bones. I'm hoping they think it's the last guy that made the mistake of going back there... We had...
  155. Fishrdan

    Sculpin Sting Gone BAD!

    Fargin gnarly! Looks like he should have gone to the doctor a month or 2 earlier,,, it's not like that popped up in a day or 2?
  156. Fishrdan

    Why you don't bring a hot Mako over the rail

    Psshit, rub some dirt on it and get back to fishing... Someone had to say it :D
  157. Fishrdan

    Need tips for trout gear.

    Good stuff guys, here's another option. Pick up some snap swivles and selection of spinners, Panther Martin (black w/yellow spots and gold blade is my favorite), Mepps, Kast Master, etc, and cast away. I use 4-6# line and a 6-7' rod, varying the retrieve speed, burn it in or reel in as slow as...
  158. Fishrdan

    sculpin sting

    Soak it in cider = Soak it inside... :rofl: Ye Ol' cure for any ailment: bear mauling,,, soak it in cider bullet wound,,, soak it in cider broken leg,,, soak it in cider headache, flu, cold, sunburn, paper cut, tennis elbow, Alzheimers, scurvy, scabies, ticks, lice, hair loss, arthritis...
  159. Fishrdan

    Monte Carlo On Fire

    News reported that there were 2 welders on the roof before the fire...
  160. Fishrdan

    Grinding noise from sterndrive

    $672!!! Wholly CRAP I haven't done an Alpha, but my 1 drive was only about $200 for the transom seal kit, outdrive reseal kit and gimble bearing. Most of the tools listed can be had cheaper or easily fabbed. $147 3 jaw puller/slide hammer is available from Harbor Freight $15-20, also worked...
  161. Fishrdan

    OMC vs Mercruiser

    :hali_ruahahaha::rofl::rofl: no engine!!! :shithappens: probably worth $1 too
  162. Fishrdan

    OMC vs Mercruiser

    An elephant gun? I'm looking for another boat right now, but not in a hurry as I still have a 14' jon boat to fish the river and small lakes. My 16.5' tri-hull has a blown engine so I'm looking for a deepV. If I can find a smoking deal like the 20' Gulfstream (with Mercruiser I/O) I'd go for it...
  163. Fishrdan

    OMC vs Mercruiser

    The boat was a 1985 20' Gulfstream bow rider with the V6 OMC I/O and from the pictures looked like it was in pretty nice shape,,, $800! From what I found on the internet last night, Gulfstreams were well built boats (IE mahogany stringers) but OMC I/O's are to be avoided. The seller said it...
  164. Fishrdan

    OMC vs Mercruiser

    Thanks, all comments appreciated! I have a Mercruiser 1 drive in my 73 SeaSwirl and it's been very dependable. I had to service the bellows and seals a few years back, but other than that, bulletproof. Parts were easy to get and fairly inexpensive. I read that OMC was out of business, I wonder...
  165. Fishrdan

    OMC vs Mercruiser

    I'm looking at an mid 80's boat with an OMC I/O, but don't have any experience with OMC. How do OMC I/O's compare to Mercruiser I/O's; Spare part availability & price? Problems? Quality? Dependability? Seems like theres far more Mercruiser I/O boats out there than OMC. Heck, I tried doing a...
  166. Fishrdan

    Outboard Problem, Need Advice

    Good call dbar, I had a motor that would run like a scalded ass ape for 15 minutes then bog and only run 1/4 power at full throttle. Let it sit for a few hours and it would run good for another 15 minutes. Ignition Module
  167. Fishrdan

    Outboard Problem, Need Advice

    Yeah, that isn't terribly bad compression. My ol' Mercruiser 140HP had 130, 125, 120 and 110 PSI, ran that way for 10 years and I could only tell by very slight rough idle. I've had outboard problems over the years, kind of what your experiencing now, and most of the time found it to be...
  168. Fishrdan

    Outboard Problem, Need Advice

    So how does the motor run when it's cold? Does it only bog down when it gets warm/hot? Have you run a compression test on the cylinders? I had an outboard that would idle all day long, but open it up and it would overheat, bog down and eventually seize the piston. A bad water pump impeller was...
  169. Fishrdan

    Dead animals-trash

    I've been taking the carcases, bagging em and chucking it in the freezer until trash day,,, ever since... I left a 1/2 trash can full of fish guts sitting outside the house,,, for a week in 120 degree temps. Buddy of mine 1/2 way down the block said he could smell it at his housebarf
  170. Fishrdan

    What are some of your favorite boat meals...

    Now your talking... I keep an assortment of canned stuff on the boat, chili, tamales, ravioli. Pop a can on the manifold and you have something hot to eat in an hour or so. Certainly beats the Ritz crackers and SlimJims with a 2005 expiration date.
  171. Fishrdan

    VA to ban testicle danglers?

    I was down in Bullhead City, AZ a few months ago and head a radio spot for the company who makes just what your lookin for... Here you go ATV Nuts, Quad Nuts, Bulls Balls® Truck Balls, Biker Nutz
  172. Fishrdan

    1973 20' Skipjack open tow weight

    Yup, weigh it at the scales. I was surprised my 16.5' SeaSwirl and trailer came in at 3200# completely loaded, coolers, gas, equipment, etc..
  173. Fishrdan

    Grinding noise from sterndrive

    Sounds like it might be a bad gimble bearing. Me too. Mercury/Mercruiser has a remote oil reservoir kit for their outdrives, it attaches to the upper fill hole and a tank mounted inside the boat. The tank allows pressurized gear oil to flow into the tank and then get sucked back into the...
  174. Fishrdan

    Where can I get Quest plumbing fitting?

    Check out Lowes and HomeDepot, saw a bunch of Quest PEX fittings there while replumbing my house. Ace or True Value Hardware might carry this stuff also.
  175. Fishrdan

    calico painting on a rod

    Haven't seen that before, looks one heck of a lot better than a fish decal! Maybe you have found a new market for your talents...
  176. Fishrdan

    Should I remove my carpets decks ??

    Hey Jason, I have carpet in my boat and the sun will rot it out worse than getting it wet. As long as you keep it covered it should last for a long time. Dust and sand are a PITA out here and I was thinking of going to non-skid surface instead of carpet also. The hardest part will be getting...
  177. Fishrdan

    WTG Mercruiser 3.0L shortblock

    PM sent
  178. Fishrdan

    WTG Mercruiser 3.0L shortblock

    I trashed the engine in my 72 SeaSwirl last weekend,,, 20 miles from the marina :imdumb: It sounds like I only need a shortblock as I shut it down immediately, opened the hatch and fired it back up to hear the ratteling/cluncking noise coming from the pan. I hydrolocked it 2-3 years ago, (engine...
  179. Fishrdan

    what the hell happened to the price of bearings?

    I ordered some tires/rims, fenders and seals from, couldn't beat their prices locally. Bearings about $25/dozen and seals $10/dozen. If your one of the guys that likes to replace the bearings and races every winter it's a good deal. Otherwise,,, I don't know too many who can use...
  180. Fishrdan

    Warning to all Dirt Bikers and Quad Monkeys..

    I feel your pain Jason, My neighbor hood was like a circus last summer with the 2 families that thought our street was the Baja 500. Quad's flying up and down the street all hours of the day and night. I had to laugh my ass off when the police started ticketing them for riding though the...
  181. Fishrdan

    BPS bucket-o-baits $10

    Bass Pro special, 200 soft plastics for $10 & free shipping. I don't use them, but...
  182. Fishrdan

    SX foot screw???

    After letting the penetrating oil soak, insert an allen bit (or Torx bit as Alan suggested) and give the screw head a few good taps with a hammer. Apply a bit of counter clock wise rotation on the screw and tap, the vibration helps to loosen the screw. If the screw head strips out, you could...
  183. Fishrdan

    always getting sea sick

    Adam, Do a search on "seasick", there are a few old threads with good info. TransdermScop Patch, Scopace, Bonine, Dramamine, ginger pills, wrist band, crackers, ginger snap cookies. You have to find something that works for 'you' as what works for one person might not work for someone else.
  184. Fishrdan

    BEWARE of the LIARS at Kearny Mesa Infinity!!!!!

    Good job on putting the screws to the dealership, might make them think twice about doing the same to the next customer. I hope the way they treated you comes back to them 10 fold :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  185. Fishrdan $15-55 discount

    The promo code WORKED on 12-11!!! :imdumb::imdumb::imdumb::imdumb::imdumb: right back at ya I placed my order at around 9 PM on 12-11, if you missed out, oh well....
  186. Fishrdan

    longer studs for Penn

    Steve, I cut the heads off 2 SS screws and ground/sanded them to the correct length. Then installed a regular SS nut against the reel and a SS lock nut and SS washer for the clamp.
  187. Fishrdan $15-55 discount

    Heads-up, (Berkley outlet site) has a promo code up that's good for $15-55 off your order. I stocked up on a bunch of Stren and Berkley mono, (6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 50) and got $15 off the order, $43 for 8 big spools of line. It states the offer ends 12-10-07,,, but I just placed my...
  188. Fishrdan

    Lake Mead 12/7/07 WFO on STRIPERS!!!

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: Fish in the bath tub,,, that's classic! I bet the maid was going,,, WFT did they do in here!?!
  189. Fishrdan

    need a BIG lure contact

    Now how big did you say you wanted those lures??? Thought this picture was fitting for BD...
  190. Fishrdan

    Painting Steel Trailer Fenders?

    Ding Ding, we have a winner! I was thinking of having them Rhino-lined $$$, but never thought of the DIY bed liner stuff. I checked out Herculiner, it's skid resistant and comes in white or gray which should match my boat & trailer. Just what the doctor ordered!
  191. Fishrdan

    Should Moderators Have The Right To Deletes Threads For No Reason

    They got his tooth! YouTube - Chritopher Walken And Tooth Fairy
  192. Fishrdan

    Lake Mead 12/2/07

    Good to hear you got into some and the weather cooperated. 10 keepers doesn't sound too bad, a lot better than getting skunked. I was at Cottonwood last Friday and it rained pretty much all day. I got skunked...
  193. Fishrdan

    Painting Steel Trailer Fenders?

    Any suggestions on painting trailer fenders so rocks don't chip up the paint? I'm up-sizing my trailer tires from 13's to 15's and looking at the flat top "jeep" style fenders because your able to set things on the fenders (battery, tackle boxes, foot) without it rolling/slipping off. They only...
  194. Fishrdan

    Fisherman Vs. Guys who fish

    :hali_blablalba::hali_blablalba: :picknose:I catch me sum feesh:picknose::hali_blablalba::hali_blablalba: Dude, I suggest you take your advice and STFU
  195. Fishrdan

    Spooling Spectra

    I made a spooling station that holds the reel, spool of spectra/mono and applies tension to the line. Chunk of 2x6, long 5/8 bolt & nut, few 3/8 bolts washers nuts, tennis ball, few circles of carpet, cheap measuring wheel from Harbor Freight, plus a few hours in the garage and I was in...
  196. Fishrdan

    Boat/Trailer Repair/Service

    Andy, I have a Mercruiser 140 in my SeaSwirl and had idle issues. It would idle A' OK on the muffs, but not while gear on the water. The cure was pretty simple, adjust the 2 idle mixture screws on the carb's base plate and the idle adjustment screw on the throttle lever. My 72's idle is...
  197. Fishrdan

    Funny Stories about fishing boat conflicts?

    I think launch ramp stories are the best, of the best, of the best. I saw a guy having problems loading his 20+'er as his trailer wasn't far enough in the water and the engine kept stalling, the engine caught at full throttle and he almost launched the boat into the bed of his truck. On...
  198. Fishrdan

    Need trailer tires,,, yet another tire thread

    Cabela's opened in Reno? Cool, another place for me to check out while at the in-laws. I've looked at the tires in BPS at a passing glance, doubt they have enough to outfit my trailer, 2 + spare. It looked like they only had 1 of each size in stock, probably a convince thing for customers with...
  199. Fishrdan


    Yup, beer batter is the best! Just did up a few batches earlier this week. Beer / flour and then dill, old bay seasoning, garlic salt, pepper to taste. I never measure, just dump until it looks right... Sauce, here's my version, mayo, pickle relish and as much grated horseradish as you can...
  200. Fishrdan

    Need trailer tires,,, yet another tire thread

    Jason, Check out Sams Club, they were the cheapest the last time I got tires. I never thought of Walmart, have to see what they carry. I've been burned at BigO and Discount the last few times, not going back unless I have to... I'm looking at buying tire/wheel combos, but wholly crap, BPS...
  201. Fishrdan

    Need trailer tires,,, yet another tire thread

    On my last venture to the lake I had to change a tire on the way out and another the way back in, seperation on both tires. Luckily I caught it when they started riding rough. 1 tire was 2 years old and had a bulge/split/cracking in the tread, spot from sitting in the driveway. The other was a...
  202. Fishrdan

    Lake Mohave trout stocking = big striper

    NDOW stocked trout at Lake Mohave last Thursday so I decided to take my son out for some big striper hunting. We arrived at Cottonwood Cove at o'dark:30 early Saturday morning and proceeded to cast lures the next few hours for nothing. I got a few hours of sleep and hit it again at grey light...
  203. Fishrdan

    Best level-wind, Corvalus, Cardiff, Calcutta 400, Penn 965?

    Went down and did some "tire kicking" at BPS last night. They didn't carry the Daiwa Luna's, the Penn 975 levelwind's were out of stock, but the entire line of Calcutta's were sitting in the case... It looks like a lot of people are saying the Luna 300 is an awesome reel, better than a Calcutta...
  204. Fishrdan

    Best level-wind, Corvalus, Cardiff, Calcutta 400, Penn 965?

    Thanks for the replies! Corvalus and Cardiff crossed off the list. I have several Abu's that cast great, but I don't like the post frames and the drag isn't as good as the Catala/Corvlaus that I've used for big stripers. They work great for small stripers, but I don't trust then on the larger...
  205. Fishrdan

    Best level-wind, Corvalus, Cardiff, Calcutta 400, Penn 965?

    I need a new baitcaster and looking for advise on; Shimano Corvalus, Cardiff, Calcutta 400's and Penn Int 965/975 reels. I'll be throwing trout imitation striper plugs off a boat, 10 and 11' surf rods, 25-30# line, Lake Mohave, Mead. Looking for something that casts well, doesn't constantly...
  206. Fishrdan

    Any Traffic Lawyers on BD?

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: No rainbow sticker, just a couple of fellas :loverz: out for a drive barf
  207. Fishrdan

    Any Traffic Lawyers on BD?

    Be careful on that road to Needles... Thread jack on: I was heading to Needles from Vegas and pulled up on this (1) guy driving really slow, pissed me off because I couldn't pass through the twisties. After 5 miles a head pops up in the passenger seat and they speed up a bit. Sooooo I'm...
  208. Fishrdan

    Avet vs Penn vs Okuma

    I won a Convector 55S on a trip, woo-hoo lucky me... As we were walking out of the galley my buddy says "way to go you lucky bastard". I respond, "eh' I wished it was one of the 2 speed's they were giving away". I get a bewildered look from my friend, so I say "2 speeds are worth more on...
  209. Fishrdan

    caught some old eddie murphy today..

    :finger:, :finger:, :finger:,,, WHO's next? We got McDonolds, We got McDonolds,, (as little Eddie is holding his big soggy momma made hamburger)
  210. Fishrdan

    Are Fuel Surcharges BS or Legit?

    If the boats posted their fuel surcharge pricing structure, it might make more sense to us fishermen. I don't mind paying the fuel surcharge, but I question how the boats determine the surcharge price. While booking the past few trips I asked where they started imposing a surcharge, one of the...
  211. Fishrdan

    Need FishFinder/Sonar recommendation

    Hey Jason, Are there menus in the Lowrance so you can turn of the fish symbols? If so try it marking fish with arches, better detail and separation. Lost of choices out there on new sonars, single or dual frequency, single cone, wide scanning or side scanning , monochrome or color. Figure out...
  212. Fishrdan

    Lake Mead Striper Report- 2 days late

    Looks like a good trip Corey, and from the pic's it looks like the stripers are nice and fat this fall. Thanks for the report!
  213. Fishrdan

    Campfire cooking striped bass???

    Thanks for the info guys! FE, I bought a few limes at the store and will give it a shot. WOB, I've never heard about the boiling/dipping in butter/tasting like lobster thing. I'm curious about this one and will give it a try tonight on some nice striper steaks sitting in the freezer. If all...
  214. Fishrdan

    Campfire cooking striped bass???

    Hey all, I'm going to be camping on Lake Mohave (or Mead) for a few days and want to cook a few stripers in the camp fire while were out there. I've cooked trout in the camp fire before (gill/gut/scale, few pats of butter, wrap in foil and throw in fire) and they turned out tastey, but have...
  215. Fishrdan

    Lake Mead Report and THANK YOU to Jack Flash

    Hey Jason, Good to hear you learned some new tactics for stripers. Now you'll have to sweet talk John into taking you on a trophy hunt for the 20#+ models when they the trout plants start :D
  216. Fishrdan

    Need Insulated Coveralls, Sweet Deal!

    Hey Guys, I just got a set of 10x insulated coveralls from Cabelas Bargain Cave, $69-79. They did a poor job of writing the blurb for the coveralls as they state 200 and 150 gram insulation,,, but forgot to mention it's Thinsulate insulation :imdumb: Cabela's -- 10x® Insulated Coveralls Just...
  217. Fishrdan

    Lake Mead Spearfishing

    And Tilapia:rofl::rofl::rofl: If you want something BIG to shoot at, see if there's a trout plant and plan accordingly. Afternoon of the trout plant or morning after should allow enough time for the big stripers to home in on the trout. Good luck
  218. Fishrdan

    Furuno FCV620-PWD

    Furuno FCV-620 Color Fishfinder $648
  219. Fishrdan

    Furuno FCV620-PWD

    Give these guys a look-see Furuno Digital Fish Finder Model FCV620 $677 also
  220. Fishrdan

    192Khz and 200Khz transducer cause interference?

    That's what I thought about 50Khz, doesn't show bottom as accurately and marks have less definition when compared to 200Khz, but will still work. The response from Eagle said it won't work well for freshwater applications, I'm guessing they don't want to make a recommendation with poor...
  221. Fishrdan

    Shimano Torium and Shimano Corsair question

    I shipped 2 Corsair 400's into Shimano last year,,, got back 1 new Corvalus and 1 new Corsair a few weeks later. Only cost me shipping to Irvine :D
  222. Fishrdan

    192Khz and 200Khz transducer cause interference?

    Thanks for the reply Doc, The plot thickens,,, Here's an Email I received from Eagle today. It sounds like 50Khz doesn't play well in shallow freshwater,,, or at least the SeaFinder locked in at 50Khz. Thank you for your inquiry. If the 50 kHz side of a transducer is selected, then the it...
  223. Fishrdan

    Ouch!!!!!!!!1 Dead, 1 Missing After Rock Slab Hits Boat

    Tragic, I fish the canyons below Hoover dam and always wonder if something is going to bust loose from the canyon walls. In the same area (not on the river/lake) a house size block broke off a mesa and tumbled down, if that thing hit water I wouldn't want to be around to ride it out...
  224. Fishrdan

    Boat Junkyards?

    Try looking for a few non-profit charities in your area. There's one in Vegas within eye shot of the freeway and I see donated boats there all the time.
  225. Fishrdan

    192Khz and 200Khz transducer cause interference?

    Hey Doc, What frequency were you running the SeaFinder 480DF at? When I called Eagle the lady put me on hold for a few minutes and then came back with the answer yes, 200Khz gets turned off. She commented that they never received this question before, which I found kind of odd. Maybe I need to...
  226. Fishrdan

    192Khz and 200Khz transducer cause interference?

    BTW, thanks Smudge! Everything you said makes perfect sense and very informative, just the type of information I was looking for. More decisions made, it's down to the Furuno LS4100 and Eagle Seafinder 480DF, both the same price after doing some searching. The Eagle includes a paddle wheel...
  227. Fishrdan

    192Khz and 200Khz transducer cause interference?

    192Khz and 200Khz causing interference was established early in this thread and that running a 50Khz "only" unit with a 192-200Khz sonar won't cause interference. So I can run 2 sonars at the same time as long as there is sufficient frequency separation.... I'm checking with the manufacturer's...
  228. Fishrdan

    192Khz and 200Khz transducer cause interference?

    Yup, I want 2 sonars running at the same time so I'm looking for a 50Khz selectable sonar. The existing 192Khz sonar is mounted shoot thru-hull and I haven't had problems so the new one is going to be mounted the same way in back of the first transducer in the bilge. I'm narrowing down what I...
  229. Fishrdan

    Got Carfax?

    FYI, While looking for used vehicles a few months ago, I ran everything through CarFax and only looked at the ones that came up clean. To my surprise,,, several of the vehicles showed body damage repairs, even though CarFax showed no prior accidents. Buyer Beware! One of the best features...
  230. Fishrdan

    192Khz and 200Khz transducer cause interference?

    I'm down to choosing between Eagle and Humminbird for dual frequency sonars that have the option of running only 1 frequency to the dual beam transducer. I own a couple Eagle sonars which I've had good luck with, but don't know anything about Humminbirds, how does Humminbird compare to Eagle...
  231. Fishrdan

    starting a cook book

    C'mon now guys, this is a fishing site,,, Grilled Carp 2- 1# carp fillets with skin left on fillet, preferably fresh 1/2 cup olive oil 1/4 cup soy sauce 1 cup white wine 4 tbsp sesame seeds 4 bay leaves 3 tsp old bay seasoning 1tsp salt 2 tsp pepper 1- 9"x18" board, cedar preferred, but...
  232. Fishrdan

    192Khz and 200Khz transducer cause interference?

    Obviously,,, you haven't seen my boat :D:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  233. Fishrdan

    My new fishing partner.

    Nice looking dog, what breed is it? Kind of looks like my lab/coon hound mix when he was a pup, except for the eyes. Keep an eye on that little guy while your out there. My lab used to jump off the boat until I go him trained, labs love water. Out fishing on the river one night and he decides...
  234. Fishrdan

    192Khz and 200Khz transducer cause interference?

    Thanks Smudge, that's the answer I was looking for since I want to mount the new transducer shoot thru-hull right in back of the existing transducer. I'm probably going to get a 50/200Khz fish finder that runs at 50, 200 or 50/200. That way I can run the old 192Khz finder along with the new one...
  235. Fishrdan

    192Khz and 200Khz transducer cause interference?

    Thanks for the responses guys, pretty much what I thought. I need to go with 50Khz to eliminate interference with both the sonars running,,, or run one at at time. BTW, the transducer is mounted shoot thru-hull, not thru-hull, my bad :imdumb: I have a 70's SeaSwirl (no beauty, but dependable...
  236. Fishrdan

    192Khz and 200Khz transducer cause interference?

    Anyone know if 2 fish finders, 192Khz and 200Khz, will cause interference with each other? I'm looking to install a second fish finder in the back of my boat and want to go with a cheap 200Khz unit, primarily used for depth (10-100') and to occasionally show marks. I don't know if I need to go...
  237. Fishrdan

    Sea Sick

    I get sea sick easily and ran out of patches for my trip last week. I figured I would just tough it out with Bonine, ginger pills and an electro-shock wrist band, bad decision as I was down in the bunk 1/2 the trip. Scopolamine is the only thing that works for me. I order them from Canada (OTC...
  238. Fishrdan

    Looking for SD 1.5 day tuna trip,,, Tomorrow!

    Thanks for the heads-up! The Old #7 6-pack sounds interesting. How does the reduced bait capacity affect tuna fishing, 12 scoops on the Old #7 compared to 200+- scoops on the bigger boats? It seems the bigger boats would hold a school of fish easier with that huge load of bait and increased...
  239. Fishrdan

    Looking for SD 1.5 day tuna trip,,, Tomorrow!

    Hey All, It looks like the alby bite is back on and I'm looking at 1.5+ day tuna trips for later this week. I'm not familiar with most of the SD boats and need to find out which boats you have had good experiences with. Here's the boats that fit into my schedule for the next few days: Pacific...
  240. Fishrdan

    Penn 45 GLS

    I had a 40GLS with a worn out pinion bushing. The side plate with molded in pinion bushing was discontinued, so the reel was basically a paper weight. Some food for thought... I've been down the used reel path before, but only 1 out of 3 reels turned out to save me money. Trust the guys here...
  241. Fishrdan

    Tri-Hull Boats, anygood???

    I've got one :imdumb: Don't get one... It's a 16.5' SeaSwirl that rides rougher than hell if you get into 3'+ waves. Especially if the 2 concave hulls slam into a wave, sends a bone chilling shudder through the boat. When it gets windy I trim the motor up and slow down to keep the bow from...
  242. Fishrdan

    Eastern Sierra 2 stroke lakes???

    Thanks for the tips guys, but I never made it up there. Probably for the best anyway since it would have been a mad house with the 3 day weekend. Going to try Twin Lakes in a month or so, either that or Fish lake UT.
  243. Fishrdan

    Eastern Sierra 2 stroke lakes???

    Yup, artificials only on Crowley this time of year, MAN style fishing... I'll just have to remember to smash the hook barbs if I go to Crowley. Steve, I shot you a PM about fishing up by Bishop.
  244. Fishrdan

    PV dock croc

    Looks like he's giving you the ol' BD salute... :finger: :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  245. Fishrdan

    Eastern Sierra 2 stroke lakes???

    Isabella is my 1st choice as it's close to my in-laws place, but I would rather get to some cooler weather, Convict, Upper Lower Twin lakes, Sabrina. Plus, I hear it blows at Isabella in the afternoon and my jon boat isn't too good in 2-3' chop. I called Crowley they don't have a 2 stroke...
  246. Fishrdan

    Eastern Sierra 2 stroke lakes???

    What eastern Sierra lakes don't have a 2 stroke ban? I'm thinking of going to either Crowley, Convict, Upper-Lower Twin, maybe Isabella, but don't know if they have 2 stroke motor restrictions. The following link lists California 2 stroke restricted lakes didn't mention the lakes I'm looking at...
  247. Fishrdan

    EvinRUDE beats Yamaha???

    I didn't know exactly what forum to throw this one in,,, jokes, vid clips, stupidest thing of the day... First time I saw it I though,,, now that's kind'a stupid. Then I went back and played it over a...
  248. Fishrdan

    This came up in my gmail

    That's a story I can appreciate! I have a trout rod rigged up with a 6" swim bait that's sitting in the rod rack and ready to go at all times. Every time I hear cooing noises coming from the neighbors house that go on, and on, and on, and on... I grab the rod, stealth sneak around the side of...
  249. Fishrdan

    Wrap a carrot?

    I was flipping through WON and noticed that the ICAST Best of Show was a carrot.............................. ROD Forget graphite, fiberglass fishing rods, think carrots | Tom Meade | | The Providence Journal This has to be one of the wackiest things I have seen in a long time...
  250. Fishrdan

    7/18 Bass Pro Shops Grand opening

    Up at the Vegas BPS they have a display rack chock full of Zebco 808 reels right next to the reel trade-in booth. Forgot your trade-in reel, no problem'o, just plop down $8.88 and get your trade-in discount. From what I remember the reel trade-in sale is in February. That's when I picked up my...
  251. Fishrdan

    Red-Neck bee removal

    Funny as hell LOLLOLLOL A bunch of hornets took up residence in my boat a few years ago, I grabbed a bug bomb, threw it in the boat and cinched down the cover nice and tight. NUKED EM' :nutkick:
  252. Fishrdan

    Las Vegas Bachelor Party Help

    Drew,,, You da' man What ever you do, DONT call one of those places out of the phone book for a bachelor party... friggin snaggle toothed, pot bellied, fuggly,,, Ahhhh never mind Of course you could always drive north out of Vegas going towards Reno and pull over at the first trailer in the...
  253. Fishrdan

    6/9 striper hunting

    Wholly CRAP, that's a nice fatty :urno1: Looks like familiar territory :D
  254. Fishrdan

    6/9 striper hunting

    Eh hem,,, that's pronounced :D
  255. Fishrdan

    6/9 striper hunting

    Old photo, though they are getting them at the river in the larger size right now. If I can get a break from work I'm going to head down there,,, if...
  256. Fishrdan

    6/9 striper hunting

    Hmmm, not bad............ But how'z bout this one,,, 40# 47.75" sorry for the thread jack :D
  257. Fishrdan

    SUV for Towing???

    Top 10 vehicles for towing #9 Hyundia Elantra, 3086# with trailer brakes??? YIKES
  258. Fishrdan

    I hate going out to dinner these days!!! MANNERS!!

    I couldn't agree with you more! I also have 3 and 6 year olds who have been going out to eat with us since they were born. Sure, they are not angels all the time, but they get their butts hauled out for an attitude adjustment if they are acting up. We also get comments all the time on how good...
  259. Fishrdan

    SUV for Towing???

    OK guys, I bit the bullet... After 2 weeks of looking at Expeditions, Burbs, Tahoes, Trailblazers, Explorers, I went full circle ended up buying a 01 Durango with every bell and whistle available, leather, 4wd, tow pkg, :hali_blablalba:. It was the best fit for the family since the wife didn't...
  260. Fishrdan

    60 Miles Round Trip Offshore For This Guy! 6/18/07

    No wonder the bait was so crappy, you had to keep them out of the tank to get their nicotine fix. I'd suggest a pinch of Copenhagen in the bait tank next time :D
  261. Fishrdan

    SUV for Towing???

    The QuadCab Dakota which was A' OK for the wife and 2 kids, but when company is in town it's a PITA taking 2 vehicles or trying to squash everyone into the truck or wife's Accord. Looking for something with 3rd row seating and capable of towing the boat,,, grocery getter/lake vehicle. I just...
  262. Fishrdan

    SUV for Towing???

    No speed limit for towing in Nevada like in California. Heck,,, I went to Utah a month back towing my 14' jon boat at 80mph and the HP didn't even blink an eye, blew by several of them sitting in the median. When I'm towing my SeaSwirl at 65MPH everyone is blowing by me, motor homes, diesels...
  263. Fishrdan

    SUV for Towing???

    How about a 3/4 ton SUV,,, Overkill??? Found one and thinking I wouldn't have to monkey around with the suspension as it should be set-up and ready to tow. I live in Nevada and tow in high heat, steep grades and normally at 65MPH. The bigger engine is going to suck more gas than a small V8, but...
  264. Fishrdan

    SUV for Towing???

    Yup, I agree with ya Kurt. Being able to stop and control the trailer is much more important than being able to pull it. That's what prompted my to start this thread. All of the SUV's I'm looking at are rated to tow over 3500#, but how good are they are at towing on the freeway, 65MPH, windy...
  265. Fishrdan

    SUV for Towing???

    :imdumb:double post
  266. Fishrdan

    SUV for Towing???

    Not looking to get tied to another 5 years of car payments, just slap down $15K and drive it till the wheels fall off. You guys are going to love this one, no sales tax in Nevada if you buy the vehicle from a private party :D
  267. Fishrdan

    SUV for Towing???

    DUDE! :imgay: and getting a SUV instead of a truck :nutkick:LOLLOLLOL This decision really sucks, getting rid of my truck (which I really like), taking over the wife's Accord because it gets better mileage and letting her take the "good" vehicle. I can feel my nards shrinking already..
  268. Fishrdan

    SUV for Towing???

    Boat and trailer is 3000#, 3500# with gear. Shawn, what engine do you have in the Durango, I can see that mileage with the 360. My Dakota with the 4.7 V8 and auto tranny gets 17-19MPG highway, thinking the Durango wouldn't be far off that...
  269. Fishrdan

    SUV for Towing???

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to replace the truck with an SUV :imgay: My 03 Dakota has been a great truck for towing a 3000# boat, but it's totaled and a SUV is a better option for the family. I'm looking at a Dodge Durango, Chevy Tahoe or Ford Expedition, but not sure which one will be best for...
  270. Fishrdan

    WTF is vCash

    Well, that's close Actually,,, Vcash is used to purchase items at the "secret" tackle warehouse located in the middle of the Mohave desert. Once you accumulate 15,000 in Vcash you will be automatically sent an invitation to visit the tackle warehouse. A few words of caution though, once you...
  271. Fishrdan

    Predictions for Memorial Wknd

    How about the longest launching of all time... 2 ol'farts get to the launch ramp, blowing right by the ready lanes, and proceed to dunk thier boat. Reverse, forward, reverse, forward, left, right, left, right, trailer tire up on the dock :idiot: and buy some small miracle they get the trailer...
  272. Fishrdan


    Yeah,,, Keep looking I own a tri-hull and the ride sucks if it's choppy out. Just imagine coming down on a wave as the 2 scouped hulls slam into it,,, sending a bone chilling shudder through the boat. Anything over 1 1/2' waves and I have to watch my speed and trim or the ride is gonna SUCK...
  273. Fishrdan

    Well.... Its finally mine.

    Sandbagger! :D That thing looks to be in pristine condition and a good rig for the local lakes. Now go catch some fish :beerbang:
  274. Fishrdan

    Found a a good deal?? 21 ft. sea ray 1000 buks

    Buddy of mine got a $1000 boat assuming the drivetrain was OK since it started and ran. He completely gutted the boat, repainted, new interior, she was a beauty. Took it out to the lake and upon shifting it into forward the outdrive let out an awful grinding noise, same for reverse :imdumb...
  275. Fishrdan


    If your not farmiliar with the boat the best place to get your parts will be a marine shop. They probably have the manual in stock and have the expertise to answer any stupid questions you might have... I know they have answered some stupid questions for me in the past :D If you know exactly...
  276. Fishrdan


    My 73 140HP mercruiser is a 181 (maybe 180, 182?) Chevy motor, the machinist referred to it as an Iron Duke,,, or Iron Puke:D When I go into an auto parts store to get stuff, ignition wires, water pump, etc, I tell them I have a 1967 Chevy II with a 153ci 4cyl. Most of the external stuff will...
  277. Fishrdan


    I have a 73 140 HP Mercuriser and it's an easy engine to work on, basic Chevy 4 cylinder engine. Get a Seloc manual for the engine as it gives you all the details you'll need to work on the engine and outdrive. At a bare minimum change the fuel filter, plugs, oil and oil filter, and if they...
  278. Fishrdan

    NO seatrial?? Buy it??

    Welcome to the club Jason!!!! bottomless money pit club that is :D Seriously, congratulations and go get some fish
  279. Fishrdan

    Problem with eTackle for Avet Reelskins

    From the looks of the package it either fell off a loading dock and was run over by trucks for 2 months or traveled from CA to NV by way of outer Mongolia :D
  280. Fishrdan

    Problem with eTackle for Avet Reelskins

    I had a similar experience, ordered something off Ebay and it didn't show up. Seller said it was shipped on tracking number XXXXX and USPS said it was delivered. After several weeks I figured I was out $30 2 months later a beat up package arrives in my mail box?!? Kind'a funny how USPS said...
  281. Fishrdan

    LongBed?? Good for towing??

    Jason, I don't see a problem towing the Tracker boat your getting with a 1/2 ton truck. My SeaSwirl and trailer weighs in at 3200# and I don't have problems towing with my 4.7 V8 Dakota. Been up to Fish Lake (9000'), the back way to Mammoth and many times to lake Mead and Mohave without...
  282. Fishrdan

    NO seatrial?? Buy it??

    LOL,,, lack of operating skills? We all started somewhere, just takes time on the water, good judgement and some lessons the hard way. I can give you some pointers on what has worked well for me boating at Lake Mead and Mohave,,, and what has not worked . Not that I'm an expert or anything...
  283. Fishrdan

    NO seatrial?? Buy it??

    Sounds like your getting close Jason :beerbang: Let me know when your going to take if out for some fishing and I can give you directions to one of my favorite striper holes (striper not stripper). It's an obscure spot, but has never failed me....................................yet :D
  284. Fishrdan

    NO seatrial?? Buy it??

    I'll whole heartedly agree with the banning of Jet Ski's, but sometimes us fishermen get tangled up with the "lake lice". If you want to go fishing above Willow Beach (Lake Mohave) between Labor Day and Memorial Day, your boat can't have over 65HP. Want to go up there on Sunday and Monday, with...
  285. Fishrdan

    Sound-proofing Aluminum boat

    Actually, I was thinking of RhinoLining the front 3-4' for beaching purposes and I guess that would cut down on the noise too. I'm thinking of lining the bottom with the elastomeric (sp) roofing membrane, then lining the bottom of the boat with some plastic and filling the 1" void between the...
  286. Fishrdan

    Sound-proofing Aluminum boat

    I've used the automotive undercoat on cars, it would probably deaden the noise, but it's pretty messy and would take a looooong time to dry for as thick as I'd want it. Also, I built the plywood floors so they can be easily removed for cleaning; fish blood, sand-dirt and anything that gets under...
  287. Fishrdan

    Sound-proofing Aluminum boat

    Hey Guy's, I picked up a 14' Aluminum Jon boat a few months back and an am trying to figure out how to sound-proof the hull. I installed plywood floors and carpeted the interior, so the inside of the boat is pretty much sound proofed. What's annoying me, and probably the big stripers I'm fishing...
  288. Fishrdan

    I'm a sucker Help with advice

    I don't know if it's just me, but I wouldn't wait a minute more to sue this guy. The outboard is almost 15 years old and who knows what could go wrong with it, could last for 10 hours or 10 years. If something goes wrong with the outboard, there's a chance the judge might discover the outboard...
  289. Fishrdan

    NO seatrial?? Buy it??

    2013??? By the time that rolls around I'll be looking for a new motor anyway:D I've heard of problems with (older) direct injection 2 strokes where the oil injection system goes haywire and doesn't feed the engine oil. I don't have any personal experience with this, but have heard of people...
  290. Fishrdan

    Vegas LMB - Desert Shores -w/pic

    Shoot, that's 3 miles away from my house and I never knew there was a lake over there. Must be nice to have that resource sitting right in your back yard. Rough day at work, take it out on the bass I bet they would get really pissed if I launched my 14' jon boat and did a few laps at full...
  291. Fishrdan

    NO seatrial?? Buy it??

    Jason, Can you post a link to the NDOW page with the 2 stroke info, my small boat has a 80's 2 stroke that runs on pre-mix. Just want to know if somethings coming down the pipe. $8500, sounds like a sweet deal if it's the boat I'm thinking of. Being that it's 8 years old I'd bet some of the...
  292. Fishrdan

    NO seatrial?? Buy it??

    X Squid is right about the lake level being low, I launched out of Overton a few months back and............ the marina was GONE? I have a sneaking suspicion they moved it south about 5 miles as I saw unfarmiliar lights while anchored across from Stewarts Point. Lake Mohave is about 10' from...
  293. Fishrdan

    NO seatrial?? Buy it??

    Yup, Yup, you can take the boat out to Lake Mead with Michigan tags, just gonna cost you $20 to get into the lake. As said before, run it on the lake before buying and as tuna taxi suggested, try to do it when it's a bit choppy out, your going to be seeing a lot of rough water out at Mead and...
  294. Fishrdan

    rod clamp on jx/lx

    So I'm not the only one that didn't like the el'cheapo' rod clamp???:rolleyes:
  295. Fishrdan

    The ultimate Divorce Letter

    found the remote :D
  296. Fishrdan

    Looking for advice on freshwater boat

    Nope on the white truck, haven't seen it driving around either. 5 years ago I would have jumped all over the chance to take someone fishing, but now that the kids are into fishing I catch hell if I don't take them. Nothing like the rath of a 6-year old... Even if they don't do much fishing...
  297. Fishrdan

    Looking for advice on freshwater boat

    I think the lake is about 5-10' lower than it was last fall. I took the kids out to Mead last weekend and launched at Overton,,, the whole marina is GONE, only thing left in the water is the launching dock and tires. I think they might have moved it south of Stewarts Point because there were...
  298. Fishrdan

    Looking for advice on freshwater boat

    If your getting a boat to fish Lake Mead I'd get a deep V-hull. The pontoon boat sounds like a good deal, but would be very cumbersome if trying to fish the shore line. I've also heard of people on pontoons getting trapped out there if the wind kicks up, toons only 2 feet off the water and the...
  299. Fishrdan

    johnson 9.9 HELP

    Mike, Drain the lower unit gear lube, is it "milky" looking? Milky gear lube means it's contaminated with water and you need to check/replace the seal(s) and replace the lube. If it's clear looking, no problemo,,, you needed to change the lube in the lower unit anyway... :D The propshaft...
  300. Fishrdan

    LX 6/3 rod clamp

    [/LEFT] My thoughts exactly. The graphite (or carbon fiber) impregnated plastic seems to be rigid enough for a reel clamp and is certainly more corrosion resistant than aluminum, but I was expecting an aluminum rod clamp from a company that specializes in machining aluminum. All the other...
  301. Fishrdan

    LX 6/3 rod clamp

    Question Guys, what's the rod clamp for your LX made out of? I picked up an Avet LX 6/3 yesterday and when I opened the rod clamp hardware bag the friggin rod clamp was PLASTIC??? My friend got one a few months and I could have sworn his reel came with an aluminum rod clamp. $400 and I get...
  302. Fishrdan

    Lake Mead Striper guide

    Lake Mead??? Dude, that's my back yard! I've never used a guide, so have no recommendations. But, it's a BIG lake and a guide will be worth the $$$ if your not familiar with it. I don't know how the guides fish, but I'm on the water before sun down, fish all night and well into the morning...
  303. Fishrdan

    I Need FreshWater Fishing Help

    My dad has some pretty severe limitations, but I convinced him to go out with me a few months ago. We killed them and boated over 60 stripers between my dad, daughter and myself. Certainly a trip to remember and mom says he's still telling everyone about his best fishing trip EVER! I was cheif...
  304. Fishrdan

    Lake Mead houseboat rental?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to do the houseboat thing in a few weeks if anything is available out of Echo Bay marina. Any thing good or bad to say about Echo Bay's houseboats? Backup plan is to try Katherine Landing on Lake Mohave for the house boat, but rather go to lake Mead as Mohave can get UGLY...
  305. Fishrdan

    avet blems

    I hope you reported the rat bastard to Ebay :finger: :nutkick: gunz :pee:
  306. Fishrdan

    Okuma TG 50WII 2006

    Kinda off subject, but how did your 50W and 80W get stolen, on the boat, out of truck or garage? I have a 30s and 50s that I'm kind of concerned about. 99.9% of the guys on the boats would never think of stealing someones gear, but you never know when you'll run into that .1% guy gunz Dan Out...
  307. Fishrdan

    Big Game 90'

    Trip 43 wasn't the Okuma trip when we signed up in January. They had 4- 7 day trips going at that time, but have now changed one of those to a 3-day,,,, bumping our trip to the Okuma trip. Greeeat, now I have to hear an Okuma salesman tell me why his Okuma is better than my Penn, guess I can...
  308. Fishrdan

    Big Game 90'

    Hey John, I'm on #43 with a bunch of other guys, but I think it's sold out,,, maybe not? We paid $990 when we booked in January, I called for another buddy in June and the price was $1050. Price kind-a fluctuates depending on when you book and how many spots are open. I like Capt'n Mike...
  309. Fishrdan

    fish processing?

    I heard there was a problem with the bag sealer as one of the guys was constantly sticking his hoo-hoo and/or finger into the sealer while bags were being vaccumm sealed, thus causing problems with poorly sealed bags. The problem was solved when they fired the guy and his girl friend the bag...
  310. Fishrdan

    Replacing Stripper Guide?

    Hey rod guru's, I'm looking for some advice. I have a Seeker Black Classic 6455XXH and the stripper guide has a spot where the chrome flaked off leaving a rough edge. The spot looks to be close to where the line exits the guide and would chaffe the hell out of the line if it every rubbed...
  311. Fishrdan

    Havasu top water going off

    ...and go home with a bunch of crappy tasting fish :rofl: fu3 :rofl:fu3 :rofl: Most, if not all of those 6-7#ers are skinny with mushy meat, the 1-3#ers are the eating fish. Only place I have caught a good tasting big striper is in cool/cold water, below Hoover dam or the lake in winter.
  312. Fishrdan


    That's one HUGE northern, from the size and girth I thought it was a musky till I saw the markings, true HOG! Years ago pops and I were bass fishing in WI when I hooked 38" northern on a 1" plug and 10# test. The only words I could get out were "GET THE NET" as pops almost crapped his pants...
  313. Fishrdan

    Am I missing something.....

    like aguachico said "there's a sucker born every minute" I've sold some fishing equipment on eBay and got as much or more than I paid brand new. On a recent auction I was going WTF are you people crazy... I sold some used gear and got 30% more than I paid new. Oh Well.......
  314. Fishrdan

    Bullhead City/Lake Mohave this weekend...

    Matt, Bring all the dead chovies you can, chummin is legal and the more bait in the water the better. The frozen chovies from the store have fish oil added to them for aded scent, but I would rather go out with 10# of fresh dead than 2# of frozen. Throw a few peices (heads/tails) out every...
  315. Fishrdan

    Bullhead City/Lake Mohave this weekend...

    Hey Matt, I fish on Mohave all the time for stripers, mainly on the north end of the lake from Cottonwood up to Willow Beach. Kind of wierd as I have never been down on the south end of the lake by Bullhead/Laughlin, normally fishing mile marker 32 > 52. What are you going after, LMB, cats...
  316. Fishrdan

    I just took a drive up 395.........

    Hey Steve, Speaking of Walker Lake, how's it up there beginning-middle of June. I'll have to pick up my wife-n-kids from grandma's in Reno. And, well, you know how dangerous that 8hr drive from Vegas can be unless it's broken up by a few hours of fishing... :D If not Walker any other...
  317. Fishrdan

    The Other Shimanos (?)

    I've had problems with the side plate screws loostening up on Corsair's, Catalas and Corvalus's. Couple of trips out to the lake and the side plates were loose, snugged the screws down and the problem was solved, seems that they weren't tightened enough from the factory. This was after a 1 1/2...
  318. Fishrdan

    North County SD 2/11/06

    Sweeet Fish, nice report and awsome catch! I think you have a 25#er there, cought my fair share of big strippers. Don't want to jack your thread, but here's a 48" 40#er for comparison. I think your size makes the fish look small, I am 5'10 and 195# (atleast I was in this pic 4 years ago) :-)
  319. Fishrdan

    custom or off the rack??

    "Yes the charge would be $75, Thats there policy for a factory rod" So basically your paying Calstar's cost on the rod, minus thier profit and the tackle shop's profit,,, or something close to that. So how's that a lifetime warranty if your paying for your replacement rod? I can see paying...
  320. Fishrdan

    flex coat over plastic tape?

    Nelz, Here's the metallic tape I was talking about, they have a bunch in 1" and some in 2"; Not as nice as a custom wrap, but definately better than colored electrical tape. The rolls are...
  321. Fishrdan

    S/S E-Clips

    If you can't get them locally try this place I found online.
  322. Fishrdan

    Grease the drag washers??

    Alan, What type of grease is the blue stuff in the bottom picture? I use Mercruiser outdrive spline grease on my reels (not drags) since it's super sticky and corossion resistant,,, and I have a whole tube of it. Just wondering since the blue grease in the picture oks exactly the Mercruiser...
  323. Fishrdan

    Repairing scratch on Calstar SCS 870

    I have a Calstar SCS 870 with a scratch on the blank and want to fix it before it causes problems. The clearcoat is gone on a section about 1/8" x 1", but the blank has not been damaged (delaminated, fractured). Can I just scrape and flake off the loose clearcoat with a razor, mask the area...
  324. Fishrdan

    flex coat over plastic tape?

    Nelz, Sage, Are you saying to apply a section of colored tape to the rod, applying masking tape immediately above and below the colored tape, then flexcoating just on top of the colored tape? I was wanting to marking my rods with some 3/4 - 1" wide metallic tape, (something like the pin...
  325. Fishrdan

    the daiwa 50h rebuild

    Nice handle conversion, where did you get the handle or the material for the handle? It looks like you turned a peice of plastic on a lathe to make the shape, if so good show! I would like to do the same if you don't mind sharing your secrets ;-)
  326. Fishrdan

    Penn 30 s drags

    Welcome Tommy, fellow Vegas BD'er here. 10 trips last year,,, I am in envy! My 1st trip this year won't be until July, where are my priorities? I also picked up a 30S this fall (along with a 50S and an Avet 4/02) and did all the tricks as Steve K mentioned. My 30S didn't have the ()||() drag...
  327. Fishrdan

    Who pulled the trigger before the Avet price increase?

    EX 4/02 Narrow from Cabbage Key, $319 loaded w/300 yds 80# spectra Price went up to $389 with the spectra rigging...
  328. Fishrdan

    Avet for 80 lb

    Steve, I PM'ed you... I'd take it to the open reel forum so the Avet guys don't get too tweeked about Penn talk on the Avet forum :104167739
  329. Fishrdan

    They ain't your daddy's jigmaster.

    The anti-reverse dogs on my 4/02 were so loud they were driving me nuts. I quited the down by applying a healthy amount of grease on the dogs and side plate. Not enough to get into the drags, but enough to coat everything really well. I don't know if the grease is dampening the noise or if...
  330. Fishrdan

    Avet for 80 lb

    Steve, the 30S's that River Marine has come with most of the goodies to hotrod them. The bearing sleeve is already in the reel from the factory and a set of performance belville washers come with the reel to bump up the drag pressure. When I got my 30S in November I cleaned the grease out of...
  331. Fishrdan

    Snapped Rod!!!

    I'm pretty sure Shimano will replace it, I sent in a Catala and a Corsiar for repair and they replaced both reels instead of fixing them, they even paid for the return shipping. Do you guys remember the ol' UglyStick commercials where the guy bends the tip of the rod to the butt??? My friend...
  332. Fishrdan

    Penn International 30S's $299

    I've also heard rumors about Penn coming out with new reels in the International "V" series. It makes sense, several retailers selling at 30-40% of retail for a top of the line reel, which almost never go on sale... RMS still had the 30S and 50S on clearance yesterday.
  333. Fishrdan

    Penn International 30S's $299

    Chris, you missed the boat, I think they only lasted a couple of days. still had some of them for $330, but shipping's going to run you about $10.
  334. Fishrdan

    Penn International 30S's $299

    Check out, they have Penn International 30S's for $299 with free shipping.
  335. Fishrdan

    Problem with an Avet ex-2pd

    Hey guys, I bought a brand new EX 4/02 and think there are a couple of problems,,, but don't know if these are characteristics of the reel. First off the spool bearings are noisy, the spool spins a long time but I can hear noise and feel vibration from the spool bearings. I sent the reel...