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  1. fishchasr

    Tuna saturday

    Great report Stephen. Change the names and faces and that's exactly how our trips went with Pat (Tailwalker) and Kerry (Beast Mode) on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Todd (ShortRound) did some amazing things jigging iron this weekend.
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    Guess I'll be bringing extra cash for bait. Let's roll!
  3. fishchasr

    Glad I stayed home

    See you on Wednesday. I've got a present for you.
  4. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Spent all day Saturday troubleshooting the trim/tilt system. Pump ran electrically in both directions on the bench. Pump would only raise the outdrive installed on the boat. Ended up disassembling the pump's hydraulic valves, spool, popits and springs, found a tiny bit of wood lodged inside...
  5. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Hey, a man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do! A little elfin magic goes a long way in fishing and in golf. Now I jut need to figure out how to post a video of her running.
  6. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Reel-laxation is running again! Dock trials revealed a minor glitch with a faulty shift interrupt switch, but she's running smooth as silk. Have a few minor items to finish on Saturday then ready for sea trials on Sunday to begin the 20 hour break-in period.
  7. fishchasr

    Start Of Season Reminder.... Boat Ramp Etiquette

    #1 thing some jackwagons still haven't figured out, the line for pulling your boat out starts with who's next in line with their truck and trailer, not who's closest to the ramp with their boat. Drop off someone at the pier who is competent enough to back a trailer, then back away from the pier...
  8. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Well, Murphy (not Jamie) showed up yesterday while I was working on the boat. Got all the fluids in, batteries connected, 20 gallons of fuel onboard, ready to turn the water on... oops, outdrive stuck in the full up position, trim pump appears to be dead. Pulled the rear lift cylinder shaft...
  9. fishchasr

    What makes a good deckhand?

    When the bite is off or during crappy weather, being able to entertain miserable clients is a rare talent that is usually appreciated and rewarded. Learn or make up some funny stories and you'll have happy clients even if they don't plug the boat. Best of luck in your endeavors.
  10. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    So it rained... Trim/tilt cylinders installed, battery connections made, engine oil primed using the starter, 40psi on the dash gage, fluids added. Saturday I'll Bleed the hydraulics, add some fuel and see if she will start. Then bleed the power steering and top off the fluids again.
  11. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Outdrive installed and nearly finished with the electrical connections on the motor. Battery hookup to the starter, lift cylinders and start adding fluids tomorrow, maybe, if it doesn't rain.
  12. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    New engine is in the well, just need for the rain to go away and a couple of nice days to get everything hooked back up. Oil, then prime the engine, power steering fluid then bleed the lines, coolant, fuel, trim/tilt fluid then bleed those lines, trim tab fluid then bleed those lines, and...
  13. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    I'm more of a slow and steady kind of guy, detailed, meticulous to the point of being anal. A retired machinist friend of mine stopped by last weekend, took about 30 second look at the motor and commented that it OCD comes in handy sometimes hu? I asked what he meant by that and he pointed to...
  14. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    I'm assuming you're talking about the steering lever. Old one, full right. Then pushed left without anything moving. Yeah, just a little sloppy. I actually replaced the entire gimbal with a used one from Jerry Twogood's old setup.
  15. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Gimbal installed today.
  16. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Sunshine and near 70 today. Installed new bilge pumps and tested SAT. The lower one is setup to run on auto when the float lifts or turn on manually from the helm switch. The 2 inch higher one has an internal float to automatically come on should the lower one fail or can't keep up. All...
  17. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Perfect day to work in the bilge. Started with a light sanding, the a complete wipe down with acetone and finished with a coat of Navy Gray epoxy bilge paint. I should be able to start reinstalling stuff next week.
  18. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Played a round of golf, drank some beer and scrubbed the bilge. Productive day. I'm thinking it needs a nice fresh coat of epoxy paint.
  19. fishchasr

    Front bumper hitch

    Jeff, how fond are you of the driveway on the North side of your garage? Just put the "boat shed" on that side and make it a drive through. During the summer when your boat is in the marina, park the trailer someplace else out of the way. Option 2: drop a couple more trees and add another...
  20. fishchasr

    Ocean options posted on WDFW.

    Hopefully they're just throwing in Option 3 so Options 1 or 2 won't sting so bad when they choose one of those.
  21. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    There do not appear to be any issues with the transom itself, however I did notice some corrosion behind the retaining plate and some very slight leakage around the bolt holes. New transom gasket and caulk when I reassemble the gimbal should solve those issues.
  22. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Thanks Mike, I'll take a look at that. Broke out the rattle can tonight.
  23. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Took advantage of the awesome weather on Saturday to pull the exhaust "Y" pipe and gimbal off the boat. There were a few items of interference to be removed and/or disconnected as well. Removed the lift cylinders first. Removed the vent hoses, disconnected the steering, ground wires, trim...
  24. fishchasr

    Electric gremlins

    Also, batteries in each bank should be of the same size and type.
  25. fishchasr

    Derby weekend.

    Nice Jeff, but you forgot the golden rule, no pic or it didn't happen!
  26. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Got all the parts, O-rings, seals and gaskets together and replaced the water pump (impeller) tonight. Cleaned out the housing as best I could and bolted the halves back together. I didn't touch any of the gears or shims so no adjustments necessary. Besides, that would have taken quite a few...
  27. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    A little under the weather this weekend, missed a couple days of work. Managed to remove the trim/tilt cylinders and spray down the nuts and studs for the gimbal. Now the rains are here. Looks like the "Y" pipe will have to come out next.
  28. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Found some corrosion beneith the waterpump housing that needed some attention. Made a plastic damn and backfilled it with JB Weld, let cure and filed smooth.
  29. fishchasr

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    I'm pretty sure Todd has corrected the "modifications" that contributed to G-Spot's demise.
  30. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Thanks Scott, I ended up with a Mercruiser Re-Manufactured long block. Fortunately, I got that word early enough to avoid that hassle.
  31. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Mostly just a clean and inspect of the internals. Taking care of exterior corrosion areas now, then prime and paint. Doing the same thing with the gimbal next week. Clean, inspect, replace seals, O-rings, gaskets, maybe the bearing? Prime, paint, reinstall. Then everything else goes back in.
  32. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    I had it serviced by Aquatech Marine 5 May 2011. Roughly 400 hours on the meter, impeller shows no wear. Since I have it torn down this far anyway, what's another $45 to replace the impeller? Warm fuzzy feel good factor if nothing else.
  33. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Started tearing down the outdrive. Found alot of debris inside from when my exhaust manifolds failed the year before last. I should be able to get by with a thorough cleaning, a few O-rings, couple of gaskets and a new impeller. And a touchup paint job of course!
  34. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Finished dressing the wiring harness, all components connected, and the "hybrid" cooling hose installed. Exhaust manifolds are ready to install after I get the engine installed, but pretty much good to go. Outdrive next, hopefully all it needs is a water pump, then go through the gimbal.
  35. fishchasr

    Next couple of Boat projects

    Leta's Top Shop 1-360-435-3067 has alot of OEM paterns. She will have my repeat business when needed.
  36. fishchasr

    Tablet holder

    So make a cut-out of a 7 inch and 9 inch screen, tape them up in the mounted position and walk back to the furthest corner and try to read it. I'd go 12 if I were really spending your money! :-)
  37. fishchasr

    Tablet holder

    Go big or stay home! I think you have plenty of room to mount a 9 inch screen in that spot.
  38. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Had a productive day Saturday. Installed all but one of the cooling hoses, power steering lines and splayed open the wiring harness to replace a couple of the wires, re-wrapped and installed the harness. Need to modify one cooling hose from two others to make it fit properly and finish wiring...
  39. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    I/O versus Outboard debate is always interesting and truth be told, I was looking for an outboard when I found this one up for auction back in 2008 being sold by the Black Diamond Sheriff's Dept. I was given all the department's service records and knowing she was used as a freshwater lake...
  40. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    I decided the polished aluminum thermostat housing didn't look right under the heat exchanger bracket so it got a coat of black paint. Ordered new hoses and a tune up kit for the heat exchanger today.
  41. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Thanks Danny, I'll keep that in mind here in a couple of months. Engine is almost done then I'll be working on the outdrive, gimbal and engine compartment in the boat.
  42. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Thanks Fred, more patience than talent sometimes. :-)
  43. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Its been a slow week on the engine rebuild. Removed and replaced the intake manifold bolts, added oil and water sensors, new thermostat, new fuel pump plumbed in and finished painting the heat exchanger.
  44. fishchasr

    Are we there yet???

    Halibut / Ling Cod grounds that is. I got some tasty morsels ready for dressing up the pipe jigs.
  45. fishchasr

    To catch a predator...

    Tell us something we don't know.
  46. fishchasr

    Fucking Tuna!

    The majority of our fish came from bait stops.
  47. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Other than being lead astray by the service manual to torque the intake bolts to 35 ft/lbs, I made pretty good progress today. As it turns out, the torque spec chart at the front of the service manual actually calls for 11 ft/lbs. I only figured it out after snapping off one bolt at 30 ft/lbs...
  48. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Ready to start bolting on some new parts. Intake manifold and distributor are ready for Saturday.
  49. fishchasr

    Downrigger Ball Mold

    I've got one also.
  50. fishchasr

    Let's talk builders

    I would highly recommend Ardi Villard who owns Heritage Builders NW. Retired Navy, excellent work ethic and craftsmanship.
  51. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Hey Blake, yes. As soon as it warms up some, I plan to pull the exhaust Y pipe and the Gimbal out of the transom, refurbish those parts and reinstall. The bilge will get a good scrubbing and a new coat of epoxy paint. Then two new bilge pumps and a new non-collapsable ventilation hose before...
  52. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    I know it seems like it's slow going, but what you don't see is the scrubbing, wire brushing and painting of every nut, bolt and washer which I didn't buy new. I'm also doing this in my spare time, so only an hour or two per day.
  53. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Shiny new starter and "fuse of shame" arrived Saturday.
  54. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Intake gaskets arrived today. After doing a little on-line reading I decided to order new intake manifold bolts so the intake will have to wait another few days. When I removed the power steering pump, I noticed one of the mounting holes had sheared off. Hard to explain, but one of the tabs...
  55. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Hey Russ, the hour meter was just over 2200 hours. She still ran, but was making some loud chatter under the hood. I never did see anything obvious after I opened her up. I was kinda expecting to find something loose or broken, but not so.
  56. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Wire brushed, painted and replaced the pulley on the power sreeing pump today. Merc came out with a service bulletin changing the old style plastic pulley to a larger metal one which also changed the length of the belt I wanted to replace.
  57. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    A little Purple Power, some touch up paint, waiting on intake manifold gaskets to reinstall.
  58. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Took a couple of days off to spend the requisite amount of "family time" before retreating back into the guy-rage. Finished stipping down the old block and it's ready to be returned for core deposit. Refurbished, painted and installed the damper on the new engine. Contacted Les's Radiator...
  59. fishchasr

    Bloody snow....

    Hey Garrett, Time and money going into rebuilding the boat engine this year. Great thought though!
  60. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    New engine arrived today, now the real work begins.
  61. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Exhaust manifolds removed, all hoses and wires labeled for future reference. Running ut of counter space ppretty quickly Ready to remove wiring harness tomorrow
  62. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Sunday's engine pull. Little help from my friends Beer and shots for good day's work
  63. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Wow, that really sucks. I'm grateful for the warnings from the Brotherhood. That's exactly why I posed the question on here before finishing the deal. I hope you can get some resolution or compensation.
  64. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    After reconsidering all my options, I ordered a mercruiser long block from Troy at AquaTech Marine here in Bremerton today, be here Tues or Wed. All Merc parts including oil pump, oil pan, water pump, rear seal, timing cover and valve covers installed, all of which I was going to replace...
  65. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Good to know - that's why I asked the question here!
  66. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Thank guys, all good ideas. I put new exhaust manifolds on last year ($1700). Looking at US Marine Engines out of Kent, $1995.00, 5 year 500 hour warranty. I can pick it up and save $200 shipping. Only saw one bad report about them from several years ago. I'll check out the others you guys...
  67. fishchasr

    Repower for Reelaxation

    It's time to repower my '98 Trophy. I've looked at several options and decided the most economical fix is to get a remanufactured long block. Anyone have experience with anyone local, good or bad? Engine is a 4.3 liter V6.
  68. fishchasr

    26 Tuna in two bait stops

    Our first surprise arriving at Westport Seafoods was no ice. Thanks to Billy for the hook up. Thanks to the "Brotherhood" for narrowing down the right area, 40-45 miles straight out. As Jeff said, it was slow start but we finished strong. First fish hit an X-Rap on the short corner and we...
  69. fishchasr

    Scotty mounting screws (yes a screwing question)

    Great idea Ken. I got you covered Jeff. I have a replacement screw and an O-ring kit.
  70. fishchasr

    TUNA Buddy Boat Sat?

    Leave the net at home RobJob unless you plan to net a salmon. We're also putting together a last minute run and gun.
  71. fishchasr

    52# Blue Fin

    Kinda makes you wonder if one of those freight train 'albies' that got crackered off this year might have been something other than just another albacore. Hmmm...
  72. fishchasr

    Drastic Change in Westport weather

    Give it week to regroup. It's not over yet.
  73. fishchasr

    fuel flow meter

    Same experience on my boat. Seemed to be a little 'sticky' the first couple of times out after initial install, now its prety much spot on. Networked into my Lowrance HDS-7.
  74. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna Video

    Yeah, the bait... it was in pretty bad shape and he had a tough time getting a decent scoop. We paid for one scoop and gave him a tip for the larger than normal amount. I picked quite a few dead ones out as the day progressed. Next trip should go a little smoother with less "training"...
  75. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna Video

    Hey Guys, thought I'd share our August tuna trip video. I'm sure it will be brutally critiqued, wrong reels, missed gaff shot, not enough action, etc. but hope you enjoy it anyway. Looking forward to our next trip the second week in September if the weather cooperates. The three of us ended...
  76. fishchasr

    Something Sexy and very Blue showed up in the mail today!

    I'm sure 14lb of drag will be just fine. I've managed with less than that so far with no real issues. Marcel, I like your idea of upgrading the drag washers after first rebuild. Todd, I'm going to mount it to my Lamaglass until you can build me something special. Jeff, looking forward to...
  77. fishchasr

    Something Sexy and very Blue showed up in the mail today!

    Hey, some of us are on a budget, that's why it took me so long to buy one in the first place. Found a deal I couldn't say no to at $199 included a spool of super braid, reel cover and free shipping.
  78. fishchasr

    Something Sexy and very Blue showed up in the mail today!

    Something very sexy and blue showed up in the mail today!
  79. fishchasr

    Comment by 'fishchasr' in media 'Jpeg'

    Something very sexy and blue showed up in the mail today!
  80. Jpeg


  81. fishchasr

    tuna tomorrow

    Thats exactly what I was thinking Garrett! We'll be heading out to the 290' line in the a.m. Good luck!
  82. fishchasr

    Aluminum Welder Needed

    Thanks everyone for the responses.
  83. fishchasr

    A lot of first this week

    The Albies were very hungry, they bit on everything we presented. Zucchini and purple clones, green and purple X-raps, a Mack Head lure from my marlin days, and live bait of course. I used the downrigger to drag a bird teaser back in the prop wash, nothing hit it, but maybe it helped draw them...
  84. fishchasr

    Aluminum Welder Needed

    Can anyone recommend a good aluminum welder in the Keyport area to do some rod holder work on a 26' Weldcraft? Thanks in advance.
  85. fishchasr

    7/12 WP tuna.

    Excellent! Nothing better than fresh poke salad!
  86. Fishing Videos

    Fishing Videos

  87. fishchasr

    Short video from today.... (that is not a short joke)

    Awesome boat Todd. Thanks for the quick run. Had a good test on my GoPro downrigger ball mount. Still visability down to120 feet, but the flasher and lure were too far back. Proved to be fairly stable also. I'll use a shorter drop back next time.
  88. fishchasr

    Question for you guys.....

    Had one on my boat a couple years ago...
  89. fishchasr

    Tuna on Dead Bait

    I usually say that sitting on a bar stool. :hali_olutta: Thanks for the info Effigy. Sounds alot like what they do down in the keys fishing for Yellow Fin.
  90. fishchasr

    2013 Year in review - End of an era & the rise of Hannibal!

    Very cool season - thanks for sharing!
  91. fishchasr

    Westport Officially Out of Bait

    Mostly same story here. We launched and headed straight to the bait pens. I asked Jose' for one large scoop - he gave me two and said "ten pounds". I handed him a $50 and off we went with some nice sized and active chovies not knowing they were even getting low let alone running out. We did...
  92. fishchasr


    Awesome job Tommy! I expect nothing less. Thanks for the report and pics. Stupendous!!
  93. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna sat 19th

    Chloro shots show zero definition - what's the best bet? SW - W or NW? Who's going which direction? I'm leaning on straight West.
  94. fishchasr

    Tragedy on the Low Seas

    Well, the bad news was she was dead. The good news is when they pulled her up she was chock full of giant dungeoness crabs. They'll pull her up again tomorrow just to be certain. :rofl:
  95. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna sat 19th

    If you are heading out Saturday Garrett, maybe we'll see you out there.
  96. fishchasr

    Possession Silvers

    Nice. Thanks for the report.
  97. fishchasr

    WANT TO PURCHASE: Salmon eggs for bait

    Long way to drive for free eggs, but they're yours if you want them.
  98. fishchasr

    WANT TO PURCHASE: Salmon eggs for bait

    I usually brine them first. I already have plenty of brined ones in the freezer for steel head later this year. Might experiment this time if nobody wants them.
  99. fishchasr

    Sekiu 24-27 Sep Coho Report

    Sekiu was tough this year. The bite was slow, the fish were smaller than previous years and the weather was... typical. The morning bite was the best and left us searching for the last fish most of each day. Arrive Tues afternoon and fished through Friday morning before pulling the plug and...
  100. IMG 1182

    IMG 1182

  101. IMG 1191

    IMG 1191

  102. IMG 1135

    IMG 1135

  103. IMG 1186

    IMG 1186

  104. IMG 1156

    IMG 1156

  105. Sekiu 2013

    Sekiu 2013

  106. fishchasr

    Fishin' Luhrs video of Rod and Reel Lost and recovered with the Fish still on

    Awesome! Way to maintain composure and fish on.
  107. fishchasr

    WANT TO PURCHASE: Salmon eggs for bait

    I have 1/2 gal ziplock bag of Coho eggs in the fridge if you want them - no charge. All were legally obtained from Sekiu Silvers between Tues and Friday morning. Otherwise I will be vacuum packing them today into quart size bags for later brining and bait use.
  108. fishchasr

    Stormin at Westport

    Sorry about the weather - thanks for the report. Still better than being at work. :)
  109. fishchasr

    Any Current C-Q Reports??

    I believe that was for area 2.
  110. fishchasr


    OUTSTANDING! Thanks for the report and porn.
  111. fishchasr

    In need of trailer help

    If financially possible, sounds like a good time to replace the whole trailer with one that has disk brakes.
  112. fishchasr

    dead thread

    I upgraded my two outrigger Okuma rigs with the Penn Defiance rod/reel combos - Great mid-priced setup. I typically only get out 2-3 times per year and especially like large handles as well as being backed by Penn. I load all my troll reels with Cabela's 40# Salt Striker mono and you're set...
  113. fishchasr

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    Rumor has it Olsen's is passing out cribbage boards because the fishing is so slow!
  114. fishchasr

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    Sounds like an obvious ploy to deter people from going and open up some camping spots that is normally jammed packed this time of year. Slow or not - it's good to get away from the home turf for a few days.
  115. fishchasr

    Thanks for your service

    Thank you George for saying out loud what some of us are thinking. Feeling's mutual on all accounts.
  116. fishchasr

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    I'll be going next week Wednesday thru Saturday.
  117. fishchasr

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    Maybe the incoming rain will get them moving again. Looks like rain gear will be the attire of choice for the coming week.
  118. fishchasr

    Kill much do they leak

    Put a small rubber stopper on the inside before filling with ice/fish.
  119. fishchasr

    Kill much do they leak

    Neither one of my "RELIABLE" bags leak.
  120. fishchasr

    SHIT...It happened to me

    Ouch Greg, that sucks - we commiserate with you brother - been there - done that!
  121. fishchasr

    Moving a boat

    Get a chainsaw and haul it one chunk at a time!
  122. fishchasr

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinkin' also.
  123. fishchasr

    What's happening in Sekiu?

    So what's happening in Sekiu? Has all this rain pushed all the silvers towards the rivers? Are there any Pinks left out there? What's the prediction for 15-30 September?
  124. fishchasr

    Trollong Speeds

    How do you know your black box is working? Put a meter on it. You should have a natural voltage of between .7 and .8 volts. Here's a good link for How to Test Your Boat's Electrical Charge.
  125. fishchasr

    QCove Break away Flashers

    Defiance Marine has them also.
  126. fishchasr

    What's up Bruthas and Sistas?

    Very cool Todd. Been watching the live feeds every now and then. Thanks for the links. Be safe out there!
  127. fishchasr

    E P I C ~~ B A I T S T O P ~~

    Excellent! Way to go! I like how you rack mounted your kill bags too. :)
  128. fishchasr

    Need feedback on Trophy brand boats

    1998 2052 Trophy with 4.3L V6 I/O. Perfect boat for Puget Sound, larger lakes and occassional off-shore halibut and tuna adventures as long as you pick your off-shore days carefully. I would prefer outboards to the I/O to open up the deck space and the gunnels are a little low for my long...
  129. fishchasr

    WP Tuna 8/28

    Thanks for the report - but like they always say, no pics... didn't happen. :finger:
  130. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna 24 Aug

    That's just MEAN Charlie! :finger: So, the next time you need a ride down to Westport... :waglleybooty: Or maybe I'll just place an order to Tacoma Boys on your behalf for 30,000 pounds of bananas. :rofl: All in good fun Charlie,,, all in good fun! :hali_olutta:
  131. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna 24 Aug

    Yeah, were were pretty quiet on the ride in too. Only chatter between us was our relaying what I was seeing on the radar and what he was seeing as my lookout. Radar is definatly worth every penny. It's essential to know your vessel, knowing your boat's and your's abilities and limits...
  132. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna 24 Aug

    This past weekend was a full bag of emotions ranging from baffling to phenominal and ended with me and my co-worker Al being thoroughly exhausted. The "Reader's Digest" condensed version goes something like this: Loaded the boat, iced up and got on the road about 6:00pm Friday night and...
  133. fishchasr

    Saturday WP Tuna 8/24

    Sweet! I think we were in the same area. Finished vacuum packing last night - canning this weekend.
  134. fishchasr

    Carking question

    Where's the "LIKE" Button???? X2 - What Mike said.
  135. fishchasr

    TUNA 8/23

    Hey Steve, we were in your vicinity on Saturday, heard you talking to and saw Happy Daze. Didn't realize Charlie was out there too. Had no shortage of eager fish behind our boat as well.
  136. fishchasr

    TUNA 8/23

    Location, location, location. We got 15 on the troll and coherced 4 on bait. Story and pics this evening.
  137. fishchasr

    My New Tuna Rig

    For those of you who have fished, launched or visited Ilwaco, I'd rather have this little gem. Her name is Booyah! Complete with picture windows in the main salon.
  138. fishchasr

    Buoy 10 REPORT!

    Way to go Matt! Thanks for sharing.
  139. fishchasr

    Next Sat lookin' good for WP tuna?

    That's because you started talking about it being so nice.
  140. fishchasr

    bait stop crashers!

    Now that's a HOOT! Maybe I'll start a web page that you can (for a small fee of course) purchase a 5x5 square mile piece of ocean for your exclusive rights to fish. For a small additional fee you can buy the corridor to/from your fishing grounds too! :rofl: Seriously? Predetermined troll...
  141. fishchasr

    Westport vs Lapush tuna ?

    I agree with your thinking Kevin and was hoping to do the same. As of today, the forecast for Saturday is turning a little sporty so hopefully it will improve by the end of the week.
  142. fishchasr

    1st Tuna trip - no turning back now...

    Westport anchovies are $50 per scoop (5-6lb) and were 3-6" in size Ilwaco anchovies we got a couple weeks ago were $25 per scoop (5lb) and much bigger in size 6-7"
  143. fishchasr

    Cherry Popped - blood bath started, time for a new boat!

    There is NO cure. Only thing you can do is get another FIX. Welcome to the Dark Side!
  144. fishchasr

    Finally WP success @ 300'

    Congrats! Fileting your catch on the living room coffee table - CLASSIC!
  145. fishchasr

    TUNA - What Do You Change When You Are Struggling?

    Sounds exactly like TUNA Fishing to me. Keep doing what you're doing. Some day's peanuts, some day's shells.
  146. fishchasr

    Damn you Bloody Decks I'm hooked.......

    Welcome to the dark side!
  147. fishchasr

    Question for Grady owners who do the tuna thing

    I highly recommend filling the Grady's tank with beer and ice and use a Defiance Bait Tank for chovies. :beerbang:
  148. fishchasr


    Excellent read Todd for the middle of the week doldrums. Thanks for the mind rush.
  149. fishchasr

    Down rigger help Please

    John's Sporting Goods and Defiance Marine are two more options for authorized service/repair.
  150. fishchasr

    Axial Seamount

    Awesome! You need a Bloody Deck's sticker on your hard hat. :)
  151. fishchasr

    Ilwaco Tuna/Dorado 8/1

    EPIC! :cheers:
  152. fishchasr


    Sheesh... first the military and now Bloody Decks. what's this world coming to?
  153. fishchasr

    Ilwaco Report 7/30

    Bloody Hell! Way to go!
  154. fishchasr

    Area 2 tuna/salmon

    Oh Baby! Nice looking KINGs!
  155. fishchasr

    CR Tuna 7-30

    Awesome! Thanks for the report.
  156. fishchasr

    The Report.... you know the one with the 62 tuna..... and pig chinook

    Saaawweeeettt! Thanks for the report and fish porn just prior to the WTC. U got everyone drueling now.
  157. fishchasr

    Holy shit 54 teams signed up!

    Won't get down there until very late Friday night, can't make the "required" Captain's Meeting, don't want to wait in the bait line behind the other 54 boats only to find out that Jose ran out of chovies... Plus, I don't have to be back in time for the weigh-in.
  158. fishchasr

    Holy shit 54 teams signed up!

    54 plus a few of us making the run who are not in the tournament. Gonna be a busy place for sure.
  159. fishchasr

    Tuna spreader bar? Last minute purchase help needed

    You don't really need them. They do help on slow days to bring them up from the deep. I got mine at Charkbait last summer during our visit to Cali.
  160. fishchasr


    I keep the engine running - saves wear n' tear on the starter. Besides, the tuna love my engine drone and harmonics. Some boats give off good vibes and others don't. Just ask the hawaiian fishing fleet.
  161. fishchasr

    Westport Salmon

    Thanks for the report and pics. Hoping next weekend will be as productive.
  162. fishchasr

    MA10 - Battle Royale!

    Excellent! Way to go!
  163. fishchasr

    Ucluelet BC Kings

  164. fishchasr

    Any South Enders Got a 12 or 15# DR Mold ?

    I have a 15#, just need your own eyes. If Bremerton is closer to you let me know. Or maybe we can meet up out at Jeff's Head on the weekend.
  165. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna Oldschool Trip

    Awesome! Thanks for the report and the reminder to keep a watchfull eye for safety hazards. Better check my first aid kit and restock the Fireball... and dental floss too.
  166. fishchasr

    Good Weekend for the FL in westport

    Outstanding Kevin!
  167. fishchasr

    Lowrance Fuel Flow Meter?

    I've been running one on my HDS-7 network for 3+ years now and love it. After performing the calibration a couple of times, it's usally within 2-3 gallons when I fill up 40-50 gallons. Some of that error (+/-) depends on where you fuel up. I try to use the same gas station because all parking...
  168. fishchasr

    airmar p66

    I'm running a P66 through my Lowrance HDS-7 and am less than impressed. It's marginally better than the OEM. I thought it was just the settings, but it's pre-loaded on the installation page so I know for sure I have the correct ducer. I'd also like to know if there is anything I can do short of...
  169. fishchasr

    Mojo Tuna Trip 17 July

    Good Job Larry! Thanks for the report. EPIC!
  170. fishchasr

    Late Report for Tuesdays Tuna

    Nice Josh! Glad you had awesome success. Can hardly wait to get there next week. Thanks for the fish porn.
  171. fishchasr

    7-20 I know it looks crappy but it's all I got

    Good Luck! We're going to wait a week.
  172. fishchasr

    Open Seat for Thursday 7/18/13

    Gone... Fishin'
  173. fishchasr

    WTF...weekend weather!

    I think he was looking at SOCAL!
  174. fishchasr

    Open Seat for Thursday 7/18/13

    I got one taker... room for one more!
  175. fishchasr

    Good day today in A10

    way to go! I'll be out there tomorrow.
  176. fishchasr

    Apple tree/ Pilot Pt all shakers

    What depth are you fishing? Probably need to get further out in the channel.
  177. fishchasr

    Open Seat for Thursday 7/18/13

    My buddy had a family emergency today and can't make our trip tomorrow. I've already made plans to take off work at noon so I'm not going to waste a good fishing day. I'm planning on being at Brownsville Marina around 1:00pm if anyone wants to do some crabbing and chase salmon, send me a PM...
  178. fishchasr

    Lowrance blue

    Sorry Josh, couldn't find one, must have used it somewhere.
  179. fishchasr

    Lowrance blue

    I might have a spare - I'll look as soon as I get home from work and PM you later.
  180. fishchasr

    WTF...weekend weather!

    I'd probably think differently if I had a 30 or 35 foot boat. A man's got to know his own limitations for safety's sake.
  181. fishchasr

    WTF...weekend weather!

    Not terrible... but I don't care for 25 kt winds = 3-5 ft NW wind chop on top of a 5 ft SW swell. Yuck! Sat: NW wind 15 to 25 kt. Wind waves 3 to 5 ft. SW swell 5 ft. Sun: NW wind 15 to 25 kt. Wind waves 3 to 5 ft. NW swell 6 ft (according to NOAA)
  182. fishchasr

    Catch and release tuna fishing

    Here is the San Diego Jam Knot: San Diego Jam Knot Team Defiance - YouTube
  183. fishchasr

    MA9 King opener

    Very nice! That's one of those that makes you scratch your head and say WTF?
  184. fishchasr

    Catch and release tuna fishing

    1) I have 2 bait rods for each crew member - retie later 2) I keep a a styrofoam roll of pretied leaders at the ready to just grab and go 3) I know for sure that a sore mouthed mahi-mahi will turn the whole school away - not sure about Albies. Having crackered off a couple on light # test...
  185. fishchasr

    WTF...weekend weather!

    Seas are rising... hopes are fading... fast.
  186. fishchasr

    Hood Canal Adventures in fiberglass land

    Where's that rule in the regs? I call B.S. We regularily launch from Brownsville and fish MA9 or 10, or 11... whichever area is open at the time. Mark your cards appropriately and you won't have a problem. Now going to/from a different state (WA or OR) and/or country (U.S. or Canada) is a...
  187. fishchasr

    Need some 22 lr for my new rifle

    Sportco, Cabelas and Sportsmans Warehouse have reasonable prices (in today's market) if you're lucky enough to be there when it arrives. Surplus Ammo & Arms (Tacoma) Surplus Ammo & Arms Products - Surplus Ammo usually has it but you will PAY out the nose for it. Their website doesn not reflect...
  188. fishchasr

    Reliable tuna kill bag question.

    I have the same bags X 2. Love Them! Agree with Happy Daze on quantity. Bleed 'em, gut 'em and slush 'em COLD before packing on ice. Leave the heads on to avoid saturating the meat with water.
  189. fishchasr

    Back in the game BITCHES..... got me a new BOOM BOOM box on the Krippled Mullet

    Awesome Todd! You'll be happy with all that power and some. I heard you made a deal to give up smokin' - howz that workin' for ya? :) Just about tuna time buddy. August 3rd/4th? 10th/11th? How much time you got left before refit?
  190. fishchasr

    Why I'm NOT fishing.(not for the weak of heart)

    That's sick and makes my leg hurt just looking at it. Get well sooner.
  191. fishchasr

    Well it's Official!

    Congrats Larry. Welcome to our side. Now go find a job to support your fishing habit.
  192. fishchasr

    Hood canal crabbing?

    There aren't any crab in Hood Canal. You should stay home. :finger:
  193. fishchasr

    Fisheries to remain closed due to budget cuts and layoffs?!?!?

    Yesterday's announcement is good enough for me. Most of Puget Sound opens for sport crab fishing July 1 | WDFW News Release :appl:
  194. fishchasr

    Tuna News

    ... it kinda reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode where you just can't or don't want to get away.... Or was that a Star Trek movie... the Nexus... where you find yourself in a time and/or place you never want to leave from... It's been a long winter.... Time to go friggin' TUNA fishin'!!!
  195. fishchasr

    Don't leave your shrimp pots outside....

    Grady 265's avitar caught my attention.... what was the topic again?
  196. fishchasr

    GPS Help for salmon

    Instead of looking for a specific location on your GPS - I'd be looking for bait on your FF. Find the bait and you'll find the fish.
  197. fishchasr

    Been a while without a June tuna

    Sounds more like "romantic"... :loverz:
  198. fishchasr

    There's a New Cat on the Block

    Sweet ride. Nice digs.
  199. fishchasr

    Westport Salmon Mojo Style Sunday 23 June

    Assuming it was Sunday - I Guess he missed the second line: Only 1 Chinook may be retained. (2 "combined" with Coho).
  200. fishchasr

    Westport Kings

    Left Bremerton Saturday at 0430, stopped for breakfast in Aberdeen and launched the boat about 0830. Ignored the week old posted reports and drove right by the stack of boats on the south jetty heading for the south bowl 10 miles out. Trolled for about an hour without seeing any action and...
  201. photo


  202. IMG 0851

    IMG 0851

  203. IMG 0850

    IMG 0850

  204. IMG 0855

    IMG 0855

  205. fishchasr


    Nope. After you get the permit, keep all your receipts and send them in at the end of the year.
  206. fishchasr

    Fishin' luhrs out of the game UFN

    That sucks Kevin. We heard you on the radio earlier today. I'm at the state park here in Westport if there's anything we can do to help. We got beer and maple crown!
  207. fishchasr

    Tuna! How far out?

    It's been a long winter... and the natives are getting wrestless kemosabe... :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv Let the tuna train start rolling...
  208. fishchasr

    ISO KALA - 28 Albemarle For Sale - SOLD

    I'll second that! :High_Five I didn't see your "tow rig" listed. She tows real nice at about 4.5 mph.
  209. fishchasr

    Yard Sale Score

    Just another item I hope never gets used. Scored three immersion suits at a yard sale last weekend. Got them washed, rinsed and hanging up to dry. The one in back is still turned inside out. Some minor repairs to do, but I thought $100 was a great deal.
  210. IMG 0848

    IMG 0848

  211. fishchasr

    Bananas on the boat?

    First time skunked (in 5 years running) for halibut this year at LaPush. Didn't figure it out until offloading the boat and there it was... trail mix with banana chips in it. Next trip out... fish on. Just sayin'.
  212. fishchasr

    WP kings

    We were down there also but decided to "cut bait" and wait for another day. A couple of fish just wasn't worth the risk in those conditions. When the large charter boats instruct their passengers to don life vests, its time to go home. Good luck with the rest of your trip.
  213. fishchasr

    Who's hittin Westport King opener

    I'll be there just to watch the entertainment! :cussing:
  214. fishchasr

    Tuna semi hard on

    Damint Charlie! I was sleeping at night just fine until you posted that shit...
  215. fishchasr

    wa tuna

    Ya'll are forgetting the obvious.... WA tuna are the ones wearing crocs and a fanny pack! :finger:
  216. fishchasr

    Boat Launch at Lapush

    ...and Wooldridge boats parked in nav channels. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  217. fishchasr

    Mushy shrimp.....

    We had the same issue - mushy shrimp. I was thinking it was the other way around - not cooked enough. Never had this problem before, especially with fresh (not frozen) shrimp. I know if you over cook them, they get rubbery.
  218. fishchasr

    Boat Launch at Lapush

    Maybe they should use something other than decorative landscaping blocks to build a boat launch with. That's just stupid! Structural cinder blocks tied in with rebar would be much better.
  219. fishchasr

    LaPush Launch today

    Agree, and if you're by yourself, you could kindly ask those ahead of you for some leeway or park your boat in a visitor slip until it's your turn to put your trailer on the launch.
  220. fishchasr

    decending devices

    Ron, any chance of getting the ID Guide put on PSA's web site so we can print them out on water proof paper?
  221. fishchasr

    La Push "Rockpile"

    Here's a link for the common areas of LaPush. Puget Sound Anglers State Board
  222. fishchasr

    free tickets

    Well done Charlie! No easy pickens on Saturday for sure.
  223. fishchasr

    La Push Teaser

    Nice haul Charlie! I'll be out late Friday night. Keep the lights on. :)
  224. fishchasr

    First trip of the year!

    Nice write up and good times. We were just 50 yards north of you guys. Well done!
  225. fishchasr

    LA Push Lingers

    Well done Marcus, you've learned well young Padawan. :finger:
  226. fishchasr

    Shrimp opener weather

    Dabob Bay was a little breazy at the beginning then tapered off. Over a hundred boats to deal with - always entertaining. Took one guy 30 minutes to launch and load the family at Salisbury Point. Needless to say it was backed up the hill after those shanagans. Anybody see where WDF was...
  227. fishchasr

    Have twin Yamaha main's, want to add kicker

    Port Side. On a few occasions, I run solo in the Sound trolling for salmon and the boat runs level with me at the helm. Another consideration would be which side is better suited for you to sit at the tiller and still see your GPS/Chart Plotter. Good Luck Matt
  228. fishchasr

    San Jauns on fire

    Good Gaud Man! Time to have a lead pouring party or something to ease the mid-winter tension. You came out of your hole and didn't see your shadow so Spring will be here soon enough... maybe. Pull out your shrimp pots, mix up some cat food, and get your hali and ling gear ready and we'll see you...
  229. fishchasr

    Quick Trip on the HOOD

    Excellent! Nice catch Greg.
  230. fishchasr

    11/11 MA 9 Possession Bar

    Maybe the weather will give a break this coming weekend. Keep at it!
  231. fishchasr

    New Electronics

  232. fishchasr

    Look what the mailman brought

    Outstanding - That's Awesome! Congrats!
  233. fishchasr

    Trolling for Tuna... on a kicker?

    Troll on the main - 7-9 mph Outriggers = more baits in the water = more hookups! Numbers come from transitioning into bait stops.
  234. fishchasr

    Why would I need to get towed in?

    4 years ago just outside Kingston the engine shut down due to bad Oil Pressure Sensor. Not so bad except I was in the path of an outgoing ferry. Last summer 50 miles out, engine shut down due to bad Ignition Assembly Sensor under the rotor inside the distributor. Tower Todd came to the...
  235. fishchasr

    WACPAC Voters Guide!

    Cool, thanks for passing this along.
  236. fishchasr

    1st rod build in Honor of baby girl Violet!

    Good job Todd. Let me know when you want to go test that thing.
  237. fishchasr


    Jerry (oldfisherman#1) has one in his 2052 Trophy. He can probably give the info you're looking for.
  238. fishchasr


    Weld-one! Or Well Done! Very cool. Thanks for sharing your build.
  239. fishchasr

    My Wife Says I Gotta Go!

    Post a pic of your newly shined boots when you get back.
  240. fishchasr

    Defiance Marine's "River Days" Fall kickoff

    Thanks Bo! Another fantastic event with lots of great info and good eats. I was hoping Tower Todd was going to be there but he must have had more important things to do like fishing or something. Anyway, I was hoping to personally present him with an overdue "Thank You" for giving us a tow...
  241. fishchasr

    bloodydecks the devil...

    Take him a bottle of Crown Royal, pour him a drink and drag that boat home!
  242. P66 Transducer

    P66 Transducer

  243. Gratitude


  244. P66


  245. IMG 0475

    IMG 0475

  246. fishchasr

    Thought I'd seen it all

    Rolled out Saturday morning from Kingston over to the Edmonds oil tanks for one last round of coho feasting. Typical gear, green/white spoon, coho killer, etc... 400-500 feet of water, 50 feet on the wire.... rods go off fairly regular, two nice fish in the box... rod goes off again...
  247. fishchasr


    Awesome! Great report! Excellent porn!
  248. fishchasr


    Awesome report and pics - Thanks!
  249. fishchasr

    Tuna Limit?

    It's the Government's TOE being jammed into the doorway. :Dynamite:
  250. fishchasr

    Are you marking coho on your FF?

    The P66 showed up yesterday, got the old ducer out and new one in last night in under two hours. First Lesson Learned: DO NOT test fit or attach the TD to the mount prior to installing the mount on the transom. It's a PIA to get apart without the mount being firmly attached to the boat...
  251. fishchasr

    mercruiser learning experience

    Sorry to hear the diagnosis. My condolences.
  252. fishchasr

    Got my new engine

    Very Nice! I'm looking at its little brother - 4.3 ltr V6 @225 hp. That $200 air cleaner cover makes it sooo much faster too! :)
  253. fishchasr

    Open Seats For Friday Tuna

    Good Luck Kerry, hopefully you can put those outriggers to good use.
  254. fishchasr

    WESTPORT TUNA FRI and SAT 9/21-9/22

    Good luck to you all... wish I could go.
  255. fishchasr

    Are you marking coho on your FF?

    I've been told Airmar manufactures most of the transducers that are on the market for all the major FF brands. There are however differences in quality and performance (low, mid and high performance) within each watercraft type from pleasure craft to commercial vessels. The P66 is a...
  256. fishchasr

    West port Tuna 9-15

    Sweet Kevin! Way to slay 'em!
  257. fishchasr

    Sunday day Fun Day

    Nice! Anxiously awaiting the video!
  258. fishchasr

    Are you marking coho on your FF?

    Just ordered an Airmar P66 transducer to improve my HDS performance. Review to follow.
  259. fishchasr

    Coho-- Edmonds oil dock

    Outstanding Brotha!
  260. fishchasr

    Im baaaaack home and the friggen Coho better watch out

    Sorry for your loss Matt - go slay a few for "Pops"!
  261. fishchasr

    Are you marking coho on your FF?

    We've been through this before.... YES THEY DO! See page 9 of the link:
  262. fishchasr

    tuna on fire,Westport 9-7

    Well done. Thanks for the report, pics and porn.
  263. fishchasr

    Brownsville Marina Ramp Will Be CLOSED!

    Plan ahead folks, both lanes of the Brownsville Marina Boat Ramp will be closed for a Marina Party Saturday September 22. :hali_olutta:
  264. fishchasr

    Edmonds 9/8/12 afternoon

    Outstanding to get the kids out for some over the top action. Thanks for the pics and report.
  265. fishchasr


    Very nice, thanks for the report.
  266. fishchasr

    edmonds derby weekend

    Well done. Pretty sure we passed each other at some point yesterday and/or this morning. We pulled a few nice out of that area also.
  267. fishchasr

    Boxes suitable for shipping fish??

    We've shipped frozen fish in Igloo or Coleman Coolers as well. Well insulated and sturdy.
  268. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna 8/29

    Fantabulous! Well done! There's no going back now...
  269. fishchasr

    WP tuna 8/30

    Just bring an extra bottle of Crown Garrett! She'll get over it. :)
  270. fishchasr

    tuna virgin no more

    Quitting CRACK would be easier!
  271. fishchasr

    Back from yet another glorious 3 month patrol.........

    Welcome home my friend. Thanks for continuing to do what we do. Let me know if you need help putting together that baby crib because I know you only have one usable hand. Post-partum syndrome ya know. Now drop the sock and pick up the other rod. It's tuna smackdown time. Gimme a shout when...
  272. fishchasr

    Anchovies at westport

    Here's a recommendation.... get there the night before you want to fish, hang lights over the side and bring a net.
  273. fishchasr

    Intro 1st report/Illwaco 8/24-25

    Nice report and welcome to Bloody Decks!
  274. Reliable Fish Bags hold lots of ice

    Reliable Fish Bags hold lots of ice

  275. IMG 0045

    IMG 0045

  276. One rod per person...  wait,,, what?

    One rod per person... wait,,, what?

  277. fishchasr

    Westport 8-25-12

    Left Bremerton 0400 and launched at 0830 ish, paid a longer than expected visit to Jose' on our way out. He was having a really long conversation with someone on the docks before he finally delivered my two scoops. I picked a spot on my Lowrance HDS that showed a temp break about 35 miles out...
  278. Albie Trio

    Albie Trio

  279. John with a pair of Albies

    John with a pair of Albies

  280. fishchasr

    Westport wasn't so great to us!

    Left Bremerton 0400 and launched at 0830 ish, paid a longer than expected visit to Jose' on our way out. Picked a spot on my Lowrance HDS that showed a temp break about 35 miles out and dropped gear about 1100. Trolled west 30-40 minutes before we landed the first one. Kept driving west...
  281. fishchasr

    new mercruiser 5.7 engine

    Call Troy and/or Shelly at Aquatech Marine in Bremerton for a quote. He's worth the drive over to this side. 360-792-2628
  282. fishchasr

    The great flood of 2012

    Good job Kerry!
  283. fishchasr

    almost sank boat

    Recommend the ping-pong ball scupper covers to keep water out.
  284. fishchasr

    Number of rods while fishing for albacore

    Sounds like total :shithappens: to me. :waglleybooty:
  285. fishchasr

    Albies on the fly

    I'm looking forward to trying my 9wt next time out.
  286. fishchasr


    I'd go with you but I've been told that I don't have "enough" boat. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  287. fishchasr

    8/16 MA9 31lber.....

  288. fishchasr

    WP tuna 8/8

    Congrats on getting your tuna cherries popped. Tuna will run with the dolphin as they often feed on the same bait. Dolphin must be smarter than tuna as I haven't ever heard of them getting caught on artificial lures.
  289. fishchasr

    Morning bite @ PA

    Great report Jerry. Well done.
  290. fishchasr

    Tuna Thunder Run

    Nice haul, well done!
  291. fishchasr

    New boat introduction

    Sweet ride! Congrats! Now buy yourself some bibs and rubber boots. OH, and welcome to Bloody Decks. :finger:
  292. fishchasr

    Cleaning tuna blood

    Ditto! I use Star Bright Power Pine concentrated Boat Wash at the end of the day. This is the best stuff I've found for fish boxes, coolers and decks. Cut slime and tuna blood like none other. And keep the washdown hose running...
  293. fishchasr

    Tow, Tow, Tow, Tow, Your Boat

    Point taken Charlie. And many good points have been raised in this post. I am VERY aware that it pretty much ruins another boat's day to render assistance of this nature and rest assured, there weren't any high 5's or laughter in our camp that night. If it hadn't been nearly midnight when we...
  294. fishchasr

    34 Tuna 7-22 Westport

    Awesome report and pics. Well done!
  295. fishchasr

    First report

    Very nice - great report. Welcome to the jungle.
  296. fishchasr


    Outstanding Tom! Well done!
  297. fishchasr

    Downrigger Cable VS Braided line?

    I prefer to use wire exactly for the reasons stated above. I test my voltage regularly to ensure it stays within the acceptable range without using a blackbox.
  298. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna 7/21

    I've been using the improved cinch knot but after the second live bait rig came unbuttoned at the hook end, I started to question the knots. Since tuna get line shy later in the season, I use 30# main line on the reels and 4' of 20# florocarbon leaders for live baiting. Maybe my leaders are...
  299. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna 7/21

    (Condensed version) Left Bremerton late Friday afternoon and picked up some poor old guy who said he needed a ride out to Westport. Can you believe he actually said his wife was waiting for him on the boat? :rofl: Outragious! The cool part was his laptop downloading Chloro and Temp shots...
  300. Two Toads

    Two Toads

  301. Westport Tuna

    Westport Tuna

    tuna pics
  302. fishchasr

    Tuna fishing out of Depoe Bay

  303. fishchasr

    Tuna Hunter/ New To the NW

    Welcome to the dark side! :finger:
  304. fishchasr

    team efishnsea rocks!

    I'll add my thanks to TT, Iso Kala and her crew also for helping us out on Saturday. 50 miles out, wrapped up our tuna hunt with 15 in the kill bags, pointed toward home and the main engine dies and won't restart. Kicker ran great but at 5 mph, its a VERY LONG 10 hour transit back to Westport...
  305. fishchasr

    Westport 7-21 Tuna run

    Thanks for the Ripchart info on Friday Charlie. Our final tallie was 15 on Saturday working them with just 3 guys. We marked alot of fish but had a difficult time getting it converted into a baitstop. Most were caught on the troll including a 4 rod slam. Like you said, needed LOTS of bait...
  306. fishchasr

    I'm new here

    Welcome to Bloody Decks Jim. As far as tuna is concerned, just follow the pack heading west come Saturday morning. Good luck, be safe and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.
  307. fishchasr

    Purchase Bait Tank

    I use the Shurflo Baitmaster pump which is designed to perform both bait tank and washdown duties.
  308. fishchasr

    7-21 Saturday Tuna is on!!

    We'll be taking "Relax-ation" out on Saturday possible Sunday as well. Good luck all!
  309. fishchasr

    Scotty Electric Downrigger Experts.

    I think Defiance Marine does warranty work now as well if you live on the peninsula.
  310. fishchasr

    Friday ride to Westport

    Oh crap, was that a ride for you or Elaine? :rofl: Seriously though, PM sent. We can hook you up. :finger:
  311. fishchasr

    18 July, WP tuna died

    Well done. Thanks for the report.
  312. fishchasr

    Friday ride to Westport

    Charlie, we're heading down from Bremerton to Westport Friday afternoon, early evening. I'll call you this afternoon to exchange numbers and locations. Greg
  313. fishchasr

    Outrage 18 T-top or a Bimini

    Real men don't need tops! Good luck brotha!
  314. fishchasr

    DotLine Outrigger Kit

    TUNA season is here - $125 will set you up nicely!
  315. fishchasr

    What have you done to your boat today???

    No such thing as easy peasy this time. Turns out the solenoid was bad so I replaced the whole starter with the solenoid. $110 +tax at DC Engineering in Chico. thanks guys. Now getting that new starter back in its home is a whole nother story. What a PITA! :Dynamite: Good as new now and...
  316. fishchasr

    What have you done to your boat today???

    Replaced suspected bad ignition switch but no luck. Pulling the starter/solenoid tonight.
  317. fishchasr

    Does one side of your boat produce better than the other?

    Starboard side - T2shortB's side damit - and he's a smoker. It's my non kicker side. I've only outfished Todd a few times but he usually catches up quickly. Who really knows why? Interesting thoughts though.
  318. fishchasr

    About Navionics Chips

    I did exactly the same on my HDS7! Love the greater detail. BUY IT!
  319. fishchasr

    Venting; Boater Ed Exam

    We're in agreement Greg. :hali_olutta: You are also exempt if you had a previous course of instruction such as Coast Guard Auxiliary course, U.S. Power Squadron course, etc. I sent my certificate from a Coast Guard Auxiliary Boating Skills and Seamanship course I took in Guam back in 1989...
  320. fishchasr

    Ok, who's gonna be the first?

    Tuna Charlie? I wish. Hey, save some salmon for the rest of us.
  321. fishchasr

    MA11 POint Defiance

    Whatcha gonna do Brad - "Sing" em to sleep? :rofl:
  322. fishchasr

    July 1,2012 Where to go?

    I recommend staying home - there aren't any salmon in Puget Sound. :finger:
  323. fishchasr

    DotLine Outrigger Kit

    <font color="#333333">DotLine Outrigger Kit ffice:office" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comI used these outriggers for 2 seasons and they work superbly for an entry level outrigger. They are already assembled and come with extra mounting hardware that was not included...
  324. fishchasr

    Hitting this would SUCK.

    Maybe this will be the year for Mahi Mahi to show up.
  325. fishchasr

    Lowrance blow out

    Nice score Todd. Silverdale store was out of everything last night when I stopped at 6:30pm.
  326. fishchasr

    screwing around...this is what happens

    yeah, you're one to talk about someone not taking pictures.... :2gunsfiring_v1: And of course... Welcome Aboard!
  327. fishchasr

    La Push Run

    Good Luck Marcus!
  328. fishchasr

    La Puss early lingr' action 4-7-12

    Glad you made it out and back Todd. I was a little concerned when you didn't text back. Thought I was gonna have to drive out there and pick your dead decaying corpse off the rocks. Good going on the lingers and rock fish. Since the wife will be in school during the opener, Tote will be...
  329. fishchasr

    wow what the hell did I do wrong.....

    Great report and pics Vance. Way to hang in there.
  330. fishchasr

    3-31-12 MA11 BM really do exist!!!

    Thanks for a great day on the water Todd. Next stop - LaPush!!
  331. fishchasr

    Anchoring on a Butt Hole?

    :Pillow_Fi Agree! Whether you're drifting or backing down to slow your drift, you are responsible for where your vessel goes.
  332. fishchasr

    Pierce County To Buy New Patrol Boat for $700K

    Well there's your answer... the aft twin 50's and the forward 50 probably cost 1/4 of the overall bill. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  333. fishchasr

    Second Bilge Pump

    I'd run a separate line for each pump. Keep them independent otherwise if you need to run both for some reason, you won't have the discharge capacity to get the full potential out of our pumps.
  334. fishchasr

    Best FF/GPS Combo for fishing Salmon/Halibut

    Buy the best you can afford. I think my HDS system is the cat's meow. With only $750 in your budget, don't even think about side-scan or any extras. Buy the Navionics chip instead and you can always add to your system later on.
  335. fishchasr

    Stainless 4 blade (came off 4.3 mercruiser)

    Hey Mark, why did you run the 4 blade vice 3? Got a pic?
  336. fishchasr

    $5 Gas and Your Plans

    I wouldn't be surprised to see $5/gal by the 4th of July no matter what the administration does. It's our Washington legislators that need a good kick in the junk for having the highest road/surplus tax on our fuel. It's gonna be the 50 mile tuna runs that are going to hurt the most so there...
  337. fishchasr

    WTF is wrong with people

    Come on.... really? Josh can see the guy waving a cushion from shore and the other boats can't? That's fracked up regardless of HOW the guy got into distress. There's not a soul out there that isn't susceptible to mother nature at one time or another. I go out of my way, even when...
  338. fishchasr

    Towing in the ocean

  339. fishchasr

    New Front Hitch

  340. fishchasr

    Hydrofoils, Stabilizers, Fins for Cavitation Plate

    From the owner reviews I've read on their web site, the stabilizer is and can be used in addition to trim tabs.
  341. fishchasr

    Outriggers, yea or nea?

    I wouldn't hunt tuna without them but I know several people to do and are still successful. I think I put more tuna in the box with them and believe outriggers are definately a plus for all the above reasons. I purchased entry level Dotline outriggers from cabela's during my first two seasons...
  342. fishchasr


    That's some funny shit there now!
  343. fishchasr

    Fishing picture video first attempt

    Well done! Nice recap of the year.
  344. fishchasr

    See You On The Other Side Goatram

    Oh Hell! You're takin' visitors? I thought you'd be busy with the GOAT! :rofl: Heal well brother. You'll be good as new by May.
  345. fishchasr

    12-26 MA10

    Thanks for the last minute late night call Todd. Great fishing with you again, even though the sealions were relentless. Thanks for retrieving my breakaway flasher - sorry you lost yours. Any day on the water is a good day. Let's do it again sometime soon.
  346. fishchasr

    What to do about the wife!!

    Well done Marcus. I believe the wife, motor and HDS because I've seen them. Now about that sealion stealin' your thirty pounder.... I'm thinkin' B.S. :)
  347. fishchasr

    Trying to Learn

    Welcome to Bloody Decks from a fellow Veteran and Howlie Hawaiian transplant. As Tommy pointed out, the fishing opportunities are numerous and the Albie fishery is highly addictive and second to none.
  348. fishchasr

    Hot Liquid Lures - Caption Contest - Ending Nov 18th, 2011

    That's some good lookin' glass right there!
  349. fishchasr

    Tuna report...better late than never 10-16

    #1 - Absolutely not #2 - 4" (Live bait is better) #3 - 7-9 mph #4 - Defiance Marine in Port Orchard
  350. fishchasr

    happy birthday to tower todd

    Happy Birthday Todd! :hali_olutta:
  351. fishchasr

    pheasant hunt/ bd get together

    I'm interested also. Have gun, no dog. Not a newbie but its been a few years. Keep me in mind for a group outing.
  352. fishchasr

    Tuna Attacking Westport - 10-8

    Well done! Congrats! We were too busy drinking beer. Maybe next time.
  353. fishchasr

    Downrigger weights?

    15 lbs w/fin and snubber - 48" booms - no issues Haven't lost any this past year, but having the mold helps keep the cost down.
  354. fishchasr

    BD party

    Thanks Josh - great to put names and faces together. Need to do it again sometime this winter.
  355. fishchasr

    kitsap BD get together

    It was nice to put names and faces together. We should plan to do it again during the winter months.
  356. fishchasr

    kitsap BD get together

    Josh, I won't be hanging out past six nor hangin' out with a bunch of drunk dudes in a two bed camper. :finger: Just sayin'. Wait,,, did someone say flat ocean? :waglleybooty:
  357. fishchasr

    Dr Fong's Operating room full of dead Tuna!

    Awesome Charlie! Wish I were in a position to make the run. Thanks for the fish porn.
  358. fishchasr

    kitsap BD get together

    Awe Dang-nabbit - Did I say that outloud? :waglleybooty: Sorry. :rofl: Does it count if I carry my fly rod in my bag and fish the course pond as we walk by? :rofl: See you there for :hali_olutta: regardless what we do in the morning.
  359. fishchasr

    Area 9 for Monday 9/19

    Nicely done! Thanks for the report and Happy (belated) Birthday!
  360. fishchasr

    Been a Lurker, seek forgiveness!!

    Welcome to the zoo
  361. fishchasr

    kitsap BD get together

    Excellent idea Todd! I like the East/West idea too, makes the split easier. I was also thinking maybe we should play a round of golf prior to; but fishing works too. What? Wait! North end guys are invited? (j/k) More the merrier. Looking forward to seeing more faces to put names to.
  362. fishchasr


    Does your boat have or GPS/Chart Plotter have a voltage monitor? If not, add one. That way you can ensure your electronics are receiving clean 12V power. Running low voltage could send you to the store for more than just new batteries. Some of the new electronic battery chargers also have a...
  363. fishchasr

    New Boat (Key West)

    Congrats on the new ride.
  364. fishchasr

    Made it Home

    Welcome Home
  365. fishchasr

    a BIG surprise

    OUTSTANDING! Thanks for sharing.
  366. fishchasr

    kitsap BD get together

    Sounds like a great plan!
  367. fishchasr

    WP tuna this weekend?

    Should be an interesting Smackdown in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, throw out all your fancy outriggers, tuna clones and birdies and buy a bamboo pole. This is how real men fish:
  368. fishchasr

    MA11 over 1 year dry spell ends

    Nice catch! Don't forget to bleed those pinks as soon as you catch them and keep 'em on ice for better tasting table fare.
  369. fishchasr

    No Tuna from Westport

    We were out in that general area last Saturday. Snotty seas but definately fishable. Had SST Data onboard and found plenty of warm water but no strikes. Saw 3 jumpers off the bow, tossed some wigglies, made a couple of figure 8s, but no takers. Salvaged the weekend with a few inshore coho.
  370. fishchasr


    Team Defiance - Outstanding effort, report and pics. Its a tuff year for sure.
  371. fishchasr

    Tackle Storage

    That looks like the ticket! Thanks!:hali_olutta:
  372. fishchasr

    Westport Labor Day weekend who's in and for What?

    I've got about 30 ten pound bags left over from Saturday's kill joy ride. Okay, maybe they only weigh about eight pounds now. :Dynamite: Guess I'll stuff what I can into the freezer for the next trip. :hali_olutta:
  373. fishchasr

    How Close are the Tuna?

    My crew and I struck out on Saturday - sounds like we should have gone a bit further North or South as well as out. It was just too sloppy to go any further and was pushing the limit on fuel. We salvaged the weekend with a few nice Coho after culling through all the nates.
  374. fishchasr

    Westport WTC

    Well done! :urno1:
  375. fishchasr

    Westport Labor Day weekend who's in and for What?

    When you make port in Oregon.
  376. fishchasr

    Tackle Storage

    I use a combination of flat Plano tray boxes for terminal gear/plugs/irons, poly/mesh bags for spreader bars/teasers, and mesh/ziplock bags for clones and lures. All of which is fresh water rinsed and dryed after use before storage. Now about the outrigger lines... that's a different pain in...
  377. fishchasr

    Pouring Downrigger Balls

    Ditto! Pre-heat the mold by pouring what you can into it. Open it up and dump out the partial fill. Pour lead as quickly as you can safely do so to keep it from layering. Let cool for about 2 minutes, remove ball. Place empty mold on side-plate electric burner in between pourings. Repeat as...
  378. fishchasr

    Westport Labor Day weekend who's in and for What?

    Our primary mission will be tuna, secondary coho.
  379. fishchasr

    TUNA Anyone

    Hey Greg, We'll be making our second attempt to find the tuners this weekend as well. I was thinking maybe LaPush as well however, as my friend Todd reminded me, there's no live bait in LaPush. Also, one of my co-workers did head out of LaPush for tuna last weekend and only came home with...
  380. fishchasr

    New additon to Center Cut

    Very nice Charlie! Well thought out. I'm jealous
  381. fishchasr

    Grandsons first King is Dream Fish!

    Way to go Charlie! :urno1:
  382. fishchasr

    New Engine Performance

    Awesome Jerry. Glad to see you up and running again.
  383. fishchasr

    Looking for Tuna in La Push?

    There aren't any tuna in LaPush.
  384. fishchasr

    Westport King Fishing report with pics

    Well done Ron. Thanks for the report and pics.
  385. fishchasr

    Roll call for Westport 8/12-8/14

    We'll be chasin' tuna on Thursday and possibly on Friday. Trying to catch a couple nice Kings while were down there as well.
  386. fishchasr

    Reliant kill bag issue

    I'm assuming you mean Reliable kill bags? Guess I'll find out Thursday if my new $250 bags leak or not. I hoping to get blood EVERYWHERE! :rofl:
  387. fishchasr

    Best Seafood Restaurant in the Puget Sound Area???

    I'm not sure if they can accomodate your wheel chair but I'm pretty sure they have senior discounts... Seriously though, Happy Birthday Tommy! :hali_olutta: If you want a quiet intimate dinner for two, try the Green Turtle.
  388. fishchasr

    Tuna Run Thursday-Friday

    Schedule is finally set. Making the run to Westport Wednesday night and making the tuna run Thursday with Friday as an alternate day for more tuna and/or salmon. Looking for someone to split a tote of ice with at 0530 on Thursday/Friday morning in front of Westport Seafood.
  389. fishchasr

    Tuna run on Wed

    Heading down Wednesday or Thursday evening depending on crew availability.
  390. fishchasr

    Tuna Fishing Saturday 8/6 at Westport

    Thanks for the report... where's the bloody porn?
  391. fishchasr

    Westport TUNA 8-5

    Basically, they allow you to put many baits in the water behind your boat to simulate a school of bait fish. The deep water tuna, marlin, wahoo, mahi mahi, etc, see the bait above and come up for a look. If your presentation is right, they will take one or more baits. That's when the fun...
  392. fishchasr

    westport lings and kings

    Can you say HOG FEST? Outstanding Todd.
  393. fishchasr

    Jeff head weekend report

    Great report Todd. Thanks for the intel while we were passing each other on Saturday. I hope you haven't washed that lucky shirt yet.... you can bring it with you on our tuna trip to Westport later this week... just stay down wind okay? :rofl:
  394. fishchasr

    Westport Week on "Center Cut" Tuna, Salmon

    Awesome Charlie! Save some for us. Todd and I will be hunting on Friday.
  395. fishchasr

    MA10 Happiness

    Took my lovely bride out Saturday afternoon for a leisurely trolloff of Jeff's Head. Hoping to find a Coho or Pink for her first salmon, I dropped one rigger to 59 the other at 79 and trolled the 120 line. We trolled for a couple of hours and found numerous shakers, a couple rock fish, a sand...
  396. 15lb King

    15lb King

  397. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna Trip 8-3 37 TUNA

    Well done! Sounds like you worked well as a team, and that's what it takes to score as well as you did. Welcome to the dark side. After tuna, salmon fishing will never be the same.
  398. fishchasr

    Area 10 Kingston

    Way to get after them. Good job.
  399. fishchasr

    MA-9 Possesion

    Excellent! Doesn't get any better than that. Well done.
  400. fishchasr

    Westport TUNA 8-5

    Awesome! Thanks for the report and pics. Love the ingenuity McJimmer. Your setup obviously works; just keep the drag set light enough (6-8 lbs?) on the release clips so as not to put too much pressure on the pole itself. Well done!
  401. fishchasr

    51 Tuna at Westport!

    OUTSTANDING! Thanks for the report.
  402. fishchasr

    There's tuna in WP

    Awesome! Thanks for the intel. We'll be heading that way next week.
  403. fishchasr

    Westport 8/1/11 Tuna Report...15 on ICE

    X2! :lux: That's more like it. Thanks for the report.
  404. fishchasr

    Westport 8-2-2011

    Outstanding! Thanks for the report and pics while we sit here at work and drool.
  405. fishchasr

    buddies broken cherry!!!!

    Well done brother! Looks like its time to take a break from the weekend remodeling and get the boat wet.
  406. fishchasr

    first report

    Outstanding! Thanks for the report and pics
  407. fishchasr

    Team Defiance - Best week of Puget Sound Salmon...

    Excellent Mark, thanks for the report!
  408. fishchasr

    VHF Channels

    As I'm sure you are aware of, "recreational vessels less than 65.6 feet (20 meters) in length, but which voluntarily carry a radio - must maintain a watch on Channel 16 (156.800 MHz) or VHF Channel 9 (156.450 MHz), the boater-calling channel, whenever the radio is operating and not being used to...
  409. fishchasr

    Where's the Tuna?

    Here's two more from today to compare with. The Tuna 8.8 posit is where we found them last year on 8 Aug, 45 miles from Westport.
  410. fishchasr

    How many Albies will fit into one of these?

    Seems like a good fit to me. Sits on the deck about 10" down, can't slide backwards and the two rail stantions should keep it from rolling overboard.
  411. 24x60 kill bag

    24x60 kill bag

  412. fishchasr

    How many Albies will fit into one of these?

    Great points to consider. Thanks guys.
  413. fishchasr

    Where's the Tuna?

    Mike, that was taken about 4:30-5:00pm yesterday. I'll try it again today and compare.
  414. fishchasr

    Area 9 Puts out some 'Nookie! 7/28

    Excellent - Well done! thanks for the report and pics.
  415. fishchasr

    How many Albies will fit into one of these?

    They don't hang from the rails. That's why I bought the 24" model vice the 20" one. I did a test fit and they will sit down in the walk-around about 8" and the top ends will be secured to the radar arch aft and to the rail forward. I don't plan on going off shore in such conditions that I'd have...
  416. fishchasr

    Where's the Tuna?

    Thanks Todd.
  417. fishchasr


    Thanks Kevin. That's the plan!
  418. fishchasr

    How many Albies will fit into one of these?

    Thanks guys. 10-15 on each side will be very cool and free up space on deck. I don't plan to put them in the cabin. I plan to strap them into the walkarounds just forward of the radar arch on each side of the cabin. The idea is that the weight will be forward enough to allow the boat to...
  419. fishchasr

    How many Albies will fit into one of these?

    I picked up a couple - yeah TWO of them - 24 x 60 Reliable Fish Bags on my recent trip down to southern California. Just so happens that the Charkbait store in Huntington Beach is only 35 minutes from Grandma's house. How sweet is that? Can you say TUNA TIME! I also picked up a spreader...
  420. Tuna gear

    Tuna gear

  421. fishchasr


    Bo and I worked a school together last summer. After T2ShortB and I plugged my boat with 21 albies, I put the word out to come and get them. Bo showed up and slid in while I pitched my remaining bait and motored away. I think Bo took another 50 fish off that school. It was EPIC! We CAN...
  422. fishchasr

    Where's the Tuna?

    Just took a couple SST screen shots off my Lowrance HDS7 sitting in my boat at home in Bremerton. Now the big question - where would you look for tuna? What temperature band would be ideal? I think I've got it in the ball park and I'm thinking I'd start looking at areas South East of...
  423. Misc


    Misc pix
  424. fishchasr

    WESTPORT TUNA FEST 7-23-2011

    Nice! We're gearing up - just waiting for the sun, moon and stars to align in perfect synchronicity.
  425. fishchasr

    Your favorite scent for salmon

    I use Special Mix, Herring, Salmon Hammer and Pro Guide Formula more as a cover scent than an attractant. I thinks its more important to eliminate the human/mechanical scent than anything else.
  426. fishchasr

    Comment by 'fishchasr' in media 'neah bay 4 18 10 012'

    SHREK....REALLY ...NAH I THINK MORE like Sasquatch
  427. fishchasr

    Comment by 'fishchasr' in media 'san quintin 10 2,3,4 09 145'

    Dang is Herb scared to touch it?
  428. fishchasr

    Big Thanks to fishchasr and buddy!

    It was our pleasure to help out Tev. You deserve the credit for coordinating the whole weekend with the kids. Well done! Todd - I know you're just a cook... but get a spell checker.. sheeesh
  429. fishchasr

    Area 10 Kingston

    Excellent, thanks for the report and pics.
  430. fishchasr

    MA 9 New Boat DEFIANCE broken in right

    Well done George! Nice way to bust yer cherry. Tommy's right, get that thing geared up for tuna and get ready for a real blood bath.
  431. fishchasr

    No Joy in MA9

    Just my 2 cents worth... At first light, I start out at 40-45' and drop 10' per hour as the sun rises and also split my rigger depths by 10' each until you find them. Watch your F/F and by all means fish the depths you find bait at. Start raising your depths as evening approaches. As state...
  432. fishchasr

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 25th, 2011 at 5 PM

    1) "Hey, that's not my bellybutton"... "That's alright, that's not my finger!" 2) "Anybody seen my rubber ducky?" 3) "Is this the party deck?"
  433. fishchasr

    Ilwaco tuna

    Awesome! Thanks for the report and porn.
  434. fishchasr

    Finally catching some fish!

    Well done, thanks for the report.
  435. fishchasr

    Area 9 opener Saturday

    T2shortB and I will also be on the bar. See y'all out there. :finger:
  436. fishchasr

    Excellent Tuna Read

    Great read, thanks for sharing.
  437. fishchasr

    Help me, my kicker motor is in the shop!!!

    I've got an EasyTroller you can borrow or buy. You might not want to drill holes to mount it though.
  438. fishchasr


  439. fishchasr

    Late Westport Report for Sunday 7/10

    Well done! Great start to the new season.
  440. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna 7/10 - sporadic but monsters

    Thanks for the report. Can hardly wait to get the crew out there again on Reelaxation to bloody up some new gear I picked up in SoCal this past week.
  441. fishchasr

    Lopez Island Shrimping

    X2. Cheap Walmart clothes baskets, one per pot. easily holds 400' of leaded line, just rinse and stack all four baskets in the shed until next time out.
  442. fishchasr

    10 Fish; 132 lbs . . . Just another Sunday

    Outstanding catch. thanks for the report.
  443. fishchasr

    Another rookie enjoys La Push 6/25

    Well done. thanks for the report and pics
  444. fishchasr

    Big shout out to all those who took on hoes .....

    You're always welcome aboard Todd, even if I had to lower my rocket launchers so you could reach yours. (J/K) BTW - are you shrimping with me on Wednesday?
  445. fishchasr

    REDEMPTION DAY( Laush Report)

    Well done Greg! Way to put the wood to 'em.
  446. fishchasr

    MA10 Ling action South side Blake Island

    Thanks Todd, it was a nice day to be on the water for sure. I put the wife on the first fish but it was short at 22". The next one came up at 27" so in the box it went. Might tasty table fare indeed. Hogslayer: Try the southwest corner of Blake Island between 80-100'. Follow the other...
  447. fishchasr

    Roll Call for La Push 6/2 and 6/4

    I'll be rolling in Friday night and fishing Saturday to make up for the lack of butts landed on May 21st. Now if I can only get my First Mate back from Charlie.... Todd keeps running off.... he said something about Charlie being bigger.... the boat that is. :rofl:
  448. fishchasr

    Need some volunteers

    Tev, any new info, dates, etc. on this endevor?
  449. fishchasr

    Boat Trailer Jack Questions

    X2 on the Fulton F2. Mine came with both 4" and 5" brackets. Not sure why it doesn't come with a grease zirk, but the top cap comes off for re-greasing when necessary.
  450. fishchasr

    Team BAMF *Market Price 5/7 Hood Canal

    Congrats guys! We had similar success, 9 limits in 6 pulls, finished under two hours, back on the trailer by noon, home by 1:00pm. What a shame we have to let all those extras go. It's all in the "Gravy". :finger:
  451. fishchasr

    FYI: HDS 4.0 update is out

    I just updated my HDS7 to 4.0 and immediately noticed faster boot time and screen response. Also noticed the "keyboard" for entering waypoints and routes is a bit friendlier. First question: How do you get a 3-way screen split? I'm not seeing the option that was advertised. Second question...
  452. fishchasr

    Need some volunteers

    Excellent idea! Excellent opportunities also being a Pink Salmon year. If the dates work, I can take 4 kids on the boat for some pinks and crabbing. It will take some coordination to get them all licenses/catch record cards even if they're free.
  453. fishchasr

    Mid-Channel was D.E.A.D -dead

    Better luck next time.
  454. fishchasr

    Yellowfin @ the prison islands W/ HARDCORE

    Thanks for the report and pics Mo. Nice ICE BREAkER for us up here.
  455. fishchasr

    Sonic hub, new gauges, and wire clean-up/install pics...PIC HEAVY

    Nice work Todd, now get out there and catch some fishes!
  456. fishchasr

    Which Navionics Chip??

    I'm running the 638 Platinum Plus on my HDS-7. Two words.... LOVE IT! You'll love the 3D, Satellite Overlay and Fish 'N Chips once you try it. $169.99
  457. fishchasr


    Holy crap.... I don't think I can take 10 more weeks of this until the season opens. It's been an ugly winter and no signs of letting up any time soon. :rofl:
  458. fishchasr

    When you sell a boat

    If you're a tight-wad, strip the boat. :shithappens: If you want to get top dollar for your boat, give someone a great deal on their new (used) or first boat and save them a few hundred dollars on buying all the essentials every new boat owner needs, then leave the all the stuff and buy new...
  459. fishchasr

    Boat Load of Shrimp Pots!

    If your current deal falls through, I'm in need of two McKays setups. Cash in hand. PM sent
  460. fishchasr

    6 fish hooked!!

    Thanks for the teaser report. :finger:
  461. fishchasr

    PnP was dead today

    Thanks for the report. Funky currents sounds like a normal day at PNP during any tide shift. :)
  462. fishchasr

    Heater options.

    +1 for propane Buddy Heater. Save your batteries for downriggers, pot puller and electronics.
  463. fishchasr

    Oly Pen Derby 21 for 29

    Outstanding and thank you for preserving our wild stock. :)
  464. fishchasr


    Now yer talkin'. :urno1:
  465. fishchasr


    Now yer talkin'. :urno1:
  466. fishchasr


    OUTSTANDING! Great Idea! $250 each really isn't that much. How many of you pay $100 to play a 4 hour round of golf? 4 days at CQ can run that much by the time you pay for an RV site, launch and slip fees, fuel, etc. This will definately separate the MEN from the BOYS. Time to pony up!
  467. fishchasr

    Area 5 Sekiu Report

    Well done Greg! Thanks for the report.
  468. fishchasr

    Olympic Peninsula Derby

    Outstanding effort in less than desireable conditions. Congrats!
  469. fishchasr

    skunked and cold

    Awesome! Better than couch fishing!
  470. fishchasr

    Missed it by THAT MUCH....

    6 of us in two boats fished the Billy Nik Memorial Fishing Derby on Saturday in Hood Canal. Weather was definately against everyone as I don't think more than 6 boats actually fished it due to the small craft advisory in effect for the entire area. I heard no one could launch from Misery either...
  471. fishchasr

    Area twelve report: moocher heaven

    I jus whish I culd undrstad iT.
  472. fishchasr

    anchor system

    Welcome to Blood Decks. Now put some blood in that pretty boat and post some real porn. Where in IL? I grew up in Rockford. You'll love the PNW.
  473. fishchasr

    Neah Bay Halibut opener

    I'll be running to the SWC closure also. My buddy Ray ran to Blue Dot last year during the opener and got the snot kicked out of him, his boat and his buddies due to rough seas. Oh, and they came home with ZIP!
  474. fishchasr

    Tuna Bags

    Reliable - Best Bag, best price, free shipping. Reliable Fishing Kill Bags, Fishing Kill Bag, Fish Kill Bags, Kill Bags, Reliable Fish Bags, Kill Bag
  475. fishchasr

    PNP Puts Out

    Very nice fish! Thanks for the report. Forecast kept us off the water this weekend. Congrats!
  476. fishchasr

    Knocked out some of the to do list

    Nice work, real clean. :urno1:
  477. fishchasr

    boat dehumidifiers

    Ditto on Davis'. I use a round one in the cabin, a round one in the cockpit and a oval one in the engine compartment. And the BONUS is it'll save you a few hours of cleaning time vice fishing time! Fisheries - Product Detail
  478. fishchasr

    Two DSC radios

    You won't need to obtain registration numbers for your dingy as long as you only use it for transport to/from your main boat. If however, you want to use it for pulling crab pots or the ocassional fishing venture, then you will need to pay the state their $$.
  479. fishchasr

    billy nik derby

    I was just thinking the same thing. The Kitsap Sun reported it wrong also. I believe it's supposed to be Saturday, 12 Feb.
  480. fishchasr

    New Weapon in my arsenal

    Thanks for the tip. I do have some experience, but still a novice when it comes to fly fishing. I have a 6 wt freshwater fly rod setup. Looking forward to doing the silver/humpy thing on the fly this year so the foward weighted line sounds like the ticket. Thanks Todd. :hali_olutta: BTW...
  481. fishchasr

    I WANNA: BD Burgee

    Ditto! And also add Tuna, Ling Cod and Sea Bass.
  482. fishchasr

    freindly oregon neighbor

    Ditto! Must be the off season. People are getting cabin fever around here. Find a pond and go get wet. BTW - Welcome aboard!
  483. fishchasr

    New Weapon in my arsenal

    My lovely spouse of five years surprized me with a new weapon in my arsenal of fishing gear for my Birthday today; a saltwater Okuma SLV 89 reel on a Lamiglas MBF 908 fly rod. Thanks Hun! :urno1: Anyone have any suggestions what backing and fly line to load it with for salmon or steelhead?
  484. Okuma SLV 89 on a Lamiglas MBF 908 Fly Rod

    Okuma SLV 89 on a Lamiglas MBF 908 Fly Rod

  485. fishchasr

    How to kill a Sunday afternoon

    Inches. 10" = 2 lbs 12"= 2 lbs/3oz
  486. fishchasr

    Roll Call for LaPush BUTT hunting opener..

    Reader's Digest version: Prepare your boat for open ocean navigation including full engine/systems maintenance, check all required Coast Guard safety items including float plan and make your camping/moorage reservations early. If you break down because of something you could have done...
  487. fishchasr

    How to kill a Sunday afternoon

    Thanks. I still need to run a file across the sprue line to make my balls more presentable, but they'll do. I only lost one ball this past summer but I have friends who need theirs replaced. Besides, it's easier to store ready to fish balls than a couple boxes of dirty tire weights. I've also...
  488. fishchasr

    Newbie (sorta) to BD

    Welcome to Bloody Decks! Is that "Wilson" or Macgyver hiding behind the kayak?
  489. fishchasr

    Last Day for Area 10!

    Nice work! Way to break in the new tail-wagger. :)
  490. ready to fish

    ready to fish

  491. fishchasr

    How to kill a Sunday afternoon

    What did you do today? I had a couple boxes of used tire weights and some extra propane laying around so.... :hali_olutta:
  492. lead filled pipe jigs

    lead filled pipe jigs

  493. fishchasr

    Easy Troller

    EasyTroller trolling plate. It's almost brand new. I used it a couple times before I bought my kicker. All hardware and easy installation instructions included. $145 new at Cabelas, it's yours for $75. Shipping extra. Cabela's: EasyTroller Trolling Plate
  494. EasyTroller


  495. fill the pipes

    fill the pipes

  496. add some swivels and split rings

    add some swivels and split rings

  497. hooks and skirts

    hooks and skirts

  498. pouring lead

    pouring lead

  499. opening mold

    opening mold

  500. finished 15# balls

    finished 15# balls

  501. cut and crimp some pipe

    cut and crimp some pipe

  502. used tire weights

    used tire weights

  503. melting pot

    melting pot

  504. Lead Pour

    Lead Pour

  505. fishchasr

    Power-pro from last year?

    +1 to what was stated above. If you have a large capacity reel and you're concerned about it, you could always spool it off, and respool it back on starting with the working end first. That way you're using new line again.
  506. fishchasr

    Double @ Double Bluff

    Welcome to Bloody Decks Pete and WELL DONE on your first post! The only thing I can think of to make it better would be to stuff those little piggies with some crab stuffing! :cheers:
  507. fishchasr

    Big Native released in MA7

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing the porn. There are a few carry-overs out there.
  508. fishchasr

    MA10 Manchester~~Another blackmouth cherri poped....

    The HDS-8 and the Navionics Platinum Plus Card runs a bit closer to $2000 if you shop around for a good sale. Nice screen shots Todd. :)
  509. fishchasr

    Report from Possession

    WELCOME TO BLOODY DECKS! AWESOME FIRST POST! Well done on finding one of the few, very elusive Blackmouth. Great way to break it in. Congrats!
  510. fishchasr

    No Joy in MA 9 or 10

    We trolled for roughly 10 hours on Saturday and covered alot of water between Jeff's Head and Kingston and the west side of Possession during the outgoing tide. Possession was a challenging troll with the strong current, but at least we knew we were near the bottom as we picked up a decent sized...
  511. fishchasr

    Pt No Pt to Skunk Bay 1/22

    Thanks for your report - pretty much matches mine. Don't be too discouraged - nobody was catching yesterday either.
  512. fishchasr


    Well done! One of the few fish I've heard of being caught this weekend.
  513. fishchasr

    Sons 16th birthday

    I second/third the tuna trip! :urno1:
  514. fishchasr

    Lowrance HDS 5 or 7

    Insight USA charts are the best I've seen or used in several years. I'm sure 90% of people using it are satisfied with it also, as is, right out of the box. I'm a gadget geek so I'm always looking for the next toy. Navionics Platinum Plus chips will give you additional contour lines and some...
  515. fishchasr

    MA-10 1/17/11

    Had intentions to run out to Possession for day two, but wind/waves dictated otherwise. We started out just south of Jeff's Head heading north with the tide and picked up a 1/2 dozen 2-6 pound shakers. After the tide change we trolled from Kingston back to the point with a couple more shakers...
  516. fishchasr

    Area 9 Blackmouth Opener

    So where are the reports from all you badass diehards? :rofl: Anyone game for Monday? Give me a shout if you see me sailing by. :finger:
  517. fishchasr

    Live Bait Tank

    Check the specs of each, including wall thickness and structural integrity. Probably another case of "you get what you pay for". Personally, I wouldn't consider anything less than 20 gal. A larger volume of water will be less effected by heat, low oxygen, fish waste and overcrowding...
  518. fishchasr

    Lowrance HDS 5 or 7

    I have the HDS-7 with Insight USA and I LOVE IT! The ONLY reason I didn't get the 8 or 10 was due to space limitations as I wanted to flush mount it in my dash. You have to remember that when you're running chart and sonar, you split the screen between the two. There is SO MUCH information...
  519. fishchasr

    Live Bait Tank

    Mounting any tank on the swim step is a bad idea for at least two reasons: 1) Difficult to get the bait out when the chaos starts and the extra weight all the way back is not good either. I'd try to find a way to mount it more forward and centerline if at all possible, even on a temporary...
  520. fishchasr

    Live Bait Tank

    What size are you thinking? 30 gal Ultra Tank?
  521. fishchasr

    Anyone for Tuna

    Sure thing Greg, and we could tow a fuel barge behind us so we can make it home.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  522. fishchasr

    Congrats to Ron and Jean

    Congratulations Ron, and thank you for all the things you do. On behalf of all "average Joe" fishermen who couldn't attend, we humbly and gratefully salute you! :worship:
  523. fishchasr

    Area 9 Blackmouth Opener

    It could be a bit of a challenge and make for a bumpy ride, then again... ...forecasts are only that, just a best guess. Proceed with caution. :It__s_Outta_Here:
  524. fishchasr

    MA7 1/15/11

    Excellent, well done! Looks like you had calm seas also. Very nice! Thanks for the report.
  525. fishchasr

    "Daddy's Gangster Stuffed Salmon" A must try.....

    That's exactly what started this thread. I used this recipe with real crab stuffed into last week's Blackmouth that Todd and I caught. Mighty tasty! :hali_olutta:
  526. fishchasr

    Easy limit in MA 10.....

    Excellent report! Those are a couple of dandy's for sure! Now, where did I leave my anchovie smelly jelly? :)
  527. fishchasr

    Saturday MA-10 Report

    Seems the sun not only shined on us Saturday, but the Seahawks as well. Todd and I fished Jeff's Head between Kingston and the point most of the day. Action was pretty steady throughout the day although the wind was a bit tricky when trolling against it. We hooked over dozen shakers each...
  528. fishchasr

    MA 10 report

    Found a keeper on Saturday.
  529. fishchasr


    Agree - This is the best fishing forum on the net Disagree - with locking down the site (except maybe classifieds). Agree - Lurkers don't affect anything or anyone. Lurkers don't fish! Disagree - that a good fishing report causes localized flooding. Agree - Slow fishing winter months...
  530. fishchasr

    Washington state fuel tax refund for boats

    Yeppers... been sending in my receipts for 3 years now. One season of fuel tax refund usually pays for another tank. No mileage required, just legible receipts.
  531. fishchasr

    Something to do While waiting to Fish

    All were crazy... even believeable... except the guy running on water. :finger:
  532. fishchasr

    Area 10 Crab and Salmon

    Well done Charlie!
  533. fishchasr

    Braid vs Mono on Downriggers

    ...or are you talking about the downrigger rod/reel?
  534. fishchasr

    MA-10 Four-some

    Thanks guys! I think the low front moving through turned the fish on. Sealions were still a problem although not as thick as last week. I was surprized that a couple of the shakers were actually Coho. Definately glad to see some winter Kings showing up.
  535. fishchasr

    MA-10 Four-some

    We had planned to drive out the Queets river for some steelhead but river flow and height levels were too high for our liking so we launched the boat and headed for Jeff's Head instead. Not long after turning on the VHF, Coast Guard Sector Seattle reports small craft advisory with gail force...
  536. fishchasr

    Fix Mount VHF

    +1 I have the same radio networked through my Lowrance HDS-7. Also features FM radio and Buddy Tracking.
  537. fishchasr

    MA10 Blackmouth, Crabs and Sealions Oh My!

    Todd and I also fished Jeff's Head to Kingston late morning through early afternoon on Tuesday. Cool and breezy on the outside but no rain and plenty of sunshine early on. Caught 8-10 shakers between the two of us, most came on Todd's White Lightening Spoon while others came on my Irish Cream...
  538. fishchasr

    Area 10 BM

    Well done Stacy. Both of my two crab pots looked the same as yours. We were in the same area yesterday and couldn't have asked for better weather.
  539. fishchasr

    Area 10 Kingston Winter Blackmouth

    Well done Rich. Glad to see you avoided the sealions while landing those beauties. We were in the same area yesterday and couldn't have asked for better weather.
  540. fishchasr

    Awesome Crabbing Area 10

    way to get after 'em Charlie!
  541. fishchasr

    Manchester 11-11-10

    Plenty of bait for sure. Just a matter of time. Keep at 'em Todd.
  542. fishchasr

    Apple Tree/Possession/Hat Island

    That's close! Actually, I was facing aft setting lines while my friend Marcus' wife Darcie expertly piloted us along the 120' line. That's right Marcus,,, you've been replaced by a girl to drive the boat. :_diarrhea_:
  543. fishchasr

    HOW TO: Pull the pin (bar) on TOMIC plugs

    Tommy, what's the reason you're removing the bar? I can only assume that it allows the plug to slide up the line and helps prevent barbless hooks from being ejected during head shake maneuvers?
  544. fishchasr

    Apple Tree/Possession/Hat Island

    Okay, left... to port... North already. :) We trolled spoons, hootchies, flies, worms and even resorted to chumming with peanut M&Ms. Couldn't buy a 22 incher. 4-5# was about the largest we found. I've got some spectacular screen shots of bait to post later. Unbelievable.
  545. fishchasr

    Apple Tree/Possession/Hat Island

    Thanks for the link Ken. It's now final: Bayside Marine - Everett, Wa We struck out today. 16 shakers today, 7 yesterday, no keepers.
  546. fishchasr

    Apple Tree/Possession/Hat Island

    Not much to show for a long day of trolling except a very nice ($85) boat fender found adrift on the way home from Everett. Left Kingston at 0730, turned left and trolled all the way to PNP picking up about 1/2 dozen small shakers. Ran across to Useless Bay and had a good take-down on a...
  547. fishchasr

    Bayside Marine Blackmouth Derby

    I'm in... looking forward to the BBQ.
  548. fishchasr

    Forest Chickens and Fall Color

    Thanks for sharing!
  549. fishchasr

    I love chubbie nookie

    Nice fish! Bag one like that during next weekend's tourny and you'll be in the money.
  550. fishchasr

    Out of the closet - (Lurker no more)

    Welcome Aboard.
  551. fishchasr

    who let the dogs out

    Nice job. My guess would be cut-plug herring under a bobber?
  552. fishchasr

    Area 10 SLUMP

    We also fished the Jeff's Head area on Saturday and played with nearly a dozen shakers until mid-day when both rods went off with a nice pair of 18 inchers. Nice day on the water though. Maybe next time.
  553. fishchasr

    Hola Everyone!

    Welcome! Hope you have thick skin!
  554. fishchasr

    MA7 last 10 days for blackmouth

    Nice catch. Classic go-to setup. Well done.
  555. fishchasr

    Area 10 Skunking

    I was there today fishing between Kingston and Jeff Head. As you stated, found tons of bait just off the SE of JH point and had two hard takedowns around 1030, just didn't stick. Ran inside to jig for a couple flat fish for the 6 year old passenger and got some smiles even after chumming a...
  556. fishchasr


    Well done Greg. Glad to see you finally got into some.
  557. fishchasr

    Live Bait Well vs Bait Tank

    Tim, if you've read any of the other threads, you'd already know that your factory bait tank (at best holds 16 gals) will be woefully inadequate for any substantial amount of bait. On a flat day, if you're lucky, with maybe 1/2 scoop of bait, you might be able to run the 40+ miles out for tuna...
  558. fishchasr

    Got It On With A Couple Ho's Today!!!

    Well done tracking down those ho's up river.
  559. fishchasr

    Trailer modification for the garage

    Well done on the mod. Great project for the man-cave. :)
  560. fishchasr

    Einar Nielsen-Becky Barr Fishing Classic Area 7 (2nd Place)

    Thanks for the report and well done on the win.
  561. fishchasr

    Defiance Open House / BO's BBQ Pictures

    Sorry we missed the BBQ and contests but we were busy slayin' Coho's. Looks like everyone had a great time.
  562. fishchasr

    Area 9 Saturday/Sunday

    Well done! Nice hook nose.
  563. fishchasr

    Area 9 and 10, Sunday 9/26/10

    Way to go Jeff. Thanks for the report.
  564. fishchasr

    One last glorious day on the briney. Westport 9/22.

    Excellent! Can't ask for better water than that.
  565. fishchasr

    MA-5 Sekiu Coho

    Thanks everyone. We were fortunate not to have any fog during our stay but I was prepared to use my radar if needed. We did however see some rain, winds and a small craft advisory. Now if I could only find an electronic idiot detector and moron deflector to network into my Lowrance HDS System...
  566. P9220005


  567. P9260002


  568. P9230023


  569. fishchasr

    MA-5 Sekiu Coho

    As previously reported by others, Sekiu was a zoo. Maybe its always that way during the last 2 weeks in September, but this was my first time at Sekiu. My belief that some people not only shouldn't own boats, but they shouldn't be allowed breed either. This was confirmed on numerous occasions...
  570. P9250055


  571. P9240032


  572. P9250049


  573. P9250052


  574. P9250047


  575. P9250039


  576. P9250045


  577. P9240029


  578. P9250034


  579. P9230019


  580. P9230013


  581. P9230014


  582. P9230018


  583. P9240027


  584. P9220003


  585. P9230011


  586. Sekiu 2010

    Sekiu 2010

    Coho fishing in Sekiu Washington 2010
  587. fishchasr

    Sekiu Zoo...

    Well done, thanks for the report.
  588. fishchasr

    MA7 Kings! (9-18-10)

    Well done. Excellent read and pics.
  589. fishchasr

    AM/FM Radio Reception on Aluminum Boat

    My FM antenna is a short length of wire plugged in the back of the stereo receiver and then tucked into the headliner of the cabin. I also have FM on my Lowrance VHF radio which automatically cuts out when a transmission occurs.
  590. fishchasr

    Sekiu report

    Thanks for the report Greg. Sorry about your truck/trailer. Hopefully the Zoo will leave and the silvers will show up during the week as we're heading up there on Wednesday.
  591. fishchasr

    Sekiu report

    Say it ain't so! What happened?
  592. fishchasr

    Kick ass day in the Juans!!!

    Very nice fish and great report. Well done!
  593. fishchasr

    Deciding between Westport vs Sekiu

    I think you should go to WestPort which makes more room for us going to Sekiu. :rofl:
  594. fishchasr

    New boat in the garage: Defiance 220ex

    Congrats on the new ride. We all expect some great reports (and pics) in your future.
  595. fishchasr

    When you get lonesome for stinky fingers- watch this...

    :eyepoppin Now THATS a bait stop!! :notworthy
  596. fishchasr

    No love from outside San juan

    I hate it when those damn fairy's fall! :rofl:
  597. fishchasr

    Any recent Sekiu reports?.. Thanks

    It's better than that. Here's the most recent post from Olsen's Resort: "THE SILVERS ARE HERE!! the count from the A.M. fish checker this morning from our docks was 19 boats 75 fish. Most people are heading strait out trolling. They are also going towards the Sekiu river and using all...
  598. fishchasr

    Defiance Marine Store BD Barbecue Sept. 25th

    We might have to come back early from Sekiu.... we'll be there if the fish aren't biting. :finger:
  599. Tuna Twins

    Tuna Twins

  600. Big Guns

    Big Guns

  601. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna Report 9-10 & 9-11

    I've been wondering about running bigger gear, especially on slow days. My thinking is more noise + more eye candy = bigger fish? Next time I'm breakin' out the big guns.
  602. fishchasr

    Speed for trolling X raps?

    I use #32 rubberband on feathers and clones and #64 on larger lures.
  603. fishchasr

    2nd Tuna Trip WP 9/13

    Well done, makes me hungry for more.
  604. fishchasr

    Speed for trolling X raps?

    K.I.S.S. Method - A #64 rubberband in the same location works good too. Half hitch around the line and pull the tag end back to the reel and loop it around something. When the band breaks, your hooked up. :)
  605. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna Report 9-10 & 9-11

    Great read, thanks for the report.
  606. fishchasr

    WP report 9-11

    Well done. It's been a good year for us beginners! :)
  607. fishchasr

    Edmonds Derby Tough Day

    Well done, way to stick it out.
  608. fishchasr

    Someone Call the Coroner

    Way to make the best of your trip Greg. Nice Ling! We'll be in CQ from 22-25, hope it picks up by then.
  609. fishchasr

    Area 10 Coho 9/11/10

    Thanks Gary and Tim. Newbies are always fun. We also noticed both fish had empty bellies. Hmmmm
  610. fishchasr

    Area 10 Coho 9/11/10

    Got the itch to fish so headed to Jeff's Head Saturday morning with a newbie from work onboard. Weather was overcast and the water was flat. Lots of trash in the water required extra attentiveness. We set out the usual spread of hoochie, spoon and a fly down the middle on a deep six. Changed...
  611. fishchasr

    Tailgunner Long day = Long fins

    Way to get it done Eric! Thanks for the report and pics. Mistakes are learning opportunities we try not to have happen twice. :)
  612. BD Sticker

    BD Sticker

  613. Newbie Pat with nice Coho

    Newbie Pat with nice Coho

  614. Newbie Pat with Coho on the line

    Newbie Pat with Coho on the line

  615. Pat putting the wood to his second Coho

    Pat putting the wood to his second Coho

  616. Puget Sound Salmon

    Puget Sound Salmon

  617. fishchasr

    Edmonds Coho Derby

    Congrats on your catch. We were also at JH and probably passed by ya at one time or another. We managed to scratch up two on green glo/spatter back behind green/red stripe flasher.
  618. fishchasr

    Epic and Glorious WP 9-7 to 9-8

    Excellent! Great report. Way to go!
  619. fishchasr


    We're heading up on the 22nd for a long weekend. All the rain this week should help.
  620. fishchasr

    Live Bait Tanks

    I agree, lack of clean, oxygenated ocean water being pumped in and too much bait for size of tank probably did them in. With a couple of modifications you could probably make it work for you.
  621. fishchasr

    Sekiu Weekend.

    Thanks for the report Eric, we're heading to CQ in a couple of weeks so the silvers should pick up some by then. Try jigging shrimp flies for bottom fish next time. Buy several packs because the rock bass and lings like to mangle those buggars.
  622. fishchasr

    Wind, Waves and Whales

    Thanks for the info Troy, I run mono on the troll rods except for my long center which doubles as my halibut rod. I'll try backing off the drag though next time we're in rough seas. All-in-all, it was a great first year for us. :)
  623. fishchasr

    New Defiance Marine Tackle and Service Center

    Hey Bo, the place looks much better now with a couple of boats and several racks of gear on the floor. Well done!
  624. fishchasr

    Westport Silvers

    Well done. Thanks for the report.
  625. fishchasr


    Outstanding Team effort you guys. Not only have you set the standard for killing tuna, you've set the standard for best post as well. Gonna be hard to top having your picture taken with "I do it my way" Tred Barta. I'm jealous!
  626. fishchasr

    TUNA! Report of my own finally!

    Outstanding Matt, and thanks for the info you gave me via PM several weeks ago. You helped make our first trip a success also.
  627. fishchasr

    Tuna Tuna Tuna

    Just curious, what brand/model bait tank did you install? Got pics?
  628. fishchasr

    New Defiance Marine Tackle and Service Center

    This has been much needed for a very long time. Way to go Bo! We'll be first in line to check out the new digs. All you need now is a BBQ kickin' out some little doggies in the parking lot for a proper Grand Opening! :)
  629. fishchasr

    Saturday Marine Area 9

    Very nice. Sounds like the Coho are running deeper than normal.
  630. fishchasr

    Wind, Waves and Whales

    Just curious, were you using double point tuna hooks or singles. Sitting here now thinking about it, maybe we should have switched to single point hooks. :_diarrhea_:
  631. fishchasr

    Wind, Waves and Whales

    Yeah, Saturday. A bit sloppy or "sporty" as some were calling it. Since this was only my second Westport Albacore hunt, I'll reflect back to my Hawaiian trolling days to answer your second question. :hali_olutta:I drink more beer. But seriously, as you mentioned, changing lure type...
  632. fishchasr

    Saturday AM Area 10

    Very nice! Good table fare.
  633. fishchasr

    Wind, Waves and Whales

    Thanks for the clarification Charlie. Cute little buggars aren't they?
  634. fishchasr

    Live Bait Stop, Fish on! 2 On! 3 On! 4 On! 5 On!!!!

    Well done. Next time we'll follow you out. :)
  635. fishchasr

    Wind, Waves and Whales

    The forecast was marginal and hope was it wouldn't be as bad as they predicted. They were right. Crossing the bar was mostly uneventful, then head SW to the area we found the tuna a couple weeks ago. Lesson #1. We should have looked for better intel or followed the tuna charters. At about the...
  636. Humpback Whale breaching

    Humpback Whale breaching

  637. Breaching Humpback

    Breaching Humpback

  638. fishchasr

    Weather Forecast

    Yeah, we ran out with the Ospray. We saw all the birds first and headed that direction until we noticed those were dolphin jumping and not tuna. We continued out to our 40 mile spot, trolled for 20 minutes with nothing, picked up and ran out to where my Sirius Weather SST had located warmer...
  639. fishchasr

    Weather Forecast

    Well done. Outstanding actually considering how sloppy it was out there. I hailed you on 16/68 after crossed the bar but didn't hear a response. I think you were North of us. We didn't want to leave you hanging out there somewhere so we tried to contact you again as we left our SW position...
  640. fishchasr

    What's your favorite Chartplotter/FishFinder?

    My Lowrance HDS-7 is the best I've ever used. Integrated radar, fuel flow sensor and satellite weather into one network package is very sweet. Insight USA charting has everything I need for Inland lakes, Puget Sound, intercoastal and offshore fishing. You'll have to do the legwork to #1...
  641. fishchasr

    Uniden Solara help pls

    MMSI numbers or waypoints?
  642. fishchasr

    WP TUNA this weekend?

    I think you guys should stay home. :Emoticon_Potty_Time
  643. fishchasr

    Uniden Solara help pls

    Andy, first question is did you buy this radio new or used? If used, read the following Notes: from your users manual. Note 1 tells you how to check if an MMSI number is already programmed in your radio. If new, follow the below directions from your users manual. If you want the complete...
  644. fishchasr


    OUTSTANDING WORK! Great report! Save some for the rest of us please.
  645. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna

    First off Terry, welcome to Bloody (Tuna-Holic) Decks. To best meet your needs, here are a couple of questions. Are you looking for a seat on a seasoned boat or do you want to take yours out and buddy up with someone else? Do you have a crew? What day(s) are you looking to go? I'm sure...
  646. fishchasr

    New..Doing WP on 8/28

    Welcome to the zoo!
  647. fishchasr


    All great info THANKS! I do have a couple of smokers but didn't think about taking it in for them to smoke. There's also Sweeny's Meats in Keyport. Hmmm, lots of possibilities.
  648. fishchasr


    Thanks for the info. Just looking for alternatives. I don't have room for 800# of ice. Cleaning tuna turned out to be pretty easy to do ourselves. Since we already have 60# each in the freezer, we thought we'd canned the next batch. 1/2 pint jars and a pressure canner is on the shopping...
  649. fishchasr


    Stupid question time. What other options are there for buying ice in Westport besides buying 10# bags at the Hungry Whale? What hours can you get ice at the Seafood place at the marina? Phone Numbers? Does anyone sell 50# bags? Bait is $5/# or $35/scoop (cash only) at the net pens starting...
  650. fishchasr

    Mayhem in Twilight Country

    Well done, nice haul and some great fishing stories to be told by the youngsters.
  651. fishchasr


    Well done Greg! Glad to see you got into the action. Also, good job on voyage planning and keeping your crew and boat safe.
  652. fishchasr

    8/24 Westport

    Welcome to TunaHolics! This addiction is worse than crack! Our team will be out again this Saturday. Get a bigger barrel. Todd made ours from a 55 gallon poly drum and we only lost 3-4 chovies out of a scoop 'n half. Well done!
  653. fishchasr

    Jenning's Dive Park in Neah not dead.

    I'm a diver but haven't spearfished since 1986 when I had a way too close encounter with a Bull shark off of Charleston, SC. I think having a dive park is a great idea but they need to stop mixing/messing with the fishery aspect of it.
  654. fishchasr

    West port tuna slayers

    We're making plans to hunt on Saturday. Watching the weather.
  655. fishchasr

    Lessons learned 1st time out

    Great post JT. Lessons Learned are valuable for newbies and veterans alike. Glad you landed some tuna and made it home safe. Recommend adding a fuel flow sensor/meter to your setup for next time. Use it every trip as well as near shore halibut runs to gage distance travelled, load, etc...
  656. fishchasr

    Virgin Cherry Poppin' Albacore Carnage

    yeah, really sucks because I left the bibs and boots my wife bought me for Christmas at home on the workbench.
  657. fishchasr

    Double Dippin' in MA7 8/21

    Thanks for the report and pics. Well done!
  658. fishchasr

    washington tuna

    read the posts man...
  659. fishchasr

    Westport King Limits 8/21

    Well done! Great pics too!
  660. fishchasr

    More tuna Saturday Aug-21st.

    Good luck everyone. Hopefully they'll stay around for another couple of weeks.
  661. fishchasr

    It's not Quite as big as Cornfed being on the show BUT...

    Excellent! A true inspiration even from a wheel chair.
  662. fishchasr

    Let's Talk Bar Crossings

    That answer is quite subjective to the ocean and weather conditions for that particular day. On 16 August you could have paddled out there in a kayak. There are also days when a 40' trawler would stay home. Know the limits of your personal open ocean navigation and seamanship skills and know...
  663. fishchasr

    Virgin Cherry Poppin' Albacore Carnage

    Here's the spread we ran for our two 10 minute troll periods... the other 2.5 hours we were on the school with live bait.
  664. fishchasr

    Virgin Cherry Poppin' Albacore Carnage

    I hear ya... You'll appreciate this one then....
  665. busted gaff

    busted gaff

  666. Lure spread

    Lure spread

  667. fishchasr

    8/16 yellow tail

    Awesome! Another species checked off the list. :)
  668. fishchasr

    Virgin Cherry Poppin' Albacore Carnage

    Thanks for all the great replies everyone. We planned, we executed and we accomplished our mission. The stars, tides, weather, seas and swell were definately lined up to aid in our success. Thanks again.
  669. fishchasr

    Virgin Cherry Poppin' Albacore Carnage

    Thanks Randy. I noticed you're from Black Diamond. You may not recognize her now, but my boat spent the first 10 years of her life on Lake Sawyer as the Black Diamond Sheriff's patrol boat aka Lake Sawyer I. Now she's a fish killin' machine! :2gunsfiring_v1:
  670. fishchasr

    Neah Bay Report 8/11-8/14

    Nice fish! Well done!
  671. fishchasr

    Aug 16th Tuna Westport with Defiance

    I'm sure my radio report made it obviously apparent that I was giddy as a school-girl getting my cherry popped. I'll try to maintain my composure better next time. :rofl:
  672. fishchasr

    Tuna and Rain

    Based on my Hawaiian fishing experience, rain does obscure the fish's visual perspective looking up so we ran larger/darker colors along with teasers and birds to make more noise and flash. If it weren't my anniversary this weekend, I'd go again!
  673. fishchasr

    Virgin Cherry Poppin' Albacore Carnage

    Where do I begin? I started prepping for this day over a year ago. Tuna hooks, clones, Boones Bird, gaff, leaders, rods, reels, charts, outriggers and seminars... Yes, Bo Palmer's Tuna Seminar at Sportsmans Wharehouse in Silverdale. Great info and great advice. Ready to go but no time in the...
  674. Bo and Team Defiance

    Bo and Team Defiance

  675. fishchasr

    trollers versus baitstops tuna fishing

    Do you really think those fish stay within the same 10' of water? :2gunsfiring_v1:
  676. fishchasr

    Killing Motor during bait stops

    Let it run - the fish don't care. If you're worried about running out of fuel - you shouldn't be there anyway!
  677. fishchasr

    Number Sharing on the Tuna Grounds

    First of all, my appologies for letting my green crew member drive my boat within 100 yards of the other two boats we found on Monday 40 miles outside Westport. I was setting up gear and turned around to see two boat directly in front of my boat. I immediately had my green horn change course...
  678. tuna torpedo

    tuna torpedo

  679. cleaning tuna

    cleaning tuna

  680. The prize

    The prize

  681. shrek prints

    shrek prints

  682. Albacore mayhem

    Albacore mayhem

  683. 21 final count

    21 final count

  684. bloody mess

    bloody mess

  685. bloody deck salute!

    bloody deck salute!

  686. fish on!

    fish on!

  687. first Westport Tuna strike - cherry popped

    first Westport Tuna strike - cherry popped

  688. Westport tuna cherry popped

    Westport tuna cherry popped

  689. tuna scout

    tuna scout

  690. Bloody first

    Bloody first

  691. Westport Tuna 2010

    Westport Tuna 2010

    16 Aug 2010 - First Albacore Tuna trip
  692. fishchasr

    Aug 16th Tuna Westport with Defiance

    Way to go guys! Enjoyed seeing you guys out there during our cherry-poppin tuna slayin' carnage. :)
  693. fishchasr

    Sunday, 8/15 WP tuna roll call

    We'll be arriving Saturday evening as well. Planning to fish Salmon on Sunday and Tuna on Monday. Staying at Twin Harbors.
  694. fishchasr


    Way to go Tommy and Crew. Your an inspiration to the rest of us. As a retired Vet, I also appreciate what you and the WTC have/are doing. Maybe I can be there next year.
  695. fishchasr

    Westport Tuna 8/8

    Well done! There's nothing embarrasing about bringing home fresh TUNA! Especially since there are no tuna in Westport. My crew will be trying to do the same this weekend. Thanks for the report.