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  1. jiggyn

    WTB Sabre 820 rod

    Looking for one let me know Sabre 820
  2. jiggyn

    TRADE Benjamins for Truline 6X or D8

    I have some spare Benjamin’s Iam no longer going to use so would like to trade for a fishable 6X or tiger D8 They are all in used but workable condition my lost your gain
  3. jiggyn

    posting new pics

    not sure what is going on or how it works maybe new site but when posting pics from my phone they are all sideways any idea what to do or what is going on
  4. jiggyn

    SOLD Makaira 50 silver

    Super clean Makaira 50 in silver Some small marks “refer to pic 2” Excellent working order I believe a bit over 400 yards of 100lb hollow SOLD
  5. jiggyn

    For Sale Butch green / Bowen boxes

    Selling some Butch Green Bowen boxes No trays or shelves It’s the lighter large ones in pic $60 each or both for $100
  6. jiggyn

    Buggin out

    Went out to get some crawlers The norm drop soak pull and repeat
  7. jiggyn

    For Sale Makaira sold

  8. jiggyn

    For Sale Blue seekers composite

    these are the blue glass composite rods not painted Like new OSP 2x4 "one boat ride" 80-130lb alps seat, Fuji HBSG guides, 18" fore grip cold shrink 13" rear $500 new OSP 1X3 new alps seat, Fuji HBSG guides, 18" fore grip cold shrink 13" rear 60-100lb SOLD ESM 7660 "kitted" new 50-80lb alps...
  9. jiggyn

    Sabre Socorro refinished

    Had this refinished Almost looks new Stand by for the build
  10. jiggyn

    For Sale Seeker Honey 7X

    New uncut uh molested 7X 9’3 $300 Or trade for talica 12 ii or 16ii
  11. jiggyn

    For Sale Done fin delete

    Sold it
  12. jiggyn

    TRADE Virgin Cousins 95Mag

    Looking to trade one of my 95Mag blanks Trade for talica 25ii Makaira 30 matte black or new gunmetal Price point $550 *if you want to bitch moan or complain PM ME
  13. jiggyn

    For Sale Blue seeker set

    these are the blue glass composite rods not painted Like new OSP 2x4 "one boat ride" 80-130lb alps seat, Fuji HBSG guides, 18" fore grip cold shrink 13" rear new OSP 1X3 new alps seat, Fuji HBSG guides, 18" fore grip cold shrink 13" rear 60-100lb ESM 7660 "kitted" new 50-80lb alps seat, 18"...
  14. jiggyn

    For Sale SS delete

    Delete sold
  15. jiggyn

    FREE Box of flakes

    for those that Flake, puss out or simply scam here is a big box of for you
  16. jiggyn

    For Sale And delete

  17. jiggyn

    For Sale Done delete

  18. jiggyn

    For Sale Delete Lexa sold

  19. jiggyn

    WTB Cousins W858XF

    looking for a W858XF And W908XF
  20. jiggyn

    Outstanding tuna bite

    went on the annual GFD charter trip 2.5 This was on the Poseidon Quick run down insane bite on 20-30lb yellowfin 40-60pb bluefin Setup that killed it was SSF90 tranx loaded with 50lb spectra 17lb flouro Seeker 809 Daiwa sealine sl20sh “that blew up” straight mono to 17lb flouro Size 2-4 ringed...
  21. jiggyn

    For Sale 1st gen Zebco

    1st gen zebco 33 combo silver handle with tags $2000 Why not throw this out there too No trades :jig:
  22. jiggyn

    WTB Okuma delete

    looking for 2 speed Andros and metaloids 5 series and N 12 series and N
  23. jiggyn

    WTB Penn fathom 25N & 15 2 speed

    looking for one
  24. jiggyn

    TRADE Virgin Cousins 95Jmag

    one of my virgin blanks 95J Looking to trade for a saltiga 15 OG stardrag Or OKUMA makaira 20 no old gunmetal NOT FOR SALE since I have to put a price Guesstimate $1million
  25. jiggyn

    WTB Daiwa sealine sl20sh

    looking for one don’t care what it looks like as long as it’s mechanically sound
  26. jiggyn

    FREE Definite scammer here

    got hit up by this guy Throwing it out there cuz too many have gone this route If Iam wrong than I’ll clear it up If not I have no problem throwing you out to the wolves
  27. jiggyn

    whole lotta nothing

    went out yesterday from Danapoint Heard a day or so ago yellowfin were spotted water temp was 73 traveled around the 312, and probably did around 70 miles of looking very little life, I think we crept up on a swordie that slowly sank out got a beer buzz and always good to be on the water, next...
  28. jiggyn

    WTB saltiga 15 or 20 stardrag

    Looking for the OG saltiga 15 or 20 stardrag
  29. jiggyn

    TRADE Shimano talica 16ii for 20ii

    BNIB talica 16ii trade for a 20ii is same or like condition Local transaction if possible
  30. jiggyn

    WTB Tiburon clamp lexa 400 and tranx 400

    Looking for a tib clamp for the lexa 400 and tranx 400
  31. jiggyn

    For Sale Makaira sold delete

    Sold sold
  32. jiggyn

    For Sale sold delete sold

  33. jiggyn

    TRADE EX traded delete post

  34. jiggyn

    WTB Truline CO7

    looking for a cobra CO7
  35. jiggyn

    For Sale Fenwick PJ83 SOLD

    up for sale excellent factory PJ83 8’3 SOLD Local transaction
  36. jiggyn

    For Sale Fenwick PJ83

    up for sale excellent factory PJ83 8’3 $300 Local transaction
  37. jiggyn

    WTB trinidad 12 & 14 gold

    looking for the gold 12 and 14
  38. jiggyn

    1/2 day success with kids

    so initially me and my buddy wanted to go chase some bluefin but counts were quite low So decided take his kids out on a local 1/2 day and have them pull on some fish Went on the city of long beach 1/2 day with about 18 people Plenty of room so made working with the kids great Morning was...
  39. jiggyn


    looking for an Andros 16llA Super seeker 70XH on of the good LB stuff 7’3 Fuji guides and tuna cord handle Few small scuffs
  40. jiggyn

    90 anglers WTF

    I wasn’t on this trip but WTF REALLY 90 heads on there what a gaggle fuck that has got to be Straight elbow to elbow and belly button to ass Chime in if you were on that Me personally I would be like nope nope nope I’ll stay behind
  41. jiggyn

    TRADE Fenwick PJ83 for talica

    clean factory Fenwick PJ83 It’s Fenwicks version of the Truline D8 Trade for talica 12ii or 16ii $350 * also have a Nigerian offshore account you could wire the money too and will ship from San Francisco
  42. jiggyn

    WTB SS FD85 & FL75

    looking to replace my beat up ones Blanks or wrapped
  43. jiggyn

    WTB smurf seeker 70XH

    looking for blanks possibly wrapped on the blue composite 70XH
  44. jiggyn

    WTB SS 6470 & 6480

    looking for both Blank or wrapped Also know as SS 70 SS 80
  45. jiggyn

    For Sale Delete fin

  46. jiggyn

    The meal from the Catch

    well here is the spread from the catch Enjoy And big props to my BFF Leo for helping put this spread
  47. jiggyn

    WTB UC mega or mag 85

    wrapped or blank
  48. jiggyn

    Biters on the AZTEC

    just getting in Captain Greg said we not fishing with the fleet We are gonna find some fish that want to play And we found them 80miles down south 25-35lb grade I’ll give me more updates on gear line etc when I get home line/flouro: 20-25lb hooks size: 1 or 2 bait: hot sardine must be bit in 1...
  49. jiggyn

    WTB UC swimbait finatic 711XH

    looking for ruc711
  50. jiggyn

    WTB CEX 6480H EX 70H

    looking for one CEX 80H Maybe other models too
  51. jiggyn

    TRADE Seeker honey 7X

    i have a honey 7X 9’3 un trimmed from factory Looking to trade for a blue 7X
  52. jiggyn

    For Sale Erase delete

    Sold Thanks Jon put her to work
  53. jiggyn

    WTB & delete

    Got one Delete
  54. jiggyn

    Blue Seeker ESM 7660 “BUT”

    well had my blue ESM 7660 wrapped BUUT “How do you like your new rod?” Me : Damn looks clean but, I didn’t ask for black on black I wanted black with powder blue fades Wrapper : oh shit Iam doing that on your 1x3 Me : nope black on black on that one Oh and it’s not an SSR 7660 it’s a ESM...
  55. jiggyn

    WTB Sabre Socorro

    as the title says looking for one
  56. jiggyn

    TRADE Finita

  57. jiggyn

    WTB SS 6470H LB

    looking for one SS6470H also known as a 70H Long Beach stuff
  58. jiggyn

    WTB Penn Fathom 40NLD & 25N

    looking for both 40N and 25N 2 speed
  59. jiggyn

    WTB CEX 70H

    Long shot but if you have one to sell Also have accurates and makairas to trade
  60. jiggyn

    WTB Super ATD 12

    looking to pick one up accurate super ATD 12 If you got one to sell PM me
  61. jiggyn

    Triton 3/4 Catalina

    a little behind on posting but here is the quicky Triton 3/4 to Catalina Lots of boats on the front side and isthmus Use small hot sardines 2/0 hooks 30lb flouro My weapons of choice chucking the Irrrrn
  62. jiggyn

    For Sale Daiwa Lexa 400 HS

    Lexa 400 High speed grey power handle In great shape loaded with 50lb izor And tiburon clamp SOLD
  63. jiggyn

    WTB SS 6485 & 6490

    looking for both SS 6485 and 6490 LB MADE Prefer it be a blank
  64. jiggyn


    back at it If you got and and not using it like to sell for cash XR7 TNT
  65. jiggyn

    For Sale Blue seeker ESM 7650

    Have 2 blanks selling one Seeker Blue composite glass limited made 7’6 30-50lb If you are a fan of the FL75 this is like it with more balls and backbone SOLD!
  66. jiggyn


    SS 70XH LB Looking to trade for an 80XH LB Has few marks and scuff Fuji guides seine cord handle
  67. jiggyn

    Toronado report from 5/30

    a bit late and havent posted reports in awhile went on 5/30 great weather flat calm conditions we had live squirts and dines conditions were quite slack and yellows were hard to come by I stayed with throwing the iron all day fanning the area, was able to hook 2 and lost em to the seals...
  68. jiggyn

    profile content gone???

    was trying to look up past posts and content. found that its all gone. Iam the only one or did it get all deleted
  69. jiggyn

    WTB Sabre psychedelic 7’

    as the title says looking for one 670H Prefer blank And no iam not gonna pay $2500-$3k
  70. jiggyn

    WTB Tiger D8 or RD8

    looking for either one Tiger D8 smaller tip 40lb rod Cash cash cash
  71. jiggyn

    WTB ss 80XH or tiger

    Looking for either one a SS or tiger Long Beach made and first generation Blanks mainly
  72. jiggyn

    WTB Truline XR7 & TNT

    Looking for both Cobra glass
  73. jiggyn

    TRADE LB made SS 70XH

    As the titles says LB made SS 70XH for trade only Its clean with a few scuffs Deck hand seine cord handle A solid rod for sure Trade for an 80XH SS LB Or Trinidad 40N
  74. jiggyn

    WTB K fisher rods

    Looking for heavy Kennedy fisher rods or blanks 8’
  75. jiggyn

    TRADE Done erase

  76. jiggyn

    WTB tady 4/0 lite

    looking for the tady 4/0 lites
  77. jiggyn

    WTB Lemon 528 Lami

    Looking for a lemon glass 528 its the bright yellow with black pitting in it
  78. jiggyn

    For Sale Seeker blank sold

  79. jiggyn

    WTB Truline TNT or XR7 cobra

    Looking for a cobra glass TNT
  80. jiggyn

    WTB XR7 and RD8 cobra

    Looking for these 2 in cobra glass only XR7 ill spend $500 RD8 ill spend $700 that all depends on quality and grade
  81. jiggyn

    WTB CB 112s 110s 200s

    looking for candybar jigs Models 112 110 and 200 earlier the better and no sandcast
  82. jiggyn

    Seeker CSL 6480?

    found a seeker CSL 6480 in my stash Any one have info on these From what I can tell it’s super light and a 40-60lb rod
  83. jiggyn

    WTB D8 or RD8 Truline

    looking for a D8 or RD8 Truline in cobra glass
  84. jiggyn

    Classic wahooweenie jig

    i think this is gonna be the new hot jig for that special hard to get wahoo IMO COULD USE BETTER HOOKS
  85. jiggyn

    For Sale Gone 150s

    150s sold
  86. jiggyn

    And this fake offer

  87. jiggyn

    WTB Seeker Tiger

    Looking for blanks or wrapped 1st gen 70H 70XH 80XH 1x3 Ulua 10’
  88. jiggyn

    Ballyhood mini casting bells

    Wow now they come in the mini casting size 8oz in weight. I may have to pick up a few and use it right after a troll strike
  89. jiggyn

    WTB Shimano TLD 30 with tiburon or will fish

    looking for a TLD 30 with a tiburon or will fish topless kit Maybe a 20 also
  90. jiggyn

    WTB Black makairas

    looking for black makairas 20 30
  91. jiggyn

    For Sale Deleted this

    no More
  92. jiggyn

    SOLD Seeker Sold

    And gone
  93. jiggyn

    For Sale Makaira 30 silver

  94. jiggyn

    For Sale LB made seeker rods

    super seeker 6480- 80 fully wrapped deck Fuji MNSG deck hand handle $300 now $250 Seeker Hercules 90 factory wrapped Fuji reel seat metallic purple finish SOLD Seeker 809 fully wrapped Fuji reel seat metallic purple finish $200 *these are all fishing rods so yes have signs of use, not wall...
  95. jiggyn

    WTB XR7 Truline

    looking for a cobra glass XR7
  96. jiggyn

    For Sale SS 70XH 70H

    LB made SS 70XH AND 70H 70H $225 70XH sold Blue composite ESM sold!!!
  97. jiggyn

    For Sale SS BLANKS ESM

    LB MADE SS BLANKS 70H $225 70XH $250 $400 for the pair or trade for talica 16ii ESM BLUE COMPOSITE sold 7’6 30-50 Local transactions
  98. jiggyn

    WTB SS 85 LB

  99. jiggyn

    For Sale SS LB blanks ESM blank

    have a set of LB SS blanks 70H and 70XH Blue composite ESM 7650 7’6 30-50lb $550 all 3 bundle Or trade for talica 16ii or Makaria 16ii silver or black Or trade for cobra TNT or XR7
  100. jiggyn

    TRADE SS 70XH 4 80XH

    I have a LB made SS70XH 7'2 Looking to trade for a 80XH LB blank
  101. jiggyn

    WTB SS6485

    Looking for one LB made would prefer a blank
  102. jiggyn

    WTB Makaira SEA 50

    Looking for a black or silver Makaira 50 sea
  103. jiggyn

    For Sale Done done done

    And it’s done
  104. jiggyn

    For Sale Seeker blanks ESM SS

    LB made SS 70H 7’ 40-50lb ESM 7650 Blue composite 7’6 30-50lb Both for $300
  105. jiggyn

    Fortune 1.5 report

    Sorry for the late report been swamped But had a charter trip on the Fortune 8/26 - 8/28 1.5 Always great group of guys with Glendale fire and police Left with great smalll sardines Headed south I believe the hidden bank Weather was a bit choppy Fishing was a bit tuff lot and lots of...
  106. jiggyn

    For Sale Sold fin

  107. jiggyn

    For Sale Narrowed Newell 533

    selling a Jerry Downey narrowed 533 Carbontex Tex drags in great working order SOLD
  108. jiggyn

    For Sale Yellow glass lamiglas 527

    Full length 7’ yellow glass lami 527 30lb light 40 Thick walled Seine cord handle Or trade for gold Trini 20 $sold sold sold
  109. jiggyn

    WTB Truline 6X red or green

    looking for a cobra or green 6X Also have reels and rods to trade for it
  110. jiggyn

    For Sale Shimano Trini 16N Gold

    Selling now found what I needed PENDING Local transaction Reel has DC upgrade drag plate Carbon Tex drags
  111. jiggyn

    WTB trini 20 gold

    looking for a gold Trinidad 20
  112. jiggyn

    WTB SS ULUAH 93H or tiger

    Looking for a 93H SS or tiger LB MADE 10’
  113. jiggyn

    WTB shimano tranx 400

    Looking for a Tranx 400, not the high speed
  114. jiggyn


    purchased a reel from this member Bugs90 once payment was sent phone goes straight to voicemail, will not return messages and text also said reel was shipped but did not give tracking number transaction was made on 7/24 here is the kicker I accidentally paid twice and he said he never got 2...
  115. jiggyn

    TRADE Makaira 30 silver for black makaira

    i have a silver 30 makaira recently service from Okuma Proven cow killer Has some marks from use about 3/4 full of 130 spectra Looking to trade for a 20 or 30 black Not looking to sell
  116. jiggyn

    WTB makaira 16 silver black

    looking for a Makaira 16 in silver or black
  117. jiggyn

    WTB SS 80XH LB

    LOOking for a blank possibly wrapped LB made SS 80XH
  118. jiggyn

    seeker OSP 3X?

    was looking to pick one up and noticed that the internal label was a seeker 63XXXH so is it a 63XXXH mandrel rolled longer?
  119. jiggyn

    WTB Super seeker 6470 “70”

    looking for a super seeker 6470 “70”. Wrapped or blank
  120. jiggyn

    WTB Accurate 600N Black

    looking for a black dauntless 600N 2 speed Prefer the matte finish
  121. jiggyn

    WTB Candy bar 112 blue

    looking for a clean candy bar 112 non R blue grey jig
  122. jiggyn

    WTB P533 side plates

    Looking for P533 side plates
  123. jiggyn

    WTB Truline heavy 7’

    looking for a heavy 7’ cobra glass in any one of these models D7 XR7 TNT
  124. jiggyn

    WTB MAKAIRA 16 or 20

    looking for a MAKAIRA 16 or 20 in black or possibly silver
  125. jiggyn

    WTB Sabre rod heavy

    looking for and older Sabre rod 7’ heavy thick walled s glass 40-60lb class 80 is fine too
  126. jiggyn

    Triton 6/15 report

    been awhile since I’ve done any reports but here is the quick version Fished Catalina Fishing was very slow but boat and crewed didn’t lack effort on looking and trying Short cudas one yellow and some legal bass And lots of cold beer Weather was flat calm Oh and I did not touch bait chucked...
  127. jiggyn

    WTB Trinidad 12 or 14 gold

    looking for a gold 12 or 14
  128. jiggyn

    TRADE Truline factory 5X or CXM

    I have a clean chocolate factory 5X $550 Factory GREEN CXM SOLD Looking to trade for a Talica 16ii OR MAKAIRA 16 Or trade for 1st gen seeker tiger rods 7’ 8’ heavy
  129. jiggyn

    WTB saltiga 15 stardrag

    looking for the old saltiga 15 stardrag
  130. jiggyn

    WTB Shimano Trini 16 gold

    looking for a Trini 16 gold don’t care what it looks like as long as it’s working
  131. jiggyn

    For Sale LB super seeker blanks

    have a few LB SS blanks that is just collecting dust All are brand new never wrapped may have a few scuffs from sitting in the corner I’ll gwt pics up soon Greenie 2x4 $200 sold 70H $175 70XH $200 sold FL75 $175 sold Local or meet up within reason
  132. jiggyn

    WTB Narrowed P533 Newell

    Looking for a narrowed P533 Newell
  133. jiggyn

    WTB Truline D8 red

    looking for a medium Heavy D8 Prefer tiger glass “ruby red” but may be willing for other era glass PM if you got one
  134. jiggyn

    Parker center console

    Any have input on the parkers 23 or 25 center consoles? Such as how they fish Ride and performance and fishablility offshore Any input is appreciated
  135. jiggyn

    WTB Truline XR7 rod

    Looking for one blank or wrapped
  136. jiggyn

    All out of gum and beer Fred Hall

    I ran out of gum and beer So forget the gum, I had to get one of these purdy bracelets that cost me $15 o_O
  137. jiggyn

    On CL

    Saw this on Craigslist list thought it was hilarious Maybe should of bought gear than bottles lol
  138. jiggyn

    Constitution trip 21-26 report

    Got home a short time ago going thru things but a quick peek at what we got I’ll post more tomorrow Ok here it is 4.5 days on the constitution Conditions were tuff with lots of winds and chop. Lots of life and bait and the big girls teased us with blow ups and jumpers. The super cow caught by...
  139. jiggyn

    Bringing the candy to PV

    PV trip is 3 days away. So picked up a few jumbo squids up to 18” Vacuum sealed and redz to go Hope to tease the tuna with these
  140. jiggyn

    F/S SS 1x3 LB Blank

    have 2 keeping one LB made blank it is kitted has batson grips Alps reel seat 18” fore grip 14” rear Ready to be wrapped $250 solid on price Local transaction or meet up PENDING SALE
  141. jiggyn

    Constitution PV 2/21

    Oh snap it’s 20 days away looking forward to this trip Got a cortisone shot to help my bad shoulder Plan on taking just a backpack and some terminal gear Looks like some great group of guys are going
  142. jiggyn


    Looking for the LB super seeker greenies 7-8’ wrapped or blanks models 70 70H 70XH 80XH FL75 1x3 or possibly others Greenies are basically unfinished super seekers without the final color coat
  143. jiggyn

    WTB Heru skipjack 60

    looking for a skipjack 60 in blue Tried jignpop but they have been out of stock for sometime
  144. jiggyn

    WTB Super seeke FD 85

    Looking for a super seeker FD 85 this was made for Fishermans Depot 8’5
  145. jiggyn

    FS Super seeker 80\6480

    super seeker 80 “6480” Long Beach made In good shape has the normal signs of use “marks scuffs” Fuji MNSG guides cork tape handle Local $275
  146. jiggyn

    FT/FS Truline 5X & CXM

    Have an excellent shape factory chocolate 5X Trade for a cobra or tiger D8 Possibly for Black makairas and TrinidadA series and 40N Or $700 CXM green glass in good shape $475
  147. jiggyn

    WTB SS 70XH blank

    lookin for a SS 70XH greenie blank Long Beach made Maybe interested in other greenies too These are blanks without the final color coat that’s all
  148. jiggyn

    WTB Truline TNT OR XR7

    Looking for TNT or XR7 cobra glass
  149. jiggyn

    WTB Tiger Ulua 93H 1st gen blank

    looking for a 1st gen tiger ulua 93H 10'
  150. jiggyn

    Seeker black steel 70XH

    70xh for yo yo
  151. jiggyn

    UC Centaur & Predator by SaltyDawg

    They arrived UC 76 Centaur UC 76 Predator Once again have to give a big thanks to SaltyDawg His work and craftsmanship speaks volumes of what he puts out
  152. jiggyn

    WTB talica 20

    Looking for a talica 20ii send me a pm please
  153. jiggyn

    2 day re-cap BFT Yellows and Dodos

    I haven't posted a report is sometime here is a recent trip 2 day charter in the pacific star Always great to fish with this group of guys and on this boat with Captain Mike Bullard at the helm Did a run down south for paddy hopping. Not much they were fat and few in between. Mainly small...
  154. jiggyn

    Shimano talica 16ii

    in excellent shape like new Have 2 one is going Loaded with 80lb spectra Box etc SOLD!!!
  155. jiggyn

    WTB 100lb rod

  156. jiggyn

    WTB TrinidadA handle

    Looking for a trinidadA 16-20 handle
  157. jiggyn

    F/S Super seeker 70XH blank tip broken

    Unfortunately the tip snapped on a mishap So not needing a 6'9 blank Long Beach made SOLD
  158. jiggyn

    WTB BX2 30N matte black

    Looking for the matte black 30N May trade my talica 25 for it
  159. jiggyn

    Report of 316lb marker bluefin

    If you have instagram check it out Awesome looking fish big props to those guys
  160. jiggyn

    WTB Truline cobra or tiger D8

    Looking for one of the other Truline cobra or tiger Factory is fine or even green glass
  161. jiggyn

    WTB Makaira 50 gold topless or ATD 50

    Hey all Looking for a makaira gold 50 topless Or accurate ATD 50T
  162. jiggyn

    WTB Accurate ATD 6T

    Looking for an ATD 6T "topless"
  163. jiggyn

    WTB Truline rods

    Hey all Have a good friend looking to buy a set of rods wrapped or blanks in 7'-8' Med to Heavy Good era glass He is looking to spend $1500-2000 Let me know what you have and I'll relay him the info
  164. jiggyn

    F/S Gold Trinidad 16N

    F/S in excellent working order just serviced by sav on New drags 50lb power Has marks and a small nick/groove on top Over all good to great reel No clamp $300 Local transaction
  165. jiggyn

    Major craft GKC 86?

    Anyone have any experience on this series of tuna popper rods? Priced fairly but than again you get what you pay for
  166. jiggyn

    Super Seeker blanks F/S

    LB made blanks Some doubles that I have FL75 40-50lb 70 40-50lb 70XH 50-80lb All LB made All 3 sold!!!
  167. jiggyn

    F/T Accurate ATD Super 12T

    Got this a few months back from a fellow BDer who had this converted to a super and serviced accurate. This was a reel for a friend who went a different route so I've had since than and not been used So it's a super ATD 12T "30 gearing" has 100lb JB spectra I believe the spool is also sleeved...
  168. jiggyn

    WTB WTB Accurate Dauntles 600N black

    looking for an all black Dauntless 600N 2speed in all black
  169. jiggyn

    Flat fall set up

    this is how Iam setting up my flat falls Took away the weaker stock assist hooks Put new owner 4X hook on the top with new owner spit ring and solid ring Tie onto the solid ring so upon hook up its a straight inline connection Hope to try it out soon
  170. jiggyn

    WTB SS 1x3

    Looking for a super seeker 1x3 made blank or wrapped Greenie if you got it PM me
  171. jiggyn

    Dockside breakfast Mitches

    So craving some Mitches food and having fishing withdrawals so drove down to the landing watching the fleet work on the boats and having Mitches crab cake Benedict Ahhhhh great morning
  172. jiggyn


    In excellent shape Trinidad 40 Great drag new gold clamp 80lb JB Sold In great shape Trinidad 40N Just serviced by sav-on tackle New carbon drags new tiburon clamp 65 PP Sold
  173. jiggyn

    WTB Truline D8s tiger glass

    Looking for tiger glass D8s maybe other glass Cash in hand will pay
  174. jiggyn

    Why 2 piece popping rods?

    Been trying to figure out why are the high end popping rods 2 piece? And why not just Have the option as 1 piece?
  175. jiggyn


    Looking for a longbeach made blank please let me know
  176. jiggyn

    Talica 12ii or 16ii

    Looking to use it for 50-60lb bait and heavy jig Both have the sAme gearing Same amount of drag But of course the 16 hold more line Which would you go with?
  177. jiggyn

    WTB super seeke 80XH blank

    PM if you got a 6480XH "80XH" Long Beach made blank
  178. jiggyn

    United composites blanks F/S

    have a second set of blanks up for sale US tilefish 80 US Predator 76 CX Centaur 76 SET HAS BEEN SOLD
  179. jiggyn

    Classic Yos wrapped Trulines

    Well here are 2 vintage Yos wrapped Trulines In his classic wraps and colors
  180. jiggyn

    Tranx 400 w/Trinidad handle

    So here ya go, it fits just right Trinidad 16 handle on tranx 400
  181. jiggyn

    F/T Truline XR7

    I've got an XR7 to trade The glass is a bright ruby red in excellent shape It's a heavy rod 50lb ez fast taper original handles and varmac seat Think of a TNT with a VBG tip Looking to trade for a tiger D8 "sameglass" "$1"
  182. jiggyn

    Seahunt boat looking into one?

    I've been eyeballing this make The game fish25 or possibly the ultra 225 Use it to fish the islands and chase offshore game does anyone have input on these boats or the make? Any experience or take on them Thanks
  183. jiggyn

    WTB LAMI 528 Neptuna glass "lemon"

    Looking to buy a lami 528 the lemon glass with slight black pigment
  184. jiggyn

    UC RCE 80 wahoo deckhand F/S

    Selling a brand new United composites RCE 80 wahoo deckhand factory rod Not going to use this one just not my type of rod SOLD
  185. jiggyn

    SKB 7100 F/S

    Have a very clean SKB 7100 Rod holders straps Missing one tray can't find it Trays are clean with unused dividers Sold Thanks Johnny
  186. jiggyn

    WTB Trinidad 20 & 40

    looking for the gold 20 & 40 PM me please
  187. jiggyn

    WTB seeker tiger 80XH

    looking for a first generation seeker Tiger 80XH Will also settle for an 80 or 80H PM If you have one to sell Will pay $200 for blank
  188. jiggyn

    WTB SS 80 and 80H blanks

    looking for super seeker 80 and 80H longbeach made blanks Have an 80H pending Still on the hunt for an 80
  189. jiggyn

    Need advice guide train

    Looking to build a UC 80 predator and 80 tilefish Need guide size train thanks
  190. jiggyn

    WTB Truline TNT

    Looking for a tiger glass TNT Cash
  191. jiggyn


    You have one and want to sell let me know
  192. jiggyn

    WTB Truline RD8

    Looking for one PM please
  193. jiggyn

    Trokar hooks on big tuna?

    Anyone use or have experience on the eagle claw trokar circle hooks for big tuna
  194. jiggyn

    Truline D8 Ebay wow

    Well I guess it's a new high That red D8 sold for $645 Would like to meet the buyer I've got lesser rods to sell at that price lol But a great stick for sure
  195. jiggyn

    Makaira black reels?

    What happened? Are the black colored makaira reels gonna be produced again?
  196. jiggyn

    UC predator 76?

    I hear the predator 76 is an 80lb rod, is this true, or more of a 60?
  197. jiggyn


  198. jiggyn

    UC 76 Raptor makaira 16SEA combo

    Due to a shoulder injury it gonna keep me from pulling heavy stuff so letting this combo go UC 76 raptor in excellent shape wrapped by SALTY DAWG has alps guides a salty rail grip alps reel seat used once Makaira 16SEA silver used once loaded with 100 JB box etc Combo for $600 Sold!!!
  199. jiggyn

    JRI Vagabond 8 day

    HERRO well this trip is in the books and another great outing Fished the outside ridge of the rocks, lot and lots of sharks and lots of donated jigs to them Fished the rocks and the wahoo showed. The intruder jig was simply stellar accounting for 95% of troll fish Team intruder had a blast...
  200. jiggyn

    Seeker inshore BCBW 809

    Seeker inshore lightning series that is factory painted metallic purple with black Fuji guides and Fuji reel seat and shrink wrap handles 8' 20-30lb $150 local transaction
  201. jiggyn

    Vagabond 8 day oct 8

    oh man it's almost here I know a few regulars will be on there Well not sure where we will go, rocks seem dead maybe the ridge K its 3 days till departure I guess I should start putting my stuff together
  202. jiggyn

    Super seeker fishing rods

    I am letting these go as I am taking a different route They will be available 10/16 7-8am when I return from my 8 day Vagabond So pm me to set up meeting SS 70 factory painted metallic purple Fuji guides pacbay reel seat and hypo handles $250 SS 70H factory painted metallic purple Fuji HNSG...
  203. jiggyn

    Pics too large?

    Any one what is up with the pic upload? I try to post pics and it's say it's too large. Can't be, I've posted using my phone is there a server issue here?
  204. jiggyn

    F/S Daiwa Lexa 400 P

    i have and excellent condition Daiwa lexa 400 P5:1 Loaded with 50lb izor box And tiburon clamp $180 local $12 shipping
  205. jiggyn

    Super Seeker FL75 greenie

    I have a fully wrapped FL75 greenie 40lb rod Fully wrapped Fuji reel seat hypolan handles and I believe alps guides " can't remember" I'll try and get more pics server will not upload or pm me $275 local transaction
  206. jiggyn

    Sabre 655XXH & Penn 6/0

    Here is a classic setup that I used for trolling Sabre 655XXH in good shape gimbal butt and roller tip Penn 6/0 with Newell spool and base with some hollow backing not a lot $155
  207. jiggyn

    F/T or F/S Trinidad 16A

    i have a 16A in good shape and working order with box Trade for a 20A or tranx HG SOLD
  208. jiggyn

    And then this happened.... Bluefin limits

    Well went on my friends boat and headed out to the not so secret spot to fish for them bluefin. Didn't have crazy expectations but just wanted to get a blue Showed up and wow find your parking stall, we went a bit south and started our drift and no bite till about 8:30. Score one for the boat...
  209. jiggyn

    United composites 85 mega

  210. jiggyn

    F/S Seeker white tiger 80XH

    I have 2 brand new seeker 1st generation white tiger 80XH blanks Local transaction $225 each No trades
  211. jiggyn

    WTB Makaira 16 silver or black

    Looking for one thanks
  212. jiggyn

    FS or FT saltiga 20

    I have an excellent shape and working order saltiga 20 Loaded with 50lb izor loaded, carbontex drags and daiwa saltiga reel clamp and box $400 local transaction Or trade for Tranx HG in like wise shape Accurate 600N 2 speed dauntless in like wise shape Talica 16ii if need be cash on top my...
  213. jiggyn

    Andros 16A

    is the Andros 16A ideal for 60-80lb bait reel? Backed with 100lb spectra Gonna put on a raptor 7'6 I know I could the the makaira 16 but the Andros would be a lighter option
  214. jiggyn

    Rats everywhere

    So went and did a half day trip and wow freaking rat yellows everywhere fun to hook but gotta let em go to grow Once and awhile I decent size would be hooked. My big pet peave was people loading up their sacks with them not just the boat I was on there were several other half day and 3/4 day...
  215. jiggyn

    Needle Crook leather sheath

    just got mine today and wow great craftsmanship and top notch quality Time to retire the old sheath
  216. jiggyn

    WTB makaira 20 SEA black

    If you got one to sell hit me up
  217. jiggyn

    WTB Truline RD8

    You have on want to make some good cash I'll buy if it's the right kind $600 maybe a lil more if it's the right glass
  218. jiggyn

    First String 2 day report

    left Sunday 8/7 The usual wait for a parking spot chit chat with everyone checking out and asking how it was out there. Boarded the boat got bait headed out to the "yellowfin grounds" Well it was the norm drive pull up to a paddy see who is home lots of paddies some empty some holding a few more...
  219. jiggyn

    WTB super seeker greenies

    Looking for super seeker greenies blanks Or maybe wrapped Any others possible 70H 70XH 80 1X3 Ulua
  220. jiggyn

    FG KNOT?

    Starting to tie this knot seems very low profile and smooth. Watched the strength test on it and seems to hold a higher breaking strength than the Albright Alberto etc. Any of you use this knot on the bigger grade fish and does it hold up pretty well?
  221. jiggyn

    WTB Accurate Super ATD 12 T

    Looking for those reels Mainly the super 12T
  222. jiggyn

    F/T Truline tiger D8

    Truline tiger glass 40-50lb rod fast taper small tip This one also refinished by seeker in almost superb condition Trade for makaira 16 or 20 SEA BLACK OR SILVER but prefer the black more These are the only reels iam interested in
  223. jiggyn

    Pacific star 2 day 7/10-12 report

    Not much really to report on we headed south way south ended up paddy hopping for some decent grade yellows Found some small football yellowfin on a quad jig strike and lost my lucky cedar plug to a bad spot in the line Came back north on the last day to hunt bluefin metered a few but never came...
  224. jiggyn

    WTB accurate Dauntless or DPX2 600N

    looking for one
  225. jiggyn

    WTB Tranx HG

    Looking for a tranx HG
  226. jiggyn

    F/T narrowed Newell P533

    It's in great shape and working order filled about halfway spectra open spool bearings Comes with box and extra set of Bryan Young 5 stack drag kit Looking to trade for a tranx HG
  227. jiggyn

    Recap or lack off 6/22

    a few already had reported on today's fishing offshore for bluefin and same for us Left shelter island Fished the 425 371 302 the 9 went up down boxed left right zig zag nada Lots of porpoise well no lack for trying
  228. jiggyn

    Popping setup shimano/ Penn

    Decided to take a different route and upgrade This is in excellent shape only taken on on trip and not used Shimano terez TZS78H-blk 50-100 Penn clash 6000 loaded with 65lb izor with box Great startup for popping Local transaction SOLD Pics soon
  229. jiggyn

    Super seeker BH89 greenie

    I've got an old stock brand new blank SS BH89 greenie 8'8 20-30lb $150 Local Pics up later
  230. jiggyn

    WTB 3N1 jigs

    Models iam looking for 1 3 6 single hook 4 skinny version A B C H and R
  231. jiggyn

    Mexican fishing license?

    where can I get a Mexican fishing license online
  232. jiggyn

    F/S Shimano Trini 16 gold DC upgrades

    Have a Trini 16 gold with the DC dog upgrade and carbon Tex drags with 65 izor Usual marks from use in great working order Gold clamp SOLD
  233. jiggyn

    Truline VGB55 and QR6

    Truline QR6 6' factory rod good shape 40-50lb Truline VBG 55 5'5 fair shape 40-50lb both are good glass Take both $175 Local transaction Pick up $150
  234. jiggyn

    Quantum Cabo 80

    Looks like a well built reel and insane amount of drag that you'll probably not use. Anyone use this reel? Maybe an option for a popping reel and priced well too
  235. jiggyn

    St. Croix trolling rod

    Rod is 6'2 rated at 50-100 It's in fair shape guides have some oxidation aftco reel seat $60 local transaction
  236. jiggyn

    Super seeker 70XH Question

    Hey all was wondering if the SS 70XH can fish 80lb? I know most of these SS rods seem under rated in line class seems like they can pull more than what they are rated
  237. jiggyn

    Okuma makaira popping rod?

    price wise seems great Anyone have one or tried these and your take on it
  238. jiggyn

    BX2600N or Dauntless 600N

    Would either of these reel be a solid 80lb rig for bait and maybe heavy jig yo yo?
  239. jiggyn

    Editor edit delete

  240. jiggyn

    Truline 6X

    in super excellent shape unfinished cobra glass heavy rod 8' This is not an easy rod to come by so here you go $800 Or trade for ??? Makairas 16 20 black or silver or accurates ATD 12T 30T
  241. jiggyn

    Sabre fishing rod

    Sabre rod older wraps no butt cap unknown model 25lb rod 6'9 Sold
  242. jiggyn

    WTB Accurate 600N 2 speed

    if you got a 600N 2 speed dauntless or BX or DPX
  243. jiggyn

    WTB Saltiga 15 star drag old

    Looking for a saltiga 15 the old stardrag
  244. jiggyn

    WTB Seeker Tiger 80 and 80H

    Seeks tiger 80 and 80H long beach made Thanks
  245. jiggyn

    Truline 6X F/T

    Got a cobra glass 6X in great shape Looking to trade for other trulines (2) rods or RD8 Or partial trade with reel/cash Super ATD 12 makaira 16 silver Local transaction
  246. jiggyn

    WTB shimano 400 te

    Looking for a Calcutta 400 TE
  247. jiggyn


    United composites delete
  248. jiggyn

    Trinidad 40N F/T

    Trinidad 40N in good shape and excellent working order Being a used reel does have marks.. Refer to pics Trade for makaira 16 silver or black Or super ATD 12T
  249. jiggyn

    WTB 528 lamiglas

    Looking for a 528 lamiglas neptune glass
  250. jiggyn

    Truline 36

    I've got a super clean cobra glass 36 Wrapped with Fuji mnsg guides great 30-40lb rod SOLD
  251. jiggyn

    Super seeker CLBF 90F

    Super seeker rod CLBF 90F greenie blank Single wrapped in black with black Fuji guides deck hand style it is a used rod so will have signs of use SOLD!!!
  252. jiggyn

    Truline D7

    I have a cobra glass D7 wrapped with carbide perfection guides deckhand handle 40lb rod $300 Pics up when I can get some good ones on it Local transaction
  253. jiggyn

    Burns wahoo bombs

    looking to buy some burns bombs if you have any for sell or know where to get them Thanks
  254. jiggyn

    Seeker Tiger glass what happened.

    iam a fan and user of seeker rods and really like the old tiger stuff Saw the new tiger stuff and disappointed in how they came out and how they feel but just my 2 cents. Heck it won't stop me from fishing it it's still a fishing rod Top photo is the old stuff Bottom is the new
  255. jiggyn

    Factory Truline F/T

  256. jiggyn

    Factory Trulines F/T

  257. jiggyn

    Ballyhood wahoo trollers

    anyone use ballyhood troller jigs for hoo? If so are they great same hook ratio as other type hoo trolling jigs? If so which model works swims or entices a bite? Those bell ones look Enticing to me lol
  258. jiggyn


  259. jiggyn

    WTB super seeker 6480

    looking for a super seeker 6480/cjbf80 blank
  260. jiggyn

    Shimano tranx HG

  261. jiggyn

    Truline 6X blank

    I have an excellent condition Chocolate 6X blank It's a 40-50lb blank Looking to trade for other Truline blanks or rods older glass M36 RD8 etc Possible reels or combo *this is not an easy rod to find and those that know what I have its quality and I don't let the good stuff go that often or...
  262. jiggyn


    Said my goodbye and farewell to my longtime side kick Kilo my wonderful English bulldog He lived a long and happy life of 13 years
  263. jiggyn

    Newell V-521 EBAY WOW

    IF you have been looking for one there is one on eBay only catch is you have to beat the guy who is bidding $860 at the moment
  264. jiggyn

    UC Raptor 7'6 blank?

    anyone know when these will be put out?
  265. jiggyn

    Deleting thread or editing title

    There use to be a delete thread when editing since there isn't one anymore how do I edit a thread title there was one for that too?
  266. jiggyn

    Shimano Calcutta 700 TE

    Not using this one so time to let her good In good shape and working order since it is used does show signs and marks of use but not abused I believe stock drags shimano factory stock clamp box paper works $250 FIRM local transaction no trades
  267. jiggyn

    Abalone bone jig and hetzel F/T

  268. jiggyn

    Trulines F/T only

    I have several Trulines looking to trade for other trulines may sell send offer D8s D7s VBG TNTs XR7
  269. jiggyn

    RP 6 day in NOVEMBER LUPE?

    Well looking for a trip to Lupe this fall and the shogun is all sold out. RP shows they have a permit for it and may jump on it What are your guys take on it, think it's a good chance to go? It is in the right time frame DAMN I need to fish that place again
  270. jiggyn

    WTB Wahoodad 1x3 blank

    if you have one or know of one let me know
  271. jiggyn

    Shimano Trinidad 40

    Selling a stock Trinidad 40 with stock drags and clamp its in great working order and comestically in good shape with typical marks from use $275 local transaction
  272. jiggyn

    Accurate BX2-50 applications?

    what applications is this reel BX2-50 Best suited for
  273. jiggyn

    WTB Accurate ATD super 12

    Looking for a topless accurate super 12 The one with ATD 30 gears and arm upgrades
  274. jiggyn

    Guadalupe Trips next season? permits?

    So with the recent trips to Guadalupe I am excited that ive got a shot to fish this island once again. Looking at the trips for boats that went it appears they dont have anything scheduled for Lupe. Is it too early to post such trips? Or was the permit a one time deal and shot at it? Dont...
  275. jiggyn

    WTB Saltiga 15 old model

    looking for a saltiga 15 the older model If you have one for sale
  276. jiggyn

    Truline XR7 blank F/T

    i have and Truline XR7 cobra glass blank This is a brand new blank never been wrapped 7' 40-60lb rod For those that don't know what it is think of a TNT with a small tip and fast taper TRADE ONLY for other trulines D8s small tip 6X ETC LOCAL TRANSACTION
  277. jiggyn

    Makaira 16 black

    selling my extra makaira 16 It's in excellent shape comes loaded with 550 yards of 100lb JB solid Box paperwork Local transaction SOLD
  278. jiggyn

    Super seeker rods and blanks

    have a few wrapped rods and blanks these are all longbeach made seekers SS 80XH BLANK $175 SS BH89 greenie blank $150 SS 1x3 purple blank custom wrapped rail Dawg handle Fuji HBSG $300 pending White TIGER 80XH BLANK $200 pending Pics up later
  279. jiggyn

    Shimano Trinidad 40N

    immaculate shape Trinidad 40N comes as pictured I don't think I've used this one. Has 80lb spectra Has 2 small marks on side plate look in pic SOLD!!!
  280. jiggyn

    Accurate BX2 600N matte black

    Accurate BX2 600N In good to great shape small scuffs from rod rack matte black finish with about 3/4 filled spectra not sure of what size and brand Comes with box $350 local transaction Pics up soon
  281. jiggyn

    Shimano Trinidad 40

    Trinidad 40 In great working order cosmetically not a beauty queen Has about 500 yards of 80lb izor $250 local transaction Pics up soon
  282. jiggyn

    Phenix Abyss 1009

    i have a like new phenix abyss 1009 It's custom wrapped to look like a factory wrap has Fuji guides 10' SOLD
  283. jiggyn

    F/S Andros 5iiA metaloid 5iiN

    after this last trip I realized I had way too many rods and reels making the choice of what to take and what to leave over and over so thinning out some backups and users Okuma Andros 5iiA in good shape with 50lb izor and upgraded makaira reel handle I no longer have the stock handles I have 2...
  284. jiggyn

    JRI 8 Day Vagabond

    quick report went to the rocks and had good hoo fishing with us being the only boat out there I'll give full report and pics later
  285. jiggyn

    WTB Shimano Trinidad 20A

    looking for a Trinidad 20A Highly prefer it has white spectra izor or JB would be a plus
  286. jiggyn

    Hollow spectra chart?

    is there a chart showing what size solid spectra mono flouro can be inserted in different size hollow core? Or any info thanks
  287. jiggyn

    WTB 16NA

    if you got one one Trini 16NA
  288. jiggyn

    WTB Trinidad 20 gold

    if you have to sell gold Trinidad 20 pm me Looks wise don't care as long as it's 100% mechanical such as carbontex drags bearings etc Would be a plus if you had a gold clamp too
  289. jiggyn

    Shimano Trinidad 16A BNIB

  290. jiggyn

    Truline D8 and MH

    Selling a Truline D8 new wraps carbide perfection guides green glass excellent shape full length deck hand handle 40lb stick Truline MH new wraps perfection guides green glass excellent shape full length deck hand handle 40lb stick $550 for each one Local or meet up within reason
  291. jiggyn


    Looking for a Tranx HG don't care what it looks like as long as it's mechanically sound
  292. jiggyn

    JRI Vagabond 8 Day October

    just about 5 weeks away looking forward to fishing this trip with Jerry Johny J and the rest. Gonna be fun hope to run into some hoo. I guess I'll start sorting thru my gear now
  293. jiggyn

    WTT BNIB Trinidad 16A

    i have an brand new Trinidad 16A with box and all its good Looking trade for a talica 12ii in same condition or like new
  294. jiggyn

    WTB Makaira 10 SEA Black or silver

    if you have you to sell makaira 10sea black to sell hit me up
  295. jiggyn

    FirstString 2 day report

    the annual 2 day on the first string and Brad at the helm. The quick report bait was bad had to really pick thru a decent swimmer. Than came the yellowfin that acted like bluefin. They would puddle and when we approach would sink out. Brad was determined to find a decent school. We scratched...
  296. jiggyn

    FS/FT Makaira 16SEA BLACK

    i have an extra brand new Makaira 16 sea black never used no spectra $450 or trade for same condition black makaira 10 Pics up soon will be back Tuesday evening from fishing
  297. jiggyn

    WTB Talica 8ii or 10ii

    If you have one let me know
  298. jiggyn

    WTB Trinidad 16NA

    if you got one Trini 16NA
  299. jiggyn

    TRULINE XR7 F/S or F/T

    I have an excellent shape factory XR7 Cobra glass. 7' heavy 40-50lb rod Selling for $400 Or trade for other Trulines or Trinidad A reels Post pics soon
  300. jiggyn


    looking for an Andros 5Aii if you got one for sale
  301. jiggyn

    WTB shimano TLD 30 wil fish or Tiburon

    Looking for a TLD 30 in either the wil fish or tiburon topless matte black if you got one let me know thanks
  302. jiggyn

    WTB Trinidad 20 DC

    if you got and want to sell let me know Trinidad 20DC
  303. jiggyn


  304. jiggyn


    if you have or know of one for sale let me know Looking to spend up to $400
  305. jiggyn


    Ive got a brand seeker white tiger 80XH blank looking to trade for a white tiger Ulua if you have one looking to trade or sell let me know
  306. jiggyn

    Truline D8H

    Re wrapped a Green Truline D8H with a weave handle carbide perfection style guides. Gonna be my heavy jig bait and hoo bomb stick
  307. jiggyn

    WTB Daiwa Saltiga 30T

    looking for a saltiga 30T
  308. jiggyn

    Super seeker 806h

    Brand new blank 806H that has been on my wrap list but won't need to have a double. Long Beach made $100 Local pickup
  309. jiggyn

    Shimano Trinidad 16A

    brand new unused picked up several of them lol and selling what I may not be using $380 local pick up or meet up within reason *ill post pics soon for those special BD Members that dont know what a new reel looks like o_O SOLD
  310. jiggyn

    Seeker Prototype TNT blank

    Its a 7' all glass blank rolled on a 6470H mandrel. "I maybe wrong but dont think they make 6470H glass rods" This was a prototype rod designed for the TNT seeker rod its has an xtra fast taper solid 50-60lb rod and painted white "Guy @ factory who wrote on blank misspelled or intended to...
  311. jiggyn


    Getting rid of a few replacements or now Duplicates VBG 7' fully wrapped cobra glass $300 pending XR7 7' factory wrapped cobra glass $350 TNT 7' blank "the right kind" cobra glass "A 2" insert inside butt end must have been to increase lifting power but does not effect rod in any way" see pic...
  312. jiggyn

    Shimano Calcutta 400TE

    replaced it with another reel got this form another BD member that had it serviced by Shimano Yes it's been fished and won't win a beauty contest but still one great offshore reel Sold
  313. jiggyn


    So I decided to join the crowds jumped on the enterprise and wow when I showed up to the dock I thought not today. But heck with it combat fishing it was a full load. Headed out to well where everyone was parked at oh I would say about 100 boats lol First fish caught on fly lined butt hooked...
  314. jiggyn

    F/T Truline XR7 factory

    have an excellent condition factory Truline XR7 rod cobra glass 40-60lb rod fast taper Looking to trade for 2 speed reel Makaira SEA 10
  315. jiggyn

    F/T Truline XR7 factory

    have an excellent condition factory Truline XR7 rod cobra glass 40-60lb rod fast taper Looking to trade for 2 speed reel Makaira SEA 10 or 16
  316. jiggyn

    WTB Accurate BX2-400

    let me know if you got one to sell thanks
  317. jiggyn

    WTB Phenix 868mh or 869h

    looking for either one black diamond 868MH or 869HXF
  318. jiggyn

    Truline D8H basketweave

    Its been quite sometime since ive done a basketweave but with upcoming trips figured get this one done. Its my green D8H "Beast" 40-60lb blank that iam gonna use as a wahoo bomb rod for the JRI Vagabond 8 day trip
  319. jiggyn

    WTB Calcutta 400TE

    Looking for one let me know thanks
  320. jiggyn

    WTB ATD12 topless

    Looking for an ATD 12 TOPLESS with 30 gears
  321. jiggyn

    shimano Calcutta 700TE?

    Ive been seeing a few of these pop up interested in using one. I use the 400TE for 25lb would the 700TE be more on the 30lb bait reel?
  322. jiggyn

    Freedom overnighter report

    quick report of what went down. Left 4/15 overnight to fish 4/16 We fished Clemente on a few drifts fish ranged from 10lbs all the up to 30lbs. More in the 10-15lb range some irons worked on the yo-yo mainly all on dines on egg sinker. I accounted for a few oops and lost a few on structure...
  323. jiggyn

    united composite 85 mag

    Brand new in bag US Mag 85 blank sold
  324. jiggyn

    Truline rods

    From top to bottom or left to right blanks green glass M81 8' 20-25lb ON HOLD green LM7 7' 25-30lb SOLD green 4X 7'6 15-20lb SOLD Local pick up
  325. jiggyn

    F/T Truline Black D8H

    Yes this is a Truline Black D8H iam looking to trade off. Its a blank full length uncut 7'11 1/2 40-60lb rod Looking to trade for makaira SEA reels if you interested in purchashing the D8 pm and we can work something out *serious buyers no tire kickers or i want to see. those who have dealt...
  326. jiggyn


  327. jiggyn

    peters landing swapmeet?

    Anyone know the next date for Peters Landing swapmeet? Thanks
  328. jiggyn

    Salty rail Dawg grip

    Picked one up from Salty's booth and these grips are badass. Gonna have to get more. But than ill have to get more rail rods Nice chatting with you Salty
  329. jiggyn

    F/S Truline 4X / LH75? blank

    this is a clean refinished blank. and LH75 was re-written on it. but I say its a 4X blank, and since I have a few wont need this one 7'5 great 20-25lb bait stick Local pick up or meet $125 Ill have pics up soon
  330. jiggyn

    Truline octagon F/S

    Selling a Green glass Truline Octagon Its full length of 7'6 came from a factory rod that I stripped down. marking on blank is barely there. My guess is it might be a 3080 octy. I say this because my 1580s and 2580s are lighter rating than this rod and have NF2 varmac seats. This one has a...
  331. jiggyn

    vintage yellow fenwick rod

    Up for sale is an excellent shape old school Fenwick yellow glass. Wraps are brand new and has alps guides cord handle. Rod has not been fished since wrap. Its a 30lb rod 7'11 local pick up or can meet within reason now $120
  332. jiggyn

    F/S shimano calcutta 800f

  333. jiggyn


    thinning out what ive not used or dont use anymore 30 in all mix of Schnabel, 3N1s Tady, Candybar, Salas, 3jays, Unmarked Putter? Schnabel? Baldys, Sea Strike, lucky strike Killer jig etc SOLD!!!
  334. jiggyn

    WTB Super Seeker 80XH blank

    Looking for one prefer a blank
  335. jiggyn

    WTB super seeker 80F greenie

    Looking for a SS 80F greenie blank
  336. jiggyn

    WTB trinidad 12 gold

    Looking for a gold trinidad 12. Let me know if you have one for sale
  337. jiggyn


    Looking for a trinidad 20DC
  338. jiggyn


    Looking for a truline BXM
  339. jiggyn

    Truline XR7 F/T 36

    Have a tiger glass XR7 full length uncut just shy of 7' 40-60lb rod still has original hypo handles and butt cap and varmac seat. wrapped ready to fish Looking to trade for a cobra or tiger 36 *will get pics up soon
  340. jiggyn

    Seeker 6470H"TNT"? all glass rod

    Picked up a seeker rod that is a promotional type of the pinhead TNT. Looks to be the prototype before the rod was set forward. inside has a label of "6470H". anyone ever seen an all glass "6470H?" this is the new glass that seeker uses. it is marked promotype TNT. it is a much...
  341. jiggyn

    Makaira 10SEA gunmetal

    Makaira 10SEA gunmetal in excellent shape comes with box and etc. loaded with 60lb hollow SOLD!!!
  342. jiggyn

    Shimano Trinidad 16A

    this is a Brand new unused Trinidad 16A with box and all paperwork etc. and also comes with the black replacement knob SOLD
  343. jiggyn

    First String 2 day... 9/15-17

    Got in a little while gotta clean gear ice some fish quick report... good fishing on yellowfin and nice Dorados Ill give full report in the morning and post some pics Ok here is how it went down, got great sardines well cured over. had a late start but no worries we were going fishing south...
  344. jiggyn

    shimano trinidad 20

    selling a good condition trinidad 20 has stock clamp upgraded carbontex drags, spring tension removed for better free spool. about 250 yards of 50lb white izor and box has some marks and average rash SOLD
  345. jiggyn

    Seeker Tiger Glass?

    Picked up a few of these rods was wondering if anyone has fished them or take on it. feels like a cross between the black steel and super seeker
  346. jiggyn

    New Andros Vs.Makaira SEA

    with the new andros coming and appears to closely have the same guts as the Makaira line up can this things be in the same class as Makairas? Fishing big fish
  347. jiggyn

    BX2 series II

    What is the pricing on these new series of reels?
  348. jiggyn

    WTT saltiga 30 for trinidad 16

    Looking to trade my saltiga 30 for a trinidad 16 with gold clamp The saltiga 30 is in great shape and working order. has over 300 yards of 65lb izor tiburon clamp and box *this has a slight blemish on top left part of frame, and a crack on the beauty ring of the gear lever. not sure how it...
  349. jiggyn

    Daiwa sealine super sl20sh

    selling a daiwa sealine sl20sh with the upgraded frame. Its now an all aircraft aluminum frame, new main bearing. great shape cosmetics almost a 10 on frame, mechanics say about 8. stock drags *note this does not have a reel clamp $110 will take paypal add 3%
  350. jiggyn

    WTB shimano trinidad 14A

    Looking for one more let know
  351. jiggyn

    Truline "insight" general knowledge

    So I tend to get emails messages text etc on Truline rods. On what is this? What model? is it the right kind? is it worth it? Is it the right length? Well Iam by no means an expert on these rods but Ive grown up fishing them, hung around the meca of Trulines at Yos shop as a kid, collected...
  352. jiggyn

    WTB trinidad gold 12 w/gold clamp

    looking for the gold trinidad 12 with the gold clamp
  353. jiggyn

    WTB gold trinidad 16

    Looking for a gold trinidad 16 with gold clamp
  354. jiggyn

    calcutta 400te clamp?

    Is there an after market clamp that fits the calcutta 400te
  355. jiggyn

    WTB Accurate BX2-400

    Looking for an accurate BX2-400
  356. jiggyn

    freedom overnighter fishing 7-26

    Headed out to fish on the freedom overnight Hopefully get into them bft and yft tomorrow Ok here is the Report left at 10pm Friday night had a mix of small chovies and so so sardines. we headed down I think about 65 miles weather was overcast in the morning and flat calm waters. conditions...
  357. jiggyn

    WTB Accurate BX2-400

    let me know if you got one accurate BX2-400
  358. jiggyn

    F/S Truline chovy rod

    Truline GGII BSH8 rod 8' Light wippy tip for the anchovies. complete tod ready to fish 15-20lb rod. The GG glass was supposedly a glass graphite combo back in the day looks like red glass but light and thinner. if you knew old man Harvey this was one of his rods. $95 local pickup
  359. jiggyn

    WTB Daiwa sealine sl20sh

    Looking for a Daiwa sealine sl20sh dont care how it looks, k well not where it looks like it was dragged for miles on a rocky back road. as long as its been serviced, drags are good and has the clamp and Japan made
  360. jiggyn

    F/S Fuji USG guides

    here is a used complete set of 9 fuji USG guides I dont use these type of guides "too ugly lol" $40 ill ship free U.S only ill take paypal gift or add3% 20 - 1 16 - 1 12 - 2 10 - 3 8 - 2
  361. jiggyn

    Vagabond 5dayer in early Nov?

    Saw a 5 dayer on the Vagabond in early Nov that has me intrigued to probably jump on it. Was wondering on a 5 day at that time of year will they still be chasing tuna, cedros, benitos, etc? In the past we would usually fish Lupe in that time frame. AHHHH how sweet would that be.
  362. jiggyn

    Truline blanks

    I have a few blanks to sell 4X green 7'6 LM7 green 7' 2580 octy green 7'6 a few others in mind chocolate 6X cobra D8 Green D8H M81 all blanks have been refinished professionally except 2580 not looking for a fire sell only deal with serious buyer pm me
  363. jiggyn

    WTT Trinidad 40N

    looking for a matte black BX2-400 or makaira 10SEA
  364. jiggyn

    Daiwa saltiga drags VS. Trinidad 16 gold drags

    I was changing out the drags on both reels to carbontex and realized how tiny the drags of the saltiga 30 to the Trinidad 16 are. I use both for the same line class 30-40lb, both does it job but seems like the saltiga is so much smoother. Does having a larger drag surface create a greater...
  365. jiggyn

    White Seabass feeding footage?

    with the seabass bite coming and going I was wondering if there is such a footage of them breezing thru eating fishermans' setups? Iam intrigued to see and know how they function as we fish for them. would be interesting to see how and why the guy next to you who's rig is the same and probably...
  366. jiggyn

    WTT Accurate BX2-500 matte black for BX2-400 matte black

    I have a spare accurate matte black BX2-500 in great shape with box, to trade for a matte black BX2-400
  367. jiggyn

    PB white seabass and ripper WSB bite

    Quick report before I head in. On our annual fish off tournament went oh somewhere down south and we killed it on seabass. I got my personal best. 50+ lber toad. I manage to bisquits. Of course only being a one fish limit gave one away. bite went crazy for a small window of oppurtunity. ill...
  368. jiggyn

    WTT Truline TNT

    I have a cobra glass TNT Blank says BTNT7 on the blank fast taper small tip the good stuff here. Looking to trade for a BXM or okuma andros II or Trinidad 14A
  369. jiggyn

    Saltiga 15 or 20

    what would you go for the 15 or 20? both are sweet light bait reels just one hold more line.
  370. jiggyn

    WTB vintage jigs

    Looking for the following let me know Apex Farmer Hexolure Deckhand "large" Seco
  371. jiggyn

    WTB Trinidad gold clamp

    Looking to buy Trinidad gold clamps for a 20 and 40N
  372. jiggyn

    WTB Accurate BX2-400 or BX2-400N

    looking for either a BX2-400 or BX2-400N
  373. jiggyn

    WTB Daiwa sealine sl20sh

    looking for a daiwa sealine sl20sh in good to excellent shape, Japan made model
  374. jiggyn

    WTB super seeker 9ft greenie

    Looking for a 9 ft super seeker greenie blank for a good friend. LM9 90M JBF90 Any of those would do
  375. jiggyn

    Truline Chocolate 6X

    Ive got a hard to find Truline Chocolate 6X blank its 8' 40lb rod excellent condition looking to trade for makaira reels for those that dont know a 6X its a badass version of a D8 or pm me an offer if interested in buying
  376. jiggyn

    Trinidad 10A 12A aftermarket clamps?

    Iam sure its been asked but do any aftermarket clamps work for these reels? Do the black clamps Shimano offers work for these? Or are these reels pretty stuck to rods that have reel seats only?
  377. jiggyn

    sabre green glass?

    Anyone have any info or knowledge on old sabre rods that are a grass green color rods? They are green all the way thru
  378. jiggyn

    shimano trinidad 14A F/S

    Got a trini 14A in excellent shape loaded with 50lb white izor upgraded black knob boca bearings Box etc included SOLD
  379. jiggyn

    Vintage jigs Explorer Candybar

    got 2 I wont be using are duplicates house of jig Explorer Mint $45 Candybar 112 pre "R" $15 local pick up or can ship paypal gift
  380. jiggyn

    Truline Resurrection

    Had 3 rods refinished and when they came back wow big difference it brought much life back into them. should have taken before pics They are a chocolate 6X Green D8 H Green M81
  381. jiggyn

    WTB super seeker 80H greenie blank

    Looking for a super seeker 80H greenie blank
  382. jiggyn

    Truline LM9 F/T or Sale

    Got a nice red glass LM9 uncut full length 8'9 looking to trade for a Saltiga 20 or Trinidad 20
  383. jiggyn

    WTB super seeker BH89 green

    Looking for a super seeker BH89 green blank
  384. jiggyn

    rod for sale unknown make

    Selling a rod that has been painted black could use a rewrap if needed has a fuji reel seat hypalon is beat up. From the glass its an older rod measures just under 8' 25-30lb rod Local pickup $50 pics tomorrow
  385. jiggyn

    WTB Daiwa saltiga 30

    Looking to purchase a Saltiga 30 let me know what you got thnx
  386. jiggyn

    Trulines @ Rod & Gun Club Swap Meet

    A friend of mine will be at this weekends Rod and Gun Club Swap Meet Long Beach Feb 22nd he will have Caramel 36 Caramel D8 A green factory D8H factory green LM8 and a few others
  387. jiggyn

    Truline 5X blank

    Have a Truline 5X blank red glass with varmac seat measures 80" local pick up torrance $70 will post pics later
  388. jiggyn

    Super Bowl MVP

    Congrats to the Superbowl MVP the entire team and staff of the Denver Donkeys for helping Seattle win
  389. jiggyn

    WTB accurate BX2 400 matte black

    Looking to buy an accurate matte black finish BX2 400
  390. jiggyn

    Truline rods

    CXM factory green $475 Also have a green D8H blank and custom wrapped green 36
  391. jiggyn

    Truline D8H green blank

    Have a Truline D8H green glass blank. this is the big boy the one built on the heavy mandrel the heaviest of the D8 models. 40-60lb 8' Looking to trade for reels Shimano Trinidad As 16, 20 Accurate Bx2s 400 40ON 600NN 30N Even makairas 10SEA 20SEA And or add cash let me know if your...
  392. jiggyn

    Truline LM7

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Up for sale is a Truline LM7 blank its 7' red splotchy glass solid 30lb rod still has the varmac seat has LM7 written on blank [B]$120
  393. jiggyn

    F/S accurate BX2 400

  394. jiggyn

    FS super seeker

  395. jiggyn

    Smoking the belly from the catch

    Smoked some of the fillets from the recent catch and of course my fav and the best part the belly took most of the day but well worth it, the rest vacuum sealed for another day to grill smoke etc
  396. jiggyn

    daiwa lexa 400

    Anyone have more info on the daiwa lexa 400? Only seen it on you tube. Looks to be smaller than the tranx
  397. jiggyn

    "Bloody" Decks and Blue fin mayhem on the First String

    Just got in still unpacking and cleaning from my 2 day on the Firststring. I almost got my limits it was a great day. Ill continue tomorrow with a full report and pics. on what went down, any intel, and what worked for me.
  398. jiggyn

    F/S Shimano trinindad 14A and 16 gold

    Selling a mint trinidad 14A loaded with 50lb spectra upgraded to black knob. with white knob and box $360 also an excellent shape trinidad 16 gold upgraded new carbontex drags. no clamp $200 *just added 65lb spectra power pro blue just about or a little more than 3/4 spool Local pickup...
  399. jiggyn

    WTB Shimano DSV 300

    Looking for a shimano DSV 300 can pick up if local
  400. jiggyn

    trinidad drag plate upgrade?

    changing out the old dartanium drags to carbontex on one of my gold Trinidad 16s, will I have to change the drag plate to fit the carbontex?
  401. jiggyn

    FS super seeker 80H greenie blank

    Selling a super seeker greenie blank brand new 80H $130 local pick up
  402. jiggyn

    Super Seeker FL 75

    Selling a Super Seeker FL 75 blank, has Xwrap handles and fuji reel seat. ready to be wrapped this is a 40-50lb rod local pick up $200 pics up soon
  403. jiggyn

    FS Shimano Trinidad 16A & Tranx HG

    dont use these basically just spares sitting in the closet both are brand and still sealed in the box shimano trinidad 16A $390 shimano tranx HG $390 or take both $700 local pick up or can ship $$$
  404. jiggyn

    WTB Satiga 30 & 20

    Looking for both a Saltiga 30 or 20
  405. jiggyn

    WTB Makaira 8SE & 10SE

    Looking to pickup a Makaira 8SE gunmetal and 10SE gunmetal
  406. jiggyn

    For trade Truline XR7

    here is a rare XR7 up for trade Yes its brand new never been wrapped Cobra glass XR 40-60lb rod 7' small tip fast taper imagine a VBG on steroids with the balls of a TNT trade for a matte black BX2 400 accurate
  407. jiggyn

    daisy chain cedar plugs

    Any use the daisy chain Cedar plugs setup?
  408. jiggyn

    For Sale super seeker 70H blank

    brand new Super Seeker 70H blank regular dark brown/tangerine finish $110 local pick up
  409. jiggyn

    BX2 30N line class?

    What line class would you fish on the BX2 30N? Thinking 60-80 and matching it to a super seeker 1X3
  410. jiggyn

    For trade Truline 36 green glass

    Looking to trade a nice Truline 36 green glass new wraps fuji MNSG guides new flat tuna cord handle trade for Trinidad 20A or PM offer
  411. jiggyn

    WTB Accurate BX2 Matte black finish reels

    Looking to buy an Accurate BX2 400, 500 and BX2 30N in matte black finish if you have any of the 3 let me know thanks
  412. jiggyn

    ringed or non ringed

    I know this topic has been brought up before but cant find that thread as the summer tuna fishing and later the fall is upon us I was going thru my hook box and wow ringed and non ringed j hooks and circle. do you guys prefer ringed or non. I do like the ringed stuff seems to give that bait a...
  413. jiggyn

    C "B" Ass & Butts

    This is the yearly Firefighter tournament that helps a charity event for burn victims. We were on the Pacific Star and headed to Clemente in hopes of Sea Bass and Yellows. Fishing live squid and fresh dead. We had a slow and steady bite on the Sea Bass and the occasional Butt. I farmed 2 sea...
  414. jiggyn

    For sale penn 3/0 112H newelled

    Penn 3/0 112H with full Newell kit in good shape and working order regular width $55 local pickup or $$ to ship I take paypal. Will have pics up soon
  415. jiggyn

    Trinidad 14A star drag wobble

    just got a 14A and noticed that the star drag on it has lots of play. it does what its suppose to do tighten and loosen the drag. However it has some loose play in it. Wobbles side to side any have this issue, or does this one need to go back and checked thanks
  416. jiggyn


  417. jiggyn

    For trade BNIB Trinidad 16A

    Looking to trade a brand new in the box unopened Trinidad 16A reel would like to trade for a Trinidad 20A or a makaira 10SE or maybe 8SE would be great if it were new or like new condition If your interested in buying the 16a or tranx pm me with an offer
  418. jiggyn

    WTB VMC Dynamic hooks

    Its probably a long shot but does anyone have any VMC Dynamic hooks they like to sell? Looking for 4/0s and up thanks
  419. jiggyn

    ? Trinidad 12A or 14A

    what would you lean towards for flying lining bait inshore and offshore for overnight and 1.5 trips 20lb test thinking of the 12A but 14A does have line capacity in the "just in case" scenario but 12A has no clamp that I know of to fit it
  420. jiggyn

    Trinidad 12A

    What aftermarket clamp works for the Trinidad 12A?
  421. jiggyn

    For Sale Newell P338F

    A clean in working order Newell P338F not the re-issue older newell Local pick up $140
  422. jiggyn

    Bowen wood box

    Selling a very clean in excellent shape bowen box measures L16 x 9W x 11 local pick up $100
  423. jiggyn

    Shimano Calcutta 800F size?

    does anyone know about the japanese version of the Calcutta 800F? is it the 400 size calcutta or bigger? line capacity? thanx
  424. jiggyn

    fight against closures, what is happening?

    What has happened against the fight towards the MLPA closures? have not heard anything on it lately and wasnt there a case pending against it?
  425. jiggyn

    WTB Penn 6/0 newell kit

    Looking to buy the newell kit for a penn 6/0 114H
  426. jiggyn

    Indian sportboat in Redondo

    Since the sell and heard that its new home will be Redondo landing, anyone have any insight when it will be online?
  427. jiggyn

    shimano trinidad gold clamp

    Looking to buy a trinidad gold clamp one that will fit the 16-30 reels thanks
  428. jiggyn

    VMC tuna tamer hooks

    These hooks look pretty sturdy was wondering if anyone has used them and what is your take
  429. jiggyn

    Your choice of a trolling reel

    Iam a bit old school I like using a Shimano TLD 20 or 30 2speed for 60-80lb troller sometimes a Newelled out Penn 6/0 with upgraded drags 60lb rig what do you guys like to troll with???
  430. jiggyn

    Yos calstar or sabre rods

    Looking to pick up a Yos wrapped older glass calstar or sabre rods length 6' ringed guides test 40-100lb let me know thanks
  431. jiggyn

    Shimano Trinidad 16

    Looking for a Trinidad 16 a plus if you have the gold clamp with it
  432. jiggyn

    Newell P533 drag star

    Looking for the aluminum drag star that goes to a P533
  433. jiggyn

    Truline TNT

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Looking to trade my Truline TNT blank this is one of the good ones, with the old dynamo label on it. has a small tip and bends and shuts down nicely, not one of those ones that bows Looking to trade for anyone of these reels Makaira 10 se shimano trinidad 20A or pm for offer
  434. jiggyn

    Okuma Andors 5 LD

    Saw the new Andros LD gunmetal grey and damn its a sweet tiny reel who is carrying it?
  435. jiggyn

    Trulines Trulines Trulines

    A friend of mine is thinning out his herd of Truline rods about 150 of them. He has 7' to 8' rods from factory to custom wrapped rods. Green Glass Reds "Cobra" "Tiger" Caramels Blacks and Chocolates a few that I can recall factory Chocolate D8 factory caramel D8 factory green LM8 factory cobra...
  436. jiggyn

    carbide guides

    Looking for the old carbide perfection style guides need a set for an 8' rod
  437. jiggyn

    website ADs on this page

    What is up with the website Ads I visit popping up on BD? if that is the case can I see the porn sites I visit with ads on here too :boobies:
  438. jiggyn

    Truline VBG7

    up for trade is a VBG7 nice cobra glass full length MNSG guides looking to trade for other Trulines or reels daiwa saltiga 30T or 15 accurate BX2s or $350 Local transaction
  439. jiggyn

    Super Seeker 3X5

    I was wondering if anyone uses the 3X5 rod. have not heard much about it is it just a beast to fish?
  440. jiggyn

    Super seeker rods

    Two brand new freshly wrapped Super seeker rods Greenie SS FL76 fuji mnsg guides fuji reel seat 40lb rod $200 SS 6470 fuji mnsg guides pac bay aluminum reel seat 40lb rod $200 couldnt get good pics but the purple is darker, I believe its gudebrod 468 NCP pick up or meet local Or...
  441. jiggyn

    Dave Bell Truline Rods

    I have several rods and blanks that were wrapped and refinished by Dave Bell. He was a master at refinishing the glass on Trulines and would make them truly shine and had an unbelievable look. I have some that are in need to be refinished and give it that same look. Does anyone here can...
  442. jiggyn

    saltiga 15 & 20

    Looking to buy a saltiga 15 or 20
  443. jiggyn

    Calstar GFGR 770XH 700H

    brand new grafighter 770XH sold brand new grafighter 700H sold both are new unused with tags local pickup will have pics up tomorrow
  444. jiggyn

    shimano trinidad 20

  445. jiggyn

    Truline VBG 6 and VBG 5.5

    Truline VBG 6 "QR6" red glass factory wraps $100 Truline VBG 55 cobra glass good to fair shape on wraps $100 or trade for Trinidad 20 prefer local pick up
  446. jiggyn

    shimano trinidad 16A

    In mint condition like new Loaded with 50lb izor spectra with box and paperwork etc. $375 picked up will ship but extra
  447. jiggyn

    ATD 12 for 10 day?

    what are your thoughts on using this reel on a 10 day, matched up on a Super Seeker 1x3 Oh forgot to mention this will be a fall 10 day late to early oct. earl Nov.
  448. jiggyn

    shimano Curado 300DSV

    In great shape, about 3/4 filled of 50lb Izor upgraded carbontex drags and box prefer local pick up or ship extra $150
  449. jiggyn

    Newell 300C

    Newell 300C clean in great shape, great working order. New carbontex drags free spools like a top 332 size $80 picked up $90 shipped
  450. jiggyn

    Newell yellowfin bars

    Looking for the Newell solid yellowfin bars on the card stock "the one that is laminated onto a blue newell cardboard backing" let me know if you you like to sale
  451. jiggyn

    calcutta and Donnmar pliers

    New Calcutta pliers with sheath 5 1'2" used Donnmar checkpoint pliers CP850 6 1/2" $40 picked up $45 shipped
  452. jiggyn

    Daiwa Lexa 300

    anyone have one of these and put it thru the ringer. What is your take on it? How does it feel on decent size fish? casting? etc... I would love to hear about it. saw one and teetering on getting it
  453. jiggyn

    Avet MXJ

  454. jiggyn

    Trulines and cord weave

    Wanted to share these wrapped by a friend of mine. came out nice, and of course I could not resist but put my weave handle on them chocolate D8 in honor of and one of and Capt Eddie McEwen's rods Tiger D8
  455. jiggyn

    shimano Trinidad 40N

    Shimano Trinidad 40N in good shape with small marks in excellent working shape *does have a screw clamp that sheared off, can be tapped out with a left hand bit I was going to use an after market clamp instead $300 local pick up or ship on your dime
  456. jiggyn

    broken screw clamp Trini 40N

    Damn really I was putting the reel "40N" on my rod and as I was turning the screw I heard a pop. WTF! the threaded part that anchors into the frame snapped leaving the other half out. great now I got a broken screw. guess Ill just use an aftermarket clamp now or try a tap out for it
  457. jiggyn

    Accurate B2-665NN

    Looking to trade my B2-665NN reel its in good shape minor marks nothing major loaded with 65lb spectra recent service on the reel $325 to buy outright pick up or ship xtra Looking for specific Truline rods. mainly a cobra 36 If you got any to trade PM me
  458. jiggyn

    accurate B2-870

    AND gone!!!!
  459. jiggyn

    truline QR6C and VBG 55

    FACTORY wrap QR6C "VBG6" good shape 6' red glass $125 VBG 55 fair to good shape some thread wear 5'5 cobra glass $125 Take both for $200 or trade both for gold trinidad 16 or 20
  460. jiggyn

    truline 5X 7' and D7

    Looking for cobra glass D7 And 5X 7'
  461. jiggyn


    Is there any type of upgrades for the B2-665NN? Thanks
  462. jiggyn

    Guadalupe no go

    Got an email from the boat Ive got booked in Oct for the Guadalupe 5 day trip, and long email short "due to the recent circumstances regarding fishing Guadalupe Island and permits, it looks like we will not have access" How I feel so bummed out, I was so looking forward to going back there...
  463. jiggyn

    BX2-400N & BX2-500N?

    What are your opinions on these narrow versions? I really like them both, what apps would you you them on I think 40lb bait for 400N and jig for the 500N
  464. jiggyn

    shimano trinidad 14A

    Looking to buy a Trinidad 14A Thanks
  465. jiggyn

    Trinidad 20A or 30A

    what would be better off? Both have the same drag only difference is line capacity I would use for throwing iron and fly lining bait on 40lb -iron I would say 20 for spool size -soaking bait 30 for line capacity Oh choices
  466. jiggyn

    Brass jig rings

    Looking around but cant seem to find any, but does anyone know where I can pick up some brass jig rings. Like the ones used on vintage irons. thanks
  467. jiggyn

    accurate reels

    Looking for B2-197 B2-270 Thanx
  468. jiggyn

    Butch Green Calico

    I will be at the Peter's landing swapmeet this Saturday if you have one for sale let me know have cash $$$$
  469. jiggyn

    okuma Cedros 10

    Looking to trade my Okuma Cedros 10 for a trinidad 14A its in good shape loaded with spectra and comes with box if you interested let me know $185 picked up $195 shipped
  470. jiggyn

    carbontex in trinidad not working

    hey all need a little bit of help here in my installation Ive done this instal before but this time something is just not right put in new carbontex drags put everything back but as I button it down the drag doesnt button down all the way. there is drag but not what it should be at that level...
  471. jiggyn

    Trinidad 20

    looking to pick up a trinidad 20
  472. jiggyn

    Pro gear 440 40lb reel?

    Is the Pro Gear 440 a decent 40lb reel?
  473. jiggyn

    phenix ISA 867

    this is another one of my spare rods its a Phenix Inshore Assassin 867 8'6 line rating 10-30 this rod is brand new with tags and plastic shrink wrap still on cork want to trade for a trinidad 40N ill post pic soon
  474. jiggyn

    Pit bull Clamp?

    Interested in picking up a pit bull clamp for my B2-870N. I was told this would fit, but as I researched it, it will not fit on the narrow style frames. So wanted to get input if its a good match.
  475. jiggyn

    Okuma Cedros 10

    Looking for an Okuma Cedros 10 star drag in good shape to like new to new if you have one and willing to sell pm me thanks
  476. jiggyn

    Xbox 360 console

    Xbox 360 game console in working order with all the wiring and connections. Sorry no games and controllers local pick up or maybe ship pix later $75
  477. jiggyn

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T or Trinidad 40N

    what would you pick? Iam leaning more towards the 30T a bit smaller and easier to handle the 40N is also one sick jig reel
  478. jiggyn

    ATD 12 topless frame

    Want to convert my ATD 12 to a topless, what is the cost on this maybe you can chime in "Fishard1" Matt thanks
  479. jiggyn

    1966 Mustang Instrument Cluster

    Had this instrument cluster from my 1966 mustang for years now. Just sitting around in storage, everything is there was working when I last pulled it out. If interested PM me, not sure what they go for Ill post pics later
  480. jiggyn

    Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

    selling Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses 3025 gold wire frames and black lenses with case in excellent shape, from what I can see and tell looks to have no scratches on the lens Ill post pics up later $55
  481. jiggyn

    fishing today

    Dont bother or call me, Iam fishing I may not catch a thing but Iam fishing
  482. jiggyn

    Trinidad 40NA will there be one?

    Alot of us love using the old Trinidad 40N and since the introduction of the new A series been hoping for a 40NA model anyone have any insight that may come out with one. Ill be all over that reel
  483. jiggyn

    Newell 332 Blackie

    Selling a clean Newell 332 Blackie its still has sharp edges good drags and free spools. could eventually be upgraded as with most Blackies it has stress cracks. This one has 2 hairline ones that I can see or have found. also a chip that you can see in the pic will trade for vintage irons $150...
  484. jiggyn

    Nat Geo Wicked Tuna

    This is a pretty cool show, nothing like seeing giant bluefin caught on hook and line. Reading the monolog about how the species is at a low in population IMO its time to put the same regs and rules on every one else this planet to help this awesome giant. especially to that one particular...
  485. jiggyn

    Truline and Fenwick

    Selling a Truline BJ7 7'1 25lb rod wrapped green over black Fuji guides $150 Fenwick old lemon glass sweet 30-40lb rod thick walls 7'1 Fuji HNSG guides $200 Post pics later pick up please
  486. jiggyn

    Newell freel spool noise

    When I free spool my newell P332 it makes a loud winding noise, almost sounds like the bearings are flying around. But it doesnt effect the free spool. just annoying noise. Does it need new bearings? Is it have to do with the gear housing when released into free spool? thnx
  487. jiggyn

    Newell 322 solid crossbars

    Looking for the solid aluminum cross bars for a Newell P322
  488. jiggyn

    Phenix ISA 867 & 300DSV

    Looking to trade my like new very clean Phenix ISA 867 rod "8'6 10-30lb rod" with my Shimano Curado 300 DSV silver grey color in very good shape loaded with 50lb spectra. this is a sweet swimbait rod, that I also used to throw slugs and fish albies with and the schooly tuna. if you are...
  489. jiggyn

    Shimano TLD 20 tiburon

    looking to pick up a shimano tld 20 2 speed with the topless tiburon kit or a will fish kit too PM me thanks
  490. jiggyn

    Truline BJ7

    Selling a red glass BJ7 wrapped black over green with fuji guides nice 25lb rod 7' $175 local pick up post pics later
  491. jiggyn

    Lamiglas 528

    selling a clean, nice 30-40lb 528 lamiglas this is the glass from the 70s ill take more pics tomorrow in the day light pm me if interested local pick up would be great $200
  492. jiggyn

    Acid rod tuna cord still available

    anyone know if Acid still has the colored tuna cord? tried ordering online but not on their menu anymore. yup doing more cord weave handles. I know I should call and ask, but maybe there might be other sources of colored cord outhere
  493. jiggyn

    JTrelikes and SaltyDawg @ Fred Hall

    Doing the usual rounds around the Fred Hall show and not expecting to run into and meeting JTrelikes and SaltyDawg, but did. It was quite a pleasure and honor to meet and chat with 2 great rod builders Keep inspiring us guys and gals
  494. jiggyn

    Butch Green calico box

    Looking for a Butch Green calico box it is the smallest of the Butch Green wood boxes. I would like one that is in presentable to mint condition. If you have on or know of one let me know. Got cash and ready to buy.:imdumb:
  495. jiggyn

    Donmar pliers

    looking for Donmar pliers let me know thanks
  496. jiggyn

    Truline M7 green glass

    Truline M7 green glass wrapped ready to fish fuji HNSG guides 30-40lb rod $200 or trade for saltiga reels or trinidad 16 local pick up
  497. jiggyn

    Newell Narrowed 533

    Maybe a long shot but if any one has one for sale looking to get the Narrowed Newell 533 thanks
  498. jiggyn

    Pro Wrap thread

    Looking for some thread and happen to see the Pro Wrap brand. Looks nice Have any of you used it. What is your take on it
  499. jiggyn

    Shimano Trinidad 16N clamp

    Looking to pick up the gold clamp for the Trinidad 16N hit me up if you know of one or are willing to sell one thanks
  500. jiggyn

    Truline M7 & Vintage Fenwick

    [FONT="Century Gothic"][FONT="Comic Sans UP for grabs is a green glass truline M7 7' wrapped in green and black Fuji HNSG GUIDES 30-40lb rod $250 Vintage yellow glass fenwick 7' thick walls nice soft tip lots of back bone wrapped Fuji HNSG GUIDES 30-40lb $275 local Pick up Or trade M7 for...
  501. jiggyn

    Truline 36

    Up for grabs is a Truline 36 chocolate glass blank. This is the vintage chocolate nice 25-30lb blank full length. If you are serious and interested pm
  502. jiggyn

    truline 6X

    Selling a truline 6X blank brand new never been wrapped Nice heavy 8ft rod purple glass Post pics up later Pm if u are serious *added a pic yes that is the old price written on there by the rep.
  503. jiggyn

    Okuma maikar 10 or 15

    Gonna pick up a Maikara for fishing 40lb topshot loaded with spectra for bait fishing @ lupe and Alijos Love the size of the 10 I can fish that all day and than the 15 has that greater line capacity what are your guys take on it
  504. jiggyn

    Super Seeker SSCJBF90

    Here is on of my personal rods that iam selling, getting new replacements. Super Seeker SSCJBF90 nicely wrapped in purple and ice blue awesome diamond wrap and weave handle $200 pick up please
  505. jiggyn

    newell P220

  506. jiggyn

    Truline LM7

    Here is classic for you a factory wrapped Truline LM7 green glass. full length nice bait stick very good green glass. It is a factory rod however some of the guides are broken or cracked. but they are all there and all the wraps. $200 local pick up
  507. jiggyn

    B2 400 or B2 500

    Looking to pick up on of these reels. Which would be a better fit on a 40lb bait reel? knowing already the 400 was designed for 40lb can the 400 bump up to 50lb and take it on or is it pushing it and the 500 for 50lb and more line capacity but not as compact
  508. jiggyn

    Truline 36

    I was going to keep this but ive got plenty of rods in this line class lol Its a nice caramel glass full length good 25-30lb rod looking to trade for a trinidad 40N or saltiga 30T or 40 or if your want to buy shoot me an offer
  509. jiggyn

    Trinidad A vs. Talica ll

    Iam picking up a new reel and this time its a shimano. Now looking at both reels 16A talica 12 I see advantages to both going to loaded it with spectra and fishing 40lb on them Iam leaning more towards the 16A as I can double it for throwing iron what are your guys take on it
  510. jiggyn

    Pro Gear 280 and 255

    Looking for a Pro gear albacore 280 and the pro gear 255
  511. jiggyn

    shimano Trinidad A

    Well getting a New Trinidad A of my choice but not sure what size looking to fish 25-30 possibly 40 narrowed it down to the 16A 20A 30A lol I figured the 16A is a great size and with spectra I can switch up the floro size.... well I can do the same with the 20A and 30A lol ahhhh decisions
  512. jiggyn

    Truline 36

    Trading my Truline 36 custom wrapped by Dave Bell This is the good stuff Cobra glass and its a heavy one. Looking to trade for a B2-665N or B2-665NN or possibly a Trinidad 40N. If your game for it hit me up Or for sale make offer
  513. jiggyn

    Cord weave... finished

    Here it is all done and working on the one in the back more to come
  514. jiggyn

    Iam Back, more cord weave handles

    Hey all, have not posted in sometime with my weave handles, but back again. Been working on a few, some with color and some new styles. Here is a lil taste of what I have going and will post more once completed and wrapped
  515. jiggyn

    Trinidad A carbontex

    are there any carbontex drags for the Trinidad A? if so where
  516. jiggyn

    Laguna Niguel Trout

    Went out to LNL with my good friend and his lil boy to do some trout fishing. And long story short for the first 30 mins we could not keep a line in the water without getting bit. we had triple limits oh ya. wish I couldve taken more pics these are with my phone
  517. jiggyn

    Trinidad 20A 40lb reel?

    Any of you use the new Trinidad 20A as a 40lb reel? will it suffice as one? thanks
  518. jiggyn

    Daiwa Saltiga 20

  519. jiggyn

    Daiwa saltiga 30

  520. jiggyn

    Phenix trout rod

    Looking for Phenix trout rod 7' -8'
  521. jiggyn

    Shimano trinidad 16

    Ive upgraded so wont need this one Trinidad 16 in great working order, yes has boat rash. Has had recent service, freespools great, and upgraded drags. *Handle is from a torium Has gold clamp and loaded with Izor spectra 65lb $160 prefer local pick up but can ship $$
  522. jiggyn

    Calcutta aluminum pliers or Donmar chekpoint

    Looking to buy calcutta aluminum pliers or Donmar checkpoint 850 pliers
  523. jiggyn

    Butch Green calico box

    Looking to buy a mint or very good condition Butch Green Calico box Butch green decals would be a plus and jig slots and tray needs to still be intact I will pay up to $100
  524. jiggyn

    Shimano Trinidad 14

  525. jiggyn

    Truline XR8

    Posting this for a friends Dad This is a nice cobra glass 8' version 8'1/2 to be exact. its a heavy rod with a super fast taper. I would trade for this if I had the right stuff, Ill post pics later when I get them He is looking to trade for the following reels accurate B2-665NN & B2-30N...
  526. jiggyn

    Accurate B2-197

    selling an almost mint very clean accurate B2-197 has a custom T style handle has Hi vis 50lb spectra red wiffle ball handle and box pirce $400 prefer local pick up or ship on your dime
  527. jiggyn

    Newell G338

    Selling a Newell G series 338-J its in good shape and working order $75
  528. jiggyn

    New Newells

    Does the Newell mfg company actually plan on producing those new newells? Its some sometime since ive seen them @ the Fred Hall show and ive not really seen or heard anything on them.
  529. jiggyn

    Shimano trinidad 40N

    Looking for a trini 40N at least one that doesnt look like it was kicked around on the deck:rofl:
  530. jiggyn

    Butch Green Yellowtail

    Looking for a Butch Green Yellowtail box Must be presentable and would be nice if it still has the decals. Got the cash and ready to buy
  531. jiggyn

    Truline factory Cobra 36

    For Sale of trade my factory cobra glass 36. Its in almost in prestine condition. The glass is flawless, the wraps are good. will sell but leaning more towards a trade for another truline
  532. jiggyn


    Selling some Newells for a friend of mine that no longer uses them As follows G454 - $125 S338 - $80 G332 - Sold OG P220 - $140 all are in working order but can use some servicing and cleaning I believe he has all the clamps for them *or take all 3 $300
  533. jiggyn

    where to buy garlic scented nightcrawlers

    where can I purchase garlic scented nightcrawlers? checked online cant seem to find a retailer thanks
  534. jiggyn

    Shimano Saragosa 10000 for popping jigging

    Ive been intrigued by using popping jigs and vertical jigging on spinning gear. thinking of picking up a shimano Saragosa 10000 would this be a good reel for it? I know there is the stella FW but way out of my price range
  535. jiggyn

    Truline CXM

    Looking for a Truline CXM
  536. jiggyn

    Butch Green calico box

    Looking to pick up a Butch Green calico Box In presentable condition or mint with butch green decals
  537. jiggyn

    fuji HNSG no more

    is it true that fuji is no longer making the HNSG guides? been hearing from several guys and some shops are out of them if so, why? those are sweet guides
  538. jiggyn

    Shimano torium 30

    Selling a Torium 30 in good shape has some light scratches on the side overall good and excellent working order. price $115 local pickup or ship on your dime
  539. jiggyn

    Old school fenwick

    brought some life back to this old fenwick. this is the old lemon glass fenwick similar to the lamiglass. went black with some yellow and fuji HNSG guides. this rod has a nice soft tip super fast taper, shuts off fast fishes 25-40 and one heavy thick butt end serious pulling power on this...
  540. jiggyn

    Shimano trinidad 40NA

    Is shimano going to come out with the trinidad 40A and 40NA?
  541. jiggyn

    Saltiga 30

    Looking to trade my Saltiga 30 for a Saltiga 30T it is like new 9.5 cosmetic and 10 mechanical I have the box reel bag and its loaded with 65lb white izor and tiburon universal clamp
  542. jiggyn

    avet MXL and Torium 30

    Selling 2 reels a like new with box purple Avet MXL 5.8 single speed loaded with about 400 yards of 50lb izor $160 also a torium 30 in good shape with light scratches $125 will post pics tomorrow
  543. jiggyn

    Bobs Sporting

    Went by Bobs Sporting and looks like they closed shop. Does anyone know if Mike still does work on rods @ home or elsewhere?
  544. jiggyn

    vintage rod refinish

    Hey all looking to get my vintage rods redone, have the glass cleaned up and put a smooth thin finish back on it I was going to have Mike @ Bobs Sporting redo them but his shop is no longer there. so if you know or can recommend someone who can do the work much appreciated and thanks
  545. jiggyn

    Phenix inshore assassin 867

    I picked up 2 of these and only need one this is brand new with tags Phenix inshore assassin 867 10-30lb 8'6 ill post pics later price $200 or trade for phenix ISA 807 SOLD
  546. jiggyn

    Old school Killer jigs

    Looking to get some of the Killer Jigs irons if you got some to sell pm
  547. jiggyn

    curado 300 on phenix 868MH

    was wondering if any of you tried a curado 300DSV on a phenix 868MH? would that be a good setup? or just might mate it with a trini 14A
  548. jiggyn

    Phenix inshore assassin

    Looking for a phenix inshore assassin psw807 if you got one to sell pm me thanks
  549. jiggyn

    donmar checkpoint CP850

    Looking for checkpoint pliers CP850EX if you have one and have no use for them let me know
  550. jiggyn

    accurate B2-665N

    looking to purchase an accurate B2-665N if you have one you want to sell hit me up
  551. jiggyn

    more cord weave

    here is a few more rods that Ive finished or about to finish on cord weave and one with a touch of purple. still have a few iam working with more colors and with more patterns
  552. jiggyn

    accurate B2-197 or B2-270

    looking for an Accurate B2-197. its what I would prefer may take a B2-270
  553. jiggyn

    Truline VBG

    wanting to share one of my newly wrapped rods Truline VBG with fuji HNSG guides was going to put one of my colored cord weave wraps on the handle but dont have the time for it at the moment
  554. jiggyn

    Bluefin on the Royalstar

    What up all. iam sure many of you have been reading or seeing reports of the bluefin. been checking the reports on the Royalstar and looks like they got into a nice school. Have a few friends on that trip looks like ill have to hit them up for some fresh fixin Hope all this are good sign to...
  555. jiggyn

    Penn 3/0 newell and 3/0 kit

    penn 3/0 newelled out measures 2 1/2" also a penn 3/0 kit nib spool kit measures 2 1/8" take all for $75 local pick up or ship on ur dime
  556. jiggyn

    shimano DSV 300 & trini 20

    looking for a shimano DSV 300 and also a trinidad 20 or 30
  557. jiggyn

    penn 3/0 tuna special and albacore kit

    have a newelled out 3/0h cross bars measures 2 1/2" no clamp and also have a like new albacore kit nib spool, crossbars 2 1/8" and reel seat and clamp this kit is for a penn 112H also pm me ur email or # and can send pics $110
  558. jiggyn

    Accurate b2-197 or b2-270

    looking for an accurate b2-197 or b2-270
  559. jiggyn

    HX Raptor 80lb rig

    was looking into the HX Raptor as an 80lb rig, any of you use it for that and or will it be good for that setup? will be used on a super seeker 1X3
  560. jiggyn

    Penn 3/0 112H newelled

    penn 3/0 112H tuna special newell kit. in good shape and working order This one measures 2 1/2" spool and crossbars $65 '
  561. jiggyn

    Tady Lures website

    Tady lures had a website awhile back now doesnt seem to have one. did they take it down?
  562. jiggyn

    Fuji HBSG OR HNSG for 1x3

    just picked up a SS 1X3 and would guides would suffice for this rod? was thinking the fuji HBSG or the HNSG
  563. jiggyn

    Truline VBG7

    if your willing to part with a B2 197 or B2 270 or a B2 870 and trade for this VBG7 pm me Very nice red full length and this one is a bit on the heavier side solid 40 can fish 50 fast taper
  564. jiggyn

    Shimano DSV 300

    Looking for a shimano DSV 300 in good to mint shape
  565. jiggyn

    Okuma Cedros for jigging

    I checked out the Okuma Cedros and feels like a pretty solid and well put together reel I was thinking of picking one up for jigging purposes especially for Cedros Island and Alijos. Seems like the high speed ratio it has would be great for wahoo jigging too. not to mention it comes with a 3...
  566. jiggyn

    shoe box of Basketball, baseball cards

    cleaning out my closet and found a shoe box loaded with Basketball cards from the early 90s Havent counted but estimate 300+ cards "NBA Hoops" "Sky Box" "UpperDeck" with a handful of baseball cards, some football cards and a few packs of unopened packs football cards 90s and one unopened pack...
  567. jiggyn

    newell base 4 penn 112

    What size newell base fits onto the penn 112 3/0? thanks
  568. jiggyn

    irons and etc

  569. jiggyn

    accurate B2-197

    looking for an accurate B2-197 let me know thanks
  570. jiggyn

    No reds taken

    A friend of mine went on a recent overnight trip to San Nicholas island for some rock fishing. They caught all the usual species but were told they could not take any of the Reds. I had no answer and unsure why. Is it depth? location? thanks
  571. jiggyn

    pro gear 251

    for sale is my Pro gear 251 reel. right hand it is in very good shape with very little to minute marks. strong drags, awesome free spool. and has about less than half a spool of spectra. no clicker price $100
  572. jiggyn

    colnett on the Legend 1.5 trip

    wanted to share this trip 3-4 to 3-6 on the Legend fished Colnett with about 25 others. lots of good size reds on the sardines on the dropper loop, the chuckles and starry eyes bit the chovies and gulp. along with some nice lings. very nice weather, and current was good a few times needed 16oz...
  573. jiggyn

    Legend 3-4 to 3-6 1.5 day

    Looking forward to getting out on the water. anyone going on this full house?
  574. jiggyn

    Truline 5X

  575. jiggyn

    Daiwa sealine sl20sh

  576. jiggyn

    Killer jigs

    looking for killer jigs thanks
  577. jiggyn

    blue Seeker 270H7

    for sale is a blue glass seeker 270H7 7 footer the blue glass nice rod and I put did a cord weave. not sure what i want for it, If you like it and want it just shoot me an offer
  578. jiggyn

    Truline 5X red glass 7'

  579. jiggyn

    Truline BXM green glass

    Up for sale is this Truline Green glass BXM wrapped black on black with stainless steel guides. length 8'3 nice uncoated glass and thick walls if interested shoot me an offer
  580. jiggyn

    Accurate Ice blue 270

    looking for an accurate ice blue 270
  581. jiggyn

    Weave addiction

    I think Iam hooked on cord weaves ive been putting cord weaves on just about all my rods. and working on more
  582. jiggyn

    shimano Trinidad 10A

    I was checking out the little Trinidad 10A and its a sweet lil reel. Now I was wondering what applications can it be used for, for its small size. Would this be a good replacement for my curado 300? Seems to be close in spectra capacity can it cast swimbaits slugs and small jigs as well as...
  583. jiggyn

    cannon ball vs. torpedo sinkers

    anyone really use cannon ball sinkers? I use them for halibut ball bouncing, and works great. never really tried for rock fishing. is there any advantage to using it for that app? are going torpedo a better way to fish? thanks
  584. jiggyn

    Inside Sportfishing video clips

    Has anyone gone to Inside Sportfishing website lately? what happened to the video clips that you can watch? Only have one on there and not one I really care to watch. They has some great charter videos. anyone know if they took them all off?
  585. jiggyn

    still no college playoff

    So After watching all these College Bowl games one more is left the supposed big one that will define who is the Champion. Now how is it that College Football is the biggest sport in college. Draws the largest crowds, carries the most air time for any NCAA sport, and of course makes millions...
  586. jiggyn

    Phenix Inshore Assasin or Phenix Swimbait

    What do you guys think? Which would you go with? Phenix Inshore Assassin or the Phenix Swimbait? I really like both but really like that the Swimbait model is the hybrid stuff. What is your input? thanks
  587. jiggyn

    Penn 99? or is it a 501?

    Hello all need a lil clearing here. What is exactly is a penn 99? is it jigmaster converted to a 501? and what application is it used for? also hear it being called an albacore special type reel. thanks for any help or clearing on this
  588. jiggyn

    Truline D8

  589. jiggyn

    Nike air max crepe size 10

    Up for sale is a pair of NIB nike air max crepe size 10. these are rare and hard to find. these came out several years ago and were short run. have the hemp mesh on them. size 10 and new Price $100.00
  590. jiggyn

    Newell P533 Narrowed

    Does anyone know where I can get parts, how to, or where to get a Newell P533 narrowed? thanks
  591. jiggyn

    Truline M100 chocolate

    Looking to trade my chocolate M100 blank for a nice red 36 the rod is full length and has a cord weave handle
  592. jiggyn

    Penn 100 surfmaster

    Selling my little Penn 100 surfmaster. no upgrades on this one all original from what i remember. Have a reel clamp not sure if its the one for it but fits, sorry no screws Have 2 and dont need this one. $30
  593. jiggyn

    Butch Green or Bowen wood tackle box

    Looking to buy either a Butch Green or Bowen wood tackle box thanks
  594. jiggyn

    rockfish limit on a 1.5 trip?

    K I was just thinking about this, but what exactly is the fish limit on rock fishing on a 1.5 day trip? Its 10 rockfish of any species per day. than what about 1.5? would it be 15 or 20? it may be a simple answer but what do i really know :imdumb: thanks again
  595. jiggyn

    sabre GS1670C

    Selling an older sabre model GS1670c all original wraps, blue and white, 7' good 30lb stick blue hyphalon handles I put for trade but it is for sale....will trade for newelled out penn 3/0 $65 price drop $40
  596. jiggyn

    Phenix Ultra swimbait classic

    Has anyone fished or know about this Phenix Ultra swimbait classic 711MH rod. How is it? Looks to be a killer inshore rod like the Inshore Assassin series Its not listed on the Phenix website but I believe its a hybrid series.
  597. jiggyn

    sabre GS1670C

    I am selling or for trade an old school Sabre it measures 7ft its a 30lb stick model # GS1670C. Its all original wraps, blue and white, blue hyphalon handles. $65 for the rod Ill also trade for a reel preferably a newell P-series Or a newelled out penn 3/0 or a newelled narrow penn 4/0 Pm me...
  598. jiggyn

    My first cord weave

    After several trial runs and experimenting I stuck with this one and about 15 hours into it. My first shot at a cord weave going 4x4 using #18 seine cord. this is on my choco M100 soon to be wrapped. Gonna try more on my other rods
  599. jiggyn

    Phenix Inshore assassin

    Looking to buy an a phenix inshore assassin
  600. jiggyn

    G Loomis or Phenix bass rod

    Hey all! Just picked up a curado 300 and need a rod to match it. Stuck between these 2 a G Loomis Swimbait 955c and a Phenix Inshore Assassin 806. Ive picked up both and pulled on them. and damn they both are sweet. What would be your input and go with thanks all
  601. jiggyn

    Truline M100

    I have a full length Truline M100 blank. this is the good stuff the old chocolate glass. Looking to trade for a nice 36 or another truline Ill have pics tomorrow
  602. jiggyn

    Truline 36

    want to trade my caramel glass truline 36 for a red 36 has recently been refinished and wrapped by moon. has fuji guides and is a 25-30lb stick if no trades fall thru and if interested in buying let me know
  603. jiggyn

    Shimano Trinidad 16N

    Ordered the new 16NA so dont need this one. overall its is great shape, cosmetically its good minor scratches as you can see from the pics. I do not have the stock 16 handle as you can see. I believe the handle is from a calcutta 700. works great with this reel. no spectra on reel price is...
  604. jiggyn

    Truline D7

    A recent wrap on my D7 kinda keeping it simple
  605. jiggyn

    Sabre rod

    Hey all. picked up a sabre and dont know much about this one but just what it says on it. Sabre GS1670C its 7ft. and line rating is 20-50, but feels like a 30lb stick. nice taper on it. any info on it would be great and era too. thanks
  606. jiggyn

    stinger assist hooks

    I think this may have been posted b4. But has anyone tried putting assist hooks on megabaits? Do you get a better hook ratio? does it affect the swim action? thanks
  607. jiggyn

    Truline 36

    Well picked up my Caramel 36. and wow. Wanted to share this one with you guys. Once again Moon has done a superb job. He always steps it up and does an amazing job on his work. thanks again Moon This was a truline 36 caramel that he refinished and gave it a new face lift. wrapped in purple...
  608. jiggyn

    Truline D8 Heavy

    Gotta move this one. Truline D8 Heavy. full length, fuji nsg guides, cord handle. *if you lowball or just play games dont even bother, this is already a steal $300.00 :eek:
  609. jiggyn

    Guys who wont move from corner rail

    I am a very easy going and chill guy. I try to fish it all. Long range, 2-3 days overnighters, half, 3/4 days. I tend to get along with them all. but what is up with those guys who simply wont budge from the corner rail? When someone is on a nice fish and have to pass on thru "those guys"...
  610. jiggyn

    Blue Fin on a Halfday

    Iam sure people will notice this report out of Redondo, but shows 1 blue fin tuna caught on the half day. can anyone confirm this or have any insight on it. *damn now there will be 80 people on the boat tomorrow
  611. jiggyn

    Truline D8 Heavy

    Selling a full length D8, this one is custom wrapped deck hand style with fuji NSG guides. this is a solid 40-60lb stick. will post more pics later price $400 Hate to sell this one Lowered to $350 obo
  612. jiggyn

    basket weave handle

    Hey all. Where can I learn or get info on how to make a cord weave handle? thanks
  613. jiggyn

    Daiwa sealine sl20sh & sl30sh

    daiwa sealine sl20sh in good shape and working order $45 daiwa sealine sl30sh in good shape and working order with new drags $50 *no reel clamp on 30 both for 80 will post up pics later
  614. jiggyn

    Rod extension removal

    Hey all need a lil help or suggestion here. Picked up a rod that has been extended at the but end, by another piece of glass rod and its in there good. Possibly glued. My best thought was to just cut it flush to the butt end and call it a day. any other ways of removing it? thanks
  615. jiggyn

    Talica II pricing vs Trinidad A

    Just wondering if the Talica II is worth it since the new Trinidad A is just about the same price.
  616. jiggyn

    Truline Caramel 36

    looking forward to picking up this rod. Last time I saw this rod is when it was refinished. Its all done and picking it up this weekend. Moon always does a wicked job cant wait to see and fish it. will post pics than. and got another truline to be wrapped, "chocolate" :boobies:
  617. jiggyn

    Lamiglas 528

    Looking for a Lami 528
  618. jiggyn

    penn 2/0 3/0 newell kit

    Looking to get a newell kit for a penn 2/0 and 3/0 or just the spools
  619. jiggyn

    Truline D7 $300

    Truline D7 red glass full length wrapped black on black and black guides solid 40lb rod $300
  620. jiggyn

    accurate b2-870

    accurate B2-870 upgraded with extreme handle. has about half spool of spectra. has some light scratches as you can see in the pics. comes with box and clamp sell price is $325
  621. jiggyn

    Truline D8

    Truline D8 caramel glass, full length 8'4 ready to fish. nice glass and one of the nicer ones price $450 price dropped to $400
  622. jiggyn

    Rod for my BX2-30

    Looking to get a rod for my BX2-30, what would be a perfect match
  623. jiggyn

    Avet MXJ

    Looking to buy an avet MXJ in gunmetal, single speed
  624. jiggyn

    Daiwa sealine sl30sh

    selling a Daiwa sealine sl30sh. it is good shape and working order. has the normal wear marks on the gold outer rings. has new smooth drags. have a reel clamp but no screws. if you want it hit me up ill be available till tomorrow night than I leave for a fishing trip sell price $60.00
  625. jiggyn

    Sabre 655XH

    selling a Sabre 655XH, its the older yellow glass. nice short stick used for heavy yo-yo and heavy bait. really nice bend stands at 66" wrapped in light green and dark green hyphalon handles the rod in the pic is the sabre in action price $50
  626. jiggyn

    Truline D8 Caramel

    Up for sale is a truline D8 caramel. full length @ 8'4 really nice rod, great shape ready to fish $450 or possible trade for reel and cash
  627. jiggyn

    Truline D8 Caramel

  628. jiggyn

    Phenix inshore assassin

    Looking to get the Phenix Inshore Assassin rod. but Iam stuck between the 806 and the 866. does the extra length really going to make a difference in this series of rods. And gonna match it up with either a curado 300 or a revo toro. that is a whole other beast lol
  629. jiggyn

    Abu Garcia revo toro 50/60

    What do you guys think about the revo 50 or 60? Iam thinking of getting one of these and putting it on a phenix inshore assasin 866 or 807 i Know these reels boast some serious drag power and line capacity. also thought about the curado 300. gonna use it on ablies, yellows, and what ever else...
  630. jiggyn

    Halfday halibut

    Went out yesterday morning on a halfday on the Redondo special W/my niece. Fished the kelp for some decent bass and a few short cudas. was hoping for a WSB but none around. than headed to a spot known for butts. So threw out my 30lb rig on a dropper loop w/a dine. and no joke within about...
  631. jiggyn

    Fenwick HMX trout rods and reels

    I have 2 like new fenwick HMX graphite rods. they are 5'9 one piece rods 4-10lb with 3 reels an almost new abu garcia cardinal 300u, shimano slade100FB and an okuma ultra lite 10. abu is sold take the rest for $50
  632. jiggyn

    B2 870 little free spool

    Have a bit of a free spool issue with one of my B2 870 reels. has about 3/4 spectra on it like my other ones. But when in free spool, and I spin it can, I only get one revolution from it. Drag is fine and the cast control is good. No clue? any of you guys or gals have this issue? any Or...
  633. jiggyn

    Truline C8 caramel

    For sale is a truline C8, caramel glass. In great shape fully wrapped, cork deckhand style ready to fish. 20-30lb stick $350.00
  634. jiggyn

    daiwa sealine sl30sh

    Looking to buys a daiwa sl30sh. the japan made model.
  635. jiggyn

    Truline Caramel C8

    Iam selling a Truline C8 caramel glass. The glass is in great shape, really nice color. Nice seabass, and yellow stick. a 20-30lb rod. its 8'3 fully wrapped and deckhand style handle. selling for $450 reduced to 350 or trade for both saltiga 15 and 20
  636. jiggyn

    Truline D8 purple

  637. jiggyn

    Truline VBG XR7 CMX

    looking for one these truline rods, VBG XR7 or CMX. Red glass and uncut
  638. jiggyn

    Newell P-338

    selling a newell P-338 this is the old school one, not of the the new re-issue ones $100.00 if interested call me 310-686-0560 Jerr
  639. jiggyn

    Newell 322-M blacky

    for sale is an oldschool Newell 322-M blacky in good shape and working order. $140.00 if interested pm or email me [email protected] i can send pics
  640. jiggyn

    Newell G229 & 322-M blackie

    For sale is a great condition and working order G229 upgraded HT100 drags, p-series handle and aluminum spool. $130 322-M blackie in good condition and working order. $170.00 if interested pm i can email u pics
  641. jiggyn

    Truline 7ft

    Looking for 7ftrs one piece rods. let me know what u have. thnx jerr
  642. jiggyn

    cora loma @ redondo

    hey all, just letting u guys know a new boat is @ the redondo sportfishing. the Cora loma. great crew and boat, come check them out
  643. jiggyn

    Harnell or Roddy jig stick

    looking for a Harnell or Roddy 9ft or 10ft jig stick. pm me if u hve one for sale
  644. jiggyn

    Truline LB9 & Sila Flex

    Truline LB9 full length red, deckhnd style ready to fish. 275.00 Sila Flex originally 8ft extnd to 9ft. deck hand style really nice dk red glass and blue wraps. 150.00 or both for 325.00 pm if interested
  645. jiggyn

    Truline LB9

    selling a full length truline LB9 red color glass wrapped blue and yellow. deck hand handle. nice looking rod. if interested pm me. asking 290.00
  646. jiggyn

    Truline tnt - SilaFlex 9 ftr

    Selling a truline tnt full length solid 40lb stick 175.00 SilaFlex 9ftr originally 8ft extended to 9 20-25lb stick really beautiful red freckle glass with blue wraps done by moon. nice looking rod 150.00 pm me if interested or both for a better price. can email pics
  647. jiggyn

    Truline 4x green

    Have a truline 4x green glass blank. really nice bend and exact measurement is 7'5 ¼" pm me if interested asking 125.00
  648. jiggyn

    newell 332 blacky

    looking to buy a newell 332 blacky f or m series is fine. if u got u like to sell ill buy. pm thanks
  649. jiggyn

    daiwa saltiga 15 or 20

    looking for a saltiga 15 or 20, pm me if you have one you would like to sell. thnx
  650. jiggyn

    newell P332

    Looking to buy a newell P332. if u have one for sale pm me, thnx
  651. jiggyn

    Truline TNT

    I have a truline tnt for sale. its full length, wrapped deck hand style. its a heavy stick 40-50lb class, and it the newer glass. $200.00 if interested message me or email [email protected] and i can send u pix
  652. jiggyn

    Truline D8 green glass cut

    I have a truline D8 green glass blank, the glass is in good shape. still has the dynamo but. the big downfall to the rod is it has been cut and now stands about 7'1 wish it were full 8. ill take best offer on it or trade for another truline if u are willing. iam unable to upload pix but i can...
  653. jiggyn

    accurate 197 or 270 2speed

    looking to buy an accurate 197 2speed or 270 2 speed in good cndition .....thanks L
  654. jiggyn

    newell p-332f

    looking to buy a p-332f in fair shape and working order...... thnx
  655. jiggyn

    Truline TNT

    I have one of my trulines up for sale. Its the TNT model. Still has great wrap and guides. Has the deck hand style handle. It is uncut and never broken. First one gets it thanks. Pick up only in Torrance 310-686-0560 Jerr Price 225.00
  656. jiggyn

    Newell P229 & G220

    I have a old school Newell P229 that is in good to fair shape and is in working condition. But could use a tune up. K well many takers but no follow up on the 229 so Ill lower it 100.00 Like to get rid of it b4 the weekend. So first one takes it Iam in the city or Torrance 310-686-0560 jerr...
  657. jiggyn

    Soft steel line

    Hello all, have any of you use soft steel line? How is it? what do you think? and ive heard its a much smaller diameter than mono. Thanks
  658. jiggyn

    New boat at Redondo

    Well the Spit Fire is no longer @ Redondo Sportfishing. I will miss fishing on that boat. Well another boat is taking its place in the 3/4 day trips the Tradition. Never heard of nor seen this boat. Cant even find it online. Do any of u know of or heard of the Tradition. Well hope to do...
  659. jiggyn

    anyone use this mono to spectra knot?

    Hello all. Yes here is another mono to spectra knot question. Well iam by no means an expert in this type of line connection. But Ive been trying out various knots or so. I usually tie a bimini to an albright and its worked great for me not a failure yet. "knock on wood" I shouldnt change...
  660. jiggyn

    Sabre 585 & Seeker SJ85

    thread deleted
  661. jiggyn

    Accurate 870, 270

    Hello all. I was taking off line from my accurate 870 and 270, and when I put it in free spool and backed the drag all the way down I noticed something. Actually 2 things. I found it kinda hard to to loosen the drag all the way. and also when I was able to loosen it, I would put the lever...
  662. jiggyn

    Plastics on the slide?

    I recently came back on a 6 day and did well on the slide with live bait. But ive heard of people using plastics such as hammers and fish trap that are the 5 1/2 to 6 inch variety on the slide. It crossed my mind a few times to give it a shot but the tuny were quick to bite the dines. What do...
  663. jiggyn

    MY "WMD'S" Superseekers by Moon

    These are my weapons for destroying fish. Thanks to Moon @ Fishermans Depot, he came thru for me just before my trip to Guadalupe. As always Moon does an awesome job on the blanks he wraps. Super Seeker BH89 olive blank- cord grips reverse reel seat. sweet bait stick Super Seeker CJBF80H-...
  664. jiggyn

    First String Trip 10/19-26

    Well just got back in early this morning from a 6 day on the First String. Let me begin by saying thanks and major kudos to the crew of the First String. They simply went above and beyond customer service and were always right there to help out whenever need be. Now about the trip. We launched...
  665. jiggyn

    ringed hooks Vs. circle hooks

    Hi all. well ive been using the circle hooks and love how they just set themselves. I still do use j hooks, nothing like swinging that rod and just ripping that hook in to the mouth of that fish. but what about these hooks like the gorilla ringed, the eagle claw 118, 317 just a few to name...
  666. jiggyn

    who's going? First String-Oct 19-25

    What is up all? About 2 more weeks to go and getting stoked. this is my first long range in several years. I felt it is time to go on one and just hope to have a great time. None of my friends are going, but hope to make new fishing buddies and just fish and fish.