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  1. Anglewood

    Intrepid staterooms

    The lower bunk in stateroom 9 is also quite spacious. -Connor
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    Okuma Makaira 15T II SEa on the water

    Thanks for the report, Jeff. I would expect nothing less out of a Makaira SEa and the 15T is definitely on my list. -Connor
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    10 day Intrepid report

    Great report Floyd, thanks for taking the time. -Connor
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    First time on the Intrepid, Dec. 10-20, 2019

    Argument aside, I have 76 days on the Intrepid going on trips from 7 to 15 days. It is a beautifully spacious boat with a smooth and quiet ride. Plenty of bait capacity and a spacious rear deck. Captains Bill and Sammy are fishy guys and I would trust my life to either one of them. Deckhand...
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    My favorite color JRI jigs! I stocked up back when I heard they would be discontinued. -Connor
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    2019 OC Tuna - Royal Polaris Summer 8 day trip report

    Thanks for the report Doug, I look forward to fishing with you guys again. -Connor
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    Intrepid - Berutich 8 Day

    I saw that Hoo on FB, congrats, and thanks for the report!
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    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/13 -7/20 - Official Report

    Definitely one of the better ones I got on the trip! -Connor
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    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/13 -7/20 - Official Report

    It was one of those trips that made for difficult fishing, but we all made out in the end. -Connor
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    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/13 -7/20 - Official Report

    Sarah, It wouldn't be a trip without you, bummed that we weren't roomates this time, but still had an awesome time on the water. So glad to see how far you and your family have come and can only look forward to next year! -Connor
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    Wahoo on Intrepid

    Even though we only got 21 for the boat, it was a pretty great time, Wahoo were out of the water on chum a few times. -Connor
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    Which tuna hooks for fly lining bait?

    On my last trip, Intrepid 8 Day from the 13th to the 20th, small hooks were getting bit best when conditions lacked. This was on YT on the Ridge which is normally a no-brainer. #2 Ringed Charlie Browns are on the shopping list along with #4s and a few other sizes. The smallest I had were 1/0...
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    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    Great report, thanks for taking the time. -Connor
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    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/13 -7/20 - Official Report

    The Night Before: A little background, this charter originated as the Wahoodad Willie charter 11 years ago and turned into the Ray Jarvis Memorial after his passing in 2013. It has built a great group of regulars over the years and as such it is a great opportunity to see old friends and meet...
  15. Anglewood

    Best Knot for Heavy Line

    I am with Fishy on the three turn Uni for big line, five turns for 60lb and under. I have never had a failure since I started using this knot and that was after years of using the San Diego. -Connor
  16. Anglewood

    Ray Jarvis Memorial 8-day Trip - Quick Report

    Jeff, Nice fishing with you, glad you were able to join our band of misfits. The Jarvis charter is one trip that I will never miss because of the great people that are a part of it. A full official report will be forthcoming. -Connor
  17. Anglewood

    Tranx Drags

    Are you checking the drags in the morning before fishing? Differences in temperature and humidity can make for changes overnight. I know some guys who check their drags after every top shot change as well. Heating up the drag during a fight will lead to some change, but it shouldn't be...
  18. Anglewood

    Smoked wahoo

    I primarily use apple wood for smoking my fish, and it comes out great. I have a Green Mountain Grill Davey Crockett model pellet grill which I highly recommend (similar to a Traeger). Smoked Wahoo is amazing and I have even taken it a step further and used it as part as a dip for parties and...
  19. Anglewood

    'Any Long Rangers in/near Culver City work as Handymen?

    Well JC, You know that I am in CC, I know a great plumber if you need one (my neighbor), but a handyman I do not. -Connor
  20. Anglewood

    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    Flourocarbon is flourocarbon, anyone that tells you different isn't selling flourocarbon. That said, it is all about diameter and that is how I organize my spools, irregardless of brand. 100lb Premier is the same as most 80lb. Most Blackwater is larger diameter and therefore stiffer. All...
  21. Anglewood

    Making wahoo bombs

    A lot of the tackle shops have a captive audience. People would rather pay for rigging than do it for themselves. On one of my last trips, we bought a bunch of stock jigs and components and re-rigged in the parking lot before we left. Also, beware of anything that still has split rings. -Connor
  22. Anglewood

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    My all time favorite JRI color, well done Jerry! -Connor
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    I use the Makaira 10IISEa for 40 an 50 pound bait, and couldn't be happier. -Connor
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    Do you prefer boat limits or personal limits

    I am for personal limits as I am always cognizant of the fish that I catch. I was once called out for my pile at the dock after posting a trip report, I knew I was clean but then referenced my 5 star invoice. I was good, but my neighbors pile was on mine too. In this case it was for YT. I...
  25. Anglewood

    Bag to carry clothes

    I just use the gym bag that I still have from high school, it has my name on it and there isn't another one like it on the dock (unless my brother is on the boat). It has served me faithfully for 22 years. I also have a Mustad waterproof bag that I got at Fred Hall for cheap years ago that I...
  26. Anglewood

    Manual Drag Override

    Just a heads-up, I was there when Garry was testing this out, it is actually way more than you may think. -Connor
  27. Anglewood

    Trolling for Wahoo - Long Range History

    Here is what I understand to be the original Makonakee, I have two of them and they do get bit. -Connor
  28. Anglewood

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    That looks great Jerry! -Connor
  29. Anglewood

    What's your favorite Wahoo Bomb Rod?

    Truth be known, I am on the United Composites Promotional Staff and just spent five days at the Fred Hall Show answering questions just like this. If you can make it down south a bit to Bob Sands in Van Nuys or Island Fishing Tackle in Carson you may be able to pull on some rods to help your...
  30. Anglewood

    What's your favorite Wahoo Bomb Rod?

    Here are a few suggestions from the United Composites lineup. What you actually choose will be up to your personal preference in length, action, and your budget. Challenger Elite Series, Composite Graphite and Glass, generally slower action, best price point. RCE700XH or XXH RCE800 Wahoo...
  31. Anglewood

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    It is sad when you look at your Wahoo Box and realize that there is $400 worth of jigs in there, yet I still buy more. -Connor
  32. Anglewood

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Just to clarify, the JRI/Hooker trolling lure is called the Intruder, the Invader is a copy made by AA Lures and is made of wood. Completely different jig and will perform differently than a true JRI/Hooker lure. -Connor
  33. Anglewood

    Fish 3 times the line test

    The best I have is a 44lb WSB on 20lb Premier. The rig I had was a United Composites RUC711H Swimbait Finatic and a Daiwa Lexa 300. -Connor
  34. Anglewood


    Those rods are installed on an ALPS Unibutt which is the reason for the extra length and are meant to be fished from a rod holder. Think "Wicked Tuna" style fishing. In fact there are several of these rods being used by boats on the show right now. -Connor
  35. Anglewood

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    I had a feeling that it was Stephen that you were talking about. He can always be counted on to kill it when wahoo fishing. -Connor
  36. Anglewood

    Please identify old lures

    That's a nice find, congrats! -Connor
  37. Anglewood

    UC Tilefish 40# vs 50# Recommendation

    I also have two US80 Tilefish rods, and fish them both at 50lbs. The reels I use are the Okuma Andros 12SIIa and 12NSIIA, I use them for Yoyo, Jigs, and Bombs and 50lb really is the sweet spot. -Connor
  38. Anglewood

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    The one on the right looks like one of Jerry's prototypes, notice the different color of the resin. I know first hand that those get bit as well. -Connor
  39. Anglewood

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Great news! I know that Jerry has been working hard to get this done for a long while. I have been one of the lucky ones to take one of his originals on a trip and I have also been a huge fan of his irons for many years now. I look forward to seeing future developments. -Connor
  40. Anglewood

    What makes UC rods so special

    For that application, I would definitely recommend the CE900 Monster, it loads up very nicely on the medium to small jigs. One thing to consider is that the UC rods do load differently than an all glass rod, you definitely have to change your cast a bit and move a bit slower, the recoil is...
  41. Anglewood

    What makes UC rods so special

    The thing about UC is that there is a great variety of blanks that fill many niches. Most are familiar with the US or GUSA line which are all graphite, though they are not composite (with glass), the dual helix construction gives them the greatest hoop strength and when used properly, they have...
  42. Anglewood

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    I am a bit late to the game, but when I knew that I was really gonna commit to fishing I set out to get the best quality gear possible. My first quality rod was a Calstar Grafighter 700H from Chark Bait in Huntington Beach. I remember Beta being super patient with me as I went back and forth...
  43. Anglewood

    Recommendations for small private charter out of Newport harbor

    I can also highly recommend Brandon Hayward, I have never had a bad trip with him. -Connor
  44. Anglewood

    Polarized sunglasses fishing

    I am another big fan of the Costa 580G Lenses, Tried a pair several years ago and am now ruined for just about anything else. I still have the first pair that I bought back then and have added a couple of others since. -Connor
  45. Anglewood

    Intrepid - Silent Jim 15-day report

    Thanks for the report, I heard that fishing was slow, but am glad to know that you all were able to make the best of it. I fish with a bunch of those guys on the Jarvis trip in July and they are a great group. Seems like Stephen was up to his usual wahoo slaying routine for sure. -Connor
  46. Anglewood

    United Composites 50-60 rod

    To expand on my previous reply. Each of the three blanks mentioned will work well for the application mentioned, I actually have all three in different configurations. The main difference between the three blanks mentioned is in their construction. The US76 or US80 Predator is a 100%...
  47. Anglewood

    United Composites 50-60 rod

    All of these have been solid recommendations. My first thought was the CP70HP, but the Predator and the Raptor are also solid choices. -Connor
  48. Anglewood

    RP 10 Day - Report

    Thanks for the report Doug. I was following you guys closely on FB and it looks like you had an epic trip. Sure do wish I could have been there to share the rail with the whole crew again but I guess that will have to wait until Summer. -Connor
  49. Anglewood

    Plier Identification help

    I like the model 337 7", others prefer the slightly bigger 338 8" dikes. -Connor
  50. Anglewood

    3 turn uni and Spangler knot test

    Thanks for the test, a larger sample size is always helpful, but this gives the gist of things. For years now, I have used the Uni as my primary terminal connection and never had a failure. It is simple, and quick to tie. Like said above, find a knot you can tie well and with confidence...
  51. Anglewood

    JRI Custom Lures/Blue Pacific Tackle Vagabond 5.5 to 7 (Late Report)

    Thanks for the great report and pics John, you know how much I love those JRI Custom Lures! -Connor
  52. Anglewood

    Mak 8 sea

    The Mak 8 is a tank of a reel, just like the rest of them. My only problem with using it as a jigging reel is that it has a relatively low high gear and you would really have to crank it to burn in a jig. At only 4.7:1, its retrieve rate is 33.5 inches per crank. most jig reels you want to...
  53. Anglewood


    United Composites CP70HP, works great for me. I also use the UC US80 Tilefish for yoyo as well. -Connor
  54. Anglewood

    Had to do it...

    The Fishdog Dodo has no comparison, definitely worthwhile to do the welded ring upgrade as well. -Connor
  55. Anglewood

    2018 Spirit of Adventure/ 8-day charter

    Thanks for the great report Alan, I liked the mix of photos and videos! -Connor
  56. Anglewood

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    July 2012, 7 Day, NorCal Tuna Club Charter, on the Intrepid with Capt Kevin Osborne at the helm. Before that, my longest trip was a half day. Our first stop was The Ridge where we limited on YT, then moved around a bit and by the end of the trip I had a quintuple grand slam: YT, YFT, BFT...
  57. Anglewood

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    You can just call them, I have done it a few times. Try these numbers: Customer Service: 1-800-GO-OKUMA or Service Center: 909-923-2828 -Connor
  58. Anglewood

    JRI 8 Day Oct 2018 Roll call

    Those direct tie bombs look great Jerry! -Connor
  59. Anglewood

    Dolphin Motel closing Oct. 31...... It's the wrecking ball for Point Loma's Dolphin Motel

    I've stayed at the Dolphin a number of times over the years, clean, cheap convenient, and with great customer service. Sorry to see the place go, I always enjoyed being able to park in their lot under their cameras. I don't mind moving over to the Vagabond though, I have stayed there before as...
  60. Anglewood

    Makaira 15T

    Yep, when I get one, it will be for 60lb mounted on my UC CX76 Raptor. -Connor
  61. Anglewood


    Thanks for writing a great report, no matter what, through all of the ups and downs we are all still incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy the San Diego Long Range Fishery. -Connor
  62. Anglewood

    Swimbait rod for lingcod

    Definitely have, it is actually the same blank as the US80 Tilefish and I have two of those custom wrapped. The swimbait version is a great rod, and would be a great fit for the Tranx 400. -Connor
  63. Anglewood

    Using Daiwa Lexa 300

    Not a tuna, but I caught a 44lb White Sea Bass using my Lexa 300 on a United Composites RUC711H. It can definitely handle more than you might think. -Connor
  64. Anglewood

    Swimbait rod for lingcod

    For rockfish, I have had a great time using my United Composites RUS711H Swimbait Finatic, paired with a Lexa 300 it is a great combination. -Connor
  65. Anglewood

    What rod for Tady 45s?

    If you wanna stay with Okuma, I have been very impressed with the Makaira 801XH, it is a great rod for the money. I have caught more yellows on surface iron with that rod than I can count (Okuma Cedros CSD10 for the reel). That said, another good option is the United Composites CE800 Monster...
  66. Anglewood

    Komodo rock fishing

    The Komodo works great for rockfishing. I have mine on a United Composites RUC711H Swimbait Finatic. -Connor
  67. Anglewood

    Miles and Kens fall classic Home.

    Thanks for the report, glad to see that Sam was able to put you guys on the fish. -Connor
  68. Anglewood

    Noisy Avet

    I have just about the full line of Makairas and love them all. I have two 10IISEa for 40 and 50lb bait, 16IISEa for 80lb, two 20s, a 30, and a 50 for the big boys. The smaller Maks are built every bit as tough as their big brothers, main difference being the clicker setup. In terms of the...
  69. Anglewood

    Best surface iron for Wahoo

    The JRI-2 is my go-to surface iron for Wahoo. -Connor
  70. Anglewood

    Anyone know what these are just got 4 of them

    Now that's just cruel. I almost have the full set, I am only missing the XL. -Connor
  71. Anglewood

    30/40 # mono help

    I tend to use straight braid to flouro for bait, but all of my jigging setups are spooled with Soft Steel. -Connor
  72. Anglewood

    What reels do you guys have on your raptors

    I've gone with the Penn Torque 40NLD2, but also would like to give the new Okuma Makaira 15TSEa a try once it comes out. -Connor
  73. Anglewood

    Crimping with a Nicopress Crimper

    Hmm, I have used A2 sleeves from Aztec for the same application for years and never had an issue. I use the same crimper and the small hole I have literally made over a hundred for myself and friends without a failure. I also use the #4 rings from Quick Rig, expensive, but once you get some...
  74. Anglewood

    Best Jig Ever For Long Range and Short Range

    Me too, I think I have about a half a dozen left. -Connor
  75. Anglewood

    Best Jig Ever For Long Range and Short Range

    I could never go out on the water with just one jig, that said if I really had to choose, it would be either my early circle logo JRI-6 in mint/white or my early circle logo JRI-4 in dark blue/green metallic. Both have caught me a bunch of fish, including my personal best YT. -Connor
  76. Anglewood

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    I'd stick with what Steve Carson said. 40-130 outfits. This is how it would break down for me. 40lb: Okuma Makaira 10IISEa and a United Composites US70 Wahoo Jr. or UC US 70XXH, or or UC 70HP or US70 OXS. Depending on your preference of action. 50lb: Okuma Makaira 10IISEa and a United...
  77. Anglewood

    Your Most Embarasing Long Range Experience.

    Most Embarrassing, spelling embarrarising wrong... sorry, realized just after the post.
  78. Anglewood

    Your Most Embarasing Long Range Experience.

    Most of us cut our teeth with local trips, yet some, like me, did a seven day as my first try back in 2012. One flub I had was shifting gears, too low. I had never had a two gear reel before, and I figured if it is easier in low, why not start there. I ended up picking up a bunch of YT on low...
  79. Anglewood

    Captain Jimmy bombs

    I use #2 crimps and a Nicopress Crimper, then a size 4 solid ring on the line end. -Connor
  80. Anglewood

    Captain Jimmy bombs

    I usually wire my bombs and jigs with 60lb Knot too Kinky, doesn't need to be too long, maybe 10-12 inches. I haven't had trouble getting bit, but if it is picky, I would go the flouro route if I had to. The advantage to the titanium wire is the ability to get back in right away once you get...
  81. Anglewood

    Wahoo trollers

    I have some old Marauders that I have restored, also some of the original Intruders. Jerry (JRI Custom Lures) is taking his time, but will have Intruders out of the original molds at some time. They do work! I also picked up a DTX Minnow at Turners at FHS Del Mar, price was right and I guess...
  82. Anglewood

    On a positive note!

    My first long range trip was with the NorCal Tuna crew back in 2012. Since then, I have made countless friends on the water. I learned so much from those guys that I decided to branch out to other trips and discovered the Ray Jarvis group. I have made friends for life from both groups and...
  83. Anglewood

    Calling all Makaira 10 Users

    I have more YT than I can count on my Mak 10's, probably up to 30lbs or so. I use one for 40lb bait and the other for 50lb bait. I tend to fish more jigs now, but they are always along on any long trip I do. -Connor
  84. Anglewood

    Uc rod for Makaria 50sea

    They had a prototype at the Long Beach Fred Hall show, a taller, narrower, Makaira 15. Sized right in between the 10 and the 16, should be a great 60lb reel, competing with the Penn 40NLD2. No word as to release date, but it did look and feel pretty sweet. -Connor
  85. Anglewood

    Uc rod for Makaria 50sea

    Here would be my Okuma/UC rail rod breakdown: When it comes out, the Makaira 15T/UC 76 Raptor (Penn 40NLD2 for now) Makaira 16/UC 76 Centaur 80-100lbs Makaira 20/UC 76 Viper 100-130lbs Makaira 50/UC 76 Invictus 130-150lbs (I've used this rig for jigs, the kite, and big bait) I also have the 30...
  86. Anglewood

    The Capt. Roy Rose "experience" / UC & Okuma sponsored trip

    I have fished with Doug and this group for the past six years. I'm going back to grad school this year, so I can't make it, but so wish I could! Great boat, great skipper, great group, and we have never had trouble catching fish or having a great time. If you are on the fence, I can't...
  87. Anglewood

    Upcoming Intrepid trip-Question

    I've ridden the Intrepid a bunch of times and I've never had a problem with any of the staterooms I've stayed in. That said, 1 and 2 are a bit snug but convenient. The largest are 6, 7, and 9, but I also had no problem with 12 or 15 or any other of the stern bunks. I am a younger guy, so I...
  88. Anglewood

    newell old vs new

    Newells are great for light fishing, and very easy to work on. My favorite is the early G series, Graphite spool, but the stainless clicker and jack handle, as well as the P series aluminum handle. If you get one, I highly recommend the carbon fiber 5 stack drag sets that are available. They...
  89. Anglewood


    Looking forward to seeing you at the show Jamie, so many good things to see for all involved. BTW, I have one of the versions of the US 85 Wahoo, and it really is an undiscovered but totally sweet blank, developed by experienced fishermen for many jigging applications. -Connor
  90. Anglewood

    UC Rod Application Advice

    Also feel free to come by the United Composites booth at Fred Hall this year, we will have plenty of staff around to help you demo rods or blanks and show you your options. -Connor
  91. Anglewood

    Kevin Osborn

    Bill and Sam are doing a great job of running the boat since Kevin retired. I do miss Kevin, but wouldn't hesitate to jump on a trip with either one of these guys at the helm. -Connor
  92. Anglewood

    Intrepid - 15 day Soft Steel Trip report - Jan 27

    Thanks for the report, you picked a great group of anglers to fish with. Glad to hear that your persistence paid off. -Connor
  93. Anglewood

    Do deckhand style rods have a place in the Long Range scene?

    Yep, it would be hard to find a factory rod over 8 feet in length with anything other than a deckhand grip. I opted to have my last jig stick custom wrapped with a reel seat, mainly for the ease of setup. I still have some deckhand rods, but the reel seat does make it much more convenient...
  94. Anglewood

    80-100lb setup for up to 5 day trips

    You are definitely right, for 80 or 100lb work, the Mak is hard to beat. However, for 60lb, it is hard to find a better reel than the Penn Torque 40NLD2. -Connor
  95. Anglewood

    Dolphin Motel toast

    Sorry to hear this, I've stayed at the Dolphin many times in the past few years and they have always been delightful. I will also miss their parking, it was always one less thing to worry about when going on a trip. Guess I'll have to make the move over to the Vagabond. -Connor
  96. Anglewood

    Silent Jim Intrepid 15 Day Report

    Thanks for the report Dave, looks like you guys had a heck of a trip. I'm definitely looking forward to the time when I get to fish with Capt. Sammy again. -Connor
  97. Anglewood

    Big Tuna at the Rocks

    I have been long range fishing since 2012, last time I saw reports of big YFT at the Rocks was reading the reports leading up to my first trip, which would have been in 2011. Since then it has mainly been a Wahoo spot with some YT at the bank. There is also some awesome Cabrilla fishing if...
  98. Anglewood

    Intrepid Izorline 16 day Part 2

    Thanks for the report, it is only the tough fishing times that truly test the anglers on the boat. Persistence and patience can really pay off. Congrats on a successful if not difficult trip. -Connor
  99. Anglewood

    JRI Jigs

    I can't add much more but to say that I have been fishing JRI jigs for years now. So much so that I actually have a few first run jigs that I have retired. As for favorites, the JRI-6 in the Yoyo application have been very good to me, but my favorite type of fishing is Surface Iron. For that...
  100. Anglewood

    Your top 8 long range boat picks

    I have only fished two of the boats, but based on reputation I would recommend a few. My number one is the Intrepid, followed by the Royal Polaris. Boats I would like to fish include the Excel, the Indy, the Shogun, and the SOA. That said, you would be hard pressed to go wrong with any of...
  101. Anglewood

    Reel bag

    I like the large Nomad reel bag from Okuma, for an 8 day variety trip it holds all the reels I bring (12 or so) for a big fish trip, my 50 only takes up one spot. Good quality, and durable when stored on the top deck. Before that I had a Shimano medium bag that worked great, but I out grew it...
  102. Anglewood

    Favorite spectra

    My first choice is JBH second is Threadlock, Both have performed quite well for me over the years. The only color I like is white. The reason I like hollow is the ability to splice in a new section over the top with a seamless 100% connection. I know that some are fishing solid for less...
  103. Anglewood

    HELP-advice on rods

    Hey Donna, a great all-around 50lb blank for your application would be the United Composites US80 Tilefish, Fishy has a Stella on one, and it works great for 'hoo. That would probably work well for the 20, for the 30, I would go with the UC US80 Predator for a bit heavier work. -Connor
  104. Anglewood

    Any word on the lower banks?

    Sammy is killing it, well deserved from a great Captain who has really worked his way up. Happy to have fished with him from the beginning. -Connor
  105. Anglewood

    Any word on the lower banks?

    The Intrepid is down there on a 10 day right now and Captain Sam Moore has put them on a few cows. They boated this one last night: Way to go Sammy! -Connor
  106. Anglewood

    Catchy Tackle 15 day on the Intrepid.

    Thanks for the report, I was also following the trip and it looks like Woody and crew hit it out of the park. Glad you had a good trip! -Connor
  107. Anglewood

    Marauder mystery?

    That is a Makonaky, (don't know the actual spelling) I picked one up a while back as part of a lot of Marauders. Another avid long range fisherman I know also has a couple, and they definitely do get bit. As for age or original manufacturer, I really don't have any additional info about that...
  108. Anglewood

    Intrepid Catchy Tackle 15 day Oct. 14 Early Check-In

    That looks like cow status to me. -Connor
  109. Anglewood

    Daiwa Saltist 8000 WAHOO SLAYER

    Jamie, My interest is piqued, and I have considered getting a spinning setup. I have fished with Fishy multiple times, and do see the value in a different type of rig. I am a UC guy, and was wondering what you might recommend from them? I am thinking a US80 Predator or even a US80 Tilefish...
  110. Anglewood

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    They use the same materials and general construction, but are different builds as to the number/layers/placement/sizes of flags used in their manufacture. They are unique blanks on their own. Randy has all kinds of engineering stuff he goes through before building a new model and it is not...
  111. Anglewood

    favorite 40-50# bait stick

    If I could only have one rod for the application: United Composites US80 Tilefish. -Connor
  112. Anglewood

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    Though coming from the roots of GUSA (Graphite USA), the company is now called United Composites. This still causes some confusion as there are many with the originals still in their quiver. The CX 70 Raptor is a solid 60lb stick, that said, it is not a GUSA blank (model designation), the...
  113. Anglewood

    Five Star Fish Processing

    I still have full faith in the Five Star crew, Drew posted his account and it sounds valid. Very tough and unfortunate to not get your own fish, but I will still go to Five Star any time I am fishing out of San Diego. Sara started a great business, and any experience (the last two trips) I...
  114. Anglewood

    Ken Bush Fall Classic Home

    Thanks for the report, Ken is always a great guy to fish with, and it sounds like you have a great time! -Connor
  115. Anglewood

    Which UC Rods?

    Here is what I have and use: 30lb Bait: US76 Tilefish Jr 40lb Bait: US70 Wahoo Jr Jigs, Bombs, and 50lb bait: US80 Tilefish (x2) Yoyo/Heavy Jigs: CP70HP Jig Stick: CE900 Del Mar Bonus Jig Stick: US85 SIC After a lot of talking with Randy, and checking stuff out at the factory and various...
  116. Anglewood

    Rodless Again

    Wow Jim, so sorry to hear this. We all know what it is like to build a quiver of rods that we really like to use. Hopefully you will be able to get some or all of them back somehow. -Connor
  117. Anglewood

    welding rings on hooks

    Gary (Fishdog) taught me as well. Probably so there'd be someone else on our trip to share the load when it came to ringing people up. Seriously though, the advice given in this thread is spot on. To add something, I also use the 1/16" silver solder for ringing jigs, tends to last a bit...
  118. Anglewood

    United Composites RUS85 S.I.C. Jig Rod

    Sorry for the late reply, the US 85 Monster will have a softer tip, and a bit slower action, but is excellent for throwing iron. It should work great for that application. -Connor
  119. Anglewood

    6xJr for wahoo?

    Another small jig that works well for wahoo is the Pep 9 in brass. Small, heavy (good sink) and a great wiggle. I have several set up just for wahoo and they definitely get bit. This one has a Fishdog paint job. -Connor
  120. Anglewood

    United Composites RUS85 S.I.C. Jig Rod

    It is a faster action rod, but it will still throw lighter jigs just fine. It was actually developed for throwing Poppers as well as iron, so you are covered there. Good choice on the 20a Trini, some like the narrower 16a for ease of line leveling, but the 20 will give a more consistent swim...
  121. Anglewood

    United Composites RUS85 S.I.C. Jig Rod

    They are a similar line class, but the Calstar (assuming Grafighter) will be more parabolic as it has glass in the tip of the blank. If you like the idea of that, UC has the CE series which is a composite construction (glass tip), though with the advantage of the dual helix construction...
  122. Anglewood

    United Composites RUS85 S.I.C. Jig Rod

    This is a full graphite/carbon fiber rod in the US series of United Composites. As stated earlier, it is a US 85 Wahoo, where Randy actually scaled down the dimensions of the US 90 Wahoo. It is definitely a bit faster than the 90 Wahoo (and fast in general), and is not composite as it has no...
  123. Anglewood

    UC 800 mag, mega or monster..

    The US 76 Tilefish Jr. is also a killer 30lb bait stick. -Connor
  124. Anglewood

    United Composites RUS85 S.I.C. Jig Rod

    The RUS 85 SIC is a special build just for, that includes the blank and the wraps. That's why you won't see the blank in the catalog. It was developed by Randy and one of the UC prostaff as a purpose built jigging blank. It really does well in that regard, and can cast both...
  125. Anglewood

    Are you a tackle whore? Show us your pic's or give us a story.

    Those who know me from this board know that I am a certified gear whore. I went from renting on my first trip, to two rods/reels on my second, to now trying to whittle things down when packing. This last year, I also got inspired to start painting/restoring jigs and that opened up a whole...
  126. Anglewood

    Talica 10ii vs Avet SX 6/4 Raptor vs Okumo Andros 5Aii

    I have that same rig (Tilefish Jr.) with the original Okuma Andros 5IIa. No brainer for me, if I had to do it again, I'd go with the new Andros A5IIa in a heartbeat. Fill it with the 50 lb spectra of your choice and top with a short 30lb leader. I have no affiliation with Okuma, but have...
  127. Anglewood


    This is why I have Five Star freeze the fish I wont use in the first week or two. Their freezers are much more efficient and they do it individually on racks. When I pick it up, I know that ice will actually warm it up, so I just load my coolers and transfer to my chest freezer. No need to...
  128. Anglewood

    African Safari

    Hey Soda, I had a great time following your trip on FB, and it looks like you and Mrs. Pop had an awesome experience. Hope to share the rail with you again sometime soon. -Connor
  129. Anglewood

    What does a "Sponsored by..." trip mean?

    About six years back, I did just that (also on the Intrepid) and on my first 7 day didn't feel like I was lacking anything. My buddy who got me into long range, brought a bunch of his own gear that first time, but decided to rent the next year. I have gone the other way and am now a complete...
  130. Anglewood


    I decided to experiment with getting 5 mil bags this year, and we will see how it turns out. I am still eating Tuna from last year in the 3 mil, and it is just as it was when I first picked it up. My fish is kept in a dedicated chest freezer as myself and two buddies went in on one the second...
  131. Anglewood

    33 Days!

    You replied in exactly the spirit I thought you would. Sorry to hear that some folks were disappointed by your gear choice. We all spend plenty of $$$ on what we have, and I respect anyone's choice, even if I have a different opinion/preference. I know some dudes who are straight Shimano or...
  132. Anglewood

    33 Days!

    Hey Jim, I fished with a Phenix Pro-Staffer on my last trip, and being UC Pro-Staff, I have to say that we had an awesome time! We all have our favorite brands, but we also all want to have a great time fishing. That said, if anyone wants to try out one of my rods, I am more than happy to...
  133. Anglewood

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    Not disrespecting what others do, but I always factor in the cost of processing when I book a trip, and also always keep track of how much fish I have caught. I don't solicit "donations," and have turned down many offers to pay me for fish. Any trades (usually other meat that I may not get...
  134. Anglewood

    P-line Copolymer Leader

    The 80 should work fine if you are getting a deal. That said, I fish Soft Steel as my go-to mono. Brand doesn't matter much for this kind of fishing, but a stout rod and reel are mandatory to get the yellows off the rocks. -Connor
  135. Anglewood

    P-line Copolymer Leader

    It would definitely work, Flouro isn't needed at depth or at night when most dropper loop bites occur. My recommendation would go with 100lb for the application. thick enough for abrasion resistance, but still easy to tie your regular knots. 'Lupe yellows are bruisers and you need thick string...
  136. Anglewood

    North California Albacore

    I would love to fish for some long fin some day, but I came to the sport after they stopped biting in our waters down here. On the rod storage, I have a 30+ rack that I built for the spare room and it is already full. My mom about had a heart attack when she saw it a couple of weeks ago, but...
  137. Anglewood

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    I have had this problem before, and never had a problem giving away fish. Last year when Guadalupe was off the hook, I went on a trip with my brother and between the two of us ended up with twelve tuna from 60-110lbs (plus about 8 nice YT). This was obviously more than we could eat, or fit in...
  138. Anglewood

    -60C freezers for keeping sushi grade catch year-round

    Very interesting thread! I've taken to having Five Star freeze my fish for me and then it goes straight into the chest freezer. So far, I haven't had a problem with fish up to a year an a half old, though by then most of it is either eaten or given away. -Connor
  139. Anglewood

    yo-yo jig colors (especially JRI 6 in mint)

    The JRI-6 in mint/white has been the go-to yoyo iron for me for a few years now. I have caught more YT than I can count using it and will always have it tied on as a result. -Connor
  140. Anglewood

    RP - NorCal Tuna 8 day trip report

    Nice job on the report Doug, Just got home from the turnaround to go on the UC 2-Day and we had a great trip there as well. I'll see what I can put together over the next week, its gonna be real busy as work starts back up for me a week from Monday. -Connor
  141. Anglewood

    What's your favorite 30# fly line sardine set up?

    I also fish the Andros 5II on a United Composites US76 Tilefish Jr. Works great for me! -Connor
  142. Anglewood

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/8-7/16 - Official Report

    Thanks for the comments all. Just got back from my 8-Day aboard the RP, another great trip and I'll try and get a report together for that as well. -Connor
  143. Anglewood

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/8-7/16 - Official Report

    Ray Jarvis 8-Day Intrepid Official Report The Day Before: I look forward to this trip every year, this being my fourth year with this group, as the days wound down, I was getting wound up. I don’t like to stress too much on the morning of departure, so I drive down the day before to take in...
  144. Anglewood

    UC Wahoo bomb and jig stick?

    Not to split hairs (and with all respect), but you are talking about two very different blanks and may be mistaken on your model designation. The CE800 Wahoo is a great composite blank with Graphite/Carbon Fiber in the butt and a glass tip. The (US)80 Wahoo is an all graphite blank with a...
  145. Anglewood

    UC Wahoo bomb and jig stick?

    I like your thinking, in fact, I have the exact rigs that you do. I actually have two UC US80 Tilefish one with the Okuma Andros 12SIIa and the other with the 12NSIIa, these are my go-to wahoo jig rigs, but also work great for Yoyo if you like. I also have the UC CP70HP set up with a rail grip...
  146. Anglewood

    Wahoo trolling harness

    Another great way to help them to swim is to braze on a small stainless steel ring at the top loop. This also helps to reduce wear on the multi strand wire at the connection point. -Connor
  147. Anglewood

    Best Multi-Purpose Setups

    A great 50lb bait/jig setup is an Okuma Andros 12SIIa paired with a United Composites US 80 Tilefish. I like this setup so much, that I actually have two of them. Worked very well for me last summer, and I look forward to putting them to good use on my 8 day trip that starts tomorrow. -Connor
  148. Anglewood

    New solid wood jig box - holds 45 yoyo or surface jigs vertically

    Very nice box, seems like a good amount of jig storage for its size. -Connor
  149. Anglewood

    Jigs for Nov. 'lupe trip

    I did well with the JRI-6 and JRI-66 last July/August, more current = use the heavier jig. Blue/White and Mint/White were the colors I used. -Connor
  150. Anglewood

    Not fishing... African Safari

    Sounds like a great time, Soda Pop! I am sure that you and Mrs. Pop will have an amazing experience. -Connor
  151. Anglewood

    Best Okuma rod and reel for kite/yummie fishing?

    I think an Okuma 50IISEa would be more than enough for the primary reel. Flying the kite, any old and tall Penn will work. As for rods, I am not familiar with Okuma offerings, but a UC 76 Viper or Invictus would more than do the job. My Kite rig for long range is a 50 filled with 130 on a 76...
  152. Anglewood

    Ray Jarvis 8 day Intrepid roll call....

    Been to each of them, and all are good. Any of them is fine for me. -Connor
  153. Anglewood

    Ray Jarvis 8 day Intrepid roll call....

    I'm in for dinner the night before as well, I'll be staying at the Dolphin again. -Connor
  154. Anglewood

    Excel 3 day Poole Memorial Trip report.

    Thanks for the report, looks like you made the best of your 3 days on the water! -Connor
  155. Anglewood

    Where to buy heavy krocodile spoons?

    As described earlier, the knockoffs are steel and a bit wider than the originals. I would definitely re-ring and hook them before using, but without any options for new brass, they should work in a pinch. I am down to my last five 7oz originals and will be bringing them on my 8 day an a couple...
  156. Anglewood

    Ray Jarvis 8 day Intrepid roll call....

    Gary would never forget the Bloody Marys, the banner... LOL -Connor
  157. Anglewood

    Ray Jarvis 8 day Intrepid roll call....

    You know I'll be there, looking forward to catching up with a great group of fishing friends. I'll bring a few jigs as well. ;) -Connor
  158. Anglewood

    Great Turnout For Kids Fishing Club Meeting at Legg Lake

    Awesome! I trained this last year with my kids as part of SRLA (Students Run Los Angeles), doing distance runs around Legg Lake. Being that my school is in East LA, it is one of the closest places with a 2 mile loop. Always saw folks fishing, but haven't done it there myself, glad to see more...
  159. Anglewood

    Just when you thought you had it all.........

    JC just doesn't like my SF Giants colors, I think he is jealous of how nice they all turned out. Moon does awesome work! -Connor
  160. Anglewood

    6/13 - 6/18 2017 Alan Tani SOA Charter to Guadalupe

    Thanks for the report. The 'Lupe seems to be a mixed bag so far this season, but there is still plenty of time for things to develop before my trip there in late July/early August. Congrats on the solid YT. -Connor
  161. Anglewood

    Just when you thought you had it all.........

    Awe man, the blue clashes with my rod wraps. That said, my silver and gun metal maks work just fine. -Connor
  162. Anglewood

    Potential new LR boat, needs visionary benefactor

    How long a gaff would you need in the bow? :D -Connor
  163. Anglewood

    Excel and 5 star

    Pushing carts and dragging fish is just part of the trip for me. -Connor
  164. Anglewood


    So cool, Have a great trip tomorrow, Jerry! -Connor
  165. Anglewood

    Skippy hook and other man bait questions for Wahoodad

    That's why they call it fishing and not catching. Late season boats seem to be doing well. -Connor
  166. Anglewood

    Jigs painted in Red Crab

    Here is a YT caught on a brass Pep 9 in Fishdog Red Crab. It also caught two others during that trip. -Connor
  167. Anglewood

    Best 7Foot Rod for throwing Surface iron

    Between Fishy and I you will be more than covered in July, I'll be happy to let you use whatever you like. I can't wait to break in my new Surface Iron setup on that trip as well. -Connor
  168. Anglewood

    Best 7Foot Rod for throwing Surface iron

    Fishy, I have a few vintage 7Xs that I would be happy to let you use, when we aren't throwing our JRI-4s of course. :p: -Connor
  169. Anglewood

    Guadalupe Memorial Day Trip Report

    Congrats on a fine fish, thanks for the report. -Connor
  170. Anglewood

    Favorite Hook Knot

    Exactly what I do, never a failure. Had the same setup on my last WSB trip with Brandon Hayward. My buddy fishing that rig got a 65lber and I tied it while on a bouncing 23 foot Parker going uphill. -Connor
  171. Anglewood


    I sure thought hard about jumping on this one too, Jerry, you know how much I like Intruders and your jigs. Unfortunately, I would have to miss the end of the school year with my students, and, I already have two trips booked for my summer break. I'm sure you'll get those spots filled, and I...
  172. Anglewood

    NEW Penn 50 VISX

    That definitely is a nice looking reel, some nice little updates over the previous model. -Connor
  173. Anglewood

    UC CX 76 Centaur

    The R is a prefix for any of the factory built rods. So, a CX76 Centaur blank becomes an RCX76 Centaur when wrapped at the factory. -Connor
  174. Anglewood

    Favorite Hook Knot

    I was a San Diego guy for ages, but on my first big fish trip was converted to the 3 Turn Uni for 80-130lb. Small, simple, and holds. Five turns for 60lb and under, never had a failure since. Also a big fan of the Soft Steel Knot, (modified Miller) but only on Mono, not Flouro. -Connor
  175. Anglewood

    As requested, Okuma updates...

    That looks awful sweet! I already have a Cedros CSD10S, and also just bought another reel for Iron, but I sooo want this one too. -Connor
  176. Anglewood


    Great story, Jerry! Shoot, I feel bad waiting as long as I have for my very own XL Intruder, glad to know that they are on their way. -Connor
  177. Anglewood

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    I just use these guys, got them at Island Fishing Tackle in Carson, CA. They have worked great for countless wahoo leaders made with Knot-2-Kinky titanium wire. -Connor
  178. Anglewood

    New 60lb rig??

    See what Rodless said up above, I agree with his assessment. -Connor
  179. Anglewood

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    Looks nice! -Connor
  180. Anglewood

    New 60lb rig??

    I am not familiar with Phenix rods, but the Raptor (the length, it does make a difference) is a solid 60lb rod, maybe 80lb (again depending on length) in a pinch. I'll leave the assessment of the other two to others. -Connor
  181. Anglewood

    New 60lb rig??

    If I was to buy an all new 60lb rig today it would be a UC CX76 Raptor or US76 Predator (slight edge to the Raptor) matched with a Penn Torque 40NLD2. That is a pricey rig for a niche pound test though, so maybe one could substitute a Fathom 40NLD2. I know it doesn't answer the OP's question...
  182. Anglewood

    New 60lb rig??

    That Phenix is definitely more suited to being a 50lb stick, and the Andros 12 would be a great match for it. -Connor
  183. Anglewood

    SoftSteel 15 day trip report - Royal Polaris

    Thanks for the report Doug. Looks like you had a great time both at and away from the rail. Looking forward to fishing with you, Dano, the Bear, and Racecar in July! -Connor
  184. Anglewood


    Finger tape and sunscreen. Nothing worse than starting out a trip with a bad spectra burn or sunburn. -Connor
  185. Anglewood

    Nicopress Crimping Tools

    The 17-2/17-BA is the one that you want, I just got one last week, and know from using other's that it is the best for A-1 and A-2 crimps. Here is a pic of mine, I also re-wrapped it so it would be easily distinguishable from others. -Connor
  186. Anglewood

    UC Wahoo 50-80 Reviews

    I don't have a Wahoo, but I do have its little brother, the Tilefish (two actually). Slightly softer tip, but still plenty of backbone. Great jig and bomb sticks, and even work well for Yoyo. The US 80 series (Monster, Tilefish, Wahoo) are great rods and fit right in to any long range...
  187. Anglewood

    Paint and Colors on Troll Wahoo Lures What is your opinion?

    Looking good Jerry! Looking forward to getting my hands on a couple of these. -Connor
  188. Anglewood

    Wahoo Lures

    AA did their best to fill a niche that was lacking for a number of years. I know one guy that bought one and came back with nothing but the screw eye. I know that the designer has made improvements, but there is no substitute for the original. It is definitely best to wait for what Jerry...
  189. Anglewood

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    On my very first trip, the charter master was adamant that we budget for a 15% tip. Since then, my standard has been 15%+, I have never had a bad trip as far as the crew is concerned, and they earn every dollar that I give them. Working in bars and restaurants early on, I appreciate good...
  190. Anglewood

    Sebile Knot versus John Collins vs ???? Fluoro / Mono to braid ?

    I only use the Tony Pena knot, no matter the line test (20lb-130lb), once I got it figured out, I have never had a failure. The "new hot knot" is the FG knot, I am not that experienced with it, but know folks that now swear by it for its low profile. For now I will stick with what I am...
  191. Anglewood

    Tilefish JR

    Though I primarily fish 30lb on mine, it will handle 40lb just fine. -Connor
  192. Anglewood

    Mak16 noise

    My Mak 16 is very quiet. If it is an issue, contact Eddie at Okuma and he will take care of you. -Connor
  193. Anglewood

    What's you biggest tuna on 40lb?

    Don't have one on 40lb, but I do have a 40lb BFT on 30lb Premier. My next biggest line/fish ratio is a 110lb YFT at Guadalupe on 80lb Soft Steel. Different worlds to be sure, but I hope to get out for some of the Bluefin action this season. -Connor
  194. Anglewood

    Best White Sea Bass Lures...?

    One for the boat, 3 pack charter, 3/4 day. Very crowded and only one other boat got a fish that day. -Connor
  195. Anglewood

    Best White Sea Bass Lures...?

    I was out with Brandon this last crowded Saturday and we did indeed find the right conditions. Also bagged a 65 pounder. -Connor
  196. Anglewood

    Avet Reels-Seaguar-Raider Lures 3/28 to 4/13 Report

    Thanks for the report, Min. One can never control the fishing, but looks like you guys were able to have fun whether they were biting or not. Makes me look forward to my next trip even more. -Connor
  197. Anglewood

    What size rings for doing my own brazing?

    One of my first challenges was going in and just buying everything from Home Depot. Ditch their solder, it doesn't have enough silver content and spits when you cool it in water. Spend some money on some quality 56% sliver solder, that made the difference for me. Also, the black flux is worth...
  198. Anglewood

    rp report today

    What a report! Let's hope Roy and the boys can keep it up. -Connor
  199. Anglewood

    Unusual or Rare Long Range Species Pictures

    Thanks Bruce, I knew that you had seen some interesting stuff, was just wondering if you had any pictures. -Connor
  200. Anglewood

    Unusual or Rare Long Range Species Pictures

    Hey Bruce, I am sure you have a few pics of some of the specimens that you have collected over the years. I seem to remember some baby Opah on one of our trips and I am sure there are others. -Connor
  201. Anglewood

    AVET LX G2 or Andros 12 SII

    Being that the LX is a bit taller and wider than the Andros 12, it definitely has more line capacity. I believe that mine (Andros) has around 500 yds of 60lb JBH. It does have a few 'Lupe Yoyo Yellows on it and is almost ideal for those and wahoo, but for the potential grade of fish at the...
  202. Anglewood

    LR Giant YFT videos

    A must watch is "Deep Color," and older video, but great action and a great demonstration of how it was before braid and small reels for big fish. -Connor
  203. Anglewood

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    My only issue with the Mak 50SEa, easy to turn the handle in low gear, but you have to do it about 1000 times. -Connor
  204. Anglewood

    AVET LX G2 or Andros 12 SII

    If tossing bombs, the Andros A12SIIa has the advantage of speed, but only slightly, and a lower low gear if that is what you are after. That said, if your are looking for a Guadalupe reel, the LX Raptor makes a bit more sense for capacity and drag. Another option is the Penn Torque 40NLD2...
  205. Anglewood

    United vs Phenix vs Calstar

    First off, it is definitely worth it to spend a little more on a rod or two, especially if you know that they will get used. That said, I am the most familiar with the United Composites line so I will comment on those. There are several rods that would fit what you are looking for. For the...
  206. Anglewood

    United Composites Jig Stick

    For Tady 45s and Cs, the CE 900 Monster is the way to go. A bit softer tip than the US version, and will load up well with lighter jigs. The CE 900 Del Mar is also a great jig blank, but a bit heavier and more suited to heavier jigs like 7Xs or JRI-4s. -Connor
  207. Anglewood

    "That Guy" roll call

    I've come to the point where I realize that you can only believe about 50% of most fish or "extracurricular" stories. Sure there is a grain of truth, but often, hyperbole is used generously. -Connor
  208. Anglewood

    What's your oldest reel.

    Cool stuff guys, I have some old stuff, but nothing like already seen. The requisite Penn 500 Jigmaster, that started with the three piece spool, but has since been upgraded (my brother bought it off of our 3rd grade teacher for $10, his son is our best childhood friend). A JC Higgins Penn...
  209. Anglewood


    I have to echo Jamie's recommendation, for an ideal modern cow rig, a Mak 20IISEa on a UC CX76 Viper is the setup. That's why I have two of them. -Connor
  210. Anglewood

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    For the rod that you mentioned, a Mak 50IISEa fits the bill, for an all around cow reel, the Mak 20IISEa is, IMHO, the standard by which all others should be measured. -Connor
  211. Anglewood

    Andros 12nsiia 65lb Braid Capacity?

    I don't think you would be able to fit 500 yds of 65lb solid on a 12NSIIa, maybe on the regular 12SIIa, but the N has quite a bit less capacity. I personally would fill it with 50lb, most manufacturers consistently have tests much higher and you will get the capacity that you need. Another...
  212. Anglewood

    Trip opening

    Wish I could join you, David. Until I retire, summer trips will have to do, though I do have the possibility of doing Tony's trip in March on the Intrepid, I do have to miss four days of work, but may be able to swing that. -Connor
  213. Anglewood

    What's the best crowbar for YT yoyo jig fishing, 700h?

    I'll also recommend the UC CP70HP, one of the strongest rods in the lineup and as close as you will get to a purpose built Yoyo rod. Pair that with an Okuma Andros 12SIIa or Penn 40NLD2 and you will be good to go. -Connor
  214. Anglewood

    Guadalupe permits

    I was talking with some folks about that at the FHS this year. When I went last summer, the fishing was off the charts and I had no trouble getting bit on 80 or 100lb. Probably won't be the same deal this next time around. -Connor
  215. Anglewood

    Dorado Candy Bar Starman 200

    Nice work! -Connor
  216. Anglewood

    Cedros star drag reels?

    My understanding is that Okuma is in the process of making a new aluminum bodied star drag, we just have to wait for it to be finished. Until then, I'll fish my CSD-10S knowing that it is still a great reel. -Connor
  217. Anglewood

    Straggler iron restorations

    I have an airbrush kit that I still need to set up, but I still need to clean out a space in the garage. So for now, it is just rattle cans. -Connor
  218. Anglewood

    5 Star doesn't miss a beat

    Glad to hear that 5 Star is still providing exceptional service. The slush bin thing is a non-issue in my opinion. My fish has always been top quality, and I also get a chance to take a picture with my final pile. -Connor
  219. Anglewood

    Straggler iron restorations

    Very nice work! I am getting into restoring jigs myself, it is a lot of fun. -Connor
  220. Anglewood

    It is better to have loved and lost then stand all day at the rail -Fish Report RP

    Thanks for the report, Andre. There can definitely be some tough days on the water, but those that adapt and put in the time are often rewarded for their effort. Hope that your friend Jaime can bounce back... -Connor
  221. Anglewood

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Well done so far, Nebraska. I few of my mentors were on the boat with you and I am forever thankful for all that they have taught me. Every trip is a learning experience, but that first one is extra special. Thanks for letting us in on the adventure. -Connor
  222. Anglewood

    Fred Hall show Long Beach March 1-5, 2017

    I'll be there most days, probably at either the Soft Steel or UC booths. Look forward to seeing you Soda! -Connor
  223. Anglewood

    JRI Stinger jig

    You also can't go wrong with the JRI-6, 6X-Jr size, but cast in brass for better sink. I have killed more yellows with this jig than any other. I like the Mint/White and Blue/White. Got this one at Guadalupe with the JRI-6 in Blue/White. -Connor
  224. Anglewood

    JRI Stinger jig

    There are those that have their favorites. My personal favorite is the JRI-4, others I know like the JRI-3 for its wide kick. The JRI-7 is also a popular one as well. There will probably be a few vendors selling JRI Jigs at the show, Bob Sands, as mentioned by Jamie, is definitely worth...
  225. Anglewood

    JRI Stinger jig

    Anything by JRI is a winner in my book. Use them with confidence. -Connor
  226. Anglewood

    A big thanks to SALTYDAWG custom rods

    Lookin' good Soda Pop! -Connor
  227. Anglewood

    New Books by Jeff Burroughs

    Just ordered them myself. Jeff's books are a treasure trove of knowledge, and I am sure that these will be no different. -Connor
  228. Anglewood

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Gary is the man when it comes to custom paint jobs, his Dorado is hard to beat! The other two he did came out great as well. -Connor
  229. Anglewood

    Intrepid Trip Report

    Fishy also uses the FG knot, he is not exclusive to the Tony Pena. -Connor
  230. Anglewood

    Intrepid Trip Report

    From what I understand, connectivity was spotty for most of the trip. They are home now, and I am sure we will hear a report of some kind soon. -Connor
  231. Anglewood

    Cal Sheets Custom Penn 50VSX Supercow Reel

    I agree, the closest that Okuma could get to the Penn TRQ40NLD2 right now, would be something like a narrow Andros 16. They don't offer that, which, though I am a huge Okuma guy, is why I have the Torque. Fits that 60lb niche very well. -Connor
  232. Anglewood

    Cal Sheets Custom Penn 50VSX Supercow Reel

    Yeah, I noticed the thumb toggle instead of the twist knob, but they still have the exposed button so you can shift with your palm/wrist. Good setup! -Connor
  233. Anglewood

    'De Facto' Surface Iron Jig...?

    I am huge believer in JRI Irons. My favorite is the JRI-4, but others I know also like the JRI-3 and JRI-7. If I could only fish one model of surface iron for the rest of my life, it would be the JRI-4. -Connor
  234. Anglewood

    Tony pena knot for 100lb fluro functional but not overkill

    I agree with Bruce ($norkle). Since learning the Tony Pena, I use it for all of my Spectra/Flouro connections from 20lb up to and including 130lb. I also find it useful to test the knot using your line pullers after you complete it (especially with the bigger lines). If it is gonna fail, it...
  235. Anglewood

    Skippy hook and other man bait questions for Wahoodad

    It bugs the heck out of me when people don't do this, once was on a trip where one angler thought that the trick was to keep the rod tip low and reel in slowly. Tried to correct them, but almost every time they brought other folks in with them. -Connor
  236. Anglewood

    New Rods for the 'lupe...reel picking help.

    Here are my thoughts: 76 Centaur 100lb = Okuma Makaira 20IISEa 76 Raptor 80lb = Okuma Makaira 16IISEa 80 Predator 60lb = Penn Torque 40NLD2 80 Tilefish 50lb = Okuma Andros A12SIIa or A12SNIIa That's the way I would go, and in fact, already have. -Connor
  237. Anglewood

    Hook brand for 100lb to 300lb fish flyline sardine

    Trying to get the fish to the boat too fast, not getting the fish to the boat fast enough, rolling the drag up too fast after the strike, not following your fish, too much drag, too little drag, going in too light, bad knots... The list could go on and on. -Connor
  238. Anglewood

    Irons Gear & Tips! Help! 1st post too!

    Here's another recommendation for JRI Custom Lures. I also like the JRI-4, but the 3 and 7 are favorites of others I know for surface iron. For Yoyo, the JRI-6 is the way to go. -Connor
  239. Anglewood

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    I have only used 5 Star, and I could never see going anywhere else. The fish has always been top quality, and the level of customer service is off the charts. I have always enjoyed working with Sarah and her crew. I hope that the new ownership is just as accommodating. -Connor
  240. Anglewood

    Sunline Fluorocarbon leader

    I remember that 195, I ended up running out of Seaguar 100 on that trip and as soon as I got home, I bought a spool of 100lb Sunline. -Connor
  241. Anglewood

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Here is a pic of an Intruder XL owned by our very own Fishybuzz, as you can see, it gets bit! I have at least one fish on this one as well. Stopped the boat more than any other lure on our 15 day last March. -Connor
  242. Anglewood

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Looking forward to the release as well. I've seen plenty of wahoo caught on the early prototypes and originals. -Connor
  243. Anglewood

    Sato Custom Rods - Brent Ikari

    Brent was a friend and great fun to fish with. I am also lucky enough to have a few custom rods wrapped by him. I'll remember him each time I fish one of his rods. Here is a photo from the benefit that his family put on shortly after he got sick. -Connor
  244. Anglewood

    Damnit....we lost a good one :(

    Brent was a friend and a blast to fish with. He was also the first person to build me a custom rod. I'll always remember him when I fish the rods that he wrapped for me. -Connor
  245. Anglewood

    Report from Shogun Guadalupe trip 12/26/2016

    Thanks for the report, I almost pulled the trigger on that one, and now wish I did. I'll have to wait until summer for my next trips, but this definitely keeps me going. -Connor
  246. Anglewood

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    I'm with Bruce, wish I could make this one, looks like a great group! -Connor
  247. Anglewood

    Nick gets his shot

    Congrats to Nick! I really enjoyed fishing with him on the Intrepid and know that he will do a great job running that trip. -Connor
  248. Anglewood

    Zombie Rockfishing For Cows - part 3

    Thanks for the report Jeff. Sounds like a great trip! -Connor
  249. Anglewood

    Talica 5O For Cow Tuna?

    A United Composites CX76 Viper or CX76 Invictus would fit that reel well. The only knock on the Talicas I have heard is that the low gear isn't low enough for some anglers. Other than that, they are top quality. I am a big fan of the Okuma Makaira SEa series, built like tanks, and plenty of...
  250. Anglewood

    Seiners on the Ridge

    I've seen it happen before, again, on the Intrepid. We were moving on a school and a seiner told Kevin to back off. Then, they sent their spotter to find another school for us. They did, about a mile and a half away, and we had a nice bite once we got there. -Connor
  251. Anglewood

    Avet or okum?

    Both are great reels and I don't think that you will be disappointed with either choice. As mentioned, the Mak 10IISEa should also be in the running. If going primarily for bait, the Mak 10 is hard to beat for 40 or 50lb, though the high gear is a little slow for jigs. The JX Raptor is the...
  252. Anglewood

    Last PT on my distal biceps .... Soon I will fish again

    Great to hear Soda, glad to see that you are on the mend. -Connor
  253. Anglewood

    Intrepid Comfort Down Below

    I am not that "big" a fisherman, but the only staterooms that I would say are a bit tight with a roomie are number 1 and 2, which are upstairs. Just about any of the rooms down stairs are adequate. As mentioned, some are better than others though. -Connor
  254. Anglewood

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    I've been a 5 Star customer since I started in the long range game. They have always had the best service and treated me like family. I hope that the new ownership will continue the tradition. -Connor
  255. Anglewood

    Shogun 10/6-15. This dog is still waiting for his day.

    Thanks for the detailed report Blaine. We've all been there, and sometimes waiting for the stink to come off can be one of the hardest things about fishing. Thanks for bringing us along on your journey. -Connor
  256. Anglewood

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Nice job Andre, and thanks for the shout out. I can definitely appreciate the time it takes to put together a report like this, and you have got it down. Glad to see that Jaime finally got his due, and what a way to do it too! -Connor
  257. Anglewood

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    Andre, I am loving your report, it brings back great memories of my trip to the 'Lupe this summer. It truly is a magical place and one that I won't soon forget. Glad to see that you were able to get the funk off on that last day at the island, as a well known long ranger once said to me...
  258. Anglewood

    Wahoo Reel Choices

    I posted in another thread about this reel. On paper it is great, and it will get you bit. However, for a mere mortal like me, once you are on, it is a real bear to turn the handle. I caught three skinnies on mine the first time I fished it, but since then have opted to go with the Okuma...
  259. Anglewood

    Which reel for surface jigs

    Same deal with the Penn Fathom 40NLDHS, on paper, a great Hoo reel at 60 inches a crank. Great for getting bit, but a real bear once you are hooked up. Learned that with my first ever skinny which went to 43lbs. I'm thinking of offloading the one I have for just that reason. -Connor
  260. Anglewood

    Which reel for surface jigs

    Of your choices, the 20 is the way to go, though I have heard very good things about the new Pro Gears (the 50 is the way to go there IMHO). -Connor
  261. Anglewood

    Preferred connection for hollow to solid

    The FG knot is very small, and would work well for that application. Also, much of the time, a heavy 100lb leader would be a short length of flourocarbon that would already be outside the guides. -Connor
  262. Anglewood

    Some Restored Jerry Jigs

    The latest batch, Tady 45 Heavy, two Tady 45 Lights, and a Candy Bar Starman 112. Decided to give some pearl finishes a try. The Candy Bar has a more Mint/White finish in person. -Connor
  263. Anglewood

    Rod for throwing iron and bombs

    Another plug for the UC US 80 Tilefish for Bombs and Raiders. I love the one I have so much that I am getting another one. -Connor
  264. Anglewood

    Guadalupe Island In Jan

    I have been super tempted to jump on that January trip as I wouldn't have to miss any work to go on it. That said, I already have two trips this next summer, one on the RP which will likely go to the 'Lupe. The practical side of me is winning the battle so far, but I am still thinking about...
  265. Anglewood

    Some Restored Jerry Jigs

    Yep, Rust-Oleum 2X primer in white. I think it makes the colors "pop" a little more than just painting over the bare metal. -Connor
  266. Anglewood

    Mak 16sea line capacity

    Like Fishy, I also use a knot for my Spectra to Mono/Flouro, but the main reason I use hollow is the ease of splicing in new line if I need to, due to damage, tangles, whatever. Other than that, I would feel more than confident using solid for your application.
  267. Anglewood

    Some Restored Jerry Jigs

    I hear ya Bob, that said, I try to keep my paint coats light, and they usually end up thinner than the originals (especially with some Candy Bars, thick paint!) so the edges remain sharper and they still swim like they should. That Killer EX-4 looked the same, who knows how many Barracuda it...
  268. Anglewood

    Mak 16sea line capacity

    I have 600 yds of 80lb JB Hollow on mine. You should be able to get a bit more on there if you use 100lb. -Connor
  269. Anglewood

    Some Restored Jerry Jigs

    Thanks, I have a bunch of older jigs that I am in the process of restoring. At any given time I usually have two or three going. I use plain old Rust-Oleum paint, and have about thirty cans of various colors sitting in the garage as of my last count. I do use a clear coat and it is KBS...
  270. Anglewood

    Intrepid fish report ... 15 day... A great way to start the cow season off

    Way to go Bruce! That's how you start the season off right! -Connor
  271. Anglewood

    spirit of adventure - october 6-14, 2006

    I really like the Nicopress 17-2/17-BA crimper for small wire crimps. I have been meaning to get one of my own, but have been fortunate enough to use Fishy's on the trips that I have shared with him. I'll still get one eventually just so I will have the full kit. I still use my cheaper...
  272. Anglewood

    spirit of adventure - october 6-14, 2006

    Great report Alan! Thanks for taking the time to write it up. As a fellow trip reporter, I know how much effort it takes to sift through pictures and remember everything. Looks like you had a great trip! -Connor
  273. Anglewood

    JRI Vagabond 8 day

    Thanks for the report, Jerry's jigs are the real deal and it shows! -Connor
  274. Anglewood

    Anyone heard of a "Fritz" Jig?

    Thanks for the info, Bob! -Connor
  275. Anglewood

    Old Lures

    The Streamline Dodger was manufactured by Lincoln Pico Sporting goods in Santa Monica, designed by the owner Barney Killian. They also made the Rodger Dodger and Whammy surface irons (basically the same jig) that have a more traditional shape. His son Paul still runs the shop. Also, the...
  276. Anglewood

    Anyone heard of a "Fritz" Jig?

    Hey all, This came in a lot of jigs that I purchased recently. I have never seen or heard of one before. I was wondering if any of you more knowledgeable jig collectors out there might know its story. It is a light surface iron, obviously very old, and looks like it got bit. Here are some...
  277. Anglewood


    The 76 Viper is a great 100-130lb rod, and the Raptor will easily do 80lb. There is also the brand new 76 Centaur which fits right in between the Raptor and Viper. As rail rods go, I don't think you can do better than the UC CX 76 series. -Connor
  278. Anglewood

    Some Restored Jerry Jigs

    Yeah, I'll fish them, in fact I already have. They are a smaller jig, so I plan to use them for Calico Bass and Barracuda. They were made to be fished, so that is what I'll do. -Connor
  279. Anglewood

    Double plier and tuna spike sheath

    Tangles happen on the best of boats to the best of anglers. How you try to avoid them, and how you and the crew deal with them is what matters. Trying to avoid tangles is what experienced anglers do naturally. Not doing so, well, I guess you are that guy. (not you specifically, BTW :)) -Connor
  280. Anglewood

    Ken Bush 8 Day Back

    Thanks for the report and pics! Sammy is really coming into his own, and it looks like you guys had a great trip. -Connor
  281. Anglewood

    RP knot

    You will have no problem tying the knot with hollow spectra. Many of my reels have hollow on them and I use the Tony Pena pretty much exclusively for my spectra to mono connections. -Connor
  282. Anglewood

    Plastic bags

    I consolidate my packs of hooks and then use the leftover packages to store my wire bait leaders. I use Mustad (mostly Demon Circles) myself and they have a good heavy duty package that is perfect for the task. -Connor
  283. Anglewood

    What is a good rod for the lexa 300 hs

    United Composites RUC711H "Swimbait Finatic." That is what I have my Lexa 300HS on and they make a great combo. -Connor
  284. Anglewood

    Someone explain benefits of the different types of spectra

    I would guess that the 8 carrier would be smoother, but the 4 carrier would be thinner. -Connor
  285. Anglewood

    What lures for 7 day Guadalupe Island trip?

    My last time at the 'Lupe, I used the JRI-6 in Mint/White and it got bit well. The JRI-66 would be good also for when the current is ripping. I did similar to tommysdad, drop to the bottom, 40 cranks up, then back to the bottom again. Once they bite, hold on, that is when the fun begins. -Connor
  286. Anglewood

    Swapping out a stock handle for a t-bar style

    I have several Makairas, and really like the T-Bar handle that they come with. I have also had good experiences with the Tiburon T-Bar Light on a couple of Newells that I have. The main thing would be making sure that you get a handle that fits the reel that you are modifying. Looking at the...
  287. Anglewood


    Great post Jamie, I am always impressed with the in depth analysis you provide on the products we all use, or are curious about. I am also a huge fan of United Composites Rods and JRI jigs and was able to use them (JRI-6 and 4, both in mint/white) quite effectively on my two trips this past...
  288. Anglewood

    Andros 12s not just for hoo

    Nice Job! I have somewhere between 15 and 20 YT on mine from my two summer trips. It makes a great Yoyo reel. Looking to get the narrow version as well once I get a rod built for it. -Connor
  289. Anglewood

    Rod rec

    I've only used it for bait a couple of times, and for that purpose it worked great. It is a very versatile blank. -Connor
  290. Anglewood

    Rod rec

    Another option would be the UC US80 Tilefish. Fast action with plenty of backbone, soft tip of the Monster with the butt of a Wahoo. I have two of them and love them for heavy jigs and Yoyo. My go-to for Wahoo and YT jigging. -Connor
  291. Anglewood

    Gaudalupe reel setup ?

    I like to set up my big reels with one lug on the right side and the plug on the left. That way I can palm the reel without the lug digging into my hand, but still have a lug if it is needed. I learned that one from some of the more experienced cow fisherman out there. -Connor
  292. Anglewood

    Some Restored Jerry Jigs

    These are three light old school "Jerry Jigs" that I restored. Probably made in the '50s or '60s. The first I like to call Sunrise, and the others I call Blue Dorado and Yellow Dorado. All done by spray can. These are smaller than the usual "Putter" style, but swim great and should work well...
  293. Anglewood

    who makes the softest/limpest 40-60lb mono?

    Soft Steel fan here. -Connor
  294. Anglewood

    Intrepid trip Sept 9-17

    Hey Floyd, Glad to see you jumped on this trip. Wow, between this one and the Jarvis you seem to have hit the jackpot! Thanks for the info, and taking the time to report. -Connor
  295. Anglewood

    long fin sale

    Got to work this event at the Soft Steel booth, lots of good conversations about all the good things happening this season. Wish I could get out for some more local action, but that pesky thing we call work is getting in the way. Anyways, had a great time talking, turning people on to a great...
  296. Anglewood

    Find what is missing in this picture

    One thing I am sure you dread hearing: "Is there a doctor in the house?" -Connor
  297. Anglewood


    Having seen Jim's work in action I know that your assessment is spot on. I would go for one myself, but it is a bit too much $$$ for my budget. His design is very well thought out and perfectly executed. -Connor
  298. Anglewood

    Long range is not just fishing

    I don't know about all of you, but I go on these trips to fish... second. The experience of being out on the water, seeing things and places you have never seen before. Making new friends and re-connecting with friends that you have fished with (I have compared it to an adult summer camp to...
  299. Anglewood

    Spangler Knot

    I like the Spangler a lot, it has all the attributes of a good knot, small, strong, and the double wrap makes you feel good. That said, I have trouble tying it consistently. I know that more practice would help in this area, but I have had it break at 50lbs and 35lbs using the same line...
  300. Anglewood

    How do you 40 lb?

    Assuming you mean for bait, similar to others, 60lb braid to 10-15ft flourocarbon leader tied with a Tony Pena knot. I like this length so I can re-tie a few times before changing. For gear I like an Okuma Makaira 10IISEa mounted on a United Composites US 70 Wahoo Jr. Plenty of good options...
  301. Anglewood

    Capt. Sam Moore at the helm on the Intrepid

    I have been fortunate enough to fish with Sam since he started on the boat. He put in extra time to help me get my first Wahoo, and was also there to gaff my personal best YT. It has been great see him develop as a deckhand and a skipper. I look forward to one day being on a trip that he is...
  302. Anglewood

    Blackwater shock leader?

    Try Island Fishing Tackle in Carson, they had some last time I was there, not sure how much or what sizes though. -Connor
  303. Anglewood

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    Thanks for the report Andre, glad to see that you had a great trip! -Connor
  304. Anglewood

    Intrepid 8 day, Anglers Choice Tackle trip results

    Thanks for the report Jim! Watching the updates coming in on FB, one had to know that you guys had a special trip. Congrats on the great fishing with an awesome crew. -Connor
  305. Anglewood

    The soda has popped

    Feel better soon, Soda. Sorry to hear you'll be missing days on the water, but you'll get back out there when the time is right. -Connor
  306. Anglewood

    1st trip: borrow or buy?

    On my first trip five years ago, I only used boat gear, and had the time of my life. Save buying your own gear until you are well versed in what works and what is actually needed. For my second trip, I bought two rigs (30 and 40lb) and was happy that I had not only done the research, but also...
  307. Anglewood

    40 lb. set up

    My go to rig for 40lb (bait) has been a Makaira 10IISEa on a Calstar Grafighter 700H. That rig has killed a lot of fish. Though if versatility is what you are looking for, the Penn 25NLD2 (Fathom or Torque) will give you a higher high gear (better for jigs). I am also evolving in my tastes...
  308. Anglewood

    UC RCP-70XH-C For 50lb rig

    The "R" designates the rod as a factory build vs. a custom build with just the blank. -Connor
  309. Anglewood

    UC RCP-70XH-C For 50lb rig

    Gary is spot on. I actually have a CP 70HP being built as well and it will be a dedicated Yoyo rig. Looking forward to putting a bend in it next chance I get. -Connor
  310. Anglewood

    Educate me on Jigs, Iron and Poppers...

    They are available on E-Bay, and a couple of tackle stores here in SoCal. I bought a couple, but haven't had a chance to swim them yet. -Connor
  311. Anglewood

    Seaguar prmier fluoro

    I believe there are some videos on YouTube on this very topic. Probably worth a search. -Connor
  312. Anglewood

    Jig hooks

    I can't comment on the Mustad or Eagle Claw hooks, but really like the Owner Stinger ST-66 Trebles. 1/0-3/0 depending on the size of the jig. For single hooks, I have recently discovered the Owner Stinger Siwash in black chrome finish. 7/0 is my most used size there for Wahoo jigs, 6/0 for...
  313. Anglewood

    Question re United Comp. CX vs CP

    Yep, Randy has told me that the 7'6" versions fish a line class above their 7' counterparts. -Connor
  314. Anglewood


    All I used for tuna when I was at the 'Lupe a couple of weeks ago was the Ringed 5/0 Mustad 4X Demon Circle. Only pulled one hook (probably my fault), and no bends or breakage. -Connor
  315. Anglewood

    Springer knot vs Spangler knot

    Nah, last time I was there, the sea lions just swam around the sharks. -Connor
  316. Anglewood

    Deal Alert

    No, it won't. It is shaped more like a Nalgene bottle and is wide all the way down to the base. -Connor
  317. Anglewood

    Deal Alert

    I have a couple of Hydro Flask bottles (32oz and 40oz) and they are great. Replaced my Nalgenes, one for work and one for home. They are almost too good, drink a bunch of water in the morning, and then you have to wait for the ice to melt. -Connor
  318. Anglewood

    A Few Guadalupe Questions

    Yep, we were told that we could only take Pelagics. Any other "by catch" has to be released. -Connor
  319. Anglewood

    Educate me on Jigs, Iron and Poppers...

    I'll second the recommendation for JRI jigs. For Yoyo: JRI-6 (like a 6X Jr.) and JRI-66 (like a 6X) the difference is that they are cast in brass which is heavier than Zinc and gives them a better sink. For Surface Iron: JRI-3, JRI-4 (my favorite), and JRI-7 (Similar to Tady 45). They all...
  320. Anglewood 8 day trip report - Royal Polaris

    I caught a couple on the JRI-6 Yoyo Iron in Mint/White and Blue/White as well. -Connor
  321. Anglewood

    A Few Guadalupe Questions

    What Doug says is spot on, I was on his trip and never had to venture down to 60lb to get bit. I used the Tony Pena knot exclusively and it never failed, I also kept my top shots around 10ft so I could re-tie when needed. -Connor
  322. Anglewood 8 day trip report - Royal Polaris

    Nice job Doug! I'm getting stuff together for my report, but my folks are in town at the moment so it may be a few days. Talk to you soon! -Connor
  323. Anglewood

    How Heavy fishing gear for Guadalupe?

    8 Day, fished the 'Lupe, Benitos, and off shore. Again, 60lb would be the minimum that I would use, but some guys did get spooled even then. 80 lb, Mak 16/SS 1x3 and 100lb, Mak 20/CX 76 Viper were my most used rigs. -Connor
  324. Anglewood

    How Heavy fishing gear for Guadalupe?

    Just got back from the 'lupe fishing on the RP. I had no trouble what so ever getting bit on 80 or 100 lb mono. Didn't need flourocarbon, and came away with plenty of fish. Some guys went in with 60lb and ended up getting spooled. Also bring your own big rig for the kite if you like, that...
  325. Anglewood

    Calstar GFGR875H LR Wahoo Special

    I got a similar amount of JB 60lb hollow on mine, but pulled some off for a long 50lb Soft Steel top shot. This setup killed the Yellows at the ridge and the islands on my last trip as part of my yoyo gear. Gonna test it out again starting tomorrow on my next 8 day. -Connor
  326. Anglewood

    5 Star Fishprocessing

    Nothing but the best from Sarah and crew! -Connor
  327. Anglewood

    Official Report - Intrepid – 8 Day – Ray Jarvis Memorial – 7/9-7/16

    Well, I think I am stuck with being the official reporter weather I like it or not. I forgot that last detail and only you would catch it. I am still stoked that you finally caught your first (and second) WSB. I am headed out on the RP early this morning and look forward to reporting on this...
  328. Anglewood

    Official Report - Intrepid – 8 Day – Ray Jarvis Memorial – 7/9-7/16

    First I would like to apologize for the delay in reporting, my laptop decided to take a dump on me during the trip, so it took a little while to get everything together. I still don’t have all of the pics that I wanted, but if others want to add any, they are welcome to. So, without further...
  329. Anglewood


    I would be great to have a higher high gear option for the smaller (8-15) Makairas as well. Fortunately, that niche is filled by the Andros A12SIIa right now. As it is, the Maks are hard to beat as a bullet proof bait reel in just about any size. -Connor
  330. Anglewood

    30# Rig

    Okuma Andros 5II on a United Composites US 76 Tilefish Jr. -Connor
  331. Anglewood


    Surgeon's knot or the good old Uni to Uni, keep it simple. -Connor
  332. Anglewood

    The Lupe is open to the R.P. and the Shogun

    I'm on the RP in a week! I wonder if we'll do some Island exploration on our 8 day? -Connor
  333. Anglewood

    Clarity Through LR Fishing

    On my last trip, we had a rule that we were not to discuss politics or religion. The best part was that we were able to stick to it, and it kept the conversation light and productive. I don't mind disconnecting for a while, and really don't have any difficulty catching up when I get back...
  334. Anglewood


    Go to and look for Bryan Young. He sells a 5 stack carbon fiber drag setup that is great for these old Newells. I have his sets in all of them that I own. -Connor
  335. Anglewood

    Yoyo set up advice

    United Composites CP70HP is a great stick for Yoyo, I am having one wrapped right now for just that purpose. -Connor
  336. Anglewood

    Sammy at the helm

    Way to go Sammy! Hard work pays off, I am sure that he will be one of the top captains in the fleet one day. -Connor
  337. Anglewood


    I would assume that the RP is in the same spot, I am on that boat in just under a month, and would love to see the 'lupe for the first time. -Connor
  338. Anglewood

    Rod and Reel Combo for Flat fall Jigs

    I see the logic in using a heavier rig for the flat fall, that said, I had great success last year at this time on schoolie tuna (not the big ones) with my 30lb rig. At the time it was a Calstar 700M with an Okuma Andros 5II (original). Easily caught my limit using the 100g Flat Fall and the...
  339. Anglewood

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    A few 900 Del Mar blanks were just finished up yesterday in the factory wrap, but they are all spoken for. The demand for these rods has been incredible, so if you want one, it is probably best to be patient. They are really sweet though! -Connor
  340. Anglewood

    GUSA 70XH rod

    It would make a good 40lb bait rod. Another similar option that I went with for 40lb bait, is the US 70 Wahoo Jr. For jigs (yoyo), I second the the CP 70HP, hard to find a tougher rod on the market for that application. -Connor
  341. Anglewood

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Trip 10 Day Countdown

    I'm really looking forward to this trip, I'll be heading down on Friday and will also be able to join you guys for dinner. Just a few miscellaneous gear items to buy and I'll be ready. -Connor
  342. Anglewood

    Any Andros 12SIIa Fishing Reports?

    Got a pretty good Yellow (~25lbs) on mine last week, not a single hiccup, and I would confidently fish 50lb on it. Mine is gonna primarily be a jig reel, so I did a fill with 60lb JBH, and have room for a long 50lb top shot for casting bombs and such. If/when they make a narrow version, I will...
  343. Anglewood

    Smokin great spring 8-day on the Rooster

    Thanks for the report Jeff! Man, now I can't wait to get out on my 8 day in just a couple of weeks, I love me some big yellows on the iron. -Connor
  344. Anglewood

    Spirit of Adventure 2016

    Nice report Alan, thanks for taking the time. -Connor
  345. Anglewood


    Thanks for the report on the successful trip Jerry! Can't wait to throw some of your jigs myself on the Ray Jarvis trip in just a few weeks. -Connor
  346. Anglewood

    What bait and yo-yo rod??

    For a Yoyo rod, it is hard to beat the new CP 700 HP blank from United Composites. I have one on order from Randy as we speak. It could also double as a heavy bait rod (60-80lb) if needed. -Connor
  347. Anglewood

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    I am a huge fan or UC rods! Like many here I started with Calstar and Seeker, but since buying my first UC after Randy took the helm (a US 80 Tilefish) I have added six more to my quiver (US 76 Tilefish Jr. up to a CX 76 Invictus). My goal to to fish them exclusively, they really are the best...
  348. Anglewood

    Intrepid - Jarvis Memorial - 30 Days & Counting !!!

    Is that it? I guess I need to start packing my gear! Seriously though, looking forward to a great trip with a great group of people. The countdown begins... -Connor
  349. Anglewood

    Any Andros 12SIIa Fishing Reports?

    I won't get mine on the water until later this summer as well. But it feels great in the hand and on my UC Tilefish. First trip it is coming on will be at the end of this month. -Connor
  350. Anglewood

    Floro or Mono for yellow tail

    I've been moving more and more back to mono, especially for local fishing. In a pick Bluefin bite, I'll go flouro every time, but for the yellows, I think the mono of your choice is fine. One rule of thumb is flouro for bait, but mono for jigs. That said, 30lb Soft Steel has always gotten bit...
  351. Anglewood

    Makaira Handle Grip/Knob for Andros 12 HS?

    I believe so, most get the original gold Mak 10II handle for the 5II, as it is a bit smaller, but the 20 sized handle will also fit. -Connor
  352. Anglewood

    Makaira Handle Grip/Knob for Andros 12 HS?

    Hey JC, Just tried it, my extra 20 sized handle was a perfect fit in the A12SIIa. -Connor
  353. Anglewood

    United Composite Viper and Invictus 7'6" Review

    I have heard Randy say that the longer blanks end up rating a full line class above the seven foot version. -Connor
  354. Anglewood

    United Composite Viper and Invictus 7'6" Review

    Having used both of the blanks in this review, I concur completely with Jamie's assessment. Randy has hit a home run with the CX 76 Viper and CX 76 Invictus. -Connor
  355. Anglewood

    Inexpensive Surface iron rod

    One option that I haven't seen mentioned, but that is actually a great bargain is the Okuma Makaira 801XH. At $150 brand new, the price is hard to beat, and it has quality (Alps) components. Worth checking out if you are looking for an 8 foot jig stick. -Connor
  356. Anglewood

    Question on refurbishing jigs

    If you don't want to use anything too caustic, I have used Citristrip, though it does take a couple of applications for the thicker coats. Otherwise Jasco stripper does the job, and quickly. I use Rustolium primer and rattle cans then finish with an automotive clear coat. Here are a couple...
  357. Anglewood

    Rods to pair with these reels?

    Look no further than United Composites. CX 76 Raptor for the 16, and two CX 76 Vipers for the 30 and 50. If you want a little heavier for the 50, there is the CX 76 Invictus. These rods are the real deal with lots of lifting power. -Connor
  358. Anglewood

    Bob Sands Tackle/R.P. 15 Day returned 5/8/16 report

    Nice report Jamie! I'm looking forward to checking out the RP with Doug and the rest of the NorCal crew in July, and you aren't making the wait any easier. -Connor
  359. Anglewood

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    Mine and the rod are on the way now. I should get them either Monday or Tuesday next week. There was no choice on which rod I got, so it ended up being an Okuma Makaira 701ML, a pretty light stick, but I guess it was free. I am excited to mount this reel on my United Composites US 80 Tilefish...
  360. Anglewood

    Fun rod holder project

    Nice work! I've seen the fabricated metal ones in person a few times and this looks like it will do the same job. -Connor
  361. Anglewood

    What Reel Would You Use For This Application

    For a local or long range rig that will land just about anything you run into, I would go with a Mak 20IISEa mounted on a United Composites CX 76 Viper. I used this combo on my last 15 day trip, and will get another if I go on a long trip again. -Connor
  362. Anglewood

    Surface Iron Analysis

    I mainly fish JRIs for surface iron. My personal favorite is the JRI-4 in Metallic Green. Every one of Jerry's jigs that I have fished has been a swimmer off the rack, and has gotten bit. I also have a selection of old school iron (Candy Bar, Tady, etc.) that I fish, but the JRIs are my go to...
  363. Anglewood

    Reel suggestions for 40 lb

    If strictly for bait, another option is the Okuma Makaira 10IISEa, hard to find a better 40-50lb bait reel in my opinion. If you want to jig with it too, the aforementioned Penn or Avet options are also nice. -Connor
  364. Anglewood

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    Looks like I'll have mine by then as well, we may just have a boat full of them! I am sure it will be worth the wait. -Connor
  365. Anglewood

    Threadfin sculpin------NOT

    You won't see me testing that out any time soon, I've seen what our own California Scorpion Fish can do and it doesn't look fun. -Connor
  366. Anglewood

    Threadfin sculpin------NOT

    Good info Bruce, I've heard this same conversation on at least two long range trips, it is always good (and educational) to have the proper info. -Connor
  367. Anglewood

    Favorite braid?

    I generally try and cast with Mono, but my favorite brand of braid is JB. I have it on reels from 20 to 130lbs and have never had an issue with it. -Connor
  368. Anglewood

    Makaira 30 and 600 yds of JB 65... how many yards of 80 mono behind braid?

    Just for clarification, you want to put mono on the reel first, then braid? Around here, most folks do the opposite. Also the 30 has lots of space on the spool, you could fit a lot more than 600 yds of 65. I have my Mak 30 spooled with JB 100, then stepped up to JB 130 for the last 150 yds...
  369. Anglewood

    Vintage Surface Iron Finds

    Hey all, I just wanted to share a cool find that I made a couple of weeks ago. I was checking E-Bay for vintage jigs, and came across an auction for a "Whammy" surface iron. I didn't really want to pay what the guy was asking, so I waited until the auction was over and contacted him...
  370. Anglewood

    Guadalupe wahoo??

    I'm on an 8 Day on the RP starting on July 29th and I will be bringing my Wahoo gear. I am hopeful for a stop at the 'Lupe, but there is always the chance of more at the Ridge or Alijos. As with most of these summer variety trips it is always good to bring enough gear to cover the bases (from...
  371. Anglewood

    Cortez 12 for surface iron?

    The Cortez 12 is an excellent choice for surface iron. It is light weight and casts quite well. As said before, 40lb string is the way t go. I would also go with a 100 yd top shot, backed by 50lb spectra. That should give you plenty of capacity while still being able to cast. -Connor
  372. Anglewood

    Wahoo Reel.

    I have the Penn FTH40NLDHS, and it is a great reel for getting bit, but once you have a fish on, and especially after the third one, it is a bear to get it in. I'm really looking forward to the Andros 12SIIa coming out, as that seems to fit the bill, but with a bit more friendly gear ratio...
  373. Anglewood

    Favorite old school reel u still use

    My favorite old school reel is my Tib framed G-322F. I have also upgraded the drag, and it is a blast to use it to throw surface iron. -Connor
  374. Anglewood

    Yellowtail at Alijos versus Cedros and Benitos

    My personal best YT is from Cedros on the Surface Iron (JRI-4) and it came in at 41lbs. The last time I was at the rocks we didn't have a chance to go for yellows, but I have heard that those at the 'Lupe are the toughest. One time at Benitos, it was all you could fish 30+ pounders, that was...
  375. Anglewood

    Surface Iron for bluefin

    I know that there have been a few bluefin caught with the JRI-4 in Mint/White. -Connor
  376. Anglewood

    Fish Report - Intrepid - 15 Day - Okuma/Soft Steel - 3/19-4/3

    Intrepid - Okuma/Soft Steel 15 Day – March 19th –April 3rd Day One After checking in at the Dolphin and meeting up with a few of the guys the night before, I was ready for my first 15-day trip. I have fished the Intrepid many times before, but those were 7 or 8-day trips. This was to be a...
  377. Anglewood

    Custom Rail Mount Rod Holder

    I don't think that Jim has any plans on fabricating more, They take a lot of work, and from what I understand the price is pretty prohibitive for all but the most serious anglers. -Connor
  378. Anglewood

    Most Useful Freebies?

    The reel bag I got on my last trip was one of the more thoughtful pieces of SWAG that I have received as I know I will use it. That said, I have never been on a trip that didn't have great giveaways with useful gear. Jigs and Hooks are always welcome, as are T-Shirts or Fishing Shirts. For...
  379. Anglewood

    Hooker Intruder XL on eBay

    Fishybuzz asked me to post this photo for him: A "gently used" XL Hooker Intruder with 12 confirmed kills on two trips... Not for sale:D My personal comment is that it is amazing how well that old hard resin holds up to the toothy critters. Also, seeing this one work in person, I am a...
  380. Anglewood

    Hooker Intruder XL on eBay

    I think this will easily go over $300, the last one which was a large went for $243, and XL is more desirable. BTW, I just got off the Intrepid trip where that pic in the auction was taken and the Intruders really do work well. -Connor
  381. Anglewood

    Best 50 lb. bait rod?

    I got three Wahoo (up to 44lbs) last summer using my United Composites US80 Tilefish. It has the same butt as the US80 Wahoo but the lighter tip of the US80 Monster. It handles 50lb string just fine, with a little more load on the cast for lighter jigs or bait. That rod now comes with me on...
  382. Anglewood

    Roll Call Intrepid 15 day ... Soft Steel/Okuma March 19

    I'll be there, looking forward to my first big fish trip! -Connor
  383. Anglewood

    Circle hooks

    I have some of the Trokar circles to try on my upcoming 15 day and they look like nice hooks. I'll mainly be using them and the Mustad Demon 4X. I've had great luck with the Mustads in the smaller sizes and I'll be sure and post a report once I get back. -Connor
  384. Anglewood

    Free SKB tackle box Model 7200

    I am driving down after work on Friday and will be staying at the Dolphin. I'll be sure to reach out to you guys once I get down there to see what's up. -Connor
  385. Anglewood

    Free SKB tackle box Model 7200

    Way to go Soda Pop! See you on the trip next week. -Connor
  386. Anglewood

    Wow awesome repair service !

    I've never had a bad experience with the folks at Okuma, glad to see that they treated you well! I even had Eddie recognize me by name at the Okuma FHS booth after only being by the office twice. Good service definitely goes a long way. -Connor
  387. Anglewood

    Mak 50 handle on a Mak 20?

    The 20 SEa should already have the 50 sized handle and arm on it. I had Okuma give my regular Mak 20 the SEa treatment, and one thing that they did change was the handle and arm. Not a whole lot of difference in length that I could see, but the T-Handle is a lot beefier. -Connor
  388. Anglewood

    Combined hobbies

    That is just beautiful, well done! -Connor
  389. Anglewood

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    I got to check out the 12SIIa at the booth as well. The high gear does feel a bit rough compared to say a Makaira, but no worse than an Avet in my opinion. I'd be fine fishing it as is, though they did say that they want to try and smooth it out a bit more. Good to see that progress is being...
  390. Anglewood

    Suprise deal at the show...

    I am well aware of the Metaloid, but the OP also stated that if one signed up for a 15+ day trip the reel would be a Makaira 30 (didn't say SEa or not). That is a pretty big incentive to fill a trip. -Connor
  391. Anglewood

    Suprise deal at the show...

    Wow, a Mak 30 included in the price of a 15 day, that is a hell of a promo! -Connor
  392. Anglewood

    Fred Hall Show

    I'll be there Thursday evening and most of the day on Saturday. Looking forward to topping off my supplies for my next trip. -Connor
  393. Anglewood

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    Me too, it will be out when it's out. -Connor
  394. Anglewood

    Makaira 10 se

    A Mak 10 is plenty of reel for local overnights and trips of 2-5 days. The only time one may need the 16 is if the triple digit Bluefin show up again and you know that you will be targeting them. Shoot, for most of my overnights, I seldom use anything other than my Andros 5II for fishing bait...
  395. Anglewood

    Makaira 10 se

    For the Makaira 10IISEa, 60lb hollow or 65lb solid is all that you will need. A 40-50lb top shot is perfect for this size of reel. If you want to fish bigger string, capacity may begin to be an issue. -Connor
  396. Anglewood

    Favorite vertical jigging for yellowtail ?

    The JRI 6 has been a fish killer for me. I use Mint/White or Blue/White, can't even count how many Yellows I've caught on them. -Connor
  397. Anglewood

    Fish Cutters, Who's Fastest?

    I will only ever use Five Star, their finished product and customer service have earned a customer for life. -Connor
  398. Anglewood


    Count me in Jerry! Panthers 31, Broncos 13
  399. Anglewood


    I may just have to "borrow" that one for a troll rotation or two, that is if I don't somehow get one for myself. :) -Connor
  400. Anglewood

    Fishing Etiquette

    It definitely depends on the boat. On the Half day boat that I frequent, a lot of folks like to claim their spot and keep it with their rod as a place holder (this is mainly bottom fishing). If we are targeting YT, things are a bit more fluid. take a moment to get the lay of the land and...
  401. Anglewood

    The Long Range Character thread.

    Yep, I'm not even touching that post. -Connor
  402. Anglewood

    Trokar Hooks for Wahoo

    I think he means straighten it out. To answer that question, I was using my 40lb bait rig, and had about 10lbs of drag at strike. The hoo did its initial run, taking some line, and the hook straightened out as I was bringing it back to the boat. I know lighter drag is the thing for wahoo...
  403. Anglewood

    Trokar Hooks for Wahoo

    If you want to use Trokar hooks for wahoo, I would suggest going with the heavy duty TK8 hooks, I have had the lighter wire Trokar hooks straighten out on me before, including one on a hoo. -Connor
  404. Anglewood

    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    I've used this reel (FTH40NLDHS) for wahoo as well, and it was great for getting bit. That said, once one has a 40+ pounder on the other end, it was a bear to get it to the boat. Probably fine for the big strong guys out there, but for a mere mortal like me, I was beat after the third fish...
  405. Anglewood


    Jerry, Saw your FB announcement, but I want to congratulate you here as well. Great things are on the horizon, and I am glad you are able to continue the Hooker Intruder business. Couldn't happen to a better guy! -Connor
  406. Anglewood

    Making it simple ???

    Tried to buy from them in the past and they were out of stock, maybe I'll give it another try. -Connor
  407. Anglewood

    Making it simple ???

    The problem with the easy weight, is getting them. I have tried at a couple of different vendors and they are either completely out of stock or don't have the sizes I need. Is there another source that anyone has that is consistent? -Connor
  408. Anglewood

    long range t-shirt question

    I've only fished one of the SD long range boats so far, but am proud of my charter shirts. Each time I wear them, I am reminded of good times out on the water. If I wear them on a half day or overnight, they usually spark a conversation with a fellow long ranger, and then we start swapping...
  409. Anglewood

    When you snag the bottom

    Slack the line and give it a couple of whips. If it doesn't come free, it is time to pull. I use a perfection loop to attach the sinker, if that is the part that is snagged, it often breaks before the rest of the leader. Other than that, bring extra leader material, hooks, and sinkers. It...
  410. Anglewood

    Hard question???? One rod for an 8.

    Agreed, The first rig I ever bought for long range was a Calstar Grafighter 700H with a Mak 10IISEa. It is my go-to 40lb bait rig, but the lower high gear ratio on the Mak is not conducive to Yoyo jigging. There are other reels out there with a more suitable high gear. That said, if a "high...
  411. Anglewood

    Experience with Toro Tamer Hollow Braid?

    Chark is a good tackle shop. Sure they have had their controversies, but they have a bigger inventory (especially for long range) than most other shops in the area. I have other "go to" shops, but if they don't have something, I can be reasonably confident that Charkbait does. They have also...
  412. Anglewood

    Hard question???? One rod for an 8.

    As mentioned, a United Composites US 80 Tilefish is a great all around bait/jig rod. Add to that a JX Raptor or a Penn 25NLD2 (Torque or Fathom), and you are pretty well set. -Connor
  413. Anglewood

    how strong is the perfection loop

    I mainly use the perfection loop for the weight on dropper loop rigs. It is weaker than the main line and Surgeons (or dropper) loop knots, so if you get stuck on the rocks, it will break off before losing your whole leader. Another alternative with similar results is Jeff's dropper setup with...
  414. Anglewood


    How does the spool width compare between the two? I have the Penn 40NLD2, but I know that for some in the jigging world, the narrower the better, just curious? I see that the Shimano does 44" PT, where as the Penn does 42" PT (in high gear), seems negligible, but what do I know. -Connor
  415. Anglewood

    Newell Reel goes Manic

    Definitely looks hodge podge to me, I see some P (and early G) era components along with a newer handle. The only thing rare are probably the side plates, other than that it looks pieced together. Good on the seller for putting it out there, I am a huge Newell fan, but not that much! Edit: At...
  416. Anglewood

    Can't make up my mind Guadalupe 80/100lb reel

    UC 70 or 76 Raptor would be perfect for that application. -Connor
  417. Anglewood

    Bob and Jamie's very preliminary Tac Glue testing

    Especially with the swivel, I'm curious as well. -Connor
  418. Anglewood

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    From what I understand they have been having trouble with the high gears that were contracted for this reel. They had working prototypes and even shipped a few production reels stateside, but they weren't happy with the smoothness and feel so those went back. The wait has been for a...
  419. Anglewood

    Cedros 12. Braid or mono

    I prefer a long mono topshot with braid backing, easier on the thumb when casting as well. -Connor
  420. Anglewood

    Can't make up my mind Guadalupe 80/100lb reel

    It doesn't have cast control, but it is hard to find a better 80lb reel than the Mak 16SEa. -Connor
  421. Anglewood

    What is your favorite rod?

    That's a tough question. The rod I use the most is my Calstar GF700M with an Okuma Andros 5II. 30lb rig and perfect for anything local. Probably my favorite to use is my Super Seeker D8 with a built up Newell 322 for surface iron. My favorite all around rod has to be my United Composites...
  422. Anglewood

    Another Awesome Okuma Customer Service Experience

    Last week, my brother and I brought Eleven reels in to be serviced at the Okuma headquarters in Ontario. Today my brother went to pick them up. They did all of the service and cleaning free of charge even though a couple of reels may have been past their warranty (not all Makairas). All I...
  423. Anglewood


    The CSD10S is an excellent reel, but I guess wasn't selling as well as they had liked at that price point. It is also a bear to service on your own DAMHIK. I think it is another case of everyone realizing how nice they are after they are no longer available. I am not sure they will ever reach...
  424. Anglewood

    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    Thanks a lot Dave, You are not the first person that has said to ease off on buying stuff. I'm having dinner with some fellow long rangers tomorrow, I'll be sure to grill them there and get a better idea of what I should be looking at. -Connor
  425. Anglewood

    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    Dave, Thanks for the report! After several 7 and 8 day trips, I am going on my first 15 day in March and can't wait. In fact, I just finished up servicing a couple of Maks that I got for the trip, and one of them was brand new! Other than Cow rigs, what else did you find useful? I am sure a...
  426. Anglewood

    Which Cortez?

    I have the Cedros 10S on a Makaira jig stick (801XH) and it is a sweet setup. The Makaira rods are a great value and it casts better than I can. The Cortez isn't much different and I am sure would be a good choice. -Connor
  427. Anglewood

    UC Rail Rods

    I'm planning on having Moon build those two exact blanks for me in the near future if he is available. He has built a few rods for me already and his work is exceptional. Nice to see how yours turned out. -Connor
  428. Anglewood

    Tuna Spikes

    Nice work, and I like the idea of the stainless wrap. Just curious, how did you de-burr/smooth the bottom end of the wire? -Connor
  429. Anglewood

    American Angler cuts trip short???

    Boats always seem to get criticized when there is some kind of mechanical failure, especially when a trip is cut short or cancelled. It is the nature of the beast, these boats are doing thousands of hours a year in harsh conditions and at times, stuff just goes wrong, despite the best efforts...
  430. Anglewood

    First 14 day on the Intrepid

    X2 There are a lot of good guys on that trip and you will be in good hands. Don't be afraid to ask questions, bring a good attitude, and you will do just fine. -Connor
  431. Anglewood

    We lost another good one......

    So sorry to hear of this earlier today. Such a great guy, and never a bad thing to say. I won't forget that laugh or the good times in the Gumba Lounge. He will be missed on the RJ trip next year. Here's a shot of Mike with a YFT from the Ray Jarvis Memorial trip this past summer. Here's...
  432. Anglewood

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    Bummer indeed. It is such a nice reel on paper, I am glad to see that Okuma is making sure that it lives up to expectations. -Connor
  433. Anglewood


    Those are some great shots, Jerry. Thanks for sharing. -Connor
  434. Anglewood

    Which setup makes the most sense?

    The 16 does have a lighter spool, and as Blain said, it does feel smaller than the 20. A bait will take line off of the 16 easier, but it is a bit small for cow town. I wouldn't go in with anything less than the 20 when in the lower zone. -Connor
  435. Anglewood

    Which setup makes the most sense?

    I have both of the setups that you mention. The Mak 16/1x3 setup is perfect for that 80lb niche, though you could always step down the Mak 20/2x4 rig to do the same thing. If you think you will be doing a lot of big fish trips in the future, it may be better to go with the 20, if staying...
  436. Anglewood

    Long range fishing out of San Diego for a relative newbie

    It isn't an absolute necessity to have a bunch of your own gear on your first trip, though I would bring some terminal tackle as others have suggested. On my first trip I used all boat gear and caught more fish than I had ever imagined I would. As the years have passed, I have added a couple...
  437. Anglewood

    Who's your favorite Wingman?

    I gotta go with Sam, Romo, Nick, Kevin, or Jesus as guys that I would like next to me on a big one. I have the most experience with Sammy as he was instrumental in me getting my first Wahoo at the Rocks this past summer. Looking forward to fishing with him and the rest of the crew next year...
  438. Anglewood

    Sashimi with Wahoo??

    Yeah, a lot of "Ono" in sushi places is Escolar, which is delicious with a quick sear from the torch. One of my favorite sushi chefs refers to the side effects of too much Escolar as "red chili oil" if you've ever suffered the consequences of too much "ono," you know exactly what I mean. -Connor
  439. Anglewood

    Penn 16vsx or Mak16

    I think that's an old stock photo. If you look a bit closer, it is labeled 30IISE, without the "a." Every SEa I have seen has the tuna on the side plate. -Connor
  440. Anglewood

    Penn 16vsx or Mak16

    I have a the Mak 16SEa and it suits 80lb perfectly. Hard to go wrong with either choice. Might the Mak be a bit smoother/quieter? -Connor
  441. Anglewood

    How many rigs do you bring?

    On my first LR trip I just used boat rental gear, three rigs, 30lb, 40lb, and 50lb. On my second, I brought my own 30 and 40lb bait rigs. Since then, my quiver has grown extensively. On my last 8 day I brought 11 rigs here is my lineup thus far: 20lb Bass: Daiwa Lexa 300 and United...
  442. Anglewood

    Okuma Makairas

    I'd be curious too, I have a Mak 20 that I purchased from a friend. He had had it for three years and had done zero maintenance with it being in a rod holder for 20 days (three 7 day trips, he won it in the raffle on the first one). When I first cracked it open, it still looked brand new and...
  443. Anglewood

    Andros 12SIIa Pre-Orders

    Thanks for the great offer Chris! I can definitely stand the wait, and look forward to when the reel finally arrives. -Connor
  444. Anglewood

    Intrepid getting em....

    I thought that might be Jim's work. Cool idea. -Connor
  445. Anglewood

    Casting weight for a jig for surface fish!

    One of my favorite models of jigs (the JRI 4) weighs in at 3.75 oz. That is just about right for me, though I can cast lighter ones as well. I forget which jig it is modeled after, but it is the jig that I caught my personal best YT on. Can't say I have done a lot of surface iron with smaller...
  446. Anglewood

    Spectra Color (Again?)

    The "Rainbow" depth finder can also be a PITA to see in low light. Also always seems to end up in tangles. I'll stick with white for all my uses. -Connor
  447. Anglewood

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    On my very first trip it was made very clear to me and my friends what was expected and what the routine was. Been pushing carts and moving fish on every trip since then. I'm a younger guy and I don't mind at all. The folks who don't contribute know exactly what they are doing, I'd just...
  448. Anglewood

    Cabelas deals

    38 cents a round, not bad. -Connor
  449. Anglewood

    Indy 11/1-11/11

    Thanks for the report Blaine. Bummer about that Kite fish, and I am sure it was nice to fish with Romo again. -Connor
  450. Anglewood

    Reel For Wahoo Iron?

    Fathom 25NLD2 or 40NLD2 would be a good way to go. I have the Fathom 40NLDHS and though it is great for getting bites, it is a bit rough once hooked up. I have three wahoo on mine, and though it did the trick, there are better reels out there for the purpose. -Connor
  451. Anglewood

    Blue Fin Tuna Update!

    Great news! I didn't have a chance to get any BFT this year, but now I can look forward to my trips next summer. -Connor
  452. Anglewood

    Shogun updates?

    Looks like they are having a pretty awesome trip! -Connor
  453. Anglewood

    Okuma Makairas

    The Makaira 10IISEa is a great 40 or 50lb bait reel, super solid and only limited by line capacity as the drags can handle more. The 16 is more suited to heavier string such as 80lb. -Connor Edit: Oops, just saw that Bill W posted the same thing while I was typing.
  454. Anglewood

    How would you..

    Tony Pena knot for me as well. -Connor
  455. Anglewood

    You guys asked about the history of jigs in California.

    Awesome read Jerry, it is great to know some more of the history behind our local fishery. -Connor
  456. Anglewood

    Any reviews on the "truth " reels

    I've handled (but not fished) the SG and it seems like a solidly built reel. They have not been afraid to make small improvements over the few years that they have been out. I am really curious about their new star drag, but haven't seen one in person yet. -Connor
  457. Anglewood

    Makaira Handle

    When you go this rout, be sure to get the regular Mak 10 handle and not the SEa. It is a bit smaller and will go with the Andros 5 better. -Connor
  458. Anglewood

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    I ordered from Chris a while back as well. I am sure it will be worth the wait and am glad they are taking the time to get it right. -Connor
  459. Anglewood


    I also love my CSD10s, it is a great surface iron reel! That said, the Cortez series can do a lot of what it does and I know some anglers that actually prefer it. I would love to see a new high end star drag from Okuma, and I am sure that they will come up with something great. -Connor
  460. Anglewood

    Reels Who likes what best?

    We are fortunate to live in a time when there are many options that fit many price points. That said, this is an expensive hobby, and investing in the right gear the first time can save you money in the long run. I echo the advice of others to use the boat gear and check out what others are...
  461. Anglewood

    Newells: not all the same so know your Series!!!

    My personal best YT was on a built Newell G322-F. 41lbs at the dock and you can see it in my avatar. I'll still fish Newell's as well. -Connor
  462. Anglewood

    What rod for Torium 20HG

    Another vote for the UC CE 800 Monster. -Connor
  463. Anglewood

    New Wahoo lure

    Jerry is just being a tease, looking forward to future developments. -Connor
  464. Anglewood

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    I only started in the long range game four years ago, and I know that I still have a lot to learn. That said, I can't speak enough about the kindness I have experienced on boats as I learn this sport. From my first trip where I only had rental rods, and had never before flylined a bait, to my...
  465. Anglewood

    Need step by step for my new Makaira 30II SEa

    The 30 is pretty much just like the 50: Just go slow, and pay attention and you shouldn't mess anything up. -Connor
  466. Anglewood

    45 Dollar Convenience Fee

    I was thinking of the Intrepid, good to know that the X has the same policy. IMHO it wouldn't be a bad thing if it spread to the rest of the fleet. -Connor
  467. Anglewood

    Searcher 6 day Oct 10-16

    Thanks for the report, sounds like a successful trip to me! -Connor
  468. Anglewood

    45 Dollar Convenience Fee

    Not everybody is close to the landing, but there is always the option of mailing in a check. I know that some like to use a credit card to build up reward points, but the 3% charge can be a deterrent. I know of at least one boat that has no charge for CC, but there are several that still do...
  469. Anglewood

    Just curious

    As far as reel bags go, I have a small Shimano bag that will hold 8 reels of varying size up to a Mak 16, perfect for a 7-8 day trip where you pack 20-80lb rigs. With my first big fish trip coming up, I am looking at the Nomad large reel bag for my bigger reels (and more space). I will likely...
  470. Anglewood

    Just curious

    It is a packing/space issue. Works fine if you only have a few rods, but if you have 10+ rigs, it is much easier to bundle the rods without the reels on, and then rig up on the boat. The reels are also safer in a reel bag and don't get banged around as much as they would transporting on a rod...
  471. Anglewood


    I agree, the UC Tilefish would be a good choice for that application. I also have the MK 801XH and it is a great rod for the money. -Connor
  472. Anglewood

    Anyone use the fathom lever drag 2 speeds

    I have the Fathom 25NLD2 filled with 65lb Izor solid, and use a short flouro topshot (Tony Pena knot). It has performed every bit as well as I had hoped. IMHO, you can't go wrong, of course the Torque is nice, but more $$$. The Fathom fits my needs just fine. -Connor
  473. Anglewood

    UC RCE Elite 700 XXH VS GFGR 700H

    To me the Grafighter 700H is a 40-50lb rod, and I personally use mine for 40lb. I don't have experience with the UC rod in question, but the other rods in their line that I own are excellent! -Connor
  474. Anglewood


    Great report! Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed description of events and posting the pictures. Having done a few of these myself, I know how much time it takes. Also congrats on what sounds like a great trip and learning experience. -Connor
  475. Anglewood

    8 Day Indy Trip Sep 27th - October 5th

    Great report! Your first long range experience is one that you will never forget, especially since you made it to the Rocks and got some Hoo, what a great time. I had to wait four years until I got to the rocks, but it was completely worth it. Thanks for the detailed account of your trip and...
  476. Anglewood

    Ken Bush 8 day

    Thanks for the report, sounds like a great trip with a great group of guys! -Connor
  477. Anglewood

    Tool Belt and Dykes?

    For pliers, it is hard to beat a good set of duck bills, but for cutters, there are several options that work just fine. I personally use Channel Lock 7" side cutters, but also have a some Harbor Freight cutters that work just about as well. No need to break the bank IMO. They will all rust...
  478. Anglewood

    Beer meets fishing!

    That's awesome! I'd love to have one of those for my kegerator at home, what a neat idea. -Connor
  479. Anglewood

    RR III 25SEP-01OCT 6 day

    Thanks for the report. I saw the pictures of Nick's Black Sea Bass, man, that thing was a monster! Congrats on a fun trip. -Connor
  480. Anglewood

    Phenix Black Diamond 700XH question

    I believe that there is a 76 Predator now as well. Randy is making some really great stuff! -Connor
  481. Anglewood

    Phenix Black Diamond 700XH question

    I agree, the max for the 700XH is 50lb, the 700H is definitely more of a 30lb rod and fishes that line class quite well. -Connor
  482. Anglewood


    Don't own Maui Jim's, but I do have a pair of Costa's with the 580G lenses in blue mirror. IMHO, they are the best sunglasses I have ever owned. I am actually thinking of getting another pair with a different lens color for lower light situations. -Connor
  483. Anglewood

    John Collins knot

    You may not be getting to 27lbs, but it is conceivable that you could get close. If one has their drag set from a straight pull at 13.5lbs (about 33%) and ends up dumping the spool on a larger model, the drag could get up there, especially if you factor in drag from rod pressure. Remember...
  484. Anglewood

    The day that huge Wahoo attacked Benitos-Indy 7 day report

    Awesome report Andre! Crazy that you guys got so much Hoo right by Benitos, this is definitely and epic year. -Connor
  485. Anglewood

    RP knot question

    I believe the RP knot is a modified albright. The Tony Pena is a different beast and actually the knot that I prefer, but you already knew that. -Connor
  486. Anglewood

    United Composites CE series ?

    X2 ^ The CE series are very light and strong. I wouldn't say the actions are all slow though as it really depends on the blank and the application. They are, however slow in comparison to their US series equivalent models mainly due to the glass tip section instead of being 100% graphite...
  487. Anglewood

    what rods?

    The 40N would be a great match for the United Composites US80 Tilefish. Nice pickup BTW, those are hard to find. As for the 16N, something a bit lighter, maybe the US80 Monster or CE Monster 80. I am not affiliated with the company, but Randy Penny (formerly of Seeker) is building some killer...
  488. Anglewood

    Andros 5ii anybody have issues with the handle skipping?

    I've had the original Andros 5II for three years now and have never had an issue. I use it more than any other reel and have caught Tuna up to 40lbs on it without a hitch. Okuma should definitely take another look at yours to figure out what's wrong. -Connor
  489. Anglewood

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    Shots like these can make a trip and be a reminder of great times had. From porpoise on the bow to the odd whale sighting, to hitting a pocket of Humboldt Squid while making bait, just being out there is a privilege. With that and the great friends we make along the way, catching fish is is a...
  490. Anglewood

    Wahoo Live Bait rigs

    Sounds like that is about par for the course, I was able to catch three this summer while straight tying without losing any jigs, and meanwhile others were losing jigs and bombs left and right. Just the luck of the draw. -Connor
  491. Anglewood

    Full speed wahoo at Benitos

    Wow, awesome that they are that close! I wonder how much further north they will make it this year? -Connor
  492. Anglewood

    Jigs' lures and Fall flats.

    I've ordered some from Melton's when I couldn't find them anywhere else. Don't know if they have them now, but if they do, you should be able to have them shipped in plenty of time to get to you before your trip. -Connor
  493. Anglewood

    Dedicated Wahoo Reel

    I am definitely gonna keep the reel, thinking of buying another Tilefish to mount it on once my Andros A12SIIa finally arrives. It is definitely a great bomb reel and I didn't lose any jigs despite straight tying my 50lb mono. No short strikes, and a solid hook set every time. In the mean...
  494. Anglewood

    Excel/Gallagher 8 day strikes Gold, Pink, Silver, orange and black

    Good stuff Jamie, thanks for the report! -Connor
  495. Anglewood

    Dedicated Wahoo Reel

    I was able to get some experience with the FTH40NLDHS on my last trip. I won it as part of the giveaway raffle. I mounted it on my UC US80 Tilefish, and it turned out to be a great combo... for getting bit. I'll admit, once I was hooked up it was a bear to get the fish to the boat with that...
  496. Anglewood

    Anyone have experience jerkying tuna?

    This thread makes me want to try a batch this weekend. Gotta remember to pull a few packs out of the chest freezer when I get home from work today. -Connor
  497. Anglewood

    How do you cook your fish?

    Some Wahoo and YFT fresh out of the smoker: So good! -Connor
  498. Anglewood

    Excel/Gallagher 8 day strikes Gold, Pink, Silver, orange and black

    Yes, the JRI-6 jigs are all made of brass. There is a newer model out now called the KO 6J which I believe is made of Zinc, but I can assure you that it still catches plenty of fish. I caught three YT on the ridge using it before losing it to a shark. Jerry's jigs are my first go to in any...
  499. Anglewood

    26 day roll call Ken Bush custom rods/Intrepid 8day

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures, gotta say I missed you on the RJ trip. It put more pressure on me to take pics and document the whole thing. Go get 'em guys! -Connor
  500. Anglewood

    Spirit of Adventure 3 day 8/31-9/02

    Sounds like you did alright! Thanks for the report. -Connor
  501. Anglewood

    Health Related PSA for My Fellow LR'ers

    I do the same thing, and have also been picking up more of the long sleeve fishing shirts. One time to also get lathered up is before you even board the boat. On one of my trips this year, the boat was delayed, and by the time we were able to board, I was already a little pink. -Connor
  502. Anglewood

    Stoked, changed from 3 to 7 day!

    There are still plenty of fish below the border, and with a 7 day, he may have a chance to go after some Hoo at the Rocks or Ridge. I'll take more days on the water any time. -Connor
  503. Anglewood

    MAK 20 and 16 spectra capacities?

    My Mak 16IISEa has 600 yds of JB 80 hollow. Got it from Chris at Pelagic Outfitters. -Connor
  504. Anglewood

    Wahoo thoughts

    I've also seen a double line of flouro from the jig tied to a solid ring or swivel which is then connected to the main line. There are a few ways to get the same final product, pick whichever one you are the most comfortable with. -Connor
  505. Anglewood

    Jigs' lures and Fall flats.

    I caught some fish in July using the Flat Fall in the 100g Anchovy pattern. I actually had more success with the Colt Sniper Jigs though. Those were killer on the schoolie YFT. -Connor
  506. Anglewood

    Intrepid 10 Day, Departing 11-02-15

    That's great! I did my first solo trip last Summer and came back to fish with the same group this year. You will no doubt meet some great people on the water, and don't be afraid to ask questions of the crew/fellow anglers, most are more than willing to help out. -Connor
  507. Anglewood


    Nick is one of the best out there! -Connor
  508. Anglewood

    Indy crew?

    Glad to see he is on another boat, definitely missed him this year on the Intrepid. Looks like they got in some good WSB as well! -Connor
  509. Anglewood

    2015-2016 Cow trips booked

    Going out on the March Soft Steel trip on the Intrepid. My first big fish trip! I am definitely excited. -Connor
  510. Anglewood

    5 Day Report 8/13-8/18 with Video

    Great report! Glad you got some good action, even if you didn't make it down south. -Connor
  511. Anglewood

    wahoo iron for 10 day end of sept

    I have a few Raiders in 200g and 125g in both gold and silver. You never know what may be working best. I also removed the bottom half (hook side) of the sticker to promote better hook sets. I also have a buddy who swears by the hot pink 6X Jr. The best piece of advice I can give, (I am...
  512. Anglewood

    newell rebuild

    The drag isn't a consideration if you use the 5-Stack carbontex. I caught a 41lb YT at Cedros on surface iron in July using my G322-F. It held up great, and you can see the fish in my Avatar. I serviced it using the tutorial on Alan's site and also added a Tib frame and handle. Can't say I...
  513. Anglewood

    Okuma Parts / Customer Service

    I've dealt with Eddie and Okuma in the past and the customer service has always been excellent. Glad you had a good experience as well. -Connor
  514. Anglewood

    United Composites Jig Rod Blanks

    Hey Brad, If you want a lighter action, maybe look at the US 80 Monster. It is a also 30-60 rod but with a more parabolic action. The Tilefish is actually a hybrid design, with a Wahoo butt and a Monster tip making for a faster action rod. Another option is the CE series which are of...
  515. Anglewood

    United Composites Jig Rod Blanks

    You mean something like this? This is a prototype spinning rig using the US 80 Tilefish blank and Microwave guides. Fits exactly what you are describing. -Connor
  516. Anglewood

    Okuma A-12SIIa Andros 2-Speed A-Series

    Hey Fishy, I have the photo printed for you, I've just been busy with the new school year and such. I'll see if I can get to the post office this weekend to get it sent out to you. On the subject of the reel, I am definitely looking forward to the 12S, and loved how the prototype fished...
  517. Anglewood

    Okuma A-12SIIa Andros 2-Speed A-Series

    Yeah Soda, I have been waiting right along with you. I am sure that whenever they come out, they will be worth it. They sure look like they would make a killer Wahoo reel for sure. -Connor
  518. Anglewood

    United Composites Jig Rod Blanks

    United Composites are the real deal, I have three of them so far and definitely plan on adding more to my quiver between now and my next big trip. -Connor
  519. Anglewood

    Very Late Trip Report

    Nice report! Sounds like it was a heck of a trip. -Connor
  520. Anglewood

    (PART 2) - 7 day charter

    Doug is already an excellent charter master. I've been on his trip for the last four years and save this latest trip, every one has been amazing. Come on over Soda Pop, I'd love to share the rail with you again. -Connor
  521. Anglewood

    Which pliers should I buy?

    I have a set of Channel Locks that I use, but you really don't need to look any further than Harbor Freight, super cheap and they do the job! -Connor
  522. Anglewood

    best 40lb live bait set up help?

    The nice thing also is that now we have some lower $$$ options that are also great quality and won't break down on you. The Penn Fathom series being one example along with the Andros reels by Okuma or Toriums by Shimano. Just because something isn't the most expensive in its class doesn't mean...
  523. Anglewood

    Getting back in it!!

    Excellent match for that reel. I personally have an Okuma Mak 10IISEa on my 700H, but wouldn't hesitate to use the Fathom 25NLD2 or 30NLD2 in its place. -Connor
  524. Anglewood

    Nature lovers to target fisherman?

    Hunters and fisherman are some of the best stewards of the resource out there. Only takes a few to give everyone a bad name. What we are doing is legal, and the fish we target aren't endangered (or cute and furry). I would like to think we will be fine for a while. -Connor
  525. Anglewood

    Red Rooster 3 report.

    I was on the Eldorado right near you guys and what you say in your report is spot on. Seeing the big ones crashing 100 yds away was killer, but we didn't get any on the boat. Had a few guys spooled and one to color, but those bluefin sure are picky bastards. Thanks for the report! -Connor
  526. Anglewood

    (PART 2) - 7 day charter

    Problems were much bigger than just the line. Gear shaft replacement, etc. Whole engine had to be pulled away for the fix. -Connor
  527. Anglewood

    The Steel Breeze (7 Days on the INDY July 2015)

    Nice report, looks like you guys had a great trip! -Connor
  528. Anglewood

    Eldorado Sportfishing - Saved the 7 day charter

    Thanks for the report Doug! Super bummer our trip ended up canceled, but we will be back. I didn't know that Mikey ended up with a 135! I guess all was not lost. Talk to you soon. -Connor
  529. Anglewood

    Flatfall techniques

    I had success last week fishing them just like a Yoyo jig. Pitch or cast it out, let it sink for a while, then reel it in. Both have action on the drop and retrieve. -Connor
  530. Anglewood

    Line capacity for tuna?

    Yep, for your uses, you have plenty. Don't over think it. -Connor
  531. Anglewood

    Advice on Long Range Trip

    I would definitely pick up some terminal tackle before you get on the boat. No need to go crazy, but some essentials like hooks and egg sinkers will get you started. If you wanna try some jigs that would be a good time to check some of those out as well. Look at the recommended tackle list on...
  532. Anglewood

    What's your go to knot?

    I also tie a three turn Uni for my Pena, since I made the switch I haven't experienced any failures. -Connor
  533. Anglewood

    What's your go to knot?

    San Diego for terminal tackle. Four Turn Surgeon's for Mono to Flouro. Tony Pena for Spectra to Mono Once tied right, I have never had any of these fail. Be sure to practice though so it becomes automatic once on the boat. -Connor
  534. Anglewood

    Independence 3 Day 07/10 - 07/13

    Nice report, I was down south on the Intrepid at the time and we got some, but no chance for BFT. Thanks for posting! -Connor
  535. Anglewood

    Hurricane Dolores

    X2! -Connor
  536. Anglewood

    Big Fish Transport

    Hey Bill, I didn't realize that was Mike watching over stuff. He was right by my pile and I felt better knowing he was there (along with others) as I have had fish disappear before while pushing carts. Great trip with you by the way, look forward to sharing the rail with you in the future...
  537. Anglewood

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/11-7/18 - Official Report

    Just updated the post with a Jackpot photo, I think it may have been the only one, but it was the best I could do. Thank you all for the positive comments, and if others from the trip want to add anything please do, there was definitely a lot that I missed. -Connor
  538. Anglewood

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/11-7/18 - Official Report

    Ray Jarvis Memorial 8-Day Intrepid Official Report Hello all, Here is the official report for the Ray Jarvis Memorial 8-Day Charter on the Intrepid. We left on Saturday, 7/11 with high hopes for a great trip. There was a bit of delay due to a bent prop, so while the boat went on the sling to...
  539. Anglewood

    Jarvis part four

    Just about done packing, see you guys in the morning! -Connor
  540. Anglewood

    Advance Reservations for Fish Fish Processing ServicesServices

    I don't think that boat side service has much if anything to do with the quality of the finished product. It is mainly about convenience as some guys don't like pushing carts/sorting fish. I personally don't mind, and like seeing all of my fish together at the end of a trip. We all have...
  541. Anglewood

    Advance Reservations for Fish Fish Processing ServicesServices

    Five Star's jerky is delicious. Just finished up my last package from last year and will be ordering more when my trip gets back in a couple of weeks. -Connor
  542. Anglewood

    Andros 12S SE shipping ?

    As far as I know, those have been shipping without problems for several months now. -Connor
  543. Anglewood

    Long Drift for 25-70lb fish on the Intrepid... 6-24 fish report

    I assure you that my roomie will not have to worry about a thing, except maybe my snoring. :p: -Connor
  544. Anglewood

    Sculpin help

    I don't know what areas and such you should look at, but will say that white or pink scampi tails on a jig head have been proven producers for me over the years if the boat is over a sculpin spot. -Connor
  545. Anglewood

    Looking at inshore rods

    If you can, take a look at the United Composites Swimbait Finatic inshore rods, very strong and light weight. -Connor
  546. Anglewood

    Long Drift for 25-70lb fish on the Intrepid... 6-24 fish report

    Damnit Doug! What happens on the boat... Awe man, it's too late for that, lasting memories indeed. :( -Connor LOL
  547. Anglewood

    Spangler knot

    I like the Spangler knot a lot, but I am still faster and more consistent with the SD Jam. I am trying to start working it into more regular use though. -Connor
  548. Anglewood

    United Composites?

    I have three of the new UC rods. A US70H for 30lb, and a US80 Tilefish for jigs/wahoo, both custom wrapped by Moon. Then I have a RUC711H factory wrap for Bass. I gotta say they are all really sweet blanks and I know they won't be the last UC rods I buy. -Connor
  549. Anglewood

    Newell Question

    I have Bryan's 5 stack in three different Newells (two 220's and a 322) and they are great! Night and day from the stock (original) washers. -Connor
  550. Anglewood

    New Ink

    Nice! Where did you get it done? Was it by Charles (Tattuna here on BD)? -Connor
  551. Anglewood

    Mak 10 Sea on a Super Seeker

    The upper limit for the Mak 10 reel clamp in my experience has been the Fuji H-26 graphite reel seat. It takes a little effort, but it does fit, just barely. Anything smaller and you shouldn't have any problems. -Connor
  552. Anglewood


    Ha! Only folks that went to Cal would get that one. You ever get lost in there? -Connor
  553. Anglewood

    Jarvis part four

    Guess I'll have to take a lot more pictures this year. You'll definitely be missed! -Connor
  554. Anglewood

    New Andros 5A II --> Does it bind at the same drag or at a higher drag than old 5 II ?

    Yeah, I am sure that they bind at higher drag settings, but since I use mine primarily for 30lb, I have never seen an issue. -Connor
  555. Anglewood

    New Andros 5A II --> Does it bind at the same drag or at a higher drag than old 5 II ?

    As you know, I have the older Andros 5II and at the drag settings for 30lb, I have never felt any binding in the handle. I haven't tried pushing it to 40lb, but there could issues there. -Connor
  556. Anglewood

    2 openings 4th of July Intrepid

    Looking forward to getting the skinny on what is going on down there. Mas is gonna have a blast! -Connor
  557. Anglewood

    Best monofilament for surface iron

    I bought a big spool of Izorline and use it to top off my reels for surface iron. Hasn't failed me yet! -Connor
  558. Anglewood

    First setup

    If you are looking to stay local, a 30lb setup would be a good place to start. The Avet SX or MX are nice, as are the Okuma Metalloids in that price bracket. For a rod, it is hard to go wrong with a 700M in that line class. It really depends on your budget, as there is a lot of good stuff out...
  559. Anglewood

    Long Drift for 25-70lb fish on the Intrepid... 6-24 fish report

    That was one epic Bluefin bite, Ryan was on fire! Then again, I think we all got just about all the fish we wanted. -Connor
  560. Anglewood


    Yep, I'm on the Jarvis trip again this year, sorry to hear that you and Mark will not be on it too. I'm probably riding down with JC so we'll see how early we get down there. -Connor
  561. Anglewood


    Hey Brad, Go Bears! -Connor
  562. Anglewood


    Great report Jerry! Of course your jigs got bit, they always do. Looking forward to throwing some in a couple of weeks... -Connor
  563. Anglewood

    3 Day July Excel Trip

    Looks like you are pretty well set! Definitely bring some Yoyo iron as well, I'd go and get some JRI-6's in blue/white and mint/white, in case you get in a good spot of yellows. -Connor
  564. Anglewood

    4 day advice

    You just described my 50lb bait rig exactly. -Connor
  565. Anglewood

    4 day advice

    For a Makaira, the Mak 10IISEa works fine for 50lb and should match will with that 6470H. No need for the extra capacity of the Mak 15. -Connor
  566. Anglewood

    which spectra??

    I've used JB and Izorline for solid, then JB and Threadlock for hollow. All have worked as advertised and I haven't had any problems. -Connor
  567. Anglewood

    Jarvis part four

    I just know it will be an epic trip! Looking forward to putting some of my own JRI surface iron to good use. -Connor
  568. Anglewood

    Pliers Sheath - another plug for NeedleCrook!

    I have one of these as well and it is an awesome sheath. Jed has posted his prices before so just do a search for "NeedleCrook" and I am sure you can find the post. Definitely worth it though and I can't wait to use mine on the water. -Connor
  569. Anglewood

    Intrepid 7 day - July 25 - Aug 1 - few open spots

    I've been on this trip for the past three years and will be again this year. Great trip, with an awesome group of guys, on one of the best boats in the fleet. If you are thinking about it, I encourage you to jump on while you have the chance. -Connor
  570. Anglewood

    Thinking about a new reel for wahoo.

    I'm hoping to have mine by the Jarvis 8 Day, I have a United Composites US 80 Tilefish wrapped and ready to go for it and would love to see the pair come together. That would definitely make a good wahoo combo. -Connor
  571. Anglewood

    Red Rooster 15 day trip report

    Nicely done Soda Pop! -Connor
  572. Anglewood

    What is the recommendations for a 50lb class reel

    That really is the case, there is a lot of good stuff out there, you just have to find what works the best for YOU. -Connor
  573. Anglewood

    Rod suggestion

    United Composites makes some great blanks that are lightweight and super strong. Definitely check them out. -Connor
  574. Anglewood

    Tony Pena Knot Realization

    I seem to have the best results with a 3 turn uni as the stop knot. I also cinch everything down with dowels on the main line and leader before trimming the tag end. -Connor
  575. Anglewood

    Tackle Box for Day Trips and more...

    I am always impressed by your work Mark, very nice! -Connor
  576. Anglewood

    What is the recommendations for a 50lb class reel

    For 50lb bait, the Mak 10IISEa is tough to beat and I have one for just that purpose. I also have the Penn TRQ40NLD2 and it is a very nice reel, I have it set up for 60lb. Hard to go wrong either way, but for a bait only 50lb reel, I would give the edge to the Makaira, just a bit more...
  577. Anglewood

    New rod blank from United Composites

    My US 80 Tilefish is wrapped, just waiting on a reel... I can definitely see a few more UC rods in my future. -Connor
  578. Anglewood

    Mikaira 16 Sea Line Capacity

    I have about 600 yds of JB 80 hollow on mine. -Connor
  579. Anglewood

    Jarvis part four

    Looking forward to my second year with this great group of anglers. Hard to say what fishing will be like, but I know it will be a great time! Just about a month to go... -Connor
  580. Anglewood

    Okuma cedars star drag reel

    Ahhh, I see it now, thanks! -Connor
  581. Anglewood

    Okuma cedars star drag reel

    Where are you guys seeing the Cedros for $200? All I see is the $280 range... -Connor
  582. Anglewood

    Flat Fall Questions

    Yep, it is the only glow color. -Connor
  583. Anglewood

    YO-YO rod

    Calstar Grafighter 7400H, like a 700H but with a faster action and a bit more backbone. -Connor
  584. Anglewood

    My Own Rod & Reel

    You are correct, the Mak 10 is not a high speed reel, and I do I have a different setup now exclusively for Yoyo. I have, however, used the Mak 10 for Yoyo in the past and still caught plenty of fish. -Connor
  585. Anglewood

    My Own Rod & Reel

    Hard to go wrong with a Calstar 700H and a Mak 10IISEa. That was actually the first rig that I bought for long range, and still the one that gets the most use on the trips I take. There are definitely a lot of good options out there but this works for me. -Connor
  586. Anglewood

    Which reel for 40lb live bait

    I have mine filled with 60lb Threadlock with a short flouro leader on each one. -Connor
  587. Anglewood

    Which reel for 40lb live bait

    The Mak 10IISEa is one of the best 40lb bait reels you can buy. I have one for 40lb and 50lb and they are both rock solid. -Connor
  588. Anglewood

    Simple top shot question

    Over the years, I have become a fan of short flouro top shots. The only time I use a long mono top shot is on my surface iron rigs. It is just much easier for me to work with mono in a long casting situation. I am also not yet confident enough with my casting to know I could avoid a major...
  589. Anglewood

    When it finally happens

    Mounting on a United Composites US 80 Tilefish, 60lb Threadlock and a 50lb topshot. Yoyo/Wahoo Jig setup. -Connor
  590. Anglewood

    How to revive Irons?

    Get a hold of fishdoggary here on BD. He does a fantastic job painting irons. I actually have a few that I will be sending him this weekend. -Connor
  591. Anglewood

    News on the Andros 12s

    Hopefully we can compare the rods our new reels are mounted to on the Ray Jarvis trip! -Connor
  592. Anglewood

    Okuma Andros 12 ......... 2 speed

    There isn't a narrow model yet (actually the regular A-12IIa isn't even out yet) but if there was it would probably be called the A-12NIIa. On the Okuma forum latest word is that the 12 (and 12SIIa that I have on order) should be here in a couple of weeks. Hopefully just in time for my two...
  593. Anglewood

    News on the Andros 12s

    I have two trips in July and am hoping to get the reel before then. Fingers crossed! -Connor
  594. Anglewood

    Any good books about SoCal offshore fishing

    This and the followup, "For the Love of Long Range Sport Fishing San Diego Style" are great resources that I have read multiple times. The first is a good primer for a first time angler. The second is more of a comprehensive guide. Both are worth the read IMHO. -Connor
  595. Anglewood

    Any good reels for big southern california bluefin?

    Makaira 16SEa isn't a bad choice if you want to use 80lb. Still need to walk that line between getting bit and having the right (heavy) setup. If the big Bluefin are here like folks say they are, I predict there will be a lot of people either getting spooled or not getting bit. Still looking...
  596. Anglewood

    What line do you prefer?

    Soft Steel here as well. -Connor
  597. Anglewood

    What's your go to mono?

    I have lately become a fan of Soft Steel mono. I still use flouro for short top shots, but for jigging or dropper loop with longer top shots I use Soft Steel. -Connor
  598. Anglewood

    Flashlight for Fishing Needed

    I have the same headlamp and take it on all of my trips. I have had it for 3 years and haven't had to change the batteries yet. -Connor
  599. Anglewood

    Okuma/Wahoodad/Excel 15 day recap

    Nice report, sounds like you had fun no matter the fishing conditions. -Connor
  600. Anglewood

    Here we go…..You Ready?

    Two trips in July, looking forward to both of them. Hoping to finally see the Rocks for the first time this summer, but will still be happy to be wherever the fish are biting. -Connor
  601. Anglewood

    US passport required to go to Coronado islands

    It has been that way for years, that is, at least since I have started riding that boat 4 years ago. Seems to me that it would be a good idea to have your passport any time you are leaving the US, you never know what may happen with emergencies and such that may require you to have it. -Connor
  602. Anglewood

    Nose hooking sardine for tuna flylining

    Nose hooking also works best when you add an egg sinker onto the line to get your bait a little deeper. -Connor
  603. Anglewood

    Was going to get another andros 5n...

    Another vote for the standard Andros 5II. Fill it with 50lb spectra and switch top shots between 30 and 40lb depending on conditions. -Connor
  604. Anglewood

    Cedros CSD10S

    Should handle 50lb fine, my only concern would be line capacity if you are running a long mono topshot. -Connor
  605. Anglewood


    I'd also advise taking a look at the United Composites rail rods, the CX 76 Viper seems to be the new hot ticket for a lightweight and powerful rod for use on the rail. If I ever make it onto a cow trip, I'll be sure to have one in my quiver. -Connor
  606. Anglewood

    Go to wahoo lure?

    The Hooacide is the JRI Wahoo Bomb and they definitely work. The prototype in the pictures is Jerry's version of the Hooker Intruder. From what I understand, it will be a while before we see them in any tackle shops. -Connor
  607. Anglewood

    reel to pair up with cal star 6480

    Metaloid 5/5II or Cortez 10 are both great suggestions. Either one will do everything you need them to do depending on your budget. -Connor
  608. Anglewood

    One Man's Trash, is Another Man's Treasure

    Nice haul, I've heard good things about those Speedsters. -Connor
  609. Anglewood

    The things you find Cleaning Up

    Nice! I can just imagine your inbox flooding with PMs. -Connor
  610. Anglewood

    Andros 5II new vs old

    Why not? I know that there are improvements to the new A series, but the original Andros still does its job and does it well. I have no intentions of upgrading my original Andros 5II, I am waiting for the Andros 12SIIa though. -Connor
  611. Anglewood

    Favorite time of the year and length of trip

    Due to my schedule, I can only really do summer trips. I have done 7 and 8 day trips and been lucky enough to fall into some really great charters. I'll be doing two again this summer, but would also love to see if I can carve out some time for a 14 or 15 day in the spring. We'll see, but...
  612. Anglewood

    Any Issues with the Makaira 16Sea silver

    When the Makaira 16IISEa first came out, there was an issue with the gears locking when on a line winder. To my knowledge, this was taken care of early on and I have not heard of any issues since that first run. The silver SEa's came after the first run, so you should not have any issues with...
  613. Anglewood

    Toss up on reel to use for surface iron

    If he were to upgrade the drags to a Carbontex 5 stack it should hold up just fine for 40lb. I have a set in a 501 conversion that I built up and they can push 20lbs of drag no problem. Even a 3 stack HT-100 carbon fiber set will do 10lbs of drag, would will still work, though you wouldn't be...
  614. Anglewood

    Jig talk.

    I have always heard and observed that how a jig swims is what is the most important. That said, trying different colors can't hurt. I've seen great success with the Baitwraps jigs on one of my trips last summer, but others have their brands and lucky jigs that have the paint chewed off. Fish...
  615. Anglewood

    3 rod quiver for local, what's your go to ?

    I went to SCI on an overnight a couple of weeks ago and used all four of the rigs I brought depending on the conditions/target fish. I guess it depends on what you run into. -Connor
  616. Anglewood

    3 rod quiver for local, what's your go to ?

    If I can only pick three: Calstar Grafighter 700M with an Okuma Andros 5II: 30lb bait/Rockfish Dropper Loop Okuma Makaira 801XH with an Okuma Cedros CSD10S: 40lb Iron (Surface or Yoyo) United Composites US 711H with a Daiwa Lexa 300HSP: 20lb Bass More rigs would include a 40lb bait rig and a...
  617. Anglewood

    cedros lever drag

    Yeah, it's pretty much a single speed Makaira, and I believe that they discontinued it because many upgraded to the two speed model. The Cedros star drags, though a completely different animal, are quite nice though. -Connor
  618. Anglewood

    Help! Fishing Charters in Kauai Hi.?

    I had a nice experience with the Happy Hunter, not a lot of fish, but definitely a nice day on the water. I would go to them again. -Connor
  619. Anglewood

    New cook on the Intrepid

    Bummer to hear that Stan left, he and Perry made a killer team! -Connor
  620. Anglewood

    2 speed or single speed

    Yep, I've been waiting patiently as well, it definitely looks to be a nice piece and I have wanted one since Fishy brought one of the prototypes on the boat last summer. I have a freshly wrapped rod all set, and I think they will be worth the wait. -Connor
  621. Anglewood

    Fort Brag CA fishing

    Another recommendation for Captain Randy and the Telstar. Fished with him in each of the last two summers and plan on going again this summer. -Connor
  622. Anglewood


    Sound good Fishy, I'll be happy to give it a try. -Connor
  623. Anglewood


    I also like the Spangler, just not confident enough with it yet to use on a boat. I did have one test to 50lbs at the Soft Steel booth on 30lb. For now the SD is just quicker and easier for me to tie. -Connor
  624. Anglewood


    Too true, like I said there are others, but those are what I use. The Uni is a very useful and under rated knot. -Connor
  625. Anglewood


    Here are a few popular knots and their applications: Tony Pena: Spectra to Mono or Flouro Three Turn Surgeon's: Mono to Flouro San Diego Jam: Mono or Flouro to Hook/Jig There are others out there that are as good or better at each application, but these are what I use and have had success...
  626. Anglewood

    Showdown At Shimada

    Very well done report, reads almost like a novel, and I didn't miss the pictures. Thanks for taking the time and posting. -Connor
  627. Anglewood

    What's are the differences between a Calstar 770XH and a Seeker SS 1x3

    The 1x3 is not a cow rod, but I have also heard from those with experience that the Mak 16 is not a cow reel. Both lend themselves very well to the 80lb application and that is what I have this combo for. For cows, I have a 2x4 mated to a Mak 20. -Connor
  628. Anglewood

    Andros 12 S

    Yeah, I only found out because the shop I ordered my 12SIIa from accidentally shipped me a single speed 12S instead. I thought I was super lucky to get one of the early ones. Return was easy though, no big deal. -Connor
  629. Anglewood

    Andros 12 S

    That looks like it was the 12S single speed, which has been available for a while. I am guessing we will still have a bit of a wait for the 12SIIa. Hope it is sooner rather than later, but we'll just have to see. -Connor
  630. Anglewood

    Going long video .... Cow time

    Awesome video, looks like it was a great trip! Looking forward to fishing with some of those guys in July. -Connor
  631. Anglewood

    Cortez 5

    A Cedros 5N would be a killer small star drag reel! -Connor
  632. Anglewood

    Sliding Egg Sinker Rig

    Yep. Also, I've always learned that it is best to nose hook the bait as well when using a sinker. No need for a keeper as once the bait is away from the boat, the sinker is sliding away from it. -Connor
  633. Anglewood

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    Very nice! I have a Cedros CSD10S on a Makaira 801XH that is my surface iron rig, hope to get a few yellows like yours this summer. -Connor
  634. Anglewood

    Guadalupe Permits

    I'm confused, what's an Albacore? :D -Connor
  635. Anglewood

    Fishing in Cabo

    Maybe check the Mexico Fishing Forum, you should be able to get some more location specific info there. -Connor
  636. Anglewood

    Best rod to pair with Makaira 16 sea?

    I have my Mak 16SEa on a Super Seeker 1x3 for that purpose, works great for me. I'm sure others will chime in with their experience. -Connor
  637. Anglewood

    First big tuna trip, first cow

    Great story, and well told! -Connor
  638. Anglewood

    30# Grafighter

    I use the 700M for 30lb, have an original Okuma Andros 5II on mine and it is a great setup. -Connor
  639. Anglewood


    I don't think that Rich is "tuning" each jig before he wraps them, that said, he does drill out the holes after the wrap to clear them out. This goes a long way toward making them swim better. The only jigs that I know for sure will swim well straight off the rack are JRI's, I am a fan of both...