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  1. Iron Rod

    Torque 12 worth

    Was wondering what the Torque 12 2 speed is used for in So Cal. Kind of want one but it's a $700 all in reel for us non friends prices .
  2. Iron Rod

    Millennials ! Holy Shit were Fucked!

    Literally just ran into some real Life dumbass shit. I've been seeing this a bit at a time and just brushed it off as, hey no problem there just kid's. BUT today at a 711the owner apologized to me for their son who was probably pre 23 years old . Sorry Sir he doesn't know what "Double A lithium...
  3. Iron Rod

    For Sale A Truline Trip for Supper seekers.

    How much do you want to be part of Super Seeker old or new. .
  4. Iron Rod

    How to start Seeker Rod's Discussion/Sticky

    I have nothing for sale but I have Seeker rods that are unknown and I'm just trying to ask for information on them how can we start this discussion/ forum . Thanks in advance admin. Wow! admin sounds like an old dinosaur hahahah!
  5. Iron Rod

    The Thunder Bird

    Let's make a Bet ! What boat is going to get The 400 BFT pounder this year . Y'all Know there out there but what boat PAC QUEEN or THUNDERBIRD . Common now let's hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Iron Rod

    WTB Seeker Mexico Rods

    Looking for Some hard working beat up or wall hanger Mexico Series Rods. Factory USA made only. The original Kind no rasta stuff , Or bad blanks. Looking to Build a Wall of the hard too get Seekers for My collection that still work regardless of the conditions for My Trips to Mexico...
  7. Iron Rod

    The General Powerbait

    Well Shit! A buddy of mine says hey there's this new power bait called The General Powerbait ever heard of it ? Nope! So a few hours later I'm watching a fishin show and behold there it is The General Powerbait with 45% more attractant released blah! blah! blah! soooo I did an Amazon search to...
  8. Iron Rod

    WTB Pro Gear Wahoo or YTS

    Looking for the bigger Pro gear models in in yellow gold anodized if they even exist.
  9. Iron Rod

    Albacore Back Pack DIY Roller.

    So I have this Albacore backpack I bought years ago, never really wanted to Lug this huge thing on my back. It's been sitting around for a few years, also had this really lightweight folding cart I bought at Fry's -some time ago for my SKB but it didn't work out as the top lid needs 2 to 3...
  10. Iron Rod

    Y'all Remember the Old BD

    When Mikey used to bust your Balls on everything and Saluky would massage them back out.
  11. Iron Rod

    For Sale Old School tube project. All sales final ..

    I've seen some good Ideas on this Type of tube lately here's mine. Been fishing these things for years. Sssoom* makes some big dawgs the salty super tube pack of 8 for 5 bucks and lead from local Mom and Pop shops 4 bucks . I never liked fishing Plastic but they work so I use them . I like the...
  12. Iron Rod

    WTB Seeker YoYo rod

    Looking for 7 foot blank or finished thanks.
  13. Iron Rod

    Albacore bags are back

    For those that absolutely need an Albacore tackle bag here ya go.
  14. Iron Rod

    The place across From the QM.

    Boys invest in Banana 1 oz . Frozen squid and some back bone . Lock the drag and enjoy some LA SO Cal Action!
  15. Iron Rod

    Awsome fishing

    Guys I'm. So glad you guys post I'm on my way to NY Gona get a day fishing in thanks!
  16. Iron Rod

    LA Nina coming up

    What are we expecting in the next couple of years with La Nina coming. Any hopes the albacore come back around!
  17. Iron Rod

    Skb trade for Mini

    I'd like to trade my Massive SKB for a small SKB
  18. Iron Rod

    GGG won WTF

    Canelo was schooled By GGG What happened !
  19. Iron Rod

    Turner's Norwalk My new ugly Shimano

    Hey Y'all just wanted to share My experience at Turner's norwalk today. I bought a tranx 400 I was stoked at finally pulling the trigger on this little Reel. Y'all know the feeling !! So I need line right ! opted for max Cuatro So I got this grumpy lady come out and said it was her lunch time...
  20. Iron Rod

    Super Glow

    Guys! Guys! These are riged and ready for about 20 bucks made in USA .
  21. Iron Rod

    WTB. Blue graphite blanks.

    Hello Gents. Quick story. Back in 1982 Pops! had 2 custom bluegill rods made for My brother and I . I was 6 year's old and My Bro was 4 year's old . Mine was an ugly burgundy at the time. My Bros rod was a Sick blue graphite looking awsome thing! you'll see in the pictures! Pops left us too...
  22. Iron Rod

    Pro gear WAHOO

    Reel for sale. The HX is only for size comparison. This Wahoo has the low 3.something to 1 tuna gears. Spooled with 80 lb spectra this thing is like new. $300 located in Whittier Ca.
  23. Iron Rod

    Calstar and Phoenix rods for sale

    Selling some rods Calstar BT690J - $120 sold 90J sold 800XLH sold 800L sold Phenix PSW908MH $180