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  1. Clay

    cool gift idea

    One of the BD guys in Wa. is making these. Pretty cool decanter.
  2. Clay

    Fall Gobbler

    Its right around the corner. Who is going to limit out for the Fall?
  3. Clay

    The time to buy is.....NOW

    Swag is on sale. Git sum!
  4. Clay

    Happy B Day so cal steve

    Have a good one Bud.
  5. Clay

    7/24 Mission Beach

    I had a few minutes to hit the surf. I quickly found a good hole with a huge bed of sand crabs. I pinned on a nice thumbnail size SC and made a quick cast. While retrieving i was watching the shallows. There was a bean that kept coming within a few feet of me so I got my line in and watched for...
  6. Clay

    7-15 TP

    I decided it would be fun to get out in the surf a little more. A friend of mine saw me getting my light stuff together and asked what I was doing. When I told him I was going to go surf fishing it intrigued him so he asked if he could come along. Torrey Pines here we come. It was a later start...
  7. Clay

    On My Way...

    Yep, I am coming up to play. :)
  8. Clay

  9. Clay

    Happy B Day Mo Betta

    HAve A good one Frank
  10. Clay

    HAppy Birthday Brant!

    Theriouthly, Have a good weekend man.
  11. Clay

    Delta across bed tool box

    Alum, doors open, latches work. I lost the keys so the locks need to be replaced. The part that drops into the bed is 5' the rail to rail length is 70" Asking $180
  12. Clay

    Shark Men New Season

    This has to be one of the sickest shows on TV right now. Chris Fischer and crew are doing some of the coolest/most interesting stuff in the ocean right now. Its educating and entertaining at the same time, they capture great footage and gain never before known knowledge of the White Shark. I am...
  13. Clay

    Colt Serial number look up ?

    I have a Colt Preacemaker .22LR-.22MAG buntline. Its a cool SA and I was trying to research the value on it. It is somewhere between 72 and 75 but I can not find anywhere that has a colt serial number starting with the G12 like this one. Does anyone know where I might be able to dig up some more...
  14. Clay

    Boat Ho List

    This list is for ridesharing with BD members. For those of you on the 2008 list please update your information here. How to sign up Name: Clay Age: 30 Boat: Ho Days Available: Weekends mostly, with planning weekdays Referances: Ali, Jason Experiance: Local fishing inshore/offshore, can...
  15. Clay

    or Trade: Minn kota trolling motor

    I have a 5 speed Electric trolling motor. The max thrust/lbs is 28lbs down to 3lbs. The model looks to be a MAG 18. I don't know shit about these but I know it works. It was on a 12' Aluminum that I just got and Im not feeling it for this boat. Lets play. "Let's make a deal" I will add pics soon.
  16. Clay

    And so it begins

    I have acquired a 12' Aluminum Starcraft. It was rough when I picked it up. A day of debris removal, power washing, and trailer wiring and it's still rough. It seems that the previous owner thought JB weld blue silicone form-a-gasket and tub & tile silicone topped by house paint was a great care...
  17. Clay

    I just bit into a forrest fire!

    So i tried to fix something that wasn't broken, I changed smoke and dry time on my jerky. After getting confirmation from Ali that it did in fact taste like you just reached into the fire pit and tried a sample of ash, I thought about ways to still use this "meat". I took the jerky a few...
  18. Clay

    55 gal Bait receiver

    I have a 55 gallon bait receiver like the one pictured but made from a white poly barrel. Starboard lid and brass hinges. It needs the floats. If you have a slip boat this will be great. Just asking $50. Pm me if you are interested.
  19. Clay


    $150 each or the pair for $250
  20. Clay

    My bad, some people suck!

    So I went to the LSU Alumni crawfish boil. Good time good eats. Before going to Qualcomm Stadium for said event I went to the bay to use one of the new ghost shrimp pumps I made. I guess I gave to much credit to humanity when I though it would not be a big deal to leave a slurp gun in the bed of...
  21. Clay

    San Diego to Long Beach 3/7/2009

    I am looking for someone that is heading to the show tomorrow 3/7/2009.Thanks
  22. Clay

    Late report 8/30/08

    It starts with a phone call from my brother in Washington state. He says "I am bringing the family to San Diego and the wife is giving me a day to fish, make it happen!" I was able to get us a ride on short notice. We left 345-4ish. At greylight I climbed into the tower to try to find paddies or...
  23. Clay

    8/2 Yellers

    Went out with Ali and corky to kill some fish. At the boat at 345am fishing a little after grey light. The paddies were loaded. My mission was just to get a yellow because well i havn't caught one yet. Well i caught my first dozen or two! Fishing was just stupid wide open. We found lots of dodo...
  24. Clay

    Happy B Day AED (Jeremy)

    Have a good one! Go catch a fish or something.
  25. Clay

    Thanks For The Help

    To everyone that came out this weekend and helped make things run smooth. Thank You. Thats all...
  26. Clay


    FYI to you nor-westerners check out the new Albie tees! On sale this weekend.
  27. Clay

    BD Sighting

    Dr. Fowl...I always see your ride in the hood now today i see you in Lakesiiiiiiide. The people behind us seemed to be very confused when the BD salutes flew.
  28. Clay

    I need to Know who is going to Fred hall March 6

    I need to find a person who is heading up to the show early tomorrow. leaving from San Diego. I will get in for free if you can help.I have boxes that need to get from Lakeside to the BD booth.
  29. Clay

    Happy B Day Brant

    HAppy Birthday Brant.
  30. Clay

    Fishing in city limits

    Did anyone else see this show on VS. I thought it was kind of cool. City Limits In City Limits Fishing, professional angler Mike Iaconelli is challenged to catch a limit of fish entirely within the boundaries of some of the USA’s greatest cities. Iaconelli is familiar with the pressure of...
  31. Clay

    Happy B-Day SDAngler

    Happy B-Day Mark. Go play in the rain or something.
  32. Clay

    Wa salmon

    Looks like it should be a good salmon year in Wa. The sound is holding good silvers and kings right now and the humpys are running up the rivers. Here are some pics of some humpys my bro caught this morning.
  33. Clay

    Bug season is almost here!

    So I thought I would help some people with learning to clean a bug. Cleaning Lobsters fast and easy <TABLE cellSpacing=10 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD colSpan=2>Cleaning your lobster is not hard and it takes just a few minutes to accomplish. Most of us will clean the bugs...
  34. Clay

    My 1st and 2nd tuna

    Well I am pretty happy. Went out with Ali, Yusef and Farmer Skip yesterday. Some Dodo were farmed on a pady, but thats alright. Later on we set out the trollers and Yusef puts the first fish on the boat(Albi). We gat the trollers back out and a few minutes later we get another hookup. It's...
  35. Clay

    Gato Gordo dosn't respond to BD salute

    He just hauled ass away.
  36. Clay

    On the water report from Gato Gordo

    Heading in with a Mr. T on board. details to follow.
  37. Clay

    So I went fishing

    And caught a few bass a few sculpin and a ling. It was nice and flat out today. here is my only pic
  38. Clay

    thought I would share...

    I thoght I remember some peeps wanting a wrapper. <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=610 align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><!-- End Heading Table --><!-- Body Table --><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=628 align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD...
  39. Clay

    Killer Squid on Disc chanel

    right now.:drunk
  40. Clay


    The instant fisherman. "this one rod will replace all of those bulky expensive ones" or the best quote of the infomercial "It's so easy women and children can now cast like pros" :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: WOW they stop at no length.
  41. Clay

    The past couple days

    Monday am- I hit up MB as I walked down to the water I saw birds working the corner by the jetty...pretty interesting to see the birds and bait that close to shore. There were corbeana everywhere so I pinned on a small model gulp sand flea in the amber glow color and sat and watched for the big...
  42. Clay

    5-18-06 TP

    I hit up TP for a minute to try for some beans, no go on them. A very slow start. First 10 casts with MO grub for nada switched to amber glow sand crab for a bit for nada. pinned on the piece of camo worm and toss it out, it hit the water and the 4# was peeling off of the spool. A minute later...
  43. Clay

    Just thought I would let the rod builders know

    <LINK href="" type=text/css rel=stylesheet> <STYLE type=text/css><!--.grisesderecha { margin: 1px; border-right-width: 1px; border-right-style:dotted; border-right-color: #999999;}.gristotal { border-top-width: 1px; border-right-width: 1px...
  44. Clay

    Mission Bay 4-10

    Went and got a rent-a-skiff from seaforth today, was very slow. After 7hrs 3 sand bass and a short hali. Better than working I guess.
  45. Clay

    The spot @ sunrise

    OK it's been a while who is down to hit MB in the am and tug on some bsp??
  46. Clay

    fred hall del mar booth pics

  47. Clay


    You bunch of cheap asses like the free site isn't enough every body wants in FHDM free and a free shirt blah blah blah just pay your way in stop by and pick up a shirt for $12 and support what is already free. Ok now that I let got that thought out lets see everyone at the show and have a...
  48. Clay

    test...pic of trix jetty worms

    I have heard lots of shit about these so i bought a pack. As soon as there is a chance i will be putting them to the test.
  49. Clay

    MB 3-5 now

    anyone not at the FHS down to hit the beach? I am headed down, I will be starting at the jetty working towards canes if need be.
  50. Clay

    BD sighting 8 east

    8 east at mission center rd green dodge pick up :finger: delivered
  51. Clay

    MB 2/26 report

    Got to the spot at about 1/4 till 0700, the tide was pumping in and there were a couple people down there throwing megabaits for perch so i did the nod and smile and tossed out the gulp for instant results. Many dink perch a few alright then i moved down the beach to try to get the slabs. Third...
  52. Clay

    Going for the D-land nija fishing

    Well tomarrow ill be going to Disneyland and im going to attempt some ninja koi fishing. Hey if nothing else it could be a good story. I was going to take the pocket fisherman but that i think is to obvious, so I will be taking a spool of 6lb P-line a 3/4oz egg sinker and a mosqito hook for bait...
  53. Clay

    MB 2-23

    who is down to hit the surf now/soon??
  54. Clay

    matching a rod to a penn jig master

    i have had this penn jig master for a while and i put it on an ugly stick i had sitting in the shed it is 6 6mh rated for 8-20lb test line im sure this is a wacky setup but it is what i have been using to practice thrownig jigs. the reel is spooled with 20lb mono not sure what kind. I was just...
  55. Clay

    MB 2-16

    I am still going to try some ass crack o' dawn fishing anyone else down??? Number of Active Alerts: 1 Go to alert detail: 1 There is 1 active alert issued by the National Weather Service for 92123 ALERT 1 - Coastal Flood Warning HIGH SURF ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT FROM 2 PM THIS AFTERNOON...
  56. Clay

    MB 2-12

    I got to leave work at 630am so straight for mb i went started at the jetty but it was a lil crowded (4 others) so i made my way down to make sue i didnt invade on them, i happened to notice they had nothing going on, so i pin a gulp sand crab in the mudd color on and im pulling perch on the...
  57. Clay

    sighting in

    I just picked up a red dot scope for my keltec su-16ca and i need to sight it in...well that can be an excuse to go shootinggunz anyway anybody going shooting anytime?Death_To_
  58. Clay

    WA salmon in Sep.

    Well it looks like I'll be going to WA for a wedding in sep. so i made the plan to stay a couple extra days to get in some fishing. My brother has his ways to catch koho (silvers) but i was wondering if anybody had any tips or techniques they could share? Also while talking with the bro i asked...
  59. Clay

    the go anywhere rod

    my brother in WA st told me about this pint sized rod the nw fishes....lets see them land yt,wsb,yft with this
  60. Clay

    6/13 torrey pines

    Well i wanted to get ou tthere early but after getting some friends together we got there at 845, using the gulp sand worms SDtone told us about i was getting bites like craxy but not sticking of my friends went straight for the sand crabs and was catching palm size perch...
  61. Clay

    Fishing Mission Bay

    ive been fishing many spots of the bay shore the last few days yesterday and today being the most productive. lots of butts (all short) a couple rays nothing too great but it beats watching OLN. Had to inform a guy today that you do not keep Garibaldi as he put it in his bucket and acted as he...
  62. Clay

    poor bastard wants to fish

    finally a day off!! i want to go get some fishin in anyone know of a good spot on the shore to get a couple hook ups?
  63. Clay

    another newbee

    I'm new to BD and was refered by a friend. I dont have a boat but herd that there are sometimes trips made where one can hitch a ride if you pitch in for fuel. I'm pretty much sick of the B.S. fishing on the shore and O.B.pier. If nothing else i will be hear to get advise on fishing San Diego...