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  1. salchydog

    I tired! Response from Greenpeace

    I know that this post shouldn't be in this forum but it's the forum that gets visited the most so if Jason feels that it needs to be moved, so be it! After returning from a long 290 mile trip aboard the Heather Lynn in search of tuna and being so frustrated seeing about 40 - 50 tuna seiners...
  2. salchydog

    6/25 BFT 1010 / Upper 500

    Fished aboard the Done Deal, a 43 Mikelson. Left at about 10PM Sat night with howling winds. Knew we were in for a rough night and that it was. Ended up between the upper 500 / 1010 area at about 4am. Opened the cabin door to 25knt winds and a solid 6 foot swell/wind chop. Awesome fishing...
  3. salchydog


    Heading to Oahu on the 20th till the 27th and want to fish. Anyone have a recommendation for a 6pack?
  4. salchydog

    YFT - Los Cabos

    fished two days last weekend off of palmilla, los cabos. first day got skunked, second day ran into a school of nice size YFT at about 25 miles. landed two that weighed about 65 lbs and one that was about 15. lost a real big fish that grabbed my best lure. weather was hot, ocean was...
  5. salchydog

    trailer storage

    I need a place to store an empty boat trailer. Anyone know of a place that is cheap? Brad
  6. salchydog

    Roofer and Door Installer needed

    anyone like fixing cedar shingles? Got a leak on my chimney that needs some TLC. Need some new doors and some flashing repair as well Brad
  7. salchydog

    General Contractor / Handyman needed - Fast!

    Help! I am "handy" but this job is a bit too complex for me to tackle myself. I have two leaks in my upper patio deck patio and rain water is coming into the garage. I have located the leaks and it looks like I need to replace the Cap on the patio deck wall. The other leak is coming from...
  8. salchydog

    Tuna trip to Gloucester

    Well I just got home from a sick trip to the east coast with Micah (who is still in Connecticuit visiting family). We fished for four days on a friends 31 foot boat. Here's a brief summary of the trip and a photo of the biggest fish. 1 giant caught and landed - 650lbs 1 giant released at...
  9. salchydog

    Giant Bluefin Tuna

    Now that the Waatoosee / Guadalupe trip is over I thought I'd get a post started on a trip that Micah (does that guy ever work) and I are taking to the east coast on September 21st. I have a close friend that is a commercial bluefin fisherman in Gloucester Mass and every year around this time...
  10. salchydog

    Garmin Gpsmap 76cs

    Any opinions on this unit as a backup GPS for the boat? Looking to purchase one and wondering if anyone has used it. Also, any deals out there? Brad
  11. salchydog

    Dodo limits and YFT @ the 425

    Fished the 425 today with four buddies for mexi Dodo limits and YFT. First time EVER limiting out on Dodo. One of the top 10 days on the water today. No wind, nice south swell running but it was very greasy out there. Ran at 35 mph all day. Herded a school of dolphin with Sherrita and...
  12. salchydog


    Leaving SI at 4:30ish. Headed to the islands and then offshore to the 425/371 area. Give a shout if your out. Brad Salchy Dog
  13. salchydog

    9/1 - Yellowfin

    worked 32.02 117.57 all morning for nothing. Headed towards the warmer water inside of the 60 mile / 390 / cross area. At noon we were at 10 / 55 and finally found the YFT. Worked the area pretty hard. Tons of yellowfin tuna crashing the surface (TONS) and birds working all over the place...
  14. salchydog

    Fishing on the 1st

    Salchydog will be leaving tonight for the Airplane. Hope to see someone out there B
  15. salchydog

    Sat - 8/14

    Fishing the 425, 101, 371 and the S9 tomorrow looking for the usual suspects with Marlin on the top of the list. Will give a heads up if we find any productive paddies. Brad PS - anyone have a sweetspot where they catch Makeral?
  16. salchydog

    Monday - might run long

    Salchy Dog will be leaving Sunday night with mikeylikesit and two of my favorite sushi chefs from Samurai in Solana Beach. Not sure as of right now where we will be headed but I want yellowfin. Leaving Marina Cortez at about 1. Anyone planning on missing work on Monday? Brad
  17. salchydog

    Blue Marlin, Albies, Dodo and YT

    Headed out on friday to the Coral with Byeye and Dave P for a weekend of fishing. Started Sat with a game plan to head to the lower 500 where there were some temp breaks that I was watching on terrafin. Bigeye and larger tuna were the plan so we trolled smaller marlin lures on the...
  18. salchydog

    Trailer Brake lockup

    Anyone with a Trail Rite trailer having problems when going in reverse? Recently my brakes have been locking up. I have an actuator that is supposed to disengage the brakes when i put the car in reverse. For some reason it has stopped doing that. To stop this from happeining I need to plug...
  19. salchydog

    late report from 7/3

    Started the day at the numbers Micah left from Wednesdays slaughter. Trolled towards the 213 and basically fished at 47 over 46 the whole morning. Boxed the area and left at about 11am with 14 fish 25 to about 35 lbs. Weather was great and not crowded at all. Brad Salchy Dog
  20. salchydog

    handheld VHF/GPS

    I am looking for a handheld GPS/VHF combo as a safety backup. Anyone have any recommendations? Brad
  21. salchydog

    This weekend 3/20

    Anyone planing on dusting off the reels and starting up the old engines? I am thinking about heading down south. Brad
  22. salchydog

    Heading to Puerto Vallarta

    I'm planning on a trip down to PV in February with my wife and another couple. Anyone have any recommendations on where to stay and who to fish with? Anyone feel like coming along? the more the merrier. B
  23. salchydog

    The Coral 8/25-8/27

    Headed down on Monday afternoon and arrived by 5. Fished Tuesday about 8 miles east of the 238. Landed a nice 25lb Dorado in the early am. Stopped on every kelp that we saw - nothing. Hardly any in the area. Trolled to the 238, nothing there either. Only saw a few boats working the area - it...
  24. salchydog

    Coral mon - wed

    Heading to the Coral on Monday afternoon and fishing on Tuesday and Wed. Anyone planning / thinking about headed down there lemme know. Brad
  25. salchydog

    Big Albies 8/16

    Started the day at 31 22 / 117 48 and ended the day at the 371. Caught some fish! (and these two monsters)
  26. salchydog


    Does anyone have any experience using the Yamaha fuel management system? I am thinking about picking one up and I can't decide between this and the Floscan. Both units hook up the a GPS and from what I can tell do very similar things. Any advice?
  27. salchydog

    Very sick day! 7/31

    I hardly ever post a fish report but there haven't been many positive reports this week so here's a great one! 17 albies to 25 lbs by 7am, 3 YT @ 22lbs by 8:30. It was one of the best days I have ever experienced conditions/fish. They are far! 31 16 / 117 04, about 23 miles past the 238...
  28. salchydog

    Autopilot Recommendation

    I'm considering two autopolits: Raytheon ST5000+ and the Simrad Robertson AP11. I don't consider myself a person that "skimps" on high priced items as I always like to buy the best thats out there. I know that the Simrad is a much better unit (as per Kevin @ Phantom Marine) but after...