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    Fathom 15XN ??

    Being that Penn now offers a Torque 15XN will we be seeing a Fathom cousin in the near future? It has 33#'s of drag and a capacity of 310 yards of 50# braid. Sign me up please.
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    Vagabond JRI 8 Day

    Just back from JRI's 8 day and I have to say though you had to work to get a fish to tag it was one of my best trips to date. John did a great job with swag and kept thing lively on deck through the trip. Our bait was small 4" Sardines that weren't cured more than a couple of days so we lost a...
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    Calcutta Jig Bag

    I just picked up one of these jig bags and couldn't be more happy with it. I chose the large bag and it has 18 tubes which will hold plenty of your larger jigs and poppers.
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    Vagabond 3 Day Trip 7/28-7/30

    Departed at 1:00 and started off on the beach looking for yellowtail but the conditions weren’t right so we made an overnight run to the Colonet area to where 1.5 day boats have been fishing yellowtail. At dawn we went looking for kelp patties working our way south to stay ahead of the fleet...
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    Micro Bait Jig

    These are 1/2 once chrome torpedo sinkers from back in the albacore days. I got to thinking that maybe I could pound one side flat to possibly give it some action. I thumped it with a big hammer on a 2X4 to cushion the other side and used needle nose pliers to hold it steady. I tried it with 1...
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    Phenix PHD 809XH-B

    I picked up this blank with the intention to use it for wahoo and use as a popper and jig rod. What are you all thinking would be this blanks best application?
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    San Miguel Report

    Had an opportunity to fish San Miguel with friends today. Flat calm and foggy. We fished on the west end between the two closures. Insta bite when you hit the bottom. The target was lingcod but no love. Reds were hungry and big. 4-6 pounds on the average. Equal size chuckles but released most...
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    Epoxying Base Wrap

    I've wrapped a few rods and have had some difficulty adjusting my 2nd and 3rd layers of thread without disturbing my base wrap. This time I put a coat of epoxy on my base wrap before adding the guides and top wraps. My question is did I shoot myself in the foot by curing the first layer before...
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    DIY Assist Hooks for Bluefin

    I’ve been making my own for some time now and these are what I’m going to be using this year. Basically they’re my version of the new Owner and Mustad Assist Hooks. I think I prefer the braided Kevlar over the shrink tubing chafing sleeve due to total free swinging of the hooks.
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    San Miguel 3/4 Day Trip Coral Sea

    I went on a Santa Barbara Sportfishing Club Charter today on the Coral Sea out of Santa Barbara and had a Magical day on the water. We saw multiple pods of whales heading north while heading towards the pinnicals we were to fish. I would estimate that 2/3rds of our catch was 5 pounds and above...
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    Backup Rig Harness

    I made these up after last season’s Bluefin brawl. Since a lot of us use reels w/o harness rings this can be attached to a rod in 5 seconds. That is if you have the Escape Proof swivel attached to a backup rig. It’s made of 100# tuna cord, 6 main strands and topped with square knots. My swivel...
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    Ruff N Ready 150 Rod Belt

    i just picked up this old rod belt and I’m looking for some history on this. Definitely Old School. Any information about it would be appreciated.
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    Carl Newell's 349 Wahoo Special

    I just bought a Penn 349H with a full Newell Wahoo Special kit for a good price. I know these reels were " the kind" but have since been eclipsed by the new stuff on the market. I felt it was still a good tool to have and I'm going to pair it with a Sabre 565XXH ( 60-100) that I added an...
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    My Version of Loc’s Breako Machine

    There’s a thread over in Fishing Chitchat about a knot testing machine. Based on information that Walt posted I built one myself. Other than the digital scale and winch that I bought off eBay for $38.00 everything else was in my garage. I can now feel vindicated for keeping all that junk. Anyway...
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    Tesoro Jig Handle

    I just discovered on Okuma’s website that they now offer a120mm jig handle. Anyone using this? Wondering if it would have a place in my Wahoo bomb arsenal.
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    Tesoro 12S First Spin

    I just picked up a Tesoro 12S and took it out for the first time on a Lingcod charter out of Santa Barbara today. I have to say this reel had all the torque I could ask for. A special day to try out a new reel. Thank you Okuma.
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    Paulus Just Fishing

    So I know it’s been discussed before but I was wondering what happened to the site. There was a lot of useful information on his site. Any insight would be appreciated. Gary
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    Drag Settings For Deep Water Flat Fallin’

    Hi guys n gals, here’s my question. Say I’m fishing a 130# class reel with 600yards of Braid. With the reel full the drag at strike is set at 39#’s. Your fishing with a 500gr. F F with 200 yards of line out. Being that 1/3rd of your line is off the spool where would you put your starting point...
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    Sharpening Big Game Hooks

    This guy knows his stuff. He takes a standard hook and reshapes it to a conical point. You can pay the freight and buy a Roddy Hayes or do this. The video's a bit long but good all the way to the end.
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    JRI 3 Day Trip 19

    I just saw this on Vagabond's website. Looks like Mike is staying with what works. Congrats to all who were on this trip. Nice job guys!!
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    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    I just got off a three day with Mike Lackey on the Vagabond chasing Bluefin at San Clemente. We had a group of nine family and friends on this trip. The boat ended the day with 10 quality Bluefin in the 175 to 210 class off the kite. Both my sun in law and myself were lucky to get one with mine...
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    Vagabond Got Um

    Mike just wrapped up a 4 day charter yesterday. This is lifted from his facebook page. I have a 3 day starting Sunday and am loaded for bear. Michael Lackey 14 hrs les, the total was 14 Cows plus 5 in the 190’s, and a 145, a 156, and a 185. Everyone on the boat caught one of these beauties...
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    Assist Hooks Used For Chandelier Rig?

    I was thinking about tying a small double assist hook on the bend of a 6/0 circle to pin several sardines on it. Primarily to use with a sinker rig for early morning duty. My thought is by using the thinner wire hooks the bait will stay alive longer and the short length of Kevlar will allow them...
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    Thread Color Combination Chart

    I've been searching for some info on this forum I saw a number of years ago. There was a thread for choosing different color combinations. A couple of wrappers shared websites for tried and true color contrasts that popped. Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Gary.
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    Penn Fishing Pole

    This is over in another forum but thought it belonged over here :D
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    Gummy Worms For Wahoo

    I saw one of these on last years trip and thought I'd make some up for an 8 day this October. I wired a Matzuo Sickle 4/0 as a trailer hook and used a bait threading needle to get it through the swimbait. For sure it will be a one bite bait but if it connects that's all I'll need.
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    Calstar 7470 XXH

    I had an opportunity to pull on one of these at The Fred Hall Show and have wanted one ever since. I just got word from Colleen at Acidrod that they are getting a few in shortly and I am stoked they are finally hitting the shops. Rating is 80-130 and is perfect for 100 with lots o bend in the...
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    Calstar 7470 Rail Rod Series

    I see Calstar has added the 7470 series to their rail rod line up ranging from H - XXXH. Does anyone have 1st hand experience with these yet?
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    When Long Range and Life Collide

    So we all look forward to the months ahead and chart our own personal chart for trips for the up coming year. That is part of the fun and anticipation that helps us endure the lag time in between. 2016 was much like past years in my planing for the upcoming season. Down payment for my 8 day at...
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    Tropical Storm Paine

    Looks like this one is going to effect some trips both upcoming and ones in progress...
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    Voicemail on the High Seas

    I have never thought of this before but I have an 8 day trip coming up where it's critical that my work cell phone's voicemail message is functioning when out of range. I attempted for find the answer through other internet sources but came up empty so I'm asking you all here who may know 1st...
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    Level Wind Reel's Line Retrieval

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a low profile level wind to use for popping. The target fish are 25lb. and above so my question is would I want 30" or 43" per crank to balance the effectiveness of popping with out getting worked too badly? I'm looking for some real world experience. Thanks
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    Wahoo Night Bite?

    I have been fortunate enough to have had several encounters to fish for wahoo. Each time it has been during daylight and these encounters are among my best memories on the water. In all my years scouring this forum I can not recall a report of night fishing and catching one of these speedsters...
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    Rigging Rings

    I have been using Burns rings for making up wire leaders for wahoo but my stock has dwindled away over time. I have used some of the Quick Rig rings which are darker than chrome but not as anodized dull as Burns product. What is everyone else using for making leaders? Thanks, Gary
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    Trokar Hooks for Wahoo

    I have had good luck with Mustad's Hoodlum hooks for wahoo accompanied with Knot2Kinkey ( thank you BD ) but I have been looking at Trokar TK7 hooks. Just and wondering if there is anyone with on the water experience with these hooks? They are touted as being the sharpest hooks on the market...
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    Cat Fishing

    This is amazing!
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    Reels For Sale

    I have 4 reels I'd like to sell. 1. Mak 20 SEa near perfect cosmetically 10 mechanically with just under 700 yards of Izor 100lb. hollow. SOLD 2. Cedros 20S LD with a Mak 50 handle 9 cosmetically ( scratches on reel foot from spooling ) and 10 mechanically with 500 yards of JB hollow and...
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    7 Day Vagabond Trip

    Our trip turned out to be a good one, yellowtail fishing was excellent with very few fish needing to be returned. We got 2 days at Allijos and My buddy Randy caught a larger YT on the dropper loop (33 lbs) in the dark. For the trip I caught wahoo, a nice dorado on the troll, limits of YT and...
  39. ripped

    Working with Threadlock Braid

    I am making up some wind on leaders and using Seagar's Threadlock 100lb. hollow core. I'm using 32lb. wire to make the end loop but when I exit the standing line and attempt to pull the small loop inside the hollow, everything binds where they meet. I have had better luck with Jerry Brown and...
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    Calstar Blank for Popping

    I want to build a rod for popping and stickbaits. I am partial to Calstars and would like some input from those of you in the know. It will be used with a Tranx HG and fished with 40 - 50 lb. string. Would an 875H work? I would prefer a 7.5 - 8' rod. Thanks, Gary
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    Rigging a 26oz Catchy Tackle Jig

    I have some 26oz Catchy Tackle jigs I want to wire up with tandem 11/0 hooks for wahoo. I would like to hear your thoughts on hook placement. I have seen tandem setups with the hooks at a 90 and at 180 degrees from each other. In real world conditions do you feel one has an advantage over the...
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    3 Day on the Vagabond

    I just got back from a 3 day on the Vagabond and had a good trip. Took my son inlaw Travis on this trip to introduce him to fishing at a higher level. We were loaded for bear in hopes of chasing the bluefin in our waters. We found out right away we would be heading south to avoid the mayhem out...
  43. ripped

    Braid Marauders

    I just received a Braid Marauder and am pleased to say that after all the bad press I've heard about inferior hooks bending they appear to have been upgraded. This is a 6 1/2" model that I'll use here in local waters and at Alijos. These hooks are every bit as stout as what is out there. They...
  44. ripped

    Heavy Leader for Tuna

    So I have a 3 day coming up on the Vagabond to kick off my summer and plan like many to use flatFall jigs for some of the larger grade tuna that are in our waters right now. From the reports I've read, many have been picked up on the larger models only to be chewed off from the fish inhaling the...
  45. ripped

    114HLW Drag Question

    I have a 114HLW with a Tib frame and Cal's Drag Grease on the washers. Tested it today on a drag scale and with the star hammer'd down I get 22 lbs of drag which is plenty for my purposes. The problem is at that setting the handle binds when turning but free spool is good. When I back off on the...
  46. ripped

    GF875H Build

    I am getting some help to build a rod for a friend. I know the 875H takes 9 guides with a tip size 9. What size guides and how many of each would you guys recommend? Thanks, Gary
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    Legal Bait

    I was just wondering if it's legal to use small rockfish as bait for larger critters down there. My gut says no but there may be exceptions. What do you think?
  48. ripped

    The Bight Journal

    I picked up a copy and subscription to this biyearly publication at FHS and I'm very impressed with the quality of Brandon Hayward's work on this project. I highly recommend a closer look by all who love this sport.
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    Rat Fishing

    This has been around before but alas, the little critters are a renewable recourse.
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    JRI "Intruder"

    I was wondering if JRI's " Intruder" is available for 2015?? Based on it's initial success it looks like something that should be in many a tackle box. Gary
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    Berkley ProSpec Premium Monofilament Fishing Line

    Has anyone fished with this stuff yet?
  52. ripped

    Talica 25 Line Class

    I just received a Talica 25 as a gift and wondered what you guys and gals are or would use this reel for. I have a GF 775XH or a GF 700XH that I could put it on. Any ideas would be appreciated. Gary
  53. ripped

    Pismo Clams

    A friend and I went clamming and had a good day. Lots and lots of shorts before we could fill our limits of 10 a piece. For all those willing to do the work these tasty treats can be had when we get these minus tides. Just make sure they stick in your measuring gauge not just touch. Game Wardens...
  54. ripped


    I have a YO-ZURI Bonito lure that lost a hook due to impaling a deckhands arm bringing in a wahoo. Total bummer for the guy but thankfully only a flesh wound that was dealt with on board by cutting the hook and pushing it through. By the end of out trip things looked good for his arm and hope...
  55. ripped

    Vagabond, a class act

    I just got off the Vagabonds first 7 day trip to the rocks for the upcoming season and can't say enough for Mike and his crew. The fishing was very good, especially with the backdrop of Alijos in view. We were the only boat there and spent the whole day. Mike made sure everyone got a skinny...
  56. ripped

    Fishing on the Hook

    I wonder how you guys feel about fishing with short verses long topshots when on the anchor. The trips I have been on current makes a big difference yet have seen some hellacious tangles with spectra that ties things up for a long time. I have outfits with both long and short and would like to...
  57. ripped

    Crimping Titanium Wire

    I just picked up some Terminator and Knot2Kinkey wire for an upcoming trip. I like the idea of it's durability, and knotting quality. To get a cleaner connection though, I was wondering if you can crimp this stuff without the fear of slipping due to it's 15% stretch factor. Thanks in advance...
  58. ripped

    Cedros 20S

    I recently picked up a Cedros 20S for a good price and thought the 62" retrieval would be good for yellowtail and wahoo. I am making a trip to the rocks and was intending on using 60lb with 16 lbs. of drag paired to a 6465H. My question for you all is weather to have rings out so I can use a...
  59. ripped

    XHW Handle for my XH

    Hi guys, Just picked up my 1st Avet, a raptor XH and am thinking of getting the HXW's power handle for it. Does anyone know where I can find one that is on the shelf and ready to ship? Thanks in advance, Gary
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    10 pills The Musical

    10 pills The Musical http :// www . youtube . com /embed/4U1ShwjleSE?
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    10 pills The Musical

    10 pills The Musical http :// www . youtube . com /embed/4U1ShwjleSE?
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    Calstar Rail Rod

    I am a fan of Calstar's and want to add a rail rod to fish 80 - 100 lb. string. I am looking at the GF770XXH, and GF775XXH. The Specs similar and was wondering what differences there is between models. Any info would be appreciated, Gary
  63. ripped

    Reel Cleaning

    My wife is out of town till Wed. so I have converted the kitchen into my reel cleaning station. Ultrasonic cleaner right next to the sink, perfect!! I have just 2 more to go and I'll be finished! I have a Baker reel that gave me nothing but fits, ate up a good chunk of the day. Had to go to...
  64. ripped

    Tiburon 533N kit for Newell 533

    I just picked up a Tiburon narrow frame and spool kit for my C533 4.6 and have found that the diameter of the spindle ends are different to one another. The new spindle end on the gear side has a larger diameter than the original spools, and won't seat into the original bearing. Funny though...
  65. ripped

    Reel Cleaning

    I have been servicing my reels for years using mineral spirits as a solvent to remove the old grease from the internal parts. In an effort to use something less toxic, I was wondering what other BDer's use for cleaning? Thanks in advance, Gary
  66. ripped

    Things staring up in Avila

    A crew trip Monday got 63 chickens for 8 anglers... Most caught by 11:00 am PacQween will be their starting trips on Thursday... Timing is everything....
  67. ripped

    Shimano Triton Mark III S

    I'm looking for a bridge for a Shimano Triton Mark III S. The reel was jammed with corrosion and one of the bridge posts got bent. Mikes Reel Repair told me they are no longer available. Any other leads?? Thanks, Gary
  68. ripped

    GF 850H

    I just picked a GF 850H blank and have a question about it's length. I plan to use it primarily for surface jigs and possible bait fishing... maybe. I have heard over the years of some who have taken 3" off the tip. When I mentioned to the shop owner where I purchased it I was encouraged not to...