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  1. Clay

    Floor mat

    Steve put that mat in the kitchen or garage, come by the shop and get the boat scanned for a custom fit 23mm helm pad, hell we can even cut "Father Time" into it. :)
  2. Clay

    SeaDek on a mud/duck boat

    I bet the SeaDek keeps the aluminium a lot cooler too.
  3. Clay

    Parker 2320 NW demo...done.

    Looks good. It should be a pretty easy sale once you hit the boat show.
  4. Clay

    Hugh Hefner RIP

    RIP Hef
  5. Clay

    Looking to buy 2830 This is "The One" Paul has it dialed in. Perfect to run charters out of.
  6. Clay

    2530 Parker - Long Cabin - Dialed in

    This is a very clean well maintained boat. Someone is going to be stoked!
  7. Clay

    **Found** Very nice Bow and Arrow

    draw is set to 28.5" 65lb
  8. Clay

    **Found** Very nice Bow and Arrow

    right handed lost it in WA. Near by are some evergreen trees, a couple rocks and a fern.
  9. Clay

    An upgrade by BSF

    Thats a good looking kit!
  10. Clay

    A recent project SeaDek from Blue Seas Fabrication

    Looks good and feels better. Fishing barefoot again is awesome. And your knees and back feel a lot better at the end of the day.
  11. Clay

    Boat Help with non skid stains

    Star brite cleaners will do real well with stains in gelcoat.
  12. Clay

    Shootings at the Marysville-Pilchuk High School

    I'm very sorry for everyone that had to endure this whole event. My niece was in the cafeteria when the shooter came in and started his rampage. she ran and got off schools grounds quickly. A huge thanks to the service member who answered the door she her and her friends were looking for help...
  13. Clay

    This could be great news!

    slashing their catch but im sure will not slash their buying
  14. Clay

    VW Bus:

    wait until Christmas and offer "light tours"
  15. Clay

    Have you been robbed in the last 3 years?Lynnwood PD recovers burglary items

    somebodies cremains.... wow a new low has been reached. Time to offer Tweaker tags.
  16. Clay

    Just incase others have missed this... BD has a new PNW Hoodie and shirt available

    Vance actually prefers you to just show up, any hour is fine really. You can find his address here He encourages you bring your trailer or RV and make yourself at home. What a swell guy. :)
  17. Clay

    Just incase others have missed this... BD has a new PNW Hoodie and shirt available

    You will be fine they don't run small. Just most guys that wear toddler tees like the L hoodie better than the M. :)
  18. Clay

    Just incase others have missed this... BD has a new PNW Hoodie and shirt available

    there are M shirts hoodies start at large. If you wear a M Tee the L hood should be good for you We are currently working on getting better rates with UPS and setting up a possible usps shipping option. We agree that some of the shipping costs are ridiculous and we are working to make it better.
  19. Clay

    Just incase others have missed this... BD has a new PNW Hoodie and shirt available

    The flags have been refreshed with the updated logo as well
  20. Clay

    Just incase others have missed this... BD has a new PNW Hoodie and shirt available

    Just the pull over. I have seen people take them to crafty women with sewing machines who turn them into zip ups.
  21. Clay

    2014 Lead melt dates and info...

    DB and MM specials being poured this year
  22. Clay

    Kalli boys have some rain Coming

    Lets go...
  23. Clay

    Shooting areas?

    can you still shoot out there Carl? I heard Jacumba and Oroscow are both closed.
  24. Clay

    Kalli boys have some rain Coming

    Its Marlin Mikes fault. Asshole! ;)
  25. Clay

    gun appraisal

    try Billy and his peeps can get you in the right direction.
  26. Clay

    I just woke up from an alcohol induced coma

    And I miss the rotary phone, progression sucks!
  27. Clay

    LED Light sticks for lobster hoop nets.

    i like these
  28. Clay

    46 Chevy Project of the day.

    Sweet truck!
  29. Clay

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

  30. Clay

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    Incognito Covert Ops series Chigiriki Kettukari
  31. Clay

    non-native art stickers

    The Hali and Salmon sticker art was inspired by carvings from Alaska. As far as a different looking salmon or Hali sticker for you PNW fellers.... you never know what may come out.
  32. Clay

    Beasts of the Snow

    Thats good numbers for still having snow. Not to long from now you will truly have a target rich enviroment.
  33. Clay

    Fiesta Island Dog attacks.....

    Glad to hear you and Beau are ok. That was a total BS move on the other guys part to not try and control his dog. His dog more than likely has not been socialized with other dogs. It is not the dogs "breed" that makes it act a certain way. Any asshole can make any dog aggressive. I am sure you...
  34. Clay

    Ballast Point COC Recap

    Nice job guys. Kudos on making the right call and heading in.
  35. Clay

    40 S&W

    .40 S&W 50 rounds for $40. $1.25 per round. Pretty sure there are better "deals" to be had.
  36. Clay

    2012 Snapshot

    Nice work Bro. Heres to 2013:beerbang:
  37. Clay

    New sled (to me)

    Story #69712???
  38. Clay

    Wister area duck report 1/2

    What happens in a duckblind stays in a duckblind. ...then they post videos on BD.
  39. Clay

    Yet another wahoo rod

    Thats a sick wrap Bill.
  40. Clay

    San Diego Padres Bat

  41. Clay

    3rd Grip surf rod holders

    pm sent
  42. Clay

    5.56 magazines

    $60 for 2 $10 mags. NICE.
  43. Clay

    Clay is gay bass rod

    Who knows when he will be here, he might be out playing in the trees. That rod will be on the wall with this one when not in use. Part time art part time weapons of bass destruction.
  44. Clay

    Clay is gay bass rod

    That is badass Bill! I just like to think shit up to see how you pul lit all together. Big thanks to you and the G man!
  45. Clay

    New IGFA YFT Record

    Haters gonna' hate. Congrats to all anglers and the great fish they caught this year.
  46. Clay

    Great Deals Site

    always search the item before you buy it, I have found even better deals with a simple google search on the same item.
  47. Clay

    Glass Balls

    fireworks in a bottle?
  48. Clay

    Lobster Report

    Thanks for not sharing.
  49. Clay

    cool gift idea

    One of the BD guys in Wa. is making these. Pretty cool decanter.
  50. Clay

    Glass Balls

    Those are pretty awesome. The fishermans decanter.
  51. Clay

    Pics of a Deer I bagged

    Here is a good start.
  52. Clay

    The wahoo wrap

    Thats an awesome rod, the hoo and colors all tie together nicely.
  53. Clay

    Elementary School Shooting

  54. Clay

    DFG called my cell

    I just give them Salukis work number. its toll free 877-235-3478. :)
  55. Clay

    Last minute TOOL ideas for Christmas gifts....

    Makes me want to print that out and go into HF and see if i can get some one to help me find the laser paint brush, muppet gloves and the chainsaw. Oh might as well get teh bono safty shades too. lol I need a spy cam.
  56. Clay


    Ahhhh yes the beloved secret handshake.
  57. Clay

    Really? not a single Pacquiao v. Marquez thread?

    You can win every round but when you get caught, you get knocked the fuck out. It was a good fight.
  58. Clay

    Tejon- First pig hunt!

    Nice work Sean.
  59. Clay

    HELP... notice of application to CLOSE THE CHILDRENS POOL in LJ

    its a reacurring pile of crap.
  60. Clay

    HELP... notice of application to CLOSE THE CHILDRENS POOL in LJ

    Done. This may be an email sent out daily. Maybe upgrade to Fax.
  61. Clay

    Indian Candy Smoked Salmon Recipe

    The brine cures the fish. It is key to let it air dry and get the pecile(sp?) "film" at this point you can eat it, it is cured. the smoke process is to add smokey flavor at this point and to further dry the fish out to your desired texture. The chief smokers have a pre set thermostat set to 175...
  62. Clay

    Wood garden shed

    Thanks Tim.
  63. Clay

    Indian Candy Smoked Salmon Recipe

    This is they way I have seen it done. Some people I know like to use molasses instead of maple syrup. I have also seen it done by making 1/4"-1/2" strips the length of the fillet and taken more to a jerky texture by leaving it in the smoker a while. Fruit wood and alder are what the people i...
  64. Clay

    Wood garden shed

    I might be interested. Do you have any pics?
  65. Clay

    Wicked Catch is new to the BloodyDecks forum

    You should send an email to [email protected] if you would like to pimp your products. NICE
  66. Clay


    You do understand that the thread was never shut down by a So Cal guy right?? Infact it was brought back to life by a So Cal guy.
  67. Clay

    Wicked Catch is new to the BloodyDecks forum

    You should send an email to [email protected] if you would like to pimp your products. Cant wait to see a report.
  68. Clay

    Other half of the pair

    Fire & Ice.
  69. Clay

    Another Rail Dawg Invictus

    Nice work Bill.
  70. Clay


    Go back to trolling for mahoo.
  71. Clay

    Homebuilt Wooden Boat!

    Pretty cool stuff man. Keep us up to date on progress.
  72. Clay

    Kermit rod

    Nice work Bill.
  73. Clay

    Mule Deer (HOG)

  74. Clay

    First Deer

    Nice work guys. That is awesome.
  75. Clay

    November backcountry fishing florida keys

    Nice work. Looks like a pretty fun day.
  76. Clay

    Octagon final improvements.

    You are cranking those out. Nice work.
  77. Clay

    Squid Grub Proto types in the works

    Those are pretty sick, MAybe a twin tail version for the 2.0
  78. Clay

    16' Radon rebuild and stretching

    Thats a cool ride. nice work.
  79. Clay

    Best Jerky

    that is going to be off the hook.
  80. Clay

    Best Jerky

    mmmm landjaegers...
  81. Clay

    Hey, hey, boo-boo!

    Nice work Nate.
  82. Clay

    Another Big D-16 Buck...

    That is one helluva nontypical. Nice work.
  83. Clay

    Deep fryin a turkey

    do multiple turkeys. 12oz pkg cranberries 1/2 cup brandy 1/2 cup water 1 cup sugar 1teaspoon orange zest a couple piece of peel pinch of fresh grated nutmeg. heat to a low boil untill berries pop. pour into heat proof dish put in the chill chest. (tell me how it comes out i just made it up)
  84. Clay

    Deep fryin a turkey

    peanut oil Some people use shortning. Dont get a super huge bird. Put your bird in the pot with the trapease deal and add water until the bird is covered, pull the bird out and mark the water level. Now you will not overfill your pot. Thats a small start. Be safe
  85. Clay

    My Thanksgiving Day Turkey Recipe.......

    Thats how I make the meatloaf, wrapped in a bacon blanket.
  86. Clay

    Fall turkey hunting

    Nice work.
  87. Clay

    Double Dawg for Big Daddy Don

    That is a BEAST.
  88. Clay

    Looking for a boat that wont leave me at the dock and is kidney friendly!

    Seriously. Go see Bo and the guys. Jump on one of the boats and see for yourself.
  89. Clay

    Good karma

    Congrats! Thats a nice buck.
  90. Clay

    Looking for a boat that wont leave me at the dock and is kidney friendly!

    You said momma wants better head and you want a rear.
  91. Clay

    Spring Forward or fall back

    Did you forget to set your clocks back?
  92. Clay

    Fucking Fedex

    Strapping tape on the ends of things like that will help to stop the blowout. This time of year packages get treated like a football in a chargers game, dropped all over the place. P.S. OJ quit fingering the foam
  93. Clay

    A good truck

    Call toyota san diego. Ask to speak with John Levy in Service. He will not BS you. Tell him I sent you.
  94. Clay

    Fucking Fedex

    Trust me these companies do not like squeaky wheels. Don’t goover the top asshole but stand your ground and it will be taken care of. I dealwith this shit at least twice a year.
  95. Clay

    Removing old Vinyl Striping from Boot line

    There is usually some ghosting there.
  96. Clay

    Serious question!!

    You shall be the test subject.
  97. Clay

    Removing old Vinyl Striping from Boot line This works great. I use it here at the shop.
  98. Clay

    Texas 2012 - Whackin and stackin

    Well done! That looks like a pretty fun trip.
  99. Clay

    lighter pull

    As long as your experience can override your excitement and you train yourself well 2lb should be fine. I have heard of some long range guys who would set theirs to 1.5. personally I have found 2.5-3 to be my "comfort" zone on the meat makers. Thats just me. 2 may be your number.
  100. Clay

    Marysville Bd'er

    So you just enjoy pointing out the fact that you choose to live in a shithole? Interesting. Not all of Everett is that shitty either. Its like a toilet bowl the further in you go the more shit lands there.
  101. Clay

    Marysville Bd'er

    I have. Its the area where people carry their teeth in their pockets and eight ball has nothing to do with billiards. Memo's has great Mexican food though.
  102. Clay

    Marysville Bd'er

    Crab gauges are not for sale, mailbox stands will never be given out or for sale. Funny. You know your town is Everett not Evrott.
  103. Clay


    Spinys seem to be a bit more firm and sweet.
  104. Clay

    Marysville Bd'er

  105. Clay

    cherry popped and I created a MONSTER

    Nice job Vance.
  106. Clay

    Ronnie Kovach

    quit trolling
  107. Clay

    A little help please?

    MY bro is in marysville he can cut and install for you if you want. PM me for contact info.
  108. Clay

    Don't shoot!!

    The other shitty part is there are always lawers waiting to jump on a case like this to help the shit bag win.
  109. Clay

    Thresher Shark Killed and Dumped at Wishkaw

    What a waste. That is one tasty animal. Dipshits.
  110. Clay

    Kicker'd to the curb

  111. Clay

    Kicker'd to the curb

    Traded for a tub of stickem.
  112. Clay

    brass or silver?

    A trout is a trout is a trout, a salmon is no better ;D
  113. Clay

    brass or silver?

    I like silver in low light and brass in full sun.
  114. Clay

    The anti duck hunt

    Nice work, way better than ducks.
  115. Clay

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    You will be missed pal. RIP
  116. Clay

    Something I've been playing around with

    Of course you are.
  117. Clay

    Something I've been playing around with

    Black over neon green :D
  118. Clay

    Yes,I work with some funny guys...

    take most of the screws out of thier chair. shoe polish on the desk phone. right when they close the bathroom door blow an airhorn under the door. replace the tp with no tear tyveck paper. put real fine glitter in the panel above thier desk. put sugar in the salt shaker put salt in the sugar...
  119. Clay

    What happened to the nonsense anything boards?

    I moved it for you. Hope your coffee dates are going well.
  120. Clay

    Opening Day, Goose SLAUGHTER

    Nice work!
  121. Clay

    Finally a buck.

    Nice work! He too will always remember that hunt.
  122. Clay

    Red light camera Point Loma

    It is an unsigned ticket that does not get delivered via certified mail, the same way they send out jury duty notices. File it accordingly.
  123. Clay

    Sorry for the FNG questions

    Get your post count up over 10 posts, This will help make sure you are not a spammer but more importantly it makes you a little familiar to everyone and that will only help you when selling.
  124. Clay

    Worldwide Fish Mounts 3 more mounts for sale

    do you have a sockeye?
  125. Clay


  126. Clay

    Are there Post Offices in Cali or not?

    This is some of the funnies shit on the internet. Thanks for the laughs guys. Thats special.
  127. Clay


    Nice Work!
  128. Clay

    Duck Club Security System

    did you eat it?
  129. Clay

    Best Knot for surf fishing.

    The knot you can tie correct and efficiently.
  130. Clay


    My stomach hurts
  131. Clay

    Dan Hernandez

    I think you were trolling. The jig strike came and it was not the targeted species. Now you back peddle. :rofl: Maybe its just the way I see it...
  132. Clay

    Fall Gobbler

    Hen,jake or tom. I know a couple people who only shoot hens in fall.
  133. Clay

    Fall Gobbler

    kiss o death ;)
  134. Clay

    Dan Hernandez

    He too is on this forum. He is just a little busy at the moment.
  135. Clay

    Dan Hernandez

    ^ in red= what I am starting to think about you my friend.
  136. Clay

    Fall Gobbler

    Its right around the corner. Who is going to limit out for the Fall?
  137. Clay

    Lobster cards

    If you purchase a card and do not turn it in at the end of that season the next time you go to buy a LRC the system will not let lic dalers sell you a card. Go to the DFG office on Ruffin rd (the old auto trader building) and try and buy it there if there is a problem they can tell you what you...
  138. Clay

    Crazy wraps

    Nice. I like different
  139. Clay

    What happened to this place?

    Why are you calling yourself?
  140. Clay

    What happened to this place?

    NY doesn't have the internet? ;)
  141. Clay

    What windlass you using?

    Boat Ho on the bow Pros There is zero draw Cons I am usually the Ho on the bow
  142. Clay

    49 degree Moose in the Truck

    Bullwinkle stew, YUM. Nice work!
  143. Clay


    All of BD likes a good Boat build thread.
  144. Clay

    Is this a great country or what????

    I found it too. You remind me of someone...
  145. Clay

    hot can

    I saw you parked in the lot when I was up there.
  146. Clay

    is this legal to use

    No. not sure if it is CA legal for anything. Probably causes cancer in Ca too.
  147. Clay

    hot can

    asparagus soup was surprisingly good.
  148. Clay

    Stuffed Lobster

    Olive Garden called, They want the grater back.
  149. Clay

    White Shark or Mako

    mako. The transition of color from dark to light seems to be a fade and not be the harsh jagged line like ripped paper that a GW has.
  150. Clay

    COOKING A LOBSTER, kind of

  151. Clay

    Good areas for new Loster Hooper

    Best place for a situation like yours would be catalina offshore products or Mitchs seafood. Good luck! Post a report. :D
  152. Clay

    Changing your line

    I run spectra with a fluoro leader. I change the leader each trip. Usually changeing line wieght anyway depending on where i am at
  153. Clay

    For all you archery hunters...

    Sweet. complete pass through
  154. Clay

    Stolen Bicycle

    Some dumb hipster might try and make it a fixie. Good luck on the search. Ill keep an eye out.
  155. Clay

    Best tubes for rod shipping?

    ABS or drainage pipe. Cheap at home depot and you can cut it to just about any rod length cap or tape the ends and you are done. Just know that when you ship it will be a little more because they will use dim weight instead of true weight. Long items like rods do not fit on the conveyor system.
  156. Clay

    Not WA, but a fishn report

    Nice king and AJ's. Fishing the gulf oil rigs looks like a good time.
  157. Clay

    How do you tie your leader?

    Uni to Uni.
  158. Clay

    lobster opening week

    They are nasty. You would probably rather go to red lobster. ;) I like the ca spiny much more than maine.
  159. Clay

    Slo-Mo Hog Impact

    Thats cool Andy!
  160. Clay

    Lobster season

    CA SPINY LOBSTER SEASON 2012-2013 CANCELED* *(This is true because you read it on the internet)
  161. Clay

    lobster opening week

    CA SPINY LOBSTER SEASON 2012-2013 CANCELED* *(This is true because you read it on the internet)
  162. Clay

    Missing Fisherman

    Any new info Bo?
  163. Clay

    ? BD voice pop ups SPAM SHIT

    The nerds are still dealing with the Classic. I will let them know and see if there is an answer.
  164. Clay

    New forum idea

    You want a forum that will put someone in place to blame when you misunderstand a reg? no thanks. :D
  165. Clay

    Load a boat in under one minute.

    Let me know how that clusterfuck works for you Mike. Go Pro video from multiple angles please :D
  166. Clay

    Did you know

    Suddenly his calls are looking excellent...
  167. Clay

    Float tube hooping?

    Sounds retarded. Have someone film it. Thanks.
  168. Clay

    Body Solid Home Gym

    He is only interested if it has a throttle. Otherwise it too will sit in the garage in perfect shape. :D
  169. Clay

    Anyone want to play a game?

    Pink Panther
  170. Clay

    Going MOOSE Hunting

    Good luck to you and your grandson. Standing by for the report.
  171. Clay

    this is why you dummy cord your stand up fishers!!!

    If the angler was dummied in the leaderman was still going in.
  172. Clay

    Vacuumed canning of tuna

    Thats what i figured i just was not sure how wide the retort bags were. The fact that you can do one bag after the next speeds up the time. The quality of the bags and the seal are just a bonus. This thing is sweet! We sealed a bag of water here at the office just because we can.
  173. Clay

    lobster question ??

    Day time is a great time for YOU to hoop, also you probably will have better luck in the OC/LA area. :D
  174. Clay

    Vacuumed canning of tuna

    Awesome, thanks for the break down. What time have you found to be "ideal" when sealing the fish in the regular bags? I was thinking of tryin 20-30 sec
  175. Clay

    Vacuumed canning of tuna

    I went to a Chevy dealership that did not sell Fords. They told me that Fords break down and they get lots of calls with unhappy Ford customers. Its kind of weird when I went to the Ford dealership, they said the same thing about Chevy.
  176. Clay

    Vacuumed canning of tuna

    I have been playing with a vacmaster vp215. I am pretty impressed with it. Lambert are you sealing the retorts 1 at a time? I like that these machines have the seal bar cooling feature so you can cycle much quicker than the counter top models i was just hoping for the ability to do more than...
  177. Clay

    Missing Fisherman

    Bump. Any news on this situation?
  178. Clay

    Swordfish VIDEO

    That is awesome. Nice work Nick.
  179. Clay

    Bill Collecting - and it felt so good!

    Nice work!
  180. Clay

    Missing Fisherman

    Bump. Any of you PNW guys with a face book should post it up there as well. Hope this gets resolved.
  181. Clay

    Mobile outboard stand

    The grass might get greener if you turned the hose on. :D
  182. Clay

    Old BD stuff.......

    Pickle boy AnnieO
  183. Clay

    Revo Inshore vs Okuma Helios

    I dont use my curado anymore after I got the Okuma serrano. All my bass reels are now Okuma. They make pretty nice chit these days.
  184. Clay

    Revo Inshore vs Okuma Helios
  185. Clay

    Fisherman Hook Bracelet

    How about a choker. ;) Just playing. lol
  186. Clay

    Old BD stuff.......

  187. Clay

    Old BD stuff.......

    story # 325
  188. Clay


    Make quick work of popping the hook out an releasing. Dont be afraid of a pelican.
  189. Clay


    Try to get more people in your area on and we can make a MN section.
  190. Clay

    Baltimore, MD October 2012

    Try to get more people in your area on and we can make a MN section.
  191. Clay

    I can't wait till....

    Im sure that is going to be alright Jim. ;)
  192. Clay

    *** Stolen Enclosed Trailer ***

    Bump. Fucking thieves!
  193. Clay

    Fantasy Bucks in Idaho

    Nice work! I miss hunting ID.
  194. Clay

    A friend of mine needs help....

    Nobody wants off topic BS. They are doing what they can without the drama. If you do not know what the issues are then you are probably unaffected.
  195. Clay

    Ok.... Enough

  196. Clay

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Nice work Jim. Meat in the freezer, or smoker. Good luck with the wall hanger.
  197. Clay

    F#%^'in Seals!

    Better after the release then before you land it.
  198. Clay

    How long are the fish going to be here?

    I just got of the phone with a school of Dodo, they say late Oct early Nov.
  199. Clay

    Toyo mt 38-15.50-18's with rims

    Before it was all removed from his truck.
  200. Clay

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    Mario is a good dude.
  201. Clay

    Who pays the bills for BD?

    Can you point them in the direction of said wealth? I am sure they would love to find it.
  202. FT1


  203. FT3


  204. FT2


  205. boat graphics

    boat graphics

  206. Clay

    2 more Catalina Classics

    Nice work Bill. I have some ideas for a new rod. You will probably tell me to F off ;)
  207. Clay

    scary story that has a good ending

    Crazy shit. Glad it ended well.
  208. Clay

    Special place in hell for "Vandals"

    Wow.... I think thats all I can say.
  209. Clay

    Opah out of WP today.

    Fire up the grill that is some good eats right there.
  210. Clay

    Looking for deception pass info

    find someone with experience in the area that is willing to jump on your ride or you jump on theirs. DP can be tricky and inexperience in that area can make for a BAD day.
  211. Clay

    What exactly are swimbaits

    P.S. you are probably wanting to focus on something in the color range of 4-9 14,16,17,21,22. Or not.
  212. Clay

    Clean the Playa and get a Fishing rod!

    Nice work Stan! You found a way to get the kids to pick up all your Tecate cans. ;)
  213. Clay

    Lighten the fuck up "management"

    sweedish chef.... now that makes me laugh. Lighten the mood :D
  214. Clay

    Lighten the fuck up "management"

    I bet your site with your marketing know how is booming.
  215. Clay

    Rivers Inlet...little late but better then never

    The Time error that happened this weekend made your post look like it was before the thread was made so your post came up first.
  216. Clay

    How much weight for Danielson pots

    Coat your rebar in something like this(get it at home depot, lowes,Wal mart ) or if you happen to know someone at a powder coat shop get it coated then zip tie or whatever method you prefer to connect it to your pot. Pulling the rubber out of the rubber core is a great trick for doors.
  217. Clay

    HO's List
  218. Clay

    firework show

    Sorry to hear about this. Good vibes sent.
  219. Clay

    what we really need

    Whinyfuck. fuckstick fucktard sensitive as fuck :stfu::D
  220. Clay

    live from the Excel

    Sounds like you are having a good time Bill.
  221. Clay

    The time to buy is.....NOW

    My crystal ball is in the shop. I still never got the "order" Everything but the jackets.
  222. Clay

    Boxes suitable for shipping fish??

    That works. Also do not pack it with ice or dry ice. Thats a big no no. Use the gel packs. Like for lunch boxes. If you pack gel packs on the bottom a couple in the mid and on the top depending on how much fish you are sending. You can stretch it out to 2 day shipping to save some coin. My...
  223. Clay

    The time to buy is.....NOW

    Swag is on sale. Git sum!
  224. Clay

    Changes may be coming!

    Throw bait
  225. Clay

    I'm done

    not for WA :D
  226. Clay

    Chamber Vacuuming vs Foodsaver machines

    I have been reading up on the retort program. It is the shit! you will get a better end product because the bags block out the uv light as well. Pretty cool to be able to have a couple of bags on the boat for tuna sammies instead of glass.
  227. Clay

    Cehck out my new toy

    I saw your a patch holder too. ;)
  228. Clay

    King Me: Proper BD Salute Standby a sale is coming. Hey TT
  229. Clay

    Tuna Fishers: Be carefull of your reports!

    The point of this thread was a heads up. TT found out antis were using info from forums (this is not a new tactic) to try and "build a case" to propose limits. It is not a rule of BD to not post fish counts or location. You can do this if you choose. It was suggested that you may consider being...
  230. Clay

    Tuna Fishers: Be carefull of your reports!

    The point of this thread was a heads up. TT found out antis were using info from forums (this is not a new tactic) to try and "build a case" to propose limits. It is not a rule of BD to not post fish counts or location. You can do this if you choose. It was suggested that you may consider being...
  231. Clay

    Fishing Derby Etiquette

    It is done many ways. The only "right" way is to make sure everyone fishing on the boat knows the program. Dont leave anything assumed.
  232. Clay


    Nice work Bo.
  233. Clay

    Can I get a duplicate A22 tag

    You would probably have better luck trying to go into the dfg office.
  234. Clay

    2007 WorldCat 320 EC

    This is one clean, well maintained ride. Good luck on the sale Zack.
  235. Clay

    Tuna Fishers: Be carefull of your reports!

    Watch all social media and forums, "They" are watching. It sucks but it is what it is.
  236. Clay

    Tuna Fishers: Be carefull of your reports!

    Watch all social media and forums, "They" are watching. It sucks but it is what it is.
  237. Clay

    new game cam pics

  238. Clay

    a couple of dodos 8-25

    Solid! That is a pair of great local dodos right there.
  239. Clay

    Killer Mahi Day in Islamorada

    Nice haul!
  240. Clay

    Seaforth fish processor

    x2 call him and he will probably make something work.
  241. Clay

    Leopard Sharks!

    Nice work. Its a fun catch in the surf for sure. Haters gonna hate, some people are great armchair anglers. Some people like to get out and DO WORK. When using perch do you slab them out?
  242. Clay

    knot getting caught in rod guides

    A uni to uni will pass through your guides better. You should consider using spectra as a backing instead of mono.
  243. Clay

    Where to make bait out of Mission Bay

    What i was going to say. take some cat food and sabikis.
  244. Clay

    Venice fishing report

    Thats awesome. Nice work getting the fish on the run.
  245. Clay

    Tune X Raps?

    The copied link seems to have the same info you posted here. Flat line clips are good, The above info is good. I have filed the plastic to change a swim pattern. Also different connections/knots will make it swim different ways. Rapala Knot
  246. Clay

    Coonstripe shrimp?

    There is also no question as to how fresh it is when you harvested it. Why not find another reason to get on the water.
  247. Clay

    Yellows and a few dodo's (farmed)

    Ceviche tomorrow. I will grab some produce. Nice work!
  248. Clay

    Sunday Aug 19 - Daytime Deep Drop fishing for Swords with Team Booby Trap.

    What a sick trip! Just to be there to watch and learn would be epic.
  249. Clay

    Daytime deep dropping for swords
  250. Clay

    Daytime deep dropping for swords

    And be sure to give 5th Ave a call for your Insurance needs.
  251. Clay

    Daytime deep dropping for swords

    This break brought to you by HOT~CAN.
  252. Clay

    Coonstripe shrimp?

    If nothing else you will have some sockeye bait.
  253. Clay

    crabs and more crabs

    Nice work.
  254. Clay

    Warbaits Jighead Problems?

    Ill give you a buck for them. Once the paint is chipped they are shit for sure. ;D
  255. Clay

    Special thanks to so cal

    Nice . Thanks for the chickens Vance.
  256. Clay

    Bd party tonigt at the mermaid

    The plan was to head over to WP but sometimes shit happens.
  257. Clay

    California Billfish series
  258. Clay

    Got Hitched :)

    Nice work Todd!
  259. Clay

    Tribes at it again!!!!
  260. Clay

    BD get together for WTC?

    Can you please speak slower
  261. Clay

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending August 7th, 2012
  262. Clay

    jsut a test..

    Nice feesh
  263. Clay

    more pictures

  264. Clay

    Team Defiance/Raymarine OTC Report

    Nice work Bo and team(s) Defiance!
  265. Clay

    What % Indian is an Indian

    ^on that note...
  266. Clay

    What % Indian is an Indian

    I thought that part was pretty good too.
  267. Clay

    What % Indian is an Indian

    Can I come play on your forums?
  268. Clay

    What % Indian is an Indian

  269. Clay

    Livewell drain Clog issues HELP!!!!

    Get a bait tank and end your problems. Hit Bo up.
  270. Clay


    ^Weekend Mahoo? Settle down with the gringo pigeon. lol
  271. Clay

    Buyer Beware Pacific Trailer:

    So, its friday at 538pm???? Jimbo?
  272. Clay

    Piggies On The Bite

    Nice work. Beans are there too, watch the shallows.
  273. Clay


  274. Clay

    Happy B Day so cal steve

    Have a good one Bud.
  275. Clay

    I Need a small trail cam has them sometimes
  276. Clay

    Prayers needed for a Bloodydecks brother

    Sorry to hear this. Hoping for the best.
  277. Clay

    nice bean

    Good bean for sure.Nice job
  278. Clay

    Corb action, 7-24/25 report

    Nice work. Those are quality beans for sure.
  279. Clay

    Anyone fishing off La Jolla WindanSea Tues 7/24 PM?

    What are you shooting? body? lens?
  280. Clay

    I want to catch Albacore. how far north do I have to go?
  281. Clay

    Buyer Beware Pacific Trailer:

  282. Clay

    Anyone fishing off La Jolla WindanSea Tues 7/24 PM?

    If it is not a report it does not belong in reports. It will by seen by the majority of people who log on and hit new posts.
  283. Clay

    Buyer Beware Pacific Trailer:

    No friend of Joe or PT here.
  284. Clay

    What knot to use when tieing jig heads for catching yellowtail or wsb?

    Palomar or Double San Diego Jam Knot
  285. Clay

    best knot to tie mono to braid?

    what line class?
  286. Clay

    Anyone fishing off La Jolla WindanSea Tues 7/24 PM?

    Nice photog skillz
  287. Clay

    7/24 Mission Beach

    It was not bad like this weekend was. The beach is loaded so I would imagine as the tide comes in it will pick up some of the shit on the beach. Lots of pieces of jellyfish floating and on the beach.
  288. Clay

    The word association game...

  289. Clay

    First report

    Nicely done.
  290. Clay

    Buyer Beware Pacific Trailer:

    Jimbo, I heard a rumor about PT and a "resolution" True? False?
  291. Clay

    7/24 Mission Beach

    I had a few minutes to hit the surf. I quickly found a good hole with a huge bed of sand crabs. I pinned on a nice thumbnail size SC and made a quick cast. While retrieving i was watching the shallows. There was a bean that kept coming within a few feet of me so I got my line in and watched for...
  292. Clay


    Nice work.
  293. Clay

    Buyer Beware Pacific Trailer:

    Joe is in fact reading this post. He really does not like it. He wants everyone to know PT is the "#1 trailer builder in the USA". For some reason he thinks the comments in this thread have went way over some line somewhere. I just wasted a few minutes of my life reading this thread. All i see...
  294. Clay

    I want to catch Albacore. how far north do I have to go?

    Im not that big a fan of the table fare quality of albie. Unless it is canned jalapeno garlic. Westport WA seems to be the ticket Mikey. southwest airlines.
  295. Clay

    asked to move from my spot,Why?

    My point is. I have NEVER had an issue where LG or LEO got involved. There is no door mat here.
  296. Clay

    asked to move from my spot,Why?

    The only time I have had interactions with LG or LEO while surf fishing was to talk about how the fishing was. Again, sometimes its good to play adult. But hey, take your stand and make scenes.
  297. Clay

    Where to surffish legal in San Diego

    Ill be at TP bright and early tomorrow. Parking wars suck and I am not paying $15. 530a lines in
  298. Clay

    asked to move from my spot,Why?

    Its the nature of the game. Everyday I have been hitting the surf. You find a spot, no one is there then they seem to flock to you. The way I see it, the beach is long and instead of being a dick or playing 2 and saying"I was here first!" I choose to move down a bit. Some times its a matter of...
  299. Clay

    1973 Pacemaker Sportfisher

    What a project. This should be a satisfying trip. Good job.
  300. Clay

    Name this creature...

    Detachable. Someone is looking for it.
  301. Clay

    I'm new here

    46°54.501' - 124°06.642'. Probably a good start. :D
  302. Clay


  303. Clay

    My little man is a badass!

  304. Clay

    Mahalo all

    Thats badass. nice work!
  305. Clay

    What % Indian is an Indian

    Look for a gay indian. You too can have Indian in you
  306. Clay

    Every now and then liberal gun laws work well

    That is awesome!
  307. Clay

    Last time i am going to bother you guys

    You have a better chance with the swimbait in the water than in you tackle box. ;)
  308. Clay

    What would you do?

    a) Are you happy with $100? b) would you sell a case of "used" mason jars for $100, They can do what they want with the contents c) I would not post anything inferring the sale of sport caught fish on the internet
  309. Clay

    just a reminder
  310. Clay

    Last time i am going to bother you guys

    Polarized sunglas will help with the beans. They come up real shallow to get to the san crab and clam beds. Its a sight fishing game for the most part. I have found that I catch more of the spotfin in a deeper zone. Usually beans are foot to ankle deep, BSP are knee to chest deep and I have...
  311. Clay

    Problem Foreigners In Campgrounds!!!

    Call the professional Russian next time.
  312. Clay

    Problem Foreigners In Campgrounds!!!

    Your camp neighbors
  313. Clay

    BD SWAG is the Best!

    No problem. Glad you are happy.
  314. Clay

    To the woman who was txting and rear ended me today.....

    is that a statement or a question? Swede? chef? bork bork bork
  315. Clay

    To the woman who was txting and rear ended me today.....

    Mikieb Are you done texting and driving now?
  316. Clay

    Perch'n 8/16/12

    Thats a good couple of hours. Beats watching TV.
  317. Clay

    PLEASE!!! Stop deleting prices when an item is sold!

    Guess what..... It is what it is. Old adds will be shit canned. Thanks for playing. :D
  318. Clay

    team Defiance picking up the slack in Puget Sound...

    Everything is probably way over priced when the boat you have is.. Nice work out there.
  319. Clay

    Outrage 18 T-top or a Bimini

    I would go T-top. a good DIY is stryker T tops. Ali had one on the last skiff check out there install here.
  320. Clay

    Caption Contest

    You want my dorag to do do what??
  321. Clay

    Four new baits

    The "ribbed" one, It's going to love the butter.
  322. Clay

    Bubba Knife

    They have a new 7" that has a little more flex to it and a narrower blade.
  323. Clay

    7-15 TP

    I decided it would be fun to get out in the surf a little more. A friend of mine saw me getting my light stuff together and asked what I was doing. When I told him I was going to go surf fishing it intrigued him so he asked if he could come along. Torrey Pines here we come. It was a later start...
  324. Clay

    PLEASE!!! Stop deleting prices when an item is sold!

    There were a ton og huge beans around, I couldnt get a sand crab that would fit on my hook. They were all the size of fleas and the beans did not want gulp.
  325. Clay

    PLEASE!!! Stop deleting prices when an item is sold!

    At least this thread found its way to the correct forum ;) Things are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. Also when someone asks $200 for an item and a day or 2 later it says sold, It probably didnt sell for 200.
  326. Clay

    Boaters Ed - WOW!

    I dont think it is a bad thing. Think about all of the dickbags that think they are boat savy. If it helps one Captain Clusterfuck out of every 100, thats a step in the right direction. We all know there will still be the dipshits that go out and and break every law and saftey practice without...
  327. Clay

    Caption Contest

    Says guy with the do rag "oooo, It really stinks. baadd"
  328. Clay

    Stolen Motor

    There are a few companies that make these. This paired with strategically placed fishing line and cans will at least slow a tweaker down. First they get sprayed with water then they run into a line attached to beer/soda cans which makes noise as they try to run away.
  329. Clay

    maybe we need a members classified section is a sponsor of bd. It is not their fault they have more to post in here. Any BDr can also post.
  330. Clay

    Who's going out tonight?

    Good luck Fellas! Hope to see an epic report.
  331. Clay

    Canned Tuna

    a little mayo, some corn peas diced tomato a few jalapenos salt black pepper. On a cracker or bed of romaine. Forgot Onion
  332. Clay

    My boat got Vandalized / renamed!!!

    A kid in my area found the need to start spray painting chrome shit on houses, streets, side walks, signs and i think he got a car or 2. This annoyed me and I dont sleep a full night. Some kid was reported running through peoples yards butt naked with a chrome face. There has been no more...
  333. Clay

    CAUTION Oceanside Surf Fishers

    Or a pack full of shit.:shithappens:
  334. Clay


    While walking under a ladder breaking a mirror and spilling the salt. :D
  335. Clay

    who gets crdit for a second hand fish in a tournament?

    Its still the first guys fish, he never took his hand off the rod ;) All joking aside cool story.
  336. Clay

    The word association game...

    wardrobe malfunction
  337. Clay

    hunter v.s. gather

    make sure someone else is in the room and read it out loud. :D The best anti-douchebaggery weapon has been deployed for us to get a good laugh from. Bork bork bork:rofl:
  338. Clay

    Duck Calls

    look at ebay and see what they are going for. its a starting point
  339. Clay

    tsunami debris RADIOACTIVE?

    Test random shit and see how much of it lights Radioactive.
  340. Clay


    custom gift wrapping available...
  341. Clay

    Dodging Coho and Smashing Kings!

    Thats a great few days. Kids look like they had a blast. Nice work.
  342. Clay


    That looks like a good trip. Nice Work.
  343. Clay

    On My Way...

    they are quick to remove them there. One lasted on the bumper of the duck tours for a year though.
  344. Clay

    Huntington - First Spot Fin

    Nice work! Kids had to be pretty happy.
  345. Clay

    Bazarre foods

    Tommy is out playing on his unicycle for the next few days. the show airs on the travel chanel Mon., July 16 @ 9|8c
  346. Clay

    Tired of that flimsy old Bimini Stryker T tops are a BD sponser/Advertiser. Great product, easy DIY
  347. Clay

    On My Way...

    I think I am going to hang out in Everett for a few hours Friday the 10th in the am. Either at my Sister Inlaws work or getting in trouble with stickers. A couple years ago I put a bd sticker over the fish on the boxes of goldfish crackers on an entire pallet of crackers. That store manager...
  348. Clay

    Fishing shorts

    Aftco is my second choice to fishworks. fishworks with stretch are the bomb aftco run big so try to go somewhere you can try them on
  349. Clay


    So Vance today is the day... Arlington, WA, United States 07/11/2012...
  350. Clay

    A local slug

    Nice work. Post spear reports too.
  351. Clay

    National No-Bra day

  352. Clay

    Loaded boat... Panama City bottomf fishing - 7/7

    Nicely done. Looks like one heck of a trip.
  353. Clay

    Islamorada Offshore Fishing Report for July

    That looks like a good couple trips. Nice work.
  354. Clay

    On My Way...

    Staying with Jonas and his cousin Romulus
  355. Clay

    Baker Lake Sockeye

    Sweet I'll leave my fishing rod here and just bring my wallet up ;)
  356. Clay

    On My Way...

    I leave right before WTC wish I could stay but not this year
  357. Clay

    On My Way...

    I was thinking both :)
  358. Clay

    Tribes at it again!!!!

    Enviros are 1000x worse, you dont want them.
  359. Clay

    On My Way...

    I didnt want to come on your special day vance. p.s. your order will be there wednesday. bwahahahaha
  360. Clay

    On My Way...

    Aug 9th. then probably again in the winter. Usually try to come up once in nice weather once in snow/rain Every year.
  361. Clay

    East Meets West

    Nice work getting the kid on fish!
  362. Clay

    The Jewel of the Desert DVLoking,..

    nice work Lo.
  363. Clay

    area 7 nooks

    Chin up pal. This is the land of thick skin. Once people see you around and putting up reports they will warm up to you. Or not ;) Tight lines
  364. Clay

    area 7 nooks

    the big thread...
  365. Clay

    area 7 nooks

    You are slipping Travis. :shake:
  366. Clay

    On My Way...

    Yep, I am coming up to play. :)
  367. Clay

    How do you tell when someone has been stealing from your crab pots?

    Tie a float to a weight, Have what an idiot would think might be a transmitter of some sort and a note. "We are watching you and will see you at the launch ramp" scumbags really get weird when the think that someone is watching them.
  368. Clay

    The word association game...

    meat curtains
  369. Clay

    costa sunglasses

    They probably have a lot going on with ICAST starting. Be patent maybe send another email in a day or two. You may have hit the spam folder as well. Also you might try going to click on repair at the top make a costa account and fill out a repair form. This will probably work...
  370. Clay

    Cruise photos

    Looks like a good time Frank.
  371. Clay

    Favorite color avet/ how big of a shark can I catch

    The purple one will be the one you want. It catches Sharks, Big sharks.
  372. Clay

    Good tackle shop near H and M Landing

    Fishermans Landing Tackle
  373. Clay

    what knot do you use?

    Its always good to have a few knots. Practice your got to's over and over so that you can tie it without thinking and possibly without looking.
  374. Clay


    Nice work. There should be beans in the area to look for the sand crab and clam beds.
  375. Clay

    grinding herring?

    Got to a home depot or an equipment rental place and rent a chipper. Call all your friends with frozen bait fish and carcasses and "chip" into a tarp to catch and put in buckets. Rinse and return the chipper.
  376. Clay

    The BD Salute...

    Well it seems i found something here... Nosecrets seems to have multiple personalities using blackmouther and Nosecrets
  377. Clay

    what knot do you use?

    Palomar, San Diego Jam knot
  378. Clay

    Skagit Sockeye

    Well it seems i found something here... Nosecrets seems to have multiple personalities using blackmouther and Nosecrets
  379. Clay

    Skagit Banking, Broke my sockeye cherry

    catch it bleed it ice it cut it eat it. or dont.
  380. Clay

    The BD Salute...

    You dont see the bd sticker? look again. ;)
  381. Clay

    Surf Fish

    Any of it is fun on the ultra light and 6lb.
  382. Clay

    The word association game...

  383. Clay


    I think you just collect info length weight and where caught and call the number on the tag.
  384. Clay

    Skagit Banking, Broke my sockeye cherry

    Raw is the only way ill eat salmon. I like to check out what you cook up. Nice job Chef,
  385. Clay


    All fancy wrapped like its for some sorta dysfunctional occasion. :rofl:
  386. Clay

    Skagit Banking, Broke my sockeye cherry

    Nice work. The sashimi looks good.
  387. Clay

    basic surf fishing do's and dont's

    find the areas where 2 waves meet, There are a lot of fish in the ankle and knee deep water long casts are not always necessary. in The knee deep range where the little waves have a little whitewash on top look for where it is still a roller. There is a hole there and more than likely some BSP...
  388. Clay

    Area 7 with the "A" Team

    Sounds to me like a perfect day. Nice work!
  389. Clay

    The word association game...

  390. Clay

    The word association game...

  391. Clay

    Tree stand stolen off the hill

    I dont think a ranger would leave anything behind. Do you have any game cams in the area of your stand?
  392. Clay

    Have to Put My Dog Down

    That sucks Charlie. Hang in there.
  393. Clay

    Lost my best friend

    Sorry to hear this Marcus. Hang in there bud.
  394. Clay

    The word association game...

    Blinker fluid
  395. Clay

    Full Effort is Full Victory!

    Good work Fellas!
  396. Clay

    To all my fellow BD'ers enjoy your 4th of July Day.......

    Have a good one cooter! Get the rockstars flowin'
  397. Clay

    Spiral Cut Hot Dog
  398. Clay

    I need new chairs pompanette makes some nice and comfortable chairs. You may even be able to find some a little cheaper used up there. If you can use your existing pedestals that will keep the cost down a bit too.
  399. Clay

    Tuna Seiner Helo crash

    At least you see where you went wrong. Condolences To the fam and friends. RIP
  400. Clay

    Limits by 7:30

    Thats a nice pair of feesh right there.
  401. Clay


    I am waiting for the next deuce so I can wipe my ass with your gear :shithappens::shithappens: oh... one is on deck! Your order will ship shortly. :)
  402. Clay

    The word association game...

    bin laden
  403. Clay


    Better call omar the tent maker. :)
  404. Clay

    The word association game...

  405. Clay


    Good to know. Thanks Tommy.
  406. Clay


    There is no hate vance just giving you a hard time. Do you still have stickers or do you need a new one?
  407. Clay


    Vance i sent stickers to you before, i am sure i will send you more in the future. Just please stop sending the shirts. Really we use them as boat rags. Thanks.:)
  408. Clay

    The word association game...

    stink finger
  409. Clay

    17 blues in a day!

    That doesnt suck.
  410. Clay

    Who's Hitting The Crab Opener?

    Thats a good couple of sets right there.
  411. Clay

    Texas Axis Deer

    Nice work Brent.
  412. Clay


    Thats a good day.
  413. Clay

    Last minute open seat

    How did it go for you today?
  414. Clay

    June Tuna, Tuna Virgins, and Glass Floats!

    Nice work! fish and a souvenir.
  415. Clay

    The word association game...

  416. Clay

    Cr tuna report

    Nice work. Way to put in the time and work, glad it paid off for you.
  417. Clay

    The word association game...

  418. Clay

    The word association game...

    Bran muffins
  419. Clay

    Another Piggy Dirt Nap

    That is a cool pig. Nice work.
  420. Clay

    Who's Hitting The Crab Opener?

    Hey Todd Ill have a couple of these headed to you and Tommy.
  421. Clay

    The word association game...

  422. Clay

    The word association game...

  423. Clay


    He is real. As fast as the interweb found him, he must of lost it.
  424. Clay

    It's only going to get better

    Blood red by feed me
  425. Clay

    The word association game...

  426. Clay

    The word association game...

  427. Clay

    The word association game...

  428. Clay

    The word association game...

  429. Clay

    The word association game...

  430. Clay

    The word association game...

  431. Clay

    The word association game...

  432. Clay

    The word association game...

  433. Clay

    The Prefect Holiday

    Pretty sick.
  434. Clay

    The word association game...

  435. Clay

    The word association game...

  436. Clay

    The word association game...

  437. Clay

    The word association game...

  438. Clay

    Ali is getting old

    Happy B day
  439. Clay

    The word association game...

  440. Clay

    The word association game...

  441. Clay

    BEES!! Lots of them!

    Make your self a bee suit and get after it!
  442. Clay

    The word association game...

  443. Clay

    The word association game...

  444. Clay

    o side 6-20 and fuck that stripper

    I think i hear a banjo.
  445. Clay

    Okay, who did it???

    When did Stan dye his hair blue? huh weird...
  446. Clay

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    He is in the process of ordering LED's.
  447. Clay

    Who wants a Ham Sammich?

    She is looking for some white bread.
  448. Clay

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    And the next project starts in....
  449. Clay

    Fur or feathers sept 1st

    I'll try for dear if you want someone to take. ;)
  450. Clay

    Fisherman's Processing - Caption Contest - Ending June 18th, 2012

    3 dudes on a boat at night, one in a tank top and boxers. What happens at sea stays at sea.
  451. Clay

    Yellowtail ON!!!!

    Great Pics!!
  452. Clay


  453. Clay

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    He didnt like that they wanted him to choose a color, He is the first to custom order the plug that has all 3 colors.
  454. Clay

    Call out another BD member?

    "other sites" kinda suck.
  455. Clay

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Bring some of that boat bling shit to sd with you.
  456. Clay

    Some Random Shots

    Nice work!
  457. Clay

    30 foot Pacific trailer for rent 150/week

    I would like to work on my bout. Thanks.
  458. Clay

    Paid some serious dough

    Nice work Bill.
  459. Clay

    Turkey Success!!!

    Those are great birds. Nice work!
  460. Clay

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Wait for Picoso to be done. The cold activated is not worth trip.
  461. Clay

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    So.... are we fishing next week?
  462. Clay

    Analysis paralysis deciding on new truck

    My toyota has 304000 and runs like a champ.
  463. Clay

    Need FFL in San Diego

    Talk to Shawn at
  464. Clay


  465. Clay

    PB "CarpPull Tunnel"

    HOOK UP!!
  466. Clay


    looks like a good time in the PNW. Even good weather showed up.
  467. Clay

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    The RGB ground effect lights on the trailer with the chrome 22" spinners are going to set you apart from other trailer boats FO SHO! ;) You done yet?
  468. Clay

    Bubba Blade infomercial

    Shiba Inu Knife is comfortable in hand. I havnt cut fish or game with one yet.
  469. Clay

    bmw 5 series, MB e or S, lexus

    Use the tool truck. Plenty of room in there.
  470. Clay

    LowBudgets day in SD bay. SWBA rd.2

    Nice work. Quality spots for sure.
  471. Clay

    What's Harry doing in Iowa with his new 4 x 4?

    Thats messed up, Funny as hell though.
  472. Clay

    nice big hammer head!!!

  473. Clay

    Public land Jake!!

    Nice work.
  474. Clay

    Best and cheapest place to buy wood for fences

    You forgot a couple guys, i mean things at home depot. ;)
  475. Clay

    Shelf Life of Friskies Cat Food

    Spread it on crackers and enjoy.
  476. Clay

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Get me the laser files, like yesterday.
  477. Clay

    Launch a 40 meter yacht at a boatramp

    In pic #2 the dude is yelling,"did you put the plug in?!?"
  478. Clay

    Best and cheapest place to buy wood for fences

    To save some coin you could always go this route.
  479. Clay

    Best and cheapest place to buy wood for fences

    You can box in the pipe easily to hide it. Galvanized will outlast pt.
  480. Clay

    Best and cheapest place to buy wood for fences

    Fuck 4x4's, go with galvi pipe.
  481. Clay

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    So.. Are you done yet???
  482. Clay

    Rod storage

    Do you tell your wife where to keep her shoes? Apt manager, really you give a shit what they think? ;)
  483. Clay

    Rod storage

    Horizontal wall mount.
  484. Clay

    Happy Birthday Otto!

    Happy B day Otto!
  485. Clay

    test sdfgasdfg
  486. Clay

    Thinking of going solar, any thoughts?

    i know a few roofers if you want an estimate Mikey.
  487. Clay

  488. Clay

    maximum angler tackle shop

    Go to <cite> Max Angler vanished </cite>
  489. Clay

    Happy B Day Mo Betta

    HAve A good one Frank
  490. Clay

    pig hunt

    Usually its ok as long as there is no head or spine, last I heard.
  491. Clay

    Bird Hunting

    Ill trade you a pack of Hebrew Nationals and a bowl of matzah ball soup for the 12ga ill add half a pastrami sami for the 20. :)
  492. Clay

    BD needs your fishing pics for our Fred Hall Booth!

    nobody wants pg...
  493. Clay

    Bird Hunting

    You wont like it, the birds are not kosher.
  494. Clay

    HAppy Birthday Brant!

    Theriouthly, Have a good weekend man.
  495. Clay

    Torrey Pines area.

    MORF grubs unibutter Carolina rig. Surf fishing is fun.
  496. Clay

    TRADE SHOW FIBER CASES - Great deal Cheap!

    do you think a 74" tall man weighing approx 185-200lbs would fit inside with room still for concrete? Of course Said man would only be in there for an occasional nap.
  497. Clay

    1990 Jeep Wrangler $3500

    He is getting a broped. Get it right ;)
  498. Clay

    Epic cool but fail

    Mad max prop.
  499. Clay

    The banned list game

    RedEye99 = couldnt hang in the sand box.
  500. Clay

    gear help

    yeah if there isnt much or any structure in the spot i go light as possible. usually a 5-6' leader. just so i can keep cutting and re-tie.
  501. Clay

    gear help

    Hey Laurens. For me low profile baitcasters with level wind are the way to go. I have found that i am a bigger fan of the okuma serrano than the shimano curado i have fished for years. Everyone has a brand preference. The level wind and "'thumb button" are pretty key in this fishing because...
  502. Clay

    Traeger BBQ

    Sweet grills, low and slow or sear.
  503. Clay

    Plumbing Need some advice or help

    Shoot High n Dry a pm. JT is a good dude and has a stand up operation im sure he can get you ontrack.
  504. Clay

    new car markup?

    doughnut on here. Midway Chrysler Jeep Dodge.
  505. Clay

    new car markup?

    talk to Ken and the haggle headache will be gone.
  506. Clay

    Name these tracks game

    Juvy WSB
  507. Clay

    Destroying my boat!!

    Sell the bayliner and get a deffiance.
  508. Clay

    Gorman Pig Hunting

    Sounds like a good time ;)
  509. Clay

    Gorman Pig Hunting

    Come on guys dont you know? the super secret spot is the photos on the web, many people have seen them already so it would give up the source.
  510. Clay

    NEED Boat detailed in SD, RECOMMENDATIONS? Dave is the man. search no more.
  511. Clay

    Sheephead JAWS #2

    Pretty cool.
  512. Clay

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending January 16th, 2012

    They come in Flex and Stiffie, we get to pick our pleasure.
  513. Clay

    Detained by Sheriffs Dept. today while target shooting on the water

    A tazer in aquatic conditions sounds epic!
  514. Clay

    Detained by Sheriffs Dept. today while target shooting on the water

    You could still tred water in cuffs. just sayin. bump ;)
  515. Clay

    Lobster fried rice

    ahhh robsta!
  516. Clay

    Who makes the best hooks?

    Mustard all day. Fresh or salt. They are the most consistant and true to size.
  517. Clay

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Wait for his dad to give the number, trust me ;)
  518. Clay

    Out door tile

    Daltile over behind Kearny mesa bowl. Ask for Tim Breach tell him I sent you over.
  519. Clay


    Glad to hear you are getting after it Mike.
  520. Clay


    I did not see shrimp on the list...
  521. Clay


    Nice work.
  522. Clay


    A vampire squid.The last time I carve a pumpkin.
  523. Clay

    Caution Dealing with Leaning-Posts

    I cant wait for th FHS this year. Im going to say hello.
  524. Clay

    First trip to MB

    Grass is your friend in MB. Stay in or around it.
  525. Clay

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    make a ss bracket to hold a yeti, nothing ugly about that.
  526. Clay

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Nice work Jr. However, Halloween? really? you lag ;)
  527. Clay

    Saluki is down, but not out!

    Back on the bran muffins.
  528. Clay

    2006 Maycraft 20CC SOLD

    This Skiff is sweet. Maintained top notch for sure. A great platform for buggin too. I wish I had the coin for this one.
  529. Clay

    BOAT HO'S????
  530. Clay

    Ford Ranger vs Toyota Tacoma

    Yota all the way.
  531. Clay


    some times the ups driver passes by the office without picking up. everything will go straight to ups tomorrow.
  532. Clay

    How rig dead mackeral to swim

    cut the spine out
  533. Clay

    Boat Graphic

    Make the Albies a bit more....Albie and a little less salmon.
  534. Clay

    Milwaukee Cordless Tools

    Ill trade you a slightly used dewalt 4 pc 18 volt set for the 2697-22 ;)
  535. Clay

    Double topped halibut

    Looks good. Great pic too.
  536. Clay

    Tracking number

    Well too far for who? I guess its a matter of opinion. I could say something about a guy needing to die and that is more socially acceptable.
  537. Clay

    Tracking number

    A big steaming pile :shithappens:.
  538. Clay

    A boat before a car...this guy

    pound the loose rivets then "paint" the bottom with steelflex from fasco. done.
  539. Clay

    WTF ???

    Werd. Check your line often and tie good knots. More than likely teeth getting your line then zingPOW.
  540. Clay

    Car theft deterent.....thiefs got our keys

    "the club" will hardly slow someone down if they want your car. If the deductible is to high and all of the options are ones you dont like, get gap ins and wave good bye.
  541. Clay

    Facebook Bullsheet

    Well if you would like to come have a meeting I will gladly listen. I am the caring compassionate complaint department. Let me know when you want to meet.
  542. Clay

    Rig for calico's in the kelp

    For line I will fish straight 30lb spectra a lot of the time. One of my reels is loaded with 65lb spectra and a 6' leader of 20lb flor. WAR swim jigs and slayer heads are a great weedless option along with fishing MC slugs on 6/0 to 8/0 hooks rigged weedless. There are many ways to fish the kelp...
  543. Clay

    Nope, don't like it, not one bit.

    I like the tan background, i find it to be easier on the eyes. Im not an antique though. The site has really grown I dig it. I am not afraid of change,especially when the change is in a progressive direction. Thanks to all involved.
  544. Clay

    I quit bloody decks.

    Loud and clear in Km ;)
  545. Clay

    I quit bloody decks.

    Its a PNW thing, it is amazing how emotional it gets up there.
  546. Clay

    Delta across bed tool box

  547. Clay

    Delta across bed tool box

    Any offers?
  548. Clay

    Delta across bed tool box

    Alum, doors open, latches work. I lost the keys so the locks need to be replaced. The part that drops into the bed is 5' the rail to rail length is 70" Asking $180
  549. Clay

    Shark Men - I love this show.

    This is my number 1 must watch show.
  550. Clay

    WTB Ruger single six

    I have the Longer Barreled version. Wasnt really planning on getting rid of it but in reality everything has a price tag.
  551. Clay

    Oregon Duckstick

    Very Clean. Another nice stick Bill.
  552. Clay

    No More Goldfish Races!

    pussyies! should have made the races more often.
  553. Clay

    Rat Rod finished

    I picked up the rat rod yesterday. To say I am happy is an understatement. This thing came out better than the photos show. The blank has a great feel and the look is what i was wanting. Bill Thanks again man.duct tape is on the stripper guide also has rust color thread on it.
  554. Clay

    Rat Rod finished

    That is so badass Bill! Thank you so much. I am glad you had some fun with it.
  555. Clay

    Great Tacos

    I was there for about an hourish. I had 8. yum
  556. Clay

    I'm having a lot of fun with a build

    This has been an idea that Ive had for a while. I never put the order for a rod in because it is one of those things that is going to be extreme one way or the other. really badass or a pile of shit. After watching Bill turn out badass rod after badass rod, I decided to hit him with my Idea. I...
  557. Clay

    Lessons learnt the crappy way

    Looks to be a very cool Idea.
  558. Clay

    Another Rod for soldiers, with a new twist

    I can't wait. Oh, ok yeah I can.
  559. Clay

    Another Rod for soldiers, with a new twist

    That is baddass Bill! The cork work is pretty cool too.
  560. Clay

    CA Licensed Professional Guides...Any of you one?

    Well according to what you have said here, it looks like you are a self proclaimed guide with a few "clients". At the end of the day there will be good days and bad days no matter what you do. No matter what you do you can not expect to get more out then you put in. I dont think there is...
  561. Clay

    Would You Take A Beating for $50?

    Its like bum fights but with half naked women beating the bums.
  562. Clay

    What is your favorite color Jighead

    I focus on weight before color. Plain lead has worked fine for soooo many years. I dont mind "designer" lead though, I sometimes take the time to match the color scheme with the bait and sometime like to make them clash in a big way. Like a hot pink bubblegum jig head on a Chanel Island Chovie.
  563. Clay

    Added a sliding rear window to the truck.

    Well Senor Dochepickle, the sticker in question was not printed. Your modification will be corrected upon your return stateside wit ha barrage of and bd outdoors text. Be careful where you decide to park.
  564. Clay

    Added a sliding rear window to the truck.

    Dear Asshat, It would appear that the "washboard" has knocked a part of the yt sticker off of your window. The next time you are up here we will get that repair taken care of. Thanks ;)
  565. Clay

    What is your favorite and least favorite...

    How much design info do you guys like from a customer? Do you want them to have every detail planned or do you like a basic idea with creative freedom?
  566. Clay

    Gotta be SDfishkiller's car

    uh oh. Did Brant get new plates?
  567. Clay

    Need help with a BD handle for Cyndi

  568. Clay

    cut a dead mac to swim better?

    x2 cut the spine out.
  569. Clay

    Bangin' with the Admiral

    I might be looking at something wrong but isn't that bolt?
  570. Clay

    Can You I.D. This Helm Seat?

    hahahaha was the craigslist email link to the seller.
  571. Clay

    Can You I.D. This Helm Seat?

    [email protected] email this guy, I am pretty sure he knows. ;)
  572. Clay

    New Shimano Curado 300EJ

    This is a very visual crowd. Some peoples idea of nib differ from others. Pics are always good. Just sayin'
  573. Clay

    Bangin' with the Admiral

    Looks like a good day Ken. I need to get out to the range with you one of theses weekends.
  574. Clay

    Just a couple MB Sun. am

    At least you got out Sherm.
  575. Clay

    Which Mini Van?

    I did some graphics on one of these for a customer, pretty nice for a minivan. either way get leather.
  576. Clay

    Shark Men New Season

    This has to be one of the sickest shows on TV right now. Chris Fischer and crew are doing some of the coolest/most interesting stuff in the ocean right now. Its educating and entertaining at the same time, they capture great footage and gain never before known knowledge of the White Shark. I am...
  577. Clay

    renegade bass anglers in oceanside..

    And BOOM goes the dynamite. ;)
  578. Clay

    I'm going to be rich!

    If one person is dumb enough to fall for it, the shit bag wins.
  579. Clay

    Tiger theme high school rod

    Nice work Bill, nice and clean.
  580. Clay

    BD Decals

    Or a cutfile? :hali_olutta: Really??
  581. Clay


    plastics in butter, ghost shrimp.
  582. Clay

    Swamp People

    more like bamboo, a wreath still has to many branches.
  583. Clay

    not sure where to post this...anyone work for pepsi bev company?

    My chicks Bro works for pepsi in Missouri, he loves it. I send him Coke for christmas.
  584. Clay

    WEEKEND BLAST, Mention BD for a discount

    Awesome! Thanks Tommy.
  585. Clay

    MB bay bassin and the DFG

    toss a peacock in there
  586. Clay

    All around swimbait rod & reel?

    Okuma serrano on a 7-8' Heavy or extra heavy stick is the way i am going. still looking at sticks to make sure i really like it this time.
  587. Clay

    Grooovy grips

    Nice work Bill.
  588. Clay

    Jennings likes me.

    Looks to have been a good day by your avatar.
  589. Clay

    What boat would you buy?
  590. Clay

    Ice, Ice Bass

    ninja motor says "Pay Me and I will Leave your name on it"
  591. Clay

    What boat would you buy?
  592. Clay

    Pink is the new Parkerizing

  593. Clay

    Don't Pick on the Chubby Kid...

    I think a lesson might have been learned. Maybe not remembered though.
  594. Clay

    If you could make one phone call to yourself in the past.....

    There would be a lot to say but something tells me I wouldn't listen, I knew everything. Lots of Stupid shit done, lots of people hurt a painful lesson learned.
  595. Clay

    Good Morning

    Yeah! No blind needed.
  596. Clay

    Update on Japan Earthquake.

    Glad to hear you and the family are well.
  597. Clay

    Capt. G

    Hope him and his family are safe.
  598. Clay

    Tack Cloth

    Is the they you speak of from
  599. Clay

    I WANNA: BD Burgee

    Post a pic of your chick, this time she can be clothed. if she gets the nod of approval maybe a couple pairs of BD booty shorts make their way to the booth. She can claim her free prize by changing into them in the booth. ;)
  600. Clay

    Have a roof leak.

    Mesa Roofing 858 336 8902. Tom is a stand up guy, he will get you dialed.
  601. Clay

    Some pic's of the Panga...

    gringo borracho
  602. Clay

    SD species and seasons?

    That sums it up.
  603. Clay

    Suggestions please???

    Go see sean at DAS, he can answer all of your questions and finish the deal for you.
  604. Clay


    Hay topbuck, ur quality of stanz hav loered the las cuple yeerz. this las 1 is not gud at all, made in chyna may bee. Doo me a favur git at least 1 moor gud stir dee stand cuz the 1 i stilled frum yoo 8 yearz ago is dun broked.
  605. Clay


    I was JELLIOUS, sorry. I STILLED 'em.
  606. Clay


    Right on Tommy, hopefully the deal goes all the way and outlasts any protests. This will keep many people employed up there. I remember being up there while lay offs were going down and a huge chunk of the Seattle and Everett areas were just devastated. It seems everyone somehow is connected to...
  607. Clay

    BD keeper of the list too

    And Tommy the keeper of...
  608. Clay

    BD keeper of the list too

    If anyone is insulted they should be just passing through and get to the next circle jerk ;) Its the off season for fishing, prime season for douchebaggery. Everyone just remember it's just fishing and a fishing forum. Lets have fun. :)
  609. Clay

    Anyone else had poor experience with Melton?

    Melton has never done me wrong, as far as the out of stock thing, online store systems do have some problems tracking inventory sometimes. It is just as frustrating for the guy trying to fill the order. The Key here is to try to not be a dick even though it is taking time to get your order...
  610. Clay

    Started on #2

    Pretty sweet new hobby you have there Mike. Bring a couple to the YTSO mb dock so we can hunt for more spotties ;)
  611. Clay

    safety product that everyone should have

    A San Diego life Guard told me about using wax rings a couple years back at the yt shootout. They came to the dock we were at for weigh in when a douchpickle was taking on water and thought it to be a good idea to tie up to the dock. LG's came,broke out the wax rings and the pump. Told said...
  612. Clay


    Happy birthday dude
  613. Clay

    OHV money being grabbed

    Thanks for the info Tommy.
  614. Clay

    Facebook comment of the year......

    That is funny chit.
  615. Clay

    safety product that everyone should have

    Toilet wax rings.keep a couple on the boat
  616. Clay


    I dont need to afford it, for the last 8 years i have found a few ladders and tree stands out in the hills. :) thanks.
  617. Clay

    Bass Baytes.

    Maybe a technique like gyotaku? Just a thought.
  618. Clay

    My Two New Sons!!!!

  619. Clay

    Any Plumbers here? I have a problem

    Good form!
  620. Clay

    Any Plumbers here? I have a problem

    lawn....trim.. haha haha.
  621. Clay

    Discussion, gun free safe zones

    HOOK UP!
  622. Clay

    Riveted Boat Leak!

    pound loose rivets tight call Fasco order some STEELFLEX SUPER SLICK EPOXY COATING #9X-2000. it is made for Alum they use it on air boats. seals the alum well and is slick as hell when dry. Fasco unlimited
  623. Clay


    Drink a handle of gentleman Jack, spin in a circle 50 times with a shot glass in one hand and a bd sticker in the other, then hold your hands out in front of you. whala bd shot glass. ;) I will be up that way this weekend, stickers will find their way around WA once again. I like to leave my...
  624. Clay


    Women of the PNW
  625. Clay

    Happy Birthday Captain Curt...

    COOTER! Happy B Day man!
  626. Clay

    Malibu Kayaks Factory Sale

    Is your middle name Douche'? I really dont think andy is going to do any of us dirty like that. He has been around for a minute and is a stand up guy.
  627. Clay


    You have got to be fucking kidding me...
  628. Clay

    Vampire diaries.....

    Thweet, cant wait.:zelfmoord
  629. Clay

    1997 18 ft CC Klamath restoration project.

    What is the list price going to be?
  630. Clay

    VCR in decent condition

    I will bring it in to DMG.
  631. Clay

    So this is what the land looks like if you read my previous thread...

    And how do you guys hunt in this kinda environment??? Walk and stock?? Levitation, call Chris Angel if you need instruction as to how to do this.
  632. Clay

    VCR in decent condition

    hey Mikey i will give you one. Let me know next time you are in the kearny mesa area I will bring it to the shop.