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  1. gnarl_malone

    Help with peacock bass in Panama

    Hey guys, I'm heading down to Panama next month (February) and will have a day or two in Panama City. I'd like fish peacock bass on Lake Gatun one morning. Can anyone recomend a guide that can put me on some fish? Also any tackle recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  2. gnarl_malone

    FS 30 Gal. Kodiak Bait Tank

    SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! Selling an extra bait tank/livewell I have. It's a round 30 Gallon Kodiak in perfect working condition. 23" wide X 17" high. No lid, but I'll throw in a pump for it. Asking $50. PM me if interested. Thanks, Justin
  3. gnarl_malone

    Have Trinidad 40 or 16N for 40N

    Hey guys, I'm looking to trade for a Trinidad 40N in good condition. I am willing to trade either of the following reels +/- cash if necessary: Trinidad 40 (Gold) Cosmetic 9/10 Mechanical 10/10 With 200 yards of 80lb white braid With clamp and Shimano reel cover Trinidad 16N (Gold) Cosmetic...
  4. gnarl_malone

    12' Outriggers

    I'm selling a pair of 12' outriggers. Came off my old skiff, and I don't have the bases for them anymore, but they are rigged and ready to insert in any 1 1/2" diameter bases. They were mounted on top of a T-Top, but you can gunnel mount them too. Asking $80. I'm in Huntington Beach...
  5. gnarl_malone


    Haven't posted anything in a while, but since the Bass Club's looking more like the spotted bay bass club, I figured I'd share. Saw a window to get out to SCI this morning and went for it. Tyler and I made the crossing under the full moon and started on the front side. Found biters from the...
  6. gnarl_malone

    Shimano Termar and Curado 300e setups

    Selling a couple Shimano Teramar/Curado set ups. Reels sold! TMC-X80H 8' Line 15-30lb Heavy/Extra Fast. In used condition with perfect guides and hook-keeper. $90 (Sold) TMC-X76M Line 10-20lb Medium/Extra Fast. In brand new condition. $100 PM me with your email if you need more...
  7. gnarl_malone

    Creme dela Clem

    Spent the last couple days at Cat on Dodger's big boat and were able to take our skiff over to SCI for the day yesterday. Randy, Bino, CB, and Peck met us over there. Started off around the back from Pyramid to China for a really steady pick of 2-4lb fish. Most of the fish came on the outside...
  8. gnarl_malone

    Cat and the local AR's

    I wasn't going to post since it was nothing special, but it's been forever since I've seen a report from Cat, so I figured I'd let you guys know what's up over there. Had to go for work; and had to fish to make it worth the trip. Tyler came too. Started at the front side West end. Found tons...
  9. gnarl_malone

    The Wall

    Uncle James installed our new TM so Tyler and I decided to try it out at the wall last night after work. On the water at 6:00, on the trailer at 9:00. They wanted the jerk shad. Tyler got them fishing it on a sled head and I got them rigged on a War head. Slow and low was the tempo...
  10. gnarl_malone

    Garmin GPSmap 492

    SOLD!!! Upgraded to a GPS/FF combo, so my Garmin GPSmap 492 is up for sale. It's in perfect condition and looks/works brand new. Comes with everything you need; unit, built in antenna, wiring, and mounting bracket. Just plug it in and go. 5" color screen. This rugged, waterproof...
  11. gnarl_malone

    Local Bugs 9/7/09

    Hooped locally last night (10/7/09). Was able to make Macs and a even few small Bonies for bait in the harbor and set just at sunset. Got them early. Didn't really need to measure any all night. Only threw back one borderline legal, a couple spider crabs and a nice sculpin. Got stopped by...