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  1. salchydog

    964lb. mako

    Now mike..... Easy there.
  2. salchydog

    Sunday 08-19 Fish hunt.

    at least you got meat lee.
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    OK - It was my x-lg crap! I clogged the toilet. Sorry Lee! Had a great day with you and the crew despite the weather and the lack of fish. Lots of laughs. And thanks for the use of the toilet. Send me the bill when the "extraction specialist" comes. Just tell him that there is a small...
  4. salchydog

    9/17 the curse is lifted!

    who's byeye? Good job guys. Glas to see Ali finally caught a fish this year.
  5. salchydog


    oh steve. you are a madman.
  6. salchydog

    I tired! Response from Greenpeace

    I know that this post shouldn't be in this forum but it's the forum that gets visited the most so if Jason feels that it needs to be moved, so be it! After returning from a long 290 mile trip aboard the Heather Lynn in search of tuna and being so frustrated seeing about 40 - 50 tuna seiners...
  7. salchydog

    9/6 YFT

    there really are fish out there.
  8. salchydog

    Mot's First Marlin + VIDEO 8-25-06

    sweet... best vid i have seen in a while, except for the porn of course.
  9. salchydog

    7/24 Dodo madness

    Jim, maybe you just need to get out on the water a bit more. practice makes perfect...or so they say.
  10. salchydog

    6/25 BFT 1010 / Upper 500

    Fished aboard the Done Deal, a 43 Mikelson. Left at about 10PM Sat night with howling winds. Knew we were in for a rough night and that it was. Ended up between the upper 500 / 1010 area at about 4am. Opened the cabin door to 25knt winds and a solid 6 foot swell/wind chop. Awesome fishing...
  11. salchydog

    Albies and tails 051606

    way to go greg. nice to see you with an albie (i mean taking a shit.)
  12. salchydog


    Stan, sounds like you have something against seiners.....
  13. salchydog

    32.1lb Halibut Oceanside Tournament Winner

    Holy Fucking shit! Way to go davey p. Is that the biggest fish caught in this tourney to date? Sick fish and congrats!
  14. salchydog

    02 25 06

    good job steve.
  15. salchydog

    Worse Offshore Season Since 1993

    i couldn't figure out why i wasnt using my boat as much this year.....
  16. salchydog

    8-18 lower 500 Marlin & a tail

    way to go JT. Congrats!
  17. salchydog

    425 7/22 Tuna

    glad to see you are using that boat Art.
  18. salchydog

    7-16 First Blood on Ezlimits

    you guys FLEW past us on the way in. That is one fast fucking boat.....
  19. salchydog

    >>Report: HeatherLynnII 07.16<<

    That was a great trip. Thanks for the memorable day, Lee. Paul it was nice meeting you and thanks for posting. Ali, you were "en fuego" and one hell of a sushi chef. Mike, its a good thing that you switched to flourocarbon becasue we were not going to let you live that one down....... I am...
  20. salchydog

    Simrad Autopilot?

    That is the exact unit I have. Its awesome. Took a little while to get it dialed in but it works like a charm now. The detachable console is a plus also. Lets you move around he deck and control the boat at the same time. Its great for fishing with two because it allows you to set trollers...
  21. salchydog

    Simrad Autopilot?

    but you have a few complaints about some other things, right Micah.... See you this afternoon.
  22. salchydog

    YFT - Los Cabos

    Art - its been a wierd one! Cant wait to see the new panga in the water. I was on it while it was being worked on at boating dynamics. nice head. i had to take a piss so i tested it out for ya. works great.
  23. salchydog

    tackle center

    a trade for cash? what does that mean J? :-) fishing with lee on sat. will you be out? Brad
  24. salchydog

    Simrad Autopilot?

    Simrad AP series. Great units. I wouldnt own a boat without one.
  25. salchydog

    First Blood on the Panga at the 238

    WTG Art. Congrats on the new ride. Glad you finally got to get some tuna. See you on the water. B
  26. salchydog

    monster mako

    sweet mako. good job and kudos go out to the solo fisherman. thats a fucking scary catch for a crew, let alone one person. nice work!
  27. salchydog

    La Paz to San Felipe June 27 thru July 7

    sounds like a fantastic trip. great report
  28. salchydog

    New Lo-An 7/9/05

    no pictures - i dont believe a word you said.
  29. salchydog

    SUBJECT: one word... MONSTER!

    fucking great story... way to go. Now lets see some of that footage....
  30. salchydog


    thanks for all of the feedback.
  31. salchydog

    7-7 YFT, Albie

    this is a wierd fishing season.......
  32. salchydog

    1.5 Day On The Prowler Bluefin Bonanza!

    great job and thanks for the report
  33. salchydog


    Heading to Oahu on the 20th till the 27th and want to fish. Anyone have a recommendation for a 6pack?
  34. salchydog

    7/3 Mako fishing (I'm now addicted) A few pics

    Penn = meat n potatoes. solid reels.
  35. salchydog

    Blue Fin / Dorado / Albacore 7-2

    awesome job on the bluefin..
  36. salchydog


    sweet job guys.
  37. salchydog

    YFT - Los Cabos

    fished two days last weekend off of palmilla, los cabos. first day got skunked, second day ran into a school of nice size YFT at about 25 miles. landed two that weighed about 65 lbs and one that was about 15. lost a real big fish that grabbed my best lure. weather was hot, ocean was...
  38. salchydog

    6-30 Albies below D.220

    JT - i didnt knowthat you still fished..... PS - did you get a call from a friend of mine last week? I gave her your number. She needed some work done.
  39. salchydog

    BOTD/SF Forums...

    fuck - what are we gonna do during the off-season, on the weekends, late at night, at 5:30am when we cant sleep, before and after fishing, all the time.
  40. salchydog

    OK...OK.....Team WaaTooSee (short version)

    glad you guys had a fun time. great read mikey. frank, looks like the custom cutting board made it to the new boat. looks good!
  41. salchydog

    WSB @ South Coronados 05-07-2005

    is that why you called me? nice fish. save me a small sliver.
  42. salchydog

    Just about done with No Limits

    J, You know how to drive that thing man? it looks awesome. Cant wait to fish off of it.
  43. salchydog

    Mon 18th Thresher

    Good job JT. Glad to see you can still catch fish. :-) B
  44. salchydog

    trailer storage

    It comes free with a $35,000.00 Seaswirl 2301 fully loaded. :-)
  45. salchydog

    trailer storage

    free trailer. anyone want it?
  46. salchydog

    trailer storage

    I need a place to store an empty boat trailer. Anyone know of a place that is cheap? Brad
  47. salchydog

    Insane Squiding

    I have some squid for you JT
  48. salchydog

    GMAIL acounts

    i'll take one! Brad
  49. salchydog

    Just another yakker at La Jolla...

    Sweet Fish!! BTW - Were you speaking english?
  50. salchydog

    Roofer and Door Installer needed

    anyone like fixing cedar shingles? Got a leak on my chimney that needs some TLC. Need some new doors and some flashing repair as well Brad
  51. salchydog

    What's up???

    hi mike
  52. salchydog

    What's up???

    penthouse forum
  53. salchydog

    macerator trasherator trasherated

    I had some issues with my Jabsco pump this year. I burned out two of them before I figured out what the problem was. I guess it would run dry for a few seconds before the water actually hit the pump. This causes the pump to freeze up and eventually crap out. To stop this from happening (two...
  54. salchydog

    Can You Guess M. O. W. # 64?

    good to meet you.
  55. salchydog

    Fin n' Bug Report w-pics 12/12

    you get a new dog mike? or is that your new girlfriend? she sure is a cutie
  56. salchydog

    Yamaha Parts

    I second robby @ boating dynamics. he's a great mechanic and gets you in and out in no time - in the summer!
  57. salchydog

    Junkin' at the 1067

    Good job guys and thanks for the report. Looks like i'll dust off my rods.....
  58. salchydog

    Local Banks YT scratch 11/11

    Thanks for the report Jim.
  59. salchydog

    Bonito Spread

    My name is Brad and I will NEVER eat bonito. Doesn't matter how is cooked or hidden with other food. Bad dog.
  60. salchydog

    BD Jacket final list

    I got a check getting dropped to you today. sorry for the delay. I'm shot and i forgot.
  61. salchydog

    General Contractor / Handyman needed - Fast!

    Help! I am "handy" but this job is a bit too complex for me to tackle myself. I have two leaks in my upper patio deck patio and rain water is coming into the garage. I have located the leaks and it looks like I need to replace the Cap on the patio deck wall. The other leak is coming from...
  62. salchydog


    I will take an XL with "Hello my name is Byeye" on it. I'll send a check. Forget the "Byeye" part.
  63. salchydog

    C-Map NT PC planner

    brian you always get lost out there. :-)
  64. salchydog

    10/16 -Hidden bank/ne 1010 - YFT, YT, Marlin

    Roadrunner - is your temp gauge working correctly? Never mind Just saw the SST charts.. Amazing what the water is doing this year.
  65. salchydog

    flagrant violation pre setting drag

    Has anyone ever seen byeye in a standup harness? Sexxxxxy. Especially when he wears those pink pantyhose with the thong under them... Ooooofff!
  66. salchydog

    Tuna trip to Gloucester

    Dont take "quotes" too seriously. It was said as a joke. Get it? Just enjoy the pictures.
  67. salchydog

    Tuna trip to Gloucester

    This one hit on a stickbait mackeral. (a mackeral with a lead weight in its gut and a BBQ skewer running through its body to keep it straight in the water.) We fought it for just about an hour. It ran and ran and when we finally got the line in up to the mono it ran some more. Serious battle...
  68. salchydog

    Tuna trip to Gloucester

    Here's some more piccies
  69. salchydog

    Tuna trip to Gloucester

    Well I just got home from a sick trip to the east coast with Micah (who is still in Connecticuit visiting family). We fished for four days on a friends 31 foot boat. Here's a brief summary of the trip and a photo of the biggest fish. 1 giant caught and landed - 650lbs 1 giant released at...
  70. salchydog

    Giant Bluefin Tuna

    We're out! Hopefully some sick pictures to follow.
  71. salchydog

    make a wish 9/18

    brian - i am not fishing the tourney but will be out. going after some BET (trying to at least). we will be leaving about the same time as you. i am not going to head to the 213 so i will give you a call. Brad
  72. salchydog

    make a wish 9/18

    Brian, Better make sure that you bring a pillow and a sleeping bag for byeye. He needs to be comfy when he sleeps up front otherwise when he wakes up he will be in a bad mood.
  73. salchydog

    Giant Bluefin Tuna

    Now that the Waatoosee / Guadalupe trip is over I thought I'd get a post started on a trip that Micah (does that guy ever work) and I are taking to the east coast on September 21st. I have a close friend that is a commercial bluefin fisherman in Gloucester Mass and every year around this time...
  74. salchydog

    Garmin Gpsmap 76cs

    Any opinions on this unit as a backup GPS for the boat? Looking to purchase one and wondering if anyone has used it. Also, any deals out there? Brad
  75. salchydog

    Dodo limits and YFT @ the 425

    Fished the 425 today with four buddies for mexi Dodo limits and YFT. First time EVER limiting out on Dodo. One of the top 10 days on the water today. No wind, nice south swell running but it was very greasy out there. Ran at 35 mph all day. Herded a school of dolphin with Sherrita and...
  76. salchydog


    Leaving SI at 4:30ish. Headed to the islands and then offshore to the 425/371 area. Give a shout if your out. Brad Salchy Dog
  77. salchydog

    9/1 - Yellowfin

    for $40, you can have all of my rusted hooks.
  78. salchydog

    9/1 - Yellowfin

    i guess i just suck at fishing man. I quit! Anyone want to buy a boat, rods n reels, and a lot of cool gear? Oh yeah, i have a shit load of rusted dull hooks to go with it all.
  79. salchydog

    9/1 - Yellowfin

    man, you guys got it all wrong here. you need to troll at 20 knts with the reels set on full with the tightest drag possible. this way when the fish hits the hook sinks REAL deep into the roof of its mouth. being in full throttle will cause the entire skeleton to rip entirely out of its body...
  80. salchydog

    9/1 - Yellowfin

    that is correct, Zimm.
  81. salchydog

    fishing the 4th

    welcome back brian. ps - i just burned out my second macerator pump. where is your installed? I think i am burning them out because its mounted above the hole on the fish box so there is an upward slope to the tube running to the pump. it pull air for a few seconds. Where's yours mounted?
  82. salchydog

    Just couldn't make it happen!

    Hey Byeye - we know that feeling, huh?
  83. salchydog

    9/1 - Yellowfin

    Micah - i went to see steve :-) I am part of the "brotherhood" now. He's a cool guy! Thanks for the hookup. Can you show me how to catch some fish one day? Shiiiiiiiiiit. LOL
  84. salchydog

    9/1 - Yellowfin

    hey crusty rod - thanks for the lesson on hooking a fish. i'll try to remember all of that the next time i am in a school of 10lb yellowfin tuna that are feeding on baitballs
  85. salchydog

    9/1 - Yellowfin

    jim - we could have used another set of arms and eyes today. lets set something up for next week. these fish need to eat a little and when they get fat it'll be real fun.
  86. salchydog

    9/1 - Yellowfin

    J.T. Have a great time in Hawaii. Be safe and catch some of those big yellowfin tuna.
  87. salchydog

    9/1 - Yellowfin

    worked 32.02 117.57 all morning for nothing. Headed towards the warmer water inside of the 60 mile / 390 / cross area. At noon we were at 10 / 55 and finally found the YFT. Worked the area pretty hard. Tons of yellowfin tuna crashing the surface (TONS) and birds working all over the place...
  88. salchydog

    Available Weds. 9-01 to crew.

    Corey - i have room for you. leaving at 12.30. call me 760 638 1396 Brad
  89. salchydog

    Fishing on the 1st

    Salchydog will be leaving tonight for the Airplane. Hope to see someone out there B
  90. salchydog

    8/14 182 YT and porta patty

    You guys are forgetting one thing here; maybe he brought it with him. If so, then he has the right to take it back and put it anywhere he wants. I dont see anything wrong with that. Whats the big deal anyway? So what if he's a paddy ho.
  91. salchydog

    302, Nados, S. 9 Mile Bank 8/14

    yeah yeah - it was our only fish boated for the day but it will feed us for dinner!! we did lose a very nice dorado at the boat because it wrapped around my troller that I was to lazy to pull in when we stopped on the paddy. i will never leave another lure in the water when i'm stopped...
  92. salchydog

    The 43! 8/13/04

    that sure is one happy kid!
  93. salchydog

    Sat - 8/14

    Fishing the 425, 101, 371 and the S9 tomorrow looking for the usual suspects with Marlin on the top of the list. Will give a heads up if we find any productive paddies. Brad PS - anyone have a sweetspot where they catch Makeral?
  94. salchydog

    8-11 YFT, dodo, YT

    Lee, I had a great time yesterday, thank you for the invite and it was great to have finally met you. JT and Jim it was great meeting you guys as well and I look forward to fishing with all of you again soon. Micah - aahhhhh, I already know you.. What a movie!! If i could put a DVD...
  95. salchydog

    Monday - might run long

    Salchy Dog will be leaving Sunday night with mikeylikesit and two of my favorite sushi chefs from Samurai in Solana Beach. Not sure as of right now where we will be headed but I want yellowfin. Leaving Marina Cortez at about 1. Anyone planning on missing work on Monday? Brad
  96. salchydog

    Blue Marlin, Albies, Dodo and YT

    That fish looked cobalt blue to me! It also had the blueish bars down the body. Who knows! It was an amazing experience though.
  97. salchydog

    Meet M.O.W. #55 salchydog

    Thanks Lee. ANYTIME you have an extra space or some room I would love to fish with you. Thank you very much for the invite. Brad
  98. salchydog

    Ensenada 07/27 - 08/02

    Steve, It was great chatting with you on Sunday. Hearding the dolphins was a great idea! Too bad we didnt get any yellowfin out of that. There was a tremendous amount of deep marks on that area but nothing was coming up. Brad
  99. salchydog

    Blue Marlin, Albies, Dodo and YT

    You did play with your balls a lot too..... you for got to mention that.
  100. salchydog

    Blue Marlin, Albies, Dodo and YT

    Surfdoc - these are the fattest albies i have ever seen! no wonder there are purse seiners all over the tuna grounds this year.
  101. salchydog

    Blue Marlin, Albies, Dodo and YT

    Actually guys, Mike didnt sleep or eat that much this trip.
  102. salchydog

    295 report

    Brian - thanks for calling us in on that bite. Too bad it ended before we got there. Post the pics of the bluefin and yellowfin just so i can get even more pissed off..
  103. salchydog

    Blue Marlin, Albies, Dodo and YT

    Headed out on friday to the Coral with Byeye and Dave P for a weekend of fishing. Started Sat with a game plan to head to the lower 500 where there were some temp breaks that I was watching on terrafin. Bigeye and larger tuna were the plan so we trolled smaller marlin lures on the...
  104. salchydog

    7-28 Large Albies

    Micah - do you work for Aflack now?
  105. salchydog

    Aug. 7th, 8th

    Hey byeye, Take me fishing too.
  106. salchydog

    Trailer Brake lockup

    Brian, Does yours do the same? Tried calling you a few weeks ago. Whats going on? Fishing this year at all. Havent heard you out on the water in a long time. Brad
  107. salchydog

    Sat Mako Madness

    Squidco has flying gaffs for 100 bucks. work great. I just bought one for just that purpose. micah and i have been sharking a lot lately and been doing real well. the first trip out we had a 120 lber at the boat with two small gaffs in it and no gun! it was a rodeo. Brad
  108. salchydog

    07-27/08-01 Ensenada

    Steve, I'll see you down there. We'll have to have a beer by the pool. i am headed down there with byeye and my buddy dave. Brad Salchy Dog
  109. salchydog

    Trailer Brake lockup

    Thanks for the reply. I'll do some tinkering this weekend. There might be a fuse that might have blown in the connection box that was installed.
  110. salchydog

    Trailer Brake lockup

    Anyone with a Trail Rite trailer having problems when going in reverse? Recently my brakes have been locking up. I have an actuator that is supposed to disengage the brakes when i put the car in reverse. For some reason it has stopped doing that. To stop this from happeining I need to plug...
  111. salchydog

    Weather report for 1010 and double 220

    hey fatbass - did i see you driving around cardiff with a 26 striper?
  112. salchydog

    07-23 Yellowfin

    Did you fish there today? Coral next weekend!!
  113. salchydog

    Happyhunter down but not out !!!

    what did that helicopter ride run you?
  114. salchydog

    07 - 15

    hope this weekend brings some good reports. the water is sure starting to warm up.
  115. salchydog

    Meet M.O.W. #55 salchydog

    It ranges from about $5.00 up to about $17.00 per lb. A friend of mine who is a commercial captain out of the Cape said he just caught a 900lb BFT and he only got $5.50 a pound and his buddy caught a smaller fish and got $17.00. I guess it really depends on the fat content of the meat. I...
  116. salchydog

    Meet M.O.W. #55 salchydog

    Its a hell of a town.
  117. salchydog

    albacore bitting hard again

    Just get the numbers. I can make it out that far in my 23 footer......
  118. salchydog

    Meet M.O.W. #55 salchydog

    I wont but I know a great place in Ensenada that will do it for free. The guy to ask for is Miguel, he sometimes goes by "The Can Man".
  119. salchydog

    7/10/04 with salchydog

    Shelly, You are a one hard working fisherwoman, probably the best I have ever spent a day on the water with. Like I said yesterday - you are welcome on my boat anyday!! And... I owe you a "catching" trip. Yesterday was a first for me and hopefully the last - better knock on some...
  120. salchydog

    late report from 7/3

    wasnt that bad at all.
  121. salchydog

    late report from 7/3

    Started the day at the numbers Micah left from Wednesdays slaughter. Trolled towards the 213 and basically fished at 47 over 46 the whole morning. Boxed the area and left at about 11am with 14 fish 25 to about 35 lbs. Weather was great and not crowded at all. Brad Salchy Dog
  122. salchydog

    handheld VHF/GPS

    Micah, It seems to me that the Garmin is more of just a 2 way radio. Is this so? THe mystic seems more of a true VHF. Am i wrong here? B
  123. salchydog

    handheld VHF/GPS

    Micah, Is the garmin both a VHF and a GPS? have you seen the Mystic?
  124. salchydog

    handheld VHF/GPS

    I saw one that came as a two in one unit. It was a Uniden i think. Can you get these?
  125. salchydog

    handheld VHF/GPS

    I am looking for a handheld GPS/VHF combo as a safety backup. Anyone have any recommendations? Brad
  126. salchydog

    March Madness 3-18

    Nice job Lee. I am heading down there tomorrow night to fish on Sat. Anyone headed out? Brad Salchy Dog
  127. salchydog

    This weekend 3/20

    Anyone planing on dusting off the reels and starting up the old engines? I am thinking about heading down south. Brad
  128. salchydog

    Heading to Puerto Vallarta

    I'm planning on a trip down to PV in February with my wife and another couple. Anyone have any recommendations on where to stay and who to fish with? Anyone feel like coming along? the more the merrier. B
  129. salchydog

    late 9-13 report

    Nice catch girls. Great fishing that paddy with you. No BFT for us :( Speak to you soon.. Brad PS - That fish had you exhausted.... What a fight! Congrats
  130. salchydog

    The Coral 8/25-8/27

    Headed down on Monday afternoon and arrived by 5. Fished Tuesday about 8 miles east of the 238. Landed a nice 25lb Dorado in the early am. Stopped on every kelp that we saw - nothing. Hardly any in the area. Trolled to the 238, nothing there either. Only saw a few boats working the area - it...
  131. salchydog

    The Coral loop 8/22-23

    ahh, the place on the left hand side. I know where it is. Thanks. waiting for your report...... Brad
  132. salchydog

    The Coral loop 8/22-23

    PapaJ Wondering how the Coral was this weekend. I am leaving tomorrow for the Coral for a three day trip. Report? Thanks, Brad PS - where is that ice place?
  133. salchydog

    Coral mon - wed

    Heading to the Coral on Monday afternoon and fishing on Tuesday and Wed. Anyone planning / thinking about headed down there lemme know. Brad
  134. salchydog

    late post modem crapped last nite 371 425

    What a fish. What a fight!! 7 hours. I'm headed to the Coral tomorrow for three days so I'm going to stay home today.
  135. salchydog

    late post modem crapped last nite 371 425

    Did I run into you at Seawitch Marine today?
  136. salchydog

    Big Albies 8/16

    Caught them on the troll. Both of them hit at the same time (the bigger ones). Great fight! Thought they were Yellowfin from the way they fought and ran so many times. Brad
  137. salchydog

    Big Albies 8/16

    Started the day at 31 22 / 117 48 and ended the day at the 371. Caught some fish! (and these two monsters)
  138. salchydog


    Does anyone have any experience using the Yamaha fuel management system? I am thinking about picking one up and I can't decide between this and the Floscan. Both units hook up the a GPS and from what I can tell do very similar things. Any advice?
  139. salchydog

    Very sick day! 7/31

    Weather couldnt have been better. Calm seas and very light wind
  140. salchydog

    Very sick day! 7/31

    I hardly ever post a fish report but there haven't been many positive reports this week so here's a great one! 17 albies to 25 lbs by 7am, 3 YT @ 22lbs by 8:30. It was one of the best days I have ever experienced conditions/fish. They are far! 31 16 / 117 04, about 23 miles past the 238...
  141. salchydog

    Autopilot Recommendation

    I'm considering two autopolits: Raytheon ST5000+ and the Simrad Robertson AP11. I don't consider myself a person that "skimps" on high priced items as I always like to buy the best thats out there. I know that the Simrad is a much better unit (as per Kevin @ Phantom Marine) but after...
  142. salchydog

    AM/FM/CD player install ???

    If you have a battery switch on your boat, which i'm pretty sure all do, just turn all the power off on both batteries when you arent using the boat. Thats what I do. Havent had a problem yet. Brad