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  1. Geo-Fish

    Annual Mexican Fishing License - Update

    Happy New Year: This is for you folks that get the Annual Mexican Fishing License Online. If any of you noticed, the Annual Option is not available currently online. So I decided to email the Mexican Government Fishing “powers to be.” And this is what they said..... so sit tight it’s coming...
  2. Geo-Fish

    Anyone Lose a Hoop Net Friday Night/Sat Morning (in San Diego)?

    Found a Hoop net early Saturday morning. We were out till 2am and saw it’s 9 other brothers earlier and it was all lonely by itself at 2am as we were the only peeps hooping in that area at that time..... So, if you can tell me where, the description and the very light unreadable numbers on it...
  3. Geo-Fish

    9/27/19 - Offshore for Lobster Bait

    Looked like a small window to go offshore. My bait freezer was completely empty so our goal was to limit out on Skip Jack for Lobster season..... Launched SI at 3:30am. Picked up a full scoop of lively greenback dines and rounded Pt Loma at 4:00. Headed to the 302. The weather was drizzly...
  4. Geo-Fish

    9/21/19 Limits of YFT for 2

    Been teaching my 21 year old about Private Boat Offshore Fishing. So when he asked me last night, “where are we going?” I told him, it was up to him to decide.....That he was the Skipper of this trip! Launched SI Boat ramp at 4:00am. There was only one boat already getting bait at the Bait...
  5. Geo-Fish

    9/15 Sunday - Who’s Going Offshore?

    I’ve got a buddy from out of town excited to catch a YFT. So I can’t cancel this trip. Problem is, the bite has cooled, the Sportie counts are down. The bite seems to have moved south. I’m having a problem coming up with a plan. Anyone else chasing Tuna tomorrow? I’m undecided. I topped...
  6. Geo-Fish

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    These past two weeks, on my private boat I’ve witnessed some truly poor choices being made by the “shit show” or “fleet.” Most disturbing is the Captaining by some, not all, Sportsboats. Perhaps this is what we sign up for by taking our boats 30 or more miles offshore. However, this “combat...
  7. Geo-Fish

    La Jolla PM Trip Tomorrow

    My son and I are hitting LJ tomorrow after 12pm (after his college class). That said, we’ve had good luck recently for the early AM bite but: -How’s it been in the PM? -Can you make Macks off the Jetty after 12pm as opposed to dark and gray-light? Thanks
  8. Geo-Fish

    Simrad GO9XSE - Please help with Sonar

    I recently installed a Simrad GO9XSE with Total Scan Transom Mount Transducer and 3G Radar. That said, the Radar was easy enough to understand and use. The chart plotter is very detailed with the Navionics (more so than than the included C-Map Card) and I am very happy with the bottom detail...
  9. Geo-Fish

    Self Bailing Cockpit SCUPPERS

    I have a 21 foot WA Cuddy. It has flapper type Scuppers on it(4) but they seem to always jam causing backflow. Luckily we wear fishing boots, but this shouldn’t happen. And it’s also melting the ice pre-maturely in my fishholds. Does anyone have any luck with the BALL -TYPE Scuppers? They...