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    For Sale Shimano, Penn, Avet

    What's up BD, I have up for sale a reel and a Rod ROD SOLD 1) Shimano Terez Spinning rod taken on a few boat rides but never used, like new. Model TZS-78HBLK ROD SOLD 2) Penn Clash CLA6000 Spinning reel also like new, taken on a few rides but not used filled to the top with 65# MaxCuatro, with...

    Avet JX Raptor Gear Ratio

    Looking to find out the true ratio for the JX Raptor, Avet website says 6.0 / 2.8.1 but all the online stores has the low ratio at 3.8.1. Anyone know the actual?

    Red VMC Tuna Tamer hooks

    Anybody use the Red Tuna Tamer hooks? Does red make a difference?

    Reels sold, please delete

    1) Accurate B-870 4.61 gear ratio SOLD, thanks Ron! 2) Shimano Trinidad 12 Gold with clamp, SOLD, thanks David! 3) Shimano Curado 300EJ Brand new in box SOLD, thanks Gregg! Can someone delete this thread, thanks

    Best monofilament for surface iron

    Ok guys I just purchased a Okuma Cedros 10 star drag specifically for surface iron, I put 40# XXX P-Line on it but do not like it, seems to stiff. What is the best line for fishing the surface iron. Thanks ahead of time for your responses.

    Thank You San Diego!

    Thank you San Diego Padres for sweeping the Hated ones today..... Go Dodgers:cheers:

    Driving to La Paz

    Looking for some advise from you Baja guys, I will be traveling from Los Cabos Airport to La Paz in a rental car, and would like to know which road to take safest/ fastest, Hwy 19 or Hwy 1, Thanks ahead of time for your responses.

    Calstar, Shimano, Graftech, Daiwa

    Everything Sold, Thanks BD! Please delete thread
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    Wind on leaders

    Ok not sure if I am posting in the right spot,but I figured you long range guys would be the ones to ask.My question is has anybody ever bought wind on leaders from JAK Associates, they are on EBAY and have a vey good rating.Seems like they use the same quality stuff as BHP but less...
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    Momoi Hi Catch vs Momoi Diamond

    I've heard the Hi Catch is better than the Diamond even tho it's less expensive,I would like to here from you tackle junkies of which is better and the differences.Thanks in advance for your responses.
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    EX 4/0 2

    What are the gear ratios on the Avet EX 4/0 2speeds,I can't find it anywhere on the box or the reel.Thanks in advance.
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    Does anybody have an idea of when Avet is going to come out with the MX Raptor or JX Raptors?
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    REELS-Avet,Shimano,Progear,Abu Garcia

    I have for sale 1)Avet Pro EX 4/02 Gold,taken on 3 boat rides,very minor boat rash on left side plate.Visually/9.5 mechanically/10,has about 300 yds of 65# spectra 280.00 PRICE REDUCED TO 240.00 SOLD 2)Shimano Calcutta 400S, like new 100.00 (non-levelwind) 3)Pro Gear CS501-6,like new has...
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    solid spectra to solid spectra connection

    Ok I went back to see if I could find something on spectra to spectra connections (solid) but I couldn't find anything,so I would like your input on what is the best way to connect spectra to spectra same diameter.Thanks Oscar
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    LX 2 speed

    The Acet website says the LX has 15 lbs max drag on strike/20 lbs max drag setting. Which is the one you use to determine what size line you can use on this reel?Trying to figure out if I can fish 50#on it or is it to close to the max drag setting?Thanks appreciate the help
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    Accurate BX 400

    How much 50# spectra can this reel hold? I seen what the Accurate website says,But would like to here from someone who has one.Looking to put a 40# top shot,would like to what know what you guys think.Thanks,Oscar
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    Torium 30

    How much 65# spectra can I put on a Torium 30? and how much of a 50#topshot?specificaly to fish larger surface iron? Appreciate the responses. Thanks
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    need help choosing between accurate 665 or avet hx for 50#

    First time posting on bloodydecks, looking for a 50# reel 2 speed and narrowed it down to Accuraye 665 or Avet hx any advise? Thanks Ozzie
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    This my 1st post here,and I was wondering if anybody ever fished the estero at Punta Banda,if so what is there to catch, what do use for bait?I'm staying in a house on the beach and I never see anybody catch anything in the surf on the ocean side but rumor has it that there is good fishing in...