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  1. Sea Sport

    10/2 CR tuna. Damn good. Plugged.

    Nice job getting into them, Mike. Hope they stick around for a while.
  2. Sea Sport

    Tuna Westport 10/01

    Love it when it all comes together. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the season. Hope there is still some left during the October run and the weather holds out. Seems we are getting colder, earlier.
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    9/20 tuna report. WFO off CR/WP.

    So, how did you do Greg? And when did you get back in?
  4. Sea Sport

    9/20 tuna report. WFO off CR/WP.

    Mike, did you go NW out of Ilwaco? Are they moving North then? Been a while since we've seen them moving up the coast.
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    Westport Tuna 9-13-19 Piggies

    You've gotta love a trip like that. Nice job. And thumbs up for Mark Colman and his boys.
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    CR tuna still great. 9/14 report

    Same here. Thanks for the update Mike.
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    Chasing 2019’s summer!

    Those are the nicest salmon I've seen this year. Way to get end the summer.
  8. Sea Sport

    CR 9/11 tuna. Still excellent.

    How far SW did you have to go? Lat? Just curious. Seems they should be moving North, but are staying South?
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    Tuna Run Friday

    Glad you finally got out Greg. Feels pretty good to get the boat loaded this year, eh?
  10. Sea Sport

    Edmonds salmon

    Nice mess of fish there. See the boy with fish. Did he catch his first one?
  11. Sea Sport

    Westport tuna 8-24

    Impressive for three guys. How much bait did you start out with?
  12. Sea Sport

    My last goal

    Goal Met and a very happy 15 year old I'm guessing by looking at the smile. Good job Dad!!
  13. Sea Sport

    The Baitstop

    Now that's some fancy gaffin.
  14. Sea Sport

    The Baitstop

    Both you and the Tuna!!!!
  15. Sea Sport

    tuna fishing video august 19 2019

    Love the action! Some good players there! Thanks for the video. Seems there is never time to turn on the camera when the action starts. But ya got it!
  16. Sea Sport

    The Baitstop

    That's some great video!!! Good examples of the "tuna dance". Have you ever tried brain spiking your tuna? Lot faster that the bludgeon, if you want to give it a try.
  17. Sea Sport

    4 Day 575nm Longfin Trip

    Nice boat and sounds like a fantastic trip. Who could ask for more? Three generations, 70 plus tuna, and the memories.
  18. Sea Sport

    Initial Tuna run

    Way to go!!! Worth the trip around the horn for that!
  19. Sea Sport

    Overnight tuna

    Ever try a sea anchor? AKA, para anchor 12ft open? Slows down the drift at night to about 1 mile/hour or less depending on wind. Nice ride into the waves.
  20. Sea Sport

    La push tuna

    Love that Outpost Update. 35lb kings used to be fairly frequent at Westport in the 50s and 60s. Now it has been more of a trout fishery. featuring silvers. Where have all the Tyees gone?
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    First family tuna run

    Smokin! Getting the family on a tuna trip is awesome! Did you have enough ice?
  22. Sea Sport

    Overnight tuna

    Done that! It is amazing on a clear night. One of our crew saw comet crossing sky. Breakfast on the ocean and then hit the tuna again.
  23. Sea Sport

    La push tuna

    Fantastic there are tuna north as well as south. What was the water temp up there?
  24. Sea Sport

    Westport 8-3-2019

    Nice. Any pictures of the happy clients?
  25. Sea Sport

    Tuna Saturday

    Thanks for the report! Did he eat the heart?
  26. Sea Sport

    Its on. Tuna died out of the CR today. Great fishing.

    Can't wait! Sounds like a good amount of tunies runnin the coast.
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    Quick tuna report. 7/25

    Some nice footballs in that first pic.
  28. Sea Sport

    Quick WP tuna report 7/31

    Agree with Laurence, 7-8 minutes to fill. It is nice to hear reports of getting back into a tuna flow again after a couple of lean years. Hope they stick around for a while and the sharks take a break.
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    Good Times on the High Seas

    What have you got there 3 generations? What a great day for making memories.
  30. Sea Sport

    Loaded the boat.

    I love it!!! You can't get any better than that.
  31. Sea Sport

    7/26 tuna report

    Now that's what I'm happy to see. Some satisfied tuna catchers!
  32. Sea Sport

    Quick tuna report. 7/25

    Ouch!! So we aren't swimmin with Albies after all, eh?
  33. Sea Sport

    Westport Silvers

    How far did you have to travel for the silvers? Down south or strait out?
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    Quick tuna report. 7/25

    Good to see some Albies are around. Last couple of years has been pretty lean.
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    Tuna 24/7/19

    Sorry, I definitely misread. Actually, that's a better range than last year. We were going 70 to 80 miles one way.
  36. Sea Sport

    Tuna 24/7/19

    239 miles and 9 tuna? This is not good! Bodes poorly for the WTC this year.
  37. Sea Sport

    Sekiu 7/18-7/21

    Looked like some decent water too. Nice fish.
  38. Sea Sport

    First Summer Chinook of the season

    Nice to know there are some fish in the south sound. Been wondering where they all went. Perhaps in the nets in the rivers?
  39. Sea Sport

    Westport 7-15

    Pretty happy picture there, pard.
  40. Sea Sport

    Westport 7/12

    That's good news that the fish are at least coming down. Not so good that there may be a lot of Wilds. Thanks for the report.
  41. Sea Sport

    A7 love

    There's fish in area 7?
  42. Sea Sport

    Westport 7/12

    Bolt decision 1967. Once the rivers were netted, the game was over for large fish and sportsman catches like we had back in the 50s and 60s. By 1972, the 300 charter boat fleet of Westport was decimated. We used to have a 3 fish limit per angler and 35-40 lb kings frequently. Now, a 25 lb...
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    Westport 7/8 Coho Rpt (All River & Saltwater Charters)

    Good to hear something about how Mark is doing. Kinda quiet lately. Contrats on the fine fishing!
  44. Sea Sport

    There were salmon in area 34-27

    Gettim started early, eh? Gotta love it!
  45. Sea Sport

    WP & Tokeland report

    Now that's a good report and appreciated. Not many fess up to letting others know status, good or bad, lately.
  46. Sea Sport

    Fish not from the ocean

    Another memory for the boy!!!
  47. Sea Sport

    Neah Bay 27-30 June

    Very nice report. Thanks for sharing!
  48. Sea Sport

    Neah Anhile....

    Way to get em! Nice catch.
  49. Sea Sport

    Proper report

    Those be some nice Halies. We went out of Westport on the 20th. Got our 4 Halies, but a lot of green water over the top and snotty water all day.
  50. Sea Sport

    Westport opening day salmon 6/22/19

    Was out there on Thursday for Halibut and stayed for the salmon. We got our Halibut on a sincerely snotty day, but only had two strikes and nada on the salmon Saturday and Sunday. Congrats on the salmon. Very nice!!!
  51. Sea Sport

    Proper report

    What's the size on the Halibut? In pounds, please!
  52. Sea Sport

    5-25 and 5-26 Neah Bay Halibut, Lings and Rock Fish

    When you eat them does the ugly get passed on?
  53. Sea Sport

    Salmon Bellies for halibut bait

    Nice bellies.
  54. Sea Sport

    Help planning a Westport Albacore trip...

    There are 2-3 day trips on larger boats such as Ms Magoo, Gold Rush and Ranger. Express trips for one day, fast out and back, on the 6 pack charters as mentioned before, such as Tail Walker Charters,All Rivers & Saltwater Charters, and Offshore Northwest Charters. August and September are best...
  55. Sea Sport

    Bottom fishing report...Westport

    Thanks Mark. It's been a long winter. Looking forward to getting back out on the pond. Any idea how the tuna is stacking up for the year or too early to tell?
  56. Sea Sport

    LaPush Friday

    Yeah!!! Thanks for posting:hali_olutta:
  57. Sea Sport

    OBX giant bluefin

    Impressive!! Nice to see ya saving some Blue Fins, too.:appl:
  58. Sea Sport

    Seasport owners....

    I changed over from a KAD 44 to 2 Yamaha Offshore 250s due to my Diesel unable to gain plane heavily loaded with tuna and ice. Have had no problems since.
  59. Sea Sport

    Finally, Bloody Decks

    Nice fish. Way to keep at it. Believe a lot more are going to the seals than we realize.
  60. Sea Sport

    1/12 PnP

    Congrats for getting out there!! Nice catch.
  61. Sea Sport

    South Sound Chum

    River fishing? Nice time for family!
  62. Sea Sport

    Dead lings today

    AMEN on the tuna season!!! So nice to see a family enjoying the ocean together, though. Happy memories last a long time. Thanks for the report.
  63. Sea Sport

    Better late than never, Tuna 9-14, 9-15

    Way to go. Don't know if the season is over or what. But it hasn't been kind to my crew this year.
  64. Sea Sport

    Zufish Tuna run 9/15

    Thanks for the report! Wondering where these peanuts are coming from, other than the sperm and mothers. It's supposed to be the big kuhunas this time of year, but we be betting peanuts. Nice to hear a couple of larger ones in the mix. Congrats:appl:
  65. Sea Sport

    Westport Tuna 9/15

    Looking forward to see what this wind has done to the tuna grounds. Fishing Monday through Thursday. Maybe an overnighter if the weather allows this week. Thanks for the report and you got to love the Blue Water no matter the size of the little suckers.
  66. Sea Sport

    WP albies thursday

    that coulda won the WTC peanut of the year award!!!
  67. Sea Sport

    WP albies thursday

    I think I'm getting sick. We need some big tunies in numbers. What's happened to our fall fishery?
  68. Sea Sport

    Busy busy summer

    Those are some awesome pics and great story. How did the window get broken? You ferried the boat up to Alaska? Where did you catch the ferry?
  69. Sea Sport

    WP Tuna is WFO

    Nice pics!! Whose the dead guy on the nice clea deck?
  70. Sea Sport

    ST Ilwaco

    Yeah figured you'd have to go farther out. That's still a pretty good run from Westport. Nice that you were able to do it from Ilwaco:-)
  71. Sea Sport

    Westport-tailwalking it

    Did you give Patrick some brews after you got back? That always makes him feel better. Even in crusty weather.
  72. Sea Sport

    ST Ilwaco

    So how far did you have to go this time to net the 12 albies?
  73. Sea Sport

    MA 11 HO's

    There are fish here, huh? Amazing!!! Nice job getting them in the boat.
  74. Sea Sport

    WP Tuna is WFO

    Waiting for the pictures!!!
  75. Sea Sport

    Son's First Ho

    Great job with the boy binging in the biggest!!! He's got to remember that!
  76. Sea Sport

    8-25/8-26 tuna boat ride, mackerel, salmon

    Those Silvers look pretty nice. What's the average weight, any idea? The sad thing about tuna this year and last is they're not where they're supposed to be. (ie: close)
  77. Sea Sport

    MA13 Vacation

    Thanks for posting. Hope you get a chance to get out again. Nice catch by the way. Those two week moorings are nice aren't they?
  78. Sea Sport

    8/21 CR tuna report. Still hot.

    Where's the pictures? You know the rule: No pictures, it really didn't happen!!:-)
  79. Sea Sport

    MA 13 Chinook?

    Nice to see some fish getting through to mid-world. Hopefully we will see some in area 11 as well. BTW: Nice fish!!!!
  80. Sea Sport

    MA 2x(6+10)-29

    Great trip for the family and a great outcome. Water was good?
  81. Sea Sport

    First Chinook for 2 Grandkids at Neah Bay

    Making memories!!! Way to go on the salmon and lingcod. My grandkids get sea sick, unfortunately. :(
  82. Sea Sport

    ilwaco albacore 8-11

    That's a hell of a haul dragging jigs! Congrats!!!
  83. Sea Sport

    CR tuna run and coho weekend

    Nice catch! How many tuna? The silvers seem a bit bigger this year.
  84. Sea Sport

    Westport salmon 8/9

    We did the same thing on the 8th of August. Went deep for the kings and shallow for the silvers. Had 5 wild silvers we had to let go. 4 kings and 4 hatchery silvers. Birds were working all over the place. But it was a blustery day with 20mph winds on the 8th.
  85. Sea Sport

    ST Ilwaco

    Yeah, I made that mistake as well. Ms McGoo out of Westport has been killing them down there. Probably won't be enough to make it North when the winds change from the Southo_O
  86. Sea Sport

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,sort of

    Ouch!!! That's got to hurt. All the gas, the expense on the trailer, the bait pump, and one tuna. Not always an easy shoot out, is it?
  87. Sea Sport

    ST Ilwaco

    Believe they were another15 miles South and West of where you were. Did you see any long rangers pass by while you were trolling?
  88. Sea Sport

    Finally got a State Record!

    Nice write up and hell of a story to tell the kids. Good luck on the swordfish!
  89. Sea Sport

    Neah... Aug 3-4

    What do they take to keep from getting sea sick? My grandchildren take dramamine and still get sick out on the water. I want to get them out more, but until we can overcome the sickness they won't be buying it.
  90. Sea Sport

    Not sure can run 50 miles

    Aero Tech Fuel Bladder!! If you have a place to put it.
  91. Sea Sport

    Westport Salmon 5 Days

    That's the way to do it!!! Thanks for sharing the adventure
  92. Sea Sport

    Westport Tuna 7/30

    We have saved some tuna for you Greg, but they are about 90 miles SW. Easier to get there from Ilwaco.
  93. Sea Sport

    Westport Tuna 7/30

    Were at What?
  94. Sea Sport

    First albacore run

    So Rod, how did you do? The water has been great and temps from 61-64.5 degrees, but not much on the tuna side for us.
  95. Sea Sport

    Westport Tuna 7/30

    Any intel on coordinates? Cause we had some WWs out yesterday and only got a fish a piece for them.
  96. Sea Sport

    Second run and same tuna numbers

    You did great!!! Way to find them and get the into the boat. Nice quality too. That's a problem we've been having-finding them--. Seems they haven't moved far enough North yet. We are having our Washington Tuna Classic this Saturday and without tuna it's really going to be CLASSIC!!!!
  97. Sea Sport

    Tuna slow start but big finish

    I like it!!! It's Magic!! So What time did you cross the bar at Westport, coming back home?
  98. Sea Sport

    Neah 2018, Round 2 with kids!

    You gotta love it when the kids weigh in with the fish!!! Big time memories with Dad!
  99. Sea Sport

    Wednesday shake the cobwebs out run....

    It's good to hear they are biting and to see you caught them biting! Congrats!
  100. Sea Sport

    Tuna dance and Team work

    It's the thought that counts!!!! And it also gives us encouragement to get out there and create memories.
  101. Sea Sport

    First albacore run

    Way to bring in the bullets, Jay. I only hope this year isn't a repeat of last year!!!! How's it look for next week? Will we have to go South to get some vets a tuna?
  102. Sea Sport

    The good, the bad, the ugly

    Glad to see everyone is safe. A lot of action for one day Patrick. Thank God you were there and the Coast Guard responded in a timely manner to save the guy. Also, thanks for the update on water break. Heard the same thing from a commercial guy last weekend. Good to have some...
  103. Sea Sport

    North of Kingston

    I've seen that look before! Pure Joy at catching the biggest fish on the boat.
  104. Sea Sport

    Neah was.... "good"

    So that's where all the Westport fish went!! You waylaid our fish. But it looks like the kids had fun doing it!:-)
  105. Sea Sport

    Epic Neah Bay/Port Renfew Report! Pic Heavy

    Nice quality of fish there. Were our Canadian brothers catching too?
  106. Sea Sport

    Fell off the wagon today and chased the dragon

    Way to fall off the wagon! Nice albies!!! Now indulge yourself!
  107. Sea Sport

    Neah Still Putting Out

    Very Nice catch!!!! Congratulations!
  108. Sea Sport


    Finally!! Thanks for the heads up Mark. How did the commercial adventure go?
  109. Sea Sport

    Just get out there.....

    YESSSSSSS! What was the water temperature?
  110. Sea Sport

    Its on. Tuna died out of the CR today.

    Now that's what I wanted to hear! Thanks for the update. Haven't heard from Mark Colman yet. He's out searching with his new Commercial Adventure Boat. Wishing him luck!
  111. Sea Sport

    MA10 weekend fun

    Dinner for two! Good job getting out there and proving we still have fish in the Sound!
  112. Sea Sport

    Straits kings

    Nice water and nice fish. Way to go!
  113. Sea Sport

    Flat Water Salmon

    So they are coming down now? Nice catch, hope they stick around for a while.
  114. Sea Sport

    MA2 salmon opener - yawn

    Sorry to hear it's not producing better yet. They seem to be doing better up the coast a ways.
  115. Sea Sport

    A Solid Spring

    Nice when they are finally able to overcome the memory of the previous sea sickness. Wish my boys didn't have their mother's sea sickness genes. Tried everything to get them back out on the water. Great that you got your boy out there to enjoy the sport. Nice fish by the way.
  116. Sea Sport

    Fish report, dont remember what area...

    Been a while since I've seen those. Nice bunch of Salmon! What are Tomics?
  117. Sea Sport

    Halibut season, huge Lings, and a State Record Arrowtooth Flounder

    Now that's worth the price of the new motor. Ya gotta love that kind of action to end the halibut season!
  118. Sea Sport

    Area 3 - Halibut and Coho Limits !!!

    That's as nice a day's fishin as you can get!
  119. Sea Sport

    MA2 salmon opener - yawn

    Might be too early for the ones moving down from the North.
  120. Sea Sport

    Westport June 21st - State Record Redbanded Rockfish

    That's a nice catch of lings and halibut. Amazing there hasn't been a recorded catch record of that Rock fish before. But very nice compliment of fish you have there. Final day out of Westport for the year? You don't fish salmon or tuna?
  121. Sea Sport

    My first tuna for the year!

    Right!!!! Last year during the Tuna Classic we had to head out 70 miles. Although we did OK, I had 3 skunk trips last year. Lotta gas, Brutha.
  122. Sea Sport

    My first tuna for the year!

    We're still waiting for our chance this year for Albies. Hopefully it will be better than last year. Nice job getting into the YTs.
  123. Sea Sport


    Ya did good then! That's been a tough area with all the netting going on.
  124. Sea Sport

    Neah 6/22-6/23

    That's a nice catch of Salmon.
  125. Sea Sport


    Nice! Just one?
  126. Sea Sport

    Neah Bay 6/23-6/24

    Nice Salmon! So, when are they coming down the coast?
  127. Sea Sport

    Lapush 6/23

    Tell Daniel he's starting to look like a Caveman!:-) Did you launch from Westport and fish out of Lapush? This looks like a happy crew and a fun day.
  128. Sea Sport

    First time to neah.

    Nice pictures! Congrats on the catch.
  129. Sea Sport

    Ocean Soup A3

    Wow! Nice catch.
  130. Sea Sport

    CQ Thursday, Good, Bad and Ugly

    Greg, You should have had Kodak out there. Have you sold it yet? Nice Dog Fish, by the way!!!:food-smiley-014:
  131. Sea Sport


    Way to go! It's amazing the halibut season has lasted this long. But nice to see the folks still making it happen.
  132. Sea Sport


    She looks too clean for a commercial boat, Mark. Beautiful! Now you are the Long Ranger! Good luck and keep us up to date on how you are doing. See you out there this year.
  133. Sea Sport

    LaPush Saturday 6/16

    Nice results, Patrick!!! Some Monster lings, there.
  134. Sea Sport

    MA 3 report

    When did this event take place? Looks too nice out there. Nice job on the halis and rock fish. Pretty motley crew there. :D Do you have to have a full beard in order to fish on Red Beard?
  135. Sea Sport

    Raging Cajun First go at the ocean. Success!

    What throttle control? Wide open is the only position on the throttle, isn't it?
  136. Sea Sport

    La Push 6/9

    Good Job! The WDFW will close the Halibut season for sure,now. I think you caught the last of the quota.
  137. Sea Sport

    Bubble Cherry

    Congrats! Few and far between, eh?
  138. Sea Sport

    Westport 5/25

    Believe I saw your boat down there Swede. Hope you had a good catch too.
  139. Sea Sport

    Neah Bay 5/27

    You beat the odds and came back with a boat load. Thanks for sharing.
  140. Sea Sport

    Neah 5/25

    Nice butts and lings. Trip is worth the memories. Gotta get out there and make em before it's too late to make em anymore.
  141. Sea Sport

    Westport 5/25

    Well Sunday, one couldn't hold back. The water was gorgeous, but we missed one of our crew had to take off. So we went to the hali grounds, found our three halis in 30 minutes, pressed on for some lings and bottom fish. Didn't get a picture of lings and bf, but here's our little butts.
  142. Sea Sport

    Meanwhile out in A3...

    You got braggin' rights there! What a mouth!! Did he swallow the whole pipe?
  143. Sea Sport

    Westport 5/25

    We were one of the safes, but Sorry! With green water over the the top,8 miles past the bar, frequency about wave height or less, and forecast for winds to pick up to 25 kts, adding additional wind waves, we decided it wasn't fun. So we were one of the Sorry ones.:mad:
  144. Sea Sport

    Nearshore action

    That's a nice sized ling. Matches your brother-in-Law's camo.
  145. Sea Sport

    Neah bay Halibut opener 2018

    I don't know how they could possibly know if the quota has been met or not, given they do not check every boat. You're right, it's probably a formula based on how many boats they actually check.
  146. Sea Sport

    Pretty long odds

    They make Krillege Killers anymore? My dad used those with a meat line and rolled in many salmon around Pt. Defiance when it still had the old light house. 'Course that was when there were still fish in the South Sound.
  147. Sea Sport

    A little Mudbug rpt

    Nice scenery and great prawns. Weather held up for you on that trip, eh.
  148. Sea Sport

    Neah bay Halibut opener 2018

    Show a picture like that and WDFW will figure the area has met its quota.
  149. Sea Sport

    Halibut Mother's Day

    Nice Mother's Day Present!! Did you save the cheeks?
  150. Sea Sport

    La Push 5/13

    Looks like a full load. Congrats, guys!!
  151. Sea Sport

    Limits Sand dabs

    Halibut bait?
  152. Sea Sport

    Westport Sunday 5/13

    Were there any mothers on the boat Sunday? Or did you check for kitchen passes?
  153. Sea Sport

    Area 9 opening

    What's the weight on this one?
  154. Sea Sport

    Area 4 Fun

    Wow, that's a lot of fish n' Chips!!! Congrats on staying with in the nasty weather we've been having. Paid Off!
  155. Sea Sport

    5 Min. before closing!

    Nice to see a decent size fish. You earned it!! Nasty weather and all! Those surprises really make the day, don't they?
  156. Sea Sport

    Mission Outdoors LaPush Lingcod Derby - Huge Success!

    Ya'll nailed it. What a nice catch!!! How deep were they? Did you have some sore arms? Shades of the WTC festivities!!
  157. Sea Sport

    A7 Bloody Deck

    Nice fish!!! Don't think we have any of those in the South Sound. Thanks for sharing. Getting ready for Halibut, but then some Salmon.:D
  158. Sea Sport

    Did ok

    Nice fish. Always ready to help a brutha in need!!! Good job!
  159. Sea Sport

    West Port bottom fish again....limits!

    Nice catch and happy son! You're right about the snotty weather coming up. Not a good time to try out the bar with 50-60 knot winds.
  160. Sea Sport

    MA7 hunting

    There's still fish out there? Looking forward to the season on the ocean.
  161. Sea Sport

    Nice last day of March in Westport.

    Ahhhh. Nice bunch of fish' n' chips. Happy crew too.
  162. Sea Sport

    Do it deeper

    Way to go. Nice catch. Time for Dinner!!!
  163. Sea Sport

    West Port bottom fish....Limits!

    Make memories while you can. They grow up so fast. But it seems they never forget the good times with Dad.
  164. Sea Sport

    WP bottomfish 3/29/18

    That's priceless!!! When she goes home, there will be no regrets. :-) Thanks for sharing the special trip for your mom.
  165. Sea Sport

    They didn't get this one!

    That's a nice catch for A9. Damn seals!!! That's what we get for protecting them. So, they're not just eating the fisherman's catch off the Columbia anymore, eh? Lost many a salmon to Stellars off the the Coumbia from bouy 2 out to the West. Thanks for sharing the adventure.
  166. Sea Sport

    OK, not a “Washington “ fishing report, but still some porn...

    Nice!!! Not like our 5-7 black mouth, eh? Can't wait for the ocean to open. Maybe they give use a couple of kings and silvers this year.
  167. Sea Sport

    Ma9 sun 25th

    It's a good excuse to get out on the water, though.:-) Be lookin' for what the WDFW will give us for halibut days this year.
  168. Sea Sport

    Anyone recognize this guy??

    Looks like a freakin Lingcod:-)
  169. Sea Sport

    6 9

    Way to go!! Even if the fishing isn't producing, it's good to hear someone is trying. I usually wait until the powers to be announce the halibut season and our meager allowance.
  170. Sea Sport

    Lake Pacifica!

    Now you're making me jealous!!! That was like the water we had last October 4th.
  171. Sea Sport

    It’s cold, Went South. Great fishing trip.

    What an awesome trip!!! Good job landing those magnificent fish. Nice to have a wife that likes to fish. Thanks for sharing!
  172. Sea Sport

    Maiden voyage.

    So you finally found a boat you are happy with! Good choice.
  173. Sea Sport

    Deep southend report

    Nice catch! Did you keep him or let 'im go? In any case, that's some sweet bill fish!!!
  174. Sea Sport

    Roche Derby

    Nice. I'm all for cash and fish. Congratulations on your luck in the Derby.:jig:
  175. Sea Sport

    Tuna Charter

    There are Six Pack Charters, out and back in a day, called the express fleet. Run by: Mark Colman (4 boats)All Rivers and Saltwater Charters, Patric Walker (Prospector) Tail Walker Charters, and Darrel Johnson (Team Rainshadow) to mention a few. Or there are the longer range boats taking two and...
  176. Sea Sport

    In the water somewhere

    That's a fast troll. Wow, amazing they hit at that speed.
  177. Sea Sport

    Pretty long odds

    I thought black mouth were extinct. We sure haven't had much luck in South Sound.
  178. Sea Sport

    12/15 crab run

    Crab feed and Rainier Beer? Livin' high in the neighborhood!!!
  179. Sea Sport

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    Sweet! What's the power on it? Looks like Yamis on the back.
  180. Sea Sport

    We got Crabs, Big Crabs, Lots of Crabs

    Way to go. Nice catch of Dungies!
  181. Sea Sport

    11/10 report

    Way to stay at it! Those days keep you going until the summer fishery starts up again. Or the Halibut season:-) Nice fish and nice crab. Thanks for posting.
  182. Sea Sport

    Not that it matters...

    Thanks, we need a little action from somewhere. This is the worst time of the year for us fishing junkies. Just waiting for them to set season for Halibut and salmon. And keeping close watch on whether we're going to have a warm blob this coming year so we can stop funding Masco's 401Ks.
  183. Sea Sport

    Diesel heater for SeaSport

    Installed a Webasto Airtop 2000 in my SeaSport last year. Mounted under left gunnel, exhaust out the port blower outlet. Only one outlet for heating under table. Easy install.
  184. Sea Sport

    A9 opener

    Nice report. So there's still fish out there, eh? I'd be out in South Sound, but it's dead. Somebody stole all our fish.
  185. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Tuna

    AMEN to the legs. :smoking33:
  186. Sea Sport

    Squids in tha house

    That's a lota bait for Halibut, salmon, tuna?
  187. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Tuna

    It is a bit difficult talking over the diesel when the supercharger is whining. Whines right at the trolling speed for tuna.(Just under turbo take over) Not going to miss that either.
  188. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Tuna

    It is a bit difficult talking over the diesel when the supercharger is whining. Whines right at the trolling speed for tuna.(Just under turbo take over) Not going to miss that either.
  189. Sea Sport

    Squid jizz

    Looks like some Calamari to me.
  190. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Tuna

    I can attest to that! That's why I changed from a Volvo Penta to Outboards. So much better and enhances deck space and maintenance. Trying to get your hands down in that engine compartment for any kind of work will result in blood. Not to mention the cost of V.P. parts. Expensive is an...
  191. Sea Sport

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    It's a pleasure to watch you build your dream boat from the keel up. With the experience on the water and lessons learned, what a great opportunity to build it to overcome all those niggling problems and oversights of production boats.
  192. Sea Sport

    USCG Boarding at Sekiu

    Yeah, I figured that, but they were in US waters when they were boarded. And no, I won't take a gun to Canada.:rolleyes:
  193. Sea Sport

    USCG Boarding at Sekiu

    Interesting! What were their questions on firearms? Do they care if you have one on board? As in shooting Halibut, if necessary? Not sure the intent of a stop like that from our coastguard brethren. Surely not a safety inspection on the water. They can do that at any dock. BTW: Did...
  194. Sea Sport

    10/4 Wedensday tuna run

    NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves? Aren't those hard to hold on to a Bud Light with?
  195. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Tuna

    Either someone is trying to tell you something:madfire:, or we suspected this all along!!!:devil:
  196. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Tuna

    One of the benefits of outfitting with outboards is getting rid of the dog house and using engine space as a fish hold. Also the bait tank can be centered in the space between the cabin, allowing fishing all around and easy bait access. Happy that I switched to OBs. Just have to pay for the...
  197. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Tuna

    I've got some regular crew members who are just like that!
  198. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Tuna

    Only if he gets a SeaSport Explorer:)
  199. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Tuna

    Personally, I have a SeaSport Pilot, but the SeaSport 2400 is one of the finest boats in that range for rough water and offshore use. You cannot go wrong with a Seaport. One thing I would advise, though, is to go with outboards. They are so much easier for maintenance and accessibility. If...
  200. Sea Sport


    Are you jigging for them? That's a pretty good picture on your sounder!
  201. Sea Sport

    Final Westport boat ride

    Fuel bladders!!! How much fuel did you burn round trip? That looks like about 60 gallons of extra fuel there from the Jerry Cans.
  202. Sea Sport

    Final Westport boat ride

    Those gas bladders can definitely make a difference. We had considered staying overnight on our trip out on the 4th. But we were getting low on bait feeding the sharks, because I don't think any of the tuna got them. I can't figure out why they will bite in one area and not another. They...
  203. Sea Sport

    Sekiu crossing the line

    Watch out, I think they get their ideas from posts like yours:eek:
  204. Sea Sport

    10/4 Wedensday tuna run

    Great Job Patrick!! What happened to the finger, and whose finger is it? Nice stitch job, but wow! You did the bait stop dream on the last run of the year? Can only dream about those, but it didn't stop us from trying. 204 gallons!!! Did you do it do it with fuel on board or stop off at...
  205. Sea Sport

    Final Westport boat ride

    There were some warm plumes North. How far North were you when you got your tuna hits?
  206. Sea Sport

    3 September Albie Trips

    Saturday might not be the best day this week. :(
  207. Sea Sport

    3 September Albie Trips

    It's called Dri-Dek, made by Kendall Products. Don't buy from Fisheries Supply, West Marine, or Amazon, as they will charge tax. (ergo: They are not the cheapest source.) You can find them on line and will have to pay shipping, but I believe is one of the cheaper ones.
  208. Sea Sport

    Sekiu crossing the line

    Also, another decision our resource people made was to protect the cute seals with those big eyes (all the better to see salmon with). Now we have a plethora of big eyes watching and gobbling our salmon. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, this is supposed to be a fishing forum for fishing...
  209. Sea Sport

    Kodak's Last Trip

    On Excalibur, that's a low light, pan, tilt, 28x zoom camera. Day color/night Iow-light. Great for coming in during dark or spotting boats in dark. Also, on flat water, zooming on jumpers. Helps on docking when there's not enough light too.
  210. Sea Sport

    Kodak's Last Trip

    I wish we could have made them bite Brutha!!! My crew spotted jumpers 3 times. When we coasted in on them, they would not take bait, iron, or swim baits, but the sharks would. Enjoyed partnering up for the final run of Kodak.
  211. Sea Sport

    Sekiu crossing the line

    Bolt decision 1967, Westport closed to Salmon fishing in 1972? Did it take 5 years to decimate our Salmon runs? How many years since we have caught 35-36 pounders out of Westport? Used to catch those frequently when I was growing up.
  212. Sea Sport

    3 September Albie Trips

    AMEN, brutha! But do it soon and do it right!
  213. Sea Sport

    Final Westport boat ride

    We left the grounds at about 5 PM. Got across the bar at dusk. Have to get some pictures of the sunrise and sunset for one of the prettiest days on the water I can remember.:)
  214. Sea Sport

    Sekiu crossing the line

    At least Canada lets you fish for salmon now. WDFW needs to learn something from the Canucks!! Like how not to let all the rivers to be netted from both sides and giving Sport fishermen more than 15-25 percent of the quota.>:(
  215. Sea Sport

    Final Westport boat ride

    We heard you on the radio on your way in Steve. Kodak and Excalibur were sitting on tuna. They would be jumping, we would ease on over to them, shovel out bait, and they wouldn't bite. Multiple stops on jumping tuna and no love. The Sharks liked us though. Big Blues. Lotsa porpoise and at...
  216. Sea Sport

    3 September Albie Trips

    Times up when you get fed up working your ass off and decide life's short and it's time to do what you enjoy before it's too late!!!:D
  217. Sea Sport

    3 September Albie Trips

    Some have done their time. :D
  218. Sea Sport

    3 September Albie Trips

    Drop on down to Westport on Tuesday and you can get a good look at it. Doing one more trip on Wednesday.
  219. Sea Sport

    3 September Albie Trips

    Ya did great this year. It was even better getting the boy out to experience some of the action a bait stop can provide. What an opportunity!!! Nice boat. Almost bought a Trophy. :D
  220. Sea Sport

    3 September Albie Trips

    Decided to leave the boat on the water at WP for a couple of weeks and watch the weather for some decent windows of opportunity. Optimistic that there would be loads of tuna out there just waiting for our crew to nail 'em. Dropped boat in on 20th of September and immediately filled up at my...
  221. Sea Sport

    Another nice morning at Westpoint

    Nice picture! Were you fishing in the river or harbor?
  222. Sea Sport

    WP Cold Water Tuna 9/27

    Crazy year. We were out with the express fleet yesterday and could not get a decent bait stop going due to Blue Shark heaven, taking everything we could throw at the tuna. Never seen this many Blues in past years. Big Blues, too.
  223. Sea Sport

    Bottom fish are still open in some places too . . .

    Nice catch! Lings be good eat'in!
  224. Sea Sport

    9/29 2-pax Tuna

    Nice job with short crew. It can get crazy on the bait stops, for sure. Where did you find them this time? We had some good action North at 19/24, but not sure where they are now.
  225. Sea Sport

    Hit and miss tuna trip.

    Now that is an epic tuna catch. A 7-8 hour bait stop? I can only dream of those. You've got the means to do it though with your bait and boat capacity. Do you just drift or use a para anchor? Love to hear about nights on the water. Boy you've got that right! This year has been a weird year...
  226. Sea Sport

    LaPush Tuna 9/22

    Nice post and a good job on the fish catching. A lot shorter run to the grounds from LaPush.
  227. Sea Sport

    Westport Tuna Final Attemp 9-24-17

    I feel for you on the skunks. Had my share this year. Was out on the 24th as well. Some nice pigs, but couldn't get them all in the boat
  228. Sea Sport

    Ilwaco Tuna 9/23-24

    Amazing there are still some South. We have been North since the Tuna Classic.
  229. Sea Sport


    Good post. Pictures? Yup. That's where the winds of fortune have blown them.
  230. Sea Sport

    Tuna Mania

    If your on em your on em. If not, God help us for a long dry day. They are not at the 30/30 anymore. Wind seems to be driving them North.
  231. Sea Sport

    More video w rookies

    Well, you look like an instructor in those videos. Might try mounting my Go Pro to the upper deck and see what I get. You might have a new calling there, though. BTW: I'm down at Westport now looking at either a Friday or Saturday hunt. Leaving it in the water for a couple of weeks and will...
  232. Sea Sport

    More video w rookies

    You look way too busy!!! Did you have a bunch of newbies on board? I think you've got the video down. Good pictures. Thanks for sharing video. :-)
  233. Sea Sport

    Single diving bird last Saturday, Lesson for everyone!

    Thanks for the report. And yes, even if they're sitting on the water you oughta check under neither them. Usually they are there for a reason. Waiting for the bait to come up. Nice results for just beginning your tuna trek!!!
  234. Sea Sport

    Kodak's First Trip of 2017

    Loving that fancy bait net you got there. Seems everyone was having fun despite the tangles. Hope to see you out there within the next couple of weeks.
  235. Sea Sport

    The spoils from Saturday

    Awesome videos. Love to watch the action. And the results.
  236. Sea Sport

    Westport tuna run 9/16

    Sweet! Once you load em down it takes some power to get up on plane. That's why I changed over to OBs last winter from a KAD44 Diesel. The HP on the KAD wouldn't get me up on plane when I was loaded with ice, tuna, and 5 souls on board.
  237. Sea Sport

    Another 9/16 tuna report - with a bonus

    Thanks for sharing. Nice haul and great bait stops for being that close in. Hope to see them moving in a bit further before the season is over. Got a chance to spend the night on the ocean last year, just drifting to a para-anchor. Nice to wake up on the tuna grounds and spectacular view of...
  238. Sea Sport

    Westport tuna run 9/16

    Thanks for the report. Nice haul, especially since you went NW rather than SW for the Charlies. What are you running on the back end of the Parker?
  239. Sea Sport

    Johns River report 9-16

    They just can't get away from you, can they? Chase them on the ocean, the river. They are probably full of sperm.
  240. Sea Sport

    WP sat 16th. Omg it's full of tuna!

    A good day and happy Daughter. Way to go!
  241. Sea Sport

    WP sat 16th. Omg it's full of tuna!

    Shorter daylight makes for interesting travel in doesn't it? Damn, I'm envious of you tuna killers puttin the hurt on the herd. Nice posts and and nice fish.
  242. Sea Sport

    WP sat 16th. Omg it's full of tuna!

    I had to watch Wicked Tuna to get my fix! My tow vehicle broke down. Hope the Charlies are as eager to chomp in the next few weeks as I see in these posts.
  243. Sea Sport

    WP sat 16th. Omg it's full of tuna!

    What happened? They just decided to come up and play? Y'all just killed em! Here I was waiting until next week and the weather looks shitty. Have to wait out the blow and get some action out there!!! But I'm ready to join the bruthas out in the deep blue:D
  244. Sea Sport

    Westport 9/15

    Yeah, if she fishes, definitely a keeper. If the sharks show up, generally move away until I find another mark. Usually, close to the original starting point, within a half mile.
  245. Sea Sport

    Westport Tun 9/15

    We have to see the underwater footage!! Maybe a picture of all 18 members of your fishing team (smiling,of course).
  246. Sea Sport

    Westport tuna 9/11

    So that's where all the tuna went!!! Good show on the lively action!! 103 tunies and 6 anglers. What an awesome day of fishing.
  247. Sea Sport


    You have taken over for CornFed with the best posts on the tuna trail! Thanks Mark for all you do for the Bruthas from BD.
  248. Sea Sport

    Croziercraft maiden fish haul 9/10-11

    Then let's get some pictures of yours on the water, Greg! Some tuna killin's commin up. You ready?
  249. Sea Sport

    Croziercraft maiden fish haul 9/10-11

    Explains the gas mileage. The 250s aren't doing quite as well on mileage. Could have something to do with the load I'm carrying, though.
  250. Sea Sport

    Croziercraft maiden fish haul 9/10-11

    Now that's a trip for the season!! Love the ride, the tunies, and the great water you all had. What are you running on the back of your Walk-Around?
  251. Sea Sport

    Westport Tuna

    Another run due West! Thought they were closer in, like 55 miles, but you did good at 75. Did you fish the same longitude going North? Like the open mouth picture. I have a swim bait that just fits that!!!:-)
  252. Sea Sport

    Westport 9/10

    Nice to have bruthas on the water to help when you need it! A hand to CornFed for hooking you up with some livies and Mark Colman for pointing you in the right direction. :appl: Mark has been so good about sharing the wealth, there has to be something we can do to make his day!:cheers: Did you...
  253. Sea Sport

    Westport Tuna 9/8

    Congrats on finding them out West. That's a run out to 42 line. 27 is great for this year, especially the way it has been going. Any Toads? BTW:What was your round trip and fuel usage?
  254. Sea Sport

    Tuna 9-1

    Mantra: If it's going to go wrong, it will happen on the water far enough out that you don't want to stop to check out whether you can fix it or not. That's a great report and a ton of gas, but nice to be feet dry and in one piece.
  255. Sea Sport

    Westport Tuna 9-2 and 9-3

    Using Owner #2 Mutu ringed circle hooks (not the light wire ones) on Seaguar blue label Fluorocarbon leader. They don't come off once they are hooked with a circle hook unless a shark gets them or your thumb gets in the way.
  256. Sea Sport

    Area 10

    Great hearing they are finally coming through. Nice catch!!!
  257. Sea Sport

    Westport 4 sept

    Now I'm getting excited! The birds are working and the Charlies are actually biting. My bones feel there's some end of season hogs to be had.
  258. Sea Sport

    Westport Tuna 9-2 and 9-3

    Did you have some newbies on board? Not too many salts are going to be chumming when there's fish to catchbarf Nice report and hope your next trip is a record breaker. Decent gas mileage, but those days that end up with nothing on the other end of the line still grates on one.:cussing:
  259. Sea Sport

    Westport 4 sept

    Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!! They aren't close, but at least they are biting!!! Nice work getting the critters to the boat. Thanks for the Pics and report. Still a couple of weeks out before I'm down hunting (oops- Catching) Long Fin.
  260. Sea Sport

    Swiftsure (9/2-9/4 )

    Holy mackerel. There be some warm water fish in the Straits? Maybe Tuna are next! They sure aren't anywhere close to Westport.
  261. Sea Sport

    MA10 Coho 9/4

    Haven't seen one of those feisty silvers since one came screaming back and knocked itself out hitting the side of the boat.:-)
  262. Sea Sport

    Westport 4 sept

    Been waiting to hear some good news. Sounds like you have some. Now for some Pictures!!! Also sounds like we will be getting some Southwest winds in the near future. Hope that helps to drive them North and East.
  263. Sea Sport

    MA10 Coho 9/4

    Congratulations!! Looks like you had some company out there as well.
  264. Sea Sport

    Sunday 9/3 Nookie Time

    Nice Pics. Good job getting the kings in Area 13. Way to go!!!
  265. Sea Sport

    Ilwaco tuna 8-30

    I think many of us have been there. Strange bite this year. Might be so much bait, they don't need to come up and play.
  266. Sea Sport

    Tuna 8-30

    Thanks for the report, even if it didn't include Albies. It seems it's a hit or miss year with these critters. They are there, but just won't bite. Earned my second and third skunk this year after putting on quite a few miles. I can say I didn't take it as well as you. It still bugs me...
  267. Sea Sport

    My 4 Y/O first Salmon!

    Cute little guy! Once they they get hooked it's just a matter of time before they are begging to go fishing with dad again. Nice post and thanks for the pictures of the new fisherman.
  268. Sea Sport

    The return to Neah

    What a haul!!! You hit it right! Nice post and great pictures of the fish. Nice water too. Yeah, kinda disappointing on the salmon shut down out of Westport and Ilwaco. Hope those tuna move in closer, soon, as the long trips are eating up my season gas cash.
  269. Sea Sport

    Be safe out there.

    Way to go Brutha!! We have to keep our eyes open for trouble no matter where it is. Way to be on top of it!!:appl: Hope they appreciated the save!
  270. Sea Sport

    Sekiu Fun 8/26-8/27

    Gotta love when it comes together on a family fishing trip!!! Nice to see the kids getting into fishing, Grandpa.
  271. Sea Sport

    I heard a rumor

    Hey, that's a tuna pose! Good to see some action for a change in Area 11. Been pretty dead every time I'm out there.
  272. Sea Sport


    Nice! In the river?
  273. Sea Sport

    Atlantic Salmon

    Nice write up on the Atlantic Salmon fishing. Did they ever say how many escaped? Ought to be a fun fishery for those in area 7. Way to get rid of that invasive species:)
  274. Sea Sport

    MA13 8/25

    Nice fish! As Greg said, Welcome back. Amazing the Kings are back in town.:D
  275. Sea Sport

    8/23 WP Tuna is what's 4 Dinner

    Mike, What kind of bag is that in your fish hold? I've been looking for an insulated rectangular soft bag for my old engine compartment to hold ice and tuna.
  276. Sea Sport

    8/25 Lumacat report

    Another great report. Thanks for giving us some incentive to get out there and nail some Albies:D
  277. Sea Sport

    8/23 WP Tuna is what's 4 Dinner

    That's some terrific gas mileage for such a long trip. Think I burned about twice that and traveled 175 miles on during the classic. But we never saw pigs like that where we were. There be some beasts out there!!! Good job and way to stick with it. That looks like October sized fish.
  278. Sea Sport

    Buoy 10 Report

    Damn! I just got my salmon pole back from repair and wanted to try it out on some lively silvers. Planning on September for Albies too. Fished the Classic this year with only 11 tunies for a 175 mile round trip. Will give you a heads up when planning on going. Hopefully the warmer water and...
  279. Sea Sport

    Buoy 10 Report

    Nice post Greg!!! Very nice fish. Have salmon quotas been met on the ocean? Hope to get back out soon for Tunies, especially if they move in a little closer. This 75-80 mile treks to the grounds gets pretty expensive for the few that will bite. Hope to see you out there:-)
  280. Sea Sport

    Good Morning in MA11

    Yeah, Point Defiance boat launch at the ferry dock and near the Point Defiance boat house. You can get live herring at the boat house.
  281. Sea Sport

    There are a few there

    Right On!!! Nice catch! And a beautiful day to do it.
  282. Sea Sport

    Ilwaco tuna 8-18

    Way to go after them!!! Long ride, and a long day crossing bar at 5 am and back at 11 pm. What we do to chase Charlies:imdumb:
  283. Sea Sport

    First Time A7

    Way to go!!! Gotta love that early morning bite, eh? Nice fish and good write up.
  284. Sea Sport

    Cohos or Pinks in MA10?

    Nice try. Looks like the the advice on area is is good. Specially for Coho.
  285. Sea Sport

    Westport tuna 8/18

    Sweet!!!! Nice report. Good to hear of someone catching again. There has been a lot of fishing, but not too much catching reported. Long trip and really decent mileage.
  286. Sea Sport

    Crabbing up north

    Nice Haul!
  287. Sea Sport

    West Port Tuna 8-15 and 8-16

    Had a KAD 44 diesel used to get over 2MPH when the ocean was calm and I didn't have a load of ice, tuna, and personnel on board. Soon as it got a little steep on the waves, or added 500 lbs of ice and another 500-600 lbs of tunies, I got 10 miles an hour out of her.(full throttle) Much...
  288. Sea Sport

    8/16 WP tuna run

    Tuesday of WTC week, we ran straight out past the 125 line looking for something promising. We found birds in multiple groups sitting on bait and when we pulled up on them, tuna were visible right on top of the water. Water temp, 58.5 degrees. We chummed, tried a bait stop, tried swim baits...
  289. Sea Sport

    WTC 2017 .... GOT FISH, got fish!

    Thanks for the lesson on tuna crabs! I have ever seen one before. Interesting that so many pelegics feed on them.
  290. Sea Sport

    Westport payed off 8-15/16

    So they're fishing South again, eh? This is a strange year for both tuna and salmon. Usually this time they are either North of straight out, then move South. Good show on catching the Kings. (Nice bunch) They have been illusive many days, with lots of wild silvers showing up. Ya gotta love...
  291. Sea Sport

    WTC 2017 .... GOT FISH, got fish!

    Ahhhh, isn't that cute? A munchy!!!
  292. Sea Sport

    Found a few fish this afternoon

    Now that's a post! Bikini, fish, boat, fish, fish, bikini.
  293. Sea Sport

    Something bigger than the "Smallest"!

    Very nice!! That's a hell of a catch on the salmon for a close in run. Smart targeting the pee wee for the WTC:).
  294. Sea Sport

    Pics are fixed, few kings from the other night after work.

    Nice fish. You don't have to wear boots when salmon fishing, eh? Not enough blood to worry about.:-)
  295. Sea Sport

    WTC Weekend 2017

    With all the fish you guys brought in, it's amazing you had time to take pictures. Great report!!! It's like reliving the adventure. You nailed it!!! 31 rod holders? What is that, about 1-1/2 fish per rod? Dynamite day for your crew. Thanks for the treatise on a most important day for all...
  296. Sea Sport

    WTC 2017 .... GOT FISH, got fish!

    Saw you up on that podium. You did a great job!! It was tough going for most boats out there trying to bring them up for a Dance, but you guys did it in style. We were hearing reports of zero in the box all the way up til 2:30 PM. We eeked out some, but not like you guys, wdlfbio, and...
  297. Sea Sport

    West Port Tuna 8-15 and 8-16

    Most of these guys came off of a long haul fishing trip for the WTC, trying to find the golden tuna. So don't take it personally!!
  298. Sea Sport

    A good day in MA11

    In area 11? Must have some magic bait. Also handy at netting your own fish.:)
  299. Sea Sport

    Cleanup on aisle 10

    Nice Catch. Thanks for posting.
  300. Sea Sport

    Kingston kings

    Good job! Saved some gas too, I bet.
  301. Sea Sport

    Ilwaco salmon 8/11-8/13

    Good report! Thanks for posting. So they're not just hanging out on the beach, eh?
  302. Sea Sport

    Westport salmon 8/12

    Strange year for Salmon being South rather than North early in the season.
  303. Sea Sport

    heading to westport? bring your gas cans

    We hit the double digits on the WTC, but it was a real on and off bite to get two bait stops going. Lota trolling, fast, slow with everything in the box. Most troll fish on cedar plugs. Nada on the Rapalas and color jigs.
  304. Sea Sport

    Albie Heaven

    You can't go wrong with the express fleet. Mark C., Patrick W., Kerry A., etc. Or the two day tuna trips on the long range party boats aka: Ms Magoo, etc. Long runs for long fins (so far this year at least). Hope we can get some closer action. If the damn bait weren't so plentiful, keeping...
  305. Sea Sport

    Westport with friends

    Seems it is getting hard to find the salmon and the tuna. Pretty small salmon at that! What's with this anyway? Moon, impending solar eclipse, warm water, too many nets? Last tuna run for WTC was total of 177.6 miles round trip with trolling.
  306. Sea Sport


    Nice haul. Congratulations on a terrific Neah family outing!!! Can't beat that for time with the family.
  307. Sea Sport

    Westport Trip July 31-Aug 3

    Big is 25-40#. They don't get much bigger than that during their stay off the US coast. When they get back to their breeding grounds across the pond they are bigger.
  308. Sea Sport

    Tuna report

    Nice pictures. Good work getting the Charlies. No love converting to a bait stop? Does the Lowrance allow you to select the top 30-40 feet? Much more than that and it seems you can't get down in a wind. Going down next week to get ready for the Classic.
  309. Sea Sport

    Late report. Westport Tuna 7/30, salmon 7/31

    Think you ought to post on Super Chef's Tuna Surprise! Nice post. Sorry to hear some asshole sheared off your gear and albies. You got back in the game and won, however!!!
  310. Sea Sport

    BoatUS July Winner Announced.....

    Contrats. Nice post and pictures. Good time was had by all!!
  311. Sea Sport

    Westport tuna 7/29 11 pigs

    At least someone got some Charlies on Saturday. Congratulations!!! Well done with problems on the engines. Will get back on the water soon and won't give up until we got our tuna!!!
  312. Sea Sport

    Give a boy a rod!

    That's a great day for both of you! Wow, two kings and smooth water. A memory for the 12 year old. What more can you ask for?
  313. Sea Sport

    Westport 7/28-7/30 salmon

    Great write-up and Pictures. Thanks for posting. Your Wyoming friend didn't get sick on the smooth ocean, eh?
  314. Sea Sport

    Westport Tuna Report 7/30 -- NADA!

    Well, I've posted my no Charlies story too. But we were seeing 63.5 degrees, tuna 12-40 feet and couldn't get them to bite anything:(
  315. Sea Sport

    WP 7/29

    They didn't cut off any noses? Wow, nice haul. Alot better than zero tuna on Saturday. Should have staying in the salmon lanes!
  316. Sea Sport

    Westport kings.

    I hate it when they cut off the noses, it loses so much character in the pictures. Nice haul though and during a testy Sunday for kings. Good Job!
  317. Sea Sport

    Yellowtail out of Ilwaco!

    Sweet lookin machine there! So you came in just short of Patrick, eh? Well you must have been cookin. Most on live bait, swim bait, or other? The northern waters were not producing the same day you were killing them South.
  318. Sea Sport

    WP tuna 7/29-- in a word -- nooope

    Ken, you were out around the 130 line too? How many you come back with? I have to practice my tuna calling technique! Do I have to start kissing my bait?
  319. Sea Sport

    Westport Salmon 7/29

    Great Job and Nice Pic!!! Wish my wife didn't have the seasickness gene. She passed it on to two of my sons. Your's looks happy, unseasick and Lovin the moment!!
  320. Sea Sport

    Any Kings in Westport

    Will be out there for the Classic, Greg. But I think I've fed my tuna temper after coming back empty handed on Saturday. Figure later in August also might be better to get rid of the skunk off of me.
  321. Sea Sport

    WP tuna 7/29-- in a word -- nooope

    Saturday, Ran 152 miles round trip hunting all over for something that would bite. Painted lotsa bait and lotsa tuna. Throwing everything we could to get them to bite. NO JOY! That was the a frustratingly beautiful day on the water. Patrick, I heard you snarfed up some albies for the OTC...
  322. Sea Sport

    Any Kings in Westport

    OK. I was out there Saturday as well. Wasn't going to post this because me and one of my grandsons were the only ones on the boat that weren't sea sick. But the kids managed to reel in two silvers. 140-150 FOW 30 feet on the wire and divers.
  323. Sea Sport

    Anyone watching the WX for sat tuna:)

    I hear the sound of Amber jingling.;)
  324. Sea Sport

    Anyone watching the WX for sat tuna:)

    I'm out there on Saturday. No matter what!!! However it is looking pretty good.:jig:
  325. Sea Sport

    Salmon are in at Westport

    Boy that's a bummer!!! We have all been there, though. An expensive trip to watch the whales, dolphin and sharks having breakfast. But take heart, there be tuna out there with your name on them.:)
  326. Sea Sport

    Salmon are in at Westport

    Had the grandkids out last weekend in same area, same day. Seasickness got most of them and they fed the fish more than fishing, but picked up a couple of silvers to make their day. Thanks for posting. You didn't say how you did on the tuna.
  327. Sea Sport

    No one talks about the beach

    Not everyone needs a boat, eh? Nice job catching these off the beach. Also, Thanks for sharing with Pics!!
  328. Sea Sport

    Since I suck at Tuna

    Love it when it comes together for the kids!! That's a nice King. And your son looks really happy with his catch, as well. Thanks for the pics!
  329. Sea Sport

    7/22 Ilwaco Tuna

    Some days, that it as good as it gets!!! But any time on the ocean chasing pelegics is good. Thanks for the post and picture.
  330. Sea Sport

    Neah Bay 7/22-23

    Rules are: No pictures, it didn't happen. We love to see how everyone is doing. Thanks for the report.
  331. Sea Sport

    Area 11 advices?

    IMHO Too early for the south sound. Few and far between blackmouth. Like fishing the dead sea. Need to be out there when the run comes through. Agree with Mike.
  332. Sea Sport

    Tuna Fridays

    Nice post, Ken. I think I might visited Patrick on the day you picked up the giants. Slow, but big. There be Tunies in those waters just waiting for us to share some chovies with them.
  333. Sea Sport

    Zero Hero's

    You sure those are baby sperm Whales?
  334. Sea Sport

    Queens Meat

    Now I'm Jealous!!! That's some serious saltwater fare. Where's the tuna? Very nice pics for the board. Acceptable.
  335. Sea Sport

    Pig's out there

    Now that's a nice haul!!!! However, that middle finger in the boat shot---Is that for someone special? Thanks for the pics and the report, Brutha.
  336. Sea Sport

    Ilwaco Salmon

    Noticed you are holding that salmon like our Tuna pictures. So you have a tuna fetish, eh? Nice fish. Ta ks for the report.
  337. Sea Sport

    WP TUNA 7/19

    Nice report Scott. Gotta be a bitch losing those expensive X-Raps to the unknown monster of the deep. But you came back with a great bait stop, maybe, if there are pictures.:D
  338. Sea Sport

    Tuna saturday

    NOW THAT's What I'm talkin about! YEAH! Nice size on that one in your right hand and those stickin out of the coolers. Oh, Wait, those are small coolers :D
  339. Sea Sport

    Some body's hooked!

    Very Nice! Meat on the table!
  340. Sea Sport

    She Is Not Just A Pretty Face

    I need a Shake down like that! Great for the Sound, especially.
  341. Sea Sport

    Tuna saturday

    YEAH!!! Thanks for the post Stephen! But---Where are the pictures? We gotta have pictures. Any Sharks on your stops? Has the salmon fishing really been that bad out of WP? Trying for some next week with the Grandkids and hope to see them catch their first salmon. Then it is....... TUNA TIME:git:
  342. Sea Sport

    7-15-17 Tuna

    Way to go! Nice sizes too. How far did you go in that 19 Arima?
  343. Sea Sport


    How do you Cark a Mako? That's got to be some serious meat.
  344. Sea Sport

    Some people

    Great post! Sounds like some "paying it forward" going on here! Is that another one of those blue ling cods? Yeah, we had another post that looked just like that.:)
  345. Sea Sport

    Neah 7/9 - 7/12

    Catching limits of Kings Great! Taking Dad out on a Salmon trip, Priceless! Time spent, no regrets.
  346. Sea Sport


    Nice haul, Ken. Ya did good Brutha. Thanks for sharing the adventure. This weather is a real blessing for getting out. Going to do salmon with the grand kids and a some tuna practice for the Classic over the next couple of weeks. Hope to see you out there.
  347. Sea Sport

    Fishing, relaxing, enjoying, zen

    Oh yeah, Kerry too:-)
  348. Sea Sport

    Area 13 salmon keep dying!

    Nice. It's tough when you have to net your own. Good on you for getting that one in the net. Thanks again for sharing.
  349. Sea Sport

    Fishing, relaxing, enjoying, zen

    True Legends! Patrick and Mark. A lot of fun, too. :)
  350. Sea Sport


    Josh, where were you fishing that the seals got your salmon? Straits or WP? Down at Ilwaco the Stellars are all over the place.
  351. Sea Sport


    Fantastic!!! Did you get those Airmar B175 Chirps put on? Another great post!! and happy ARSC customers smiling in the background. Thanks again, Mark.
  352. Sea Sport

    South puget sound salmon report

    Keep on sharing and disregard the the dishing. You caught fish and and shared that with the bruthas. Good Job!!! If your tackle catches fish it must be OK. And yes those hooks that come on spoons are tough to pinch so it looks right.
  353. Sea Sport

    Tuna died of the CR

    They had them last year and the year before, haven't been down there this year, however.
  354. Sea Sport

    Tuna died of the CR

    Think they are moving North? We need some tunies for The Classic.
  355. Sea Sport

    Straits Report

    Nice haul! Must be that fog. They get disoriented.
  356. Sea Sport

    Westport 7/7 and 7/8

    So, what's that mean? The fish have already passed WP and are south of us? Or they haven't arrived yet? BTW: Nice pictures and fish. Can't go wrong with that kind of crew!
  357. Sea Sport

    Sea cawk

    Nice haul. Any weights captured on those?
  358. Sea Sport

    Neah Bay 6/30-7/8

    What a ride!!! Nice pics and great catches. Seems the women always get the big fish. Can't understand that.
  359. Sea Sport

    Lumacat's 1st tuna run

    At's a Charlie alright! From the sounds of things, pretty scarce so far outta WP. They're doing OK far South as far as I've heard. At least that $600 Tunie popped a cherry. He's hooked now, eh? Looking at joining the action last week in July. Thanks for the report. That LumaCat is looking...
  360. Sea Sport

    No fish in A7

    Way to bring it together! So there's none left, huh? Sorry to hear that.:)
  361. Sea Sport

    Neah WOW

    Lotsa fun on the catch and release, eh.:) Nice job! Looks like they're starting to move.
  362. Sea Sport

    July Coho...

    Amazing there is still fish in the Sound. Good for you! And limits as well!
  363. Sea Sport

    june and july salmon die

    Great presentation- Showin a little leg always makes it more interesting for the women, especially in flip flops :profile: Congrats on the haul! Looking to do a little salmon and longfin within the next couple of weeks myself. Great to get Dad out. It's those things we never regret when they...
  364. Sea Sport

    Just saying hi from the 47 10 x 125 17

    Man, You are all over that Ocean! Petty cool though to be able to text from that far out and actually come through.
  365. Sea Sport


    Thanks Mark for keeping the juices flowing. You have really been super about sharing your exploits of bringing home the bacon and getting us pumped for the season.
  366. Sea Sport

    Neah Bay Weekend

    That's one of the most hopeful posts I've seen on this opener. Nice job. So you fished for three days. Did you limit every day?
  367. Sea Sport

    Neah Bay-be!

    Nice pics. Happy Kids and happy Wife. Oh, nice fish too.
  368. Sea Sport

    Tour De Juice....Neah.

    So that's where they are hiding! Guess they haven't made the trip down to WP yet. Looks like some will never make it. Nice haul Chris. And GREAT Pictures.
  369. Sea Sport

    White king

    It must be the rods! I'm hearing everyone else was struggling to put meat in the boat and you show up with some damn nice kings.
  370. Sea Sport

    Westport July 1-2 opener

    Is that an Irish fish? Must be, it's green. Or is that Blue? Love the pictures of kids getting into fishing. My first time out at Westport I was 8 years old and never forgot the great fishing every year with my dad. Thanks for the post.
  371. Sea Sport

    spotty in Westport

    Nice Salmon!!! The boys won't forget that!
  372. Sea Sport

    Neighbor got his 1st king

    Good Go'in. We be looking for the large ones, as well.
  373. Sea Sport

    Rough opening weekend at Westport

    Now that's what we're looking for!!! Some SALMON!!!! At least until the tuna show up.
  374. Sea Sport

    WP salmon opener

    No Pictures? Obviously it didn't happen.
  375. Sea Sport

    Rough opening weekend at Westport

    They were all hiding in between those two pontoons on your Cat.
  376. Sea Sport

    MA2 Salmon Report

    Way to go! Wish I could have been out there. Nice report, Thanks.
  377. Sea Sport

    MA1 Salmon opener...leaving from WP

    Boy you've been putting some miles on those Hondas! Thanks for the report, Mark. Hope those nooks grab on next time.
  378. Sea Sport

    Neah Bay Salmon Opener!

    I think I'm liking that last fish. Did you get a weight on any of them?
  379. Sea Sport

    Westport taco trip.

    There's that finger again! Nice haul,
  380. Sea Sport


    Thanks Mark for the update. You're the Man! That's a hella of a lot of water to cover on the scouting trip. Hope to be down there within a couple of weeks to test out the gear. Hope to see you out there. Again, Thanks for the report and fantastic Pics!
  381. Sea Sport

    TailWalker Halibut Season at a Glance

    Wow! Those are some HUGE Lingcod. See'in lots of smiles on those faces really makes priceless. That's a wrap for Halibut season.
  382. Sea Sport

    Neah bay day trip

    Love the pictures! Congrats on wiring it on the Butts and rockfish
  383. Sea Sport

    Epic Lapush

    Wow! You are going to be having fishwiches for a long time.:D
  384. Sea Sport

    MA 11 Report

    Nice fish Chris. What time of the day did they strike? Amazing there are still salmon in the Puget Sound. :-)
  385. Sea Sport

    PA BUTT 6/1

    Way to go with the Butts!!! Nice catch, hope for more. Looks like area 2 is down for the count.
  386. Sea Sport

    La Push Hero Trips

    Keep it up Brutha! We veterans understand the meaning of sacrifice and appreciate what other brothers have gone through in serving their country. Sad to say that too many civilians have forgotten the price of freedom.
  387. Sea Sport

    Halibut sickness

    Is the sickness cured now? Looks like you have another chance up in the straits, since quotas have not been met up there yet. WP is closed to Halis. I'm itchin to get into some salmon and tuna. Gotta scratch that itch here pretty soon.
  388. Sea Sport

    Halibut sickness

    Nice Butt. What area were you fishing?
  389. Sea Sport

    Polishing Da Boat

    Terry, what products did you use? Looking at doing mine before salmon season opens. Give me a PM if you care to share.
  390. Sea Sport


    Nice to come back with the bacon! Ya did good. We've all been there on the days when nothing seems to work. All the gas,bait and preparations result in empty hands. But ya gotta love it on the water!!! It just seems to be worth it no matter what the outcome. Good Luck in the future and keep...
  391. Sea Sport

    Seasport owners....

    Ah yes! The calibration. Taking time with it pays big dividends. Calibrated mine on the Puget Sound and used off shore in some pretty snotty conditions. Dead on heading- hold and navigating to way points Have the Garmin Reactor with smart pump.
  392. Sea Sport

    Seasport owners....

    That is awesome Terry. Did you have the diesel or gas engine in it before changing over? It's nice to get the hump out of the way, eh?
  393. Sea Sport

    PA BUTT Report

    Way to go! Nice Butts. WP was pretty snotty too all the way out and back in with fog. Wind made the drift pretty fast and hard to keep on bottom at 750+ feet.
  394. Sea Sport

    Killed 'Um

    Are those CornFed's White Grundens I see? You did good though! Think I can see a decent ling in there to make up for baby.
  395. Sea Sport

    Westport Halibut

    Egland Marine in Westport has a bunch deuce hooks in different sizes.
  396. Sea Sport

    Wp test run

    Good to see you got out, Ken. Nice Ling! Hope to see you down there this summer.
  397. Sea Sport

    Sekiu Butt...

    Keep posting. That's a nice Butt. Some days it's fishing and some days it's catching. :D
  398. Sea Sport

    Day #3 Westport No butts.

    Creating memories! Still remember my first time out of Westport when I was 8 years old. Ya did good dad. He'll remember that for a long time. Nice haul of bottom fish for such a snotty day.
  399. Sea Sport

    Nuts to butts

    Wow! Guess the wait was worth it. Very nice Butts.
  400. Sea Sport

    Seasport owners....

    No Andy. Just left the hoses from the old hookup and left the blower in up front. Use it for a fan to move air around the windows.
  401. Sea Sport

    Seasport owners....

    Thanks TwoTap :) Went with a small Webasto Airtop 2000 STC Diesel heater . Smallest they make. Fits under the port side gunnel and runs off of a 4 gallon tank made by MarkR. It only uses about a gallon every 20-30 hours, so it's fairly efficient. Since getting rid of the dog house, I was...
  402. Sea Sport

    Westport Halibut

    Surprised you tried it with the weather projected to be so snotty. But ya did good!!! Nice load of butts.
  403. Sea Sport

    Seasport owners....

    Have had the boat with new engines on the ocean for Halibut. Out on the Continental Shelf. Nice thing about the outboards is they track fantastically! With the out drive I was always correcting steering especially at slow speeds in harbor. Now the boat holds heading without hardly touching...
  404. Sea Sport

    Neah Bay Halibut Opener

    Kinda rough water for flip flops, but ya did good:D
  405. Sea Sport

    Beast mode... the one that got away.

    Hard to make that choice when weather threatens. "Live to fish another day" (aka Perfect Storm) BTW: Was the hook straight when you pulled it in?
  406. Sea Sport

    Neah Bay- I like Big Butts

    Damn Greg, you have some great stories! Pictures are great and ya gotta love those big Butts. Congratulations. I have got to remember to carry some extra filters along as well.
  407. Sea Sport

    So this happened

    Wow! Biggest one on the board this season so far. Gotta keep that picture for posterity. Amazing you didn't have injuries getting that thing on board without some more subduing in the water. Ever tried spiking a butt right behind the top eye? A little brain, but if you find it, they go limp...
  408. Sea Sport

    Westport Butts, and Giant Lings

    I think the discussion has been tongue in cheek. No one is going to noodle a ling. However, the gaffing rule sucks. There appears to be no rational reason you can't gaff lings, just like halibut, tuna, or dog fish. IMHO Toothy fish are not meant to be coddled.
  409. Sea Sport

    MA9 Haibut report

    Lots of choices out there. All of them expensive. Just went from diesel to outboards and had to hock the house. But they are sweet out on the ocean. Waitin for Tuna Time!!:)
  410. Sea Sport

    Westport Butts, and Giant Lings

    laurence, how that Cat tow? Or do you have to run it around the horn?
  411. Sea Sport

    MA9 Haibut report

    Nice first Butt!! You've gotta be happy with that! Nice to get out and not waste the gas with nothing to show for it.
  412. Sea Sport

    Day#2, Big butts, lings, and bass!

    Very nice! That was quite a haul and by 1025. You have got to be some sore hombres. Were you crankin with manuals, or electrics?
  413. Sea Sport

    Westport Butts, and Giant Lings

    Send that picture to the WDFW and tell them this hand landing lings just isn't working. Gaffs aren't just nice for pictures.
  414. Sea Sport

    Westport Butts, and Giant Lings

    They want you to land them by hand. Put hand in fishes mouth, soon as he bites down, you pull him into the boat.
  415. Sea Sport

    Westport Butts, and Giant Lings

    Out there too, pickin up Butts, but we were sorely lacking when trying to find the lings. Just can't seem to locate em. Very nice haul. I'm envious of the lings. Nice pics too. Thanks for sharing.
  416. Sea Sport

    Scored out near PT

    Way to go! Nice Ling. Deep fry'in time!!!
  417. Sea Sport


    Will tomorrow afternoon work for you? I know what it's like overcoming the time Zone change. You need to get some rest. I can give you a call in the morning and set up a time. Have to be up in Everett today so that may work out for both of us.
  418. Sea Sport


    :-) When can I look at the two you mentioned in your previous message? I am sure I will love them. Using Calstar and Seeker right now. But these could be my new favorites. If possible would like to do it before Wednesday as I am planning on getting to Westport for some Halibut time.
  419. Sea Sport


    Jason, I am interested in seeing the two 7 foot Thrasher rods you mentioned. Please let me know when would be a good time to look at them. I am definitely interested in trying Thrasher rods.
  420. Sea Sport


    Will check with you when you get back.
  421. Sea Sport


    You have a couple of bait rods in 7 foot range? What's the cost?
  422. Sea Sport


    Have the seasons and catch limits been set yet?
  423. Sea Sport

    Need custom aluminum fuel tank for heater

    Nick, How much would you want to build this?
  424. Sea Sport

    Need custom aluminum fuel tank for heater

    BTW: I do have the 11 gallon aluminum kicker tank that used to be fitted under my bulkead if anyone is interested. Needed the space to install the heater. 12" high, 6" wide, 36" long.
  425. Sea Sport

    Need custom aluminum fuel tank for heater

    Nice tank! Looking at using the fill port from my previous kicker to fill tank.
  426. Sea Sport

    Need custom aluminum fuel tank for heater

    Just changed over to OBs from KAD 44 Diesel. Only need a little tank for the heater.
  427. Sea Sport

    Need custom aluminum fuel tank for heater

    Goat, the plastic tanks they make won't fit the space I have for it. Their tanks are too deep or too high.
  428. Sea Sport

    Need custom aluminum fuel tank for heater

    Nick, appreciate the response. Will check Wooldridge and coastline. It is pretty specific to fit under my gunnel and match up with the hole from my old tank fill. But only 5" wide by 11" down, by what ever length gives 2 gallons. With a fuel nipple at the bottom for a 2mm hose. Thanks again.
  429. Sea Sport

    Need custom aluminum fuel tank for heater

    Anyone know a reputable shop that can build a 2 gallon aluminum diesel fuel tank for small on board heater?
  430. Sea Sport

    MA 9 BM

    Way to go. Wish I was out there.
  431. Sea Sport

    Area 6 BM

    Meat on the table.:) Thanks for sharing. It looks calm out there for a change.
  432. Sea Sport

    Red Tails

    Nice haul, Clockwork! Thanks for sharing.
  433. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Got the back deck set up now and have had a chance to get out and test the engines and autopilot. Compared the four blade props to 3 blade Saltwater IIs. Liking the performance on the 3 blades. Excellent cruising speed at 37 MPH, wide open 50 MPH. My son made a cup and embedded fittings so I...
  434. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    No problems. Let me know how they work for you. I was getting pretty good stern lift. Trying my Saltwater IIs tomorrow and will compare performance. I launch out of Des Moines Yacht Club.
  435. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    You bet. Might be taking a second sea trial on Saturday, but just let me know when you are available and I will get you the props.
  436. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    The NMEA 2000 bus gets its power from the power connection to the the bus from the yellow fused wire connected via "t" connector. The Yamaha connections to the NMEA bus get their power from the 2000 bus. All you need is to connect your GPS to the 2000 bus and if you want ground speed (vs water...
  437. Sea Sport

    A9 Fatty

    What a great incentive to get out and enjoy the winter fishery!!! Thanks for the post
  438. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Chris, one more thing to consider. Try to use non ethanol gas in the engine. believe you can get that on the water.
  439. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Still have Patrick's LFS4s waiting for you to try. Otherwise I will get them back to Patrick and find out what he wants for them. Your choice brudda.
  440. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Chris, best price I've found is $1400 for the part. Add to that hydraulic lines and installation.
  441. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    That's the one!
  442. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Power steering pump Chris. I put one in just before the Garmin Smart Pump for the autopilot. Two finger steering. Your old engine had a power steering pump on the port front side of your engine, if it was a Volvo. Otherwise, you are fighting the water with manual control.
  443. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    It is more accurate if you zero out fuel amount on gauge with empty tanks, then add 1/4 of your fuel and set the gauge, then another 1/4 and set the gauge at 1/2, another 1/4 and set gauge for 3/4, then the final quarter and set to full. It is the "step process" in the Command Link Plus users...
  444. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Chris, Congratulations!!! Looks great. We need a picture of the hatches that replace the dog house and a picture of the helm station. You put on the Salt Water IIs pitch? Can't wait to see the numbers from that 300. Did you do the fuel calibration in stages or just calibrate empty and full?
  445. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Just bring it down every once in a while. But hopefully I will be down in July, August, September and first part of October for a couple of weeks at a time.
  446. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Jeff, I love mine too. Big decision to go with the outboards vs going with a different hull, but I just couldn't give her up. Will be down at Westport this summer. Hope to see you down there.
  447. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Patrick's 4 blade props are off the engines and waiting for you. Let me know where you want them. I did get some good figures from them and now need to compare with the 3 blades next time out. Didn't take her up to full throttle. Still breaking in the engines, but did get to 40 mph at about...
  448. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    I made it out of black 1/4 inch King Starboard. Changed out the switches to lighted ones, since I couldn't see my old ones in the dark.
  449. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Thought I would post this on the cor ect forum page. Been hi-jackin Chris' thread too much. Should be ready for sea trial next week. Gotta give a big tanks to Patrick for letting me use his LFS4s for a test.
  450. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Patrick, I can't thank you enough! Really appreciate the loan for testing! John is just hooking up the wires to the console and putting back the stove and Microwave. Made a new dash panel since the old gauges taken out and new multi-function gauges installed.
  451. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Thanks Patrick! And yes, the boat is at King Salmon Marine. Will be great to compare the performance on both.
  452. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    So am I. Hope Patrick will let me borrow them for a sea trial next week. :p Have to find out what gives the best performance for the boat. Guess there is no magic formula 'cept to try them out.
  453. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Patrick, Can I borrow your LFS4s with Yamaha hubs? I can come pick them up next week if that is alright with you. I would like to try two different props to see which ones will give the best performance. Found some SWIIs to try, but would like to try the LFS4s. Thanks, Chuck
  454. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Howard, found some SS 151/2 X 17 pitch. So no need to take your props off just for me.
  455. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Great! They are probably worth $100 a piece plus or minus. :-) Please let me know what you come up with. I am definitely interested.
  456. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    They really want to screw their brothers to the South, eh? I would be paying $300 more than waiting, plus shipping I would imagine. But I don't know when I can get them this year. Certainly need them before fishing season opens. Anyone know if Darrel Johnson has a stash? He's running Yamahas.
  457. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Chris, can you tell me what that would be in US dollars?
  458. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Thanks Chris!
  459. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Chris, would your Canadian installer have access to a set of the S2 151/2X17 pitch Yami SDS for sale? That would be the best of all.
  460. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Patrick, Thanks. It will be within a week. Boat is at King Salmon Marine getting autopilot hooked up and remainder of wiring completed. Appreciate the loan.
  461. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Any help will be much appreciated!! The Yami Saltwater IIs in 17 pitch SDS are the recommended prop for the boat's weight and power to get optimum performance out of the engines.
  462. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    goat, Might take you up on that. Thanks for the offer. Folks supplying the Thunderbolts say try them out and send them back if I don't like them. So, first might try a no cost option. Would rather have the Yamaha Saltwater II 151/2 X 17Pitch SDS props for the sea trial and run those, however.
  463. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    M ight work. There is a lefty some where back East, I believe.
  464. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Chris, You finally got her done, eh? Looks great! What does Dwayne need to do to your boat now? Got my engines on, but Salt Water II SS 151/2 X 17 pitch Yamaha props are not available until later in the year. Know anyone that has a left and right spinners in that category? Might have to...
  465. Sea Sport

    Seasport owners....

    Sure, Cam. Let me know what you are running for power and how you want to use the boat. Then we can talk about what you would want to do to improve it.
  466. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    None yet. They are waiting for Garmin autopilot parts, then we can install pump and take it for a sea trial.
  467. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Looked at that before making the decision and was convinced the additional weight of the pilot house offsets the aft move of CG. Many factory boats have been repowered with 225 HP Yamahas with no problems and they are the same weight as the 250s. The new engines are slightly less weight than...
  468. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Goatram What is FRB?
  469. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Yup and Yup. 25" legs and want to work out some way to put an insulated fish hold in the old engine space. Have some pumps and ducers down there that need to be protected, but need some place to put ice and fish that stays cool besides the bags. The aft hatch will be accessible while fishing...
  470. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Well, after a long cold spell in Bellingham, got the boat back with outboard bracket and interior hatches installed. Engines now on boat and working fuel, electric, and autopilot installation.
  471. Sea Sport

    where to buy aluminum sheet in Seattle or Eastside

    Metal Super Markets in Kent has both regular and anodized aluminum. Can be cut to any size you want.
  472. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Nice for saving aft deck space when you're in and out of the john between bait stops.:-)
  473. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Another update on the ongoing re-engining of Excalibur. A little cold in Bellingham lately so it delayed cure on gel coat for hatch covers. But here is interim picture of bracket on....
  474. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Next stage of the repower: bracket is powder coated and stern getting ready for mounting the bracket. Frame for the hatches that replace the dog house are made but not gel coated yet. Hatch covers in the works.
  475. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Sorry for the set back Chris! You have a nice set up there and if it takes a bit longer, so be it, eh? Wondering now if you need a longer shaft if mine does too. Ordered the 25" shaft for the two motors. However, Dwayne said those were the correct ones for my boat. Wonder why yours would...
  476. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    :rofl: Secret Spot. I was fishing there when I was 4 years old. There were fish there, then. Now you have a hard time pulling anything out of the bay, much less a salmon.:(
  477. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Sweet! A tuna finding tool. Right off of Owens Beach.
  478. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Nice picture!!! How did he get that, with a drone? Or maybe a kite?
  479. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Shaft Length? 25". Length of Boat 27' Or were you asking Chris? Or Dave?
  480. Sea Sport

    Seasport owners....

    Looking at a 17 pitch in the SS Yamaha Salt II for dual Yamaha 250 Offshores. That was recommended by Greg at Sea Sport factory. Since I am not looking at maxing top end, but rather better hole shot and power under loaded conditions.
  481. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    You can get a new bracket made by PDR. Single engine, double engine, plus kicker bracket. Your choice. Just google Pooderbuilt.
  482. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Wow, nice job!!! You ought to be pleased with that Chris! Hope to see the boat after the engine is mounted. Looks great!
  483. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Chris, Where are the final pictures of the PDR bracket installed on your boat? It must not have happened, eh? When do you get it back from the Canadian installer?
  484. Sea Sport

    Tips of when to book a tuna trip...

    If you can't hit the tuna grounds, Salmon fishing or bottom fishing for Ling Cod, black bass, or other bottom fish is always an option. However, the windows of bad weather for the tuna grounds usually aren't that long during the summer months (Mid July- September). Start getting a bit longer...
  485. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Chris, Thanks for the update. Really appreciate hearing something. Missing the boat. I've been bugging Dwayne for some pictures. He says he has been busy getting your boat ready and then can concentrate on mine. Good luck with the trip to Canada and hope the engine install goes perfectly...
  486. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Does it look Limp?o_O
  487. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Well PDR has removed the swim platform and is powder coating the outboard bracket. Will post more as it progresses. Jeff, You can see radar arch and if you expand the picture see the removable support I made for the arch when it is in the down position. Connect bungies from arch to aft rails...
  488. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Not enough room to flush mount the 10 inch Garmin in the dash. The autopilot control and Command Link + gauges will go there.
  489. Sea Sport

    Garmin ais 600 - usb cable

    Jeff, I have a usb cable that I use to program my AIS 600. Let me know when and where you need it and I can get it to you. Chuck
  490. Sea Sport

    Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle 11/16 is last day for free registration

    Went today. Hard to find the booths you're looking for. Lots of engine manufacturers and cool commercial stuff I can't afford. Think it's target is deep pockets.
  491. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Thanks for the offer Chris! Right now, don't have anything I need to bring up there or down here until I bring the boat back for engines and rigging.
  492. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Chris, went up to PDR to pull the pump and wiring harness for the kicker lift off of my boat on Tuesday The brackets went in for Powder Coating Tuesday. Friday, they are spraying, since weather will permit. Dick, the glass guy, is running a bit behind the the bracket production guys. Hope to...
  493. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    You can!!! It only weighs 1156#s
  494. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    I'm pretty interested in seeing how it works for me too.:-) No plans for the diesel. NW Diesel is taking on the selling of the engine, out drive, forward and aft controls and gauges. Since it only has 730 hours on it and only spends a couple of weeks at a time moored, it is in great shape, so...
  495. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Looking for some progress on the Bracket before I can post any more. Hope that is soon.
  496. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Let me know availability next year. Will be practicing with the new systems to get comfortable early in the year so there are no questions by the time it hits the Tuna Grounds.
  497. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Jeff, have had mine for 12 years too. Was up at Sea Sport every week to see the progress, but lost the pictures of the build when I lost a hard drive. Concerning holding the radar dome in the down position, I made a brace which the top post fits in and holds it about 4 inches dead center above...
  498. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Neither can I Howard. It's like Christmas, except I have to pay for my present.
  499. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    No problem Chris. Happy to see them working on yours so I can see how mine will look. Had the tanks scrubbed and washed out with gasoline, so no diesel left. Plan on having the Command Link Plus calibrated with empty tanks, as I have seen people had problems trying to do it with fuel in...
  500. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Chris, I saw yours the other day when I dropped off my boat and Dwayne has the back end ready for the motor mount. A little sanding and polishing to get the transom smooth, but it looks good. Think you will be happy. BTW: Did you go with the Command Link Plus on Yamahas? It's a plug and...
  501. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Since PDR makes these brackets for New Sea Sport Alaskan Pilots, and the transoms are same 2" thickess, I would say, at least for Sea Sport, that is the factory thickness for outboards and I/Os.
  502. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Checked that already and 500 hp is the max Sea Sport recommends on this hull. Agree that they are same weight. Considered going with the 225 HPs, but conventional wisdom is to go with max hp manufacture recommends. You don't have to use full throttle.
  503. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Sea Sport builds a pretty tough transom. 2" transom thickness. The PDR built bracket will be reinforced to handle 600 HP, however I will be running two Yami 4.2 Ltr F250 Offshores. The access to structural fiberglass is just aft of opening to engine hatch. Fuel tanks on either side of hatch...
  504. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Well, I piggy backed from Nookie Hooker's "Sea Sport Make Over" to say I was doing the same thing ie: Re-engining a Sea Sport. Going from a Volvo Diesel I/O to Yamaha outboards. I love the Diesel, but it is just too under powered to do Tuna Land. Larger diesel was more cost overall and...
  505. Sea Sport

    Puget Sound Winter Grand Slam?

    Great way to keep it going into the Fall!!! Nice pics. Thanks for sharing the adventure.:-) I'm miss'in the Tuna Time though.:Bawling_e
  506. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    John, Are you currently using a tie bar on your outboards? If so, how are you tying in your kicker with the others?
  507. Sea Sport

    What did this guy hit?

    Was that one parked any where near Miss Eliza when her props got dinged?
  508. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Plan to get some shots when the engine is pulled, then some after PDR does their magic. Once the project is finished will give an update. Don't want to steal momentum and excitement on Chris' post. Hope you enjoy your Sea Sport Resurrection Chris and let us see how it is going.
  509. Sea Sport

    New pump ideas?

    Used the washdown pump as a backup with a value to switch it from washdown to bait tank outlet. It is left in washdown unless my main bait pump goes out. (which has happened before) However have a dedicated 800 gph Bait Sentry for the 35 gal tank. Works great and all bait is alive when hitting...
  510. Sea Sport

    SeaSport Makeover

    Glad to see someone else is changing their Sea Sport to OBs. For the past year, taking half the tuna day getting in and passed by charter boats on the way back from the tuna grounds, decided to go with either a bigger diesel or outboards. Currently under powered. Price did the deciding and...
  511. Sea Sport

    It has been an Honor and a Pleasure

    That settles it!!! You can't go. :hali_parkutuli: Too many people will miss you here and you and Cindi have done so much for our community of anglers. I'll say it once again, You will leave a void that cannot be filled. Enjoy your new life in Florida and keep us up to date on your new...
  512. Sea Sport

    Monday TUNA Quest

    Naw Just the results of the attack. Think he has a smile on his face though. He got a piece of tail. :-)
  513. Sea Sport

    Monday TUNA Quest

    Sorry about the "no love" on the tuna grounds Greg. You know we've all been there and back with little to show for the fuel, bait and ice expended. But if you love the sea and what it holds, it's worth the price! (Especially for a grandson to go along and share the memory.) On our last run...
  514. Sea Sport

    Back at it...the TUNA season continues with ease!!!

    Thanks for the update Mark!!! Your the best! Hope the remainder of the year brings more success and many more customers.
  515. Sea Sport

    Late Labor Day Tuna Report

    Great footage Tom! More practice at the hoops keeps the fish in the bucket. Hope for some more chances too, before the WX turns.
  516. Sea Sport

    Tuna 9/16 westport

    You learn something new every time you go out. Don't be disappointed, I had two sick in the bunk and another out on the deck with me and we ended up with only two on a recent trip. PS. Never put my thumb on the reel when a tunie's running, I just hold on and enjoy the battle.
  517. Sea Sport

    Westport 9/16 Well it finally happened

    What a lake!! You all had a great skipper for your first time out on the pond for tuna. Mark is "go to" for fishing tunies. Glad to see you got into them. Odd bite this year on the bait stops. Not sure what turns it off so quickly.
  518. Sea Sport


    Great Post, Ken. Happy to see you are still into the tunies. 14 is a nice number, especially given the hunting you had to do to catch them. What was the water temp where you had your double header? No love on the cedar plugs? Hope to see you out there before the season ends. Be down at WP...
  519. Sea Sport

    Westport Tuna 9/13

    Great job and thanks for the post. Imagine we have all had days when nothing seems to work. Not every day is catching day, some days are just fishing days. Hard to justify the fuel when trolling for hours and no tuna love. Then there is the perfect day that keeps bringing us back out there.
  520. Sea Sport

    KODAK TUNA Aug 31

    Great! :)
  521. Sea Sport

    KODAK TUNA Aug 31

    Going to be down on WP Dock 8EE from 25 Sept. until 8 Oct. Thought if you were going out, we could partner up. Will see what the weather/waves look like. Cannot get internet in the slip, so will have to look ahead before going down. Let me know.
  522. Sea Sport

    KODAK TUNA Aug 31

    Greg, You going out again before the end of the season?
  523. Sea Sport

    Tuna 9/9

    Nice Butt shot, Ken!!! Where's the pictures of the tunies?
  524. Sea Sport

    Back on the tuna 9/7

    That's quite a run on the tunies. And nice pictures to boot. Thanks for the post!!! Hope to get out at the end of September again.
  525. Sea Sport

    Hammered a Washington Yellowtail today!!!

    Hot Tunas!!!! It's nice to see the YTs are back up North this year. Nice work, Mark! Hope you enjoyed the Ambers.
  526. Sea Sport

    KODAK TUNA Aug 31

    Happy to hear you got into them Greg. nice post and pictures. Going out tomorrow 9/2 for a potential over nighter if we don't plug the boat. See you on the water.
  527. Sea Sport

    Tuna bite going off 35mn off Westport right now

    Thanks again, Mark for your continuing help for the BD brothers. Will be back at the boat tomorrow. See you down there. Bringing the liquid refreshment.
  528. Sea Sport

    8/29 Tuna Report

    Thanks for the info. Good job on the tunies. Been pretty scarce lately. Still down at WP, but had to replace a bait pump and plumb it. Then wind and wave prediction kept us off water Tuesday. Hope it calms down soon so we can chase them again before pulling the boat next week. BTW: Where...
  529. Sea Sport

    Found these fish 1 hour from Westport

    Mark, what dock are you on? I have the Ambers I promised you last year and am down here on dock 8 for another week and a half. Always honor a promise;-)
  530. Sea Sport

    Team Hype Machine WTC Report

    Well Done!!! Thanks for supporting the WTC. It's great to hear the results and see some vets having a time of their life catching tunies.
  531. Sea Sport

    Aug 12-13th WTC Report

    Thanks for the update!!! Have been anxious to hear how the WTC boats did. And it sounds like you hit some tunies in closer than expected. Seems like 60 or 70 miles out has been previous estimates. Thanks for supporting the WTC this year!!!
  532. Sea Sport

    Westport kings Aug 6-7

    Thanks for the report. Like the family pictures. Always great to take the kids and wife. If I had one that fished.:mad: Tough season for Tuna, however.
  533. Sea Sport

    Ilwaco Tuna 8/2/16

    Greg, as Marcus says the scoops are small (more like half a scoop) and are $25. The bait dock is a stones throw from the launch and fuel dock. Pull up, tell them how much you want, hand over the cash and you're off. By the way, they speak English. So there's no question about what you are...
  534. Sea Sport

    Ilwaco Tuna 8/2/16

    There was so much bait in the water it's amazing we even got a hit. Could be they are gorging themselves on the available bait. They are there 6-50' down in numbers. And they are getting fat.
  535. Sea Sport

    Ilwaco Tuna 8/2/16

    Left the dock at 5:45 AM with a couple of buddies from southern WA. Picked up two scoops of Chovies and headed out to 10/00. Choppy ride out until hitting deep water. Spotted a Grey about 50 feet off the bow and luckily avoided him. Saw few other boats going out and some on the grounds, but...
  536. Sea Sport

    Westport 7/27-28

    That's why they call it a forecast. Wind down off the CR was close to forecast, but it looks like WP was doing much better. Like that WDFW opened it up for two Chinook on the 23rd, but don't see the proof that silvers are short this year.
  537. Sea Sport

    Westport 7/27-28

    Weather looks great. Nice haul on the kings and bottom fish. Think the one king rule is impacting participation? Were they in close or out deep? Anglers can keep two chinook off Westport beginning July 23 Action: Anglers will be allowed to keep two salmon daily in Marine Area 2...
  538. Sea Sport

    Tuna virgins day at Westport 7/25

    Boy, have a number of us been there on a long trip with no albies to show for it. Long day lotsa fuel. But Mark usually brings home the bacon. Must have really been a sorry situation out there. Ginger works too for those prone to hurl. Doesn't give the nods like some of the other...
  539. Sea Sport

    Another 7/24 WP Salmon Report

    So that's what they look like!!! :-) Nice pics and report. Having little love off the beach at Ilwaco. They might like the colder water better. But at least you can keep the silvers and the kings down here.
  540. Sea Sport

    First Time out of Ilwaco

    Marcus, you gotta love those repeat pictures. Nice tunies. Perseverance pays off, except for salmon fishing out of Ilwaco. Down at Ilwaco now. Launched on a low tide. Not bad. I also do not do power loading (electric winch). Salmon fishing Tuesday was not great. Planned on Tuna today...
  541. Sea Sport

    Tuna 7/22

    Wow, that's a run! Glad to see you made it pay. I have been there with express fleet passing me up on the way out. Oh yeah, also on the way in. :(
  542. Sea Sport

    Tuna 7/22

    Ken, was that Lat 46-15N out of Westport? That's a long run if so. Looks like you might have had some weather action on your trip. Great Pics.
  543. Sea Sport

    Pond fishing

    Gotta git out on that water!!! Dreamin' of Albacore ain't the same as catchin them! Nice job Jeff.
  544. Sea Sport

    WP Tuna 7/18

    I'm getting excited! This looks like a great start to the year. Super report Steve! I'm going to try it out of Ilwaco next week then WP at the end of next month. Can't wait. See you out there.
  545. Sea Sport

    7/20 report

    Now that's what this forum is all about! Super report -a great word picture. More pictures would be great, however! I'm trying to get that down myself.:o
  546. Sea Sport

    Buttload of Tunas out there 7/20

    Thanks Travis. Will give it a try. Testing out a different bait tank rig up this year. Will see if it keeps the bait feisty enough.
  547. Sea Sport

    Buttload of Tunas out there 7/20

    Super pics, Travis and nice report! Did the boy go along for the tuna dance? Got any starting point coordinates? Be down there next week. Thanks in advance.
  548. Sea Sport

    Tuna 7/20

    Nice job Kevin! Thanks for helping a brother in need!
  549. Sea Sport

    7/17 tuna - must have done something right...

    Nice report. It's always great to share the dance with your kids. Way to go. Going down that way next week for salmon and Charlies.
  550. Sea Sport

    Wide open

    I'll bet Patrick was grinning from ear to ear! What a haul! Nice pics and great report. Thanks.
  551. Sea Sport

    Kid's on Fiyaah

    Beautiful fish! Great to make memories for the kids, eh?
  552. Sea Sport

    Westport 7/2-3

    Way to stick with it. Sure paid off! Thanks for the Pics. Great report.
  553. Sea Sport

    Way North Report

    No intel on Kings yet. Season doesn't open until Friday, but there has to be some starting to show up. Usually best is last two weeks in July and first two weeks in August.
  554. Sea Sport


    I'm Jealous!! Nice pics. Thanks for posting.
  555. Sea Sport

    Way North Report

    Women have some kind of connection with the big fish. There is something mysterious there:)
  556. Sea Sport


    Amazing that you are out there already taking Albies. Great report, thanks Mark. Haven't forgot, Still owe you some Alaskan Amber. :cheers:
  557. Sea Sport

    Halibut Areas 5 and 4

    Will just be happy to see you out there when I need a towLOL
  558. Sea Sport

    Halibut Areas 5 and 4

    That's making the most of a hard water weekend!!! Nice job. And great pics even in the rain. Thanks for sharing. See you on the Tuna grounds this year.
  559. Sea Sport

    Halibut Areas 5 and 4

    That's making the most of a hard water weekend!!! Nice job. And great pics even in the rain. Thanks for sharing. See you on the Tuna grounds this year.
  560. Sea Sport

    Grande Flounder Fishing area 4

    What a haul!! Nice job. Like the sunscreen bait idea:-)
  561. Sea Sport

    Nearshore halibut

    Very nice!! Bait or Lure?
  562. Sea Sport


    That's a lotta shrimp. Congrats. Looks like it was a nice day on the water as well.
  563. Sea Sport

    CQ First Trip

    Thanks for sharing Greg! Wish I could have been out there on that beautiful water. All ready to go with the boat, just need a crew and some incentive after the North of Falcon disappointment.
  564. Sea Sport

    Not a but virgin anymore

    The early bird gets the butt!!! Good job!
  565. Sea Sport

    My Favorite 'butt Hole

    Nice Butts! Did you get a chance to weigh them?
  566. Sea Sport

    La Push Lings

    That's alotta ling. Thanks for posting. Good eating!!!
  567. Sea Sport

    Westport 2016 first trip

    Kevin, getting an early start, eh. You've got the touch! Nice lings!!!
  568. Sea Sport

    LaPush Lings

    Nice load of Lings. Where were you fishing?
  569. Sea Sport

    Seasport owners....

    What was the 350 you had installed? Was it a Volvo Diesel? Have been having some heating problems with my KAD 44 and Coastal Marine has not found any smoking gun. Although it was pretty well loaded with 350 lbs of ice and 21 tuna weighing about 585 lbs.
  570. Sea Sport

    Shark week last Saturday.

    My last trip (Oct 5), I was using "Bite Me" swim baits with 1-1/2 ounce jig heads to get down to the tuna later in the day. They were hanging about 20 ft deep. Worked great! Earlier in the day, we were working the surface with live bait. Lurking around on the bait stop was an 8 ft Mako...
  571. Sea Sport

    Area 6 Report

    Way to get out there and keep the season alive. Persistence! :-)
  572. Sea Sport

    ARSC's FINAL 2015 TUNA TRIP 11/4/15

    Mark, You hung in there like a trooper!!! Amazing season for the Albies, especially August through early October when the monsters came. Thanks again for the intel and great reports. See you when the Express Fleet rides again. :cheers:
  573. Sea Sport

    Shark week last Saturday.

    What kind of leader were you using, titanium? Tough to get by those teeth. Very nice pictures. Eat or be eaten, eh. :-)
  574. Sea Sport


    Amazing moments!!! Thanks for the report Mark:-) Look'in good on the water. I still owe you some Alaskan Amber for your help prior to our October 5th run. Tight Lines!
  575. Sea Sport

    Kodak's TUNA Run 10 5

    Yeah, bait were shitty Monday. They were pulling from wrong pen. Don't worry about the 22 gal tank. I have a 14 gal Kodiak and a 32 gal Aqua World. Only used the 14 gal with one scoop on Monday and still had some swimmers at the end. The bait was not spunky, though, so you don't have to...
  576. Sea Sport

    10-5 Tuna HO Westport

    Thought by dumping our remaining bait at that location you would have had a better chance. We waited to unload the bleed barrel until later so as not to draw the sharks. Hope to see you on the water again. Think that was the last run of the season. Cheers Chuck
  577. Sea Sport

    Kodak's TUNA Run 10 5

    Nice pictures Greg!!! I wish I could get in the swing of this "picture taking" out on the water. We had some memorable moments that would have been great to capture. Sorry you didn't pick up more on that last stop. We stopped on the first jumpers we saw and started feeding the bait. Used...
  578. Sea Sport

    10-5 Tuna HO Westport

    You looked more like the express fleet sliding up during that bait stop. Who was that with you? Enjoyed sharing. The older you get the more you realize that sharing the abundance God gives is its own reward. Life is too short to hold back. Glad you were able to snag some out of that school...
  579. Sea Sport

    10-5 Tuna HO Westport

    Thanks Corey. Always good to see a man at work. :D My two friends were ecstatic. Hope the remainder of the season bodes well for you and Kerry. They are still out there waiting for you to dance the dance.
  580. Sea Sport


    And they said "Who is that masked man"? He sure has a talent with pictures and a silver tongue. Forget about the bullets! I've got to see that boat!
  581. Sea Sport

    10-5 Tuna HO Westport

    We were planning initially on a Tuesday run, but Monday looked too good to pass up. So we processed the tuna today and were happy we chose Monday for the long run out and back. Happy to meet you Leif!!!
  582. Sea Sport

    10-5 Tuna HO Westport

    We went out Monday and killed 21 pigs. An 8 foot shark (no kidding) got one of our tuna. Had about a 2 hour bait stop until that 8 footer and some smaller sharks moved in. Moved a couple of times. Each time until the sharks showed up. Hard to keep that blood from leaking through the scuppers...
  583. Sea Sport

    10-4 Tuna with Offshore NorthWest

    Danny, Happy to see you could get out on such a nice day. Sunday and Monday were terrific. Makes it even better when you have the right team together, eh? Nice job Kerry and Corey!!! Awesome hunting! Saw you guys at the dock on Sunday working off the calories. Sorry about the cleaning...
  584. Sea Sport

    Awesome Tuna day 10-1-15

    Big thanks Mark!! :appl:Sure better than running out west until hitting the temp break. If you stop by dock 6 on Monday, a cold Alaskan Amber will be waiting for you. :)
  585. Sea Sport

    Awesome Tuna day 10-1-15

    Thanks Joe. Heading out Tuesday. Hope to hit some bait stops.
  586. Sea Sport

    Awesome Tuna day 10-1-15

    Some good pics. The ARSC guys are super at bringing home the dinner. Good Job Mark!!! Did you head straight out or down SW?
  587. Sea Sport

    Not1Not2Not3But4 Yellow Tail today

    More happy customers!!:D Nice job Kevin. Hope there is more to come in October.
  588. Sea Sport

    Scratched 3

    Were you fishing out of Ilwaco?
  589. Sea Sport

    popped dads cherry after about 23 years

    Priceless! A memory he will never forget and a regret you will never have.
  590. Sea Sport

    Tuna and Salmon trips...... it doesn't get any better than this

    Very Nice Kevin. Don't understand how you and Tommy can get such fantastic photos:appl:. My hats off to the way you have come through for the season and still had time for a few personal appearances at PSA meetings.
  591. Sea Sport


    What a pair!!! Darrel and Tommy!! Awesome pictures and a grand time for Sea Hawks exec and buddies. You can bet there will be more coming after he gets done with his tails from the Tunacious!
  592. Sea Sport


    Are you still selling the calstar 700? Might be interested.
  593. Sea Sport

    Westport 9/6-7

    What an Oddessy. That was determination to get out there in the wake of those events. Thanks for the posting.
  594. Sea Sport


    Those are GREAT pics. Whose the professional photographer? Lotsa teeth showing on those faces:D
  595. Sea Sport

    Wp salmon 9/7

    Going down Wednesday and staying until Friday. Will be out for tuna, but wanted to stop for some salmon action if it's still cookin. Thanks for the report and response.
  596. Sea Sport

    Wp salmon 9/7

    That's a nice load of salmon. Mooching with cut plug? How deep?
  597. Sea Sport

    Westport Tuna 9/5

    Great Pics!! Love to see a dog enjoying a tuna dance. Thanks for sharing. Tryin to make it out next week for a tuna run out of WP.
  598. Sea Sport

    CR Tuna 9-5

    So you fished out of Ilwaco? Was that N46-11 W124-38? Nice fish! Going out of WP next week. Your lucky to have a wife that likes to fish. And the tuna memories for your son will last a long time.
  599. Sea Sport

    Westport chinook limit

    Saw a writeup in newspaper. Confirming 2 Chinook starting 15 Aug.
  600. Sea Sport

    Westport 8-11

    Very Nice!!! Thanks for the pics. They make it come alive.
  601. Sea Sport

    Anybody salmon fishing Westport (UPDATE REPORT ADDED)

    Jason, I will be down there starting the 15th for two weeks. Give a call on 68 for Excalibur. If I have some updated info by then I will pass it along. Going to split time between Salmon and Tuna. Hope to see you on the water.
  602. Sea Sport

    Tuna 8/12/15

    Naw. Launching Saturday and staying for two weeks down at Westport. If you are out anytime after the 15th, give a holler - Excalibur. I'll be Salmon and tuna for the two weeks. Good luck on Wednesday!
  603. Sea Sport

    westport tuna 8/6 and 8/7

    Thanks for the great report. BTW: I have used X-RAPs to get down to 30' on the troll when marking the fish that deep. Thanks for the info. Will be out next week. Hope the action is still there.:)
  604. Sea Sport

    Tuna cherry was a bloody porn too!

    Way to go!!! What an experience for tuna virgin. We had two man crew and had a hard time keeping up with the tripple and double headers on Tuna. Didn't stop for kings on the way back. You had an awesome 3 days. Waiting to see pics.
  605. Sea Sport

    Offshore Northwest Wounded Warriors Tuna Slay fest!

    Thank you for caring! Some of us didn't come back our legs or arms blown off, but it seems too many times the brotherhood of arms gets forgotten fighting for the freedoms that keep this country great. It is nice to see caring people like Capt. Kerry and yourself think about the brothers that...
  606. Sea Sport

    Wp Tuna 7/25

    Now that was dedication! 3 AM to 11PM! You were spot on the area we hit on Friday. Hit some peanuts first, then started getting bigger. Trolling with purple cedars seemed to work best. Left the X-Raps in the bag. They were up on top. The sharks are everywhere now. :mad: Thanks for the report.
  607. Sea Sport

    Hey son, wanna go tuna fishing on Thursday? Yes please

    That is creating memories he will never forget. Precious!!!! Gotta love it. He'll probably remind you of this trip when you have already forgotten it.:-) Got 3 sons of my own.
  608. Sea Sport

    Many Tuna Died

    Ya gotta love those lie detectors.:) I think we missed that school. If they're that big now, we oughta be hitten 50# by August. :D
  609. Sea Sport

    Westport Tuna/Salmon

    Yeah, I was out Friday as well. Not exactly a perfect day with rain and a stiff SW wind. Thought I ought to rename my boat "rock and roll". Saw three or four boats out, you were probably one of them. But you can't knock the fishing. Great trolls and bait stops and some really nice hogs for...
  610. Sea Sport

    Many Tuna Died

    Nice job!!!! That is a monster compared to some of the peanuts we got on the troll. Bigger on the bait stops, though. Way to kill 'em. Ya gotta love it. someone once said "its the most fun you can have with your pants on". When did you go out? We went Friday 24 July and got back in by 12 PM...
  611. Sea Sport

    WP King Show 7/9-7/18

    Thanks for taking the time to post those great pictures. I have been down at Westport for the last week and am staying another week. Had two lost sets of gear flasher, spoon, and weight stripped off on one and lost a spoon on the second with in two days. 20" of frayed line on the one with...
  612. Sea Sport

    Kings of WP

    Bunch of Kings coming in off charters today at WP. Dressed out around 19-21lbs. Caught Just on the outside of the bar. Wind has been whipping up though. Makes for a snotty ride.
  613. Sea Sport

    Kings of WP

    Great report. It's good to see a selfless act when the bite is on.
  614. Sea Sport

    Westport 7/11-13

    Creating memories with the family! So nice to see they all enjoyed it. Nice Kings and great report!
  615. Sea Sport

    Westport 7/11 Just hit the beach!

    Nice fish and thanks for the report. Down at Westport now.
  616. Sea Sport

    Come on down. Weather has been great today. All the charters were back by 2 pm today. Send...

    Come on down. Weather has been great today. All the charters were back by 2 pm today. Send me your cell and we can connect. As yet the marina does not have internet, so I'm sending this to you on via my cellphone. 18th and 19th are still good. Never want to try the big pond by yourself...
  617. Sea Sport

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    I'm probably considered a newbie since I only joined last year. My name is Chuck (SeaSport) and I am out of Desmoines/Auburn. Love fishin for Salmon and Tuna out of Westport and Ilwaco. Fish area 11 and 13 some, but it's not like it was when I grew up here. Fished Westport back in the good ol'...
  618. Sea Sport


    NOAA WX forecast off Westport Wed Night N wind to 10 kt. Wind waves 1 ft or less. W swell 4 ft at 9 seconds. Areas of fog. Chance of rain. Thu Light wind. W swell 4 ft at 9 seconds. Thu Night NW wind to 10 kt. Wind waves 1 ft or less. W swell 4 ft at 16 seconds. Haven't heard any other...
  619. Sea Sport

    Boat Show Deals on Life Rafts?

    Talked to Karen. Looks like I will be putting money down on a 6 man Viking Coastal. Thanks for the info WD.
  620. Sea Sport

    Friday Tuna failure

    Not a good day. Been there coming in on a kicker over the bar at both Westport and Ilwaco. (just not with current boat) A couple of guys had a worse day on Sunday, though. GRAYS HARBOR — A fishing ship rescued two men Sunday after their 16-foot boat capsized throwing both men into the water...
  621. Sea Sport


    Hit close to same spot three weeks ago out of Ilwaco 46-30 X 124-48. They seem to have been skittish on bait stops. Saw the dolphins and started hitting into them. One was about 40 lbs. Nice to see they are still hanging in there.
  622. Sea Sport

    Boat Show Deals on Life Rafts?

    Thanks WD. Do you have a number for Karen and a last name?
  623. Sea Sport

    Boat Show Deals on Life Rafts?

    Will give them a call. Thanks.
  624. Sea Sport

    Boat Show Deals on Life Rafts?

    Thanks for the info. If their price is reasonable will try to find a Viking raft for a reasonable price. Spend about two or three times a year offshore on the Albacore hunt. Rest of the time is within 20 miles so I am thinking about a coastal. Offshore might be too much.
  625. Sea Sport

    Boat Show Deals on Life Rafts?

    Thanks Josh. I am trying to find a life raft that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to repack or to buy. Would like to get the Viking, but a $1200 it is a little steep for repack.
  626. Sea Sport

    Boat Show Deals on Life Rafts?

    Kevin, Do you still have the Viking 6 man offshore? Do you know how much a repack will be?