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  1. Salmon Addict

    Free Firewood Lacey Wa

    I’m down in Lacey trying to clean up my mother in laws back yard. Fir and hemlock. I will be around till this afternoon to help you load it up. Located on Diamond Rd.
  2. Salmon Addict

    Looking for Lab./Cheasy puppy or adult

    Double post can't figure out how to delete?
  3. Salmon Addict

    River Runner prop saver

    I have one of these for sale like new make me any offer.
  4. Salmon Addict


    I would like to buy a second hds unit to network with another unit with Ethernet. This unit would be at the stern. Any one planning on upgrading soon. What you got?
  5. Salmon Addict

    Linking 2 Lowerance units?

    So I normally just to steer from the back of the boat all season with the kicker. I just made a custom steering link the other day to link main and kicker together it works pretty slick when it's 20 degrees to sit inside and drink coffee and bloody Mary's while waiting for the rods to throttle...
  6. Salmon Addict


    Anyone else having problems with Scotty rigger motors seizing up. Riggers are about 7 years old I have had the them serviced several times @ LFS. Both motors have been replaced about a year ago. They are making that loud grinding bearing are shot already sound. The other night I had to pull the...
  7. Salmon Addict

    Ruger Blackhawk 44 Mag.

    Blued finish, 7" barrel, rubber grips, with holster, plus still have stock grips like new. 400 OBO
  8. Salmon Addict

    97' Yamaha T9.9

    700.00 Firm runs good. Things I've fixed in last 2 years New seals in lower unit Water pump New oil pan Main seals & gaskets Thermostat Fuel bladder/fuel pump
  9. Salmon Addict

    1981 Yamaha Seca 750

    New, tires,brakes, exhaust, battery comes with saddle bags. 375.00 Obo make me a offer this bikes taking up space in my micro sized garage. Will through in riding gear.
  10. Salmon Addict

    A big thanks!

    Just want to thank a couple guys from Bd 2 fish and Barrucuda 1. I found some helm seats in the classified section here on Bd. Fred just happened to be heading down south to fish so he offered to meet up with Jim 2 fish and pick up the seats. And Jim dropped everything at work to deliver the...
  11. Salmon Addict

    Tap talk ?

    My tap talk works! Not as good as it used to but now I can look it bd on I phone a little easier. What do you guys think?
  12. Salmon Addict

    Fishing Alone

    I got this friend he is a member here on BD. He wants to go target some Halibuts out in the straits by some bank on Friday. I probably can't go cause of work. So he says he's going alone. I think its a BAD idea things change out there real fast. Why not offer a open seat or maybe he could be a...
  13. Salmon Addict

    Two shrimp pots

    Two shrimp pots for sale. Just put new tunnel rubber bands on them comes with bait jars also. Make me an offer.
  14. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 reduced to 1 clipped blackmouth per day

    Got a mail from wdfw stating bag limit reduced cause of to many native chinook released. I figured this was coming with all the pressure of such a good early fishery we had.
  15. Salmon Addict

    Cleaning garage

    This stuff has got to go or I'll be on an episode of Hoards soon! 99 jetta 1000.00 1981 Yamaha 750 seca 700.00 Headers or 70-81 camaro small block or nova Chevy 2 new with gaskets and bolts and collectors 100.00 River runner prop guard 75.00 13.25. X 16 prop for late model Honda or mercury...
  16. Salmon Addict


    What style and brand of hooks are you using to rig for saltwater? Do you buy barbless or do you crimp the barbs. The reason I ask is because the barbless hooks have a different design more of a circle hook shape. Which ones catch more fish? To me the standard J hooks barbs crimped would get you...
  17. Salmon Addict

    Herring strips

    I just filleted a bunch of strips for some teasers. My old man used those Les Davis heads back in the 80's said they were the shit! Going to give her a shot got some super teasers & large teasers which ones are better ? Do you leave the tail on one side or just cut it off for better action? Dave...
  18. Salmon Addict

    San Juan Clipped Fins

    I got an invite to be a boat Ho on the Barracuda yesterday and boy I'm gad Fred let me tag along with his # 1 boat Ho Marty likes to party! We hit up one of the big ebb "usually" spots first thing in the morning. Had three take downs there two stuck Freds fish got next to the boat took a strong...
  19. Salmon Addict

    San Juan Cookie Cutters

    I've been out three days in the last week. Lots of fish out there to be caught! This time of year you just got to put your time in. Nothing was really big until yesterday when we released a nice fat healthy native. Yesterday the bite really picked up had lots of chances to limit out but just...
  20. Salmon Addict

    Who's got a NEXUS?

    Finally got my Nexus approved! Did some stupid shit a long time ago which made it harder to receive. As soon as it comes in the mail I'm good to go. So if anyone wants to share costs for a short trip to the Gulf Islands for Prawns, Salmon,or Halibut hit me up with a PM:finger:
  21. Salmon Addict

    MA7 Back to the basics

    Been itching to get out there! Went out last Sunday for the first time blackmouth fishing this winter with my brother Jeff and Randy. We kept it simple with cut plug herring. We all had a blast despite the wind and rain. Can't wait to get back out there! I might finally have some time off coming...
  22. Salmon Addict

    MA7 Last weekend for Fall Salmon

    Well its been a solid year for us in the San Juans. Figured we would give it one last shot before it closes for a month. Fished with good friends Fred and Marty. The weather was ugly with rain and some strong winds at the end of the trip but we were able to fish comfortable. We had three solid...
  23. Salmon Addict

    T9.9 Leaking motor oil out exhaust?

    I got a late 90s kicker that runs like a champ and never misses a beat. But have noticed a small pool of motor oil on the shop floor. Leaks from the exhaust. There is a pretty good sheen of oil when the motor is first started up. Smokes a good amount for a few minutes till is warmed up. Then...
  24. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 Newbies 8-5-12

    Went out last Sunday with my future brother in-law Eric and his young son Kameran. Fished all day with only a couple strikes. We were ready to call it a day & pack up and go home. Then we got lucky and landed Eric his first salmon on a 1:1 mooching rod! Not bad for a first! :finger:
  25. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 7-26-2012

    Got out on the water yesterday. Met Fred "Barracuda 1" at dock at 7:00 am after his grave yard shift. Dropped some crab pots off on the way out. We fished all the popular spots in the Rosario. It was foggy and cold most of the day. LOTS of bait every where. Had two hook ups all day both fish...
  26. Salmon Addict

    Open seat M7 4-5-12

    Work is slow this week so I'm headed out tomorrow just me and the dog. Anyone have the day off or want to call in sick? I was working in Anacortes today and the water was calling me!
  27. Salmon Addict

    NOAA derby weather forecast !

    I've been watching the forecast for the Anacortes derby. WTF possibly gale force winds through Saturday night! I hope they got this one wrong boys! Was planning on taking Friday off to scout for the big ones to. Anyone want to run out to the Salmon banks in my car topper? :rofl: :rofl:
  28. Salmon Addict

    Stainless prop question

    I'm thinking of switching from an aluminum prop to stainless. The ones I have now are 13.25X16 and seems right for my boat on a 115 EFI Merc. I can reach the 5800- 6400 WOT when loaded. So when you make the switch to stainless do you stay with the same size?
  29. Salmon Addict

    Late Report San Jose Del Cobo Jan. 26

    San Jose Del Cobo Jan. 26 <hr style="color: transparent; background-color: transparent;" size="1"> My wife and I got married and Honeymooned in Cabo a few weeks ago. Boy was the weather perfect! I managed to talk her into taking a charter for some fishing. Ended up having a blast...
  30. Salmon Addict

    T9.9 parts

    My brother recently bought a Yamaha 9.9 that was in a boat fire. Not much damage to it the oil light is a little burned but still works. The carb. is shot though had some salt water in it. He robbed the carburetor off his kicker he is selling with his old boat and it runs great. He just needs...
  31. Salmon Addict

    9.9 yamaha

    I recently purchased a used 1998 Yamaha 9.9 4-stroke. It needs a little work. The main problem is it won't lock when its put in reverse. The lock lever is seized up. I am trying to get the main bolt that runs through the main bracket and holds the two bracket clamps together removed. The bolt is...
  32. Salmon Addict

    9.9 yamaha

    I recently purchased a used 1998 Yamaha 9.9 4-stroke. It needs a little work. The main problem is it won't lock when its put in reverse. The lock lever is seized up. I am trying to get the main bolt that runs through the main bracket and holds the two bracket clamps together removed. The bolt is...
  33. Salmon Addict

    San Jose Del Cobo Jan. 26

    Not much on the board here in WA for fishing reports so thought I would share where I was last week. My wife and I got married and Honeymooned in Cabo last week. Boy was the weather perfect! I managed to talk her into taking a charter for some fishing. Ended up having a blast targeting Dorado...
  34. Salmon Addict

    Gift certicate Anacortes Custom Boats

    I have a gift certificate for ACB West LLC a 150.00 value. Its for service or parts. We won it in a raffle at the Anacortes Derby. They are a Suzuki dealer I don't have that brand nor do I need any service since I do that my self. If someone needs Suzuki parts or accessories or service on...
  35. Salmon Addict

    Bait freezer

    A free small freezer. Nothing wrong with it we just upgraded to a much larger model. Would be great to store bait in. 4'x22'' <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input...
  36. Salmon Addict

    MA 7

    I found out I didn't have to work today late yesterday figured I throw a open seat up but nobody PMed me I was a little butt hurt but I got over it! :rofl: Maybe everyone had to work, xmass shopping, got tied up in a night gown its alright I went out and caught a couple fin clipped one nice...
  37. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 open seat

    After looking at the fishing reports looks like its hit or miss. Thank you everyone for the reports. Just looked at the NOOA weather and tomorrow looks like it could be a little windy. I have the day off tomorrow and am looking for a couple of deck hands. ANYONE interested? Weather dependent of...
  38. Salmon Addict

    CCA Meeting 12-14-11 Bellingham

    Anyone going to the CCA meeting at Mayberry sporting goods at six tomorrow in Bellingham? I just became a member this year but never attended a meeting yet. I think I will try to make it. Matt :finger:
  39. Salmon Addict

    Blackmouth M7

    As I'm about to head to my shitty job this morning I just wanted to say how lucky those that have the day off to be on the water fishing are! :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: Good Luck! Matt:finger:
  40. Salmon Addict

    Jan.23-30 Looking for Charter Jose Del Cabo

    What could a couple of Gringo's expect to catch in season at the end of January? Is fishing that hot during then? What should we be looking for in a charter? :finger: Matt <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
  41. Salmon Addict

    San Jose Del Cabo Jan. 23-29

    My fiancee Brittany and I are getting married in January and will be honeymooning in San Jose Del Cabo. We are looking for a quality charter. I did a little thread searching Dream Weaver and Renagade Mike seemed pretty well none and reputable. Anyone else have any good or bad experiences with...
  42. Salmon Addict

    Packframe with shelf

    I'm looking to buy a used packframe to hual out elk and deer quarters. Need something comfortable that I can wear all day. I'm tired of walking half the day to get back to the truck to get my pack. Any advice on brands would be appreciated.
  43. Salmon Addict

    MA 7 Aug. 19-20

    Headed out Sat. with my brother on his boat to the Eagle Point. Launched out of Bellingham early in the Am flat ass calm through Bellingham Bay. Dumped the crab pot over and headed for the outside never touched the throttle till we hit the Point to join the rest of the fleet. Absolutely...
  44. Salmon Addict

    Baker Lake 8-10-11 NO LOVE

    Work has been pretty slow this week so I took three co-works to Baker Lake to get in all this action I hear about. Started fishing at dawn at the north end of the lake with the rest of the fleet. Saw a few fish being landed early that morning but nothing to write home about. It slowed down quite...
  45. Salmon Addict

    San Juans 7-9/10

  46. Salmon Addict

    San Juans 7-9/10

    Well I had to work Friday and possibly Saturday so I didn't buy a derby ticket. We got a good report that the bite was on Friday at Blakely Island during the flood so we planned our day around that. Took my fiance and 11 year old daughter out for the day. Dragged the girls out of bed at 4:30 in...
  47. Salmon Addict

    Got a open seat!

    Planning on going out for the salmon opening MA7 tomorrow July 1st leaving Bellingham early morning got the boat loaded ready to go anyone in?
  48. Salmon Addict

    M7 5/13

    Went out to Friday 13th to do some Shrimping. I know sounds kind of spooky doesn't it. Took my dad Brittany and my boss out. Started out pretty good with two limits on our first set. Freshened the bait a little and sent them back down near our waypoints. We got cocky and started rigging up some...
  49. Salmon Addict

    Marine Area 7 - Shrimping

    Headed out to do some shrimping today with my fiance. Arrived at Sucia around 9 am to join the other sports shrimpers and dodge the commies. Dropped 4 pots and let them soak about 45 min to an hour - just enough time to throw back a brewski and manhandle a sandwich. We picked all 4 pots and had...
  50. Salmon Addict

    Neah Bay / Sekiu

    The other half and I are looking to try a new place to fish this summer for Salmon. I have always wanted to try Neah Bay or Sekiu never been their but its on my list. What are the prime times? Looking at the regs. Sekiu the 19th-30 Sept. you can keep native coho two a day. Anyone fished that...
  51. Salmon Addict

    M7 April,9

    Woke up at five in the AM walked outside the wind was flat calm in Everson. Thought to myself great at least we won't get a beating this morning couldn't wait to go fishing! Picked up my brother on the way fueled up the boat at 4.00 $ a gallon. Hit the boat launch in Bellingham about 6:30 wind...
  52. Salmon Addict

    Shrimp pot engine

    A couple of years ago I was going to make my own gas powered shrimp pot puller. Got a killer deal on an electric model before I started the project. So I have for sale a new 5.5 hp OHV Briggs with a new bolt on NORAM gear redution unit. 425.00 OBO <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session...
  53. Salmon Addict

    EZ Pot Puller

    With shrimp season coming up I'm just going through my gear making every thing looks good. I pulled the cover off my EZ pullers oil bath just to look in inside to make sure the bearings and gears looked good since I'm the second own I just wanted to be sure. Everything looked good but I wasn't...
  54. Salmon Addict

    Penn downrigger swivel base

    I don't need this anymore. It's in good shape 60.00 <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy"...
  55. Salmon Addict

    2011 Puget Sound Crabbing

    Well its nice to see we all can go crabbing on Sunday again! Thursday through Monday a lot better than it used to be. Now the average working person can get out a little more often. Hats off to our fishing advocates. Well I'm still ticked about the late opening AGAIN for sport crabbing on July...
  56. Salmon Addict

    Boat Seat

    Fold down boat seat by B&M, white, like new condition. Used one season always stored inside. 100.00 OBO <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden"><input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();"...