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  1. Sofia Rose

    11/16/2019 Full speed yt and yft

    Life is good.....full speed on small yt and 30 to 50 lb. yft.... 21/46. Paddie. Limits of small yt. 5 yft about 30 to 40 lbs. lost 4 fish on 50 lb test. Entire fleet in this zone. Water temp 65.4. Seas were calm. Got called in by Samantha Marie to slide into their school since they were plugged...
  2. Sofia Rose

    SOLD iCom M602 w/ HM-127B

    I'm selling my iCom 602 with the HM-127B mic.... I have changed my electronics and don't need this unit. Works great! Asking $250.
  3. Sofia Rose

    SCI Hunt

    Left MB 8:00 am Wednesday with concerns of weather and closure concerns that never developed. No macs around and no frozen flying fish in San Diego! Stopped on a couple for paddies on our way to SCI for a couple of doritos. Saw lots of marks and foamers all afternoon….long range fleet were all...
  4. Sofia Rose

    The 302

    Beautiful day on the ocean…flat calm, hot and humid. Made macs at the north side of the MB jetty easily. Worked the 302 zone all day. Found lots of paddies and stopped on all of the. only one produced 2 dodos. And the 2 jig strikes on yft. off dolphins. Water was 74 to 76 and very clean...
  5. Sofia Rose

    07/26 181 and back

    Left MB around 1:30. Bait barge only had small chovies Started at the 181 crossed over to the 289. 69.3 to 69.5 water. All paddies we found were dry. Lots of marks 60’ down for nothing. Worked the high spot. Turned back to the 181. 39/29 ponies with yft under, no luck. Went to the 182 for more...
  6. Sofia Rose

    The knuckle and Hidden Bank 09/17/17

    Bait from MB was so so. Ocean flat and calm. Beautiful sunrise. Went to the 475 for nothing. All paddies dry and 5 boats pulling tuna pens. Headed toward the hidden stopped on multple paddies. Nothing. Several jig stops for skippy and bonito. Found a large pod of ponies with Great mark. Couldn’t...
  7. Sofia Rose

    Giddy up ponies....

    Got a later start than expect due to helping a boat back to the dock with engin troubles after getting their 4 hoops. Motored to the 425. Lots of large paddies with mola’s and bait but no fish for us. Turned east to the 101 where we found 5 tuna pens getting moved and a large school of ponies...
  8. Sofia Rose

    Furuno System

    SofiaRose is getting upgraded. Complete Furuno system available. Radar, 2 screens, transducers, etc...... Everything works fine. Pick up only.... I'm very reasonable and will trade, deal, whatever
  9. Sofia Rose

    Looking for bft but found yft on 07/18

    Left MB around 6:30 am with Dave, Aaron, Byron, and John in to fly the balloon.... Started at the 182 where the water was green but filled with life...bait balls, on the surface and deep, birds, and a school of yft. Got 1 on black/purple. The school stayed with us for about 10 minutes giving us...
  10. Sofia Rose

    Tile installer

    Redoing my master bath and looking for an experienced tile installer. There's flooring, a shower, a two walls. Please leave me a message on my cell 619-823-9834 Thanks, Lee
  11. Sofia Rose

    Smoked candied salmon

    Happy holidays to all! I'm smoking some salmon bellies today. I have marinaded them in brown sugar and salt overnight. Some recipes say to rinse the pieces with cold water and dry and some say to just dry the pieces. Anyone have any experience or suggestions? Thanks Lee
  12. Sofia Rose

    7th time's a charm....bft

    Finally.....6 times chasing bft for nothing....yesterday the skunk was gone. Final crew ( numerous last minute cancellation ) Jason, Andy and JT. Left Mission Bay at 6:00 pm in choppy seas to SCI 24/44. Arrive to a wall of lites. The entire fleet sitting on the ridge. We made some squid and...
  13. Sofia Rose

    6/3 between the 371 & 425

    A show that all must see.....and if you get lucky and fish might come home with you. Blocked a 4 mile area for 9 hours, flying the kite, slow trolling macs, throwing poppers, hitting fish in the head... These fish are so busy chasing micro anchovies that they are oblivious to anything else...
  14. Sofia Rose

    Going to fly a Kite Friday the 3rd

    Off to the grounds on Friday June 3 with friends.... New kite, new line, new gear just for the occasion. Usual channels.....
  15. Sofia Rose

    Fishing on Thursday 08/20

    SofiaRose will be on US waters Thursday. Thunnus albacares.......looking forward to our meeting tomorrow! Usual channels, usual menu. Hit us up
  16. Sofia Rose

    Sunday the 26th

    Short version....too tired! Mission Bay had only mini macs! Started at the 425....empty Went to the 371.......empty Went to the 302.......not empty...10 dodo's 1 yft. Mostly troll fish, 2 bait fish. Temp was 71.8 basically. Wind was up in the morning 15 to 20 knots and layed down a bit at the...
  17. Sofia Rose

    Fishing Sunday the 25th

    Sofia Rose is embarking on Sunday around 2:00 am to places south. New crew, old crew, and 96 bottles of beer...yoohoo. Usual channels...we'll share info on bites, as we always do! Other channel is 7....
  18. Sofia Rose

    Running South Thursday the 16th

    Sofia Rose and crew is heading out early Thursday to Mexico south of the 425 and looping around to the islands if needed. She's full of fuel and ready to rock and roll. Usual channels.....swing by for a fresh cup of coffee and brunch.
  19. Sofia Rose

    El Nino 90% confirmed

    6/12/2015: NOAA released their latest ENSO Discussion <>, which upgraded this year's chances of El Niño. There is now a greater than 90% chance El Niño will continue through this fall (longer than last report)...
  20. Sofia Rose

    Friday the 19th

    Well we looked and looked and looked and found alot of paddies with no one home except for the first one! Caught 2 farmed 4. The seas were flat, the sun came out, and enjoyed catching up with good friends!.....successful trip in my book! Thanks Dave, Adam,Joe, and Aaron for taking time to fish...
  21. Sofia Rose

    Yellowtail & Tuna Pre-Father's day hunt

    SofiaRose is planning to hit the seas this Thursday night to fish Friday.... Have a great crew, great menu, great weather, and great attitude! Let's hope for great bait in Mission Bay. We'll be on all the usual channels....if there's a need to be a little more discreet go down to 9. Lee
  22. Sofia Rose

    Mexico bound...never made it

    Never made it to Mexico….got a text that the weather was very bad and getting worse. But worse news was that the fish had vanished! All the seiners left and the fleet caught nothing and moved back to the US zones…..we decided to fish around La Jolla instead for nothing! Trolled from the...
  23. Sofia Rose

    Sunday at the 150

    First time fishing the 150 area. Yt's didn't show up until 11:00 am and the birds were all over them. Up quick down quick....frustrating day until I picked up this. Called in a friend and they picked one up. Thanks to Byron Jason and Kyle for a fun day in a foreign (to me) zone!
  24. Sofia Rose

    June 4 to June 7 Offshore Trip SofiaRose

    Time to go hunt for some big stuff on SofiaRose Leaving Mission Bay Thursday night the 4th and heading west about 50 plus miles. Work the area and take a SE direction covering all the important banks right into the Coral for an afternoon of frolicking. Saturday it's off to the lower banks to...
  25. Sofia Rose

    Sunday May 31st....

    Papa J and I are taking a ride north to Newport to join my friend Byron on his boat to slay the yt! Will be in the area of the 150. Byron's boat is Off the Clock so give us a call..... We'll be following a very special VIP.:)
  26. Sofia Rose

    Underwater lights

    Going to put underwater lights in my 37 Riviera. Any suggestions on color, power, and manufacturers. Thanks, Lee
  27. Sofia Rose

    08/27 The Corner and 302

    Terrible day for us. Started at the corner worked our way southwest and found some of the fleet. Lots of birds and boils just couldn't get them to go. Chummed for hours. Stayed in the area for about 3 hours. What fish we saw caught were small. Started heading toward the 302 and stopped on...
  28. Sofia Rose


    Usual stuff.....worthless bait.. Joined the entire fleet to chum and chum and chum......for long soaks. We caught our fish on the troll, iron, and bait. Nice day on the water. Wind kicked up a bit and ride home was a bit wet. Fish were stuffed with small shrimp looking stuff. Great time with...
  29. Sofia Rose

    Sofia Rose going south tonight

    We're off from MB to a southern point in Mexican waters to load up again. Usual channels, some old some new crew on board. Back on Thursday with a report
  30. Sofia Rose

    DFG at Mission Bay Checking Sportsboats

    Got this email tonight from my friend: Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2014 20:00:09 -0700 Subject: DFG Inspections on Sportfishing Boats From: San Diego Anglers <[email protected]> To: San Diego Anglers <[email protected]> Club Members, I was just informed that DFG was at Seaforth Landing inspecting...
  31. Sofia Rose

    Sunday somewhere south

    Heading south to get away from the boat pressure and maintain sanity. Leaving MB Sat. night. Usual channels........usual crew with a new one! Food......the usual good stuff! Give us a shout.
  32. Sofia Rose

    Fly fishermen on board

    Heading south Saturday, after giving Sofia Rose some TLC.....starter, alternator, high pressure fuel hose...... Taking her south with a couple of fly fishermen plus and house flipper! Probably will stay away from the crowds. Usual channels......
  33. Sofia Rose

    Friday the 18th trip

    Heading out early for the nine or south. Crew....a lawyer, an account turned house flipper, a contractor, & my nephew who has never fished! Will be on all the usual channels.
  34. Sofia Rose

    South Nine

    Left San Diego Bay around 2:30 and went straight toward the south nine. Trolled around for awhile for absolutely nothing! Saw lots of 3/4 day boats all around us. We decided to stop and soak our baits. 33/26 Picked up 3 yft and 1 nice bft in about 2 hours. Great afternoon.
  35. Sofia Rose

    Trifecta weekend

    Started too far south on Saturday morning.....wanted to get away from the crowds. Wend 5 miles south of the Hidden with easy limits of yt, 1 yft and 1 bluefin tuna. Heard all the action was up at the 425. Pulled into the Coral for the night and went north on Sunday. Multiple strikes in the...
  36. Sofia Rose

    Catching Macs for bait

    With the bait situation not the best, was wondering if a CA fishing license was needed to catch macs for bait in mission bay area?
  37. Sofia Rose

    Heading south July 11

    I know it's early, but couldn't wait. Heading south Friday July 11, pulling into the Coral the 12th ( for a jacuzzi,shower, and frolicking), and back home the 13th. Papa J in board.....along with a couple more newbies.... Will make bait if needed Friday. Will be on the usual channels.
  38. Sofia Rose


    Happy holidays to everyone! Was wondering if anyone has seen any whales recently. Was thinking of taking my girls out for a whale finding adventure. Weather should be perfect! I'll be leaving out of Mission Bay. Thanks for any information.......
  39. Sofia Rose

    09/12 Run

    Late start. Ran from Mission Bay to the 182 to the 181 to La Jolla. Zig zaged all the way. Saw 2 whales and 3 birds. Radio talk said difficult to find paddies. Heard of one at 38/38....never found it. Nice day on the water with friends.
  40. Sofia Rose


    Took a ride south 190 miles for all the yt you would ever want in the 8 to 20 lb. class. Then found the bluefin.......60 to 80 lb class. Picked up 10. Good time was had.
  41. Sofia Rose

    Tree Trimmer

    It's that time of the year to have my trees trimmed. Does anyone know of a good tree trimmer with experience. Thanks, Lee
  42. Sofia Rose

    Marlin fishing

    Friend sent this to me.... Black marlin goes crazy!
  43. Sofia Rose

    09-21 1010 Knuckel

    Left MB at 9:45 to an ocean that was mixed up and windy on a southern path to the 1010 knuckle zone. Get the boat on path and go down to sleep. 4 am arrives and I get up to take my turn driving, only to br informed that my bait pump took a dump and all our bait was dead! Damn..... I...
  44. Sofia Rose

    Sofia Rose going on a birthday trip

    My daughter, Gabrielle Sofia, turns 21 today and asked to go fishing. I hooked after taking her fishing and a relaxing two days at the Coral! Checking out of MB on Wed. with my crew. Heading south about 65 to 75 miles. Gabs wants to catch tuna! Will moniter all the usual channels.
  45. Sofia Rose

    Tuna pen fishing

    Short..... Got skunked! Ran down with the rest of the SD fleet. I must admit it was nice to see them in the water at night! Temp went from 70 to 67.4 the last 5 miles. Got in the zone around 5:15, positioned Sofia Rose between two sporties (respectful distance), and watched the chaos...
  46. Sofia Rose

    We're out of here

    Going south. Last minute stuff. Priority rules! OK....... 54 miles from MB. Just in case!
  47. Sofia Rose

    Dodo's and Yellowtails

    Here's the scoop. Ocean was flat. Worked 31.50 to 31.25 and 117.05 116.52. Covered alot of ground. Found 4 small paddy's that were empty. And 2 large ones that were holding yellowtail and dodo. Water temp 68.2 to 69.8. Last large paddy was only 15 miles out of Ensenada. At the Coral for the...
  48. Sofia Rose

    Mexican Fishing License

    i used to be able to buy my Mexican fishing license on through the conapesca website. Went on it today, but I could only print the form, and I assume go to their office to pay for it. Does anyone know how to buy a Mexican fishing license on line?
  49. Sofia Rose


    Taking off wed. night from Mission Bay. Plan is to go long 80 to 100 plus if needed. Pulling into the Coral thursday afternoon to chill until saturday. Celebrating my daughters almost 21st birthday with friends! Will be on all the usual channel. Call if you're on the water! Lee, Elizabeth...
  50. Sofia Rose

    Reality hits you hard bro
  51. Sofia Rose

    PV is on

    Fished with Danny for all the ahi you wanted. Weight ranged from 45 to 160. Wide open crazy fishing in the afternoon. The ate cabbies and skippies all day long. Landed about 1500 lbs in 6 hours. We're sore and tired. Pictures coming..... Flew to PV via TJ on Volaris airlines Thursday morning...
  52. Sofia Rose

    Heading out Sept 4th

    Going to take a peak down south around the tuna pens. Fishing the 4th. Usual channels. Lite fare......
  53. Sofia Rose

    Charger Game

    I'll be at the game tonight! Yippee.... Where's the tailgate party?
  54. Sofia Rose

    It's Official

    Surrounded by friends and family, we named our boat Sofia Rose on Sunday. Champagne was generously given to the gods of the ocean and to all mermaids. :) See you all out on the water again! If anyone would like a copy of the ceremony, just PM me.
  55. Sofia Rose

    PV October 20th to 23rd

    Booked air through TJ for $157 round trip to PV. Flying down for a day of fishing, a day of relaxing, and a day of frolicking. Working on getting the fishing part finalized. Everything else is just natural.
  56. Sofia Rose

    Fish Stock

    Making a seafood risotto and decided to make my own fish stock. Used the bones and head from the grouper family. Made more than I need so in the freezer it goes for future use.
  57. Sofia Rose

    My Chanukah Present

    The next generation of power! :)
  58. Sofia Rose

    Divorced Barbie

    One day a father gets out of work and on his way home he suddenly remembers that it's his daughter's birthday. He pulls over to a Toy Shop and asks the sales person, 'How much for one of those Barbie's in the display window?' The salesperson answers, 'Which one do you mean, Sir? We have: Work...
  59. Sofia Rose

    Andy Rooney on Sex

    ANDY ROONEY??? ON SEX ~ AND HE'S RIGHT ON ~ 1. When I was born, I was given a choice - a big pecker or a good memory...I don't remember what I chose. 2. Your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory. 3. A wife is a sex object. Every time you ask for sex, she...
  60. Sofia Rose

    1000 lb. Bluefin Speared

    This was sent to me by a friend! AN OVER 1,000 LB ATLANTIC BLUEFIN TUNA CAPTURE! Published date: 2010-08-20 The action took place 2 days ago in the North Atlantic Coast and at about 170 miles off the coast in the direction off New Foundland. At the time the main goal of the trip was again...
  61. Sofia Rose

    Happy New Year

    To all my Jewish friends, may this New Year bring you, your family, and friends a year of happiness, health, and peace. A few fish would be nice too! L'shana Tova.
  62. Sofia Rose

    Equality for Women

  63. Sofia Rose

    Canning Can

    If anyone cans, I have alot of 8 oz. cans that are perfect for canning fish. .25 per can.
  64. Sofia Rose

    Fishing Sunday

    Very long day.. Decided to to try the lower 500, upper finger. Caught 1 albie and 1 bluefin.31 00 117 07 and 30 59 117 09. Both jig fish. 61.5 degree water. Metered lots of fish between the lower 500 and the lower finger but couldn't get them to go. Blew a turbo coming home about 60...
  65. Sofia Rose

    Albacore Run 07/11

    We're going to try it again. Leaving from MB on the evening of 07/10 to fish 07/11. Will monitor the usual stations. If anyone else is out there call us! Going to where the fish are. Time to plan the menu again! PS Might have a famous person on board :)
  66. Sofia Rose

    Wed. WSB Fishing

    HLII went to the WSB grounds Wed. 06-30 only to find 60 plus boats in the zone. Picked up a nice scoop of candy from the candy store and set up on the outside of all the boats. Fished from 6:00 to midnight for not even a nibble. Didn't see any action from all the boats surrounding us. :(...
  67. Sofia Rose

    HLII 07-02 / 07-03

    If these reports of albies continue to develop HLII will go and entertain them. Current plan is to leave Friday night and fish at 5:00 am Sat. Boat is ready, crew is ready, I'm ready..... Just need to come up with a menu! Will report as always the night we get back. PS might have a famous...
  68. Sofia Rose

    According to Mady Rose

    I love my 16 year old daughter. She has the right perspective on life. Oh to be young again! “How to Live” Truly discover the art of doing nothing. Ride your bike to the beach and use the sand as a blanket while you drift off for hours. When you come across God in every flower...
  69. Sofia Rose

    The Islands of Greece

    I'll be on Crete and Mykonos for 2 weeks and would love to jump on a boat and fish. I've searched the internet for information but was unseccessful. Anyone have any experience or information on the fishing scene on Crete and Mykonos?
  70. Sofia Rose


    With over 2000 hours in 6 years on her, she was due for major maintanence. Coolant system, grid heaters, turbo chargers, new hoses, new ground wiring, new fuel valve gaskets, new zincs, new impellers, gen set, new filters, engine oil and transmission oil,new ice maker, etc. etc. etc...
  71. Sofia Rose

    Classic Bloodydecks Salute

    Careful who you give the Bloodydecks salute to! :)
  72. Sofia Rose

    Fishing in South Africa

    I have the oppertunity to go to Capetown in March with a good friend. Part of my dream is to fish there. Does anyone have any experience in that part of the world. Is March a good time to go for fishing for tuna?
  73. Sofia Rose

    It's Latkah Time

    Happy Chanukah to all! May the festival of lights shine happiness, health, and good fishing to all!
  74. Sofia Rose

    TV Repair Person- HELP

    Help. Due to the power outage last night I'm unable to turn my TV on. I have a Mitsubishi WD-52525. The green light keeps flashing even though I have unplugged the TV several time. I also pushed the reset button and nothing. The green light keeps flashing. The green light needs to stop...
  75. Sofia Rose

    11-01 at the 60

    Not much to report except that we had a blast. Terry, Brad, Adam, Dave and myself. Started at the 60 mile bank and worked the area for 2 to 3 hours.... skippies Went west to the mushroom...... skippies Went back towards the 60 mile bank..... cute yellows Ocean warmed up during the...
  76. Sofia Rose

    Leaving Sat. Night

    HLII is going long on Sat. night to fish Sunday. Got a full crew and the food is ready! Usual channels. Will broadcast our sucesses with detail information. Come and join us.
  77. Sofia Rose

    Fishing 10-27

    Heading out on Monday night to fish Tuesday. Going 70 to 80 miles out. Usual suspects on board. Will be on the usual channels. Give us a shout. I have the 4:00 am shift.
  78. Sofia Rose

    Mooring at Avalon

    Planning on being in Avalon on Thursday and getting a can. Does anyone have a pictorial on how to moor up to the cans over there. I'm going with a newbie and I'll be driving the boat. Any instructions is appreciated.
  79. Sofia Rose

    Jazz Festival at Catalina

    Going to Catalina for the Jazz festival from 10-8 to 10-11. Will troll all the way to Avalon. Hopefully run into some YFT for the weekend. We'll be in Avalon on a mooring. Going to the casino Sat. night for the jazz concert and eating at the local hot spots for dinners. Is anyone going to...
  80. Sofia Rose

    Epic day of Fishing

    It just doesn't get better then today. Terry & I decided to get our bait from SD since the bait at MB has been so poor lately. Great call because the bait was excellent! We met Dave & Robb at the police dock and off we went to the 1010 zone. I put the lines in around 5:45. Dave came up and...
  81. Sofia Rose

    Thursday 08-06

    HLII is finally taking a run out to the grounds. Leaving on Wed. evening and fishing Thursday. All usual channels. Will go south or west depending on the weather and the fish. Give us a shout. Would like to work with others for extra coverage. :)
  82. Sofia Rose

    Tuesday the 21st

    Going out to drift for mako's. Planning on starting at the nine. Will monitor all usual channels.
  83. Sofia Rose

    Accurate ATD 12 For Sale

    I have 2 accurate ATD12 reels which were only used once. They have spectra with 100 lb. top shop on them I think. These are in excellant condition. I also have 2 Graphite USA predator rods that go with them. Here's the link for the reels: ATD-12 Reel
  84. Sofia Rose

    Our 20th Anniversary in Cancun

    Heather & I will be in Cancun mid-Feb. for our 20th anniversary. We'd like to go out 1 day and fish. Can anyone recommend an honest charter company and are there any tuna mid-Feb?
  85. Sofia Rose

    The Knob

    A woman visited a plastic surgeon who told her about a new procedure called "The Knob" where a small knob is placed at the top of the woman's head and could be turned to tighten up her skin and produce the effect of a brand new face-lift. Of course, the woman wanted "The Knob." Over the...
  86. Sofia Rose

    The Wedding Test

    THE WEDDING TEST I was a very happy man. My wonderful girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married. There was only one little thing bothering me...It was her beautiful younger sister. My prospective sister-in-law was twenty-two, wore very...
  87. Sofia Rose

    The New Girlfriend

    The New Girlfriend.... A man was lying in bed with his new girlfriend. &#8232;&#8232;They had just finished having sex... and now she was spending almost an hour just scratching his nuts... (apparently, this was something she seemed to love to do). &#8232;&#8232;Even though he was...
  88. Sofia Rose

    Mass Migration of Stingrays

    Got these pictures from a friend and thought I'd pass them on: Mass Migration of Stingrays Looking like giant leaves floating in the sea, thousands of Golden Rays are seen here gathering off the coast of Mexico. The spectacular scene was captured as the magnificent creatures made one of...
  89. Sofia Rose

    Mathematical Certainty

    What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in life? Here's a little mathematical...
  90. Sofia Rose

    Clamming Papa J Style

    Here's some pictures of Jason cooking up the kosher clams they dug up last Sat. for the Charger game. They absolutely delicious! Thanks Jason.
  91. Sofia Rose


    HLII has taken 500 lbs. of humbolt squid out the ocean! Tommy Gomes ( yep that Tommy) and company took HLII about 11.8 mile from Mission Bay for a wide open bite. 3 to 4 pole bent at all time. Filled the kill bag and went home at 7:20. Sliced and diced them all except for 2 that are going...
  92. Sofia Rose


    A squiding HLII will go. Famous and revered fishermen on board. Usual channels and fair. :)
  93. Sofia Rose

    New Energy Source

    This is great technology. What irritates me is we’re burning our food for fuel, causing shortages & price increases worldwide. People need to be educated regarding the scam of Ethanol made from corn. It’s purely political! Untitled Document I received this from a friend of mine...
  94. Sofia Rose

    Ping Pong

    At it's best! Don't bet against this guy. The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan (November 21, 2008) - Mental Health Break
  95. Sofia Rose

    Tree trimmer

    I have lots of very tall trees that need to be trimmed. Can someone recommend a reliable person/company? Thanks!
  96. Sofia Rose

    Hangover Finalists

  97. Sofia Rose

    Amazing Driver!

    If I held up a bank .... I would want this guy driving the get away car. CLICK Below
  98. Sofia Rose

    Stand By Me!

    You will love this! The power of music to bring people together. YouTube - Playing For Change: Song Around the World "Stand By Me"
  99. Sofia Rose

    Taser guns

    Very thoughtful husband! Pocket Taser Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Taser for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest.. The occasion was our 15th anniversary...
  100. Sofia Rose

    Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino

    Three of the best! 2006 Netherlands. Dailymotion - Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, a video from Hanvak. Fats, Domino, -, Boogie, live
  101. Sofia Rose

    Albies, yellowtails, & bluefin

    Started about 7 miles sw of the 390 and trolled to the 213. Turned around and went back to the 390. Caught albies, yellow tails and bluefin. The yellowtails & bluefin were from a paddie at 59/51. Albies were all caught on troll. Found the porpoises at the 213 with marks but couldn't get them...
  102. Sofia Rose

    Fishing Sunday 10-26

    Taking HLII to spin her props. Leaving around 1:00 am from MB. Will start around the 390 and see where she takes us. Will be on all the usual channels.
  103. Sofia Rose

    Excuse me

    Where's my chips. :)
  104. Sofia Rose

    Dolphins Are Amazing

    THIS is amazing The attached video is of dolphins playing with silver colored rings which they have the ability to make under water to play with. It isn't known how they learn this, or if it's an inbred ability. As if by magic the dolphin does a quick flip of its head and a silver...
  105. Sofia Rose

    09-07 181 to the 9

    Frustrating day for us! Caught 1 yellowfin tuna. We started the day fishing around the 181 in 69.6 to 69.8 degrees water. Found the porpoise first thing in the morning but they were not holding Found 2 good sized paddies around the 181 Spot that were dry. There were some albacore in the...
  106. Sofia Rose

    New Presidential Candidate

    Here's a new Candidate that has thrown his hat into the mix. Welcome to The Internet Presidential Campaign Creator!!! :)
  107. Sofia Rose

    Fishing Sunday 09-07

    Cancelled all obligation for sunday. Told everyone I have priorities that need to be upheld! HLII will be out on the grounds again hunting! Reports are too good not to be out. Usual channels. Who else is going be out?
  108. Sofia Rose

    The Wedding Inviatation

  109. Sofia Rose

    The Wedding

  110. Sofia Rose

    Shift Happens

    This is the most powerful glimpse into the future I have ever seen. Please take six minutes out of your day to see where our lives are going….. or not. The professional and personal meaning this vitual presentation has to each of us is potentially exponential. Please enjoy, and continue...
  111. Sofia Rose

    Albies & YF 09-03

    Jason (No Limits), Bill, Rick & I left the Marriot Marina on Run Away, a 31' Contender around 5:30. got a scoop of mixed chovies and sardines (that's all they had), and ran to the 302 in about an hour. Run away is a fast boat. Jason & I worked with Bill & Rick on their first tuna trip in San...
  112. Sofia Rose

    Fishing Wed. the 2nd

    Going out on my friends 31' Contender, Run away, tomorrow morning. Will chase the porpoises and troll for other species. Will moniter the usual channels. Anyone else going to be out?
  113. Sofia Rose

    8-29 YFT, Albies

    Our trip started on a bad note. 90% of our bait from MB rolled by grey light. This really sucked because we woke up at 39/13 to a pod of porpoise. Unfortunately this pod was not holding any yf. So I put out the call if anyone could spare some bait. I was humbled by the generosity of 3 bd's -...
  114. Sofia Rose

    Fishing Friday the 29th

    HLII will be out on the hunt this Friday. Leaving MB on thursday night. Usual channels. Give us a shout.
  115. Sofia Rose

    1988 Oakland Colisium New Years Show

    I know I had fun. I'm hapyy! Grateful Dead Live Concert at Oakland Coliseum Arena (Oakland, CA) Dec 31, 1988 - Free streaming live music, Live concert recordings, Live music downloads, Classic rock concerts Good luck to all in the tournament tomorrow!
  116. Sofia Rose

    Go Here

    and catch this!
  117. Sofia Rose

    08-20 Fishing

    HLII is leaving MB to fish on Wed. Will be on the usual channels. Will probably start on the local banks, since the fish seem to be close these days. Anybody else going to be out?
  118. Sofia Rose

    08-16 Report

    This is going to be short. I'm tired. Beautiful evening and day. The ocean was calm and the temperature was comfortable. Mike, Dave and Brad were on board. Appitizers and beverages were consumed before leaving at 9:00 pm. We arrived around 3:00 am about 49 miles sw of MB with the rest of the...
  119. Sofia Rose

    Aug. 16th

    Going out again. Usual channels. Hopefully not too many thinking the same!
  120. Sofia Rose

    BFT, YFT, Albie, Dodo

    Great day on the water! HLII was graced with the company of the famous Captain Curt ( Boat Hanna ), the one and only Salty Dawg ( Bill Havens), and my friend who loves to catch yft on iron, Terry ( he actually gets giddy just thinking about it). Terry, Curtis and I left early to make some macs...
  121. Sofia Rose

    Happy Birthday Wildcat

    Hey Jim, I know you went out today! Happy Birthday my friend.
  122. Sofia Rose

    Fishing 08-31

    HLII is all fixed and ready to go! Pulling out on Sat. night to fish on Sunday. Will work the zones that are producing! We'll be on all the usual channels.
  123. Sofia Rose

    Yellowtails, Dodo's, Albies, & YFT

    Just got home from a 2 day trip south and very tired. HLII left MB on Friday around 3:30 pm with Jim (Wildcat), Greg (EyeProblem) Chris (Dos Locos) and Terry Upton, for a weekend of fishing and fun. We achieved our goal! First the ocean was flat and calm the entire weekend. We started about 100...
  124. Sofia Rose

    New Way to Catch a Marlin

    This is crazy! Helicopter Fishing - Coolest Sport EverVideo
  125. Sofia Rose

    Fishing the 26th & 27th

    We'll try this again. HLII is leaving MB the evening of the 25th with a boat full of fine gentlemen. Will be south as far as required. Hang at the Coral Sat. night, fish again on Sunday before heading home. Will be on all normal VHF channels, and if you have a 2 meter pm me. Will report...
  126. Sofia Rose


    Since I've cancelled three fishing trips this year it's time to try again! HLII is leaving port in the evening to fish Sat. the 19th. Swing in for a night of fun at the Coral. Back on the grounds Sunday before returning. The usual channels. Give us a call of swing by for a beverage at...
  127. Sofia Rose

    To be Young Again

  128. Sofia Rose

    Minor Body Work Needed

    Need to get a small ding out of Heather's XC90 door. Can anyone recommend someone? Here's a few pictures of the ding.
  129. Sofia Rose

    It's Prom Season

    Make it safe, make it fun, just remember to smile and be happy!
  130. Sofia Rose

    Redneck Tank Top

    No words can suffice - just look at the picture. It might take you a minute so look closely. Redneck tank top...seen at a tractor pull
  131. Sofia Rose

    Mady Finds a BD'er

    I've taught my 13 year old and her friend well. Driving down the 805 at 163 they spots a green ford van with 2 bloodydeck stickers and proceeds to give them the salute which they reciprocate. She immediately calls me and tells me to put it on the board, in hopes that they will come forward...
  132. Sofia Rose

    Stress Management

    Stress Management A lecturer, when explaining stress management to an audience, raised a glass of water and asked, "How heavy is this glass of water?" Answers called out ranged from 20g to 500g. The lecturer replied, "The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on...
  133. Sofia Rose

    Friday hunt

    HLII will be on the grounds looking for a T. Will monitor all the usual channels. 2 jews and a biker on board! :)
  134. Sofia Rose


    Nice day to smoke some albacore, salmon, & yellowtail.
  135. Sofia Rose

    Need a New Air Conditioner

    Just got back and my air conditioner took a dump. can someone recommend a good a.c guy in San Diego. Thanks, Lee
  136. Sofia Rose


    See how many rounds this idiot get's off before being detected. That's what happens when you fuck with us! Or more eloquently put: " This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass! "
  137. Sofia Rose

    Bad Ass Texas Rabbit

    Don't mess with a Texas rabbit!
  138. Sofia Rose


    Not worth ruining your life over! Or loosing the governership.
  139. Sofia Rose

    Colonette Trip

    HLII is departing MB on Thursday the 13th around 8:00 am or whatever time we get it all together. Heading down to the Coral for and afternoon of fun, trouble, and cheap fuel. Leave Ensenada on Friday when we wake up to Colonette. Fish, eat, and drink for 2 days with no phones, emails, or...
  140. Sofia Rose

    Quite the ride

    The crew member really got thrown around! YouTube - BOAT STALLS IN SURF
  141. Sofia Rose

    JEFF DUNHAM Peanut-Jos

    This will make you laugh. And we all need to laugh: YouTube - JEFF DUNHAM Peanut-José Jalapeño on a Stick
  142. Sofia Rose

    Deadheads for Obama

    Not making a political statement, but to pass the word. The Dead are getting back together for a concert at the Warfield on Monday on behalf of Obama. Live telecast at Going to be great to hear the boys jam it up once again! "Deadheads for Obama" - Yahoo! News
  143. Sofia Rose

    When Girls Don't Put Out

    This was written by a guy ... it's pretty damn smart. Girls -- Please have a sense of humour! I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head...
  144. Sofia Rose

    A Bad Job

    And you thought your job was shitty!
  145. Sofia Rose

    Mixing alcohol

    This is how mixing alcohol messes with you. Funny stuff! Daily Email Newsletter - Funniest Video of the Day
  146. Sofia Rose

    My Favorite Charity

  147. Sofia Rose

    Plants gone wild

    Who knew?
  148. Sofia Rose

    Volvo XC90 part

    I need to find a used front xenon head light assemble for a 2005 XC90 Volvo. Dealer wants too much. Can anyone help?
  149. Sofia Rose

    Life Is Good

    Does it get better? Beautiful wife! 2 gorgeous daughters..... My mom is healthy... My friends are healthy.... A happy dog........... Does it get better? I think not. Peace! Need to share tonight.
  150. Sofia Rose

    Black Marlin

    A friend of mine was down in PV fishing last week and took this picture. One on many blacks caught.
  151. Sofia Rose

    Say thanks to our Troops!

    Something cool that Xerox is doing If you go to this web site, , you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can ' t pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed...
  152. Sofia Rose

    The Best Beer

    The benefits of beer....
  153. Sofia Rose

    9-30 Fishng

    Back from 3 days in the bay area with my daughter. We were checking out colleges! Things have changed since I went.... HLII is pulling out on 09-29 around 9:00 pm and heading west. Will be on all the usual channels. Crew.....
  154. Sofia Rose

    How to Make a Women Happy

    How to Make a Woman Happy It's not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be: 1. A friend 2. A companion 3. A lover 4. A brother 5. A father 6. A master 7. A chef 8. An electrician 9. A carpenter 10. A plumber 11. A mechanic 12. A decorator 13. A stylist...
  155. Sofia Rose

    I See Them!

    With all the bad new about the lack of fish and poor weather on Sat., we had a decision to make. Ron (Reel Trouble), Gary (Bravo 6), Mark (Baby Giant), and Randy (Naked Truth) and I discussed our options and decided to go west in hopes that a new day would bring us luck.. So off we go into the...
  156. Sofia Rose

    Going west

    Need some fresh albacore for Rosh Hashana dinner next Wednesday. HLII is going west. Leaving Sat. night around 9:00. On board is a group of misfits. Chicken pai tai will be served, along with various other foods. All channels monitored. If you have an alternative radio pm me.
  157. Sofia Rose

    Sunday 08-19 Fish hunt.

    Just got home and I'm tired! Very long day for 3 albies. Started at the W. fly, to the condon bank, to the 267, back to the W. fly, down to 6 miles from the mushroom, back to the E. fly and finally home. We caught 3 albies just west of the mid fly on 3 jig strikes in 15 minutes around 12:45 pm...
  158. Sofia Rose

    Sunday Search

    Going to give it a shot this Sunday. Leaving Sat. pm from MB. All channels. If you have a 2 meter pm me.
  159. Sofia Rose

    Great Card Trick

    Bill Malone doing an amazing card trick:
  160. Sofia Rose

    Deer Hunting with a Bird

    Interesting way to get a deer.
  161. Sofia Rose

    8-9 Fishing

    HLII is going out to the tuna grounds to fish this Thursday. Normal misfits on board. All usual channels.
  162. Sofia Rose

    Just Because

    There are times when stars line up and shine upon you. Today was such a day. We, Dave (yep that Dave), Terry and Brian left MB around 11:45 am with a great batch of dines and chovies. We trolled in the begining from the 182 south for nothing. People were complaining on the radio about where the...
  163. Sofia Rose


    HLII is rolling out to take a peak for tails and chickens on Monday 7-30. All the usual channels. Menu to will be more in line with summer fare. Fresh fruits & veggies sandwhichs.
  164. Sofia Rose

    25 miles from MB

    I'm keeping this very short ( in no particular order) 1. 25/40 2. Water temp 67.5 3. All bait fish. 4. All albies 30 plus lbs weighed at Dana Landing 5. Albies ate sardines. 6. Find the breaking tuna, stop the boat, soak bait, albies come. 7. Couldn't get them on the troll. 8. Plugged...
  165. Sofia Rose

    7-22 Fishing

    HLII will roll in search for more albies. Leaving MB around 2:00 am. Usual channels.
  166. Sofia Rose

    07-19 Fishing

    HLII is rolling on Wed. pm to fish Thursday! Usual stations.
  167. Sofia Rose


    Short an sweet. Left MB at 9:30 pm with Walt, Brad and Dave. Started at 45 over 45, 3 sporties had the same idea. Trolled SE to toward the Double 220 looking for paddies and tuna. Nothing. Back to the 1067 knuckle on a different angle-nothing. Start heading toward the 295-nothing. Turn HLII...
  168. Sofia Rose

    Classic Bird Weapon

  169. Sofia Rose

    Fishing 06-20

    HLII is running down to the grounds for more tuna. Leaving tuesday night around 9:00 pm. Will monitor the usually channels. Will post info and pics upon return.
  170. Sofia Rose

    YT Shootout + Albies

    What a wonderful event! Lots of friends getting together to share a passion with dreams of winning lots of money. Our festivities started with the pre party on the HeatherLynn II with various beverages and appitizers. Then it was on to the captains meeting. Registration went very smoothly for...
  171. Sofia Rose

    Joke of the Day

    On a beautiful deserted island in the middle of nowhere, the following people are suddenly stranded by, as you might expect, a shipwreck. 2 Italian men and 1 Italian woman 2 French men and 1 French woman 2 German men and 1 German woman 2 Greek men and 1 Greek woman 2...
  172. Sofia Rose

    2 Jews, an x-biker, and a painter

    HLII went out in hopes that YT were under paddies since the chickens haven't shown up. We statrted at the 371 for nothing. Next the Hidden Bank for nothng. Follwed by the Upper finger for 2 bones. Then up the line to the Rockpile for a vert small red looking fish. Around the islands saw...
  173. Sofia Rose

    Congo fish

    Mean looking fish. Wouldn't want to swin in the water.
  174. Sofia Rose


    This is one way to bring a shark in:
  175. Sofia Rose


    Bill and Harry killed them all. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Really it was dead out there today for us. Trolled from 6:00 am to 12 noon. Went as far west as the 27 line and north to the 58 line. Water went from 60.7 to 62.4. Heard of 1 or 2 caught all day. Mark caught 1 and relesed it. Great...
  176. Sofia Rose

    Global Warming and F You

    Tell it like it is!
  177. Sofia Rose

    Sunday Search

    HLII will be on the canyon in search of the big tail. Normal channels.....
  178. Sofia Rose

    Honda commercial

    Be sure to read the info first, then watch the clip. And you thought those people that set up roomfuls of dominos to knock over were amazing. There are no computer graphics or digital tricks in the film. Everything you see really happened in real time exactly as you see it. The film took 606...
  179. Sofia Rose

    The New HotDoll

    Your dogs best friend!
  180. Sofia Rose

    Good Card Trick

    Works everytime!
  181. Sofia Rose

    True Friendship

    "True Friendship" (With none of that Sissy Crap!!!!) Are you tired of those sissy "friendship" poems that always sound good, but never actually come close to reality? Well, here is a series of promises that actually speak of true friendship. You will see no cutesy little smiley faces on...
  182. Sofia Rose

    The New Mercedes Benz

    The new Benz - Very different.... Really different!... This is the new Mercedes Benz SCL600. This car is really different. No steering wheel, you drive it with a joystick. No pedals either. Can you drive with a joystick? Your kids and grand kids probably can. The influence of...
  183. Sofia Rose

    Marlin fishing on a Jet Ski

    Crazy stuff.
  184. Sofia Rose


    I just received this email from my mother-in-law. Tell your kids never to give out their home phone number. You can enter your home phone number in google's search bar and google wil give you the address to that phone number along with a map to the address. Try it. Goggle has implemented a...
  185. Sofia Rose

    Happy Passover

    To all my Jewish friends, Happy Passover!
  186. Sofia Rose

    Brake Job

    Anyone have a referal for brakes. I have a 1991 Toyota Previa in need of a brake job.
  187. Sofia Rose

    Cat 03-23 to 03-25

    Leaving Mission Bay on Thurs. the 23rd heading to cat to get frustrated hunting the WSB. Will get plugged with squirts and take a can at Cat Harbor. Will fish Friday, party at Cat Harbor Friday night, fish all day Sat. and head back to MB late Sat. If you're in the area jon us at Cat Harbor for...
  188. Sofia Rose

    Ohio vs. Xavier

    Xavier is giving Ohio a run for money. Close game!
  189. Sofia Rose

    Duke is going Down

    Amazing hoops going on. Doesn't look good for Duke!
  190. Sofia Rose

    New Yacht

    Nice yacht! Doesn't fish well but nice none the less.
  191. Sofia Rose

    Knot tying

    Found this great link on knot tying.
  192. Sofia Rose

    Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino

    Three masters in the zone! Video Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis - Fats, Domino, -, Boogie, live - Dailymotion Share Your Videos
  193. Sofia Rose

    March 4th

    A beautiful day on the water! We arrived at the LJ canyon to calm seas, bait balls everywhere, largest showing of crashing birds I've ever seen, 58 degree water. Conditions were perfect for thresher sharking. In go the bait o matics, troll at 3.5 to 4.5 knotts and all we got were SQUID...
  194. Sofia Rose

    Sunday Search

    Pulling HLII out on sunday in search of Mr. T and Mrs. Butt. This is a leisure trip so leaving the slip around 7:00 am. Will monitor the usual channels. Give us a shout if you're on the water.
  195. Sofia Rose

    2-24 Bugging

    A bugging we wil go..... A bugging we will go.... HLII is will depart on Sat. am to a special spot at CAT in hopes of meeting with secret friends. We've all been sworn to secrecy so I can't tell you where we'll be or who we'll be with. The pictures will reveal our fun when we return on...
  196. Sofia Rose

    Home Entertainment

    Looking to have my entertainment system get a complete tune up. Need some one is knowledgeable in multiple zone systems. Any help is appreciated.
  197. Sofia Rose

    Philosophy of Sex

    Philosophy of Sex "I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy." --Tom Clancy "You know "that look" women get when they want sex? Me neither." --Steve Martin "Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good...
  198. Sofia Rose


    Going bugging on Sat. Special crew.
  199. Sofia Rose

    Liberal Dad

    Master Card moment!
  200. Sofia Rose

    Squid 1-17

    The squid were on full speed tonight. HLII left MB around 4:40 pm with the following crew: Dave, Big Steve, Marty, Aaron, Randy, and yours truly. Went to the same zone as last week and had the area to ourselves. Arrived at 5:30, squid started to bite at 5:45 and we were plugged by 6:45. Had...
  201. Sofia Rose

    Hunting for Squid

    Taking my boys from work out to pull on some squirts. Leaving around 4:30 pm to the usual area. Will moniter all channels. Anyone else heading out?
  202. Sofia Rose

    Happy Birthday Our Mighty Leader

    Happy Birthday Jason! Hope your day brings you all that's important to you! :lux: :lux: :lux: :lux: Thank you for Bloodydecks!
  203. Sofia Rose

    Toot Tunes

    I'm sure lot's of BD'er can use this!
  204. Sofia Rose

    College Experiments

    Oh to be back in school......
  205. Sofia Rose

    1-10 Squirts

    Short and sweet. Started at 32 41 117 29 and drifted for about 3 hours. Bite started at about 7:00 and went left at 8:00. Not wide open but good quality 30 to 40 lbs. 200' to 400' down. Took 5 nice ones home. Several sportboats in the same area. Pics tomorrow. Those squirts can pull!
  206. Sofia Rose

    Squid Trip

    HLII is going out on Wed. for the big squirts. :) :)
  207. Sofia Rose

    Do Not Call

  208. Sofia Rose

    My Chanukah Gift (Night 2)

    Check out these beautifully hand blown martini glasses that I got from my dear friends David and Tammy on the second night of Chanukah. I know they'll be used alot!
  209. Sofia Rose


    Anybody know what happened to SQC on Boston Av? Went there today to buy weights and stuff only to find the building painted pink and empty inside. Those guys used to have great deals. Anyone know where they went? Lee
  210. Sofia Rose

    The Original Christmas Carol

    I'll bet you didn't know that "A Christmas Carol" was ripped off by some Goyim from one of our original ethnic folktales. Well here's the original I found stuffed in an old copy of the Torah hidden in my attic. The Night Before Chanukah 'Twas the night before Chanukah, boychicks and...
  211. Sofia Rose

    BD'er Door Knocker

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  212. Sofia Rose

    Amazing trick!

    How does he do it?
  213. Sofia Rose

    12-9 Taco Meat

    With expectations of 5 to 8' swells and 15 knot winds, HLII embarked with no hesitations to spots only known to one Salty Dog. Mikey Likes It and I went along for the ride to learn and witness from the master, Bill Haven. The numbers are registered in the HLII global position system, with...
  214. Sofia Rose

    Sat. the 9th

    HLII is pulling out on the 9th. for some taco meat and free gaffing of mako's! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Will be on all usual channels and those not so usual.
  215. Sofia Rose


    Is this what's it's come to?
  216. Sofia Rose

    New Mission Bay Custom Clearance Location

    This just in: CBP Announces Additional Pleasure Boating Clearance Locations in San Diego (Tuesday, November 07, 2006) contacts for this news release San Diego, CA. - U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has added a second vessel reporting location in San Diego to make...
  217. Sofia Rose

    Best DUI Film Ever

    That guy was good until the end! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  218. Sofia Rose


    This is one way to get some!
  219. Sofia Rose

    Bisbee Tournament

    Congrats to Bad Company! A very rich owner/crew! Bisbee's eBlast - The eNewsletter of Bisbee's Black & Blue Tournaments :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  220. Sofia Rose

    Free Puppy

    My neighbor has a puppy he's giving away (FREE!). It's a Dachshund, it's house broken, and it's great with kids. He's giving it away because his wife says the dog 'stares! ' at he r when she is undressing, and that gives her the 'Heebie Jeebies'. I think she's just weird! If you're...
  221. Sofia Rose

    Unbelievable Trick

    Can this really be true? This guy is amazing!
  222. Sofia Rose

    New Google Ad

    No wonder they made so much money! :)
  223. Sofia Rose

    Levi Jeans

    Got to love um! :) :)
  224. Sofia Rose

    Chinese Steve Irwin

    This guy deserved that!
  225. Sofia Rose

    Fuel Prices

    Just finished reading the Log's article on fuel cost. According to the Log, the fuel docks have not experienced a slow down in sales for their fuel. I can't beleive it! Read it for your self:
  226. Sofia Rose

    Men. When will we learn?

    TWENTY DOLLARS On their wedding night, the young bride approached her new husband and asked for $20.00 for their first lovemaking encounter. In his highly aroused state, her husband readily agreed. This scenario was repeated each time they made love, for...
  227. Sofia Rose

    Very Cool Pool Trick

    Great billiard trick!
  228. Sofia Rose

    BD Sighting College Ave.

    On College Av. and Motezuma around 7:30 am. White Chevy bronco. Gave the salute but you were busy with your dog. :rofl: :rofl: Who was it?
  229. Sofia Rose

    YFT 8-11

    Beautiful day on the water with Brad, Dave, and Mark. Worked the cross area for 4 yft. Then moved to some numbers shared by Get Some. Before arriving at his numbers we ran into another school of popoise at 08/49 which we pulled more out. The fish hit the hot colors and cedar plugs, Pulled...
  230. Sofia Rose

    8-14 Fishing

    Going to take HL II out for a day on the water on Monday. Planning on heading out around 3:00 am from MB to fish the usual areas for tails and dodo's. Hopefully there will be some left after the weekend pressure!
  231. Sofia Rose


    Leaving MB at 5:00 am with boat full of kids and their noob fathers. Going to the 181, 182 zone. Will be on all the usual channels. Will definately call out for BD'ers if we find some good paddies.
  232. Sofia Rose


    Heading down to the croal on Friday. Leaving MB around 11:30 am. Planning on trolling through all ther "hot spots" Will spend the weekend at the Marina. Hope to fish the 295 zone or south on Sat. Coming back Sunday. Anyone else going down?
  233. Sofia Rose

    Fishing July 9th

    Going to to make a run on July the 9th. Probably going long.... 100 plus miles. Will be on all usual channels.
  234. Sofia Rose

    Fishing on Sat. the 15th

    HL II is on a special mission. We'll departing on Fri. night to fish on Sat. the 15th. The crew is ............ Let's just say it's top notch! Will definately go the distance if that's what it takes.
  235. Sofia Rose

    Albie, BFT's, & a Butt- HL2

    Bottom line: 1 Butt 1 Albie 3 BFT ( Jim's was bigger than Bill ) Butt caught in SD bay. All else caught at the East Fly region 32 30 118 02 (I need side scanning radar.) Jim has the pictures. Weather: Nice grade of swell and wind. 4 to 6 spaced about 6 seconds with 15 plus...
  236. Sofia Rose

    Wood floor

    Does anyone know anyone that can lay a wood floor. Heather wants to put wood on our stairs and down the hallway.
  237. Sofia Rose

    Virgins in Heaven

    Here's what virgins have to look forward to!
  238. Sofia Rose

    31 05 118 55

    After hanging with the boys in the parking lot, Jim (wildcat), Greg ( eyeproblem), Ron ( reel trouble) and Stephanie ( ron's sqeeze) pulled out of MB around 7:00 pm. Original plan was to run south on the inside, but a report from a skipper about albies at the dumper changed our direction...
  239. Sofia Rose

    05-20 Fishing

    Leaving MB on Friday night. Be back sometime on Sunday. Going south. Usual channels. Peace.
  240. Sofia Rose

    Mr. T

    HeatherLynn II launched early this Friday morning with Micah, Jeff and myself around 5:30am. Got 1/2 scoop of bait which was mainly macs! Went to 50/20 in flat calm water. Bait everywhere. In go the bait-o-matics and we get a knock down within 3 minutes. Doesn't stick! :( 5 minutes later...
  241. Sofia Rose

    T-sharking 5-12

    Heading out tomorrow morning 6:00 am to see if we can do better than Ali and catch us a thresher. Will be on the usual channels. Anyone else planning on being out?
  242. Sofia Rose

    CAT 4-19 to 4-21

    Hate the ghost!!! Fished Cat on Friday ,Sat., and Sunday. Dave, Darrell, Alan, and myself. Caught lots of shorts. Got three solid hook up only to loose them to the kelp. Worked the V's to Little Harbor to West Cove. Hooked lots of misc., corvina, sculpin, calico, etc. all released...
  243. Sofia Rose

    Juggler Finals

    Amazing juggler!
  244. Sofia Rose

    Albie Search

    HeatherLynn II is planning to make a run in search of those albies. Will depart on Sat. pm, 04-15, and fishing 04-16. Will monitor all the usuual stations. Anyone else going to be there?
  245. Sofia Rose

    A Women's Point of View

    1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERT! ILIZE ONE EGG? (they don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON...
  246. Sofia Rose

    Happy Passover

    To all my brothers, I'd like to extend them all a very Happy Passover.
  247. Sofia Rose

    HeatherLynn II Catalina

    I'll keep this short and to the point, so that Curtis can tell you the rest of the story! With much preparation the HeatherLynnII left MB around 2:30 with plans on running to SCI. About 45 miles out we get call about a hot c-bass bite. Plans changed immediately, and we set a new course to Cat...
  248. Sofia Rose

    The Legend "Wolfgang" For those who appreciate the finest purest form of rock & roll. Courtesty of Mr. Bill Graham. He left his passion for music and art for all of us to enjoy. Click on the vault radio and listen to never heard cuts from the classic rock and rollers at winterland...
  249. Sofia Rose

    Real Money!

    One of many homes owned by this guy!
  250. Sofia Rose

    Who needs reels, line, hooks,rods?

  251. Sofia Rose

    Kayaking with ....

    If you're thinking about going out on a kayak, view this first!
  252. Sofia Rose

    Large fish wins

    when playing with the big boys you have to be real careful!
  253. Sofia Rose

    2-2 Squiding

    Can't stay on land anymore! Need to pull on anything that can take drag on my trini 30. A squiding we will go! HeatherLynn II is planning on leaving around 3:00 pm from MB. Going to look for the squirts at the 9. Need some for superbowl! Will be on the usual channels with unique...
  254. Sofia Rose


    I need to have 25 trees trimmed and laced. Anyone BD'er in San Diego do that type of work?
  255. Sofia Rose

    VW Plant in Germany

    Boy, these cars sure get the special treatment.
  256. Sofia Rose


    We'll be in the LJ area on Sunday. Usual channels.
  257. Sofia Rose

    300 lb. YFT in Cabo

    My friend Scott Brikell, landed several large YFT from a panga in Los Cabos: Amazing feat considering they were in a panga out in the open waters in very rough weather! This is his third cow of the season! WTG Scotty!
  258. Sofia Rose

    9-19 Fishing

    Going out on 9-19 to make bait for the MAW. Will go a bit north and hit alll my secret spots. Will moniter the usual. Anyone else going out?
  259. Sofia Rose

    9-16 Marlin Fishing

    Just got home from a very busy weekend. The past 9 months Walt and I have become good friends. He had fished with Brandon and I on my boat and this Sat. I fished on his Kryptonite. A beatifully maintained 39 Rivera. Our crew was Tommy, Andy, myself and Walt. We let MB around 7:15 and ran to...
  260. Sofia Rose

    Happy Birthday Whippet Good

    Happy Birthday John! Thanks for all your help throughout the season. It's much appreciated. Looking forward to MAW. Have a wonderful day. :lux: :lux: :lux: :lux:
  261. Sofia Rose

    09-1 YFT & Dodo

    Quick report. Crew: Doug (PickleBoy), JT ( High& Dry), Mark (BabyGiant), Ron (ReelTrouble) & yours truly. Started at 31 15/ 117 25. Went to 31 05/ 117 25. Went to 31 05/ 117 15 Went to 31 05/ 117 25 Went to the double 220. Found acreage of porpose and took 3 YFT from it. Big one was 42...
  262. Sofia Rose

    Sept. 1 fishing

    HeatherLynn II is heading out wed. night to fish on thursday. Heading south. Usual channels. Looking for the bigger stuff.
  263. Sofia Rose

    8-25 YT, Dodo's, YFT

    Too tired to write much. Started at. 3100 11725. Turns out it's Seiner Central! Triple on yft and 1 bait first thing in the morning Move west to the 117 40 line searching for paddies. All paddies found were loaded with yt & dodo's. All you wanted. We left most paddies with fish biting in hopes...
  264. Sofia Rose

    Fishing the 25th

    Leaving on Wed. night to fish on Thurs. Going down the line on the inside to see what's happening. Will monitor all the same channels.
  265. Sofia Rose

    Happy Birthday Wildcat

    Hey Jim, Have a wonderful birthday today. Hope you're out on the water doing what you do! :)
  266. Sofia Rose

    8-4 Fishing

    Leaving MB on 08-03 to fish thursday. Don't know where yet. YFT vanished. The albies are scattered. The YT are hard to find. What to do ???? Will monitor the usual channels.
  267. Sofia Rose

    7-28 albies & YT's

    Short and sweet: Worked a 5 mile box starting at 31/45 118/15. Lot's of meter marks and bait. Caught 5 albies and 2 yellows. All tuna was caught on Star Lures. Baja runner, ( blue/white, orange/brown, black/purple) Thanks Darrel for coming by and setting us up with "good" stuff. Caught...
  268. Sofia Rose

    Fishing 07-28

    Heding out on Wed. pm to fish on Thursday. Starting with tuna and finishing with marlin. Usually channels.
  269. Sofia Rose


    I'm heading out Wed. night on my friends 43' Riviera, A Few Bucks to fish Thursday. Not sure where yet. Will monitor the usual channels.
  270. Sofia Rose

    7-16 Try it again

    Out of here the 15th to fish on Sat. the 16th. with everyone else. Hopefully the fish will still cooperate! Usual channels.
  271. Sofia Rose

    Re-sizing Pictures

    After installing the latest update on my operating system ,OSX Tiger, I realized that the program that I have to re-size pictures doesn't work. Does anyone know of a program that you can download that will re-size pictures for a Mac? Thanks,
  272. Sofia Rose

    7-7 YFT, Albie

    Long day and very tired. Michah, Bill (Salty Dog), Brandon (Saluki's), Jeff (Brandon's cousin), and myself. Red tide was in full bloom in MB. With expectations of foul weather we were pleasantly surprise how flat it was. We punched in the numbers 32 04 117 34 , 93 miles from MB. Passed the...
  273. Sofia Rose

    Israel YFT

    Here we are in Israel. It's Friday afternoon at the Citadel. My friends from San Diego join Heather & I for beverages. After teaching the bar tender how to make Bombay Saphire martine (at a 5 star hotel), my friends brother Brad tells me that the YFT are going off 33 miles off shore in the...
  274. Sofia Rose

    Attempt #8

    I've cancelled 7 trips so far this year due to really shitty weather. On 07-06 we're going to try again. Pulling out around 7:30 to fish on Thursday the 7th. Going south as usual. Probably long too. Let's hope the ocean lays down. Will monitor the usual.
  275. Sofia Rose

    Not going to be left behind

    HeatherLynnII is pulling out on Sat. pm to check out the party down south. Will be on the usual channels 72/69.
  276. Sofia Rose

    5-14 fishing

    Short story: 1 YT Long story: 1 YT 4 Bones. (released) Ali, Chris, Mike, Darrell and myself. Airplane bank to the 60 mile bank to the 390 to the 302 & home. 190 nm. 167 gallons of fuel. Warm water everywhere. 68.5 at the 302! Lots of dry paddies and those that held, the fish...
  277. Sofia Rose

    Saturday the 14th

    Pulling out on Friday to fish Sat. Will be on 72.
  278. Sofia Rose

    Home entertainment

    My home sytem is in need of help. Does anyone know of anyone that can fine tune a home system? Make necessary upgrades and set-up a single remote control system so that I can get rid of my 5 remote controls. Summers coming soon and I need my tunes around the pool!
  279. Sofia Rose

    4-7 Albies

    We left MB, Brad, Sam, Dave, Mike & mysef, around 6:30 headed for the bell bank. I knew that there was a front coming in, but was hoping we could sneak in before it hit. Wrong! Ran to the islands and then went 8.3 knotts the rest of the way. water temp 61.4 almost the whole way down. Seas were...
  280. Sofia Rose

    4-7 Fishing

    4th time is the charm. Weather looks good, SST's look good, the moon is where it needs to be, the bait at the barge is great, the crew is top notch ....... We're leaving Mission Bay Wed. evening to fish Thursday. Planning on going to the lower cross first, then either NW to the dumper or NE...
  281. Sofia Rose

    3-22 Leaving town

    The HeatherLynn II will be leaving Mission Bay to go south for albies or west for WSB depending on the constantly changing weather! Will depart on Tuesday the 22nd and fish on Wednesday. Will definately be going long if south is our heading. Lower cross region. Will be 69/72/18/16 etc. if...
  282. Sofia Rose

    Orgasmic Stimulater
  283. Sofia Rose

    Insane Squiding

    Left MB around 5:15 with Jason (papa J), Brad (salchy dog), & Mike ( the plumber). Hit the midddle of the nine 33/22 or 22/33 can't remember. Wide open. 4 rods going at all times! Loaded up in 1 hour. Bag was totally stuffed so we called it a night. A little swelly leaving MB but flattened...
  284. Sofia Rose


    Going out tonight to get more squid! Anybody else going? Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  285. Sofia Rose


    After all the hard rains we had in San Diego, I need to find someone that can fix and replace my gutters. Can anyone recommend someone? Thanks, Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  286. Sofia Rose

    Costa Rica Trip

    It's raining cats and dogs! Makes the rain in San Diego look like sprinkles. To make it short the fishing was terrible. The fish were not cooperating due to the full moon ( according to the locals.) We fished Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday. Got skunked three days and caught 1 sail, 1...
  287. Sofia Rose

    2-8 Squiding

    After reading about all the squid being caught locally, and having some on superbowl weekend, I had to get some. Went to Noah's Tackle and picked up large and medium jigs. Great store! Everyone showed up, Brandon, Mike, Andy, Micah, Ali, and Lawrence and off we went to the middle 9 where...
  288. Sofia Rose

    2-7 Squiding

    Going to try to get some of those Humbolts on Tuesday night. We're going to work the 9. Hope they're are still around. Will be on the usual channels 69/72. Give us shout. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  289. Sofia Rose

    Costa Rica

    We've been planning this trip all year and a window has finally presented itself that works for all us. We're leaving on 02-26 and returning on 03-05. We're staying at my friend Andy's house: He has a ProCat that we'll be fishing on everyday. Going with my brother...
  290. Sofia Rose

    10-24 10/10, D220, etc

    We left MB on sat. evening around 9:30 pm with Dave, Dave, Mike, Norm, Jaso and myself. Great bait, and whack the macs again around the corner. Went to where Ali got his limits around the 1010. water was perfectly flat all night. Arrive at the 1010 and start looking around. Can't find a...
  291. Sofia Rose

    10-14 250nm for...

    Well we left MB around 9:00 pm with plans on running long. Got some great bait and turned the corner to whack the macs. Easy pickings. So far so good. Off we go headed to the dumper with great bait and macs. On board were Darrel, Alex and Steve. water was 68.2 all the way to the dumper and...
  292. Sofia Rose

    Mag Bay 10-31-2004

    HeatherLynn II will depart MB on 10-31-04 at around 11:00 pm. Heading south to Mag Bay. Will stop at ranger bank, Cedros and Uncle Sams Bank on the way down. Plan on fishing the local banks to the north & south of Mag before the tournament. Will do our best to email our journey daily, once I...
  293. Sofia Rose

    Vacume Seal Machine

    Well I've burned up my 2 nd vacume seal machime in 3 years. Bought this one from Costco and I'm looking to get a more professional quality one. Does anyone have any experience with high quality vacume seal machines? Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  294. Sofia Rose

    8-21 Limits Albies & YFT

    I'm going to make this one short and sweet: Crew: Dave, Jeremy, Jim, Lee Tournament: Rod & Reel Big Fish Plan: Fish hard. Get big fish Started at: 31/35 with everyone else. Got a knockdown around 6:30 for 1 jig fish and 5 bait. Nice size but not good enough. Next: 29/55. Get a knockdown...
  295. Sofia Rose

    8-21 Fishing

    HeatherLynn II is heading out to fish for large critters on 08-20 / 08-21. Will be listenting to everyone on the usual channels. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  296. Sofia Rose

    8-11 YFT, dodo, YT

    Not the most exciting report. First let me say that I met two new people that I would fish with anytime! Brad ( Salchydog) and JT ( High n Dry) joined Micah, JIm, and I Tuesday night with hopes of finding the exotics and marlin. Got another load of bad bait in MB! That's my third load of...
  297. Sofia Rose

    Happy Birthday Wildcat

    Hey WILDCAT, Have a very happy birthday and many more to come! It's been truly a pleasure to have met you and fished with you this year. Looking forward to many more years of fun and fishing. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  298. Sofia Rose

    7-31 Dodo, tails & an OPAH

    I'll make this short. Went down the 117 00 line to the banda with Doug, Jim, Dave and Devonfor nothing! Water was 67.2 Headed west towards the 238 and found a paddie with tails and doug hooks up on a dodo and hands it off to Devon. Devon is 13 years old. He was stoked. Continued west and...
  299. Sofia Rose

    7-31 Journey

    The HeatherLynn II will depart on friday around 9:30 pm from MB. Heading south again. Same channels. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  300. Sofia Rose

    7-28 Large Albies

    Just got home and wanted to pass information for those who are going out tonight. 31/33. Box a 2 mile area. 67.4 degree water. Ocean was good. small swells 15 second interval. Early morning bite. Shut down by 9:00 am All albies are in the low 30's to 40. All fish but 2 were caught on...
  301. Sofia Rose

    7-24 Fishing with Newbies

    I invited my once a-year-fishing friends fishing on Saturday. Steve brought his 10 year old son Alex along. what a great attitude Alex has. Wanted to learn everything he could about fishing and boats. We left around 10:30 pm when Jeff & Norm arrived and headed to the double 220 along with...
  302. Sofia Rose

    7-28 Fishing

    HeatherLynn II is heading out on tuesday night and fishing wednesday. Going south. Leaving from same place. Same channels. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  303. Sofia Rose

    7-10 Fishing

    I donated a fishing trip to one of my favorite charities, JFS, a couple of monthhs ago. The donation was for an overnight trip for 4 and included everything. I brought along my best fishing friend Dave to assist me. The winners were 4 of the nicest men who truly embraced fishing with a...
  304. Sofia Rose

    Sat. 7-10 Fishing

    HL II will depart from MB around 9:00 pm. on Friday night. Heading in the south direction. 69/72. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  305. Sofia Rose

    7-3 fishing

    Back from St. Thomas and can't wait to get out. The HeatherLynn II is headed out from MB around 10:00 pm and will join the masses. 69/72. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  306. Sofia Rose

    6-17 Albies and Marlins

    Went to get the HeatherLynn II out of the shop. She was all finished and time to take her home. Dave and I picked her up around 10:30, filled the new tanks with fuel, played a bit with the flosacan units. My electronics were all messed up because they had to disconnect the batteries in order...
  307. Sofia Rose


    I have 4 batteries for sale that came out of the HeatherLynnII They are 10.5 wide, 20" long, 10" high. They are N200 12V33Plates, 1000CCA ,8D, wet batteries. They are 1 year old and in good condition. The reason I'm selling them is because I had to go to gel batteries. You can call me at...
  308. Sofia Rose

    6-6 Albies and Tails

    Went out on Papa J with Jason and Mike Sat. PM from MB. The plan was to go to 40/00 and start dragging the feathers. The ride down was absolutly perfect. Ocean was flat and calm. Got to within 5 miles and in goes the lines. Within 10 mintues we get a double and in comes 2 albies in the 15...
  309. Sofia Rose

    6-2 Albies

    There are times in your life when you are faced with a dilemma. Today was one of those days for me. Do I take HL II in for her upgrade, which will take about 2 weeks, or do I go fishing for albies about 20 miles south? Well the answer was easy. GO FISHING! Jim and I left MB around 10:00 am...
  310. Sofia Rose

    5-27 albies & tails

    Well as fisherman know, when you hear of a hot bite of bft and albies 100 to 135 miles down you go! That's exactly what Brandon, Jim, Mike, Bobby and myself did. We left MB at 7:00 pm and ran until dark which put us at South Island and then 8.3 knotts the rest of the way. First padddie at day...
  311. Sofia Rose

    5-27 Fishing

    HeatherLynn II is going south in search of the albies, bft, & yt. Leaving MB on Wed. evening around 8:00 pm and running at 8.3 about 80 to 95 miles south. Will be on 69/72. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  312. Sofia Rose

    5-15 295 & double 220

    HeatherLynn II left MB with Brandon (Saluki), Curtis (Capt. Curt), Mike (MikeyLikesIt), and Bobby around 8:30pm hweading to the 295. Arrived at 5:15am saw a paddie immediatly and limitied out on yt for the 5 of us by 5:45. 61.8 degree water. Headed east toward the 238 and got two albies and...
  313. Sofia Rose

    5-15 Fishing

    HeatherLynn II is heading down the line on Friday evening from Mission Bay. Might go long if the bft are around. If not will stay in the 60 to 70 mile range. Will monitor 72/69. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  314. Sofia Rose

    5-6 Albies And Tails

    I'm tired! The short version: Scratchy fishing. Worked the 390 and the Cross. Thank you Cast n Blast for turning us on the zone. 01/55 was a good area. Heard that the tails were on the inside. Saw a beatiful whale. Water was 61.5 to 63. A little lumpy and windy. Final count: 20 albies...
  315. Sofia Rose


    The HeatherLynn II is planning to fish on Thursday 05-06 down south. Leaving Mission Bay on Wednesday night around 9:00 pm. Will be on 72/69. If anybody else is going just give us a shout. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  316. Sofia Rose

    Puerto Vallarta

    Came home late last night from a wonderful trip to PV with Clarke and his friend from the Paradise Beach Resort whare Clarke is keeping his beautiful boat, Aleta. It's an amzing part of the world where the fish are plenty and large. Here's a picture of a 52 pound dodo that I caught at El...
  317. Sofia Rose

    Peurta Vallarta

    I'll be going south on 04-25 and returning on 04-27. Will be fishing on the Aleta with Clarke. Hopefully will get into large tuna! Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  318. Sofia Rose

    March Madness 3-18

    I'll make this short and sweet. I had the most amzing birthday I could have asked for. Brandon (Saluki), John(Get Happy),Brandon( Branman), David and I went south again. This time to the inner bankks. 31 32 117 22 to be exact. Boxed a 1 mile area. 2 troll fish and too many bait fish to...
  319. Sofia Rose

    Wednesday the 17th

    HeatherLynn II will be departing on Wednesday the 17th around 8:30 pm to fish the grounds on my birthday the 18th. Dave, Doug, Brandon,John and myself on board. Haven't created the menu for this occasion yet. We'll be on 72 and the other channel is 88. If we find anything of interest we'll...
  320. Sofia Rose

    Albies & Yellow Tail

    Just got in and tired. Shelly's going to post our report. I've got the pictures. The short version is that we got 10 albies, 2 troll 8 bait, and three YT on a paddie. Ocean is prestine, clear and beatiful. Temperature between 60.4 and 63.6. Ocean was flat, little wind, and lots of dolphins...
  321. Sofia Rose

    Alert!! Boats Robbed

    I got a call this morning from Jason ( Papa J) who went down to the HeatherLynn II today to show it to his brother, who just got back back from a year in Iraq, to inform me that my boat was a target of a bunch of theives! I ran down to the Hyatt Islandia to see the damage. These theives hit 6...
  322. Sofia Rose

    Pool Repairs

    Ok now I need a good pool person to change all my equiptment and replaster the pool. It just doesn't end. Got to get all this work done before the season starts. Lee on the HeatherLynnII
  323. Sofia Rose

    Help! Benz tran

    Does anyone know where to get a transmission installed for a 1997 E320 Mercedes? Heather's took a dump and San Deigo Mercedes is just too expensive. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Lee on the HeatherLynnII
  324. Sofia Rose

    Change of Plans

    HeatherLynn II is going south instead of north. Leaving Sat. PM to Colonette. Will monitor 72/69. Lee on the HeatherLynnII
  325. Sofia Rose

    San Clemente Island

    HeatherLynn II will depart on Wednesday 01-14-2004 around 11:00 am and head off to make squid and then to the island to anchor up for the night. We'll be fishing for WSB and YT on thursday and back in the slip that night. Going with Dave, Jim, Micah, Ron, myself and a mystery passenger. Menu...
  326. Sofia Rose

    11-5 to Mag Bay

    The HeatherLynn II will depart on Thursday at 5:00am with Dave, Andy, Terry and myself on board. Destination: Mag Bay. First stop will be Cedros Island then into Turtle bay for fuel. Next stop Mag bay. We'll be fishing the mangroves and the banks in Mag. We hope to win the fishing...
  327. Sofia Rose

    10-19 Yft & Yt

    Well it's been an incredible fall season for fishing! The HeatherLynn II left SD in thick, thick fog around 3:00 am. On board were Jim, Jeff, Dave, & I. Got the FINEST scoop of bait we've ever seen this summer. Our plan was to head to 32 07 117 30 and start the game! The fog stayed with...
  328. Sofia Rose


    Heading out of SD around 3:00 am to play with the tails again. Will monitor 72. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  329. Sofia Rose

    10-15 YT plus

    I'll keep this short! YELLOWTAIL on paddies! Started at the 295 for a bunch of YT. Went to the knuckle for more YT and one yellowfin. Headed towards the 371 for more YT. 4 miles north of the 371 we found a large school of porpoise and trolled through them for about 45 minutes for nothing. I...
  330. Sofia Rose

    10-10 Catalina

    HeatherLynn II will be departing from MB on the 10th heading to Catalina Island with my family for a weekend of music ( Catalina Jazz Festival) and fishing. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  331. Sofia Rose

    9-14 Good-by Coral

    Well my 90's are over and it was time to bring the HeatherLynn II back to San Diego. We , Heather, Jim, Norm, Dave, Jeff & I, drove down to the Coral for the last time this year. Stopped off at our favorite taco shop and filled up on tortas and carne asada tacoe! Heather brought bottles of...
  332. Sofia Rose

    9-14 Going home

    The summer is over. The 90 days have passed. Leaving the Coral on 9-14. Going to go to the tuna and then finally home to Mission Bay! 72/69. Other channel is 88 Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  333. Sofia Rose

    Big Fish tournament

    Sorry for the late report but after fishing two days in a row in rough ocean was just too much for all us. We went down to the Coral on Thursday around noon with Dave, Andy, Terry and Harry. Arrive at the Coral and set up the boat to fish the Big Fish tournament. Our plan was to leave on...
  334. Sofia Rose

    8-22,8-23,8-24 tournament

    The HeatherLynn II will be fishing the Rod & Reel club Big Fish Tournament this weekend. We will depart from the Coral on Friday 8-22 heading north. Will fish the 238, 1010, 220 390, 425, 302 and into San Diego by 4:00 pm. Will depart from SD by 7:00 pm on 8-22 heading a long way south...
  335. Sofia Rose

    8-16 albies, yt, yft

    Sorry for the late report. We got back home around 8:30 pm on Saturday. I then had to get up and drive to LA to pick up my girls from camp by 10:30 am and return to SD by 2:00 for a party at my house. I was tired, but grilling fish on mesquite was worth it all! We left SD around 11:30 on...
  336. Sofia Rose

    8-16 Fishing

    The HeatherLynn II will depart from the Coral on 08-16 around 1:00 am to get somemore! Hopefully we'll get some tails and maybe even a marlin or two. Will monitor 72/69. Give us a holler if you're out there! Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  337. Sofia Rose

    8-9 Fishing

    The HeatherLynn II will depart from Ensenada on Sat. the 9th early. Going back out to the grounds. Will monitor 69/72. See you all out there! Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  338. Sofia Rose

    8-1 They're still there!

    31 15 117 00 All the fish you'd ever need. We left the Coral and got small, and I mean small chovies Went to the above numbers. Limited out by 7:45. Large albies. Most were in the 30's! One member of our crew never even made it out of the bathroom. No matter. Didn't go back until...
  339. Sofia Rose

    7-27 They just wouldn't leave

    Short version: Went to 31 14 117 28. got a single jig strike. got 26 more on bait. went home at 7:00 am. Long Version: Went to 31 14 117 28 with Jason, Jeremey, Scotty, & Lawrance ( first time albie fishing) Put the lines in and got a single jig. Then what happened is what we all...
  340. Sofia Rose

    Customs Declaration Forms

    Does anyone know where to get the customs declaration forms. I want to have them on board since I'm coming back to SD this sunday. Thanks, Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  341. Sofia Rose

    7-26 Departure

    HeatherLynn II will depart from SD around 11:00 pm to go find some fish! Will monitor 69/72. Will end up in the Coral on Sunday 07-27. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  342. Sofia Rose

    7-19 & 7-20 Out of the Coral

    HeatherLynn II will be fishing from the Coral on 07-19 & 07-20. Going to wherever the tuna are. Will monitor 69/72. See you out there! Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  343. Sofia Rose

    7-13 Albies, YT, and a quick dip

    Dave, Norm, Micah, Scott and I left the Coral on Sundya morning around 1:00 and drove 8.5 knotts for about 4 hours. The moon was full, the ocean was calm, the air was warm. We arrived at 31 30 116 55 and puut in the trolls. It wasn't long before the Action began. We got numerous doubles and...
  344. Sofia Rose


    HeatherLynn II will leave early from the Coral to get dinner. Will be in the zone. 69/72 Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  345. Sofia Rose

    7-9 Albies galore

    Just got back from Ensenada and very tired. Water was absolutly perfect! Calm, flat, beautiful color. Had 6 on board. Three wives and three husbands. We started at 31 45 117 11 for instant hook-ups. Worked toward the 117 14 line for constant hits. Usual lures, b/p featers and spinners...
  346. Sofia Rose

    07-9 Wives on Board

    Leaving MB around 8:30 pm and heading out on an adventure. Will have all the wives on board for the first time. Hoping the fish come in close to make it easy on them. We'll be heading south, not sure where yet. Will monitor 69/72. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  347. Sofia Rose

    07-03 Albie hunting

    The HeatherLynn II will leaving Ensenada the evening of the 07-03 heading out to the grounds again and then back to Mission Bay for the weekend. Don't know how far yet. Got to check the distance since Frank's not around to rescue me! Will monitor 69/72. My other channel will be 88. Lee on...
  348. Sofia Rose

    6-28 Albies

    Just returned from Ensenada from an amazing trip. Extremley tired. Here's the short version: Went out to 31 40 119 04 and started to have fun. First stop was pure chaos. Fish crashing the boat. Blood everywhere. Lots of fish. 5:45 AM too early. Nice size 22 lbs plus. Second stop 31 40...
  349. Sofia Rose

    6-28 Fishing

    The HeatherLynn II will depart from the Coral hotel on 6-28, Sat. am heading towards the Banda Bank, Todos Santos and Salsipuedes in search of FISH. If the ocean lays down a bit, we'll run the distance in search of tuna leaving the Coral around 8:00 pm on 6-27! Will monitor 69/72. Lee on the...
  350. Sofia Rose

    6-28 Fishing

    The HeatherLynn II will depart from the Coral hotel on 6-28, Sat. am heading towards the Banda Bank, Todos Santos and Salsipuedes in search of FISH. If the ocean lays down a bit, we'll run the distance in search of tuna. Will monitor 69/72. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  351. Sofia Rose

    6-21 Fishing

    Will leave the Coral around 2:00 am and heading towards the 295, 1010, 390, etc. with two kids. 10 and 11 years old. Really want to get into fish for them ! If the tuna don't show then we'll stay local around Todos Santos and Banda. Will monitor 72/69 and will call out any activity. Lee on...
  352. Sofia Rose

    Sat. 6-21

    Will leave the Coral around 2:00 am and heading towards the 295, 1010, 390, etc. with two kids. 10 and 11 years old. Really want to get into fish for them ! If the tuna don't show then we'll stay local around Todos Santos and Banda. Will monitor 72/69 and will call out any activity. Lee on...
  353. Sofia Rose

    Mexcian Regulations on Dogs

    We have a small dog that we would like to take to Ensenada. Does anyone have any information on the rules for bringing a dog into and out of Mexico. We'd like to go this weekend with our doug providing that we can bring him in and out without too much problem. Any help is apprciated. Lee on...
  354. Sofia Rose

    6-8 Tuna

    Left the Coral around 11:30 pm on 6-7. Got bait at Mike's. Large anchovies. We headed out towards the 118 line. The ocean conditions went from so so to nasty quickly. Lots of wind and small to medium swells at 2 second intervals. Water was spraying over the flybridge. Worked the area of 31 12...
  355. Sofia Rose

    Sunday the 8th

    HeatherLynn II and crew will leave from the Coral and fish the dumper area on Sunday. Will monitor 69/72. Anybody else making the run? Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  356. Sofia Rose

    5-31 Albies

    We embarked Friday evening from MB around 10;30 pm on the HeatherLynn II with Frank, Norm, Andy and myself with the hope of locating the albies and getting the first tuna blood on the desck. Picked a 3 scoops of anchovie and dines and off we went into the night towards the dumper. The ocean...
  357. Sofia Rose

    5-24 Maiden Voyage

    Beatiful day in the water. We started at the Rockpile where I caught the first fish-a nice size barracuda. Then 5 minutes later I hook up again with 15lb YT. Got blood on the deck. I was so excited that I announced it on the radio. The pile was a parking lot without much fish so we went south...
  358. Sofia Rose

    Who knows SCI?

    It looks like I'm taking the HeatherLynn II on her maiden voyage to SCI since there is no tuna to be found and the rockpile will be zoo! The problem is that I don't know much about SCI other than where it is. Where do you fish there? What do you fish for? Heard there are large tails and WSB...
  359. Sofia Rose

    HeatherLynn II

    Going out on Sat. 05-24 with Dave , Alex, and Mathew. Leaving MB and will monitor 69/72. Starting at the rockpile unless the albies show up and we'll go to them. Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  360. Sofia Rose

    The HeatherLynn

    Well they say that the day that you sell your boat is the happiest day of your life. To be honest it was sad to say good bye to her today. I've had some of my most memorable times of my life on her. She's been good to me and my family. She always called the fish to come to me, then it was up...
  361. Sofia Rose

    Yellow Tails in BIG numbers

    Just read the dock total for today Sunday May 4th. Yellowtails at the islands went off: Seaforth Sportfishing reports today there was exceptional fishing at the Coronado Islands, all of our boats returned with impressive counts of Yellowtail and Barracuda. The San Diego with 26 anglers on our...
  362. Sofia Rose

    May 30th

    The HeatherLynn II will depart MB around 10:00 pm for her journey to Ensenada. On board will be Lee, Frank (Watoosee),Dave, & Stormin Norman. We'll be targeting any kind on species that is around. Monitoring channel 69/72 and my other channels will be 18/88. If we find anything we'll...
  363. Sofia Rose

    Sizing pics

    I still have problems sizing my pictures to fit. Does anyone know how to size them down? Lee on the HeatherLynn II
  364. Sofia Rose


    Well she's finally here and getting outfitted. I wanted to share some pictures of my new riviera so that when you see her out on the pond you'll say Hey! I've waited about 6 months to get to this point. It's a long process but alot of fun. I can tell you that dealing with ellsworth Marine...