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  1. eli672

    How to remove a Loc-down reel seat

    Hi, I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong forum, I'm not a builder. Does anyone have a safe way to remove this reel seat??? It's called a Loc-Down reel seat. I've removed the regular plastic reel seats before but the fact that its aluminum makes me concerned about putting a Dremel to it...
  2. eli672

    WTB Seeker Pinhead LM9 & BH89/ S. Seeker for trade.

    Looking for: Seeker BH89 & LM9 BLANK (or factory rod) It must be the light green grainy blank. Looking to buy or trade. I have some Long Beach S. Seeker stuff, willing to trade for the right blank. Thanks. 323-707-7047
  3. eli672

    SOLD SS CJBF75 Greenie for a FatButt CLB90F - - now for sale too.

    Looking to trade this Super Seeker CJBF75 GREENIE for a Super Seeker CLB90F FAT BUTT. Please don’t be mistaken, the CLB90F I’m looking for is not the reg. CLB90F. Only a small number were made, Most were done by Moon. Sold Please let me know if you have one you’re willing to trade. If you...
  4. eli672

    SOLD Jerry Brown hollow braid, 100lb test, 600yds, WHITE

    Had bought this w/ the intention of loading a new 16VISX with it. Ended up getting one from a friend that was already loaded. So here it is: Jerry Brown hollow spliceable. 100lb test, 600 yards, white Still in the wrapping $100 Now $95 now $90 Pick up in South Central or shipped anywhere in...
  5. eli672

    For Sale *LONG BEACH Super Seeker blanks*

    For sale, No trades Been holding onto these for a few years. Time to pass them onto my Bloodydeck community. $330 each —— PRICE DROP= $300 CLB806H CJB80H - sold FD85 - sold F850 - sold CLB90F - sold CJB90F - sold Baby Ulua - sold Located in South Central 323-707-7047 Ask around, I take...
  6. eli672

    SOLD Okuma Makaira 15T

    Just got this but decided to go a different route.
  7. eli672

    SOLD Super Seeker SS-36 blank

    Have had this for a while... time to move it along. Super Seeker SS-36 blank GREEN 8ft 15-30lb Med action. Solid Super Seeker green glass. Sweet bend. $old Located in South Central LA Will consider trades for SS Long Beach blanks or rods.
  8. eli672

    SOLD Seeker CJBF80 blue glass/ graphite blank

    I’ve been hoarding this long enough, It’s time to move it along and let someone else enjoy them. Seeker CJBF80 in blue glass to graphite blank.. I love the action on this blank but I specially like how the blanks pop in the sun. SOLD Located in S. Los Angeles
  9. eli672

    SOLD Tuna SPIKE!!!

    For sale, For all you killers out there. Love the look but I’ll never use it. Tuna spike. Check out the pics, looks pretty cool. All you need is a tuna skull to drive it into. $18 shipped anywhere in CA. SOOOOLD!!!!
  10. eli672

    SOLD Penn Fathom 25n-2speed

    Got this on a trade. Decided to not keep it and pass it along. Box, clamp, tool, and manual are included. It is in excellent condition. The only sign of use are a few very small marks by the clicker button (please see pics). Fully loaded with 65lb Power Pro, just enough room for a short...
  11. eli672

    WTB Calstar Graphiter 800xl-H and UC 80xf

    Looking for: Calstar Graphiter 800Xl-H and UC 80xf I’ve heard very good things about these rods and I wanna see how they fish. Please let me know if you have one you’re willing to sell. Moon wrapped rods are always a plus... Let me know what you got. Thanks. 323-707-7047
  12. eli672

    WTB Long Beach Super Seeker CLB90F

    Ok BD’s, I know there’s guys out there that still have these blanks in their possession. Looking for a Long Beach Super Seeker CLB90F. Please let me know if you got one. Sold one a few years ago and regretted ever since. Will consider a Moon wrapped rod as well. I got cash and I got a few...
  13. eli672

    SOLD Super Seeker CJBF 100 greenie Moon wrapped

    I've been hoarding this thing for a while. I love it but it doesn't get used enough to justify keeping it. You see a lot of Aluas come through but these don't surface much... perfect yellowtail killer. So here it is, Super Seeker CJBF 100, GREENIE/GRAPHITE, uncut 10' 1 3/4'' long...
  14. eli672

    WTB Tibruron clamp TCU-TTS

    Looking for a few of these. Yes, I know I can buy them at tackle shops but I wanted to see if the BD community has a few of these lying around that they’re not using. I’m in S. Los Angeles. Please let me know if you got one you’re willing to sell. 323-707-7047
  15. eli672

    WTB Seeker ESM 7650 blank

    Looking to buy this blank, SEEKER ESM 7640. Blue glass on the upper part, Graphite bottom. Please let me know if you have one you’re willing to sell. I have gear to trade or cash. Thanks 323-707-7047
  16. eli672

    SOLD 2007 GMC Sierra Classic 2500HD 4WD Duramax Diesel, 72,000 miles

    2007 GMC SIERRA CLASSIC 2500HD 4WD SLT CREW CAB LBZ DURAMAX 72,000 MILES These trucks with these low miles and these options are impossible to find. Unmolested, never lifted or tweaked. Leveling kit with air bags and pump. Titan 50gall. gas tank. BF Goodrich All Terrain tires have less...
  17. eli672

    WTB Super Seeker FL75 blank.

    Just wanted to put this out there... see if anyone had a blank in their stash they were willing to part with. Look for Long Beach made Super Seeker FL75 blank. I will consider complete rods, as well. Please let me know if you have one. I have cash or gear to trade. 323-707-7047 Thanks...
  18. eli672

    SOLD United Composites RCE 800 mega-c

    United Composites RCE 800mega-C Brand new, still has tags on it, absolutely flawless. Great rod, just not my style of blanks. Located in south LA.
  19. eli672

    SOLD LB made Baby Ulua Skinny, Moon wrapped

    ***SOLD*** Super Seeker Skinny Baby Ulua. Full 10ft uncut. Long Beach made, wrapped by Moon. I love this rod but it never gets used. Got a great deal on this so I’m passing it on to a BD that will use it. USC colors w/ “Fandango” written on it. It does not look brand new but still w/ great...
  20. eli672

    WTB Long Beach made S. Seeker 806 or 80F blanks

    Looking for: Long Beach made Super Seeker 806 or 80F blanks. Must be an old school LB blanks. I got $$$ and I have stuff to trade, if you like. Thank you. 323-707-7047
  21. eli672

    SOLD Okuma Makaira 10SEa Silver 2-speed (like new)

    For Sale: Okuma Makaira 10SEa Silver 2-speed I've had this reel for about 9 months, waiting for the nicer grade tuna but now I'm swamped at work and can't break free to go. So I figured I'd pass this on to a fellow BD's. The tuna are def. here and this thing has intense stopping power...
  22. eli672

    Shark season in BOLA???

    Hey guys, just wanted to know if anyone has any information regarding shark fishing in Bay of LA?? Second question, Is there an actual shark season there?? Thanks, Ruben.
  23. eli672

    SOLD daiwa SALTIGa *SOLD**

    For sale: Saltiga 35HA Great reel, tons of power, almost completely full of 65lb PP braid. Sorry for the crappy pics, I haven’t wound up the braid properly(I will) and I’ll take better pics tomorrow. The only real wear is on the lower part of the side plate. Rod clamp, box, and accessories...
  24. eli672

    WTB Super Seeker CLB90F blank

    Looking for this blank. Only older, LB made stuff, please. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. PM Me or text/call 323-707-7047 Thank you, Ruben
  25. eli672

    MOON wrapped Seeker CJBF80-H grey-blue blank.

    The MAN comes through again. Waited and waited and it’s finally here, Freshly wrapped Seeker CJBF80-H.. beautiful grey graphite w/ sexy blue glass. These blanks aren’t painted, the blue color is the actual color of the glass. Kept the wrappings clean and neat to really let the colors of the...
  26. eli672

    SOLD Decided to keep it.

    For sale: Newly released
  27. eli672

    WTB Tiburon rod clamp TTS

    Morning BD's, I'm looking for a Tiburon rod clamp, size TTS... this is the small one they make. Yes, I know they have them at the local shop, I just wanted to see if anyone here wanted to sell one before I bought a new one. Thanks. 323-707-7047
  28. eli672

    WTB got one. Thnxs

    WTB: Penn International 12VISX (SILVER) Please let me know if you got one. I’m willing to buy but I also have gear to trade, if you’d like that. Thanks,
  29. eli672

    SOLD 1st Generation Seeker White Tiger

    For sale: 1st generation, Seeker 7x light White Tiger 9ft (20-40lb) MOON wrapped. Just in time for the seabass season, this thing is in awesome, like new condition. I doubt it was ever fished. The colors are beautiful, I just have too many in this line rating. $$$ sold $$$ S. Los Angeles
  30. eli672

    03/30/18 Outrider 5-5 trip

    My homie mentioned to me that Friday was going to have great weather at the islands and the Outrider was a great option, if it got enough people to get off the docks. After checking and checking the online booking site we finally saw the trip was a go. Got up at 2:00am and was out the...
  31. eli672

    WTB Super Seeker FD850 blank or complete rod

    Hey BD family, I just found out about this old school rod and I'd love to find a blank. I'm hoping someone out there has one stashed away they're willing to sell. I'll take a complete rod if it was wrapped by Fisherman's Depot or if it has Moon's name on it. Please let me know if you can...
  32. eli672

    SOLD Penn Torque 25ld2 (loaded with hollow)

    Penn Torque 25nld2 2-speed, loaded to the top with 500yds. of Seaguar 50lb. hollow Threadlock This is an awesome reel but I have another in this line rating. It's in excellent condition internally with some light marks. The biggest mark is on the edge of the lever drag(please see pictures)...
  33. eli672

    SOLD SHIKARI’s (8020 & 8025) 8ft rods

    I have finally decided to stop hoarding these rods and pass them on to the BD community. If you know Shikari's, you know what you're looking at. 1) A set of BT rods, an 8020 and an 8025, grey blanks, 8ft rods... Both used but in pretty decent condition. Both have aluminum Alps reel seats...
  34. eli672

    WTB Rod socks (for 9ft rods)

    Looking to buy a few rod socks. Need about 6, and they all need to be for 9ft. rods. I've seen them on ebay but they are all short. I'm not looking for those plastic weaved one... I bought some and they don't all fit the guides on my heavier rods. I know tackle shops have them but I'm trying to...
  35. eli672

    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga 15H (excellent condition)

    For Sale: Daiwa Saltiga 15H. This thing is in excellent, like new condition. It was a back-up reel, maybe used a couple of times. Please look over the pics. This little guy is loaded w/ 50lb. braid, leaving room for a short top shot. These reels are smooth and strong as hell. $310 Gone...
  36. eli672

    FS: Penn Fathom 25n 2peed - BOTH SOLD

    For Sale: 2 - Penn Fathom 25n 2peeds I got these guys in a trade and I don't really need them. They are both in very good condition. One is excellent, like new condition. They both come with their own boxes and 65lb. braid. These little guys are strong as hell. I have a few friends that...
  37. eli672

    FS: Sabre Californian CA6660C 6 1/2ft, 20-50lb

    For sale: Sabre Californian CA6660C 6 1/2ft, 20-50lb Sweet little rod that doesn’t get much use anymore. $̶6̶0̶ now $50 Or will trade for a spool hollow braid or spools of fluorocarbon... Let me know what you got, I’m flexible. Everything looks good, minimal wear on the guides and the...
  38. eli672

    (Sold) ROLA cargo carrier

    Sold!!! This is in great condition. Used it a few times and then stored. It has the LED lighting system and and anti-rattling bracket. In very good condition. This thing is tough. Very tough built with quality materials. 600lb capacity. 2” hitch required on your vehicle. I’m in Los...
  39. eli672

    Limits of Bluefin on the New Lo-An 11/10 w/ Moon

    Got the call from Moon that the New Lo-An needed people to get off the landing.. Everyone I talked to said that the bluefin were still hanging out outside of SCI but boats were having problems getting enough people to get out. I gave it some thought and was all in within a few minutes...
  40. eli672

    WTB: Shimano Torium 14Hg

    Hey BD's I've seen these around and just wanted to see if any of you out there were looking to get rid of one. Looking for a newer Shimano Torium 14Hg. Must be in like new condition. if you're out of the LA area, I'll pay the extra $10 for shipping and I deal w/ paypal all the time. Let me...
  41. eli672

    Christmas comes early.. 76 Raptor and 76 Predator by Moon.

    After waiting and waiting, they have finally arrived. Got the call from the man himself, letting me know that the set I requested was ready. This guy is crazy busy but somehow he was able to get them done. Much appreciation for that. 7'6" Raptor and 7'6" Predator. I had been talking to Moon...
  42. eli672

    WTB: Power handle for Torium 14

    Looking to upgrade the stock counter balance handle to a power handle on my Torium 14. Just wanted to see if someone here had one before I ordered one from Shimano. Please let me know if you have one you're willing to sell. Looking for a factory Shimano power handle. Thanks...
  43. eli672

    FS: Super Seekers, 9ft. long, old school, LB rods

    For Sale: Super Seeker rods, all 9fters, older Long Beach-made blanks, most wrapped by Moon and Cosmos, 2 of the most highly respected wrappers in So. Cal. (rootbeer colored) CSJ 90, 9ft. 20-30lb. wrapped by Moon CJB 90F, 9ft. 20-30lb. wrapped by Cosmos $260 each Now $230 each!! Located...
  44. eli672

    Fished Bay of LA June 4th and 5th

    Bahia de Los Angeles fishing report for June 4th and 5th.... Drove down with some friends on Sunday, June 3rd for our annual yellowtail fishing trip. The plan was to fish Monday and Tuesday, back on Wed. Road conditions: We drove down through Ensenada, down to El Rosario, then...
  45. eli672

    Carbontex smoooooth drags for Saltist 20H or 30H

    Carbontex Smooooooth drags for a Saltist 20H or 30H I was clearing out a drawer and found these... I paid $11.99 plus tax... You get them for $5 shipped if you're in LA or SD... further than that, shipping is on you. text: 323-707-7047 or message me.
  46. eli672

    FS: Daiwa saltist 20H reels and 30TH for sale

    Hi BD's, I have three (3) Daiwa saltist 20H for sale... They're all about the same condition. All have spectra. Awesome little reels w/ a ton of power. -all sold- Daiwa 30TH for sale with an upgraded power handle. I think the reel has 65lb. spectra under the line but I'm not 100% sure...
  47. eli672


    Selling off a pair of Pro Gear CS 500 reels These little guys are awesome with serious power, I upgraded their handles to the same ones their bigger brothers were sold with. I've gone through both of them, lubed the bearings and greased all parts. One of them has white 65lb PP spectra on...
  48. eli672

    FS: Brand new Torium 20HG

    For sale: Brand new Torium 20HG I bought 2 of these for a Baja trip but only ended up needing one. Reel is brand new, in the box, never spooled with any line, never used. You get the box, manual, rod clamp, and reel. They are killer yo-yo reels. I used one and loaded it with 50lb. test...
  49. eli672


    ALL SOLD! Thanks to everyone and happy holidays. 1- Abu Garcia Revo Inshore 6.4:1 gear ratio Decent shape w/ some scratches. $75. SOLD 2- Pro Gear 255 Definitely shows wear but the guts are strong. Upgraded Pro Gear handle. Looks and works better. Loaded to the top w/ 65lb PowerPro $110...
  50. eli672

    Shikaris, Newells, and Pro Gears for sale

    Just as the tittle says, selling some Shikari rods, Newells, and Pro Gear reels. 1. Three(3) Newell G220 reels. All look pretty good. Some have spectra backing. Only one comes w/ rod clamp. $130 each 2. Two(2) Pro Gear 255 reels Both in great working condition. Both show visible wear. Both...
  51. eli672

    SHIKARIs for sale

    This blank is SOLD. But I have a few complete 8ft and 9ft shikaris I'm gonna sell. I might have what you're looking for. Call or text 323-707-7047
  52. eli672


    PRO GEAR ALBACORE SPECIAL 280 SOLD! One of the most hard to find Pro Gears. It's in great condition w/ minimal marks. Smooth gears and tight drags.
  53. eli672

    SOLD WTS: Shikari 909H

    For sale: Shikari 909h (20-40lb) 9ft. rod. Dark blue/ silver wraps. Higher grade Fuji guides. Wrapped by Cosmos, w/ deckhand grip w/ xwrap. Rod is very good condition.. Guide feet show a little rust and there is a typo on the model #... He wrote "SW900H" and the right model # is...
  54. eli672

    WTB: Saltist 20H

    As the tittle says, looking for a Daiwa Saltist 20H... Must be in very good condition w/ minimal scratches. No levelwind please... Either text or call me: 323-707-7047 Thanks
  55. eli672

    *** Newell G322 for sale ***

    Newell G322 for sale. Got this on a trade and I already have the Newells I need. It's in really awesome condition. Spins pretty nice and doesn't show wear. $180 I'm in Downtown L.A but I'm willing to ship it for $10. 323-707-7047
  56. eli672

    WTB: SKB Tak Pac Backpack tackle bag

    I'm looking to buy this, I just figured I'd post this ad in case you've got one you were thinking in selling. Must be in great/ Excellent condition. Please p.m me or call/text: 323-707-7047 I'm in LA and I'll drive a reasonable distance if you got one for sale.
  57. eli672

    Blue Shikari SW 866 hooked up by Moon

    Had this Shikari blank sitting in my closet for a while. Finally got my hands on a Shimano 200dhsv's.... Hit up Moon, told him the reel I was gonna fish on it, and the only things I requested were the cork grip and the hook saver, then I let him run w/ the colors, patterns, and design...
  58. eli672

    Shikari and G.USA Rods

    All Gone! Thanks to all that bought... Enjoy 'em.
  59. eli672

    Moon hooks up my Super Seeker FL 76

    I wanted to post this because Moon has done a few rods for me and he always does exceptional work. I gave him some guidelines of what I wanted and let him run w/ the color and patterns. The dude is bad ass. Killer, clean work, every time... and his attention to detail is on point. To me...
  60. eli672

    Xtratuf boots, size 8

    Looking for a pair of Xtratuf boots, size 8, 12'' high Just wanted to see if anyone had a new pair or slightly used in great condition to sell before I take the plunge and pay the $100. Or, can anyone point me to the right place to get the best price on 'em. Please, no defective or blem...
  61. eli672

    SHIKARI or Super Seeker rod for a BLuE 8020

    Looking for a BLuE Shikari 8020... must be in good/ great condition I have a few SHIKARI 8025,8030,909,908... I also have a couple of Super Seeker 9ft. bait sticks... take your pick... Trade one for one... Please let me know if you've got one you're willing to trade. 323-707-7047 Call or...
  62. eli672

    Daiwa SL20SH $30

    Daiwa sl20sh, good condition, I think it needs new spool bearings,it spins decent but not as smoothly as I'd like, brand new carbon drags, not trashed, comes w/ rod clamp and screws... P/u in Los Angeles, by Cal State LA. sold!!!!
  63. eli672

    NEWELLS!!! G220's and G229

    All gone.
  64. eli672

    Pro Gear 255 or 500/501 reel

    Please let me know if you have one you're willing to part w/. I'm in LA, Willing to pay or trade... I Have some g.usa and shikari 8 and 9ft sticks, Newells. Thanks Pm or text. (323)707-7047
  65. eli672

    Newell P322 and Pro Gear 251 ( both in ex. cond)

    Newell P322 (old version) Great reel, great condition, and spins very nice. Tough to find these now. $150 Pro Gear 251 Full of 65# spectra, in excellent condtion, and it comes w/ an original pro gear power handle. $150 I'm in L.A. but will ship for anywhere in the U.S. for $10. (323)707-7047...
  66. eli672

    SUPER SEEKER cjbf 90M custom rod

    Looking for : Super Seeker CJBF 90M custom rod. I'd like it to be in good condition, simple wraps, and deckhand handle. Please let me know if you've got one you're willing to let go of. I've got fishing equipt. to trade (pro gear, newells, gusa) or a straight sale is ok too. Thanks.
  67. eli672

    Bloody decks on the Pacific Voyager

    Got a chance to jump on the Pac.Voy. w/ a 2 day charter from Dan's Custom Rods. With the way things had been lately we didn't expect to catch much. While getting bait the capt. came down and gave us our options. He mentioned that there had been some bluefin caught straight south of s.d. but...
  68. eli672

    Graphite USA rods ( 80mag & 711H )

    Graphite USA All 3 rods are in very good condition, minimal wear, and all have SIC guides. All deckhand grips. The top 2 rods are 80 Mag(8ft. long, rated 15-30) and the bottom is a 711H(7' 11" long, rated 20-40) $170 each (now $150) I also have 2 711H blanks for $85 each. I'm in L.A. but...
  69. eli672

    ** Pro Gear 551, Saltist 40H, Newell P338 ***

    For Sale or trade: Pro Gear CS 551 (2) Daiwa Saltist 40H Newell P338 (older model) Pro Gear 551: both are in really good shape w/ a few nicks... If you fill them w/ spectra they can handle 30lb. easy. $150 for the reel w/out rod clamp (now $130) $160 with rod clamp (now $140) Daiwa...
  70. eli672

    Pro Gear 251 ( SILVER )

    Looking for: silver or gun metal pro gear 251. Any cosmetic condition. I've got $$$ and newells, graphite usa rods and blanks, and other gear that i'm willing to trade. Please let me know if you've got one.
  71. eli672

    * PRO GEAR 545 * $135

    **** sold ****
  72. eli672

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore

    Looking for : Revo Inshore It must be in very good condition and it must bring the power handle that it comes w/. Please let me know if you've got one to sell. Thanks.
  73. eli672

    ** PRO GEAR 540L and 545 **

    ALL SOLD!!!
  74. eli672

    Or Trade: Curado 300E

    Looking for a Curado 300E in good or great condition. I've got cash or willing to trade: -Pro Gear reels -Graphite USA rods and blanks Please let me know if you've got one. Eli
  75. eli672

    Newell G229 ORIGINAL HANDLE (w/ red stripe)

    wanted: Newell G220-229 Original Handle Please let me know if you've got one to sell, must be the original graphite handle w/ the red stripe down the middle. must be in good condition. (it doesn't have to have the red "N" like the one in the picture) Thanks.
  76. eli672

    LOOKING FOR NEWELL G220 or P220/ Pro Gears up for trade

    Looking for: NEWELL G220 or P220 I've got a couple of Pro Gear 251's and a 454 in really good condition, just serviced by Ken's in o.side. Take your pick, newell must be in good condition. Let me know, I'll post some pics. of my reels.
  77. eli672

    Pro Gear 540 Albacore Special and CS 501 for sale

    Pro Gear Reels for sale! 1. Pro Gear 540 Albacore Special 9/10 cosmetically, 10/10 internally. I bought this reel for a trip I never went on. Great condition, easily handles 40 and 50lb. test w/ spectra backing. From what I measured it's a 5:1 gear ratio. It comes w/ box, rod...
  78. eli672

    *** GRAPHITE USA BLANKS *** for sale or trade

    *** G.USA BLANKS *** $130 each, o.b.o except 70 moster -- $100 For sale or trade. I came up on some stuff so I'm selling the extras. If you fish this gear you know how light and awesome these rods are. Killer island and offshore arsenal. 80xf 12-25lb. 8ft. **SOLD**...
  79. eli672

    *** SALTIGAS 15 & 20 FOR SALE ***

    ** ALL SOLD ** Both reels have surface scratches but no dents and mechanically they're awesome. By far the best reels I've ever used... Waaaay tougher than Trinidads. You can pack these guys w/ spectra and just fish a short top shot, they can handle from 15lb. test all the way up to 40 or...
  80. eli672

    SHIKARI BT8025, BT8030, AND BT8040

    Looking for: SHIKARI green or blue blank, BT8025, 8030, or 8040 Please let me know if you've got one you're willing to sell, I've got cash and/or gear to trade, your call.
  81. eli672


    all sold! thanks.
  82. eli672

    PRO GEAR 454 BLACK for sale or trade

    Pro Gear 454 ( black ) for sale or trade SOLD!!! 10/10 mechanically 9/10 cosmetically 350yrds. of 40lb. test great reel, crazy strong, killer 40-50lb. reel or you can have it torqued down by ken's and fish heavier line w/ spectra backing. awesome for yo-yo. looking to trade for: small to...
  83. eli672

    GRAPHITE USA BLANKS trade for Pro Gear 501

    G. USA BLANKS!!!! trade one blank per reel, your choice. 700H 711H 80XF 80 MAG 80 MEGA MAG 83H ( feels like I'd be a killer calico or anchovy stick for light albacore ) -I also have one that's just over 7'11'' its 15-20 extra fast, awesome flat finish, not like the other, sweet. ALL...
  84. eli672

    Calstar grafighters 900xl, 800L/ Roddy rod for sale or trade

    !!!!! ALL SOLD !!!! 1) Roddy 8'3'', awesome old school rod, sweet 20-25lb. rod. Great cond. blue/black wrap, chrome perfection guides, cord deckhand grip. SOLD!!! 2) Calstar grafighter 900xl, 9ft. 10-25lb. test. factory wrapped rod, perfect condition, deckhand grip, awesome...
  85. eli672