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  1. Sea Sport

    3 September Albie Trips

    Decided to leave the boat on the water at WP for a couple of weeks and watch the weather for some decent windows of opportunity. Optimistic that there would be loads of tuna out there just waiting for our crew to nail 'em. Dropped boat in on 20th of September and immediately filled up at my...
  2. Sea Sport

    Need custom aluminum fuel tank for heater

    Anyone know a reputable shop that can build a 2 gallon aluminum diesel fuel tank for small on board heater?
  3. Sea Sport

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Well, I piggy backed from Nookie Hooker's "Sea Sport Make Over" to say I was doing the same thing ie: Re-engining a Sea Sport. Going from a Volvo Diesel I/O to Yamaha outboards. I love the Diesel, but it is just too under powered to do Tuna Land. Larger diesel was more cost overall and...
  4. Sea Sport

    Ilwaco Tuna 8/2/16

    Left the dock at 5:45 AM with a couple of buddies from southern WA. Picked up two scoops of Chovies and headed out to 10/00. Choppy ride out until hitting deep water. Spotted a Grey about 50 feet off the bow and luckily avoided him. Saw few other boats going out and some on the grounds, but...
  5. Sea Sport

    10-5 Tuna HO Westport

    We went out Monday and killed 21 pigs. An 8 foot shark (no kidding) got one of our tuna. Had about a 2 hour bait stop until that 8 footer and some smaller sharks moved in. Moved a couple of times. Each time until the sharks showed up. Hard to keep that blood from leaking through the scuppers...