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    Deep Drop Swords

    People have figured out deep dropping for swords in socal. During the MABT yesterday the boats went 3 for 7 including one boat catching 2. Same boat has already hooked 2 today losing the first and still fighting the 2nd. 2 other swords have been hooked by other boats today as well.
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    The Blob is back

    A new warm water blob has formed off alaska and the pacific northwest. It was the last blob in combination with an el nino that brought the wahoo and blue marlin here. Sorry albacore fans, it probably means several more years of no albacore in socal...
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    Lingcod limit back to 2 Limit goes back to 2 on june 1.
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    Rockfish Regs

    New regs are supposed to be released tomorrow taking effect January 1. Looks like we might get year round rockfish and sculpin again.
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    Drift net ban

    Doubt it will pass, but we can hope.
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    Free gaffing For those that think free gaffing is legal here is DFW's view on it. Read the answer to the question about gaffing the shark. Specifically states gaffing is not a legal method of take.
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    malihini bigeye

    The malihini reported catching 4 bigeye between 40 and 60 lbs yesterday. The fall may have just become even more interesting.
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    Navy in fire fight with boat shooting sea lions?

    JD'S big game site is reporting the navy got a report of a boat shooting sea lions at San clemente island and dispatched helicopters to check it out. The next thing that apparently came over the radio was the navy ordering the helicopters to stand down on live fire at them. Anybody else hear...
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    Round 2 Here we go again.