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  1. carterantebi

    Puerto Peñasco?

    I’m headed down to Puerto Peñasco, MX (Rocky Point) on Saturday with a bunch of friends for a few days of cervezas, tacos, and ATV riding. Haven’t been down there in years and years and didn’t do much fishing the first time so I don’t really remember how it is down there. I’m probably just gonna...
  2. carterantebi

    My first and last time buying a Phenix rod

    I’ve always shied away from Phenix because I’ve seen a few break last year while working half days everyday and that seems to be all I ever hear about them, but with Cousins going out of business and my buddy always speaking highly of them and telling me to try them, I figured “eh, what the...
  3. carterantebi

    1.5 day Pacific Queen this friday

    Hey guys, this weekend on the Pacific Queen out of Fisherman’s Landing we have a 1.5 day trip headed to the Punta Colonet area leaving Friday night sponsored by SoCal Salty, passports required. Unfortunately this past weekend’s trip got cancelled due to lack of reservations despite the quality...
  4. carterantebi

    Prowler vs Aztec

    I wanted to get out offshore this weekend since I gotta go back to school next week but all my favorite boats are booked up, mainly with private charters. This leaves me with the Prowler and the Aztec for overnighters out of Seaforth. Anyone have any input? Just wanna get out on some tuna since...
  5. carterantebi

    Tranx 400 not fully engaging

    The other day I was out fishing the kelp and after making a cast, I turn the handle to put the reel in gear as always, but the handle just turns and turns without the spool spinning, all while making a clicking sound like the clicker on a conventional reel would make. If there’s absolutely no...
  6. carterantebi

    40nld2 lever stuck

    I have a fathom that’s been sitting around for a little bit now, haven’t even put line on it yet. Today I picked it up just to screw around with the drag, and suddenly the lever won’t go down all the way to freespool. It’ll move freely between 3 and sunset but won’t go lower than 3. This may be...
  7. carterantebi

    Camping at Catalina

    I’m planning on camping somewhere on Catalina with some friends this July. One thing I’ve always wanted to do was catch a yellow or maybe even a wsb from shore and I figured Catalina is probably the place to do it. Anyone have any experience with this? I was thinking maybe throw some jigs...
  8. carterantebi

    Rod for 40NLD2

    My new Fathom 40NLD2 came in the mail yesterday so now it’s time to find a rod to put it on. This will mainly be used to fish bluefin on 60 and 80lb with flatfalls, as well as maybe some rubber band work. Might even do some heavier yoyo fishing with it. Looking for an affordable rod that’s not...
  9. carterantebi

    Best beginning LR trip?

    I’m currently 16 and work a few odd jobs throughout the year to support my fishing addiction. I do 3/4 and 1/2 days all the time but at the moment the longest trip I’ve done was 1.5 day. I’ve got a decent amount in the fishing funds so I’ve been kinda entertaining the idea of doing my first LR...
  10. carterantebi

    Liberty this week

    Hoping to get on the Liberty any day this week. Only problem is that there’s no reservations. Anyone else planning on doing a 3/4 day this week? Takes 7 people to leave the dock.
  11. carterantebi

    WTB big trailer

    The plan is to buy a Blackfin on the East Coast and tow it back to San Diego to fish in 2018. The only problem is we need a roadworthy trailer capable of towing a 32ft boat with an 11ft beam across the country. I know it's kinda a stretch since not too many people trailer that size of a boat...
  12. carterantebi

    Condor 1.5 Day 11/24-26

    Here's the long(very long) awaited report... For those that are attention impaired with ADD like me who want to hear the short version: I caught a fish. For everyone else: I was trying hard to get on a private boat with someone or get on the Liberty/New Lo An for this weekend but none of that...
  13. carterantebi

    SCI this week

    Hey guys, my name's Carter, I'm 16, and I'm hoping to take advantage of the awesome BFT fishing going on around SCI currently since I'm still yet to land one. I'm really desperate to get one now that the season is coming close to an end and the weather might return back to normal by next season...
  14. carterantebi

    Talica for BFT

    I'm looking at heading to SCI this weekend and I'm in need of a beefier setup since these big bluefin are still there and actively blighting from what I hear. All my reels are single speed but I'm looking at getting a Talica II of some sort for this trip. I'm not really familiar with the sizing...
  15. carterantebi

    Ringed vs non-ringed hooks

    Ok guys, let the debates begin... Say you need to flyline a sardine. Do you reach for a circle hook with a ring on it, one without, or do you use some sort of loop knot like a rapala knot?
  16. carterantebi

    Anyone fish the Mustang?

    Hey guys, trying to decide on a trip for this weekend. Saw the Mustang was open for an overnight. Haven't really heard anything about the boat at all. Anyone have any input? Thanks in advance.
  17. carterantebi

    Dream boats

    Okay, so I'm currently in the market for a new boat and I'm looking at driving one over from the right coast. I have my eye on a blackfin 32 currently and a blackfin has always been a dream boat of mine. Kinda curious, if you guys could have any boat to fish out of SoCal, what would it be...
  18. carterantebi

    1974 Mako 19'? Came across this tonight. Anyone know what this boat would be worth if I were to do some minimal work on it? Is it worth calling the guy or is getting a boat that old and cheap a bad idea?
  19. carterantebi

    90j guide spacing

    I'm currently doing a Calstar 90j and I have all the guides wrapped on. Before I start putting epoxy on it though, I want to make sure the guides are properly spaced. I did it by eye and it looks fine to me, but it would be awesome if anyone could give me the correct measurements from their own...
  20. carterantebi

    Dodo recipes???

    I've currently got a freezer full of dorado fillets among other things and there's so much that I don't know what to do with it all. It's just one of those fish that I rarely get to catch or eat so I kinda wanna mix it up and not bore myself by cooking it the same way over and over again. Anyone...