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  1. tmitch760

    La Jolla 6/16 Quick report

    Fished La Jolla yesterday and wanted to give a quick report. Water temp 69-70. Wind howling all day 15-20. Current and wind seem to run together so making very fast drifts. We had a good bite on calicos from about 9:30 to around 1 pm when it got to hard to fish the kelp. The 3 of us caught...
  2. tmitch760

    WTB Inshore rod for Lexa 400

    Hello all, I just bought my Dad a Lexa 400. So i need a Rod for it. Not even sure if my Pops is going to like this reel so I don't want to drop a ton on a new rod. Honestly looking to spend around 100 or less, hopefully someone has one lying around. Let me know what you have. Thanks BD...
  3. tmitch760

    WTB fathom 25n Star

    Looking for a used fathom 25n star drag. PM me with price, located in San Diego
  4. tmitch760

    Sealine combo $120

    8ft Jig stick 15-40 deckhand style rod, been on 2 trips. Daiwa Sealine 30x-shv great condition 65 lbs braid, fresh 25 lbs topshot. no shipping. Local Pickup in Santee no pics but I can with text. files are not uploading.
  5. tmitch760

    182 to 9 today Fri 9/16

    F the tuna. Spent the day out on the 182 with my Pops. Great weather, almost lake like conditions and just a little bit of wind. No fish seen, didn't even meter much fish. Still gave it our best. Lots of boats, didn't see anyone else hooked up. Water temp was around 67 on the high spot. We...
  6. tmitch760

    hodgman stockingfoot waders xxl

    I have an almost new pair of waders for sale. size XXL. To big for me, for some reason I thought they would run small, but I was wrong. I probably used maybe 1 hour tops. $60 Text or call 619-368-8472. I do have the box also. For some reason I cant upload pics but I can send them by...
  7. tmitch760

    8-15 miles off Del Mar 7/23/16

    Left mission bay at 6 am offshore to fish the tunas. We fished Inside of 15 miles off the coast around Del Mar. Breaking Fish everywhere just no biters. Been on the fish 4 times this past month and nothing to show for it. Oh well that's fishing. Called it an early day after the wind picked...
  8. tmitch760

    North Nine/ La Jolla

    Left Mission bay at 6:30 am today. Grab a 1/2 scoop of 4-7 inch anchovy with some sardine mix. Headed out to the North 9 to see what we could find. A few miles out the GPS Fishfinder shuts off. Anyways, No fish for us today, The 9 was full of life. Big bait balls everywhere, turns working...
  9. tmitch760

    Calcutta 250a trade for Jig Stick

    Hello, I have a Calcutta 250 I am looking to trade. Its got upgraded drag (super smoothies) It was serviced about 1.5 years ago and placed into storage. It does have some boat rash but excellent working condition. Let me know what you have. I'm located in Santee.
  10. tmitch760

    North 9?

    Anything going on out there right now?.. Looking to do a local offshore with my pops. I haven't been out to much this summer do to my first baby. The 2 times I have been out, boat broke down on the way out and we had to get towed in. Anyways, that's fishing. Details.. private boat, live...