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  1. karlk1125

    What's the best braid going for a Makaira 15t.

    Have a 15t on the way and looking to spool it with 80lb braid. What are the best options to look into?
  2. karlk1125

    For Sale Accurate and Okuma reels for sale

    Hey guys! These reels up up for sale. I'll get some pictures up here soon. Makaira10: $350 Accurate bx2-500: $375 Andros 5: $150
  3. karlk1125

    For Sale Okuma Andros 5

    Loaded with 50lb braid. Wasn’t heavily used on our boat but performed great from albacore trolling to white seabass to a #100lb thresher $200 +$10 for shipping
  4. karlk1125

    WTB Phenix trifecta pro 8-17

    Looking for 8-17lb rated, length doesn’t matter.
  5. karlk1125

    WTB WTB-Penn Torque 15N

    Let me know what you have!
  6. karlk1125

    WTB Lefty Reel-20lb size range

    Looking for a lefty reel in the 20lb size range! Lever drag is preferred.
  7. karlk1125

    Repower options in socal

    As I've been looking for a new to us boat and researching options I've been blown away by how cheap repowering is in south Florida compared to up here in the Bay Area. Are there any Suzuki or Mercury dealers in socal who offer at least somewhat competitive pricing to what's seen in S Florida? As...
  8. karlk1125

    SOLD 2002 World Cat 266 Sc Salvage **BACK UP**

    Hey all, we need to sell our 2002 266sc that partially sank last year. This is a project that needs new wiring (we re-wired the boat in 2017 and the systems Fred Fritz put in are as good as it gets, just copy the previous work), 1 or 2 new fuel tanks and a new starboard engine (probably easier...
  9. karlk1125

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    A few of us up here are really beginning to believe that we can have the same opportunity for deep drop swordfish out of the Bay Area as in SoCal. A commercial boat in Santa Cruz was selling some they caught locally deep dropping, so it looks like some people have already beat us to the punch...
  10. karlk1125

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    As I'm looking for our next boat I can't help but look in awe of all the incredible boats that are ALL over the gulf and east coast. The 32' boat that we're looking for will be one of the nicest in our harbor, yet it wouldn't get a second look on the other side of the country. I have some...
  11. karlk1125

    WTB World Cat 320 EC

    Unfortunately, our boat had a catastrophic accident today and will be an insurance claim. We're looking to upgrade to a World Cat 320 EC...we're going to be patient and wait to the right opportunity, but I want to get the ball rolling for a replacement!
  12. karlk1125

    WTB Talica 16 or similar reel

    looking for a talica 16 or something very similar. Let me know what you have, thanks!
  13. karlk1125

    PV or Cabo for inshore fishing

    We're planning on doing an inshore trip and would like some information with someone with experience fishing inshore in both Cabo and PV! Is inshore in Cabo in late may/june comparable to PV in April? We'd be looking to target big roosters, snappers, amberjack...aka the more prestigious of the...
  14. karlk1125

    Crab thief out of bodega caught

    These assholes were caught raiding pots out of bodega. If you see them, let it rip.
  15. karlk1125

    Bodega Tuna...we found em!!!!!!

    Pushed off at 430 followed by Napa Mike and Deadly Dave and headed towards 27/20. We stopped short at 27/13 on the warm side of a break and within a half hour put in 3. I circled south and east to try to hit the break again, and found a much better grade fish on the inside at 23/9. I kept trying...
  16. karlk1125

    Bodega tuna run Thursday

    a handful of us are going to make the 50nm run west to the southern edge of the water that’s connected to what’s off of Bragg. The past 2 days SST’s have a really fantastic edge running all the way up to pt arena...should be loaded! If anyone wants to run with let me know!
  17. karlk1125

    Bodega Salmon Opener

    Dropped in today at 12/8 and finished the day up at 16/8. We got 1 17lber 75ft OTW on a ph hoochie/hot spot, but the fleet got up to 8 mostly centered around 15/8 anywhere from 50 to 125OTW. It was a pick bite but some boats were just hotter than others today. There was only very spotty spots of...
  18. karlk1125

    Heavily impacted salmon season.

    Looks like we’ll have a limited season this year. June 11th is the earliest opening date for the SF area. They have 3 proposals on the table now...and all are cutting off the first half of the season. Luckily, we’ll get a season. I have a feeling their numbers are way off and fishing will be...
  19. karlk1125

    Deep Dropping in PV

    Has anyone tried deep dropping around PV? I'd imagine there should be some insanely productive fishing down deep.
  20. karlk1125


    Now that montezuma's revenge has left my body and I have stable internet, its time to report on last week's fishing in PV during our family's annual Thanksgiving vacation. My dad and I fished last Sunday and Tuesday with Lora offshore on his 30' Catamaran. Sunday we got to el banco and found...
  21. karlk1125

    Another Tropical Storm/Hurricane?

    Looking at the windyty forecast it looks like cabo is going to get hit again on sunday. I'm supposed to be down there thurs-sunday. Should i think about cancelling this trip if the forecast holds?
  22. karlk1125

    Valiant 300 clicker version available?

    I talked with a rep this morning, the clicker version is apparently available!
  23. karlk1125


    I'm looking for either an Accurate BX 400n or 400 (preferably in 6:1 ratio) or 2 speed, or a Valiant 300 (only if it's the new clicker model) or 400. send me a pm please
  24. karlk1125

    Raymarine Radar for finding birds

    Has anyone had success using the 4kw Radome for finding birds? We're deciding between going with the dome and an open array. Most of the time we'd be looking for flocks of birds, as we're mostly fishing for salmon or seabass. So I don't need to be looking for a single bird at 5 miles, however...
  25. karlk1125

    Marlas 3.5 Day February 17-21st...dead cow and a wild ride

    The unreal conditions of a few weeks ago have disappeared. We fished from Cleophus to the high spot on San Juanito for 1 bite, a 200lber outside of Maria Magdalena (2nd island). The fish bit in the late morning on a fly lined cabby and kicked my fucking ass for 2 hours. Pinche devil fish...
  26. karlk1125

    Best Day Boat in Quepos

    I have a friend looking to do either inshore or offshore at the end of march for a day. Who would I send him to? Most likely a large center console would be better than a large sportfisher.
  27. karlk1125

    Booking our 2017 Thanksgiving vacation...Punta Negra-Litibu

    Has anyone stayed at this long beach during the late fall/winter months? The area and houses look amazing, but I'm worried the north winds that are prevalent that time of year will make the stay there far less comfortable than the southern facing condo's next to Punta Mita's harbor. Some input...
  28. karlk1125

    Bluefin confirmed in NorCal

    Go get em boys :)
  29. karlk1125

    WTB: World Cat or Glacier Bay

    We're looking to sell the boat here in a few months and looking for a 29-32ft World Cat or Glacier Bay. Center console is preferred but will consider cabin models. Not going to buy until we sell our current boat but am looking to be ahead of the market here.
  30. karlk1125

    Maximus down?

    I just heard the Maximus sunk last night...has anyone heard more? :(
  31. karlk1125

    Puerto Vallarta Sunday and Wednesday report

    Spent Saturday-Thursday in Punta Mita and booked Sunday with Lora and Tuesday with Danny Gomez. Sunday Lora thought our best shot was inshore. We searched the coast all the way up to sayulita looking for sardinas. We were able to fill the tanks at Sayulita and ran back to Punta Mita to check...
  32. karlk1125

    Offshore weather report for PV

    Is there any good sites I can look at? I did 2 trips last time in PV in 17-25kt winds offshore and I'd like to move days around if the weather allows. Thanks!
  33. karlk1125

    Shimano Trinidad 10a Daiwa Saltiga 20

    Both come with 50lb Braid Trinidad 10a 300$ -mechanically 10/10 -aesthetically 8.5/10 (small dent on gear box) Saltiga 20 250$ -mechanically 9/10 -aesthetically 9/10 Box include box Will have pics up within the next day or two. Paypal or Venmo accepted!
  34. karlk1125

    662 Blue Marlin landed in socal today
  35. karlk1125

    Do Pacific Halibut length to weight ratios work for cali halibut?

    We caught 44" and 43" halibut today, but I'm struggling to believe it was almost 40lbs. How much do you guys think a 44 and 43 inch halibut weigh?
  36. karlk1125

    WTB Accurate BX-400x/BX2-400(n)

    Want to buy either a bx2-400n or bx-400nx PM me if interested!
  37. karlk1125

    2.5 day trip cost

    how much does a 2.5 day trip with the osuna's or manny cost? Looking to do one over Presidents' Day weekend
  38. karlk1125

    Flights to PV are insane right now

    It's 1k a ticket to fly to PV for thanksgiving week, what's up with the ridiculous prices? If they stay this high we won't go this year, which will piss me the hell off!
  39. karlk1125


    Look at that PERFECT current pushing in due west of HMB!!! The TUNA REPUBLIC will be searching for tuna to slaughter on sunday!! Other boats will be participating from GG and HMB as well, we will run from Bodega. Who else is eyeing that current?
  40. karlk1125

    Jerry Rigging a Live Bait Tank

    Hey guys, I'm most likely going to head down to SoCal soon to get on this madness as there's no tuna to kill up here. While my boat has a built in 25gal tank, I'd really like to get some more capacity. I have a perfect area in-between my two engines that I can secure some type of 50gal tank. As...
  41. karlk1125

    Fort Bragg albacore run Wednesday

    Sea shift and I will be splashing at anyone else running?
  42. karlk1125

    Phenix Axis...what does it compare to?

    I'm interested in the does it compare to a black diamond or an abyss?
  43. karlk1125

    What ever happened to this forum?

    It used to be filled with epic reports. Not so much the past few years. :zelfmoord
  44. karlk1125

    WTB Accurate BX2-400 or BX 400x

    let me know what you have!
  45. karlk1125

    Bodega under assault

    Well, the fish from Bragg FINALLY began to show up on sunday-monday, feeding on the big squid spawn south of Tomales Point. On tuesday, low and behold, 8 squid seiners show up and begin wrapping the squid that over 100 fucking boats are fishing. While there's a lot of spawns happening that ARE...
  46. karlk1125

    Bodega Tuesday 5 for 4

    Short version: 22", 22", 12lbs, 22lbs, 25lbs 70-100otw pearl spoon, pearl/silver hammered spoon, ph hoochie 15/10-18/10 Story time: We left Spud at 0700 and put in lines at 15/9 on a color break. Our spread consisted of peal and pearl/silver spoons, and ph hooch's behind a slingblade and a red...
  47. karlk1125

    Bodega opener limits

    In 2 hours we put in 2 limits at 16/8 on ph hoochies and red hot spot flasher. 50-70ftOTW. 3-27" 1-17lbs. No bait in the water but there was a good number of fish on these numbers.
  48. karlk1125

    Change in bait biomass this year?

    After reading about the massive population of anchovies in MB this fall, and especially with all the hoopala going around SoCal about the disappearance of Sardines, it seem like we will be entering an anchovy cycle? Do any of you wise salts think this is the case? And if so, especially around...
  49. karlk1125

    This could be great news!
  50. karlk1125

    Bodega Albacore

    Was absolutely insane this week. Boats were scoring 20-50 fish in hours. I wasnt able to make it but my dad and uncle put in 21 big grade albacore in 4 hours on sunday. Non stop doubles, triples, and quads for them...theres a weather window on friday...there is a huge school of fish out there...
  51. karlk1125

    Tuna spot open tomorrow bodega bay

    I have an open seat for tomorrow. $120 for gas since it'll be a 45nm run each way. Conditions look perfect! My number is 707 694 3555
  52. karlk1125

    WTB-Accurate 400x or bx2-400

    PM me with offers
  53. karlk1125

    70lb Limit! Bodega Slug party Sunday

    My dad and I were supposed to get an early start to do some salmon mooching. Woke up at 5, fell back asleep and woke back up at 730 when my dad yelled 'Karl arnt we supposed to be fishing?!!' Ooops...made the late departure and hit the water at 830. Ran down past bird and didnt see much so we...
  54. karlk1125

    Accurate Dauntless

    Just saw a post on Accurates facebook page...what is the info on this reel?
  55. karlk1125 to.

    With the WFO Bluefin fishing off SD this year its logical to expect us to get the best showing of Bluefin up here in a decade. What is the best method for catching Bluefin when its known theyre holding in the area on a private boat? With live bait and with none? Hopefully we get that 62-65...
  56. karlk1125

    Bodega Weekend 7/20-7/21

    Saturday I got a late start with my dad and uncle around 11 and headed to the Whistle. We found conditions to of changed there, with the shortbellies moved inshore at 45-60ft of water and squid balls outside of the buoy. We didn't meter any concentrations of salmon and left about 2 hours later...
  57. karlk1125

    monday Bodega evening wfo

    I hit the whistle today at 445pm with 2 buddies and sent 2 PH hoochies to the bottom. 15 minutes later the slingblade/PH goes off and soon a 18-20lber hits the deck. Immediately once it got to the bottom it went off and its twin hit the deck. 5 minutes later it goes off again and a 23lber hits...
  58. karlk1125

    Bodega picking up

    Got some good dope that there was big area of fish from Pt Reyes all the way up to Tomales point. Krill on the surface at areas with whales and salmon feeding up top. Bite wasnt wfo but its shaping up to be a very good weekend.
  59. karlk1125

    Massive Amberjack off of La Paz

    Monstrous amberjack could have been a record contender HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!
  60. karlk1125

    Bodega otw saturday

    We ran out at 0700 towards 15/15 only to find clearer and clearer water offshore. We turned around at 15/11 and put in on some marks at 15/9. Immediately we put in a 12 and an 18lber within a half hour of lines in the water on a watermelon coyote spoon 50otw. The bite died and a few hours later...
  61. karlk1125

    we need more Alaska/BC porn!!

    Last year was crap! Lets see more of those massive butts, lings, and yelloweyes this year!
  62. karlk1125

    Friday Bodega

    Sorry for the late report. Dropped 5 lines in at 15/3 on a big krill line that was solid all the way down to 13/1. After hearing of some fish at 20 fathoms off bird we moved to that area for a few hours for nada. Moved back offshore to 35 fathoms off of bird and got on a MASSIVE, thick krill...
  63. karlk1125

    Bodega this week

    who'll be running this week? weather window here looks AWESOME. This previous super cold upwelling water is going to warm up above 50, and its gonna explode. I'm thinking a good amount of the fish down off HMB will make their way around Pt Reyes around wednesday/thurs and we'll see some very...
  64. karlk1125

    Water temp is 43.5 off of Bodega!

    Holy upwelling! Is that the coldest you guy have seen the water around here? Should make for some epic conditions this summer!
  65. karlk1125

    2013 salmon season prediction

    What are you guys predicting for this season?
  66. karlk1125

    USC recruiting is getting hammered

    The legendary class that was once committed is long gone. Absolutely brutal.
  67. karlk1125

    Driving straight to Cabo

    I am in the planning stages of a spring break trip to Cabo with 4 of my buddies. Tickets are more expensive than cocaine and my buddies parents offered to pay for gas so we're thinking of driving down. I've done some research and it sounds like a lot of guys do drive at night (slower than at...
  68. karlk1125

    thinking of moving the boat to HMB in April-May, better salmon fishing?

    We're planning on keeping the boat in HMB compared to Bodega till june, thinking that we'll get a few more fishing days and the salmon fishing will be much better. What do you guys think? A friend told me HMB salmon fishing doesnt really get good until June anyways. I wouldnt mind keeping her in...
  69. karlk1125

    Merry Christmas NorCal BDers!

    I dont think we could of asked for a better present than the fishing season we got this year!
  70. karlk1125

    The Ultimate West Coast Killing Machine

    Freeman 33' with a full walk around pilot house. Twin 350's cruises at 35kts, even in 4ft seas. Now I just need to start making a million a year!
  71. karlk1125

    Pt Reyes crab and lings

    Headed down to 10 mile hoping the commies hadnt hit it hard yet. Arrived with commie strings running the length of the beach at 15 foot depth increments. Whooops. Dropped them on the inside of the strings at 70ft and ran down to the reef at 10 mile. First quick drift boxed 2 lings and a red and...
  72. karlk1125

    Phenix Abyss

    I was finally able to check out the Phenix Abyss a few days ago and I am nothing but impressed!! For $190 I really do not think they can be beat for west coast fishing. I havnt held a west coast style rod I've been more impressed with (calstar, seeker, ect) Awesome for live bait tuna to...
  73. karlk1125

    Which reel for a BC charter boat?

    hey guys, I'm helping my buddy out trying to pick out which reels he should use for his charter boat up in BC. He fucking slays 75-150lb butts and big lings. He's thinking of buying the Penn Squall 30, while I'm trying to convince him to buy the Avet Jx/Hx. What do you guys think?
  74. karlk1125

    limits for 3 of bodega SLUGS!

    Left the harbor today with 2 buddies from hs at 8 and headed to tomales pt. Put em in and trolled down to bird when the starboard rod with gets rocked. I literally thought it was a rock since it really didnt hit or run like a traditional salmon does. My buddy (who was a salmon virgin) still...
  75. karlk1125

    Bodega afternoon salmon 9/11

    My buddy and I went out at 11 yesterday and dropped on some great bait. Talked to Vince on the Miss Anita and not a bite for him all morning. We then decided to try for some butts, and no luck. At 2 we switched back to salmon and trolled around for awhile north of Tomales point where there was a...
  76. karlk1125

    State of the tuna...broken water, what next?

    It looks like this spectacular tuna fishing we've had is coming to a close for the time being. The monterey current is cut off and not producing fish anymore, and it looks like the pioneer water is being cut off as well from the looks of it. The season is still young and I bet we'll get another...
  77. karlk1125

    Awesome deal! 2002 2052 Trophy for 11k!

    ****Listing for $11000! Steal her while you can**** 2002 2052 Trophy Pro -Forsale is a used 2002 Trophy Pro from the original owners bought in 2003. -Lightly used -Yearly maintenance on engine -Large, roomy cabin with serious overnight capabilities. -Very versatile -LOA: 21'7" -Beam: 8'1"...
  78. karlk1125

    SC tuna friday

    Ran out of SC yesterday with some over eager tuna virgins. After hearing tales of screaming reels and blood everywhere these guys were more excited than a virgin on prom night. Put in at 4am and ran behind Andrew and David on the Fear Knot down to 35/34. In 20 minutes we put in a double and made...
  79. karlk1125

    Bodega Salmon

    Headed from the marina at 645 and blasted down to bird at 33kts. Put them in at 40-50ft deep for nothing for a few hours. Gave Kelly/Lite Tackle a call who fished the day before who gave me some great dope. Moved out to 65-85ft deep and put the dr balls right on the bottom. We picked up a 20lber...
  80. karlk1125

    SC tuna grind

    Launched from sc yesterday with a crew of 4 and headed out to the grounds. Put them in around 6:30 and at 7 hit a quad, shortly followed by a double. Then we hit a 4 hour lull of nothing then picked up a double here and there until the last one at 3 for 11 fish. Fishing was definitely slow and...
  81. karlk1125

    Tuna killers wanted!

    Looking to go kill some tuna on friday in santa cruz! pm or text me if you want a spot! its going off right now there great scores there today!
  82. karlk1125

    Bodega Epic limits for 3

    Today was a special day on the World Cat. My girlfriend got her first taste of ocean fishing. After a year of me ranting about fishing and seeing the awesome pictures of our catches she was finally ready to take on the cold Pacific. We initially headed to westside, but with a 1/4 mile long line...
  83. karlk1125

    Bodega schoolie slaughter quick limits!

    My pops and I just put in limits. 250ft off the whistle orange hootchie and uv fbr 35otw in a little over 2 hours. 11-15lbs. Bite is wide open! Pretty much everyone was enjoying limits fishing!
  84. karlk1125

    Bodega Limits Thurs Big Grade!

    Ran at 0630 to Elephant with 2 salmon newbies. We put them in south of the fleet with the stick boats and immediately we caught a 38" 27lb slug on a UV FBR. No bait, just a blind strike. We trolled straight off of Elephant in 130-50 ft for the next few hours which resulted in a beautiful 20lber...
  85. karlk1125

    Need a hitchhiker out of Sausalito tomorrow!

    Lookin for someone to help with fuel costs and to kill some fish! Will most likely run to the W bouy area, then once we get limits run to the islands to kill some lings. Shoot me a text or pm 707 694 3555
  86. karlk1125

    Sunday-Monday Bodega

    Short report: Sunday half day: 5 bites 1 landed 31" 17lb at 13/1. All 4 bites on hootchies didnt stick...DAMN! Monday: Salmon super slow for the whole fleet, went for rockcod at elephant after 3 hours of trolling with nothing looking fishy. Rockfish was super slow, moved around about 7 times...
  87. karlk1125

    Monday Bodega Salmon with an Afghan vet!

    My buddy was back from Afghanistan so I wanted to take him out salmon fishing before he went back to finish up his tour. Since there was such a low tide this morning (-1.9) I decided to leave the boat overnight at spud point. At 615 I met up with my buddy and his pops and we headed to spud...
  88. karlk1125

    Scouting albacore from a plane...what to look for?

    My uncle has a Cessna and was thinking of either scouting before running for albacore or having his pilot scout in the air while we fish for an hour or so. My question is, from the air what would you look for? Scum lines, color breaks, actual schools of fish, ect? We'll do this in norcal so...
  89. karlk1125

    "Dad...I think the wind blew the fish south"

    Sunday: Went out of Bodega with my dad and uncle with plans on running to Pt Reyes. On the way down we saw some good bait and put em in. Nothing for awhile until we heard of a few fish being caught off of bird in 30 fathoms. Once we got there, the boat behind us IMMEDIATELY picked up a fish. We...
  90. karlk1125

    Outriggers...a beneficial addition?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of putting outriggers on my boat for albacore. For the guys who have them, do they help raise fish? Would you recommend installing them?
  91. karlk1125

    Eureka this weekend

    Looks like I will be towing the boat up to Eureka this weekend as it will be blowing like hell down here and will be FAC up north. Will be primarily targeting pacific halibut as well as lings and salmon. Will anyone else be fishing up there over the weekend?
  92. karlk1125

    I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad! :eek2::eek2::eek2::eek2::eek2:
  93. karlk1125

    What a difference a day makes!

    I headed out yesterday with high hopes after 3 days of great scores for the entire fleet. Instead of the 5-15kts of wind I was promised, she was blowing 16-19kt at the bouy when I woke up. Point and click was predicting 2 foot chop with 3 foot swells, so I went for it. Once I got to west side, a...
  94. karlk1125

    Bodega bay salmon

    Had a late start and joined the fleet off of bird rock at 280ft. We trolled north of the fleet where we began metering massive krill lines, and worked the area for 3 kings of a solid 13-18lb grade. The fish were spread out over a large area, but it seems like a large mass of fish are beginning...
  95. karlk1125

    5-12/13 Roll Call

    The weather is shaping up to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL this weekend. Who is heading out? I'll be running out of Bodega on Saturday. Hopefully nets will be swinging this weekend!
  96. karlk1125

    Shimano Calcutta 300te

    I'm selling my 300te loaded with 30lb pp. Its in excellent condition, with only slight boat rash. $215. I'll get pictures as soon as I can.
  97. karlk1125

    Trinidad 10a

    Show me what you got! :hali_olutta:
  98. karlk1125

    My baby is finally home!

    After months of anticipation my baby is finally here from florida and ready to go! Shes a World Cat 27sc with Honda 225's. Finally this weekend we get to introduce this southern girl to the cool northern Pacific! We'll be out of Bodega primarily, so if ya see her give me a shout on the radio!
  99. karlk1125

    New Raymarine displays...which way would you go?

    I'm debating whether to put 2 c95(non touch screen) or 1 e125(touch screen) on our new (to us) World Cat. I love the idea of two screens, but touch screens are sweet and ridiculously easy to use! Which way would you go or why?
  100. karlk1125

    Anyone CHIRPin?

    Is anyone out here running a Chirp system yet? I'd love to see some screen shots from a chirp system out here on the West Cost.
  101. karlk1125

    2002 2052 Trophy Pro

    ****Listing for $15000. Make me an offer I cant refuse!**** 2002 2052 Trophy Pro -Forsale is a used 2002 Trophy Pro from the original owners bought in 2003. -Lightly used -Yearly maintenance on engine -Large, roomy cabin with serious overnight capabilities. -Very versatile -LOA: 21'7" -Beam...
  102. karlk1125

    Intense storm story from Louisiana

    An insane squall went through the Venice fishing grounds...winter is no time to take weather lightly! Gusts up to 73kts! ****This is copied from The Hull Truth**** A great cautionary tale of the power of mother nature. Makes the investment of satellite weather a wise choice! I really dont...
  103. karlk1125

    Offshore fishing question Captiva/Naples

    hey guys, In a few weeks I'm headed down to south seas plantation for a week with the family. I'd love to do an offshore trip for some grouper, snapper, amberjack and kings and I found that Bahama Joe charters in Naples fits our price range pretty well, yet it seems like they run 25 miles...
  104. karlk1125

    GG tuna run tomorrow

    Hey boys, I'm gonna be hopping on a friends boat tomorrow. We'll most likely be heading north to the warmer water behind Cordell...anyone else running? Give me a call at 707 694 3555 and lets talk strategy...lets find these fish!! Btw...the Noaa weather report looks off. Point/click and...
  105. karlk1125

    No tuna, no problem! Awesome mixed bag with Lora

    On Thursday my old man, my uncle and I arrived in Punta de Mita. After getting situated, we walked down to the harbor where low and behold Lora is unloading 18 40-65lb tuna. Fucking pumped, we had high hopes of absolutely loading the boat over the weekend. Day 1: El banco. We made the run to...
  106. karlk1125

    Tiburon SST 6

    Forsale is a like new Tiburon SST 6 pre okuma. It is spooled with approx 200yd of JB 60 hollow. Everything is in like new condition, only has a bit of boat rash. $400
  107. karlk1125

    awesome thread!!!

    Fishermen at our finest! check out the girl on page 5....HOLY SHIT!!!!!
  108. karlk1125

    GG rocky point salmon

    I went fishing out on a friends 30' Grady out of the gate. We started at the channel bouys at 8am for a few hours for only one shaker. We moved off Muir beach and trolled up to Rocky point where we landed a 25lber and an 8 lber in about 7 hours of trolling. We called it quits at 645pm. Conner...
  109. karlk1125

    Phenix popping/jigging line

    Is there any word when Phenix's line of popping and jigging rods are coming out?
  110. karlk1125

    Penn Torque 100, 200. SS 270-7

    I have 2 in great shape Penn Torques. These are some of the most robust reels on the market! Absolutely bullet proof! Just deciding to go in another direction with Okuma and Accurate. 200: $220. 100: $175. Take both for $350! I have a Super Seeker SS 270-7 12-20lb that has only been used a...
  111. karlk1125

    Wanna give a shout out for some outstanding customer service!

    I recently ordered an Okuma Andros from Charkbait during the Fred Hall Show week, and after asking, they extended to me their Fred Hall special of a full spool of 50lb spectra (100 yds extra) and 5 of their bottom jigs ($50 worth of jigs) which was not originally included with the purchase of an...
  112. karlk1125

    Salmon Opener: Looking good so far!!

    Just checked out a bunch of reports today from coastside and the boats that were able to make it out were all catching 1-2 fish per rod before the wind picked up at 11. All boats were catching many shakers as well. Looks like it could be a great season!!
  113. karlk1125

    Phenix ISA 806l

    Or comparable phenix rods. Has to have a trigger seat since it'll be used with a bait caster.
  114. karlk1125

    Loreto Report

    Flew down to Loreto with my pops, uncle and his pilot and fished sunday and monday. Stayed at the Hotel Oasis and fished through their boats. The first day we fished around Isla Coronados for 2 leopard grouper and a skipjack. Saw 1 Yellowtail caught the entire day. The next day we ran up about...
  115. karlk1125

    Reelhard Tuna Slaughter part II

    Ran out of Ft Bragg yesterday on the 27 BW Outrage Reelhard with 4 onboard straight out west 24 miles so the spot where the boat got 5 the day before. We trolled for about an hour until we heard repeated calls of big numbers of fish SW of us. We ran to 39.20 124.30 and put in 4 fish in short...
  116. karlk1125


    looking for any of the 75 series or the sst 6-12. Tell me what you want for it. Thanks
  117. karlk1125

    What tackle store?

    I'm gonna be in LA for the next few days and I'd love to check out some toy stores. What tackle shops in the greater la area would be a great place to visit? thanks
  118. karlk1125

    Reelhard Tuna Slaughter...there will be blood(ydecks)

    Ran out monday and tuesday for tuna out of Noyo harbor on Stu Millers 27ft Whaler outrage 'Reelhard'. Gorgeous boat!!! Monday was a tough ass day. The wind kicked up and it was tough tough fishing. We headed out 30 miles to the Noyo canyon (a 4 hour run in 20kts in tight 4-8 foot seas) and...
  119. karlk1125

    Altimetry Tutorial I have been applying this to the tuna bite here off of northern california and it is pretty freaking accurate. This can be another great tool to find the fish!
  120. karlk1125

    NIB Accurate E Series 870n 6.1 retrieve

    NIB Accurate E Series 870n 6.1 retrieve: Asking $315 or trade for a 197/400n. Will put up pictures when i get back from fishing later tonight. Shipping on buyer. PRICE REDUCTION TO $300 Penn Torque 200. Great reel with almost signs of wear. Has only been used 4 times. $200. Comes with box, clamp
  121. karlk1125

    southern oregon tuna?

    How has the tuna fishing been in southern oregon? any good SST's lately? If northern california isnt looking good next week I'll probably head up your way. Thanks!
  122. karlk1125

    damn i love watching Broxton blowing saves

    dodgers suck...go giants!!!
  123. karlk1125

    Which Phenix rod would be better?

    I'm stuck between the PSW 700h and the PHD 700xh to put on my 500 xtreme. I'll mostly be using it in Baja for Yellowtail, assorted bottom fishing, tuna, other pelagics and some BC/Alaskan halibut fishing. Thanks!
  124. karlk1125

    Bird/Elephant Salmon

    I went out today on Stu Millers fricking gorgeous 07 27ft BW Outrage (how can i fish on my own boat anymore?? I'm ruined!). Went out early and went out to 40 fathoms because of scratchy reports from the fleet. Consequently the bite turned ON at bird. :imdumb: went back in and trolled there from...
  125. karlk1125

    Vertical rod action

    what is the right action to look for on a jigging rod? I'm thinking the phenix black diamond psw600h could make a pretty damn nice jigging rod...any imput? thanks
  126. karlk1125

    Bodega Bay Butts

    Trolled 10 mile today with my old man and caught 6 butts took home the first 2 keepers we caught 9 and 11 pounds. Trolled herring behind a hoochie and a silver herring dodger.
  127. karlk1125

    Used boat engine hours?

    Hey guys my pops and I are looking to buy a used boat and we're wondering what is the high end for hours on the engines? We're looking at boats w/ outboards that are about 10 years old.
  128. karlk1125

    Phenix Rods

    Looking for Black Diamond and Hybrid models. I'm open to almost any size/rating. Send me a Pm.
  129. karlk1125

    Las Arenas hotel?

    is there a hotel in las arenas that anybody has stayed at or fished at? I'd much rather stay there than go back and forth from La Paz thanks
  130. karlk1125

    Saltiga 30

    she is SOLDD!
  131. karlk1125

    Best jigging rod for the $$

    Of corse shimano makes the trevala, but it seems like the penn torque rod and the okuma cedros rods may be better...does anyone have a preference? Maybe the new accurate rod?
  132. karlk1125

    JM PE6 Reel

    Has anyone had any experience with these? Looks like a kick ass reel. JM PE6 Reel
  133. karlk1125

    Vertical jig preference

    Specifically in baja and similar waters, what have you had better success with...the normal or the long jigs? and what colors have been the most productive?
  134. karlk1125

    Baja's best area's in april-may

    I'm planning a trip or two down to baja this april-may and was wondering which areas would be the most productive? I've been looking at mulege, loreto, and La Paz. Any suggestions or favorites? Thank you, Karl
  135. karlk1125

    Vancouver Island Trip

    I'm about to plan a trip up to vancouver island this summer and was researching the ports, with Tofino, Kyuquot, and Port Hardy looking the best...does anyone have any input or favorites for these ports? a top fishing charter? We're looking for a good mix of salmon, halibut, and lingcod and will...