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  1. rtmorandi

    Best Cabo resort for non-fishing wife?

    Check out Grand Solmar Lands End and then take her to dinner at Flora Farms, about a 30 minute drive from the harbor but a top five meal. Get the pizza (with bacon) as an appetizer - ridiculously good.
  2. rtmorandi

    For Sale 150 gal ATL fuel locker (space saver type) - $1,000 obo

    I have a brand new (never used), 150 gallon ATL space saver fuel locker. It has a mat to set the bladder on but I did not purchase the tie down straps - invoice below. Asking $1,000.00 obo and will ship ground within continental US. I also have a brand new, 12V Reverso gasoline specific...
  3. rtmorandi

    Really late Sea of Cortez cruising report

    We did not do a great job taking photos with our phones but here are a few. We have more on our small olympus camera but who knows where that is at this time with our move.
  4. rtmorandi

    Really late Sea of Cortez cruising report

    This “report” is a long time coming, like eight-nine months ago….and since this was more than half year ago, not all of the details will be remember or noted! This is definitely not a fishing report as we only caught a handful of baby sharks but more of a cruising and how to relax log, with a...
  5. rtmorandi

    FREE Generator!!

    Glad it runs for you Rick and thanks again for grabbing the other items and the CL’s!
  6. rtmorandi

    Truck and trailer parking in San Felipe

    Thanks Shad. I found a couple of places on the internet as well but wanted some personal recommendations too. If you want to stop using those 55 gallon barrels, we have a 150 gallon bladder that we have been using. We need it for the end of April but is free afterwards until our trip down...
  7. rtmorandi

    Truck and trailer parking in San Felipe

    Hi Anthony. I am sorry you view my question as lame and me wanting to keep my trailer rinsed with fresh water but I like to take care of my stuff so again, my apologies for ruffling your feathers with a lame question. Have a great weekend!
  8. rtmorandi

    Truck and trailer parking in San Felipe

    We are towing our rig down to San Felipe on 4/19 and looking for a place to store our truck and trailer for two weeks. Would like to have access to a fresh water hose to spray the trailer off before we head out to sea. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Rob
  9. rtmorandi

    FREE Generator!!

    Thanks everyone. I will know for sure it is gone when they pick it up this week.
  10. rtmorandi

    FREE Generator!!

    Located in Huntington Beach (near the Westminster mall), this very, very low hour (less than one hour) is free but you have to come get it by Thursday, 3/14, 8:00 am as we are leaving that morning. This was purchased 10+ years ago during a series of storms when we had in the Bay Area in which...
  11. rtmorandi

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    Sweet sled and colors. Nice snapper too - excellent table fare!
  12. rtmorandi

    Intrepid - Silent Jim 15-day report

    Great job fellas! Nice to see Steve Sotello back at it after the knee injury - I miss those tamales!! Hopefully I can return next year.
  13. rtmorandi

    San Juanico via the north road

    We are taking off next Wed for a quick trip to Scorpion Bay. Has anyone taken the middle north road from San Ignacio lately? Thanks!
  14. rtmorandi

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    Our boat came with the decking installed and could not be more pleased. Just the lack of wear and tear on our feet/legs is worth the price - IMO. As for comfort, my girl reads/sleeps all day in the bow with a couple of pillows. Would it be more comfortable with a pool cushion or yoga mat...
  15. rtmorandi

    Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizers

    I took a ride on a boat at the FLIBS a couple of years back and it was pretty snotty outside of the inlet and it worked quite well. Google Seakeeper videos and there is a trawler and Regulator that has videos showing the roll reduction in not so flat seas.
  16. rtmorandi

    Old Glory Does It Again Big Grade YFT

    Great video and great fishing!
  17. rtmorandi

    Huge 39 hour Florida Fisherman ll CATCH

    Those grouper and snappers are great eats! I sure miss Sarasota at times.
  18. rtmorandi

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    Not sure about this build but when I looked at these boats last year, there are options for a couple transom and in deck livewells so there is plenty of space for bait storage, like 120-150 gallons combined. I would think the console would be a good fit too but might already be filled with a...
  19. rtmorandi

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    my guess is, that is where the Seakeeper will go. I think I need a 3rd engine now on my 34'....
  20. rtmorandi

    Cost of New Outboards?

    I have had Yamaha and now Verado's. The Yamaha's were great until I was the recipient of the corrosion issue on both motors. I put almost 2,000 hours on them and they were bullet proof, less the $6k corrosion costs repair. New boat has twin Verado's 350 with almost 500 hours on them...
  21. rtmorandi

    For Sale 2018 Andros 32' Offshore - Local Knowledge

    Probably stating the are going to love the SeaVee. Almost pulled the trigger on a new build earlier this year but the Fountain 34 fell into my lap. I dig the color combo of the Andros - is that powder coat or Linux on the t-top/rails?
  22. rtmorandi

    Time to hang that banner

    Three letters gents.....S.E.C.!! Go Dawgs!!
  23. rtmorandi

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    I ordered mine the day the email came out and received it yesterday.
  24. rtmorandi

    Where's the money ?

    It looks like the OP received his refund today 7/11/18 - he updated his original post at the bottom.
  25. rtmorandi

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Got the email this morning. You need to type in the discount code for it to work - you cannot copy and paste it - at least I could not.
  26. rtmorandi

    Nice Freeman in Dana today

    Good for them!
  27. rtmorandi

    Nice Freeman in Dana today

    That tis a sweet ride! We took a sea trial last November at the FLIBS and it was insane but WAY out of our league.
  28. rtmorandi

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Please add me to the interest list. Thanks!
  29. rtmorandi

    WTB 32 Cabo or 35 Cabo; 32 or 35 Carolina Classic

    Allen, Reach out to Albermarle in North Carolina. The son of the founder of CC is working their since the acquisition - I think his name is Ken Provitt. They have a pretty tight network and have the inside information of owners getting ready to move up. Also check out...
  30. rtmorandi

    For Sale 25'X9' Open Fisherman, Center Console, 250 Suzuki warranty till 9/19 27,000 (reduced again)

    Been on Chuck's boat numerous times and it is a great riding sled! You probably will not find a better maintained boat in the US either. Plus he ALWAYS catches fish! Chuck, when work slows down, we will get out on the Fountain!
  31. rtmorandi

    Shrink wrap boat for transport to FL

    Anyone know of reputable companies in SoCal to shrink wrap a boat to transport back to FL? Thanks, Rob
  32. rtmorandi

    8/19 solo run (33.03 x 117.44)

    Ran to near the numbers from Sunday (15 miles west of Encinitas) for 9 YFT from 20-30 with a teenager thrown in due to being gut hooked. All fish on live sardines, 50# flouro, water temp 73, found the birds again. Flat, calm today and back to the dock by 12:30.
  33. rtmorandi

    Visit from NCal Sat-Mon, incredible!

    Yeah, sorry about that..kind of douche bag of me. I am stuck at work reading and correcting a bunch of stuff and my head did not switch over. My apologies Bodega.
  34. rtmorandi

    Visit from NCal Sat-Mon, incredible!

    Looks like good times were had by all.....Congrats. Dana Point usually has great bait, although a little marginal lately but it got the job done for 13 YFT on Sunday so it does not suck that bad.... And by the way, it is actually "you're or you are why I keep the radio...."
  35. rtmorandi

    8/16 Encinitas YFT

    Launched out of Dana Point with a buddy, David Kmentz, grabbed some bait and ran off the beach about 20-ish miles on a 170 heading. Navigated through a little morning fog and after cruising by a couple of spots of boats, decided to head a little more southwest. Saw a tern, which as we got...
  36. rtmorandi

    RPT...8/13 277/Mackerel Bank

    I think I need a boat like this one!
  37. rtmorandi

    Apple Mac book pro 13

  38. rtmorandi

    Apple Mac book pro 13

    Purchased in April 2015, tried it for a few hours and now decided to go back to the PC. Used no more than 10 hours, cover on since day one and the computer is in excellent shape. Have original box, power cord and USB cord. The Apple part # is MF840LL/A and the serial # is C02P98VTFVH5...
  39. rtmorandi

    Parker 2120 wanted

    I am getting ready to put a 2003, 26' Hydrasport Vector, with twin Yamaha 225's on the market in 2 weeks. Boat, motor, trailer = $40,000, if you want a little bigger boat and a really good rough water boat. Rob
  40. rtmorandi

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Looks great Barrett! I like the fact that you guys put the bait pumps outside of the seachest - that will make changing pumps much easier. It is almost to beautiful to put blood on that boat!
  41. rtmorandi

    Help me pick a 23' boat

    You can always have side curtains made for any center console and you will be 99% dry from any cross wind if they are made correctly. Plus, the guys standing behind the seat are protected from the spray as well.
  42. rtmorandi

    Bandon Dunes golf

    Yeah, we rented a place off of Jackie Road. We have a rental car as well since we are flying into Eugene and then trekking over. Will definitely look into the par 3. Thanks for the info.
  43. rtmorandi

    Bandon Dunes golf

    A group of us are heading to BD for three days of golf 4/30-5/3 and wondering if there are any "must do's" while we are there. Besides 6 rounds of golf and renting a house, there is nothing else much set. Probably going with caddies for all rounds, planning on hitting the practice/putting...
  44. rtmorandi

    Regulator Boats

    one of the best riding CC out there and very thirsty.
  45. rtmorandi

    Yamaha 225 and Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke kicker...........

    Thanks Dave, I went back to a factory tour in NC and they almost sold me a boat.....
  46. rtmorandi

    Yamaha 225 and Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke kicker...........

    Sorry to threadjack but how do you like your CC? I am looking at the 35.
  47. rtmorandi

    Orlando area general contractor

    I am looking for a GC in the Orlando area to work on a home I own, Anyone in FL have any references? The home is in College Park, is 100% gutted and ready to start. Thanks, Rob
  48. rtmorandi

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Looks awesome Barrett! We just came back from SW Florida / Florida Keys and this boat looks like it would fit right in with all of your competitors....they could use a new player down there to shake things up a bit! You guys going to be on display at the Miami boat show? As for the flywheel...
  49. rtmorandi

    Help me pick a Center Console

    Hey Joe, you can put up glass on a CC and not get wet....and it can actually be quite pleasant, almost balmy when the wings are up. In all honesty, only need the wings when running into a stiff cross/quartering wind. If you guys can wait a few months, I will be putting up a 2003 26' Hydra...
  50. rtmorandi

    where's your handheld vhf?

    When running solo, I have two lanyards which are ran through belt loops and the EPIRB and VHF are in the left and right pockets respectively. Kind of bulky but it gives me some comfort. Also have a ditch bag next to me.
  51. rtmorandi

    New Video of my Son Practicing...

    So much athleticism on display there....very cool and heart stopping! What song is that?
  52. rtmorandi

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    is this even worth reading from page 1?
  53. rtmorandi

    WTB: INEXPENSIVE Set of Golf Clubs

    start with a club that is categorized as super game improvement - 1oo% beginner clubs. Stay away from blades.
  54. rtmorandi

    Galvi Boat Trailer Hubs - Where to buy??

    I know I am late but West Coast in Huntington Beach has these since I had to replace a couple hubs the other week. $55 + tax too.
  55. rtmorandi

    Pet Insurance??

    I have for the beagles and it has been great. On the anniversary date, they pre-bill a deposit amount but my monthly rates have not creeped up much even after $10k+ in reimbursements. I am still paying $40-ish/month for a 9 year old beagle. Hope that helps.
  56. rtmorandi

    Tuesday, 7/15/14

    Left Oceanside solo and headed towards the 267 after getting a scoop of mackerel. About 20 miles into the trip, found the terns who gave away a paddy. All but the dorado and a couple YT were taken from this paddy 33.16 x 117.42. A couple boats came in and that was it. Headed toward the 209...
  57. rtmorandi

    Anatares - San Diego Yellowfin Tuna and Yellowtail fishing report

    Nice haul guys. Drew, did you put a bracket that thing?? An engineer suggested I do the same.
  58. rtmorandi

    Furuno NavPilot 500 autopilot veers to port....

    Threw the boat in for a shakedown cruise this weekend and when the autopilot is engaged, it wants to veer towards port until the alarm goes off. This has never happened before and I have ran all of the diagnostic tests I can think of and they all pass. Any thoughts? Thanks, Rob
  59. rtmorandi

    Bennett hydraulic trim tabs power unit

    Brand new Bennett hydraulic pump unit (part #V351HPU1). Why I have this, I have no clue since I have had Lenco trim tabs since day one. Nevertheless, the pump has never been installed and the only defect is a chipped area on the plastic cover. I have the pump, the cover and one screw which is...
  60. rtmorandi

    2003 Silverado 2500 HD Duramax/Allison combo

    Truck has been sold as of 11.17.13 but the Grey Leer shell for 6 1/2 bed and the generator is still for sale!
  61. rtmorandi

    2003 Silverado 2500 HD Duramax/Allison combo

    A couple of follow-up questions to messages.... 1. Sorry, I do not do any seller financing. The price is kind of negotiable as noted in my original post and I will sell the truck and generator separately! 2. The truck has never been in an accident. 3. The Leer shell is the same color as...
  62. rtmorandi

    2003 Silverado 2500 HD Duramax/Allison combo

    I am in San Clemente most of the time but do have a home in Novato. I am picking wine up in 10 days so if this thing is not sold by then, I will shoot you a note. As far as aftermarket anything, there is nothing other than the spray in bed liner. There were two injectors out of spec but...
  63. rtmorandi

    2003 Silverado 2500 HD Duramax/Allison combo

    just got them done this past week - brand new Bosch injectors.
  64. rtmorandi

    2003 Silverado 2500 HD Duramax/Allison combo

    Selling a 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, 4x4, Duramax 6.6 and Allison transmission, with 172k highway miles. Truck is an LS model with 6 1/2 foot bed, has a Leer shell, cloth interior, fair condition (meaning some scratches not huge gouges), heavy duty tow package, dual batteries, heavy duty...
  65. rtmorandi

    I have a good and recommended yamaha mechanic in so cal

    Mike, call Ken Kaplan at Kaplan's Marine in San Rafael (415-485-0801). I used him for 10 years when I lived in Novato and now I use West Coast down here.
  66. rtmorandi

    Driving down to Scorpion bay need some info...

    Kent - I did this trip about three years ago and going to, I did the east road for an "adventure" and it certainly did not fail. There are a few spots where the road diverges into two different directions, so you have a 50-50 chance of getting it right. The first few miles were washboard but...
  67. rtmorandi

    trruck and trailer weight scales - South OC or coastal SD

    Anyone know of a public truck scale so I can figure out how much my boat and trailer actually weighs without all of the crap in it? Thanks
  68. rtmorandi

    An all Florida week to remember...HOGS

    Those AJ's fight like a mo-fo!!
  69. rtmorandi

    Dog sitting in San Clemente

    Anyone have a good reference for a dog sitter in San Clemente? I have two beagles who are pretty fantastic 90% of the time, the other 10% will test your patience! Either looking for someone to stay at my place or gracious enough to have them sleep over when I head offshore for 18-24 hour...
  70. rtmorandi

    How to reach FishDope ?

    Mike - it's well worth it. On Wed, ran out to FD #'s and sored 5 BFT, 5 dorado and 4 YT when it was a slow day for most. I've recouped the fee many times over in gas savings alone.
  71. rtmorandi

    Re-powering a 30ft center console

    You really need someone to tell you if the additional 300-400 #'s from the weight of 4-strokes will materially affect the performance of the boat. If it does, you may be able to correct with re-propping, transom wedges, larger trim tabs, etc. it makes a huge difference in the ride of the boat...
  72. rtmorandi

    Reel Life Fishing

    nice AJ's!
  73. rtmorandi

    Enrolled Agent or tax guru

    I am looking for some tax consultation. Anyone on BD an EA or CPA with tax experience with rental property sales? Probably need an hour and expect to pay for taking their time.
  74. rtmorandi


    Curt - my boat is very similar to yours and I threw Revolution, 4-bladed, 17" on both engines and can plane on one and the boat runs quite a bit better in the slop. My rig is very stern heavy so it needed some lift. I barely touch the trim tabs now.
  75. rtmorandi

    Yellow tail.

    well done Drew. Your sis kicked some ass.
  76. rtmorandi

    Show me your Dog - Win a PENN Carnage Rod from Rotations Pet Food

    Here are the beagles of the Morandi clan: Skipper, the smart guy stuck under the stool, left us in Jan at the ripe old age of 16. He was a rescue dog from the NorCal Beagle Rescue group. Scout, the first born and V-day gift to the ex gf 8 years ago is a handful, expert barking/howler/destroy...
  77. rtmorandi

    Show me your Dog - Win a PENN Carnage Rod from Rotations Pet Food

    That 2nd picture is rad...."who me?"
  78. rtmorandi

    I just became a fan of the hurdles....

    God bless Australia!
  79. rtmorandi

    Heres the Skinny.........San Quintin

    Kelly - We had a great time Saturday with George (aka Bird). It was the gf's first time ever fishing on the ocean and Bird did an awesome job teaching her the ropes. Not only did she slay the rockfish/lings, she also dragged in a 3ft sand shark which was pretty cool. Who knew blue perch were...
  80. rtmorandi

    For wasting everyone's time tonight

    Those three characteristics are increasingly missing in society sadly.
  81. rtmorandi

    Coleman generator

    Powermate 8000 / 10,000 Watt 426cc 15 HP Kohler PS-44550 Gas Powered Portable Generator With Electric Start Brand new. Never been started, used, filled with oil or gas, etc. Have owners manual, key, cover, oil, etc. Paid $1,350, asking $1,000. May be able to deliver if semi-reasonable. Rob...
  82. rtmorandi

    Cruciate ligament in dog

    Does anyone on BD have a dog who has torn or ruptured a rear cruciate ligament that required TPLO or tightrope surgery? I have a beagle who has ruptured his and the vet said surgery is the only thing that will fix him. It is a pretty invasive surgery and getting this dog to relax for 2-3 weeks...
  83. rtmorandi

    First 2011 Tuna (IVO 181)

    Good job Churk! I'll be ready to go long next week.
  84. rtmorandi

    Guerrero Negro launch ramp

    Maybe he is not assuming you're taking your 18' boat.....honest question I think.
  85. rtmorandi

    Fish for Science - Central CA (it's a free boat trip)!

    Guys, if what this scientist Seagrant is stating about the following boats assisting - New Capt Pete, Huli Cat, Salty Lady, etc - these are all sport boat captains out of San Fran who make their livings fishing inshore as well as offshore. Maybe there is another underlying reason these captains...
  86. rtmorandi

    Fishing New Caledonia w/ L.P.B.

    Killer pic's! That is one toothy cuda that some one is hugging.
  87. rtmorandi

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    that kicker is very rad! good luck with the project.
  88. rtmorandi


    Great job and kudo's for having a job you loved for 33 years - amazing!
  89. rtmorandi

    Fat Flatty

    i think del taco should be a sponsor of some tourney's!
  90. rtmorandi

    fish dope

    Ditto the last 5 posts - worth it. Every little bit helps, especially if you are new to an area and don't know much about the local fishing, like I am.
  91. rtmorandi

    Montana - Galatin/Bozeman area

    I will be in the Bozeman/Big Sky area in August for a wedding and wanted to squeeze in a little fishing. Anyone have any recommendations? Also planning on dragging the dirt bike up for some riding. Any information on that front would be welcome too. Thanks.
  92. rtmorandi

    Embarcadero in Dana Point?

    I had my rig there until I moved it to San Diego. If you wanted to work on your boat or fish after hours, you need to either drive down and move the boat yourself or sign up for the jeep service and they will move you out if you call them an hour before they close. I concur with Shad's comments.
  93. rtmorandi

    Hybrid Cars getting Booted out of Carpool lane

    I have a 05 Civic Hybrid which I used in the Bay Area until I moved to San Clemente and now use commuting to Irvine. I saved over 5 hours per work week - this equates to approx 250 hours per year. Getting 1,500+ hours of my life back by being able to use the HOV lane was definitely worth the...
  94. rtmorandi

    GPS for dirtbiking in desert

    Can anyone recommend a good GPS unit to mount on dirtbike handlebars? I'm using a Garmin 450T but looking for something with a little larger screen. Thanks.
  95. rtmorandi


    nice to see something go our way for once.
  96. rtmorandi

    Ensenada 4-26-11-Salsipuedes Bonanza

    You had a heck of alot more fun then me today! nice job.
  97. rtmorandi

    I love RED

    Thatta boy Chuck!
  98. rtmorandi

    Chevy 2500 HD needs new front hubs

    I am looking for someone to install new wheel hubs (left and right) on a 2003 Chevy 2500 HD. I am happy to drive to you and pay a fair hourly (or total job) wage if it is fair. I am having the parts shipped this week, looking to get it done by middle of next week at the latest. Thanks, Rob...
  99. rtmorandi

    limits of Yellowtail and good YFT fishing

    I like your style Rich. I am planning on running south of the lower 500 early Sunday morning as well, if work lets me out. Will call on the radio if I make it down.
  100. rtmorandi

    Wounded warriors tourney - need deckhand

    I think I am good to go. Found another boat that looks short as well.
  101. rtmorandi

    Wounded warriors tourney - need deckhand

    I am voluntering on Saturday for this tournament and I am looking for a deckhand. I know nothing about catching a bass in the bay, so as long as you have just a little bit more knowledge than me, that would be great. I have all of the costs covered (fuel, bait, food, beverages, etc), just...
  102. rtmorandi

    1010-ish BFT

    I emailed them to Fishdope and my photo's are deleted everyday at midnight - company phone policy......if you want to see them, they are over there ( If there is any doubt, I can send you a picture of the fresh loins sitting in my fridge or the blood and ice in the cooler if...
  103. rtmorandi

    Wounded Warrior Tourney- Boats Needed

    I am in need of a deckhand.....the only thing I know to do in SD Bay is go from the SI ramp to the bait barge and out the channel. I have all of the expenses covered. Let me know if interested.
  104. rtmorandi

    1010-ish BFT

    Around 1:30 am today, I decided to take the day off today and fish. As with many of my other fishing trips, nothing was planned or packed but off I went. After swinging by 7-11 for some coffee and a suprisingly good sandwich I had for lunch, I launched the sled and grabbed two scoops of...
  105. rtmorandi

    Who's going to win Lowers

    totally....not too bad of a career for a FL boy!
  106. rtmorandi

    Last minute tuna trip leaving tonight

    finally, a boat with worse gas mileage than mine! looks very comfy....
  107. rtmorandi

    Where to fish tuna in the Gulf

    We used to pick off some blackfin tuna out of Venice/Sarasota growing up. Just find yourself a shrimp trawler and game on.
  108. rtmorandi

    Go Boise St. on ESPN......

    that, my friends, was a hell of a game for both teams.....
  109. rtmorandi

    Did anyone take VT against Boise.....

    If the first 5 minutes are a prelude to the next 55, huh-oh......
  110. rtmorandi

    Shout out to Ray (Aquahunter) and Joel @ Leatherback canvas

    Since the weather and fishing has been so-so, I decided to spend time on learning some more mechanical things I can do with these money-sucking outboards! With 1,014 hours, I enlisted Ray (Aquahunter on BD) to help "guide" me on the things I knew nothing about. Having two engines allowed Ray...
  111. rtmorandi

    first yellowfins on the new yellowfin 36

    nice rig.....those are made in my lovely hometown, Sarasota. nice fish too!
  112. rtmorandi

    Black Bean Sauce

    throw a little in sauteed green beans or brocolli......delicious. A bit salty if use too much.
  113. rtmorandi

    Where to retire?

    Check out Ft Myers, FL, near Naples on the SW coast but not nearly as expensive as Naples. Great inshore (Boca Grande and 10,000 islands nearby) and offshore fishing, plus the run to the keys is not too terrible, by boat or trailer. Property values are incredible right now. Lots of golf...
  114. rtmorandi

    for the business

    Scott - just spoke to Larry in your office and I am moving my cars and rental policy over to you......saved some coin and able to add some additional coverage as well. Give my appreciation to Larry. Thanks, Rob
  115. rtmorandi

    Heavy Pics - **3rd Annual Crystal Pier Kids Classic**

    Definitely a great time.....I must have tied (and re-tied) 100= dropper loops! Awesome pic's.
  116. rtmorandi

    I would like to introduce......

    yes, congrats to you and the family
  117. rtmorandi

    Fishdope or 976-B I T E

    I second most of Garret's comments, with the exception of ever using 976-TUNA. I am relatively new to SoCal and I definitely do not have the local experience as most of you do, so I usually have questions regarding the fisheries. Although many of the people on BD are really helpful when people...
  118. rtmorandi


    Congratulations to you and your wife.
  119. rtmorandi

    Dusty and dirty

    wow....beautiful boat.
  120. rtmorandi

    Monday (7/20) solo Albacore run

    When I run solo, I have the lanyard attached to me, life jacket on, EPIRB and radio affixed to me - kind of bulky and gotta remember to detach the lanyard anytime you need a drink, bathroom break, etc. Many times I have "killed" the motors forgetting to detach. Plus, my ditch bag is at my...
  121. rtmorandi

    We went the distance for the Albacore

    nice job on the albies guys.
  122. rtmorandi

    Tues 7-20-10 Albacore report off of Punta Colnett

    Nice job Mike. I was a day earlier than you and about the same distance....the big difference, you probably have a tv to watch while driving up and down the line...and bed, stove, heat, A/C, etc.....
  123. rtmorandi

    Monday (7/20) solo Albacore run

    Backcracker - you would be correct. I was off of Colonet, maybe 30 or so miles I think....I will post a screen shot of the GPS.
  124. rtmorandi

    Tips for Re-Caulking Deck Joints and Plates

    Ali - when you're done, my deck and panels need some caulk love should be an expert by then, so mine should look money.
  125. rtmorandi

    Monday (7/20) solo Albacore run

    Ran down early Monday morning to 30.50 x 116.50 area to look for some albacore. Trollers in by 7:00, nothing until 11:00 when a single jig strike happened. Within the next hour, two doubles, for a total of 5 fish for myself. Picked up the lines, ran to the Coral for gas and siesta and then back...
  126. rtmorandi

    Shimano Tekota Levelwind Reels

    I have 6 of them......great reals to cast bait and jigs.....
  127. rtmorandi

    Questions about a Contender

    Contenders are very good riding boats (especially going uphill) but as stated earlier, a little rolley because of the narrow beam and they are on the lighter side also, thus going 60+. If you're going the center console route, be sure to check out the Regulator brand as well (they also make an...
  128. rtmorandi

    Iphone OS downgrade from 4.0 to 3.1.3

    I inadvertently upgraded to 4.0 from 3.1.3 and I want to 'downgrade' back - the reason being, my phone does not work as an Ipod in the car (USB cord to Kenwood system). I have looked on the web for various methods but I am a little computer illiterate when it comes to this stuff and looking for...
  129. rtmorandi

    Sweet Teresa Coastal late report

    Thanks Rod and Evan (or is it Aaron?)....enjoyed the laughs, stories and shashimi - will definitely do it again with you guys. It was really, really great not having to deal with all of the things that come with boat ownership after a day of fishing - eg. cleaning - felt kind of bad just...
  130. rtmorandi

    2010 Yellowtail Shootout comments thread

    The only two comments/suggestions I have (1) discount for early sign up and (2) more cute girls! The "early sign up discount" would encourage people to sign up early and save, say $10/angler - 4 anglers = scoop of bait in savings. I kind of enjoyed the breaks during the awards...
  131. rtmorandi

    1 of the oldest roofing co in California

    I hear you about how times have changed.....holy christ have they!
  132. rtmorandi

    1 of the oldest roofing co in California

    Do you guys have the crews to doing any production building - 30-40 homes at one time? I work for a national homebuilder and are always looking for new trades.
  133. rtmorandi

    Albacore update 6/28

    Neill - 45 fish for 9 guys (9 x 5 = 45) is Mex limits, assuming fishing for one day of course. I would consider limiting out as not bad!
  134. rtmorandi

    Team Plan C

    Ditto on thanks to the BD / Fishdope family for putting on a great show! Looking forward to the Offshore Shootout this year. Come on people, sign up early....good times and great memories.
  135. rtmorandi

    NCAA hands USC 2-year bowl ban, Scholarship loss

    x 2 :) I am a very happy SEC alumn!
  136. rtmorandi

    Limits in one hour!

    Good times Craig. Heading out tomorrow with Commander Kemnetz.....
  137. rtmorandi

    Yamaha 704 dual binnacle

    Does anyone have a new or used Yamaha 704 dual binnacle laying around that they want to either give or sell to me? I shattered an internal piece on the port side and need to replace. Thanks, Rob 415-328-4130
  138. rtmorandi

    Golf lessons - South/Central OC or NSD

    I am looking for a recommendation for a golf instructor. I would prefer someone in South OC but I am willing to travel as far south as Carlsbad or north to Irvine. Thanks, Rob
  139. rtmorandi

    La Lolla Yellows 5-12-2010

    I rope all of my fish and let them bleed in my transom well. I rope them so they don't flop out.
  140. rtmorandi


    I vote for San Juanico - surf + fish = .02.
  141. rtmorandi

    2010 Yellowtail Shootout

    Team McLovin is registered and ready to defend our 5th place from two years ago!
  142. rtmorandi

    Coming back home to Cali

    Dan - I moved from Marin County in Oct 2008 and the only piece of advice I would give is live as close as possible to work! The commute/traffic will take a few years off of your life.....I commuted across the Richmond/San Rafeal bridge to San Ramon each day and even though the mileage was only...
  143. rtmorandi

    Where to stay in San Quintin

    I stayed at Jardine's last night as I was heading home from Turtle Bay and I was impressed with everything about the place. Shrimp rancheros was incredible, room was great, coffee brewed as I walked out the door....I took a walk around the grounds in the morning and was totally jazzed about the...
  144. rtmorandi

    SD south to CSL via center console...

    I (and friend) are in the early stages of planning a circumnavigation of the Baja peninsula in my 26' center console this year - dependent on weather/hurricane season of course. My initial plan is to launch the boat in SD and drive truck/trailer to San Felipe; drive back to SD and head south in...
  145. rtmorandi

    Gas stations in SD for 30' trailer

    I am moving my boat down to San Diego and would like to know if there are any easy gas stations to enter/exit with a 30' trailer and pick-up? I am near the 5 / 8 interchange, just south of Mission Bay, so anything within 10 miles would be great. I can't afford $5.99/gallon gas on the...
  146. rtmorandi

    K&M San Quintin 14 Feb 2010

    Hey Kelly - thanks for the fishing trip - good fishing, good laughs and good times. Thinking of making a run to SQ next week with the boat. Will shoot you a note if we do.
  147. rtmorandi

    Share some images of your pets

    ditto on the coolness of the thread..... Scout (getting out of the shower). Skipper (trying to free himself from a bar stool) and Pudgy (friends monster of a pit)....all three are great dogs
  148. rtmorandi

    mex limits of YFT and 5 rat yellowtails

    yeah, those engines are a little thirsy at times. I am running with half a tank of fuel now so I am inching closer to 1.5 mpg. Mike - still waiting for you to call to tackle a marlin! I am heading to mammoth to do some fly fishing this weekend. how about next weekend?
  149. rtmorandi

    mex limits of YFT and 5 rat yellowtails

    Took my boss and his boss out for a little R&R before we start our annual budget process and had a fun half-day on Thursday. Phil fished with me once before and Steve (Phil's boss) is from Minnesota and has only caught bass to 5-6 pounds - that is their extent of saltwater fishing. Left Shelter...
  150. rtmorandi

    Ohio State v The USC Trojans

    SHIT! damn buckeyes.....your case of Schaefer will be delivered....
  151. rtmorandi

    Ohio State v The USC Trojans

    USC can suck it now! new ballgame....
  152. rtmorandi

    Ohio State v The USC Trojans

    I agree with jay - hate the bastards for no apparent reason......but then again I am from Florida...
  153. rtmorandi

    Ohio State v The USC Trojans

    Jesse - I take OSU straight up - case of beer?
  154. rtmorandi

    Muck Fichigan!

    is anyone watching the Tenn - UCLA game....pretty stellar game so far.
  155. rtmorandi

    Thursday 9/10 - need one or two

    First time seeking boat ho's since regulars are booked. Heading out of Shelter Island at 4:30 on Thursday morning. Most likely head towards the Hidden Bank area, hopefully we do not have to got that far considering the reports from Monday. The boat is a 26' center console (9'6" beam and 9k...
  156. rtmorandi

    Need to get my bow down

    Hey Stan - you might want to try a set of transom wedges. These are intended to give the engine more negative trim, thus pushing the bow down quicker and hold it there as you're traveling. My boat is very stern heavy and they have certainly helped a bit.
  157. rtmorandi

    Sun 8-30 Triangle Fishing

    nice try. good man for returning when your buddy got sick.
  158. rtmorandi

    400 Mile Tuna Run!!

    that is a sweet sled!
  159. rtmorandi

    Free ice.....

    I don't think so, at least I have never found it. i like it for 3 reasons: (1) very easy to manuver a 30 foot trailer, (2) very cute cashier and (3) Pedro taco's.
  160. rtmorandi

    Free ice.....

    Driving back from Mission Bay this afternoon, I stopped by the Chevron station off Highway 76 in Oceanside (Hwy 76 exit and go east about 1.5 miles, Chevron is on the right side) to get gas for the boat and truck, I learned something.....I bought a soda and asked for 4 bags of ice and the lady...
  161. rtmorandi

    Early Mex limits of YFT

    4 of the 5 are 10 #-ish and the 5th is 20#'s.....
  162. rtmorandi

    Early Mex limits of YFT

    Ran out of MB and trolled down the 9 mile bank to and around the 371. Picked up 5 YFT on the troll at/around 32.18 x 117.30. I was trolling the same jig (green pro dolphin) on all rods. Had two doubles and a single. Nothing on bait. Back to the launch ramp at 1:00 pm. Water was pretty nice -...
  163. rtmorandi


    well done.
  164. rtmorandi

    Goat Harbor to Avalon Friday 8-28

    nice bass.....water looked amazing.
  165. rtmorandi

    Big YFT hit a Popper in mid air

    good stuff there...nice looking fish too!
  166. rtmorandi

    624 Mako Landed

    one big fish.
  167. rtmorandi


    right on. congrats.
  168. rtmorandi

    Bluefin jigging at its finest

    whoa! well, that 8,500 that "SUCKS" is about 15 years old and it has caught quite a number of fish....guess I will not mention my 30+ year old Penn Senator 4/0's and 6/0's that I still use. I fish /2 of my reels with mono (spinning) and the other 1/.2 with spectra (conventional). I don't know...
  169. rtmorandi


    Daniel, I agree but when I am going to burn 200 gallons of gas for a day fishing, I want to have all relevant information I can find. Just because people subscribe to Fishdope does not mean catching fish is guaranteed, you still have to do your homework and then you have to put the fish in the...
  170. rtmorandi

    Stop Hating on peoples threads

    Cool video's Glenn......I have half spinning and half conventional - all that matters is putting them on the deck at the end of the day. maybe the asylum let a few out a little too early.
  171. rtmorandi

    Bluefin jigging at its finest

    well done fellas. I am still using my old Penn 8,500's in SoCal.
  172. rtmorandi

    302 YFT

    well done.
  173. rtmorandi


    I have only been on BD since last October but joined Fishdope earlier this year since I was new to the area. Basically, I joined FD to see what it is about. What I found is real-time, accurate information. I truly believe that the membership fee that was paid has more than been repaid 4 or 5...
  174. rtmorandi

    Fishing With Captain Dave Hansen

    Congrats on the fish! Nothing wrong with fishing for limits. I grew up fishing off of the west coast of Florida (Sarasota) so a lot of the techniques are repeatable, just a matter of learning the geography.
  175. rtmorandi

    Where do you keep your boat in the OC?

    Toby - pay $200/month for a 26' boat at The Embarcadero marina in DP. There is 24 hour access, secure, tenant only washdown (not waiting for non-tenants) and great access to the fishing grounds. Been there a little over a year and I have not had any problems.
  176. rtmorandi

    Albacore, YFT and Dorado - 1010/1067

    Got back late Monday night from two days of fishing in Mexico. Left SI and headed southwest towards the 1010 and 1067. Bagged 13 Albacore (excellent grade to 35#'s), 8 YFT (one big fish 40#, mostly 10 - 15#'s) and 5 dorado (to 18#'s). Half of the Albacore and YFT were jig strikes (zuchini...
  177. rtmorandi

    Squid at Catalina?

    Does anyone know if there are any squid boats selling squid for bait? Thanks, Rob
  178. rtmorandi

    Warrior Prize List. Check your names Captains.

    Ed - hope for a speeding recovery for your son.
  179. rtmorandi

    Tylers 1st rice bowl trip 8/12-8/14

    Awesome trip Craig. that one fish looks bigger than the kid!
  180. rtmorandi

    295 USMC YT's

    it is all good.....I had to get home to walk the dog and take a nap; plus one of the guys had a wife and 2 year old waiting. There is no shame in forfeiting....
  181. rtmorandi

    USMC YT pictures

    I actually think I had more fun then they did....I told the guys, the next good weather day we have, I will give them a shout to get them back on the water. We were back by 1:00 pm and hung out in the parking lot, eating, drinking and cleaning the fish. They even tried some fresh hamachi.
  182. rtmorandi

    USMC YT pictures

    Not much of a picture taking day, but we did manage a few once we got to the dock. Plus I snuck a few in while the guys were napping.....I have been sea sick once in my lifetime and it totally sucked....but I had to take a picture of Tom "catching flies!" Next time, i will bring the bean bag...
  183. rtmorandi

    Isn't using a spotter plane cheating?

    we got buzzed by a red and white single prop plane today near the 425. a couple days before, out near the 43, it sounded like a military fighter buzzing over us in the cloud cover......
  184. rtmorandi

    2009 Offshore Shootout Canceled

    totally blows considering how much fun we had with the YT shootout. looking forward to next years tournaments.
  185. rtmorandi

    295 USMC YT's

    Ran down towards the 1010 / 220 area with a couple of marines for the Wounded Warrior's day and found no love trolling. Decided to hit some paddy's and the first one we saw was about the size of grabage can lid but we managed to pull three rats off - 8 - 10 pounds - first saltwater fish for...
  186. rtmorandi

    Wounded Warriors Trip Volunteer list Aug 14-15

    we got three rat yellowtail for Tom and Chris. lot of fun with those guys. will post pictures tomorrow.
  187. rtmorandi

    Wounded Warriors Trip Volunteer list Aug 14-15

    I am not too familar with Mission Bay so is there a place nearby to purchase ice? Need about 150#'s for the boat.
  188. rtmorandi

    Wounded Warriors Trip Volunteer list Aug 14-15

    Ed - will look you up on Friday. I should be there by 5:00 pm with boat (26' Hydrasport towed with Chevy 2500). Just checked BW again and the forecast has come down some - light winds in am, 5' @ 8 seconds; little breezier (is that a word?) in the pm.....looks like an offshore trip south is...
  189. rtmorandi

    Wounded Warriors Trip Volunteer list Aug 14-15

    Hi Ed - I am leaning towards the same direction, probably another 15 - 20 miles south though, weather dependent of course. Bouyweather is forecasting 6'-8' @ 8 - 9 seconds. If this holds, we will probably still fish south but not as far offshore. The ride back will be wet and will probably suck.
  190. rtmorandi

    Sun 8/9 LJ yellows, 1st post since Dad died.

    nice job fishing. condolences for your lost.
  191. rtmorandi

    Wounded Warriors Trip Volunteer list Aug 14-15

    ours will be a game time decision. Jess, can you remind my guys to bring some wet weather gear? my boat is not a very dry one when you are runnning in slop and you will become drenched. I have a couple of sets but both are XL just in case.
  192. rtmorandi

    BFT "Finally"

    Hey Gary, awesome job on the score for the day. I am new to the club and one thing I learned while fishing in the Bay Area for a few years was to post good and bad trips. There is a lot of knowledge on various boards and if one day you do not hit a home run, tell the board what you did and...
  193. rtmorandi

    over $700 of gas no fish to report

    You get them next time Hugo. As far as gas mileage, I have a "fishing boat" but my mileage is about 1.0 - 1.25 miles per gallon. If your cruiser gets more that keep it because it looks a hell of a lot more comfortable than mine will ever be!
  194. rtmorandi

    Wounded Warriors Trip Prize list for Aug 14-15

    right on....should be a great day. lets hope the weather gods cooperate.
  195. rtmorandi

    Wounded Warriors Trip Volunteer list Aug 14-15

    I am planning on leaving whenever the marines show up and are ready. Plan on sleeping in San Diego and trailering the boat down on Friday afternoon for the bbq.
  196. rtmorandi

    Wounded Warriors Trip Volunteer list Aug 14-15

    I like the idea of having a largest fish JP and/or a largest quantity JP. Any amount would add some more excitment to the day.
  197. rtmorandi

    Wounded Warriors Trip Volunteer list Aug 14-15

    I can bring a couple of coolers filled with water, soda (coke/diet coke/7-up) and of course, Coor's Light. Can be down there by 5:00 on Friday as long as traffic from San Clemente is not a cluster. I would be down with a volunteer jackpot, maybe $20 per boat?
  198. rtmorandi

    Quick trip for 3 YFT

    Thanks Nick! guess my fish ID needs some refreshing. I did not get that close to read the names of the sporty's but there were probably 12 - 15 and quite a few larger private boats. Only a couple smaller boats like myself. By the way, fish were caught on mexican flags.
  199. rtmorandi

    Quick trip for 3 YFT

    Woke up this morning after a restful night of sleep and decided to go fishing. This time, I grabbed everything that I forgot last time and left DP at 7:30 after grabbing an incredible burrito from Proud Mary's. Ran out to just northeast of the butterfly (where the sport boats were having a...
  200. rtmorandi

    267 DODO - 8/1 and Gripe with Newport Bait

    You can also make bait off of the 100's of paddy's that are withing 10 miles of the coast - macks and sardines. Only took me 10 minutes to fill my bait tank for the full day of fishing using a sabaki rig. I would have bought bait (if it looked good) but I forgot my wallet that morning. Just...
  201. rtmorandi

    Spreader lights, VHF, fresh water pump

    I am in need of someone to assist me (me looking over shoulder, asking elementary questions) with troubleshooting a couple of electrical issues on my boat. This just recently surfaced so I am at a loss as to why this is happening. A couple of things (1) when keying the VHF, it works...
  202. rtmorandi

    Pacific Dawn 2 Day 7/30-8/01

    right on! I need to find a cutie like the one in the black shirt to go fishing with me!
  203. rtmorandi

    Solo YT and dorado trip

    Thanks Craig....I was about to reply. I believe the limit for US waters is 10 though.
  204. rtmorandi

    Close in paddy hopping

    kick ass job folks!
  205. rtmorandi

    Solo YT and dorado trip

    Craig, I thought about that but I did know how your wife would have felt, getting a call at 1:00 am! Next
  206. rtmorandi

    Solo YT and dorado trip

    Decided around 1:00 am to go fishing today, left DP solo this morning well before sunise and headed west. I really had no plan, as evidenced by me forgetting rods, tackle, money, etc. Luckily, I had some 15+ year old spinning rods left in the gunwale rod holder and I scrounged some tackle from a...
  207. rtmorandi

    1/2 or 3/4 truck needed to launch boat

    My Chevy 2500 decided to take a dumper yesterday and it is sitting at the dealership, waiting for a new instrument panel/cluster. Is there anyone near Dana Point that would be willing to launch my boat for me today, say around noon-ish? The boat is about 8,000 #'s right now so any F-250 or...
  208. rtmorandi

    Wounded Warriors Trip Volunteer list Aug 14-15

    Jesse, I can donate my boat and cover all of the gas/gear/food/drinks/etc. Can take 2 - all they need is to show up. Rob
  209. rtmorandi

    Chevy 2500 mechanic

    I am in need of a mechanic to replace my rear brake pads (and probably calipers - rusted out) on my truck. I am in San Clemente, work in Irvine but ok with driving to them. Thanks, Rob 415-328-4130
  210. rtmorandi

    No love at the 43 / 181

    twin 225 4-strokes. boat weighs about 9,000 and has a 9'6 beam.
  211. rtmorandi

    No love at the 43 / 181

    Decided to run the boat out of DP today since I had to work in the early am. Left DP and ran on a 180 for about 50 miles. Wanted to check out that break b/w SCI and the 43. Found 70.5 - 71.9, never found anything in the high 60's. Trolled around the 43 and towards SCI for a couple of hours...
  212. rtmorandi

    San Clemente Yellows

    well done guys.....I thought we had a shot with a 34#'r but that got us 5th which is still awesome. looking forward to next year.
  213. rtmorandi

    Some Thank You's

    yes, congrats guys. well done.
  214. rtmorandi

    Pictures from BDYS - Team McLovin'

    Pictures from Saturday's tournament. Great time had on both days. Looking forward to next year.
  215. rtmorandi

    SCI yellows - BDYO

    A group of us - myself, Chuck Kemnitz (San Clemente native) and my good friends Tyler and Jim - fished San Clemente island this morning for 7 yellowtails from 24 - 34 pounds (6 were from 24 - 28 and 1 was 34). Steady picking from 5:45-ish to 7:30 am. First yellowtail for Tyler and Jim and it...
  216. rtmorandi

    Cape Cod 6/16 - Redemption

    Well done Adrian. All we used in Florida growing up was spinning gear, still do after moving west, plus a few baitcasters.
  217. rtmorandi

    Who's in List!

    newly transplanted from the Bay Area just joined - Team McLovin' - for all you Super Bad fans....