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  1. Carl

    Hubbs Sea World fish farm plan.

    Anybody else see the LA Times article where Hubbs SeaWorld is planning to operate a fish farm in our waters in order to sell us their pen raised YT? Feel free to post link. Im not too tech savvy. Just when I thought I couldn't dislike that organization any more, they up the bar.
  2. Carl

    Tonights CCA Meeting

    Anybody going to see, or have thoughts on Wayne Kotows choice of presenter?
  3. Carl

    SEX.....BOOBIES! and MPA updates

    Now that I have your attention: Reminder that at 5 tonight at Marina Village is the first 5 year review of the MPA's meeting. Hope to see you there.... Oh, and :boobies:
  4. Carl

    20,000 posts

    What a loser.... :zelfmoord
  5. Carl

    BCS Championship game

    THis split screen sideline reporter bullshit is unwatchable... I barely know the score, much less able to enjoy the game.
  6. Carl

    Somebody better check on Vance

    George Michael passed away. On the upside, Vances collection will probably rise in value....
  7. Carl

    MNF 12-15

    i don't want to hear any more wisecracks about my fancy yoga pants from you googans... I see what you boys wear to play football.. :shake:
  8. Carl

    Damn I'm awesome

    I have not missed a single duck in my last three duck hunting trip
  9. Carl


  10. Carl

    Pete Carroll

    Another stupid call under pressure
  11. Carl


    Wtf am I watching? Is this a Charger intersquad game? :shake:
  12. Carl


    I'm betting someone who has my phone number is on here. I lost my phone in the house somewhere. Somebody call it so I can hear the ring.
  13. Carl


    Get the fuck out of my way! :_shoppingKaliTard coming through!
  14. Carl

    Traveling to Washi ?'s

    Does a SanDieGoogan travelling to Washi need a passport, visa or any shit like that? What kind of treats do the Polar Bears and penguins like? What do I need to do to avoid being mated by a Sasquatch?
  15. Carl

    Dillashaw got robbed

  16. Carl

    Chiefs stomp the snot out of the Patriettes thread

    Go Chiefs!
  17. Carl

    Chargers and Raiders got hosed!

  18. Carl


    I didn't win the Powerball.
  19. Carl

    Hey Vermy

    Your boys are on. Where've you been anyway?
  20. Carl

    This weather is for real!

    Glad I'm sitting at home and the oven works..... Hows that commute on the Harley Max?
  21. Carl

    Christmas Story for Marty

  22. Carl

    BillyV was drinking

  23. Carl

    I don't get it

    Scented DEodorants :confused:
  24. Carl

    Damn Dodge Pop Up Ad

    Anybody else getting it? Fix it Kurt!...;slap:
  25. Carl

    MB out of bait this a.m. 11-22

    according to my amigo
  26. Carl

    Saluki shows his true colors

    That's our boy rockin the shirt!
  27. Carl

    Paper towels.....Is it just me?

    Or when you buy rolls of paper towels these days you open the package and there's like 3 towels wrapped on the tube super loosely and fluffed out in order for it to look like you're getting a legit roll? :madfire:
  28. Carl

    It's good to be king

    I hijacked Carl's bd account to put this out, right on uncle googan.........! I know how bad you wanted one... Simonbonbowery
  29. Carl

    So what happened to the storm?

    It never rained in PB last night. Did it rain anywhere around SoCal?
  30. Carl

    Bears title hopes dashed

    Cutler is out a few weeks with injury..........Hall of Fame career hits a bump.
  31. Carl

    ncaa FOOTBALL 9-5

    Stanford laid an egg.
  32. Carl

    BiggestT's sig pic

    :rofl: Funniest thing I've seen in a while....:rofl:
  33. Carl

    2015 Bait reports

    Through at least tomorrow morning.
  34. Carl

    Sherm on 7/39 now!

    Talking about the Chargers
  35. Carl

    OACYTT 7-18

    Who's gonna fish the Oceanside Anglers Club YT tourny? It's open to the public this year. YTIOOJG? We (Reel Deal) are gonna go.
  36. Carl

    Pacific Quest SCI Trip 6-26-15

    Dean (Bank Robber) came back to Ca, to visit from his new home in Fla. and had a window to fish the 25-26th overnighter. So I jumped at the chance to see my buddy :loverz:..... Dean had a few friends from the L.A. area coming. Myself, John (Bada Bing) and Doug (stairman) made the trek up to LB...
  37. Carl

    Hey Phat Boat

    Where's my fillet? Congrats again! :appl: Throw up some pics. boys.
  38. Carl

    Ali sighting

  39. Carl

    2015 Masters

    Will Spieth come back to the pack? Go Phil, Charley and Rickey.
  40. Carl

    Padres beat the snot out of the Dodgers thread

    Go Padres!
  41. Carl

    Sea World suspends sea lion show

    So they can reassign the trainers to the sea lion rescue program. They've already rescued over 400 sea lions this year. Just saw it on channel 39 news..... Where's that membership form for the Shamu club?
  42. Carl

    Wtf has become of my beloved BD?

    I log on and see this shit.....
  43. Carl

    I may move to Washi for this job opp. I wonder if I could get pinniped bonuse$?
  44. Carl

    A song for Gilly

  45. Carl

    Gil Marlin told me he wouldn't post for a month

    if the Patriots win. GO PATRIOTS! :urno1:
  46. Carl

    Would you hunt with this guy?

  47. Carl

    Found dive gear

    If you lost some dive gear over the weekend at Dana Landing, contact Dana Landing at (619) 226-2929 or stop by and identify. Please pass it along on diver websites. The lost gear doesn't look cheap.
  48. Carl

    Dallas got screwed!

    I'm not a Dallas fan at all. If that call was correct, the rule needs to be changed.
  49. Carl

    Go Bengals!

  50. Carl

    Vote for most annoying moderator of 2014

    AGGRO in a runaway is the Vegas line.....
  51. Carl

    2014 Vermy Award for most annoying sports fan thread

    Who's your pick for most annoying sports fan on BD? I think Sean will be unseated this year, though the award will continue in perpetuity. Winner will be decided on or about the Super Bowl. Votes can be changed between now and 2015 as the year aint over.
  52. Carl

    Did the Patriettes play today?

  53. Carl

    A funny one I stole from another site

    Top Ten Reasons Why Men Prefer Guns Over Women And here we go... #10 - You can trade an old 44 for a new 22. #9 - You can keep one gun at home and have another for when you're on the road. #8 - If you admire a friend's gun and tell him so, he will probably let you try it out a few times. #7...
  54. Carl

    I was looking for a little job to fill a blank this morning and scored!

    Marty is hiring
  55. Carl

    How come after viewing a post

    it disappears from the "new posts" board? Can I change that? If I want to go back to it and re-read it or post on it, it's kind of a pita to re-find. I went to the How to Use forum but I'm banned from posting on there to all you forum cops.
  56. Carl

    Looking for work? Simon's hiring

    Marty? I took the liberty of sending your pic
  57. Carl

    Jay Cutler

    He's no Phillip Rivers...........
  58. Carl

    Hey Vermy, Bling & Saluki

    How bout them BoSox and Cubs? :idiot: :rofl:
  59. Carl

    Tampa Bay Bucs

    Remind me of the Seahawks.........:waglleybooty: Is Gates on the Falcons now?
  60. Carl


  61. Carl

    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex

    On 7/22. Boat was boarded and 70+ BFT were found aboard by the Mexican authorities. Case is to be tried in US court. IDK which boat. Supposedly "will be in the paper tomorrow". My source is Scott on the Condor. DON'T Do IT!!!
  62. Carl

    Happy birthday Gil marlin

  63. Carl

    Damned 'contour from cox' ad

    keeps blasting the audio even though I don't click on it. FIX IT JASON!!!!
  64. Carl

    Man card violation?

    Suspension or revocation? To call or pm someone to protest getting "Biebered". What do you think? I don't think we need another option.....
  65. Carl

    Another reason to boycott facebook

    Facebook removes hunting photos of Texas teen that raised ire Rex Features Teenager Kendall Jones, who has sparked outrage by posting photos such as this one on her 'open' Facebook page in which she hunts and often kills rare animals in Africa. 16 hr ago By Lisa Maria Garza of Reuters share...
  66. Carl

    Oooops! Sorry about that Washi Boys

    It seems to be one of yours?
  67. Carl

    R.I.P. Tony Gwynn

    I just heard on Channel 6 news that he lost his battle with cancer.
  68. Carl

    Bird cage w/birds

    2 parakeets. take the bag of food and water bowls and related crap too. On Huron St. in Bay Park neighborhood of SD. PM me or cruise by tomorrow after 8am. Big gray house on the right towards the end. You can find it easy without the address. Bring an empty truck if you might want some...
  69. Carl

    Windshield crack

    I got a crack in my windshield (of my car) from the port side edge going in about 8". Anybody know a guy, or is there a product a challenged guy like myself can squirt in there or whatever to keep it from spreading. Really, it aint blocking my sight so my goal is to keep it from spreading...
  70. Carl

    GO KINGS !!!

    Score suckas you're killin me
  71. Carl

    SD Sicily Day in Little Italy

    I think I'm gonna go pig out :drool:
  72. Carl

    I hate fires!

  73. Carl

    I heart Max

  74. Carl

    Hi Doubletrouble

  75. Carl

    New Bieber emoticon

    I think it's knarly! :rofl:
  76. Carl

    Best Pizza in SD

    Lido's in Lemon Grove. :drool: I'm headed out for lunch.
  77. Carl

    Ali's sig line,,,,,,,,,Really dude?

    "You can find me in San Diego Fishing aboard my boat or in Florida Fishing with my buddies. I also like posting Deer and Waterfowl Hunting Reports during the hunting seasons. I like to decorate camp and bake cupcakes while the men hunt and fish."
  78. Carl

    Gil the ladies man

  79. Carl

    Too close to home for me.

    A loser is having a hard time picking up chicks, so his well traveled friend takes him to a nightclub in Daytona where he tells him that he will score for sure. The loser enters the bar, sees his prey, and begins to barrage her with pick up lines that he acquired from his friend. The young lady...
  80. Carl

    This morning at Gil Marlins

  81. Carl

    2014 Masters

    Go Phil!
  82. Carl

    Pads DOMINATE Dodgers

    Running away with NL West :shakin:
  83. Carl

    Cromartie to Bears
  84. Carl

    What's lower than robbing a woman in labor?

    Ditching your gf in labor and leaving her with the robbers..... :shake:
  85. Carl

    Golf tournament on TV

    What a chokefest.
  86. Carl

    For Mr. Marlin

    What did the shirt say to the pants? 'sup britches?
  87. Carl

    The word for the difference between me & Mr. Marlin

    Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.
  88. Carl

    Insight into Gil Marlin?

    Bozone ( n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.
  89. Carl

    Olympics coverage

    Waddya think?
  90. Carl

    Ali & Yusef at BloodyDucks

  91. Carl

    Hey Denver! 2 outta 3 aint bad?? Worst and 3rd worst drubbings of all time......:Beat_them:
  92. Carl

    Seahawk pep rally

  93. Carl

    This years King Bootlip?

  94. Carl

    Log out button

    Where tf is it?
  95. Carl


    Clicked on that new button. Seemed lame so I turned em all off except for the one that lets me know that Gil Marlin and ConStiPate are stalking me..........................
  96. Carl

    Happy Birthday Jason!

    Let's all pitch in and get a brother a new hat :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  97. Carl

    New Orleans Saints get lucky!

    They get an easy team this week:waglleybooty::finger:
  98. Carl

    I found some of Gilly's old school work

    I'm starting to understand. I think Frank might have answered the one about high beams :D
  99. Carl

    S t u d y proves Vermy, Max and Raiders fans are dicks
  100. Carl

    Hacked again?

    Is everyone else getting the weird simrad ad overlays?
  101. Carl

    NCAA Football 11-30

    WOW! :eek: First the Mich/ Ohio St. game then Georgia(Tech) into OT's Then the Iron Bowl with #4 Auburn returning the long field goal missed short with time expired for the TD to topple #1 Bama. Waddya think the polls will be #1-FSU #2 Ohio St or Auburn 3-4 Ohio St., Auburn, Bama...
  102. Carl

    Annoying phone calls

    from candidates and annoying moderators. Don't vote for em!:waglleybooty:
  103. Carl

    SD Mayors race

    I refuse to vote for anyone from whom I get an automated campaign call. Faulconer= out.
  104. Carl

    Tues dream girl....Me too!

    Somebody paste "Lordes "royals" by packer fan" on here from You Tube. This pos wont let me......:madfire: She's hot and the song is good...
  105. Carl

    When next I wake

    It will be Duck Opener Eve for the river zone :2gunsfiring_v1: I,m gonna set my alarm for 0230 so I,m in Wister shape and am able to soak in the awesomeness of DOE predawn
  106. Carl

    MNF 10-7-13

    Who's playing anyway?
  107. Carl

    Todays (TV) Games 9-29-13

    Go KC, Minn, & Atl!..... :appl:....:urno1: They are all playing teams with players, coaches and or fans that I find highly annoying.... The other game being shown on SD TV, I have no interest in.
  108. Carl

    ? for duck dorks

    I'm looking for feedback on the Cabelas waders. Specifically, 'Dry-Plus Convertible' vs 'First Flight Breathable' I ordered waders through Macks 7 weeks ago and they were never shipped so I told them :finger: Cabelas has stuff in stock and on sale right now. I saved some serious coin by...
  109. Carl

    Tues on Ignore!

    Until that avatar gets changed to something that doesn't make me barf/ ignore will block his avatar on my end right??????/
  110. Carl

    hey Washi Googans

    I've been reading a lot of your threads about bait stops for Albies. I've also been reading a lot of threads about salmon fishing with downriggers, planers, twirlies, flashers and all kinds of drama and bling on your string. Can you get salmon to go on the anchovies with a minimum of...
  111. Carl

    Franks a Jackwagon

    Hey it worked...........
  112. Carl

    ATTN: Saluki

    Kimi Evans on Channel 6 News in SD. :loverz:
  113. Carl

    Tom Brady hurt

    My buddy told me Brady got hurt today. I can't find anything about it... What gives?
  114. Carl

    Happy Birthday UnReel

    Hope it was a good one Behdad!
  115. Carl

    Gil Started it....

    What do Tupperware and Walrus have in common? They both love a nice tight seal...........
  116. Carl

    Hey Jason & Ali

    Wtf is the "feedback score"? I don't know what it is, but I'm pretty sure I don't like it..............
  117. Carl


    That Portuguese chick who beat Sharapova is a cutie :loverz:
  118. Carl


    :shake: FOX Sports on MSN l Sports News, Scores, Schedules, Videos and Fantasy Games
  119. Carl

    Pads @ .500

    Dodgers and Cubs,,,,,,,,,,Not so much...:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  120. Carl

    Padres get head from Cubs & Dodgers

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: :idiot:
  121. Carl

    If your headed too DATD

    Bring a sweater. It's cold & foggy down there right now.
  122. Carl

    Padres only 1 back

    I heard they hustled in warmups and gave it their all in stretching! :appl:...:urno1:
  123. Carl

    Happy Birthday Otto!

    Hope you have a great birthday young Googin; and may this be the year you finally catch a fish. :D
  124. Carl

    NFIO 3-16

    Again....... Anchovy only at bait dock.... An elderly gentleman and his lady fishing partner came and talked to us at the ramp. Asked us how we did and told us that they had caught some bass and sheeps. We had a nice conversation and she suggested that we were fishing too...
  125. Carl

    Another panga vs. cops incident 3-3

    Last night off of IB. There was a collision between a panga and what was reported as a Harbor Police boat. The panga bailed back to Mexico. No injuries apparently. Not a good day to use the lawyering skills you learned on BD if you get contacted by the cops on or near the water today in the...
  126. Carl

    Post to a certain idiot

    Yep you.......:rofl:
  127. Carl

    Simon at work
  128. Carl


    will be on KUSI 9/51 news 0615 tomorrow. Possibly touching on the fishing in Mex sitch? If I know Sherm, he'll try to work it in there... That's the cool thing about having all the news girls :boobies: as my gf's, I find out about upcoming guests,,,,, :D
  129. Carl

    I Heart Smudge

    :loverz: Thought he could maybe use a hug.....:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  130. Carl

    Torrey Pines golf tourny

    It got fogged out today or what..... What's the rationale? Unsafe for spectators who can't duck errant shots that they can't see. No vis = bad tv?......:confused:
  131. Carl

    Anderson Silva

    to fight GSP and Jon Jones according to this mornings paper, SD U/T.... GSP too small. JJ too big is my call. I thing AS has a chance vs. Jones. I think GSP, as great as he is, has none against Silva. Silva is getting long in the tooth and is due to slow down though. We'll see apparently.
  132. Carl

    NFL games 1-13 Drunk Idiot thread

    This is for all you :drunk idiots who think you are clever and funny after :hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:....... I expect this thread to get the majority of traffic.....:picknose:
  133. Carl

    NFL games 1-13-13 non drunk idiot thread

    This thread is for people who aren't :drunk: and saying a bunch of stupid crap after about 1pm.....
  134. Carl

    ATTN: Aeon&Sluester

    The spooners are thick at Wister! :lux: Get your spoony hunting asses out there! I typed 2 longer reports, 1 shorter than the other Mike, but both times I was logged out by the time i hit "submit"......Tried to throw you a bone. Gimme a call and I'll tell you what decoys/setups, calls etc were...
  135. Carl

    It seems that...

    I'm Carl again today. Hmmm, should I be Gay Carl, Fat Carl, Farmer Carl, Gall Bladder Carl, Asshat Carl, or the ever popular Stop the Aliens Carl?
  136. Carl

    Hey Ali

    Where's the duck porn from your road trip?
  137. Carl

    Go Aztecs

    Make your free throws beat Uof A
  138. Carl

    College football 11-24-12

    Other than the Michigan vs. Ohio St. game, the games have been kinda weak so far. Still some intiguing matchups. Florida St. has a chance to make a game of the one I'm currently watching if they quit turnin it over.
  139. Carl

    Hey Pachodie

    Where's the baby pics? It's been 2 months now and I haven't seen one pic!
  140. Carl

    Bon Voyage Gil Marlin

    I hope you enjoy your dream trip on the 110' deluxe, luxury, megayacht, sportfisher extroardinaire! I hoped you've packed a couple books of FUNNY jokes to pass the down time. Maybe one for your suite, one in the salon :D
  141. Carl

    100# Mono to 12/0 hook for live bait

    How do you connect it. Knot? What kind? Crimp? Gil Marlin is going from SD to PV on a 85' luxury sportfisher yacht and isn't sure how to rig for this type of fishing. Not my area of expertise either. Do you make the connection differently for a kite rig? Go double trouble? Please post your...
  142. Carl

    Ed Z's article in todays SD U/T

    :appl: and I haven't always been Ed's biggest fan. It would seem that Ed has a little more editorial freedom under the new ownership?
  143. Carl

    Todays (non Charger)games 10-7-12

    KC still turnin it over. :appl: Packers gettin hurt and still gettin screwed by the refs...:appl: Philly vs. Pitt I can't decide who I'd like to lose more, Vick or Vermy ;)
  144. Carl

    Opening day Resi's up 4 duck

    0-7 :finger:
  145. Carl

    Packers getting hosed by refs again!

  146. Carl

    Wtf with the audio ads?

    I'm trolling the forums and suddenly my computer starts blaring out ads. Like 3 times for carpet cleaner and once or twice for other shit..... Annoying. Is it just me? ??fisherman are you having this problem too?LOL
  147. Carl

    Odd sighting on the D3

    I was on the Dolphin III yesterday, well off the Mexican coastline and we had a Eurasian Collared Dove land on the boat and hang with us. It would fly away occassionally to check out other boats then return. Later, as we were catching tuna on a paddy another one did a kamikaze run into the side...
  148. Carl

    Great day on the D3 (no pics) 9-10

    I rode the D3 yesterday with Capt. Jack (bertram31) aka the worst Capt. in the fleet LOL. 2nd John, Doug (stairman), Blake and some other guy rounding out the veteran and very competent, friendly and hardworking crew. Fish count was 70 + for 23 or so winders. Mixed bag of YT, Dodo, bigger...
  149. Carl

    9-9-12 NFL games smack talking thread

    We all know that the BIG game isn't until tomorrow night.:D However, there are some interesting games slated for the tube today. Interesting to see how N.O. responds to the suspension issues. Interesting to see if Peyton makes it through the first quarter on his feet. Get a feel for where N.E...
  150. Carl

    9-2-12 Lazy mans doves P.m in IV

    I was bored this morning after sitting around all day yesterday and I figured I might as well go to the desert and shoot something:2gunsfiring_v1: since the water would be packed full of Googins. I gave my buddy Jon (Phat Boat) a call around 10 to see if he wanted to roll. He picks me up in...
  151. Carl

    Happy Birthday Simon

    Have a good one Googin....:loverz: I heart Simon....
  152. Carl

    Chargers vs Spikes team

    I have discovered the cure for insomnia. Too bad I'm not fishing tomorrow morning. I'd be well rested.:picknose:
  153. Carl

    Fishing Chick Lauren A.

  154. Carl

    Happy Birthday Bank Robber

    Happy Birthday to my favorite Googin from Bellflower...:loverz:
  155. Carl

    Pads SHUT OUT Cubs

  156. Carl

    Happy Birthday Mr. Marlin!

    I bet if you'd known you'd live this long you would have taken better care of yourself.....:picknose: Rode hard and put away wet.........:D
  157. Carl

    WTF? Flaming rocks at San Onofre

    In this a.m.'s SD U/T there is a story about a woman who picked up some rocks at Trestles/San O put them in her pocket and took them home. She got home and they burst into flames.....:madfire: Has anyone heard from Lynndeva? Debi, are you OK?
  158. Carl

    NHL Playoffs....'12

    My team (who I won't name for jinx purposes) looking good. Go Capitals.....Not my team so the jinx won't be in effect, I just want the Bruins to lose.
  159. Carl

    Fishing Excorcist

    I need an excorcism on my fishing gear. I'm convinced it is cursed with some kind of fish repelling jinx. I not only can't catch a fish, I can't get a bite. :shake:
  160. Carl

    I like the return of the "views" column

    I used to like to see how many 1,000s of views Gil Marlin could get for his jokes without a reply.... LOL I hope it stays.......
  161. Carl

    Happy Birthday Otto!

    :xlbirthda My little buddy is a teenager now! My present will be that I'll let you outfish me sometime buddy:D Maybe next weekend.
  162. Carl

    Go ------!

  163. Carl

    I stayed home and watched TV today

    took a couple naps.....What did you do?......:picknose:
  164. Carl

    Wtf...The further gaying up of BD

    What's up with the "likes given" and "likes received" on peoples profile and the "like" button on the thread? :supergay: :supergay: :supergay: This had to be Marcus' idea or Jason.........Uh oh I think I smell Frank........ STAN! :urno1...
  165. Carl

    Steelers / Broncos

    Tough one to call. Sure the Steelers are the better team. But, who's more annoying; Vermonster or Kurt and Yank n Crank II? Who would we rather have drink the STFU juice?:hali_olutta:
  166. Carl

    Go Falcons!

    :dogpiss: Eli.... I hope Turner goes for 200 with 3 TD's.
  167. Carl

    Norv....I'l say it

    When you look back at the season........ It wasn't his fault. I didn't feel going into this season that the Chargers had a top echelon roster. That's AJ's responsibility. You look at the losses and with a few exceptions, including New England, Detroit & the first Raider game among...
  168. Carl

    UCLA vs. Illinois

    Go Bruins!
  169. Carl

    UT reports Visa's WILL be required in Mex.

    Somebody post the link from this a.m.s paper please. I don't know how much more bad fishing news I can take. :zelfmoord
  170. Carl

    Go LSU

  171. Carl

    I got punked by 101.5 KGB

    I called in and "won" the tickets to the Paul Simon concert when Billy Joel was "the artist of the day." I was told that they didn't have tickets at the studio yet, I was only a mile away at the time, so they told me they would send them to me when they arrived. I gave them my address phone #...
  172. Carl

    10-22 Duck opener

    Anyone draw a good resi? As for myself.........FAIL. Gonna have to hunt Sluesters spots......:Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above:
  173. Carl

    Ocean Zoning Maps

    Can someone post the link to the story that was on the front page of the SD U/T this am. Looks like another level of bureacracy will be added to the usage of our waters. This is a federal deal and would be in addition to the MPA's...
  174. Carl

    I'm Carl today...he he he

    So I flip open the 'puter and find that I'm still [logged in as] Carl today...hmmm, how can I Asshat myself today :D
  175. Carl

    Anybody else watching the Boise/Toledo game?

    K. Moore is on fire. Almost Riversesque.....:D
  176. Carl

    Red Tide in SD info?

    Anybody have on the water red tide info today? My friends either weren't out or are involved in the marlin tournament(or aren't taking my call LOL). I'm trying to decide between SD Bay, LJ or??? for tomorrow
  177. Carl

    The real Charger Championship season thread

    Go Chargers! It's for real now. No more sloooow starts Norv!
  178. Carl

    Pic of GW in wave at Swami's

    Anybody see that? I saw it on last evenings news. Can somebody paste it onto here? It was a bitchin pic, taken yesterday I believe. It reminded me of the video of that surfer in S. Africa who got attacked by that pair of GW's a few years ago. I hope the GW's seen in SD lately behave...
  179. Carl

    China Dodgers

    So I sit down with my morning coffee and crack open the paper(SD U/T) and see that Chinese gov't controlled investment banks are offering 1.2 billion for the Dodgers.......How about them apples?
  180. Carl

    Kitten Stolen

    Some asshat kitnapped my little nieces gray and black tabby kitten. :madfire: If any of you know somebody in the south bay area of SD that suddenly has a kitten matching this description please let me know.... The lowlife is trying to hold it for ransom. I don't negotiate with...
  181. Carl

    Go (U.S.) Girls

    Soccer team!..:lux: As a side note I'd hoped the Japanese team would be hotter :boobies:.....:(
  182. Carl

    Happy B-Day+1 Gil Marlin

    Happy Birthday Scott. I was super busy yesterday. Butt, I understand there was quite a parade yesterday for your celebration:waglleybooty: Did you resolve to cut back on the bad jokes this year?...LOL
  183. Carl

    Go Canucks!

  184. Carl

    4-29 LJ

    Fished with Bada Bling and Dean(Bank Robber) this am.... Limits of swells to 8' or so, howling wind and skunks... Back in the bay by 10:30 with a case of "fuck it!" Weather report was updated to a small craft advisory while we were on the water. We're like "no shit!":finger: Posted this...
  185. Carl

    NHL Playoffs '11

    Go Kings! Don't let that hiccup of surrendering the big lead get to your head. Thanks Frank for calling me and alerting me to the Bruins/Habs game being tied in the 3rd quarter...:waglleybooty:....... Come on Canucks!.....Damn!....not looking so good, down 3-0 in the first PERIOD....Send...
  186. Carl

    I Heart Slater!

    :loverz: :urno1:......:daman:
  187. Carl

    Swamp People

    Season premier on in a few minutes....:appl: I would have bumped my old thread by the same title but it didn't google up....:confused:
  188. Carl

    Go Aztecs!

    :finger: Frank I know what you're gonna say. Is the damn game gonna be televised by Time Warner in SD? How can I watch it?
  189. Carl

    WARNING To SoCal boaters and fish!

    Simon and Otto have a boat.:2gunsfiring_v1: Boaters beware of Simon:Dynamite: Fish beware of Otto the fishkiller!:appl:
  190. Carl

    UFC 127

    Who has the fights? Invite me over.
  191. Carl

    Go Rebels!

    I heart UNLV :dog piss:
  192. Carl

    WTF is "malware" on this (BD) website

    And why do I keep getting warning alerts on this comp and the one I was using at BadaBling's house last night? Is it going to fuck up this comp or should I just keep hitting "ignore warning" or what?:confused:
  193. Carl

    Go SDSU

  194. Carl

    Operation Bootlip II

    As some of you know I planned on shooting a full strap of bootlips last weekend. Operation Bootlip didn't work out so well...:( So this weekend I hunted with my :gaygroup: buddy Steve (Stevestew) I think? and Tony (Widgeon) ...... I had resi's at Wister for both days including #8 for...
  195. Carl

    BCS Championship Game

    Go......... Go........ Go cheerleaders!:boobies:.....:waglleybooty:.....:shakin: Ok Ok I gotta pic a team. I'm not another Jesse. I'll root for Auburn though I kinda like the Ducks. BTW Franks wife beat him in his families season long...
  196. Carl

    Orange Bowl

    Go Stanford!
  197. Carl

    Super rusty gun...

    My 870 looks like dbars shorts after hunting in the rain at Wister yesterday. I've disassembled it and wiped the hell out of it with a couple different chemicals and it still looks like dirty ass..... What do you guys use in this case? I'm out of my old fallback Marvel Mystery OIl....
  198. Carl

    Hey Snaggie

    Stop giving people gay avatars! :supergay:
  199. Carl

    The REAL official Charger MNF thread

    Go Chargers! PS: No Snaggie's allowed...:waglleybooty:
  200. Carl

    Smoking BIG Cocks

    and other birds in the IV with Tony(widgeon)his lab Cinnamon and Steve(?) and his German Wirehair Battue 11-13&14. Short story for now due to fatigue. 4 roosters on Sat A bunch of doves (md & Euro) A few pigeons and empty ammo boxes, as we didn't pack ammo for an Argentinian dove hunt. A box...
  201. Carl

    Sooooo Frank

    On the news they reported that passengers on the stricken cruise ship could call home. Anything you'd like to share about you're "shipwrecked" X and daughter?:picknose: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  202. Carl

    Wister BULLSHIT!

    Hunted Wister today with Jon (Phat Boat)and our buddy Dave. Met up with Tony (Widgeon) and his buddy, my long lost cousin Steve out there. Both of our parties wound up with poor draws in the sweatline. The were 30 something and we were 63rd:( I went to sleep confident we were not going to...
  203. Carl

    Wister opener get together

    Several of us are going to be out there. Let's get together the Fri night and BS. Me and Jon(Phat Boat) and Tony (Widgeon) Will be out there trying our luck with the sweat line(unless me and Jon find Disneyland at the river Fri.) So we might as well get a :gaygroup: together....I'd like to...
  204. Carl

    Bamboo for gaff handles (cheap)

    I have a mega ton quantity of (Japanese?) bamboo that is being cut down today. The stuff makes outstanding gaff handles (and other stuff). If you're interested in a truckload or even an individual stick that you can select, pm your #.... I have to get rid of it by Wed 10-20....Material is...
  205. Carl

    Chargers missed flight to St Louis.....

    NO NO NO can't go and delete this shit... If I have to watch... you have to owe up to this thread!!! LOL LOL
  206. Carl

    Swamp People

    I love that show.:lux:
  207. Carl

    How do I Use the "ignore" feature

    I clicked on it and I got a message to the effect of "unable to load. Server error":confused: PS: Frank and dbar have been annoying me lately.....:shakin:
  208. Carl

    Go Miami

    Target Cromartie=W:2gunsfiring_v1:
  209. Carl

    Go Titans!

  210. Carl

    Padres telecasts

    What happened to Dick Enberg? Has he been doing the US Open tennis? I haven't seen him in a couple /few weeks..... What an improvement over Vasgersian he is! 4-3 Pads at the moment....
  211. Carl

    Chargers Championship Season Thread

    Go Chargers! The drive to :urno1: starts tonight!
  212. Carl

    Go Ravens!

    Whip that Jet ass!
  213. Carl

    Padre juggernaut

    Returns home from the loooong roadtrip with a 6 game lead! :urno1:....:appl:.....:daman:
  214. Carl

    BuonaForTuna's Charger theme avatar submissions

    So Jesse opened his trap and said he would give me control of his avatar for the remainder of the football season if the Chargers beat the Bears tonight... Well the Bolts won...:urno1: So I'm soliciting submissions from the masses for avatars... IE: Jesse's mug photoshopped on Charger...
  215. Carl

    Go Braves!

    Beat Bochy's bitches.....:urno1:
  216. Carl

    WTF? Bahia's dock collapsed...

    "100's of people into the water" according to the ticker on the bottom of the news this eve. "including our own Rekha Whatserface"...But no pics or story. What happened?
  217. Carl

    Where is Chrissy Russo?

    She is not on 5 News this am....Please tell me she is on vacation. I miss her already....:loverz:
  218. Carl

    Hey Stan

    Bachellorette is on......:supergay:
  219. Carl

    Go Dodgers!

    Beat Bochy's bitches.....
  220. Carl

    All Star Game

  221. Carl

    Hot new news girl

    on Fox5 San Diego....:drool: Apparently Arthelle Neville has been replaced by this gorgeous creature?
  222. Carl

    Pad Dynasty rolls on 6-22

    :shakin:2-1 over the Rays.....:appl:
  223. Carl


    Hello!.....Helllllloooo!.....Anybody here? Sure is quiet around here! :rofl:
  224. Carl

    R.I.P Manute Bol

    He died today of kidney failure. I don't know how to post a link...
  225. Carl

    BoSox game 6-19

    Go Sox!
  226. Carl

    US Open Golf

    Go Mickelson! If he plays anything like he did yesterday, he should have things well in hand tomorrow...
  227. Carl

    Don Blackman Memorial Hali tourney OTW report

    Just got a call from a buddy who said that @EZ has a 36" er in the box. Apparently Max has been on the radio today...LOL....It sounds like another buddy of mine might have him edged out (don't know his team name)....Should be an interesting weigh in. They are all still fishing too....
  228. Carl

    The BIG Game...Pads vs, O's 6-18

    Go Pad's.....1-0 O's in the 5th....
  229. Carl

    Fuckin Quake Again!

  230. Carl

    The BIG rivalry Pads & BJ's

    on now 2-0 BJ's....
  231. Carl

    1st place Pads vs. Mets 6-8

    Go Padres :urno1:
  232. Carl

    Happy Birthday dbar

    :xlbirthda Happy Birthday bro! :appl: I'm sending Brian over to give you a B-day:ashamed:
  233. Carl

    Franks Pads on Memorial Day

    Beatin the Mets 6-1 in the 4th.....:shakin:
  234. Carl

    My Pads vs. Jesse's Nats 5-30

    Pads win in extra innings to take series! :urno1: :shakin:
  235. Carl

    My Pads vs. Cards 5-26

    Up 1-0 in the 8th.....:shakin:
  236. Carl

    My Pads vs. Cards 5-25

    Pads up 1-0 in the 8th :shakin:
  237. Carl

    WEC on TV 5-25

    Good fights Faber & Mike Brown on the card...
  238. Carl

    My Padres vs Seattle 5-23

    My Pads up 3-0 in the 7th....:shakin:
  239. Carl

    RIP Jose Lima

    He died of a heart attack. Only 37 yrs. old......
  240. Carl

    Pads win one for Jesse & Tues

    2-1 over Seattle....:appl:
  241. Carl

    Earthquake! (?)

    Just now....Something jolted me good in Spring Valley
  242. Carl

    My Dodgers vs. Padres thread 5-20

    Plantin the mojo seed now. Let it grow today and come into bloom tonight! :shakin:
  243. Carl

    Hey ConSeaMate

    Did you see Sullivans column in this mornings SD Union Tribune? Somebody post the link. I don't know how...:imdumb:
  244. Carl

    Pads game 5-18

    Pads up 4-2 bottom of 7th....
  245. Carl

    Padre game 5-2-10 for Tues..

    Pads up 2-0 in the 4th....:shakin:
  246. Carl

    Damn eHarmony ad

    I can't scroll through a thread without the audio from that damn thing activating. :madfire: BTW Why is the active users list no longer alphabetized? I gotta read through the whole list to find my favorite targets.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  247. Carl

    Duke vs WV

    Go WV! I had Butler :urno1: Make me 2 for 2 today....
  248. Carl

    UFC tonight 3-27

    Who's watchin and anybody got a link where we can see it for free?
  249. Carl

    Kill~n~Grill BS thread

    Mike already had to start a new thread cuz of our BS on the first. Let's talk shit on this one so he can use his as a list that he can refer to, without having to sift through the bs.. This thread is for assholes like Gary, dbar, Gil Marlin and their:gaygroup: who can't keep a thread serious.....,
  250. Carl

    Hoopin is for fags!

    I am straight...... Dogs all over us, lost two hoops, one snagged in the rocks and busted off. The other:confused: Dogs wrecked 6 baitcages...I'm done with baitcages. Stole bait in said cages:madfire: Fished for an hour or two in the afternoon. Pretty windy but managed a few drifts with sea...
  251. Carl

    Went fishing for Hali's

    Caught a :oinker: 36.4 lbs. 44'' came back, typed a funny, detailed report on BD and when I went to submit it, it said I had to log-in (again) and dumped all my text. So here's the short version. My friends have pics and hopefully will throw em up...
  252. Carl

    Sugar Bowl

    Go Cincy! I'm sick of Tebow....
  253. Carl

    Rose Bowl

    Good game ! Go Ducks!
  254. Carl

    New trophy for San Diego Open golf tournament

    New Buick Open Trophy
  255. Carl

    Cards vs. Giants

    Go Cards!:finger:Eli
  256. Carl

    Soooo Who's been duck hunting in So. Cal

    I've yet to see a report from So.Ca. or Col. River Zone... That bad or that good....Is everybody trying to protect there secret spot, Wister, or what?:imdumb:
  257. Carl

    Whale Wars

    I finally saw the last episode. The Sea Shepard crew got arrested upon returning to port in Australia...Anybody hear what's happened with their criminal case?
  258. Carl

    7-18 SD Bay

    Fished With Jon (Phat Boat) Mary (KNTMMF), and John (Bada Bling) and Wind being up at 0400 made the decision for us as far as offshore vs. inshore. Left Mission Bay with a nice scoop o dines headed S. took the left into SD bay bailing the wind..Got a few bass including 2 grumpy 4# Sandies.(Jon...
  259. Carl

    Long bed camper shell

    I'm not too concerned about looks but it needs to be lockable... Post a pic if ya can...I need a it to expand the living space of my house....
  260. Carl

    Inside info from a weigh master...

    Sorry can't tell ya...Jason threatened me with bodily harm if we leaked any info....Also he picked up my tab at the dock....Anybody who picks up my tab is a generous individual and deserves my respect....I can run up a tab with the best...:picknose:
  261. Carl

    Michael Jackson Dead

  262. Carl

    Great day on the Alexes!!

    I fished on the Alexes today, with my friends Capt. Gary, his daughter Gina, John(Bada Bing) Scott, & Sulan. We headed out of Mission Bay looking for the Cuda......The YT's were mixed in....Headed out glassed around, it was apparent things had changed overnight..Time for plan B&orC....We pulled...
  263. Carl

    Launch Ramp Follies this year??

    Or is everybody too distracted by the MLPA??
  264. Carl

    just so ya'll know

    I'm dumb enough to stay logged on to someone's computer and this is what I get. I suck I am gay I went shark fishing the other day but the sharks said "He sucks". so I didn't catch a shark that day. I went halibut fishing and I caught a 14lb halibut but I didn't get any pictures so I...
  265. Carl

    Happy B-Day gardenmartha...5-12

    :urno1: Hope it's a great one....Wish I had your skills...I'd create you a card...So I guess you'll have to hit me up for a present!:xlbirthda
  266. Carl

    I'm trying to find the thread on rigging a "toad" teaser

    I can't find it..... Help a brutha out.
  267. Carl

    Where can I getr marine paint in E. Co. SD?

    Help me out. My neighbor has a project and all the marine places I know are coastal..
  268. Carl

    Chargers pick in 1st Round:

    Larry English OLB Northern Illinois....WTF?:1041677399::pee:
  269. Carl

    ? "s Re: El Golfo

    My buddy's headed down there in about a wk. Anybody know what to expect, fishing/weatherwise....Any Capitan recommendations for Pangeros...I've never been there and don't know what to tell him...Help a brudda out...
  270. Carl

    Bass Pro Shop in Vegas

    Any must see stuff there that I shouldn't miss? I'm going over there in a couple of hours..I'm more interested in cool displays than I am buying shit...I'm broke..
  271. Carl

    Is it just my lame ass?

    I've consinstently (sp?)been dropping BD today on three different servers....I'm a cyber moron so keep that in mind with your responses..I've been on ATT/yahoo, Mozilla, and Internet explorer and keep losing my connection to BD...Is it the air card? Maybe this laptop is a POS? Anybody else...
  272. Carl

    Last wk. of April

    My buddy is getting married in Kauai (sp?) the last wk. of April...He's interested in putting together a charter fishing trip for 4-6 people..Give some info on $ and expected target species...He's an experienced angler..The others not so much...But hell it's his wedding...PM me if you'd...
  273. Carl

    Lets give Mary a proper BD welcome!

    My dear friend and mortal enemy Mary (KNTMMF) has joined our ranks..She can dish it out and take it with the best of us...Let her have it...Just don't stand behind her when she's setting the hook..She doesn't take prisoners in that area either!:finger: Mary
  274. Carl

    I think my brother turned gay in Iraq!

    Talked to my bro on the phone today. He just got stateside from another tour in Iraq. He's working his way from the east coast to SoCal. He should be here Sat....Good news!!! Then I ask him what he/we are going to do when he gets here... I'm thinking #1,2,3,4,5, sow his oats with his wife and...
  275. Carl

    Hey Oregon guys.

    Anybody know anyplace near (100mi.) Portland where I can Pheasant & maybe waterfowl hunt, that is reasonably priced? Any info on out of state short term, if available license cost would be helpful too...oh ya, do you guys have good dildo shops up there?
  276. Carl

    Raiders give Chargers a chance

    To make things interesting...At least for another wk. ...Ya think they'll rise to the occasion or blow it tonight...Again...
  277. Carl

    From pounding Euro's to getting ground by a beef.

    Went hunting with two friends at a feed lot near Heber Ca. this a.m. WFO Euro. doves for the first half hour..Couldn't re- load fast enough...Rarely had 3 shells in my 870 at any given moment....That was the upside....BTW we had an "in" to hunt wherever in the feedlot.IE permission....The...
  278. Carl

    Notice:Imperial Valley Bird Hunters

    The Agricultural area S of I-8 and E of Calexico will be off limits tomorrow11-14...Don't go there....:finger: I may re-open it in the afternoon so standby..
  279. Carl

    Fish Report Halibut

    Went fishing with John (Bada Bing) today 11-8 on the Reel Deal with Jon (Phat Boat) and Mrs. Phat Mary...Not a lot of action, but, got a few Sculpys and big rockfish.....And a 20# Halibut by Jon...........Pics to follow so:finger::finger:
  280. Carl

    Today is a GREAT day!!!

    Who cares about the elections! At least us Padre fans won't have to suffer through Matt Vasgersian on the broadcasts anymore...
  281. Carl

    I'm not the curse!

    As me and Phat Boat Jon discussed on the Duck opener thread, we have not gotten a resi. in several years for the opener at Wister. To top it off last yr. we were 105th. and the yr. prior we were 99th. in the sweat line.For those of you unfamiliar with the system; those #'s = no dice... This year...
  282. Carl

    Thank god the Dodgers lost

    Thank god the Dodgers lost! Their fans are almost as bad as Raider fans....
  283. Carl

    sum fish fags (oh sorry, flags) - 8-16

    So the Reel Deal (aka Phatboat) cot sum fish today and then had a parade home with all the fags (oh sorry, flags) That is all, thanks
  284. Carl

    Opinion on fish flags

    Whattya think a) They're cool b) They are :gay: c ) :gay: With exceptions. Explain:
  285. Carl

    Who saluted me?

    On the 52 E. heading towards Klantee at 4:30 this pm.BTW you looked like a real :farmer:
  286. Carl

    but off La Jolla....

    Fished this A.M. with Phat Boat Jon. Left Dana Landing around 7.BTW sandwich girl is hhhhhot!Went to So. Kelp area of La Jolla to target Hali's.First drop instant snag,break it off re-tie ,instant snag!!! Break it off re-tie.Fuck this sucks I want to go home and sleep off my post follies...