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  1. slicklasers

    Open Seats This Weekend WP

    I would love to go!
  2. slicklasers

    Tuna thursday 8/27

    Catch your tuna first so you can use the belly for bait!
  3. slicklasers

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    I wish, anyone have an open seat?
  4. slicklasers

    Anybody seen these halibut days starting June 18th?

    Think later... like prime tuna time.... Big Salmon made a post spilling the beans...
  5. slicklasers

    MA1-3 Open for Bottomfish

    I'm gonna do the same thing... running the boat up from DesMoines to Pt Townsend on the 27th for shrimping in area 6 from the 28th-31st, then running on to Sekiu. Boat will stay there until mid july or so... let me know when you want to make the run (always good to have a buddy boat when you go...
  6. slicklasers

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    no more live bait is what they mean
  7. slicklasers

    Who is going? Westport tuna this Saturday

    Anyone have an open seat?
  8. slicklasers

    Selling Tuna

    Illegal to sell sport caught fish in Washington state.
  9. slicklasers

    Overnight tuna

    I would love to tag along on one of these overnighters, anyone got an extra seat? On another note, after hearing of people finding tuna all the way up to Canada, I am thinking about making a run up to Neah from DesMoines and trying to find some tuna up north...
  10. slicklasers

    family friendly fishing boat advice needed

    I have a bayliner 2452, it fishes 2-3 people and has room for 4 to sleep.
  11. slicklasers

    pelican 95 qt

    Sold for $200 and a pack of coors light... when and were?
  12. slicklasers

    pelican 95 qt

    Well, im a pelican whore(i litterally have dozens of pelican cases for my laser light show company), so it would only be fitting if i had a cooler to match... would you take $200 for it?
  13. slicklasers

    Bananas were on board.

    I just bought a complete factory rebuilt outdrive from Tacoma Marine Repair and they had it to me the next day...
  14. slicklasers

    free natural gas dryer

    I'd love to take it off your hands...
  15. slicklasers

    More shrimps

    I'll be there both days... bringing the boat back from Sekiu this sunday and then to the canal for Tuesday and Wednesday.
  16. slicklasers

    GW Shark or Salmon Shark

    we saw that same fin out at swiftsure over the weekend...
  17. slicklasers

    Garmin radio and other stuff

    PM incoming on EPIRB
  18. slicklasers

    F'ing chipmunk

    410 shotgun with 3inch shells of #5... that way you know you got it...
  19. slicklasers

    Best Jump Start Power Pack

    I picked up this one last year and it is amazing, my Yukon battery was dead, and I mean no life, truck sat for 9 months with a dead battery. Then on a snowy day this last winter, I had to move the truck and figured I was gonna have to buy a new battery first, but tried this jump pack and it...
  20. slicklasers

    Rent or borrow a trailer to swap outdrive

    Thank you for the offer, that would be amazing, because it appears that my timeline didn't work out the way I wanted. If you were serious about letting me borrow it, let me know when it's available... I'm sure it will be a quick job, the outdrive has been off and gone though every year for the...
  21. slicklasers

    SEAL / Tuna? boat

    2600 gallons of fuel to go 500 miles, wowza, that's 5.2gallons per mile and you're out of that 2600 gallons in a little over 7.5 hours... that seems a bit pricy for 4 or 5 tuna trips... lol
  22. slicklasers

    Rent or borrow a trailer to swap outdrive

    Boat trailer... one that could fit a 24ft bayliner....
  23. slicklasers

    Rent or borrow a trailer to swap outdrive

    Does anyone happen to have a trailer i could rent or borrow for a few hours this weekend or early next week? I have a new outdrive i need to put on my boat and it should only take a couple hours...
  24. slicklasers

    4 new shrimp pots

    I'll take 2 of them, any chance you might be heading anywhere near southcenter?
  25. slicklasers

    8lbs 9oz Fisher....

    On the morning of March 3, 2019 my Wife gave me a new fishing buddy! His name is Fisher Maverick, and he is doing amazing! My wife is being overly protective and telling me I can't take him out halibut fishing this year... I keep on arguing with her, that with our Tanacom's he can catch his own...
  26. slicklasers

    Business opportunity

    I design and build laser systems along with many other event production equipment... im always up for working on new projects ... pm me....
  27. slicklasers

    Shore fishing advise for Tamarindo CR

    So I am going to be visiting Tamarindo the first week of 2019 and was hoping to find out what type of shore fishing is available in the area and what I should bring. Thanks, Rick
  28. slicklasers

    Visiting a Foreign Country - Quick Question

    My parents just picked up a pair of these to help with communicating with the locals down in Panama...
  29. slicklasers

    Puget Sound Coho Reports

    Limited in area 11 past 2 days at 3 tree point.
  30. slicklasers

    Easy limits this morning

    Got a 9lb and 12lb off 3 tree point today... first at 70ft on the wire, 2nd at 40ft. Coyote 4.0 green/white glow with a little hoochie got em.
  31. slicklasers

    Guess what fish

  32. slicklasers

    Open Seat for Overnighter

    PM sent....
  33. slicklasers

    Overnight Tuna Float

    I would love to go, but that run from desmoines marina is too much fuel for me... anyone have an open seat?
  34. slicklasers

    Hood Canal shrimp fishery to open for two more days

    They live 4-11 years. They spend their first few years as males, sexually mature by 2 or 3 years then reproduce as males one time before they change sexes to female around 3-4 years and reproduce the rest of their lives as females.
  35. slicklasers

    Hood Canal shrimp fishery to open for two more days

    Zero eggs on any of our shrimp, we barely got limits for 2 by 4pm. Looked like shrimp apocalypse outside of pleasant harbor with pots every 50ft or so. Mix of size from med to large, but no XL ones. Ended up loosing a brand new pot due to the clip coming undone at 50ft, so no more clips for this...
  36. slicklasers


    I have a Quad300 I could loan you. Send me a PM.
  37. slicklasers

    Tuna, Blind run

    I would love to get in on that action... anyone doing an overnight with an open seat?
  38. slicklasers

    Tuna Tuesday...

    I wish...
  39. slicklasers

    Just get out there.....

    120gal, 200mile range, probably too early in the season for a reasonable run from Neah…
  40. slicklasers

    Just get out there.....

    Think they will be in reach of neah bay by this weekend?
  41. slicklasers

    WTB utility trailer 4x8 or 5x10

    I have one that might work for you... send me a PM. Rick
  42. slicklasers

    Halibut season, huge Lings, and a State Record Arrowtooth Flounder

    I installed a new motor into my boat this spring and motored up to Mason's Olsen's Resort in Sekiu for the Halibut season. On the 21st I brought Mike, a long time friend fishing. We took the 2+ hour trip to the fishing grounds and set down a couple of jumbo squid on spreader bars in 500ft of...
  43. slicklasers

    CQ Thursday ??

    If you want limits, go out of Neah Bay....
  44. slicklasers

    Motoring north

    We are taking our 24 ft up to the Broughton's this summer, and going up to Ketchikan in it next year.
  45. slicklasers

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    I spoke with a tribal fisherman a few weeks back and he told me that they won't go after crab this year, and the reason was the past couple years it was common practice to run 500 traps when they were only supposed to have 100, so they are pretty wiped out. He said they were gonna focus in...
  46. slicklasers

    Big Balling The Shrimp

    I missed it too... but not by choice. My mechanic told me my engine swap was going to take 3 days so I pulled the boat out mid March. Boat is still dry docked and I just fired him Friday after his 7th no-show, no-call. I'm going to finish the boat myself this week and give area 4 and 5 a try...
  47. slicklasers

    Blowing Out Inventory

    I'll take that squall and the jigging tiger stick... where do we meet up?
  48. slicklasers

    Cleaning my garage, free stuff part 2

    I'll take the crab rings...
  49. slicklasers

    Navionics Chip All U.S. and Canada

    Ok, I think we need to meet up then... You available this week?
  50. slicklasers

    Navionics Chip All U.S. and Canada

    I'm interested in it... Does it include the inside passage?
  51. slicklasers

    Anchor rode and chain

    Thanks Steve! I'll hit you up next week.
  52. slicklasers

    Anchor rode and chain

    I'll take it!
  53. slicklasers

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    Chill out, fishing is like gold mining, everyone likes to show off their catches, but they are not going to give you the exact spot so you can raid their goldmine. Put in some time like the rest of us and you'll fimd them, bottom fish arent like tuna, generally the fish are at almost all rock...
  54. slicklasers

    Rod Holders for Electric Reels?

    I almost learned the hard way last year, I hung up in a high current and it ripped the rod and holder off the boat and rod went swimming, some how the power plug held it in place and my first mate was quick enough grabbing the cord and pulled it back onboard. Now all rods are tethered to the...
  55. slicklasers

    Place to hold fish in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen?

    Does anyone know of a place that will freeze your fish and store it for you in Cancun or Playa del Carmen? We are going out fishing but at the beginning of our trip and would like to take some back home with us. Thanks for any information.
  56. slicklasers

    not a 31' silver streak but ...

    Thinking about trading in your Duck for this beauty??? lol
  57. slicklasers

    Westport boat ride time...

    Such BS, they closed the bar and wouldn't let me out. I just wanted some seabass and sand dabs...
  58. slicklasers

    12/15 crab run

    Ran from desmoines up to appletree point and soaked the pots there. Lots of commercial pots, we ended up with 5 dungeness and 7 rock for our efforts. Couldn't have asked for calmer water, and we ended up running home in snow all the way from Kingston back to desmoines.
  59. slicklasers

    Tandem trailer for sale

    What is the max weight on that thing? Will it fit a 24ft?
  60. slicklasers


    Got about 6lbs yesterday just south of Redondo in about 50ft of water. If I could have stayed on top of them I would have limited out. A lot of really big squid, some topping out over 12inches.
  61. slicklasers

    Costa Rica?

    Hit up Mark Coleman, he just opened up Pelagic Pursuits down there.
  62. slicklasers

    Razors - Nov 3-5

    I'm going on sunday for the first time ever, so any chance I could get pointed in the right direction on which whould be better, Long Beach, Twin Harbors, or Mocrocks?
  63. slicklasers

    Safety - Extinguisher Recall

    134 models from 1973 through 2017, pretty big recall there....
  64. slicklasers

    It’s over.....

    Tuesday sounds dreamy! Who is down for the late season action?
  65. slicklasers

    It’s over.....

    If anyone decides to go, let me know, I'm willing to spend some $$$ for the adventure!
  66. slicklasers

    The fat lady?

    I like where your head is at, head down with live bait from Ilwaco, stack some fish and come back and end the season with a bang! Keep me in mind if you decide to try it. I've got jerry can's if ya wanted to do an overnight like those crazy Canadians!
  67. slicklasers

    The fat lady?

    How do I get ahold of them?
  68. slicklasers

    The fat lady?

    I don't know but if you have an open seat I'd love to go scout with ya...
  69. slicklasers


    Got the boat moored at DesMoines so I don't have to launch.
  70. slicklasers


    Went out last night and tried to fish Redondo but it was elbow to elbow with no room for even the people who were already there, so I then decided to hit up DesMoines and it was slow. Got 1 squid in a little over an hour and didn't see much being caught, so I left. Gonna get the lights setup on...
  71. slicklasers

    Final Westport boat ride

    Lol, hit me up when you head out again too!
  72. slicklasers

    Final Westport boat ride

    It was a beautiful day for a boat ride! Miles of Dolphins was an amazing site and those Humpback wales are always awesome to watch, just wish the tuna would have made an appearance. Thanks again to Captain Steve for getting us out and back safely from our all day Dolphin and whale watching...
  73. slicklasers

    Another Open Seat 10/7

    I am. Let me know!
  74. slicklasers

    Stinky clothes

    Always had luck with putting in a bucket of hot water and oxy clean for 24 hours then washing (alone) with little bigger batch of laundry soap and a cup of oxy clean.
  75. slicklasers

    Hit and miss tuna trip.

    I seem to always have 3-4 days off in a row, and also am addicted to fishing, so if you want to add me to the list that have come on one of your trips, let me know!
  76. slicklasers

    ..........Looking to purchase fresh tuna...........

    What Goat said, Or go to float 8 at Westport and check there...
  77. slicklasers

    Open Seat WP Tuna Saturday

    Pending his approval...
  78. slicklasers

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    I'm here begging for a ride too! Anyone got one seat open for sunday, or any time next week? I am experienced, have my own gear and $$$...
  79. slicklasers

    Open seat Westport tuna Saturday 9/23

    I wish I could go Saturday, I'll be working in Eugene till 1030pm Saturday night, but can go Sunday or any day next week if you are going any of those days... I have $$$ for gas, bait and ice, as well as all my own gear.
  80. slicklasers

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    If anyone has a spot on Sunday I'd love to go....
  81. slicklasers

    Saturday TUNA Run ??

    If anyone has an extra seat, I have $$$ for gas, bait and have all my own gear... I would love to get out and put some hurt on em...
  82. slicklasers

    Overnight Tuna Run

    Do us all a favor and pull it out or sink it next time you see it. Lol
  83. slicklasers

    Overnight Tuna Run

    I might be in.... let me see if I can get the new engine installed by then...
  84. slicklasers

    West Port Tuna 8-15 and 8-16

    Yes, usually on weekdays.
  85. slicklasers

    Product testers wanted

    pm sent
  86. slicklasers

    West Port Tuna 8-15 and 8-16

    Any chance you might have room for one more guy? I come with experience, $$$, all my owngear, and a great additude!
  87. slicklasers

    4 Open Seats on 8/20 with All Rivers

    Well I guess that all the spots got filled by the All Rivers team and so I lost my seat on the trip. If anyone has an open seat to fill from the 15th, until around the 25th, please let me know. I was really looking forward to this trip and I turned down a Laser Gig on Saturday the 19th so I...
  88. slicklasers

    moving sale....

    I'll take the scotty mounts, i'm right by you in Tukwila... pm coming
  89. slicklasers

    4 Open Seats on 8/20 with All Rivers

    I think I might have to put dibs on one of those seats... Count me in!
  90. slicklasers

    Open seat tuna tomorrow

    I would soooo be all over this if I didn't have to drive to Montana tonight, if you happen to have an open seat next week I would love to come. Have all my own gear and pay my part.
  91. slicklasers


    I was only asking because while at the cleaning station at Olsen's Resort I overheard several people this year saying that's what they do and it seemed shady to me.
  92. slicklasers


    Does it count if you tail wrap it and let it swim around tied to your cleat? Or is it considered you keeping it if you bring it over the rail? What they did was wrong, throwing back dead fish, but if it's healthy, still swimming, never brought into the boat, is it ok to swap it out with a larger...
  93. slicklasers

    Open seat

    I would love to fill that seat.
  94. slicklasers

    Ketchikan Charter Recommendations

    I have a friend who owns Ketchikan Charters, try him out. (907)821-1460
  95. slicklasers

    Thursday/Friday overnighter

    Would love to take a seat on an overnight trip if anyone has one open. I don't think I'm gonna be able to bring my new boat out to Westport this year since it's moored in DesMoines without a trailer, but I really want to go tuna fishing. So anyone with an open seat during the week, please think...
  96. slicklasers

    Anyone else eyeballing a Saturday tuna run?

    Any chance you might have an extra spot on sunday?
  97. slicklasers

    Rare last minute open tuna seats

    ARGH!!! Why couldn't it be Sunday!!!! I've got a gig Saturday night I can't miss...
  98. slicklasers

    Possible seat or two Sunday

    I would love to take one of those seats if it's available... What time are you guys leaving?
  99. slicklasers

    White king

    I caught a white one a few years back, tasted great!
  100. slicklasers

    Ace Line Hauler

    Sold! Thanks Fog Ducker! Gonna put it to use this weekend, since I haven't had any luck in the 50-100ft range I am gonna try the 100-200ft range with this new puller.
  101. slicklasers

    Westport roll call this weekend

    Would love to go but won't be able to bring the boat all the way over till July... anyone with an open seat?
  102. slicklasers

    Shrimp Gear

    Looks like i'm getting an Ace puller so will have to bow out of this offer...
  103. slicklasers

    Ace Line Hauler

    I'll take it!
  104. slicklasers

    Area 11 Crab

    Do you guys think that maybe they are just a lot deeper than any of us are fishing right now? Maybe it's just really early in the season and they haven't come up to the shallows yet?
  105. slicklasers

    Shrimp Gear

    Sounds like a great deal, I do want, but spent way too much on this last halibut season so funds are tight until July. If it's still available after July 8th, i'll take it.
  106. slicklasers

    Ace Line Hauler

    That thing is expensive, do you have one you are selling by chance?
  107. slicklasers

    Ace Line Hauler

    I'll take it if he bails
  108. slicklasers

    Descending devices

    Does it count if It's clipped to the weight and we just hook it up to our Tanacom when we need it, or should we have the downrigger rigged with it?
  109. slicklasers

    Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 2

    If it falls through I'll buy it and come and pick it up wherever you are...
  110. slicklasers

    Who is going Sunday?

    I'll be out at Sekiu again, Thursday was slow on the inside, did scratch out an 18lb Halibut along with a couple true cod, a nice 20lb ling and a skate,(not bad for solo fishing), but it took all day long. Going to make the run outside on sunday.
  111. slicklasers

    Used Pursuit 3480 Drummon Island For Sale

    How about a trade for bunch of really cool laser shows??? lol.... had to try
  112. slicklasers


    Running out of sekiu, but fishing sw corner. See ya out there!
  113. slicklasers

    Brothers in Arms

    Good job guys, we went out of Sekiu on Thursday down to Pillar Point from sun up til 2pm, then tried our luck at Neah till 7pm and went back to port with one Pacific Cod, tried Saturday out at Swiftsure all day with no luck either. Going to try again on Thursday, we've got the boat moored at...
  114. slicklasers


    Sekiu, with the old lady, and Grasshopper, heading up from DesMoines Tuesday.
  115. slicklasers

    Ace Pot Puller

    I have cash for it right now if anyone b4 me doesn't take it.
  116. slicklasers


    wanna trade for a big ass laser display for your next tradeshow?
  117. slicklasers

    Sea bass recipes

    Salt and pepper fish, place in greased casserole dish, bake at 475 for 6 minutes, mix 1 cup mayo, a bunch of chopped green onions, 1 diced jalapeño, 2tblspn of butter, a cup of shredded parmigiano, and Sriracha to taste. Pull fish out and spread mixture over fish, place back in oven for...
  118. slicklasers

    2006 Yamaha 9.9 Hi-Thrust Extra long shaft

    Not everyone else can afford the expensive boats, bayliner gives us common folk an affordable way to fish...
  119. slicklasers

    2006 Yamaha 9.9 Hi-Thrust Extra long shaft

    Don't get your hopes up guys, it's mine, just waiting for a check to clear since I spent so much on my new boat... that being said, my old boat will be for sale here very soon. It's a 1993 Bayliner Trophy Alaskan Cabin with a 3.0L mercruiser with an alpha one gen2 outdrive. It's an awesome boat...
  120. slicklasers

    2006 Yamaha 9.9 Hi-Thrust Extra long shaft

    I'm 100% in for the motor, I just have to wait for a check to come... it should be here by the 16th... Also for those interested in a special Valentines Day gift for your sweetheart, you can always put up a message to her in lasers on the Space Needle... I'll be doing the lasers and all proceeds...
  121. slicklasers

    2006 Yamaha 9.9 Hi-Thrust Extra long shaft

    I need this as a kicker for my new boat, but won't have the $$$ until after Valentines day... If you can hold it til sometime around the 16th, i'll take it.
  122. slicklasers

    Lead Pour/Fundraiser in south end

    Much better deal there, I thought it was closer to a buck a pound so thought that was a good deal... Do you have a link or phone number to your .60 a pound? I'd like to get at least a couple hundred pounds at that price.
  123. slicklasers

    24ft trailer needed to rent for a few days

    Thank you very much Chtucker for the kind, unrequited offer to help me out, I really appreciate it. I just ran over to my pop's house to check on everything while they are at their Panama house, and also checked out his truck while I was there. Bad news, it isn't rated at 10k, it's the smaller...
  124. slicklasers

    Lead Pour/Fundraiser in south end Lead at $.90 per pound
  125. slicklasers

    24ft trailer needed to rent for a few days

    I totally understand the trailer owner requiring a heavier towing capacity vehicle, it's his trailer and I'm asking to rent it. That being said, I can use my Fathers Toyota Tundra, it can tow 10,400lbs. I appreciate the offers for help with towing with your larger rigs, but if Chtucker will rent...
  126. slicklasers

    24ft trailer needed to rent for a few days

    I have my pop's Toyota Tundra pickup I could use, but I am not sure if it can tow more than mine. The boat is 4625lbs plus 2100lbs trailer, so should be under 7000lbs, which is just under the 7800 tow capacity. My last boat weighed just a few hundred lbs less; I drug it to Westport, LaPush...
  127. slicklasers

    24ft trailer needed to rent for a few days

    I have a Yukon Denali that can tow 7800lbs... boat weighs 4600lbs. I'm always up for a trade :)
  128. slicklasers

    24ft trailer needed to rent for a few days

    So I just picked up a new boat (Bayliner 2452), but it didn't come with a trailer and I need to pull it out to service the outdrive, change the zincs, put larger trim tabs on and clean up the bottom. The boat is at DesMoines Marina, I have a truck that can pull it, and I live a few miles away in...
  129. slicklasers

    Smith and Wesson 686 w/6" barrel (Pre-Lock) .357

    I had to check my night stand to see if mine was still in there, lol. I have the same exact gun, Hogue grips and all!
  130. slicklasers

    Time share week

    How much?
  131. slicklasers

    Wooden Spools

    My goats would love these, where in Snohomish?
  132. slicklasers

    frozen fish learnings

    I have noticed that at least on bottomfish, cutting away the brownish parts that are on the skin side helps with that "fishy" taste. But don't throw away fish if they smell a little fishy, you can rinse/soak them in vinegar and it usually helps.
  133. slicklasers

    Full Breed Siberian Husky's (3) for $600

    We added puppy #3 to our family, she is adorable and fitting in nicely. It was a hard choice because they are all so cute.
  134. slicklasers

    Alki Squid tonight? (Fri)

    we found most of ours within 20ft of the bottom in 50-100ft
  135. slicklasers

    Alki Squid tonight? (Fri)

    I took the old man out tonight started around 4:30pm, headed home at 10:30pm with 19lbs between the 2 of us.
  136. slicklasers

    Back at it...the TUNA season continues with ease!!!

    figured there must be some error on that website, it was saying we had 61degree water all the way in close....
  137. slicklasers

    Back at it...the TUNA season continues with ease!!!

    Is it over or do we have a chance at a late season? I tried looking at and I'm confused now.....
  138. slicklasers

    Monday TUNA Quest

    That Sparky was me. Seemed like everyone that said they would share info was silent. Went out Sunday with a friend and we ran up to numbers given by Mark, a little NW and had no luck, trolled south east and ran into some people on fish, but it right as it was time to head in so we went in...
  139. slicklasers

    Monday TUNA Run in Kodak

    We are out here and gonna hit it early, fishin sparky on 68
  140. slicklasers

    Thursday tuna run?

    Where you starting?
  141. slicklasers

    Thursday tuna run?

    Sunday and monday we are locked and loaded… who else and what channel will you be on?
  142. slicklasers

    Thursday tuna run?

    Saturday and Sunday is the new plan....
  143. slicklasers

    Thursday tuna run?

    That afternoon weather has me rethinking about tomorrow… anyone else going or would I be alone out there?
  144. slicklasers

    Thursday tuna run?

    Anyone else thinking about thursday? We are all packed and ready...
  145. slicklasers

    Sunday tuna?

    My boat should be fixed tomorrow, so my plan is to take it for a test run on the sound by Friday, and if everything is working right, then I'll be down for Saturday or Sunday...
  146. slicklasers

    Wednesday (14 Sept) Roll Call...

    I'm trying to get out this year, just spent almost $2k on a top end rebuild and my timing gear fell apart on me on it's test run. I have a new one here, just waiting for the mechanic to be able to install it… looking like it won't be done until next week, so if anyone has an extra spot to fill...
  147. slicklasers

    2 seats tomorrow. Tuna. Westport

    Any chance there might be a spot open tomorrow?
  148. slicklasers

    Overnight Tuna Who's Coming?

    I'm in then as long as work doesn't stop me
  149. slicklasers

    Overnight Tuna Who's Coming?

    Sounds like fun, how far do you think we need to be able to go? I have about a 200 mile range or so on my boat….
  150. slicklasers

    Two free 55 gallon aluminium fuel tanks

    Thanks, keep me informed…
  151. slicklasers

    Two free 55 gallon aluminium fuel tanks

    If they are still available I'll take both...
  152. slicklasers

    Heading for tuna 20 July

    Hoping to get the boat fixed this weekend so I can head out next week…
  153. slicklasers

    Open Seat Tuna Friday 22 Jul

    I want to go!!! Have experience, gear and $$$ for my part….
  154. slicklasers

    Free (broken) 25kw water cooler Generac generator

    If Kend doesn't take it I will.
  155. slicklasers

    Almost Hali time

    I went out 7 days this year and got 5 punches on my card, fiancé came out with me 3 times and got her 3 punches, took out 2 other friends a couple of days and got them both into a couple of chickens too. This last week we went to PA on Thursday and got skunked, so we decided to change it up and...
  156. slicklasers

    Sea qualizer

    I would love you to bring one for me. I will be in LaPush on Thursday morning and can come in to pick it up at noon if you have one for me..
  157. slicklasers

    Sea qualizer

    I really could use one of those, I am close to Renton… Going to LaPush Thursday and would rather use one of these than my upside down lead head…
  158. slicklasers

    ***FREE*** Descender Devices!

    We would love to get one from you. Where are you going to be out of tomorrow?
  159. slicklasers

    Neah bay

    It is closed from May 9th through labor day. Go get em while you can! Page 107 of the regs, "20 fathom restriction (bottom fish) May 9 through Labor Day : Fishing is prohibited seaward of a line approximating 20 fathoms from the Bonilla-Tatoosh line south to the Queets River"… We aren't at May...
  160. slicklasers

    Neah bay

    Pretty sure I'll be out of LaPush this weekend… Here's a little pic of what we got last thursday at the rock pile...
  161. slicklasers

    Tuna Run Wednesday 10/21

    I'm thinking thursday or friday for me, but friday is looking the more likely of the 2 since I have a friend I promised to take out who can only go on friday.
  162. slicklasers

    Tuna Friday?

    We tried throwing bait at the troll stops, but nothing but sharks came for it.
  163. slicklasers

    Tuna Friday?

    Yea, made it out friday, long run 62 miles a little lumpy on the way out, and with my little motor we were lucky to hit 15knots. We trolled around for a while with no takers, then decided to try live bait and iron with nothing other than a 4 1/2ft and 6 1/2ft Blue Shark. So at 2pm we decided to...
  164. slicklasers

    Last 2015 trip

    I'm thinking about it, but we are going to head out of Westport, still trying to decide between tuna and ling… What numbers you going to try out?
  165. slicklasers

    Westport tuna...any season left?

    Tomorrow looks like it will be pretty nice out there, 3ft at 13seconds… I'm taking the old man down to Westport tomorrow and we are trying to decide between tuna or the last chance at lings…
  166. slicklasers

    Tuna Friday?

    So anyone looking at that bit of warm water that moved in a little bit thinking about going tomorrow? I'm going to grab the old man and head to Westport to get some fishing in one way or the other, (if not tuna, last chance at lings) so who else is going and for what?
  167. slicklasers

    Tuna Friday?

    Anyone else considering a late season run??? Friday looks like it might be the day…
  168. slicklasers

    Kodak Monday Tuna run

    Going for sure, gonna bring the old man out with me this time :)
  169. slicklasers

    Awesome Tuna fishing thursday 10-1

    I have a little 21 trophy with the Alaskan cabin...
  170. slicklasers

    Awesome Tuna fishing thursday 10-1

    That was me that the coast guard ran up on, I was confused myself and asked if the bar was closed, but as they approached they said, "No, bar's open, we thought you didn't have your running lights on but we see they are, sorry." It seems a little strange to me since I changed that bulb out to...
  171. slicklasers

    Kodak Monday Tuna run

    I'm thinking about it…
  172. slicklasers

    Tuna Thursday, who's going?

    We are heading out down in a few hours to try to scratch out some… What channel will you be on? I was thinking about heading straight out, but might follow your lead to the 27/00.
  173. slicklasers

    So it looks like I will get out for a tuna trip this Saturday...

    I haven't had the chance to go out yet this year, so it's about time. Me and the Mrs. are going to make a run out in the AM… What channel will you guys be on?
  174. slicklasers

    Warm Water

    Hopefully I'll be making my first tuna trip in a little over a week. Boat is in the shop and should be ready to go by next monday.
  175. slicklasers

    Reliable Kill Bag 48x20 $160 OBO

    It's sold, just waiting for him to get back from his fishing trip to make the payment.
  176. slicklasers

    2014 Bloody Beaches

    Where were you at? I was thinking about going somewhere by DesMoines….
  177. slicklasers

    Reliable Kill Bag 48x20 $160 OBO

    I would like to take that off your hands please….
  178. slicklasers

    Skunked on 1st WA tuna run

    Weather looks good for friday, anyone else thinking about heading out for some alberts?
  179. slicklasers

    Westport Tuna - Sat 9/13

    Friday is looking good for me if you change your mind on date.
  180. slicklasers

    Tuna Friday, question on sliding in to birds and jumpers

    I am planning on heading out on friday as well, let me know what channel you will be on…
  181. slicklasers

    Skunked on 1st WA tuna run

    My first trip of the year we only brought home 4, lost the same as we brought in, but it's called fishing, not catching. Half the fun is the chase!!! Get back out there and get some!!! Let me know when you are and I'll see if I can head out with ya as a buddy boat and hopefully with 2 of us we...
  182. slicklasers

    Well, there is a first time for everything.

    What? Tuna carcass is the BEST bait ever… on a 4 hour soak, there was no way any more crabs could have gotten in, and riders on top too….
  183. slicklasers

    Wp tuna

    Normally she would be my fishing partner out there, but since she is a little over 7 months pregnant it's not a good idea. She said it would be fine if I had someone to go with, so she is a keeper, just didn't want me out there all alone if something were to go wrong...
  184. slicklasers

    Wp tuna

    The fiancee refuses to let me go out alone so I guess I have to wait till next week when I have someone that can come with me. :(
  185. slicklasers

    Wp tuna

    I'm thinking about heading out tomorrow morning for some tuna action… who all is going? I think I'll be solo on this trip and would love to have a buddy boat at least on the radio, my boat can't keep up with the fleet, it tops out at around 22knots :(
  186. slicklasers

    Caught fish and kept the big ones too...

    Seems like they might have learned their lesson...
  187. slicklasers

    Caught fish, wish I could have kept the big ones...

    The bottom line is that #1, I should not have had to argue with the captain about keeping the fish. #2, If I needed or wanted to sit down that should have been my choice. #3, It was a PRIVATE CHARTER, NOT A SHARED BOAT, I PAID FOR THE PRIVATE SO I WOULDNT HAVE TO SHARE ANY OF THE CATCH< THAT'S...
  188. slicklasers

    Caught fish, wish I could have kept the big ones...

    Ok, so just sit in the chair, Tried that and the deckhand grabbed me by scruff of my shirt and pulled me up and pushed me to the back of the boat. I tried. Trust me, that's how I fish since I broke my right wrist 5 years ago and it didn't heal right. I use my legs and arms to fight the fish, the...
  189. slicklasers

    Caught fish, wish I could have kept the big ones...

    I did say I wanted to keep all my fish multiple times. As for the boat being smaller than advertised, when I was at the dock talking to Capt Deli and arranging the trip, he told me that the whole fleet were 42ft bertram sport fishers with fighting chairs. As a matter of fact, there was a chair...
  190. slicklasers

    Caught fish, wish I could have kept the big ones...

    I wasn't saying it was the same boat, just saying it was around the same size, NOT THE 42ft advertised. I'm sure that if you ordered Lobster you wouldn't be happy if they brought you a Prawn. We are talking about a 10ft boat size difference, and a blackfin 32 is worth at most $50k and a Bertram...
  191. slicklasers

    Caught fish, wish I could have kept the big ones...

    Ok, so the deckhand was paid $90 from the company to work for 16 hours, how is that my fault? I am not the one who set his hourly pay at $5.65/hour. I'm sure you guys could have purchased live bait rather than spend an extra 7 hours to catch 20 baitfish. I paid $1100 for a 9 hour trip, that's...
  192. slicklasers

    Caught fish, wish I could have kept the big ones...

    So after a lot of saving up $$$ and lots of research I decided to pull the trigger and book a private charter rather than a shared fishing trip out of Maui for my vacation. It was clear to me that I wanted to book a charter that got me to the fishing buoys at sunrise so I went with the Start Me...
  193. slicklasers

    TUNA at Ilwaco!

    When are you going?
  194. slicklasers

    TUNA at Ilwaco!

    Is this for real? This early? If so I guess I'll head out when I get back from Maui on the 10th… Who else is going?
  195. slicklasers

    Looking for charter / share - Maui - June 3-8

    I'm really wanting to go for the whole day, from what I've heard you don't catch the big ones unless you go out for the whole day…
  196. slicklasers

    Looking for charter / share - Maui - June 3-8

    I'm gonna be there that same time looking for a charter, thinking about the "start me up" but don't want to be on a full boat. It's just me and my pregnant girlfriend, wanna go up on renting the boat for a day?
  197. slicklasers

    Lingcod Area 9

    Agreed, no pics and it's just a story, so here is a pic of mine when I got home… While filleting him there was something big in it's stomach poking out on both sides so when I finished I opened him up to see what was in his belly and it was a 10 inch cabezon with his spines poking through the...
  198. slicklasers

    Lingcod Area 9

    Decided to try to put some white meat on the table this afternoon so I called up my friend Duck and convinced him to get off work a little early to join me in jerkin some lures. We launched out of Mukilteo and headed up to the rockpile by Admiralty Head and hit a few spots on the way to see if...
  199. slicklasers

    Kayak guys had an epic Halibut opener!

    That is EPIC!!! Must have been one hell of a battle on that thing!