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    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Instead of feeding the seagulls with your leftover bait, fertilize their lawn on your way home.
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    San Diego Bay shutting down

    SWYC aren’t letting boats leave their slips?
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    $80 spinning reel recommendations

    Thanks guys!
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    $80 spinning reel recommendations

    Looking for a cheap 30-40lb rated spinner in the $80 range that the guests and father in law can use on the boat, that won’t make me cry when it goes overboard. Thanks!
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    Get it right fellas its the Wuhan China "Kung Flu!"
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    WTB Tiagra 50w or 80w

    Looking for used but not abused 50w or 80w....can do paypal or local pickup in SD or Inland Empire Thanks for your time
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    For Sale Dock Float with platform

    Not a pallet it is pressure/chemical treated lumber to prevent rot that is framed up to form a can easily hold hundreds of lbs.
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    For Sale Dock Float with platform

    Float and platform to extend dock storage or keep your dinghy out of the water etc. PM me for more pics or info.....asking $400
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    Below-Deck Helium Tank Install

    Post pics when you finish your install!
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    best San Diego saltwater tackle shop

    Anglers choice does have a nice selection just dont trip and fall over all the stuff laying around and break your neck........Squidco and Charkbait for the most friendly and best customer service
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    SOLD Nice sleeper couch up for grabs! Cheap!!!!

    Darn.....first glance I thought the post said "Nice sleeper couch full of crabs"
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    Suggestions for lures for So Cal

    A lot of tackle shops sell "lure kits"
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    Navionics app update/new app

    I do remeber that BS they pulled a year or so ago......I just opened mine and it did do some kind of download update thing but it did not prompt me to download a different app. The appearance of the app and the contents when opened have changed since I last used it though.
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    Good Deals At Turners

    Make sure if you buy the HXJ Raptor you check it out good. I bought a silver HXJ Raptor on sale at the Victimville Turners a few months that was on "sale". Got the reel home afterword’s and was playing with it, then found out it wouldn’t free spool and in the freespool positon if the handle...
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    Who makes the largest floating stick bait

    Look into the Japanese tackle market
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    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    At least they aren’t requiring lobster report cards yet.....All of my biggest bugs have come from the North Island!
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    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    I can't wait for the SI launch ramp to reopen! Wait yes I can!
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    WTF to do with your illegal straws now?

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    CBDs in Mexico?

    Just keister it the entire time and you should be good to go
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    How to Fight & Land a GIANT Bluefin

    Dave might be a good idea to make sure the rod holder can handle 30+lbs of drag for 20-30 min. I can just see some dudes in there 1983 Bayliner Trophy hooking up and ripping the entire holder out. Or add backing plates etc.
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    How to Fight & Land a GIANT Bluefin

    Most awesome!
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    Barracuda Mim size question

    Can I use a legal for bait?
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    New Youtube Video--Bluefin on the kite

    Try to watch his stuff and learn maybe? :frehya2:
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    New Youtube Video--Bluefin on the kite

    Billy has bagged a ton of big bluefin on the kite.....I dont know him but he seems super nice and helpful.
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    Flat fall - Shimano factory hook replacement

    This is a cool "how to"
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    WTB Shimano Tiagra 50W-LRS

    Looking for mechanically sound reel.....Some scratches/rash are ok PM me if your looking to off load one Thanks
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    Where are you getting your helium tank filled in SD or OC?

    Dont think a "party city" tank can cut it when blowing up large balloons for kite fishing bro......I do like making my voice sound funny with them though.
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    How Many adding a #100 or a #130 rig this year.

    whats a centaur...?
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    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    Does the private boat have a microwave?....skies the limit then....I usually stock my fridge with all kinds of microwavable crap. If I want instant hook ups then I fire up the bbq and get it all full of food that usually instills the mayhem
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    Guidance on building out my quiver

    Seems like your "quiver" is G2G in my opinion...but I dont fish sportys. Fishing 30lb on the avet raptor sx is overkill you can get away with a standard avet for that.
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    There back, and I don't speak chinese...

    sweet trip!
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    Which travel tube for 3 Popping rods ?

    Oh wait sorry I'll be in the area of Shelter Island the weekend of 5/8
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    Which travel tube for 3 Popping rods ?

    When are you leaving? your welcome to borrow extends to 8' I think if needed and is about 6" in diameter plenty of room to "pad" the rods. I am in Japan right now but should be at the boat in Shelter Island the weekend after memorial me if interested buddy.
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    packing spectra on spinning reel

    Roger that thanks everyone.....I have one of those old berkley big game winders that I put spectra onto my big reels with. But I might just have a shop hook the spinning reel up for me.....being large and having the bail flipping around as well might be funky for me.
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    packing spectra on spinning reel

    Whats everyones technique for packing spectra onto a LARGE spinning reel for tuna? Thanks everyone!
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    Big Wind, Big Shoulder YT

    Nice fish! And I call BS on that cobra tandem costing 80 bucks at costco :)
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    Sabiki Mackeral Removal

    Who has figured out the best tool to de-hook those mackeral?
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    How did you last get Spooled?

    5 gallon bucket.....buddy clipped it to the troller and through it over the side when I wasn't looking.
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    Carpet install San Diego area?

    Ok sounds good guys....Thanks Erik for the price they charged that gives me at least a ballpark of what to expect to pay.
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    Carpet install San Diego area?

    Looking for someone to install new carpet in my salon any recommendations? Thanks!
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    I am Back......

    Great question
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    February skipjack?

    Or the skipjack button is right next to the sculpin, sand bass and sand dab button.........
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    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    There's a lot of negativity toward law enforcement on here and I am not a cop......Everyone is free to believe what they want about whether or not they are "on your side?" But when someone breaks into your house and rapes your dog and murders your wife who will you be calling? Your smelly ass...
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    quick hollow core question

    Don't forget the balloon knot!
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    Wish list fish.

    Kite caught triple digit BFT Opah Sword Wahoo on my own boat
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    Help finding those Rat Firecracker yellows?

    Whistler one rod dropper loop on the bottom and another rod with flylined bait with an egg sinker just to get it down off the very surface. Good luck
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    Yellows west of the Whistle bouy. 12/17

    I was with him.....a seal got most of it but what was leftover was 40lbs
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    That is a hell of a goal!! :hali_ruahahaha:
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    Solo Swordfish

    Fisherman of the year?
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    "The numbers for that spot are..."

    When fishing my buddy boats or tournament club team receive a special chart with grid's overlaying the normal Lat/Long. I construct them with "killbox and keypad" designations. If the fish are located in a certain sector it would be called out as "killbox F2, keypad 6" for example. Hope this...
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    Someone chime in, is this for real?

    Maybe he got lost and followed them here :D
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    Bluefin with Brandon Hayward who wants in?

    Where ya guys headed?!?!
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    Wow I didnt know they stuck it "and it swam away happy"........And the shirt hes wearing! Actually I kinda want that shirt
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    welding ring shops

    Is the MAPP gas torch different from a normal butane powered torch? I assume so is it hotter?
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    Avet Reel Question

    50w/3 Higher geared 3rd speed for picking up slack after a bite and just in case fish swims at the boat and super low 1st speed for winching them in to seal the deal.
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    What do I need to fish offshore mexico

    The best way (at least at night) to transit around the islands is to turn off ALL lights on your boat and firewall it till your through! That's what my grandpa did while evading Japanese patrols in his PT boat during WW2.
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    Classy Kelping - 7/26

    Damn your badass!
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    FLA boyz drag shark to death at high speed

    Florida! I'm shocked!
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    I scrape the barnacles off of the bottom of my dock and put it in the smoker.....very tasty!
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    Pacific Queen gets a few BFT on Kite, 1 over 200 pounds

    Also please do not disclose the galley menu. Thx
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    6\23 late and short report

    I feel the same way about Toyota Prius owners! WTF you guys think your better than me just because you have that "special sticker" that gets you into the carpool lane! Give me a break Prius drivers please just speed up instead of staring at that stupid instrument panel that shows how much your...
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    I'm trying to get from San Diego to Avalon this weekend but fuel costs are pricey can someone please give me a tow!
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    Tuff Coat Non-Skid Coating Give- Away

    Monique Savoy
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    Braided line of choice ?

    Threadlock for splicing and creating loops
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    Lure trolling speed

    Andrew have you seen this book before? I would highly recommend it for your style and fishing locale...
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    Round Two

    Please leave some for the rest of us! Good job!
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    Sat 6/3 @43/182 Ghost Town

    Cats need their food!
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    Saw some albies at the butterfly 05/29 -05/30

    "Oh look a boil!.....really where? Was it an albacore?
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    big bluefin

    Yes it looks like the lower end of the 371 like he said.
  70. Jr.

    WTB: Fillet Board

    Where did you find that material for that price? Thanks!
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    Tweeker Free Zone

    Worth a try different installations have different rules and maybe she can "sponsor" you and act as an escort....good luck buddy
  72. Jr.

    Tweeker Free Zone

    If your daughter is Navy she can access the base launch ramp by the dolphin pens next to liberty station......buddy of mine does that instead messing with the cluster at SI launch ramp. Does she know how to drive your rig and launch is the question? Good luck
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    Sea Lion Snatches Little Girl

    They shot Harambe for less!
  74. Jr.

    Taxman in the House

    People shouldn't swim in the ocean anyway because fish pee in it.
  75. Jr.

    What size/color flatfalls are working for the bluefin?

    Hey Ed not sure if you saw this in the "chit-chat" section but there's a lot of info on rigging as well Good luck buddy!
  76. Jr.

    Budget boat

    I saw something similar to that at the 43 last year!
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    Wsb and lots of them

    Yes let's BURN THE WITCH! I don't read that at all I see 3 people with 3 nice fish they said they had limits after 20 minutes meaning they were done with their take and continued catching a few after that not saying they kept them. I think this poor guy deserves a break from the BD California...
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    How to add pictures in posts

  79. Jr.

    Wsb and lots of them

    This is what happened the last time someone on my boat tried giving away our spot!!!
  80. Jr.

    San Diego bay

    If Johny Law wants to give you a ticket he will always find a reason.
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    Swordfish video 4/30/2017

    Saw 2 in one day last season and called a boat in on one of them since it was feeding and I didnt have anything to bait it with.... the guy that came in said it blew his "big bluefin" rig apart in 30 seconds lol......and I just noticed your boat......36' Hatt.! AWESOME!
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    Wtf 4ft calcutta gaff

    Turners Outdoors usually sells some at a bargain price....if not you can get some really sweet custom jobs by a few sellers here on BD
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    4/18 43 and Corner Run

    Thank you for the info and for making the run
  84. Jr.

    Prowler Just Decked A 106lb bft and recommendations This elaborates on Chucks pic a bit
  85. Jr.

    Quick 9 report 3/26

    Thanks for the report skipper
  86. Jr.

    Baby yellowtail lure

  87. Jr.

    Malihini Offshore 3/26

    And the cattle boat that set everyone up to do the same isn't?
  88. Jr.

    Long Beach Sport Fishing Rockfish Areas Spots

    Rockfish are gay
  89. Jr.

    whats this crap.....

  90. Jr.

    Tribute 1/28 Bluefin Tuna

    If a boat did get some I cant believe they haven't shared it on here LOL
  91. Jr.

    YFT all messed up this year

    Cat's have gotta eat to guys jeez
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    Heads Up, Huge So/Cal Naval Exercises thru 8/4

    I heard they are bringing their submarine!
  93. Jr.

    Oside/Cbad 8/4 YFT

    Very interesting Wade do you think the single on the flat fall is better than the 2 assists that come with it?
  94. Jr.

    Dana to 209 DICKHEAD report

    Nice 2nd post welcome to BD!
  95. Jr.

    Got one 8/3

    Good Job! Thanks for the report
  96. Jr.

    Dana to 181+dick move

    I like strippers on boats
  97. Jr.

    Seiners Unbelievably Suck! Exotics was Great

    I think we should just do away with cats!
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    Seaguar thread lock hollow

    I put a hollow spliced loop in 60lb a few days ago.....needle went in fast and easy with no problem at all I am very impressed.
  99. Jr.

    Heads Up, Huge So/Cal Naval Exercises thru 8/4

    Hopefully more like practice so some of the shitbird countries out there can expect more "visits" from us!
  100. Jr.

    Giant Bluefin just weighed in Oceanside 262 #

    Not sure if 3 guys pulled on it.....amazing either way!
  101. Jr.

    Outside the N-9

    This afternoon the North 9 and just outside 3-4 miles was going off with thousands of porpoise and birds.....highest water temp seen was 71.9 on the dytek temp gauge. Had a really good knock down on a small purple braid blackjack but came unbuttoned after a few minutes.....felt like a decent...
  102. Jr.

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    I fueled at Pearsons last year after MAW and took on diesel at $2.30 and 2 weeks ago I paid $2.60.
  103. Jr.

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    I hope its true I just ate the last of my wahoo from last year.
  104. Jr.

    240.2lb Cow BFT Report (US Waters)

    Nice job on the fish and also informing the USCG on your status....better safe than sorry.
  105. Jr.

    Name this fish $100 bet (video)

    Very clean cabin looks factory, is that an automotive/offroad lightbar on the top?
  106. Jr.

    Border Patrol seized boat & seal problems at islands

    Seals would be good dog food and chopped up smugglers would make perfect fertilizer.
  107. Jr.

    Bluefin Details Friday

    Poppers, orcas, kites.........and now I need some costas?!?!? Holy hell this year is getting demanding! Great report though very enjoyable read.
  108. Jr.

    BFT Taped out at 270lbs.

    The formula is F = G*((m sub 1*m sub 2)/r^2) where F=fork length and is the force of attraction between the two bodies, G is the "girth" constant, m sub 1 is the mass of the first object, m sub 2 is the mass of the second object and r is the distance between the centers of each object.
  109. Jr.

    Fish movin out!!

    My Uncle who works for the Mongolian Oceanographic Institute has also confirmed that by tomorrow evening all the fish will have moved on. It was fun while it lasted guys I guess everyone out there should get ready for lobster season!
  110. Jr.

    Tuna Grounds Tues & Wed (June 7/8)

    Great report any more pics of that boat?
  111. Jr.

    Boat Pressure on a Wednesday

    The fish aren't going to be there Saturday nobody should go out.
  112. Jr.

    Ever pull on the same fish twice?

    Yes....If you left a "good impression" the first time usually she lets you do it again.
  113. Jr.

    Is anyone fishing?

    Not fishing......laying in bed on boat hungover can someone please bring me some Advil?
  114. Jr.

    1928 Clarke Outboard

    Way cool!
  115. Jr.

    9 mile bank 5/21/16

    Nice report thank you
  116. Jr.

    Win Xtratuf Deck Boots

    Me and my fishing buddy
  117. Jr.

    How to add pictures in posts

  118. Jr.

    FMM... What's the scoop ? ? ?

    Yup clear as mud I know.........Freedom Fish taste better anyway I just wait till they show up in American waters!
  119. Jr.

    FMM... What's the scoop ? ? ?

    The Mexicans count the nados as part of the coast so its not just the mainland the line would have to start at N. Island and the 425 is 10 miles off of S. Island
  120. Jr.

    FMM... What's the scoop ? ? ?

    If you stay outside of the 32.25 line you wont need the FMM only mex. license and passport.
  121. Jr.

    Avet 50 sds/ WTB

    Found this on CL
  122. Jr.

    Manic BFT Monday

    What kind of iron did the big one shake off? Treble hook or did you have a big single hook on their? Great catch and thanks for posting!
  123. Jr.

    Chasing bluefin on New Seaforth PM 1/2 day 4-12

    Wheres the disgruntled report from the guy hanging fish before the 1/2 dayer showed up :D
  124. Jr.

    1/2 Day Boat Bluefin Tuna 4/11

    FD probably has first hand info
  125. Jr.

    Bluefin visual proof

    Ya man just kidding :) Where I'm at its 03:03 am in the morning April fools day
  126. Jr.

    Bluefin visual proof

    My plane got the latest pic
  127. Jr.

    Pacific Queen has limits of bluefin today.

    You can catch way more than two you just have to remember to throw back your previous smallest fish!
  128. Jr.

    Yellowtail tunas

    There's some really great places to get at some yellowtail tuna's around Vegas
  129. Jr.

    Top Gun on the Bluefin

    If you stay outside of the 32.25 line you wont need the FMM only mex. license and passport.
  130. Jr.

    50lb Bluefin caught on Pacific Queen

    Where did this info come from just curious?
  131. Jr.

    WTB dock box

    I would really like one of the larger triangular ones
  132. Jr.

    WTB dock box

    Looking for used not abused dock box thanks,
  133. Jr.

    Aggressive cattle boat capts.

  134. Jr.

    Last hoorah for yft

    Everyone puts on fat around the holiday season bro!
  135. Jr.

    Need fish finder installed

    Dr. Electron installed my battery charger and tracked down other gremlins I had in my electrical system he is extremely knowledgeable.
  136. Jr.

    Same thing ... Same place ... New sled

    Looks like a fun day and an awesome boat as well! Don't let the haters get you down......
  137. Jr.

    10-30 view from the rigs

    Coolest pics I've seen in a while!
  138. Jr.

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    September 19th 12 miles west of La Jolla
  139. Jr.

    Note to self: Don't hoop during a thunder storm

    Way to play it safe good job and cool pic!
  140. Jr.

    Victory at Sea Conditions, But No Hoo Victory 10/29

    Similar to what I experienced today as well
  141. Jr.

    10/28 2015 Went Catching again

    :hali_ruahahaha: Dumbass!
  142. Jr.

    The one that got away. Same day video loss report

    Bummer......How did you almost get swamped?
  143. Jr.

    WTB Cheap Reel

    I built a homemade sabiki rod when I used to kayak fish.....worked great until I dumped the yak in the surf at 4:00am and lost it. mine was similiar to this one
  144. Jr.

    10/20 Catalina Wahoo!

    Awesome fish! Who makes that tank?
  145. Jr.

    She Put Her Mouth Around my Giant Trembler................

    If you can twist the hooks around and they hit those marks you have your answer? If not......likely hoo
  146. Jr.

    Week of 10/10-10/18 Survey: Wahoo bite time?

    1:08pm on a Saturday
  147. Jr.

    Lobster buoy management...

    If your tired of dodging the "glow stick minefields" just get some of these bad boys they are awesome!
  148. Jr.

    10/10/2015 - oh sh*t

    Vacuum seal a small NEW set to keep them oily and rust free as well as semi sterile and keep them near the first aid kit.....that's what we do anyway. Good story either way dude!
  149. Jr.

    malihini bigeye The last pic is my favorite
  150. Jr.

    malihini bigeye

    Ya fingers crossed....typically when a landing misidentifies a yellowfin to be a bigeye they don't usually also have yellowfin in the count.
  151. Jr.

    Once Again the California Spiny Lobster Beckons

    I plan on dropping the dinghy in the water and going out Saturday night but I have to admit since this season is still wide open epic style I am finding it hard to get excited about bugs right now. Good luck guys!
  152. Jr.

    malihini bigeye

    3/4 day boat very interesting are there any passengers out there with some info?
  153. Jr.

    Knock Knock, Hoos there.........

    "Eye on the prize" for sure! Nice commitment and better luck next time!
  154. Jr.

    Rodeo time!

    Wow! I manage to break enough stuff on my boat myself without the help of a shark.......Cool pic's though!
  155. Jr.

    9/19 Wahoo

    Took dad fishing and he caught this thing on the troll 20 miles west of La Jolla with a small purple rapala (Hoo numbers are N32 49.4, W117 35.0) almost chewed through the 80lb mono. Finished up the day fishing La Jolla kelp and putting 7 different species total on the boat Saturday...
  156. Jr.

    Adrianna Going to hunt the Bluefin

    Just curious why you think they will be back down south? When the water cool's off a bit? Finger's crossed your right!
  157. Jr.

    2015 Bait reports

    Thanks for finding bait for the make a wish tourney! And 3 scoop limit instead of 1 for the San Diego Bay barge!
  158. Jr.

    The tax man!!!!! N

    Did you bait it?
  159. Jr.

    GO NORTH! Fish report 8/27/15

    Solid info thanks for writing
  160. Jr.

    If I hear "chunk" one more time...

    To effectively work the Chunk you have to do the truffle shuffle
  161. Jr.

    2015 Bait reports

    Wow bummer.....we appreciate all of your effort and hard work none the less! Thanks again for making SoCal such a unique fishery.
  162. Jr.

    8-23-15 Mexican Navy Boarding Boats on the 302?

    Stay away from mi pescado's you gringos!
  163. Jr.

    Ellen Elly Platforms

    Ah ok I thought this was a new fish.....Video is pretty sweet good job.
  164. Jr.

    Ellen Elly Platforms

    WOW! Need to hear the story please!
  165. Jr.

    2015 Bait reports

    Hopefully the bait situation get's un-fucked by next weekend it would be a shame to have crap bait (or none at all) for the make a wish tuna challenge........Last year the bait availability for the tournament was in question if I remember correctly.
  166. Jr.


    I like it! I will be emailing it to any newbies that are going to be fishing on my boat just so they know what to expect.
  167. Jr.

    where are the BIG tunas?

    Haven't heard of anything that big going on at the 43 for at least several weeks, the big guys likely continued north.
  168. Jr.

    Visit from NCal Sat-Mon, incredible!

    Dude this girl rocked it are you serious???.....Sure it's not the biggest dodo I've ever seen but I have seen plenty of "grown men" posting pics on this site of really pathetic stuff compared to this.......Please read the "don't be a dick" thread!
  169. Jr.

    Walkaround Half Cab Build
  170. Jr.

    No Blue Fin but....

    Only way to tell for sure is to eat the gonads. If they taste a little bit "stripey" its a striper. But on the other hand if they have a bit of a "blue" texture to them its a blue. Please post your results and pics if you can............Good Luck!
  171. Jr.

    WFO TUNA AGAIN TODAY no one insight!

    It's been done.....doesn't work.
  172. Jr.

    Silver Bullet Strikes Again

    Nice fish! Seals suck
  173. Jr.

    Caught this on 50lb rig!!!!!

    If you found it in Mexico maybe its a Mexican Navy submarine?!?!?!?!? Wait a minute......this is a Mexican submarine!
  174. Jr.

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Use those IPA's to make a beer batter then deep fry the toro! It makes awesome fish sticks.
  175. Jr.

    7/30-8/2 Big BFTs and a marlin

    Awesome story.....Any more pics of the boat?
  176. Jr.


    Mexico? No thanks
  177. Jr.

    NOAA news: BFT bag limit - 2 fish per day will start on July 30, 2015

    I have several BFT cleaned and frozen in the galley those count?
  178. Jr.

    Catalina good?

    You should be fine just slow down if you get caught in fog and crank up that radar.....Have fun!
  179. Jr.

    Mexico bluefin limit?

  180. Jr.

    Mexican visa rumors vs fact

    Coronado's are gay
  181. Jr.

    "Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods

    Do these react the same to the store bought plugs when you perform the same hook placement technique by spinning these plugs on the leader then orienting the hook opposite from the heavier side? Your an artist BTW!
  182. Jr.

    Rigging Halco/Rapala

    Quick do you prefer to rig up your rapala's or halco's? Straight tie to main line? Crimp to flouro leader? What knot do you prefer, Rapala knot, SD jam knot? etc? Thx!
  183. Jr.

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

    The boat's CF tags in the background are expired as well REPORT AT ONCE!
  184. Jr.

    Some free floating kelp questions . . . I know, I'm high maintenance!!

    You should ask this guy how to paddy fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  185. Jr.

    Sunday 5-24-15 YFT BFT Offshore Report

    I caught one of those hybrid's the other day! All you have to do is release the bluefin portion and keep the yellowfin half! Super easy.....BTW nice fish man!
  186. Jr.

    save gas

    Thanks for the effort and post!
  187. Jr.

    Fishing and boating license question

    If you take the girl in your avatar you will have carte blanche with any enforcement agency period!
  188. Jr.

    Red Tuna Crab?

    Hong Kong Gentlemens Club Tijuana.....lots of tuna with crabs at that location for sure!
  189. Jr.

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    I would leave the country if I were you! Pack up your family, take your boat and move to a non extradition country! You can survive on your lobster hunting prowess alone!
  190. Jr.

    2 BFT Chewing....."2.5 Day Report 6.15.2017"

    Love it.....It's funny cuz its true!
  191. Jr.

    Newbie needs help with hooping

    I agree you are more likely to run over your nets with a 36'. I love hooping from the dinghy it's way easier to quietly get on top of the nets and pull straight up then attempt to grab the nets with a boat pole.
  192. Jr.

    Upriggers F/S

    They are Fred Archer upriggers.....I dont think he offers them for sale anymore....Sale Pending at this time to Mike Thanks for the interest everyone
  193. Jr.

    Upriggers F/S

    100 bucks anyone? Pick up at Fishermans landing this weekend
  194. Jr.

    YFT on the porpoise, N of 421!

    Awesome job! Way to shove it down the fat lady's throat :)
  195. Jr.

    9 mile 10/4

    No worries report was done on my I-phone.....probably all kinds errors.....La Jolla temp was warm 74 degrees and just more rat yellows for me
  196. Jr.

    9 mile 10/4

    Left dock at 7:00 this morning to go check out the a triple skipjack hook up on the troll 5 miles west of PL 71.5 degree water on a cedar plug and small jetheads. Just inside the 9 had another nock down at a temp break from 71-73.5. The top of the bank was a desert so we headed north...
  197. Jr.


    My guess is the highly secretive "hoo hole"
  198. Jr.

    MLPA ticket? How to take care of it

    All of this is great advice.......BUT I really think you should contact the guy who started the "F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!" thread and see if he can possibly represent you in court. I really believe his legal advice combined with a probable excellent courtroom demeanor will greatly...
  199. Jr.

    Anyone know what this floating blob is?

    Definitely ambergris! Please go out and scoop it all up for me into small plastic bags and I will swing by and bring you $50k.....I swear
  200. Jr.

    Is this you?

    I went kelping yesterday and stopped on a decent looking paddy that was about 10' across 5 miles short of the 182....Started to immediately throw irons (scrambled egg and blue/white) and rapalas (sardine pattern) at the paddy and finally got "the right one" to stick! She was a gorgeous string...
  201. Jr.


    San Diego is closed this weekend sorry bro.
  202. Jr.

    Lobster. Anyone excited?

    Lobsters are gay
  203. Jr.

    Favorite knot for braid to mono or flouro?

    Wow 4 year old post.....But yes that's the one I use
  204. Jr.

    MAW weather

    Its typical MAW weather.......last 5-6 years have had less than stellar weather.
  205. Jr.

    8/2 Stupid YFT fishing and rant Stupid Viking driver .....

    So now vikings are plundering kelp paddies as well as small villages.....that really ticks me off!
  206. Jr.

    Upriggers F/S

    Lowered price $150 pick up at Fishermans Landing this weekend
  207. Jr.

    Late report 20140622 43 lb Sting Ray

    The first "any" is where they are for sure.
  208. Jr.

    Late report 20140622 43 lb Sting Ray

    I think the halibuts are definitely at the 1st "Any"
  209. Jr.

    Upriggers F/S

    I have the one pair....they are the ones in the pics laying on the ground. Thanks for the interest
  210. Jr.

    Upriggers F/S

    Increase your trolling spread on a small boat. Used a handful of times very few new. Just don't need them anymore. paid $300 sell for $200 firm. Point Loma pick up or Inland Empire. Send PM if interested
  211. Jr.

    187 Fish assassination!!!

    I like the blood on the face!
  212. Jr.


    If an Opah moves too close to the water's surface on a hot day, it immediately evaporates, a process called defishiration. During this process there is enough force to separate each Opah into Supercharged Fish Atoms (SFA). After a while, SFA combines with water vapour in the air. The SFA reacts...
  213. Jr.


    Try this link
  214. Jr.


    There's an article on SPOT dated March 28th 2014 on referencing the death's of a crew racing the last Newport to Ensenada race who ran into the Coronado's......might be worth a read before you buy.
  215. Jr.


    The atomic number of zinc is 30
  216. Jr.


    Thanks for the info and letting us know! BUT I think this recent thread wins the "worst day ever" award. :urno1:
  217. Jr.

    SI thief caught

    Two days ago several boats were broken into in the dry storage area of Silver Gate Yacht Club across the street from the Shelter Island launch ramp. A security guard from the Island Palms hotel next door to the club noticed the thief breaking into the first boat and called the police. Upon...
  218. Jr.

    Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum

    I shot up at Lytle creek club membership is needed. 14 bucks to shoot all day.
  219. Jr.

    South of Hidden Producer Wrapped

    I love the last 2 pics.
  220. Jr.


    Sure beats the crabs I have....
  221. Jr.

    Mexican tow boat

    Sketchy! thanks for the info and post.
  222. Jr.

    1/17 Catalina, Tanner, Cortes

    Great read thanks for making the run!
  223. Jr.

    east of 302

    Thanks for your service! And the info!
  224. Jr.

    Took a blind chance: It paid OFF! GOT SOME Yellow Fin Tuna!!!

    Thanks for the info and the great "fish report" finally.
  225. Jr.

    It is time

    I really hope so
  226. Jr.

    Cat conditions

    There was about six or seven squid boats looking to party
  227. Jr.

    Cat conditions

    Squid boats are anchored off between emerald and isthmus very near eagle reef.
  228. Jr.

    Cat conditions

    Sorry about rough post it's from an I iPhone temps between cat harbor and 2 harbors are accurate winds have started gusting 15-18 so far at isthmus.
  229. Jr.

    Cat conditions

    Went to cat harbour two days ago no fish did see 68 degrees around cat head. Back to the isthmus today highest temp seen was 66.5. Hope this helps someone.
  230. Jr.

    8/8 - 302 report

    Thanks for making the trip and sharing the info!
  231. Jr.

    Slayed them yesterday in the afternoon

    Sweet! Hey im working for the next 2 weeks in Cocoa Beach. Was this report from anywhere around here???
  232. Jr.

    November BFT, YFT, Albies 11-02-09

    Wow this post sure brightened my day...Thanks again
  233. Jr.


    I got 1/4 mile from the dock and spun her around.....went back to bed
  234. Jr.

    Nice boat ride Monday 10/12

    Read that before thanks.
  235. Jr.

    1st trip to Catalina

    Try Bird Rock in the morning.....or Ship Rock depending on size of your dingy and if you feel comfortable wind can pick up and make things wet for the ride back. You cant really go wrong anywhere in that area for calicos but theres a marine preserve near BLue Cavern Point. Pick up one of those...
  236. Jr.

    Inside report 8.6.08

    Great job awesome vid..........!!!!!!!!