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  1. SDtone

    Two speed for throwing iron

    I would set myself a price point, then get a feel for those reels in that class. See what fits you best, for example the handle knobs/grips. If you stay with "top shelf" or high end reels like the trinidad series then you pretty much can't go wrong with today's reel technology for any reel...
  2. SDtone

    Shimano 20a

    Bearings are greased by bearing manufacturers not Shimano and yes sometimes they have a little too much grease. The trini's and tori's have the same spool bearing set up, with very light spools. Does your reel have line on it? If it doesn't add some this usually helps get the grease out of the...
  3. SDtone

    Multiple Accurate for sale

    Hi guys, these reels are in great shape inside and out, no corrosion, bearings and drags all good. Jason always takes good care of his gear. Sent from my SCH-I535 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  4. SDtone

    Daiwa VS Shimano Conventional Reel Comparisons...?

    Yes same class and both very nice reels. Sent from my SCH-I535 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  5. SDtone

    Calcutta 700s

    Swimbait reel all day long. Sent from my SCH-I535 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  6. SDtone

    Tony is back. Get your reels done.

    Yup every time he goes out. Sent from my SCH-I535 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  7. SDtone

    Tony is back. Get your reels done.

    Thanks Gary. Sent from my SCH-I535 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  8. SDtone

    Tony is back. Get your reels done.

    Sent from my SCH-I535 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk I did a pictorial years ago on this reel and it's freaking clean still.
  9. SDtone

    Tony is back. Get your reels done.

    Great seeing you too bud! Sent from my SCH-I535 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  10. SDtone

    Calcutta 700s

    No more than 20-25 test line. Great for inshore, bonita, cuda, calico and smaller grade YT and schoolie tunes. Sent from my SCH-I535 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  11. SDtone

    San Diego reel repair

    Hi Mike, sent you a PM. Hit me up and I'll take care of you right away. Hi everybody, had some phone problems, I wasn't receiving all my calls/text and voicemails also I was using tapatalk to view BD and that started acting up (freezing up) and other issues, so just gave up and haven't been...
  12. SDtone

    Which reel for a Calstar 800MH?

    Star or lever drag? Like Baller said "lot's of choices"
  13. SDtone

    CPW Dyer... thanks Don!

    78/80 wow you definitely have it dialed in, what happens if you go too hot? Let's say 82-85. Are you using heavy coats or light coats of finish and do you use a heat gun or alcohol torch to bust any bubbles? Hmmm or maybe you don't need them since the room is heated, very interesting. Oh and...
  14. SDtone

    CPW Dyer... thanks Don!

    What temperature do you keep your drying room?
  15. SDtone

    CPW Dyer... thanks Don!

    No doubt on hot days the finish dries/cures faster.
  16. SDtone

    CPW Dyer... thanks Don!

    Unfortunately this all the space I have to work with. What would be the benefits of drying in a warm room?
  17. SDtone

    CPW Dyer... thanks Don!

    Here it is mounted.
  18. SDtone

    CPW Dyer... thanks Don!

    Damn it I knew I shouldn't have ate that California burrito for lunch today.
  19. SDtone

    CPW Dyer... thanks Don!

    Thanks again Don/Orca! I'm loving my new to me CPW dryer. The damn thing is a beast!
  20. SDtone

    Penn 555

  21. SDtone

    Penn 555

  22. SDtone

    Shimano Calcutta 700S

    Anybody need a Calcutta?
  23. SDtone

    Rodbuilding class

    I was there that night, you were the one who showed us how to properly hold our pinkies up lol.
  24. SDtone

    Tony (SDTONE) does it again!

    Thank you Mr. Jim, much appreciated!
  25. SDtone

    Tony (SDTONE) does it again!

    Hi, yes I can service all reels. Thanks for your interest. I'm located off the 805 and Balboa Ave. Clairemont
  26. SDtone

    Tony (SDTONE) does it again!

    Thank you very much for taking the time to post this. Very much appreciated!
  27. SDtone

    Avet reel service at the FHS?

    Dan, thank you for your support. Very much appreciated, Tony
  28. SDtone

    Penn 555

  29. SDtone

    Penn 506 HighSpeed with upgrades

    Reel is sold, thanks Len!
  30. SDtone

    Shimano Calcutta 700S

    Weekend bump
  31. SDtone

    Penn 555

    Weekend bump
  32. SDtone

    Daiwa Saltist 30T

    Reel has sold, thanks everyone for your interest.
  33. SDtone

    Daiwa Saltist 30T

    Great reel for throwing iron, the only thing is not sure if it will fit on a 90J
  34. SDtone

    Daiwa Saltist 30T

    Off the 805 and Balboa Ave, Clairemont
  35. SDtone

    Penn 506 HighSpeed with upgrades

    For sale $150.00 obo. Buyer pays for shipping. Tiburón frame and rod clamp, Alan Tani stainless steel gear sleave, stainless steel pinion and main gear and pro gear power handle. I hate to let this one go.
  36. SDtone

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870 single speed

    For sale: $250.00 obo. Buyer pays for shipping. Reel comes with pitbull rod clamp and 65# Power pro.
  37. SDtone

    Accurate Boss 665H Single speed

    For sale: $150.00 obo buyer pays for shipping. * Clicker does not work*
  38. SDtone

    Accurate Boss Magnum 270 single speed

    For sale $200.00 OBO buyer pays for shipping.
  39. SDtone

    Penn 555

    For sale $50.00 obo. Buyer pays for shipping.
  40. SDtone

    Daiwa Saltist 30T

    For sale Daiwa Saltist 30T comes with rod clamp and 65# Power pro. Price is $90.00 OBO.buyer pays for shipping.
  41. SDtone

    Shimano Calcutta 700S

    For sale is a Shimano Calcutta 700S: comes with graphite rod clamp. upgrades; replaced spool bushing with spool bearing, carbontex dragwashers and EVA power knob. Price is $125.00 OBO buyer pays for shipping.
  42. SDtone

    Avet reel service at the FHS?

    If you still need your reels serviced I'd be happy to help.
  43. SDtone

    Who's up for a Local Knowledge Colonet run? Leaving Thurs 2/18 PM

    Hey Ali n Jason, do you guys have room for one more? Reach arounds for the whole crew???
  44. SDtone


    Hey guy's this reel is super clean and great condition inside and out. Craig takes real good care of his gear.
  45. SDtone

    Sold Mod Delete thanks

    I just serviced two 8's great little reels. good price should sell quickly. GLWS, Tony Alva
  46. SDtone

    $45.00 Shimano,Daiwa,Penn Reels for sale

    Penn 555 Star Drag still available.
  47. SDtone

    Accurate Pit Bull Rod Clamp

    I'll take it! PM to follow.
  48. SDtone

    $45.00 Shimano,Daiwa,Penn Reels for sale

    The Penn 225LD and Daiwa Magforce sold. Thanks Kendall.
  49. SDtone

    $45.00 Shimano,Daiwa,Penn Reels for sale

    Daiwa 450H and Daiwa SL30SH Sold. Thanks Eddie.
  50. SDtone

    $45.00 Shimano,Daiwa,Penn Reels for sale

    TLD15 sold. Thanks Tidechaser!
  51. SDtone

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    nice work gentlemen, nice work. :cheers:
  52. SDtone

    $45.00 Shimano,Daiwa,Penn Reels for sale

    Penn 225LD and Daiwa Magforce Sale Pending.
  53. SDtone

    $45.00 Shimano,Daiwa,Penn Reels for sale

    Hello, I have a few reels I like to sell. I just finished servicing all theses reels and they are all working great mechanically as for the cosmetics, some of the reels are well used and others are lightly used. I took as many detailed pictures as possible. most of the reels received new washers...
  54. SDtone


    Pucker factor 10! Thanks for sharing.
  55. SDtone

    7/18 fish off of carlsbad.

    Nice work team bubba jean. Good to hear that Mike got on some good ones!
  56. SDtone

    Beautiful day for a boat ride today.

    Thanks for the report... your due for an epic bite.
  57. SDtone

    FS. TRANX 500PG

    good price, surprised it hasn't sold.
  58. SDtone

    Ten Hrs later...

    .... congratulations on our local cow tuna!
  59. SDtone

    BFT on the Lexa 400 and Phenix ultra swimbait classic throwing poppers

    Thanks for the reply. definitely took some skills to land that beast.
  60. SDtone

    BFT on the Lexa 400 and Phenix ultra swimbait classic throwing poppers

    So stoked for you! Which gear ratio does your lexa have?
  61. SDtone

    Went catching 7/12/15

    Awesome day! Thanks for sharing.
  62. SDtone

    Blank i.d

    looks like a kencor, graphite zebra edition.
  63. SDtone

    WTB Daiwa saltiest 30TH reel clamp

    Make sure to grease the bolts and the holes to prevent corrosion.
  64. SDtone

    WTB Daiwa saltiest 30TH reel clamp

    Found it... plz note I'm not affiliated, just sharing a good deal on clamps.
  65. SDtone

    WTB Daiwa saltiest 30TH reel clamp

    Do a search here on BD there's a member selling 'Tiburon like' clamps for $25.00 a piece.
  66. SDtone


    Find a park thats close to you... problem solved. make sure to bring some water to wet the line. That's how learned.
  67. SDtone


    My condolences to you and your family.
  68. SDtone

    Reel Adventure II gets them today....7/9/2015

    Thanks for the reply. LoL I just re-read your post and noticed you said "all" in black n purple... i missed that the first time. Congrats on the nice fish.
  69. SDtone

    Reel Adventure II gets them today....7/9/2015

    Nice fish. Thanks for the report. What colors halco and marauder?
  70. SDtone

    July 4th- almost lost my little boy! Warning to all parents:

    Man that was tooooo close, I have kids and can't even imagine what you felt. Glad your "daddy sinces"kicked it!
  71. SDtone


    Gettin crabby with it! Thx for sharing.
  72. SDtone

    RCLB 80M Third Build

    Hey Einar... there's still more room for inlays and olive branches! Just messing with ya, great build you have come a long way in short period of time. Perfect example on how fast guys learned at Don's.
  73. SDtone

    Off the grid for a while.

    Max, my condolence to you and your family.
  74. SDtone

    Rod rewrap ? Help !!

    you should post this in the rod building forum. there's a lot of builders there and I'm pretty sure you'll find who you're looking for.
  75. SDtone

    Marriage material?

    nice find Max.
  76. SDtone

    FS: Calstar Grafighter 700ML custom

    free bump for one of the good guys.
  77. SDtone

    White knob.

    i recently service a TN20A, i had dirty greasy hands and got finger prints all over it, i sprayed a little carb cleaner on a rag and wiped it clean, took off the old stains too.
  78. SDtone

    Say goodbye to your Shimano Jigs...

    I remember that post. But this one blows me away. Just goes to show what fish will bite.
  79. SDtone

    6/22 Native Son on the Tails

    hey Tocayo... nice work on those YT.
  80. SDtone

    Fathers Day Rods

    nice work Einar.
  81. SDtone

    WTB Reel Clamp for Trini 20A
  82. SDtone

    Northern 9 Mile / Middle 9 / La Jolla & Tiniest Yellow Tail!

    thank you for the report! other than the murky water any wind or swell?
  83. SDtone

    WTB Reel Clamp for Trini 20A

    there's a guy here selling them for $25 shipped. errr not tiburon though
  84. SDtone

    First Dodo of the season???

    i hope so too! we're going out tomorrow.
  85. SDtone

    First Dodo of the season???

    hmm i wonder if it was a legit or "radio fish" hopefully for Ali it turn into a early afternoon bite. oh and thanks for the reply.
  86. SDtone

    First Dodo of the season???

    which boat?
  87. SDtone

    Aluminum reel seat clamp kit

    cool thanks for the reply.
  88. SDtone

    Aluminum reel seat clamp kit

    do you have one that will fit a Lexa 400? Thanks, Tony Alva
  89. SDtone

    FS: Calstar Grafighter 700ML custom

    nice build Len... GLWTS
  90. SDtone

    The five stages of fishing local Blue Fin

    ugh the frustrations of BFT fishing... we been out several times with no love. last weekend we got the skunk off the boat with a big bonnie and a 16# YT. we are going out again on Saturday hopefully to find a "dumb BFT" .
  91. SDtone

    Sculpin have sharp dorsal fins! 6/18

    LoL i was thinking the same thing... i would still hit it.
  92. SDtone

    Sculpin have sharp dorsal fins! 6/18

    i once saw a guy wearing flip flops/sandals on a sport boat the bite went off everybody hooked up doing the shuffle, one of the guys wearing xtratuffs stepped back into the guy with sandals and ripped off his big toe nail. that sight was nasty and the dude was pretty much done for the day.
  93. SDtone

    Need a Harpoon!

    POOON... :D thanks for sharing.
  94. SDtone

    TLD20ii with Tiburon upgrades or Avet HX 5/2

    IMO the TLD upgrade isn't worth the money anymore, your better off buying a used TLD with the upgrades. i would go with a newer reel.
  95. SDtone

    Selling chovie set up- selling as combo-180.00

    bump... for a great combo and price. surprised it hasn't sold.
  96. SDtone

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  97. SDtone

    Avet LX 6/3 Rebuild.

    the bearings are pretty easy to open, you should probably order new bearing from Avet, (it's not if you need them, it's when you will need them), bearings fail and only last so long. they are $5 a piece or you can order the bearing kit which includes all the bearings for $35 or $40 bucks. how...
  98. SDtone

    Hey Max and Harry

    tooo funny!
  99. SDtone

    Head-to-Toe AFTCO Apparel-Contest

  100. SDtone

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    HOOKED on Shimano, enough said. :D
  101. SDtone

    6/7 went long on Miss Fitz

    thanks for the report Greg.
  102. SDtone

    Prayers for Karl....

    so sad. may his pain and suffering end soon, no more agony.
  103. SDtone

    Reel service in San Diego area

    i'd be happy to help. if interested i'll pm you my contact info. thanks, Tony Alva
  104. SDtone


    wow, that is awesome! Zeek and Shawn you two need to go buy some loto tickets!
  105. SDtone

    Boat Ho's- How to get invited back

    hey Vince plz put me back on our list. p.s. i fish hard but anything over four hours i get a little concern :D
  106. SDtone

    Sunday at the 150

    glad you guys got them to bite.
  107. SDtone

    Aussie Aligator Trick

  108. SDtone

    New Point Break

    i was still in high school... we use to quote the cheesy lines LoL
  109. SDtone

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    Great news!
  110. SDtone

    Sunday May 31st....

    Thanks Lee... I just spoke to him.
  111. SDtone

    yes i service all reels.

    yes i service all reels.
  112. SDtone

    Sunday May 31st....

  113. SDtone

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    here's my 04
  114. SDtone

    Anybody killed a Red Diamondback lately?

    great thread,,,reminds me of the good old days
  115. SDtone

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    she's captivating... love the sexy lines and curves.
  116. SDtone

    Daiwa Lexa 400HS-P: Service Tutorial and Maintenance Tips

    great write up John... imho it's a must to open up new reels and properly grease them.
  117. SDtone

    Accurate 870 drag discs

    Received the drags today. Good seller and great communication. Thank again.
  118. SDtone

    Selfie with Mike Tyson!

    LOL I was expecting a selfie of you and Mike...
  119. SDtone

    carbontex drag washer

    hey Jeff, you happen to find another set of drags for the 40 please let me know?
  120. SDtone

    Accurate Ball handle

    LOL l was just about to pull the trigger on these too
  121. SDtone

    Accurate 870 drag discs

    I'll take these too... payment on the way.
  122. SDtone

    Daiwa has the worst customer service Done with them and their product

    Cool thanks for responding. If you need some one to fix it I could help you out too. If you plan to to fix it, the gears don't look that bad just need a good cleaning, same with the gear shaft. It probably needs a AR bearing and inner tube(if rusty).
  123. SDtone

    Daiwa has the worst customer service Done with them and their product

    sucks you had a bad experience with Daiwa, how much do you want for the reel as it is???
  124. SDtone

    Coronado Islands fishing trip April 30, 2015

    sounds like a great day, thanks for sharing.
  125. SDtone

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    i can't wait to see some new pictures! thanks for the update.
  126. SDtone

    Servicing an Avet Sx mc 2 speed?

    here ya go....
  127. SDtone

    Happy Birthday Surf Doc

    i miss the BIG GUY. just before he headed down South he had me service all his reels, man the dude was stoked and couldn't wait to leave, he was like a kid going to Disneyland for the first time. I'm having a Arrogant Bastard when i get home from work today! cheers to the big guy! :hali_olutta:
  128. SDtone

    Grouper Charges Diver for Lionfish

    that was cool to see, thanks for sharing!
  129. SDtone

    Lexa 400 durability

    i've seen this happen to all levelwind reels, backlashes have a lot to do with it.
  130. SDtone

    Lexa 400 durability

    i think i saw a couple of ad's here on BD, check the classifieds.
  131. SDtone

    Lexa 400 durability

    great reels for the $, routine service and the reel could last a life time. i think anglers buy and sell them because they are affordable and have pretty good resale value.
  132. SDtone

    Epic Topwater Action on Sharks

    that was awesome!!! great video. thanks!
  133. SDtone

    Shimano is Hiring - Reel Technician - Temporary Position

    man... wish they were closer to SD
  134. SDtone

    New Shimano TN16A vs used gold Shimano TN16

    Trinidad A series.
  135. SDtone

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Dude! boat has a sweet ass!
  136. SDtone

    Rianshadow ISWB945

    very nice
  137. SDtone

    Service location

    i sent you a PM
  138. SDtone

    Condolences to Nunya

    My condolences, sorry for your family's loss.
  139. SDtone

    Venice offshore fishing report

    Very nice! Congrats on your 1st. Marlin of the year. YFT for bait that sounds awesome!
  140. SDtone

    heavy metal

    that's a pig: nice work! where you in u.s. or mexico waters?
  141. SDtone

    Service location

    Hi I can service your reels. I'm located off the 805 Balboa Ave. PM if your interested.
  142. SDtone

    Custom Long Range Tackle Box

    Very nice Mr.Mayo
  143. SDtone

    FS 5 Surface Iron Straggers

    thank you Sir and thanks for the laugh too i like your sense of humor!
  144. SDtone

    FS 5 Surface Iron Straggers

    i wish! LoL on a more serious note if they are still available or if you dig up more i'm take em.
  145. SDtone

    FS 5 Surface Iron Straggers

    hahha... sweet deal! costco pack of condoms please.
  146. SDtone

    What reel for lizard fish?

  147. SDtone

    FS 5 Surface Iron Straggers

  148. SDtone

    What reel for lizard fish?

    any Avet in Camo color, i heard lizard fish have great eye sight.
  149. SDtone

    Trinidad 12a restored to pristine.

    Mike thanks for the kind words, very much appreciated! Now go catch some fish!
  150. SDtone

    Go to rod for local

    calstar 800m
  151. SDtone

    Looking for a left handed rod

    boil!!! throw some bait!
  152. SDtone


  153. SDtone

    WTB Tranx hg

    LoL Mike... and I thought i was a "Reel Junkie" i'm also on the hunt for a TranX
  154. SDtone


    mike is a fishy dude! can't wait to see the inside of your Trinidad.
  155. SDtone

    I got beat up on Sunday

  156. SDtone

    How do you replace avet lx 2speed knob??

    are you trying to remove just the rubber knob? if so just unscrew the two screws on the knob and gently pry it off, then use a small flat head screwdriver to unscrew the nut. there's a small washer and and two bearings. if you trying to replace the whole handle assembly then following the...
  157. SDtone

    Tony Montana (Scarface) weave completed

    i like all your work but this one is one of my favorites!
  158. SDtone

    Avet LX 6/3 Rebuild.

    Mr Mayo, I didn't not take your post in a negative way, if my response came across the wrong way i apologize, i appreciate any and all feed back and will pay close attention to this as reels come in for the "off season"... glad to hear you landed the fish minus the knuckles. Cheers, T
  159. SDtone

    To lube or not to lube ..........New Avet

    help protect your fishing investment, grease, grease and more grease.
  160. SDtone

    JRI "Intruder"

    ahh, i see said the blind man, LOL,,, sorry Jerry.
  161. SDtone

    New 2015 Shimano Torium A model

    it would bad ass with the black handle.
  162. SDtone

    JRI "Intruder"

    Man those look sweet! Great work Jerry.
  163. SDtone

    New Dorado painting

  164. SDtone

    Daiwa service or lack there of...

    very close, about 12 miles from there. next time you're down let me know i could meet you there or you could stop by my place.
  165. SDtone

    Daiwa service or lack there of...

    i'll PM you my contact info.
  166. SDtone

    Daiwa service or lack there of...

    once you get the reel back, what do you plan to do with it?
  167. SDtone

    Avet LX 6/3 Rebuild.

    bummed that you lost a good fish on your reel... I have to tell that I have not had any problems with my Avets or the ones i have serviced, I'm pretty sure that we would here about it on this forum/siteLOL. I have seen the dog fail due to corrosion/salt build up in the area where the dog...
  168. SDtone

    **Volunteers needed: Feb 7th, 2015, Lake Poway Kid's Derby with Capt. Ron*

    i'll be there at 05:00 to help set up and rig.
  169. SDtone

    Shimano Curado - 300E, 300DSV, 200DHSV

    damn i was going to jump on the Curado 300E... great price!
  170. SDtone

    Upgraded Forum Software -List Bugs, Problems, Questions

    same here,,, tapatalk not working.
  171. SDtone


    love the color scheme!!!
  172. SDtone

    One for the "Wise Guy"

    looking forward to this one!
  173. SDtone

    Upgraded Forum Software -List Bugs, Problems, Questions

    Jason, where did the 'SF' forum go???:D
  174. SDtone

    Shrink wrap eyes

    no no no no you guys got it all wrong,,, DUCT TAPE
  175. SDtone

    The Newbie's first yellowtail!

    congrats on popping your YT cherry....
  176. SDtone

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    thanks for the fix! now i need a tissue or two:D
  177. SDtone

    My first Rod back.

    nice work Manny.... it's crazy how time flies!!!
  178. SDtone

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Sweet! Can't wait for some new boat porn.
  179. SDtone

    Avet LX 6/3 Rebuild.

    ouch that sucks! i had the inner race of the bearing bust out leaving the outer race "frozen" in place the corrosion was so bad the owner had to get a new side plate.
  180. SDtone

    Avet LX 6/3 Rebuild.

    i use a heat gun to heat the bearing/side plate and pry it out.
  181. SDtone

    JX Acting "Stiff"

    like others have mention,,,, the pinion bearing has gone bad... it's an easy fix and i did a step by step that you could follow. the bearing cost $5.00from avet.
  182. SDtone

    **Volunteers needed: Feb 7th, 2015, Lake Poway Kid's Derby with Capt. Ron*

    hi Maggie, I would like to help out, i can be available @ 05:30 till ??? i sent u a PM with my contact info.
  183. SDtone is Live!!!

    Good luck VooDoo... good to hear D2 is still available....I just placed an order to help get the business going.
  184. SDtone

    Rainshadow RCLB70M

    Thanks for getting back to me.
  185. SDtone

    Shimano Torium ?

    Pinion bearing, nice!
  186. SDtone

    Shimano Torium ?

    no dartanium drags, that is great news!!! thank you Shimano!!! three bearings??? 1.left side plate, 2.spool bearing and shaft bearing plus the anri-reverse bearing, is this info correct???
  187. SDtone

    Shimano Torium ?

  188. SDtone

    Shimano Torium ?

    it wouldn't be the first time LOL.... have you gotten the green light to share with us the new changes???
  189. SDtone

    Shimano Torium ?

    no, they still have the dartanium drag washers :( and 3 bearings, from what i read,looks like just a cosmetic upgrade.
  190. SDtone

    Shimano Torium ?

  191. SDtone

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    man looking sexy!!! i love the the color.
  192. SDtone

    Catching a blue shark with a slingshot

    hahaha for a second i thought that was Cooter aka Catain Curt..
  193. SDtone

    Levelwind for Tiles (pros & cons)?

    i have serviced these reels (black series), i like them, nice beefy gears, it comes stock with fiber drag washers and they are anodized not painted like the older series. the owner only uses them for rock cod fishing (200-300feet) here on our coast. he recently hooked one of those weird "rock...
  194. SDtone

    Rainshadow RCLB70M

    i like it, nice work the over wraps the same color red as the under wraps??? the guide picture looks a little darker,,, may just the pic???
  195. SDtone

    A Whale tale...

    staying fishy Saba! nice work.
  196. SDtone

    Found this Cool Photo on the Web

    throw some bait! cool pic.
  197. SDtone

    Shimano Torium ?

    no white handle knobs please :D
  198. SDtone

    SOUTH 9 REPORT 1-6-2015

    Nice catch... and the food looks great. We like to fry are fish whole too.
  199. SDtone

    RIP Mom.

    sorry for your loss Mikey. i lost my mom almost 12 years ago due to cancer and feel the pain you and your family are going through, my deepest condolences to you and yours.
  200. SDtone

    Follow Up - Peacock Video

    dude thanks for sharing,,,, the best 21 minutes i spent i work today and i now have a hard on for peacock bass!!!
  201. SDtone

    kitty kitty

    damn could you imagine that kitty sneaking up on you... :shithappens: myself.
  202. SDtone

    Boxers Day Buggin'

    nice work Saba... you're on a roll.
  203. SDtone

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    dude you and your family are top notch people...
  204. SDtone

    December Calicos 12/22/14

    that's a nice calico!
  205. SDtone

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-DAY 12 LAST CHANCE!!

    i know it's not a video (i'm pretty sure there's one) but this picture ALWAYS makes me laugh!!! enjoy!
  206. SDtone

    Batson Thank YOU

    it was great meeting you Bill...
  207. SDtone

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

  208. SDtone

    Counterfeit reels?

  209. SDtone

    JAN 1/2 Day Charter, any suggestions??

    The Dolphin out of Fisherman's Landing. nice big boat and the crew is great with kids.
  210. SDtone

    Kidney cancer donation rod to raise money

    very nice of you Brent! I lost my mother to breast cancer 11 years ago. i don't have FB but would like to donate a little, would you please PM your mailing address???
  211. SDtone

    My next couple weeks

    love the black and gold, timeless!
  212. SDtone

    ALL SOLD--Accurate 665NN REDUCED

    bump for a bad ass 665N
  213. SDtone

    My next couple weeks

    does your boss know you spend this much time BDO :D are they getting the same colors as the UC rods?
  214. SDtone

    BD Presents: A Demon For The Taking

    great video guys thanks for sharing it!
  215. SDtone

    Couple more Rainshadows

    i like the blue fade. nice work Bill.
  216. SDtone

    It's Here..................

    Torrey Pines Beach is getting slammed... a few surfers out there too riding some nice overheads.
  217. SKIPPY


  218. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  219. SDtone

    Counterfeit reels?

    I'm also interested on what you'll actually get???
  220. SDtone

    Bonito...a kid's best friend

    my 15 year old got the fishing fever thanks to our local bonito. she had me build her a custom rod with her high school colors. i once read that a kid never remembers their best day of TV but will always remember their best day of finishing, nice job.
  221. SDtone

    Phenix PSW 809H for BONDRVR

    makes me want to lite one up:smoking33: bad ass rod JT, Mike stoked for you!
  222. SDtone

    Accurate Service - Increasing freespool

    it's an easy upgrade, i sleeved my 197 through 665, free spools for ever!
  223. SDtone

    3 miles outside of SDB

    that's what we do when the freakin dawgs are on the chew. damn flea bags.
  224. SDtone

    FS: Browning Citori 12 ga

    bump for my boy Corb! GLWS
  225. SDtone

    SD Rod Class check it limits Don's favorite fish!

    I don't know but I think we'll be eating good at the next rod "class"
  226. SDtone

    SD Rod Class check it limits Don's favorite fish!

    hell yeah!!!! Play Slideshow October 03, 2014 A Very Nice Day by Kevin Osborne What a fun day of Wahoo fishing. We got into an area holding some really nice grade Skinnies in the 40-50lb class and had some good action for most of the day. Everyone had...
  227. SDtone

    (Captain) Mike Berry - I Found Your Stuff

    nice work! chalk one up for the good guys!
  228. SDtone

    SD Rod Class check it limits Don's favorite fish!

    the boy's are working their way back up the line... in search of more exotics, hope they find em. October 01, 2014 Deep South by Kevin Osborne We took a long shot down south as far as we could go on an 8 day, into very warm waters today trying to locate some new fish...
  229. SDtone

    SD Rod Class check it limits Don's favorite fish!

    the boys found the Hoo! Play Slideshow September 30, 2014 What A Day!! by Kevin Osborne The Ken Bush Tuna Chasers group put the wood to them today. It was very good fishing for Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowtail, and a handful of Wahoo. Everyone caught all they...
  230. SDtone

    SD Rod Class check it limits Don's favorite fish!

    check out the ol'e man :D Play Slideshow September 29, 2014 Mahi Mahi by Kevin Osborne A nice travel/ fishing day for us here. We found some better weather and a few kelps as we made our way south today. The kelps gave us a bit of fun with the High flying...
  231. SDtone

    Dana Point OPAH!!!

    bad ass! congrats on a fish of a life time!
  232. SDtone

    SD Rod Class check it limits Don's favorite fish!

    I hope so! :D i could hear Don already...
  233. SDtone

    SD Rod Class check it limits Don's favorite fish!

    Limits of YT :D Play Slideshow September 29, 2014 Great Start by Kevin Osborne We departed Saturday on our 6th annual Ken Bush Tuna Chasers Charter with the same great group of friends and a few new ones. Picked up our bait and cleared the point headed...
  234. SDtone

    SHIMANO TLD 30 2SPEED for Sale.

    Sorry guys the reel has been sold. Thanks for looking.
  235. SDtone

    SHIMANO TLD 30 2SPEED for Sale.

    Here's a TLD 30 2Speed for sale. It has new spool bearings x2, drag plate bearing and right side plate/pinion gear bearing. Comes with 80-100# JB or Izor braid (i don't remember) spool is about 3/4 filled, maybe a little more, it had about 80 yards of 60# mono top shot. Asking for $150.00
  236. SDtone

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    man she's looking real good!
  237. SDtone

    New Boat Arrives!

    she looks fishy, congrats on your new ride!
  238. SDtone

    Need 3/4 boat recommendation for next week

    The SD out of Seaforth... I only fish her when THE best local captain "Booger" (imo) runs the boat. Sent you a pm.
  239. SDtone

    Warm water tuna + parastes = sashimi??????

    man my butt hole itches after reading this thread, thanks Mike LOL
  240. SDtone

    International Talk Like a Pirate Day...

    Here’s some Pirate words to know: · All hands hoay=Everyone get on the deck · Avast ye=Pay attention · Black spot=Death threat · Dance the hempen jig=To hang someone- makes you want to ask some people “do you wanna dance the hempen jig?” · Dungbie=Rear end-all this time I thought it...
  241. SDtone

    International Talk Like a Pirate Day...

    hahaha good ones guys... people here at work are in full swing pirate mode.
  242. SDtone

    International Talk Like a Pirate Day...

    they were talking about it on the radio this morning... i never heard of it but thought it was pretty funny. September 19th (every year) is International Talk Like A Pirate Day [All Hope Abandon, Ye Who Enter Here]
  243. SDtone

    High seas, light line and a TANKER mossback.

    nice Toad YT! nice work on the 12# Izor!
  244. SDtone

    Penn Jigmaster 500L Reel...User Tips and Advice?

    To the OP where ever you decide to practice casting make sure you bring some water with you so you can wet the line. Wet line comes off the spool better and easier to cast.
  245. SDtone

    4.9:1 gears for Trinidad

    I recently service a couple of trinidads with these gears. They seem to be well made and feel smooth as the stock gears.the owner of the reels loves them.
  246. SDtone

    Avet sx 2 speed

    dude that's an easy fix. wish i had the $. good luck with the sale.
  247. SDtone

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Very nice....thanks for taking the time to post updates.
  248. SDtone


    your symptoms sound like claudication, you should have you MD order a arterial doppler study to rule out any blockage of the artery, especially if you smoke or have a family history. do not put his off! i work in vascular surgery and the symptoms you described sound suspect.
  249. SDtone

    Dorado and Yellowfin on the same line!

    b that's freaking awesome!!! i've only seen big mackerel do that.
  250. SDtone

    Fishdope Spotter Plane Pics 9/11

    BOIL! thanks for posting the pictures...
  251. SDtone

    Old Glory from H&M Landing Gaffs and kills Striped Marlin on Overnight Trip

    wholly shit this thread brought out the ZZZZZZ man! pura vida!
  252. SDtone

    Shimano Torium 16 vs. 20 for offshore???

    hey Slater, just curious which reel you decided on?
  253. SDtone

    Torium 30

    Not my reel. It was dropped off for me to service. As long as you rinse with fresh water and service at least one a year you should be ok. i should also mention that this reel lives on the boat, so it's exposed to the elements everyday. Ocean Master is correct, you want to lightly coat the...
  254. SDtone

    Torium 30

    I was surprised to see the carbontex washers in good shape.
  255. SDtone

    Torium 30

  256. SDtone

    The End of an Era...

    My sincerest condolences to you and your family.
  257. SDtone

    Annoying popup

    Tapatalk. issues. Way easier to use. Thanks!
  258. SDtone

    Custom Tranx

    Very nice!
  259. SDtone

    Annoying popup||l=1104&fdkt=240&fp=Op%2Fc...
  260. SDtone

    Annoying popup

  261. SDtone

    8/28 plugged the boat at the corner

    Right on Kurt...glad you guys found them.
  262. SDtone


    i have a Trinidad 40, a Torium 14 and an early model Accurate 665 non-magnum that i'm willing to part with.
  263. SDtone


    interested in the 300EJ... trade for ??? which reel are you looking for?
  264. SDtone

    Dolphin skunk 8-27

    1. while on a drift and fishing bait, fish with the wind to your face so that the boat doesn't drift over you line and avoid tangles you fish the boat not the paddy, game fish don't hide under the paddy, bait fish do, i was thought by veteran fisherman but please do correct me if i'm wrong. 2...
  265. SDtone

    1/2 day PM trip - 08/26/14 The Dolphin - USA Limits and Popper mania!

    JJ, Patrick and Dustin are good peeps oh and Sarah :boobies: gotta love her too!!!!
  266. SDtone

    8-24 Father Son YFT trip Success

    nice work Dad! glad you got your boy on some fish!!! lifetime memories!
  267. SDtone


    Great report. Thanks for taking the time to write up and post pictures. I'm fishing off shore on Sunday can't wait.
  268. SDtone


    Nice fish Lee.
  269. SDtone

    Rod abuse

    hahaha you beat me to it.
  270. SDtone

    Sofia Rose going south tonight

    good luck Lee, hope you find the right kind! same menu???:rolleyes:
  271. SDtone

    accurate boss magnum 270

    Mauricio... is this still available??? also is this one of the older boss magnum??? sideplate pictures please?
  272. SDtone

    Daiwa Grandwave Z 30 SHW and Penn International 965

    i'll take them if the guys before me don't.
  273. SDtone

    Reel Parts. Where can I get some??

    Hi Mike.... sorry I don't have the handle lock TLD002 that one is very common,. I do have lot of TLD parts so let me know if theres something else you need? I'm in C
  274. SDtone

    Reel Service/Repair

    thank you Sir, very much appreciated!!!
  275. SDtone

    10 years

    wud up "Rice" :D how's the BM's ???
  276. SDtone

    Reel Service/Repair

    Weekend bump
  277. SDtone

    Shimano Torium 16 vs. 20 for offshore???

    the 16 & 20 have the same guts (gears/drags) I like the 16 for tossing the jig and the 20 for soaking bait, if i had to choose one for all scenarios i go with the 20, still not too big/wide for tossing the jig and peace of mind that you have the line capacity if you hook the big one!
  278. 20140724_203613[1]


  279. 20140724_211226[1]


  280. 20140724_210411[1]


  281. 20140724_211302[1]


  282. 20140724_211237[1]


  283. 20140724_211310[1]


  284. 20140724_211338[1]


  285. SDtone

    Salt X, SaltAway or Corrosion X....Which one?

    after fishing trips, rinse w/fresh water let them dry and then hit them with a little Corrosion-X. if you service your own reels, spray it on all the metal parts with the exception of the drag plate.
  286. SDtone

    for sale Shimano Trinidad 40 (price reduce) $230.00 w/shipping!

    i had a buyer, agreed on the price and then nothing, no response since Saturday. so reel is back up for sale.
  287. SDtone

    Pizza and Pussy...

    oh and yes very gross but funny..
  288. SDtone

    Pizza and Pussy...

    i know what you mean, my bird goes ape shit when we bring pizza home.
  289. SDtone

    Reel Service/Repair

    yes I do, one of my favorites to work on!
  290. SDtone

    Reel Service/Repair

    Good morning Dave, i can't take calls at while at work pm's here on BD or text is ok. i'll give you a call this evening
  291. SDtone

    Reel Service/Repair

    Mike, thank you very much for your help!
  292. SDtone

    Reel Service/Repair

    I charge $25.00 - $30.00 for most single speed reels, $30.00 for the smaller 2 speed reels and $35.00 - $40.00 for the big game 2 speed reels. this for a complete service, not no quickie clean and lube, everything gets taken apart, inspected, all metal parts/screws/bolts/nuts are treated with...
  293. SDtone

    Reel Service/Repair

  294. SDtone

    Torium 20, Fathom 25H, Saltist Black/Gold 35H ??????

    i recently worked on the B&G Saltist, i was impressed with the beefy gears and stock carbon fiber drag washers. the Torium is nice too, i own a couple but you will need to replace the drag washers, the sooner the better the stock ones get really messy. they both have the same type of...
  295. SDtone

    for sale Shimano Trinidad 40 (price reduce) $230.00 w/shipping!

    thanks for the offer... too big of reel for me. I am looking for a TN14 and TN16/TN16narrow
  296. SDtone

    for sale Shimano Trinidad 40 (price reduce) $230.00 w/shipping!

    no response from tunaman82, reel still up for sale.
  297. SDtone

    Stolen rod and reel

    damn that sux! I'll keep an eye out.
  298. SDtone

    for sale Shimano Trinidad 40 (price reduce) $230.00 w/shipping!

    if Tunaman82 does not take it... i'm open to trades, what do have???
  299. SDtone

    True or just BS??? 300EJ

    i had mine for a while now, I fish it on a GUSA SW70M with no issues.
  300. SDtone

    Service and upgrade torium20

    i can fix it.
  301. SDtone

    Prayers and thoughts out to Maggie (Nunya)

    Maggie, hang in there.
  302. SDtone

    New 2014 Shimano Reels

    thanks for posting. is there going to be a 300 curado???
  303. SDtone

    for sale Shimano Trinidad 40 (price reduce) $230.00 w/shipping!

    For sale Trinidad 40. ... price reduce to $230.00 Cosmetically a solid 6/10 I've seen worse:D. Mechanically 10/10 I just rebuilt this reel. all new bearings + ARB, roller clutch inner tube, drive shaft, drive shaft spacers x2, drag spring washers, anti reverse pawl x2, yoke spring x2, stock drag...
  304. 20140724_205306[1]


  305. 20140724_205320[1]


  306. 20140724_210323[1]


  307. trinidad 40

    trinidad 40

  308. SDtone

    grandpa could I...

    grandpa sitting in his chair smoking his cigar and his grandson jumps on his lap and asked "Grandpa could I have a puff of your cigar?" Grandpa says, "does your dick touch your asshole?" grandson answers "no", grandpa replies "then you cant have a puff of my cigar", next day grandpa sitting in...
  309. SDtone

    Reel Service/Repair

    lob Mike, i recieved my Shimano order today, so I'm ready when you are!
  310. SDtone

    Trinidad 30DC

  311. SDtone

    Reel Service/Repair

    sorry about that. i was at work when you left me the VM and did get home till very late. i'll give you a call this evening. hopefully you still need my help.
  312. SDtone

    Reel Service/Repair

    i'm located off the 805 and balboa ave. 92117
  313. SDtone

    Reel Service/Repair

    Eric, thanks for trusting me with your gear and thank you very much for the review!!!
  314. SDtone

    25ft Mako Center Console - "Island Girl"

    sweet sled, she looks fishy, good luck with the sell.
  315. SDtone

    Reel Service/Repair

  316. SDtone

    Tiburon Universal clamp for Torium 14?

    i serviced a trinidad 14 this week with a tib clamp, the torium and trinidad are almost the same reel so don't see why it wouldn't fit??? is there a tackle shop near you that you could test fit it? or if you're down in SD check with Squidco I know they have a few tib clamps.
  317. SDtone

    Resto'd '87 BW 17 Custom [x SuperSport]

    lots of fun to have on that sweet little sled.
  318. SDtone

    Rebuilt my cardiff 401a

    i have the same reel w/CDW definitely smoother, IMO 11# more than enough for that little reel. yes you can fish it with more than 11# of drag but then you run the risk of other internal parts failing.
  319. SDtone

    Yuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm YUM!

    LOL killing me Gil... coffee out the nose.
  320. SDtone


    thanks for sharing Jerry... cool video too.
  321. SDtone

    Reel Service/Repair

    Hello BD'ers, I need your help, I have a couple of trips I would like to book this summer and need a little extra work to help pay for them. if you need any reel maintenance/repairs please let me know. I have worked on many of your reels and some you have been coming to me for years and I thank...
  322. SDtone

    505HS Questions

    yes what you got there is a Newell reel seat, as for the bearing... they are a pain to deal with, try hitting it with some heat that sometimes that helps.
  323. SDtone

    my loyal hound dogs food

    simply awesome!
  324. SDtone

    R.I.P. Tony Gwynn

    R.I.P. Mr. Padre sad day for San Diego :(
  325. SDtone

    Enter the Dragon

    thumbs up.
  326. SDtone

    List of Reel Repair Places...

    Tony Alva San Diego, CA. 92117 858-395-3722 if you're looking for fast and reliable service, please call or text. thanks, T.
  327. SDtone

    A "bone" for Chargette fans

  328. SDtone

    Websites to visit when BD is down or FUBAR LOL
  329. SDtone

    Accurate 197 accucast knob came off - help please

    Cool glad you figured it out. The clip ring does do a better job. When I call Accurate I always speak with Christen she is very helpful. You should buy extra ones cuz the do wear out.
  330. SDtone

    Accurate 197 accucast knob came off - help please

    there's a hex/allen head bolt/stud in the side plate where the knob sits, use a allen key to back it out and then line up the knob/cap and adjust. the o-ring you mention is probably worn out and needs to be replace. when you put the knob back on make sure not to over turn it or the cap will...
  331. SDtone

    Boss 270 Repair

    yes you are correct the Accurate non-magnum only has one AR bearing the boss magnum has two AR's. no dog or anti-reverse pawl in either reel.
  332. SDtone

    Do not buy from my Wife

    hahaha my wife said the same thing, i answered back with, ok you sell my tackle and i'll sell your shoes and purses, I never heard another word about me having too much tackle. hope that works for you...
  333. SDtone

    For sale nib curado 300ej and waxwing jig lot

    nice meeting you Jeff and thanks again for the killer deal on the curado!
  334. SDtone

    New Revo Toro 60 HS/ Used Curado 300 E7 $175/$100

    damn that's great deal on the curado 300. i'll take if warfrik backs out of the deal.
  335. SDtone

    New Curado 300ej in box - $200

    is the reel still for sale???
  336. SDtone


    ooh i love lunch time drama :)
  337. SDtone

    Shimano Curado 300ej

    Hi Manny, is the 300 still up for sale???
  338. SDtone

    Where's the report Bill?

    good one boss :rofl:
  339. SDtone

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    this thread gives me wood every time! great work B.
  340. SDtone

    Decent start to 2012

    nice yellows! saluki is right those fish make you look small...
  341. SDtone

    Keep an eye out, STOLEN RODS

    LAME!!!! sorry to hear this.
  342. SDtone


  343. SDtone

    I'm a Chiefs Fan............

    ouch Boss you cut me a little deep on that oneLOL
  344. SDtone

    Here we go again...

    sweet!!! congrats Kevan!!!!
  345. SDtone

    When should you change your carbontex drag washer?

    use this for reference
  346. SDtone

    When should you change your carbontex drag washer?

    did the reel make/have this issue prior to service??? if not then your in good shape, just means that you put something in wrong, maybe the yoke???
  347. SDtone


    which parts/reel are you looking for??? i might be able to help you out...
  348. SDtone


    thanks for the report, looks like a great day on the water. Ernie and the Chub crew are top notch.
  349. SDtone

    Jigs for Rice Bowl 8 day Charter

    WoW! Jerry those look bad ass!!! i remember seeing the ones you took to Don's house a while back. very well made jigs!
  350. SDtone

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    sorry to hear about your loss.
  351. SDtone

    Going to WAR with Big Pancho

    straight fishy!!!
  352. SDtone

    Phenix give a way rod

    looks awsome Don! i notice the dirt too. damn it's been way too long, i'll need to stop by too. is "class" still on Tuesdays ???
  353. SDtone

    Jim "Wildcat" Daniells RIP

    sad news... RIP Jim.
  354. SDtone

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    making progress, nice work man and thanks for sharing!
  355. SDtone

    061611 - LJ - Turning On

    nice day on the water!!! stay fishy!
  356. SDtone

    MAW final 5

    sweet they look great thanks for posting the pictures!!!
  357. SDtone


    nice work bill
  358. SDtone

    PROGRESS Tuesday night SD Class

    nice work Allen..... you're still the O.G. NFG LOL just messing with ya, seriously nice work!
  359. SDtone

    Thanks BD Members!

    Hi everybody just wanted to take the time and thank everybody here on BD that has brought me reels to service/repair and for the nice post about my services, very much appreciated!!! And can’t thank you guy’s enough… also sometimes times my work schedule doesn’t work well for others...
  360. SDtone

    Daily Double 6-23 am Turds

    Happy B-Day Jay!!! sounds like a good time on the water!!! :cheers:
  361. SDtone

    Live Squid in San Diego

    Mike, congrats on the c-bass!!!! Tone.
  362. SDtone

    2000 Parker Center Console W/ Yamaha 200

    sweet ride Jim. wish i had the $. good luck with the sale.
  363. SDtone

    check out Don & Ken on the Intrepid

    looks look their having a good time... Intrepid Daily Fishing Report
  364. SDtone

    Trout Rod, Salty "Von" Dawg Style

    looks sick!!! nice work Bill! reminds me of the Joker...
  365. SDtone

    A Big Thank from the Make a Wish Tuna Challenge

    here ya go Bill....thanks for the donations!!!
  366. SDtone

    Got'em West of 302

    nice report Ali... and congrtas on your 1st. local marlin.
  367. SDtone

    3 more out the door

    I like it, nice and clean...
  368. SDtone


    congrats! that's a fish you'll never forget!.
  369. SDtone

    Tony Rocks (SDTone) - Thanks!!!

    deal! i'll strat saving them for you and we can exchange next time you visit us at Don/Orca's house. hope the sea shepard crew doesn't see thisLOL
  370. SDtone

    Tony Rocks (SDTone) - Thanks!!!

    took this picture w/my cell phone... waiting for your approval to continue??? you cant tell from the picture but the center inlays are powder blue, yellow, white, yellow, powder blue. hope you like it? if not I can change it.
  371. SDtone

    Game made me soooooooo mad

    good luck Cuda!
  372. SDtone

    Family,Fishing & Fun!

    real nice pictures! thanks for posting...
  373. SDtone

    Tony Rocks (SDTone) - Thanks!!!

    I didn't take any pictures, it was a simple guide replacement. black under and over wraps with gold trim bands and I touched up the rest of the guides with the left over finish. ;)
  374. SDtone

    Tony Rocks (SDTone) - Thanks!!!

    thanks Ron! glad I was able to help!
  375. SDtone

    I'm BACK! Easy win guys.

    crazy game... a nail biter for sure. not pretty but a "W" is a "W" and I'll take it any day of the week. Jay did you get your boat going???
  376. SDtone

    Pending World Record YT

    sick photos... thanks for posting Markus!
  377. SDtone

    ADVICE PL On Trading Shimano for Accurate

    sounds like a great deal.
  378. SDtone

    Cuda's "Bling" Dropper loop rig

    impressive! nice work Bill.
  379. SDtone

  380. SDtone

    Merriman traded to the Raiders for Seymour.

    Brandon, every one here at work is in a uproarLOL!!!! where did this info come from???
  381. SDtone

    Calstar 700H vs 800H

    Hi Dan, Most anglers I know use the 800h as their jig stick (myself included) fishing 40# line, and use the 700h as a bait/dropper loop rod. Not much difference in pulling power/back bone, I think you can get more leverage on the 7 foot rod in my opinion and experience. If you let us know how...
  382. SDtone

    As Old Skool as it gets

    love the color combo! great work!!!!
  383. SDtone


    sweet! good luck out there...
  384. SDtone

    The 1/2 Day Killer!!

    nice work Ryan.
  385. SDtone

    9-7 425-101

    sweet! It looks like were having tuna tonight:D j/k nice work guys!
  386. SDtone

    un gaffo para senor tani

    nice work vince.
  387. SDtone

    Rainshadow IMU824

    nice and clean, great job guys.
  388. SDtone

    I Need Help! FREE tickets

    very cool of you Scott..... good karma going your way for sure!
  389. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    just wanted to let you guys know that my wife reached her goal of $2,500 for the 2009 MS walk.... she couldn't have done it w/o you guys! thanks again!!!! National MS Society - Challenge Walk:
  390. SDtone

    My new boat!

    congrats! she looks very fishy...
  391. SDtone

    8/28 Dominator Massacre

    that's great news!!!! glad to see Frank and his crew do so well!!!! great job guys!
  392. SDtone

    Flyfishing anyone?

    looks good Bill...
  393. SDtone

    Maggie Joe 1,245 lbs Marlin Pics

    damn! nice work and thanks for posting!
  394. SDtone

    More fun with "FAUX"

    looks good.
  395. SDtone


    nice work Duane... thanks for posting.
  396. SDtone

    CHUBASCO 2 again and again

    Ernie and his crew bust ass to get people on some fish... looks like you had a good day on the water. thanks for posting!
  397. SDtone

    Ed's Jigs

    Ed's home made jigs - Bloodydecks Classifieds
  398. SDtone

    My 09 New Lo-Ann 1day Charter

    nice work Slater! thanks for posting the pictures!
  399. SDtone

    Pro Gear Yellowtail special

    the 454 and yts is the same reel. and yes you can fish 40# all day long!
  400. SDtone

    YFT/BFT @ the 226

    nice work Jim, and yes it beats working!!!
  401. SDtone

    80lb BFT 2 day 8/16-18

    nice fish thanks for posting!
  402. SDtone


    Nice work Chris! thanks for the report!
  403. SDtone

    OK Slater, now what?????

    good luck Corb, hope you nail that 100#er.
  404. SDtone

    OK Slater, now what?????

    i was thinking the same thing.... :D
  405. SDtone

    OK Slater, now what?????

    looks like a sick little reel. can't wait to take one apart.
  406. SDtone

    Custom Calstar GF700M

    I like how your finish turned out, very clean.
  407. SDtone

    La Jolla Report 8/9/09

    nice calico, congrats.
  408. SDtone

    Tuna Cord-Handle & Knots

    one at a time.
  409. SDtone

    Is there a Power handle for HX, LX, JX?

    avet handle grip options.
  410. SDtone

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE (Nunyabizness1)

    Happy B-day Maggie!!!
  411. SDtone

    3/4 on The Chub 2

    sounds like you had a great trip. thanks for the report.
  412. SDtone

    Avet LX 6/3 Rebuild.

    Thanks guys.... this in only my second write up, and let me tell you, i really appreciate Alan Tani's write-up's more now then before, so that being said i like to thank Alan again for all his tutorials. my next write up is on the shimano curado 200 e5. hope to have done by this weekend.
  413. SDtone

    Penn 114hlw

    this might help. 113h/114h senator - short version
  414. SDtone

    Avet LX 6/3 Rebuild.

    Here's the link for the schematic. Avet LX 6/3 2 Speed Rebuild. Start by removing the three side plate bolts p# 48. Next unscrew the pre-set knob p# 60. Hold the spool shaft to keep it from spinning. Here's the reel in three...
  415. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    Ok here go the names... shaking up the bag and the lucky winner is???? Congratulations Jay!!!! shoot me a PM with your phone# and address. for the rest of the you that donated, My wife and I could not thank you guys enough!!!! we apprciate you guys...
  416. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    hi guy's i'll do the raffle later this afternoon. i'm going to take some pictures and post the winner's name and then make arrangements with the winner to personally drop off the rod. good luck and thanks again for your donations. tony.
  417. SDtone

    7 30 Fish Report

    your boy looks stoke.... good job getting the kid hooked up.
  418. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    bump... just one more day left.....
  419. SDtone

    Surfdoc's Charger Gaff

    I saw it in person yesterday, that tiger wrap really pops and haves some serious movement to it... good job Bill.
  420. SDtone

    Green bay packers them baby green ulua

    very nice work!
  421. SDtone

    ThreadArt Thread?

    X2, and how many yards per spool??? thanks, tony
  422. SDtone


    nice work Allen.... did you catch any fish with the rod you built???
  423. SDtone

    7/26 Albies, Tail, Dodo with Eyeproblem and his son Brian

    looks like you guys had a blast! thanks for the report and pictures!
  424. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    Hello Everybody, this Friday will be the last day to enter your donation for the 2009 MS walk raffle rod. A big THANK YOU goes out to the BD members that have already donated!!!! Tony.
  425. SDtone

    Calstar 800M Finished

    mad skills!!!!
  426. SDtone

    Shimano Cardiff 200

    This one of my favorite Spotted Bay Bass Reels, this reel is perfect for fishing 8 to 10 pound test line. here the schematic. So let's begin by removing the handle nut plate plate...
  427. SDtone

    Autumn gold

    nice and clean Don love the tiger butt wrap!
  428. SDtone

    07-23-09 Fishing was slow but interesting...

    thanks for the report Jay... cant' wait to get on the water...
  429. SDtone

    Two new rods

    very nice.
  430. SDtone

    Yo Stan "Surf Doc"

    please don't LOL
  431. SDtone

    Yo Stan "Surf Doc"

    Your Rod is done and ready for p/u. hope you like it.
  432. SDtone

    Happy Birthday Full Tilt

    Happy Birthday Vicente!!!!
  433. SDtone

    Broke 3 Abu's this year please suggest next spotty reel

    what's up Vince... I have a shimano cardiff 200 if your interested I'll bring it to the "rod building class" next Tuesday and will give the "stinkin deal".
  434. SDtone

    7/22 BFT / Albie NW of the Kidney

    Nice work Jim... thanks for the report and pictures.
  435. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    Here's the list of BD members that have donated for the 2009 MS Walk raffle rod... WarpDrive @-EZ x2 Shrek likes YT Jaydog we appreciate your donations and can't thank you guys enough for your generosity.
  436. SDtone


    nice fish mount...
  437. SDtone

    penn 706 parts

    try Scott's Bait & Tackle Online Catalog Home Page this is where i order all my penn parts.
  438. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    four, and can't thank you guys enough for your donations!
  439. SDtone

    Please take a look...

  440. SDtone

    Sun July 19th Birthday Albies and a dodo

    nice job Ken and Happy Belated Birthday......
  441. SDtone

    Great Reel repair/Maint.

    what's up Curtis.... it's been a while... you know I'm just trying to make an extra buck or two during these hard financial times. if you ever need anything please let me know.
  442. SDtone

    Great Reel repair/Maint.

    Thanks Stan. P.S. your rod is almost done just need to add the second coat of finish.
  443. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    thanks Jay for your donation!!!! just added your name to the raffle.
  444. SDtone

    Please take a look...

  445. SDtone

    Went catching today Albies/Yellow

    sweet! thanks for the report...
  446. SDtone

    Jerry's Jigs - All Wrapped Up!

    great job to the both of you! fish killers for sure!
  447. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    Ray... my wife just called me and confirmed your donation. thank you very much!!!!!! your name has been entered with WarpDrive and @ez.
  448. SDtone

    Here's why I enjoyed wrapping the Charger rod

    Bill, what did you use for the over wrap on the tiger??? mono, fluoro???
  449. SDtone

    Where is class this week?

    Steve, don't forget your reel. T.
  450. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    just bumping up the thread. not sure if many people check out the "personal news" forum. thanks, T.
  451. SDtone

    Tues Rod Class

    man Corb, you come up with some funny shit!!! love it.
  452. SDtone

    Very Cool!

    Frank, very cool thread and thanks for posting. I'll copy/paste and email it to all my family and friends.
  453. SDtone

    Please take a look...

  454. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    added pictures for the 3 day MS walk raffle rod.
  455. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    Hi Frank and Max donations have been confirmed. thanks again!
  456. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    WarpDrive you da man!!!!! THANKS!
  457. SDtone

    Please take a look...

    Hi everybody, my wife and her friend are doing the 3 day MS walk this summer, they have both been training very hard for this and as she states bellow, the hardest part is raising donations. so if you can please take the time to look at her page National MS Society - Challenge Walk: Click...
  458. SDtone

    Tues Rod Class

    sorry guys can't make it tomorrow.... it's my daughter's b-day. Steve, I wasn't ready to get out of the "wrapping closet" LOL
  459. SDtone

    the 2nd one

    nice work Vicente.
  460. SDtone

    Stupid question

  461. SDtone

    Newell s338 or s533

    hey Romel, I know some one who has a penn 501 for sale;) real cheap too. c-ya this afternoon.
  462. SDtone

    GUSA 65 XH Spinner

    nice work Bill... and sick reel Mark hope you kill some fish w/it.
  463. SDtone

    Tues Rod Class

    sorry I can't make it this week. I'll see you guys next week.
  464. SDtone

    5-17 Chubasco II Report

    sweet! Glad to see you guy's running again... hope to see yo guys soon.
  465. SDtone

    West Coast Rod Show Pics

    great show Mark & thanks for posting the pictures.
  466. SDtone

    Capt. G like bling bling

    Hey Steve L. rock, paper, scissors... :D
  467. SDtone

    Capt. G like bling bling

  468. SDtone

    2009 shark

    BAD ASS! thanks for the report/pictures.
  469. SDtone

    Four always going at a time

    nice work Capt.G
  470. SDtone

    Accurate B870 Use

  471. SDtone

    Celebrating 25 years today...

    Congratulations to the both of you!!!
  472. SDtone

    PM 1/2 day on NSF

    what's up Corb? good seeing ya @ the show. shoot me a pm next time you guys go fishing.
  473. SDtone

    WCCRS my .02

    Had a great time... can't wait till next years show.
  474. SDtone


    wow nice turd roller.
  475. SDtone

    Revo Inshore

    where's the hot chick pictures??? sweet reel...
  476. SDtone

    Blue on blue

    looks good Don, I always knew you had a little Martha Stewart in ya...;):)
  477. SDtone

    She's HOME

  478. SDtone


    bad ass fish man! thanks for the post.
  479. SDtone

    Now this is a jigstick!!!!

    Bill, how many guides is that beast going to take?
  480. SDtone

    50lb club

    congrats! nice fish.
  481. SDtone

    Hot sauce vs Unibutter

    go with the butter. i have tried other products and had the best results using the butter.
  482. SDtone

    First Cross Wrap

    sick work... keep at it.
  483. SDtone

    What 3/4 SD boat to ride?

    Seaforth Sportfishing - San Diego, CA (619) 224-3383
  484. SDtone

    Anyone heard anything about Turner's

    me too... went to my local tuners last week to get some top shots for my reels and the guy there was an ass, plus they also wanted to charge for the uni to uni knot told the guy to forget it and walked out. wtf never heard of takle store charging for a top shot knot???
  485. SDtone

    Wall 4/9

    nice calicos....
  486. SDtone

    Sad day at the Saltydawg house

    sorry to hear about this Bill.... rip Harley
  487. SDtone

    Cudakillers basewrap complete

    looks very nice, great work Bill.........
  488. SDtone

    AZ warden's Calstar

    nice work B.
  489. SDtone

    Now off to epoxy for real

    damn thats looks really good.
  490. SDtone

    3rd one done...

    <<<---- LOL yes a rod is a "tool" hmm i wonder who change that??? Don or maybe my good friend John.:D
  491. SDtone

    Prayers Needed

    prayers sent to maddie and her family.
  492. SDtone

    Quick shout out to Migalito..........

    i know huh... sick lures Miguelito
  493. SDtone

    Capt. G's Swimbait Seminar @ Orca's Class

    thanks GM for the write up!...
  494. SDtone

    Hey Bill

  495. SDtone

    3rd one done...

    thanks everybody, i worked very hard on this one. i can't tell you how many times i had to re-wrap the guides to get the threads even. i must say i am very proud of this one. i also want to thank my other mentors for all their help and "stinking deals":D. seriously, Don, Ken, Steve x2 and Jay...
  496. SDtone

    3rd one done...

    Well almost, just need to apply the epoxy… Blank: American Tackle SWB7H 20-40 # w/Alps guides and reel seat. Thanks Don for all you have taught me.
  497. SDtone


    can't wait to try this oneLOL
  498. SDtone


    sorry to hear about your loss. may god bless you and your family.
  499. SDtone

    Head count for tonights "class"

    I had great time, thanks Don!!! Capt G. hope you didn't break out in a rash from all your food allergiesLOL
  500. SDtone

    How do you mix your cocktail?

    short glass of Makers Mark on the rocks with a splash of cola. is it 5:00 o'clock yet:D
  501. SDtone

    Colorful test marble or scratching

    Steve, get to work;)
  502. SDtone

    spriral,acid or robert's wrap

    LOL "it's a tool"
  503. SDtone

    Women get all the cool toys.

    :rofl: Brandon, thanks for sharing. oh man needed a good laugh!!!
  504. SDtone

    Trying something new

    looks great...
  505. SDtone

    spriral,acid or robert's wrap

    i appreciate the help, you guys are great! and thanks again... now I have another question, I printed out the layout/degree wheel from acid rod and notice there's three types of spiral wraps (revolver, slow and simple sprial) how do you determine which wrap to use??? is each wrap used for...
  506. SDtone


    nice cabby....
  507. SDtone

    spriral,acid or robert's wrap

    thanks everyone for the info. please keep it coming.
  508. SDtone

    Harnell finished

    that tiger looks real nice. great job!
  509. SDtone

    Happy Birthday Lee!!!! (HeatherLynn)

    Happy B-Day Lee!!!
  510. SDtone

    spriral,acid or robert's wrap

    Hello my fellow Rod Builders, Question for you guy’s and gal, when building a spiral wrapped rod how do you determine which way the first 3 guides should rotate? I have seen many pictures on the net with some guides on the left side and the right side, how ever I can’t find how too or...
  511. SDtone

    Rod Wrapper For Sale in BD Classifieds

    I'll check with Don next week.
  512. SDtone

    Rod Wrapper For Sale in BD Classifieds

    sooooo when can i get my refund???? LOL
  513. SDtone

    Rod Wrapper For Sale in BD Classifieds

    $40.00 bucks, that's how much you said you had paid for it. you had it at Noah's to show Kevan or Don, you don't remember huhLOL
  514. SDtone

    Rod Wrapper For Sale in BD Classifieds

    ok, you got meLOL
  515. SDtone

    Rod Wrapper For Sale in BD Classifieds

    oh thanks that makes me feel betterLOL and yes you did but you can always give it backLOL
  516. SDtone

    Rod Wrapper For Sale in BD Classifieds

    gave you??? more like sold you LOL no I didn't even use it once :imdumb: I lost the foot pedel to it so there's no speed control on it. I believe it's still at Don's house???
  517. SDtone

    Rod Wrapper For Sale in BD Classifieds

    Steve, I told her you loaned it to me.LOL j/k she was cool with it... Kevan, Chase is doing well... I don't think he knows his balls are missing yet, he still has to wear the cone for two more days.
  518. SDtone

    Rod Wrapper For Sale in BD Classifieds

    it's been sold ;)
  519. SDtone

    Just rolled in to the LBC

    never seen a Tree fish that big!!! nice work Capt.G Wayne check this out...
  520. SDtone

    Rod Building Classes In OC Have Started

    Bobby, anybody who opens there shop/house/garage ect: to teach someone the skill of rod wrapping is an ace in my book. Like Corb said "very cool of you" to do this.
  521. SDtone

    prop spun off at MDR

    damn that sucks.
  522. SDtone


    :oinker: spot fin, nice job man.
  523. SDtone

    Playin Hooky

    nice one....
  524. SDtone

    3/11 spottys before work

    nice bay bass... thanks for the post.
  525. SDtone

    Oct. 24 Class? AKA March 24th...

    right on man... looking foward to meeting you too.
  526. SDtone

    Marking Your Swimbaits

    Thanks Capt G. I like your "how to" threads keep them coming!
  527. SDtone

    3/10 I Cant Sleep

    nice spottie...
  528. SDtone

    Number 7 in the house...

    congrats! Kevan...
  529. SDtone

    Sweetheart Pitbull Needs a home ASAP

    that sucks! hope you guys find her a good home.
  530. SDtone

    Fishing the surface iron...

    this is a good thread... thanks Eric.
  531. SDtone

    Mission Bay Night bassin late report..

    nice bay bass dude...
  532. SDtone

    Voyager 1 1/2 day trip

    nice red... thanks for the report.
  533. SDtone

    TaguriBullet Jigs

    looks simple to make, i'll have to try it. thanks!
  534. SDtone

    Part 2, The Suicide Swimbaiter Says...

    great post Capt.G thanks for sharing the info.
  535. SDtone

    40# 2oz.

    congrats man! nice fish...
  536. SDtone

    Awesome deal!!!!

    the tld 5 is a bitchen reel, but that much $ is just plain stupid...
  537. SDtone

    Phone call

    now that's funny... thanks Mike.
  538. SDtone

    Madera thread users

    check with Don... TadyHawk is wrapping a rod there using purple mardera.
  539. SDtone

    Seven months old and ruler of his domain...

    good looking grandson Kevan. damn you're getting old.:D
  540. SDtone

    My new project boat.

    Damn Travis moving on up. nice ride...:cheers:
  541. SDtone

    A couple more "new" Harnells

    nice work, i like how you did tne name and marble.
  542. SDtone

    Class 1/20/09

    yes please! :drool:
  543. SDtone

    crazy rabbit

  544. SDtone

    Jaydog B-day

  545. SDtone

    Need help with Calcutta CT200

    I think they charge 15.00 to 20.00 bucks plus shipping. plus it can take up to a couple of weeks to get it back. remember it's the "off season" now and they get a shit loads of reels to service. if you're in SD I'll be happy to service your reel???
  546. SDtone

    yellowtail cake

    that's cool...
  547. SDtone

    But why do you ask two tigers.....?

    looks very nice and clean... great job!
  548. SDtone

    A few more weaves

    looks like you got this shit down... nice work.
  549. SDtone

    Reel repairs

    PM sent.
  550. SDtone

    First weave attempt

    i like the logo...
  551. SDtone

    First weave attempt

    not bad Bill, I like the colors.
  552. SDtone

    Spottie fishing tonight..

    good luck dude...
  553. SDtone

    fishnfool has another BDAY

    Happy birthday Kevan!!! hope you have a great day...:cheers:
  554. SDtone

    1/29/09 Surf Perch gone wild!

    nice catch there... bait???
  555. SDtone

    Happy B-Day sdangler

    Happy Birthday Mark!!!
  556. SDtone

    Outta here

    good luck Bill, hope you have a great trip...
  557. SDtone

    Corbs G-Style Rolled Rod

    sick little reel... thanks for posting the pic.
  558. SDtone

    Corbs G-Style Rolled Rod

    Corb, can you post a picture of this reel. i tried to google it but unable to find it. thanks. T.
  559. SDtone

    Happy Birthday Cory!

    happy birthday Cory....:cheers:
  560. SDtone

    Class 1/20/09

    sorry guys i can't make it... it's my wife's b-day.... by the way your reels are done, if you need them before next tuesday let me know??? c-ya guys next week... t.
  561. SDtone

    GUSA 70 Monster

    nice work Steve.... you know my b-day is coming up too...:D
  562. SDtone

    GUSA SW 70 XH Spinning Rod

    looks good Bill...
  563. SDtone

    The Vine......12/30.........Sweeeeeeeeeet

    thanks for the report Curtis and glad you had a good day...
  564. SDtone

    just wanted to...

    thank Don again for his great meals and hospitality... have a Merry Christmas you ol' grouch;)
  565. SDtone

    How difficult is it?
  566. SDtone

    Yucaipa Regional Park Lake #2 12 21 08

    nice job Grandpa Kevan.
  567. SDtone

    Corb the pinup model

    come on sharing is caring...LOL
  568. SDtone


    not bad...:eyepoppin
  569. SDtone

    A little bit of TJ right here in Ramona

    I call BS w/o picturesLOL
  570. SDtone

    Happy Birthday Jesse!

    HAPPY B-DAY...
  571. SDtone

    @ Dons Rod Building Class

    the old grouchy man that was there...
  572. SDtone

    White Sea Bass to 50 lbs

    lets go fishing...
  573. SDtone

    Padres for Sale? Someone please buy them!

    LOL my good friend John, I can always count on you for a good laugh...
  574. SDtone

    One Cool Dog!

    great vid jay.... my kids are going to love it. thanks for posting...
  575. SDtone

    penn 30 sw international rebuild

    great work Alan... thanks for sharing!
  576. SDtone

    ATIHC I won !!!

    SWEET! Congratulations Jay!
  577. SDtone

    Number 6 arrived safe and sound...

  578. SDtone

    Thanksgiving Divorce

  579. SDtone


    cool write up....
  580. SDtone

    The Knob

    The Knob A woman visited her plastic surgeon who told her about a new procedure called 'The Knob,' where a small knob is placed at the top of the woman's head and could be turned to tighten up her skin and produce the same effect as a brand new face-lift. Of course, the...
  581. SDtone

    Head count

    me too...
  582. SDtone

    It's that time of year again...

    thanks for the info Kevan, maybe this year we can hook up and catch some trout??? hope all is well w/you and the family.
  583. SDtone

    My Dad, he needs your blood.

    Chris, sorry to hear this... prayers sent to your pops and your family.
  584. SDtone

    50lb Ulua

    great report Matt!!! congrats on that bad ass fish...
  585. SDtone

    Albacore Still At The 390 10/22

    right on man, glad to hear you guys found some fish...
  586. SDtone

    Funny Fishing Pictures Thread

  587. SDtone

    Daily Double 1/2 day

    thanks for for the report miss march... glad you had a better day than me.
  588. SDtone

    Halloween costume

    A bald man with a wooden leg gets invited to a Halloween party. He doesn't know what costume to wear to hide his head and his leg so he writes to a costume company to explain his problem. A few days later he received a parcel with the following note: Dear Sir, Please find enclosed a...
  589. SDtone

    10/17 bay pre bender

    nice bass...
  590. SDtone

    spirit of adventure, october 6-11, 2008

    great report! and thanks for all your help.
  591. SDtone

    worth a thousand words?

    they remind of that soulman...
  592. SDtone

    I don

  593. SDtone

    Happy Berdai Big Gurl

  594. SDtone

    Class 7 Oct 08

    FYI the food sucks and Don is not a very good teacher so don't bother joining the class ;)LOL
  595. SDtone

    YFT's on "The Procrastonator" 9/25

    great report B. thanks...
  596. SDtone

    Rod REC for a Accurate 197 4.6 to 1 ratio

    I fish my 197 w/20# test on a calstar 800 xlh 12-25
  597. SDtone

    Sunday 9/21/08

    nice job Glen and crew.
  598. SDtone

    Reel repair

    Thanks Mark...
  599. SDtone

    what type of knot should I use

    this might help you.... Grog's Fishing Knots Index
  600. SDtone

    Reel repair

    ya Corbs, let me know if need any work done.
  601. SDtone

    Reel repair

    Hi Steve, don't forget your reels tonight... oh and the trinidad drag plate.... Glen, send them on down, ready when you are!
  602. SDtone

    Reel repair

    Thanks Jim... did you use your Saltigas yet??? Hi Kevan, Hope all is good? hope to see you soon.
  603. SDtone

    w/ an Avet SX

    This was my first time dealing with AVET and I was a little worried with all the bs about customer service, I was surprised how helpful she was, same deal too just pay for shipping...
  604. SDtone

    w/ an Avet SX

    well have some good news, i just finish speaking to Eliza @ AVET she told me to send in the side plate and they can remove the bearing housing and wouldn't have to replace it with a new one.
  605. SDtone

    w/ an Avet SX

    thanks everybody... can't catch the edge on the outer race with a socket so I had to grind it out, hopefuly the new bearing will fit, if not I guess I be calling AVET for a new side plate :doh:.
  606. SDtone

    Calcutta 400 handle upgrade
  607. SDtone

    Calcutta 400 handle upgrade

    a friend of mine used a trinidad 12 handle. looks and feels great.
  608. SDtone

    w/ an Avet SX

    No it's not mine. On my spare time I like to do reel maintenance/reel repair as a "hobby". It’s the older version sx and doesn't look like it's been service for quite some time. Seen and had this problem before, just never this bad.
  609. SDtone

    w/ an Avet SX

    Hi Everybody, I'm working on an Avet SX 5.1:1 and the outer drive shaft bearing (key # 24) is rusted/bonded into the side plate. I use the bearing puller and bearing pushing tool with no results. I soaked the bearing w/reel x and tried to pull & push the bearing out, now the inner ring of the...
  610. SDtone

    Ha Ha Dumb ASS

    oh shit :idiot:
  611. SDtone

    not bad for my first rod...

    1st I wrapped the pewter/gun metal color under wrap all the way up to the first guide then I laid down the black and silver thread one at a time and spaced it out "byeye" it wasn't to bad/difficult to do.
  612. SDtone

    so who do you think gets knocked out???

  613. SDtone

    not bad for my first rod...

    Thanks everybody, and yes I&#8217;m hooked, thinking about selling some of my old gear to buy a rod wrapper. I also started my second rod on Tuesday night it&#8217;s a gusa 80 mega mag.
  614. SDtone

    not bad for my first rod...

    here's some pictures from my 1st. rod i wrapped it's a gusa sw70m 12-25#... don thanks again for all your help and thanks for your patients.... sorry it took me sooo long to post, i had to wait for the dead weight stress/load test;)LOL
  615. SDtone

    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge rods

    :daman: nice work Steve!
  616. SDtone

    New Octopus tank, up and running

    :nutkick::rofl: sorry corbs, that shit was funny!!!!!
  617. SDtone

    A Bloodydecks Management Meeting...

    ahh been there done that.:pee::shithappens:barf:D
  618. SDtone

    8/7 Alberts

    nice work Don and Kevan... so I hope this means were having tuna for dinner on Tuesday:D sweet! Kevan, thanks for the 'on the water report' LOL
  619. SDtone

    8/06/08 31# Yellowtail on a Bass Rod?

    man that's big yellow! nice job!
  620. SDtone

    15# reel

    If you’re on a budget, then go with shimano cardiff 400 or torium 14. If budget is not an issue then spring for the calcutta 400 te with the trinidad handle upgrade. jmo.
  621. SDtone

    A Husbands Revenge

    :2gunsfiring_v1: :rofl:
  622. SDtone

    7/29 LJ

    beats working LOL.... thanks for the report....
  623. SDtone

    Saltypup gets a slam

    looks like he had a blast..
  624. SDtone

    Rod building classes

    don't you have some shopping to do w/ your gilr A-O ;) btw thanks for your help 'my friend'
  625. SDtone

    Rod building classes

    hey Don, how did my first coat of finish come out???
  626. SDtone

    Garden Martha is hurt

    dang GM, get well soon....
  627. SDtone

    New Mattress Hook Up for Bloody Deckers

    our memory foam mattress is great... thanks again Theo!
  628. SDtone

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ali (Gato Gordo)

  629. SDtone

    Hanna BD YT Shootout run 6 21 08

    nice albie... glad you guys had a great time.
  630. SDtone

    2008 Yellowtail Shootout Top Ten

    :appl: Great Job everybody!!!!!
  631. SDtone

    YT Shootout Report for Team Dos Locos

    great job Team Dos Locos!
  632. SDtone

    Happy Bday Produceman

    Happy Birtday Jay!
  633. SDtone

    Happy Birthday Saluki!

    Happy Birthday B.
  634. SDtone

    What happens in Alaska should stay in Alaska.....

    looks like good times! nice job everybody.
  635. SDtone

    Team Hanna's Registered for the YT Tourney.

    hey Karl, that's a great question for the radio show. :_diarrhea_::D
  636. SDtone

    BD on the Radio???

    that would be fucking funny if some one called asking about the man massage.:D
  637. SDtone

    Amazing NASA pic of water on Mars

  638. SDtone

    screw gas prices

    sorry ali, but that was funny as hellLOL btw cuda i like the bike.
  639. SDtone

    Double 220 THURSDAY 06 12 08...

    great report Kevan, got my "blood flowing good" just reading it.......