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  1. MinnesotaPhats

    hwy 5 road condition, any updates ?

    Take the 5, amigo. I drove it three weeks ago (heading north). Trust me. Yeah, there's still a small stretch of well-graded gravel. FINE for a trailer. The rest of the road is so epic, I got really disoriented. And the improvements between San Felipe and Gonzaga have gotten MUCH better...
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    Breakfast And Box Lunches In CSL

    Mar de Cortez and Renegade Mike are a killer combo! (Kick Mike in the taint for me, jajaja!) With minimal notice, Mike can arrange the food. If not, there's a market just SE of Mike's slip that has great coffee's, breakfast's, and boat lunches. Show up early, it get's busy! Saludos y suerte! -d
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    Hauling a boat to Los Barilles

    Hola amigo, just a couple rambling thoughts. (I too fell in love w/ E. Cape nine years ago. And after all the hotels and camping, bought a place in Buena Vista.) DEFINITELY join Discover Baja Travel Club -- they are a huge help with everything! The La Ribera marina seems full and expensive...
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    Film - Sea of Shadows

    I dunno. I'm sitting at home, writing this. Am I doing any good? I'm not on the Sea Shepherd. What can make a difference? Maybe nothing. I know ignoring the problem won't help. I know discussions raise ideas. I know having the support of others strengthens me. I know I'm willing and able to aid.
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    Film - Sea of Shadows

    Bob. Good Lord, amigo! Thank you for the corrections and insight. I am still learning. And please, never edit thoughtful and beautiful words. How dare you. This world is greatly lacking in such pursuits... (Your full diatribe deserves to be posted on this, and every, site.) And if the world...
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    Film - Sea of Shadows

    Bob -- Sorry amigo, perhaps I'm misunderstanding? "A lot less could have been done a lot sooner with much greater outcome?" How so? That doesn't seem to make sense. Little has been done, since day one, with practically zero outcome. Which is by no means to suggest a lack of effort. The...
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    Cabo surf fishing

    Hola amigo, my 2 cents. Definitely fish with Wesley Brough (CaboSurfcaster) if he's available! I can't emphasize this enough. And bring some metal (Sierra are starting to show, as are the winds.). For bigger baits, stuff like Cabo Killers will cast (and last) better than Madscads. Check out...
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    Cabo rediculousness. Big time Tuna with Jaime Gonzalez

    So sick, Charlie! (And due credit to Jaime and his team!) Seems like you're down there quite a bit. I'll be in E. Cape this fall, if you need a cohort to rip some lips and catch a Vikes (or Twins?:appl:) game. Kudos y saludos! - Dave
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    Baja Surf Fishing Rod Suggestions

    That's a helluva lotta great info there! (Not to mention, what you learned from Stephen. AND what you'll learn if you fish with Wes or Felipe Valdez [HIGHLY recommended!]). Especially on the Pacific side. Between CSL and Todos Santos. You're definitely on the right track.... So whether rods...
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    Pedasi 7/25-7/30

    Sounds like an awesome trip, congrats! I've been there twice (early Feb in '18, and late March this year), and can't wait to get back -- might aim for this time of year in 2020. Pierre and co. run an amazing operation there! Saludos!
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    Baja’s East Cape fishing is at its best!

    Awesome report, hermano! Looks like I missed a ton of action -- I can't wait to get back down! (And congrats to your brothers -- pinche Felipe esta todavia en fuego, jajaja!) Saludos!!
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    Renegade Mike reports on the fishing in Cabo San Lucas

    I'll never forget you making fun of my TranX, and then you got your new little Okumas. And we got heavy into billfish, and we tried to break them. And they held. So dope, so fun. Lesson learned.
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    Renegade Mike reports on the fishing in Cabo San Lucas

    Miguel. Muchas gracias! Missed you, ya fucker, jajaja! Fuck politics. Go fish. And write about it. Share. Please. Because, as shitty as it get's for you? Your insanity keeps us sane. I. We. This site. Needs reports from guys like you. Not only to learn, but to stay informed and...
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    Musky fishing northern MI

    PM sent, good luck!
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    Musky fishing northern MI

    Shoot. No, sorry -- I never ventured that far east. Too much good water between MPLS and there, jaja!... I'll ask a couple folks, and if I hear anything, I'll get back to you. Saludos!
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    Musky fishing northern MI

    Hola amigo -- sorry, I mostly know MN/WI, can't help much with Michigan.... my best advice is to hook up with a good guide. Throw cowgirls and cover water. And work on your figure 8 -- it works! (Also, it can be frustrating, but it's so fun to watch!). Seriously, get on your knees, get that...
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    It's a Tiger Rockfish. Pretty rare, VERY cool! The picture doesn't really show it, but it had fascinating growths on it's nose/head. Saludos, -d
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    I'd say we were drifting 80-90% of the time. Again, the weather was pretty perfect! If I remember correctly, the boat's 38', and best described as a "landing craft"? Flat-bottomed but smooth and fast, front door, plenty of room to fish!
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    Tuesday was foggy, more windy, slower. We stayed close. We're not sure if it was the weather change, our location, if Jon and Sue were bad luck, or the fact that Noah wasn't on the boat. Like Josh says. It's always good to have a guy named Noah on your boat. Needless to say, Noah was on the...
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    I.D. This!!!!

    Sue, with a lunker last week in Icy Bay Apparently the Sea Dong bite is hot! Jajaja!
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    LONG overdue, from July 7-13. Firstly, eternal gratitude to the IBL staff. Mike, Cate, John, Rob, Rick, and young Noah of the Bushpeople. (And John's better-half Cindy!). Epic. The fishing is the cake. You are the frosting. Secondly. Readers, if you've ANY occasion, opportunity, or...
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    I.D. This!!!!

    Jaja! That's an anemone -- looks like a mushroom on the seafloor. We call them "Sea Dong's."
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    Cabo Outfit Suggestions - August Family Fishing Trip

    If you check this site, you'll get a lot of good recommendations for boats. From what I can tell, this is another weird year. Definitely late. So you might find great fishing in August! Only one way to find out. Saludos!
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    Cabo Outfit Suggestions - August Family Fishing Trip

    Renegade Mike and Jaime, on the new and improved super panga "Jessica"!!!!!
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    Crossing into Baja through Chaparral Border Entry

    In my limited experience, the only other place I know to get a stamp is in La Paz. (A handful of years ago, I crossed without getting stamped. I figured it out, no big deal. Then again, I was driving all the way down, passing through the capital....) In my limited experience, if you're...
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    I caught all these fish with Jaime On the Jessica in the last 7 months.....

    You're all good re.: the duplicates. Jaime can photoshop any number of smiling faces. After amazing days. Including mine. Congrats, and thanks for sharing! And reminding us how lucky we are to have him. Saludos, go Twins!!!
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    Cabo Rooster Fishing

    God bless Baja. Let's enjoy and preserve it! Saludos y suerte, Dave
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    Cabo Rooster Fishing

    Congrats on a great day, and memories for a lifetime! That shot of her with the Rooster, busting up laughing, is amazing. Frame it. I need to get my nieces back down here (12 and 14) for a day like that.... Saludos, and prayers for Jaime!
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    Help Jaime Gonzales Jr. Get Back on His Feet!

    Thanks for starting this thread, Larry! I know it's all over Facebook. Hopefully Twitter and Instagram, too. Blessings to Jaime and his family -- he's an amazing man, and angler. With our help, he'll be back on his feet (and back at the helm) in no time. Saludos, Phats
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    Jeez! Are you frequently hooking hundo's on poppers?!? Can I come?! Jaja! (BTW, what was the problem getting a crank? Not enough drag?) I think a TP 14k is a fine place to start, as far as a big spinning salt reel. Considering cost, ratio, capacity. It can cast big baits from beach or...
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    Baja 5 San Filipe South.....Sucks!

    Yeah, "progress" is one word for it, amigo! E. Cape is changing fast. Four Seasons, elite golfing, multiple ski boats, the quad traffic is out of control. A jetski blasted by this morning 40 meters from shore -- a popular snorkeling spot. Had I (or anyone) been out there..... Buenas noches...
  32. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja 5 San Filipe South.....Sucks!

    Left hand lane, pull into the parking lot before the entry gates, walk into the office, and boom! Stamped, and on your way to paradise. We all take our preferred routes, based on attitude, vehicle, destination, etc.. Is what it is. If you're bitching about it, maybe you shouldn't be here...
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    Rod, reel, line, leader recommendations?

    Jaime Gonzalez, Jessica Sportfishing, (+52) 624-137-3800. If he's booked, he should have a good recommendation. Saludos y suerte.
  34. MinnesotaPhats

    Rancho Leonero Up For Sale ?

    go halfsies? Jajaja! Hope you're well, amigo. Saludos!
  35. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo Beer Help

    Baja Brewing is legit. Not sure where you're staying, but Hotel Buena Vista usually has bottles available, as may other hotels (if they know what's good for them, jaja!). I've actually seen it on tap at Smokey's (this time of year, they should have multiple varieties bottled in the cooler), and...
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    Icy Bay Lodge trip, AK in 2019

    Can't wait to read your reports, amigo!! Happy hunting for lunkers, strawberries, rocks. (And a silent roommate, jaja!)
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    East Cape Fishing Tactics Recommendations

    Who'd you fish with last year? Choice of captain can make a world of difference. Come down with an open mind, find a capable/versatile skipper, and chase what's been biting. As for accommodations, I prefer Hotel Buena Vista. Breaking news, anglers are particular, jajaja! The hotel's owned...
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    Today at K&M Sportfishing Bluefin on the poppers!!!

    Niceee! Y Feliz Dia de Papas! I love those R2S Poppers -- not too expensive, easy to work, and durable!! Saludos!
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    Info on baja road condition

    Quickly, from the E. Cape. (I can't really call it an "update," because there's not much to add...) TUES: drove from Gilroy, CA, to San Felipe. I've only crossed (tj, or Mexicali) at 6 am. Crossing the border at 5pm was surprisingly quick and easy! Traffic and road were great. WED: road to...
  40. MinnesotaPhats

    Headed to BOLA TJ or Mexicali entry?

    As Mark Twain said: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.” Again. This...
  41. MinnesotaPhats

    Headed to BOLA TJ or Mexicali entry?

    Steve, whether or not you get your FMM's online (you still need to stop, and get them stamped), or at the border. When you're crossing at TJ, stay in the far right lane. There's a parking lot before the entry gates you can use. Or, drive through the entry, then there's another parking area...
  42. MinnesotaPhats

    Headed to BOLA TJ or Mexicali entry?

    Yup! That stretch between San Felipe and Gonzaga is still a huge mess. Hopefully, they'll take their time and do it right, rather than quick-fixes. It was tolerable in my fancy 4x4, but in a Camry? Good choice on taking hwy 1, Steve! (Love the Twain quote, btw!) That being said, the stretch...
  43. MinnesotaPhats

    Headed to BOLA TJ or Mexicali entry?

    Oh boy. Complex question! Greetings from San Felipe, I'm headed south (to E. Cape). It depends on what you're driving, when you're driving, your comfort level and familiarity with the drive, etc.. Though Hwy 5 is fucked up, I still prefer it. However. If it's your first time, I'd advise...
  44. MinnesotaPhats

    Info on baja road condition

    X2!! I'll be heading down to E. Cape next week -- how's Hwy 5 coming along?
  45. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    I gotta pipe in here (ever the contrarian, jaja!) I've plenty of experience with Mike. I've seen him very gentle and guiding with novices of all ages. He "likes to ride" average, to above-average, anglers. Especially if he see's a hunger in them to improve. Granted, his methods are...
  46. MinnesotaPhats

    Where Should I Try Next In Alaska

    Hola Almud, I had a couple cancel for our July Icy Bay trip, so there are spots open if you're interested (July 7-13). PM me, saludos! -- Dave
  47. MinnesotaPhats

    Looking for info: Guided trips around Cabo in July? Roosters?

    Another phenomenal resource is Wesley Brough ( -- IMHO, he is THE GUY when it comes to surf fishing in/around Los Cabos (he's based in CSL). If you're able to venture to the E. Cape, Felipe Valdez ( and Matt Clifton...
  48. MinnesotaPhats


    I know this isn't the proper forum. But since I know a few people here, I thought I'd ask... I have Icy Bay ( booked for July 7-13. A couple friends can't make it, so. Open spots... Like you, I'm more of a warm-weather angler. But after fishing Panama with Kil Song last...
  49. MinnesotaPhats

    Icy Bay, July 7-13, 2019

    Hola amigos. I have a group going; unfortunately a couple had to cancel. Hence, there are two spots open, if anyone's interested. Lemme know, saludos! - Phats
  50. MinnesotaPhats

    Huge 61-pound roosterfish from East Cape surf

    My favorite thing about this pic? Claudia's adoring gaze. And tiny Natty with her virgin Pina Colada. Time flies by. And shit goes away. Pause, to recognize your place, and appreciate your people. Saludos y suerte, -Phats (P.S. -- Britt and Felipe and Rapala are still at it! I believe it...
  51. MinnesotaPhats

    Childrens Day Fishing Tournament!

    Thank you, Axel, Lazy Daze, and everyone involved, who makes this happen! I can't wait to see it in person. It's such an awesome event for the kids, the community, and the history and future of sportfishing! Saludos!!
  52. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo in june, need recommendations.

    Were it me? Renegade Mike for a cruiser, Jaime for a panga, Wes Brough for surfcasting. Buckle up, welcome to Cabo, jaja! Saludos.
  53. MinnesotaPhats

    Fishing Central and Southern Baja Sept-Nov

    Sounds like an awesome vacation/adventure, Bret! Saludos! It's tough to predict what/when/where the hot bite will be, but it's an incredible time of year. Stay tuned to sites like this, and go with the flow. Obviously, you'll be mobile (either driving down or renting a vehicle.). That's key...
  54. MinnesotaPhats

    Travel With Gear

    I'm still rocking the Plano 6508 "Jumbo Airliner." But my buddy got one of these (I think Series 1) for Panama, and it kinda kicked ass!
  55. MinnesotaPhats

    Who in La Paz

    Also, I think Felipe is operating out of La Paz now too...
  56. MinnesotaPhats

    Roosters - Baja or Costa Rica?

    "Just remember that Sami and the Saltywater tackle gang are not gods, so their opinion on something doesn't make it a fact." But I still pay heed to whatever they say, and after six years, am loving the fuck out of my RacePoint 200, jaja! Still learning. Middle ground... "I personally know of...
  57. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Beanavista Beach Resort- Boat & Gear?

    Hola Glenn! When in July? I might see you down there! Coupla corrections -- sorry, I'm a dick for particulars -- it's "Buena Vista." And I think your title was right -- "Hotel" or "Spa" Buena Vista. Rancho Buena Vista is a few hundred yards up the beach, and offers incredible history, great...
  58. MinnesotaPhats

    Bahia de los Angeles Fishing Report + Road Northbound

    Como siempre, muchas gracias, Don! Due to similar horror stories, I've only crossed through Tecate or Mexicali. Highly recommended! In the process of getting my CA residency and TTP/Sentri, fingers crossed for government expediency, JAJAJAJAJA!
  59. MinnesotaPhats

    Charter recommendation in Puerto Vallarta

    Jajaja! Take it easy on the first-timer... We've all "been there." William, welcome to BDO! x2 on all of the above! Saludos y suerte, and share your knowledge/report!
  60. MinnesotaPhats

    Thailand 2019 Report

    I love this thread! (You had me at "Bass fishing," jajaja!) I'm overdue to return to Thailand, and am feeling inspired. Kaap khun maak krap. And an arroy maak helping of tod man pla! (sorry, a bit rusty...) Please keep any and all info coming... Saludos y Sabai dii! - Dave
  61. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    Jaja! Que onda, Charlie?! What do you think? It's Cabo, with Renegade Mike... So, no. Not like when I used to have an office above the "Skyway"! Saludos, "Stay classy, Minnesota" -d
  62. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Fishing Trip Reality

    Hmmm. Some work on the honor system, some require deposits. Can you offer examples? Are these independent companies, or through a hotel fleet? A lot of times, you can tell if a boat is legit by their reputation, websites, etc.. I've pretty much had my captains dialed-in for years, and can...
  63. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say most of this shit is valid. Both ways. I'm not going to denigrate Aaron's knowledge or impressions. Telling a grown-up, experienced angler, that their words are meaningless? How would you like it? Respect, amigo, for an honest, fact-based report...
  64. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape vs Loreto vs Cabo?

    My two cents. Firstly: If you're looking to "hang out," I'd go with E. Cape (or even San Jose?). The further you venture from Los Cabos, the further you are from major health-care/life flights, so it depends on how serious your medical needs may be. That said, all of your intended destinations...
  65. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Fishing Trip Reality

    Hola, Tim. Picking the right boat and captain/crew (and resulting gear, techniques, technology, approach, etc.) is, IMHO, definitely key! Though you won't find as many "coyotes" in the E. Cape as in Cabo, they definitely exist. For better or worse, most times, you get what you pay for. If...
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    Shimano Stella reel

    Assuredly, a stupid question. But you're diligent about rinsing it? There could have been an odd mixture in that particular bail's finish? Either way, have them replace it! Saludos.
  67. MinnesotaPhats

    It’s that time of year on the beautiful East Cape of Baja

    Awesome report and pics! I love the profiles of the captains and deckhands. SO cool. Can't wait to see you in May! Saludos!!
  68. MinnesotaPhats

    Scorpion Sportfishing East Cape Report - April 7, 2019

    That's why you guys rock -- putting in the work! Beautiful Jurel!!! Saludos!
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    Cabo report 3/31 and renegade Mike boat review

    You're right to call me an asshole or a dummy. But I'll gladly fish with Mike any day of the week. Twice on Sundays. Me and him have caught boatloads, when others have skunked, and I have learned the most, and fished my best, when he yells at me. This debate/conversation has been going on for a...
  70. MinnesotaPhats

    Crushed a half day trip today in Cabo 3/31...

    Ummm, I really wish you all wouldn't keep sharing Jaime's contact info! I want him all to myself, jajaja! #TooLate #BadAssCaptain
  71. MinnesotaPhats

    Amber Jack and Trigger Fish Edibility

    Only certain Triggers are good to eat. And one big problem with fish like jacks, is you need to bleed/ice them immediately, which, as we know, rarely happens. But they can be amazing table fare! The other big problem. Handle your fish. Package, freeze, transport, thaw, and cook it properly...
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    East Cape Super Panga Recommendations

    (He also put me on my PB Gallo, #60. Dude knows his shit, and works his ass off)
  73. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Super Panga Recommendations

    big dog by MinnesotaPhats posted Aug 10, 2013 at 8:45 PMWAHOOHEAD by MinnesotaPhats posted Aug 10, 2013 at 8:55 PMDOGTOOF by MinnesotaPhats posted Aug 10, 2013 at 8:56 PM
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    East Cape Super Panga Recommendations

    Hola amigo. I'm guessing Victor Sr. is still captaining La Victoria? And Jr. is captaining Maria Victoria? Either way, you can't go wrong. I have had multiple EPIC days with Junior, and he learned from the best. Next, I'd go with, or...
  75. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Fishing Trip Reality

    It's fishing. Do your research regarding species, presentation, seasons, and quality outfits (guides and captains). I spend a couple months every year in E. Cape., and it can suck. Or it can blow your mind. If you have more specific questions, that would help -- do you want to catch a Marlin...
  76. MinnesotaPhats

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    Yeah, if at all possible, I'm completely boycotting American Airlines! Copa's been good to me, but they all will pinch you if they can..... And since you asked... ;). Our trip was great. I introduced Pedasi/Tuna Coast to four of my best fishing friends (three from MN, one from MX). We had...
  77. MinnesotaPhats

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    It would have been, but he flew Delta back to MSP. Again, your mileage may vary. I did the same Panafishing trip last January with Kil Song. I flew American (first class), and on my return trip, they kicked me off the plane for wearing shorts. Go fucking figure. Which is how I discovered...
  78. MinnesotaPhats

    LAX to PTY Copa Rod Tube ???

    Hola amigo -- just flew SFO-PTY (direct, and back) on Copa, first class. My 88" rod tube and 29+ kilo suitcase were both allowed, no questions or added fee's, both ways. (I don't take coolers or fish.) My buddy flew coach, and his tube cost him $150. Saludos y suerte.
  79. MinnesotaPhats

    Roosters - Baja or Costa Rica?

    Sounds like you've landed on a good plan. Saludos y suerte! Quick update: I just got back from Panama (, in Pedasi) Though we got hammered by unseasonal winds, I still wholeheartedly love this operation. If casting/jigging artificials on light tackle is your thing, check it...
  80. MinnesotaPhats

    Fat Tuesday 3/5 Cabo report ——rediculous

    Hola Charlie, glad to see you had a great day, and escaped yet another MN "snownami,", jaja! Jaime's the absolute best. But I gotta be "that guy." It looks like you two exceeded your limit on pargo. Assuming there were only two of you: "In ocean waters and estuaries the limit is a total of...
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    Though ripe for criticism, I will say one thing in defense of Sea Shepherd. They are, at least, raising global awareness of some crucial situations (I pray the end somehow justifies the means.) Creating such conversations forces (most of) us to "up our game" in terms of arguments, research, and...
  82. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo

    Hola amigo -- based on your dates and desires, I'd go with CSL. PV is a bit more vast, San Jose is quieter -- San Lucas is easily navigated, and offers all you'll need in terms of fishing and nightlife. (June's usually pretty good for multiple species!). If San Jose sounds more your speed...
  83. MinnesotaPhats

    Roosters - Baja or Costa Rica?

    I love me some E. Cape! Just bought a place down there (que onda, Bill?). Make no mistake, Baja's been fished out a bit as well. Guaranteed Gallos and billfish is a tough ask from any destination, but that's as good a place as any to start. Especially with a good captain, and a few days to...
  84. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Buenavista-East Cape Fishing Report Feb 22

    Niceee, Marco! That is why you're such a professional. And I was honored to be invited to Wednesday's fish-fry. Tremendous food and company. Next time, I'll hopefully bring some fish, jajaja! Saludos y gracias, Axel and Spa community!
  85. MinnesotaPhats

    Rod, reel, line, leader recommendations?

    Hola Allen -- it sounds like you'll be fishing with great outfits! I can vouch for Jaime -- awesome guy and angler! And Bill Collector has a tremendous reputation. As a fellow "lefty," I'm a big fan of Shimano TranX (have caught a lot of pelagics, etc. on them.) Also, consider spinning reels...
  86. MinnesotaPhats

    Icy Bay Lodge trip i 2019

    15# Silvers? Nice! I'll take one a day, everyday! Obviously, you're sacrificing Salmon for other species. But if the wind lays down, and you can get out to "Jurassic Park" for a day or three, you'll have a great shot at a big ling. I'm almost as excited to read your report, as I am to get...
  87. MinnesotaPhats

    Icy Bay Lodge trip i 2019

    Oh boy. Buckle up. I'm not sure if you've been to Icy Bay before -- I went last year for the first time with Kil, Ken, and others. And I showed up two days late (just in time to watch Ken's #244 get hauled off the boat!). Though short, if it's half as good as my experience, you're in for...
  88. MinnesotaPhats


    Hola, Alby. Firstly, I'm sorry you've had so many bad experiences with corrupt cops! We all know this is a sad, too-common occurrence. Especially to someone like you, who plays by the rules, and is there for all the right reasons. I didn't address it is because I haven't had many problems...
  89. MinnesotaPhats

    Icy Bay Lodge trip i 2019

    Hola Almud -- x2 on Bosco's advice. Him knows his shit! I highly recommend taking the advised YAK-JNU-SEA route -- Alaska Airlines' freezer is great. Just make sure your flight home from Seattle is on Alaska Airlines, and you should have no problem. Last year, my flight from Seattle to home...
  90. MinnesotaPhats


    Firstly, thank you all for your replies. I wasn't quite sure where this thread would lead. But the topic seemed poignant. And I'm left inspired… JRB: Muchas gracias for the heartfelt words, compadre. Though not necessarily deserved, they're sincerely appreciated! And trust me. I get your...
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    As dearly as you need Baja. (Scribbling's from a pinche gringo.) All along the peninsula, we are seeing some drastic changes. These range from the health of a fishery, to that of a community, all of which are equally complex. And largely out of our control. Some happen slowly, some...
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    Slobs & Slabs! Surf/Fish Combo Trip

    "The good old days" might be gone. That doesn't mean that guys like you, can't help guys like me, create "good new days"! It won't be the same. But I know that crying in our cervezas won't help. Properly honor the history, our pioneers and teachers, and spread the joy! It's now up to us...
  93. MinnesotaPhats

    Musky fishing in Michigan

    That's a helluva day, congrats!
  94. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Rancho Grande leases TRIPLED!!

    Though I've still SO much to experience and explore in Baja to earn my membership card, I'm no longer necessarily a newbie. And as such, I'm kinda torn on this one. It's wonderful to see (at least some) local's thrive on increased wages and opportunities. Us gringo's "suffer" these...
  95. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo Surf Fishing Info...

    March isn't the greatest, but there should be fish. You might not want to worry about your hotel's location? The Pueblo Bonito at Sunset Beach is a good spot, but pricey -- you might be better off staying somewhere cheaper and renting a car to explore local beaches and up both coasts? (Spots...
  96. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Rancho Grande leases TRIPLED!!

    Whether a panguero, or a U.S. government employee, or a fan/visitor/resident of Gonzaga Bay, or…. May we spend less time pointing fingers, and more time enjoying what we have. Time is short. Saludos.
  97. MinnesotaPhats

    Tony Pena: RIP

    Wait -- is this for real?! If this is true, this is so sad. I was never lucky enough to fish with him, but we shared some detailed emails -- mostly, him sharing his knowledge and advice, which I greatly appreciated! Muchas gracias, Tony. You were a great friend, educator, ambassador, and...
  98. MinnesotaPhats

    Multi-part question: Gricelda's, shorefishing, how much fish can fly home...CABO

    I, I, for one, appreciate your great attitude and ballsy honesty, Scott. There are two sides to every story, but most of us have had the misfortune of similarly grumpy captains, poor gear, etc.. And it's important to share that intel! When it comes down to it, good captains and pangueros...
  99. MinnesotaPhats

    Epic Magdalena Bay trip on the Mi Novia

    Phenomenal report and pics, PJ, muchas gracias! It looks and sounds like we were there at the same time, and enjoyed some of the same epic action. Magic. Silly. Saludos!
  100. MinnesotaPhats

    Epic Magdalena Bay trip on the Mi Novia

    Those damn Minnesotans, jajaja! Saludos - d
  101. MinnesotaPhats

    Multi-part question: Gricelda's, shorefishing, how much fish can fly home...CABO

    Gricelda's is the way to go for processing, smoking, packing, etc. in CSL. When dropping off fish, make sure you take a picture of your receipt/invoice, in case you lose it. Maybe bring a handful of musky baits for fun? But a lot of them don't quite translate. Especially from the beach...
  102. MinnesotaPhats

    Hola Dave, just noticed you were from NC! I have a couple great friends there (I had a film in...

    Hola Dave, just noticed you were from NC! I have a couple great friends there (I had a film in last years festival -- not sure if that's your kind of thing, jaja!?) Saludos y suerte in 2019! - Dave
  103. MinnesotaPhats

    Icy Bay Lodge trip i 2019

    Kil and Ken -- Happiest of Holidays! We'll be in Icy Bay just after you (second week of July) -- please save us some fish, jajaja! I would have loved to join you again. But I'm morally obligated to introduce this amazing spot to multiple MN friends (and Pierre from Panafishing!) I can't...
  104. MinnesotaPhats

    Mag Bay, "Day Two"

    I met the boat at Puerto Magdalena (Man of War), and the second night we anchored in Bahia Santa Maria. Saludos!
  105. MinnesotaPhats

    Mag Bay, "Day Two"

    This is going to be a poorly constructed, long-overdue post. I'll add pics/vids as my limited wifi allows.... But it'd be a shame to let it go without noting. I'll attempt to be as concise as possible. (And fail.) I made my first Mag Bay "outside" trip five weeks ago. (Last November, I had...
  106. MinnesotaPhats

    Aside from iron and plastics, what hard baits do you use

    Hola Bob, I don't know much, but x2 on "no wire." Even in the heartiest of Sierra or Wahoo bites. Again, that's just me. (If they're that "thick," there's something in your box that'll work without getting bit off. Maybe it's my freshwater background (pike/muskies), but I prefer the clarity...
  107. MinnesotaPhats

    Info on road condition

    Hola amigo -- here's a recent post that should still be relevant: Coming north just before Thanksgiving, I took Hwy 5. I prefer it, always cross through Tecate or Calexico NB. I knew it was torn up after the...
  108. MinnesotaPhats

    Where Should I Try Next In Alaska

    Icy Bay Lodge (period) I was a guest of Kil's in July. Friends and I booked the lodge this coming July (it was that good). I'll return as often as I can afford. After experiencing that place, the people who run it, and the fishery, it'll take a LOT to convince me to go elsewhere. Saludos, -d
  109. MinnesotaPhats

    San Jose del Cabo!

    Sounds like a blast, congrats on a great trip, thanks for the report. Did you ever bring up/get an answer on killing the marlin? Kinda no bueno, in my opinion. Saludos, Dave
  110. MinnesotaPhats

    Any Recent Highway 1 Reports?

    Samers, Doug. Only one (of hundreds I saw) was actually IN the road. The rest were wholly focused on the roadside treats. Still, unnerving, and worthy of caution (day and night)!!! Use your, and pay attention to others’, hazard lights. Safely in E.Cape, not much to add — a little work...
  111. MinnesotaPhats

    Mag Bay Lodge Wahoo,dorado,marlin action!!!!

    There definitely is!! Went there for the first time last year, one day in the mangroves, silly bountiful!! (Seriously. Silly.) Planning on getting out to the pelagic grounds in ten days, hopefully Steve left us some, Jaja! If you’re having second thoughts about going to Mag Bay/Lopez...
  112. MinnesotaPhats

    Any Recent Highway 1 Reports?

    P.S., yeah, potholes! They’ve been in that stretch (mainly north of the Hwy 5 turnoff) forever. Were patching them in May/June, still patching them today. It seems they’re making some headway!
  113. MinnesotaPhats

    Any Recent Highway 1 Reports?

    Hwy 1 Update (kind of). Greetings from Mulege. All of the above is true: the road’s pretty great, comparatively. The construction (approx km 64, south of Santo Tomas) is in a hilly stretch, and down to one lane. So, depending on semi’s, the wait can be a bit long. Other than that...
  114. MinnesotaPhats

    Any Recent Highway 1 Reports?

    Muchas gracias! Hwy 1 it shall be. I drove the distance in mid-May, EPIC timing, especially considering I was towing a trailer. Zero diversions, even missed the construction N. of La Paz by a day…. Best that road has ever been, or will be -- I'll be boring the next generation with that...
  115. MinnesotaPhats

    Getting fish back

    There's a lot of great advice here! One consideration that has been omitted is self-regulation. If you have a long trip home, and/or don't have immediate use for the fish, consider releasing them. Trust me, I know the joy of coming home with a full cooler, and sharing the bounty with friends...
  116. MinnesotaPhats

    Any Recent Highway 1 Reports?

    I'm heading to BCS on Sat. -- look forward to any recent updates. I prefer taking MX 5, but might take 1 just in case. From what I've garnered, both are passible, but rough/multiple diversions. Hopefully someone has a more helpful post?!
  117. MinnesotaPhats

    Panama Advice Needed

    Hola Doug, I made my first venture to Panama late last January as a guest of Kil Song, at lodge near Pedasi. I immediately rebooked for next year (late March). It's very affordable. The lodge is amazing! The rooms are simple, but stylish and comfortable. The food/pool/staff...
  118. MinnesotaPhats

    Bahia de Muertos

    Congrats on the great catch/PB!! "Big" anything is cool, but big Cubera and Roosters are the coolest! (At least my favorites). Can you disclose any more details on your presentation? ;) Saludos!
  119. MinnesotaPhats

    Los Barriles Oct 12-15

    Thanks for the thorough report. The fishing down there has been in the decline for many years, though can still be epic. Spinning gear is a blast, but you need at LEAST a Shimano 14000, Daiwa 6500 (or similar) in case you hook "the one." Even then, you'll need some experience and/or luck...
  120. MinnesotaPhats

    Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot - Looking to charter a boat.

    Whatever you do, DON'T enter the "Wahoo/Dorado" category! (Jajaja?!?!) (We didn't last year, and ended up weighing the biggest 'Hoo. We got booed off the stage. I'll never live THAT one down!) It's a hilarious memory. But not $45,000 hilarious….. Saludos y suerte...
  121. MinnesotaPhats

    Scorpion Sportfishing ft. El Regalo East Cape Report September 29, 2018

    Damn, dream-team lays the smack down! Congrats, el Regalo, Scorpion, and Triple C! ;)
  122. MinnesotaPhats

    Educate me about February in Cabo

    Hola Curt, take this for what it is (or isn't) worth, jaja! 15 years ago, I made my first trip to Cabo. In February. And have been back every Feb. since (family tradition). Typically, it's not the best time to go. However, over the years, I've experienced some of the best fishing during those...
  123. MinnesotaPhats

    Wahoo Tournament Tactics - Prefish or Not

    Yup, and they work just fine! That said, they don't appear to be any more durable than Rap's, etc.. Sadly, the combination of a good bait, with saltwater and sharp teeth, often equals a short shelf life. Saludos.
  124. MinnesotaPhats

    Good Todos Santos Panguero?

    Muchas Gracias, John. I'm not looking to launch, just maybe explore that fishery with a local panguero in October? It'll take some research, we shall see…. And yeah. Vikes. It seems preseason injuries, and new hitting rules, are "hamstringing" most teams. That said, their defense is still...
  125. MinnesotaPhats

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    It'd be my pleasure. I'll have plenty of cold ones at the ready…. I've got a solid base of knowledge of, and friends in, the area. Can't wait to add to it! Saludos, amigo! -- Dave
  126. MinnesotaPhats

    Skin on-Skin Off?

    Call me crazy, but I still prefer skin on, especially if it's fresh. If you're going to freeze it, just make sure the skin/slime is well-rinsed. I was taught, anything you can do to keep it as intact as possible, helps. That said. It probably doesn't make much of a difference. More important...
  127. MinnesotaPhats

    Good Todos Santos Panguero?

    Sorry, my bad, I meant Todos Santos the town north of Cabo. Thanks.
  128. MinnesotaPhats

    Good Todos Santos Panguero?

    Anyone? I've searched, and haven't found much… If anyone has a name or number, it'll be much appreciated! Saludos y suerte, -Phats
  129. MinnesotaPhats

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    Nicee, amigo! Are you fishing the Bisbee's? Or just laughing at all them idiots blasting by while you and Jaime crush it inshore? Jajaja! So far the purchase is still on track, fingers crossed I can show it to you sometime! Saludos!
  130. MinnesotaPhats

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    Buying, amigo! (And I stopped apologizing for being a DS LOOONG ago, jajaja!) Saludos.
  131. MinnesotaPhats

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    Chicago's fun to explore. Wrigley is dope! And I'm a fan of the Bay, some good fishing out of Emeryville… That said, my E. Cape house is in escrow. Saludos y suerte.
  132. MinnesotaPhats

    Icy Bay 07/22 - 07/28 2018

    Hola Ken (and Kil), I'm coming, like it or not, jaja! I'm bringing a couple conventional reels for the rods up there. And a couple (Black Hole) spinning outfits, because my arms are in rough shape. I apologize in advance for asking too many questions, losing fish, snoring, bringing the wrong...
  133. MinnesotaPhats

    Taking Reels To Cabo

    It's Baja. Whether with tsa, baggage handlers, policia, federales, etc., it just depends on the particular agent, and their mood at the time. Do what you can to safely, simply travel. And patiently deal with the consequences or inconveniences. Dos mas pesos: carrying on hooks is a no-no...
  134. MinnesotaPhats

    Taking Reels To Cabo

    I got kicked off a flight from Panama for wearing shorts....
  135. MinnesotaPhats

    Single or Tandem axle trailer?

    That was my main concern, Matt. Happy to say the load made it down no problemo. Ended up with a stainless torsion rig barely wider than my Avalanche, which made oncoming traffic a ton less stressful. Actually, the roads were as perfect as could be, zero diversions!?! Between truck, trailer...
  136. MinnesotaPhats

    Murder in Bay of LA

    Hola amigos. I would think that if the crime continues, the families and golfers would be the first ones to abandon Baja? Which is to say, all means of tourist dollars will dry up. Hola Bert, hope you're well! Halfway through a 5-week stint in Buena Vista. Haven't noticed any...
  137. MinnesotaPhats

    Single or Tandem axle trailer?

    Muchas gracias amigos! Will, great rundown of gear -- I have most of it, but wouldn't have thought of the lumber. Much appreciated! Doug and Juan, thanks for the good news! I'm hoping to leave soon, so hopefully the road won't have degraded too much. Slow and steady, saludos y gracias, Dave
  138. MinnesotaPhats

    Single or Tandem axle trailer?

    Greetings amigos -- I'm towing a small side-x-side to the E. Cape. I'm well familiar with the drive, but have never towed anything. I could get away with a nice little aluminum trailer, but single-axle seems like I'm asking for trouble (esp. that stretch S. of Catavina.) Other than having my...
  139. MinnesotaPhats

    Looking for a Cabo Panga

    This may be too little, too late, but Victor Santi (Santi Sportfishing) is right up there for pangueros! (Though he apparently upgraded his boat to a cat, not sure of prices...)
  140. MinnesotaPhats

    DIY Roosters - La Ventana or Los Barilles?

    On a budget, Verdugo's is a great place to stay -- as is the Los Barriles Hotel across the street, but more $. I like Hotel Buena Vista, an old-school resort south of Los Barriles, but not as far as Rancho Leonero. When you get into town, just price out the quad rentals. QuadMan, Quad Gal...
  141. MinnesotaPhats

    jigging and popping at Panafishing Lodge in Panama

    Apologies for the VERY late comments. I've extensive freshwater experience, as well as a decent saltwater resume, and Pierre's Panafishing lodge top's the list (I've already booked next March). Firstly, fishing with, and learning from, Kil. Invaluable and unbeatable! Muchas gracias, amigo...
  142. MinnesotaPhats

    dorado shootout in 2018

    I've never fished it, but I've done E. Cape Bisbees & Fish'n'Chips -- both phenomenally run, no doubt the Shootout's the same (I've never heard a bad word spoken….). Have you booked a boat? Because the best ones are probably already taken…. I've flown and driven many times, never had a...
  143. MinnesotaPhats

    Reels with braid on the plane

    X2. Check everything! I used to remove/check spools, and carry-on reels to protect them. But apparently there's a "clubbing" issue. Better safe than sorry!!! (Six weeks ago, I got kicked off a return flight from Panama for wearing shorts in business class, so you never know, jajaja!)
  144. MinnesotaPhats

    First trip to Baja in may

    X2 on Dream Weaver, Renegade Mike, Jaime on the Jessica, and Victor Santi. I haven't checked Victor's prices since he got his new boat. But as far as gear, knowledge, and passion, you'll get more than your dollar's worth with any of these guys. Stay in touch with dudes like Derek, Larry...
  145. MinnesotaPhats

    Surf Fishing Cabo Pulmo / East Cape / Punta Arena

    When are you going? The man to ask at Hotel Buena Vista is Felipe Valdez -- if he can't guide you, he'll definitely have some good intel. I HIGHLY recommend hiring a guide (Felipe or Wesley Brough in Cabo) -- it vastly cuts the learning curve! I prefer 2oz. Cabo Killers and Ice Creams -- a...
  146. MinnesotaPhats

    Tropical storm heading up Baja over the next few days - Beware

    I hope people are safe. Water temps seem a distant second. Mike, I know this is late, but the Gazette has the most comprehensive reports I've seen: Saludos y suerte!
  147. MinnesotaPhats

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    Thanks for sharing that, Greg. Though much of that data and language was above my pay grade, jajaja! I came away from it with the following conclusions: 1. There's still a lot of mystery. And with that, debate. It seems Igor's two fine specimen enjoyed at least two decades of spilling top...
  148. MinnesotaPhats

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    Yeah, I tend to get laughed at a lot. Not sure why? Jajaja! At least I had conservation/propagation in mind. More than I can say for many. Blackfish, do you know if and when these big old girls stop laying eggs, if ever? Knowing for sure might go a long way to ending this debate. And for...
  149. MinnesotaPhats

    Magdalena Bay Wild Fishing

    Thanks again for the clarification, Toby. I hope you and Bob realize that I only have the best interests of Baja in mind. Because I fucking love going there! And I've seen plenty of stupidity and waste, and I'm certain you guys have witnessed 1000-times more. I didn't mean to offend anyone...
  150. MinnesotaPhats

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    Dear Snatch. I'm guessing this response was aimed at me. I still can't tell if you're for, or against, conservation -- I think we can agree that the U.S. and Mexico have decent regulations, AND a serious lack of enforcement -- but I can tell you're about having fun and catching fish! So we...
  151. MinnesotaPhats

    Surf fishing San Jose Del Cabo

    Speaking from experience, consider hiring a guide. Just a thought. I've learned more in one day (from guys like Felipe Valdez and Wes Brough) than in years on my own.
  152. MinnesotaPhats

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    That explains everything. Snatch, stop texting with Denis. And if you don't like limits and laws regarding harvest, please stay out of Baja. There are far fewer fish in the "ocean" (Sea) than you might think. Mostly, I want to reprise a seemingly valuable question: Do these older fish stop...
  153. MinnesotaPhats

    Surf fishing San Jose Del Cabo

    I'm going to be of little immediate assistance. But if you let us know when you're going, and if you've a target species, and any other specifics (such as if you have a 4WD), those details may help the flow of info? I know you don't have to travel too far to find great surfcasting any time of...
  154. MinnesotaPhats

    Magdalena Bay Wild Fishing

    Bob. Hola amigo. Perhaps we both came in a little "hot"?! Pero todo bien. I DO know the Mexican law, that's why I quoted it. What I DIDN'T know, is that there were 9 guys on board, for a three (four?) day trip. Instead of six anglers, for a 1 1/2 day, as the text and photos suggested. I...
  155. MinnesotaPhats

    Magdalena Bay Wild Fishing

    Four anglers + two days = violations, no? Even accounting for you and your son as "anglers." Maybe my math is wrong. mBula. Bag and Posession Limits In ocean waters and estuaries the limit is a total of ten fish per person per day, with no more than 5 catches of a single specie, except of...
  156. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo boat size question.

    So it sounds like you're bound for a cruiser. Especially one that's comfortable (plenty of shade, even A/C, places to nap...) This is where budget comes into play. You're probably looking at 35' plus, as seven guys (incl. capt. and deckhand) on a 31' boat is tight. Honestly, I would mix it...
  157. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo boat size question.

    For real! (Though I've become an Amnesia fan, and not just because my initials are "JD.") Tell Christian that Dave (el Guajolote) sent ya! Jajaja!
  158. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo charter recommendation?

    X2. I've primarily fished with Renegade Mike for the last 8 years, but if he were unavailable, I'd start with Dream Weaver and work my way through the above list. VERY tough to go wrong! Though if you're going in the winter, I'd put "El Regalo" up there with anyone. Saludos!
  159. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Boat Recommendations

    To reiterate, it sounds like you're staying in Los Cabos/the corridor? Rather than the E. Cape. If you can provide more specifics (location, panga v. cruiser, etc.), you'll probably get more accurate responses, or be better able to search this site for previous info. Saludos y suerte!
  160. MinnesotaPhats

    Dorado Shootout draws a crowd

    A 160# sailfish in Cabo?! Wowsers!
  161. MinnesotaPhats

    Dare I take Mex 5 dirt to BOLA w/ a 25ft boat?

    X2. Though trailering is a different matter. If you're prepared, and have a little MacGyver to you, try it. There are some tight turns, and still some rocky road, but it's much better than it was. With all the construction, it can be tough to know which finger of road to take, but they all...
  162. MinnesotaPhats

    Green water dampens action

    Yeah, for those of you saying there was good fishing last week? Or the week before? Fret not. You didn't miss much. The bite died in early June, right when I arrived. The good news is, I'm leaving tomorrow! The last couple days have been more typical E. Cape weatherwise, and the...
  163. MinnesotaPhats


    I'm glad they're around. Do they go too far at times? Are they renegade? Sure. Many might say the same of guys like Tim Foley, and the Arizona Border Recon. But I'm glad they're around. Desperate times.... I've had countless conversations with equally pissed-off anglers. Trying to figure...
  164. MinnesotaPhats

    looking for a Captian in Los Barriles

    For pangueros on the E. Cape, I'd start with Victor Sr or Jr. on the "Victoria" (you can also book Jr. out of Hotel Buena Vista on the super-panga "Regina" [aka the Mosca]). If they're busy, I'd try them again. If that doesn't work, Oscar, and the "Scorpion," are fantastic...
  165. MinnesotaPhats

    My trip from HELL to bola & back

    Yo nunca tengo una problema. Tal vez es porque estoy manejando toda la peninsula? I don't know why, and maybe I'm jinxing myself, but I've never had a problem. Have most of your issues with knives happened with policia/federales, or military?
  166. MinnesotaPhats

    My trip from HELL to bola & back

    Firstly, amigo, kudos y saludos! You dealt with enough that trip, you're due for some smooth sailing and killer fishing! In seven trips to Los Cabos, I've paid one mordida to a Federale, which was my fault. Border/military inspections have always been smooth, as long as you're honest and...
  167. MinnesotaPhats

    Thanks, Denis -- my world's a little upside-down right now, but I definitely need some of your...

    Thanks, Denis -- my world's a little upside-down right now, but I definitely need some of your baits! I'll keep your number handy, let's talk soon -- in the meantime, keep up the amazing work! Saludos, Dave
  168. MinnesotaPhats

    Bajas Best Iron?

    You all are smarter than I. And Denis, you seem to fully understand this. But I still need to reiterate. Please don't add a quarter ounce if it compromises action or effectiveness. Sure, you may not "nail" the deep jig/heavy drift rock fishing market. So what? Make those guys adjust to...
  169. MinnesotaPhats

    Bajas Best Iron?

    Would love to try them! Are they available anywhere in BCS? What happened to that lure in the pic? (Looks like the tail-end busted off?) I can't wait to hear THAT story, jaja! Keep it up, Denis, saludos!
  170. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Buena vista -East Cape Fish Report

    Muchas banderas, tan linda!!! Sashimi buffet? Leave a few swimming for me, amigo -- like it or not, I will see you soon, jaja! Saludos!
  171. MinnesotaPhats

    Los barilles 5/9 to 5/20

    Amigo, I'm sorry about the wind! That's pretty unusual this time of year. And by "failures," I definitely didn't mean you getting wet! I was referring to less-impactful learning experiences, like the close encounter with the marlin. Those lead to the desire to learn, grow, preserve. I hope...
  172. MinnesotaPhats


    Gracias, all, thanks for the report! Is that stretch much worse than normal?Saludos!
  173. MinnesotaPhats

    Los barilles 5/9 to 5/20

    NICE Lane! Yes, Victor Jr. is the shit! TOO "serious" for some recreational folks. But perfect for the rest of us. So versatile, knowledgable, and hard working. You might recognize the stern from my avatar?.... One of many unforgettable days with the man. Saludos! --Dave
  174. MinnesotaPhats

    Los barilles 5/9 to 5/20

    Can't wait to hear about all the successess and failures, jaja! It's always an adventure and learning experience, but you're getting off on the right foot. Bienvenidos a Cabo Este! Saludos y suerte, amigo!
  175. MinnesotaPhats

    Hola amigo -- I'm not heading down for another month, but can't wait! Hopefully I'll have...

    Hola amigo -- I'm not heading down for another month, but can't wait! Hopefully I'll have something to report -- and I'm glad I could add a little worthwhile info? Saludos! Dave
  176. MinnesotaPhats

    Coco's corner guy died

    Yeah, no offense Derek, but fuck the title of this thread! Even though it took my breath for a minute, I had doubt. Coco ain't going out without a fight. Well summarized, everyone. For those unfamiliar with Coco, in lieu of particulars, he's obviously a (growing) legend. Deservedly. I know...
  177. MinnesotaPhats

    In La Ribera 4/25 to 5/1, any panga captains to recommend?

    In that area, I'd start with Victor Sr. and/or Jr. (, or Matt Clifton on the Scorpion ( Saludos y suerte!
  178. MinnesotaPhats


    Saludos, Robert, for a thoughtful, workable solution. Unfortunately, in todays world, the possible and practical rarely collide. That said, by no means should we stop working, fighting, and thinking! Leslie, maybe they could be re-established. Maybe not. That would require a sincere local...
  179. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo end of May early June boat share?

    Que onda, JRB! Yeah, the Vikes are in limbo -- curious to see what happens with AP and Teddy! I'm equally clueless regarding the E. Cape/Cabo. All these years later, I've still no concept of "normal fishing patterns", jaja! Other than show and throw! And know that a hot bite is not far...
  180. MinnesotaPhats

    Annual Baja trip 2017, questions

    "So much Baja, so little time." Nailed it! Happy adventuring….
  181. MinnesotaPhats

    Lure question

    This is an interesting query! Though pike are generally caught (often accidentally) on standard lures (just upgrade your leader, unless you're truly targeting giants (40" +). There's a definite "crossover" market between big freshwater baits and techniques (Bass/Muskies). Just look at swim...
  182. MinnesotaPhats

    Annual Baja trip 2017, questions

    Goddamit, good for you! I'm the same way, always in too big a rush to get to E. Cape. Trying to convince myself to slow down, explore more, rediscover San Quintin, Loreto, finally tinker with BOLA, venture further into GN than the "halfway Inn". Saludos y suerte!
  183. MinnesotaPhats

    Cancun fishing

    It's also fun to release a few…
  184. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja in May

    Si mon, amigo, have fun! Get a couple 2 oz. Cabo Killers, maybe a Ranger or two, poppers are fun but very specific and don't cast as well. Can be great off a bow casting to boilers, or around (legal) rocks (yes, Frailes, I'm referring to you, jaja!). It goes without saying that Rapala's are...
  185. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo end of May early June boat share?

    Si mon! Go fish! Props to jbarbosa, you know your shit, but if this year's anything like last year, May/June/July could be nucking futs! (Fingers crossed.) Blues, Hoo's, Stripeys, Atun, Gallos, Jacks, Snapper … Blacks and swords? …. Derek, stick with Jaime, you know you'll be good...
  186. MinnesotaPhats

    east cape in May

    It depends on where you're staying -- lots of resorts (or friendly neighbors) have kayaks. I'd book a panga in advance if possible -- they're always available, but the good ones get busy that time of year. My fave's are: Victor Jr. on the "Mosca," booked through or...
  187. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja in May

    Hola Bruce, as you probably know, there's no fishing in Cabo Pulmo -- it's a protected marine park. But an amazing destination if you dive/snorkel!!! I'd take as long a rod as possible, for casting distance. You'll be fine with a spinning rod or two. It's tough to predict what'll be...
  188. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo end of May early June boat share?

    That would be awesome. You're welcome anytime, no doubt I'll have room if you need a place to crash. Let's pencil it in for now -- I'd rather wait and get a feel of what's biting, and where, so it's worth your while. Either way, it's a great place to explore, learn, eat . . . (and we should...
  189. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo end of May early June boat share?

    Hola amigo, sorry I've been off the radar! I'll be on the E. Cape, and have yet to dial in guests and bookings, but if I'm free, I'd love to join! Saludos!
  190. MinnesotaPhats

    Lure question

    Hola Bill, I'm there for a week in early March, but am rehabbing a busted knee, so may not even fish(!?!?!) Gotta get strong for May/June! I haven't tried Lucky Craft's saltwater line, but their freshwater baits (I'm a big Pointer fan) kick ass. That said, I'm not sure how they work at...
  191. MinnesotaPhats

    Lure question

    Obviously, your baits aren't "failing." Catching too many fish is a terrible problem to have! Jaja! "Just saw that the X-Rap Magnum is only an 1/8" longer than the Rapala in my photo. I might give it a try. " -- I was going to say the same thing, X-Rap Magnum 10, or even the X-Rap Twitchin...
  192. MinnesotaPhats


    To paraphrase Gump, "stupid is as stupid can afford." Not to imply that I condone any such action, but if only a fraction of that money went to preservation/stocking programs, or educating the Mexican poachers and Chinese consumers . . . I digress into naiveté . . .
  193. MinnesotaPhats


    I concur with all of the above -- it depends on your budget and desired (needed) amenities. Diablo Loco has a good rep.. But Jaime on the Jessica is probably the most sought-after panguero. I've tried to book him twice, but he's pretty busy. :( Someday . . . For a bit more cash and...
  194. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo 11/25

    I'm "Thankful" for that report, and that you and your son shared such a special day! Saludos!
  195. MinnesotaPhats

    Viva La Baja 2: Murder For Hire

    Nice vid's, thanks for sharing those. Again, man, seeing that kid pull on fish -- and the brotherhood helping him. That brief smile, and "thumbs up," is so telling. I know his heart was healed a bit that day, and the lessons and stories will last a lifetime. Blessings and saludos.
  196. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape near Palmas de Cortez boat for 5 + 2 kids

    Hola Richard. Firstly, kudos y saludos for passing down the knowledge, passion, and tradition. Today, more than ever, there's something for everyone in the E. Cape. And bless you and your dad -- I have a feeling you'll have a special trip, so please report! As you know, you're working with a...
  197. MinnesotaPhats

    Rotten fishing in Lopez for Mark and Gary with Captain Chico.

    Hola Sulla, sent ya a PM . . . Thanks Mike. Governmental corruption is well on display within our own seas and borders. And we're supposed to be the "good guys"?! I can't imagine what it's like elsewhere. Baja's proximity and familiarity doesn't mean it's exempt -- when it comes down to...
  198. MinnesotaPhats

    SURFDOC Remembered

    Sheri, thank you (and Juan, and the big-ass dolphin) for honoring your friend so truly, and for sharing it. And bless you all. Though I'm new-ish, I like to think it's in the spirit of Stan, and BDO, and Baja, that I adventure and learn and fish and pull pranks (and talk, and receive, BS on...
  199. MinnesotaPhats

    Rotten fishing in Lopez for Mark and Gary with Captain Chico.

    Hola Miguel, I absolutely agree that it's corrupt and systematic. Doesn't mean I have to like it. Can I/we impart change or have impact? Maybe not. Only one way to find out . . . Que honda, Sulla?! Apparently you don't keep your browbeating to yourself. Sorry if I came across as harsh; my...
  200. MinnesotaPhats


    Jajaja Chivito, thank you for the kind words -- I'm too smart to run for president. And I'm not very smart. Plus, there's that whole "background check" thing . . . No book yet, but obviously I'm still scribbling, sometimes too much? I greatly anticipate the day we ravage tequila and...
  201. MinnesotaPhats

    Rotten fishing in Lopez for Mark and Gary with Captain Chico.

    Yo se, amigo, it might well be futile. But for good reason, even if others don't share my reasoning, I have to voice my opinion. Regardless of where it's happening. I'd rather be proven wrong and shouted down, than swallow my pride, my views, my voice. I'm not going to my grave with my tail...
  202. MinnesotaPhats

    Viva La Baja 2: Murder For Hire

    And that is how it is done. Great read, great report. Welcome to the club, and thanks for properly documenting. All those pics make me homesick, I'm overdue for adventure, and missing Hwy 1. Next time, wind willing, get some "slo-mo" video on your phone of that giant flag in Guerrero Negro...
  203. MinnesotaPhats

    Rotten fishing in Lopez for Mark and Gary with Captain Chico.

    I might be 'bout to piss people off. Sorry Cheri, but is "live bait" the best help you can give? I thought this site was about sharing and helping. Like Eddy, I've only caught one (small) snook in my life. I'd be ecstatic to land (and release) even one of these. And I, for one, am tired of...
  204. MinnesotaPhats

    Great Time with Renagade Mike Sportfishing Cabo

    I think his daily rate is $650? He doesn't charge per person, but keep in mind the added expenses of license, food/drink, and tips (you'll encounter these on any boat). The boat can comfortably fish four-five anglers. For the price, experience, effort, and results, it's a helluva deal!
  205. MinnesotaPhats

    Surf Fishing Rancho Leonero

    It depends on what you're after. The big gear is great for chasing roosters, jacks, YT, Dorado, etc. But for action/fun, smaller lighter stuff is fine. There's always the chance of getting bit off by triggers, needles, Sierra, or spooled by something sporty. But casting 2-3 oz. baits on 12'...
  206. MinnesotaPhats


    Leslie, that's a pretty gross generalization -- there are plenty of people who care about both. The truly sad part is our inability to help either, at least on a large scale. I hope the scope of the problem doesn't keep you, or any of us, from trying to change/improve our surroundings. Help...
  207. MinnesotaPhats

    Loreto - Dorado All Day (July 8-10, 2011)

    Awesome report, amigo, and congrats on your successful trip! I marveled in a similarly wonderful "first drive" six years ago, and it's become an annual (at least) tradition. Keep enjoying, exploring, and sharing! Obviously, good call on not driving at night, and next time, check out the...
  208. MinnesotaPhats

    Gloves & Thumb Protectors for Casting?

    Hola Doug -- spinning gear can be fucking awesome. Coffee grinders out-perform twist-winches in many applications. And much depends on the angler, no? I'm not sure why line color matters, and I've never used 3 yards of finger tape, and I can cast with a conventional, I'm "that guy!" I always...
  209. MinnesotaPhats

    Gloves & Thumb Protectors for Casting?

    D Penton -- as made obvious by the variety of posts, you're due for some trial and error, to find out what works best for you. Everything mentioned has it's place. I like to surf cast, where accuracy can be key -- light gloves (those single-finger gloves you posted are very...
  210. MinnesotaPhats

    Gloves & Thumb Protectors for Casting?

    If I'm casting heavy baits all day, I use gloves -- two favorite are Shimano "Ocea" or CB One's. I definitely prefer something relatively thin/lightweight. (I've also used golf gloves, you can cut off whichever fingers you don't want.)
  211. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay night? fishing

    And by "recycle center," you mean Coco's? Bert and crew, I hope you're all well. Saludos y suerte, amigos!
  212. MinnesotaPhats

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    Odelay! Right?! Sounds like fond memories, maybe it's time to make some new ones! Saludos.
  213. MinnesotaPhats

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    Hola Gerry -- I respect your experience and knowledge. But Ron made an intirely valid point. You responded to it with an off-topic, poorly scripted and rationalized response. If you're going to state your case, make it clear. The one point I did understand is that sport boat captains can...
  214. MinnesotaPhats

    Tom Lansing Has Passed Enroute to Cabo - Extraction

    Wow, even though I'd never met him, that's gut-wrenching news. I can't share any stories, but I know that he was a big contributor to Los Cabos' sport fishing community, including BDO. My heart goes out to his family and friends, I wish them grace in mourning, and strength in healing. And...
  215. MinnesotaPhats

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    Wha?!?! Nonsense. Hook those dudes up!
  216. MinnesotaPhats

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    Jason, you're absolutely right, and stated your point well. I think we all agree that "shit runs downhill." And it's not just San Quintin -- I've spent most of my Baja time in Cabo and the East Cape, and the commercial impact is just as devastating to sportfishing there. And that's just the...
  217. MinnesotaPhats

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    Greetings, Jason -- firstly, I don't think anyone's saying commercial decimation is OK. Most reading this would vociferously argue the opposite, as trawlers truly ruin recreational fishing, and more importantly subsistence and livelihood. Seiners are a government-run Goliath, an opponent...
  218. MinnesotaPhats

    Rancho leonero mid november?

    Hola amigo -- your timing could be great for E. Cape! A few years ago, I purchased an Okuma Cedros (12', 2 pc. MH) very affordable, and it's been a workhorse. I often throw 2 oz. Cabo Killers, but it does fine with 1 oz. metal. I like the length for casting distance, and the muscle in case a...
  219. MinnesotaPhats

    3-200llb tuna in one day YEA RIGHT

    Damn, did I just hear a mic drop?! I, for one, would love to hear more about how you tape fish, to more accurately gauge my catches. And 'cause I'm calling bullshit on you! Those other two fish look like 115 and 142 to me. Jaja!
  220. MinnesotaPhats

    What to bring to East Cape mid August?

    Whew, that's a lot to cover! Firstly, it's 4 rods per person, so if you're traveling with your family, you'll be hard-pressed to exceed that, and often times they're lax on the limit. Much also depends upon with which airline you're flying, and your resort/cruiser. I've flown many times with...
  221. MinnesotaPhats

    The newest member of the 200 lb. Tuna club.....................

    Firstly, that's a HELLUVA fish! Congrats, young man! Even though it's not a cow, MUCH more important than a number are the photographs, memories, relationships, and lessons. They, like that smile on his face, are indelible. He has every right to brag, and Mike, I have a feeling that "years...
  222. MinnesotaPhats

    RenegadeMike makes the cover of Western Outdoor News

    Damn, congrats! Nice pics and report! "I will be fishing the Bisbee's East Cape the first week of August as a mate on a bigger boat and I'm really excited about that." Huh, really? You better bring your A-game mutherfucker, 'cause I'm coming for ya! (I'm fishing out of BV -- hundred peso...
  223. MinnesotaPhats

    Popper Rigging

    You have one popper!? Kudos y saludos, amigo! Ahh, those were the days. Our pocketbooks are envious! Unless you have many to tinker with, don't alter the lure, but upgrade the terminal tackle. Through-wire construction, to hardy swivels, is ideal, though it doesn't much change what's been...
  224. MinnesotaPhats

    Has anyone tried these yet?

    I got to throw them in May/June, though nowhere really fishy. Not as castable as say an Ice Cream/Ranger/Cabo Killer, but really nice built-in action. They looked great burned in via reel (Stella 14k), but I've yet to see how they'd troll around 6-7 kts.. Right now they're kinda in that...
  225. MinnesotaPhats

    Went all in on Popping gear and got it done!

    Gracias, Kil -- point taken. You've obviously had few problems with swivel failure, so I'm wondering if you've had a problem with a solid ring twisting? (Which is to say, am I geared for eventual failure?) Also, what swivels do you recommend? (I'm a fan of the Spro "Power" series.) Saludos...
  226. MinnesotaPhats

    Went all in on Popping gear and got it done!

    To add to that question: I use a swivel with jigs, but for poppers and stick baits, I tie to a solid ring, then use a split ring to the lure. This is because these baits don't seem to spin much during retrieve, and a solid ring has less opportunities to fail. Any thoughts? Gracias y saludos.
  227. MinnesotaPhats


    Hey now, take it ease, amigo. Don't forget the "one-bucket-list-fish-per-trip" rule, that I just made up, jaja! I started driving to the E. Cape to catch a Rooster, and it took me five years. Then again, I've caught YT and Roosters within five minutes of the marina. You're on the right...
  228. MinnesotaPhats

    Best Boat to fish In East Cape?

    My E. Cape two cents -- for a panga, I'd start with Victor (Jr. and Sr., on the Mosca and Victoria), with Scorpion Sportfishing and Cuyuyo as a more than adequate backup plan. You can't go wrong either way. There are a lot of options for cruisers -- I've fished a number of Buena Vista's, as...
  229. MinnesotaPhats

    Scorpion Sportfishing featuring El Regalo East Cape Report - April 24, 2016

    Creo que si, amigos! Save me/us a few, hasta en tres semanas!! Saludos
  230. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Fishing From Palmas De Cortez

    I'm happy to see the fishery starting to pick up. I'd be happier if there were some releases! Saludos, d
  231. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo fishing june?

    I'd definitely start with Jaime, there are some other good options if you search this site. Be prepared to spend up to $400 (+?) after license, bait, food, drinks, tip, etc.. But it's worth it for a comfortable trip with a top-notch provider, June is often prime-time for multiple "glory"...
  232. MinnesotaPhats

    Where to buy poppers

    Like a lot of these large/specialty baits, they're tough to find, and usually sell-out quickly -- especially of the exact one you're looking for! Absolutely NOTHING against J'n'P, they're the first site I visit for pretty much anything. But as a fellow Heru loyalist, PecheXtreme has been the...
  233. MinnesotaPhats

    Where to buy poppers

    You might wanna give these guys a shot . . .
  234. MinnesotaPhats

    palmas de cortez surf fishing

    What they said. And my two cents.: Though I've used an 8 1/2' bait caster in BCS, it's not my 1st choice. I'd recommend spinning gear, unless you're on a specific/familiar bite and location. The area between Palmas and Verdugos can be great at dawn/dusk, for a variety of species, with a...
  235. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo Panga Summer advice.

    Not much has changed, and I'm a newbie, but let's get the conversation started! (I'm excited to learn too . . . . ) With whom are you fishing (and how's their gear?) It also depends on what you're after, and what's biting (which remains to be seen). I'd probably take a versatile spinning...
  236. MinnesotaPhats

    Lovin' it in Los Barriles!

    Congrats, and thanks for the report! I hope this is a sign of things to come! Saludos!
  237. MinnesotaPhats

    Flying TJ to La Paz- Reels in carryon?

    The problem with carrying-on reels is usually the presence/threat of line. So with spinning reels, and many low-pro casting reels (e.g. Shimano TranX), you can remove the spool and put it in your checked baggage (safely in a tackle box, wrapped in clothing, etc.). Then carry-on the reels...
  238. MinnesotaPhats

    Fishing out of Sayulita

    I've only been to Sayu once, but it was WELL worth the drive to Punta Mita to fish/snorkel with Cpt. Lora ( I spent three days on the boat with him. Solo, we fished hard, and produced. With family, he put my 8 and 10-year old nieces, and my 70 year old father in law...
  239. MinnesotaPhats

    illegal tuna fishing help

    What would happen if all these commercial guys became pangueros?
  240. MinnesotaPhats

    Broken Rod Protocol

    Kinda seems like "lesson learned," by everyone. The broken rod is the cost of doing business, and I think you handled the situation appropriately. Maybe the captain/deckhand now know to teach a bit more, back off the drag for a rook, etc.? Mostly, I'm wondering about the initial client you...
  241. MinnesotaPhats

    LORETO fish report? Bringing Fly Fishing guide

    This is going to be a very interesting spring in the Cortez (and Los Cabos), "recovering" from El Nino -- fingers crossed we all run into a flurry! As you well know, you're in good hands -- Toby is dope, tell him Dave from Buena Vista says "hola", and I'll see him in May/June. Be sure and...
  242. MinnesotaPhats

    T-mobile service in baja

    I don't have much to add, and it's mostly for BCS, so . . . grain of salt. Telcel/Movistar seem to takeover all phones throughout Baja, regardless of U.S. provider. The rich get richer, which is fine -- at least they're cooperating, and we can stay in touch! You can always swing through Oxxo...
  243. MinnesotaPhats

    RIP Mama

    I know it's long-winded, but I posted this on FaceBook earlier. I'm still a Baja newbie, but without her, I would have missed out on countless, life-changing experiences. I think, and hope, that she knew she had this effect on people. . . . "Google her. About 12 years ago, she fed Paul...
  244. MinnesotaPhats


    Per usual, John cut to the chase -- poppers/lures (especially their size) depends primarily on your quarry, secondarily on your gear and conditions. When reading this, please keep in mind that I do a lot of surfcasting for Roosters and similar Southern Baja fare (I'm just getting into GT's and...
  245. MinnesotaPhats

    What would you pay for the perfect Surface Iron???

    That goes for jigs, and fish! Jaja!
  246. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Panga?

    Yeah, that's really kinda steep, unless that included tip (and depending on the boat, bait and lunch/drinks?) Victor Sr. and Jr. are really f-ing good -- Sr. is a master, but for whatever reason, my best luck/most memorable trips have been with Jr. (I think you know who I prefer . . . ) I've...
  247. MinnesotaPhats

    rooster south of PV

    Looks like an awesome trip! Thanks for the pics and info -- sorry you missed out on the Roosters, jaja! El Nino in effect?! Salud!
  248. MinnesotaPhats

    Rancho Leonero Surf / Shore Fishing ?

    Bill kinda nailed it! If you're after action, a 1 oz. Croc/Kastmaster/shiny metal thing is tough to beat. Your gear and intentions kinda dictate things. I'm a fan of the 2 oz. Cabo Killer for castability/catchability. Pair your rod/reel appropriately -- I use a 12' Okuma Cedros MH rod with a...
  249. MinnesotaPhats

    Cooler to bring fish back from baja ?

    Hola Tom -- It's up to you whether you want to sacrifice insulation for weight (e.g. Yeti v. Coleman/styro/etc.) Since you're in SoCal (I think?), you should be fine with the latter. Either way, vacuum and freeze the fish as quickly and deeply as possible. Aim for anything below zero degrees...
  250. MinnesotaPhats

    2016 popping and jigging goals

    Sam, thanks for the fun thread! Looking forward to reading this at the end of the year, seeing how we all did -- good luck to everyone! I resolve to: Catch more fish casting/popping. Period. But a GT or Cubera top the list! Add to my surfcasting species (YT, AJ, Dorado?) Bonus points for...
  251. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja Summer of 2016

    Are you chasing certain (bucket-list) species, or action? Is your focus comfort, or rustic Baja? What's your budget? You've posed a great question, and have received some great answers, from dudes who know their shit -- if you can provide some more info, you might be able to dial-in your...
  252. MinnesotaPhats

    Family Friendly charter in Cabo?

    If Larry's recommendations don't pan out, I'll add my two cents (or more likely pesos, since they're CSL suggestions, which might not help you much in San Jose . . . ) The first boat is El Regalo ( I know $$ may be an issue, but there's a comfy cabin with...
  253. MinnesotaPhats

    What's the real deal with rental car insurance?

    I think what Apogee's trying to say, is that the U.S. is special. We should be grateful to live here, and embrace the chance to travel. And should that opportunity arise, let's immerse ourselves in others' customs, traditions, language, and law, to maximize our understanding and experience...
  254. MinnesotaPhats

    What's the real deal with rental car insurance?

    Yeah, get liability coverage at least. Though I often drive, when I fly, I often overpay for full coverage -- have had issues with various CC companies and rental agents in MX. I'm also a fan of FOX, so I recommended it to my friend. He got partial coverage, and they blamed/charged him for...
  255. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja Summer of 2016

    Hola, Tom. Personally, for variety and opportunity, I'd head to Los Cabos or East Cape. You can definitely find great fishing all along both coasts, especially during certain times of the year. But for your first time, especially flying, I'd pick one prime spot (like E. Cape) and explore it's...
  256. MinnesotaPhats

    Your favorite yellowtail jig?

    here's some great terminal insight . . .
  257. MinnesotaPhats

    One reel to rule them all.....

    I love my Stella SW 14k, but like John says, 10k should suit you just fine. The 14 has a preferable capacity/retrieve ratio (for me -- easier to burn a topwater or jig, no matter how uncoordinated I am!). It's performed casting and jigging, everything from 1-16oz., and the drag's held up well...
  258. MinnesotaPhats

    Your favorite yellowtail jig?

    For jigs, Salas 6x in blue/white, blue/yellow/white, or scrambled egg are great all-around, go-to's. The last two years I've been obsessed with FCLlabo SFS 160-200 jigs -- lotsa good finishes (holographic/pink combo's/etc.), but the "wave holo Brown" is my ATF. If you can find it. This model...
  259. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo Charter info needed

    Great choice, please be sure and report! I'm another longtime RM devotee -- though Dreamweaver, Picante, Redrum and others have pretty stellar reputations (esp. Dreamweaver!), I've had too much fun and success with Mike and crew to stray. I have fished on El Regalo a few times (it's in Cabo...
  260. MinnesotaPhats

    Missing charter boat out of Cabo

    Even without details, this is sad, and so worthy of empathy. And should serve as a constant reminder. As anglers, especially in saltwater aboard charters, let's always fish with a reputable operation, both for safety and service. Always make sure there are life jackets and reliable...
  261. MinnesotaPhats


    Dude, congrats again! Sounds like the E. Cape worked out pretty damn well! You should really compile all of your info/pics, and post a new thread/report. Your trip warrants it, and I feel it might be wasted/lost in the tail-end of my report! Saludos! -- Dave P.S. -- X2 on eebmike -- great...
  262. MinnesotaPhats


    Awesome to hear, amigo! Though it ain't like the "good ol' days," that area is too fishy to stay skunked. Nice variety, too. Keep the catches and reports coming! Saludos y buen suerte, Dave
  263. MinnesotaPhats

    2015 Scorpion Sportfishing Highlight Video featuring El Regalo

    Si mon! Matt, Arturo, Jorge, y Oscar -- I've fished with all these guys, on both boats, in Cabo and E. Cape. Top notch, all around. (Though I've yet to experience one of those rare days when the fish "don't cooperate!") Congrats on a great year, and a great video -- I was blessed to be a part...
  264. MinnesotaPhats

    How is the road?

    Have a great, safe trip! I grew up in Dos Palos, love to see the central valley represent in BCS!
  265. MinnesotaPhats

    Random Frigate question!

    But that's where they started breaking into groups! They weren't going home, they were just starting their journey! I'm guessing there must be a huge roost further north? And I'm of course it's all related to food, fucking, and safety. And thank you all for chiming in on my weird question...
  266. MinnesotaPhats

    Random Frigate question!

    That must have been one HELLUVA orgy! I've seen them eat, never seen them procreate, but there must be a different impulse behind THAT large of a congregation?! Especially because they seemed to be coming from inland, not offshore. Still curious, and assuming they took refuge from Sandra . . . .
  267. MinnesotaPhats


    Go get 'em, Sean! Look forward to your reports! And thanks, Larry! Yeah, close, inside of 3/4 mile when we hit the school (or they hit us.) First fish was on a Mackerel x-Rap Mag 20, but I'm not sure it mattered much. I'm sorry I can't be of more help as far as patterns, they were just...
  268. MinnesotaPhats

    Los Cabos fishing trip with Dream Weaver

    Congrats, nice quality of Dorado!
  269. MinnesotaPhats

    Random Frigate question!

    My family and I were staying at Sunset Beach (just up from Pedregal), and Saturday afternoon there were countless Frigates (estimated 150?) all flying south along the beach. There was a trawler, but it seemed that was a coincidence. Just wondering if anyone has any theories? Were they...
  270. MinnesotaPhats


    Aww, shit, you guys should do fine. Yeah, the wind will interfere. "Go with the flow" , if you will. But with that many opportunities, you'll find something. What's your plan for boats? And mostly, I'm wondering where you're planning on surfcasting?! And for what? PM me if you like, I...
  271. MinnesotaPhats


    X2 on Sailflow (aka "wind alert," aka "fish weather," etc.. They're all part of the WeatherFlow App family.) Also, seems pretty great.
  272. MinnesotaPhats


    Sean, we went out of Cabo -- East Cape gets pretty blowy this time of year, but you might well find a couple fishable days, just monitor the forecasts -- good luck, that's an awesome area! Shawn, I was -- I love fishing with that dude -- but we had a mix-up, mostly my fault. But things worked...
  273. MinnesotaPhats


    It's called "El Regalo" for a reason! I'm down here with family for Turkey Tacos, but despite some lukewarm reports, I had to spend at least one day on the water! Luckily, Arturo and Jorge were available yesterday. The morning started out unceremoniously; the usual bleary-eyed ride to the...
  274. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo fishing, 11/22-12/3

    Quick follow-up: Joedog, sorry I didn't hear from you. El Regalo was epic today, we slayed the Dorado -- here are my two, but we hooked maybe 30? And ended the day with a small (80-90#?) Stripey, boatside release. So much Goddamned fun!
  275. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo fishing, 11/22-12/3

    Hola Steve -- yeah, this is a pretty quick trip for me (I only asked thinking you were coming down Nov 24!) Going out on El Regalo tomorrow -- always a good time -- hoping to pull on something before Sandra arrives. . . . Thanks for the offer! One of these times, for sure!
  276. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo fishing, 11/22-12/3

    Bit of a mix-up with Mike -- if you need someone to open beers and rinse the deck, lemme know!
  277. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo fishing, 11/22-12/3

    Hola, flying down tomorrow, might have a spot for you with Ren. Mike, still waiting to hear from him. Saludos -- Dave
  278. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo Panga Pricing ?

    Hola Pablo, have you checked with Jaime, Victor Santi, Chancho, Gricelda's or Sushi Time? I'm just saying', you're getting some DEEP intel here! Don't be dissuaded by all those scavenging, coyote pangueros, or the inshore boat traffic you're seeing -- they are in it for a quick buck. Most...
  279. MinnesotaPhats

    Looking for a long range trip based in Baja

    I've never heard of any LR/overnight trips out of Los Cabos -- I know some of the boats out of SD can pick you up there -- I'm not sure if that enhances or defeats your purpose? I'd look into PV (especially for YF), Ensenada, or day trips out of Cabo. Either way, the weather is making timing...
  280. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo surf fishing??where's a good location?

    Like Bill said, this is a VERY loaded/detailed topic. I HIGHLY recommend hiring a guide (Wes Brough in Cabo) but Jansens will have some great pointers and gear. For this (or any) time of year, I'd try around Pedregal, (south of the lighthouse is generally easier to access), but north can be...
  281. MinnesotaPhats

    New to vertical jigging

    I love your mentality. Humble yet aware, kicking ass while experimenting, learning during teaching. You're obviously not "doing it all wrong," because you're having fun, and catching fish! It doesn't get any more "right!" Amigo, please keep tinkering and sharing your knowledge. This...
  282. MinnesotaPhats

    Sportfishing Sportfishing featuring El Regalo Report - November 7, 2015

    Awesome report -- I know finishing in the money would be sweet (give it time), top ten is pretty phenomenal. Your boats and crews produce on a regular basis. Saludos y gracias!
  283. MinnesotaPhats

    at last the DO DO's have arrived !!!

    How 'bout this: They're super-nice keepers, but 35-40# is a stretch. And though it's inspiring to see some presence, my biggest concern is that this day's catch means the Dorado "are back," as in the fishery is healthy. And no, just because a boat has a captain/deckhand does NOT include them...
  284. MinnesotaPhats

    The Dream Becomes Reality. #BajaSQ BlueMarlin

    Congrats on an awesome trip and experience! Thanks for the thorough, detailed report! I'm not alone in saying that you took us back to wonderful memories of excitement, nervousness, and success! Though I promote CPR, please don't let other's words dampen your experience or memories of such an...
  285. MinnesotaPhats

    Heavy vs Surface Iron

    Jim, keep throwing it! (though I'd wait for next spring/summer to assess productivity.) The "plunk" can't be worse than a cowgirl or pounder!? I've been taking Muskie baits to Baja (and now Fiji) for years -- there are definite crossover applications. Saludos!
  286. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo Gear Advise

    I'd bring a handful of favorites, but wait to see what's biting (and what your crew is throwing). A lot depends on your charters -- many are reluctant to try anything new, including spinning gear -- and Minerva's or Jansens can supply what you need bait-wise. I've had good luck with Cabo...
  287. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape/Los Barilles 10/6 - 10/9

    Dear Rob. Thanks and congrats. And welcome to the site -- please be a regular participant! We need more of your honest, responsible ilk. I don't think either of us need to apologize, but I'm sorry if I sullied your (deserved!) celebratory post. You weren't braggadocios, though you had every...
  288. MinnesotaPhats

    Looking to surf fish in Cabo

    "Every time I travel I keep my expectations realistic and try to enjoy the experience. I really just want to visit the area and fishing it would be a big bonus." You've got a great start! Be careful not to fall in love with this place. Especially the East Cape, if surf fishing's your thing...
  289. MinnesotaPhats

    Final Thoughts On Another Unmerorable Season at East Cape

    Ryan, I've seen pickups loaded with sharks in Muertos. A lot. I'm not sure if it's illegal, and I'm all for making a buck when and where you can (see almond farmers), I just hope they have some sort of self-regulation and foresight, and don't screw themselves or future generations by...
  290. MinnesotaPhats

    Final Thoughts On Another Unmerorable Season at East Cape

    Firstly, Bill, I thought the most criminal of all commercial harvest has been of Dorado in the northern Cortez over the last years? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I know it may not be happening in the E. Cape, but it certainly seems to be having an effect. Furthermore, I think I echo your...
  291. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape/Los Barilles 10/6 - 10/9

    Hola Rob -- firstly, awesome, detailed report! BCS/East Cape is something else, no?! And though it's been years, I've had rods broken during TSA inspection twice, and both times was quickly compensated. File a report, and I hope they're as fair with you as they were with me. Secondly, I'm...
  292. MinnesotaPhats

    10/23/15 Cabo

    Yup, seiner's are a bummer, but sounds like an amazing day! By the way, I'd call a 110# Stripey "medium." And a 120# Sail?! That's a fucking lunker!
  293. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape, Cabo, and San Jose Del Cabo Report

    Thanks Steve! Honest report, from a man who obviously knows how to cover his BCS bases!
  294. MinnesotaPhats

    Going to Cabo, Can I have the name of some good charter boats??

    Hola Al, you may be finding some "radio silence" because this is a very busy time of year in Los Cabos, and this topic is frequently addressed on this site. A simple search here should do the trick/offer many options. Briefly, Renegade Mike, Dreamweaver, Redrum, Picante . . . . Suerte y saludos!
  295. MinnesotaPhats

    Looking to surf fish in Cabo

    For sure, start with Jansen's Tackle shop in Cabo (I think they have a location in San Jose as well?) -- Stephen owns the shop and is a legend, but he's rarely there and doesn't guide. Marcos is usually behind the till, or on the beach -- they'll offer all the info and gear you'll need. Plus...
  296. MinnesotaPhats

    Black and Blue - 500lb Qualifier

    Gotta pay to play! That said, I've never liked the polygraph -- I'd be nervous as fuck with that much money on the line!
  297. MinnesotaPhats

    Heavy vs Surface Iron

    What John said. Rules are made to be broken. Heavier jigs cast better and work fine when you're on the chase (fast retrieve.) Fish smart and carry a big stick.
  298. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo San Lucas

    Hey Will, I hope you do well with RedRum -- I've never fished with them, but I've heard good things. I'm a fellow lefty -- when it comes to big SW reels, there are no left-handed options. Trust me, converting is easy and worthwhile. That said, don't be afraid to use lefty/spinning reels...
  299. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo San Lucas

    Will, you've found the right thread -- an easy search will provide many great cruiser/panga options (all of whom have fine gear). That said, bring as many of your own rigs as you like. To echo Chris, 65-80# mainline is my preference, but I always bring a wide variety of leader material, mostly...
  300. MinnesotaPhats

    BOLA- Daggett's 10/9 and 10/10- Yellows, grouper, sailfish, oh my

    Bottom line, be prepared. And stop bitching about whether cows or goliaths fight better, because it's apples and oranges, and we'd all devour either!
  301. MinnesotaPhats

    Los Barriles report from Friday, Oct 9th

    Sounds like an awesome vacation, Marlintini is a good boat!
  302. MinnesotaPhats

    Final Thoughts On Another Unmerorable Season at East Cape

    John, I'm looking for clarification and education, not trying to disagree or object: . . . Do you really think the lack of fish is due to recreational harvest, rather than commercial? (Or environmental factors?) I'm admittedly less-than-informed on the situation, and would love your input...
  303. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo: Fleet vs Direct Hire

    You're going down at a very busy time, I'd definitely pre-book, if you haven't already! Most likely, all of the capable captains/pangueros will be busy, and there will be many less-than-desirable coyotes on the malecon mucking up the gringo overflow (with shitty gear and little knowledge or...
  304. MinnesotaPhats

    Too much Beer

    That's adorable! You should share that with any/all Baja-related sites.
  305. MinnesotaPhats

    Final Thoughts On Another Unmerorable Season at East Cape

    Hey all. Thanks for an exceptional thread; it's relevant, informed, and actually cordial! Gary, I hope you explore other options (and share your intel!). I'm sure you won't give up on BCS/E.Cape; though the illegal commercial harvests are doubtful to subside (esp. Dorado), we're all hopeful...
  306. MinnesotaPhats

    Too much Beer

    A few years ago, I was sent to secondary (also Tecate) because the woman thought my cooler was suspiciously heavy (maybe 50# of fish and ice). The inspectors had no problem with the fish and didn't specify an allowance. (I seem to remember reading that it was fifty pounds; I'm not sure if that...
  307. MinnesotaPhats

    quality Tuna fishing. Cabo fishing report from renegademike

    Dude, you're on fire. Are you having your best year, amidst the craziest conditions?! That's the sign of a good skipper. Hoping to drive down for November, any open dates?!
  308. MinnesotaPhats

    Anybody try the Toro Tamer Popper?

    Definitely recommend mono/flouro leaders, kinda always. There's a winning argument for them regardless of species, technique, or sub terrain. If you're popping where rocks aren't an issue, mono should be fine -- it's more of a "reaction" strike, so visibility is less important, and it'll...
  309. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Buenavista/East Cape fish Report

    Hola Marc -- so the drone's in the air, hoping to drive down with it in Oct./Nov -- enough chit chat, who won the tourney?! My money's on banalito!! Jaja! Saludos -- d
  310. MinnesotaPhats

    GREAT JIGGING INFO . . . Hey all, here's a link to a post from the "Jigging and Popping" forum. Lots of great info that I would have normally missed! Very applicable to Baja, hope it comes in handy! Saludos -- Dave
  311. MinnesotaPhats

    Attaching Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    Just an FYI, I'm going to share this thread on the "Baja" page -- I'm sorry for taking liberties, but there's too much valuable info here -- I hope none of you mind. Saludos y gracias -- Dave
  312. MinnesotaPhats

    Attaching Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    Duh. For some reason I thought your were referring to guide inserts -- it's time to brush up on my vernacular! :) Since we're on the topic, have you noticed the Chapstick ever loosening the ferrules too frequently (i.e. during "crunch-time")? By the end of the day, whether...
  313. MinnesotaPhats

    Attaching Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    Thanks for all of the information, links, and pictures, fellas! It's invaluable. (And reassuring -- I have a similar, simpler box, but the gold twist-ties and Spro "Power" bags let me know I'm on the right track!) The Chapstick's an interesting idea -- is this more to aid...
  314. MinnesotaPhats

    Palmas de Cortez captain and boat recommendation.

    I'd just search this site -- "E. Cape/Los Barriles Captains/pangueros" etc.. Much has been posted! Off the top of my head, Mark Rayor with "Team JenWren" in Los Barriles, or just south in Buena Vista contact Matt Clifton with "Scorpion" or "El Regalo," or Felipe Valdez (or anyone at Hotel...
  315. MinnesotaPhats

    Attaching Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    John, thanks for the always awesome and thorough response! I know that Brice and OTI are legit when it comes to gear and knowledge. I didn't intend to contradict anyone's previous posts, including my own. I was simply caught up in the moment of innocence and joy we all (hopefully) still feel...
  316. MinnesotaPhats

    Attaching Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    Damnit fellas, I love fishing. I love the game, the mystery, the preferences and prejudices. I love that, no matter how much we know, or don't, we advent. Invention and adventure. We resort to child-like ambition and possibility. Every day is new. A solid-ring ball bearing swivel, to a...
  317. MinnesotaPhats

    Anybody try the Toro Tamer Popper?

    Hola - firstly, I haven't tried it, but I know Strike Pro as a decent company. Emphasis on "decent." I agree that most times, the finish isn't important (see cedar plug!). Often times, the prettiest baits are the first in the bin. Gauge it by it's action, durability, and teeth-marks! I...
  318. MinnesotaPhats

    Flat fall jigs

    Though I know this is NO help, it all depends on where, when, and for what, you're fishing. This thread has gotten kinda disjointed, now venturing into the popping world, without having established the basics. Any and all specifics you can provide will only help! Saludos -- d
  319. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Baja: recommendation on Super Panga Captains

    A lot depends on where you'll be staying and if you have transpo (rental car) -- more details will help us with recommendations (the "East Cape" can be surprisingly vast). Saludos.
  320. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo charter / skipper recommendation

    X2 on Renegade Mike, though it's short notice -- many of the top-notch boats may be booked. Mike's great with newbies, especially women/kids!
  321. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape_September

    Where exactly will you be? I'd start by checking out Matt on the Scorpion ( or los Victors (Sr. and Jr.) on the Mosca and Victoria ( or I can vouch for...
  322. MinnesotaPhats

    Pop pop

    Wow, those are almost TOO pretty! Need some teeth marks! Great work. What's the size/weight on those? I have too many baits already. Maybe.
  323. MinnesotaPhats

    Attaching Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    Not only does this setup impart great action and hookup ratio, you can change jigs without retying. Leave the snaps at home, bring the split-ring pliers, and cinch that knot tight to the solid ring. One note about the pic, I like to have a hook on each side of the split-ring (and, hence, the...
  324. MinnesotaPhats

    Charter for Cabo in September

    Hola Norm -- one reason you may not be getting a lot of responses, is because this has been covered a lot in previous posts. If/when you search them, you'll see a lot of the same names, for good reason. Good luck, have fun!
  325. MinnesotaPhats

    Well.....Gonzaga Bay "annual" Oct. Fish/Beer Fest !

    Hola Bert, I'll be back in MN, hope all's well with you, amigo!
  326. MinnesotaPhats

    First Time Cabo for Bachelor Party Seeking Advice...Pls

    Sure, bring whatever you like! Keep in mind, many airlines don't allow spools/line to be carried-on (you can always put spools in your checked luggage, and carry on your spool-less reels.) If you have some favorite baits, bring' em, just make sure they (and the terminal tackle -- split rings...
  327. MinnesotaPhats

    First Time Cabo for Bachelor Party Seeking Advice...Pls

    Can I ask how a typical full day trip operates? I notice most boats mentioned only 10 pcs. of live baits. Do they mostly troll with jigs? Do they use flyline much? If we wanna go for yft or some do-do's is that something everyone can fish at the same time like the cattle boats? If you're with...
  328. MinnesotaPhats

    How to surf cast unweighted Rapala-like lures?

    dcsam. You've gotten a lot of great info. Note it, as I have. But for your first time, keep it simple. Put your feet in the sand and chuck any bait in which you have confidence. Use your gear! Find it's strengths and weaknesses. Maybe swing by Jansens for recent info, and to grab a bait...
  329. MinnesotaPhats

    Some basic jig gear questions

    It sounds like you're asking about vertical jigging? Forgive me if I'm wrong. There are many great suggestions above (Rap's, Croc's, etc.,) but they don't seem to apply to your query (as horizontal baits.) Firstly, use braid as mainline, and flouro as leader (60# is a great starting point --...
  330. MinnesotaPhats


    Thanks Dick -- I read it. Felt sincere, but brief. To you, Jay, Darin, and any/all others that knew him, is it possible to get a more thorough honorarium on this site? A link to his history? Or start a thread where folks can jot down a memory or anecdote? I understand if it's not needed or...
  331. MinnesotaPhats

    How to surf cast unweighted Rapala-like lures?

    Firstly, this post is old, so dcsam, how'd you do?!?! Other stuff: I'd never add solder/Suspendots/Strips or any sort of weight without first testing the bait's action in a tank; If you do use a weight, make sure it's at least 18" above the lure (so as not to inhibit it's action), but this...
  332. MinnesotaPhats

    First Time Cabo for Bachelor Party Seeking Advice...Pls

    BTW, I didn't mean to contradict dmaninphx's post -- could be perfect for your crew!? I can't speak to it personally, so I chimed in. I'm sure, with or without us, you'll manage to find some fun, and hopefully some fish! Best -- D
  333. MinnesotaPhats

    First Time Cabo for Bachelor Party Seeking Advice...Pls

    There are many capable, versatile, and trustworthy captains in CSL -- do a simple search on this site, and you'll see their names repeated: Renegade Mike, Dreamweaver, Pisces, RedRum; the list goes on . . . . All of the aforementioned will have the talent, knowledge, and gear for success --...
  334. MinnesotaPhats

    San Jose Del Cabo fishing room Oct/Nov/Dec

    My angling philosophy resembles that of my romantic motto: I can handle everything under 200 pounds. Anything exceeding that, I may need a hand . . . Sorry, that was rude. But it was that first thing that came to mind, and a bit amusing. And why the fuck am I apologizing on THIS site...
  335. MinnesotaPhats

    Shimano Flat Fall Jig

    Jaja! You sound like me with MaxRap 15-17's! Except I don't use them that much. Almost becoming too damn valuable! (Almost).
  336. MinnesotaPhats

    Punta Baja - I need to learn more Espanol 8/6-9

    Richard -- congrats on (what sounds like) a great angling adventure! I prefer to roll solo, but often times others are more help than hindrance. No matter how successful, every experience offers lessons -- props for realizing that, y buenos suerte con aprender Espanol! (Obviously, I need it...
  337. MinnesotaPhats

    San Jose Del Cabo fishing room Oct/Nov/Dec

    Chris, James, Shawn, Kerry,, as mentioned, I plan on driving down and roaming E. Cape/Los Cabos for a month or two, depending on the bite. I have much gear, and can pull on shit (might need a hand if we're talkin' cows!) Look forward to it! Saludos -- Dave
  338. MinnesotaPhats


    Shit. I didn't know him, but if it's true, that IS terrible news -- my best wishes to all of his friends and family! I became friends with a guy who also died of a heart attack in the E. Cape. I know, beyond the tragedy, it can be a logistical nightmare -- again, my best to his loved ones...
  339. MinnesotaPhats


    Rat -- sage advice, per usual. Though Shane's trip is over, we can all take note! Saludos -- dave
  340. MinnesotaPhats

    San Jose Del Cabo fishing room Oct/Nov/Dec

    Gentlemen (I use that term loosely, jaja!) -- I'm spending Thanksgiving in Cabo, probably gonna drive down, hang in the E. Cape and fish with Ren.Mike, but I'd be honored to hop on a new boat and help with gas/bait/beer/etc.. Keep in touch, saludos -- Dave
  341. MinnesotaPhats

    Huge 61-pound roosterfish from East Cape surf

    If anyone deserved that fish, it's Felipe. No one else would have fought it so masterfully, or cared for it as much. I'd be skeptical at it's death if it were anyone but him. Plus, I think my homey Britt (works for Rap) gave him that bait! (and this awesome addition to the bar! With...
  342. MinnesotaPhats

    Newbie needs advise for Cabo trip this fall.

    Totally agree, *****. But there's something to be said for baby-steps. For comfort level. For discovery, especially not knowing where he's going. And it sounds like Robert is more interested in hardcore fishing, than afraid of exploration -- nuthin wrong with that! I flew down to Cabo for...
  343. MinnesotaPhats

    Billfish disappear as dorado, tuna and yellowtail limits climb.

    Congrats to the Marshall's for the catches! Even more-so for the releases!!! Saludos!
  344. MinnesotaPhats

    Loss of a friend overshadows a decent weeks fishing

    Condolences, señor. Thank you for reporting with honesty and honor. Saludos to you and Paul.
  345. MinnesotaPhats


    Thanks Chris -- I'll definitely check out Spinal! And John, I was hoping you and/or Sami would reply (I will PM him). Their 300 is only available in conventional (currently), and honestly, I'd prefer spinning. BH is my second choice, but I have time to ponder . . . As mentioned, I've gotten...
  346. MinnesotaPhats

    Newbie needs advise for Cabo trip this fall.

    I dunno much, but you've been given nothing but sage advice! Normally, I would suggest staying in San Jose -- you can rent a car, and explore both Cabo San Lucas and the East Cape. Since it sounds like you want to stay pretty localized, Cabo may be a better "home base", because the fish...
  347. MinnesotaPhats

    Vertical Jigging Setup for Deepwater YT

    Tough to argue with the drag/retrieve per crank. Especially for Shimano freaks like me. That said, I'll take a 14K or 18K! Also, why not yoyo? I'm guessing because of the multiple lines? Sorry, I'm a dummy, mostly stick to the pangas. Don't be afraid to try new jigs -- had REALLY good...
  348. MinnesotaPhats


    Firstly, I'm sorry for any redundancy, but I need a proper jig rod! I know, from reading this thread (and scouring Saltywater, JignPop, etc.), that there are lots of options. I'm heading back to Fiji in Jan and/or Feb., and have my popping dialed. (Saltywater RP 200 and 250 with 14K and 18K...
  349. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo San Lucas Surf Fishing or Panga: HELP

    You do NOT need a license for surfcasting, which is awesome. A variety of metal like the ones you mentioned are usually a great choice, but based on your time of year, don't be afraid to throw some bigger baits like Cabo Killers or Rangers -- jacks, Roosters, etc. can be within reach! It sucks...
  350. MinnesotaPhats

    Heading down to Rancho Leonero for the first time

    If you're serious about getting into the surfcasting deal, get ahold of Felipe Valdez at Hotel Buena Vista (north of Rancho). He can guide you if he has time (his knowledge is worth 50 times his fee! And he has great gear.) Matt Clifton is another great surf guide (and fly-fishing specialist...
  351. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo San Lucas Surf Fishing or Panga: HELP

    For sure look up/contact Wes (Wesley Brough) -- he's one of two Los Cabos surfcasting gurus, and does guided trips. The second is Stephen Jansen -- he no longer guides, but his shops and employees know what's up! (Marcos in the CSL store is legit!). For inshore panga action, start with Jaime...
  352. MinnesotaPhats

    Scorpion Sportfishing featuring El Regalo East Cape Report - July 20, 2015

    Nice work as always, fellas! The clock may not have been in your favor, but you still managed to put good fish on deck!
  353. MinnesotaPhats

    CABO/Last minute charter

    I'd start with Mike or Dreamweaver. After that, Picante, Pisces, lotsa good suggestions if you search this site. Kinda depends on how many people, and what you're hunting? (Is a panga an option?)
  354. MinnesotaPhats

    Read Now! Scorpion Sportfishing Donating Charter This Week for Veterans/Active Service Members

    Matteo, thanks so much for doing this -- I hope you have some "takers!" If so, please give them all they want to eat and drink, and send me the bill -- I'd be honored to play a small part. Please thank them for me -- saludos, amigo! -- Dave
  355. MinnesotaPhats

    159.5 YFT Cabo 6/10/15

    Almost forgot -- awesome report, Jason!! Thanks!! Mike and his crew work their asses off. Over the years, we've become friends, and he doesn't yell at me NEARLY enough these days! When he is intense and intent, you're having a great day. I don't fish well until he starts yelling -- that's...
  356. MinnesotaPhats

    159.5 YFT Cabo 6/10/15

    A week ago, I began wondering if anyone had tinkered with flying a Yummee or similar with JUST a balloon. Leave it to Mike, to stay one step ahead on the tuna game. Saludos, amigo! Looks like I'll miss you this trip. But keep it up, I'll see you soon -- best -- Dave
  357. MinnesotaPhats

    Too excited in E. Cape . . .

    Warriors win it all, and I pull on this pig? Not sure which is less believable. Nice vid, Felipe! And thanks for the "Gatorade!" Jaja!
  358. MinnesotaPhats

    Too excited in E. Cape . . .

    Oh yeah, he's still here and going strong! (I suck at names, jaja!). Unfortunately, looks like I'll miss the extravaganza, but Feliz Cumpleanos to your girl, have a great time! Saludos -- Dave
  359. MinnesotaPhats

    Too excited in E. Cape . . .

    Holy freakin' slugs!! Congrats on those!! Victor and I often have the same routine -- jig first thing, then lighthouse. My kinda day! Leslie, I don't think I've ever met Chio. Chicho captained our boat for the Tuna (and was a HUGE reason we landed her!) If I'm in Jardines neighborhood...
  360. MinnesotaPhats

    Too excited in E. Cape . . .

    Thanks Zane, very true and wise words. Yeah, karma can be a bitch. She can also be your best friend. I have definitely been lucky! My memorable and magic days are MORE than worth all my slow ones -- many days where you hook one fish, and pass the rod to your visiting friend. And feel happy...
  361. MinnesotaPhats

    Too excited in E. Cape . . .

    Kayell -- Jaja! Pinche "lousy" amberjack. I've been wanting one for years! I started driving down to catch a Rooster seven years ago. It took me five years before I landed my first one. And after three years of sincerely wanting an AJ, I finally got one! So funny how "one man's trash", and...
  362. MinnesotaPhats

    Too excited in E. Cape . . .

    Hola all -- Andrew, I believe the jig was black/yellow/orange? I'll let Marc fill in the rest of the details! (He's a much greater fish-mind than I . . . ) Yeah, the Stripey almost came in the boat -- I knew Victor had minor abrasions, but didn't know it...
  363. MinnesotaPhats

    Too excited in E. Cape . . .

    Yeah, I'm fishing tomorrow, NOT gonna sleep much tonight! But for all the best reasons . . . This also happened today. PLEASE tip your captain and crew appropriately, but generously! They are badasses, who put up with a lot of bullshit from us, and the sea!
  364. MinnesotaPhats

    Too excited in E. Cape . . .

    . . . Sorry Mark (Marlintini), I know you have a proper report coming. But today was too special . . . So I've been down in Buena Vista for the last four weeks. Despite weather patterns seemingly similar to last year, fishing has been spotty and much slower, from beach and boat. But things...
  365. MinnesotaPhats

    Scorpion Sportfishing featuring El Regalo - Hurricane Blanca and a Wahoo

    Matt, Arturo, y Jorge -- thanks for letting us join you! Awesome day, Jon pulled on an amazing Wahoo, and made a ridiculous dinner with the steaks -- so cool to finally fish around Cerralvo, so full of life. You forgot to mention the multiple tailing Marlin! Glad boats, families, and friends...
  366. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga panga recommendations?

    Great advice!!! I'd add, when getting on an unfamiliar boat/panga, especially in a remote area (but even in Cabo). Ask where the life jackets are -- this will give you an opportunity to count them and check their quality. Keep eyes and ears open for danger signs (sketchy radio, poorly...
  367. MinnesotaPhats


    Yeah, she's hot, but doesn't do much other than mislead those of us in BCS looking for real info. #NowMightNotBeTheTime
  368. MinnesotaPhats

    Tailhunting in La Paz 5/24 -5/28

    Ash. Such a good post. Great words and pics, about great fishing, with great people (Tailhunter and family = lifetime memories). Thanks and congrats!
  369. MinnesotaPhats

    Pretty consistent stripe Marlin fishing for RenegadeMike this past week

    Hola Miguel, I have my house until the 19th -- might linger a bit, depending on the bite -- plenty of room for you!! Let's monitor the weather and the bite and figure it out! Saludos -- d
  370. MinnesotaPhats

    What a change!

    Wahoo seem to be coming thick and fast, Roosters joining the fray, caught a nice jurel y Amberjack jigging. And a decent Dorado. And yeah, there's Marlin if that's more your flavor. Did I mention I love this time of year?
  371. MinnesotaPhats

    What a change!

    Love this time of year! I'll be on the beach (lighthouse) next couple days, hopping on boats over the weekend. Eyeball the weather, might get sloppy. Saludos y suerte! -- Dave
  372. MinnesotaPhats


    Congrats on the awesome fishing, with some worthy dudes! Thanks for the great report and beautiful pics, senor.
  373. MinnesotaPhats

    Pretty consistent stripe Marlin fishing for RenegadeMike this past week

    Hola, amigo! Things are heating up on the E. Cape as well. On the downside, this means I won't be coming for a visit anytime soon. On the good side, we'll both be busy and sore! Saludos y buenos suerte -- look forward to more reports! -- Dave
  374. MinnesotaPhats

    Loretta Beach hotels La Pinta (Desert Inn)

    Chris -- nice report and dedication. Though I don't spend as much time as I used to, or should, in Loreto, I'm a devotee of the Oasis Hotel. Our adventures are built on a combination of history and daring, so if your old haunt no longer satisfies, go exploring!
  375. MinnesotaPhats

    Gordo Banks tackle/lure advice? or Los Barriles?

    Dave -- Victor's doing fine! I guess I gotta thank you for "softening him up" for me, 'cause he didn't blink twice at my spinning rod, braid, and he was enthusiastic about my jigs. He was VERY skeptical of my technique (spastic and varied, until I figure out what works), until I started...
  376. MinnesotaPhats

    Gordo Banks tackle/lure advice? or Los Barriles?

    Well played, Whalebreath! You win! Often (wrongly/generically) referred to as a Spanish Mackerel, in the sporting world it is a Narrow-Barred Mackerel. Still -- You lose 1/2 a point for not helping me delete my mistakes!
  377. MinnesotaPhats

    Sea of Cortez Fishing Advice

    That's a great time, in a great area -- no doubt you'll figure it out! But if you could provide a bit more info, it might help -- what type of boat? Does your squad have the time/interest/ability to put out a spread? Are your family friends concentrating on fishing, or are you hoping to...
  378. MinnesotaPhats

    Gordo Banks tackle/lure advice? or Los Barriles?

    Seriously. Brought out the laptop, still can't delete. Bonus points for identifying this fish? . . .
  379. MinnesotaPhats

    Gordo Banks tackle/lure advice? or Los Barriles?

    Can someone please tell me how to completely delete a post? It's for the good of the people . . .
  380. MinnesotaPhats

    Hard times at cerralvo

    Sounds like my yesterday (I'm a bit south of you). Today was better, tomorrow's another day. Being from Gilroy, we're in a better spot . . . Saludos y mejor suerte!
  381. MinnesotaPhats

    Gordo Banks tackle/lure advice? or Los Barriles?

    Sorry for the redundancy, posting from my phone and iffy wifi (why-fi?) -- not sure what's getting through . . .
  382. MinnesotaPhats

    Gordo Banks tackle/lure advice? or Los Barriles?

    Sorry -- I ended up posting a bunch of the same shit. And can't figure out how to delete. So in the meantime I'm just "editing" . . .
  383. MinnesotaPhats

    Gordo Banks tackle/lure advice? or Los Barriles?

    Hi Larry, I can't add much good news, other than there were lots of rumors -- tuna north around the 88, and tuna and marlin south (Frailes, maybe Gordo Banks?) I CAN say things felt a lot more alive today than yesterday. Couldn't find bait this morning, which didn't bode well, so we started...
  384. MinnesotaPhats

    Gordo Banks tackle/lure advice? or Los Barriles?

    OK. I gave him 10 minutes for a "Jajaja" reply, and it didn't happen. Anyone who's followed my words or received a PM knows I'm a BV/Valdez soldier. Any/all day spent with Felipe or on the Mosca w/ Victor Jr. is without equal. One man's opinion. One man who's caught a lot of great fish with...
  385. MinnesotaPhats

    Gordo Banks tackle/lure advice? or Los Barriles?

    Tyler - yeah, I talked to that Felipe dude. He's not that great at fishing. And he's pretty rude. And smells kinda funny. And WAY outkicked his coverage in the romance department!
  386. MinnesotaPhats

    Gordo Banks tackle/lure advice? or Los Barriles?

    Hola amigo, I just got to E Cape today -- things still seem a bit slow, but perhaps on the upswing? (Scattered Marlin, starting to see football YFT, no numbers of Roosters but good size (the big bitches always show up first!)) I'm getting settled tomorrow, surfcasting Sat., panga out of Buena...
  387. MinnesotaPhats


    Gracias otra vez, amigo! I spoke to a woman at dinner last night (making her first drive down to her house in Todos Santos). She said she took Hwy 1, no problem. Other than at the third checkpoint, she had to actually get out of her car!!! She was very upset by this. Let me apologize on...
  388. MinnesotaPhats

    Possible Road Closures

    And Don, I kinda feel like an idiot for not saying this earlier, but thank you for bringing this topic to our attention!!! Saludos! -- Dave
  389. MinnesotaPhats

    Possible Road Closures

    Firstly, I'm in Guerrero Negro, with no new info. Other than this margarita needs a refill! Secondly, many thanks to Captain Juan (!!!). We swapped some PM's, he gave me the latest scoop, and helped convince me to take the "easy" route. Crossed at San Ysidro, took Hwy 3 from Ensenada to Hwy...
  390. MinnesotaPhats

    Barriles or La Paz in July?

    All of the above is true -- kinda depends on the scene you're looking for (city v. country). If you're mainly fishing, E. Cape is a little easier to navigate, more chill. If your crew wants some semblance of a party scene, La Paz might be better. Also, there should definitely be SOMETHING...
  391. MinnesotaPhats

    Possible Road Closures

    Captain Juan -- muchos gracias! You're always a trusted source of info. I've driven down a number of times, but didn't want to get too confident. I've written down your number (thanks again!), and will call only if necessary -- though I don't see that happening. Saludos amigo!! -- Dave
  392. MinnesotaPhats

    Possible Road Closures

    Shit. Supposed to drive through on Wednesday. Still planning on it, pending a little more research . . . I'll be sure and share, hope others do the same.
  393. MinnesotaPhats

    Time to get packing! /East cape-Hotel Buenavista FISH REPORT

    Axel, I should be rolling into town Thurs. or Fri., can't wait!! Tyler, a variety of Raps/Yo-Zuri's and some light spoons should serve you very well. Saludos.
  394. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape-Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort FISH REPORT: 4/21/15

    Thanks Axel, glad the fleet "weathered the storm!" Hope the bite doesn't get too hot -- I'm not coming down for another few weeks, jaja. I can't wait, hope you all are well! Hasta luego -- Dave
  395. MinnesotaPhats

    Charter in Cabo

    Mike -- thanks for understanding. Sorry if I was a dick, I've just seen more fish killed each year by "anglers" who haven't earned it. I preach a rule of "release five (or ten) Marlin before you kill one." Because after you've C&R'd a few, killing one seems much less attractive. Or if you're...
  396. MinnesotaPhats

    Charter in Cabo

    You're set on boats -- between Mike, Matt, and Tracy/Pisces, you should have no problem finding a price/comfort level to suit your needs. They're all very fishy. I would like to emphasize this point. Yes, you are allowed to keep all legal catches. That doesn't mean you have to kill...
  397. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Trip

    As has been mentioned here and elsewhere: You may be able to get a better deal at RL?! Either way, you've got some good leads. I've stayed at Verdugos, LB Hotel, the campgrounds, and Hotel Buena Vista, and have enjoyed them all. Palmas was a bit too vast for me, but my dad and his wife...
  398. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo 4/3 Report- Billfish Heating up!

    Unless i'm sorely mistaken, the red t-flag has come to indicate a "successfully" released fish. Though it may have initially represented tagging, that's gone by the wayside. Leave 'em swimming. And wet. And green. And without pile of tackle hanging from their gullet. Saludos -- d
  399. MinnesotaPhats


    Thanks for the info Rat! The law is legit, and in place for a reason. As a frequent visitor, I'm glad MX has strict gun and knife laws. That said, at least in my experience, the inspectors keep a sense of perspective and purpose. I keep a multi-tool in the door-pocket of my truck, or with my...
  400. MinnesotaPhats

    I just love taking kids out fishing.Cabo fishing report with RenegadeMike

    Man, that's so awesome. Good for the parents, for introducing their children to fishing. Good for the kids, for recognizing the wonder and embracing the adventure. And thank you Mike, and captains like you, for your patience and enthusiasm. For old folks like us, there's little better than...
  401. MinnesotaPhats

    Guide out of East Cape area

    Tom, to be fair, and though it may be too late: Here's the deal (and Matt knows this) -- Victor Jr. (on the Mosca) and I have done exceedingly well. He's my guy, and his dad is killer too. But I've fished with Matt enough to know, he's no joke. The Scorpion is a comfortable beast, El Regalo...
  402. MinnesotaPhats

    DO drink the water . . .

    Oh Captain, my Captain (Morgan)! That's some valuable info! We countless many thank you in advance, of pain not suffered. Saludos, Doug!
  403. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Guide

    Thanks Fierro, I have many more pics, stories, and memories, all due to Victor Jr!!! Viva Mosca! George, I'll be there mid-May through mid-June. I have seven days with him, might grab more, depending on his limited availability and my funds -- you might wanna book ASAP. Get a hold of me...
  404. MinnesotaPhats

    DO drink the water . . .

    Side-note to any and all. Water. Especially as we near the hot temps (and fishing). WATER, WATER, and a bit more WATER. It's probably evident that I'm a big fat fucker. I love my beer. and tequila. and rum. and tortas. and whiskey . . . And yes, I apply the most bestest 50-80spf...
  405. MinnesotaPhats

    Fishing in Cabo for First time~ Gordo Banks Pangas

    Bob got the ball rolling with that post! Lotsa good info above -- if you search the page or two of current posts, plenty of info on panga's and surfcasting details. Depending on the reels you're bringing, you can remove the spools, check JUST the spools (which are fairly hearty), and carry-on...
  406. MinnesotaPhats

    Guide out of East Cape area

    Good point. In my experience, good panguero's will work hard -- especially if you're willing to. This includes driving the boat, rigging rods, sharing tackle, and knowing that fishing is fishing. "Easy to please," IMHO, means sitting in the shade all day with a cold beer, expecting all the...
  407. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Guide

    I can vouch for both, and wholeheartedly "second" what's been said above. Sr. on the "Victoria," and Jr. on the "Mosca." I've spent about 15 days on the water with them (12 with Jr.) and, though I know there are many quality Super-Pangueros in the area, I will not fish with anyone else. You'd...
  408. MinnesotaPhats

    Guide out of East Cape area

    Hope all goes well, be sure and post your report! It sounds like you're definitely taking the right "stuff" -- gear, gifts, and generous mentality. That will serve you well! And if you're limited on luggage, I recommend bringing a reel. Rods can take a beating, but gears and line can be very...
  409. MinnesotaPhats

    Marlin Starting to show better in the Cabo area Cabo Report

    Damn! Nice work, seems to be heating up since I was there!
  410. MinnesotaPhats

    Surf fishing in cabo?

    Yeah, if $25 bucks is the difference between fishing well or drinking well, you may not be ready for Cabo, jaja. You can always check your spools and carry-on your reels. This is definitely worth a look!:
  411. MinnesotaPhats

    great eats in or around cabo

    Anyone else tried "Las Guacamayas(?)" It's between Gran Pastor and Tacos Guss (the two great late-night taco spots north of Jansens.) Great food, mellow but nice ambiance, decent prices. Very solid tacos and molcajete, need to go back and try some of their specials . . .
  412. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape in May, need help

    Firstly, when are you planning on going? JFK said May, but I'm not sure . . . Forgive any redundancy -- just speaking from experience: There are many awesome opportunities, most of mine have been between Muertos and Los Frailes. It just depends on your budget and available transportation...
  413. MinnesotaPhats

    baja hotels

    I can't believe no one's mentioned Hotel Buena Vista?! It's my go-to. Look into it Dave, similar to RL but closer to town, it has it's own fleet, great staff, nice rooms (with A/C!), restaurant, pool, etc.. VRBO has some good options, Verdugos and Los Barriles Hotel (across the street) are...
  414. MinnesotaPhats

    Advice for Cabo

    I kinda get what you're saying, but I always have a vehicle, it's a nice oasis from Cabo proper, there's solid surfcasting right out front and you have a headstart to Migrino, jacuzzi/cocktail/whale watching is a daily event. I prefer all of the above to being within stumbling distance of the...
  415. MinnesotaPhats

    Charter march 7 - 14 - sorry for repeat topic i am sure

    Haven't fished with them, but heard a lot of great things -- they're in San Jose del Cabo, so if you're staying in Cabo san Lucas, might be a bit of a haul, especially if you don't have a rental car. But it could be worth it, keep watching reports of catches, and wind/water temp forecasts...
  416. MinnesotaPhats

    Surf fishing in cabo?

    Same here. He is to be emulated. Dude is ridiculous! Yeah, Marcos (and Stephen) have the info, gear, and techniques dialed, but don't guide -- until you fish alongside a master, watching and getting feedback, you're missing out on a lot. Which is not to say you can't still have fun!
  417. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Jigging Reel Recomendation

    Also, aren't WindAlert/SailFlow/I-WindSurf/ all part of the same company (and do they use the same info?) Thanks!
  418. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Jigging Reel Recomendation

    Disclaimer: I'm a speed freak. Yeah, yellows can be caught on the drop, slow retrieve, even deadsticking, but I like the option when it's needed. Which is often. A couple years ago I invested in the Shimano TranX HG (6.6:1, 43"/crank, with plenty of balls to keep from getting rocked) and am...
  419. MinnesotaPhats

    great eats in or around cabo

    Derek, ever had a so-so meal at Tiki Bar? I've been once or twice where their concoctions were too mayonnaisey and uninspired. Still good though (perfect for a sushi newbie, and I'm sure it depends on the chef-du-jour). It remains my go-to if I want to gorge on my raw catch and yuk it up over...
  420. MinnesotaPhats

    Advice for Cabo

    Another tip -- after you check-in/leave your luggage at the main/final roundabout, backtrack towards the first roundabout. Just before you get there, there is a self-parking lot on your left (towards the water). It is much easier -- you don't have to pay/wait for valet, you have easier access...
  421. MinnesotaPhats

    Advice for Cabo

    The rental car's a good idea. PB/SB is awesome, but the buses/taxis get old quickly. I'd go with a reputable captain -- since no Dreamweaver or Renegade Mike, try El Regalo, Pisces, Picante, etc. (SEE ABOVE/previous posts). It depends on your budget/needs. For panga's, Derek's guy, or Victor...
  422. MinnesotaPhats

    Surf fishing in cabo?

    Once again, this site proves it's worth. A lot of good info, the essence of which is: There is no perfect solution, but many great options. Chris, take notes, but never be afraid to experiment. Fish how, where, and with baits that give you confidence, and please share your successes and...
  423. MinnesotaPhats

    Surf fishing in cabo?

    Is that foolproof? I've thought about taking along a Sharpie, but I'm just so used to tying the knot . . .
  424. MinnesotaPhats

    Surf fishing in cabo?

    Sometimes (toothy) Sierra will hit your swivel -- a Uni-Uni knot is a good alternative.
  425. MinnesotaPhats

    great eats in or around cabo

    Gardenias is a great little taco spot, Tacos Guss has great mixto (mixed meat) tortas or burritos (I recommend Pastor y carnitas) -- they also KILL IT if you bring in your own fish -- foil grilled with veggies, they'll run and grab you beers if you're nice. Love that spot. Head a block up...
  426. MinnesotaPhats

    Fiji advice?

    Three friends and I are headed to Fiji (Matava Resort) for a week in late May/early June. We'd like to focus on GT/Dogtooth if they're around, so any advice on lure/line/reels/rods/knots/ is graciously welcomed!!! Of course, we'll go after whatever else is hungry, especially big YFT...
  427. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo Fishing Report

    Tim -- much greater minds than mine will have much to add, but . . . : It's SO tough to predict nowadays(years). February can be as good as June or October. Maximize your travel flexibility, time- and location- wise. Follow the sites (BDO, BajaFisherman and WON, Terrafin, Sailflow, etc.)...
  428. MinnesotaPhats

    Fish of the Year in Bahia Asuncion...WAHOOOOO!

    That's pretty badass awesome. Congrats, fellas!
  429. MinnesotaPhats

    So need help to ID species???

    I concur on Stripeys. And releasing all future catches in the water (you have plenty of on-board pics). And GoPros are ubiquitous and waterproof! Saludos.
  430. MinnesotaPhats

    Thankful for Baja

    So many of those negative reports seem due to "user error" -- obviously, guys like Rick do it right (and, thankfully, pass along lessons to newbies like me.) Explore, have fun, be human and gracious -- seemingly simple tenets which pay big dividends -- Karma, esp. in Baja, is for real. Thanks...
  431. MinnesotaPhats

    Great Stand up fishing tuna video

    Congrats to you both -- awesome fish and nicely shot/cut vid!
  432. MinnesotaPhats

    My first cow!!!!!

    Copy that -- there's a couple SoCal offshore threads, and one dedicated to SD long-range. Saludos!
  433. MinnesotaPhats

    My first cow!!!!!

    Congrats, great fish, and you earned it! But why is this on the Baja page?
  434. MinnesotaPhats

    Another Great Trip With Renegade Mike

    Damn Miguel, that UW footage is SWEET! (Thanks for sharing that, Jonathan!) What kind of camera/rig were you using? I wanna make sure you have our dates for late Feb., and that we can play with vid. options (hopefully have my quad/drone by then.) Saludos, great report, great fishing -- Dave
  435. MinnesotaPhats

    Great Stand up fishing tuna video

    Pesca pimp -- nice work, per usual -- you still have our dates for late Feb? Thinking about bringing down a drone . . . Hope all's well, amigo -- when you get a chance, let me know we're still booked. MN is fucking cold! Saludos!
  436. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Tin boat regatta

    Nice pics--I feel like I missed so much! One more -- here's Coco, working hard and lookin' good! Saludos!
  437. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Dorado & Wahoo!

    Though stranger things have happened, there's usually photographic evidence? . . . Does the TBR need to be pushed back a week? JAJA!
  438. MinnesotaPhats

    Looking for tackle recommendations for Los Barriles

    Lotsa good threads if you search this site, starting with "Cabo killer in E Cape." Saludos!
  439. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo Killer in East Cape

    Here's another one!: I feel like I've dialed in Cabo Killers, and am wondering if any of you Rangers devotees have found a time/place/species where one works better than the other? I'm FAR from an expert, but here's my two cents: I "feather" the line (slow it down with my off hand) before...
  440. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Tin boat regatta

    Hola amigos: So yeah, this is kinda why I left early. Had to be in SF by 1pm Tuesday. And yeah, I know none of you are Giants fans. Some of you hate my squad. But I hope you can appreciate me representing the occasion. And the fact that "Baja karma" ain't no joke!!!! (I know Burt knows!)...
  441. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Tin boat regatta

    I made up for my lack of fish with extra beer! Gotta say thanks to everyone for welcoming me in and showing me the way. Though it sucks being home, the drive flew by through warm memories. Mike, sorry we didn't get a proper farewell, but thanks for the shwag, friendship, and guidance into the...
  442. MinnesotaPhats

    First fishing trip in Cabo - insights?

    Craig kinda nailed it! Keep in mind, it's fishing. Every year/month/day is different. Historically, winter (Dec-Mar) is not the ideal time to go, but lately it's been exceptional, which is to say there's something worth catching in the area. I can personally vouch for Renegade Mike and...
  443. MinnesotaPhats

    Supplies for BOLA?

    Hola Don, HT, and Bill -- thanks for the info! Unfortunately, I only had one full day in Gonzaga, and instead of driving to BOLA, I opted to spend it fishing, relaxing, and getting to know fellow BD brethren. Selfish but inarguable. I did learn that Coco was a great resource, so woke up...
  444. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Tin boat regatta

    I'm hunkered in a rare, semi-quiet/dark corner of Bert's patio, curious. This is my first TBR. I'm laughing my ass off, finally having met all these great guys, who have decades of experience, and have, and continue to, provide me with valuable lessons. Yet many (like chevydeuce and dizzy...
  445. MinnesotaPhats

    Supplies for BOLA?

    Hola amigos, I've brought a bunch of supplies to Gonzaga for the TBR and things here seem solid. I could drive them to BOLA tomorrow if it would help, now or in the future. I've a bunch of nails, screws, hammers, screwdrivers, a water purifier, saws, painting supplies, trowels, etc.. My...
  446. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo Killer in East Cape

    I've also heard good things about the Ribera store. It's not well signed, if memory serves, but definitely worth a look if you're in the 'hood. Rangers are topwater, but I'll leave the intricacies to the others . . . I'm also curious, cause they obviously work!
  447. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Tin boat regatta

    Bringing a shitload of giant mosquitos to take care of that fly problem . . .
  448. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Tin boat regatta

    Was headed to Lake Minnetonka, musta taken a wrong turn just west of Edina. Ended up in Brawley?! WTF? Hasta manana.
  449. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo Killer in East Cape

    I'd go with as long, and as few pieces, as possible (though I've had friends do fine with 8-9 ft. travel rods.) Lately I've been using a 2 pc, 12' Okuma "Cedros" that I like a lot (15-30#, 2-4 oz, but still throws 1 oz. metal/plastic well.), and not crazy expensive. I love Cabo Killers (esp...
  450. MinnesotaPhats

    soft-sided cooler

    Yeti just came out with one, might be worth checking out.
  451. MinnesotaPhats

    Mexico to stress rules for sport fishing

    It's the right forum, and every angler should know the rules! But it seems like until the Government cracks down on (often illegal) commercial harvests, recreational angling, and the welfare of many species, will suffer.
  452. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Tin boat regatta

    "you get the "special camp palapa".....far far away" Ja! Wise choice. I'm even less impressive in person. "We have a pool, and a pond. Pond'll be good for you . . . " Thanks Bert, any specs on the nails/screws? If not, I'll just bring the basics. Along with bug strips/juice, and try and...
  453. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Tin boat regatta

    Which hole?! What type of critters? I got plenty of both! Jaja?! Sorry, one too many cocktails at the Giants game. ANOTHER newbie question -- what's the best route? (I'm coming from central CA). Also, any advice on what to bring for locals? I have a few water filters and am expecting...
  454. MinnesotaPhats


    Thanks to everyone offering info, $, driving down with supplies, heart, and hope (Don, Luke, the Baja Racers team, aforementioned charities, and the countless/nameless others making a difference!) Thank you Steve! Based on the Consul's note, I'm temporarily delaying my departure (probably...
  455. MinnesotaPhats

    La Ventana Post Odile?

    Or -- seems to have more active threads/lines of communication.
  456. MinnesotaPhats


    Good to know! If anyone hears from those that have already headed south, please share.
  457. MinnesotaPhats


    Doug -- I plan on going as far as I can, with as much as I can! I normally travel (trouble-free) with a shitload of tackle and camping gear -- I can't imagine rations would raise an eyebrow. If inspected, as always, I wait patiently as they do their job. If I can get past Catavina, it sounds...
  458. MinnesotaPhats


    If anyone has info on the best places to donate (Bisbee's (, BBP (, ICF (, or others, please let it be known. I, like many, have donated, but it's always easier to contribute, knowing your money is going to those who need it. That said...
  459. MinnesotaPhats

    landlines are up/video of downtown cabo

    Glenn -- either will do just fine.
  460. MinnesotaPhats

    La Ribera fishing just before Odile

    Nice! Congrats on a great trip (and lucky timing!) IMHO, Victor Sr. and Jr. (on the "Victoria" and "Mosca") are the most capable, hardest working panguero's in the area.
  461. MinnesotaPhats


    Since there's been discussion of driving down with supplies, I figured I'd start a conversation. I'm in Central CA, have a 4x4, an open calendar, and a Costco card. If anyone has plans to go down, updated road info, knowledge of what's needed most (and where), etc., please let it be known...
  462. MinnesotaPhats

    gonzaga baY ? ODILE ????

    My schedule's open. I have a 4x4 (Chev. Avalanche). Please feel free to post or PM me with departure date and suggested supplies, FWI I'll be coming down from Central CA, so I might need a head start. Saludos.
  463. MinnesotaPhats

    Thanks Bisbee

    Good for you, Bisbee's! I just sent you some cash, I hope it goes to those who need it most. I've read that Sammy Hagar's had to cancel his annual Cabo B-Day show. He needs to do a U.S. benefit (that doesn't ALL go to rebuilding Cabo Wabo!) Anyone have his ph. #?
  464. MinnesotaPhats

    gonzaga baY ? ODILE ????

    If I knew the roads were passable, I'd load up with water and canned goods and start making runs. Anyone have advice/info?
  465. MinnesotaPhats

    Bahia de Los Angeles - Odile update

    Carcassdragger -- My initial reaction to your post was: "Wow, that's kinda inappropriate -- we're all worried, and trying to learn more, about the damage to the people and places we love. And all this guy has to offer is bragging about his trip." Then I thought about it. And realized your...
  466. MinnesotaPhats

    gonzaga baY ? ODILE ????

    UGH!! Though it's not surprising that spots like that, Mulege, etc. suffered. I still haven't heard of fatalities, which is great news. That said, I hope the entire peninsula receives aid (money and muscle) and rebounds quickly. I hope the efforts are based on the needs of the people, not...
  467. MinnesotaPhats

    Hurricane, Tropical Storm.......What happened to "Chubasco"

    Though the pictures are heartbreaking, I did see one of Squid Roe pretty destroyed, and I gotta admit, I felt a glimpse of joy. Hoping locals get back on their feet quickly, "El Barracho Borraco" (not sure what that means, but I'm sure it's a term of endearment, as it is said to me by many...
  468. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Tin boat regatta

    Bert -- you should add "motivational speaker" to your list of occupations! Saludos, Mike. At first, Bert's post made me re-think my plans. Unless I'm mistaken, if I don't show, he's now legally bound to provide the aforementioned "prize"? Not that I want it -- I just wanna make him ask Gil...
  469. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Tin boat regatta

    Thank you guys. A lot. Trust me, I'm doing my damnedest. So far, so good. . . . What do I not win if I'm not there?
  470. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape shore fishing questions...

    Dave, glad to hear you're "killing it"! Any more details? Beach or panga? Though I've fished with Sr. a couple times, Victor Jr. on the Mosca is my guy! (Ever the good son, he always claims pops is a better panguero, but until he stops giving me killer memories, the competition lives on! . ...
  471. MinnesotaPhats

    Shootout in Los Barriles

    I grew up in Dos Palos, CA. Ever heard of it? I thought not. It's your typical sleepy central CA agricultural town. The "Pop. 3,200" sign hasn't been changed in 40 years. Football, cheerleaders, cruising Main and partying by the river. Going to Fresno over the weekend was hella newsworthy...
  472. MinnesotaPhats

    A great day on the East Cape

    Paul, thanks for an inspired and inspiring post about your trip -- I just read about the shooting in LB, and your thread was a refreshing contrast. It's what Baja and the E. Cape is about. I'm glad you're introducing a new generation to the appeal. That said, I gotta ask, what's with the...
  473. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Tin boat regatta

    Not sure if you got my PM, I'll take two XXL (them don't call me "Phats!" for nuthin') ORANGE shirts (go Giants!). Just send me the PayPal info -- I'm still not sure if I can make it (the family will be PISSED!) -- if not, feel free to donate to locals, or the first topless TBR attendee to get...
  474. MinnesotaPhats

    Fishing report: RenegadeMike gets a Cabo Billfish Grand Slam

    If only all captains could be as lazy as you!! Ja! Congrats, amigo -- an amazing day/accomplishment, esp. considering time of year, recent reports, water temps, (unless I'm getting false intel?) The only problem is the Birthday Boy (Nick?) didn't realize/appreciate what just happened!! Way...
  475. MinnesotaPhats

    Fishing in Cabo

    X3. He is definitely hardcore, but will bring a fighting chair if you need one -- he likes to fish stand-up because it's more hands on. He likes to teach and get his anglers involved, which is an awesome trait for a captain! There are many reputable operations in Cabo, but start with Mike.
  476. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Tin boat regatta

    I'm not sure if I can even make it, but just the prospect has completely shifted/improved my outlook on life! I'm unfamiliar with the area, should I bring my kayak? If there's anything else you guys need from CA/U.S., there's room in the truck, so lemme know.
  477. MinnesotaPhats


    Thanks for the info. I tried to join/get a sticker a couple years ago, and the site was down and no one replied to my email. But I'll keep trying, it does help. I've always crossed north through Tecate, driving very cautiously and have never had a problem (my dog's always been in the...
  478. MinnesotaPhats

    Gonzaga Bay Tin boat regatta

    WARNING: 1: I'm currently suffering from severe Baja withdrawal. 2: I haven't explored Baja Norte as much as I should. 3: I've always viewed the TBR as an integral part to earning one's "Baja Stripes." 4: I feel like I've spewed too many words on this site, and learned too much from...
  479. MinnesotaPhats

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    I drive to Baja, so instinctually I side with the locals. I also realize not everyone has the time or money or spirit to do so; that LR trips are a legit option for those with concerns/contraints. If panguero's and LR boats would stop throwing sinkers and profanity, and start focusing attention...
  480. MinnesotaPhats

    Size Does Matter great tuna fishing in cabo sat july 26 2014

    Sweet. I was going to say, that Contour looks like it might have some underwater possibilities -- definitely more streamlined. Psyched to check out the WaterWolf! I'm also looking into drones -- Saludos!
  481. MinnesotaPhats

    Size Does Matter great tuna fishing in cabo sat july 26 2014

    Jeebus Christmus, Miguel! That's a HAUL!! Congrats to you, the crew, and the Sawyer's on a silly day. As always, killer camera work and editing -- I like the new angles -- glad you finally took my advice to use three "knuckles" on the GoPro! Kidding. Keep the reports coming. I hope all's...
  482. MinnesotaPhats


    You caught that YT bottom-fishing with a Curado? Nice!! But it's all fun and games until you run into a Marlin, YFT, numbers of big yellows, or any number of species. They'll eat up the line capacity and tiny gears on that thing. I'm only writing because I'm a life-long fan of Shimano's...
  483. MinnesotaPhats

    Night time driving in Baja

    "In college I worked graveyard for six years . . . " Jaja!! Despite the irony, Doug (and many others above) know their shit. First rule of Baja is "don't drive at night." But after a few trips, and becoming accustomed to habits and locations, many of us do it. Precaution and preparation are...
  484. MinnesotaPhats

    First trip ever to Cabo San Lucas, lots of newbie questions

    Geez. That's a lot of questions. So much depends on with whom you're fishing, and where you're staying. More info on that might help (sounds like your hotel's fine. I've stayed in some of the cheapest places in Baja, and never had a problem. Then again, it is the world.) Most boats...
  485. MinnesotaPhats

    Going to Magdalena Bay - does anyone know how to find out water temp there? -- kinda pricey, but a great site and app. They update temps, chlorophyll, etc., multiple times a day, so it's easy to gauge trends. I think it's well worth the price for the traveling angler!
  486. MinnesotaPhats

    New here. New to Saltwater.

    Jared. Sounds like you'll fit in nicely in the Cape. Be generous, humble, go with the flow, and you'll be rewarded. Maybe not this trip. After all, it is still fishing. But you'll learn enough that, in a trip or two, you'll have the perfect captain and gear when the sea explodes for you...
  487. MinnesotaPhats

    Julio Mesa's 39' See Vee Spanish Fly totaled by fire

    IMHO. I know this is still a loss for the new owner(s) and family. Forgive me for taking a "big picture," and maybe too optimistic, approach. Saludos.
  488. MinnesotaPhats

    Julio Mesa's 39' See Vee Spanish Fly totaled by fire

    Glad it sounds like everyone's safe. It was a beautiful vessel with an epic history. Though Jose, and now his boat, are gone, that does nothing to lessen the legacy. If anything, these tragic losses should encourage us. To not let adversity divert us from adventure.
  489. MinnesotaPhats

    Dreamweaver is making my bucket list look silly

    Congrats, that's a sick sail! That dorsal is silly! A pox on the Dodgers! Saludos.
  490. MinnesotaPhats

    New here. New to Saltwater.

    Also check out Buena Vista ( Great owners, accommodations, fleet, and food, and a hair less isolated than Rancho. Either way, you'll be well taken care of. The tackle's pretty well covered above. If anything, I'd err on the side of packing lightly. I know Buena...
  491. MinnesotaPhats

    Surf fishing tips/advice needed

    First light's always a fun/worthwhile time to fish. But we've caught multiple species at all hours. When you go into Jansens, take a look at his amazing photos -- so many are caught when the sun is high. Bottom line, spend as much time with a line in the water as possible.
  492. MinnesotaPhats

    Surf fishing tips/advice needed

    Your two best resources will be Wes (I definitely recommend hiring him for a day if possible) and Stephen/Marcos at Jansens tackle shop (next to Mar de Cortez hotel). Between the two, you'll learn a ton, have too much gear to buy, and too many spots to check. I typically use 30# braid...
  493. MinnesotaPhats

    Road conditions and where to stay?

    I'm guessing you're already further north, but Catavina has a great motel (west side of HWY, next to abandoned gas station) -- I think it was about $65?) And I highly recommend the "Halfway Inn" in GN. It's on the west/SB side of the military base, so if you're heading north, you'll have to...
  494. MinnesotaPhats

    Buying a fishing license in Baja California Sur

    Jim, thanks for the info. I usually get my license through Discover Baja, because I'm never sure where my first stop will be. How can I support FONMAR and still be prepared for where the road takes me? I've never heard of a Mexican fishing license having geographical limitations. That...
  495. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja Hwy 1 Claims another Friend

    My sincere condolences. I know we're all excited to get to our destinations and wet a line, but take your time and enjoy the journey. There's so many great, inexpensive spots to stop along the way (El Rosario, Catavina, GN, Mulege, Loreto, E. Cape, Todos Santos . . . ). There's NO excuse to...
  496. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja Hwy 1 Claims another Friend

    My sincere condolences. I know we're all excited to get to our destinations and wet a line, but take your time and enjoy the journey. There's so many great, inexpensive spots to stop along the way (El Rosario, Catavina, GN, Mulege, Loreto, E. Cape, Todos Santos . . . ). There's NO excuse to...
  497. MinnesotaPhats

    Traveling with the Dog to Baja

    Yup. Have driven the pup down at least once a year for six years. I always have the proper documents, but I've never been asked. (I have a Banfield/Petsmart program, so the paperwork's free.) She gets WAY more appreciation than speculation, from locals (human and canine) and officials alike...
  498. MinnesotaPhats

    Flying to Cabo on Short leadtime

    Gricelda's in the Marina (you can park in the Tanga Tanga parking lot) -- they fillet and vacuum pack your catch, and have a very cold freezer (hotel freezers are too often unreliable). They do a real nice job of smoking, too. I'm very picky about fish, and they have skilled staff and fair...
  499. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape-Hotel Buenavista Where are all the fish?

    Nice report amigo, looks like the Mosca nailed another grande Gallo! Saludos.
  500. MinnesotaPhats

    San Quintin Smorgasboard.... i.e., WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOX!

    Jesus Christ. Not only did you max-out the Baja experience, you NAILED the documentation. Kudos y Saludos x10! Congrats on an epic voyage, on experience and patience paying off, and for sharing with, and teaching, the rest of us.
  501. MinnesotaPhats

    Just got back from Cabo San Lucas ... Killed em

    The Rooster was obviously not released. Too bad.
  502. MinnesotaPhats

    Mexican Fishing license

    X2 on readily available in LB -- Had to swing by the Palmas to grab one for a friend (who's fishing with Mark tomorrow -- jealous!), took about two minutes.
  503. MinnesotaPhats

    Bringing gear to Rancho Leonero...issues?

    Chuck -- welcome! We came down from BV for "Rib Night." Despite the heat, such an awesome spot. This is kinda random, but might come in handy for some in the future. Check on first class ticket prices/last minute upgrades. I've paid a few hundred extra for it, but there are no charges for...
  504. MinnesotaPhats

    27 May fish report Cabo rooster and Marlin action

    Congrats on an awesome day! Circle hooks are the way to go, but can be tricky to time. Depending on the size of the bait, hook, and fish, as well as aggressiveness of the strike/run, and speed of the boat, the count can range from five to ten seconds. One helpful tip I've learned is to engage...
  505. MinnesotaPhats

    Buying Rods In Cabo?

    Firstly, you don't need a license for surfcasting. If you're not picky, buying something cheaper, and giving it to a local, is really cool, (and possibly cheaper than flying it home!) Jansen's will totally hook you up with gear and knowledge. Marcos is basically always there, very friendly and...
  506. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Buenavista/East cape fishing report

    Leaving in around ten days. Time flies . . . !
  507. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Buenavista/East cape fishing report

    Damnit Larry! Was feeling good about things until your guilt trip. JAJA. I've released enough that the conscience is clear. Looks like you're going to CSL, but if you get bored and venture to the cape, would love to buy you a beer or share a boat. Saludos y suerte -- Dave
  508. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja East Cape Surfcasting Expedition 2014

    Trust me, we've all been there! One great advantage to driving down is being able to bring any/everything I might need, and I bring a truck full! That said, I've still tons to learn. The best thing you can do is stay on the beach, and keep talking to guys like John. I've hired/fished with...
  509. MinnesotaPhats

    Slow in Loreto

    Sick Dogtooth! Congrats! They've become my new fave -- a similar addiction to "Wahoo fever." From a couple days ago:
  510. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Buenavista/East cape fishing report

    Not quite twins, but close enough!
  511. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Buenavista/East cape fishing report

    I've been playing offshore with the kite some, many big tuna charging/jumping, but yet to connect. Inshore today for a change of pace, unfortunately no Roosters, still a mixed bag with two quality bulls. Thank you again Victor! Team Mosca!
  512. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja East Cape Surfcasting Expedition 2014

    As expected, awesome knowledge and advice. Love it when this site works as designed!
  513. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja East Cape Surfcasting Expedition 2014

    Farres -- While I'm curious and anxious to read John's answer, as I've never had THAT kinda success, here's what I've garnered. My main combo now is a 12', 2 pc Okuma MH (can cast 1-3 oz iron/lures quite well, heavier if needed [night fishing]), Shimano Stradic 6000 with 40# braid, and usually...
  514. MinnesotaPhats

    leaving for loreto

    Congrats and Saludos on a great trip! Can't believe they finally finished the Malecon! Jaja.
  515. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja East Cape Surfcasting Expedition 2014

    Sweet -- I have a couple 1st gen. in my box, but as you know, tough to untie a confidence bait! Keep posting images like that, though, and mine will see more water. Look forward to Gen. 2 and more posts, saludos -- d
  516. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Buenavista/East cape fishing report

    I think some numbers MAY have gotten lost in translation -- not 6,000 miles (I don't get THAT lost, jaja), but 65 hours (MN to BV). Still well worth the effort. What is not over-exaggerated is the fishing right now!!!
  517. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja East Cape Surfcasting Expedition 2014

    Awesome pics, report, and success!! Stoked for you (and a bit jealous!) I'm as addicted to the Cabo Killer as you are to the Ranger. Congrats, keep chuckin,' amigo!
  518. MinnesotaPhats

    What a day! Cab San Lucas 5 hour Panga trip! + video!

    It's on a point system -- each licensed angler is allowed 10 "points," and certain species have a one-fish-limit. Marlin, Sailfish and Swordfish and Shark, of which only one (1) of each is allowed, and which counts as five (5) toward the overall ten (10) fish limit. Additionally Dorado...
  519. MinnesotaPhats

    where to stay before going into Tecate border crossing

    I'm not sure if Tecate is the same, but I crossed through TJ a week ago and was able to pay the agent directly -- a nice option, quicker, and the bank hadn't yet opened.
  520. MinnesotaPhats


    Eesh, no, sorry Gary. The standstill south of Loreto wasn't especially photogenic, and I imagine by now it's cleared? And the by-passes were a flurry of dust, as I was traveling down with race support trucks, all quite eager themselves (some suffered because of it). As mentioned, they're...
  521. MinnesotaPhats

    What a day! Cab San Lucas 5 hour Panga trip! + video!

    Stan. They are beautiful, and fight well. Before you critique us BCS anglers, you should come down and join the vibe, catch (and release!) a few. Learn the vast variance between long range tuna trips and local fishing. There's a big difference in mentality, especially between those that...
  522. MinnesotaPhats

    What a day! Cab San Lucas 5 hour Panga trip! + video!

    Let me throw out this question: Alan, you hired this boat, so isn't it up to you what you keep or release? You are paying them for time and gas, and tipping. Whether or nor they leave the dock with meat, they've had a good day/made money. I've released fish, to obvious disapproval...
  523. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Recommendations

    I'm just one dude with a dog who loves the East Cape. To the point where I now drive down and spend a month or two every year. If I could afford 4-5 weeks at Spa Buena Vista, I'd still stay there, but it's a bit cheaper for me to rent a house via VRBO and have friends fly down and share the...
  524. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape Report?

    Obviously no rules on killing marlin. Jim, there were 15 charters, and 15 marlin/wahoo caught. (Plus some dodos.) If you average a marlin or wahoo every day you fish, you don't consider that good?! I'm not sure what "normal Cabo/SJD/East Cape measures" are these days -- the weather and...
  525. MinnesotaPhats

    Mexico Fishing trip opportunty anglers needed( with boat even better)

    Hey man, sorry I haven't gotten back, sketchy wi-fi, but I'm in E. Cape and will reply tomorrow. After sleep.
  526. MinnesotaPhats


    For any of you driving down in the near future, as reported, the bypass between TJ and Ensenada is no big deal, well-marked and doesn't add a ton of time. The biggest hurdles you'll find are south of Loreto -- maybe 20 km south, a big rock slide caused a stand-still of up to an hour (times...
  527. MinnesotaPhats

    Mexico Fishing trip opportunty anglers needed( with boat even better)

    Derek -- I'll be making my way north around that time -- unfortunately, no boat, but if you find one, I'd be grateful to hop on w/ gas and beer money -- I'll stay tuned, saludos -- Dave
  528. MinnesotaPhats

    Fishing Cabo San Lucas help

    Based on your dates, you should be able to book with Renegade Mike or Dreamweaver; you'll be in great hands. Same goes for Gordo Banks Pangas, if you wanna head to San Jose (might be worth it, if you're after meat?). Have fun, good luck.
  529. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja Winter Kayak trip itenerary and advice

    Let me start by saying I'm not trying to be a smartass. Furthermore, I'm stoked you guys are taking the plunge to check out Baja -- it's an amazing adventure! That said, if your trip doesn't suit you, have you considered Canada or Alaska? I've fished and kayaked in both -- amazing. I admit I...
  530. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja Winter Kayak trip itenerary and advice

    David, I'm assuming you're referring to my posts? If not, I apologize. If so, I suggest you re-read them. Though I still consider myself "green" in comparison, I've spent almost a year there, and obviously "enjoy the Baja." As I mentioned, I am making recommendations based on personal...
  531. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja Winter Kayak trip itenerary and advice

    Absolutely agree on the snowbird strategy, and temp/seasonal preferences. I bounce between MN, CA, and MX, all of which have their intricacies. I have yet to explore Mag Bay, but it seems ideal for what you guys are doing. Again, between Ensenada and La Paz, I don't think you'll have any...
  532. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja Winter Kayak trip itenerary and advice

    As far as super-touristy marina spots, I can't think of any between Ensenada and La Paz. All of the E.Cape (between La Paz and San Jose), even the "mecca" of Los Barriles (said fully tongue-in-cheek), is mellow. My biggest concern would be conditions that time of year -- fishing can be spotty...
  533. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Buenavista-East Cape Fishing Report

    Just watched your bro, Victor, and some goofy host who kept calling it "Buona Vista" on "Extreme Fishing Adventures" (NBCSports). Made me hungry to get back down, dirty up the Mosca, and score some flags! Hope all's good, see you in a month!
  534. MinnesotaPhats

    Family Rescued

    Comparisons to long-range vessels like the RS or IS are absurd, as are analogies to Galileo and the like. The details prohibit accurate or coherent argument. It was a bad decision. For those who think otherwise, though you applaud this couple, honestly, in their position, would you have...
  535. MinnesotaPhats

    Family Rescued

    I'm glad they're all OK. I'm glad that our state and federal forces are on point, and got to successfully sharpen their skills in a real-world scenario. Rarely has the "death and taxes" cliche been so relevant; this could have easily ended is a meaningless loss of both. I'm glad we have...
  536. MinnesotaPhats

    Renegade Mike

    Ran into Fernando a month ago. From what I gathered, they're both still working, but not full-time on any one boat, though it does seem like Christian is frequently with DreamWeaver. Definitely fishy/talented dudes, I wish them the best, track them down and have fun! If you can't find them...
  537. MinnesotaPhats

    Info Request- Renegade Mike Sportfishing In CSL

    Yup, RM's still good -- he's made some improvements to the boat and has a new crew, but they're still fishy and fun. I'm not sure when you're going, but I'd send him your dates sooner rather than later. Saludos.
  538. MinnesotaPhats

    Renegade Mike

    Just talked to him, he's alright -- apart from his "busted wing," his computer's kinda taken a shit. He's trying to resolve it, and knows of the post, so hopefully he'll be in touch soon. I suck at names, but he'd settled on a great crew as of a couple weeks ago. They seemed to get along...
  539. MinnesotaPhats

    Renegade Mike

    Not in a couple weeks -- what's up? Should we worry?
  540. MinnesotaPhats

    Fishing roosters in the cape

    Though it's still many weeks away, your timing should be fine. We've caught sierra, pargo, needles, trigger, roosters, a ray, and had an embarrassing amount of bite-offs from the beach in the last few days (pic is from this morning, between Ribera and Pulmo). From reports, the big Gallo showed...
  541. MinnesotaPhats


    Yeah, he's got a 2 pc., 11', so overhead compartment's a no-go. For now, it looks like Wal Mart -- they usually have a decent enough selection. As he's not flying back with it, anything cheap and over 8' will do nicely. He's flying down with reels, baits, etc.. Thanks guys!!
  542. MinnesotaPhats


    My buddy's flying down tomorrow, and understandably, not willing to pay the $300 baggage fee for his rod tube (it's his honeymoon.) But he is going to fish some (his wife's awesome!), and needs to know where to pick up a cheap-but-decent rod for the surf. He's staying in Nueva Vallarta, I...
  543. MinnesotaPhats

    Steel Leader For Sierra's?

    I'd recommend using braid as mainline with a 20-40# flouro leader, depending on other factors (the presence of rocks, other (bigger) species like Roosters, Sharks, Snapper/Grouper, on- or inshore fishing, etc.) Firstly, use a line-to-line knot (double uni) instead of a swivel to attach the...
  544. MinnesotaPhats

    Where to retire in Baja

    Firstly, yes it's safe and there are single women. And while you can't "captain" your own boat, you can own and operate your boat and fish to your heart's content (as long as you don't charge clients -- for that, you need to hire a captain.) As for being taken seriously, as with anywhere...
  545. MinnesotaPhats

    Hola Mono, not sure if you're still on this site, but hope all's well and warm in 'Skoni! I...

    Hola Mono, not sure if you're still on this site, but hope all's well and warm in 'Skoni! I just read your post, and one name came to mind. Robin Wade. An ex-pat, strong, single, awesome woman, lives on the East Cape (Buena Vista), edits/writes for multiple fishing sites, has many connections...
  546. MinnesotaPhats

    best time of years for amberjack and snapper in Cabo

    Hola Vue, I don't have a ton of info, but maybe reintroducing your post will garner some more advice! That said, I made my first early summer trip last year (June) and caught a couple killer Cubera's on the E. Cape (I was searching for Rooster's), and it seemed like the Ajacks were starting to...
  547. MinnesotaPhats

    Baja in March - recommendations for first timer

    You're in a bit of a pickle -- wind is good for the wife (surfing) but bad news for you (fishing). That said, March seems a good time of year for an opportunity for both. I'd base out of Los Barriles/Buena Vista. A good middle-ground between La Paz/Muertos and Los Cabos. The Vela windsurf...
  548. MinnesotaPhats

    Charters in Loreto

    X2. Though you can run into them any time, April-June, depending on the year, seems prime.
  549. MinnesotaPhats

    Women in Pangas

    I'm just glad you finally got some legit answers, instead of initial, foolish "yuks" and childish emoticons. As mentioned, TCB is common for women on pangas. Obviously, it depends on the woman's comfort level, but there are many "work-arounds," and Victor is uber-prepared and respectful. No...
  550. MinnesotaPhats


    Look forward to the show, I only use your reels. (Avatar was on a TranX HG [sent many more pics to Marc M]). That said, can't agree with corp. choices on prices and team. (Dropping Dahlberg?!?!) I've only bought your reels since '93. I wish I could switch, or dissuade other's from...
  551. MinnesotaPhats

    Marlin Release Ratio

    I know Mexico has inherent intimidations. But the customer is always right. Keep and release as you please. It's your money, your time, your life. They'll frown and grumble. But you'll maintain your soul.
  552. MinnesotaPhats

    Marlin Release Ratio

    Though we gringos are the visitors, and reliant upon captains/pangueros to put us on fish, they are reliant on us for fees, tips, and future bookings via reports. We're well within our rights to establish boundaries (on the dock, or during a fight). If they disobey their client's wishes...
  553. MinnesotaPhats

    La Paz 10/11 - 10/18

    Understood, thanks for clarifying. It's a touchy subject. Marlin is wonderful table fare, but it always kinda tugs at my heart to see those big, beautiful beasts "bonked." I guess I can't have it both ways! Bottom line, as long as anglers remain responsible and practice selective harvest...
  554. MinnesotaPhats

    La Paz 10/11 - 10/18

    Congrats on your 25th, and a great trip, but that gaffed Marlin pic . . . Ouch. Hopefully you were left with enough meat and memories to let the next one swim.
  555. MinnesotaPhats

    Beach Bob - BoLA

    Unfortunately never got to meet him, seems like my kinda guy. For those of you that had the pleasure, I'm sorry for your loss. Keep him in your thoughts and hearts, and his Baja spirit alive. Saludos, Beach Bob.
  556. MinnesotaPhats

    Inshore Assassination

    . . . and there's a time for action, fun, and great documentation! (Especially if big fish aren't around). Sick shots, depth of field, use of light, artistry. Especially that Jack double and Cubera CU. I'm fishing with Lora twice in late Nov., I hope to post pics half as good. Saludos!
  557. MinnesotaPhats

    Need Help with Panga in Cabo

    x2 on all of the above! (regardless of species, all very talented, hardworking). (Although it sounds like your buddy's staying in Cabo San Lucas, so Gordo Banks might be too far of an early morning jaunt? [Out of San Jose del Cabo]) Again, it depends on your buddies budget, where he's...
  558. MinnesotaPhats

    Maximus... Trip 1 of 5 of the Season!

    I just wanna fish with dudes who wear Misfits, Angry Samoans, and Minor Threat tees!!!
  559. MinnesotaPhats

    Another great trip on El Regalo out of the East Cape

    Again, not trying to be a dick. Just want to clarify. I've been fishing Baja for the last seven years, and still consider myself a "New Guy." There are many people here far more familiar with the peninsula. Bottom line, we all care about it, and want to preserve it. Most of us know...
  560. MinnesotaPhats

    Another great trip on El Regalo out of the East Cape

    I'm not negative, just confused! How many Dorado and tuna did you keep on day 2? How many "anglers" were on board? Looking forward to the clarification, thanks -- Dave
  561. MinnesotaPhats


    Hi guys, sorry for the delayed response, had to choreograph with nine family members I'm traveling with! Firstly, thanks for all the info/recommendations. I went with the consensus, and booked Lora on Monday and Tuesday, and hoping to fish with Danny G on Friday (gotta save a couple days for...
  562. MinnesotaPhats

    Suggestions for East Cape Fishing resorts/Guides???

    If you continue to have problems with Rancho Leonero, contact Hotel Buena Vista -- it's just up the road, offers panga's and cruisers, can probably pick you up in front of RL. I've stayed there (BV) a bunch, have fished on their panga's (mostly Mosca, with Victor Jr.) 12-15 times, and he kicks...
  563. MinnesotaPhats


    I'll be in Sayulita for Thanksgiving, mostly surfcasting, but I'd like to go in/offshore a day or two. It'll probably be just me fishing. Any recommendations on nearby (Punta Mita?) Pangueros (or cruisers under $1,000)? Sorry, I know these posts are annoying, much appreciated! -- Dave
  564. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo Charter

    To echo Larry's point: for better or worse, lot's of the top captains/pangueros will be booked already, but check with the aforementioned, as well as Minerva's, Victor Santi (excellent panguero) -- if they're all booked, they could have some solid recommendations. Their unavailability is...
  565. MinnesotaPhats

    San Quintin and Dry Ice?

    Buy a good cooler (Yeti or similar). Bring a good vacuum sealer if your destination doesn't have one. Have them keep your sealed catch in their freezer until time of departure, and load it into (aforementioned, pre-cooled ice-chest.) Load ice (or clothes, newspaper, etc.) on top of it...
  566. MinnesotaPhats

    Mexican customs in (SJD) Los Cabos Airport

    Jaggy -- welcome to the 21st century! You just described every country, county, industry, and wanna-be in the global community. Unfortunately, we gotta adapt or check-out. Look, it's amazing how far being human and considerate can take you. Some humans still exist, especially in Baja. Worth...
  567. MinnesotaPhats

    Which Hook is Better, Circle Hooks vs. Off-set Circle Hooks

    There is your answer. (In-line circle hooks kick ass.) Invest in a variety of size and gauge. Land most of the fish you hook, decide at the boat to keep or release. The learning curve is short, sweet, and more than worth it!
  568. MinnesotaPhats

    My First Trp To Cabo Was Epic and Ended With A GRAND SLAM!!! Also A Sneak Peak!

    Jajaja. Mike, great post and pics. As anyone who's fished with Renegade Mike knows, he's one of a kind. Not for the faint of heart. Firstly, book him in advance. And be prepared to work, catch fish, and learn. As it should be with any good captain. It's too bad there aren't more like him...
  569. MinnesotaPhats

    Driving Loreto to La Paz for an Overnighter

    Safe? Absolutely. Worthwhile? Not necessarily. It takes more than four hours, especially if you're not familiar with driving in Mexico. I've found La Paz hot and confusing, and fairly unrewarding. No offense intended. If you're down for a week and eager for exploration, I'd skip La Paz...
  570. MinnesotaPhats

    Fish Camp/ hotel for Bachelor Party

    Hey Mike -- Just in case you haven't booked yet, check out Buena Vista ( The Valdez family can suit all of your needs, fishing and otherwise -- awesome spot, awesome people. Top notch on and off the water, pangas and cruisers for in/offshore, or Felipe Valdez is...
  571. MinnesotaPhats


    First off, awesome fish. Don't get so caught up in the weight that you forget the joy, experience and accomplishment! (Certified) scales are the only way to go. The fish in my avatar taped out at 49"x 41" (from bottom jaw to beginning of tail, and subtracting an inch [each] for safety) For...
  572. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo in November?

    Should be great, last fall was exceptional in/offshore, finger's crossed, this year will be the same. Depending on where/how you're surf-fishing, should be some Roosters close, as well as Sierra, Needles, maybe Jacks, even Grouper or Snapper, etc.. Definitely check in with Jansen's/Wesley...
  573. MinnesotaPhats

    SJDC report (just returned)...

    John, stoked to see you hit your target! That's good medicine for "the sickness" (Hoo-fever!) Though it looks like your boy has caught the bug. Uh-oh. Pretty epic summer for the E. Cape, glad we (and many others) got to reap the rewards, thanks for the great info and pics -- Dave
  574. BIG DOG


  575. DOGTOOF




  577. Roosta2


  578. MinnesotaPhats

    Jc Sportfishing and the "FLY ON"

    I'm pretty sure Mike's booked, but it couldn't hurt to ask -- he might have a cancellation or recommendation. Otherwise, check with Picante, Dreamweaver, Minerva's, there are many reputable boats. JC posts weekly reports, but I've never heard actual testimony from a client. If you go with...
  579. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Buenavista/east cape Fish report

    Awesome report, awesome resort. Congrat's to all at "the Spa" on a well-run event, and well-deserved victory. I'm glad someone finally hooked one of those "pet" Rooster's that always elude me -- nice work, Joe! A day with Victor on the Mosca is tough to beat (the fact he uses circle hooks...
  580. MinnesotaPhats

    east cape tuna?

    "shit that Quaudruple espresso I just had got me to ramble on here. If any of you have ever had Cuban coffee you know what I am talking about." MIKE -- Take it easy on that Cuban mud-juice! Good post -- I can't wait to pull on a YF over 100# -- leave some date's open for guys like me, cabron...
  581. MinnesotaPhats

    cabo boat charter recommendation?

    Unfortunately for many of us, Renegade Mike doesn't have many available dates, but it never hurts to ask him for cancellations/recommendations. As mentioned, go with a reputable service: Dreamweaver, Minerva's, Picante, You should be able to find a boat/captain to suit you both, and...
  582. MinnesotaPhats

    San Jose del Cabo - info requested

    You're on the right track for boats -- I'd start with Gordo Banks/Eric, Pino's Pangas seem like a great backup plan. Based on how this year has developed, both should be able to put you on good fishing.
  583. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Buenavista

    Awesome news, Axel! (Though Robin already told me!) You guys deserve it, please tell everyone "hola" and keep up the good work! Miss you guys -- Dave
  584. MinnesotaPhats

    Buena Vista, Los Barriles, La Ribera pangas

    Those pics are from the Mosca this June -- both (Mosca and Victoria) are Super-Panga's with Bimini's (enough shade to keep you comfy), the Mosca is priced similarly to the Victoria, they will put you on fish!!
  585. MinnesotaPhats

    Buena Vista, Los Barriles, La Ribera pangas

    Yup. Great call -- that's Victor Sr., and I've only fished with him once, but a great guy, awesome tackle, super knowledgable and flexible-- put me on some great Rooster's this June. Fished his whole life. And taught everything to his son Victor Jr. (also a diehard lifetime panguero) who I've...
  586. MinnesotaPhats

    How safe is Baja Mexico?

    Fair enough, though we're talking about two very different things. I'm sorry for your experiences -- like you said, it was TJ and you guys were vulnerable. But I spend my first night in G.N., and by day two I'm in the East Cape. Don't prohibit or accuse all of Baja because of your history in...
  587. MinnesotaPhats

    Why Baja is Safer than a Few Years Back

    "There have been four break ins in my neighborhood lately, and I live in one of the best and supposedly safest neighborhoods in Ensenada. IMIO be very alert here. " Same in No-Cal. Dozens of robberies in the elite W. Palo Alto/Stanford 'hoods in the last year or two. Broad-daylight, fully...
  588. MinnesotaPhats

    Wahoo Fishing Areas in the Greater CSL Waters???

    We're anglers -- flexibility is always "in the mix," but so is obsession. I spent WAY too much time this June chasing Rooster's -- I missed out on dozen's of Stripey's, not to mention Dorado and maybe Wahoo. But in the scramble: . . . . . I caught my first Wahoo, and it was pretty (50#+)...
  589. MinnesotaPhats

    How safe is Baja Mexico?

    If the violations are fake, you don't have to pay them. I have been subjected to seemingly whimsical offenses in the U.S.. Cops here are just as "legally flexible." I've been subjected to unwarranted searches, arbitrary speeding violations (79 mph in a 75 zone is an offense, yet 85 in a 65...
  590. MinnesotaPhats

    How safe is Baja Mexico?

    Alan -- no disrespect intended, but please provide us with more details! I know this must be a difficult situation to discuss. But it would be a great help to all to let us know who kidnapped him, where and how he was traveling, and any other info you can include! Thanks, best to you and your...
  591. MinnesotaPhats

    12yr old kid gets his first two marlin today using a full stand up bucket harness

    Mike. Your report and video suck. Only because they completely reinforce how inept I am! Depressing! Way to go, Jack. You seem to have a rare, natural knack. And fishing with guys like Mike, Christian, and Umberto, can only minimize the learning curve. Good on ya, and well-played...
  592. MinnesotaPhats

    Best Casting Braid

    Tough question -- you could have the best line in the world; pair it with the wrong reel, rod, bait, or angler, and you'll hear terrible reports. I cast a lot with 50-100# Power Pro and Tough Line and have great results with not only casting distance, but line (abrasion) and knot strength...
  593. MinnesotaPhats

    Tecate corrupt traffic cop

    I'd never seen/heard of problems around the airport (SJD -- sorry, I spend a lot of time around San Jose, CA) until this year. Was hanging out with East Cape snowbirds, and heard multiple reports of it. Then drove past the airport to take my dog to the kennel before hitting CSL. There was a...
  594. MinnesotaPhats

    East Cape/Hotel Buenavista FISH REPORT

    BOOOOOOO! I just got back to Minneapolis. I'm still not sure why I'm here? I miss you guys, please tell EVERYONE I say "hola!" Hope to see you soon, I look forward to more good reports!! Viva Mosca!!
  595. MinnesotaPhats

    Sad End to a Fishing Trip

    God Bless Fred, his family, and friends. It sounds like he lived and died enjoying every moment -- if we could all be so lucky... I've been in East Cape when a friend passed away from a heart attack during his retirement golfing/fishing vacation. He had similar health issues, and it was...
  596. MinnesotaPhats

    Tecate corrupt traffic cop

    From what I've gathered, it seems like the worst spots in Baja are Tecate and around the SJC airport. In Tecate, esp. driving north, they will pull you over for a variety of "violations." Around the airport, it's often under the guise of "checking registration," then they'll search for anything...
  597. MinnesotaPhats

    My Los Barriles boat choices?

    Heya Tyler -- can only speak from experience: if you're looking for a cruiser, Vincente out of Buena Vista or the Jen Wren team are tough to beat. For panga's, I highly recommend Victor Jr. (Mosca) or Sr. (Victoria) out of BV/La Ribera. All have great gear, experience, and amazing...
  598. MinnesotaPhats

    Anything new to report out of San Jose del Cabo other than Stripeys and inshore stuf?

    Blues, Blacks, big Tuna, and Wahoo? Are they EVER predictable/reliable? No, hence their appeal and magic. Ignore the bickering. If necessary, run up to the E. Cape; either way, fish hard, have fun. Chase what's biting. Odd's are, you'll catch what you're after, and run into a few bonus...
  599. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Buenavista,East cape fishing report

    Hey Axel, glad to hear the fishing's still hot -- miss you guys, thanks again.Always sucks to see dead bill's on the dock -- hope they at least shared it with you guys!
  600. MinnesotaPhats

    CABO this Friday. Where are the roosters?

    You should be in luck, they're in the area -- some monster's too (up to 60#) -- constantly on the move, but good reports from Cabo Pulmo to the Pacific. Spent the last week around Sunset Beach/Migrino, pretty decent surfcasting for jacks/Roosters. Good luck!
  601. MinnesotaPhats

    El Regalo gets it done

    Yeah amigo -- kudos y saludos -- great report, great pics, great action!
  602. MinnesotaPhats

    parking or driving in Cabo

    X2 on Paraiso -- 15 pesos, all day, secure and shaded.
  603. MinnesotaPhats


    Quick update, the bill's are back! Seems like they slowed for a day or two, but I went out again yesterday with Renegade Mike. After checking N of San Jose for Rooster's (not much happening there,) we ran back offshore, ended up with five Stripey's and one Sailfish landed, many more lost or...
  604. MinnesotaPhats

    the optimum time for roosters in E.Cape?

    This is becoming prime-time. Also check out WON,, call or swing by East Cape Tackle or Jansens, etc., -- seems like the last few weeks, they've been starting to show and moving a bunch, so the more local/recent reports you can tap into, the better. Wes is working his ass off...
  605. MinnesotaPhats

    Renegademike gets into some great roosterfsihing today Monday June 10

    It's OK Mike, you can name/blame me for not hooking more of those fish! As always, thanks for the lessons, good fishing and friendship -- in another few years, I'll start to figure it out . . . :rofl: Congrat's on the WON story -- I'll be sure and grab a few extra copies.
  606. MinnesotaPhats

    Cabo Fishing - Bull's, Hoo's, Marlin and.............................................

    Congrats! Nice report and pics! This is my first June trip, I'm so glad I'm down here for an extended period -- it's so awesome to watch the migrations, and be in the right place at the right time (right here, right now!!)
  607. MinnesotaPhats

    Boat Recommendations for Los Barriles??

    x3 for JenWren -- awesome boats, awesome captains. If you're looking for a panga, I've fished with Victor Jr. on the Mosca out of Buena Vista a bunch of times, and highly recommend him, or his dad (Sr.) on the Victoria.
  608. MinnesotaPhats

    Death at La Salina

    This is about my 15th trip to BCS, five of which I've driven, spending a month here each time. All in search of Rooster's. Never caught one. Until yesterday, and we caught four. One for Doug, one for Jorge, one for me, and one for the spirit of Baja. We'll all do our best to keep it...
  609. MinnesotaPhats

    Hotel Buenavista- East cape Fish Report!!!

    Just got down to Cabo, plenty of "fresh crevice" down here too! Jajaja Axel, see you guys on Sunday -- can't wait! -- Dave
  610. MinnesotaPhats


    THE CURSE HAS BEEN LIFTED! (Thanks again, Renegade Mike, Christian, and Umberto). First official Rooster yesterday. Then three more for good measure. Just for kicks, we ran to the outer Gordo and immediately doubled up on Stripey's, mine on the TranX PG, Mike's on his new favorite Okuma...
  611. MinnesotaPhats

    any reports out of the east cape ?

    Yeah, it'll probably be different in August. Sorry for being rude. Got shook down by the Federales today, and tired of hearing about all the billfish and Rooster's dying down here. But yeah, I just got to CSL, been in E. Cape for a couple weeks.
  612. MinnesotaPhats

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report June 16

    Saludos to you all. I've either seen, or heard of, more Rooster's and billfish being killed in the last few weeks than ever before, from Los Barriles to CSL. What can we do? I know trying to convince the government is next-to-impossible. But these are angler's and operator's who will...
  613. MinnesotaPhats

    any reports out of the east cape ?

    Seems like still good numbers of Stripeys 8-20 miles eastward -- in the last week or two, fewer numbers of sails, some Dorado/Wahoo mixed in -- fewer Dodo's, but bigger. Rooster's starting to show, scattered, but big. And some nice Jack's/Snapper's in the mix. Tuna's starting to show, but so...
  614. MinnesotaPhats


    Mike -- Dude, I know! I'm psyched for this week -- been reading your reports, meaning to let you know, don't count on any Rooster's being in the area while I'm on the boat. As you know, that's why I started driving down five years ago, and I have yet to catch one. But we'll figure out a way...
  615. MinnesotaPhats


    Of course, I went offshore yesterday, and the Rooster's showed up. Stayed inshore today, and they all but disappeared. HOWEVER: (And it hit on the surface. No official weight, but seven inches longer than the first, and nine more inches in girth. Again, on the TranX and custom Thorne Bros...
  616. MinnesotaPhats

    Death at La Salina

    Dear Matt -- I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm a relative newcomer to Baja (eight years), but have always felt fully welcomed, both to embrace the culture and enjoy the fishing opportunities. Whenever I read or hear that someone like your father, or Jorge Villanueva, has passed, my heart aches...
  617. MinnesotaPhats

    cabo fishing

    You'll definitely want two boats -- I highly recommend all of the above. Renegade Mike's my guy, but I've only heard great things about Pisces and Dream Weaver. Bring sunscreen and aloe!
  618. MinnesotaPhats


    Been fishing with Victor Jr. on the Mosca out of Buena Vista for a few days, with mixed results. We've been mostly fishing inshore due to my categorical obsession with Roosterfish, and though we've seen some, they continue to elude me. Bastards. That said, he's too good a captain to let my...
  619. MinnesotaPhats

    How long fish on ICE?

    Yup. "H&G" (without head and gut) holds better than fillets. Personally, if I'm not going to eat it in 3-4 days, I'll freeze it (I normally have better access to freezers than ideal cold-hold). Either way, oxygen and moisture are bad. The key with freezing is do it as quickly as possible to...
  620. MinnesotaPhats

    Capacity on the Tranx PG

    Glad this has been resolved -- though 400yds of 50# might be a bit ambitious, I have 250 yds of 65# on my HG, 220yds of 80# (power pro) on my PG, with room for knots/leaders. They cast as well as anything I've tried, and pull like crazy. Still trying to blow one up, 'cause they seem too good...
  621. MinnesotaPhats


    I wouldn't count on tuna -- as of yesterday, there was apparently a seiner around Todos Santos. There are billfish, dorado, some wahoo, roosters, pargo, jacks to hopefully keep you entertained. Good luck!
  622. MinnesotaPhats

    Just what we needed...

    Though I'm relatively new to Baja, I'm fully with you, Bert. It seems tough to enact much impact. We're foreigners, and the government officials are either paid-off, or biting their tongues to keep their offices. Vince Radice has worked his ass off (and he and his family have put their lives...