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  1. mmayo

    For Sale “Cube” Tackle Box in American Black Walnut

    I can make more... Size is approximately 11” square and easily holds 16-24 hanging jigs on one side and three 4-16 size 3700 trays (9”x7”x2”) (available at Amazon) on the other side. There is still room for two sets of pliers with the holder and four spools of fluorocarbon. There is still...
  2. mmayo

    “Cube” Tackle Box in Figured American Black Walnut

    $250 For sale is a hand made solid American black walnut tackle box with hanging storage for 16-24 full size jigs plus additional free space. I made this box for a customer who already has two of my boxes and he did not like the grain and figure. The wood cost $80 alone. I am building a new box...
  3. mmayo

    For Sale Hand Made Wood Tackle Box

    I build a number of custom long range tackle boxes and some smaller ones like this “Cube” day box. I have been doing this since 2002! Always they are custom orders built to each customer. I decided to use some wood in the shop to build a spec box. It can hold 16-24 jigs and have a free space of...
  4. mmayo

    Custom Small Tackle/Jig Box for Rick Russell

    I fished for years with Rick’s dad Steve on the Vagabond and later with both Rick and Steve. This box was a “gift” one-off to his specs. It holds 16 full size jigs and could handle 8 more. The remaining space is for fluoro, pliers and whatever Rick want to take. Have fun Rick.
  5. mmayo

    Highly figured cherry tackle box for Robert Roncal.

    Robert is a Barking Spider who did not have a cool box, not anymore! The wood is very highly figured and rare cherry,. It was hard to photograph it to show it well. Working on something like this makes you forget about viruses of any kind. Enjoy buddy.
  6. mmayo

    Got time? How about washing your spectra?

    I managed to remove the spectra from five reels today and wash it well. It will allowed me to clean the spools, wash it, install fresh flex wrap and be sure of that knot on the spool. Alan Tani has a great method for attaching spectra to the spool and it includes a thin layer of flex wrap at...
  7. mmayo

    FG vs RP

    Since the other post was serious hijacked toward fun, here is another try. The image shows a recent FG and a five turn each way RP. I can tie an RP in a hot bite and even add a drop of CA in a hurry without a tool; it is stress free. I know the FG is smaller and is said to be stronger, I add...
  8. mmayo

    Corona Virus Therapy

    I just seemed never to have time to master last’s year’s knot. The self imposed quarantine has given me time and so I’m getting better at it. With wind, a rocking boat and countless distractions we will have to see what’s what on the boat. This one tested to over 35 pounds on 40# test and did...
  9. mmayo

    Ring them yourself

    I’ve been ringing my own hooks for years with great success. Rosco sells butt rings in many sizes and if you call them you can get quantities of 1,000. Get a friend or two and buy some. A simple torch, flux, silver brazing wire and a pair of blunt end pliers and you are ready to go. The butt...
  10. mmayo

    New screwdrivers that don’t damage the reel nuts

    I’ve been using hand made drivers for a while and prefer them to any other commercially available screwdriver. These were made in request using American black walnut and stainless steel.
  11. mmayo

    Tool for servicing Avet EX Reels

    I became tired of broken fingernails trying to depress the spring used on the main shaft so I made this tool. It has a slot to allow the installation of the pin with the spring depressed. You can make one and save frustration. The wood is red Zebrawood by the way.
  12. mmayo

    Screwdriver for Avet reel nuts

    First, even though I have more than a dozen Avet reels I am in no way associated with Avet. I do use a screwdriver I designed to tighten Avet reel nuts. I have made them using plastic handles until it dawned on me that I am a woodworker and should use wood. They are not fancy, but the do...
  13. mmayo

    Spaces available on the Barking Spiders 8 Day on the Royal Star

    We are the only 8 day trip on the Star’s schedule. There are three spaces open. The trip leaves on June 29 and returns on July 7th. Price is close to 3K and is well worth it. This has been a very fishy trip over the years and this year should continue the tradition. Photos are just a taste of...
  14. mmayo

    Hardwood “Cedar”Plugs

    I have made quite a few cedar plugs and these may be my best. I guess practice makes perfect sometimes. A friend is going to mount these in a frame as a gift instead of fishing them, but they catch fish too. These are 4” models and 5”, 6” and 7” have been made.
  15. mmayo

    Nub Nail Knot Connections

    A recent 10 day trip on the Vagabond Sportfishing boat proved to be the acid test for the nub/nail knot I learned from reading posts by Gary Teraoka of Accurate reels. Thank you Gary. I became intrigued by his technique and have used it consistently for the past four years on most of my reels...
  16. mmayo

    One man’s wahoo rigging suggestions

    First, your mileage may vary and what you do might suit you better. These techniques helped me catch 11 wahoo on my last 10 day. My point is to share information not to say this is the best way. I just finished making up and testing a variety of live bait leaders for a 10 day trip soon. The...
  17. mmayo

    Handmade Wooden Jig Box For Sale

    Custom jig box made with quartersawn African mahogany with stainless steel hardware for sale. It will hold 35-50 full size jigs hanging vertically. The box measures 16” wide x 12” tall and 7” front to back. The finish is six coats of System Three glossy marine spar varnish. The price is $250...
  18. mmayo

    Jig box in American black walnut for Jessie Lugo

    These are new and fun to make for me. This one is taller (12" - plus handle), wider (7") and still 16" long. It holds a Raider without touching the inside bottom and even holds a PDQ leaning a bit. There are 35 holes so at least 35 full size treble hook jigs will fit. Single hook jigs can raise...
  19. mmayo

    New solid wood jig box - holds 45 yoyo or surface jigs vertically

    After quite a few requests this is what I have designed. This particular box is constructed of highly quilted red oak, kinda rare. It measures 16" wide, 12" tall and 6" deep. It was wet from applying the handle with tough waterproof glue in these photos - it also has screws inside. The box...
  20. mmayo

    Cedar Plugs made with Exotic Woods- come on albacore!

    After a recent rotator cuff surgery I am making a few premium exotic wood cedar plugs as physical therapy. So far it is wonderful. I have made and sold over 500 of these to date. Here is what they will look like later this week when I finish. Here are the ones in process and are the ones for...
  21. mmayo

    Long Range Tackle Box

    This new box was just completed before a long overdue date with rotator cuff surgery. It is constructed of solid African mahogany with stainless steel hardware. It is smaller than the big SKB and does not need risers to function in most boat's tackle racks due to more than 2" of clearance from...
  22. mmayo

    Exotic Hardwood "Cedar" Plugs

    I have two 6" plugs rigged and ready to ship. One is wenge wood (dark brown-black) and the other is bubinga wood (reddish, yellow brown). Both have Mustad 10/0 needle eye hooks and are rigged with Izor 100# clear leader. Wenge Bubinga The price is $20 which includes USPS shipping...
  23. mmayo

    Poplar wood tackle box

    S O L D See other box for sale This tackle box is constructed with box joints and has stainless steel hardware. Two Plano 3500 trays fit inside and are included. It is finished with five coats of System Three spar varnish. The price is $50 plus USPS large flat rate box shipping charge in CONUS.
  24. mmayo

    African mahogany "Jon" Tackle Box

    Sold! Perfect holiday gift of a small exotic wood tackle box for day trips or fresh water fishing. It features stainless steel hardware and six coats of System Three spar varnish. Box joints were used for strength and beauty. It holds two Plano 3509 trays (included). The price is $75 plus USPS...
  25. mmayo

    A modified Avet Screwdriver

    I have been using a screwdriver like this for years. I make them using the Avet metal screwdriver/wrench in two styles: flat and with two prongs. If you want one, contact me via email. [email protected]
  26. mmayo

    Avet SX MXJ Reel Seat Service

    The smaller Avets can benefit from this quick service and will keep it like new. This video shows how to remove, service and replace your reel seat.
  27. mmayo

    Avet JX, LX,HX and more Reel Seat Service

    This video shows what I do to every new Avet and you should too. After a year, service it again and it will always be like new.
  28. mmayo

    Avet Handle Service for most Avet Reels

    If you want your handle to spin freely, give it some love.
  29. mmayo

    Avet SX basic service

    It takes less than ten minutes to service your Avet SX and keep it ready to fight fish smoothly.
  30. mmayo

    Nub nail success - thanks Gary Teraoka

    i have been using the nub nail knot for several years as one method to connect spectra to mono. Yes, I have been through the Albright/Bimini stage, worm knot era, Bob Sands knot, and I also use the very small RP knot as my new favorite. The issue with the first three of the above is a knot...
  31. mmayo

    Beer meets fishing!

    Kyle Hirayama contacted me through Alan Tani's website with a request to turn a beer tap handle that looked like one if my exotic hardwood "cedar plugs". He selected purpleheart wood. He provided the 3/8" brass ferrule to allow attachment to his beer tap. Here is the result at present with an...
  32. mmayo

    Wahoo crimps - these really hold tightly!

    I admit having problems getting my wahoo rigs to hold with big fish. I get bit, I turn the handle, but occasionally a pull a crimp. Yes, I tried sending the tag end back through as a third wire and used #3 crimps as directed by the package. I found a new company that sells very small double...
  33. mmayo

    Fly Tying Station

    A friend asked me to build him a fly tying station and the challenge was stimulating. This is the first of two stations as he has a CA home and another home closer to great fly fishing in Utah. He provided some of his HIS tools and some of his many spools of thread and I designed it to fit them...
  34. mmayo

    A new style wood tackle box

    An angler from Florida requested that I build a custom taco box for him. He wanted it to hold 3-3700 plano trays. Here is what he got. Here is a construction photo showing the box with three Plano 3700 trays inside to show size. I want to build one for three 3600 trays for...
  35. mmayo

    Line Pullers (they prevent line cuts)

    For many years I've used these line pullers to tie knots and test knots before fishing. They have saved me from line cuts many times; on my last 2-10 day and 2-8 day trips I had zero line cuts! Up to now I have given them away on almost all of my fishing trips. Many folks borrowed them and...
  36. mmayo

    Tackle Box for Day Trips and more...

    I was asked by a BD member Jon Scobey (Outhouse) to make an "ammo box" sized tackle box and wanted to make a second one slightly different from his. These boxes are henceforth called Jon boxes to honor Jon Scoby who gave me the idea- THANKS. A friend and San Diego captain, Jon Bell asked for...
  37. mmayo

    Hand made "Cedar Plugs"

    These are a few I've made using exotic woods.
  38. mmayo

    "Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods

    Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods Hand turned 6" cedar plug using many exotic and domestic wood like bloodwood (orange-red), purpleheart (purple) and paduak (orange) exotic hardwoods. This is NOT your grandfather's cedar plug; it is smooth, protected in a semi-gloss finish and ready...
  39. mmayo

    Avet HX 5/2 Service Video

  40. mmayo

    Avet JX Raptor 6/3 service video

  41. mmayo

    Avet HX 5/2 Service video

    Enjoy and keep those reels in perfect shape to the fish lose every time.
  42. mmayo

    Avet JX Raptor 6/3 service video

    i hope this is useful to you.
  43. mmayo

    Cedar plugs?

    I guess they are still called cedar plugs even if they are made of different woods. I used a 4 ounce egg sinker to turn the head and purpleheart, Padauk and red cedar to make the bodies. The brass end is still in flux so the lengths are variable. I'll see how they swim and if they catch fish...
  44. mmayo

    SKB box riser built for a San Diego Angler Club friend

    On the last San Diego Angler 10 Day trip I met a great fisherman named Paul White; he was a pleasure to fish with and share a meal. He owns the large SKB box which is in many ways the default box for those who fish long range. His problem was that he had to lean the box back to open the front...
  45. mmayo

    Avet JX 6/3 Service Video

    Take ten minutes and easily service your JX completely. I hope it helps you. Le me know if you would like to see how to service other Avet reels.
  46. mmayo

    Avet JX 6/3 2-Speed Reel Service Video

    I have had several posts showing photos and text of how to service different reels and now it is time for videos showing how to service your reel. The most common Avet reel I see on the water is the trusted JX 6/3 so that is the first video service tutorial I made. Follow this link to view it...
  47. mmayo

    Gregor 15’ Baja Boat (2006) COMPLETE PACKAGE

    Gregor 15’ Baja Boat (2006), 15 hp Tohatsu 2 stroke motor and heavy duty Magna trailer for sale The boat comes loaded with a complete package of items to make a trip to Baja a cinch. The basic package can be used for coastal or lake fishing as is: 15’ aluminum Gregor boat, Tohatsu 15 horse 2...
  48. mmayo

    Don't worry about bait, worry about fish

    Just returned from a fun Barking Spiders trip on the Royal Star. I practiced for casting anchovies and we had giant sardines and mackerel instead. Sardines were used carefully with Spanish mackerel mostly available for yellowtail. It was very unusual to NOT catch large bluefin and/or yellowfin...
  49. mmayo

    Spaces Available on Barking Spiders 8 Day on Royal Star

    The dates for the trip are: Sat June 28 - Sun July 6th and the price is $2595. This trip is usually full with a waiting list and a group decided it was time for a cow trip so they booked May/June and not the spider trip. They will be back in the future. We almost always have tons of fish with...
  50. mmayo

    Custom Long Range Tackle Box

    Here is the newest model I just finished for a Bloodydecks member who fishes on the Intrepid. The wood is African mahogany with stainless and marine hardware.
  51. mmayo

    Trip Insurance for a Long Range Fishing Reservation

    First a story.. A friend of mine named Bill had serious issues with his vision on our last 8 day trip. After numerous sat phone calls is was determined that he might have a detached retina and would require immediate evacuation from the boat. More sat phone calls were made and it was...
  52. mmayo

    Custom Long Range Tackle Box

    New and needs a new home! Solid Mahogany tackle box with three wood rocket launchers. Stainless or Perco marine hardware throughout. It has 4 3600 tackle trays with storage in the top and below the bottom plastic tray. The weight is under 15# "empty" without your sinkers, hooks, pliers and...
  53. mmayo

    Float Tube by Caddus

    Mint condition float tube by Caddis. Used a few times in salt water and fresh without negative issues. Washed and dried after each use and stored in the original box. Just tested both bladders and they hold air as they should, $35
  54. mmayo

    Opening on Royal Star 8 day 6/30-7/8

    Surgery on a buddie's wide forced him to cancel on this trip. If interested please call or email Tracy at Royal Star Sportfishing ASAP.
  55. mmayo

    Open Spot on Royal Star 8 Day 6/30-7/8

    A rare spot has opened on this great trip due to an illness. Call Tracy at the Royal Star to book it.
  56. mmayo

    Custom Solid Mahogany Tackle Box

    I have one of these finished and it is in need of an owner. I am NOT a business, but the box is nice anyhow. It holds four 3600 trays with some storage below and ample storage in the top hatch. Solid African mahogany Finished with 5-7 coats of expensive ($50/quart) Marine spar varnish...
  57. mmayo

    Vagabond Rockfish trip has spaces

    Fish with Mike Lackey and his great crew on a fun trip leaving Friday Feb 17 and returns on Monday. Cost is $575 which includes permits. Last trip had lots of lings, yellowtail and fat boy reds.
  58. mmayo

    Guadalupe vs Alijos Rocks Techniques

    I have fished Guadalupe once and Alijos Rocks 11 times so I would appreciate any advise about any differences I should consider on my trip there soon. This year we used 40# mono and fluoro or straight mono and smallish J hooks (2/0-4/0) to get bit at Alijos. The jackpot was a 107.2 YFT caught...
  59. mmayo

    Salas rings and hooks

    Anyone know where I can buy the split rings and treble hooks to refurbish my salas 6X jr jigs? I would like them to be exactly the same or close to original. I can silver solder them if I can buy the parts.
  60. mmayo

    Vagabond Trip 30-Who's Going?

    I am booked with my friend Tom on the Vagabond 6 Day #30. I am ready now and have to wait 23 days...
  61. mmayo

    Where NOT to grease an Avet

    I CAUSED an issue with an Avet that I wanted to share. I am a fan of greasing the interiors of reels and screws to prevent corrosion and stuck screws. I have done this with great success with all reels so far. This works unless you grease an Avet like this - on the top of the main gear near...
  62. mmayo

    Good things about Avet reels on the STAR

    Avets handled themselves very well on the Royal Star trip that just returned. Second jackpot fish (90+) and I think the third (80+) were caught on Avet JX 6/3 reels. My 75# YFT was work, but ended with a gaff after a bit using a JX 6/3, 40 Seaguar and spectra. I saw a lot of JX and LX reels...
  63. mmayo

    Barking Spiders 8 Day on the Royal Star Report

    Just got back from the annual Barking Spiders 8 day adventure on the Royal Star. We got 'em - lots of 'em!!!!!!!!!!!! We started at the rocks for tuna to 107.5 pounds with several 90's, 80's and 70's mixed in with others. Jackpot was won by a veteran 83 year old angler named Dom who caught...
  64. mmayo

    Pro Gear Parts

    I have the following genuine Pro Gear parts: (all prices are "each") 17 NEW HT 100 drag washers ($1) They fit 545, 541, 454 and 440 541/545 Series Qnty Part Number Name 3 10-507 Spring, eccentric ($1) 2 14-511 Bridge ($10) 9 15-512 Dog new (Penn parts - may need be to be thinned)...
  65. mmayo

    Best trolling feather or ? for albies/ bluefin

    What do you troll and why? Thanks in advance
  66. mmayo

    Check your guides before you go LR

    If you are planning a long range trip, be sure to inspect every guide on every rod. A friend mentioned that he uses a q-tip on each guide to check for rough spots. On a 9 day on the Vagabond I had guide problems while on a fish. I am not sure if the ceramic insert to the guide was damaged in...
  67. mmayo

    Over 100 Bluefin on Royal Star!

    Nice report today from the Star, the Shogun and the RP. Star had 112 bluefin Shogun had 93 and the RP contributed 33 more - let the games begin! I read fatso albie too. Thank you to the Angler and any other for starting it earlier. Now the wait until 7/2/11...
  68. mmayo

    Sato Kit

    I would like to buy a small or large Gary Sato crimping kit. I do not mind refreshing some of the items. I live in Long Beach, CA. 562 496-2829
  69. mmayo

    Latch needle or loop for 100 JB Hollow?

    I have had a hard time with a medium latch needle on my 100 pound JB hollow while it is easy with the 135 JB hollow. I think I need a smaller latch needle or should I try a loop. I am just adding some more 100# hollow to the reel. Second question: What needle is best with JB hollow 80#? I am...
  70. mmayo

    Royal Star Barking Spiders 8 Day

    There are two or three spots open of the infamous Barking Spiders Open 8 Day trip that leaves on June 26th and returns on July 4th. The trip has been very good for us for the past 12 years with great catches of bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail and even big white seabass. Sounds like the captains...
  71. mmayo

    Has anyone been on the Vagabond 9 day-trip 40?

    I have fished on the Vagabond for over ten years going each Fall on a 3 day or taking the rockfish trip in Jan. Has anyone been on this 9 day to Alijos and like to let me know what to expect. I also take an 8 day to Alijos on the Star each June/July so I have been to the rocks.
  72. mmayo

    Newell C220 5:1 spectra and cover

    SOLD - thanks! Nice Newell C220-5 with HT100 drags, recent service, 200 Yards of 50# spectra and a nylon cover. Drags tested to 10# easily. $75 takes it
  73. mmayo

    Open Spot on Royal Star 10 Day

    There is still at an open spot on the Royal Star that leaves on 11/28. Call Russ Ung at 562 425-6584 and go to catch some cows. They had 17 over 200 in the last two days!
  74. mmayo

    Spot on Royal Star 10 Day Trip 11/28

    A friend just broke three ribs on his dirt bike. He cannot sleep unless he sits up - he is really hurt. He has paid for the entire trip and needs someone to go (yes you would have to pay him). The trip is on the Royal Star Let's Talk Hookup Trip - it leaves at 10:00 am Sat. Nov. 28 and...
  75. mmayo

    Seeker or Calstar Graphite equivalent to glass 610

    I am looking to add another rod to my stock and I love my Calstar 610 glass rod. It is dated, but it is the one I grab for when the bite hits. Which Seeker blank is similar (soft tip and lots of backbone) to my 610? Another guy suggested a Calstar Grafighter 700MH, what about that stick?
  76. mmayo

    Avet Reels Do the Job at Alijos Rocks

    I just got back from the Royal Star and got a chance to really test my Avet reels. The tuna were consistently 60# to 112# and had very bad attitudes. My Avets and those of my fishing club "The Barking Spiders" earned their keep. My friend Bill and I managed to boat 20 tuna from 40 - 80 pounds...
  77. mmayo

    Last boat to Alijos Rocks

    <o:smarttagtype namespaceuri="urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" http:="""" forums="" images="" smilies="" redface.gif="" border="0" alt="" title="Embarrassment" smilieid="3" class="inlineimg"></o:smarttagtype> What would you think about if you rode towards Alijos rocks...
  78. mmayo

    Long Range planning for a Fall 10 Day on the Royal Star

    I have been going on summer 8 days and fall 3 days for many years and have purchased gear to match those trips. Now that I plan to go on the Star 10 day trip just after thanksgiving in 2011 I need some advice. Here are my current larger reels: Tiagra 50 LRS with 135# JB...
  79. mmayo

    RSW Weight Loss

    I read David Choate's (Wahoodad) story about the loss of weight due to the RSW process. If he says it lost weight - IT LOST WEIGHT. I have some questions: Do they weigh the fish or tape it on his trip? Are the scales on the boat accurate compared to the dock scales? Was the fish bled...
  80. mmayo

    Avet 50 SDS line capacity

    I think I will load my new SDS with JB hollow 135. Will an entire spool of 600Y fit? I like a substantial topshot (50-100Y) of 80# mono too. Thanks
  81. mmayo

    Cheap Tips

    I just got off of a 3 day on the Vagabond. The seas were rough, but Mike got to a kelp and produced 5 times what other boats managed for the day. The deckhands were great, food decent and the people were great. At the end of the $800+ trip the guy in line in front of me says to Lackey "This...
  82. mmayo

    Diagram for Calcutta 250 (not TE)

    If you have a service diagram, please email it or give me the URL. Thanks in advance!
  83. mmayo

    Barking Spiders on The Royal Star

    Our group, the Barking Spiders, just finished a great 8 day trip on the Royal Star. We left June 28th and returned July 6th. The fishing was tough and Randy Toussaint had to work hard to make the trip work. We started at Cedros for a nice evening bite of 16 big, tough yellowtail caught on...
  84. mmayo

    Spectra capacity for MXJ 2 speed??

    Please let me know how much JB or Izor 30# or 50# this reel will hold. I guess I am odd, but I still like a good top shot to keep mono in the tangles. I plan to fish this reel with 25# top shot. Thanks in advance!
  85. mmayo

    25# Test Rod Suggestion Please

    I need a new rod for 25# test. I have the reel already It needs these specs: 1. rod blank 'cause I want it custom wrapped 2. 7' max length (I don't want the newest 16' ulua or whatever) 3. black color 4. tough on that lone big bluefin that bites during the albie stop I have caught...
  86. mmayo

    Problem with eTackle for Avet Reelskins

    I used EBAY and Buy it Now to purchase an Avet reelskin for a friend's new Avet SX 5.1 on April 7th. It seemed easy and I have dealt with them before. Today (4/29) I have yet to get the reel cover. Emails and emails later I asked PayPal for help. These guys say they had a flood...
  87. mmayo

    Torium/Trinidad 16/20/30 Service Tutorial

    Torium/Trinidad 16/20/30 Service Tutorial Shimano service diagrams are at these URLs torium 16 torium 20...
  88. mmayo

    Pro Gear 545/541 Tutorial

    Pro Gears of the classic variety like the 541 and 545 have been favorites of our fishing group. We collectivley own 3-4 each and they are the first reel we grab when the bite is on. We have caught tons of 25-45 pound albacore, 30-75 pound bluefin tuna and up to 97 pound yellowfin tuna on these...
  89. mmayo

    Can you fish a MXJ 6/4 with 40# test?

    I have an Avet LX 6/4 and plan to use it to fish 40# test at Alijos rocks next year. A friend went to a tackle store and they convinced him that he needed an MXJ 6/4 instead and it could fish 40 or 50# test. I think he screwed up when he bought this smaller reel.