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    LONG overdue, from July 7-13. Firstly, eternal gratitude to the IBL staff. Mike, Cate, John, Rob, Rick, and young Noah of the Bushpeople. (And John's better-half Cindy!). Epic. The fishing is the cake. You are the frosting. Secondly. Readers, if you've ANY occasion, opportunity, or...
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    I know this isn't the proper forum. But since I know a few people here, I thought I'd ask... I have Icy Bay ( booked for July 7-13. A couple friends can't make it, so. Open spots... Like you, I'm more of a warm-weather angler. But after fishing Panama with Kil Song last...
  3. MinnesotaPhats

    Icy Bay, July 7-13, 2019

    Hola amigos. I have a group going; unfortunately a couple had to cancel. Hence, there are two spots open, if anyone's interested. Lemme know, saludos! - Phats
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    As dearly as you need Baja. (Scribbling's from a pinche gringo.) All along the peninsula, we are seeing some drastic changes. These range from the health of a fishery, to that of a community, all of which are equally complex. And largely out of our control. Some happen slowly, some...
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    Mag Bay, "Day Two"

    This is going to be a poorly constructed, long-overdue post. I'll add pics/vids as my limited wifi allows.... But it'd be a shame to let it go without noting. I'll attempt to be as concise as possible. (And fail.) I made my first Mag Bay "outside" trip five weeks ago. (Last November, I had...
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    Good Todos Santos Panguero?

    Anyone? I've searched, and haven't found much… If anyone has a name or number, it'll be much appreciated! Saludos y suerte, -Phats
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    Single or Tandem axle trailer?

    Greetings amigos -- I'm towing a small side-x-side to the E. Cape. I'm well familiar with the drive, but have never towed anything. I could get away with a nice little aluminum trailer, but single-axle seems like I'm asking for trouble (esp. that stretch S. of Catavina.) Other than having my...
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    Random Frigate question!

    My family and I were staying at Sunset Beach (just up from Pedregal), and Saturday afternoon there were countless Frigates (estimated 150?) all flying south along the beach. There was a trawler, but it seemed that was a coincidence. Just wondering if anyone has any theories? Were they...
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    It's called "El Regalo" for a reason! I'm down here with family for Turkey Tacos, but despite some lukewarm reports, I had to spend at least one day on the water! Luckily, Arturo and Jorge were available yesterday. The morning started out unceremoniously; the usual bleary-eyed ride to the...
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    GREAT JIGGING INFO . . . Hey all, here's a link to a post from the "Jigging and Popping" forum. Lots of great info that I would have normally missed! Very applicable to Baja, hope it comes in handy! Saludos -- Dave
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    Firstly, I'm sorry for any redundancy, but I need a proper jig rod! I know, from reading this thread (and scouring Saltywater, JignPop, etc.), that there are lots of options. I'm heading back to Fiji in Jan and/or Feb., and have my popping dialed. (Saltywater RP 200 and 250 with 14K and 18K...
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    Too excited in E. Cape . . .

    . . . Sorry Mark (Marlintini), I know you have a proper report coming. But today was too special . . . So I've been down in Buena Vista for the last four weeks. Despite weather patterns seemingly similar to last year, fishing has been spotty and much slower, from beach and boat. But things...
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    DO drink the water . . .

    Side-note to any and all. Water. Especially as we near the hot temps (and fishing). WATER, WATER, and a bit more WATER. It's probably evident that I'm a big fat fucker. I love my beer. and tequila. and rum. and tortas. and whiskey . . . And yes, I apply the most bestest 50-80spf...
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    Fiji advice?

    Three friends and I are headed to Fiji (Matava Resort) for a week in late May/early June. We'd like to focus on GT/Dogtooth if they're around, so any advice on lure/line/reels/rods/knots/ is graciously welcomed!!! Of course, we'll go after whatever else is hungry, especially big YFT...
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    Supplies for BOLA?

    Hola amigos, I've brought a bunch of supplies to Gonzaga for the TBR and things here seem solid. I could drive them to BOLA tomorrow if it would help, now or in the future. I've a bunch of nails, screws, hammers, screwdrivers, a water purifier, saws, painting supplies, trowels, etc.. My...
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    Since there's been discussion of driving down with supplies, I figured I'd start a conversation. I'm in Central CA, have a 4x4, an open calendar, and a Costco card. If anyone has plans to go down, updated road info, knowledge of what's needed most (and where), etc., please let it be known...
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    For any of you driving down in the near future, as reported, the bypass between TJ and Ensenada is no big deal, well-marked and doesn't add a ton of time. The biggest hurdles you'll find are south of Loreto -- maybe 20 km south, a big rock slide caused a stand-still of up to an hour (times...
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    My buddy's flying down tomorrow, and understandably, not willing to pay the $300 baggage fee for his rod tube (it's his honeymoon.) But he is going to fish some (his wife's awesome!), and needs to know where to pick up a cheap-but-decent rod for the surf. He's staying in Nueva Vallarta, I...
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    I'll be in Sayulita for Thanksgiving, mostly surfcasting, but I'd like to go in/offshore a day or two. It'll probably be just me fishing. Any recommendations on nearby (Punta Mita?) Pangueros (or cruisers under $1,000)? Sorry, I know these posts are annoying, much appreciated! -- Dave
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    Been fishing with Victor Jr. on the Mosca out of Buena Vista for a few days, with mixed results. We've been mostly fishing inshore due to my categorical obsession with Roosterfish, and though we've seen some, they continue to elude me. Bastards. That said, he's too good a captain to let my...
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    Cabo week pays off.

    Went out with Renegade Mike on Thursday for some nice tuna and dorado, then again Sat. for Yellows (CG kicked my ass, Mike caught a nice grouper) -- all super fun days, and productive, considering the conditions/temps. Went out again today for tuna -- managed to get on a very large pod of...
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    Two days of calm. How quickly it passed! I've mostly been surfcasting, day, night, multiple locations, not much to report, other than WFO eel action. Note-to-self: Find good eel recipe. Felipe and I hit the lighthouse after the Baja 250 and the needles were everywhere, we saw/cast to NICE...
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    Sorry to be redundant, haven't crossed in a year (since the new system?!). Do I still want the right lane to stop and get my Visa? And does it open at six, or is it open 24-7? Many thanks -- Dave
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    WARNING: THIS THREAD IS WAY TOO LONG!!!!! I've grown weary of this topic, but I currently reside in ultra-rural Central CA. I apologize that the resulting boredom has led me to repost my lengthy discourse with aforementioned anonymous foe from Colorado. Consider it a time-killer at SJD...
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    Lately, there have been a lot of public and private posts talking trash regarding BCS captains (esp.: Renegade Mike), pangueros, boats, productivity, I'm relatively new (seven years) to the site and state, and I'm MORE than receptive to referrals. I, and many others, appreciate and...
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    Laptop exploded, doing the best I can from TangaTanga/pacifico cell-ville. As always, fishing with Renegade Mike, looking for big YFT, missed a few marlin/wahoo, caught a baby dodo, my first sail, and many tuna, a few nicer, inc. Jonny B's PB and first kite/harness fish (mid 40's?), and my...
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    Almost six weeks ago, I received an email from a stranger asking to share my Sept. 13 booking with Renegade Mike. His name was Jeremy ("Barber12") and he seemed cool. The internal debate began. I wanted to. The "real" me, the believer in karmic consequence, and reveler in shared...
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    I like to cause problems (e.g. perpetuating this thread). Yet I remain trouble-free flying to/driving through Baja. My first stop is at least as far S. as El Rosario. SO I'm just wondering if anyone has horror stories south of Ensenada, especially from the last 15 years? I know of the...
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    Driving through Baja again (Feb 15-Mar15), hitting L.A. Bay for the first time, looking for good panga/hotel recommendations? Pretty well set in Loreto, but open to suggestions there and E. Cape. We mostly surfcast E. Cape, but I fear we may be missing panga opportunities between Barriles and...
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    any good remedy ideas? My bro's agreed to fill up a couple piss bottles, might make for some interesting vehicle inspections! Are they a problem, and what's the best way to deal?
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    I seem to remember an unidentifiable fish being caught around Cabo San Lucas last summer/fall. Does anyone have any more info on it? Dark coloration, sort of sculpin-esque body?
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    I'll be bouncing around Baja the next few weeks, so I'm looking for suggestions for good surfcasting. The "to-do" list so far: Possibly around Ensenada (panga?) Punta Abreojos, San Lucas, San Carlos/Bahia Magdalena, South of Todos Santos, the cape, and especially between Los Frailes and Punta...
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    I'll be bouncing around Baja the next few weeks, so I'm looking for suggestions for good surfcasting. The "to-do" list so far: Possibly around Ensenada (panga?) Punta Abreojos, San Lucas, San Carlos/Bahia Magdalena, South of Todos Santos, the cape, and especially between Los Frailes and Punta...