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    WTB Power Trailer mover

    In need of a motorized power trailer mover. 10,000 lb. trailer 900 lb tongue weight.
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    Truck camper for sale

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    Looking to hire certified Electrician . Apprentice or Journeyman for local Orange county work. Must have experience in Residential / commercial and some Industrial. compensation $15 /$25 per hr. Fax resume to 714-670-959zero. or send a pm. for more info.
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    A real Game changer
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    Looking for small lightweight travel Trailer

    Looking for a small travel trailer around 14 to 17 feet. under 3000 lbs and under 300lbs tongue weight. Budget around $ 5000 to 8000. year 2000 or newer.
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    tires are 175/80 13 radials ,bolt pattern is 5x4.5 tires are dated 2-9-12 these tire are used and show minor cracking. some one needs a spare or two. make offer..
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    Squid Crowder Info

    i am looking for some info/ tips on purchasing a squid crowder system. any likes or dis likes ?
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    Lowrance LCX-18

    This package comes complete with navionics card and transom mount transducer and antenna with mounting base. This is a working sounder / plotter system . reason for selling is I just upgraded with a new system. $ 400 obo 714-313-8201 or trade for fishing gear... whatcha got ?
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    Stren line winder

    sold .
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    Found prescription glasses

    Davies launch area last week . if you lost em, we found em. hope someone responds and i can hook them up.
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    15' Keywest

    SOLD please remove from classifieds
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    Took the lil keywest skiff for a local Thresher attempt. This was to be solo local run out of Newport Harbor. On the way out I stopped by the bait receiver , much to my surprise they still had some quality deans and a few mini macs mixed in. Thanks to mike for digging deep , to set me up with...
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    SOLD !! please remove from classifieds
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    Honda generator

    Looking to buy small quiet EU-2000 generator. for use on the job and on the boat. Thanks
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    Finally got one !

    Short and sweet,local waters under the bait balls. White Seabass !!! 56.4 lbs. at the B.A.C. scale Socaloffshore T.A.T. STYLE
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    After Yodaddyboggs and i were done bass fishing at Huntington Harbor.We loaded up the lil Keywest onto the trailer and headed for the boat wash.Little did we know this could be for the last time! As we get out of the truck and start clearing out all the dry bags and tackle. It seems like the...
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    Has anybody here heard of the free Top Angler Tournament ? I fished it last year and had a blast ,won some money ,met some good people and over all liked the season long event. It is set to kick off sat. May 1..give it a look at
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    what is the best engine tempature?

    I have a 1971 skipjack flybridge with a chevy 350 motor. my question is ,will this motor perform any different running at 130 to 140 deg. versus running at 160 to 180 deg.? Shes been running at 130 deg. and always seems cold /rich.with a 140 tstat. I just went thru the cooling system and...
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    This package includes everything shown here , red fender strat squire black sebring sb 300 crate 30 amp mini marshall amp wireless system 12 sets on new strings tuner pedals stands books bag ALL equipment in excellent condition! approx 1500 invested will consider reasonable offer. pm for more...
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    My skippy is sucking fuel!!!

    can anybody out there,offer any advise,that could possibly improve my 20 skipjack flybridge gas see last year i put new holley 650 carb.on her and she seems to be running rich,flooding out while starting,she is getting around 1 mpg.should i remove the carb.and have it gone...
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    lobster feast

    The plan was all day and bug all night.With multi day pass in hand,set out mon. morning at sunrise.Little bit mixed up swell on the way over to catalina.Fished several coves/structure.with little to show but macks and bonita,simply put,mass bait for the hoops.first night very nice...
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    no dope

    whats the deal with f.d. ,cant even access with the temp password! is anybody else haveing the same problem?
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    double double bugs in trouble

    Hit cat. island thur&fri.with multi day permit.Conditions were perfect for buggin!Hooped with Scott on the hooker.Best hoop had 7 with 1 short totals were 40+ so many legals were sized up and set free. Thanks Scott For A Great Trip ! Your Secret Spot Rocks !!!!! Heres to ya bud...
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    missing hoopnet

    bugged last night at white island L.b.,conditions like a lake! few keepers, few boats. some how, one hoop disappeared? hoop net is a 32 promar with large white buoy with vessel name in black. TAIL CHASER please help!:jig: