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  1. Brian D

    Looking for a Tanner team

    I'd be down to prospect and share info! I keep the boat at Roche and I've got a winch. Always wondered about those things and have never caught one. I was thinking of modifying one of my ladner traps with the cone on top.
  2. Brian D

    Lowrance 000-11657-001 Elite-5X CHIRP with 83/200+455/800 Transducer - NIB - $300

    Bought this earlier this year and won't end up using it - new in box, never installed. Paid $400. WAS Asking $300...NOW $275. I'm in North Seattle and can meet somewhere reasonable in Seattle or on the Eastside evenings or weekends. Sometimes I'm down south enumclaw/puyallup and sometimes up...
  3. Brian D

    Ash from rust spots

    Jason, let us know how it works - I've got the same issue on my hardtop!
  4. Brian D

    Marine Electrician Recs Seattle?

    Hey all, Picked up a new (to me) boat with a more dated/elaborate electrical system than I am used to dealing with - would like to have a marine electrician give it a once over, look for trouble spots, and advise on problems or improvements. Any recommendations in the Seattle area? Ideally...
  5. Brian D

    Financing for Older Boats?

    Thought i should update in case anyone else finds this relevant. I ended up financing with Horizon Credit Union. At first the process seemed easy, 20K financed with a 29K valuation in the survey, 12yr term in the 4% range. Don't need that long of a term but low monthly payments give me more...
  6. Brian D

    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    I'm headed up there this weekend and will lend my hand in the cleanup effort...I'm thinking of using some of the shrimp bait pellets - anyone that catches please report what you get em on!
  7. Brian D

    Let's help Kevin and Cindy out with a little BD love

    Done, haven't met Kevin in person but he has been helpful nevertheless and is an asset to the community!
  8. Brian D

    Financing for Older Boats?

    Thanks all for the advice! I think I'll go with Horizon - they seem nice and easy to work with. They give an interest rate break down to the 4's if the boat is newish OR if the loan amount is over 10K.
  9. Brian D

    Financing for Older Boats?

    Hoping to tap the great wealth of local knowledge here on BD! Does anyone know of an agency, preferably local, that will finance older boats - preferably in a hurry? I've got good credit and the money in the bank but it will make me awful thin if I buy the whole rig with cash. Thanks in...
  10. Brian D

    Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    A7 was weaker than usual, also more boats shrimping than I have ever seen. We focused on Lings so only did a couple 1 hr sets with two pots. Had enough for dinner but definitely not as good as I am used to. Per their usual and accustomed ancient tradition, Natives hammered the area right...
  11. Brian D

    Sea Lions and Seals eat Salmon???

    who woulda thought?!?!
  12. Brian D

    NOAA seeks comment on SJI no-go zone....Let's give it to them

    This is such BS. Comment submitted in opposition, and will pass on to family and friends.
  13. Brian D

    Tell me about Waterfall Resort, Ketchikan, in June

    I have fished that area in a private boat in July alongside the waterfall boats 2 of the last 3 years. Scenery is awesome, fishing is great. We had no problem limiting on all species. Nothing like the feeling of a big king mouthing the bait while you are mooching! Hard to go back to our...
  14. Brian D


    I spent an awesome couple of weeks there a 2 years ago with the now-wife. We spent the first half of the trip in Caye Caulker, very mellow little island with no cars. Kind of the opposite of all inclusive, but we stayed in a little hotel right on the beach called Seaside Cabanas with a...
  15. Brian D

    a cod question.

    I've caught one small (12") pacific cod in A7 while trolling for blackmouth in 15+ years of fishing up there. Probably 100 FOW against the rocks. Not worth your time.
  16. Brian D

    Boat Cover Rec?

    Need a new cover for my 22', after 10 years the factory cover is finally worn out. Due to tight fit and odd shape it has to be custom made. Anyone know someone who does a good job at a fair price? North of Seattle is preferred since the boat is kept on SJI. I got quotes from Eastside Awning...
  17. Brian D

    Surface Drive propulsion?

    OK thanks for the info guys. This is a 42' flybridge Cat. He claims 1.3 MPG @ 20kts. Made in new zealand so you would think it would be made to handle some chop. Can't help but wonder if it is too good to be true.
  18. Brian D

    Surface Drive propulsion?

    Since selling Badfish earlier this year, I'm in the hunt for a new boat. Twin diesels this time. Most of the boats I'm looking at are straight shaft or v-drive. However, one of the boats I'm interested in has surface drives...I've seen them on race boats, but does anyone have any experience...
  19. Brian D

    Merinos in Westport is changing hands!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good! The guy that has been running it the last couple of years was unpleasant and inconsistent.
  20. Brian D

    Launching/Overnight parking in Anacortes

    Pay attention to the parking rules at Washington Park - I got a ticket there this spring because I did not read the rules closely and short paid on parking. But the launch is good and there is plenty of room to maneuver and park. I've only put in at Skyline once and I think they only have a...
  21. Brian D

    Halibut by catch article

    couldn't find it there either, found it for free here:
  22. Brian D

    Halibut by catch article

    Article is behind the Seattle Times pay wall, can you copy & paste?
  23. Brian D


    Hurry up and get dialed in over there!
  24. Brian D

    Help Freezing / Storing Spot Prawns

    They are tricky to shell immediately when they are caught, but I have found that if they are headed the day of harvest and then well chilled at least overnight that they come out of the shells much easier. I vac pac the shelled tails and freeze for up to a year.
  25. Brian D

    Lapush boat accident 30 miles west

    Jesus, glad no one aboard was seriously hurt. That's gut wrenching. My grandfather (old school commercial salmon fisherman) was struck by a speeding oil tanker off Neah in heavy fog and he was never comfortable on a boat again. Pretty sure his nerves never recovered. I saw a plaque at a...
  26. Brian D

    What is this?

    yep, squat lobster. We catch them shrimping in the MA7. 1 or 2 every once in a while. Not much meat, like a small crayfish.
  27. Brian D

    Camping/Fishing the San Juans

    San Juan County Park is a pretty cool spot on the West side of SJI...Shouldnt have any problem launching an inflatable there. Better salmon fishing but probably not as good for crabbing as Spencer spit.
  28. Brian D

    2000 World Cat 266 SC, 2013 Suzuki 175s

    Swanny, The boat is only 8'6" beam so no special trailering requirements. It is heavy for a 26, but I've towed it with a properly equipped Tahoe. Like Laurence said, you can see through the tunnel between the hulls which is really nice on the freeway or when backing up. Trailering at the ramp...
  29. Brian D

    2000 World Cat 266 SC, 2013 Suzuki 175s

    Due to career changes & relocation, Badfish Pat and I are putting the BADFISH up for sale. This has been an awesome boat and we've killed a lot of fish and critters in the last couple years from Oregon up to BC. We'll be sad to see it go! It is a 2000 World Cat with new 2013 four stroke...
  30. Brian D

    Laying Pipe

    Long and thin goes too far in
  31. Brian D

    The Whales are moving in.....why? Seals and Sea Lions

    I was cruising around the North end of San Juan Island last weekend and saw high numbers of both seals and sea lions - I would say 2x what I would consider average on the seals and tons of pups, and a few more sea lions than I am used to seeing. Like an all you can eat buffet for the transient...
  32. Brian D

    Downrigger cable or braid? How about both?

    I tried the same and the braid ended up buried in the cable over time due to the small diameter of the braid. Ended up destroying both the cable and the braid getting it unraveled and cleaned up. respool em!
  33. Brian D

    Watch your kickers

    Had my kicker yanked from my side yard in N Seattle about a year ago.... it was padlocked on and bolted with security bolts. They basically had to cut the kicker mount in half to get it off. I'm 95% sure it was some tweakers that are living in a house up the street that is being foreclosed on...
  34. Brian D

    Any ideas if/when lings will open up in MA7?

    No lings in Area 7, best for you all to fish somewhere else, I'll keep trying up there and let you know if we ever catch any :)
  35. Brian D

    BC spot prawns

    Jaosn, PM me or pat and we can set up a trip. The San Juans are a great testing ground for new equipment setups before you get out on the ocean. World Cats Unite!
  36. Brian D

    BC spot prawns

    no prawns in BC cant catch anything from a catamaran anyways
  37. Brian D

    Winter Crabbing

    I think of it more like an apple off a tree rather than a loin off a deer - the tree lives and make more apples next year, the deer dies and no one gets any more meat from that animal. Def agree on the pain that they are to clean. But the better half prefers the RR meat to dungies, so I'm...
  38. Brian D

    Winter Crabbing

    Bugeater- is it better to kill them? Limit is six rock crabs per person, and (to my knowledge) anyone that keeps rock crabs only eats the if I take my limit (six crabs) back to the dock/beach 100 yards from my pots, split and clean my dungies, and only pop half the claws of the rock...
  39. Brian D

    Winter Crabbing

    Quan, the crabbing has been different for me in the winter as well. Lots of egg laden females and 90% of the males were soft in the last couple years. This was in December. No choice but to fish amongst commercial (or tribal?) pots. I like to check the traps every 3-4 hours. Definitely...
  40. Brian D

    Coming soon to the tuna grounds near you....

    Yep that CL post was pretty bad, I thought it was a scam but I just had to call the guy and I was surprised to see that it was legit. Good luck with the cat, would love to compare notes once you get a few hours on it. They definitely handle different than a mono and it takes some getting used to.
  41. Brian D

    Coming soon to the tuna grounds near you....

    Just a couple of dudes sharing a boat :)
  42. Brian D

    Coming soon to the tuna grounds near you....

    is this the 266 CC that the guy has on Craigslist? sitting in Port Angeles right now? we have the 266, its the SC model with the cuddy, love it, but if I were to buy again I would probably get the center console. Fished one in Belize and I really like the additional deck space. The cabin...
  43. Brian D

    Chamber Sealers? Which one?

    I have the VP115, two seasons on it and no it from, which looks to have gone out of business. It ran me $765 plus bags. It is quite heavy so a bit of a pain to lug between Westport and the Juans, but it seems to work great. Certainly better than the old...
  44. Brian D

    FWC on Outboards: why not?

    It would also open up the possibility for easier heat recovery for cabin/water heating as well, something that I am surprised the OB manufacturers haven't picked up on as bigger and bigger boats are powered with outboards. Seems crazy to have to use electric or propane heaters when there is so...
  45. Brian D

    Vac master vp215

    I have had the VP120 for a couple years and have found that for the less flat items, like tuna loins or salmon collars, I have to up the vacuum time to 40 seconds from the default of 30 seconds. More flat items like fish fillets seem to seal fine at the default of 30 seconds. Has that tiny bit...
  46. Brian D

    Calling out to the MA7 crowd! I want some intel.......

    I'm planning on doing some prospecting around the west and north sides of Stuart island this weekend. we observed some heavy Orca feeding there last week. Tides are very manageable. My first time targeting sockeye in the salt, but I've got lots of flash so I'm hopeful! I'll be out on the...
  47. Brian D

    4th of July weekend - Westport

    everyone knows there are no fish in Westport...waste of a drive
  48. Brian D

    Crabbing Canada questions

    For what its worth, the crabbing in Bedwell Harbor has not treated me well the last few times I did it. Perhaps its picking up, so good luck if you go, definitely try to spread the pots around. Also saw a lot of folks salmon fishing off the south bluffs of Pender last weekend, we took a few...
  49. Brian D

    Lake WA Sockeye Count Pretty Dismal

    Anyone have some tips on catching sockeye in the salt? Chrome flashers, red hooks, short leaders, dead slow....anything else that differentiates this fishing from what you see in the lakes?
  50. Brian D

    Ling update

    I will second this report... ling fishing has been excellent in area 7 this season, with limits the norm for us. Many fish have been released, and the releases have been about 2:1 over the slot vs. under the slot. Fishing whole purple label herring on 5/0 slip 2nd hook mooching rigs and 4-6oz...
  51. Brian D

    Keeping and eating blue sharks

    Its pollock.... There was a documentary on discovery channel or something on the ships they use to catch & process pollock. Unbelievable process!
  52. Brian D

    Belize Charter Share – Ambergris Caye 5/27,28,29…also need advice!

    Thanks guys! Great info. I'll stick to fishing for fun and forget about the meat. Plenty of slabs up here in WA anyways :)
  53. Brian D

    Belize Charter Share – Ambergris Caye 5/27,28,29…also need advice!

    This may be a long shot, but I’ll be in Belize, Ambergris Caye, and am interested in doing a deep sea fishing trip and a night fishing trip on May 28,29,30. Any chance any other BD’ers are around and interested in sharing a charter? Most of the boats are a flat price for 4 people and we are...