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  1. Islandrat

    WTB Captains chair helm seat

    What kind? Big boat or skiff?
  2. Islandrat

    For Sale Garage cleanout, helms, icechest trim tabs guages, bait tank and more

    I have been thinking about replacing my bench seat with one of those, what are the dimensions? Do u have the back? I think I am interested PM,d
  3. Islandrat

    Bluefin hunting out of Channel Islands

    East side of Cruz and Anacapa? So 5 miles out of the harbor? Haha I know what u mean. (west-South).... maybe between and North of Catalina and SBI. Good luck, i think a couple more weeks
  4. Islandrat

    44.4 lb yellowtail

    We got a couple of 50# at Santa Cruz Island @ 15 years ago. Well 50 and 48, one looked like it was blind in one eye and was a little skinny.
  5. Islandrat

    Lake Tahoe Boat Inspection and Seal Question

    There are no seals in Lake Tahoe.
  6. Islandrat

    21 crystaliner rebuild.

    Ok, whats the name?
  7. Islandrat

    What happened to the New Threads Link?

    From home page hit 3 bars on left and go to forums, once there do it again and it will give you the option to go to new posts.
  8. Islandrat

    Cleat install without through bolt

    Put it in the box, on that verticals wall over the drain hole. Make sure it is stout. May have to use a plate and a roller on bow would help
  9. Islandrat

    Boat “Road Tax”

    Buy it on the water and the road tax is not even on it. Diesel is always cheaper in the harbor
  10. Islandrat

    2008 2320

    Throw a hammock or 2 in there?
  11. Islandrat

    Stolen Boat from Huntington Beach

    Sweeet! I am sure they broke something so look it over reeeaal good before you cancel your claim.
  12. Islandrat

    any early bronco owners here?

    I am on my second. The one in front. Lots of fun, and easy to learn. Hydro boost brake unit is great, cheap and easy only need front disc. Tried EFI and went back to carb, keep it simple and have fun
  13. Islandrat

    new website sucks balls

    I would like new post on the home page.
  14. Islandrat

    Fiberglass Bait Tank with Window and floor dome light

    That’s disgusting! But yeah post em up
  15. Islandrat

    21 crystaliner rebuild.

    I had one done on my old Radon. It was a big hold with a metal hatch and it sucked to climb inside to wash. So I made the lid same size as the hole. Also ran hot water to it so it doubled as a jacuzzi but that’s a different story.
  16. Islandrat

    Bait Tank Recommendation Needed

    Put a swim step on it.
  17. Islandrat

    For Sale Dive Tanks 2(80) AL 1(120) Steel

    I would take em if u were local. Ventura area...
  18. Islandrat

    SOLD Penn international 50 $100

    I will take that. Pm,d
  19. Islandrat

    For Sale 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 4WD Extended Cab Long Bed Cummins Turbo Diesel Automatic

    How is this smog exempt? My 2000 Ford has to be done?
  20. Islandrat

    Ford Superduty Wheels

    Sorry, the old format was quicker to see where u were located. You r a long ways away.
  21. Islandrat

    Ford Superduty Wheels

    Friend is interested, u got a #?
  22. Islandrat

    Truck Shell's

    Usually guaranteed for life. When it fades or cracks get it fixed.
  23. Islandrat

    For Sale Ocean Tamer teardrop beanbag

    I think I want it, local so we should hook up after x-mas
  24. Islandrat


    So...... did u buy a boat? I want to know more about your Crystaliner. I have a 33 w/twin Diesels and have thought about OB’s or repower with Cummins.... its @ 17 knts now and will do 30 wide open but Dont want to push it with OLD Detroit 8.2’s. What does the 29 do speed and fuel? Had a 26...
  25. Islandrat

    For Sale Shamrock 246 Walkaround

    Marc don't sell it. You will regret it.
  26. Islandrat

    For Sale Ladder for sale

    25" wide and almost 5' long well built stainless and starboard, hinged for easy use. $200 (805)469-83sixO
  27. Islandrat

    At least he had tie downs on the transom

    They say "COBALT, Cant Operate Boat At Lake Tahoe" Most stories and mishaps are related to them...
  28. Islandrat

    Comment by 'Islandrat' in media '69914E0B-F27B-4546-B2BE-E640E30650DB'

    My last Radon had a merc and required a through hull for the raw water pick up.
  29. Islandrat

    For Sale Crystaliner 21’ $7000

    Another proud Crystaliner owner. I kinda wanted that thing....
  30. Islandrat

    For Sale Cooler / Storage with Vinyl Seat

    Cool, wish I was closer it might work
  31. Islandrat

    Replacement flares??

    If I remember correctly they are not valid for a inspected (commercial) boat. But for pleasure they are good. Don’t know why?
  32. Islandrat

    The Much Awaited Radon 20 Outboard

    Radon has the boat at $70,000 with a 150hp on bracket and a standard cabin. 4,000 lbs.... solid (big) little boat.
  33. Islandrat


    Been a while, any other input? Boat is still running good and I like the platform
  34. Islandrat

    SOLD Parker 2320 bench seat with storage

    Dimensions? Could be in if it fits
  35. Islandrat

    Has it finally begun?

    If they start selling fur coats I want one!
  36. Islandrat

    For Sale Honda props, outriggers

    Friend looking for outriggers, will let him know
  37. Islandrat

    SOLD Fiberglass Bait Tank (~55 gallons)

    looks like it came from a Crystaliner?
  38. Islandrat

    SOLD Swim Step/Platform with Stainless Mounting brackets!! 83x18

    buy yourself a new tape measurer with the money, or if its a Craftsman they will replace it. Nice swim step though.
  39. Islandrat

    WTB Precision Marine Maximizer Outrigger Bases

    I got a pair, u want them for roof or side mount? (805) 4six9-836O
  40. Islandrat

    For Sale —-

    I owned it for a while and had a lot of good times while dialing it in. I sold it to to get this and now I am dialing it in.
  41. Islandrat

    For Sale (2) Cummins 6BTA 330HP diesels w/ZERO HOURS

    I wish I was more ready. Gotta do some homework and make sure these will fit where my 8.2L detritus are.
  42. Islandrat

    For Sale 12 ft outriggers

    iam interested in the 18' set, again need pics and price. (805) 469-83sixO
  43. Islandrat

    For Sale Outriggers and generator

    what size r the riggers
  44. Islandrat

    For Sale Tollycraft 26' Flybridge Sedan

    thats pretty cool for a 26'.
  45. Islandrat

    For Sale Fishworks&Pelagic pants&shorts

    Math is a little off? would be in if I was in the area...
  46. Islandrat

    For Sale Portable garage

    Where r u located?
  47. Islandrat

    WTB Maximizer Outrigger Bases

    Just like the title says, looking for some. poles would be nice too
  48. Islandrat


    Right on, thanx for replies. Wanna run mine for a year or two and maybe some 6BTA's in my future. It is the flybridge and am enjoying it. Most guys around here converted to single and have a big engine box, thats what I don't want.
  49. Islandrat


    Looking for input on Crystaliners. Have a 33' with Detroit Diesels, 8.2's....I know.....Just want a head start on repower plan. What do you have for power? Props? Speed? I know there are a lot of single engine conversions also
  50. Islandrat

    600 miles PV to La Paz

    Wow, if your ever short a guy COUNT ME IN. looks like a really nice trip.
  51. Islandrat

    Boot stripe?

    Do yourself a favor and wait till summer. Getting mine done now, or should I say trying too. Weather is a big part of it, to cold, to hot, to wet......unless its on a trailer and can go inland or inside.
  52. Islandrat

    SOLD Starboard flush drawers & storage unit

    Where r u? Will be in irvine this weekend for waterpolo tourney. I think it will work, how big is the empty opening? Could it be turned into a plano tackle box holder?
  53. Islandrat


    24th in Oxnard, Channel Islands harbor
  54. Islandrat

    Speargun racks for boat

    On my davis 22 I would lay a couple on the rocket launchers. If you add a couple to yours (assuming you have them) up top you can do 2 pointing in each direction.
  55. Islandrat

    Customs windows and repair

    I bought "MOTIVE" windows from way up north for my last Radon, awesome.... but pricy. 2 big sliders were almost a grand shipped but they were nice.
  56. Islandrat

    Precision 7.62x39 AR upper

    That is cool, may have to check my "pile of money" and see if I can swing it. Where r u located?
  57. Islandrat

    Do I Need to Register a Documented Vessel in CA

    call me, I know a little. Am going through the process right now. And your gonna need a bigger truck.
  58. Islandrat

    Outriggers, Bait Tank, and Anchor For Sale

    Are those 15 or 18 feet long and do you have the bases?
  59. Islandrat

    Boat insurance

    AAA covers to ensenada. Had 26 Radon and got a 33 Crystaliner...AAA is half the price for a bigger boat. But it does not have tow service built in.
  60. Islandrat

    33' Knight and Carver

    I want one, time to sell m Radon.... But I can't find another Knight and Carver in that size range anywhere?
  61. Islandrat

    Furuno electronics

    I know I am late but would like dome if it falls through.
  62. Islandrat

    WTB/ beach launch wheels

    Now thats just funny I don't care who yu are.
  63. Islandrat

    8 rod rocket launcher Toyota Tundra

    That would be fun to put 200lb braid on and troll 10 oz. weights down the freeway..... What ? did I type out load?
  64. Islandrat

    FS Offshore Bait tank Outriggers Rod Holders

    Want to upsize my 12' outriggers but have no idea when I could make it down there to pick them up.
  65. Islandrat

    1973 Bertram 31

    Did this boat ever sell? I want one.... Will have to get rid of my Radon first
  66. Islandrat

    1984 Phoenix Convertible w/ twin 240hp Yanmar 4LHA-STP $44,900.00

    Some better (any pics) would be nice. What kind of headroom does it have, bath?... thinking about movin up in size from my radon.
  67. Islandrat

    WTB Furuno Radar lid

    Crushed mine at gas station, 1623....
  68. Islandrat

    2015 Parker 2320 winter projects

    Do u loose prime on the pump ever, or hard to get prime? If so turn pump 90 degrees with outlet up. It may be low enough in waterline u don't have problem. Nice work though.
  69. Islandrat

    Remington 7400

    let me know if it falls through
  70. Islandrat

    Hard top and tower seat

    Is that seat aluminum, steal, or stainless
  71. Islandrat

    Found at Dana Landing Mission Bay

    I get seconds. What, everyone does it.
  72. Islandrat

    WTB D4 props

    he has a 22 cortez with a gasser, has D5 with broken blade, kinda weird, but thinks it should be propped to D4. Harold said he never put D5's on any of his boats.
  73. Islandrat

    WTB D4 props

    My buddy is looking for D4 props for his volvo outdrive..... Any help would be great
  74. Islandrat

    Oregon to keep killing Sea Lions

    Does that mean we will see more seal skin jackets? If only they were legal in Ca
  75. Islandrat

    Winchester Model 94

    I have a c3 and a blue water with wings. Very interested, let me know. Text photos to (805) 469-83sixO
  76. Islandrat

    Ventura Boat Repair Shop RAVE !!

    WOW, someone wrote something nice about a service provider. Thats great, I get tired of all the negative....I also like that shop
  77. Islandrat


    where r u? and is it a Z or T (clicker or no clicker)
  78. Islandrat

    Pompanette Helm Chairs

    That is a smoking deal! Have one or I would buy both and sell one.
  79. Islandrat

    Remington 700 model 270 with Leupold VX-2 scope for sale

    interested, a little more info would be nice
  80. Islandrat

    Remington 700 model 270 with Leupold VX-2 scope for sale

    interested, a little more info would be nice
  81. Islandrat

    Aluminum rod holder rack for sale

    good buy, that won't last long
  82. Islandrat

    5.0 mustang .....

    Do the boat trade, it will be a cool story.
  83. Islandrat

    Ventura Yellowfin

    Get your lady some proper footwear. But continue the rest.
  84. Islandrat

    Stainless Steel rod rack holds 10 rods

    I modified one like this for my roof and every where I go I get compliments on it. Would like to add this one to it... just broke right now...Where are you located?
  85. Islandrat

    Steigercraft Chesapeake price reduction! 35,000$

    He sold it already so if you were thinking about beating him down it didn't work. Both got a solid deal. Keep shopping. i hate selling things especially boats, this thread makes me remember why.
  86. Islandrat

    Googan meets Mola Mola for the First Time

    Where is part 2? I hear it is even better
  87. Islandrat

    Most Fail Proof Bait Pump/System

    Gotta lay it over like the other guy said. I had that problem when I did mine like yours. Still keep a spare. Look on the bright side "its 2015 and CHUNK hasn't been said enough, with all your dead bait you'll be set!"
  88. Islandrat

    WTB Steiger craft Miami DV

    My buddy has one listed about 2 posts lower than yours....?
  89. Islandrat

    WTB Starboard

    Drive up the road to Camarillo, American Plastics has whatever u want. They are really cool and help out with your projects.
  90. Islandrat

    2004 steiger craft 25 chesapeak pilot house

    Back on track folks! Good boat, been on it and it is a proven producer. Go check it out, looks better in person
  91. Islandrat

    For sale set of boat rodholders

    Good dude and a good deal. Thanx Wayne
  92. Islandrat

    If they are good and solid I think I will take them, i need to run rod-riggers in them. In...

    If they are good and solid I think I will take them, i need to run rod-riggers in them. In Camarillo, let me know
  93. Islandrat

    12 Miles Off of Encinitas, Paddy: YFT and Dorado

    You know these guys are gonna want to see pics of your "new" rig.
  94. Islandrat

    Wtb Davis Cortez 22wa

    I know a guy.......... Sold him my boat and he is upgrading, I will pass this along. Ventura county area. Good luck
  95. Islandrat

    Kill Bag "Boone 60 inch"

    Turners has sales for $99 but I will get a reliable style next time. The envelope stylen doesn't hold much. still good for 1/2 the price but I will upgrade.
  96. Islandrat

    What wind? Shoe bit WFO

    could be a speargun shaft? Slip tip wasn't on, or didn't deploy is my guess.
  97. Islandrat

    Kill Bag "Boone 60 inch"

    Lent it to a friend and it got stolen (or lost) by the dingy dock at Avalon. What dirt-bags, shot in the dark but if anybody knows anything it would be great.
  98. Islandrat

    Chest Freezer - $100 - SOLD

    I got that exact one for fathers day. I like it, keep it in the garage and make block ice for the trips. Momma likes that bait is no longer inside. Good luck with the sale.
  99. Islandrat

    Help converting bait tank.

    Pics? Gallon size? pump size? What are u fishing for? What boat is it on?overflow drain might be all u need, just cap off th drain.... There is a lot of knowledge on here but u need to throw them a bone.
  100. Islandrat

    One of the Joys of Boat Ownership

    Yeah its crap, unless u go commercial. Everything u put on and in that thing is taxed, yet u still pay on it.
  101. Islandrat

    The Process - Dana Point 7.17.15

    Thats a process I can get behind.
  102. Islandrat


    Wondering if anyone has ever used it to line inside of hull? Like under V-Berth to quiet down the noise when sleeping, not so much when under way but at anchor.
  103. Islandrat

    What are your best upgrades?

    "Glind" hot water heat exchanger and an autopilot.
  104. Islandrat

    Rust spots in gel coat

    WINK.....K-Mart has it and it comes in a brown squirt bottle like chocolate syrup. Works like magic, don't even have to scrub most spots. Turned a lot of people on to it and they love it......WINK!
  105. Islandrat

    Big Yellow tail

    These reports are getting better, thanx
  106. Islandrat

    Santa Cruz island. 6/13/15

    DROPER LOOPS... ON THE BOTTOM, and I try to fish between all the boats. Just kidding, it sucked when 3 of the 30 boats anchor up and screw up the drift. And yes I still have that chain, but it is heavy.
  107. Islandrat

    Santa Cruz island. 6/13/15

    Think the Mako was in the 300+ range, we don't know what we would have done if it didn't break off. We were not ready for that but would have given it a hell of a try. We ended up with 2 YT and a 35 lb hali. Good day on the water.
  108. Islandrat

    wtb killing bag

    That is the kinda sale u gotta take advantage of. I think I will go today.
  109. Islandrat

    A Little Caulking, Insulating Foam, Good to Go

    That must be that dodge that went in the drink at the launch ramp.
  110. Islandrat

    Man Bites....err Thrashes Dog

    Crazy, the guy that touched a whale when it swam under him in the kelp got hate mail and death threats. He had to remove the video. This fuckin guy gets nothin? Animal cruelty is one of the first signs of mental illness!
  111. Islandrat

    WTB Pelagic kill Bag

    I am not picky, just want a bag so I don't have to use my entire fish hold every time. Although I would love to fill it every time.
  112. Islandrat

    WTB Pelagic kill Bag

    So do I but they are never local. Good luck.
  113. Islandrat


    I have one just like that, I thought my brother in law made it.
  114. Islandrat

    Boat pics

    Buddy is building his now, should be getting it soon.....Had a 43 being built and sold it before finishing and moved up to a 53? i think..Pretty damn nice
  115. Islandrat

    Sterring Wheels

    PM'd for black one
  116. Islandrat

    I want this...

    Dude, its easy! Become a cop!
  117. Islandrat

    Robalo WA winter projects

    pretty cool right there.
  118. Islandrat

    Dildo found in fish......

    Thats weird that the chick was digested completely and the dildo was still there? Rubber will last forever.
  119. Islandrat

    Got "Ben"

  120. Islandrat

    Bait Tank Overnight

    Nobody has mentioned a kicker motor with an alternator on it, just run it all night ike a benny. haha 2x6v on my trailer last forever, I have been wanting to do the same on the boat but still have good batteries, some day.
  121. Islandrat

    Silaflex Magnum 9' Rod FS

    how far from Camarillo?
  122. Islandrat

    Marina coral ensenada overnite?

    yes, or leave them in S.D. and motor down. Showers food, pool its all yours with a slip.
  123. Islandrat

    Pelagic Kill Bag 30"x60" $100

    if not sold I will take it
  124. Islandrat

    Dumb question...Where do you stow your bait tank net?

    Just hire a deckhand to stand on the tank and hand bait out. If he looses it take it out of his pay.
  125. Islandrat

    6 lug Galvanized wheel and tire

    Tat is the size I am running and need a spare, but...... I was planning on going to 16" when i get tires cause it will be cheeper. Unless someone knows where to get these at a smoking deal?
  126. Islandrat

    Santa Cruz?

    I fish Santa Cruz (Island) all the time.
  127. Islandrat

    Is that Saltiga still for sale? I will take it if so

    Is that Saltiga still for sale? I will take it if so
  128. Islandrat

    Fiberglass bait tank for Beer!!!

    I thought you were going to modify it to keep beer cold, A GREAT IDEA!
  129. Islandrat

    Really cool: Models, freedivers, shipwreck, photoshoot

    SSHHHHHHHH, everyone will start diving if they see this...
  130. Islandrat

    Found dive gear

    KARMA...nice job
  131. Islandrat

    Yellowtail Santa Cruz

    I love the local reports! thanx
  132. Islandrat

    24ft skipjack rebirth

    Make sure u save the.....the....nevermind, trash it and buy new. Looks like a good hull, good luck.
  133. Islandrat

    Redneck hardtop !!

    These are all really good ideas! I am thinking about selling my boat so I can participate in a project like this.
  134. Islandrat

    Nice low cost rod holders

    Yeah, you can't beat that.
  135. Islandrat

    26' Blackman Outerbanks #0 or 1

    What ever happened to this boat?
  136. Islandrat

    Nice low cost rod holders

    poke around on that page, they are $27 now. That is pretty cheep.
  137. Islandrat

    1 or 2 needed

  138. Islandrat

    wtb dinghy cover

    I have one up here in Ventura county if one of you want it cheap..,...?
  139. Islandrat

    Still want it just really swamped at work with all the rain. Thursday?

    Still want it just really swamped at work with all the rain. Thursday?
  140. Islandrat

    Found Inflatable

    I found a kayak off anacapa once and actually tracked down the owner from a dive sticker out of fresno. Guy was stoked.. Good luck, worth the hunt
  141. Islandrat

    Northern CI Tuna search

    That was a similar plan to what I wanted to do.... Looks like we need to wait a week or so? I hope, thanx for the report.
  142. Islandrat

    they're here....

    I'm game, just stuck at work for 3 days....maybe this weekend.
  143. Islandrat

    Guest slips

    $25 a night, but they get you $20 for launch and $20 a night for parking. You could anchor like freejack said, nice facilities and you can do it by fax
  144. Islandrat

    Tuna Blood 0 Housewife juice 1

    I can get the tuna blood out, its my deckhands blood I can't get out!
  145. Islandrat

    Wahoo WERE at the 226 on 8/30

    good story, and nice HOOOOO!
  146. Islandrat

    Sept 2 YF,YT, Dorado, Bonito, Marlin 302 - 226

    Nice, just what I wanted to read. With jig strikes to boot.
  147. Islandrat

    22 Davis Cortez

    take the $45 and you will both be happy. I held out on my cortez and ended up getting much less
  148. Islandrat

    8/27 local DP YFT- Harbor Boat Rentals/Club review

    That is a pretty cool story. And the rental deal is pretty cool too.
  149. Islandrat

    WANTED Boat trailer rental 1-2 days

    did u ever find one?
  150. Islandrat

    Rule 800 GPH.

    Get the warranty and a spare, my 1100 goes out every 2 years....
  151. Islandrat

    Off shore boat 2500 obo

    Is this boat still available?
  152. Islandrat

    check this out!!!

    "That" or you short folk should just wear heels on the boat.....
  153. Islandrat

    Trailer Bunk Guides

    Buddy needs them, will take them....let me know
  154. Islandrat

    F/S Reliable Killbag

    Interested but when u say "slits" what do you mean? Locations might be tough, I am in Camarillo
  155. Islandrat

    Sailboat - BFT, YFT ,Big Bones- Coronado Canyon 07/08

    Heck with the sailboat, best report of the year!
  156. Islandrat

    Bulls and a bit more

    Looks like someone signed the tail in that 5th picture. Sounds like a good time.
  157. Islandrat

    average day fishing with the ski's

    You should be able to tell by the water...........idiot!
  158. Islandrat

    PB'er 3 for 3 on YFT 6/23

    Thats the best news yet. Congrats
  159. Islandrat

    Installing a 45 Gallon Bait Tank

    Is the pump below waterline? If not and you have trouble loosing prime, tilt the pump so water stays in it and you won't loose prime. Otherwise, I have that tank and love it. ENJOY
  160. Islandrat

    June 19, 2014--Big 'But on the Mirage

    Yep, its settled! Throw your rods in the chipper!
  161. Islandrat

    Hole Patching on Fiberglass Bait Tank

    make a lid that hinges on the top holes and mount a pole holder on the side...seems easy to me;)
  162. Islandrat

    Six days solo in Baja

    good times
  163. Islandrat

    26' Radon for sale, won't find another one better!

    I have fished next to you. I heard someone call my boat (22' Davis named "Priapism" ) It was even the same color..... That was funny, it was up off Gaviota a long time ago, now I have a triple chime 26' ......what are the chances, good luck
  164. Islandrat

    Promar Net large size$40

    Am interested, where are u?
  165. Islandrat

    Los angeles Kings tickets game 2 of finals!

    $500? We gotta start somewhere
  166. Islandrat

    WTB: CMAP NT card

    Become a member of Jepsen marine and they will give you a chip. I think its about $89.....well worth it
  167. Islandrat

    Swim step

    Don't give it away, that will be exactly what someone will be looking for. good luck
  168. Islandrat

    Kill Bag

    would like to be in line on this.
  169. Islandrat

    1985 Blackman 26' Billfisher ****Video added****

    I told a friend . Can't believe that your not even getting free bumps, nice boat.
  170. Islandrat

    HOOk, LINE, and LEG!!!

    there is a guy on youtube that sticks hooks in his arm to show you how to remove them. Pretty funny shit, yours however are not so funny.
  171. Islandrat

    Marine stereo help needed.

    clarion m502 in my 75 bronco and boat, nice little unit. Blue tooth, satellite if u want and 2 ports. usb and plug ins....i like it, u can ad a remote head if u want to hide the head in the cabin
  172. Islandrat

    182 on 5/2

    I so wanted this report to say otherwise...but good for you, thanx
  173. Islandrat

    Better go check your boat today if slipped!

    So it wasn't a good day to go fishing?
  174. Islandrat

    26' Davis boat $13,000

    yep, explorer in what looked like really good shape... I hope they use it.
  175. Islandrat

    WTB .30 .30 lever action

    Gonna hunt a pig and need a gun. Thought a 30 30 was cool, I know there are way cooler guns for this but trying to keep it simple. Any help would be great.
  176. Islandrat

    Lots of Odds & Ends

    LED lights, I am in Camarillo. let me know
  177. Islandrat

    $200 if you get it to Camarillo? I'll take it

    $200 if you get it to Camarillo? I'll take it
  178. Islandrat

    1000+ Stainless Steel Fasteners and some 5200

    wish I was down in your hood, I would jump on that. good luck
  179. Islandrat

    Leveling kits for Ford 4 x 4 full size

    I leveled my 2000 super duty and it rides nice, no difference. I had some worn tie rods and upgraded the kit a little. run 34" tires and it looks good too
  180. Islandrat

    Want to buy Radon, Anderson, Wilson, Parker

    He climbed on my davis 5 or 6 years ago and could have bought it too. Oh well, the guys that did use the hell out of it.
  181. Islandrat

    WANTED: non working VHF antenna

    I need one of those non functioning tuna tower belly ring thingys….just saying, if you got one layin around
  182. Islandrat

    HELP...forgot boat keys at home in Yuma going to Baja...

    Well, what is the outcome? Are u fishing or driving home?
  183. Islandrat

    Custom Hobie Power Skiff by Anderson Custom Boats

    Pretty sure I saw this boat o the freeway today, looks fun.
  184. Islandrat

    Helm Seat and Rod holders

    would like to check it out, pm sent. camarillo local
  185. Islandrat

    Need help fixing my hatch mistake

    yep, you need to line that hole.
  186. Islandrat

    Folding Half Tuna Tower

    I responded to this days ago on GET BENT and he never got back to me? Was looking for one but I may just be a tire kicker now, too many projects goin on.
  187. Islandrat

    This is whay I catch so many fish

    popcorn anyone?
  188. Islandrat

    24 x 48 Reliable Kill Bag

    if u were closer i would make u an offer. sorry, good luck
  189. Islandrat

    URGENT - Lobster Season in Jeopardy!!!

    Leave the limits alone, raise the size an inch and shoot the hoopers in the head. Just my opinion.
  190. Islandrat

    hello everyone new here

    Try K-Mart for a rust remover called "WinK" it is amazing! comes in a brown container shaped like hersheys squeeze bottle.
  191. Islandrat

    King Kong finally got off the boat

    No photo, no phish!
  192. Islandrat

    Daiwa Saltiga Star drag reel

    I found a saltiga 30 diving, had it checked out at the shop and was told it was BAD ASS. It was when they first came out, I loved it so much that I have since got 3 lever drag saltigas. good luck with the sale.
  193. Islandrat

    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending July 10, 2013

    Can we fish up "North" next time? This "West" coast is hard on the gear!
  194. Islandrat

    Wtb Navionics Gold 4 C-80.(Raymarine)

    Join Jepsenmarine and get the discount, and update your other cards for free. Just a thought, good luck
  195. Islandrat


    sold anchor still have chain
  196. Islandrat

    27' Radon Complete Restoration

    Yeah, its been a few months. Post some more pics
  197. Islandrat

    have volvo b4 Duoprop- will trade for B2's

    If you put a price on them I may know a guy thats tryin to get out of his "B5"s
  198. Islandrat


    its in the post
  199. Islandrat


    Sorry guys and gals, $50 if your not a pain in the ass. $100 if you are.
  200. Islandrat


    Lewmar Delta 35lb anchor in good shape. Could come with @65' of 3/8 chain. Eric (805)4six9-836o
  201. Islandrat

    plug holes from kicker motor bracket

    Put the bolts back in it with some 4200 or 5200, you never know if youll need them again.
  202. Islandrat

    Freedove the Channel Islands

    I keep hearing about these "GHOSTS" but I think they r just down south so far.? I agree, its time to change focus, I'm ready for the SUMMER!
  203. Islandrat

    Daiwa Saltiga 30

    Got a 20, 30 star and a 35 love em, maybe i'll pm u.
  204. Islandrat

    custom wetsuit

    Oxnard area, Deep Thought......awesome suit any way u want it any thickness... not cheap
  205. Islandrat

    Boat Cover - Trojan Batter - Trailer Winch & More...

    Just put 2 batteries on the boat but wouldnt mind adding that one if u werent so far.
  206. Islandrat

    Anchor, found for sale

    Found a nice 35# Lewmar anchor and about 65 feet of 3/8 chain. You tell me exactly where you lost it you can have it. If not throw me a couple bucks and Ill sell it. Lets give it a couple days first. Pics will come if needed.
  207. Islandrat

    Pacific Yacht tower rack

    Am I missing something or is there a top section yournot showing? sorry, can't delete but I saw u r keeping the top
  208. Islandrat

    my new project boat, also my first boat. what is it

    What do you mean "what is it?" It's bad ass!!! I am picturing a fully enclosed pilot house with a sit down flybridge, three 50hp outboards should get her done! Have fun
  209. Islandrat

    Anyone into motorcycles?

    that thing is sick.
  210. Islandrat

    Stringari 20 rebuild

    Nice... But get some bumpers for god sake. also steel one from Harold Davis and plumb those rocket launchers on your oil tank box so that any water running down the poles just drains out onto your deck and not in the enclosed box. Easy with a little pvc and hose.
  211. Islandrat

    7 used 16.5 x 8.75" tires and wheels

    I plan on doing the same thing but for now I need a spare, would u sell 1?
  212. Islandrat

    Super Pangas - Where to Buy?

    just looked at one on craigslist....try search searches all craigslist at once. It was 26foot rigged real nice but no motor and was cheap. like 2 or 4 grand.
  213. Islandrat

    Morro Albies with live anchovies11/5

    You are a true innovator, my hats off to you. we can only hope they stick around for the rest of the month.
  214. Islandrat

    Super panga in PV.

    Not a long drive, well worth it. We stay in the middle at Nuevo Vallarta and I think P.V. to Punta Mita at most is an hour
  215. Islandrat

    Best way to get to TJ Airport

    I was told you could leave your car a a hotel in SD and they ran a shuttle to the airport. Don't remember the hotel but the guy said he did it all the time. Paid $75 round trip to Puerto Villarta
  216. Islandrat

    transom shield

    My buddy needs a Volvo SX DX transom shield. new kit is about $3000 but would like to find a good used one.
  217. Islandrat

    I need a new trailer jack

    Pacific has 2500 lb for $84 5000 lb for $159 bolt on fulton jacks, don't know on shipping but I am also looking right now and I will go big again.
  218. Islandrat

    tracking on "GPS"

    I would say it tracked you drifting back and forth all night, or if you didn't clear the let track it may have added it to it. Try clearing, deleting and watch it next time. good luck.. I am having trouble clearing mine, it won't start over and it tracks trailer miles while turned off too.
  219. Islandrat

    2hp suzuki or some other light weight motor

    You can't receive PM's so .......?
  220. Islandrat

    2hp suzuki or some other light weight motor

    I have a Yamaha 2.5 horse 4 stroke I posted on here for $400. Light weight, built in tank with very low hours. Everyone calls and wants it and than flakes on showing up.
  221. Islandrat

    Stainless Steel Rod Holders (clamp on)

    u got pics? I may be interested in them
  222. Islandrat

    AGM Batteries (4) total

    r these gone? put me in line
  223. Islandrat

    Special place in hell for "Vandals"

    CARMA,CARMA,CARMA.....! It will catch u to them 10 fold
  224. Islandrat

    Boat overturns off the coast

    That would be a long horrible night. STAY SAFE OUT THERE!
  225. Islandrat

    LED Lights

    I have a flood/deck light and it blinds you when it is on. I since have added 3 led strips I got off ebay for a couple bucks and love em. I went with red and put them low under the gunnels. I don't know what your goal is but for about 8 dollars I love my set up.
  226. Islandrat

    12' Precision Marine Outriggers

    I just used mine for the first time and they got bit 3 to 1. Why r u getting rid of them?
  227. Islandrat

    Tuna Live bait stop video

    I hope to be so lucky on Friday! nice work
  228. Islandrat

    Yamaha 2.5 hp 4 stroke

    SOLD........$500 2006 2.5 for sale, built in fuel tank, forward and neutral, spin it around for reverse. Standard shaft very low hours maybe 5 not more than 10. Located in Camarillo Call Eric (805) four six nine-8360
  229. Islandrat

    Fishing Report PV

    Im in PV now, its been windy so I have not tried to fish. Looking better today, need to spear some tuna or at least catch some??? Elias I will call u again.
  230. Islandrat

    Help Name the Newest Davidson Boat Model - Win a Swag Pack

    NINA 19 SENORITA 19 Had a cortez, loved it. This would be the little sister!
  231. Islandrat

    PV in June

    I will be down there 19-26 of june, I think. Do you spearfish? I have used Punta Mita Expeditions, will be looking for a boat probably 2 days.
  232. Islandrat

    Trailer torsion axle

    Thats a good deal. I just payed $600 for a #5200 built in Florida and shipped out. good luck
  233. Islandrat

    Boat windows

    Took these out and got sliders, make me an offer. Tried to get them back to Anderson boats but they won't return my calls. (out of a cabin they built on a radon hull) I have 2 and the rubbers to put them in, all good condition
  234. Islandrat

    blue fin tuna

    And it begins! Oh yeah, I heard this will be the worst fire season ever!
  235. Islandrat

    reseal hydraulic steering?

    Google how to bleed the system, or better yet find someone that knows what they are doing and it will save you some headaches.
  236. Islandrat

    20' long, 2000 lb GW Shark caught......

    I'd rather they start waken the seals!
  237. Islandrat

    Punta Mita panga for guide to snorkel at Marietas?

    Sabastion at Punta Mita Expeditions, got me my first WAHOOO with a speargun. Pongas and english r good. they r on line.
  238. Islandrat

    Halibut Fishing

    First thing to learn about fishing this coast is the Weather....We've lost a few boats and 7 guys this past week so don't push the issue. Good days will come, and the fish will be there. The lobster will be out of season though.. good luck and be safe
  239. Islandrat

    Down Sides To Spectra ?

    Down side......Don't get it wrapped up in your drive, it will damage bushings and the seals on your rams. This happened to a friend. thats all
  240. Islandrat


    Yea, I have thought about it many times. I just want it to be all hot dipped galv. and I'd need to weld on a little tab..... A new one is $70.
  241. Islandrat


    Shot in the dark, but here goes. Have a 36 inch winch post on my Pacific trailer that is too tall. Need a 24 or 25 inch heavy duty post....Anyone need a trade?? Cell (805) 469-8360
  242. Islandrat

    Daiwa Saltiga 2spd Lever drag reels

    found a sqltiga 30 star on the bottom of the ocean, pitted and a little ugly I had it checked out and the tackle shop said it looked great inside. Talk about bombproof, it instantly became my favorite real and still is. Just got the 20lever and seems nice but have not fished it much. I would...
  243. Islandrat

    "Friends of Rollo" Davis Bahia 25

    no one mentioned the GPS reading...(1.7gpm @42mph)...??? I don't think my Cortez got that
  244. Islandrat

    Need feedback,Furuno or simrad autopilot

    I thought simrad was bought out and service and quality went out the window. Furuno is good but I just put a comnav on my boat and it is sweet! Check em out
  245. Islandrat

    Winchester Defender model 1300 value

    Is that a good gun for killing birds? I need one of them
  246. Islandrat

    Boat Covers for Parker 2320

    did u leave the boat there? Or did they come up? I am wanting one for a 26 Radon full cabin.....More info if you could
  247. Islandrat

    Merry Christmas to Me .....

    That is a nice one, it will probably take a few meals to finish her.
  248. Islandrat

    Big Thanks to the BD BrothaHood!

    Most of us have been there before. I know I have been towed in and towed people in from the islands before. At least you had sushi on the way in.
  249. Islandrat

    My Two Biggest Lobsters EVER!!!!!

    I caught 2 of them once, I'd throw em back before your stuck with em. Hope they like boating!
  250. Islandrat

    57 LB Halibut and more

    I heard the radio chatter and was stoked for you. We did pretty good on the bugs sunday but didn't fish. congrats on that "Closet Door"
  251. Islandrat

    Saluki's new ride

    Think of the money he'll save on trailers
  252. Islandrat

    Even seals hate other ginger seals.

    its probably a hybrid and more invasive than it now!
  253. Islandrat

    Daiwa Saltiga Hyper Speed reel

    200? Where is near the ocean?
  254. Islandrat

    Standard Horizon HX600S

    Once again I would like to get one or 2 of these but we r miles apart. Do they both have charging bases? 12 volt or 110? Located in Camarillo
  255. Islandrat

    26 Radon Rebuild

    Yea Ed, I got a thumbnail with some photos of it. I was tryin to track down "Brian Daily"? I think was the owner to see if he had some photos to put a little scrap book together.
  256. Islandrat

    26 Radon Rebuild

    Is that the boat you started with? Why did u tear it down, it looked good to go! I hope you kept the trailer. I also think I saw JesseJames with a 24 foot project?
  257. Islandrat

    Radon 24 V drive project

    Love this stuff, I wanna build a boat!
  258. Islandrat

    24 open wheel house

    I have a great boat but I want to build one after looking at these projects. Keep the pics coming
  259. Islandrat

    Starboard source in Southern California

    Make sure you get the stuff that can be in the sun if that is where it will be. American plastics in Camarillo has all of that, online too
  260. Islandrat

    26 Radon Rebuild

    Wow, great thread. Im reading it and lo and behold I see my boat! That is my 1981 red Radon "Under Taker" that Anderson turned from a stern cabin to a forward facing long cabin. I love it and live in Camarillo if you want to climb on it. It has a Mercruiser 5.7 with bravoIII outdrive. At 20...
  261. Islandrat

    Any Tuna within 50 miles

    With these prices that should get you just past the breakwall. Good luck
  262. Islandrat

    Wacked em. 08/13-14. Mex limits w some 40s

    we need more reports like that! nicely done
  263. Islandrat

    Swordfish spotted in nor cal kelp bed

    I'll take a beating go this..... but where in No Cal? Like what county? North of San Fran? I don't mean what kelp bed.
  264. Islandrat

    2 Uniden Atlantis 250 Handheld VHF's

    I like them but I ain't goin to LB for a while. Live up in Ventura county
  265. Islandrat

    Honda four stroke

    is that the BF high thrust bla, bla bla? What were you kickin and did it work? I have a 26 Radon full cabin and am lookin for a kicker.
  266. Islandrat

    11-17/18 ANACAPA SLUGS!

    I wish my fiberglass guy would finish my boat! I am jonsin....
  267. Islandrat

    Taylor acoustic g-tar

    very clean, just don't play $800 bucks with stand and hard case. DN3 about $1100 in the stores, make offer (805) 469-8360
  268. Islandrat

    Freeman Hatch

    sold......should have asked a lot more, had 50 calls! Aluminum Freeman hatch in good condition. I am finding them for $500 to $700 new but that is crazy! How about $150 call Eric (805) 469-8360
  269. Islandrat

    wiring Question?

    Trying to connect a Furuno 7000F plotter to a Furuno 1623 radar. 6 pin to 7 pin, I was told to flip-flop the Yellow and Green and flip-flop the black and white? does this sound right? Any help would be great. thanx in advance. just read an article by Dry Doc? that made perfect sense, I just...
  270. Islandrat

    Big Sale, Reels, Terminal Tackle, Boat equipment

    We talked last night, I am still interested but at the Lebec fire fo now. Will call when back in town. Thanx, Eric: auto pilot, radar
  271. Islandrat

    Offshore bait tank

    OS 45 won't do?
  272. Islandrat

    For Sale! Very Rare Laminated Koa Speargun...

    How long is that bute?
  273. Islandrat

    Aqua World 38

    Mike, got your PM. If you don't pick it up today I may take it up north with me.
  274. Islandrat

    Raymarine autopilot

    Yeah after the same research you did I think Ill hold off. Sorry about not getting back to you sooner.
  275. Islandrat

    Aqua World 38

    Ill be heading north, not south, all the way to fort ross! Come on, your only a couple hours away.
  276. Islandrat

    Aqua World 38

  277. Islandrat

    Raymarine autopilot

    I m interested but need to do a little research, sounds like it will work. Eric 1 (805) 469-8360. I'm in southern Ca
  278. Islandrat

    9000 to 9500 Juvenile White Seabass @ CIH

    I would love to help but I start a 72 hour shift monday morning. I am local and would help in the future so keep me (us) posted. The work that has been done is incredible! keep it up
  279. Islandrat

    We went the distance for the Albacore

    Good call on the "Coral". That might have to be the ticket if they don't come any closer.
  280. Islandrat

    Offshore Products Bait Tank Sale

    I can always count on you, on any thread, to have a coment. And yes, mine is a dive boat FIRST. Since this post I have poked around and saw ally of these tanks on the swim steps.
  281. Islandrat

    Offshore Products Bait Tank Sale

    how come I never see a nice bait tank like that on a swimstep? My step is bomb-proof and would love to get rid of my Aqua-World 38 for a 50 or so fiberglass tank. Any thoughts?
  282. Islandrat

    1974 28' Luhrs refit-- Sah- weeet

    are you sure thats the same boat?
  283. Islandrat

    302, 43 and west of the 182

    its gotta start soon! Or we hope its gotta start...
  284. Islandrat

    Sealife DC1000 Underwater Camera

    sold or not? Looking for this type, or sea and sea around $300 to $400
  285. Islandrat

    Trojan 6 volt house batteries T-125's

    Im interested but OC is a long way from Ventura county, any ideas?
  286. Islandrat


    I hate to say it but those little nubs are gonna kill you. The flushmount at West Marine are twice as much but well worth it. Do you have a deal on that Starboard? Cause I know it is pricey
  287. Islandrat

    Rod holders

    Looking for stainless rod holders to WELD on 1" horizontal bar, 10 of them. Would like the mounting plate on the tube already. I can't find this anywhere help would be great, thanx
  288. Islandrat

    Monster light line YFT outside Coronados 9-7

    Is that some sort of tag hanging out its butt? Nice fish
  289. Islandrat

    Monster light line YFT outside Coronados 9-7

    Is that a tag hanging out its but? Nice fish!
  290. Islandrat

    8/21 425 BET

    Fish looks nice but the water looks even nicer, BUMPY????
  291. Islandrat

    Puerto Vallarta Spearfishing

    Are you still down there? I have 10 days in Nuevo Vallarte middle of Aug. Want to shoot Dorodo, tuna or something?????
  292. Islandrat

    1000 lbs blue fin

    Every few years someone gets one in their net, I have heard 1000lb........