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  1. AKSalmon

    Ignoring Members

    Like many of us, I suspect, I am spending more time on Bloody Decks than I have I the past. I learn a lot and enjoy most of the threads. But lately much of it has gotten far too political for me. Most of the politics comes from a rather large handful of people. Rather than fume over the idiocy...
  2. AKSalmon

    When will we get grander BFT in SoCal?

    I've been lucky enough to get a small handful of 100# BFT within a couple days of San Diego, but I've seen lots of reports of 300# fish being caught in recent years. But they catch **much** larger models on the East Coast. Are Pacific and Atlantic fish genetically distinct? Is there record of...
  3. AKSalmon

    Red Rooster March 15 Day

    I was on my 10th consecutive 15 day long range trip on the Red Rooster. Reports weren’t encouraging but I was more than happy to get away from the cold and snow in my home of Juneau, Alaska. And I was looking forward seeing my fishing buddies, having a few beers, and telling the requisite number...
  4. AKSalmon

    Yellowtail hooks?

    What is the best hook to use for yellowtail when fishing a mac on the dropper loop?
  5. AKSalmon

    20 VISX issue

    I love my Penn 20VISX except for one thing: There is resistance when turning the handle. On most reels I'd automatically assume there is a bad pinion bearing but the pinion bearing is fine. What else can be causing the problem? The reel is almost unfishable at high drag with a high fish. Thanks...
  6. AKSalmon

    Fading drag on Raptors

    I've been lucky enough to catch a couple large fish on my Raptors -- a 100# YFT on my LX Raptor and a 135# BFT on my JX Raptor (on 30# line -- but I got lots of help from Jason the deckhand). On both fish the drag started to fade after about a hour of fight. What causes this? And what can I do...
  7. AKSalmon

    Rigging Colt Snipers

    I'm about to change the hooks on my Colt Snipers and have a question for the board: Is there any reason not to put a swivel on the nose? It seems like it would reduce line twist and may even improve the action. Thanks in advance.
  8. AKSalmon

    8 or 9 ft. 2 piece rod?

    Can anyone recommend a 2 piece 8 or 9 foot conventional rod for casting jigs and poppers? I need a two piece rod so I can brig it down from Alaska.
  9. AKSalmon

    True Story, Mostly

    Adventures in the Reel World I had just turned on the coffee pot when the phone rang. It was too early for me to think of a witty greeting, so I gave my standard: “This is the Reel World. Can I help you?” “Can you fix my reel?” “Well, maybe. What kind of reel is it and what’s wrong with...
  10. AKSalmon

    Long Range Give Aways

    I've fished on about a dozen trips from 8 days to 15 days. One constant of those trips is the swag that the charter master gives the anglers -- everything from tee shirts to new reels, rods and more. I've gotten several nice things -- a couple Seeker rods! -- as well as jigs, fluorocarbon...
  11. AKSalmon

    Re-rigging yo yo and surface iron

    I'm about to spend some time putting new hooks and new rings on several of my yo yo and surface jigs, and I have a question for the board: Is there any reason not to put a swivel on the top ring? It would reduce the chance of line twist, but would it adversely affect the action of the jigs? My...
  12. AKSalmon

    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    One of the highlights of LR fishing for me is eating excellently prepared very fresh fish. I'm always amazed when I see fellow fishermen who eat fish at home but not on these trips. Why is this? I'm even more amazed when I find fishermen who don't eat fish at all. This confounds me. IMHO if we...
  13. AKSalmon

    Trip Report: Red Rooster, 3/1 - 3/16

    Short Report with no Pictures. I fished the March 1 - 16 trip on the Red Rooster for the eighth year in a row. We had a very light load — just 15 — and several of the regulars were missing. Aaron Barnhill drove the boat for the second year in a row. He’s a great guy and a great captain, but...
  14. AKSalmon

    Quad 130?

    Another list shows a picture of an Avet Quad 130. Is this available? I can't find it on the Avet site, and I'm curious: Does it really have 200 pounds of drag??
  15. AKSalmon

    Triangle Demon Circle Hooks?

    These have to be great!! $19.99 for a 3-pack of 6/0. Any use them?
  16. AKSalmon

    How sharkey is Guadalupe in September?

    I know it changes every year -- every trip, even -- but is September an especially sharkey month at Guadalupe?
  17. AKSalmon

    Owner Ultra Split Rings

    OK guys: What is the trick to getting these things open? I've got several split ring pliers and none make it easy to open an Ultra Ring. My supposedly heavy duty pliers from Texas barely work. Are there other reasonably priced pliers that work?
  18. AKSalmon

    Tekota handle issues

    I see far too many 500 and 600 Tekotas with stiff handles. Is there a way to make the handle knobs spin again? A shot of Corrosion-X doesn't work. This isn't a problem with the 700 and 800 Tekotas.
  19. AKSalmon

    Any good deals on the new Internationals?

    I know they are brand new, but someone must be offering free braid and free shipping and have them in stock? Who?
  20. AKSalmon

    Part for Penn 875LC?

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have the counter box gear, PN 306 875, for a Penn 875LC? Neither Penn nor Scott's Penn carries it any longer. Thanks in advance.
  21. AKSalmon

    Part for Penn 875LC?

    I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have the counter box gear, PN 306 875, for a Penn 875LC? Neither Penn nor Scott's Penn carries it any longer. Thanks in advance.
  22. AKSalmon

    Aqua Shield Grease?

    Another website says that Avet is now using Aqua Shield Grease. Is this correct? When did they start using it? And why??
  23. AKSalmon

    New Internationals?

    I keep seeing references to the new Penn Internationals. Any chance we can get an idea when they are due at retailers and what changes are being made? More than a few of us on this board need new tackle for the upcoming season and want to compare all the options!
  24. AKSalmon

    Thanks 5 Star!

    After reading reports about 5 Star changing hands, I was a bit leery about having them once again process my fish and ship them to Alaska. I shouldn't have worried. As always, the service was first rate. All of the vacuum packages were sealed and frozen when my shipment arrived in Juneau. And...
  25. AKSalmon

    G2 Drag Bump?

    Can anyone tell me what Avet did to bump up the drag on the new G2 reels? I don't believe there is a thrust bearing...
  26. AKSalmon

    Speaking of Opah...

    The Mystery Fish thread has several mentions of Opah, and while they are caught occasionally by LR boats, they are never common. Yet Opah is on the menu at restaurants fairly frequently. So: Can anyone tell me how are they caught commercially, and why don't sport fishermen catch them more often?
  27. AKSalmon

    Boss Xtreme 30

    Was the Boss Xtreme 30 ever upgraded to allow for dogs as well as an anti-reverse bearing? Or was there ARB upgraded? There is room for a much larger bearing or perhaps two. Thanks guys.
  28. AKSalmon

    RP Knot

    I've been making wind on leaders for a few years now and have yet to have a failure -- but I have seen wind ons fail on the boat. I'm considering switching away from wind ons and using the RP knot. It's so easy to tie and seems strong. But am I asking for trouble using it to connect 130 spectra...
  29. AKSalmon

    Angler's Choice Intrepid 8 Day, September 3, 2015

    I'm on this trip and want to get some idea from the guys who fished it last year. Can I expect to fish wahoo? Any bluefins this time of year? Should I bring a 50? Any suggestions appreciated. And hello to those of you who I'll be fishing with!
  30. AKSalmon

    Big Bait hooks

    I've been using Owner Jobu 10/0 hooks for salamis for a few years now. I like them but they are so expensive -- and it really sux to cut one off in a shark. Can anyone recommend another hook that doesn't cost as much? Thanks very much!
  31. AKSalmon

    Are hollow/hollow splices and loops 100%

    The thread title has my question. If I put a loop in hollow spectra or do a hollow/hollow splice, is the breaking strength 100%? If not, how much do you lose?
  32. AKSalmon

    Lower low gear for EX 30/2?

    The EX 30/2 comes with a 2:1 low gear. I'd love to have a 1.3:1 or so low gear. Does Avet make one?
  33. AKSalmon

    Pinion bearing for 197

    I need a pinion bearing for a Boss 197. Can anyone give me the dimensions so that I can get one from Boca or Smooth Drag? I'd measure it myself but I'm still trying to wrestle it out. I'd appreciate any secrets on getting it out too...
  34. AKSalmon

    HX 4/2?

    Is Avet offering the standard (non-Raptor) HX two speed with a 4:1 high and 2:1 low gears? Seems like I heard they were. This would be a great reel for Alaska halibut. The 5.4:1 hugh gear in the standard HX is too high for 2 or 3 pounds of lead.
  35. AKSalmon

    WTB: GS Bracket

    Anyone have a GS Bracket they want to get rid of? I actually just need the screw posts that will allow me to use my bracket on a B2-665 -- I somehow lost the original posts -- but will take the whole bracket if I need to. I'm at [email protected] Thanks.
  36. AKSalmon

    Get Strapped Bracket on B2-665

    I have a Get Strapped Bracket that I've used on an original 665 for a few years but now want to put it on my B2-665. I can't because the rod clamp screws that came with the B2-665 are too short; they need to have a longer portion on the part that actually goes into the reel so that I can install...
  37. AKSalmon

    New, Never Fished Accurate 130

    Need a big one? I have a new, never fished Accurate ATD 130 for sale for $1500. List price is $2200. No box but it does come with the soft Accurate bag.
  38. AKSalmon

    New OC rods

    Wow. I just got several of Tony's new OC rods. I am very impressed. There are significantly more refined than his older models and well worth the cost. Very well made with top flight components. The 7' models will be great for jigging salmon up here and would be outstanding for live bait and...
  39. AKSalmon

    Anyone seen the new Penn 112H2 or 113H2?

    The fishing catalogues (Cabela's, Bass Pro, etc.) have been listing new Penn Senators, the 112H2 and 113H2. Has anyone seen these reels? How do they differ from their predecessors? A 112H with ball bearings and bigger handle would be a nice reel...
  40. AKSalmon

    Accurate Cast Control vs. Avet Magic Cast

    Is the Avet Magic Cast system markedly better than the Accurate Cast Control system? Avet certainly costs more, raising the price of MC Avets almost to the Accurate range. I know Avet uses magnets and Accurate does not, but do they both work? Any preferences from people who have used both?
  41. AKSalmon

    Any new Avets at Fred Hall?

    I can't make it to the show but have to ask whether there are any new Avets at the Fred Hall show. Perhaps the long rumored level wind?
  42. AKSalmon

    Any Avet 80W Reviews?

    I'm looking for some feedback on Avet 80s from people who have put them through their paces. I seem to recall that there were some problems with the first few out the door. Have these problems been fixed? How do they compare with Penn and Accurate 80s? Would you buy them again?
  43. AKSalmon

    HX Two Speed Issue

    I absolutely love my HX 5/2 but recently it's developed a problem: When I'm fighting a fish in low gear and want to shift to high, it won't up shift. This only happens when there is pressure on the reel. If I move the lever to free spool it shifts fine, and if I try to shift when I am not...
  44. AKSalmon

    A Request to Avet...

    Any chance we can get Avet to post announcements on this list when they introduce new models or make design changes? I'm speaking specifically about the new 5.3 to 1 SX and the new 5.8 to 1 MX. I suppose they don't want to make such announcements so there won't be a decline in demand for the...