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  1. AKSalmon

    WTB Looking for Seigler SM reel

    Has Siegler stopped making the SM?
  2. AKSalmon

    Pre tied salmon/ mooching set ups, misc. hooks

    I've tried to fish old salmon leaders that I've gotten at garage sales. Very often the line is so kinked from age that they are hard to fish with.
  3. AKSalmon

    Help with DX500N

    Classic symptoms: Your pinion bearing is bad.
  4. AKSalmon

    Heavy Flouro, Big Bait - rigging

    Big J-hook, tied or crimped (your choice) on 150# fluorocarbon.
  5. AKSalmon

    WTB Floro, Braid, and more

    Sounds like a trip to your local tackle shop is in the cards.
  6. AKSalmon

    Flying to with Rod Tube if you have flown recently

    I regularly carry 7 rods in my rod case, and Alaska Air has never said anything.
  7. AKSalmon


    I was on this trip but had to cancel on doctor's orders. (I'm old and a cancer survivor, etc.) I was planning to bring down several newbies with me from Alaska, give them a few pointers -- they are good fishermen but only one has ever fished tuna, wahoo or yellowtail -- and let them use my...
  8. AKSalmon

    Changing wind on leader

    Pull the loops at a right angle to the cat's paw. It will loosen and make it easy to change.
  9. AKSalmon

    Injured Fathom 40nld2

    I've seen more than a few stripped side plate screws on Fathoms: They are made of cast, not machined, aluminum which can be soft. Over torquing the side plate screws can cause this problem. As for the clicker, odds are it is a very simple fix, but one that requires a new clicker spring and/or...
  10. AKSalmon

    "Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods

    I just received two of Mark Mayo's cedar plugs. They are beautiful, but I have a problem: I bought them as a gift for a friend, but I'm not sure I can give them away. Maybe if I make him give me some bluefin from his next trip? Or maybe not. Mark does beautiful work.
  11. AKSalmon

    Star drag backing off

    When I first replied to this thread, I thought by "backing off," the poster meant that the drag star was turning backward under high drag. Hence, my reply about the order of the metal drag washers. Now I see that "backing off" refers to amount of pressure it takes to pull line off the spool. My...
  12. AKSalmon

    bra adds

    Well, did it work out? Did you find a woman?
  13. AKSalmon

    fathom 60NLD2 Line Setup

    You want to fill the reel. Off hand, if you need 100 yards of 80# mono on top, you should be able to get maybe 400 yards of 100# braid below the mono.
  14. AKSalmon

    fathom 60NLD2 Line Setup

    Solid is much cheaper, but hollow connections are smoother. Your choice.
  15. AKSalmon

    fathom 60NLD2 Line Setup

    That's a huge reel for 60# kingfish. But if you are gong to install an 80# top shot, I'd back it with 100# braid. I always fish heavier braid under the top shot. 80# braid might be OK too, but I'd go 100#.
  16. AKSalmon

    Coldest bunk room

    The Red Rooster cabins are **always** cold.
  17. AKSalmon

    Penn 49L spool in a Penn 349

    The 349 did not have ball bearings but its axles had a larger diameter than 49 axles. Perhaps more importantly, the 349 spool itself was tad bit wider than the 49. There might be someone somewhere who could modify a 49 spool to fit but it would be a serious job.
  18. AKSalmon

    Penn 49L spool in a Penn 349

    It was be extremely tough to modify a 49 spool to fit a 349. A better bet would be to search high and low for a Newell 349 spool. A few were made...
  19. AKSalmon

    Penn 49L spool in a Penn 349

  20. AKSalmon

    Star drag backing off

    If the eared washer is on top of the drag stack, the star will back off.
  21. AKSalmon

    200hp Yamaha Shuts Off randomly

    Great! Now get out there and catch a fish. Or several!!
  22. AKSalmon

    200hp Yamaha Shuts Off randomly

    Check the ground wire. Mine was loose and I had the same problem until I tightened the ground wire.
  23. AKSalmon

    Talica 16ii, wont turn.. help.. got a 6 day trip this weekend

    What was the problem? If they didn't say, give them a call and ask so that you'll know what caused it.
  24. AKSalmon

    Talica 16ii, wont turn.. help.. got a 6 day trip this weekend

    Odds are the pinion bearing is shot. **If** that is the problem, it's a quick fix. The pinion bearing goes out if you push the drag too hard or if it gets corroded due to salt water intrusion.
  25. AKSalmon

    Back to back trips

    I fished a 10 day a few years ago that was a real bust: Hardly any fish and nothing of any size. As we were coming into port at the end of the trip, the guy next to me said that he was going back out on another 10 day. I really hope his second trip was better than the first...
  26. AKSalmon

    Faulty reel? (Avet SXJ)

    Is it a new reel. or did you buy it used? If it is new, I doubt there is anything wrong. If you set the preset drag too loose, you may have the drag plate slightly rubbing against the drag washer in free spool. Tighten the preset drag just a little, and this effect should go away.
  27. AKSalmon

    Bluefin teeth vs leader

    Soak it in bleach for a week and then dry it.
  28. AKSalmon

    Does the SXJ come with a clamp now?

    I believe only the Raptor SXJ does include a clamp. But I'm almost sure you can find the answer on the Avet website.
  29. AKSalmon

    What knot is this

    It looks like a strange way to tie a Palomar.
  30. AKSalmon

    Boat window hard water spots

    Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work like a charm.
  31. AKSalmon

    correct prop question

    Propping is an art as much as a science. Go to a prop shop and explain your issue. They'll recommend one for you to try. If you can't get the rpms you want, take it back for a different prop. It took me three tries to get the right prop for my boat...
  32. AKSalmon

    Pinion bearings

    Those reels do have the same size pinion bearing. On **all** lever drag reels, the pinion bearing will get crushed if the drag is set too high. (From my experience, the Shimano TLD series are the worst for this.) Avet publishes maximum drag settings which are supposed to reduce the chance of...
  33. AKSalmon

    Avet SX troubleshooting

    Check the orientation of the cupped washers on the left side of the spool. I believe they should be ()(). If they are(()) the drag will ramp up more quickly. Other things that could cause this problem are more difficult to fix -- grinding the cam. etc. Avet used to have a Kodiak cam that...
  34. AKSalmon


    I had very good luck ordering parts from the Avet website when it first came out. I doesn't work at all now and telephone service is sketchy.
  35. AKSalmon

    IID Assistance requested Pls.

    Newell knock offs. Probably with a little less than they sell on eBay.
  36. AKSalmon

    Flatfall - tie direct to 130 # fluoro or add 300# fluro bite leader

    I'm sure you could get your flat falls rigged on the boat with 300# if that's what you want but really, 130# will work.
  37. AKSalmon

    Anybody know if anybody who's gone on a LR trip got infected by Covid while on a trip?

    But why won't RP address the rumors directly? They really should and this discussion will end.
  38. AKSalmon

    Individual Limits vs. Boat Limit

    In Alaska, boat limits are illegal -- everyone must catch their own fish. I doubt it is ever enforced but the law does exist.
  39. AKSalmon

    Anybody know if anybody who's gone on a LR trip got infected by Covid while on a trip?

    I really wish the RP would issue a statement to put an end to these rumors!
  40. AKSalmon

    Anybody know if anybody who's gone on a LR trip got infected by Covid while on a trip?

    There has been at least one report of Covid on a long range boat, but it has not been verified.
  41. AKSalmon

    Swordfish consolation prizes..... 8/22

    Was there a typo?? Who were you fishing with?
  42. AKSalmon

    How to make my boat even safer?

    A 10 hp kicker for slow trolling. Or to get home.
  43. AKSalmon

    can a 2 speed reel have a instant ARB?

    Checkout the Accurate Boss two speed reels.
  44. AKSalmon

    Islands trip 8-19-20

    Did you keep and eat the trigger fish? I caught some in Florida and they were outstanding on the table albeit very hard to clean.
  45. AKSalmon

    Mission Belle 8/20

    Sorry, but what color is the Katy Perry sniper?
  46. AKSalmon

    Replacement Clicker Knob for Pro EXW 4/02

    The new clicker knob does not fit the older reels.
  47. AKSalmon

    Seigler Reels Anyone?

    I'll have to look at them again. When they first came out, I ordered a couple to look and perhaps sell out of my shop. There were a couple problems. First, the reels did not ship with a schematic and the company said end users were not allowed to open and service or repair their reels. That was...
  48. AKSalmon

    Daiwa BG 4000 setup issues

    There could be a cracked eye on your new rod that it causing the line to fray.
  49. AKSalmon

    Daiwa BG 4000 setup issues

    Do you have an under wrap in your line? Or, if you are fishing spectra, is the line buried so that it sticks when trying to come off?
  50. AKSalmon

    Penn 975 thoughts

    OK reels, but remember that they haven't been made for several years and parts availability is going to be an issue. Fathoms and especially Torques are better current reels. But if you can get one for a good price, go for it. I wouldn't fish anything heavier than 30# line on a 975.
  51. AKSalmon


    Except when targeting cow-size fish, I generally tie a seven turn uni-uni knot, cinch it tight with knot pullers, and put on a drop of Tac Glue super glue. I doubt it's 100% but I've never had that fail.
  52. AKSalmon

    Solo Salmon Limit off Marin coast in 1hour

    I'm always amazed how many people bring their reels to my shop because they've worn out the clicker. And in many reels, fixing it isn't cheap because I have to dissemble the entire reel. I do complete service so it's worth the money but gee, turn off the clicker and save a few bucks.
  53. AKSalmon

    Valiant bv2800n

    I think it is too big for bombs and wahoo jigs. It'll work, of course, but a much smaller reel will too and be much more fun to fish at least for me.
  54. AKSalmon

    Uni Knott.?

    The most popular knot on the boats I've ridden is the San Diego Jam, which is what I typically use. Another popular knot is the Trilene.
  55. AKSalmon

    Uni Knott.?

    I use a John Collins aka modified Albright to tie braid to fluorocarbon. It's easy. Tie it carefully and use knot pullers to cinch it. If the line is dry, I also put a drop of Tac Glue super glue on the knot. I've never had a failure, and it's caught its share of cows...
  56. AKSalmon

    Uni Knott.?

    If you are new at this, let the deckhands splice your mono/fluoro to your braid. If you do use a mono top shot (I don't fish any mono; I go straight from braid to fluorocarbon), tie a short fluorocarbon leader to the mono with a surgeon or Seaguar knot.
  57. AKSalmon

    Sardine weight

    It's not just the weight; it is the size and air resistance. Try casting a single clothes pin.
  58. AKSalmon

    Solo Salmon Limit off Marin coast in 1hour

    Great fish! But turn off the clicker when you're fighting a fish!
  59. AKSalmon

    Adding to my fishing collection....

    I am so lucky that I come down from Alaska and can't check that much stuff on the plane. I always want more tackle but seem to have more than enough when I get to cow town or wherever...
  60. AKSalmon

    Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    Has the RP responded to this rumor? I've tried to contact them via email but get no response. If they would make definitive statement that there have been no covid cases on their boat, we could clear this up.
  61. AKSalmon

    Night Wahoo

    Bob Michner caught a wahoo on a PL-68 at the island in the dark a few years ago. He was fishing next to me and got upset because several of us were onto cows and he pulled in a dinky 30# wahoo.
  62. AKSalmon

    Colt sniper question

    I got several off eBay. I haven't fished them yet but can't tell the difference between them and the original. I do change the hooks and it **could** be that the eBay hooks are inferior to the Shimano hooks -- but I no longer have any Shimano hooks so I can't say for sure.
  63. AKSalmon

    SOLD Murdered out Yellowtail Special

    I don't mean to be difficult, but is this reel better than a Baja Special (113HN US Senator) or just neat to have?
  64. AKSalmon

    Well, I did it: I canceled my October 18 eight day trip on the Rooster. I sent them a note on...

    Well, I did it: I canceled my October 18 eight day trip on the Rooster. I sent them a note on Monday and asked them if I could use my $2000 deposit on different trip. They said OK, but only if I canceled immediately. If I waited, that wouldn't be possible. I didn't ask for a refund. I understand...
  65. AKSalmon

    Long Range testing

    One reason this is so difficult is that after cancelling all cruise ships in Alaska, a small cruise line -- with boats about the size of the San Diego sportfishing fleet -- finally made a trip. On the first trip after the lockdown, a passenger who had had a test discovered he was positive while...
  66. AKSalmon

    Piscifun Alijoz 300

    Price = value. Service? Parts?
  67. AKSalmon


    Now go catch a fish worthy of that reel!! And post picts on BD.
  68. AKSalmon


    Charkbait has the largest selection of Avets, but this is a reel they may not keep in stock. Call them and check.
  69. AKSalmon

    Avet HX 5/2 versas JX6/3-MC Rator for 60#

    The unique design of the Raptor takes quite a bit of stress off the pinion bearing; I've seen only one bad Raptor pinion bearing in my shop since the Raptors came out. The very first Avets did ship with some bad bearings; this is the likely source of the bad Avet pinion bearing story. By and...
  70. AKSalmon

    Late Report Fort Bragg Albacore

    Great story. You are a lucky man.
  71. AKSalmon

    Swap original drags for G2

    This would be tough to do because Avet drag washers are glued to the spool, and the G2 spool won't fit in a G1 reel. Also, the drag increase in a G2 versus a G1 is no just because of the drag washer. The pinion bearing is beefier in a G2, etc.
  72. AKSalmon

    Bluefin vs. The Senator.

    As others have said, it's certainly possible but not fun and likely to end in failure. One problem no one has addressed is that if you have a stock Penn graphite frame, you'll likely pop out the side plate screws during a long fight under heavy drag. That wouldn't end well. If you have a full...
  73. AKSalmon

    Thanks for the note. Another reason this is a hard decision is that I finally talked four of my...

    Thanks for the note. Another reason this is a hard decision is that I finally talked four of my friends from Alaska into coming down. They are younger than me and with fewer medical issues. They wouldn't have signed up if it were not for me, and I was providing much of their tackle, teaching...
  74. AKSalmon

    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    A Flu Shot for the virus would be great. Will be great -- but not before next year...
  75. AKSalmon

    Some of us are unable to fish right now

    This is a tough one for me: I've signed up for an October 8 day on the Rooster and I so want to go. But I'll be 70 when the boat sails and am a cancer survivor. It's hard for me to believe that flying form Alaska and fishing and living in close quarters with some 20 other anglers is a wise thing...
  76. AKSalmon

    Penn visx16, 20 or 30 for BFT rod

    The 20 would be my choice with those line requirements.
  77. AKSalmon

    Easiest Split Ring Pliers for Colt Snipers etc

    Texas Tackle makes several models of split ring pliers as well. I think they are great.
  78. AKSalmon

    8/2 Humble Pie

    Gee, that has never happened to me.
  79. AKSalmon

    What’s the purpose of dragging line behind San Diego sport boat, not trolling

    I do it when I need to pack my braid tightly: Let out a couple hundred yards with no weight, hook, or swivel and reel it back in. The line is tightly packed.
  80. AKSalmon

    Looking for a New Lefty HX Raptor

    Try Charkbait. He may have one and can at least order one quickly. Few dealers keep any left hand reels in stock.
  81. AKSalmon

    Penn 349H Drag Issue

    Did you install the drag correctly? The top metal washer cannot be "eared."
  82. AKSalmon

    For 150+ lb. Bluefin

    The HXW is so much nicer to fish than the other reels you mention. I've caught several yft over 100# on my HXW including a 212# cow. The 30 will do it as well and, in my opinion, the 50 is too big.
  83. AKSalmon

    Nomad DRX Minow

    He cut me off twice because his DTX was not tracking well -- and he didn't pay attention to the deckhand. I was pissed, but I didn't let it ruin my trip.
  84. AKSalmon

    Nomad DRX Minow

    The same guy who sawed off my Orange Coral Trout DTX also sawed off my brand new gold DTX. I ended up fishing with a boat DTX after losing my second DTX and was skunked on wahoo for the trip.
  85. AKSalmon

    Yummie flyer for marlin

    At Hurricane Bank a couple years ago, a large blue marlin hit a flyer on the kite and spooled the kite reel, an 80W. It was over in an instant.
  86. AKSalmon

    Spinning Reel Suggestions for Fiancee?

    Penn makes some good spinning reels, but IMHO, the Fierce isn't one of them.
  87. AKSalmon


    I was told by Alaska Airlines the they wouldn't take anything over 7 feet. In fact, my case is a couple inches longer but I've never had a problem. (My one long rod -- 9 feet -- is a two piece rod. It is OK for 30# but not much more...) It would be a real drag to have an 8 foot rod case -- or...
  88. AKSalmon

    Nomad DRX Minow

    I had a DTX 200 in Orange Coral Trout, a color no longer available in the US. I rigged it with about 2 feet of cable attached with a singe crimp at the lure and a ball bearing with a single crimp at the end. I caught fish on 7 of the first 8 times it trolled over two trips -- and missed a strike...
  89. AKSalmon

    Custom all aluminum penn 115...HLW!!!!

    Seems like an interesting project. But won't a wide 9/0 with aluminum side plates cost more than a used single speed International 50 or 30TW?
  90. AKSalmon

    OK. I'm going to be one of those... Reel question

    Lots of spinners will work, but don't make the mistake of getting one that's not capable. This means you need to plan to pay something north of $100. The Daiwa BG series is an inexpensive option as is the Penn Spinfisher. The new Penn Battle might be OK but I have't personally seen one.
  91. AKSalmon


    A couple comments: I used to bring rods down from Alaska every year. Now I have Mike (760.805.0824), the tackle storage and airport pick up guy, keep them for me between trips. It's so much easier. TSA screwed up my rods a couple times, and Alaska Air won't take anything over 7 feet. I pad my...
  92. AKSalmon

    Neither reel is best, but it’s what I have

    EX30/2 handles 80# with ease.
  93. AKSalmon

    Cannon Service

    Call Cannon and explain the problem. They may say it's a simple part swap situation that you can do yourself.
  94. AKSalmon

    Advice on loading reel with heavy braid

    Put on a heavy leather glove, wind the line around a couple fingers and crank the line on by hand. It works if you are careful. But it's not fun.
  95. AKSalmon

    Cedar Plugs Action

    From my experience, an advantage of cedar plugs is the they all swim erratically; I've never seen one that just came through the water straight. Under the right conditions, they are absolutely deadly.
  96. AKSalmon

    Trinidad 16A pinon gear

    Remember that rinsing a reel only cleans the outside -- and that if you spray it with high pressure, you will likely face saltwater inside where it can cause problems.
  97. AKSalmon

    Trinidad 16A pinon gear

    Next time you pop open your reels, us a Dremel wire brush to clean the pinion and the inside of the bearing. Odds are there is some rust or corrosion you're not getting rid of when you service your reels.
  98. AKSalmon

    Fathom vs old penn International

    The 2 speed Fathom 40 or 60 if you need the line capacity would work fine for kings, dodo hook and stripers.
  99. AKSalmon

    "A family affair"- 3 Days on the Royal Star

    Great story and great picture. You need to frame that picture to show your grandkids. Family matters.
  100. AKSalmon

    Windlass thoughts

    I have used an anchor ball to lift my anchor for years. Can't beta the price and it works like a charm. Have you considered one?
  101. AKSalmon

    Lemon on fish

    I love rockfish and yellowtail lightly sautéed with a picate sauce of butter, shallots, capers, white wine, parsley -- and lemon. Absolutely fantastic.
  102. AKSalmon

    Tips on Long Range

    In addition to my 15 - 20% tip, I carry a bunch of 50s and give one to crew members when they go the extra mile to help me land a fish. They get $100 for a cow...
  103. AKSalmon

    Kastking braided line

    Price = value. It is very rough feeling. Fishing is important!! Get good line.
  104. AKSalmon

    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    I still can't get the video to play!! Can someone post it in a different format or something so I can see the opah release?
  105. AKSalmon

    Did the Gov. just shut down LR/Overnight fishing??

    I understand your numbers: I hope that frigging dictator doesn't shut it down. I'm finally getting to read some things about fishing here and that's been great. Just for number's sake: CA population = 41 million, virus deaths as of yesterday = 7087, your chance of dying from the virus as a...
  106. AKSalmon

    Good Lawd. I gotta rebuild some troll reels

    I really doubt you ned new drag washers -- carbon fiber lasts essentially forever -- unless they are crusty with salt. But bearings do go bad so swapping those out is likely a good idea.
  107. AKSalmon

    Prize difference

    For salmon, I rarely use fluorocarbon because I am fishing deep enough to hide any line. So I wonder: Is orange label Seaguar is less invisible than Premier or Blue label because it doesn't need to be as stealthy as line used for tuna? Personally, I use only Seaguar. premier when fishing tuna.
  108. AKSalmon

    SX Freespool Slowing Down

    If your bearings aren't making noise they will likely be OK if lubricated with a light oil; the stuff that came with your reel is OK as are several others. If that doesn't speed up things, the problems are a bit more severe and you probably need new bearings, fresh lubrication and maybe more...
  109. AKSalmon

    Tips on Long Range

    Just like a restaurant: 15% - 20%. The deckhands work hard, and the food is great.
  110. AKSalmon

    Ardent XS 1000 Reel

    Are Ardent reels actually made in the US? I thought they were assembled here with parts made abroad.
  111. AKSalmon

    MXJ raptor question

    MX Raptor is a fine reel, but not really designed for 80# line. You can use 80# braid, of course, but keep the leader to 50#or less.
  112. AKSalmon

    Raptor VS G2....

    It only makes sense to get a G2 if you are buying a single speed. The Raptor has much more drag and is only a little more expense when you compare 2 speed pricing.
  113. AKSalmon

    Shimano Talica 12ii ARB Failure?

    I'm certain the Talica series reels do not have an anti-reverse bearing (ARB). If your handle turns backward, then the mechanical anti-reverse dogs are stuck, likely from corrosion build up. If it feels gritty when you turn the handle, odds are he pinion bearing is toast -- likely due to...
  114. AKSalmon

    Big bluefin set-up

    Maybe for fish to around 100#, but I wouldn't want to fish that outfit for anything bigger.
  115. AKSalmon

    Avet MXJ 5.8 MC - Problem reeling in

    This reel has no anti-reverse bearing. Back to the matter at hand. If I understand the issue: When handle is hard to turn, odds are the pinion bearing is toast. This is the bearing in the right side plate -- the most common bearing to go out on all lever drag reels. It will go out if it gets...
  116. AKSalmon

    Shimano 20/40 chatter

    Not really. If you pack the dog in heavy grease the noise will moderate, but you'll also likely lose the anti-reverse. Those are great reels with reliable, albeit noisy, anti-reverses.
  117. AKSalmon

    Avet EX 30/2 verses Avet HXW 5/2 Raptor

    The HXW is so much nicer to fish because of its weight, and it can handle cows if everything goes right. The real issue to me are the gear ratios: Given the small diameter spool, the 1.9:1 low gear on the HX is a tractor, and it's always nice to have a fast 5.4:1 high gear. I use my EX 30/2...
  118. AKSalmon

    Yamaha's randomly turning off

    I can't remember; it was a decade ago and I'm almost senile...
  119. AKSalmon

    Yamaha's randomly turning off

    I had the same problem: It was a lose ground wire. Make sure it is snug and without any corrosion; some dielectric grease never hurts. When Couldn't find the problem I called Yamaha and was told this is a common issue.
  120. AKSalmon

    Squeaking/grinding noise when retrieving chronarch 200e6

    It could be that your anti-reverse bearing is going. If so, it might help to open the reel, clean and lubricate the anti-reverse bearing with Corrosion-X
  121. AKSalmon

    For Sale Sea Strike 33 - 7 gold jigs

    If your first offer fall through, I'll take them!
  122. AKSalmon

    Can someone ID this fish?

    It would be great for a fish scientist to chime in here because I can't be the only person interested the the life cycle of this strange fish. I've caught 12" - 16" juvenile black cod (sablefish) in under 200 feet while fishing halibut off the end of Admiralty Island but never a larger one. The...
  123. AKSalmon

    Royal Star Bluefin

    Not odd all. When it's hard to breathe, fish often turn blue.
  124. AKSalmon

    Caught my Personal Best Salmon 37" 32lb king salmon off Muir Beach!

    You could have poured a shot of. vodka on his gills to dispatch him immediately, but only if you have a big enough bottle to celebrate after you catch him.
  125. AKSalmon

    WTB AVET EX50 side plate

    Avet has finished with their backorders and is shipping relatively quickly now. That's not a part a repair shop would carry, and I can't imagine anyone would have one lying around. Call Avet and place your order.
  126. AKSalmon

    Old Fishing Reels

    The Penn level wind reels have plastic idler gears so that if you get your finger stuck in the line guide, the plastic gear will strip and save your finger. All level wind reels have a plastic idler gear.
  127. AKSalmon

    WTB AVET EX50 side plate

    Avet will sell you one, and it may be the only place you can get one.
  128. AKSalmon

    Wtt: saltigas

    If he hasn't sold the reels by now, you probably don't want them. Look when he posted his message...
  129. AKSalmon

    Nomad DTX minnow and Nomad Madscad trolling leader question

    I haven't trolled the Madscad but do have experience with the DTX. The DTX is finicky. If you're targeting wahoo, you might consider a 2 foot leader of 175 multi strand wire with a single crimp and no chafing gear as recommenced by Nomad. That has worked for me. Alternatively, you can rig with...
  130. AKSalmon

    Need fish id help

    I'm curious: Are these fish identical or just very similar to the triggerfish caught in Florida? I used to catch a few some 30 years ago and loved them on the table, but as mentioned above, they were a bitch to clean.
  131. AKSalmon

    Girls Day!

    What is the current limit on rockfish in Alaska?
  132. AKSalmon

    Fish & Chips

    Great recipes on your site. I especially like the narrative. But I'm curious: You say you work as a chef. Where? I'd like to stop by.
  133. AKSalmon

    Talica 25 or 20 for BFT?

    Make sure you are good with the low gear on the Talicas. Many people prefer a lower low gear when encountering larger fish.
  134. AKSalmon

    Caught my Personal Best Salmon 37" 32lb king salmon off Muir Beach!

    Great fish -- even by SE Alaska standards. But you really need to service your drag! You line jerked when he tried to run. That will cause you to lose fish. It's likely a simple fix and you'll be more confident when the next one shows up.
  135. AKSalmon

    Lexa HD 400 - (not so) Free Spool

    If it has poor free spool straight out of the box, there's a chance that there is grease on the edge of the spool and/or grease -- not oil -- on the spool bearings.
  136. AKSalmon

    Delta flight fishing in Ketchikan

    TSA lets you take lures with hooks in your carry on? That's new; it used to be a no no.
  137. AKSalmon

    Osprey NorthWind 22’ Walk around Yamaha F300/T25 Repower

    I'm surprised a 22' boat is rated for 300 hp. Is it? I would have guessed 250 max. I believe my Parker 2120 Sport Cabin had a 225 rating.
  138. AKSalmon

    Penn 1/0

    Both the 2/0 and the 1/0 Senator were first made before 1941 and stopped production in the mid-1980s.
  139. AKSalmon

    GT knot tutorial..

    I suspect this knot would be huge when tied with 130# fluorocarbon and heavy braid.
  140. AKSalmon

    Spinning Reel Suggestions for Fiancee?

    Look at the Daiwa BG series of spinning reels. Built like a tank and, in my opinion, superior to the Penn Battle series.
  141. AKSalmon

    6/18 Catalina Yellows

    Take you dad out fishing as often as you can. I haven't been able to do that for a few years. RIP padre.
  142. AKSalmon

    Season 4 Episode 9 " Midnight Sun" Part 1 FULL

    Hmm. It is illegal to use rockfish for bait in Alaska, at least not the edible parts. The heat and bones are OK, but not the filets.
  143. AKSalmon

    WTB Old school Shimano TLD 10

    If you remove the level wind from a Charter Special 2000 you have a TLD 10.
  144. AKSalmon

    Party Boats out of SD - Full Bar?

    I was on a 15 day a couple years ago and one guy was stoned the entire time. He had edibles and smoked on the stern while we were underway and thought no one was watching. He caught exactly one fish. One.
  145. AKSalmon

    Braided or Mono

    Pretty much everyone fishes braid with a mono and/or fluorocarbon top shot. With those reels I'd have a shop install 300 yards of 50# solid braid and then tie on the mono/fluoro of your choice. You might start with 30# mono and have a few feet 20# and 30# fluorocarbon at the end.
  146. AKSalmon

    Party Boats out of SD - Full Bar?

    The boats I've been on sell beer ($2) and have complimentary box wine. But lots of passengers bring hard liquor and mixers to drink and share.
  147. AKSalmon

    Should I get a Avet sxj

    Good reel, but unless you have a tiny thumb, you might find casting difficult. Remember too that the SXJ non-Raptor ha a maximum drag of 9# at strike.
  148. AKSalmon

    Calstar grease Shimano TLD15 felt drags?

    I have been dp\oing about 1100 reels per year for a couple decades, and quite a few at least used to be Shimano lever drags with the white canvas drag washers. Those drag washers are fine -- until they get wet or greasy. Then they get very sticky. I won't accept a charter special or single speed...
  149. AKSalmon

    Calstar grease Shimano TLD15 felt drags?

    You **really** need to replace the stock TD drag washer regardless of what you are fishing for!
  150. AKSalmon

    Captain Jiimy's Wahoo Bombs

    Pink and green -- but only if I'm no getting anything on my gold and pink Raider. And I rig with a double strand 130# fluorocarbon leader.
  151. AKSalmon

    Any Lodge Recommendations?

    Tanaku Lodge in Elfin Cove, AK.
  152. AKSalmon


    Yea; I'd want a lighter and softer rod if I were fishing 60# leaders.
  153. AKSalmon

    Zip is 99801. The way to ship is in a priority mail flat rate box. My guess is they'll fit in a...

    Zip is 99801. The way to ship is in a priority mail flat rate box. My guess is they'll fit in a medium size box; if not definitely a large flat rate box. A large box is a couple bucks more with I'll cover.
  154. AKSalmon

    I'll give you $100 plus $15 priority shipping to Alaska for the spools. I can pay with PayPal if...

    I'll give you $100 plus $15 priority shipping to Alaska for the spools. I can pay with PayPal if that works. Let me know if that works.
  155. AKSalmon

    Yellows and Turbot Catalina 6/12

    That's different than Arrowtooth Flounder, a fish many call turbot in Alaska. Alaskan turbot are horrible on the table...
  156. AKSalmon

    Avet Pro EXW 30 Free spool issues

    Avet bearings are cheap -- like $6 each -- and they work fine. Rather than try to clean the old bearings, just get new ones from Avet, at least the two spool bearings and the end house (pinion) bearing. Then do a complete service. The free spool on that reel should be excellent.
  157. AKSalmon

    REVIEW COMPARE AVET REELS HX 2-speed HXW 3-speed RAPTOR Gear Shift Button Stick Out Line Capacity

    Just to toot my own horn: I caught a cow on my HXW a couple years ago. The fight took over and hour, and the whole time I was wishing I was fishing my 50T. But fish in the 100# range: The HXW Raptor on a UC Centaur is a great set up. Great.
  158. AKSalmon

    Best Reel Maintenance Thread

    Simplify things: Corrosion-X for everything that turns fast (bearings mostly) and Cal's Drag Grease for everything else including drag washers. I clean the exterior with Penn Rod and Reel Cleaner. For major degreasing, I soak parts n Simple Green for a couple hours, ten brush with a toothbrush...
  159. AKSalmon

    REVIEW COMPARE AVET REELS HX 2-speed HXW 3-speed RAPTOR Gear Shift Button Stick Out Line Capacity

    The HX and HXW Raptor are both good reels but a serious step down from an ATD 50. They work fine with 80# or even 100# in a pinch but are you sure you want to step down that much? That said, my HXW Raptor is my go to reel unless I am sure there are cows around.
  160. AKSalmon

    Mission Belle full day 6-09

    The problem with using circle hooks for yellows is that when you ease up the drag so he'll get hooked in the corner, he's heading for the rocks. Use j-hook and crank him out of the rocks immediately.
  161. AKSalmon

    Braid Dilemma

    That seems odd. Is Pro Spec 100 markedly thicker than Jerry Brown 100? I thought I got a good 500 yards of Jerry Brown on my HXW.
  162. AKSalmon

    Burned on offer up need help

    If it is an older Okuma -- pre-Makaira -- you probably did buy a paperweight. Okuma reels were simply not good before they got with Cal Sheets and upper their game.
  163. AKSalmon

    Double or Triple Surgeons for Heavy mono to Fluoro Connection

    Bad knot choice for spectra to heavy mono.. Try an RP knot: Easy to tie, much smaller than a surgeon's knot. And doesn't fail if tied correctly.
  164. AKSalmon

    2021 Trip to Alaska Recommendation - Family of 7 including a 2 year old

    Check out Tanaku Lodge in Elfin Cove. Lots of salmon, halibut and ling cod plus good people and a great lodge.
  165. AKSalmon

    Advice on fishing small circle hooks

    I used to fish circles unless I was forced to use a small (say 2/0 or smaller) hook, thinking the gap in a small circles isn't wide enough for nicer fish. Last year I used 2/0 and 1/0 circles and managed to land a few fish over 100# and lots in the 40 - 70# range. Small circles can work...
  166. AKSalmon

    Chum Line

    Can be either or both. On sport boat, a few livies are tossed out periodically to keep fish close to the boat, and chunks are often tossed out as well. There are times fish hit the chunk better than live bait.
  167. AKSalmon

    Shipping a fishing rod

    I fly down from Alaska and have just had to bite the bullet. Fedex is cheaper than USPS, but neither will ship a 9 foot rod for less than an arm and a leg. I pay about $200 for a rod tube with 7 rods. This October (if the boats can sail) I'll be bringing a 9 foot two piece rod. It's supposed to...
  168. AKSalmon

    Catalina Island Bluefin rod and reel for $200?

    For that price you are looking used, and a good deal at that. I have been less than impressed with Chinese braids.
  169. AKSalmon

    Hooking up while chunking/trolling for tuna question.

    I don't drop back at all when trolling and a tuna its the jig. And when chunking I always use a circle hook so I don't set the hook: Let the fish take it and slowly move the lever towards strike. Odds are the fish is hooked in the corner of the jaw.
  170. AKSalmon

    Anyone got an opinion on

    I believe all modern level wind reels have plastic idler gears. This is done so that in case you get your finger stuck in the level wind when a fish is running, the plastic will break instead of your finger. IMHO the new Tektas are superior to the originals but you're right: The counter sill...
  171. AKSalmon

    Copyright infrin

    He must think it's a copyright infringement have the same action. But I'll bet anything that when fished the Calstar has a softer action than the Seeker despite what the bend in the picture looks like.
  172. AKSalmon

    Ignoring Members

    Like many of us, I suspect, I am spending more time on Bloody Decks than I have I the past. I learn a lot and enjoy most of the threads. But lately much of it has gotten far too political for me. Most of the politics comes from a rather large handful of people. Rather than fume over the idiocy...
  173. AKSalmon

    Knots! Not speed your speed but...

    I use the RP Knot (essentially a modified Albright) to tie 100# and 130# fluorocarbon to 100# and 130# braid. No failures yet and several fish over 100# and a few over 200#. Tie it carefully and you'll be OK. BTW: I've seen deckhands on the Rooster and Shogun use it, and it's popular on the...
  174. AKSalmon

    Rpt.-Tue.-05-26-20 Big Bass Galore!

    Thanks for releasing all of your fish!!
  175. AKSalmon

    Tsunami Shield Reels?

    Price = value.
  176. AKSalmon

    WTB - Pipe Jigs

    I have a question about pipe jigs. I read somewhere that the lead/copper design emits a small charge that is bad for coral in the event that the jig is snagged and lost. Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks.
  177. AKSalmon

    First time fishing Alaska

    If you do get up there, and the pinks and chums are running, it is legal to use them for bait. For other salmon, you can use only the head, fins and other parts you don't typically eat. But pinks and chums are fair game and good for halibut bait.
  178. AKSalmon

    First time fishing Alaska

    Here's a recent report. It does say everywhere and 100% but there are lots of caveats.
  179. AKSalmon

    First time fishing Alaska

    The opening will not be state wide or 100% in the places that do open. Things are encouraging but be very careful before you commit money to a vacation up here. For example, some restaurants in Juneau will open on Friday but at only 25% of capacity, and people can sit at the same table only if...
  180. AKSalmon

    Possible Good Price on Avets

    Avet is pretty tight on advertising and selling below suggested retail price...
  181. AKSalmon

    Limited production non-glued and greased drag reels

    Ain't gonna happen. The older Avets had a lip on the inside of the spool that held a spring to keep the drag washer in place. The new Avets don't have this lip so it would be very tough to get the drag washer to stay in place. When the glued drag washers came out I didn't like them but after a...
  182. AKSalmon

    What is this fish called

    I ate wild tilapia that were caught while I was in Egypt fishing for Nile perch. It was't bad, but had hardly any flavor. Nile perch, btw, is outstanding for a freshwater fish.
  183. AKSalmon

    How Do They Split $'s On Wicked Tuna?

    Of course, no one gets money util the fish is actually sold some days after the catch, and the selling price is only vaguely related to the price quoted by the fish buyer. It's a fun show, but much -- most? -- of it is staged for TV. At least this is what I was told by a guy who runs a...
  184. AKSalmon

    First time fishing Alaska

    No one knows what will happen. Of course, everyone hopes the problems, including the 14 day quarantine, will be soon eliminated, but I wouldn't count on it. Make travel plans only if they can be cancelled without serious penalty. There will be no cruise ships coming to SE Alaska until August at...
  185. AKSalmon

    First time fishing Alaska

    As of today, if you fly to Alaska this summer, you must stay in quarantine for 14 days. Two weeks in an Anchorage hotel to start a fishing trip doesn't sound like fun. Before you make any plans, you really need to call your lodge or outfitter. In Juneau, at least, charters simply are not running...
  186. AKSalmon

    SOLD Avet JX G2 6/3 MC

    To me, it only makes sense to buy a G2 reel if you want a single speed reel. For two speed, especially if you want MC, the Raptor is only a little more and is a much better reel.
  187. AKSalmon

    Color of your Braid, does it matter?

    Whites o you can see it at night. The color that matters is the leader -- clear fluorocarbon for me; pink for some other people.
  188. AKSalmon

    Small circle hooks... what works??

    Standard Mutu for me. The Light Mutu looks too thin -- but I'm sure the bait would swim well. BTW: When I forced to use hooks this small, I never use a ring and instead tie a perfection loop knot to make the presentation a bit more stealthy.
  189. AKSalmon

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    The dirty little secret we don't want to reveal is this: On long range trips, some sort of flu bug almost always goes around the boat. Fortunately, this bug has always been the sort of thing we can treat with over the counter patent medicine and we're fine a few days after we get home. If the...
  190. AKSalmon

    Is the RP Fishing?

    No according to the RP website.
  191. AKSalmon

    New boat owner, need help

    You can get a basic depth/fish finder for only a little money. It gets expensive only when you get GPS and tracking. IMHO, you shouldn't be out there without a depth finder. That said, look at the chart and head out. Odds are you'll find other boats in the area you want to fish.
  192. AKSalmon

    Rock Hopping on Mother's Day

    Yelloweye catches are a big part of the problem, but not the only part. Quillback are getting tiny; Tigers are extremely hard to find, etc. Commercial fishing is a huge part of the problem, and I wish there was a way to reduce the commercial impact on rockfish (as well as everything else). But...
  193. AKSalmon

    Avet Question, Free vs Bait?

    If you bump up the drag enough (probably too much), when the lever gets to bait there will be a tiny amount of drag -- maybe enough to slow down a larger bait like a mackerel. I never use the bait setting; in fact, I believe Avet has removed that setting from all of their reels. The real issue...
  194. AKSalmon

    Socal Iron help

    $5? That's amazing. If you have room take them all with you.
  195. AKSalmon

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    If you buy a 30 ft. boat for $75,000, you need to plan on a repower, and if you stick in dual inboard diesels, you are talking big money. Big.
  196. AKSalmon

    Rock Hopping on Mother's Day

    Lots of fish tacos there! But I'm curious, and I don't mean to start a shouting match, but what is the daily limit rockfish? I ask because in my part of SE Alaska, the limit is now one per day of pelagic rockfish, zero per day on non-pelagic rockfish, and one per day on slope rockfish. 20 years...
  197. AKSalmon

    Boat names??

    Max's Diner because my cat Max always got a cut of the fish I brought home.
  198. AKSalmon

    Really tough dirt stain on nonskid deck

    If you don't have a power washer, get some Clorox Cleanup. Spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub it. You deck will be white again. At least that's what I do on my Parker.
  199. AKSalmon


    Metered line is great; however, if there is very much current it's still hard to determine how deep you are.
  200. AKSalmon

    Bluefin Rigging question.

    Fill your reel with solid 80# and tie an RP knot to a 15 or 20 ft. fluorocarbon leader. Use the leader size recommended by the deckhands. Done.
  201. AKSalmon

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    I want to fish too!! But the virus is here, it does spread widely -- and there is no reliable treatment for it. It does hit older people more often than younger people, but it can hit anyone. We need to be careful. I can't imagine there is any way that we can be safe on a long range boat. Not...
  202. AKSalmon

    Cant post pics

    Open and save your pictures as jpeg files and you should have an option as to the resolution. Lower resolution will shrink the files.
  203. AKSalmon

    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    "What happens if someone gets seasick and they think it's Covaid?? People get sick all the time and wish they could go home!!!!!!" Chunk bait?
  204. AKSalmon

    Newell drag help...

    Your drag plates may be out of order. They need to alternate so that the eared drag washers are second and fourth in the stack. If they are next to each other you'll get less drag.
  205. AKSalmon

    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    Perhaps someone can answer this: Disinfecting is typically done with Lysol or something similar. These products stop bacteria very effectively if applied carefully. How well do they stop viruses? Less effectively, I'm sure. But is it effective enough to clean the boat over a week or longer trip?
  206. AKSalmon

    Anyone know what these jigs are good for?

    I've had luck on them for oversize ling cod up here in SE Alaska.
  207. AKSalmon

    Is Avet open?

    Odds are the pinion bearing is toast.
  208. AKSalmon

    Update from the American Angler

    Well, I bought my plane ticket and the five of us are busy buying tackle we don't need in order to get ready, but it's not up to us. I must say that giving a couple pieces of that bluefin to friends has made everyone -- even non traveling wives! -- anxious to get down there. But Alaska is all...
  209. AKSalmon

    Tsunami Forged reel

    Service and parts?
  210. AKSalmon

    SOLD NIB Penn International V 30VW $350

    You'll be lucky to get $350 for a single speed wide 30...
  211. AKSalmon

    Colt sniper split rings

    Whoops, I forgot to answer the question. I replace the trebles with Owner Aki singles and feel the split rings are strong enough for the 40# and 50# I fish with Cot Snipers.
  212. AKSalmon

    Colt sniper split rings

    Related question: Does anyone out a swivel on the front of their Colt Snipers? Does it adversely affect the action?
  213. AKSalmon

    Triple Header on Halibut While Trolling Oyster Point SF Bay

    Is there a minimum size on California halibut?
  214. AKSalmon

    WTB HXW Raptor 3speed silver or gunmetal

    A well intentioned comment: I love my 2-speed HXW Raptor and have to wonder about a 3-speed: The low gear on the 2-speed is only 1.9:1, and given the low diameter spool (much less than a 50 or even a 30), I get lots of torque in low, and the two models have the same high gear. Have you used a...
  215. AKSalmon

    Update from the American Angler

    Thanks for that announcement. If the rest of the fleet would issue statements, quite a few LR fishermen would sleep better and maybe even drink a little less. Maybe.
  216. AKSalmon

    Captain Alec Robbie on Let’s talk Hookup Sunday 5-3-2020

    Alec is a great guy. I fished with him once on the Rooster. But what did he say on Let's Talk Hookup? Inquiring minds want to know!
  217. AKSalmon


    I love to fish flat falls. Except on a drifting boat with 25 anglers on the same side letting their jigs fall slowly. Lots of tangles. Lots. But also some fish...
  218. AKSalmon

    When will we get grander BFT in SoCal?

    I've been lucky enough to get a small handful of 100# BFT within a couple days of San Diego, but I've seen lots of reports of 300# fish being caught in recent years. But they catch **much** larger models on the East Coast. Are Pacific and Atlantic fish genetically distinct? Is there record of...
  219. AKSalmon

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    I want to go fishing! And I have a trip lined up for the fall (one of the Red Rooster October 8 day trips). But for the life of me, I can't understand how to keep social distance while dining, and wearing a mask at the dinner table is problematic. I can't understand how to keep the virus off the...
  220. AKSalmon

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    This may be relevant: Alaska gets 1.4 million cruise ship passengers every summer. So far, cruises accounting for over 800,000 passengers have cancelled. There will be no cruise ships at all through July, and no indication when or if cruise ships will be up here after July.
  221. AKSalmon

    Floro other than seaguar?

    I've tried several but always come back to Seaguar Premier. It's soft (for fluorocarbon) and holds knots well. It does break very close to its actual rating -- which is fine as long as you know that.
  222. AKSalmon

    Kite fishing on LR boats

    I've got my 50W filled with 130# hollow with about 100 feet of 200# hollow spliced on top. That's a fairly common way to spool a kite reel targeting big fish.
  223. AKSalmon

    B52 bucktails anyone?

    I hate to be stupid, but what is so special about a B52 Bucktail? Can someone post a picture. I don't believe I have ever seen one.
  224. AKSalmon


    In addition to the oil port, be sure to put a few drops of oil on the level wind worm gear. BTW: Many sporting d]goods stores sell Abu Garcia oil -- as well as Penn oil (better) and Corrosion-X (best). TS 321 is great too but harder to find.
  225. AKSalmon

    Returning Bloated Rock cod Or Other Deep Caught Fish

    A few years ago, I saw a long liner tossing yellowed rockfish overboard because they were out of season (he was fishing halibut). There must have been 50 floating fish, and many were 10# or better. I scooped up one to take home but had to leave the rest to die because the sport limit was one pr...
  226. AKSalmon

    Good Day All:

    Very few reels are "sealed." Most conventional reels have drainage hole to let out the salt water that inevitably gets inside the reel. Good anodization will reduce the corrosion form this intrusion, but unless the reel is popped open, serviced and greased, corrosion is the inevitable result.
  227. AKSalmon

    Good Day All:

    I should leave this alone but can't. I've been servicing reels full time since 2001. Until I had hand surgery a couple years ago, I was averaging over 1100 reels per year. I do have a bit of experience. So: The reasons machined frames can fetch a higher price than cast frames is that they are...
  228. AKSalmon

    Good Day All:

    Avets are made with machined aluminum; Speedmasters are made with cast aluminum. Machined aluminum is stronger and can be anodized.
  229. AKSalmon

    CBD for seasickness prevention?

    I actually prefer Mary Ann and take her at least daily while on the boat.
  230. AKSalmon

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    And : Get another gaff!
  231. AKSalmon

    Spool/ Handle Binding

    Wow. I've probably worked on a hundred of these reels but I never knew that Avet called the bearing the prest bearing. On their smaller reels they call it the end housing bearing. But everyone else calls it the pinion bearing because the pinion gear fits into it. That's the bearing you need, #70.
  232. AKSalmon

    Spool/ Handle Binding

    To see the pinion bearing, you need to remove the 2 speed mechanism so you can remove the handle. The gear shaft with attached two main gears will drop out. You'll then see the pinion bearing in the center of the right side plate. The pinion bearing is, by far, the most common problem on all...
  233. AKSalmon

    Opinions before I pull the trigger

    I'd get nothing shorter than a 7 ft. rod even for yo yo. You need a long rod to keep the fish away from the boat in the final circles. Also, I don't know that particular rod you are considering, but I have yet to see a rod rated 20 - 50 that I would want to fish 50# line on. A 30 - 80 rod might...
  234. AKSalmon

    Spool/ Handle Binding

    If the left side end bearing is frozen, then intends to be replaced. But your symptoms really sound like the pinion bearing. Pull it and put it between your fingers, put pressure on it and see if there is **any** gritty feeing. If so, it needs to be replaced as well.
  235. AKSalmon

    Spool/ Handle Binding

    The pinion bearing is bad, either from salt (most likely) or from setting the drag too high. Avet calls the pinion bearing something like end housing bearing. It is the bearing in the right side plate that the pinion fits into.
  236. AKSalmon

    Fathom post trip maintenance

    If you are fishing the star drag fathoms, you need to be sure the anti-reverse bearing is clean; the least little bit of salt can cause serious problems. So: Remove the handle and the star, and then the right side plate. Clean everything with a toothbrush, and while you're in there, brush on...
  237. AKSalmon

    Long Range shutdown?

    Perhaps this is suggestive: Cruise ships will not be coming to SE Alaska until July at the earliest. And given that my home, Juneau (pop. 30,000), gets 1.2 million cruise ship passengers every summer, there will be huge economic consequences. The local charter fleet may not survive this summer.
  238. AKSalmon

    Avet Reel comparison To okuma and penn

    Look at the reguar width HX Raptor (not the wide HXW or narrow HXJ). If you can't try one at a shop, you are at a disadvantage but the HX Raptor is a fine reel you'll be able to use even if you decide to add to it with another reel.
  239. AKSalmon

    Avet Reel comparison To okuma and penn

    You'll find people who like Avet, people who like Penn, and people who like Okuma. They are all good reels. The Avet HX Raptor is the closest in size to the Mak 15 and Penn 12. You will need to fish them all to decide which is best for you.
  240. AKSalmon

    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    I hope you're right Mike. I am worried that my October 8 day won't go; it's not at all clear to me that testing and treatment will have progressed enough for long range boats to sail. And in the meantime, I am **stil** waiting on my fish from my March 15 day to be shipped. Both 5 Star and Alaska...
  241. AKSalmon

    More new applicants for crew

    Serious question: Does Bloody Decks have a no nipples rule? Why??
  242. AKSalmon

    Wahoo cable

    How about 300# mono? That is how the RedRooster is now rigging their wahoo lures. Very few are bit off and they think they get more bites.
  243. AKSalmon

    Anyone Know The Hippo Reel?

    The Penn 310 has this option as well.
  244. AKSalmon

    Torium 30 Service Glitch - Stumped

    Make sure your metal drag plates are seated correctly.
  245. AKSalmon

    Anyone Remember Herter's?

    I lived in Spain in the first half of the 1960s because my father was stationed in the embassy. We got the Herter's catalogue every year and ordered our fishing, camping and hunting tackle from it. I kept the catalogue all year long to read over and over -- until the next year's catalogue came out.
  246. AKSalmon

    Penn 4/0 SS gears-- 3.25:1 ratio??

    I do not believe Penn ever made steel or bronze gears for the 113H that were 4:1; they were all 3.25:1. The only older 4/0 gears that were steel and 4:1 were made by Accurate and Newell. There are some 4:1 gears made today as well, but I have yet to actually see any.
  247. AKSalmon

    Penn 4/0 SS gears-- 3.25:1 ratio??

    The original 113H gears were steel and 3.25:1, and given the look of your reel --external access to drag washers, maroon instead of red, etc. -- yours looks like an old model. I suspect the gears are stock.
  248. AKSalmon

    Damaged Goods 4/11 w/ ???

    Sorry, but what is a "FKW"?
  249. AKSalmon

    The day is fast approaching...

    This thread scares me. Too many people seem to be anxious to reject what legitimate medical sources are telling us. My guess is that as soon as these people find out that a loved one has been diagnosed, taken to the hospital and told that there is nothing that can be done, they will rethink...
  250. AKSalmon

    Interchangeable gears

    I believe only the external gears are interchangeable on the models, but have to admit I'm not sure.
  251. AKSalmon

    Broken hx

    The tutorials on the Tani site are great. However, almost all deal with servicing reels as opposed to fixing reels, and I'm certain that this particular problem is not on the site. And I am always worried about reels that come into my shop if the customer has tried to fix them himself.
  252. AKSalmon

    Can you help me identify and value

    You could post a question on the ORCA (Old Reel Collector Association) and get answers. But gee, this discussion began several years ago. Are the reels still waiting on a valuation?
  253. AKSalmon

    Broken hx

    I can't say for sure, but it looks like an expensive fix. It looks to me like the gear shaft coming out of the reel is buggered and must be replaced. There is a screw under the two speed mechanism that screws into that shaft. That screw should be cheap, but the shaft won't be. The shaft rides on...
  254. AKSalmon

    Broken hx

    It depends on specifically how it broke off. A picture would help. Also, and not to bum you out, but if the handle actually broke off, there is a reasonable chance that something else happened -- bent the drive shaft, etc.
  255. AKSalmon

    Guadalupe Island White Sharks

    They are typically gone by late October or November. At least most of them are gone. There are still enough to make things interesting.
  256. AKSalmon

    Scam Pop Ups on BD?

    If I get it again I'll post a screen shot. I saw it on a Macintosh laptop with the current system and version of Safari.
  257. AKSalmon

    Scam Pop Ups on BD?

    Yes! I almost fell for it. BD needs t police this sort of thing.
  258. AKSalmon


    I have to interrupt the conversation: All Raptor reels have a **single** carbon fiber drag washer that is pressured by drag plates on each side. It has extra drag because of this but saying it has "dual" drag isn't quite correct, regardless of what Avet's promotional literature says. I love my...
  259. AKSalmon

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Are these for sale? I'd take at least one!!
  260. AKSalmon

    2x4 osp

    I fish mine with 100# spectra , 80# or 100# short fluorocarbon top shot, and 28# drag at strike.
  261. AKSalmon

    Slowing my troll? Halibut bounce balling question

    Bite the bullet and buy a dedicated trolling motor. Something like a 4 stroke Yamaha 10 or 8HT. That would be the easiest to fish and you'd have back up power in case your main goes down.
  262. AKSalmon

    Surface iron?

    I'll bet anything the "M" should be a "FT". The pictures d not show anything close to 62 feet long.
  263. AKSalmon

    Chandeleur Island Report

    What do you do with that many true?? I've always thought they're great on the table but didn't freeze well.
  264. AKSalmon

    I’m a newbie

    Find someone who knows off shore boating and fishing to take out the first few times you go out.
  265. AKSalmon

    SOLD Flat Side Slammer 6-Pack

    I don't believe those are Flat Falls. They are knife jigs or butterfly jigs. Still catch fish but not as often on the drop as Flat Falls.
  266. AKSalmon

    red rooster boat work

    I believe that Andy did say what needed to be done, but I don't recall what he said. (I wouldn't understand what it was anyway...)
  267. AKSalmon

    red rooster boat work

    On the boat last month, Andy said that for the particular work that needed to be done, it was good quality and actually cheaper than if it was done in Sandy Eggo.
  268. AKSalmon

    Yellowtail hooks?

    I was taught to put one hook in the mouth and leave the other two outside the mouth. It seemed to work, but now I refer a large j-hook (i.e., Owner Gorilla 7/0) in the mouth through the roof.
  269. AKSalmon

    Best of BD Offshore / Inshore videos.....

    I heard there were strippers on the boat.
  270. AKSalmon

    For Sale All parker owners need these

    I'll take one! What do I need to do to get one?
  271. AKSalmon

    Swordfish Caught on Sportboat

    Slightly off topic: Why are swordfish called "Elvis"?
  272. AKSalmon

    new website sucks balls

    Personally, I don't know what it's like to suck balls.
  273. AKSalmon

    BET & Gorilla encounters

    If you tried for a slam in The Atlantic, you could get BET, BFT, YFT, Albacore and blackfin tuna. That would be special.
  274. AKSalmon

    Question on Penn Warfare star drag combo for Slow Trolling-King mackerel

    I don't mean to be impertinent, but the Warfare is a. bottom of the line Penn reel. If you are trolling for kings, I suspect you'd like better equipment. The Squall series is a definite step up from the Warfare, and the Fathom series is even better.
  275. AKSalmon

    I found my dream boat!

    If it doesn't come with a helicopter deck, I just don't want it.
  276. AKSalmon

    Targetting opah

    "BET is a BigEyeTuna. Gorilla is a large one." I get it. Thanks. I've only been tuna fishing for a dozen years or so and have never seen a BET, much less an Opah. But I have eaten grilled Opah at Mitch's seafood several times. It's excellent.
  277. AKSalmon

    Targetting opah

    I'm missing something. In the context of targeting Opah, what is a "gorilla", and what is a "BET"?
  278. AKSalmon

    Fading drag on Raptors

    All of the major companies, to my knowledge, use woven carbon fiber drag washers, essentially identical to Penn HT-100s. Avet is the only company that does not grease their drag washers. Many people grease Avet drag washers both to reduce corrosion issues and to make drag start up smoother. One...
  279. AKSalmon

    El Budster

    Yes, I used to fish with them frequently. I aways caught fish and the captain and mates were great guys. Jim Dillon, of San Diego, is a part owner.
  280. AKSalmon

    Fading drag on Raptors

    The little research I've done has lead me to conclude the it probably is heat build up that caused the drags to fade. I absolutely love my Raptors (JX, LX, and HX) but as I studying the schematics and doing some thinking, I suspect that these reels are especially prone to drag fade. Why? Because...
  281. AKSalmon

    Avet JX Raptor 6/3 service video

    Good video, but you really should show how to remove the pinion bearing and explain why and when it needs to be replaced. Also, a video showing how to get the Raptors together after a full service would be great. As you know, it's tricky getting the right side and spool together correctly before...
  282. AKSalmon

    Long Range shutdown?

    FTL and Time Travel are the two most important implications.
  283. AKSalmon

    Long Range shutdown?

    When I was 15 my father took me to his deer camp for the first time. There were 6 of us all together, and we got there two days before the season opened, The night we got there, my father said a few things things to establish camp policy. One thing I remembered is this: We don't talk about...
  284. AKSalmon

    Penn for sabiki rod

    Make sure the rod has a gimble so you can strap into the harness.
  285. AKSalmon

    Post your last fishing Pic!

    Big Mac on the dropper loop.
  286. AKSalmon

    Red Rooster March 15 Day

    I always bring home fish and have 5-Star ship it. This time, I had right at 200 pounds processed; I hope to get over 100# of filets to Alaska.
  287. AKSalmon

    3/22 Social Distancing / Yegua Creek In The Rain

    Question: I used to catch lots of white bass in Wisconsin rivers and lakes. I finally realized they just weren't very good on the table and stopped fishing for them. In my opinion, they are vastly inferior to all of the other panfish I caught -- crappie, walleye, and perch mostly. Are Texas...
  288. AKSalmon

    Red Rooster March 15 Day

    I was on my 10th consecutive 15 day long range trip on the Red Rooster. Reports weren’t encouraging but I was more than happy to get away from the cold and snow in my home of Juneau, Alaska. And I was looking forward seeing my fishing buddies, having a few beers, and telling the requisite number...
  289. AKSalmon

    Post your last fishing Pic!

    Got my personal best yellowtail (43#) on the Red Rooster last week.
  290. AKSalmon

    Yellowtail hooks?

    What is the best hook to use for yellowtail when fishing a mac on the dropper loop?
  291. AKSalmon

    FG vs RP

    I agree! The RP is quick and it has never failed me up to 130#.
  292. AKSalmon

    How much line needed for 100lb BFT?

    I just caught -- with considerable help from the deck hand -- a 135# bluefin on a JX Raptor loaded wth 300 yards of 65# braid and a short 30# Seaguar Premier top shot. I never saw the spool but got very close a couple times.
  293. AKSalmon

    WTB Seasick patches

    My understanding is that the patches are bad for people with high blood pressure. I think this is why thy are prescribed -- so that a physician can determine whether they are safe for an individual.
  294. AKSalmon

    My shop is a Penn warranty station! I asked about this when I got the reel and someone else on...

    My shop is a Penn warranty station! I asked about this when I got the reel and someone else on this board said it depended on how much resistance there was. I checked the pinion bearing and it seemed fine. So I fished it. It's gotten worse and made it hard to land a nice tuna last week. I'll...
  295. AKSalmon

    20 VISX issue

    Tani said it had to be the pinion bearing. It feels good to me but I just ordered a replacement. Sometimes a bad bearing only shows when the bearing is under pressure -- more pressure than I can put on wit my fingers.
  296. AKSalmon

    20 VISX issue

    I love my Penn 20VISX except for one thing: There is resistance when turning the handle. On most reels I'd automatically assume there is a bad pinion bearing but the pinion bearing is fine. What else can be causing the problem? The reel is almost unfishable at high drag with a high fish. Thanks...
  297. AKSalmon

    Fading drag on Raptors

    I've been lucky enough to catch a couple large fish on my Raptors -- a 100# YFT on my LX Raptor and a 135# BFT on my JX Raptor (on 30# line -- but I got lots of help from Jason the deckhand). On both fish the drag started to fade after about a hour of fight. What causes this? And what can I do...
  298. AKSalmon

    cow tuna sardine hooks

    I use ringed Owner Super Mutu hooks, in sizes between 4/0 and 6/0 depending on the size of the bait. Super Mutus are the most popular hook on the trips I fish.
  299. AKSalmon

    WTB Exercise bike

    Spend a Saturday morning at garage sales and you'll find several for sale cheap.
  300. AKSalmon

    Going to Cabo by myself.

    If the weather is good, super oranges can easily get to where there are marlin. Plus you could probably afford to fish a couple days on a panga.
  301. AKSalmon

    Thickness of drag washers.

    It depends on what reel the drag washers are going in.
  302. AKSalmon


    Striped marlin are in Cabo pretty much year round, so just find a time you can go and book a boat for three days. You'll catch your marlin.
  303. AKSalmon

    ACID Wraping Rail Rod Advice

    Does acid wrapping affect casting?
  304. AKSalmon

    processors who can fish

    My understanding that none of the processors who meet the boats do canning any more.
  305. AKSalmon

    Honest Mistake

    Did you get a good buzz?
  306. AKSalmon


    Call Jim Dillon at El Budster and he'll set you up. You may be surprised how reasonable the cruisers are too.
  307. AKSalmon

    Any news on the stardrag

    **I** don't want or need a level wind -- but lots of people fishing for salmon want one.
  308. AKSalmon

    Penn 6/0 (114H) for wahoo trolling?

    The Daiwa 400H is great reel -- but really needs its drag washers upgraded to carbon fiber.
  309. AKSalmon

    Salas PL68?

    What is "mousetrapping"?
  310. AKSalmon

    Slack tide crawl tonight

    What kind of crab was that big one? I know the lobsters and dungies; the big crab look like a snow crab or something.
  311. AKSalmon

    Mid April Charter recommendation

    Yea, rooster fish and wahoo are present, but aren't too common in Cabo. Offshore, marlin and dorado are the most common; inshore it Sierra mackerel plus some bottom fish depending on season.
  312. AKSalmon

    Penn 6/0 (114H) for wahoo trolling?

    It is easy to make the drag on a 114H butter smooth: lightly greased carbon fiber drag washers and flat metal drag plates. And I'd much prefer a smooth drag than an strange theory that says a jerky drag is good -- for anything.
  313. AKSalmon

    Mid April Charter recommendation

    Check out El Budster. Great boats, great captains, and one of the owners, Jim Dillon, Iives in Sandy Eggo.
  314. AKSalmon

    Avet 30EXW Reels

    I have to agree that something close to $250 is a more reasonable price. For me at least, I am always anxious about line -- I can't tell what shape is in without stripping much of it, and we don't now the brand or even the test. And a complete service is always a great idea on all used reels...
  315. AKSalmon

    Ever Eat Roosterfish?

    I've been told that small roosters are fine on the table but that larger ones are almost inedible.
  316. AKSalmon

    Penn Torque 25n 6:1

    Think about it before you upgrade the handle: A key to wahoo jig fishing is being able to crank the jig as fast as possible. For me at least, if the handle is too big I can't crank as fast.
  317. AKSalmon

    Penn Torque 25n 6:1

    Great reel for wahoo -- assuming you can cast it and don't hook up with a tuna because 6:1 might make it hard to turn the handle at the boat. No problem with most wahoo however.
  318. AKSalmon

    Any news on the stardrag

    I heard a rumor that Avet was going to offer a level wind version of their star drag MXL. Any truth to this?
  319. AKSalmon

    Lobster Hooping Lucky Catch!

    I was in Norway 2 years ago and talked to fishermen who were fishing king crab in the far north of Norway. Clawed (Maine) lobsters have been appearing in French and Spanish fish markets for years.
  320. AKSalmon

    Lobster Hooping Lucky Catch!

    Both Maine lobsters and Alaska king crab have been showing up for several years in Europe.
  321. AKSalmon

    Forum Introduction

    You know you posted this on the Accurate Fishing reels message board, right?
  322. AKSalmon

    Vagabond Closing!

    Are they both train wrecks? The Pearl and the Point Loma Inn?
  323. AKSalmon

    Vagabond Closing!

    Any thoughts on the Point Loma Inn or The Pearl? I too have stayed only at the Vagabond and have to find somewhere else for October!
  324. AKSalmon

    Trying to set two atd50s drag preset

    I absolutely love my 50T, and when I have on a big fish, there isn't a reel I'd rather be using. But setting the preset is much too complex to do on the boat. I do it after the trip when I service my reels at home, but as far as I know, every other reel makes it easier.
  325. AKSalmon

    Question about atd 50s

    You should post this on the Accurate Board.
  326. AKSalmon

    Downrigger Upgrade

    One thing to consider is repair and service. Up here people use both Scotty and Cannon downriggers. Both are good -- but both occasionally need repairs (like the auto stop on a Scotty). Fortunately they can be repaired locally. I'm not sure you can say the same thing about Magnum Metalz. And...
  327. AKSalmon

    Best (without breaking the bank) Deepwater reel

    You may want to rethink your two speed preference: The high gear may get the bait up fast but high speed gears have speed, not power. If you fish 3 or 4 pounds of lead to get deep, you'll likely be using low gear more than high gear. A single speed reel with 4:1 gars is about right. BTW: I now...
  328. AKSalmon

    ATD 6

    The problem with using the ATD6 for big fish is its line capacity: It's listed as holding 450 yards of 50#. IMHO, that's not enough for a 150# tuna, at least not in an anchored boat. The ATD12 is a great "finesse" cow reel; the ATD6 is just too small.
  329. AKSalmon

    HXJ as a kite reel?

    If you're lucky you might get 300 yards of 80# solid on an HXJ. If that's enough, it would probably work. I would be careful with the amount of drag I used to crank in the kite. More than about 20# of drag and you'll fry the pinion bearing on an HXJ.
  330. AKSalmon

    And then I woke up...

    Last year on the Rooster, one of the passengers freaked out when he realized he forgot his fleshlight. Fortunately, several other guys offered to lend them theirs.
  331. AKSalmon

    Avet SX 5.3 actual 50lb and 65lb braid capacities?

    50# or 65# line is better for bottom fishing because it is thinner and catches the current less than 80#. And I find it hard to break even 50# line.
  332. AKSalmon

    Ideas for great trip to AK for my family (best bang for the buck)

    With a family, I'd probably recommend Sitka. But do some checking and be aware of the very restrictive fishing regulations these days.
  333. AKSalmon

    Tern 400 drag

    What is the fix? What do you do? If it is simple, most of us would rather not spend the time and money to send our reels in.
  334. AKSalmon

    Do you top shot?

    Salmon: 80' topshot of 25# mono. Shock absoprtion but main line is spectra because we drag balls deep (up to 550' of DR Spectra out). You fish 550 feet deep for salmon?? I rarely go as deep as 200 feet in SE Alaska, even off shore.
  335. AKSalmon

    Only turn 40 once…

    Do something truly unique! When I turned 50 I went to Mongolia to fish for hucho taimen, the largest salmonid in the world. I went with a Mongolian outfitter so it was pretty hard core -- but I caught and released 5 taimen, the largest maybe 70 pounds. A few years later, when I got good news on...
  336. AKSalmon

    Good starter rod/reel set up for guests and kids?

    Those are good choices, although I'd probably rethink the non-level wind Squall 15 for kids. And let me add one thing: The Squall reels are good low end reels. Don't try to economize on even lower level reels -- the Penn Warfare, etc.
  337. AKSalmon

    Cow jig reel?

    I had a piggy back fish at Hurricane Bank a few years ago. I fought the fish for an hour before I lost it at color. It was a big fish but whether it was a cow I can't say. At least I got back my PL-68 (in white/glow).
  338. AKSalmon

    Looking for a halibut charter out of Seward, July 2020

    The boat you rented may have spots already on the fish finder...
  339. AKSalmon

    Cow jig reel?

    Look at the Penn 20VIX. Plenty of drag, excellent free spool, and the high gear is great for jigs. If you haven't seen one, it's call a 20 but it's very close to the same size as an Avet 30. And for jigging, you'll love the silent dogs.
  340. AKSalmon

    Elfin Cove question

    For Area 3A: All Tuesdays/Wednesdays closed, 2 fish daily bag limit, one any size, one less than or equal to 26” and status quo on annual 4 fish limit, no crew fish, one trip per day For Area 2C: One fish daily bag limit, reverse slot limit Under 40"/Over 80"
  341. AKSalmon

    Guidance Requested - OSP 4X

    It'll work fine.
  342. AKSalmon

    AG Revo 4 Inshore or Shimano Tranx 300?

    I have and like my Lexa 400HD. You should check it out. It's available for under $200 online.
  343. AKSalmon

    For Sale What is an old school Avet LX 4.1.1 worth?

    The very first Avets had optional clickers, so you have one of the very first. If the bearings are OK and it looks good, it's probably worth something close to $150 to the right buyer.
  344. AKSalmon

    Alaska with the wife planning.

    If it were me, I wouldn't try to see all of Alaska in two weeks. Maybe make two stops; don't spend the whole vacation driving an RV. Realize that there are very few roads in Alaska so driving is limited -- and the roads are frequently traffic filled in the summer. if it were me, I'd spend a week...
  345. AKSalmon

    Which 100lb Pink Fluorocarbon?

    I prefer short leaders -- 10 or 15 feet at most-- because there is less weight for the sardine to tow. I do rig my big bait rods with long leaders,
  346. AKSalmon

    Cabo memorial day

    I've had good luck on El Budster. Good guys and good fishermen. One of the owners is from San Diego.
  347. AKSalmon

    What Happened to Softscience boat shoes?

    They do have them on Amazon but in very few sizes (and not mine, of course). It well could be that Soft Science is out of business...
  348. AKSalmon

    Elfin Cove question

    Elfin Cove has truly excellent fishing. Tanaku Lodge may be the best lodge out there, but also check out Eagle Charters and lodge as well. I like it from mid-June through the end of August.
  349. AKSalmon

    Funny Boat Names

    "Clever Boat Name"
  350. AKSalmon

    Recreational Drug Usage

    Curious. I've caught tuna on puffers fished under the kite. Does the buzz make tuna fight harder or mellow out??
  351. AKSalmon

    Star Drags on Closeout

    All gone...
  352. AKSalmon

    Munson Sportfish, walk around 55', lower and upper helm QUAD Yamaha 425s

    So, if I had a boat with 4 outboards, would I be more attractive to the hot babes? That has to be the reason to buy this boat. Has to be.
  353. AKSalmon

    Mag Bay Magtrack lures

    There was quite a discussion on the LR Board a couple weeks ago. The lures ran true and caught lots of fish. But at least one was cracked and had to be removed from the troll.
  354. AKSalmon

    general tuna set up questions (60-80lb gear)

    80# or 100# braid; you can't break either although 100# might have a bit more abrasion resistance. And I prefer solid: It's much cheaper and I'm confident in my connections to fluorocarbon. I use an RP knot but others like the FG knot or other knots. Pick one and be sure you can tie it well...
  355. AKSalmon

    New website hard to use

    Spend a few minutes and you'll figure it out. I don't like how it looks but it performs well.
  356. AKSalmon

    Tiny lever drags

    Wow. Any smaller than an SXJ and my thumb wouldn't fit on the spool for casting. And I have small hands like Trump!
  357. AKSalmon

    What’s your first memory of fishing?

    I was 4 years old when my parents took me and my 5 year old sister fishing. It was in a lake not far from San Diego. My father parked me, my sister and my mother on the bank and left us with cane pole and worms. He walked away with his fly rod trying to catch crappie. He was just out of site...
  358. AKSalmon


    Contrary to the popular myth, Avet bearings are not universally bad. (The very first Avets did ship with some bad bearings but that problem was fixed long ago.) Now if you have a bad bearing, odds are saltwater gotten in or you fished the drag too tight and crushed the pinion bearing. That can...
  359. AKSalmon

    First time fishing Alaska

    King salmon fishing in all of SE Alaska has been very slow or closed for the last few years. You might consider going to Homer or Seward, or at the very least, call your lodge in Ketchikan and see what they say.
  360. AKSalmon

    Penn Visx 20 or 30?

    Unless I am mistaken, the 30 has a cross bar while the 20 does not. This makes the 20 a better reel for casting.
  361. AKSalmon

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Why don't we, the San Diego LR Fleet, voluntarily initiate limit reductions?
  362. AKSalmon

    Fishing in Egypt

    It was about 10 years ago, and yes, the Lake Nasser fishery does though ups and downs, but my understanding is that they are still catching fish -- at least according to the periodic emails I get from African Angler.
  363. AKSalmon

    Trip Selection Priorities

    My priority is timing. If I can go, I go. If I can't, I don't. Everything else is secondary.
  364. AKSalmon

    Large Krocodile lures

    They haven't been made for several years. They were made of brass which got too expensive. The current Krocodiles are made of steel, not brass, and don't catch as many fish as the old ones.
  365. AKSalmon

    Fishing in Egypt

    Yea, we caught some catfish in Aswan Lake as well, but no big ones. I also caught a few tiger fish, but again, nothing big. My biggest Nile perch weighed 75 pounds, and I caught lots in the 30 - 40# range. I trolled a big Rapala and cast swim jigs off the shore. Fluorocarbon is a must: The water...
  366. AKSalmon

    Fishing in Egypt

    I fished for Nile perch in Lake Asswan, a dammed up portion of the Nile river, with African Angler. You can find them online. I went on a week long mothership fishing safari, but African Angler can arrange short even one day trips.
  367. AKSalmon

    Nomad Madmacs

    I had an original Maurader I got at a garage sale for $1.00. I was a discontinued color -- orange carp -- and had never been fished. It went 6 for 7 before the front hook was ripped off. It is now on the wall.
  368. AKSalmon

    3 days in the salt

    So what's the story about your wood duck? He's cute and all, but I can't imagine he'd be good on the table.
  369. AKSalmon

    Nomad Madmacs

    It looks great for the action it has had. But do notice this: It's an already discontinued color.
  370. AKSalmon

    Nomad Madmacs

    Only slightly off topic: Has anyone trolled with a Nomad Madscad? I have one but have yet to put it in the water. My DTX Minnow is now up to 12 fish and there isn't a reason to change -- at least as long as my DTX swims well. It was responsible for 7 fish the past September.
  371. AKSalmon

    Penn International 16 vis upgrading drags

    It's not just the drag washers that need to be upgraded; it's actually quite a bit, but Im sure it could be done.
  372. AKSalmon

    Avet HXW raptor with MC?

    Perhaps I am wrong. Call Avet and get the real answer. It can be hard to get email replies...
  373. AKSalmon

    Avet HXW raptor with MC?

    The HLW handle is not adjustable so there is only one hole for attachment. I believe the MC version of the HLW Raptor is very new so only a few (i.e., 24) may have been manufactured so far.
  374. AKSalmon

    New okuma makaira 50wiisea

    For Southern California BFT and YFT, I'd recommend a Makaira SE 20 or new Penn International 20 filled with 100 or 130 and the top shot recommended by the boat. Even those reels are big for the matter at hand, but there's little chance that you'll tie into something you couldn't handle. If you...
  375. AKSalmon

    New okuma makaira 50wiisea

    Not to be a problem, but are you sure you want to fish a 50W? Given the size of modern lines, you can almost certainly get by with a 30 or even a Makaira or Penn 20. These reels have plenty of drag, hold more than enough line -- and are so much easier to hold and fish. I use a 50W on the kite...
  376. AKSalmon

    Happy New Year... Who is getting ready to go Long Range Fishing 2020 style

    I have to wait until February 28 to board the Rooster for a 15 day. I'm going with a new group: Several people from the Loftus and Martin trips, plus guys from Sonny Jones/Pelagic trips. It should be a great way to fish with new guys and learn new things. But we don't leave for two months!
  377. AKSalmon

    Upgrade HXW raptor to Mak SEA20?

    100# hollow with a wind on leader is how many would fish that reel (perhaps on a UC Centaur). But I've all but switched away from wind ons. I now tie an RP knot as my connection and have yet to have a failure after several years and a couple cows. Another advantage: Solid braid is much cheaper...
  378. AKSalmon

    Upgrade HXW raptor to Mak SEA20?

    The HXW Raptor can handle cow tuna -- I've caught one and seen several other caught -- but it's not the reel I would pick for cows. If you are expecting to get cows get a different reel, but if the cows chances are slim, the HXW is a great reel to fish for calf tuna. And you'd save money...
  379. AKSalmon

    Looking for a new tackle box....

    I recently got one of the new Daiwa bags; I just couldn't resist the $69 price on Charkbait. I think it's worth the price but: The individual tackle boxes are made of thinner plastic than most (i.e., Plano). The front is closed only with a top velcro strip. There are no zippers on the sides so...
  380. AKSalmon


    Strange. Penn is discontinuing its high end star drag just when Accurate and Avet are coming out with their high end star drags.
  381. AKSalmon

    Just got my new Avet - love it...

    If you spool bearings are bad it's because of one thing: Saltwater intrusion. Rinsing your reels after every fishing trip is mandatory -- but so is opening it up periodically to clean and lube the insides. There is no way to prevent saltwater from getting inside.
  382. AKSalmon

    Lx g2 rod option

    The LX G2 will easily fish line heavier than 40#. You might rethink the blank.
  383. AKSalmon

    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    You're quail hunting, right? Get a side by side in a gauge no larger than 20 gauge!
  384. AKSalmon

    Hx reels for 2020

    Not good for halibut up here: 5.4:1 is just too fast if you are using 2 pounds of lead.
  385. AKSalmon

    Just got my new Avet - love it...

    It's always good to have spare replacement bearings; however, the design of the Raptor is such that the pinion bearing rarely goes out. Standard Avets -- as well as almost all other lever drag reels -- frequently need replacement of the pinion bearing.
  386. AKSalmon

    Ex30 or hxw

    These reels have similar drag and capacity ratings but very different retrieve ratios. Decide whether you like the HX high gear or the EX30 high gear. Note too the hXW is much lighter in weight than the EX30 and is easier for my small hands to hold and cast.
  387. AKSalmon

    Penn 70VIS

    I'll bet there is a "1" missing, meaning the capacity is 1630 yards of 200#. Whatever it is, it's a ton.
  388. AKSalmon

    Avet missing part

    The online parts ordering system is not working these days; you have to call them. **But** the later models did not have that ball; they have a lever with an integrated ball. If your lever clicks when you move it with the preset set at a fishing level, then you don't need the separate ball. If...
  389. AKSalmon

    Red Rooster

    Dan -- I'll see you on the Rooster next October! I've signed up along with several of my fishing buddies from Alaska. I'm the old hand -- been fishing the Rooster for over a decade -- but they are all newbies to LR fishing, albeit good salmon fishermen. We'll have a great time. I've just got to...
  390. AKSalmon

    Club Day

    All hens?
  391. AKSalmon

    Clothing for January 16 day

    And be sure to bring some cute and sexy underwear to impress the guys when you walk through the salon to take your shower.
  392. AKSalmon

    Red Rooster

    Great boat. I've fished several long range boats and keep coming back to the Rooster. We always catch fish -- and at least as many as any other boat in the fleet. The food is top notch. The deck hands are second to none. I'm already anxious to get back on the Rooster for my annual March 15 day.
  393. AKSalmon

    Reel Identification

    Get some Penn 006 114 drag washers and you'll have a much smoother drag.
  394. AKSalmon

    Avet LX for 50lb?

    Certainly. The G2 has a little more drag and thus handles 50# with ease.
  395. AKSalmon

    Fathom 25 LD 2 Sp - Messed Up Out Of Box

    Any chance the line is slipping on the spool?
  396. AKSalmon

    Making an sxj faster?

    The high gear in the 2-speed SX is faster than the single speed. But there are no faster gears available, and the diameter of the spool is so small that you just can't get much line per crank. A 6.3:1 JX is much faster but a much larger reel, too
  397. AKSalmon

    ATD 6

    Apples and oranges. Check out the line capacity. The ATD6 is a small reel; the BV800 is much larger.
  398. AKSalmon

    Fix for Tern reels drag issues.

    I still want to know what is causing the problem, and whether it can be fixed without shipping the reel in. Shipping to and from Alaska adds up...
  399. AKSalmon

    Is it possible to Convert a MXJ g2 single speed RH to LH

    But if you've fished it very much RH, the gears will be pretty rough when fished LH. The gears are steel but they still wear together so they will be noisy at the very least when fished "backward."
  400. AKSalmon

    Fix for Tern reels drag issues.

    Can you give us some idea what is done to fix the problem? Is it necessary to send the reel in for service?
  401. AKSalmon

    Old Penn 49 super mariner

    Wow. Really old thread! Yea, the kite string or Dacron backing trick works well to save the spool. But now we're getting other problems. Penn hasn't made the 49 for at least 15 years and it's getting tough to get any parts for them. If you like the 49, you'd do well to buy a couple parts reels...
  402. AKSalmon

    mid size tuna casting reel?

    Avet LX Raptor with 65# braid backing and the top shot of your choice, maybe 50#. On the correct rod, it casts very well and will handle 100# fish. You could also step up to an HX but with my smaller hands I can cast the LX much more easily. My HXW Raptor is a "finesse" cow reel and more than...
  403. AKSalmon

    Two Speed Star Drag Reel

    DAM Quick once made a two speed spinning reel.
  404. AKSalmon

    8 or 9 ft. 2 piece rod?

    I picked up a 9 ft. Tackle Industries 2 piece musky rod. It's rated 30 - 60 and seems to be very well made. I won't be able to use it for a few months, but when I do, I'll match it with a JX Raptor.
  405. AKSalmon

    VISXS 20 what would You spool it?

    I have straight 100# solid on mine. In recent years I have shifted away from hollow because I prefer to tie an RP knot to attach my leader; wind-ons with fluorocarbon inserted a few feet mean that the sardine has to tow the entire leader plus the insert. My feeling is that bait swim better with...
  406. AKSalmon

    DTX hook experiments and Halco 220 trial

    My hope is that Nomad will make the new hooks they are putting on their new DTX Minnows available for sale. Supposedly these hooks will have with larger barbs. I absolutely love my DTX -- it's new caught 12 wahoo over two trips -- but would like hooks with bigger barbs. And I'm reluctant to test...
  407. AKSalmon

    Lexa 400H-P doo-dad wrench

    I think it is used to service the handle knob.
  408. AKSalmon

    Restaurants near the landings

    I'm stuck in my ways: For lunch and/or dinner, I hit the Eppig brew pub for a couple beers, then wander down to Mitch's Seafood. They always have great fresh fish and the sides -- especially grilled asparagus and Mexican corn -- are outstanding. I used to hit Miguel's Cantina for Mexican food...
  409. AKSalmon

    Rigging Colt Snipers

    I went with Owner American AKI Twist Hook (4-Pack), 7/0 which I got on Amazon; they weren't available locally and I liked the free shipping. 6/0 or 5/0 might be best for smaller Colt Snipers, but 7/0 seemed about right for 80 gr. and 100 gr.
  410. AKSalmon

    Dropper Loop Alternative

    Anything wrong with a three way swivel? It would keep twist out of the line and is a bit stronger than a dropper loop knot.
  411. AKSalmon

    How many set ups?

    We can overthink this. I come from Alaska and can take only 7 rods in my rod case -- and one of those rods is a kite rod. I have plenty; I just have to re-rig between stops on occasion. Take as many as you are comfortable fishing and save yourself some trouble.
  412. AKSalmon

    Rigging Colt Snipers

    I'm about to change the hooks on my Colt Snipers and have a question for the board: Is there any reason not to put a swivel on the nose? It seems like it would reduce line twist and may even improve the action. Thanks in advance.
  413. AKSalmon

    What Accurate reel is the equivalent to an avet HX/HXW raptor

    The only way it will work is to cast when the reel is in complete free spool. You cannot use the preset knob as a spool tension device as is done on bait casting reel. Never, never adjust the preset knob except when the lever is all the way back to free spool.
  414. AKSalmon

    8 or 9 ft. 2 piece rod?

    Thanks for the replies. I'll look into the Rainshadow blanks and try to get more information. The rod I am looking for would be for tossing surface iron and colt snipers and even bait when I need to get a long way away from the boat. I know that is asking for a lot, but I can only bring 7 rods...
  415. AKSalmon

    8 or 9 ft. 2 piece rod?

    Can anyone recommend a 2 piece 8 or 9 foot conventional rod for casting jigs and poppers? I need a two piece rod so I can brig it down from Alaska.
  416. AKSalmon

    True Story, Mostly

    Adventures in the Reel World I had just turned on the coffee pot when the phone rang. It was too early for me to think of a witty greeting, so I gave my standard: “This is the Reel World. Can I help you?” “Can you fix my reel?” “Well, maybe. What kind of reel is it and what’s wrong with...
  417. AKSalmon

    114H2 ?

    The 114H2 was made in China, not the US like the older 114H. The 114H2 is virtually identical to the 114H, albeit with some occasional quality control issues. But if you need a 114H and can't find a good used one, the 114H2 will do the job.
  418. AKSalmon

    Talica 16ii, strange drag spike

    Check the pinion bearing...
  419. AKSalmon

    Mike nail

    Congratulations, Mike! You and Dom are making the world a better place.
  420. AKSalmon

    Difference between Avet HX 5/2 and HX raptor?

    I use a wide HX Raptor as my "stealth" 100# rig. I've caught a 207 and several in the 150 - 180 pound range with it. But on every big fish, there was a time during the fight when I wished I was fishing a 50. I set the drag to 28# at strike and often bump it up at the end of the fight.
  421. AKSalmon

    Shimano TLD20 missing strike button. Any problems?

    You can fish it fine without the strike button. As for the lever popping out: It should come out a small amount when advancing from free spool, but I suspect your cam is in incorrectly. Remove the preset knob and make sure the brass cam is seated correctly.
  422. AKSalmon

    Overnight Yellowfin Tackle

    Get a few Colt Snipers in 80 gr and 100 gr. White or blue seems to be the color these days. I replace the treble hook with a single and bend the jig slightly to improve the action.
  423. AKSalmon

    Long Range Give Aways

    I've fished on about a dozen trips from 8 days to 15 days. One constant of those trips is the swag that the charter master gives the anglers -- everything from tee shirts to new reels, rods and more. I've gotten several nice things -- a couple Seeker rods! -- as well as jigs, fluorocarbon...
  424. AKSalmon

    Connection recommendation Spectra/ Flouro knot or serv ?

    I use the RP (John Collins) knot to connect braid to fluorocarbon. I think it is easy to tie and I am confident that I tie it correctly every time. I have yet to have a failure on anything to 130#. I've noticed too that the deckhands on the Red Rooster and Shogun use the RP knot.
  425. AKSalmon

    retire my old penn 975

    I just came back from a trip to Alejos and Guadalupe. I fished a Daiwa 400HD with 300 yards of 50# braid and a short 30# top shot. I caught several small yellowfin, a single small yellow tail, and a limit of dorado but none of the wahoo I was trying to catch. It was great fun. I didn't really...
  426. AKSalmon

    Trinidad 20a and 14a smoothness gone after one trip?

    If you got water and salt in the drag washer it could account for the jerkiness.
  427. AKSalmon

    Avet LX MC Raptor

    All Raptors have Magic Cast and personally, I like it, especially when casting light weights -- sardines, etc. From my experience, the Avet line capacity numbers are a bit high, but the LX still holds a ton of line. I use a JX Raptor when casting for wahoo but prefer the LX for bait because I...
  428. AKSalmon

    Daiwa Lexa-HD400HS 7.1:1 $169.99 delivered

    How does the new Lexa differ from current models?
  429. AKSalmon

    Valiant Bv2 800-1000?

    These are not reels if you are expecting a shot at a cow. They might work in a pinch, but if you are targeting cows, something like a 50T or *maybe* a 30 is a much better bet.
  430. AKSalmon

    Maintaining Maks

    If you pre-service your reel (or do a complete service very early in its career), it will last a long time. Perhaps the most important thing you can do in the preservice is to paint a thin coat of grease on all internal metal parts and grease the side plate and handle screws. If you do this and...
  431. AKSalmon

    Bent rod tip eye guide and thoughts how it can affect fighting a monster.

    I had a tip broken in transit and was able to get a tackle shop at the landing fix it while I waited to board the boat. It cost $10.
  432. AKSalmon

    Which International for SF Bay King Salmon?

    Wow. I fish salmon quite a bit up here in Alaska. I also service about 1000 reels per year in my shop. I have yet to see anyone using an International 12, much less a 16, for salmon. These are fairly popular for halibut. The 965 and 975 work fine but are no longer made. A great Penn reel for...
  433. AKSalmon

    Penn fathom 15 vs 25N for Gulf Coast/ East Coast for kayak fishing

    "What's the real difference between the Warfare and the Squall?" Price = value. Pretty much everything in the Warfare is lower quality that the Squall...
  434. AKSalmon

    Best Avet for 30-50 lbs Work

    I use both the JX and LX Raptors for 50# leaders. The standard LX and JX would also work but would be at the edge of the drag capabilities.
  435. AKSalmon

    true meaning of he farmed his fish

    Not on yellows?? Is there a reason not to use circle hooks when fishing bait for yellows? That's what I do -- but then, I'm not an expert yellowtail fisherman.
  436. AKSalmon

    Penn fathom 15 vs 25N for Gulf Coast/ East Coast for kayak fishing

    Not to complicate things, but from my experience, everything gets wet on kayaks, and even rinsing in freshwater every day won't stop the inevitable creep of saltwater inside. To me that means avoiding metal reels and ball bearings. My go to reel for the kayak and your species would be a...
  437. AKSalmon

    Shimano Forum gone away?

    There never was as much discussion on the Shimano board as other reel boards on BD. I don't suspect it helped either that Local Knowledge is now using Penn Reels...
  438. AKSalmon

    Avet Star Drag

    And ideas? Was this just a rumor??
  439. AKSalmon

    Valiant bv2-800 line and rod setup

    With the strength (and success) of the new ARBs, is there any consideration to scrapping the mechanical dogs in the ATDs and replacing them with ARBs?
  440. AKSalmon

    2 Speed For Bait Fishing BFT

    HX Raptor
  441. AKSalmon

    Rod for 50SDS

    IMHO, a 30-80 or 60-100 rod is too light for a kite rod with a 50SDS.
  442. AKSalmon

    Make a kite reel

    Neat idea. But I doubt that Penn Rival will last more than a trip or two. It is not one of the more robust reels made by Penn.
  443. AKSalmon


    My one complaint about Accurate reels is that the anti-reverse bearing on the smaller reels (Boss, Fury, etc.) cannot be removed and replaced by the end user; when it goes bad, it requires a trip to Accurate headquarters. Living in Alaska means shipping the reel. I can ship insured priority mail...
  444. AKSalmon

    Difference in leader line (fluorocarbon) from Seguar?

    Premier is softer and ties better than Blue Label -- or any other fluorocarbon line I have used. But be forewarned: Premier breaks at its advertised strength, not like most other lines that break at much higher levels than advertised. My understanding is that the new (and expensive) Seaguar Gold...
  445. AKSalmon

    Best 2-Speed Lever Drag

    There are as many answers as there are fishermen! I like the two speed mechanism on Avet reels; I dislike it on Accurate reels. That said, you didn't say what size reel you needed. If the BFT are cows you need one thing; if they are schoolies, you need something else. Personally, I find myself...
  446. AKSalmon

    Will Avet Produce Single Speed Raptor?

    The G2 is almost a Raptor -- at least it has more drag than the original Avets -- and you can get it with or without MC and single speed if you want it. IMHO it makes no sense to buy a G2 with MC and two speeds.
  447. AKSalmon

    SX Raptor bearing upgrade

    Do you have grease on the edge of the spool? Even a little will drastically reduce free spool.
  448. AKSalmon

    Converting a Accurate boss 665H

    There's too much involved to make it worthwhile. You'd be better of selling the single speed and using that money to pay part of the cost of a two-speed.
  449. AKSalmon

    TICA or Shimano

    I have yet to hear anything good about a Tica...
  450. AKSalmon

    Pound test on my bsircaster?

    First, you're likely to find better and more information on a board devoted to freshwater fishing. That said, bait casters are typically easier to cast with line heavier than 8# mono. Also, line recommendations on rods and reels are ball park estimates. If it were me, I'd use at least 10# and...
  451. AKSalmon

    Lx raptor bearings issue

    This is odd. When you say that the bearing gets noisy after a few casts, it sounds like you are talking about spool bearings. Spool bearings pretty much only go bad from corrosion not after ten casts. The bearing that goes out first on almost all lever drag reels is the pinion bearing, the...
  452. AKSalmon

    Makaira 50wII Sea line capacity

    When you install the line, put on the 300 yard first then the 600 yards so you won't have to see the splice too often.
  453. AKSalmon

    Carbontex drag upgrade for Penn 750SS

    You can get them direct from penn — ht-100– or smooth drag.
  454. AKSalmon

    Spooling up for Bluefin

    Fluorocarbon works. Here's my story: About 15 years ago I took a trip to Africa to fish for Nile perch. I was fishing Lake Aswan, a dammed up portion of the Nile River. The Nile River is murky, but Lake Aswan is very clear because the mud settled after it was the dam was built. Nile Perch -- a...
  455. AKSalmon

    More Questions

    If you can get by without a level wind, do so. That's the most common problem you're likely to have. A LW might be nice when bottom fishing for rockfish and other fish that don't fight very much -- but I'd be very leery of one with a pelagic like yellowtail which can out run the LW. As for...
  456. AKSalmon

    Lost in time.

    Go to the bottom of the page, click on Thread Display Options and select Thread Creation Date. That sort of works...
  457. AKSalmon

    Re-rigging yo yo and surface iron

    I'm about to spend some time putting new hooks and new rings on several of my yo yo and surface jigs, and I have a question for the board: Is there any reason not to put a swivel on the top ring? It would reduce the chance of line twist, but would it adversely affect the action of the jigs? My...
  458. AKSalmon

    Backing off drag

    Only adjust the knob while the reel is in free spool!!
  459. AKSalmon

    MXJ use

    But does the Eddy Current have any effect when the spool is spinning slowly like when. a sardine is pulling out line?
  460. AKSalmon

    MXJ use

    I have a coupe Raptors which, of course, came with MC. But for the life of me, I can't detect any effect of the MC on free spool when fly lining. And I don't understand the mechanism how it **should** affect free spool: The MC magnets don't "attract" to the aluminum spool, and, if I understand...
  461. AKSalmon


    I liked mine until I hung a 100# tuna on my 600. It hurt to crank the reel under pressure for very long. Those holes hurt my hand. I like round knobs, but not the waffle ball.
  462. AKSalmon

    Best knot mono to fluorocarbon

    I use the RP knot to connect fluorocarbon to spectra. To connect a short fluorocarbon to mono, I use the Seaguar knot or even a three turn surgeon's knot.
  463. AKSalmon


    Didn't it just come out from annual maintenance?
  464. AKSalmon

    Komodo Baitcasters Modified For Casting That Extra Distance!

    Then I misunderstood: I thought you were saying you could use WD-40 as a lubricant. For cleaning grease it is fine -- but do add oil or grease once you clean with it.
  465. AKSalmon

    Komodo Baitcasters Modified For Casting That Extra Distance!

    My only complaint: Early in the video, the author says that you could use WD-40 on the screws, but he uses Okuma oil instead. WD-40 is great for water displacement and cleaning, but it should never be used in place of oil! It is essentially kerosene and will displace oils and greases that need...
  466. AKSalmon

    Accurate Dauntless DX2-600N

    30# of drag is more than I fish when targeting cows. I set my drag at 28# on my 130# tackle and manage to land fish. My concern would only be line capacity. The 600N doesn't hold enough for a cow.
  467. AKSalmon

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    I mentioned doing this on another long range boat and was told that it would be too much of a hassle to wash everybody's coffee cup. I hope the whole fleet sees this and follows suit.
  468. AKSalmon

    Brand New Fishdoggary 5oz. Krocks.

    Somewhat related: Do Krocs work as well when fished with a swivel?
  469. AKSalmon


    I never take home all the fish I catch. It's expensive to process and ship it to Alaska so as much as I've tuna and wahoo and yellowtail, I have to limit myself. What I do is this: I tag all my fish and then pick the ones that have survived the trip back in the best shape, and give away the...
  470. AKSalmon


    Neat reel, certainly one to attract attention on the boat. But compared to contemporary reels, not really so much. Parts are almost impossible to find for a 349. And it's heavy. An Avet HX 4.2 may not have as much bling but will fish much better. Much.
  471. AKSalmon

    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    One of the highlights of LR fishing for me is eating excellently prepared very fresh fish. I'm always amazed when I see fellow fishermen who eat fish at home but not on these trips. Why is this? I'm even more amazed when I find fishermen who don't eat fish at all. This confounds me. IMHO if we...
  472. AKSalmon

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    The PV trips are a hit or miss thing. Many boats fish four days for **one** fish -- meaning several anglers get nothing. Things change but for me at least PV isn't something I'd do just now.
  473. AKSalmon

    Anyone familiar with Socalreels?

    What I remember about these reels is that the owner advertised the they would get something like 100 pounds of drag. Really. I had a couple in my shop and wasn't impressed. And fishing is just too important to skimp like this.
  474. AKSalmon

    Trip Report: Red Rooster, 3/1 - 3/16

    People raved about the prime rib -- huge slices! -- of course, and I thought the chicken or cheese enchiladas were great. But I had wahoo or tuna most nights because I asked for it and contributed to the galley.
  475. AKSalmon

    Trip Report: Red Rooster, 3/1 - 3/16

    Short Report with no Pictures. I fished the March 1 - 16 trip on the Red Rooster for the eighth year in a row. We had a very light load — just 15 — and several of the regulars were missing. Aaron Barnhill drove the boat for the second year in a row. He’s a great guy and a great captain, but...
  476. AKSalmon

    New Tekota HGA Experiences??

    Those are all GREAT improvements. I have yet to see one in the flesh but am looking forward to it.
  477. AKSalmon

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    Or send a complete copy to Pacific Sportfishing magazine and get paid a few bucks.
  478. AKSalmon

    New Tekota HGA Experiences??

    Can you give a quick run down of how the new Tekotas differ from the original Tekotas? Thanks in advance.
  479. AKSalmon

    G2 drag rating

    I don't think it makes sense to get a 2-speed G2. The price is so close to a Raptor, that you ought to get a Raptor. If you want a single speed -- say for salmon -- a G2 might make sense.
  480. AKSalmon

    G2 drag rating

    Before you freak out: Are you sure the spectra isn't slipping on the spool? It probably is if you didn't back the spectra with a few wraps of mono or tape.
  481. AKSalmon

    Solid to solid connection for 100 lb

    If the two solid lines are the same diameter, a uni-uni knot cinched tight with a drop of Tac Glue works fine.
  482. AKSalmon

    Hollow to solid Spectra splice

    If the two solid lines are the same diameter, a uni-uni knot cinched tight with a drop of Tac Glue works fine.
  483. AKSalmon

    Penn HD Line Winder Review

    Do you have an idea as to how high you can set the drag?
  484. AKSalmon

    Daiwa Seagate LW60H malfunction?

    Are you using braid? Did you install it yourself with no tape or mono backing? If so, I suspect your braid is slipping on the spool.
  485. AKSalmon

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    I'll have to get some when they become available, and I don't want to be contrarian, but I have to ask: What makes them so good? I know why the DTX is so hot: It runs considerably deeper than Marauders and other lures most often used on LR boats. But the JRI looks like it would fish about like a...
  486. AKSalmon

    Processing question

    One thing you can't overlook is that the processors all do an excellent job. IMHO well worth the cost.
  487. AKSalmon

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    And, of course, the wild demand for the Tern makes it an easy call to raise the price...
  488. AKSalmon

    Quad 130?

    I'll have to look at one in person when they come out. I'd never buy one, of course. And I have to wonder whether Avet would be better off, financially at least, if they brought out reels with a bigger market. I guess it might be popular for East Coast bluefin, but what else? I've never seen a...
  489. AKSalmon

    Quad 130?

    Another list shows a picture of an Avet Quad 130. Is this available? I can't find it on the Avet site, and I'm curious: Does it really have 200 pounds of drag??
  490. AKSalmon

    Great season, tough hunting

    How do you tell a tule goose from a speckle belly?
  491. AKSalmon

    Penn 320 GTI - Can't get right side open

    The spool shaft is stuck to the left side bearing, and pulling out that bearing will damage the plastic idler gear in the left side. The right spool shaft is stuck to the pinion gear and/or the right side bearing in the bridge. These things happen fairly frequently if the reel isn't frequent...
  492. AKSalmon

    which reel for Cabo

    It really depends on what you will be fishing for and how you will be fishing. Both are good reels...
  493. AKSalmon

    SX and MX

    Yea, it's mostly just line capacity. But if you are debating which one to buy, look at two additional things: 1. Which one will balance best on the rod, and 2. The MX has a faster retrieve -- 5:8:1 versus 5.3:1-- and a larger spool diameter. The numbers for the two speeds are similar.
  494. AKSalmon

    Triangle Demon Circle Hooks?

    These have to be great!! $19.99 for a 3-pack of 6/0. Any use them?
  495. AKSalmon


    The very worst part of an Avet reel is that crappy wrench. I'm glad it's gone!
  496. AKSalmon

    Drags for the mak

    You really shouldn't have to replace the drags in those reels for several years -- maybe ever. Modern reels with carbon fiber drag washers -- like your reels -- have outstanding, long lasting drags.
  497. AKSalmon

    12/15 Wister average

    Why is the bike illegal? Anyone know?
  498. AKSalmon

    Avert Pro EX 4/0 2 Speed

    If you are fishing 80#, you really don't need to "hot rod" it. But I would have it serviced. Most full service tackle shops would be glad to do it for you.
  499. AKSalmon

    How sharkey is Guadalupe in September?

    I know it changes every year -- every trip, even -- but is September an especially sharkey month at Guadalupe?
  500. AKSalmon

    Avert Pro EX 4/0 2 Speed

    If I remember correctly, you can set the c-clips on two spots on the posts that hold the drag plate. One setting will generate a little more drag.
  501. AKSalmon

    Avert Pro EX 4/0 2 Speed

    The EX 4/02 is not a bad reel at all. It'll fish 80# all day long, and if you change the c-clips on the drag plate it's a reasonable 100# reel. If you can get one at a good price -- it's been discontinued for several years -- I'd say do it. OTOH, the replacement, the EX 30/2 is a better reel.
  502. AKSalmon

    Red Rooster report from HB Bank

    Slightly off topic: "crew were great(as always) - it's still a bit sad to not have the Tommys, Nickys, etc... around, but the newer guys are just great." I know Tommy had left, but did Nick leave as well? That would be a serious loss to the Rooster not to mention its passengers.
  503. AKSalmon

    Ringed hooks vs non-ringed.

    All of my hooks are ringed except for the 10/0 j-hooks I use with man baits.
  504. AKSalmon

    Valiant BV2 - Reel Maintenance

    Do you need a press or special tool to remove the original bearing? Accurate does good work, but once you add shipping to and from Alaska it's pretty spendy to get anything done.
  505. AKSalmon

    Valiant BV2 - Reel Maintenance

    Never got an answer on whether the AR bearing is user replaceable. Is it?
  506. AKSalmon

    Valiant BV2 - Reel Maintenance

    Is the AR bearing user replaceable, or is a special tool or press required?
  507. AKSalmon

    If HB is very slow or dead, what will happen on an 18 day trip.

    On my 15 day on the Red Rooster last March, we went to Hurricane for very slow fishing. A few big ones were caught, but several guys on the boat caught **nothing** at the bank. We left early and travelled north for some wahoo, then yellowtail, and finally local bluefin. We ended up with an OK...
  508. AKSalmon

    New star drag

    January-February = Mid 2019 at earliest.
  509. AKSalmon

    What knot to use for tying hook onto 100# or 130# flouro?

    Have the BD experts now decided the San Diego Jam is inadequate for heavy lines? I've yet to have a failure and it seems to be the most popular -- by far -- knot used on the boats I fish.
  510. AKSalmon

    Fathom Rail Rod reel

    I agree that you'd be better off with an International instead of a Fathom. The issue is this: When you put the rod on the rail, drop into low gear and crank on the fish when it is up and down, you are putting considerable strain on the reel. When the fish is far from the boat and you can pull...
  511. AKSalmon

    Boss extreme 30 line cap and questions

    Given its anti-reverse, I'd be reluctant to fish a Boss 30 with 100#; 80# would be my maximum with that reel IMHO.
  512. AKSalmon

    The Last Tough Guy

    The red 6/0 has 2.8:1 gears; the black 6/0 has 2:1 gears and less drag.
  513. AKSalmon

    Installing Spectra on reel question?

    How much to ship it from Australia?
  514. AKSalmon

    Installing Spectra on reel question?

    What is the "spectra drag device" you will be using?
  515. AKSalmon

    Accurate Announces the Tern, the first TwinStarDrag reel

    Thanks for the schematic. It clears up some online misinformation. It does NOT have drags on each side of the spool, despite what I've read online. Neither does it have a sleeve on the spool. I'm sure it's great reel. I looks very much like an update of a classic Newell -- which is a good thing.
  516. AKSalmon

    Avet EX50/2 or EX50/3?

    I like my 3 speed 50. The high gear is great for retrieving jigs and the low speed helps me get the fish in ahead of the tax man. Stronger people may not need the low gear -- but everyone who fishes jigs can benefit from the highs gear.
  517. AKSalmon

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    I need to add one thing to my story about that first LR trip: After a couple days fishing I ran into a serious funk and couldn't get anything to bite. Fernando was working the deck so I asked him to pin on a winner for me. He grabbed a sardine, tossed it out and it was bit immediately. My luck...
  518. AKSalmon

    Owner Ultra Split Rings

    Thanks guys. I just ordered some HPA pliers.
  519. AKSalmon

    Owner Ultra Split Rings

    OK guys: What is the trick to getting these things open? I've got several split ring pliers and none make it easy to open an Ultra Ring. My supposedly heavy duty pliers from Texas barely work. Are there other reasonably priced pliers that work?
  520. AKSalmon

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    My first long range trip was a 10 day on the Red Rooster in 2007. I had a great time and got completely addicted -- I've gone at least once per year since then -- even though the trip was not the best: The boat caught exactly zero YFT!! But I also caught my first wahoo plus tons of YT and...
  521. AKSalmon

    GloJRI8 or PL68 squid conversion??

    Are we over thinking this??
  522. AKSalmon

    Issue with fathom 30 star

    There should be some play, but it sounds like you may have too much. Removing the handle is simple. You should do that and remove the washers and star. A look at the schematic will tell you whether you are missing any washers.
  523. AKSalmon

    Best grease and oil products?

    You can over think this: Cal's Drag Grease for the drag washers and everything that moves slowly (gears, etc.) and Corrosion-X or TS 321 for everything that moves fast (bearings). Also, get an old tooth brush and brush a thin coat of grease on all internal metal parts to fend off corrosion and...
  524. AKSalmon

    New star drag

    Not to beat a dead tuna, but any more news on the release of the Avet Star Drag? And will there be a level wind option??
  525. AKSalmon

    Penn visw vs avet exw

    The line capacity on the new Internationals is exaggerated quite a bit; you can read about this on The two reels hold about the same amount of line. One thing in Penn's favor: It is quiet; the Avet is very loud when cranking. Both reels will catch your fish.
  526. AKSalmon

    Penn 500 Handle also dlls handle upgrades. Or you could get a Penn 24-56, an excellent handle with a great knob.
  527. AKSalmon

    Trx 80w line capacity

    You'll get close to 2000 yards of 150#. That should be enough...
  528. AKSalmon

    EX 50/2 SDS For High Speed Trolling (Wahoo)

    It's overkill for wahoo but would certainly do the job without any ill effects.
  529. AKSalmon

    Accurate Announces its Valiant line of Rods

    Personally, I would pay a premium for an Accurate label rod made in the US.
  530. AKSalmon

    Hxw raptor with 100lb braid

    I caught a cow YFT on my HXW Raptor with 100# braid two years ago. It can be done. But I sure feel more comfortable with a 50 on cow size fish...
  531. AKSalmon

    Portable Solder Kit

    Only slightly off topic: Owner is now selling Hyperwire rings that are supposed to be "hyper" strong. Are these as good as or at least a reasonable substitute for soldered solid rings?
  532. AKSalmon

    Accurate Announces its Valiant line of Rods

    Let's try again: Who makes the blanks and where are these rods manufactured? And: MSRP?
  533. AKSalmon

    Clicker on HX Raptor not working

    Whatever it is, it's very likely a simple fix. It could be that the spring has come off a post. You'll need to open the reel and look...
  534. AKSalmon

    Spectra for Penn 12 Reel

    It it were me, I'd fill it with 30# (or 50#) Jerry Brown and add a 50 yard of 20# (or 30#) mono for casting.
  535. AKSalmon

    HX Raptor power handle install

    I doubt the spring is bad. Is the cover pressing on it so that it can't spring properly?
  536. AKSalmon

    HX Raptor power handle install

    It's a little tricky. You need to be sure that the base plate -- the part next to the handle that takes 4 screws -- is aligned perfectly so that the screw holes in the handle, the base plate and the cover line up exactly.
  537. AKSalmon

    Changing gears on a sxj

    The 5.8:1 MX s quite a bit faster than the 5.3:1 SX because of the taller spool.
  538. AKSalmon

    Changing gears on a sxj

    Whoops. I am almost certain that you can't put MX gears in an SX, and I do know that if you replace the man gear you need to replace the pinion gear as well.
  539. AKSalmon

    Best Jig Ever For Long Range and Short Range

    Lots of people -- including me -- use glow PL68 jigs on longer trips. I've caught several nice tuna in the grey light on them. On shorter trips, I like blue and chrome for tuna and scrambled egg for yellows.
  540. AKSalmon

    New star drag

    I read somewhere that the Avet Star Drag will have a level wind option. Any insight into this? Is it true??
  541. AKSalmon

    Fin Nor Santiago 25 question

    Jigmaster: Star drag, 4:1 gears, holds 300 yards of 30# mono, and just about bullet proof. Perhaps the best reel ever made by Penn -- or anyone!
  542. AKSalmon

    REAL-WORLD Strike Drag Setting PRO EX 30/2

    A bit of real world input: I set my strike drag at 28# with a full spool and bent rod. It increases significantly when the spool is half full or less. This has worked well enough for me to catch several tuna over 150# and two over 200#.
  543. AKSalmon

    130 lb reel

    I have a 50SDS and a 50W and have not felt under gunned on the few big ones I've caught. I can cast a sardine underhand fairly well on the SDS; the 50W serves well as my kite reel. These are good, solid reels at a good price for such quality.
  544. AKSalmon

    Silent dogs

    One correction: The VISX dogs are not back ups to ARB; there is no ARB in these reels.
  545. AKSalmon

    Silent dogs

    The VISX has a pair of "Ambassadeur"-type dogs. Time will tell how reliable they are. Interestingly, the Avet 30 has dogs very similar to older Penn Internationals. I hate the sound too, but they are bullet proof.
  546. AKSalmon

    Visx as a Kite reel

    If you can actually get 1100 yards of 130# on a 50VISX, that would be a good choice. But is the line capacity that high? I'm not sure of that. I think a 50 wide is the minimum for a kite reel -- at least on a long range boat.
  547. AKSalmon

    Whats in your LR box?

    Doesn't a hen weigh 4 to 6 pounds?
  548. AKSalmon

    Squall 50vsw drag

    This happens on virtually all reels when you push the drag to the max specification. But more to the point: I would be very concerned about using a plastic framed reel with 30# of drag. For that much drag, I want a metal framed reel.
  549. AKSalmon

    Video: New PENN line spooler

    Why no counter? It seems silly not to include one.
  550. AKSalmon

    New star drag

    Comments by Chark on his Charkbait site seem to suggest, to me, that the Avet star drag reel won't be out for a little while. Once Avet posts details about the reel, I think they are obligated to post a delivery date. They may not want to do that.
  551. AKSalmon

    My guess is this reel is junk.....

    It was made in Japan by the same company that made K-Mart, Dolphin and even Heddon reels. Not a bad reel for the times. I'm pretty sure you can replace the drag washers with Penn drag washers part number 006 060 and make it fishable -- with perhaps 30# line, nothing heavier. Also, I'd strongly...
  552. AKSalmon

    I need a 3rd party repair for shimano

    Call or email Alan Tani before you send your reels. He doesn't do spinners...
  553. AKSalmon

    New star drag

    Avet needs to get on the stick and put out specs on the new star drag. Accurate is doing that and unless Avet does something to show why a buyer would rather have an Avet than an Accurate, Accurate will grab the entire market for US-made upscale star drag reels. When are they coming out? What...
  554. AKSalmon

    question on a older penn 109 level wind reel...

    The 109 can be fished as a direct drive or as a "knuckle-buster." Move the eccentric lever back and there is no anti-reverse; the handle turns both ways. Move the eccentric lever forward, and the anti-reverse works so the handle turns only one way like most reels. If the handle turns both ways...
  555. AKSalmon

    New Fathom II

    I would be **very** leery of used a Fathom II 30LW for cow tuna. A 30-class International (or Avet, Accurate, Okuma, etc.) is about minimum for cow class fish. The Fathom 30 is a good reel but not even close to enough for a cow...
  556. AKSalmon

    hotrodding a single speed tld 20 or 25

    That's a slick upgrade, and the video is so simple to follow. But I have to worry about the plastic frame. Won't it torque under higher drag pressures? I see more than my share of stock TLD 20s and 25s that people fill with 80# braid and fish halibut -- and many have gears that need to be...
  557. AKSalmon

    New star drag

    I'd really like to see this. At first glance, I'm worried that the star sticks out so far from the frame that cranking the reel will be like it has a wide spool. I hope it doesn't just come in high gear ratios. Something around 4:1 -- as well as 6:1, or even tow speed! -- would be nice...
  558. AKSalmon

    SXJ 5.3 specs

    Check out the Avet website; the specs are on Charkbait too I believe.
  559. AKSalmon

    upgrading drag on avet lx

    There's really not much you can do to beef up an LX. Your best bet would be to sell it and get a Raptor...
  560. AKSalmon

    Braid Color (YF & YT)

    White so that you can see it. Your flouro leader will be stealthy enough.
  561. AKSalmon

    2 Speed Reel with Calstar GF800M

    The Avet Raptor does cost more money than the Fathom, but it's also machined, not cast, and made in the US. Unless money is very tight, go with the Raptor.
  562. AKSalmon

    HX Raptor free spool problem

    It may be a simple case of too much grease on the edge of the spool or in the spool bearings. That said, Rocky does amazing work and your reels would benefit from his tuning.
  563. AKSalmon

    TR200G Drag Washers

    Yes! SmoothDrag Carbontex drag washers make a huge difference in these reels. I like them greased with Cal's Drag Grease.
  564. AKSalmon

    Pro Spec Fluorocarbon Back on Sale @ Trophy Tackle!!

    Just placed an order. Smooth website checkout, and reasonable shipping to Alaska. I'll be back...
  565. AKSalmon

    Red Rooster Mermaids

    I'm a little worried that a woman posted this. Is this what women want these days? That may explain why I'm single...
  566. AKSalmon

    Shimano TLD 2 Speed Serial #s

    The newer TLD 2-speed reels are a little better. Their handles are much nicer and they have a couple extra side plate screws that may make the frame a bit stiffer. They also have better bearings.
  567. AKSalmon

    ? For Avet JX owners

    Not Loctite, grease to prevent corrosion.
  568. AKSalmon

    Lefty reels 65# and up

    All Avet models are available in LH versions. Just pick the one you want -- HX Raptor comes to mind but there are both larger and small Avet reels that would work.
  569. AKSalmon

    ? For Avet JX owners

    Not a problem. You don't want the screws to come through the bottom of the reel and catch line.
  570. AKSalmon

    new valiant 1000/cow rig?

    It's not a cow reel. It's anti-reverse will be suspect with cow drag -- 30# or so.
  571. AKSalmon

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    Only slightly off subject: Why do dorado count extra in Mexican limits? They re mong the fastest growing of all fish and far from threatened.
  572. AKSalmon

    DX2-600 drag setting recommendations

    Hmm. How can the brand of line affect the measured drag? How can the type of line affect the drag? I realize the brand and type of line will affect breaking strength, and thus where you should set the drag, but how do they affect measured drag?
  573. AKSalmon

    Advice/Experience - Avet HX Raptor

    I think it casts great. But it does depend on the rod and the angler's skill as much (more actually) as the reel. For me at least, the HX Raptor is not what makes casting a fly line sardine difficult. It's my thumb. If you get a regular width HX Raptor, you'll be getting Magic Cast which helps...
  574. AKSalmon

    Penn Rampage 6Ft. 30-80 w/roller tip

    Price = value.
  575. AKSalmon

    Avet JX G2 or G1?

    Your line capacity numbers must be in error: The G2 reels hold slightly more line than the G1 reels. But for me at least, line capacity is not the reason to choose one over the other; it's drag capability. The G2 has a little more and would be my choice.
  576. AKSalmon

    BFT and the damage done

    Spread some epoxy over the scrapes.
  577. AKSalmon

    Valiant Magged

    Hmm. Can anyone explain how "contacting the spool shaft" results in cast control? The spool revolves around the shaft and it's not clear how doing anything to the shaft will affect how the spool revolves around it.
  578. AKSalmon

    Rod for Fury 600

    The reason it is easier to crunch the pinion or side plate bearing in a Fury than in a Twin Drag reel like a Boss is that you don't need to use as much pressure on the bearing to get the same amount of drag -- a result of having twin drags. In my reel repair business, I've seen quite a few bad...
  579. AKSalmon

    Is this normal? Avet JX Raptor

    Were you sure to wipe all the excess grease off the drag washer after you did the Alan Tani pre-service? Meaning did you rub it with a clean cloth so that almost all of the drag grease is removed? If there is too much grease on the drag washer, it will be just enough thicker to reduce free spool.
  580. AKSalmon

    Rod for Fury 600

    I'd be much more comfortable using any of the other Accurate 600 size reels for 80#. They all have twin drags so they put only half as much pressure on the pinion bearing.
  581. AKSalmon

    Rod for Fury 600

    Remember that the Fury series has only one drag washer, unlike other Accurates that have twin drags. This means, among other things, that it's relatively easy to crunch the pinion bearing by pushing the drag too high. 80# line is the absolute max for that reel in my opinion.
  582. AKSalmon

    Squall 50vsw

    The Squall series are good reels, but any plastic, I mean graphite, frame can be problematic at high drag. It's listed as having 30# of drag at strike and 40# at full. That's plenty if you are fishing 80# line but you would be pushing that reel to its limits. Good luck.
  583. AKSalmon

    Daiwa Saltist 30LD 2spd

    Sounds like you need to adjust the preset knob...
  584. AKSalmon

    Advice/Experience - Avet HX Raptor

    Caught a 201 YFT on my HX Raptor last spring.
  585. AKSalmon

    ~ To Baitcast, or not to Baitcast ~ (Reel)

    And many baitcasters and some conventionals have cast control devices that make backlashes nearly impossible. I used to fish spinning tackle occasionally, but haven't for a couple decades. Baitcasters and conventionals are so much better to fish with...
  586. AKSalmon

    SXJ G2 5.3 Reviews

    It's a great little reel! But I'd worry about line capacity if I were taking it offshore for pelagics.
  587. AKSalmon

    Clicker repairs for the LX, and inexpensive bearing repairs

    I service several hundred Avets per year and do not know of another dealer for Avet parts other than bearings. I've yet to see a broken bumper. What os causing yours to break?
  588. AKSalmon

    Avet/Seaguar/Raider/Graphtec Charter April 4th to 20th Report

    I can't break 100, even premier 100. But I still fish 130 or even 150 in the early morning and late afternoon at Hurricane and the Island. During the day I typically use 100. Of course, last year at mid-day my 100 rig found a cow and ran me around the boat for an hour and a half. 130 might have...
  589. AKSalmon

    Clicker repairs for the LX, and inexpensive bearing repairs

    Get your parts directly from Avet. They have a good parts ordering website. And compared to many companies, their parts are inexpensive.
  590. AKSalmon

    Help need a reel mechanic

    Almost any reel repair guy can service that reel -- I do about 50 every year in my shop in Alaska -- but I can't recommend removing the top bar. The TD 20II has a graphite frame which is pretty weak as it is. Removing the top piece would cause far too much frame flex.
  591. AKSalmon

    HXJ Raptor Gear Shift Problem

    If you slightly loosen the two screws on the shift mechanism, your reel may shift gears properly. If this does fix the problem, then I'd recommend removing the mechanism and reinstalling it making certain that the nut on the button and the shift button cover align perfectly with the screw holes.
  592. AKSalmon

    Busted spring thrust washer/spool spring washer?

    You'll do fine without them.
  593. AKSalmon

    International 50vsx or avet hxw raptor

    Those are very different reels in size and capability. The HX Raptor is at most a 100# reel while the much heaver 50 fishes heavier and has slower gears and more cranking power. They work best on very different rods.
  594. AKSalmon

    On a positive note!

    On my very first long range trip, a 10 day on the Red Rooster, I did OK on the first couple days but then hit a horrible slump. Nothing would bite -- and it seemed like everyone was hooking up constantly. I saw Fernando and asked him to pick a winner for me and toss it out. Of course, I had a...
  595. AKSalmon

    Avet Reel bag.

    It's hard for me to figure out how big the large really is: Will the large hold two 50s, two 30s, two HX's and a JX?
  596. AKSalmon

    Wahoo trollers

    I don't have any idea why my picture is with this message. I'd remove it if I could figure out how.
  597. AKSalmon

    Wahoo trollers

    Look at the Nomad DTX Minnow. Several were trolled on the March Red Rooster trip. They caught fish. My lucky Orange Carp Marauder got a strike and the wahoo ripped off the belly hook. It had caught 5 fish on 7 trolls...
  598. AKSalmon

    What is the Bait Like Currently?

    The bait we had on the March Red Rooster 15 day was the best I've ever seen. Large and healthy. Unfortunately, the fishing was pretty tough at the Bank and elsewhere.
  599. AKSalmon

    Avet JX 6/3 MC / HXJ 5/2 MC Versatility

    People like the JX because its size makes it easy to fish. I love mine. The standard JX is a 40 or max 50# reel; the JX G2 will fish 50# or 60#; while the JX Raptor is even more robust. The HXJ has more drag than the standard JX (but less than the JX raptor) but for me, its side plate diameter...
  600. AKSalmon

    Avet mxj 6/4 g2, how well do the two speeds hold up...

    The Avet 2-speed mechanism is virtually bullet proof as long as you don't get salted corrosion behind the shift button. A simple wash down at the end of the day and annual service will keep this reel in fishing shape. While I'm here: I don't fish for stripers, but am curious whether the MXJ has...
  601. AKSalmon

    Upcoming Intrepid trip-Question

    I've been on the Intrepid a couple times. Once I was in the port stateroom on the galley level. The room is next to one of the heads. Believe me: I knew it every time somebody took a dump. I told the captain that there was an odor problem but he said he wasn't aware of it. I told him I'd call...
  602. AKSalmon

    Fury Gear Ratio 4 vs 6.1 ???

    If it's for bait only, get the 4:1 gears. 6:1 gears are great for jigs but absolutely unnecessary for bait. The lower ratio gears have more torque as well.
  603. AKSalmon

    Avet Pro EXW

    There really is nothing you can do to quiet it down. Heavy grease will have a small effect but only for a little while. It might help to think of the noise as evidence the EX reels have a solid and bullet proof anti-reverse. Maybe.
  604. AKSalmon

    Now We Need This For The Long Travel Days

    Not enough range for Clarion or the Bank or I'd pick up a couple.
  605. AKSalmon

    Spooling a Penn Fathom 40NLD2 with 80

    I think the Fathom 40NLD2 is a fine reel but it's really not an 80# reel and its capacity is far too small for the kite. Even if you are fishing the kite close in -- which negates some of its value -- the fish might be very far out before you come tight. Is there any chance you can borrow a...
  606. AKSalmon

    Red Rooster returns with local cow bluefin.

    Most of us were fishing 60# or 80# fluoro for the BFT. We found several schools but only two that would bite. The first school was 40 - 60# fish; the second school had the bigger models.
  607. AKSalmon

    Is the Titus II Gold a good reel?

    Definitely pre-Makaira. Corrosion issues among other things...
  608. AKSalmon

    JX G2

    If I were in Avet management, I'd drop G1 reels from the catalogue and replace them with the G2 reels. That might allow a small price drop on the G2 reels. The G2 reels are better and, for the life of me, I don't understand why they cost more to make. Continue making the Raptors, of course.
  609. AKSalmon

    JX G2

    I think the G2 reels only make sense if you are getting a single speed. The price of a 2 speed G2 is so close to a Raptor that it makes more sense to get the Raptor.
  610. AKSalmon

    Backordered VISX

    I'm sure that if the VISX reels were stinkers, Penn would not be backordered. I was fortunate enough to actually score a 20 and love it. I'll take it out on its maiden voyage on a 15 day next week.
  611. AKSalmon

    Need help with spectra colors..

    Pretty much **everyone** on cow trips fishes white. That has to mean something.
  612. AKSalmon

    Fighting Harness on Guadalupe tuna

    The only time I use my harness anymore is when I am holding my kite rod. Once I hook up, I get rid of the harness so that I can move quickly and/or hand the rod to a crew member.
  613. AKSalmon

    removing sardine scales from Avet rubber handles

    sponge, soap and **warm** water
  614. AKSalmon

    Valiant bv2-800 line and rod setup

    Don't worry: I have my trusty 50T spooled and ready for my 15 day in a couple weeks...
  615. AKSalmon

    Valiant bv2-800 line and rod setup

    I hope Accurate is correct about the ARB alone being adequate. I worry that if the reel is in the rod racks for a 15 day trip that salt will get in the ARB and cause it to fail. Constant maintenance is the key, of course, but maintenance is hard while at sea -- and not everyone does it on land...
  616. AKSalmon

    Bringing the candy to PV

    Any idea what happens if you don't declare squid (or cigars) then get caught? Just a small fine I hope...
  617. AKSalmon

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    The knot will be much bigger if you wrap the leader around the spectra. Much.
  618. AKSalmon

    closure of fishing grounds in mexico ??

    We need to end this discussion before it gets any uglier. Please.
  619. AKSalmon

    Fathom 25NLD2 Retainer shift button

    This ring does fall off occasionally. The problem is that when it is installed, you need to use the wrench (that comes with the reel) to hold the base and then cinch the ring tightly. Shifting gears twists the ring and if it isn't secure will cause it to come off. I like the Penn 2-speed shift...
  620. AKSalmon

    Honest, realistic, pricing feedback for a new.....

    The more I think about this, the more I think that Avet already has too many different reels. Unless Avet can make a true unique reel or a $99 JX G2, I doubt that market share will expand. The G2 reels represent an almost Raptor single speed reels. The small but significant changes Avet has been...
  621. AKSalmon

    Stuck between hi and low

    Let us know what you find out was wrong.
  622. AKSalmon

    Honest, realistic, pricing feedback for a new.....

    This is really tough, but I'll make a couple comments. First, I will pay a little extra for something made in the US. I'll also pay a little extra to know that parts and service are available. I won't pay a nickel for "bling." And sometimes I will pay whatever I need to pay to get the very best...
  623. AKSalmon

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    A few years ago, I was on a Red Rooster trip that had a date change. I could not make it so Red Rooster refunded my money and gave me the $100 airline change fee. They also tossed in a jacket. I've ridden the Red Rooster about a dozen times since then.
  624. AKSalmon

    Stuck between hi and low

    When did you last service your reel? I ask because the 2-speed button can hang up if there is some salt and corrosion in the shift mechanism. A few drops of Corrosion-X worked into the button might solve the problem in the short run, but annual service is vital with all metal reels. On the other...
  625. AKSalmon

    Avet mxl rough

    The pinion bearing is the bearing in the right side plate; the bearing the pinion gear fits in. It can be hard to get out sometimes but it almost always the first thing to go on a lever drag reel.
  626. AKSalmon

    First Look: Shimano Evair Boat Shoes

    At the very least, Shimano should give our young reviewer a pair of Evair boat shoes.
  627. AKSalmon

    Omoto GTR 15

    If the TLD 5 is in good condition, yes, you're better off fishing that than the Omoto. But do know that the TLD 5 has not been made for over a decade so some parts are impossible to find any more. The TLD will be a much better reel with a carbon fiber drag washer...
  628. AKSalmon

    Omoto GTR 15

    I occasionally see Omotos in my shop. I can't say anything good about them...
  629. AKSalmon

    50 vs 30 size

    I'd go with the 50 if it's going on a 3x5. That said, I use a 50W for the kite and a 50 on my Big Bait rod, and 30s and smaller for the rest. Two years ago, one of my 30s went over attached to a back up rig (I never got the fish!) but I doubt even a 50 would have stopped that fish.
  630. AKSalmon


    Very low quality Chinese reels.
  631. AKSalmon

    First big game reel, why not an Avet?

    If you work on your own reels, you really need to consider Avet. They are, by far, the easiest reels to work on. Accurates are great but need constant attention and are hard to work on. Makairas are good reels and easier to work on than Accurates, but not as easy as an Avet. The new Penns look...
  632. AKSalmon

    Best meal on a LR boat

    Mike and Fernando do absolutely **killer** fish tacos when they can talk someone into bottom fishing for sculpin at Hurricane Bank.
  633. AKSalmon

    Healthiest Meals on a LR Boat

    I eat no meat; only fish. The RRIII is very good about accommodating me and I've noticed this: Over the years, more and more of my fellow fishermen are asking for the meals I am getting instead of the regular fare. We get exercise when we tussle with a big tuna, but most of the time, we sit...
  634. AKSalmon

    Avet G2

    Once you add MC and 2-speed, the price differential between the G2 and Raptor is so small that it makes no sense to get the G2 -- just get the Raptor. IMHO: 60# is the max I'd fish on an LX G2, but I suspect it will do just fine.
  635. AKSalmon

    AVET JX vs LX

    Yes, the Raptors have a lower low gear than the non-Raptors. 1.9:1 versus 2.4:1.
  636. AKSalmon

    AVET JX vs LX

    In low gear, the JX takes in 22"; low gear in an HXJ gets 21". Not a lot of difference...
  637. AKSalmon

    AVET JX vs LX

    For me, the JX is easier to fish because the side plates are smaller. If your hands are Trump-like, go with the JX...
  638. AKSalmon

    Makaira Lube ?

    Replacing the grease on spool bearings with a fast oil will increase free spool significantly. If you will be fishing fly lined sardines, it's something you should do. Trolling, chunking or kite fishing is fine with greased spool bearings.
  639. AKSalmon

    Avet G2

    I like them. A minor upgrade to the standard models: more drag and a larger pinion bearing. Definitely worth the money if you can't afford a Raptor.
  640. AKSalmon

    HX Raptor Lugs removal

    I think you'll find it difficult to flip the lug on the handle side of a raptor.
  641. AKSalmon

    HX Raptor Lugs removal

    Actually, you will need to take the reel apart to install the plugs which replace the harness lugs.
  642. AKSalmon

    Tac Glue, Sato, or both

    What about this connection: Insert the mono or flouro two feet into the spectra and then tie a half hitch close to where the mono comes out of the spectra. Cinch down well.
  643. AKSalmon

    Need drags. has what you wanted ships very quickly.
  644. AKSalmon

    Anyone have good luck ordering from Mikes Reel Repair

    My experience: I ordered a part and my credit card was charged. Two days later I got a message that the part was backordered but would arrive in a week. Two weeks later I sent a message asking about the part. It wasn't there so I asked for and received a refund a couple weeks after that.
  645. AKSalmon

    wintertime reel service for everyone

    In many star drag reels one on the inner side plate screws holds the anti-reverse dog in place. If this screw is removed, the dog will slip and you'll need to take the reel apart completely to fix the dog. Be careful. On many Penn start drag reels, the screw to be careful of is the inside screw...
  646. AKSalmon

    when buying a used reel how test drags

    I look for two things. First, I want to be able to adjust the drag over a wide range, from very light to somewhat heavier than I plan to fish. Second there should be no "bump" or jerk as the line starts to pull out slowly.
  647. AKSalmon

    How many of you are fishing your SX Raptors as a 40# setup?

    My only concern about using an SX Raptor for 40# is if you use a 40# flouro top shot that is long enough to wrap around the spool. The spool diameter is small so you'll likely end up with a fairly kinky leader. If the top shot is short enough that it all fits in the rod, it should be fine.
  648. AKSalmon

    Penn 113HLW

    You're really pushing a 113H by fishing 100#, or even 80# with a tight drag. This is especially true if your reel is one with the graphite frame and self tapping side plate screws. If you were to add an aluminum frame you'd be much better off. Much.
  649. AKSalmon

    BV 300 ratchet ?

    I don't believe the Valiant series has an anti-reverse ratchet; only an anti-reverse bearing.
  650. AKSalmon

    Citrix 350

    Did I read this correctly? Did you fish with 25# drag??
  651. AKSalmon

    Spooling spectra... How much weight?

    Well, obviously you put more pressure on the line while fighting the fish than you did when installing the line. But I wouldn't worry. Had you filled your reel with maximum pressure then had a long, 200 yard soak with no bite, you'd reel in the line with no pressure -- and couldn't fit it on...
  652. AKSalmon

    Charkbait talking smack............. also bad mouths amazon

    I have to say I was pretty amazed when I read Mark's discussion about the new Penn Internationals when he is also selling them. He is obviously mad at Penn for selling direct. And he throws more than a few rocks at the reels themselves. I don't know why he does this -- is he hoping to increase...
  653. AKSalmon

    Avet anti reverse problem

    One more thing: Make sure the dog is not upside down. It's easy to do and will make the anti-reverse intermittent.
  654. AKSalmon

    Avet anti reverse problem

    Avet changed the anti-reverse a couple years ago. They added more teeth so there would be less handle back play. You'll need to get a new dog to work with your new ratchet. I'd recommend the spring too. BTW: I service Avets and it is extremely uncommon for the anti-reverse to fail (at least...
  655. AKSalmon

    Valiant 2 spd 600N ?

    If the spool on the valiant if lighter than the Dauntless, it will not free spool as well when you spin it -- but it may be easier for a sardine to pull and may cast well.
  656. AKSalmon

    Whats in your LR box?

    Twice I've been on LR boats when someone was desperately asking if anyone had laxatives he could use. Think about it...
  657. AKSalmon

    First and most Merry Christmas to all

    I'm surprised they don't come with carbon fiber. The new Tekotas I'm seeing have carbon fiber drag washers instead of the brittle ones they came with originally.
  658. AKSalmon

    Newell 332....better for for 30# or 40#

    I believe Newell reels all came with a stainless steel gear sleeve, didn't they?
  659. AKSalmon

    Newell 332....better for for 30# or 40#

    Then if it has stock drag washers, you really need to change them. Go to and get a set of Carbontex washers. They are a snap to install and make a world of difference. I recommend greasing them with Cal's Drag grease but they can be fished dry as well.
  660. AKSalmon

    Toro Tamer Spectra

    It's not bad line. My perception is that ToroTamer has a larger diameter than other lines of the same advertised breaking strength but this does make it easier to work with. But I have to ask: The Charkbait price is good, but I doubt the price differential is actually very much -- not as much...
  661. AKSalmon

    Avet jx or lx raptor

    Identical reels except for line capacity.
  662. AKSalmon

    Modified Avet Raptor line at Cal's

    The thrust baring isn't just plug and play. To install it requires some additional modifications -- something very few end users can do.
  663. AKSalmon

    Knot contest knot

    Pretty impressive knot. But I really wonder whether it would hold better than a host of knots that are easier to tie -- like a double San Diego.
  664. AKSalmon

    Penn formula 10kg.

    That reel came out before spectra and its rating was for light line; 10g for 10 kilos or 20# line -- just like the out Penn International 30 was designed for 30# line. They weren't bad reels but it's almost impossible to get parts for them
  665. AKSalmon

    HXW raptor vs HXW raptor 3 speed?

    The 3-speed has the 1:1 granny gear that might help with a large stubborn fish. But the regular 2-speed features a 1.9:1 low gear. That's pretty low given the small HX spool. I caught a cow YFT last year on a 2-speed HXW raptor and wish I'd had the granny gear -- but I did get the fish in with...
  666. AKSalmon

    Which reel?

    I'd go with the HX as well and highy recommend the Raptor version if its within your budget.
  667. AKSalmon

    New aver exw50 /3 speed

    How about a ton of 130# hollow then splice on perhaps 50 yards of 200# hollow then maybe 50 feet of 200# mono.
  668. AKSalmon

    Torque Reels

    I have not idea, but Penn certainly has an incentive not to let this information out because the market for current models will tank.
  669. AKSalmon

    100lb. Threadlock capacity for VISX 20 & 30

    The 20VISX appears to have almost the exact same line capacity as an Avet EX30 which is listed as 560 yards of 100# Jerry Brown braid. I got a little more on mine.
  670. AKSalmon

    Valiant 30

    Not to be a broken record, but how much testing was done to verify that a single ARB on the 1000 is adequate for fishing 130#? I'd feel so much more comfortable f these new reels also had a pair of mechanical dogs.
  671. AKSalmon

    Accurate Announces BV2-800 and BV2-800N

    I service reels for a living too! But Boss reels with bad ARBs had to go back to you guys because the bearings were press-fit and hard to remove and replace in my shop. But my main issue is this: Is a single ARB adequate for a reel designed to be fished with 80# and heavy drag??
  672. AKSalmon

    HX Raptor

    A lower gear ratio would undoubtedly help land cows, but realize the spool on an HX is small so you're not gaining much line in low gear. That said, if you need the low gear, the three speed has a 1:1 granny gear...
  673. AKSalmon

    Accurate Announces BV2-800 and BV2-800N

    The specs say the new reels have one ARB bearing. Do they also have dogs? How many? And is the ARB bearing user serviceable? Or must the reel be sent back to Accurate to replace the bearing as was the case with Boss reels in the past?
  674. AKSalmon

    HX Raptor

    "How did you beef up the shaft?" I sent my reel to David Rocchi, [email protected] He's a machinist who has developed upgrades for the HX Raptor.
  675. AKSalmon

    HX Raptor

    I caught a cow on my HX Raptor last spring. They are very capable reels -- but after that fish I sent my reel out to beef up the bearings and shaft.
  676. AKSalmon

    Penn VSX vs VISX

    I had moved away from Penn for a few years but must say that I am **very** impressed by my new 20VISX. The free spool is absolutely amazing and I totally like the quiet anti-reverse. The handle is great and the two speed mechanism sweet. Finally, compared to Okumas, the design is simpler and...
  677. AKSalmon

    Anyone tried a double trouble below a bobber balloon?

    On a recent trip on RRIII, one guy put a double trouble rig on his bobber balloon. I wasn't the only one who thought it would tangle and become a mess. But before that happened, he got a strike and caught a nice fish. Sometimes luck matters.
  678. AKSalmon

    Penn VSX vs VISX

    VISX is the new model. It has a silent anti-reverse among there things.
  679. AKSalmon

    PENN International VI series; full specs now online

    The Instruction Manual that comes with the new 20VISX says that the "optimized strike setting" on the drag is 13 pounds, with full at 23 pounds. That seems very low given that the reel is supposed to get 50 pounds of drag. What should I make of these numbers?
  680. AKSalmon

    Question about Dauntless 600N.

    You could out 130# or even 200# line on your Dauntless, but you really are pushing that reel if you are fishing it as a 100# reel. Max stated drag is 32 pounds meaning that you'd need to max the drag to make use of 100# line. Personally I worry that I may damage the reel with I sundown the drag...
  681. AKSalmon

    Tekota handle issues

    I generally do see them once per year. But even when they come in that often, there are too many handle problems and new handles are expensive. I so wish you'd use the same handle design on the small Tekotas as the large ones...
  682. AKSalmon

    Part for Penn 875LC?

    Update: I ordered the part from Mike's Reel Repair. They charged my credit card and then sent me a note a few days later saying it was not in stock but would be in two weeks. After two weeks I sent them an e-mail asking about the part. No reply so I sent another. After a third no reply e-mail I...
  683. AKSalmon

    Question about Dauntless 600N.

    I'd fish 60 or 80 on that reel...
  684. AKSalmon

    Tekota handle issues

    I see far too many 500 and 600 Tekotas with stiff handles. Is there a way to make the handle knobs spin again? A shot of Corrosion-X doesn't work. This isn't a problem with the 700 and 800 Tekotas.
  685. AKSalmon

    Accurate and Newell are Best

    Several of the LR boats use Avets as trolling reels and loaner reels. The new Penns are outstanding reels as are Avets, Okumas -- and Accurates. I know of no LR boats that uses Shimanos or Daiwas as trolling or loaner reels.
  686. AKSalmon

    Freespool Sleeve

    On a related issue, I sleeved my 50T and the free spool improved dramatically.
  687. AKSalmon

    Penn Fathom vs. Avet LX vs. Okuma Metaloid/ Andros for 40-50#

    Avets have machined aluminum frames while the Fathom does not. And Avets are made in the US. That matters to some of us.
  688. AKSalmon

    Any good deals on the new Internationals?

    I know they are brand new, but someone must be offering free braid and free shipping and have them in stock? Who?
  689. AKSalmon

    Part for Penn 875LC?

    FYI: I ordered the part from Mike's Reel Repair. They took my payment then sent a note saying the part was not in stock but that they might have it in a couple weeks. Still nothing...
  690. AKSalmon


    Dunking your reel into freshwater a couple times is a good short run solution. But even in the best case scenario, you're going to need to replace bearing or two. At the earliest opportunity, your reel needs a complete service and, likely a few bearings.