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  1. dagonative

    WTB 18-22 gallon Bait tank

    Any small bait tanks floating around out there? I need intake and drain to be recessed in bottom, never seen a poly tank like that but if you have one interested, also open to Fiberglass, shoot me a call or text if you got something small 18-22 gallons, 619-541-2656. thx Travis
  2. dagonative

    For Sale clean bay skiff 18' panga - offer him $5k

    Nope just someone that looked all over California for a Panga 2 years ago, got a lead from BD and trying to repay the favor.
  3. dagonative

    For Sale clean bay skiff 18' panga - offer him $5k

    Pangas plane at about 12mph, that engine will do 20mph, so yes it will plane that hull, yes long term needs a 40.
  4. dagonative

    For Sale clean bay skiff 18' panga - offer him $5k

    BD needs to start booting the peanut gallery, trying to help the community out and you gotta put in your BS .2cents. Yes $5k for a clean 18' panga with a 10 hour 20hp 4 stroke is a steal in 2020.
  5. dagonative

    For Sale clean bay skiff 18' panga - offer him $5k

    Broker is headed out of town, if interested send me a PM and I can pass you the owners name and number.
  6. dagonative

    For Sale clean bay skiff 18' panga - offer him $5k

    someone buy this please so I don't get in trouble for buying another boat :), not mine, not affiliated. Broker was ready to accept $5k from me today, looks super clean, I just can't take on a new boat with amount of work I have right now. Bit underpowered for sure, but if you fish alone or...
  7. dagonative

    SOLD Bait receiver seal proof

    Where are you located and can I get dimensions, how high is it above water and width? Thx!
  8. dagonative

    WTB Bait Receiver - for slip

    I know someone has a great one in their garage, workshop, yard, etc. I promise to give it a good home! I am in San Diego, 619-541-2656 or send me a PM
  9. dagonative


    up still 1 left
  10. dagonative

    WTB VC performance epoxy

    I need to clean up the keel area on my bow, about 20 square feet maybe. Anyone have a little INTERLUX VC performance epoxy laying around?
  11. dagonative

    SOLD Armored Hull Slip Liner. 24ft $800 OBO

    Check your DM when able. Interested
  12. dagonative

    For Sale 3 bank guest charger

    SOLD Brand new in box Guest branded onboard charger, 3 bank 20 Amp. does not include the power cables. SOLD In San Diego (tierrasanta) travis 619 541-2656
  13. dagonative

    For Sale New 12” keel roller poly

    New self centering 12” poly keel roller. It did not work on my trailer. $20 bucks. Does not include shaft. Travis 619-541-2656
  14. dagonative


    Great to meet you Nick, thx! BD I have one left, get yourself a spare! $100
  15. dagonative


    open to rades- trade for lexa 400, Shimano Tranx 500 (cash on my side) 12-15lb bait casters (Shimano or Daiwa preferred), or 2500-3000 size stradic or similar spinning reels. or older Tiagra 50 or similar (80lb reels).
  16. dagonative


    3 left, $100 each.
  17. dagonative


    $100 each, need these gone.
  18. dagonative


    Offers/trades welcome.
  19. dagonative

    For Sale Mercury steering actuator NIB

    Thx detective. Feel free to buy it on EBay or make me an offer here.
  20. dagonative

    SOLD NIB optima D27M

    January 2020 manufacture date, new in box, D27M. $175 In San Diego Travis 619 541 2656
  21. dagonative

    For Sale Mercury steering actuator NIB

    Brand new in box. Counter rotating, ended up not needing for project. $200 I am in San Diego Travis 619-541-2656
  22. dagonative


    Lots of biters, need a hookup. Trailer maintenance needs done!
  23. dagonative

    FREE Vhf, RAM find me spot mount and misc

    Free vhf. Works, however must get an external speaker and needs one screw knob as current one broke, don’t have mount for it. Also have RAM mount for find me spot, missing ram base. Lastly also free is a steering tube nut with grease nipple, needs new o ring. In tierrasanta 619-541-2656
  24. dagonative


    bump, price cut all 5 for $600
  25. dagonative

    SOLD More Electronics

    Where you Located? Interested in the EVO2, you have the wiring?
  26. dagonative


    Offers welcome, need some room in my garage.
  27. dagonative


    Bump, these are 5 lug.
  28. dagonative


    I have 1 UFP 3750lb trailing arm with disc brakes. It is brand new, for torsion axle trailers. Pacific trailer part number U43140 Sold travis
  29. dagonative

    For Sale 14” 19 pitch SS props

    Price drop again, brand new, 100 each
  30. dagonative

    For Sale Mercury 19P prop

    These props are typically on larger motors, 135 HP and up. Is your motor a bigfoot?
  31. dagonative

    For Sale Mercury 19P prop

    Still available, bump
  32. dagonative

    For Sale Optima blue top NIB D34M

    They are, shoot me a call or a text, 619 541-2656
  33. dagonative

    For Sale Mercury Revolution 4 blade LH

    Up offers and trades welcome
  34. dagonative

    For Sale Optima blue top NIB D34M

    Up, to Clarify these are d34m combo starting/deep cycle.
  35. dagonative

    For Sale Mercury Vengeance prop 14 inch NIB

    I don’t, just the ones posted here. Thx
  36. dagonative

    For Sale Optima blue top NIB D34M

    Bump, these are new in box
  37. dagonative

    For Sale 14” 19 pitch SS props

    Help me clean my garage
  38. dagonative

    For Sale Mercury Vengeance prop 14 inch NIB

    Bump 175 each, 2 for 250 (get a spare). 125 for one without a hub kit. These are all new in box, need more room in my garage.
  39. dagonative

    For Sale 14” 19 pitch SS props

    Price drop 175 each, if you want a spare will sell two for 225. Left hand rotation only.
  40. dagonative

    For Sale 14” 19 pitch SS props

    Open to trades and offers
  41. dagonative

    For Sale SOLD Promar Eclipse hoops

    SOLD All three for 25 bucks, two have bridles and one has line too. 619 541 2656 Travis
  42. dagonative

    SOLD Blue Sea Battery Switch 4 Way 9001E $30

    If you will do $20 will come tomorrow to get it, you can text me at+16195412656 Thx Travis
  43. dagonative

    For Sale 14” 19 pitch SS props

    Trades and offers welcome
  44. dagonative

    For Sale 14” 19 pitch SS props

    Price drop, down to just left hand rotation props. Open to trades
  45. dagonative

    For Sale Mercury Vengeance prop 14 inch NIB

    Bump open to offers and trades
  46. dagonative

    For Sale 14” 19 pitch SS props

    Bump. Open to offers and trades
  47. dagonative

    WTB Suzuki Propeller

    I have some 14 inch 19 pitch mercury vengeance. Would just need a Suzuki hub kit. They are posted in this section.
  48. dagonative

    For Sale Optima D27m NEW

    Bump, great batteries for running your trolling motor. Have two for my minn Kota on the panga, love em.
  49. dagonative

    For Sale 14” 19 pitch SS props

    Brand new in box, mercury Vengeance 14” 19 pitch 3 blade stainless props. Have 4 left hand rotation. Blowout Price drop 100each, if you want a spare will sell two for 150. Left hand rotation only. Will fit non Merc, just need to buy a hub kit.
  50. dagonative

    For Sale Optima D27m NEW

    SOLD Two optima D27m’s new in box, 5/19 manufacture date. 200 each 375 for both In San Diego Travis 619 541 2656
  51. dagonative

    For Sale Mercury Revolution 4 Prop

    Cool, text or call my cell, good luck today! 619 541 2656
  52. dagonative

    For Sale Mercury Revolution 4 Prop

    SOLD Brand new in box, revolution 4, stainless Prop with Hub, 14 5/8 diameter, right hand rotation and 17 pitch, 4 blade. $460 Located in tierrasanta (San Diego) Travis 619 541 2656
  53. dagonative

    SOLD Free cooler San Diego GONE

    Free, still works fine, hinges broken, plug gone (cardboard and tape plug now). I think it is 45 quart. Free in tierrasanta text me at+16195412656 Travis
  54. dagonative

    For Sale Optima d27m and d34m new

    SOLD SOLD In Tierrasanta (San Diego) Travis 619 541 2656
  55. dagonative

    For Sale Calstar 90j combo (Sold)

    I sent you a PM yesterday. Have not heard back. Thx Travis
  56. dagonative

    SOLD D34m optima deep cycle/starting NEW

    I have a few d34m optimas for sale, these are the deep cycle/starting batteries. 7/18 manufacturing date, new in box. SOLD In San Diego. Tierrasanta to be exact. Travis 619 541 2656
  57. dagonative

    FREE Eclipse promar GONE

    Gone thx!!
  58. dagonative

    FREE Eclipse promar GONE

    It is shoot me a text and I can send you my address. Travis 619 541 2656
  59. dagonative

    FREE Eclipse promar GONE

    Free, works, in rough shape, but is free and still catches lobster. Just net, not line or floats. In Tierrasanta Travis 858 699 9451
  60. dagonative


    You still have the reel?
  61. dagonative

    For Sale Standard Horizon VHF $25

    Radio works excellent, however does not come with mounting hardware. Would be good for flush mount. Selling as I have a newer one I use. $25 or trade for ?? Travis 858 699 9451
  62. dagonative

    For Sale Optima deep cycles new- SOLD

    Brand new optima deep cycle/starting d27m, September 2018 manufacture date. D27m $180 Also four d34m, two are March 2018 manufacture date and two are October 2017 manufacture date. All brand new in boxes, topped all four off on charger. 2 available D34m March 2018 - 150 each 1 available...
  63. dagonative

    For Sale SOLD Black Friday optima blue tops

    Juan, I will be in Torrance Thursday-Saturday. Text me and we can set up a time to meet. 858 699-9451 Rich no plans to be in Riverside anytime soon.
  64. dagonative

    For Sale SOLD Black Friday optima blue tops

    I have two optima deep cycle/starting. These are the dual purpose marine blue top. One is larger D27M and other is smaller D34M (24 size) Brand new, 3/18 manufacture date. Bought for project that won’t be finished. 160 for d34m and 170 for d27m. 300 for both. Travis 858 699 9451
  65. dagonative

    For Sale SOLD rapalas assorted sizes

    Have one more rapala CD 14 and a CD 9 that are not in this photo but will be thrown in. Medium flat rate shipping box 13.65. 58.65 for all shipped. 3.45 per bait, a steal.
  66. dagonative

    For Sale SOLD rapalas assorted sizes

    Selling entire lot. 90% are rapala, two are offshore angler and giant one is a Yozuri. Take them all for 45 dollars. Travis 858 699 9451
  67. dagonative

    For Sale Calstar/Sabre rods

    Bump only the 1982 honey colored rod is still available
  68. dagonative

    For Sale Calstar/Sabre rods

    Sold the Sabre 271 I am in San Diego.
  69. dagonative

    For Sale 20ft bayrunner &4srtoke 2008honda, STEAL @$4,900!(priced to sell FAST)

    I am sure BD has lots of savvy buyers, but please anyone who looks at this or any aluminum boat look for electrolysis holes, just cause it is welded does not mean it does not leak. Good luck to seller, might be a good boat for a person who fishes by themselves and weighs under 170lbs :).
  70. dagonative

    For Sale Canon rod holder (down-rigger) water deck fill

    Dual Canon rod holder that goes into some type of down rigger base, $15 Also have a stainless deck fill for water, 1.5 inch. $10 Travis 858 699 9451
  71. dagonative

    For Sale Sold Humminbird Matrix 37 brand new

    This fishfinder came with some extra gear on a boat I recently bought. Model Humminbird Matrix 37. Appears brand new. Includes transducer and power cable, as well as manual and mounting base. sold Travis 858 699 9451
  72. dagonative

    For Sale SOLD Fulton Kicker Bracket and fuel tank

    Cool I am I Tierrasanta, text me for address 858 699 9451
  73. dagonative

    SOLD SOLD assorted irons, cedar plugs, large mariln jigs

    Take it all for 35 bucks, or individual prices below. Pics updated 1 6x JR lite $4 each 1 Christy 2 $4 2 no name blue and white, $2 each Knife jigs, $3 each Irons with squid skirts GC lure company $3 each 1 6x Salas single hook $8 each, brand new 1 used megabait $2 1 used b stinger...
  74. dagonative

    For Sale SOLD Fulton Kicker Bracket and fuel tank

    Bracket sold, 12 gallon fuel tank still available.
  75. dagonative

    For Sale SOLD SKB extreme bluewater box $200

    After measuring this is an SKB Extreme Bluewater box, has four 3700 size plano boxes, in good shape, hinges all work good. SOLD Travis 858 699 9451
  76. dagonative

    WTB lobster trap puller

    Sold! Love BD. my cell is 858 699 9451, can you text me so I can arrange pick up? thx!
  77. dagonative

    WTB lobster trap puller

    Anyone have one they want to part with? Not looking for a full size davit. Prefer something rod holder mounted just to keep rope off my rail. In San Diego. thx! Travis 858 699 9451
  78. dagonative

    For Sale Calstar/Sabre rods

    Very open to offers, not sure what these are worth. thx!
  79. dagonative

    For Sale Calstar/Sabre rods

    Two Sabre (calstar) rods, one is 12-30lb LB271C. Appears to be original wrap. Has great great action, anchovy rod, 7 foot length. Brown grips, Varmac reel seat. Sold Second rod is also 7 feet, don’t know model number, this one is custom wrapped, in good shape. Says it is a 30lb, roller guide...
  80. dagonative

    For Sale SOLD Fulton Kicker Bracket and fuel tank

    Kicker bracket SOLD came on panga I recently bought. Won't be using it. In great shape, does not include mounting hardware. $SOLD for BD community. Made by Fulton, made in USA. Also have 12 gallon tempo fuel tank, sending unit needs some work $25 dollars Travis 858 699 9451, in Tierrasanta.
  81. dagonative

    Aquarius Marine feedback

    Looking for a place to store a 22’ panga, also need some small electrical work, and impeller changed on 60hp Yamaha. Any feedback on them?
  82. dagonative

    For Sale Fuel tanks (5)

    I will take the 2 12s. can you call or text me so we can arrange? 858 699 9451
  83. dagonative

    For Sale Fuel tanks (5)

    How much for two 12s?
  84. dagonative

    WTB Still Frothing For A 16 Bayrunner, Someone Kick Me A Deal So I'll Stop Pestering!
  85. dagonative

    For Sale Wilson on cl

    I am glad they mention it has a gas tank.......
  86. dagonative

    For Sale Skip the Montauk: 16 Radon

    I have looked at 5 boats priced around 10-12k, every one had transom issues. I would be embarrassed to sell a boat with a transom like that and try to pass it off as ready to fish. Keep up the search.
  87. dagonative

    San Quintin 15th report

    Fished with Jaime today, we did a half day this afternoon as we drove down today. Fished in the bay for over 50 sand bass, also went out to point and got a bunch of sugar bass and couple calicos, ended the day with a nice 14lb Hali caught on a small lizard fish. Fun day, and great captain. We...
  88. dagonative

    SQ Updates???

    I am there Friday and Saturday hoping Bud does not dump much rain Friday..
  89. dagonative

    For Sale Nice little skiff not mine

    does not state, looks like maybe a glaspar
  90. dagonative

    For Sale Nice little skiff not mine

    Came across this sweet little skiff on CL today, if it was 19' I would be going to look at it. Looks clean and worth a look for someone looking for a small boat to fish locally with. Repower it with a 70 hp 4 stroke and you would have a bad ass skiff...
  91. dagonative

    WTB 20+ foot fishing boat

    Wish you luck, I am about to throw in the towel until interest rates rise a few more points....lots of really "clean" boats out there with failing transoms and floors for $10k...
  92. dagonative

    WTB 21 Parker cc

    if you have room for a bigger center console than 21' I would buy this....
  93. dagonative

    For Sale 19’ Bayrunner w 4 stroke $6500

    40HP is pretty underpowered for a 19' bayrunner, fill the bait tank, add some ice and two people and good luck.
  94. dagonative

    Baja Bayrunner 20' with 2015 Mercury 90hp 4 Stroke

    likely not, post is from 2016.......
  95. dagonative

    For Sale 25'X9' Open Fisherman, Center Console, 250 Suzuki warranty till 9/19 27,000 (reduced again)

    This is a bad-ass center console, anyone who buys a parker over this is a little nutty.
  96. dagonative

    SOLD 1995 Aquasport C/C 6900.00

    17' i think, model is a 175
  97. dagonative

    For Sale accessories

    What is the height of the seat post, one with foot rest? And where you located?
  98. dagonative

    WTB Panga center console

    Bump still looking thx! Will consider clean panga powered by older 2 strokes too, center or side console.
  99. dagonative

    For Sale 1986 Cabo 216 - Barn Find!

    Boat inflation is rampant, don't tell the fed, to be fair he never said $5k in other post. That was someone's offer, since no price was stated.
  100. dagonative

    WTB Looking for a Cabo 216 Cuddy Con or Parker 1801.

    10k wow, Bring back 2011 boat prices please :)
  101. dagonative

    WTB Panga center console

    Appreciate heads up, bit more boat than I am looking for. GLWS
  102. dagonative

    WTB Panga center console

    Looking for 22-24' panga, center console, wth 4 stroke or etec, no projects. Have cash, my email is [email protected] and phone is 858 699 9451
  103. dagonative

    Blackman 20

    I am interested as well, can you call me or text at 858 699 9451. Thank you Travis
  104. dagonative

    For Sale Sold Crestliner Angler 16' skiff $4750

    SOLD Great skiff for local kelp, bays and local banks on nice days. Boat has been as far as the 43 when I was a bit younger and dumber. Boat is setup for socal fishing, powered by an early 90's 2 stroke Tohatsu M40C, with around 900 hours, engine came off a sail boat and was put on this boat in...
  105. dagonative

    WTB Center console or bass boat under 6k

    I have a 16 foot aluminum side console crestliner I will be listing soon, what is your number will send you some photos and video.
  106. dagonative

    Info on Morgan Craft boats

    They are closed know that for sure, hull is a 1989. So sounds like good build quality from what you remember?
  107. dagonative

    Info on Morgan Craft boats

    Where are all the California boat builder experts :). From my research it seems like they built boats from the mid 60s to early 90s. But I cannot find one review or any details on them. Just some old ads in newspapers and boating mags. Any help would be appreciated. Thx!
  108. dagonative

    Info on Morgan Craft boats

    I have a friend that just got a Morgancraft boat, anyone know much about them? Builder was in LA, Gardena area, and supposedly built some harbor patrol boats with these molds. Just looking to see if anyone has any insight into build quality, any common issues to look for. Thank you! Travis
  109. dagonative

    WILSON PILOTHOUSE 21’ w/ Honda 200hp four stroke outboard (1/2 partnership)

    Are there sleeping quarters in your pilot house or just storage? Nice sled.
  110. dagonative

    FYI- Shelter Island Ramp Closed until February

    Called the port authority and they said glorietta is closed as well. Can someone confirm they launched at glorietta in the last week or so? Appreciated!
  111. dagonative

    Aluminum skiff welding

    Bump, hoping for something in SD or south SD.
  112. dagonative

    Aluminum skiff welding

    Ok give please me a number if you are able to stop by. Thx!
  113. dagonative

    Aluminum skiff welding

    I am in San Diego Do you have contact info for him? He was who I was planning on using but the number online is disconnected.
  114. dagonative

    Aluminum skiff welding

    Would love some referrals to a great welding shop in San Diego area. I have a 16' crestliner and need some minor welding work where the tank wells connect with the floor. Also just a bunch of screw holes where various people have connected things over the years. Thx Travis
  115. dagonative

    Visiting Kona from Oahu. Any boats I might be able to jump on this week?

    Chris I am going to be in Kona for about a week and a half right before thanksgiving this year. I would love to get out fishing while there. Of course pay my way, do you mind if I save your number and message you later in the year to see if you will fishing and have an open spot when I am...
  116. dagonative


    Nice job on release. Love sharks hate seals
  117. dagonative

    Sporasub Instinct fins

    Excellent shape, like new. Used 3 times, always kept in garage. Size 11-12, I wear a size 10 dress shoe and these fit me with 3 mm socks. $75 email or call travisjbushard at 858-245-3362 thx!! Travis
  118. dagonative

    Rabitech 110 with float line

    Gun is in excellent shape, includes a 50' float line, float, plus a bungee stretches 3 times its length. Gun is a 110, in great shape. $210 email or call travisjbushard at 858-245-3362
  119. dagonative

    Rubber weight belt with 22lbs of lead

    Great shape, includes 22 lbs of lead $55 for all. Includes a nice bag for carrying lead and belt. email or call travisjbushard at 858-245-3362
  120. dagonative

    floatation foam

    thx guys...may go the noodle route...i have seen no good results of poured in aluminum boats...corrosion and water logged is what I have seen.
  121. dagonative

    floatation foam

    Anyone know where in SD I can get a billet of Styrofoam? I need to pull out all the foam in my skiff as it is wet. I have a buddy with a bayrunner that has blocks of Styrofoam cut to fit each compartment and they seem to be more resistant to water than the poured stuff. Thx, Travis
  122. dagonative

    aluminum boat welder

    Will do thx!!
  123. dagonative

    aluminum boat welder

    Anyone have a recommendation for a welder for my boat? The rub rail has some cracks in it, also need some floor braces welded. Boat has a side console made of aluminum, it is riveted to the boat and all the rivets have loosened and popped out, any one have a recommendation on whether I should re...
  124. dagonative

    2000 16ft 5inch Crestliner Right side console

    Back to its rightful owner :) thank you JT I am stoked to have her back!!
  125. dagonative

    2000 16ft 5inch Crestliner Right side console

    This used to be my boat, give me a call please, might be interested 858-245-3362
  126. dagonative

    Spectra on overnight boats

    I am doing a 1.5 day trip this weekend, I rarely fish sportboats (always private boats). What are the feelings on spectra with a short 4 foot flouro leader? Seems it might be a pain in the ass for tangles with so many other anglers. this is what I fish on my boat (when I had one :)) and on my...
  127. dagonative

    10-8 On the Eclipse

    How did you like the Eclipse? I am trying to decide on that vs. the Legend leaving next were the bunks? kind of leaning toward the eclipse as it takes 5 less guys and is the same width. thx!! Travis
  128. dagonative

    Yummy Yummy in My tummy

    Ed, We going hali fishing?!!? :) I will be out there on Sunday I think in the OBBC boat. My membership ends 6/30 so I will be calling you :). Hope to fish again with you soon. Travis
  129. dagonative

    12/11 Los Cabos report

    My wife and I headed down to Cabo for a few days and had the opportunity to fish on Friday 12/11. It was my first time fishing out of Cabo since I was 12!! We fished with Jesus from Gordo Banks Pangas. Started trolling while waiting for the bait guys to do their thing. We put 3 Dorado in the...
  130. dagonative

    Good panga fishing

    Fished last week with Gordo Banks Pangas. 5 dorado and 2 yellowfin and one farmed wahoo by me...great day all fishing was a matter of minutes from puerto los cabos. I paid $250 for 23ft super panga fished form 6:30-12:30 or so.
  131. dagonative

    Bonita Springs Guides?

    thx much just emailed him
  132. dagonative

    ----Epic Local Night -----

    Thx for report...great job guys. Striper17 you are a tool and keeping the stereo type of Striper owners alive and well!!
  133. dagonative

    Bonita Springs Guides?

    We are available to fish 11/2,11/3 or 11/4...Would like to stay inshore and target redfish, trout, and anything else that is biting..tide looked the best on 11/2. thx, Travis
  134. dagonative

    Bonita Springs Guides?

    I have contacted some guides in Bonita Springs and am considering booking Capt. Lindy Yow of High Hopes Charters. Anyone on here familiar with him? thx!! Travis
  135. dagonative

    9/20 b-day fishing

    Fished the 230 down to 371 today for my birthday. Had a great crew and fished on Avalon from OBBC. Ended the day with 18 yellowfin and one skippy. 3 fish were from 2 miles south west of the 230 on a kelp around 930 am. And the other 15 were from a kelp 5 miles south east of the 230, between 230...
  136. dagonative

    9/20 1 needed

    filled sorry guys
  137. dagonative

    9/20 1 needed

    1 needed for 9/20 fishing offshore...prefer Mex license as depending on reports will be heading south. fishing from 530am and back in around 430pm. Boat is OBBC boat Avalon. Looking at 65-80 bux depending where we gothx,Travis
  138. dagonative

    Went catching today Albies/Yellow

    Wow everyone is 20 questions when someone posts a report now :)..lets recap it was lake not much swell or wind. Thx much for the report my buddy is headed out tomorrow night. They should have a great Friday. Nice job!!
  139. dagonative

    2 needed for 6/6

    Spots filled. thx guys
  140. dagonative

    2 needed for 6/6

    Since I am not getting a Crew for Islands. I would take 1 maybe 2 for some halibut Mex license needed. let me know...
  141. dagonative

    2 needed for 6/6

    3 feet at 15 seconds and wind less than 10 kts...You trying to scare away my non excistent crew :). Weather looks good to me...??SATWIND VARIABLE LESS THAN 10 KT...BECOMING W 10 KT IN THEAFTERNOON. WIND WAVES 2 FT OR LESS. SWELL S 3 FT AT 15 SECONDS.SLIGHT CHANCE OF SHOWERS.SAT NIGHTWIND W 10 KT...
  142. dagonative

    2 needed for 6/6

    I am headed out Saturday on Avalon...No this economy sux!! I can't even get ho's to go fishing anymore....
  143. dagonative

    2 needed for 6/6

    2 needed for 6/6 fishing Islands/Rosarito flats, possibly paddy hop 371 area depending on conditions/reports, Boat is 26' cat from OBBC Avalon. PM or call me 858-245-3362. Need Mex license and cash for bait, ice, gasthxTravis
  144. dagonative

    2 spots Saturday 6/6

    I have two spots open for Saturday 6/6. Must have Mexican License and cash for gas and bait. Boat is 26' cat from OBBC. Please just call me at 858-245-3362 or pm. Plan is to fish Islands and flats.thx,Travis
  145. dagonative

    San Diego Bay - Restrictions

    I was fishing South of the Cornado bridge last week and was kicked out of the channel by navy security. We were told that we had to be 100 yards away from the channel. We were fishing the ledge that drops from 12-30 feet...about 1 mile south of the hospital ship. We tried asking for an...
  146. dagonative

    1-17 hooping Mission Bay, gear stolen

    Jerod same thing happened to me in November. I was the only boat out..that I could see dropped two nets went back to the dock to pick up my friend. was gone for 30 of my nets gone when i got back...shady business...glad to hear you got out.
  147. dagonative

    Brokeback Skipjack

    That is correct BD is not about numbers. However these bullshit posts this year of people posting pictures of glorious days and not even a hint of where they were other than "local" is bull shit (these guys just want to show how great of fisherman they are). You gave the general area you were in...
  148. dagonative

    8/2 302/371 YT

    pmed yellowdog..thanks all
  149. dagonative

    8/2 302/371 YT

    In Hindsight I should have called you on the radio and asked. Apologize for that. Have a good Sunday I am done with it. Travis
  150. dagonative

    8/2 302/371 YT

    Bill, why be a dick? You guys landed at least 5 yellows of that paddy while we drifted it with you. That paddy you left because I jumped in produced another yellow and an albie while I was in the WATER. A free diver in the water does not shut down a paddy, the fish pretty much ignore you 90% of...
  151. dagonative

    8.2.08. 302/371

    "Hey Travis read this, someone not too happy with you..... (Albacore,Dorado,Yellowfin,Yellowtail,Mako 7/31)" Found what you were trying to link...thanks
  152. dagonative

    8.2.08. 302/371

    Fished on OBBC boat Avalon today. Headed out to the 302 area and hit a paddy early am like 630...was snake bit and watched guy next to us land 6 tails in a row. Kept heading south and stopped on a paddy just a few miles south of the high spot. Ended up with 6 yellows from that kelp. Trolled down...
  153. dagonative

    8.2.08 going south need 1

    Two ahead of you. Will call if they fall through. Thanks for response.
  154. dagonative

    8.2.08 going south need 1

    I need one crew member for this Saturday. Departing the dock at 4:30 am returning 5pm or so. Plan now is to fish 101, 425 and 302 area and then back up the line. Looking for someone with a Mexican license of course. Fuel and bait spilt four ways is going to be 70-80 bucks. Boat is 26' twin vee...
  155. dagonative

    8.2.08 need 1 for trip south

    Moved to offshore I am dumb :)
  156. dagonative

    Nados 7.12

    That was me Randy. I knew it was you just not sure if you would recognize me. Did you guys get in the water I saw you suit up once I think. I will say hi next time. I think I circled you at the end of the day, thought you guys had found that magic paddy :). Take care, hope to see you again soon.
  157. dagonative


    Not at all trying to stir the pot on this one, but I too was at the islands all day Saturday water was 65-67. I would get your temp gauge checked.
  158. dagonative

    July Avet Reel Contest 2008

    Wife, some friends and I fished the Coronado Islands on 7.12.08. There was a huge pod of dolphins working bait balls all day right off South island. My wife got a ripper bite and missed it. A little later in the morning she got another one and turned out to be a 13.3 lb bluefin. Her first...
  159. dagonative

    Nados 7.12

    My wife, and some friends fished the islands yesterday. Pretty slow overall. Only saw a few yellowtail boils all day and never got them going. One Calico and one 13.3 pound bluefin ended the day there. Wife got the bluefin on a drifted sardine off Ribbon kelp. We got two other Bluefin bites both...
  160. dagonative

    Skiff project

    Lookin good, can't wait to see you out on the water!!
  161. dagonative

    PANAMA BY PANGA JUNE 20-28, 2008

    Looks like an amazing trip
  162. dagonative

    On the Hook vs Drift

    I usually drift and slow troll. However was fishing skr a few weeks ago and slow trolling for hours...nothing...watching people on the hook catching fish and not burning fuel....dropped the hook and put a yellow in the boat and some boneheads....and was not burning fuel :). So I may be anchoring...
  163. dagonative

    wanna catch a rooster fish for my honeymoon! help!!!where do I go?

    I would say costa rica feb, march. Did my honeymoon in Costa Rica in February and got my first rooster as did my wife. PV would also be a great place to target roosters, not sure what month is best for them though.
  164. dagonative

    Rabitech Stealth 110cm Gun

    I pmed you earlier. Please respond. I want this gun if it is good condition. Thank you, Travis
  165. dagonative

    Great White Attack at Catalina?

    please move to fishing chit-chat
  166. dagonative

    Hawaii State/Federal Fishing Registration Coming

    That is good news...specially the spear fisherman part...
  167. dagonative

    Skiff project

    No problem!! I am excited to see some pics of the progress and see you on the water in it!!
  168. dagonative

    Ablies 21 miles off MB 6/21

    Nice job guys, thanks for the report saw you guys back at Dana getting fuel.
  169. dagonative


    anyone know where the ski family was at? I hope they have an alibi!! :)
  170. dagonative

    Skiff project

    -->>Boat for sale! Must go! Come and get it! Asking $400 or best offer Not my boat but looks like a sweet project skiff!! Someone buy it so we can watch the build here on BD!!
  171. dagonative

    Fathers day, Great Day!

    Nice report. Thanks for the post...24" on those lings
  172. dagonative

    Need bloody help... Need your comments... New purchase

    Save 15k and buy a used diesel skippy there is a nice one on craigslist right now for 15k. Look used, buying new right now does not make a lot of sens ...100 miles offshore in a 20' boat...I would not do it.. a lot of weather can come up between land and 4 hours offshore. 40-50 miles should be...
  173. dagonative

    Report LJ/9 6/10

    2.5 doing 45 is definelty awesome..nice boat
  174. dagonative

    Report LJ/9 6/10

    2.5 mpg doing 45...ummmmm you sure?
  175. dagonative

    Report LJ/9 6/10

    I bet that was a sweet gas bill...going fast must be fun...but damn that must be costly...I bet you also miss a lot of patties at 40-50 mph...I miss em at 20
  176. dagonative

    Mundy mourning

    Thank for the report scott. Nice halibut
  177. dagonative

    6.7.08 halibut report

    Fished the big bay for 2 legal halis, 24" and 26". Quite a few shorts and a couple sandies and spotties. Cold windy day. Ride from Mission bay to San Diego bay was rough..5-6 second period at best, just mixed and confused and wind did not help. Still a fun day. Fished worm from obbc
  178. dagonative

    17-20 lb line Reel?

    65lb or 80lb braid for 17lb-20lb test? I would go with 30lb reason to use 65 or 80 on that size reel...Also if this is a yellow reel I would go with an SX...bass reel 400 with levelwind...
  179. dagonative

    My First Cabo Trip

    I also only take strippers home if they are mortally wounded!! :) that made my day reading that. Carry on!!
  180. dagonative

    great white surf fishing

    that is pretty cool
  181. dagonative

    More after work flatties 6-3

    Great job!! Thanks for the post.
  182. dagonative

    Kayak fishing Costa Rica

    I would say rent a kayak at Manuel Antonio. You can paddle out to where the charter boats fish roosters...
  183. dagonative

    Tax Man Cometh-Doheny

    Please posting in fishing chit chat...not a fish report. Thank you
  184. dagonative

    SD Bay 5/31 am Flats and Spots and a c

    Yeah, stop netting those 24" halibut and then keeping them :imdumb:. I read his post to stay everything was c&r'ed. Was not trying to be a dick..obvisouly if you are keeping em it does not matter if you shred there tails..
  185. dagonative

    SD Bay 5/31 am Flats and Spots and a c

    Great report. Thanks!! You should consider getting a halibut safe net..halibut get split tails which get infected and the fish can die, so if you are going to c&R them, don't net them and just use your boga or get a halibut safe net, promar makes a great one, might be a bit big for the yak though.
  186. dagonative

    My Son's First Seabass And Halibut...WOW!

    Congrats to you and your kid for a great fishing trip. Thanks for posting!!
  187. dagonative

    My Son's First Seabass And Halibut...WOW!

    The detective at work...not one report since you joined thanks for contributing drama and not fish reports...
  188. dagonative

    Beach fishing around Honolulu ?

    I would fish lake wilson. Early am. Small spinner baits...or best some live bait. 1-4 pound peacock bass. Some bigger ones in there too. only access point I know to fish from shore is the boat ramp. Also there are barracuda in the ala wai canal. they can be fun but tough to get to bite. check...
  189. dagonative

    gettin sum

    Thanks for the report Tricks, sounds like a great time
  190. dagonative

    5/26 Nados and 101-302

    Thank you for burning the fuel and posting a report.
  191. dagonative

    Cabo kicks our ass...

    My thoughts exactly. East cape, Loreto, Mulege much more of a sure thing...
  192. dagonative

    5.18.08 Nados

    Fished on Avalon from obbc. Went to the islands. Pukey was dead in the morning, middle grounds fish boiling but no biters. Ended up on flats off of South island a little north of tuna pens. Got some sandies there, bonito and saw hundreds of puddling yellows that would follow the iron, and had no...
  193. dagonative


    Mistake a large 12'+ yellow/red/green piece of plastic for a seal...not likely...possible but highly unlikely
  194. dagonative

    OHAU Trip of a lifetime! Chapu Charters kicks ass!

    That one in your picture that died, would have survived and swam off if you had been using a circle hook. Circle hooks greatly increase billfish survival rates.
  195. dagonative

    First Ever WSB 5/04/08

    Nice ready for the discussion...:)
  196. dagonative


    You are a good man letting her swim off. Not a shark fisherman myself, but have a huge respect for those who let the big ones go to swim another day and eat some seals!!.
  197. dagonative

    4/28 Evening Lings bite off Pt.Loma

    Nice job!! Was hoping to do the same thing Wednesday night, but looks like swell may keep us in the bay. Way to wack em.
  198. dagonative

    I.B Butt

    awesome report!!
  199. dagonative

    4-27 SD Bay Sandies

    That license outside on your clothing is lame...DFG doesn't even care. I was stopped Saturday and with DFG boatside reached into my dry bag and pulled out my license. Navy enforcing DFG regs = no bueno.
  200. dagonative

    Way off shore!!! YFT!!!

    "Nice day of fishing... What are you going to do with 600 lbs of fish?"Sell 550 lbs at market...that is how things are done in Hawaii.
  201. dagonative

    Holy shit Batman, now these are quality feeeshes!

    because they were fishing offshore for these think these were all caught at la jolla or what>>
  202. dagonative

    4.26 Bird rock

    Thanks dude, I will pass that on to her. We gotta get out fishing this season!!
  203. dagonative

    4.26 Bird rock

    IT was not..I need to change that :) Worm from OBBC Happy member!!
  204. dagonative

    4.26 Bird rock

    Fished the kelp line just north of Crystal pier all morning for a bunch of small cuda 50+, large macks, calicos and sandies. Went out to pound some sand for halibut for a couple hours for no bites. Decided to drift and picked up a mud marlin. Went out to some pinnacles and got a bunch of short...
  205. dagonative

    trying to buy a used boat

    Up your budget just a little and you can have mine, not junk, and just what you are looking for.Bloodydecks Classifieds - 16' 2000 Crestliner Fish Hawk it with a 4 cylinder honda CRV. No problems ever. You don't need a f-250 to tow a 16ft. aluminum skiff....
  206. dagonative

    looking for advice on a boat

    sweet fish report...for better response post under boating section.
  207. dagonative

    4/12 La Jolla

    Fished the OBBC boat Worm off la jolla and later in the day off Crystal pier. Got various bottom critters. Early in the morning birds all over the NW corner out to 180-200 feet. Slow trolled baits high and low and threw iron off the front. School of 100+ 10-15lb yellows comes right up to boat as...
  208. dagonative

    mission bay fuel prices

    Anyone know the cost of Fuel at Dana landing right now? Is there another fuel dock in Mission bay? Thank you!!
  209. dagonative

    Farallon Owners...

    My vote is the davis diesel with a tower...Congrats on the new gig Jerod!!
  210. dagonative

    Where is the best Fishing/Vacation spot in the world?

    You made a great choice. You will love Los Suenos. Great fishing, you will have shots at a lot of sails and great inshore fishing. And the place is beautiful, lots of wildlife to keep you entertained. Plus it is a short flight and only 2 hour time difference!! Have fun!!
  211. dagonative

    SD bay 3-2-08

    Probably juvi BSB...Great job!!
  212. dagonative

    South SD Bay Warm Water Channel (w/pix)

    I may be wrong but i think the powerplant is not operating any longer. So no warm water...
  213. dagonative

    hooped the bay 12/07!! go to Noah's Tackle on Convoy in Kearney Mesa.
  214. dagonative

    bugging in big surf

    I don't get why people post on hear boasting about this (Basically trying to establish who has bigger balls). Why endanger yourself and the coasties,life guards and harbor police that are going to have to rescue you...
  215. dagonative

    Maybe this will Help....

    So your article is saying it is better to cut the fish off mid fight than to bring it to the surface...come on that line would get wrapped on a fin and kill the fish or other fish. That is bad advice...
  216. dagonative

    sweet craigslist deal

    Not affliated with seller but this looks like a great deal...inshore and bay skiff that probably gets 8+ mpg 16’ Center Console With 25 HP Honda 4 Stroke
  217. dagonative

    Bass Pro Shop vs. Cabelas, Pepsi Challenge

    Went to Cabelas in Phoenix AZ and was not impressed. They just had rods thrown in cardboard boxes like you were shopping at the swap meet. I definetly like BPS more than cabelas. But cabelas is great with returns...
  218. dagonative

    11/15 hooping the sd bay

    pulled first set at 5:30 pm
  219. dagonative

    11/15 hooping the sd bay

    Slow night.....11 shorts. foggy 15-20 knot gusts..cleared up and beautiful and calm by 8pm...dogs were a problem even with a sling shot and good aim...
  220. dagonative

    Shimano Teramar Which One??

    I have the tmc-x80h and tmc-x80m. I fish 30 or 40lb on the h. and 20 or 25lb on the M. Both great rods. Fished the x80m with a tady A1 with 25lb for 20+ cuda the other day. Fun rod nice action. The x80h strokes yellows with 40lb...The 7'6 rods are great bait rods..I have the x76mh and it is a...
  221. dagonative

    LJ fishing 11/13

    Last two pictures are a tree fish and a sculpin.
  222. dagonative

    1985 Gregor Aluminum

    200 HP that things sips gas :)...Stick with the Gregor..
  223. dagonative

    1985 Gregor Aluminum

    Just check the transom for electrolisis...also if it has built in tanks make sure they have been replaced rather recently..If the trailer is in good shape that is a decent deal..
  224. dagonative

    11/10/07 La Jolla

    Fished the jewel today. Started off very slow but got a yellow around 8 am. Unfortunately all I ended up with was a head for lobster bait. 800lb dog got the rest..Got two legal lings some starries and boneheads. On the way in we fished a wide open cuda bite with surface iron for a solid hour...
  225. dagonative

    Do Seals Eat Chicken (lobster bait)

    This is not the area the Coast guard is referring to. They are referring to inside the bay against the Point loma side. It is loosely enforced. I have always fished there until kicked out because I have never seen it printed anywhere you cannot fish or hoop there...The area showed in the image...
  226. dagonative

    Boycott Jamul AM/PM

    I thought the same thing with the National Guard story that was on here...Target now supplies the National Guard...what happened to the DOD??
  227. dagonative


    Uni to failures...yet :)
  228. dagonative

    Spooky Hoopin' 10/31

    No the key word is North of Pt. Argulle...The reg means you cannot use said devices north of Pt. Argulle. Pretty black and least that is how it reads to me..
  229. dagonative

    Sinking Glacier Bay caught on film!!!

    I thought the same exact thing. I was scrolling through the photos and was like toss your rods the to the other
  230. dagonative

    Corvina or WSB?

    Lobzila gave the only surefire way to tell the difference. The zipper. All other ways are iffy at best. If it has a zipper WSB. If not Corvina, around here they are shortfin Corvina. Travis
  231. dagonative

    Stolen rod and reels

    Rick you speaking from expierence...catching a case of the clap!! :) classic..
  232. dagonative

    Stolen rod and reels

    Catch a case as in a court case for beating the shit out of the guy...I was not asking what it meant I just think it is funny that it was said. And Catching a case of the red ass...not sure what that is about...
  233. dagonative

    Stolen rod and reels

    I used to sell cutco. Yes they do work. If they have gone dull or broken send them to the factory and get a brand new set for free no questions asked.....thread jack over...
  234. dagonative

    Stolen rod and reels

    Did you just say "catch a case" :)
  235. dagonative

    Cleaned two nice yellowtail

    Sling shot really helps. I placed two nice shots on a dogs head last week and was left alone the rest of the night. When hooping they come real close to the boat and it is calm out so hitting them is not a problem.
  236. dagonative

    La Bocana 10-21 to 10-23

    They have dragon fruit at some of the asian markets here in San Diego.
  237. dagonative

    Whats the secret

    You are pulling up Pelagics in your hoopnets??? Lots of Dorado and yellowfin swimming into your hoops?? :) You absolutely need to invest in bait cages and get a few more nets so you can cover more ground and find where they are crawling.
  238. dagonative

    Killing things

    Good to see you out there Scott, looks like you guys had fun..
  239. dagonative

    hooping Friday 10-19

    no tourist here. Born and raised in Dago...maybe noone says Dago in O'side :)
  240. dagonative

    hooping Friday 10-19

    we hooped from 6-11:30 pm...most of the legals came by 9pm with the big daddy around 11:15 pm
  241. dagonative

    hooping Friday 10-19

    Went hooping Friday night launched out of Dana Landing. Final tally was 200 or so shorts and 8 legals. Got a large 8lb even male bug!! 3-4 foot swell no wind beautiful night.
  242. dagonative

    Stellar service from Avet

    I sent back an SX that I have had for 3 years to be serviced. I also sent back my MX 6/4 because when I put it on my rod I used perm loc-tite instead of temp loctite. Needless to say I had to cut it off at the rod clamp bolts. I sent them back on October 9th and they were back at my door...
  243. dagonative

    Tournament question for you guys. Please Read!

    once...boat entry fee instead of angler entry fee...and one winning fish per boat
  244. dagonative

    Fish finder chart plotter combo,opinions needed

    Furuno!! I also have the 1850...great customer support...I think Noahs now sells electronics or try Honor Marine down in Barrio Logan they are awesome to deal with as well!!
  245. dagonative

    San Diego Hoop Netting

    You have a 25' parker and you want to hoop off a pier??
  246. dagonative

    3/4 day los coronados on the Point Loma 9-23-07

    It was great fishing with you!! That was a nice Yellow to pull off SKR with all those damn seals around. That Calico bite sure was fun!!
  247. dagonative

    09/23/2007 Nados Point loma Report

    Fished on the Point loma yesterday on a limited load 3/4 day. It was a great expierence. I went out with my dad, fiance and 5 friends. My Dad and I are the only ones that fish a lot. The crew was outstanding. All day they would hand off fish to all newbies on the boat. The food was outstanding...
  248. dagonative

    2 Opah

    The Opah- or Moonfish are a type of tuna and don't lay around on the surface looking at you. hj Opah (also known colloquially as moonfish, sunfish, kingfish, and Jerusalem haddock) are large, colourful, deep-bodied pelagic Lampriform fish comprising the small family Lampridae (also spelled...
  249. dagonative

    HELP.....Butterfly Jig System

    I would get an avet mxj and the trevala rod
  250. dagonative

    HELP.....Butterfly Jig System

    i think the stella is more like $600 bucks
  251. dagonative

    North 9 and la jolla today

    Fished today with my dad. We started off at grey light around the north 9. Ran north from there staying 10-12 miles off shore. Stopped on 6 paddies. All great looking, with bait and birds, but no fish.....Lots of porp and a few whales. Headed into la jolla released 10+ log barries all on surface...
  252. dagonative

    New Ride!!!

    Beautiful boat...Need a deckhand :)
  253. dagonative


    Popeye did my renters policy. Great guy good rates highly recommend him to any bders....
  254. dagonative

    all niter

    Is anyone else confused at these posts???
  255. dagonative

    302 fish report Today 8.45am 7-6 catchman

    Check the reports....then pm someone who went if you want more info......
  256. dagonative


    Make sure you strip line off your reel for the bait so you do not tire out your dine. I would recommend circle hooks for yellows over j-hooks but that is personal preference. As for a weight, it depends on the day. Some days you need to get the bait down a little away from the birds and cuda...
  257. dagonative

    Yin and Yang- July 5th

    Scott knows what a garibaldi is....He released it.... travis
  258. dagonative

    report 7.3.07

    Fished the big bay with my dad. It was a nice day. Dad picked up a 10lb halibut, 20lb leopard shark and about 20 bass. I ended up with a 23 inch hali (released), 5lb Corvina, a bunch of bass. Fun day!! Travis
  259. dagonative

    Fishing around San Diego

    I would say check the weather reports and do not be scared to venture offshore, paddies at the 182 are starting to hold and your boat easily has the range. People are running 50 miles to the Albies in your same boat right now!! Have fun while you are down here.
  260. dagonative

    Chino from Ensenada lead me to the tails!!!!

    This is message board for fishing reports..It would be helpful to know if he was at Todos Santos or the Nados....imo does not matter now but that is why it was brought up in the first place....
  261. dagonative

    2 Flats Moo-moo Trips 06/26-27 w/pics

    thanks for the post the pbers to show that they are too close the the sporty's??? that parker is quite aways away if so....Again thank you for the as always detailed report...
  262. dagonative

    Whales and paddies

    The whales at the south nine were likely humpback or Grays. Blues are rare that close in and to see 10 would be unheard of...
  263. dagonative


    Farmer-What noobs do...when they hook up and do not follow their fish Stroker- what veterans do....when they follow their fish...(not to the fleshlight)
  264. dagonative

    Which reels for me. Need advice please.

    "MXL6/4 20(or 25#)# topshot (bass-trips)" Those must be some serious bass :) I would get 2 sx's you will probably find you use these the most. From bass, to yellows, to wsb to tuna offshore... The rest of the recomendations you received are excellent. I would not get a mxl6/4 for bass imo....
  265. dagonative

    Chino from Ensenada lead me to the tails!!!!

    You sure you were not fishing Todos Santos Island. Not the cornado islands?? just 5 mph it would have taken you at least 4 hours to reach the nados from ensenada..
  266. dagonative

    Chino from Ensenada lead me to the tails!!!!

    Nados from ensenada at 5 mph that would be a long trip....glad you caught some fish.
  267. dagonative

    which rod length do you prefer?

    I would not throw a tady on 20lb IMO....And not fish bait on a cattle boat on 20lb. I would fish 25lb and drop down to 20lb if you have to..Rods all a matter of preference. On my skiff I like 7' rods, 8' max. On a larger boat I would love to throw iron on a 9-10'er....
  268. dagonative

    Downriggers in Mexico?

    Some valueable info....
  269. dagonative

    SD Showdown day. Kelpy nation

    Congrats Scott, could not have happened to a better angler. Hope to see you on the water soon. Travis
  270. dagonative

    6/15 yellows

    Nice way to bag on the guy for catching some yellows. I have been fishing offshore in san diego for 15+ years and every year the same guys come out of the woodwork and act like 6-8lb fish are not the average size yellows we get. These are average paddy fish.....15-20lbers are not average paddy...
  271. dagonative

    URGENT! HELP NEEDED Best 3/4 day boat in the long beach & L.A. area for tommorow?

    8 am man you guys wake up late up there :)
  272. dagonative

    cornado dog beach corbina 6/14

    That is a cutco knife from the mid sixties...very nice knife...
  273. dagonative

    Our Thursday shark trip

    Congrats on a great day...bigger congrats on the releases. Everyone should read the great article on Threshers in the new Pacific Coast Sportfishing. Travis
  274. dagonative

    I need direction

    What Adam fishing for roosters from the beach should be a blast for you guys!!
  275. dagonative

    6-14 pm La Jolla

    Have fun....wish I could join you!!
  276. dagonative

    Rod suggestions for SX

    Teramar...light and lots of backbone...
  277. dagonative

    Anyone fish NP Harbor or Mission Bay Lately?

    I would recommend fishing tidelands at the base of the Cornado bridge. You can launch your inflatable from right there at the beach and fish around the moored boats and on the is consistently good there just check for a decent tide...
  278. dagonative

    Best way to islands?

    Come on dude. We were new once and we got some education on fishing before soloing it to the Nados in a 17 foot boat. A dumbass question is going to get some dumbass answers. You could have gone to google and just typed in Cornado islands or used the search function on this site. Better yet take...
  279. dagonative

    coronados 6-10-07

    Thanks for the report man. You can post this under inshore/islands reports, a lot more people will see it and benefit from it there....
  280. dagonative

    LA Bay the latest victim in the war on sportfishing

    If you read the article it states exact regulations are still up in the air. This sounds kind of like the california MPA process. What was approved was to make the area a reserve exact regulations are still being decided on and they say they are going to take input from residents. Lets hope...
  281. dagonative

    Coronados 11th

    50lb test and 6/0 hooks...are you from Hawaii :)
  282. dagonative

    any feedback on skeeter boats

    Newest is not always the can make your money go a lot further by picking up a quality used boat...if you put a lot of hours on the water take a look at that shamrock in the classifieds....
  283. dagonative

    any feedback on skeeter boats

    I believe you were looking for a boat that would take you to catalina...There are much better options than a skeeter bay boat...parker, stingari skiffs, the 20 foot shamrock pilot house in the classifiends...(buy it so I am no longer tempted :) ) may say you fish inshore mainly but you...
  284. dagonative

    Another Dead BSB

    LA JOLLA: An endangered giant black sea bass was found impaled with a spear off the coast of Windansea Beach yesterday, officials said. Authorities are looking for a spear fisherman who may have shot the 150-pound fish, San Diego Lifeguard Service Lt. Andy Lerum said. <TABLE cellSpacing=0...
  285. dagonative

    Any feedback on Defiance boats?

    It was designed as an inshore boat.....50 gallons is plenty to fish local banks down to about 45 are not going to safely go offshore 100 miles in a 20 foot boat. So why add the extra weight of a larger tank of fuel.
  286. dagonative

    E-Bros Bait

    I fish bait this time of year in the bay for halibut. Live bait (at least for me) outfishes plastics for legal halibut every day. That is why I buy live bait. I will try hailing a bder and see about splitting scoops. otherwise I will spend 20 dollars for a few hours of fishing..........or just...
  287. dagonative

    E-Bros Bait

    That is a good idea too...We need to find a BDer with a slip and just drop bait off in floating cages at the end of the day...of course by then it is beat to shit...but again one can dream...
  288. dagonative

    E-Bros Bait

    That is a good solution...thank you flomar and the hook!
  289. dagonative

    E-Bros Bait

    Yeah I can I can order pizza by the slice Thank you!! or a personal size pizza...
  290. dagonative

    E-Bros Bait

    Not trying to tell anyone how to run their business. I think they would rather have 10 dollars from me than no dollars. If I fish for a few hours I will just use plastics.
  291. dagonative

    6/4/07 First albies.

    Thx for the inshore report :)
  292. dagonative

    E-Bros Bait

    Went out in the bay for a few hours this saturday. Whenever I fish the bay for just a few hours I only get a double kayak scoop and tip the bait guys 3-5 bucks...I have been doing this for over a year now...well they no longer give kayak scoops to boats..I sent an email today to find out what...
  293. dagonative

    5/30 302 desert

    There were some beatiful huge kelps on the north 9 up to 182 on Saturday...but all dry other than molas and blue perch...Thanks for burning the fuel and the report..
  294. dagonative

    Bilge pumps, any recomendations?

    Alien4fish; I would make sure that your current charging system can handle the amp draw from those bilge pumps. If you have a bait tank that sloshes at all or use a washdown pump your bilge can get a lot of use.
  295. dagonative

    Bilge pumps, any recomendations?

    oh and 2500gph seems a bit would need its own battery.. :)
  296. dagonative

    Bilge pumps, any recomendations?

    I use a 750gph rule that automatically turns on every 2 minutes to check for water...been going strong for 1+ years with lots of use...low amp draw too..
  297. dagonative

    kayak fishing wsb

    the Canyon is the dark area. Get out there and fish. Go to your local stores...Noahs and buy a map that shows bottom a search on this board and look for info...
  298. dagonative

    Your Take on Bait Pumps

    I think he has it right. You wan to restrict the flow after the pump. If you do it before the pump, the pump can overheat...
  299. dagonative

    Memorial Day LJ Kelp

    Bass was not killed read his full report....
  300. dagonative

    north 9/ 182 and la jolla

    Heading out tom the north 9 then 182 then La Jolla will be on 72. Travis on Kingfish
  301. dagonative

    302,43,182 went lookin

    Thanks for the report...
  302. dagonative

    Fish head

    "Orange mouth Corvina they are caught in gulf of Mexico the Salton Sea and yes also in the back bays of San Diego" WE DO NOT have orangemouth Corvina in the San Diego Bay. They are Shortfin corvina. And again the picture is of a fuckin WSB.....
  303. dagonative

    Fish head

    The hook...this has been beaten to death it is a WSB...and yes they do have fangs...
  304. dagonative

    5/24...Rock Pile, Middle, Pukey, 9 Mile

    I thought this was common knowledge that you are allowed to wrist rocket California Sea lions.... Here is a link to the NOAA site Deterring Pinnipeds
  305. dagonative


    thanks for the info Tommy!!
  306. dagonative

    Halibut fishing??

    Get out there and pound some sand..Halibut spots are well kept secrets. There are plenty of articles on what type of structure hold halibut. Do some reading on this site and google it.
  307. dagonative

    La Jolla this friday?

    thanks for the report...
  308. dagonative

    Is 50hp enough

    You will not ever need to do 38-42 in that size boat in the ocean. Maybe on the flattest of the flat days...I would say a 70 hp motor would be perfect keep your eyes out for used motors. crusing at 20-25 knots you will use a lot less fuel..
  309. dagonative

    Nados Monday 21st

    thx for the report..
  310. dagonative

    Custom 24' Skipjack

    no this was first posted two years ago....
  311. dagonative

    Can it go to Catalina?

    Bring some extra fuel at least 12 all day camp for the night and head back the next morning...that way you avoid the wind and you can fish all will probably have to pay for some fuel in avalon if you fish all day though...
  312. dagonative

    WSB in mission bay channel

    That is not a orangemouth corvina!! We have shortfin Corvina in San Diego no Orangemouth. You can see from the night shot the defined bars on the fish. WSB not SHORTFIN corvina...
  313. dagonative

    Reel for a Terramar

    This one was just listed in the classifieds...
  314. dagonative

    Reel for a Terramar

    Avet MXJ 2-speed jb backed with 40lb big game...kills local tails...
  315. dagonative

    heading out la jolla

    careful heading that far offshore....
  316. dagonative

    No cast control question

    Flex wrap is what I use..and get JB spectra much easier on the fingers...
  317. dagonative

    Gusa jig stick

    If you are going to use a rod for local stuff. Like on a skiff I would not recommend anything over 9' max. If you are fishing cattle boats you can go for the longer sticks. Long sticks are hard to manage on smaller boats...
  318. dagonative

    Need advice on Rod for Avet Pro 30

    I like to fish my Avet Pro 30 of OB pier :)...They sure do fish different in Florida...
  319. dagonative


    I would not recommend putting a lot of money into that style boat. Resale will be tough for you. People want fishing boats...not fish/ski boats...
  320. dagonative

    $100-125 rod that matches an mxj?

    Shimano teramar for sure...
  321. dagonative

    5/8 Hooookup hooked me up!!!

    Thanks for the report...nice boat Jerod..
  322. dagonative


    I recommend running royal purple. Ran it for a few years in my street racer pinto with a 289 v8. Also ran it in the diffs and tranny. A few Napas carry it reliably and all can order it. Johns Mustangs in Logan heights always has it.
  323. dagonative

    Tred Barta Q&A Today (may 1st)

    And shot more bears with bow and arrow...
  324. dagonative

    Frozen Screws

    Anyone know where I can get Kroil in SD?
  325. dagonative

    Fished Pokai Bay in early April

    Come on jagerhunchback. Give the guy a break. He had a bad expierence fishing hawaii. Yes they fish different out southern california guys just don't get it. But him posting here will hopefully keep someone else from going out with a crappy operation...
  326. dagonative

    Frozen Screws

  327. dagonative

    Frozen Screws

    I am pulling up part of my floor in my boat and some of the screws are frozen. It is a wood floor and the screws go through the wood and into aluminum supports in the floor. Is there a spray that can help? Like liquid wrench or something. Thank you
  328. dagonative

    Bait pump pick up question??

    Thank you!!
  329. dagonative

    Bait pump pick up question??

    Bought the Nexmar EZ Bait pickup for lbl and put it on my boat today. My question is. The four screws you see in the picture, are designed just to screw into the pickup itself and not into the hull of the boat. I did not realize this and drilled four holes in the hull. My question is the holes...
  330. dagonative

    Stolen Boat!

    Todd very sorry to hear about you and Randy's boat. Hope you find it!!
  331. dagonative

    4/21 PL Kelp and LJ

    Thanks for the report jerod...might see you at datd tom...and tricks I will see you there as well..
  332. dagonative

    La Jolla Yellows 4/18

    SS tippy canoe. How about you not read a fishing message board if you are going to get bent out of shape when a guy posts a report!!!
  333. dagonative

    Possible La Nina May-July 2007

    Pelagic Red Crabs common food for WSB, Calicos and all nearshore fish when they are around...
  334. dagonative

    Trailering with rods in rocket launchers.

    No in the truck they go. If you hit a good bump you could lose a rod and it could go right through someones windshield!!
  335. dagonative

    help please

    You can always fish the bay if the closures happen...lets hope!!
  336. dagonative


    Corvina are not here to drop their eggs and move on. They are here year around....Corbina record had to be a joke!! After this entire thread :)
  337. dagonative


    35" vina on 8 lb line would most likely break the current IGFA recrod. Did you weight it?? Nice job!! Best way to tell whether it is a corvina or a WSB is the zipper down the belly. This one is definetly a Corvina.
  338. dagonative

    Thru-hull sealant

  339. dagonative

    Thru-hull sealant

    I am redoing the thru hull for my bait tank and trying one of these from live bait larry. Nexmar | Bait What sealant should I use on my thru hull? Thanks!! Travis
  340. dagonative

    AA Marine experience?

    Congrats on a new boat (hopefully) Jerod buddy boating this summer for sure!!
  341. dagonative


    I am all about find your own paddy and not just looking for stopped boats. However with gas $3-4 bucks a gallon in the summer. I think many people after searching all day will stop on a paddy that is occupied. Good luck to everyone dealing with summer madness. I will be fishing during the week...
  342. dagonative

    Winter tail 12.24.07

    First fish was at around 8 am and other two were around 10am..It was nice..but a big swell early. Just to clarify this was February 24th!!
  343. dagonative

    Winter tail 12.24.07

    2/24/07...Short and sweet. Fished la jolla sat. with friend, for 3 tails. 1 "released" right at the boat. The two that made it in were 18 and 22lbs...300' of water Northwest corner...under birds..6x iron. Sorry for late post
  344. dagonative

    Deck material

    thanks for the tips so far guys..travis
  345. dagonative

    Deck material

    I have a 16ft. aluminum skiff and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a substitute for wood for the deck..needs to be same weight or lighter than wood...Currently it is Marine plywood but it is old..thanks, Travis
  346. dagonative

    Avet size comparisons

    sx..smaller than mxj..same drag pressure and can fish 15lb to 30lb..Sx is the same size of your calcutta. Once they come out with a level-wind sx my calcuttas are gone..Travis
  347. dagonative

    October '06 Avet Contest

    Travis Bushard San Diego bay Avet sx on a 8' St. Croix-straight spectra 15lb flouro leader 10.25.06 This fish was caught fishing a live dine in 40' of water off North island. It was 29" and fat. As soon as he was in the net he puked up an 8" sand bass that had been partially...
  348. dagonative

    9/15-9-17 Paid dues pays off, SQ K&M

    Awesome report makes me want to tow the skiff to SQ...
  349. dagonative

    MXL 2 sp w/ Teramar?

    I have the mxl 2speed on a 8' mh terramar...It casts surface iron really well and mega baits a mile..have not pulled on anything big yet...travis
  350. dagonative

    Ho needed Friday

    I will be fishing this friday at la jolla for yellows..need 1..spilt gas bait you know the drill..Travis pm me.... Leaving dana landing at 5:30 am and heading back in between 12-3 depending on fishing...
  351. dagonative

    Boat wash

    You are the man...Thank you.. Travis
  352. dagonative

    Boat wash

    appreciate the tip...I have a Honda CRV,,I don't know if I want a bunch of water in the back...if it spills on the carpet...the gf would not be too happy..thanks though,,,Maybe I should get a truck :)
  353. dagonative

    Boat wash

    I have a 16 ft skiff with a 2 stroke and I have to rinse out my engine when I get back from fishiing obviously..I just moved to a townhouse and the association and neighbors do not appreciate the beautiful sound of my engine...anyone know if any of the launch ramps have a place I can hook up a...
  354. dagonative


    You should do some research on Southern cali fish before you wet a line...Next fish you post will probably be a baby BSB that you thought was a cool rockfish.....travis
  355. dagonative

    8/10/06 DODOS

    Fished with my Dad who flew over from phoenix to fish yesterday. Sorry for late post.. On advice from a post on BD we headed to an area 15 miles off Torrey pines.. Our plan was to fish this area then head to the 182 then north 9 area...We hit our first paddy at 6:30 am and stayed there until...
  356. dagonative

    As good as it gets in the US

    Thanks for the report skipper...I am new to this board but I look and post here for reports not stories and pictures...I am heading out tommorrow to the nine so very timely...Thank You,,, Travis on the Kingfish
  357. dagonative

    8/5 evening la jolla report

    First post here at Bloodydecks...Fished La Jolla this evening from 5-8:30 for 7 yellows 8-15lbs for two guys...5 on swim baits and two on a CD-14...Also fished Friday at la jolla and out to a paddie 4 miles down the canyon...for 6 yellows and 1 dodo.. for three guys. My boat...