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  1. captjd

    Chief 1.5 6/27 - 6/29

    Pulling the kite in
  2. captjd

    ,302,knoll,182, 7-1-17

    Standard on bait in MB and Shelter ramp is a joke.......
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    7/3. 9 mile bank 182

    You need a dart on that skiff bruva
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    1994 Robalo 18.20 CC price reduced

    2 stroke so 2 gallon oil tank
  5. captjd

    1994 Robalo 18.20 CC price reduced

    Yeah understood. I don't see a rebuild for years however. Best, Jd
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    1994 Robalo 18.20 CC price reduced

    Thanks for the feedback. It has to go..... first 8k takes it. JD 619.718.2273
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    1994 Robalo 18.20 CC price reduced

    Is my post not posting?......not a single reply. Perplexing. Bad ass skiff. Anyone? I am immersed in the fishing industry and she is dialed in............
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    Sales for The Mad Hueys USA, Partner and Sales/ Marketing Hooks and Anchors

    Sales for The Mad Hueys USA, Partner and Sales/ Marketing Hooks and Anchors
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    1994 Robalo 18.20 CC price reduced

    1994 150 merc black max/ rebuilt with less than 50 hours. Sounder and GPS. New deck paint. 50 gallon fuel tank. Live well under seats. New AGM battery. New bilge and bait pump. New bunk boards/ new wiring and lights on trailer. New prop (4 blade). Registered through 2017. Bimini top (never...
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    YFT 18 Miles off

    So you were up not "off" ? good job however.
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    DP 6/30- Little Man, Big Fish!

    Great Job Dad! Coolest Report I have read in years!
  12. captjd

    3.5 Day RANGER 85...9/13/13

    Fucking classic Fred. F*#K I miss the BD days from 10 years ago. R.I.P. to too many from back "in the day". That Ranger is a top-shelf operation. Wrap this thread up already and point "it" south however you can. This opportunity won't last too long. Not those kind of numbers. Good bait, bad...
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    Mako and Yellowtail at the nine, go get ya some. 7/14

    ...."Killer"........ score, full-on steak-o.....user name ocean WHAT? Trippy????
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    Mako-it Happen!

    not far from you Hombre! South West of MV.
  15. captjd

    Mako-it Happen!

    H20 69.6, cobalt blue. 1.5 hour slick drift, #125 male. not breeding stock, sight casted. perfect steak-o. Same locality always produces.
  16. captjd

    Shark charter recommendations - anywhere in So Cal

    Joe, Give us a call on The Reel Champion/ 48 foot Egg Harbor out of H and M in S.D. Darrel or myself can discuss your options. I fished makos and threshers as primary targets for years off my Parker. 619.718.2273 or look us up on-line! JD
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    Here is a pic from July 2004. Jim and I headed towards the 302 "area" and stopped a few miles short to bait a pair of marlin. They wanted nothing to do with us. I presented a fresh mack 3 or four times, then they sank out. As soon as we got back under way there was the paddy...they were pointed...
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    Jim "Wildcat" Daniells RIP

    Just heard the news, been out to sea. I am speechless.
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    6/11/11 - Sea Adventure 1.5 day trip

    Congrats on that "Butt". Too early for yellows down the beach...and fuel is not a cheap date, but it is time to move offshore. At least your skipper explained your options?......a 1.5 in June!.... SAT images, 12 hours of potential fishing and/or looking. Amped you pulled on some fish, but he...
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    Sharing Info

    To quote a pretty fucking good movie.......Reeee-----TARD(S)/un-quote).
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    The theory of the post was related to positivity. "We" do this every FU#*IN day. Service and food quality, combined with a professional crew (at all levels) can be controlled. Fish counts are what they are. Where are all the kick-ass reports from the "Parker Bank"? You "hard-core" B-Deckers even...
  22. captjd

    Dana Point Mako

    That fish might be over 250/300......That's pushin it. No F$CKIn way it went over five. The length/span of both my arms and chest is 62" and change. Congrats....but if you ever get that lucky again go ahead and hang it on a scale. And yes, they eat sea lions....Ponder that!
  23. captjd

    Sea Adventure II on the rocks?

    Oh, and by the happens about/or less than twice a decade. Not talking blow boats at zuniga or private guys parking in the pens! fingers being pointed at current or past sport-boat skippers...but it don't happen that often. Go figure!
  24. captjd

    Sea Adventure II on the rocks?

    "Heard" Chuck was in the wheel house at the time of the incident. Accidents do happen! Karma for the whole PIG F*#K last month down there by Todos??????????????????????? I smell IRONY! JD
  25. captjd

    Day and a half of catching blue fin aboard the Legend

    Paul, no disrespect but belts are designed and used for the "cows" and the larger " toothy" models and those with beaks and bills. Under arm "short pumps" get it done, period! I think my earlier thoughts on respect were well digested. Hope we all have a productive 2010 on the drink....... show...
  26. captjd

    Day and a half of catching blue fin aboard the Legend

    Paul, My take on that is "short-pumping" the fish. Very effective.....your prone to be more in charge. Brings the fish to color and to gaff with more control/response...keeps in it front of you. etc. Thanks for your diplomacy and dedication. I was on the INT. STAR for the past few...
  27. captjd

    Day and a half of catching blue fin aboard the Legend about props to The Legend... Captain and Crew for finding that shit. This time of year a tuna on the deck is just that. Spend some of your time and $ and get your ass out there and find some.....and then try sticking one that far off the juice in the perfect...
  28. captjd

    when trollin in front of dolphin ????

    PM me if you want some serious ADVICE....I do this for a living and do not mind offering some help JD/INTERNATIONAL STAR SPORTFISHING
  29. captjd

    Misleading Legend Fish Count

    They don't list the size on the menu.....Fish counts are fish counts. The only game in town right now is the small stuff......"doritos" and "sandwich buddy" yellers, and "football" YFT's. The quality of service and the quality in the galley can, and should be optimal......those aspects can be...
  30. captjd

    Over-niter 9-10-9-11 on the Cherokee Geisha

    Angelo, your a koooooooooook! Why blame the crew? Tough conditions and still roughly 100 fish were decked (and I bet good money 3 times that were lost to lack of ability). If that is your true outlook on tipping a hard working crew take your tin-can out and DO NOT FISH ON SPORT-BOATS! Stay in...
  31. captjd


    FISH THE CONSTITUTION! They are without a doubt TIP-TOP! We are docked close to them @ H and M and Joe and his team will take good care of you! JD/ International Star
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    I'm backing my Captain up on that one! Thanks for coming by and spending some time on the STAR;..... and a sincere thanks to Jason and the entire BD team for the SWAG.....Dusty and myself have been rocking it! As far as getting bent, let's put something together! I'm thinking Wildcat as guest...
  33. captjd

    Triple Marlin Hook-Up

    DONE DEAL joined BD 4/10/06 posts: 4 status: homo SURFDOC joined BD 3/7/03 posts: thousands status: homie ........STAN'D and DELIVER! JD/Martuni
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    I had a feeling that was Dan. I was afraid to even log-on. I did and knew better. I rememer him from the AMS days......little skiff, classic stories. Oside was on-fire that summer (2000 i think?) FUCK!
  35. captjd

    Sat 6/24 - The Perfect Storm (For those of you missing my Reports)

    Michael, that gives Cervantes and Milton a run. too funny brother. we spanked em down south on friday /BFT and ALBI. saw the weather looking funky all the way up the line...had a feeling it was on the UP. my ears will be on this season.....have to hear you in real (reel)) time...great stuff...
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    The "Un Reel" is hooked up to "Mr. T"

    i have a mac and i suck! stonefish i am sending you my Mr. T pick to post. jd
  37. captjd

    The "Un Reel" is hooked up to "Mr. T"

    Beat you by 50 + pounds and 24 hours! Congrats! jd/ martuni (profile photo from last night..if it stuck)
  38. captjd

    Albies Spotted

  39. captjd

    >>Report: HeatherLynnII 07.16<<

    glad we helped, but sounds like you guys had a great morning already. jim (wildcat) was fishing with me on the MARTUNI. we had a hellish day until 2pm...nada all day, second guessing ourselves and running all over after radio "bite of a lifetime" reports. with God's good grace it came together...
  40. captjd

    Albacore Adventure

    great report. sick on a parker? must have been bad. sick twice on a parker? must be bad luck or Ron! guess i'll save the gas money and keep waiting. thanks for the heads up and good job to all. jd/martuni
  41. captjd

    Oceanside Thresher Report: 7/3/05

    all fucking time! congrats! jd/martuni
  42. captjd

    the coral and way south

    WHAT??????? captjd/Martuni
  43. captjd

    Mako's out of Dana Point Sun. 5/29

    i call em stake-o's and prefer to free-gaff em! jd/martuni
  44. captjd

    Threshers Today

    we spent 2 hours (5pm to 7) and had 4 full on knock-downs...full on as in all macks came in shredded. two knocks were triple hits??????? kept the blood pumping, but what the fuck ?????? all on bait-o-matic's...i'm thinking the way to go is re-rig em. our macks were a bit large and that stinger...
  45. captjd

    albies sat.4-23

    that would put you north east of the knoll by about 10 miles, about 8 west of the area that produced on wenesday. great job however! jd/martuni
  46. captjd

    Thresher almost on the grill!!!

    Fucking A! I feel like i'm back on AMS. u should of called for some help....... but then again u might of left your radio next to your gaff....... and "buddy boater bank" was miles away. "the man who was born to hang need not fear the water" jd/martuni
  47. captjd


    hit the "pile"" with everyone else for our fair share, all slow trolled dinos at the turning tide....9am. headed through 101, 425, 371 and 302 looking for lettuce. a fucking wasteland. no life. less bush than junior high. put back some pushers por nada.......yanked em through the nine. heard...
  48. captjd

    dodo limits for one

    good work on the dodos. i thought me and jim/wildcat took em all last tuesday. good work little buddy. heading out tomorrow, but to a different area....MARLIN! jd/martuni
  49. captjd

    fishing with jimmy

    had the pleasure of jumping on with wildcat tuesday (yes this is way late). met up at 5am. SI was on the D-Low. made good time to "the zone". 6am/ 3 snobby spikes turned us down, but were pointing to some salad......3 hours of top-shelf/as good as it gets dodo wrangling. east cape style, leave 4...
  50. captjd


    I won't even try to asssssssssess what the hell is going on. what are you crying for now? I jumped on "this one" when AMS "buddy boater bank" was in progress...u know, real-time sea surface temp and real-time sub-surface video feed, ...........just add gas and go (for a small fee). Steve, always...
  51. captjd

    7/2 Friday Fish Report "Stray Cat"

    to all. the martuni is fine. john witnessed a close call. no worries and thanxs fro t he concern. i sent you a pm. please call me asap to discuss what took place on friday. we were in the almost sunken parker. jd
  52. captjd

    6/29 390 Limits

    i replied and thanked "steve" not frank for the info. hopefully someone was not as confused as myself and those were in fact dodos and not yellows. sorry FRANK and thanks. jd
  53. captjd

    6/29 390 Limits

    thanks for the info steve. heading out friday for last friday's part 2. jd/martuni
  54. captjd

    Limits of Yellows 5/7

    stan, thanks for the YFT paddy numbers and the second set as well. we ended up heading toward the NW Kidney aftewr you split and found two gordo kelps that gave up tail limits. your info saved us on slow day (for us) i owe you big time. jd/martuni
  55. captjd

    holy yellowfin

    PM me with your info, any room on the parker is yours!
  56. captjd

    holy yellowfin

    fished the 371 and 302 for a slow start and what do ya know? 14.6lb YFT on the kelp that M. stonefish mentioned. we showed up late and went for the old faithfull slow troll..current side of the bush always works (finicky eaters always wait for an easy lunch) Bam! runs deep like a tuna and what...
  57. captjd

    March Madness 3-18

    Lee, Great job this past week. I want to be just like you when I grow up! Good stuff buddy, What a Bday. jd
  58. captjd

    Sunday 10/12

  59. captjd

    9-14 Good-by Coral

    Lee, good talking with you on sunday. sorry we got "cut off" too much chatter. anyhoo, talk to you soon. jd/martuni
  60. captjd

    9/14 late report

    late report for sunday: luanched the parker 4am great mix of small and large dinos from mission bay ran @ 25knt to the 302, looked for kelp and activity ran towards 371 still looking "el toro" (i think) was already in business on bait friendly YFT put a few cedars out long and...
  61. captjd

    9/14 271 Wfo YFT

  62. captjd

    390/371 saturday

    that is a single (1) 15 pound yellowfin, still a bit tired, sorry if i was unclear. a total count of fifteen (15) YFT is slated for this to follow! jd
  63. captjd

    390/371 saturday

    sorry to burn those that fished today, but saturday was one of my fondest in terms of very rare days. 3:45 am: mark "stonefish"' calls and can not make it (glad the wife is ok) 4:30: drop the boat in solo and bait up check out our dodo numbers from wednesday (7 ousstide the nine) for...
  64. captjd

    302/230 dodos and yellers

    ran the parker yesterday (wed) to the 302. fished a kelp in the morning just inside the highspot (sware it was the same kelp from saturday) for 2 grande tails/ and two lost in the bush. trolled towards 230, then 371 for nada. ran back up and tried same kelp again for no takers. packed it in and...
  65. captjd

    9mi bank sharkin 08-09.

    no radio fish on those dodo's boys. we spent two and half hours playing with a dozen dodos and a hand full of tails on a kelp just inside the 302. full moon, we ate all night, let's bump your bait right in front of you, come back and do it again, then park ourselves under the kelp until you...
  66. captjd

    photo retry, last attempt

    hope this illiterate....but know how to fish
  67. captjd

    late report, but look

    papa J, jut bring your good mojo. will be on 72 on saturday (8/30)and we can all coordinate some bbq time sat night. please let watoosee and all the other "corral locs' know as well...spread the word. really a great chance to meet up after a day on the pond! capt jd
  68. captjd

    albies getting closer to the point

    thanks doug. a much as i love the "corral", the long ride dwon and back and the tj to ensenada tow are gettin old. martuni is heading to the 390 on sunday! capt jd/martuni
  69. captjd

    late report, but look

    mark, i arrived! hey, heading to the "corral" on the 29th, 30 and 31st. towing down and fishing sat/sunday. it's my 33rd bday and that is where i want to spend it. we are towing dowm friday...already a few boats and some kids and wives toooooo...they have the pool and hotel amenities all day...
  70. captjd

    late report, but look

    sawed through as i watched in agony. considered free-gaffing her green, but decided against it as i had a newby by my side and an experienced fisherman behind the wheel. not sure what was more important, the wheel I think. anyway, anyone have any suggestions as how to include an image. love...
  71. captjd

    big croaker, 7/31

    a bit late, but worth mentioning. landed a 48.5 pound white sea bass off carlsbad state beach kelp last thursday. we had ten 3 to 5 pound calicos in the bait tank and agreed on one more each. mine was followed by what i at first thought was a seal. upon closer inspection she was a big white...
  72. captjd

    late report, but look

    ran the MARTUNI to "the corral" on the 27th for 3 days fishing...standard limits of albs on and south of the 238. BAITED AND FOUGHT AN EST. 150 POUND SWORD FOR 45 MINUTES...IT WAS LEADER WRAPPED AND I BELIEVE IT WAS DROWNING ITSELF. IT SAWED THROUGH THE LEADER AS WE BASICALLY PLAYED TUG-O-WAR...